If nuclear war breaks out, which U.S. cities would be targeted first?

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    This article was originally published by J.D. Heyes at NaturalNews.com


    Following the end of the Cold War, the world breathed a sigh of relief when the two superpowers – the United States and the Soviet Union – did not destroy each other with nuclear fire and much of the remaining planet with nuclear fallout.

    And for the ensuing two decades, there hasn’t been much concern, generally speaking, about a nuclear World War III breaking out. There has been concern about so-called “rogue” regimes like North Korea and Iran developing nuclear bombs along with the capability of delivering them around the globe, but as for great power nuclear war, no one really gave that much thought.

    Until recently.

    Last week President Donald J. Trump engaged in his first major combat as commander-in-chief when he ordered the U.S. Navy – on the advice of his national security team – to launch a massive Tomahawk cruise missile strike against a Syrian government airbase believed to have been the launch site for the latest sarin gas attack against rebels and non-combatants.

    The attack finally put to rest the Left-wing fake news narrative that Trump is nothing more than a lackey for Russian President Vladimir Putin, who was quite angry at the U.S. president for attacking his client state and key regional ally. In fact, in the days following the destruction of the Syrian airbase, Russia and Iran issued a joint statement asserting that “red lines” had been crossed and they would respond forcefully to any new attacks, no matter who launched them. (RELATED: Will Russia, Iran Double Down In Syria Following Trump’s Actions Against Assad, Leading To World War III?

    That got us to thinking: Would Russia launch World War III over Syria? Quite possibly, given its strategic and financial interests there.

    So that leaves the next question: What U.S. targets and cities would Russia most likely attack? That would depend largely on the strategic outcome Moscow sought.

    For example, if Putin decided to first hurt the U.S. militarily and limit our ability to counterstrike, the most likely targets would be our largest military bases and nuclear mission facilities. Nuclear mission facilities would include ground-based missile silos, nuclear-armed submarines and bases with nuclear-capable bombers like Whiteman Air Force Base in mid-Missouri, home to all of the B-2 stealth bombers.

    But Putin could also decide that it would be better to hit major American cities instead, including – in no particular order:

    – Washington, D.C.

    – New York City

    – Chicago

    – Los Angeles

    – Dallas/Fort Worth

    – Miami

    – Seattle

    – Houston

    – Denver

    – Philadelphia

    – San Francisco

    – Phoenix

    – Tampa

    – St. Louis

    – Minneapolis

    – Boston

    – Atlanta

    This would be devastating, both in terms of casualties and long-term economics. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, though major American cities comprise less than 4 percent of the country’s land mass, they are home to nearly two-in-three Americans (62.7 percent, according to March 2015 figures). Of those, the congested East Coast would make a far more tempting target, given that “cities with the largest land areas are mostly in the West and have fewer people per square mile,” the Census Bureau said, adding that “population density in cities is 46 times higher than the territory outside cities.”

    (RELATED: North Korea Ready To Nuke America … “World Should Be Ready” Warns High-Level Defector Who Confirms Nuke Launch Plans With NBC News)

    Very tempting targets, indeed, then.

    But then striking American cities would have a multiplying effect. For cities that were spared, residents would no doubt panic, leading to widespread chaos and even more death and destruction. Smaller cities of 1 million, 500,000, even 100,000 people would quickly degenerate into mayhem as the national government fought mostly to save itself – though a strike on Washington, D.C., would most assuredly take out the bulk of the federal government.

    Even a single nuclear strike could cause widespread pandemonium in American cities that were not targeted.

    In addition to traditional military targets, which would no doubt be part of Russia’s nuclear strike plan, the largest American cities will certainly be on the list as well.

    It’s all food for thought as the world once more appears on the brink of widespread death and destruction. Follow more news about nuclear radiation fallout, terrorism and war at Radiation.news.

    J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for NaturalNews.com and NewsTarget.com, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.

    Natural News Founder Mike Adams (aka the “Health Ranger“) is a best selling author (#1 best selling science book on Amazon.com), an environmental scientist, publisher and influential commentator on topics ranging from science to current events. Follow his videos, podcasts, websites and science projects at:

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      1. Terrible article, I would be more concerned if lived in one of these cities …SAN DIEGO…..HAWAII (ISLANDS CITIES)…….TAMPA….

        • Sorry, for a real nuclear attack new York is going probably first because of its financials and shipping and Houston is probably second because of its shipping and all of the refineries just south of it.

          the usa can make it without those island cities, it’s the 1800s if you take out new York and Houston.

          • The Department of Defense is now taking steps to harden the US Electrical Grid against possible EMP Attack.
            Unfortunately, the system is “not likely to be ready for use until around 2020.”

            Getting ready: Pentagon to protect electric grid from massive attack
            “Amid warnings that North Korea and Iran have plans to take out parts of the U.S. electric grid through a cyber attack or atmospheric nuclear blast, the Pentagon is taking steps to both protect the nation’s communications and power lifeline.

            The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has charged BAE Systems to map a system that can detect a cyber attack and gin up an alternative communications network for military and civilian use if the grid is fried, according to Defense Systems, the online newsletter.

            Former CIA Director James Woolsey has been warning for years that the grid is extremely vulnerable, and recently the Pentagon and some states have taken the warning seriously.”
            ht tp://www.washingtonexaminer.com/getting-ready-pentagon-to-protect-electric-grid-from-massive-attack/article/2620280

            As tensions with North Korea increase, DoD frets the power grid
            “The Pentagon is currently exploring options to fortify the U.S. power grid and other vital infrastructure against possible nuclear or cyber attacks launched by North Korea and Iran.

            Currently the Pentagon’s tech development wing, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), is working with BAE Systems to develop a system that would identify major targets of an attack and reroute military and civilian vital infrastructure to minimize damage.
            DARPA’s Rapid Attack Detection, Isolation and

            Characterization Systems (RADICS) project is in the early stages of development and not likely to be ready for use until around 2020.”
            ht tps://personalliberty.com/tensions-north-korea-increase-dod-frets-power-grid/

            • Hell Yeah take Tampa out. MacDill AFB, SoCom SF POS’s that’s where most of the scumbags psychopaths that plan world genocide operate out of. Hit the biggest 2 complexes with the Red Roofs. Bingo!! Take that POS Fraudulant airbase off the map. No Problem, Sooner the better. Thank you in advance!!!

              • Also take out the UN building in NY City, most of VA, and the AIPAC HQ’s in Washingscum DC. Bravo!! Thanks… Obamas house and Hillary’s houses

                • Perfect!!!!!!

                • What the hell is wrong with all you idiots. Wanting our enemies to take out certain cities just because you don’t like them or you have a beef with something there. You are all psychotic idiots and seriously are now beyond help. Please go somewhere and turn out your lights

            • ““The Pentagon is currently exploring options to fortify the U.S. power grid and other vital infrastructure against possible nuclear or cyber attacks launched by North Korea and Iran.”

              Comical. Fortify the power grid from nuclear attack. Maybe the’ll get some funding for the phaser asteroid deflector shield too. They see $$$$.

              • Kev, I think they were implying EMP, not direct nuke, attack. The former do-able, the latter not, unless you have an effective AMB system.

                But KYM, as noted below, I had in a friend from Europe for dinner a week ago, who is dealing with the whole issue of hacking and the infrastructure, and is working with US counterparts pretty darned high up. He, himself, has a Ph.D in the field. When I asked him, high level, about the risks, he said the systems are infiltrated already; however, they would rather shake down companies for money with Ransomware attacks than go after a country, which would then turn loose the full security apparatus on them. In sum, just take the money, as there aren’t enough resources to go after the smaller stuff. “Small” here means what you and I would consider the amount we would win in the lottery.

                Here’s the thing tho: When do they sell their wares to the N. Korea or Iran for a half billion and move to New Zealand to escape the disaster they created? No, Iran or NK would never use it, just like a nuke – UNLESS there were an existential threat to their survival. Then they would probably try to use both cyber and nuclear attacks – after all, at this point, they have nothing to lose. And as Jim Rickards has pointed out, the lesson Mentally Il Kim Jong Un has leared is that Khaddafy and Saddam both started nuke programmes – and were bumped off after giving them up… so his conclusion is Kim isn’t going to give them up.

                The only hope I see is if China leans on them, and leans on them HARD. This isn’t 1953 anymore, and NK is now just an albatross around China’s neck. There WILL be a quid pro quo for this, but to stop the suffering of the North Koreans would be worth some compromises… depending on what they are.

                • Being in the field having knowledge of generation far more than transmission I know without any external threats the grid is weak having used up much of its redundancy left over from the pre regulatory monopoly era. This is not a 5 year fix unless it was on a Manhattan Project scale. I see promise and profiteering.

                  China wants a NK hostile to the west but not so hostile to drag China into a war not of their choosing. The refugees fleeing NK to China in event of war would be economically overwhelming.

                  • part of the reason for not upgrading transmission lines is nimby-ism. whenever a project to upgrade the line capacity people in the area try to put a stop to it, over time this leads to less redundancy in the system. 2003 blackout is a prime example of a cascading failure.

                    SK would be even more overwhelmed by NK refugees

                • I plan on staying home during EMP and spanking the monkey ?

                  • Not surprised.

              • Kevin2,

                I agree. I don’t see them able to “fortify the grid against a nuclear attack”.

                But, I do believe there is more that can be done to protect the grid against cyber attacks.

                Cyber attacks can impact everything from the national grid to pacemakers. Yet, our government remained obsessed with “climate change” during the previous administration.

                We know the numbers of attacks against critical infrastructure are growing.

              • Attacking the U.S. power grid has been researched for years.

                2010 – Chinese researchers publish “How to attack the U.S. Power Grid : Cascading Failure of the entire system”

                Cyber Attacks. Impacting Everything.
                Cyber attacks can impact everything from the national grid to pacemakers. Yet, the government under the previous administration remained obsessed with “climate change”.

                Back in 2010, experts said, “By the end of 2015, the potential security risks to the smart grid will reach 440 million new hackable points.”

                “Yet very little has been done to address the situation. The Administration seems more concerned by climate change than a full-scale cyber attack on our power supply.”

                “since that time the grid has been under almost constant attack… And the ENERGY INDUSTRY is the No. 1 target.”

                “The Department of Homeland Security’s Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICS-CERT) has warned that attacks against critical infrastructure are growing, with more than 200 brute-force cyberattack incidents recorded in just six months in 2013.”


            • Mom. Thank you for info. You are correct again.
              One EMP/Nuke air burst would take out American civilization as we know it.
              The interconnectedness and interdependence of America is a real problem.
              –Politicians allowing our grid/country, to be so very vulnerable is CRIMINAL.
              –Obama/Politicians, Allowing the American borders open is CRIMINAL.

              No worries though. The brave politicians will be in DUMB’S. look up the term on YouTube. Yes DUMB’s are very real. Yes there are also underground highways/trains.
              Rat Politicians always look out for themselves. I bet no one here has an E-Ticket for the super train or bunkers. (Except HCKS. I’m sure he does. He has friends.)
              The rest of us are out of luck. Out of time.

              We were Lied to. Betrayed. Trump betrayed us. There will be no Peace.
              Only War. Then Nuclear War. Then the stone age for anyone left.

              How do we little people stop these insane war goof politicians?

              God’s People should Leave America. ASAP. Flee from “Babylon”.
              If you are going to stay. Build a well hidden, deep, bunker. Sell your guns for more food-seeds-medical. Then hide. Hide well.

              • sell my guns!?

                • You can only shoot two guns at one time. Only two hands.
                  You need no more than two. I think two is one too many.

                  One gun with a pallet of ammo is more useful than a safe-room, full of guns.
                  Most hunters, outdoors man, wanna be warriors, have WAY TOO MUCH money tied up in guns. Ammo is more important. Food-Medical, is MUCH more important.

                  If things go bad. Either the government or the thugs coming after you will ALWAYS have you outgunned-out manned. You fight. You die.
                  Your only REALISTIC chance against a superior force is to NEVER get in a fire fight. Hide. Hide very well. Especially family men. Your wife and children need you stay alive.

                  In a collapse their will be plenty of guns available. Battlefield pickups from the MANY fallen. Ammo will be in short supply. Food-Booze-Medical items-Seeds-Soap-Mosquito net/screen, THESE are the valuable items to have. Read history. I lived it. Seen the insanity.

                  That answer Viper? You need food. That will keep you alive. Starvation-Famine-Disease-Lack of medical care-Bad water quality-poor sanitation-no soap-mosquitos. Those are the real killers.

                  Medical supplies-mosquito netting-soap-water filter-food rations, ALL are MUCH more valuable than that blacked out firearm with scope and tactical bling.

                  Given a choice of Option:
                  1. $2500 “pimped out black gun” . Large portion of your cash now tied up.
                  2. Option 2. -used $200 12 gauge shotgun. More money left for 10 cases of shells and room full of food-Seeds-Medical. Go with the shotgun/supplies.

                  FOOD and being Unseen-Unheard-no smells-light discipline, keeps you and family alive. You STAYING alive will keep your family alive. Out of city is best.
                  This is reality. I tell you these things from first hand experience. I lived.

            • I can’t tell people what I know. Because if I did the panic would cause people to jump out of high windows faster than the Mexicans do at a construction site when ICE shows up?

              • Oh, don’t hold back, Mr. Guru Prophet! Please tell us at once. My bullshit meter is in
                maximum overdrive right now.

        • Does it even fucking matter where a bunch of hydrogen warheads land?

          • Exactly. it doesn’t . Grab a beer a lawn chair and watch the nuclear mushroom forest grow. We are phucked anyway. it matters not where they hit, nothing ANYTONE can do about it and we are all going to die miserably from the radiation clouds after the fact. Drink a beer smoke some toke and just go with the flow. WE ARE ALL PHUCKED, even the bunker dwellers cannot out live the radiation and everything eventually will be toxic, all food all water, nevermind all the animals dead. You cant drink the water and plants wont be able to grow without being accumulators of every kind of fallout.

            • I hope it is Denver, it is a haven for trannies, illegals, and bad cops. Plus you would get rid of a lot of democrats so we would not have to put up with them during rebuilding a new society.

              • Hoping any U.S. city gets nuked is so cowardly. I’m sure there are many thousands of wonderful patriots living in Denver. It’s not their fault that Colorado was taken over by filthy leftists.

                • What is happening in CO. happened in CA. I am a dual US/Canadian, but born in CA. Back then, it was a conservative state, electing Ronnie at one point. All the vile left moved out there from the East Coast, bringing their corruption, sleaze and filth. It is a real tragedy to see this now happening to Colorado. The left moves everywhere it is nice and destroys it. They then move on to the next place that is nice and destroy that.

                • We all have to put something in the kitty ? to make the world ? a better place so I vote Denver .

                • Ok then how about San Francisco. Time to drain that cesspool.

              • The power of positive thought…

            • It brings back a memory: ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHWjlCaIrQo

            • Japan with Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Fukushima….
              Chernobyl ….

              All these sites show radiation is not only survivable…. but both Nagasaki and Hiroshima are a thriving metropolis.

              Studies show the exclusion zone around Chernobyl is thriving with all kinds of wildlife, from beaver, wild horses, fox, birds, etc etc.

              If your not consumed by the blast or killed immediately by radiation… be prepared to survive an 1800’s style existance.

              • If you like your cancer/mutations you can keep your cancer/mutations…….Gee, I want mine, as if regular life doesn’t have enough pain and suffering already, lets nuke our selves for the extra special long term suffering or grotesque thyroid cancer and leukemias..Quality of life obviously doesn’t cross peoples minds much. Why don’t you relocate to Fukushima and enjoy that hot zone if it is so survivable livable?

              • Yes, the real problem is the people who make nuclear weapons are wayyyy smarter than the scum with their fingers on the buttons .

              • Absolutely right I was reading the same thing. Potassium iodine pills kills radiation or anything for that matter from getting into your system. Get a bottle they last bout two years

            • While I agree regarding nuclear war the radiation from a nuclear explosion rapidly dissipates as its half life isn’t too long. Now if they hit a nuclear power plant you have a real bomb coupled with a huge dirty bomb.

              Civilization as we have become accustomed would be history transmitted by story for the next century. The infrastructure and knowledgable people, physicians for one with all of the supporting staff and machinery is gone. People post attack will die of diseases and ailments like appendicitis and infection.

            • heres all y’all need to know
              good news:
              beers can survive radiation of a nuclear war
              ht tp://www.businessinsider.com/beer-soda-fallout-radiation-atom-bombs-2017-4

          • Are you volunteering to be ground zero. I think I would prefer clear skies where my cowardly a$$ is located.

            • Say something intelligent for once in your life. To yourself, because no one here will listen.

          • no doubt cuz if it’s one it’s gonna be 20

          • Yes it does. In fact, if you are not in close proximity to ground zero, you will NOT die. In fact, per Dr. Jane Orient of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness (who is no slouch when it comes to readiness – from an INFORMED medical perspective as a M.D.) noted “In the Hiroshima Museum, (there is a poster) on display that says that no policemen died in Nagasaki. The reason is that a policeman who survived Hiroshima (one of some 165 “double survivors”) carried a message to his fellow police in Nagasaki, which was hit 3 days later. Although the Japanese knew nothing about the atomic bomb, the policeman told them that a bright light would be followed within seconds by a deadly shock wave. Tsutomo Yamaguchi,a surviving ship designer for Mitsubishi, also brought this message from Hiroshima to his company in Nagasaki, and many in his section were saved from serious injury from flying glass (http://tinyurl.com/m4qx5n4). He died at age 93.

            Here you can calculate the blast area: http://meyerweb.com/eric/tools/gmap/hydesim.html

            Truth is, it will be a horrible disaster. But the other truth is, unless you are killed in the blast area, you will be alive… until the radiation arrives, which you CAN protect yourself from until is attenuates over the next days and months.

            I am NOT saying it will be easy street. I am NOT saying millions won’t die. I am NOT saying that radiation will not still get a lot of people. I **am** saying that many people will live, only die horrible deaths THAT COULD BE PREVENTED.

            For those of you interested, who do not feel like sitting in your lawn chair to spend a week or two in a lingering, gruesome death, some suggestions: Pick up Cresson Kearney’s’classic Nuclear War Survival Skills. Google it. It is freaking FREE, so there is no excuse to not have it; get a NukeAlert, and easy to use device that simply chirps when you get to a dangerous level of radiation. I think its around $100 bucks. Get some CHEAP potassium iodide (www.ku4u.com is one good place).

            So, yeah, it DOES matter where the bombs land. But you are indeed welcome to, instead of doing rudimentary preparedness, putting your lawnchair out and watching… and then spend the next week in lingering agony retching your guts out, along with your wife and children, as you chose not to deal with the threat with easily accomplished actions.

            Doctors of Disaster Preparedness is a good group, let by an MD named Dr. Jane Orient. For those of you interested, check it out.

            You want to see what will really happen in a nuke exchange and the lawn chair folks? Check out this classic Twilight Zone episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOwzjQ9W0ws

            • TEST- Thank you for your clarity during times like these! People simply cant grasp that TPTB want you to BELIEVE there is NOTHING that can be done to survive a nuclear attack- so just lay down and die…. Heres a few links to check out, and as I have been posting on a nuclear exchange for some time now…

              ht tp://nuclearsecrecy.com/nukemap/

              ht tp://www.ki4u.com/webpal/index.htm

              SERIOUSLY PEOPLE! TAKE the time to read the info on the second link. Who knows, it JUST might save your life!!!

            • TEST,

              Thank you for posting this.

          • Of course it does.

            Because again, were I running the retaliatory strike in response to this, I would (in THIS particular order)

            1. Find their farm belt and carpet-nuke it with cobalt jacketed ground bursts. Salt the f*cking Earth on them for 300 years.

            2. Find every one of their nuclear reactors and target a point 3 miles away from it with a low yield nuke ground burst. I want an earthquake. I don’t want to vaporize all their spent core rods. Have fun glowing in the dark as you starve.

            Mess with me this is what would happen to you. I wouldn’t even touch your cities because why bother. I’d rather see you have to resort to cannibalism for nuking my country in the first place.

            Have a nice day 😀

            • Your smiley face & literary style draws suspicion. Any (ahem) relation to Durango Kidd?

              • Most likely! But as for their bullshit claims of nuking our food supplies? REALLY? Unless the people sending nukes want to destroy all of our crops, water, etc- riddle me this: WHY would an invading country set to take it over want to destroy everything of value? Doesnt make sense, much like that douchebag “Jeremiah Johnson”….

                • I had a friend years ago that was a walking encyclopedia on the Roman empire. He said that
                  after Roman soldiers had won large battles they would spread salt over everything in their
                  paths on the way out of the area. The mentality was, destroy all vegetation or any thing that
                  would sustain life because they did not want to go back to the same places to make war
                  again. I had a difficult time believing that but it does make some sense in the context of
                  wanting to truly destroy an enemy.

        • and Norfolk–essentially take out our primary naval ports and shipyards.

          No doubt DC and NY are the first 2 targets–the head of govt ( and pentagon) and the head of commerce.

          • Don’t forget the “Rocket City” of Huntsville, Alabama, where NASA and Redstone Arsenal have rockets/munitions stored and have scientists working on even more futuristic stuff that can be used in defense and attacks.

          • Don’t forget the sub base in Connecticut. One nuke would take out that state plus
            Rhode Island.

            • A large cherry bomb would probably take out Rhode Island….

              • Okay. Now he wants to clown. (Sources please? Yeah.)

          • What ever would we do without DC or New York… No central banks or career politicians. Sound alike America when it was at its last prosperous times. Pre 1913. No federal reserve.

            By prosperous I meant we all had to fend for ourselves. Men were men, women were women and small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri were real small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri.

        • In 1987 in apartheid South Africa,

          56% of the government budget was spent on blacks, despite 77% of the taxes being paid by whites.

          No politician was ever brought to trial for apartheid crimes probably because it wouldnt hold up to legal reasoning in court.

          After apartheid unemployment rose by 40% and elementary school diplomas fell by 23%.

          7% of the land of South Africa was given to blacks in 1913.

          Today government programs steal farms from whites and give them to blacks.

          Of the farms given to blacks by government programs, 80% of them never produce any food of any kind ever again.

          • The president or whatever has told Whites: Things are about to get really rough.

            There is a petition to the White House to allow resettlement of White South Africans to the US, since they are real political refugees, on genocide watch.

          • Majority of blacks are so lazy, stupid, incompetent and worthless wild dingo savage animals period…They fuck up EVERYTHING they touch and that is the truth folks.

        • How much food does the US grow? Does any body really think that they really want to destroy all of this growing space?

        • If nuclear war breaks out between major powers, like the US and Russia, it goes full monty very quickly. Russian has 300 warheads targeting the USA according to my sources. That’s 2 per state, but Hawaii and Alaska would probably be spared a nuke.

          Why destroy Paradise, or contaminate Alaska’s resources; both of which would be useful, if the Rooskies won.

          The extra two for each of those states would likely be used on California and the DC to Boston Corridor. That should be sufficient to move the world to nuclear winter, without including a similar number of American nukes targeting Russia.

          No one wins. Everybody loses. 🙁

        • As it stands there isn’t any need to bomb all those cities…..1 emp attack will cripple the entire U.S. They can come in a year later when most are dead, and the other half is turning on one another…..

        • Yes. What new information did the author even suggest????

        • Take out LA (port), New Orleans (port entrance to the Mississippi River and the Midwest and massive refineries in the surrounding area), St Louis (block barge and river traffic to the Upper Midwest), Obviously DC (take out the Gubmint), maybe NYC, San Diego (military assets), Hawaii (same reason)

          • An attack on Long Beach (LA) would be an attack on China. Just saying. 🙂

        • this article is nuts….when they nuke every city in america and canada and mexico will be gone…there is no escape from the nuke….also they will draft your daugters for the army….you will see kids die…..we must elemate trump and all polictcains….they are no good…..

        • Russia most likely still has thousands of nuclear warheads in its arsenal even though the USSR desegregated during the Reagan era. Putin might very well target every major and minor city including military targets in a saturation strategy, insuring the death of the west….This I would think is the worst case scenario…..

      2. Wall Street is their real target. They won’t have to fire any missiles. They just have to decide if they want to have the reserve currency backed with a little shiny all covered in oil.

      3. Nobody’s safe. Last I heard Argentina was not a nuke target. Canary Islands sound like a
        great place as well. Fiji. Chile. Almost too late. They are closing all the exits on us. It takes
        a lot of money and planning to relocate overseas. All we can do is pray and hunker down.
        If you have or had Irish grandparents you can get dual citizenship provided you have their
        birth records. Something to think about before we turn into glow worms.

        • nameless, someone posted a link here to a video where they talked about military semi-trucks with compressed razor wire that deploys from the rear and can close off a city in short order. Something to think about.
          Like, get out before that!

          • Ketch, look on You Tube for Rapid Deployment Barrier.

        • Don’t run yet cowards, wait until it is too late.

          • Gandi was a man of intelligence. What’s your excuse.

      4. Small list.

        Now, get real and add the Great Lakes (deny us fresh water) and most of our nuke power plants. NOW you’re talking a real target package list.

        And frankly, most of those cities need to go away anyway, Vlad has no idea what a favor he’d be doing us.

        Go Vlad Go!!!

        • With over 18,000 nukes aimed at us now indeed the list is way too short. Any thermonuclear war will be pre emptive, massive and short. This fact is clear, Trumps consideration of pre emptive and a pre crime mentality assures that any enemy sees that action as a red line and may prompt them into making a reluctant decision into a decisive one. This article assumes a nuclear exchange would be survivable. All players have sub fleets waiting to get the second strike in possibly months later. The best prepping we could do now is to stop the constant war making initiated by the unelected operatives running our government and free our elected representatives from the corruption that makes it so.

          • No one is even mentioning the high probability of a follow up bio-viral attack in a destroyed infrastructure environment.

            The idea of first, second, third isn’t rational because the attack will be simultaneous and the order of destruction will be a function of distance with flight time.

            • Kevin2 you are right about a bio attack. Most amerikans are only one deadly sneeze away from a tuberculosis infected illegal alien. So there you are minding your own business at McDs and suddenly you hear “kerchew” and feel a snot splatter hit your neck, and then your neck beard is a hotbed of germ activity.

            • In a post nuclear attack environment with cities and therefore hospitals, physicians, associated equipment, pharmaceuticals non existent, food largely unavailable, corpses littering the nation a bio-viral follow up would be particularly lethal.

              • I am most afraid of radioactive and mutated neck beards.

          • It is all game theory. And in game theory the current threat – that the US will pre-emptively strike North Korea with overwhelming force to take out ALL its military – leads to the following outcome: that North Korea will decide it is better to be first mover and get a strike off before the US retaliatory strike. So, where would North Korea send it? I would say the closest makes the most sense: so the carrier group and nearby bases. Another advantage for the North Koreans going first is this: they have made the assumption already that the US would strike them with overwhelming nuke force. That is why they have all their preps in place for that (underground shelters). When the US does hit back, the majority of the NK population will be in their strike posture. Yes, some million or so will die in that strike, but that still leaves the rest alive: a military-first population trained for the sole purpose of fighting this war. At that point they will go for it and strike at the US heartland as well as across South Korea and nearby. China and Russia will freak and either side with NK or start making their own moves – China on Taiwan, Russia on Europe (while America is distracted). You will also get other secondary moves as well, for example Argentina on the Falklands. When it becomes every man for himself – either at the all-you-can-eat buffet or in war – then you drop the treaties and go for what you need most: resources and space.

            While the US may prevail, it is worth asking at what price? The US population is not currently psychologically or sociologically prepared for such a conflict. More than likely US cities will be pitched into mass panic and civil unrest on an unprecedented scale. Government will go into protection mode and will ignore what is happening with the civilian population. While the military will be completely absorbed in this conflict and the others that erupt, the civilian economy and population will be of no use: this means the military will be on a tight time scale: they will need to get it done with the war stocks they have and quickly. How has the US been doing on tight timescale wars in the past four decades? Only three come to mind: Gulf War One, Panama, Grenada. All the rest became quagmires.

            • I agree that this is the most likely scenario. Excellent analysis.

              • I agree also. Leaders all talk a lot of smack, but they ignore the psychology and sociology of their own populations and lose battles and wars. Its been the USA strategy since WWII…..since the Rothchilds then NEOCons took over running things.

            • I dunno, perhaps the aliens ? will save us.

            • Frank, this is what Jim Rickards is saying, basically, as well. https://youtu.be/CK5yGk5Yvg0?t=1383

              For those of you who don’t know who Rickards is, let’s just say he is HIGHLY connected. Google him for his background

              • If I was North Korea: I would do the following:

                – get my best troops out of North Korea and away from optimum strike targets. That means getting them into South Korea and out to sea.
                – I would fight a war that assumes the US will hit me with at least two overwhelming strikes and that I need to make sure 60 to 70 % of my combat assets are still in the game. After those strikes, geopolitcally, the US will be in a very tight spot. China will be going nuts as will Russia. The US’s reputation in Asia will be in the trash. At that point the US and South Korea will have no choice but to cross the border and invade and try and occupy North Korea. If NK is smart, they will already have a bridgehead within South Korea at this point. They will also be striking at other US assets within Asia and the US.
                – North Korea is a mountaneous country. Any invasion and occupation is going to be very hard to hold. Doing it with a multi-ethnic, trans-gender, gay-friendly military on a tight timeline will be especially hard. North Koreans will be fighting on home turf and will have more to fight for. North Korea just needs highly motivated and highly trained and disciplined forces to make an occupation hell. They are in a better position to do this than were the Taliban, Saddam’s dead-enders, or al Qaeda etc.
                – it is not 1950: in 1950, North Korea was a backward, peasant place kept down by decades of occupation by Imperial Japan. The country was completely flatened by the US. They have learned from that. They industrialised, they learnt how to make their own weapons, and they trained and preppared for decades for one war: a war with the US. This will not be a repeat of the first Korean War.

                • There is two relative safe places for large concentrations of military forces…OUT OF RANGE or mixed in with the enemy forces (because them enemy will not destroy their own people in order to take out the enemy that they have to fight hand to hand and possibly defeat. any military force in concentration that is NOT in those two places can be targeted easily and neutralized with little risk of collateral damage to undesired casualties and can then be furthered manipulated into a posture where they are ineffective. To stop and army, you cut off their support lines and rear support echelons. kill their food ammo and fuel supply, the enemy army grinds to halt in days.

          • Grandpa. One single nuke will indeed ruin your whole day. However, 18000 is not correct.

            Rather, the estimates are that Russia has, per the Federation of American Scientists, maybe around 4,490 nuclear warheads, while the U.S. has 4,500; however, of this number Russia has 1,790 that are active strategic nukes, the the U.S. having 1,750. Those that aren’t launched immediately? Good luck getting those in place, altho you are correct about subs launching later… depending on a LOT of variables.

            I also know some test launches didn’t work. I know that some US missile sites reportedly still use 8″ floppies (and maybe the Russians abacuses?). There WILL be failures to make it all the way to target.

            So, while your sentiment is right, in reality, you are off 10X the real number. Does the number make a difference? Depends where it lands.

            • You speak of strategic totals do not forget the tacticals but it is all semantics anyway. We are radiated, it is our destiny.

              • I hope the radiation makes my weiner bigger.

                • Gives you glowballs.

                • Remember if you live in Denver and you see a bright flash, Hurry to the top of a glass sky scraper and whip out your cell phone and take selfie as yourself as you are shredded with glass and melted. Thanks ??

              • Tacticals? Must be pretty doggone good howitzers them Russians have! Nuclear war would be horrible. Millions would die immediately, millions more from irradiation, as you noted. But millions more would live. And, of course we are irradiated every day of our lives by natural background radition, so in that sense that is our destiny, but otherwise our destiny is what we choose in either wisdom or ignorance. If you are a grandfather, do you simply leave your grandchildren to their “destiny?”

                Very respectfully, I disagree. However, your overall sentiment I do agree with.

                • My generation called nuclear war the unthinkable option and thus allowed your generation the opportunity to determine their own destiny. The radiation I speak of is not sun burn or radio waves, mans nuclear radiation runs to the ocean, to the seas, to the rivers, to the land and into your body. My generation tried but could not stop nuclear power from development. The greed factor was too great. And now we debate missile counts while one per day melts into the waters near Japan and will forever. My generation pulled milk from the shelves until the cesium burned off while this generation mislabels food sources. I do not chide, I speak to warn. The torch has been fumbled but it was a poor hand off. It is our destiny to be radiated.

                  • Thanks for leaving the next generation a giant $hit 8all gramps.

        • Really,
          You are just silly!

          • No. He is beyond silly. The appropriate word is useless.

      5. Weird, I did not see Detroit on that list. Perhaps, Putin would rather us just destroy ourselves. We are doing a great job of that already. Reference Detroit, Chicago, etc.

        • Yes filly, by leaving oboinga town the unprepared zombies would be an army of trannies and useless eaters .

        • They don’t need to waste nukes on them, they are imploding under the weight of Democrats and immorals….Shitcago and Detroit, NYC and Wash DC, Americans would rather see these city disappear as well. No loss, but along term strategy of mine would be to defend those cities because they do such a great job of internally rotting America to death from corruption.

          When the enemy keeps making the same suicidal mistakes…DONT STOP HIM while he is successful in helping you to defeat him!!!

      6. ZH headline says 2 more US carriers approaching Korean peninsula. If true, not a good
        thing. Its either pure intimidation or sure to indicate its about to pop. Nobody’s safe.

      7. “If nuclear war breaks out, which U.S. cities would be targeted first?”

        Whichever cities the jews and the bankers have already evacuated, beforehand.

      8. First would be an EMP strike high in the atmosphere on the US. We would never know it but everything electical would stop. Maybe no need to go much further because the entire premise of war is to gain territory or resources. The US probably would not be able to put up much of a defense and the best part we would not glow in the dark and would make wonderful slaves. First strike wins.

        • OSCAR
          I you are 110% right bro.

      9. Years ago, I read an article that said that between Russia and China, there is a nuke aimed at every city in North America, with a population of 100,000 or more.

        • During the Cold War, Russia allegedly had every American city with a population of 10,000
          or more targeted. Thats spelled TEN THOUSAND. Those are not big cities. Thats a good
          sized farm town in Iowa.

          • Source for that please?

            I find that very difficult to believe.

            In any event, with 1,700 active warheads today, I don’t think Podunck Jct Iowa has to worry… unless there is some hidden military base hidden under a local cow patty.

            • Podunck Jct Iowa

              Grew up there.

              Cass County, Iowa

              I still love that place.

            • It was on a PBS special I watched a million years ago. Some people take PBS and NPR
              with a grain of salt as they should. Thats why I used the word-allegedly- in my sentence.
              Both sides had a lot more warheads before the treaties.

      10. It was only a matter of time before this article would come.

        I think I’ll pull out the monopoly game and grab a sharpie and change it to Nuke-opoly.

        Let’s see, Jail will be changed to “FEMA”

        The play pieces will have to be replaced with miniature versions of an AR-15, a RFID chip, a Bi-Bull, and a cell phone tower.

        Boardwalk will be changed to “Bunker Ave”

        A printer will now be included for when the cash runs out.

        A Trump card will be added, that once drawn, it will unplug the printer, thus ending free money.

        All sides of the dice will be erased with the exception of “1”. It’s very slow to get around the board these days.

        Every five minutes into the game, we’ll cross out a place on the board, indicating that it was nuked or becomes unlivable. Players stuck in those spots will immediately go to “FEMA”.

        Only Bunker Ave will escape the wrath of the sharpie. With the one player holding it winning the game.

        Sorry kids. We can only play this once every what? 10000 years?

        • Yes, and when you are eliminated from the game you have to bend over and kiss your a$$ goodbye

      11. Neither Russia, China, nor the United States benefits from War.

        Only a small group of greedy SOBs who only care for money and power.

        Hell NO.

        We won’t GO.


        • i was a ranger with the 75th for 4 years and a green beret for 10 years i have 6 years in combat and the only thing i ever fought for was other countrys freedom.i dont think i would go either,the only thing i got waas a lousey va and a lot 9og dead friends.

        • Yes the greedy, but they forced us slaves to pay for the weapons fair and square so shut up and take it you cowardly slave.

          • what are you smokin’?

      12. Just guessing, but a “hack attack” against our computerized control structures would be devastating. Electric generating facilities, shut down, would have a tremendous negative impact on the entire country.

        How would it be known exactly who done the dirty deed?

        Just one high-altitude EMP nuke would be devastating.

        • My wife and I just had dinner with a Ph.D friend from Europe, who was in the US doing work with cyber hacking protection. I asked him directly about what his thoughts were on this. His reply was that indeed the infrastructure systems are already infiltrated; however, there was nothing in it for the hackers, as they want to get money from their ransomware to fleece the innocent (gee, looks like Goldmun Suchs has competition now!). Moreover, this would bring government attention on them, whereas now the limited resources of gov’t leaves them alone.

          Gone unsaid, of course, is whether these hackers might sell their nefarious skills to the highest bidder in Iran or N.K, or if people in these countries already have similar skills.

          Well rounded preparedness is always a good idea.

      13. The US and Russia have approximately equal parity each possessing 1750 good to go immediately warheads to be delivered by various means with the most common being rockets and missiles. The US has about 800 military bases worldwide. Some of these coincide with major urban areas giving them a two for one. Foreign cities / military installations along with moveable individual targets like aircraft carrier battle groups and submarines. Conservatively a few hundred, likely on the order of 300 or so would probably be left over and aimed at civilian destruction. Can you name 300 cities in the US? Using the above numbers its even more devastating for Russia as the former Eastern Block is now largely NATO and Russia has 3 or four military bases outside of it. In the absence of military facilities that leaves a whole lot more civilian targets to be had.

        No winners, all losers. In its aftermath the relatively undeveloped / partially developed Southern Hemisphere would rise to dominance.

      14. 3 US aircraft carrier groups now on the way. Why did I have to see it on Russian News first? It’s now on Drudge. Land of the free? Then why do they have to keep us in the dark?

      15. First stop with “fake news” for anything you disagree with. Trump ‘s strike was a joke militarially and put nothing to rest. He lacks any militry experience or knowledge of history. You think bombing an empty airfield means anything? As far as nukes? I note San Diego missing from a list you pulled out of the air.
        The Russians are much weaker than the defense industry would like you to think. Our military is in great shape contrary to what the draft dodger says. If I was still stationed in South Kore I’d have grave concerns. But I’m more worried about.a Reichstag Event.

        • Who?

      16. Cushing oklahoma was left off. It is the pipeline hub for much of the US and is near the top of the list for a nuclear target. Even without hitting the rest of the cities in the list the loss of natural gas and other petroleum products would be as effective as a nuke going off.

      17. More likely an EMP. Why would you destroy land that has value and resources. Goes back to the money. People make you money either as consumers or slaves.

      18. Any of them are too close. The whole system would shut down. If you aren’t prepared to survive for a year you might still not make it.

        • So? Who would care if they don’t make it? Not me

      19. With a few exceptions, if that list of major cities were nuked by Russia, China, or the N. Koreans, the remaining Americans would be mainly Republican for many years to come… (Just look at a county by county voting map for the 2016 election..) Since Republicans are typically more pro-military, there would be h e l l to pay.

      20. Funny, Detroit,once the arsenal of democracy, is no longer on the list. The libtard and democrats did the same damage as a couple nukes!

        • I saw some pictures that showed then&now for Nagasaki and Hiroshima and compared the changes to then&now images of Detroit and some other Democratic sanctuaries…

          Just goes to show that given enough time, democrats can be just as destructive as a nuclear weapon.

        • Detroit ran out of other people’s money

      21. We need to make agreements with both Russia and China to keep nuclear war confined to Europe.

        After it’s over we can divide Europe up into regions controlled by each and make a decent recovery in each of our countries by rebuilding our assigned regions and charging them for it.

        That’s the way it worked after WWII, there are just more players on the top end now that will have to learn to share the spoils of it between themselves.

      22. Grew up in Tampa in the 50s-60s, mostly sparsely populated compared to the packing now. I’ve always thought since duck and cover days that McDill AFB was dangerous to live near.

        • Anything military. Actually civilian airports can be immediately converted to military use so for all effects they’re a military target.

          I once asked my friends father who was a B52 Navigator in the 1960s and was part of SAC what were they to do in the event that the “balloon goes up”? Where do you land once you dropped your nuclear ordinance? I got the same reply from him that I got from my Annapolis Graduate friend when I, being a power guy was curious about the subs he was on. Nothing. They don’t even acknowledge that you posed the question. It makes you feel awkward too. Regarding the B52s you damn sure know that they ain’t going back from where they came from. I figure they’re to go to some 3rd world nation untouched by war. It would make for an interesting movie, part Gilligans Island, part Omega Man, part Robinson Caruso.

          • I was in SAC and I repaired avionics equipment including those on B52s. I was on what was called world wide mobility. I was required to have a set of personal effects and had to be available within 15 minutes. My shots were always kept up to date and covered the entire world. Our tools and weapons(everyone was issued an M16)were stored in a container.
            If the alert aircraft took off, we would be called in and put on buses for relocation to somewhere, probably Canada, where we would then go God knows where. In my later duty stations, I continued to be on world wide mobility with short notice. Shots had to be kept up to date, yearly M16 qualification, Gasmask training etc. etc. etc. The presumption was I would end up in some third world cesspool and be recovering/repairing aircraft. Not everyone in the Air Force got stuck with this duty, there were surprisingly few of us. The military expects aircraft to be able to do more than one sortie in a nuclear war.

            • “The military expects aircraft to be able to do more than one sortie in a nuclear war.”

              Good luck with that. Those B52s would just bring heat to the previously lack of value, unworthy of an H bomb 3rd world. I do give the military types credit for their optimism. George Pickett had it, the Brits had it too the Battle Of The Somme.

          • In the fifties, any highway or major road built that was named after a president has at least one section straight and long enough to be used as an air force emergency runway. A standard highway map gives pilots safe places to land.

            Military had crews who could be at these locations with fuel trucks and fresh armaments.

            • “Military had crews who could be at these locations with fuel trucks and fresh armaments.”

              Not after a full blown nuclear attack by Russia they wouldn’t.

      23. If they go for bases, eastern NC will be gone.

        Cherry Point, in Havelock, NC, is the largest Marine air base in the world.

        Camp Lejeune and New River Air Station are in Jacksonville, NC.

        Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, home of the 82nd Airborne, is in Goldsboro, NC.

        Oceana is close in Virginia Beach, VA. I was in Virginia Beach on Friday and saw one of their jets banking overhead.

        • I agree Archivist. We would be up poo poo creek. You also forgot a few such as all the combined bases in Norfolk, Oceana is just an airbase. Little Creek amphib base, NAS Norfolk, and just north across the bay is Langley AFB along with Newport News shipbuilding and in the area several other major shipyards and related industries. I was suprised to read that Norfolk was not on the list as I cant think of any area with more strategic military value than the Norfolk metro area. Since we are 45 miles away +- maybe we make it. KF

          • Oceana was all that I could think of at the moment. I went there for a show one time and saw a jet-powered truck.

            Norfolk is a major military center, as is the Goldsboro, Havelock, Jacksonville triangle.

      24. Notice DETROIT is not on the list?

        Of course, the reason is that the fascist left has done more destruction to this city than any nuclear warhead could ever do.

        And as most of you know, Detroit has not had a conservative mayor since ~1960.

      25. Why waste a perfectly good nuke, when a timely computer hack will do the job just as well? Given how the FUSA, is fragmenting and breaking up, the Russians do not need to nuke us. All they have to do is just wait. Any one who has studied history and has some level of common sense can see the how this is going to play out. The FUSA is going to collapse into irrelevance. It is only a matter of how soon the Petro-dollar is replaced by some thing else. The country is in a moral free fall. As others who are better subject matter expects than me, have pointed out the possible SHTF events that could bring the end of the FUSA as any kind of power. I suspect that when WW III does come, the FUSA will not matter, since we will be too busy fighting our own civil war 2.0

        • ” I suspect that when WW III does come, the FUSA will not matter, since we will be too busy fighting our own civil war 2.0″

          Civil War? Post WWIII, survival war, individual, cruel, inhuman. Welcome to stone age man with some modern weapons here and there.

          • Just another reason I have property in Nova Scotia… fertile, well watered, almost zero Muslims, for Americans the loonie is only worth 75 cents on the dollar, the housing bubble has completely passed the Maritimes by, if you look outside a probable EMP attack range, NS is way outside all those little circles, you can reach it by boat in a pinch, and in only semi-disaster scenarios, the Canadians are not going to let a lot of Americans across. Besides, everyone will be frantic to go south… despite the fact that NS is on the Gulf Stream, and doesn’t get super cold.

            And there is no poor weather. Only poor clothing.

            • I suspect Trudeau is already eyeing up the maritimes for dumping Muslims and Africans. This already happens in Europe and Trudeau seems to be following the European model. People in butt-f#ck places arrogantly think the migrant trash will just be dumped in the cities. But the rich live in the cities and they do not want these people around. Who has the most political power? Hicks in the maritimes or the rich of Forest Hill, Westmount, Rosedale etc.?

          • ” I suspect that when WW III does come, the FUSA will not matter, since we will be too busy fighting our own civil war 2.0″

            Any of us who somehow get lucky and survive a barrage of Russian and Chinese nukes hitting the territory of North America – we all need to arm ourselves and hunt down and administer the Ultimate Punishment to every last politician and every last media celebrity who played any role whatsoever in bringing about the circumstances that lead to those nukes falling upon the USA.

            These bat-shit crazy, blood thirsty, war mongering neocons – which include the vast majority of these psychopath jews and a large number of their non-jewish RINO-neocon-cucked, toe sucking collaborators have been hell bent on igniting WW3, and these evil bastards can not be permitted to escape their just deserts.

            Make a note. These neocons are top priority for being dealt with, if they manage to ignite WW3. Hunt them down like vermin infected rats.

            • Tucker

              Revenge, largely misguided too, is a “luxury” that the survivors will ill afford as living will keep them very busy.

              The people who were responsible wouldn’t be found nor identified. Like this crazy anti semitism on this BB who includes the Physician and Pharmacist with Rothschild and Warburg it would be a French Revolution witch hunt but with no guilty interspersed with the innocent.

          • Neo-Stone Age. That would mean the millennials ditching iPhones and learning flint
            knapping skills.

            • Millennials are the most unprepared demographic for true crisis that has ever walked the US. “The Greatest Generation” largely deceased and the remainder far too old, tempered by the great depression, poverty and WWII were the best prepared. Its been a subsequent decline since them.

              • The Greatest Generation got us through the great depression and World War II.
                They did get us into Vietnam. We do have some rock solid millennials that served
                with distinction in Afghanistan and Iraq. Those will be the future leaders. Probably
                much more libertarian than conservative. No doubt they will be pragmatic. As for
                the rest of them- God help us!!!

      26. With NK, moving (3) Carrier Groups into position would be an act of war….they would presume a pre-emptive strike is imminent. Therefore, they will likely pre-empt us and launch whatever they can (including nukes) at US interests….and likely hit several US cities with their subs. An EMP would also be quite possible. In any event, brace yourselves for the horrors to come.!!!!

      27. Not the Hamptons — phew

      28. The most likely scenario is a couple of EMP strikes, one each for the East/West coasts. That would knock out power for years, since the giant transformers can’t easily be replaced. With no power, we would also have no water, sanitation, A/C or heat, and the “just in time” delivery chain would be broken, no gas-therefore no food.

        • That sounds like my poor house now.

        • Sewage treatment plants would go offline. People would continue flushing toilets until
          sewage would start backing up into their homes. After a while the stench would make people leave their homes. Making millions pitch tents elsewhere. Hygene would go down.
          Most people do not have enough sense to bury their own waste. If they ever practiced primitive camping they would know what to do. Clean water sources would be almost
          impossible to find. Springs would be guarded by militias and tributes would have to be given to obtain the water. That is the future racket after EMP. Clean water. Whoever controls the water will be king. There are only so many springs. Expect groups to do battle
          over clean water sources. Making fire to boil and purify water will draw attention from
          passersby. Making fire would indicate food to cook or water to boil for drinking. No one
          will really be able to go it alone because sooner or later you have to sleep. You will need
          security while you sleep. That requires the watch of at least 1 or2 more people. The more
          people in your group the more resources will be needed to keep the group functional.
          A toothache would drive a person into near insanity. Lack of any emergency medical
          facilities would cause most gunshot victims to bleed out and die. Dogs would be a liability.
          They make noise and attract attention. People will be eating them as they are now doing
          in Venezuela. Traveling undetected for a few miles would be a major feat. Everyone will be
          on foot and looking for food and water and supplies. Think of the native Americans being
          forced to relocate because of hordes of settlers moving into their areas and competing
          for the same resources. This will be the same scenario once again. Expect lawlessness
          and tribal behavior wherever you go. People addicted to drugs and alcohol or even
          tobacco will be suffering withdrawal. If you are close to Canada, you may be able to escape. Assuming the EMP does not affect Canada’s grid and infrastructure as much as
          ours. If they seal the border for security reasons, there would be no hope for anyone.
          Do not expect Mexico to be welcoming of millions of American refugees. The stress
          factor alone would kill millions over time. No central heating or a/c, exposure to the elements. Wild game would become scarce. Livestock would be decimated. Think tanks
          estimate that up to 90 percent of our population would be dead within 6-12 months.

          • You make a good point: there is just too much garbage in the population for this to go well. Remember New Orleans? The flooding exposed the true state of the population and how obese, poor, stupid, lazy they were. This isn’t the 1950s: the welfare state has kept alive and allowed to flourush the worst people who are not able to support themselves. They are dependent on the welfare state for everything. Their deaths will clog up the cities, cause disease to spread quickly (disease is the thing that kills the most).

            • nameless and Frank, wow, good analysis and yet such a grim outlook, but realistic as hell. Which it would be.
              (We could do without the obese, stupid and lazy even without a war)

          • Nice fantasy, hope you are right?

            • Goodbye already, troll. You must be related to Suzy Wong and the Swampdweller.

      29. Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma houses two E-6B, aka the Continuity of Government plane. It is a contingency doomsday plane for the shadow government. Also McAlester Oklahoma has an ammunitions making facility as well as a facility that makes the now famous MOAB. I’m sure the larger cities with large populations will be hit first because of the damage that can be done. But they will also be looking to take out important military bases on first strikes. An EMP could do just as much damage because the nuclear power plants would all melt down, and this would kill millions. There is probably very few people prepared for any nuclear catastrophes. No bunkers, no gas masks, no hazmat suits, no special air filters, etc. We’re basically in Gods hands if such an action takes place.

      30. Fighting Russia would be catastrophic, North Korea is an annoyance.


        Is the U.S. Military Planning to Take Over America?

        The U.S. military is making plans to take over America by 2030. No, this is not another conspiracy theory. Although it easily could be. Nor is it a Hollywood political thriller. Although it certainly has all the makings of a good thriller. No, this is the real deal, coming at us straight from the horse’s mouth. According a Pentagon training video entitled “Megacities: Urban Future, the Emerging Complexity,” that was created by the Army for U.S. Special Operations Command, the U.S. military plans to use armed forces to solve future domestic political and social problems. What they’re really talking about is martial law, packaged as a well-meaning and overriding concern for the nation’s security. (Newsbud)

        • What do you think all those FEMA camps are really for?

          They’re not for rounded up civilians like you and me, they’re to be used housing military families after the takeover so they can keep them safe from civilians like you and me so the soldiers don’t have to go home to protect them from us.

          Think of them as big gated communities with high security to keep the rest of the people out while they live their lives of power and dominance in safety.

          • Anonymous:

            That makes a lot of sense. You are probably spot on. I never thought of that. But you would think someone would have, and the possibity discussed. But that is not the case. Which makes me think you are correct.

            __ thanks !


          • If they are to keep people out, why is the barbed wire at the top of the fences pointed inward?

        • Anonymous, that’s nothing but someone’s pipe dream. If anyone’s military takes over it would be ‘UN peacekeeepers’. Russia, China, and God knows who else. The UN could never furnish enough troops to totally subdue this nation. China supposedly has the largest army in the world but even they would be limited in how many troops they could send. Everyone still has to keep a certain number of troops at home to keep their own natives in line. The history of UN ‘peacekeeping’ missions is not exactly a success story. We patriots can and will make any invaders pay more than it’s worth to be on our soil.

      32. OH… FORGOT TO ADD– Its the Rutherford institute–John Whitehead (constitutional attorney):

        Battlefield America

      33. No civil defense preparedness in US for the lowly taxpayer working stiff. Only for the rats who will inhabit the underground bases.

      34. Hello you nukeheads ,where I live in the UK is a nuclear free city,it would be senseless to nuke us,no military might here just a bunch of coke any heroin addicts please feel free to nuke anywhere else especially when people tell you where strategic locations are or they would rather they be nuked themselves ,just to end there seclusion to other great places ,like Nebraska or the north pole,foooools.Manchester addict signing off.

        • These military installations are not top secret. Hillary probably already gave the Russians and Chinese detailed maps.

      35. Go to the website http://www.America2050.org. Open their “Maps” page and look for the Mega City/Regions map. Those eleven giant clusters of cities or MSA’s are pretty well safe. Washington might be sacrificed, but never fear because the Federal government, under COG guidelines, is fully prepared to move its headquarters to the Denver, CO area along with all the powerful movers and shakers. As for the regular folks that live in the D.C. area…oops.

        These Mega Cities have been set up as total-surveillance police-state prisons for the general surviving U.S. population. Those “rogue star” cities out in the middle of proverbial nowhere will be targeted in order to stampede/sweep everyone into the Mega Cities.

        Large military installations adjacent or within these Mega Cities will be spared because the “prison guards” have to live somewhere. For instance, Fort Hood, TX, which is part of the FH-Killeen-Temple MSA, is located on the western side of the “Texas Triangle” and will likely not be targeted. Fort Bliss, near El Paso, will be.

        Two atomic bombs were dropped at the end of WWII and the world accepted the creation of the United Nations. 3,000 people were killed on Sept. 11, 2001 and 300 million Americans got the PATRIOT Act shoved down their throats. What will 7 billion earthlings take from the Global Elite when 7 million are killed in a blinding flash during a prearranged, fully-scripted, short duration, and limited exchange nuclear war?

        • I fear absolutely nothing.

          • You realize that makes you a very dangerous person (particularly to those who want to rule over the world), but since you have a firearm that will fire Green tip bullets then you must fear something, though it probably isn’t death…

      36. Mar 11, 2017 Your Radiation This Week


        “Facing a Dying Nation” ” … In a short time a dose of 1 Sv causes acute radiation sickness, and a dose of 10 Sv is fatal.” READ the article and see the tables, sources and notes: TOTAL GAMMA RADIATION In Your Radiation This Week No 7 and 8

        Good Day! This is “Your Radiation This Week ” for the past 2 weeks. These are the recorded Total Gamma Radiation and Sievert highs that affected people around the United States.


      37. If its North Korea,,,,,
        Its whichever one is about 20′ from the launch pad!
        Buncha losers

      38. It’s been known for a while that any exchange would NOT be targeting population density. The aim of modern warfare is to target “war potential recovery”. So you hit commerce, industry, and infrastructure. The quickest and cheapest way to cripple a country is to cripple its economy. That can be done very effectively through cyberwarfare. But the media want you in the right mind set. Bay of pigs, anyone?

      39. For most of the cities on that list, a nuke hitting them could be considered Urban renewal…..

      40. The trouble with America ..IS.. the cities. I will not miss any cities after they are gone. Man belongs in small rural tribes of 75 or less. When you get millions together you begin to get entitlement classes that refuse to work but demand equal resources, and that’s why cities and the people of cities suck, literally.

      41. Greetings my SHTF plan friends. I know the news seems scary right now but there won’t be a nuclear war. I humbly ask everyone to step back and look at what has happened transpired over the last year or so. Look at it at a very high level – don’t look at the news stories because it’s too difficult to tell what is real, what is someone’s misperceptions of what’s real, or if it is intentional misinformation / propaganda.

        The election of Trump was the way that the masses showed their disapproval of a rapid move to globalism and leftist ideology. The politicians that have a globalist mindset are numerous and do wield a lot of power and influence. They are crafty and manipulative and will steer populations with lies and fear. We never heard of nuclear war until they planted stories and rumors to make people fearful. When people become fearful they revolt against their politicians which is exactly what the globalist want the citizenry of the US to do against Trump. If they are successful the US will once again get a politician like Obama.

        Trump won’t initiate a nuclear war, nor will Russia, nor will China. NK won’t either – anyone that is over 30 has been listening to their rhetoric for decades. They know better than to do something so stupid. They want to stay in power. Even if Trump attacked them they wouldn’t go nuclear – it would literally be suicide for them.

        Trump’s MO, in case you haven’t noticed, is to put other countries on edge. It’s a negotiation tactic. A simple parallel is when two boxers or UFC fighters get nose to nose in a pre game photo opportunity. It’s a bluff. When Leon Spinks is nose to nose with Mike Tyson one of them knows the truth.

        This will blow over. It may get ugly but there won’t be a global war. Trump is just repositioning the US which will likely end up being a good thing.

      42. Eighteen ‘Ohio’ class SSBNs,

        Maybe 9 at sea ta any one time,

        26 Tubes with Trident missiles EACH!

        Each Trident has at least EIGHT warheads,

        = About 1700 targets/cities/bases etc etc etc etc incinerated.

        I think they call that “Mutually Assured Destruction” .



      43. This could be all lies. It would not be the first time the people with government jobs lied to the people. Does anyone recall reading about holograms. Holograms in the sky which are made to look like planes and incoming bombs. Then they detonate bombs here which the Americans or whomever presets, exploding in what appears to be a related to a hologram. Marshall law, gun confiscation of anyone the government fears (white people’s advocates). The Mossad or some American version, might even go around assassinating at will; protected by the make believe war.

        __ that fireball in the sky may have been just such a hologram. If anyone had stopped on the freeway, either a pileup accident resulting in death or injury, or assassin comes to car offering assistance and breaks the neck of the occupant.

        __ easy way to eliminate truth tellers

        __ be well all


        • If America’s government employees, or those who line their pockets, were really anticipating a world war, would they use a Chinese firm to censor the Internet? I think not! Who can you not speak about freely without fear of censorship? So, the deep state just cleaning house. This looks like war against the American citizen, using Semi-Communist China. Just a conspiracy theory. But that doesn’t mean I’m wrong. Drumming up a real invasion of North Korea? Maybe.


      44. LOS ANGELES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        The crowd goes wild.

        Tsar Bomba for the win people!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Mumble pillar of salt…

        Hey speaking of nuclear war, the capitol of North Korea merely takes one and it’s vaporized, kids. 1.2 megatons. Try it in Nukemap.

        … if we’d “hacked” their launch we’d have “hacked” in an
        “oopsie” detonation don’t you think?

        Oopsies! Hey it’s not our fault your nuke went off…

      45. I work at the airport in Charlotte, NC but live 35 miles west and told my supervisor if things get hot in the middle east or with China or Russia, don’t expect to see me near Charlotte.

      46. We’ve let them go too far already…remember when GB proclaimed that NK was part of the axis of evil, and that we WILL NOT allow them to develop a nuclear weapon? Well we did allow them to. And now they can easily launch a nuclear strike against SK, vaporizing millions of poor souls, and likely detonate an EMP over the US. Lights out.
        “In a nuclear world, the real enemy is war itself”

      47. Nukes, no winners.
        China will always want a vassal state as an anti west buffer BUT !! Not one which jeopardize it’s superpower & regional ambitions, it has a 25, 50, 100 year plans.
        Replace the current mutt, with a loyal compliant, disciplined idelogue.
        Everybody on down will breathe a sigh of relief and fall in line.

      48. won’t even be able to see the mushroom cloud over Vegas with all these damn chemtrails.

        • yep and making everyone very sick. Here we get rain the very next day. One time my kid worked late and they were spraying over head, kid got pretty sick w/in 24.

          Chemtrails are bad news for sure!

      49. rolling for DC

      50. rolling for DC

      51. I just hope the missles are accurate if they hit the US. I live about 50 miles from cheyenne Mtn which will be a prime target. Lucky I live up wind. ?

      52. They have to cover up for the radiation or the west coast people will sue the nuclear power industry. Something has to happen so they can say . That’s not from us it’s from Kim Jung . Could you imagine the law suits from contaminated people? They have to do something? Before the hospitals are full. The radiation is accumulating. Fukashima has never stopped releasing radiation. They have to do something? Pretty quick.?

      53. They want the fruit full land, from sea to shining sea. Will only US nuke if desperate.

        My money is on Tactical invasion up the middle and divide. E coast goes to the bear. W Coast to Indo China.
        Navy bait in Pacific while Troops busy in ME and W. Russia.
        Strategic strikes. Most Americans will surrender!

        russia too cold to produce. China poisoned by pollution etc…

      54. Soviets and now the Russian Federation always believed they could save 90% of their population. They have huge stocked public shelters in all cities. The rural population has been helped to build and stock their own shelters. They have resources to potentially save their entire population, but assume some won’t get to shelters in time.

        The US gave up on the idea of civil defense in the early 60’s when the Soviets deployed their largest missiles and 200 megaton H bombs. However when more accurate multiple warhead designs came out, the soviets went to multiple small 5 & 20 megaton bombs that could be far more accurately placed.

        For Russia to survive, they would first repeatedly EMP the US, while simultaneously striking all millitary retaliatory, defensive and command and control centers. So yes, any military air base, naval base etc would be hit. Cities like NY, Chicago, etc are no immediate threat to Russia. In fact they might enjoy watching the stock market go to zero.

        Secondary targets will be anything civilian that the US military can use like airports, refineries etc, so those cities with airports that can service jets will be hit with ground bursts. Those airports in major cities will be hit. The cities will be knocked down in the process.

        Many military targets are spread across the US, they will be hit with ground bursts which also produce lots of fallout. Air bursts don’t produce a lot of fallout, but they are very effective at knocking down cities. Food hubs will be targeted. Along with major bridges and tunnels. The nation will come to a stop. Expect regular EMP bombing to continue, to keep the US in the Stone Age.

        Surprisingly many could survive such an attack.

        • It is not that hard to create mayhem in the US. In a complex, just-in-time society, all you need to do is disrupt the networks and the breakdown happens fast. Throw in a society with profound race and ethnic hatreds and a long practice of violence as a result, and it would not take much to have civil unrest and barbaric mass killing unleashed.

          That would have immediate psychological impact on a military sharply divided along race lines. As everyone knows, the race divisions in the military are more akin to big gangs with weapons. How long would that hold watching their race groups on TV killing each other?

          • 3 thoughts on where we are going. Depopulation of America.

            1- We get nuked by a major player.

            2- We get EMP’d by a major or minor player.

            3- Internal strife causes everything to unravel.

            Or possibly all of the above. The debt bomb multiplied with other factors reduces us to
            3rd world economic status. Militarily we still have superpower status. This could become
            unsustainable in the future. Some would argue this is unsustainable now.

      55. My fifth grade geography teacher was a Korean War Vet. that didn’t mind spicing things up with a little propaganda once in a while … so this was on one of his pop quizzes.
        You draw a line from Memphis >St Louis >Cincinnati>Memphis. Then you have a trapezoid configuration that also encompasses Louisville and Nashville.
        Then you draw diagonal lines from Memphis to Cincinnati and St. Louis to Knoxville.
        The lines intersect in some little town I can’t remember now but
        X marks the spot for ultimate counter value strike.(civilians)
        A weapon like the b41 has a fallout range potential of 650 miles which is more than adequate. (not sure what the ruskies have)
        Pop quizzes and propaganda are what feed the machine.
        My guess is … that you are being prepped for one helluva military budget.

        • “My guess is … that you are being prepped for one helluva military budget.”

          I feel that you are correct.

      56. * Memphis>St. Louis >Cincinnati >Knoxville >Memphis

      57. Wouldn’t have to be a complete blanket attack.
        Just the use of a missle on a urban center of medium size would end any war.
        To disable the united States one city that would cause a great deal of disruption would be fort Wayne
        Indiana. It wouldn’t even matter if it were nuclear because just hitting an American city with conventional bombs or missiles would put the fear in the politicians to a point where peace would be sought after.the economic impact of disrupting commerce in a gateway city like fort Wayne would drive massive unemployment and catastrophic increases in insurance costs. Any war today with a adversary capable of ICBM attack will be a quick trip to help anyway

      58. J.D…. I think you may have left out one other key city that is even within the launch radius of N. Korea. – Honolulu, Hawaii. This would give Russia “Plausible Deniability” should the SHTF.

      59. You can’t bomb North Korea into the stone age, they’re already there.

      60. I was advised years ago that there are locations targeted that few know about, simply for their strategic location/assets.

        Major port cities, military bases, and economic centers are more obvious, but something that surprised me (until I gave it some thought) were cities along the Mississippi River that have major interstate bridges across the river.

        Memphis, TN is a horrible city. However, it is a major interstate cross roads and has two big bridges that cross the river. Fed Ex is headquartered there, and it is one of the top cargo cities in the world.

        Hitting the infrastructure of key hub cities will dramatically hamper recovery. Look at the bridge collapse in Atlanta and the chaos that caused in already sucky Atlanta traffic. It’s going to take months to rebuild, and that is during peace time when there aren’t hundreds of other critical infrastructure repair projects sucking up whatever resources can be found.

        Destroying key infrastructure points such as the busiest airports, important bridges, etc., means your enemy will have exponentially more trouble trying to stay in the fight or rebuild. It also creates more pockets of chaos that must be dealt with, further straining resources.

      61. Petro-chemical industry near Houston is a big target.

      62. Maybe I’m not a total prepper,I don’t prep for a Nuke attack.I can’t afford everything!Don’t think anyone wants to go there.
        Now that said,EMP possible.Don’t like NK having 2 sats flying over our heads!
        If “they” wanted to hurt us easily,just shut down commerce.I have never posted this because!!!!But figure what the hay,if this dumb redneck can think of it.
        Take out major bridges across the Miss. River,wouldn’t have to be all just the major ones!Commerce would slow to a crawl! That’s why I prep.
        Be well all
        Maniac –out

      63. If an emp attack happens I hope they target Seattle which has become a cesspool of progressive feminist liberals. For God’s sake this last Easter Sunday we are at relatives for the kids easter egg hunt so I go in to their tv room and what’s on the wwall completely creeper me out its a huge portrait of the Muslim piece of shit Obama. These stupid imbiciles worship the traitor. Sickening.

      64. Look no further than these commenters. They are lost souls. Morally and character are long gone. This once-great God-fearing nation has already been destroyed from within.

        They use to sit at their keyboards and pick the sovereign nations to save and those to vaporize as if they were playing Fantasy Football. Now they are picking American cities. They are cowards with no skin in the game. That will change.

        I pray for our innocent children. Their suffering will be Biblical. Parents, Google ‘Hiroshima+images+victims’.

        What can a family do? Please PRINT THIS FREE .pdf file. It is a great plan with one exception: Gather Supplies (Item #7) NOW! Do not wait until nuclear attack is imminent!


      65. Keyboard warriors love to predict nation-crippling EMP attacks. They do make for great survival reading. But where is your proof that a nation can be crippled? Talk is cheap. Give us the facts supporting your argument.

        • When all vehicles, commercial and personal no longer work. You, my friend, are back on
          foot patrol. Buy yourself some comfortable shoes. When trucks stop running fuel to your
          gas stations and food to your favorite grocery store….. Shall I keep going? When all
          electronic means of communication are FRIED……… When commerce shuts down, we
          shut down. Everything grinds to a halt. DO I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION YET, ROGER D ?????
          ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????!!!!!!! What more facts do you need? Don’t take my word for it.
          Do just a little homework and decide for yourself. SO YEAH, IT’S A BIG DEAL.

      66. Denver? Look south about 55-60 miles. Colorado Springs is WAAAAAAAY more of a target. Denver is physically bigger by about 7-10 times, but Colorado Springs is where most of the DOD facilities are located.

      67. “The attack finally put to rest the Left-wing fake news narrative that Trump is nothing more than a lackey for Russian President Vladimir Putin…”

        Nah, it just proves that Trump is still willing to stiff anyone he owes something to. 🙂

      68. Cheyenne, Wyoming will be a primary target, if they’re smart. Home of the 90th Missile Wing and an arsenal of Minuteman III ICBMs that’ll be headed their way as soon as the festivities start.

      69. Gee guys…out here in Albuquirkie, NM zip 87123 we have Kirkland air base and Sandia nuke labs. We also store the nuke reloadables in a mountain. Please include us on the hit list too. Have my liquor and lounge chair ready.

      70. STAY CALM AND USE YOUR BRAINS IF YOU HAVE SOME; SINCE THE 1950’S YOUR GOVERNMENT STARTED TO MESS UP THINGS IN THE WORLD, IT STARTED WITH THE KOREAN WAR WENN THE US GOVERNMENT IMPOSSED ON SOUTH KOREA TO MAKE LISTING OF COMMUNISTS AND SYMPHATIZERS, at the outbreak of the war the South Koreans puted about 100.000 civilians lined on ditches like the Nazi’s did before and excecuted them, all controlled and documented by US military officers, lies became biger and bigger since then , at that very moment the decline of the US humanly behaviour started to reach te point your are in now, the US is the rotten apple in our world basket, a small part of US citizens are aware and trying to alert but the rest is lobotomized by the “Fake News MSM ” owned by the Cabal and controlled by an agency that in fact should protect you from abroad but enslave you within . the mad Dogs that lead you become worse and worse. Condoleances my friends !

      71. U.S.-South Korea carried out massacres of civilians – Workers World
        Vertaal deze pagina
        29 jun. 2008 – U.S.-South Korea carried out massacres of civilians … By 1950, more than 300,000 people were forced to join the League. Kim Dong-choon says the police or the military executed many of the League’s forced inductees. … Seven years ago, the U.S. government finally admitted part of its own guilt, that its …
        The Next Frontier: National Development, Political Change, and the …
        https://books.google.tn/books?isbn=019988756X – Vertaal deze pagina
        David T Johnson, ‎Franklin E Zimring – 2009 – ‎Political Science
        South Korea carried out many thousands of its own wartime executions. … of terror” in 1950, South Korean police and soldiers executed “at least 100,000 people” … At the end of 1949, six months before the Korean War started, 80 percent of all …
        Summer of Terror: At least 100,000 said executed by Korean ally of US …
        Vertaal deze pagina
        2 jul. 2008 – Grave by mass grave, South Korea is unearthing the skeletons and buried … least 100,000 people were executed, in a South Korean population of 20 million. … later in 1950, and the invaders staged their own executions of rightists. …. leftist brother flee to North Korea, never returned after that night in 1949.

      72. Imagine, if an other country would do to the US what the US did to NORTH KOREA ???

        Nederlands · English (US) · Français (France) · Deutsch · Español
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        Facebook © 2017


        Rudy Verbuyst
        36 minuten ·
        The North Korean capital of Pyongyang. At bottom, the city in 1953, after an estimated 75% of it was destroyed by US bombing. At top, the city in 1964 after reconstruction. (Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty)
        The symbolism of this is haunting: The US, in its ruthless destruction, made it easier for the North Korean leaders to rebuild their shattered city into a physical embodiment of Orwellian dystopia. The blame for the North Korean project still rests fully with those leaders, who knew exactly what they were doing. But it is a reminder that the United States once lent those leaders a helping hand in converting their nation into a fascist holdover.
        In the rare moments when we do talk about the US bombing of North Korea, it can be easy to get lost in debating its long-term political consequences. But the bombing primarily mattered at the time, and still matters today, not because it was politically counterproductive, but because it was horrific and unjust.
        You can glimpse both the humanitarian and political consequences in an alarmed diplomatic cable that North Korea’s foreign minister sent to the United Nations, which was nominally leading the war effort, in January 1951. Scholar Adam Cathcart dug up the cable a few days ago, which is what got me thinking again about the bombing that America has largely forgotten. Here are some excerpts from the cable, haunting to read today:
        Even in the English translation from the original Russian, the seeds of North Korea’s now famously vituperative and conspiratorial rhetoric are easy to see; there is an odd reference to “Wall Street bosses” supposedly driving the war.
        But while today’s North Korean anti-American rhetoric is so often filled with obvious distortions and lies and thus easy to dismiss, this piece of anti-American rhetoric is chillingly real. That makes the cable jarring to read even beyond the sheer awful suffering it describes. It was a moment when the official North Korean characterization of America, one that we today rightly consider propagandistic nonsense, had a lot of truth to it.

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