NSA Insider: You Are the Target: “They’re Pulling Together All the Data About Virtually Every U.S. Citizen in the Country”

by | Jul 19, 2012 | Headline News | 339 comments

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    Few Americans would believe that the government has the technological capability and wherewithal to monitor, track, log, and analyze the everyday activities of American citizens. The idea that the National Security Agency, an organization responsible the collection and analysis of foreign communications and foreign signals intelligenc, would operate on US soil to turn the surveillance apparatus on the people they are tasked with protecting has up until now been reserved for conspiracy theorists and Hollywood movies.

    It turns out that it’s not a conspiracy, and not only does the NSA operate within the borders of the United States, they are assembling detailed dossiers on every single one of us.  William Binney, an NSA whistleblower who recently resigned his post at the NSA over its illegal domestic surveillance programs, notes that the agency is engaged in implementing a total surveillance net over America with the help of private businesses like internet and telecom companies – and their target is YOU.

    Domestically, they’re pulling together all the data about virtually every U.S. citizen in the country and assembling that information, building communities that you have relationships with, and knowledge about you; what your activities are; what you’re doing.

    So the government is accumulating that kind of information about every individual person and it’s a very dangerous process.

    …from one company alone… they were sending, according to my estimate… I reckon there were between 10 and 12 [companies] that were participating… that one company was providing 320 million average logs per day since 2001.

    As we’ve noted previously Everything You Do Is Monitored. The NSA’s technological capabilities far surpass anything that has ever existed. Not only is the NSA now building a massive surveillance facility in Utah capable of monitoring and logging multiple yottabytes (1 Trillion Terabytes of information) of data like emails, cell phone communications, text messages, shopping records and social network interactions, there are over fifty fusion centers across the United States where data is processed on a local or regional level:

    All of this information will eventually be fused into one large database. In fact, the government has already setup well over fifty fusion centers around the nation. What goes on in these centers is kept strictly confidential, and there doesn’t seem to be any agency in charge of them, but we know they exist, and we know that their purpose is to acquire, aggregate and act on whatever information they have available to them. These are fairly new, appearing just over the last several years. But be assured that as processing power and software technology improves, so too will the surveillance capabilities of fusion like facilities, whether they belong to government, private industry or criminal industry.

    Of course the NSA denies the existence of a spy center designed to monitor US-based communications and activity, but we already know from past experience that government denying something exists doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not real.

    They are watching everything we do. For what reason? We can’t say for certain, but history tells us any time government(s) start making lists and collecting data it often turns into a mechanism of intimidation, control and a culling of those who are perceived to be acting against the state.

    Our Republic is on very dangerous ground.

    Hat tip Satori


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      1. Who woulda thunk they’d ever be interested in what kind of TP I use….

        • I was just think that very thing

          OK…so let’s see…what is there information saying about me….

          I buy a LOT of TP, I visit survivor websites, I talk about our govt is stripping our away more and more everyday….YUP…I’m a NUT JOB.

          Better come try to get me and lock me up in a FAMA camp to save me from myself.

          • Govt stripping our RIGHTS away….sorry

            • No problem Tina, we knew what you meant!!!

          • We are all nut jobs. Don’t believe me, ask a corp goon.

            This article makes things clear. When they start attacking us, we have 51 defined targets called Fusion Centers.

            What I can’t understand is why PEOPLE participate in this type of criminal activity for the corp. Don’t they realize they are digging their own graves, as well as that of their own family?

            The good news for many is that once the SHTF, most people will no longer be where the corp thinks they are and will not be able to afford the technology that the corp tracks.

            For your protection now, you should dilute the information gathered on you by planting as many false trails as you can. You can do that by applying for credit using different addresses and phones, and making sure that the addresses you give are not the one you live at.

            There are many ways to protect your privacy. The best way of all is to not exist as an employee of the corp, or use it’s numbers. Quit doing it’s paperwork.

            You can also hope that your fellow citizens who have sold out will come to their senses before abandoning Gods Law and attacking us with the information they are illegally collecting.

            • Keep right on hoping.

              You don’t much “come to your senses” when your employer has a gun to thehead of your family.


            • Right on GC! Don’t the idiots realize what has happened in history. May take some time but the bad always lose in the end. Just the way it is.

            • “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

              Marcus Tullius Cicero
              (106-43 B.C.) Roman Statesman, Philosopher and Orator
              Attributed. 58 BC, Speech in the Roman Senate

            • Best thing about all this govt crack down stuff? Well, when you think about it, like most stuff in history, the despots win for a while, punishing the people for all they are worth, then all of a sudden the people turn on the despots and end up hanging them from trees. I bet Mussolini was surprised at the turn of events that led to him, being stung up with piano wire from the closet tree?
              I’m very confident, that no matter how despotic, or invasive, or dictatorial a govt becomes, eventually enough tension is built up over time, that eventually those that impose their will over the people are swept away and replaced with those who have the resolve to uphold human values over profit and control.
              I think the tipping point will come in an unexpected fashion. I’m guessing small groups will be pushed too far by Law Enforcement or similar and lash out at those imposing their will. A push back will occur by the people all over once they realise that others have fought back. Then of course you have Civil War. Those that suck up to the govt will be on one side, up against everyone else.

            • Hammerun

              Too bad Cicero picked the wrong pony. I assume he was referring to GJC in this speech?

            • The people of Nazi Germany did not see what was happening right in front of them. They believed the newspapers and the government that all was well. Those who saw were too terrified to say anything for fear of thier or their familys safety. It just goes to show that silence is collabortaion not safety.

          • Tina: I think it is much more than just knowing what your shopping and reading habits are.
            I look at it as like a detective compiling a psych profile. They compile information from your background including shopping habits and compare political views from emails, phone converstations ect. Then compile a list of social media opinions like what is written on this board or facebook. Just think back to different people saying things like “hang them all” refering to certain politicians. Then look at prescriptions and medical records. Think that little trip to the counselor because you were dealing with some stress was between you and the doc? What if you were given a seditive to help sleep at night.
            It can add up to quite a file.
            Now what if they decide that you are not fit to own all those guns that they have recorded because you used a debit card to buy ammo. You paid with cash you say? Did they have video cameras at the store? Facial recognition. They have quite a few reasons to convince any judge and jury that you could be a danger.

            This to me is a very dangerous infringement to everyone, even finx. We are all stripped of any and all privacy.

            Everyone should take a moment to think back to the past phone conversations, email forwards, social media or message boards and think how much of what is said could be held against them if taken out of context.

            • Was talking to a friend on the phone for half hour let’s say. We talked a tad about Obama as he was just inaugurated. Then the subject changed to him telling me about the different calibers of guns he just inherited. There was a VERY audible ‘click’ on the phone right as he had mentioned the first few guns. We both stopped talking. I asked if he heard it and he did.
              Guess we are both on a list for sure now.

            • or even IN CONTEXT!

          • Randy
            Or kill us! Don’t forget Waco. They had to kill the children in that house in order to save them.

          • FEMA camps.

        • To the NSA:

          LICK MY BALLS!

          • Very Christian of you, yup, sho nuff.

            • Where did being christian come into that. We are equal opportunity insulter’s. And itis to simple and to the point. It come from the (I was going to say heart).

            • When someone like Iowa spouts his supposed Christianity for all to see and then writes something like that? Yeah, OK he is a compassionate and tolerant ‘Christian’, sho nuff.

          • Classy.

            Very classy.

        • Hey Mac, do you know if you type itanimulli backwards in the address bar with .com you get NSA.COM?

          Evil world.

          • I mean if you type illuminati backwards…

          • i didn’t know that! And thanks, now i am definitely on the list because i had to see for myself!!

            • I checked the who is though, and my thought is that this is someone redirecting a private domain (it belongs to a private owner from what I can tell) over to the NSA website using a 301 redirect.

            • Mac, you were on the list LONG before that!

              • The Matrix took me somewhere around the age of 14 when my parents first gave me my own phone line to run a BBS (pre-internet)… It’s been red flags ever since!

            • I did that too Mac. Remember the old 300 baud modems?

              Things have sure changed, and only some of it for the better.

          • It should be NSA.Gov. Different domain from .com

        • a bunch of ass wipes would be interested sorry could not resist

          • this was in reply to Barlow posted in wrong place Ooops

        • they can monitor me all they wish, but come arrest me with illegally gained evidence and thats a different story. and dont expect me not to go down without a fight.

        • AND YET the didn’t see the guy who shot up the movie theatre coming? RIOT gear and semi-automatic weapons? 100 round mags? REALLY? Obviously they can’t watch US AND the TERRORISTS at the SAME time…feel safer now, do ya?

        • What about corporations for marketing purposes. that interesting information should not be too shocking to understand.

      2. Guess you could say I’m counting the “SECOND”s until freedom expires.

      3. I have seen that facility in Utah….it’s in plan sight …..infact on a bluff overlooking the freeway. Good luck everyone. Fly low.

        • Too Late…your posting on here aren’t you?

          • I honestly don’t think it matters: government at all levels has become so arbitrary, so capricious, so completely out of control, that it almost doesn’t matter what you do or say, or even if you say nothing at all. If some eavesdropping little fucker decides they don’t like your face, then they’re going to give you the shit storm treatment.

            C’mon, this is the same government that will search the adult diapers of a 90 year old lady to make sure she’s “not a terrorist”

            stand strong until freedom dawns

        • It’s nice that they situated it so conveniently in the middle of Utah which is a big gun state. 🙂

          • I believe the Feds own 60% of the land in Utah.

            • utah and the traitor mormons debts are now “owned” by the swiss illuminati … just like montana wyoming colorado idaho are now under illuminati freemason fedgov un agenda 21 control .

              your sense of having “freedom” cause you still have your guns is a lie ruby ridge randy weavers family and the branch davidians will tell you that from personal experience .

              wake up and smell the global eugenics carbon credit tax debt slave gestapo police state fascism .


            • @ Iowa….Yeah the state of Utah keeps trying to reclaim the land. I don’t know what the feds need it for unless it for the tribes. I don’t live near any cities and the Uinta Mountains are at my back door. I spend as much time up there as I can especially when I’m troubled. Some will make fun but those mountains are my church. I feel God there more than anywhere.

            • feds dont own shit it we the people that do

            • Good call Navy Gator. I also enjoy the mountains as a place of refuge to collect my thoughts and it is the only place I would consider my church. Although I grew up in the church as my parents were missionaries, I never felt at home there. Only when my father would take my brother and I camping in the mountains would I start to understand and feel the calm power of the one above.

            • Iowa and Gator Navy; The fed wants Utah because of its’ high deposits of coal and possible oil. Fed regs under Clinton shut down the mining in Utah. The majority of fed land is in the west, especially around the Rockies.

      4. I guess this means I’ll have to stop wearing my man thong underwear. Guess I can retro them into slingshots and use ’em on the rabbit population around the house…… YMMV.

        • PO’d Patriot…..I refuse to believe those marks in your slingshots are from you using dirty rocks to wing at rabbits! LOL

          • I just farted because I was laughing so hard.

            • The NSA has a record of that fart.

          • You sound like you know wayyyy too much about his slingshot!

            • Don’t you know that’s because he is NSA? 😉 NSA even knows every doublebagger that you had ever shagged after too many gin and tonics. Oops, I said too much. I drink gin and tonic.

        • PO’d

          For a moment there I had a vision…..

      5. Your republic is not on dangerous ground, it is rounding the “S” bend. What concerns me is that my nations leadership continues to treat yours with a respect it has not deserved for a very long time. All the stupid steps America takes, Australia repeats, often just after it was obvious from the swarm of flies, putrid stench and squishy sound that AMerica had stepped into the shit, yet again.

        I guess thats me on the no fly list.

        • Actually, It is Australia that has stepped in it big time. At least we haven’t given up our guns. Talk about stupid but your right, we’re not far behind. Four more years of Obama and the outback will look like a great place to live. This entire world id sliding in to a $hit hole of major consequence. Time to lock-n-load!! Better to die fighting than to learn how to lick someones boots.

          • I am not questioning your intent but why is it that New Orleans residents gave up their guns to easily during Katrina? If 8 agents are at your door what would you do? It has been a few years since Katrina and I think many Americans are aware of the gun laws coming your way, but I wonder how many talk a good game but when push comes to shove would they actually open fire?

            • I’ve asked myself this question too. It’s not the fact that I want to cooperate with them but it is the smartest thing to do at that very moment. A survivor knows when to fight and knows when to avoid conflict. This is why you should own “nice” firearms and “cheap” firearms. When 8 agents come to my door, I act like I’m pissed and begrudgingly hand over my P.O.S. cheap shotgun or .22. while my Colts are tucked nicely away in their hiding places.

            • I ask myself this question often.

              The first people who resist will be met with overwhelming force, brutality, and the msm will make sure EVERYONE is aware of that force and brutality. TPTB will also make sure the people who are commiting these illegal searches(and violence against civilians) are not held accountable for their action in the legal system, and again, the msm will be their to make sure WE know that also.

              Thats how I see the system reacting.

              As for how many will truly resist.

              We will see.

            • push comes to shove, they’ll be getting carried away in bags.

            • I keep 2 old, broken and non-repairable guns at home just for that purpose….

        • Australia seems to be doing us two or three better. Huge fines for talking about carbon taxes- imagine that. No ordinary man is allowed to own firearms. Only New Zealand seems to be the lead turd in front of Australia as it spirals down the toilet bowl.

      6. I know nothing; I see nothing. Sgt. Shultz, Hogan’s Hero’s.
        Don’t worry these are just private companies (contracted to the government) doing market research. That’s not a Fusion Center, that’s Google, Google+, Facebook, Meetup, eHarmony, Christian Singles, you name it. I’m sorry my mistake; that’s AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, The Cloud.

        Silly people its not spying if you agree to give them all your information.

      7. Well, don’t the Feds need to keep us safe? I mean there could be terrorists ANYWHERE! On 9/11, those Muslims took down 3 towers with two planes. They are so, so powerful. They even managed to take down WTC 7 without a plane. That is scary. Did you see what the Muslims did to the Pentagon? Some silly conspiracy theorists say a missile hit the Pentagon. So what if the FBI has 70 videos that show what hit the Pentagon? I don’t need to see them. I believe everything the government says. George W Bush is a great Christian man. He would never lie or cover anything up.

        Bottom line: Since the Lies of 9/11 continue and the American public goes along with the lies, the Feds have a reason to impose a survaliance system and a police state.

        Just wait until the next false flag occurs. The steeple will beg for a police state.

      8. Your lifestyle will help the government determine what kind of a citizen you will be, how you will function and what your output will be in the society that the government will implament and regulate.

        The different groups that make up the government work together to stay in power. To do that they have to initiate rules and regulations that verify their own importance in the roll of governing.

        These government higharchey, will be able to manipulate a certain kind of citizen to perform in a desired fashion to keep the current higharchey in place.

        You will be of no value to these government higharchey unless you can show, through this information gathering process, that you are their type of citizen.

        What will happen to citizens who fail this process is something to shudder at.

        My suggestion would be for all Citizens to get out and VOTE! But keep in mind that new blood is less likely to be part of the old system and more likely to be unsullied by the power of money.

        Keep in mind,,,,,,,I could be wrong about that last part. So…….

        God bless and keep on prepping.

        • Vote for WHO? They are sold out on both sides. They both work for the New World Order.

          • Hbeachrealist…vote for WHO?

            I have an extra Ron Paul yard sign.

            • Get over it! RP hasn’t a chance and he even knows it. Heck even his own son knows it. Question is, why don’t you? He is not God’s man (or should I say, the one God wants in there right now). It’s Obumbler all the way. He’s the ‘chosen’ one in more ways than one!

            • Vote for him anyway. Chance or no chance.

              I keep saying this over and over.


              If so, why? THEY’RE IDENTICAL!!!!

              It’s not “throwing your vote away” if they already threw it away for you.

            • The SYSTEM and msm say he “CANT” win, they have been saying that over, and over, and over, and over and over and over.

              He has 5 states, so he CAN be nominated. It ALL hangs on that hard a$$ ex-marine judge in the federal court case of all the vote fraud against the republican establishment.

              MSM say-“he CANT win”.

              Do they mean-

              Not, adv. [OE. not, noht, nought, naught, the same word as E. naught. See Naught.] A word used to express negation, prohibition, denial, or refusal.

              can can-

              1. To know; to understand


              Not, adv. [OE. not, noht, nought, naught, the same word as E. naught. See Naught.] A word used to express negation, prohibition, denial, or refusal.

              can can

              2. To be able to do; to have power or influence.

              I think it is the corps understanding that if he wins the money stops flowing to them, and the power structure the facists have labored so hard to create will start being dismantled. so he CANT win.


              He cant win because popular support.

              Its all how you hear/interprit their words.

            • Oh, and the vote fraud, and picking our candidates for us.

            • PLEASE! How about coming up with a useable solution….or at least something that isn’t a COMPLETE waste of time.

            • We need a White man in the White house .

          • The NWO is controlling both sides. And they own and control the computer voteing machines. That is how the media can tell you who the winner is after counting ONLY 3% of the total national votes! 3%!! That leaves 97% uncounted but somehow all the news shows know who the winner is and they say it like that.
            The winner will be decided by their computer controlled vote machines. No matter what you vote the computer will flip votes to give the result they want. Go back in time on the internet/videos and watch coverage of the last primaries and elections and see for yourself.

        • 90 million gun owners in this nation hold the future of America in their hands.

          They must come together as NEW PATRIOTS, organize, communicate, volunteer, donate and vote to put NEW Patriots in office to eradicate the G-Flu: R1, D1, L1.

          Engage your EMPLOYEES or be enslaved by them.

          • Big problem only 10 to 15% will fight, but thats a big army to deal with.

            • Only 3% fought in the war of Independence.

          • Agreed DK, 90 million times at least 4 per owner minimum plus ammo. Shit load of fire power! They know it, we know it. When the end game comes, who side do they REALLY want to be on?

        • Mona: Not going to happen, the NWO and all that follows is dying. Municipal and state governments are broke and the Fed is just about out of tricks. Most of our banks are joined at the hip with Europes banks and they are going down in flames. There will be NO N.W.O. because everyone is about to be bankrupt. No money=No NWO, it’s simple economics. TPTB are scared shitless of us, there are millions of armed and trained folks getting ready for this collapse and they know these folks are pissed off and blame them for this mess. They’ve already got an exit plan and they are monitoring all electronic traffic for signals that will tell them when it’s time to get into their deep dark hiddy-holes. Some will leave the country and others have already set up their own mini-Greenbriars to ride out the shitstorm that’s coming. They’re a lot like the Wizard of Oz, and lot of noise and lights with nothing but a frightened little man behind the curtain. It’d be funny if it weren’t so pitiful.

        • “Get out and vote” ? ! REALLY!? ROFLOL HAHAHAHAH…..We are here now by “Getting out and voting”.

          So essentially you advise doing what we’ve been doing and expecting things to change?

          (Hint: Almost every tea party candidate has been turned inside of 2 weeks after election)

          My advise: Don’t expect doing the same thing to yeild different results, unless of course, you happen to be INSANE.

        • Forgot to label this vide0.

          For those thinking of just sitting around eating popcorn while it goes to hell

          • i thought that yellow stuff was butter, damn, tricked again.

      9. Big brother is watching us all…

        • Yup, and I’m mooning the little pervert 🙂

        • There are more of US watching them. We know where they work and sleep. Fuck em!

        • Does big brother like to watch me masturbate to pics of his mom?

          • If it is your big brother, is his mom also your mom?

            • Gods Creation you make a good point but I’m adopted so it’s only mildly sick 😉

        • and they have a few good pictures of my pasty white ass mooning the camera !

          Stars & Bars !

      10. Don’t trust any video that has the audio out of sync with the lip movements.

        • @Jim,,,,I’ve read your posts and think you are a good fit for this video. The audio is out of sync with the lip movements,,,,Buttt,,,,www.flixxy.com/trumpet-solo-melissa-venema.htm Just watch it.

      11. why do people care if somebodys watching if you have nothing to hide? If it finds the terrorists then I’m ok with that. Hell, I would vote for a camera in everybodys house if it meant I would be safer. Why is this a bad thing? Oh, that’s right because you people are thinking everybody is after you.

        Why dont you stop this nonsense. Instead of prepping for the “DOOMSDAY” use your money in stocks or mutual funds. Use your money to get more money. Invest in things.

        My friend who was a prepper showed me this site a few months ago. She told me to prep. I convinced her that it was crazy to think the most powerful country in the world would ever go down. She sold her dangerous guns and invested her money in stocks. She hasnt done too well but the possibility to make money is there. Lets see cans of food bring back a return LOL. Seriously people stop living like this. I’m not here to attack you. I just want you to see how nuts you people are.

        Also, I wont go on a rant about obama and how and why I like him but you should look into why our president is great. He’s done so much for us. He can do better the second tie arouns. Vote for obama. I hope he changes the laws about the terms and can have 4-5 consecutive terms. Think of what he can accomplish! Thank you, and God bless.

        • me thinks finx doth protest too much

          I am not even going to waste my time red thumbing you !

          • i thumbed him for ya

          • Oh look, Finx has been studying some more. Great work, buddy!

            Technique #3 – ‘TOPIC DILUTION’

            Topic dilution is not only effective in forum sliding it is also very useful in keeping the forum readers on unrelated and non-productive issues. This is a critical and useful technique to cause a ‘RESOURCE BURN.’ By implementing continual and non-related postings that distract and disrupt (trolling ) the forum readers they are more effectively stopped from anything of any real productivity. If the intensity of gradual dilution is intense enough, the readers will effectively stop researching and simply slip into a ‘gossip mode.’ In this state they can be more easily misdirected away from facts towards uninformed conjecture and opinion. The less informed they are the more effective and easy it becomes to control the entire group in the direction that you would desire the group to go in. It must be stressed that a proper assessment of the psychological capabilities and levels of education is first determined of the group to determine at what level to ‘drive in the wedge.’ By being too far off topic too quickly it may trigger censorship by a forum moderator.

            from “COINTELPRO Techniques for dilution, misdirection and control of a internet forum”

            • I read that somewhere once, but for the life of me, I cannot recall where. Still, good on you for posting it.

            • You give him way too much credit. I actually think he is one of the usual posters here, just playing devils advocate. He lacks sincerity.

            • Exactly Daisy!

            • I think finx is actually NINAO having yet another psychotic episode, expanding on his alter egos! His writing techniques are present in over six different handles on this forum. Therefore, I just ignore and automatically red thumb- or just raise my OTHER finger and move on.

            • ninao is finx ??? ummmmmmmm no it is not me .

              i have a anti nwo fascist banker tyranny anti fedgov anti un anti zion anti faggy freemason anti organized religion ; pro constitution freeman one-vote free republic free religion free speech right to bear arms american patriot agenda !


          • @daisy- This finx might actually believe what he is typing, if he gets his news only from msm its possible(hell, he sounds like one of those nightime anchors for the nghtly news), troll or not, the best thing to do is to post a rational responce without a personel attack or anything.(in my opinion)

            A big problem the east german gov, and the stazi had was the fact that the agents listening to the message of liberty were getting educated by the people they were monitoring.(converted by information, and ideas)

            Thats what WE have to do. Uniformed people, corporation hacks, and government spooks WILL turn to liberty.(IF they are not a party zealot, very low iq,or blinded by racial division)

            It has been a while since I have wread those techs. Great post.

            • Oh, forgot, I am guilty of little pokes at people.

              I am trying to correct the way I present info that is true,ideas, my beliefs, and how I see the worlds events around me(little picture) and around the globe
              (big picture).

              Its not about being political correct, its about converting people from the education/brainwashing the system gave them, educating people about the PRIVATELY OWNED central banking system, about the constitution, and about liberty.

              Do you know that constitutional lawyers are taught case law, not the document its self?

              The system does that so the lawyers interprit the document a certain way. The constitution was written for 10 year olds to understand it. TPTB have done a great job perverting the educational process of the document.

          • I think he is funnin everyone. You have to be a little more subtle to figure that out. Took me awhile.

        • Sfinxter, I don’t think you’ve had to work hard at becoming quite the dumbass. I feel it is all nat-ture-al.

          • Or as Sergeant Hartman put it in Full Metal Jacket: “Were you born a fat slimy puke piece of shit, or did you have to work at it?”

            All kidding aside, I think everybody should just red thumb the little prick and not ever waste another word on him

        • Nice start! But this one diatribe won’t make them believe it. It’s an aggregate of data.

        • WOW!!! Lay the drugs finx, you are not going to convince anyone here that obamie is good for anything or anybody but himself.

        • Dude, step away from the glass pipe.

          They do not have the RIGHT to do this.

          “the” terrorists??????

          WHAT terrorists.

          Under wear bomber?- PLANTED
          Shoe bomber?- PLANTED
          That “american” alciada- Jewish guy dressed as an arab.

          “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized”- us constitution.

          READ IT AGAIN-

          “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized”- us constitution.

          • The right of the people in the homes. The constitution never said anything about credit card transactions or internet traffic. The government can look at that if it wants to. Whats the big deal?

            You seriously are making things out bigger than they are. The underwear bomber was not planted. By who? The CIA? FBI?

            I bet you think 911 was an inside job. LOL. Listen to yourself. I’m not the conspiracy theorist that has the glass pipe, you do.

            Hope you do not own guns. God forbid that you have children. they’ll be as blind and tinfoil hat wearing as you are. Child protective services are there to help people like you. What state do you live in? I can get you help!

            • a finxster says what?

            • You smell like a CIA agent.

            • You seem to have a lot of trust in the government there rat finx!

            • Hahaha! Man, at least I had a laugh today. Thank finxster, at least you’re good for that!

            • @finx-you said- the constitution never said anything about “credit cards and internet trafic”. For one thing it was written before the internet, but THAT does not matter, the constitution tells us HOW the government operates, and what it CAN DO. If its not in the constitution , the government CANNOT DO IT.

              Sooo, by the constitution saying nothing about it, the government CANT DO IT.

              You defeated your own words without knowing it.

              You sir are without information= ignorant.

              When I hit this “submit comment” button I am sending an electronic letter, that letter is electronic paper.

              Underwear bomber not planted???

              There are witnesses who went all over the net and talk radio(and the court room) about that situation.

              Again- WITH OUT KNOWLEDGE.

              As for 911, all I have to say is building 7. If you are stupid enough to think a building of steel and concrete comes down like that, you are stupid enough to believe in free health care.

            • @finx- forgot- I noticed you didnt say anything about that “american taliban” or whatever that a$$hole called himself, HE IS A JEW!!!!

            • what should really p.o. all of you is the fact the “spincture” spinx is a paid fed aipac adl splc zionist joooo troll being paid fedgov $$$ $2000. a month to come here part-time and mess with your heads as he/she goes to law school / college on a federal DHS grant to one day become your next state senator or maybe even puppet prez .

              The “Matrix” has you firmly in its Control !


            • Finx sorry is everyone is picking on you! I mean Our gov. is good! Look at all the wonderful things they have done for the American Indians, they have been compensated very well, I think you should maybe talk to one and I am sure they will attest to how well they have been provided for. please not sarcasm

            • “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated

              Papers, and effects…hmmmm sounds like these are not homes

              And yes I am sure you have already done your part for “dear leader” and are one of the CPS narcs reporting your neighbors because their kids are doing choirs or working on their parents farm or getting yelled at and cycled at football practice.And heaven forbid a parent takes it upon themselves to punish a child for stealing or lying.

              What state do you live in? I am sure those you have falsely turned in to CPS would be glad to help you figure things out.

            • @ninao- He does not mess with my head, if anything he solidifies my beliefs.

              The msm message is hollow and easily destroyed.

              Talking points and relying on the ignorance of the masses is all they got.(oh-And guns,a-10,s,apc’s, and unlimited paper money and fools)

          • Are the citizens of the US not supposed to be anonymous to the gov’t? I believe that is one of our constitutional rights, last I checked anyway. See the problem with allowing them to changed our rights is where do the changes stop? If they can take one of our rights its only a matter of time before they take them all 😉

        • Troll.

          • You dont even know how powerful my troll-fu is. You dont even know…

            • I’ll bet you honed those skills with all the time you spent not working

            • Have to admit the Troll fu is a good one

            • Finx,

              And by the way I gave you a thumbs down only because Mac doesn’t have a middle finger option.


          • it’s like a stray animal if you feed it, it will never leave. kinda like a stupid Obama supporter on the government tit.

            Don’t feed the trolls. especially the asswipe variety.

            • Are you kidding me? This board feels the need to feed me. Have you seen the shitstorm I created in yesterdays post? Just from 1 comment. It’s amazing how fast and easy I can summon so much wrath from you people. Never knew preppers had so much anger that a little prod would generate a whirlwind of fury.

              Once I mentioned I liked Obama I could actually feel the rage in everyones words. Almost like my screen was radiating hate. Had me entertained for literally hours.

              Trolling this hard and this subtle is an art. The troll-fu is strong in this one.

              On a serious note though, some of you need help. Just because somebody doesnt have the same opinion as you does not mean you should wish harm on them. Troll or no troll. Makes you no better then the thugs and hood rats and crooked government workers that swarm this country.

              This whole troll thing has be bored already. G’day to you people and thanks for the LOLs.

            • @ finx. Do you comprehend why you stir up so much anger? People out there are quite serious about what is happening, they can see the writing on the wall, and they have spent a lot ot time, money, and effort trying to make sure that their families have a future. When someone comes on and says something that is totally contradicts every piece of sound reasoning you get an emotional response to it. SO WHAT? You can say something that upsets a lot of people. Do you believe it?

              Just watching the fat wobbling around after Hurricane Katrina all too well proves what happens after a small scale disaster. Try to imagine a 8.1-8.4 starting on the southern San Andreas and continuing to Parkfield and beyond for 3 minutes or more of shaking. Then 3 or more of the majot thrust faults in the southern california basis going off to add insult to injury. Your response might be they have been talking for that for years. Every year that goes by, more stress builds to a fault that MUST move northwest.

              Anyone out there will have no power of course, but also no water, and no sewage. Shall we talk about disease and then some. How about the New Madrid Fault that raptured in 1811 and 1812 the same time the San Andreas had a portion of it rapture. The New Madrid Fault will be a lot more intense because the rock is more solid and colder than the newer hotter rock strata out on the west coast. Talk about a total disaster in the midwest with sub par structures.

              I rather try to teach than criticize, but sometimes individuals just want to inflame others for a kick and just don’t want to learn anything. Instead of giving out so much rhetoric, why not try to back up some of their statements with facts and even good speculation.

              If you love BO (obama) why not try to carry on an intelligent conversation with the people out there about why you feel he has done anything good for the country. Support these with something to stand on. The problem with this is that unless the numbers have been slanted and manipulated that it cannot be done honestly. I though challenge you to try and see just how truly intelligent the people you are irritating really are out there. People that have tried in the past have found that they are way out of their league. The people on this site are vastly different than the common individual that has become mentally lazy, the people on this site read and they use their brains a lot.

        • Wow. Good luck with that lame plan. You obviously don’t have people to look out for. And you are a blind loon.

          • Obama prevented the collapse in 08 that would have come from George Bush’s failed policies. Plain and simple enough for you all?

        • Finx-“I would vote for a camera in everybody’s house if it meant I would be safer.”

          You are very lucky that the internet allows you to be anonymous.

          Exibit A: finx
          Exactly why and how freedom is dead.

        • Finx

          Do you have car insurance? If you do I’m sure it’s progressive… but really do you have a grasp of history at all, or do you float down the street grounded in nothing?

          People on this site have a wide variety of views, but the one true commonality is we are survivors who choose not to be victims of anyone / thing.

          If you ever post again try not adding stupidity to your inequity.

        • delusional.

        • and everyone thought Noah was nuts too….have fun treading water

        • “Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither”
          B Franklin

          Our founding father would be embarrassed to read your statement and of the current apathy in this country.

        • Finx: why do people care if somebodys watching if you have nothing to hide?

          Because I own guns and took an oath!

        • * cough * Goverment shill * cough*

        • @ finx. Prepping is crazy? Like those in disaster areas that are living in FEMA tents with nothing should not have prepared? Do you understand what WILL happen WHEN the San Andreas breaks and/or the New Madrid Fault snaps? Forget about the economy for a moment and look at what the planet can do and HAS done in the past. Do you understand what a super volcano can do ANYWHERE on the planet? Do you understand what the sun is capable of within an instance? Ever heard of the Carrinton Event in 1859? If that happened now, there would not be any electronics left. Do you understand about the most basic princple of science that says for every action there is an opposite equal reaction. You cannot continue to pour carbons into the atmosphere without the climate trying to readjust itself and find an equilibrium.

          Okay lets talk about a plague, an Andromeda Strain that can kill close to 100% of the population. National Geographic did an article years ago on how the next pandemic will come from India. Do you understand the basics of growing bacteria or viruses. Usually most require moisture and heat, and undisturbed conditions. India and many tropical climates have the perfect petri dish for this. Did you know that the number one killer of life on this planet, animal or plant kingdom is disease. Happens all the time when the population becomes too many of a species. Last count 7 billion people on the planet Earth.

          Do you have any idea of what arable land means. Most countries on this planet have less than 10%? Arable land means what you can grow food on. Few countries have less than 1000 people per square mile of arable land. Many countries have over 2000 and are starving to death. Heard about the nationwide drought to the country (USA) the helps feed the rest of the world?

          Every heard of the statistic probability of war? People have not grown spiritually to the point of solving problems without pounding each other’s cities to dust. Another good reason to have self defense. For each year that there is not a war the chances increases each year of it occurring that year. Same thing with earthquakes and other disasters. If a world war occurs every 50 years then there is a 74% chance of it occurring this year, every 100 years there is a 49% chance, every 200 years there is a 29% chance. It rains all the time when the National Weather Service says 30% chance of it raining. The formula for this is say for 100 years would be .99 times itself 67 times, since it has been 67 years since WW2. Do you understand what WW3 means? Watch the movie The Day After of Threads to get an idea.

          Do you understand the concept of inflation? How about hyper-inflation? Happened throughout history when some idiot like that simpleton helicopter ben decided to flood the economy with phantom money. Do you understand that if you buy a case of food now, while you still can, that case of food will go up in value magnitudes when inflation hits, which it has again and again. Shall we decide the hell in 1920’s Germany? If nothing happens to economy you personally can easily have a personal financial meltdown. It sure is nice to have food in the house rather than try to get federal assistance that takes awhile.

          One last question is why do you worship BO (obama)? Are you black? Black people seem to be memorized by him like a cobra that dancing around to the movement of the snake charmer. Snakes cannot hear, they only feel the vibrations of sound against their skulls. You can have a leader, any leader that charges on the national credit card, the services of employment to make it look better for re-election, but it doesn;t take away from the fact the economy sucks swamp water. If you have a $500,000 credit limit you can go out and have your entire house remodeled and employ many people, you still have to pay for it. This is a deciption, a lie, a falsehood, a misnomer that the economy is fine. I would be saying this of any leader that is f’ing up like the past 3 years.

          What I have found is numbers do not lie and math may be the coldest of all sciences, but it works. You cannot continue to skew the numbers, they don’t add up. Those that do not prepare are going to suffer like they cannot believe. You say invest in things, what the hell are things that you can eat and use when times become hard? You say things. I think a healthy pantry of food that someone rotates and keeps update is a pretty good thing to invest in, especially when the cost of food continues to go up in price. An EMP would fry all the records of your mutual funds and stocks in a second. DO NOT EVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF MOTHER NATURE, NEVER. Ever been in a 7+ earthquake? I have, and a total fool downplays what the planet and the star it rotates can do.

          One other question is do you actually believe in what you are saying about not preparing, or are you just trying to tick off everyone with going with the exact opposite of common sense? You talk about nuts that anyone that prepares, yet when you are personally begging for a morsel of food or a drink or water after something occurs then what? Anyone that doubts what life will be like after something happens needs to not drink any water for a day or two and see what it is like to have their tongue swell and the body aches, shaking, headaches, blurred vision, etc. etc. Anyone that does not prepare is not insane, they do not have a brain that is functioning, the neurons are not firing. Logic always says prepare for a rainy day or a hurricane.

          • Be Informed, I read somewhere a few years ago that when the New Madrid fault had its last quake (the area was mostly uninhabited around the epicenter in the early 1800’s) the quake rang curch bells in BOSTON, MA and caused the Mississippi river to flow north for a short time. A quake like that today….. I shudder to think about the damage it would do.
            You are right, NEVER understimate mother nature!

          • Be Informed, you are wasting your time and effort.
            I wish everyone would stop responding to it (troll) and it maybe it will go away

          • If Obama had not taken the action he did, we would be a third world country by now…and it was from george w’s policy decisions. Your saviors George W….

        • finx,

          The man you idolize, is nothing more than a carpetbagger, a chicago thug, a creepy guy who is a puppet for people like George Soros, Valerie Jarrett (did you know she was a slum lord in Chicago, but now she lives with the anointed one and his piranha mouthed wife.) She is his extra special personal advisor, along with Jeffery Emelt, the job zar who has outsourced more than 20,000 jobs through his ceo position with GE. Oh yes, and did you know that GE paid no taxes? You can judge a man by the company that he keeps. The list of the dictator’s criminal, extremist friends is too long to write. Everyday this incompetent idiot lies, he wants you and as many as he can to depend on the system so he can own them. He is a master slave owner and a killer of the american way, the american dream and the american citizen. You can not tell me one thing that this man has done to benefit our country. You and others like you, are in the toilet and he is just about ready to flush you all down the sewer.

          Personally, I think you may be a liar and want to get a response because you are lonely. If you do believe what you say then I feel great pity for you.

          • @ Ohcumgache. Beautifully said, you my friend have much wisdom. What did they say in the Star Wars movie? There is a difference between knowledge and wisdom. Well someone that worships BO (obama) after the utter failures of the U.S. lack both. You know 96% of all blacks think highly of BO. Talk about racism or just plain good old fashioned unwarranted hero worship of someone that has helped shove their country further towards the edge of the abyss.

            • Do they worship his WHITE HALF, or dose that not count.(LOL)

          • Who was Bush a puppet for?

        • Another FUCKING COMMIE!

        • Finx,

          You say your not here to attack, but then you attack… You say that obamamma is so gtreat but yet, we still are coming up on 16 trillion in debt… Open your eyes dude our American brothers are homeless and you come here to not attack???????I tell you what there brother go find a site for the obamma fan club and don’t forget to file for your foodstamps.. And if you got a problem with that I live in Amarillo Tx come on down and we can have a nice talk.. I’ll be the man riding the chopped Harley, wearing a vest that says “Try and burn this one Asshole” and that would be my American flag… Now run along fluffy…


        • Anyone with eyes can see that you are one of us, posting the exact opposite beliefs to get people riled up. Sooooo obvious. You and the government need to get better script writers.

        • The schmuck that gave you a thumbs up is probably the same loser living in mommy’s basement giving a thumbs down to everyone else. A vote for 0bummer is a vote for Stalin/Hitler/Pol Pot/(insert dictator here). You keep believing the lie and drinking the Kool Aid, we’ll keep loading magazines and fortifying our positions. Then we’ll see who fares out in the end. Best of luck with your gubmint handouts and FEMA rape camps/tented jungles when it all goes south. Make sure you have a copy of the Constitution with you so you can burn it in front of the contractors to show you loyalty to corporation and country.

        • Guns are more dangerous when they’re held by governments than civilians

        • FINX wrote: (In the same paragraph)

          “I would vote for a camera in everybodys house if it meant I would be safer.”

          “because you people are thinking everybody is after you.”

          Dang if that didn’t make me laugh.

          “Low Plains Perspective”

        • Finx


          Take care

          • Finx

            Okay, stopped laughing now. Did you really think people had not worked out that you are just here for the wind up? That you just post to incite, to see what people say?

            I feel sorry for you, it must be so difficult maintains wanker status for such long periods of time.

            Take care

        • What a tool you are. You need to make yourself a .357 sandwich pal.

        • Mac, you should BLOCK the IP from this moron before he and his three “friends”, probably all the same person, ruin your blog.

          It doesn’t take long to bring down a site once an attack has been launched.

          • I am referring to finx…..

        • Funny, you accuse the preppers of being too afraid, but you’re willing to permit the developing police state as long as IT MAKES YOU SAFE? You sound like the pathetically scared rabbit hiding from the imaginary, US-govt.-made turrists. Wake up Obamabot.

        • Every former ‘most powerful nation on Earth’ is now NOT what it formerly was. Because there is something called ‘happening’ and happening happens all the time, it will happen.

          Everything happens.

          You are a dummy.

          I am NOT.

        • Well , if it wasn’t for a bloated military , we would be just another third rate mongrel nation under crap …….forget what the ministry of propaganda has told you ….we are not the most powerful nation on earth ,not the most well off , and certainly dont have the highest standard of living ……this is a nation in steep decline , morally , ethically , and economically …….. the future generations are now looking forward to a lower standard of living than each of the ones that came before them . Obama is just another thieving , lying politician , its even more of an embarrassment ( and proof of how far we have fallen ) that his name is Barrack Hussein ……not to mention he looks like a monkey in many ways , but then again , I guess they all do when it gets down to it .

        • Well you are crazy! Have you looked around lately to one problem after another? Everyone is kept in a stressed up jumble. Economy, wars, more war on the horizon, politicians lying. Possible food shortages, gas prices, wait until SHTF. Those who don’t have anything will be after you!

        • when a can of beans costs $5 you might change your mind about prepping

      12. The Doors song “The end” is playing in my head far too often these days. Data mining has been going on for as long as the swipe cards been around, only the government’s ability to store data and pile people into anonymous units has change and many of us are now fixed targets which is never a good thing.

        I like to believe we have time because the progressive/Marxist in America can’t rely on military backing, and unless they’re will to risk a hundred years of work they’ll attempt to delay for another generation.

        With that said I think they’ve destroyed the economy to such an extent that they may have overplayed there hand, of course that’s only if their desire was controlled destruction.

      13. We are all pretty much preaching to the choir on this site. Speaking of choir, is that “Jailhouse Rock” I hear playing in the background as our freedoms go slip-sliding away?

        • CircleC I like how you slipped in the Paul Simon, Slip Sliding Away reference in the same sentence as Jail House Rock!

          • All I can hear is “Let the bodies hit the floor!!!!”

            • Hoo-Rah!

            • Copy that GatorNavy!

            • here’s one “…..I’m a good ol rebel , thats just what I am , and for this yankee nation , I do not give a damn …..”

              its coming again , what the factions will be , I have no idea , but there will be a point where everyone will have to pick a side . Its gunna get ugly .

          • Old age and good old rock and roll are terrible things to waste. Thanks, Nailbender!

        • @circleC,,, I heard the Chambers Brothers; The Time Has Come Today, playing in the background.

          • Good One! Yes, I think my elder ears hear the same tune.




        IN EVERY CITY!




        IN EVERY CITY.



        BUT TO START,




        • Rome never looks where she treads,
          Always her heavy hooves fall
          On our stomachs, our hearts or our heads;
          And Rome never heeds when we bawl.
          Her sentries pass on – that is all,
          And we gather behind them in hordes,
          And plot to reconquer the Wall,
          With only our tongues for our swords.

          We are the Little Folk – we!
          Too little to love or to hate.
          Leave us alone and you’ll see
          How we can drag down the Great!
          We are the worm in the wood!
          We are the rot in the root!
          We are the germ in the blood!
          We are the thorn in the foot!

          Mistletoe killing an oak –
          Rats gnawing cables in two –
          Moths making holes in a cloak –
          How they must love what they do!
          Yes – and we Little Folk too,
          We are as busy as they –
          Working our works out of view –
          Watch, and you’ll see it some day!

          No indeed! We are not strong,
          But we know Peoples that are.
          Yes, and we’ll guide them along,
          To smash and destroy you in War!
          We shall be slaves just the same?
          Yes, we have always been slaves,
          But you – you will die of the shame,
          And then we shall dance on your graves!

          We are the Little Folk – we!
          Too little to love or to hate.
          Leave us alone and you’ll see
          How we can drag down the Great!
          We are the worm in the wood!
          We are the rot in the root!
          We are the germ in the blood!
          We are the thorn in the foot!

          – Rudyard Kipling

        • You mention revolution! Of course they have data on nearly each & every American because they’ll have a thick file on us when we are taken in for interogation.

          Need to read this thriller book cause it’s about Americans who finally take a stand against federal tyranny & end up starting the 2nd American Revolution. I keep recommending it to very one…it’s that good.


          It was only a one penny tea tax that started the American Revolution & yet all of us see our govt. making each of a criminal for exercising our rights.

          Lord!! I miss my freedoms.

          • I kinda like the result of the French Revolution when the monarchy and anybody associated with them got the guillotine and their holdings seized by the revolutionaries .

      15. These centers are generally made up of a couple of feds representing different federal law enforcement agencies and a member or two from different branches of the military. The brunt of the work, and or research is conducted by civilians employed by the municipal, county, or state law enforcement agency hosting the fusion center. Salaries stem from federal grants earmarked specifically for the centers. The data that they have available at their finger tips no doubt encroaches on your right to privacy. The amount of data obtained, traded, stored, and exchanged grows exponentially each and every day. If you are not completely off the grid and have been since birth, your information is as available and easy to obtain as a library book. This is actually a little more disheartening now that I see it in writing.

        • Yeah, I’m thinking their abilities are limited to whatever information is digital and readily available. They don’t exactly have HUMINT Collection Teams (HCTs) or similar operations in place. Initially it was going to be TIPS, but that went down….at least publicly. Whatever additional info they have is going to be from close neighbors (snitches), and the occasional utility worker. Things aren’t as in depth as they are on CSI, where they seem to pull a lifetime of information out of nowhere. Computers or not it still takes people to sort through it, flag important info, sift through the crap to get to the cream. We’ve always had dossiers on us. If you have an SSN, you most likely have a file on you, albeit a small one for most of us, containing basic information. For the most part, if they haven’t wrapped your face in saran wrap, duct taping it to your neck, then wrapping your hands behind your back, and dumping your body in a river two miles away just so the local corner can label it a suicide, then don’t worry so much. At least not yet. BTW, I thought we had 72 fusion centers, not 50. California has 3, for example, so we have more of them than we have states. Can anyone else corroborate that?

          • We’ve always had dossiers on us. Replace with “They’ve always had dossiers on us”. Two converging thoughts at once, sorry folks.

            • IntelHarvest,

              Just another thought here. “Remember a tracer round works both ways” They gather and the people gather.


          • I don’t know how many Fusion centers there are but my state has one. I actually know where it is located. They don’t hide their address. It is posted online.

        • @DPS Sure. As the Army says, every soldier is a sensor.

      16. How many people are they they employing directly and indirectly? Modern technology or not on this order of magnitude a huge pile of money is being spent. Once the information is amassed at some point humans must look at some of it. There has to be 40 million people out of 300 million that have some conceptional understanding of what is going on and maybe 4 or so million that are very knowledgable. That be a heap of folks to watch.

        One thing all of this has use for is to figure out who is bright and agrees with all of this nonsense. It’s like a vetting process for new employees in the future. At least the numbers of people would be considerably smaller.

      17. Faily new and this article seems to open then door so here goes.

        1. There will never be a light switch moment for everyone to react to and unite in defense of all that is lost to America. The changes will continue as is, in a slow yet unstoppable fashion. I like to call this the “dimmer switch” theory. Look around you, every day things see/seem/feel darker and darker. TPTB are winning one step at a time and they are NOT stupid. They will never initiate a plan/action thhat will allow any sizable portion of America to galvanize against them. Remember, they are winning, why would they change/accelerate the plan when thingss are going their way.

        Summing up. No light switch, dimmer switch.
        Every day the world grows darker.
        (Aka frog in the pot)

        2. The time for revolution was three years ago yesterday. The time to stop this madness has come and gone, unfortunately by using the dimmer switch method we and those who came before us were to busy living our lives to notice how dark the world had become. Now as even the hamd held before your face begins to fade from view did we awaken to what has become of our world. The time to act does not lie in the future but should be taken today. Unfortunately TPTB know us too well and are aware that as we wait for some galvanizing moment the shackles of our slavery grow tighter with each passing day. The waiting game is not in our best interest but in theirs and is a game we will lose.

        3. This new information war (lol silly Alex) as shown by the NSA in this article is just the beginning of the end. Mass arrests will NEVER happen. However, you or me and our 20 associates can “disappear” today and another group in another state tomorrow and again and again and again… and no one will either be the wiser nor care.

        4. I see no hope for us. If we could get tens of thousands of armed patriots on the street tomorrow I would give us a 50/50 shot at best. The LEO are armed nearly as well as the military and the military already has plans/training to lend support to the LEO’s. If you think the military will side with you, WAKE UP! Just see what happened post Katrina and know whose side they are on. Even the NG who spoke out against gun confiscation did nothing to stop it.

        5. Preppers are the future unfortunately they are the future of sport. The better prepared we are will simply make us more exciting of a hunt for those who will trade self respect and human decency for a paycheck, health care and a pension.

        I apologize for the doom and gloom and wish I could point to some glimmer of hope for the future but the truth is I simply can see none.

        All my love and best wishes to you, my fellow human beings and all I can say is when your time comes make sure you put at least one of those SoB’s down.

        PS- aim for the pelvis.
        Don’t know why?
        Consider it your homework.

        – hermit on the hill in the wilds of N AZ

        • 1. The reason things look so dark to you is because your attitude sucks. You need to learn how to love life and life will love you back. Things are no worse then they were 15 years ago. Peoples attitudes is the only thing changed. You need a motivational book.

          2. What are you talking about. you sound crazy. Hope you’ve taken your meds.

          3. name one occasion when the USA has done something like this. Never. We are not a communist society. Were the wealthiest, strongest and most powerful country on the planet. Nothing ill happen.

          4. 10,000 patriots? You mean terrorists. Who would you kill? Why would you want 10k people fighting the military? What goals do you have? You live in a dream world. If you dont like something about this country you get involved with politics. you write your congressman. you do not threaten with a revolt. Say if you had a revolution, What good would come of it? Would you be a king? LOL grow up.

          5. Preppers are nothing more than the same type of people who bought bomb shelters during the cold war. you are nothing more than lab rats scurrying around wishing for an apocalyptic future that will never come. Wish you would take off the tin foil hat my friend. Take it off.

          PS- You’re a nutcase. I wish no harm to another human being. You need a psycho ward.

          • Ask an American Indian if you cant trust the govt. or ask the Japanese Americans during WWII that were rounded up (suppossedly for their protection) if they can trust the govt.

            Ignorance is bliss isnt it?
            You have cognitive dissodence.

            • As a Confederate American , who still looks at the US as a foreign occupation force …….I would say no , you cant trust them anymore than you can trust a junkie to guard drugs .

          • Finx: 10,000 patriots? You mean terrorists. Who would you kill?

            A TORY.

          • How much do you get paid for this, Finx?

            5) Anti-conspiratorial. They almost always have disdain for ‘conspiracy theorists’ and, usually, for those who in any way believe JFK was not killed by LHO. Ask yourself why, if they hold such disdain for conspiracy theorists, do they focus on defending a single topic discussed in a NG focusing on conspiracies? One might think they would either be trying to make fools of everyone on every topic, or simply ignore the group they hold in such disdain.Or, one might more rightly conclude they have an ulterior motive for their actions in going out of their way to focus as they do.

            from “Eight Traits of the Disinformationalist”

            • @ Daisy. I was thinking about what finx has been saying and I have the perfect analogy for this. You ever seen these big fat slobs at the baseball games that taunt the ball players all game. Well this is what is going on. Now someone like this that would actually play ball with the pros, in other words try to intelligently back up what they are saying about being pro BO (obama) and the well being of the economy with good civil debate would be a sight to behold. Just like the fat slob that would get a few chances to swing at a 98 MPH fastball or a wicked slider or deep curveball, the person would strike out and humiliate themselves falling down from the unbalanced stomach gut that hung over their waist or from too much hot sun. Someone like this would strike out again and again and the roar of laughter would opine louder each time.

            • might i have a taste of your Juicy Shaved Roast Beef ?

          • Can’t we all just get along? I prep because I feel like it’s insurance against ANY disaster. I prep with the idea of not buying or building something I can use with or without a disaster. It has paid off already with the derecho that came through here the end of June. Power was out for a week and my refrigerator, A/C, DVR, computer, and TV worked throughout the disaster. I helped my neighbors (not disclosing my caches)and now they help me clearing debris. I do agree with the idea that if you aren’t breaking the law, you shouldn’t fear snooping. I also feel like everyone is entitled to their opinion. If the government oversteps the constitution and starts putting people in camps, I also feel my need to rebel…

          • dude finx you just wanna be someones lap dog and be cared for and be told what to do for the rest of your life and that’s okay. That being said now get out there and mow my lawn. Also no one here is hating but you if you don’t believe the things these good folks here believe just go away. Do muslims go to christian churches? No they go to a mosque. So go find your mosque

          • 1. Things look dark because they are. Simply look back in history (pre electricity) and compare the worst tyrant you can find to todays government. The sheer volume of rule/law/control excercised today makes any tyrant from the past look like a care bear. Not even a Persian emperor would have bothered to tell you how you needed to build your own home nor dreamed of actuaully using force to stop you from living there.

            2. I am talking about the sheer volume and depth of the infrastructure that has been created in the last 11 years whose purpose is to spy on and remove the citizens of this country.

            Just say no to drugs.

            3. Waco, ruby ridge and william cooper.
            You are correct. We are not communist we are facist.

            4. I never said we would kill anyone but if you have seen what happens when us citizens try to gather and make known their grievances you would understand why we would need to be armed. The hope would be to remove from power those who repeatedly use the law to take those rights from us that are suppose to be untouchable and to use the law to punish them for their actions. I do write to my congressmen and I also have a right to discuss violent overthrow of this government (ohio v beckenburg?). I do understand that my rights mean nothing to you however so this is just pissing in the wind.

            A return to a free life for Americans could come from it.

            I have no desire to be king.

            5. I have no desire for an apocoliptic future and had you comprehended my post you would have noticed I am arguing against the open revolution scenario.

            I own no tin foil hat but I do have a set of bdu’s lined with space blanket. However they are for special occasions and I don’t put them on just for kicks.

            Ps- I only wish harm on those who actively try to harm me.
            You have expressed your desire to lessen the freedoms of your fellow man and many here would interpret that as an desire to harm them.
            A pysco ward would only segregate me from the general public. As most of my fellow citizens have the same mindset as you I have already voluntarily removed myself from their presence. (Hill hermit, wilds of N Az)
            And once again you show the lies in your words by wishing upon me involuntary confinement to a small room. Do you really see that as not harmful to me as a human being?

            • hill hermit

              The political battle is in the primaries, namely House of Reps. If you put “America First” candidates in from both parties you can’t loose. It would work however things will have to get to a point where circus takes a back seat.

              Faith in “The People”? “The People” slept and stayed ignorant. Their lack of real participation kept the present officials in office. A couple of decades of decline through an evisceration of industrial capacity went by and the people responsible were re-elected time and time again.

              Faith? I’m a realist. TPTB manipulated people throughout the world. You underestimate their capabilities.

          • hill hermit

            Assuming there was a “revolution” and Constitutional Rule was re-established does someone think that manufacturing is coming back to the US when the corporations are multinational? It’s not “take back the government and it’s 1955 again”. The powers to be would economically isolate the US. They would foster as much kayos as possible to contain this “self rule” craze least it spread throughout the world. They would feed every group to fight each other so they would rise out of the ashes as the new rulers.

            The most ambitious and brightest are the most greedy. Rarely, oh so rarely is that not the case. The US was a quirk of history. Never before were so many capable people assembled with little to be individually gained (considering their alternatives) putting everything on the line for the good of the many. I’m of the opinion that you would need people at least as honest and capable and they would not be found. Even if they were the power elite would stop at nothing to destroy or more likely covertly control any new government.

            • Kevin2,

              Very tough question but I will attempt to speculate what I see as a possible future for a post revolutioary America.

              To have any hope of America reestablishing itself as an economic powerhouse two fundamental things must occur.
              -end of corporate personhood. Never understood this to begin with and honestly have no idea how it could have come about but this must end. Seems like a great way for actual humans to avoid responsibility for their actions and a way to further turn taxation into a game that can be manipulated by those of means to their own advantage.
              -acknowledgement by we the people that without labor capital is pointless. Yes capital is important but in todays economic climate we treat capital as the superior to labor. Capital is the product of labor and this fundemental fact needs to be reacknowledged. America has placed the cart before the horse for too long.

              Yes the international ptb will do everything they could to isolate and hamper a new america but obstacles are made to be surmounted. The USA has the raw materiel and intellect to rebuild it’s manufacturing sector and perhaps the national spirit to remember what freedom actually means. If america was to actually be a driving force for freedom in this world, stop being the world largest arms dealer and suppressor of human rights we have a chance of igniting a fire that would spread globally and burn those ptb out of their positions of power hopefully eliminating the threat.

              As for the birth of this country being in some way a special occurance I must disagree. The founding fathers were simply a group of wealthy individuals who were tired of playing by the kings rules. They accomplished an overthrow of government and placed themselves at the top of a new power structure. I suggest you read up on thw whiskey rebellion to see that from the moment of its birth the government was used by those founding fathers to immediately crush opposition and use “law” to further their own best interests. It was the fact that as a new nation who feared external threat(exactly what you are speaking of) that those powered interests (the founding fathers) were forced to give to the people a choice that was better than that which they had been living under. They were forced by the nature of international politics to give their people freedom because it was only by doing this that they could maintain their newly acquired position. I strongly suggest the whisky rebellion as a starting point for all who truly want to understand america’s founding and that is was inspite of the wants of the founding fathers that america became what is was. Yes their were a few men who truly wanted freedom for all but that was not the opinion of most of our founding fathers.

              Basically it would take a concerted effort by a strong willed group to try and get america back on the track of supporting the rights of the individual both at home and abroad. Is there any guarantee that things would go in the direction of freedom of the individual? No, but they are most definately going in the wrong direction today and if individual freedom is the goal the the direction of the nation must change.

            • hill hermit

              Any change for the ultimate good will be accomplished politically through the existing system. A violent revolution opens the door for kayos that would be exploited by the very people that covertly exhibit control now with eyes upon them. Let what we have fall apart and the Phoenix rising from the ashes would be ugly with ultimately the ambitious and powerful in even greater control.

              “The USA has the raw materiel and intellect to rebuild it’s manufacturing sector and perhaps the national spirit to remember what freedom actually means”

              Do you think a cottage industry will expand into major manufacturing to compete with established companies funded by virtually unlimited resources controlled by the globalists? In the meantime they would fund every group within the very diverse US to fight each other. That is not too difficult to do in a post collapse US. Maintaining stability in good times is difficult enough. They honed the skills of destabilization 60 years ago post WW2. They would throw sand into the gears of rebuilding.

            • Kevin2,

              I am sorry you have so little faith in your fellow man and so much faith in tptb.

              Change through the existing political system?!?

              Please do some research about electronic voting machine and then come back and say that with a straight face.

              IMO you give tptb too much credit. And too little credit to your fellow man.

            • I am of the opinion that any new law encroaching on one of the bill of rights is unacceptable. Not sure where the reasoning behind some of the attempted laws comes from. Our bill of rights is an end all be all in our governments “contract”. Anyone trying to alter, change, or nullify one of these rights should be tried for treason.
              That being said we the people need to demand in no uncertain terms that we review the laws that have come into being over the past 100 years and be allowed to vote on those that we deem acceptable. I would love nothing more than to become a true democracy where our lawmakers write new laws (in layman’s terms) and allow the American public to vote on these new laws. It’s very difficult to corrupt the entire public so this should result in better results.

          • @ Finx. Things are no worse than 15 years ago? WHERE ARE YOU COMING FROM? Shall we talk about the price of gas to begin with now compared to 1997. About a little over a dollar a gallon in 1997 and now it is $3.50-$4.00 a gallon. Shall we talk about the amount of people now on food support, stamps as compared to 15 years ago? Shall we talk about the world population that was a little over 6 billion then and now is over 7 billion and how many people are now hungry as compared to back then. How about sickness and overall poverty. How about less natural resources. How about the weather and other geophysical events. Had in the past 7 years no massive 9 pointers, a 8.8, a 8.7, and the largest horizontal earthquake on record ever.

            Shall we talk about the severe destruction of the ecological system of the Gulf of Mexico from Deepwater Horizon, the WORST oil spill on record, source World Almanac. How about Fukushima and the radiation danger for a good portion of the northern hempishere.

            How about the debt and how much in derivitives are owed across the world, almost one quadrillion? How about the finacial ruin of Europe? Maybe you should move over to Greece and tell the Greek people that times are no worst now than 15 years ago.

            Checked out the Middle-East lately? Hezbollah has at least 300,000 rockets on a hair trigger ready to fire on Israel. Never in human history has there been more firepower in a geographic region as what is now in the Middle-East. China now has thousands of nuclear warheads and the mobile ICBM’s to delivery them, thanks to politicians including BO selling the country to the enemy. This would have been treason back with the Nazis or Japanese.

            By the way many of those people that bought fallout shelters and bomb shelters had their lives saved because they had someone to go during a F-3 or stronger tornado. People are totally unaware just how close WW3 came to be just within the Cuban Missile Crisis. Someone that studies history knows.

            No worse than in 1997, oh brother, someone needs to get back on their spaceship and go back to planet Lollipop with all the other magical talking frogs with tall hats and smiling mushrooms with happy Lerechauns singing and dancing for all the wee folk to behold.

          • Finx

            You need a reality check

            Take care

          • GFY. Just had to say it even though I know you don’t mean a word of what you post.

        • A comment on the frog in boiling water myth.

          The original studies involved frogs with half of their brain removed. When you remove most of a frog’s brain, it will not leap out of water that has a steadily increasing temperature.

          The population of humans that do not have functioning brains (anyone you know?) will not notice or react to a steadily worsening environment.

          Later studies showed that as the temperature increases, frogs become more active (as long as their brains are intact) and will find a way out, if one is available. The hotter the water, the more active they become.

          So as things worsen, we might expect humans to become more active in looking for ways out. That doesn’t mean every way out is a healthy one. I could easily see people looking for a way out that includes drugs, religion, virtual reality, and lots of other activities. (Oh, wait, isn’t this already going on?)

          Personally, I think that if you put a frog population in water and gradually heated it, there would be some frogs that would react very early, some that would react more slowly, and some that wouldn’t react until the very end. (Or maybe not at all.)

          Isn’t this the way people are too? Some of us look at trends and grasp the implications quickly and others do not adapt so quickly. The quick adapters (like most of us) are the descendants (at least in attitude) to the people who warned ancient tribes of danger and helped move the group out of harm’s way.

          Most people fall into the middle group. The majority clings to the traditional way of life because it has proven its benefits before and change is risky. But once they get “activated” they generate a huge wave of action that moves things along. The tipping point is when something causes an idea to resonate with the masses. It looks to me that this is just barely starting to happen but it hasn’t reached critical mass yet.

          Then there are always the people that cling to the outgoing paradigms and refuse to change. For example, many of the people that died in Hurricane Katrina were elderly people. They had seen hurricanes before. They knew they could survive them. This one would be just like all the others, except it wasn’t…

          And now we could look at what is happening and say the economy, the government, the politicians, the banksters, are just like all the others. Until one day when we wake up and discover that it isn’t…

          I am glad to be part of the community that is already awake.

        • HotH:
          PS- aim for the pelvis.
          Don’t know why?
          Consider it your homework.

          Center of mass is at approximately the 2nd sacral vertebrae.

          It is also a gut shot.

          However, it will not affect the use of the arms, at least for a while, so it is best if they are also disarmed or that the shooter gets the hell out of the way ASAP.

        • PURE BOVINE EXCREMENT! They do NOT have enough people to do anything to us! There are 200 million guns in the U.S. !

        • You have covered things pretty well. They will just take us a block or interest groupd at a time. Those looking on especially with kids will not get involved hoping the wolves will eat them last.

      18. @the feds- I might be on your list, but YOU are on millions of peoples lists.


        endless political coruption
        endless bailouts
        endless vote fraud
        endless wars
        endless courtroom coruption
        endless taxes
        endless abuses of power
        endless executive orders
        endless lies

      19. Bet they (govt) are stepping and fetching over that new patent APPLE INC just pulled….for online cloning. Its touted as a great way to protect your identity; just create some new one’s and that’s all they’ll be able to find unless you use a stupid username/password like your originals. Can’t wait….right now the web has like 2 billion users…after APPLE comes out with this it will be 6 billion in a matter of weeks.

        Hey Uncle Sammy….guess you didn’t build a big enough data farm in Utah did ya!

      20. Almost everything I say and others say is too true, and these bastards know it. This doesn’t yet matter to them because they have the other 99% under their control. Now, if one of us starts turning those 99% away from their love affair with the government, then that person risks all sorts of consequences. You bet they monitor all of us, especially free thinkers, but they will not act on it until some of these free thinkers actually start turning others around and start taking off their horse blinders.

        By the way another acronym for NSA is Natural Shit Ass.

        Now after the collapse, many of those 99% will be dead, and tmost of the 1% that took the time, money, and effort to prepare will survive. All of a sudden the governments will have to deal with that 1% that might become the 50% or higher left alive. That is to say if 3 million preppers live on and there is only a few million left in the U.S, after the implosion. Then the remaining government has a big problem. HERE THAT GOVERNMENT OUT THERE? You better start respecting those that prepare and plan for a better tomorrow, and enjoy and cherish personal freedom.

      21. To the NSA, BITE ME.

      22. There was a mad rush to install surveillance equipment in Chicago last spring-has it stopped mobs gangs and crime?
        Of course not, it’s for keeping on eye on citizens.
        I read once, that if you spend an average day out and about in London, you will have been photographed 300 times.
        Companies like MAXmyspeed & Comcast have the tech to completely gain access to your computer’s inner most secrets-most phone co’s have location finders and most people always have their cell phones w/ them.
        I actually watched the Google map truck drive past my house, taking it’s 360 view-and certainly, the gov has access to Google Live, even tho we don’t.

        But what I want to know is-how-how are they gonna get the guns-obviously we’re not stupid enough to say-sure, here ya go-since we’ve seen what dis-armament has done before in Europe and Katrina- so just say no-no guns-got kids now-sold em-I drowned em-alligator took my gun-?
        just wondering since so many here laid their guns to rest in a watery grave in that boating incident gone bad-what’s the opinion, besides diggin’ a hole?

        P.S. finx-you’re a dick

      23. What goes around comes around. Some of us are tracking the government servants to hold them accountable.

      24. finx, you’re in the same fantasy world as all other nonpreppers and your days will be numbered after tshtf, a very small number. sonofsam, you’re right on target about the government; anybody that approaches me with bad intentions toward me, regardless of who they are, better have their insurance paid up and bring a body bag with them to put themselves in. durango kidd, i’m one of those gun owners and ready and willing to fight. mona, i think you mean well, but you sound a little too much like finx; please wake up and smell the coffee. realist, i know big brother is watching and we’re watching him. y99, your analysis is on target; i think privacy no longer exists except in your own home. hill hermit, i have to disagree with points 3 and 5 of your post. nobody will know exactly what will trigger shtf until after it starts and as durango kidd stated 90,000,000 gun owners have every chance of retaking this country. le and military will screw up royally trying to take on any part of us. 90% of our military are overseas so i’m looking for foreign troops to appear on our streets, where they will be fair game. i don’t think any preppers are gonna be the game; it will be the other side that will get targeted and wasted. kevin, your list is 100% correct and those things will end only when we bring down this government and install the kind we had back right after the american revolution ended. take care and keep prepping.

        • I truly hope you are right braveheart.

          Plan for the worst, hope for the best.

      25. I stumbled on this site one day-it’s horrible-I read the entire page and by the end, I felt like I just got the shit kicked outta me- This site is written by a left nut who hates the right with a vengence and is a gathering site for OWS events and activities.
        And this is for our newest pet-FINX-asshole of the week award for u dipshit-who’s the hater now?

        —>>>>This excerpt was taken from Republican_Watch.Com<<<—–
        ""Republican Party- is Deluded, Delusional, Intellectually Deficient, Haters, downright soul-less people — a lingering disease in America
        They believe that action (or inactions) are all in the name of Conservatism, States Rights, Guns, Oil, God and now Tea. They will use these slogans (and that is all they are to them, slogans) to lie about anything and everything. America and the world is changing for the better. After millennia, we are becoming what human beings have the potential to be, but your help is needed to break the strangle-hold of old outdated insane minds, who want to control everyone, and who won't move on.
        They go right on believing what they believe and justify their beliefs with any straw they can grasp on to.
        They are very sick people. They are programmed robots being led by a few unbalanced individuals. Someone must have beat, deprived, or brain-washed them from a very early age, or they had some very unfortunate life encounters that programmed their beliefs and warped their minds. There also has been at least one study that shows it may be a genetic trait.""" (there's so much more, but it's too disturbing)

        THIS finx, is what you think of us. THIS is why we attack your insane "can't we all just get along and change the way our beloved leader says we should stupid OWS ATTITUDE"

        How can you think the control lays in our hands, when clearly, 20,000 new regulations went into effect on 1/1/2012-that 45,000 new IRS agents have been hired to check each and every American's tax returns-file any of those lately finx?? That Obamacare is all encompassing, all powerful in controlling every aspect of your life, all our lives-no choice-You think you're free now?? You only have choices! This govt is all about control-and they've declared WAR on everything from poverty to drugs-yea, how's that working out. U dumb ass

        • Funny as I was reading it I thought he was describing the the left-nut liberals. Talk about delusional.

        • lil bit,
          It would be far wiser to just ignore the asshole. No rating posts,no nothing. Who cares what he thinks. Don’t let him live in your head rent free.

          • @ John W. It is interesting that when you prove finx wrong on numberous statements that this character does not come back and try to hold an intelligent conversation because those statements hold no merit. I personally feel someone like this is one of three individuals.

            Either someone that enjoys irritating people by heckling their core beliefs, which gives the individual a sick type of self satisfaction.

            Or this individual is from the government and is trying to measure the responses from an ever growing in popularity survival site.

            Or the character actually fully believes in their statement and loves BO (obama) and the adminstration and has posters of BO posted around the house, including the bathroom. Could be a black person, or someone hypnotized by false unkept promises that totally fails to read into just what a train wreck the economy is that continues to get worse by the hour.

            Seriously, there are some really good people on this web site that I truly respect a lot and when someone calls them nuts and they belong in a psycho ward because they choose to use their money for tangible goods that will give everyone security instead of blowing it in the wind on some entertainment or something it is upsetting. The people here are sacrificing for their families so they don’t have to see them go hungry WHEN something happens and gets this nonsense gibbish from someone that cannot back up what they are saying. The more someone like this can be proven wrong, the better. Maybe someone like this will actually read the truth and learn something one day, probably not though.

            I wonder what finx stands for? Maybe the x is a roman numeral for 10. The f could stand for freaken, and the i could stand for idiotic, and the n could stand for numbnuts. Could it be that finx stands for freaken idiotic numbnuts ten times over? Could be! Anybody else out there with what finx could mean?

      26. I’m not worried. Its a GOVERNMENT thing. And we know how well they run things.

      27. I am not suprised.

        It’s still going to be a few years before they can track anyone and everyone, but I have no doubt if you get high enough on someone’s list; you will be tracked and have a threat level determined on you.

        Your children aren’t even going to believe what happens, today they can play outside for hours; when theyre 50; they’ll be accountable to the minute by their job and local authorities. try playing hooky from work then; you’ll spend that time in jail if you leave the house.

        • There will be a revolution by then ……Stars & Bars

      28. not much to know …….Confederate redneck that will join any rebels at the earliest opportunity . The feds won the first war ( narrowly ) ………hows it workin for ya now ?

      29. What could possibly go wrong?

      30. If by Rudyard Kipling

        If you can keep your head when all about you
        Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
        If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
        But make allowance for their doubting too;
        If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
        Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
        Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
        And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

        If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;
        If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim;
        If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
        And treat those two impostors just the same;
        If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
        Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
        Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
        And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:

        If you can make one heap of all your winnings
        And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
        And lose, and start again at your beginnings
        And never breathe a word about your loss;
        If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
        To serve your turn long after they are gone,
        And so hold on when there is nothing in you
        Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’

        If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
        Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,
        If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
        If all men count with you, but none too much;
        If you can fill the unforgiving minute
        With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
        Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
        And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!

        • I just Farted!

          • Prefer the sound of that over windbag Rudyard , bet that guy was the life of the party ……..NOT .

          • I did NOT write this!

            Someone else is using my name.

            KY Mom

            • Nothing to be embarrassed about …….everybody does it .

            • i believe you, because you usually have a link attached to your posts!!!

            • I think I saw it , the youtube link about some woman lighting her own gas on fire 😉

        • ZZZZZZZZZZ——What did somebody say something Profound!!???

      31. Just for laughs set up 20 or more free email accounts, and start spamming them with thousands of GPG encrypted messages filled with gibberish to yourself. Let the NSA burn massive amounts of CPU time trying to figure it out.

        Better yet just stop working. Take a year or two off. Reduce whatever you do that generates tax revenue. Get on SSI disability and food stamps. Maximize what you take from the system, and minimize what you put in.

        In this day and age, the truly revolutionary act is to refuse to act.

        • Bingo. As more of us lose jobs and find alternate incomes, the beast starves. No wonder the .gov crowd is freaking out.

        • And get a Cyrillic keyboard , make sure you add a lot of dashes and numbers before or after each segment of gibberish , that will really get their attention lol

      32. *B \uy a/mmo
        *Buy\ /more cartridges for the ammo
        *Buy \/water filters
        *Buy /\ an axe, machete, and stone to sharpen
        *Buy/ \ magnesium stones to start fires
        * /Buy \torable foods
        / \

        GET OUT!

      33. Tried to put a big X in the middle. Just get out! Forget it they will come and take it all, the executive orders have already been made and more are being made every day and night. No freedom and no

      34. nsa = national slave administration

        note to them nsa … we’re coming for you .

        soon .


      35. Ok,here is my response.FUCK OFF.

      36. sorry for the thread drift

        but I think the end of 2012 is gonna be a real butt kicker






        drought hitting the US hard
        Russia and Canada also now affected
        the bad news just won’t stop coming

        these are all MAJOR food producing nations

        hang onto your hats folks
        2012 is going out with a scream

        increases in the price of food will be inconvenient for us here
        but in third world countries it is the stuff riots are made of

        • Corn? Ya like I would eat that GMO shit anyhow.

      37. ” It’s all nwo fake terrorist al-cia-duh Fun and Games , Till the Luciferian Freemason Zionist Jooooooooo’s “Nuke Bomb” the City of London England during the Olympics – Summer 2012 ! ”


        • Nina

          Still drooling over the thought are you? If it comes off do you want me to send you pictures of the carnage so you can get off on them? After all you’ve admitted your excitement at the prospect.

          Would you feel the same if it happened to a large American city or does your hatred just encompass foreigners?

          I respectfully request you crawl back under your stone and STFU.

          None of us are stupid Nina, regardless of what you chose to believe, we all know there is a possibility of an attack on the games but what irks me is your delight at the possibility, is as if you are positively relishing the thought. Do you really hate people that much?

          My husband, which whom I am trying to re-build a relationship with works in London, in the city to be precise, he has nothing to do with banking, finance, government or anything else, he is in the leisure industry. Forgive me if I would prefer for him and millions of others not to die Nina.

          He is busy right now, we go to visit him rather than him coming here, forgive me if I would prefer my child and myself not to die Nina.

          I was sitting reading a book outside a bistro bar when the Soho bombs went off at a bar in the road opposite, nail bombs. It seemed quiet for so long, and them the screaming started. Forgive me if I would prefer not to deal with the effects of terrorism again Nina. Stroking the head of a young man who will never see again and lying, telling him it’s going to be okay.

          Have you seen it up close? Have you witnessed terrorism ? Not soldiers fighting soldiers but the true terror of walking down the road and deciding to stop off for a quick drink, there you are minding your own business and bang…face full of nails, limbs blown off, windows blown out, It was like walking into hell.

          These people were not combatants, they didn’t sign up for this, they didn’t know they were in harms way. How can you be so warped that you WANT a massive terrorist attack to take place, for that’s what it would be regardless of who was behind it.

          You are suffering from more than bipolar Nina, and you know it. You have been rumbled. I spotted it a long time ago but it has gotten worse.

          Take care and get help before you reach the point where you are beyond it.

          • Nina is a bad-ass wannabe who has never seen any such horrors in person. Burt, if you listen carefully, you can hear his mom asking if he looked for a job today.

          • sssssssshhh … can you hear that ???

            be quiet … listen

            thats the world smallest violin playing just for you @carolie uk !!!

            you brits more than deserve what is coming to london england .

            For generations of global murder rape genocide enslavement under the English Butchers sword of global tyranny .

            don’t turn to me for compassion about what your very own freemason luciferian government and jooooo lord bankers like rothchilds are / is doing to you and the world !

            as for my needing help ;0)

            yeah i need help cleaning my guns and rifles to get them ready for the 2nd American Freeman Revolution that will soon be kicked off here in America!!!

            Thats all the help i need @carolie uk .

            You might rather be warning All your country men in the service of nato and the u.n. to stay out of america – cause i can guarantee every brit in a u.n. uniform i meet on american soil will not leave american shores with his hair intact.

            i scalp all my kills.



            • Nina

              Stick to wanking it’s all your good for. Ask you for compassion, are you kidding ? I wouldn’t ask you for a damn thing, you are not worthy of wiping someone’s arse let alone showing compassion, I wouldn’t trust you to show someone to the door let alone show them compassion.
              I do not need your compassion Nina, I need nothing a miserable excuse for a man like you could offer…I like real men Nina, not somebody who thinks they know it all but in reality knows nothing.

              Scalp your kills, what a joke your’re a fucking pussy, you mentioned once you were in the military, what were you, a cook? It’s about all you’d probably good for you loudmouthed fucking thug. It’s unlikely you were anything important, they have to be able to string a coherent sentence together and spell a few words, neither of which you seem capable of.

              Pathetic loser.

            • Burt likes men …………confirms what I have always thought of the Limeys .

              HMS = homosexual men sailing

        • @ Satori. You just ask me something I truly enjoy talking about. Horizontal earthquakes USUALLY do not have enough fault to break to register this high. The magnitude of an earthquake is in proportion to how much fault actually moves. Thrust faults you have BOTH vertical and horizontal movement and therefore it can register in the 9+ range. Strike slip like the San Andreas fault move basically in one direction, horizontally. Therefore this type of fault seldom registers over 8.1.

          What has happened in Indonesia is most different as the quake actually registered on Iris earthquake monitor was 8.7. USGS downgrades earthquakes all the time. 8.6 is still absolutely huge for a strike slip, it is a 9.6 or 9.7 in comparison to a mega thrust fault. Not to be forgotten there was a 8.2 or a 8.3 aftershock. This fault some say had 2000 years of stress build up.

          Now just imagine when you have an impact in regards to the other plates around the world. When you have vertical movement this does not have that much impact on other fault. When you have this much movement horizontally it is like a bumper cars analogy. If you look at some of the comments I made after this occurred, I easily foresaw many earthquakes around the world happening because of this. Even though I successfully predicted some of these earthquakes before they occurred and have dated prove of this, even the right locations, this does not mean I can do this predicting on a reliable way. This was one of those events that was too obivious what was going to happen.

          Last time I thought a large earthquake was going to occur by Sunday and I was wrong, I said 75% chance. Predicting earthquakes is difficult and I wish I could refine my theories to work better, but I am trying. What I see right now is a very disturbing set of events happening right now in the Kuril Islands. The Kuril Islands are north of the mega earthquake that destroyed Fukushima. This area is due for a mega earthquake, 9+, and the recent growing of magnitude earthquakes is alarming, as this morning it has grown from the middle and high 5 point range to 6.0.

          The Kuril Islands of a 9+ earthquake will generate large tsunamis around the Pacific and will finish off Fukushima. It is also showing me that the Pacific Plate is desperately trying to move northwest, which of course contains the Cascaid fault in Washington and Oregon and the San Andreas in california. There is also a very strange set of events going on down in New Zealand as the Pacific Plate tries to overtake the smaller Australian Plate. Remember there is a super volcano down in New Zealand that erupted with the 5th. largest caldera blowing event ever.

          On a globe you can see the wrestling match that is going on with the plates, as a three dimensional view is always better to see what is happening then a flat map. The Australian plate can help the Pacific plate to move by creating a counterclockwise twisting motion, again you cannot see this on a flat map, but you can see this on a globe.

          What happened with that super strike slip 8.6 or 8.7 is that it massively moved things around like a what would happen if a car hit a series of trucks that where pushed together and also trying to move. This may not seem like much, but it is. Massive stress ONLY needs something to nudge it loose at the right spot. A huge horizontal earthquake of this size will and did just that. Even with the curved land mass of the planet, still a horizontal earthquake will play much more in future movement than a vertical and horizontal quake that are mega thrusts.

          I would be more concerned right now about the Kuril Islands and a large enough quake to generate a tsunami that would cause the final blow to Fukushima. A mega quake in the Kuril Islands at this point would be more of a SYMPTOM of what is to come with the Pacific plate rather than the cause.

          By the way there was no tsunami, over a couple of feet high, with this earthquake because it was horizontal. You need vertical movement to generate large tsunamis, like even an asteroid impact. What is so pathetic is this was the largest horizontal ever recored and beat the precious record by 4/10th.s of a full point in magnitude and yet got no real coverage on it. This was in comparison to almost a 10 pointer with a mega thrust and no one covered it in the media much at all. The news becomes more pathetic each day. Keep an outlook of the Kuril Islands, things there seem to be gearing up for something huge.

          • BI…..OT but since seismology seems to be your hobby,perhaps you will give your opinion here.Why have earthquakes increased from ‘2650’ in 1970 to ‘3488’ in 1990 and ‘4610’ in 2010? Artic ice seems to be melting at a faster rate and Antarctic is getting thicker(ESA).Here is a possible theory. The Earth is now in a “lower plane” orbit around the sun; ie between the sun’s “equator” and “south pole”.This would make the northern hemisphere warmer and the southern hemisphere cooler..if only by a few degrees.Would this affect the geological plates? Somewhere I read that an individual, using Google aerial maps and known landmarks, plotted the sunrise and sunset and claims the sun is now rising further north and setting further north in the northern hemisphere.It should never rise further north than the Tropic of Capricorn here in the summer.He claims it now is. Would this contribute to different stresses and more earthquakes?

            • @ JRS. It is what is called the Chandler Effect, as the rotation of the planet is affected by more or less ice towards to polar region. Just like a top spinning, when a portion of the top is unbalanced there is a wobble. The lottery balls are constantly checked for any blemishes or any disfigures on the balls because those imperfections will cause an unbalanced result in the balls being picked. Baseball players that cheat will use oils, cremes, and sandpaper to alter the baseball just enough to cause it to wobble enough in flight to confuse the batter. Gaylord Perry was notorious for this as a pitcher.

              This imbalance will lead to more earthquakes because the planet is actually spinning about a 1000 mph at the equator and slower of course towards the poles. The fact you give about the sun never being 23 and 1/2 degrees is absolutely true and shows that the planet is not behaving like it has for thousands of years. The planet has not always been tilted at 23 and 1/2 degrees and when it is tilted more so it has helped to start up ice ages. Also the distance from the sun has played into ice ages as it is right now between 92.9 and 94.1 million miles away, depending on the time of year. I think those totals are accurate as I can remember.

              What people have speculated is that eventually the spinning will decay and two new axis will form. In other words the crusts will shift and say Denver could now be at the equator or even the new south or north pole. It has been thought that these flips happen very slowly and taken milleniums like the slow movement of the plates. Other say they happen very quickly because the planet is trying to re-estblish an equalibrium while still be locked in orbit out the sun.

              If the crust did shift quickly you would have a terrible event, like the 2012 movie. The water would not reach all the inland areas like the movie as the oceans only encompass 70% of the surface and much land drag occurs the further you get away from the coastlines. The centre of the continents would be safe from the flooding because the much of the water would remain in their basins. The real disaster from something like this would be magnetic storms that would reach way above EF-5 level of a tornado intensity. Of course also the earthquakes that would be 9+ all over the planet. Volcanoes could go off because of the plugs over them being broken open. The real hell would be the storms though.

              I have heard individuals talk about that there are more earthquakes because there are more seismo stations recording them. This is partially true with smaller earthquakes of 3.5 or smaller, but not so to moderate earthquakes to larger ones. They have increased about 40% like you said. This could be a cycle that the planet goes through or something more serious. I just know that when you have something as large as a 8.6 or 8.7 on a horizontal fault you have something critical going on below the ground.

              I know that the sun actually rose above the point in the Arctic area this year 3 days earlier than it should. The Arctic remains dark above 66 and 1/2 degrees for part of the winter and remains daylight for part of the summer. In the summer there is not enough of the planet to block off the sun at night and therefore you get the midnight sun in northern Alaska, Greenland, and other areas. This is said to have changed also slightly.

              What I have seen that is shear observation is that when earthquakes occur north of 70 degrees north and/or south of 60 degrees south that bigger earthqakes follow around the world. Magnetic south is further away from the south pole than magnetic north is from the north pole. This is why they have adjustments on compasses as true magnetic north is not at 90 degrees north. Airplane runways use compass readings to mark the numbers on the runways. When compass points change, sometimes those numbers of runways have to be changed. There has been much “drift” of true magnetic north and south over the past century.

              I have thought of this and I am fairly sure of this. IF you start to see increased earthquake activity in the Antarctica continent, this is bad. You start to see high 6 pointers there or more and the human civilization could be coming to an end quite soon thereafter. Antarctica is a continent that few people understand MUST not be changed, that ice mass must remain essentially the same. Forget about the ice all melting and sea level rising, the imbalance on the rotation of the planet would be radically changed without that ice that is mostly 2 miles high or more. Losing this would be like an equal area losing 1 mile to 1 and 1/2 mile of crust. For a crustal shift look at Antarctica as the region where it will start.

          • Just something to mention, they have had two earthquakes, 5.1 and 5.2 on the northern San Andreas fault. http://neic.usgs.gov/neis/eq_depot/2012/eq_120721_nc71819471/nc71819471_w.html

            Pretty sure that within one week from now there should be a good size earthquake of 6.8 or more. Probably on the western Pacific plate, cannot pinpoint it down quite yet to which part of the plate. It has been too long without a large shaker.

      38. There’s a simple explanation. The people with the most anti-USSA electronic contacts will be sent to FEMA “Re-education camps where they will be Breitbarted. We can run but we can’t hide. If they want to find you in a jungle in Borneo, they will. Only one option left for us. Band together and form our own regional societies based upon barter and something they have no comprehension of – Love of one’s fellow man. Prepare for the worst but pray for the best. +

      39. be informed and daisy, both of you are right on the money about finx and everything in general. finx and all the other nonpreppers will be toast come post-shtf. be informed, iwas very impressed with the articles you contributed to this site. daisy, you have a very interesting website which i’m looking at further when time permits. my late wife saw the effects of mind control on her countrymen in cuba in the 60s under castro and the havoc that castro’s brand of socialism wreaked on her country. that’s why she and 2,000,000 other cubans came to these shores since 1959. she came over on a homemade raft with nothing but the clothes she was wearing in 1967 after some of her relatives died in castro’s gulag. she only opened up to me about what she experienced in 1976 after we married. she experienced socialism firsthand. if she were alive now she would educate the hell out of finx and have him for dinner. i learned more from her about socialism than any book or documentary could have taught me. take care and keep prepping.

      40. This is something I have been wondering about: http://www.timesofisrael.com/defense-officials-in-talks-with-pentagon-on-possible-israeli-strike-on-syrian-chemical-weapon-sites/

        Israel has already gone after a Syrian nuclear site a few years ago. Israel hits Syria again there could be a full blown war over there without Iran even being the first one to be hit. The real player are all those rockets in Lebanon being aimed at Israel. Isreal is only about 9000 square miles and most of that is desert. If only 100,000 of those 300,000 to 400,000 rockets hit their targets, Israeli cities and other targets are going to look quite bad afterwards. It is an area to watch extremely closely, and if and when it erupts it would be a good idea for people to get to the stores and get what ever else they need before the stores possibly close up or everyone else starts.

        • Be informed

          There are way too many flashpoints at this juncture in the geo political landscape.

          My 2 cents?

          Some conflagration will erupt soon enough…

          man-made geological/weather/war/false flag/pandemic etc etc or ..

          all the above simultaneously..

          causing massive panic in the world markets and ultimately crashing the system to usher in extreme austerity and have the masses begging for help..perfect storm indeed.

          Keep on prepping
          and stacking


          • @ Possee. It is amazing to me with all the flashpoints that moe people are not prepping. There are not only problems that could erupt at anytime in the political and economic sense, but also in the geology part of it. Like I just sent a comment to Satori about earthquakes, there is a very disturbing set of events that is going on north of Fukushima in the Kuril Islands.

            I have noticed for the past two weeks that the Kuril Islands earthquakes are getting bigger and bigger and continuing to swarm. The Kuril Islands is easily capable of a mega thrust quake of 9+. While this is an isolated area, a large enough earthquake, even a 8+ can generate a tsunami that could and will finish off Fukushima and send radiation everywhere. This is something that is extremely dire and no one other than true geologists see this. Watch the Kuril Islands and the Kamchatka Peninsula region closely. The Kuril Islands are ONLY 400 miles away from Fukushima. The closer you are to the start point of a tsunami the bigger it will be, and 400 miles is nothing.

      41. The hunters got up early. (5 am central standard time) They had a good breakfast at the king’s table.(genetically modified corn flakes and a cup of starbucks sweetened with aspartame) Then they donned their hunting attire (polyester camo bdu’s made in china), strapped on their weapons (laser sighted rifles of an odd caliber also made in china) and headed into the forest. They knew exactly where they were going(the garman gps had never failed them), precisely how many of the prey would be there(16 according to the surveillance network), and how they would get them.
        They were confident of success. They had all the latest shiney new weapons(see above), sturdy shields to protect themselves(untested level III body armor, also chinese made), and most importantly, they had information. For months the hunters had been gathering knowledge about their prey. They’d paid handsomely to hire the best trackers in the village(an assorted network of spies). And the trackers were all in agreement. The signs left by the prey all pointed to the big clearing east of Sweetwater River. (named thusly to disguise it’s acidic putrid water) That’s where they would corner and kill the quarry.
        They were led by Captain Braveheart(courtmartialed three times for cowardice, but he was the king’s brother-in-law). The point man was Sgt Shureshot (never fired an open sight rifle in his life, but he was pretty good at the range with a green-dot laser and a tri-pod from a table rest, hit 7 out of 10 most times he qualified). The scout was Cpl “Eagle Eye” Squinter (20/20 vision when he remembered to wear his bifocals).
        Just west of the river they heard the report from Eagle Eye: ’16 of them, alright. Lightly armed, no sentry, and most appeared to be oblivious to their surroundings.’ The hunters rejoiced in their hearts. It would be an easy kill, then back to the village to celebrate their bravery and service to the king with a festival at the tavern. (hooters)And especially the tavern maidens.(2 dozen college girls, three of whom had fake IDs and were not yet 18) They could hardly wait.
        Just as the last man crossed the bridge(Captain Braveheart whose policy was always to lead from behind) and entered the clearing, they saw the quarry. Right in the open, straight to the east of the hunters. 16 men, mostly milling around a campfire. Sgt Sureshot smiled to himself and clicked off his safety. At exactly the same moment all 16 men dropped to the ground, disappearing into the high grass. Shots rang out from their north! And from the south! The hunters were in an ambush and cought in deadly crossfire!
        Cpt Braveheart turned and ran back across the bridge. As he did so, the bridge exploded, sending his now lifeless corpse flying high into the air. Sureshot fired wildly, hitting nothing. Then, with rifle fire still ringing all around him, a grenade landed 15 feet in front of him, shredding him like confetti. Eagle Eye fumbled with the safety on his chinese gun. It was stuck in safe mode. He couldn’t fire. Just then a .223 round entered his left eye socket, shattering his bifocals and reducing his vision to somewhat less than 20/20.
        The fight was over in less than 4 minutes. 16 men stood up from the tall grass and joined their incoming companions, all 90 of them. Of the 106 men their total casualties were: one, slightly wounded(ricochet from a tree, not an aimed shot).
        49 of the 50 hunters lay dead. The survivor, a young conscript named Simpleton, lay dazed on the ground. Fortunately, he was only slightly wounded. He could walk. A man from among the prey took his cheap rifle (unfired, it’s safety had also jammed) then spoke to him.
        “You are lucky. We don’t take prisoners. But today, you will live, because you will deliver a message. Tell the king (tyrannical government) that we are here. In the woods. We are there. In the town. We are in the mountains, and the cities, and the plains! We are legion. And we are everywhere! Tell him! The hunter has become the hunted!”

        • Well crap! Talk about an embarassing screw up on my part. Guess I’d better be more careful with the names in my stories. Absolutely NO connection is intended with our reader named braveheart. Or any other of our commenters. Sorry about that. -okie

      42. I have a story,

        I deer hunt, last year, every evening, a group of 25 or so doe’s of all age groups would enter a soy bean field to eat. I watched them every night while waiting for a buck. At the end of our season, we have a doe only season and so I knew I would have no trouble getting one.

        I used the blind on the edge of the bean field and sure enough, like clockwork, here comes the herd at dusk. All of them happily eating and oblivious of me.

        Well there was one large doe and Her grown fawn that I had not noticed before because I was to intent on looking for a buck to arrive. Her and her fawn did not just start to eat like the rest and she started walking the edge of the entire heard smelling and looking all around. I was downwind of her and just watched her and her young one.She went all the way around the group passing right in front of me. She finally got where the wind was right and smelled me and sounded a loud alarm and all the other deer stopped eating and all ran with her and her fawn across the field.

        I just watched her with awe as she led her fawn and the rest away from me.

        She was the only deer in that entire group that was alert and watchful enough to danger. She took it upon herself to protect the heard and at the same time teach her fawn to do the same.

        I feel we preppers are the same as that Doe.

        Teach your children these lessons that we are also having to learn so that they can pass our awareness and foresight on to new generations.

        We are that doe protecting and keeping watch over the heard and are sounding the alarm to the rest to run from danger.

        Hopefully the heard will start to listen before its too late.

        • A beautiful testimony..God bless you and all that sound the horn.

      43. Funny how people freak out when the government collects info on citizens, but nobody says a word when businesses, companies and corporations collect information on citizens and sell that information. Everytime you use a credit card, debit card or swipe a discount card, that info is collected and used to form a profile of you so business can target you for marketing to separate you from your money.

      44. just like most animals if someone is not your sibling be prepared to strike… mail.cable,gas phone book ppl.have you seen my lost dog etc. Fire extinguishers. get alot of em. for 1 ,cable boxes have been burning many houses down. id also keep cells and laptops on something hard , wouldnt doubt the possibility of a satellite burning a hole in a roof or better yet playing rapture.

      45. a smaller scale of this has been going on for years – as far back as 20+ years, in fact – through phone calls and radio communication monitoring… frankly, i am not at all surprized about the proliferation of such things today…

      46. 15 people dead in Colorado Movie theater for a screening of the new movie Black Knight..

        man open fires on the crowd..

        Theaters will not allow you to excercise your 2nd amendment right to protect yourself.( gun free zone).as I see it this movie theater is liable..no one in this theater by law was allowed to legally excercise their right to bear arms for protection, so they were sitting ducks for this ass hole. If your going to have gun free zones , then you beter be able to back up your protection of the individuals in your care..this jackass should never have made it thru the door..3 guns and explosives were found on this guy.

        just remember no one was able to defend theirself due to a policy , and a policy that does not take into conciteration your well being.

        one person close to this murderer, that could have been armed ..could have stopped this thing from growing to these numbers..15 dead! but we law abiding are stripped of our rights to protection from a law that doesnt follow up to fill the void of protection when your rights are stripped..

        if we lose our 2nd amendment rights in this country..this incident will be pittens compared to what will come of events like this ..everywhere.

        I no longer abide by the no gun zones..or i dont go participate in areas or events that will not allow me to protect myself and my family.

        • man, the gun grabers LOVE gun free zones.

          I bet you some of them are even HAPPY this occured.

          THEY MAKE ME SICK!!

        • agreed

          As tragic as this incident is..

          the Backlash of anti gun rhetoric will be resounding..

          and more fuel for the small arms treaty..

          and even more shootings will result do to the anti 2nd amendment goons..

          lock and load


          • Im beginning to wonder if some of these types of shootings might be funded and radicalized by this government to push the adgenda of gun control..hows that for a spin?

            look at the FBI that funded and gave munitions and explosives to a Militia in an effort to imprison all of them..it back fired and their sedition charge didnt even stand..the FBI was the agressor and the mule for those guys..whos to say this guy isnt a plant?

            • Or people like this are on their radar, and the agents are ordered to stand down.(or get fired,lose that golden parachute, or even framed)

            • First that came to my mond this morning….

              I hate that because of the govt’s past actions I’m starting to think like a Conspiracy Theorist…..

            • VRF, yes, you have figured it out. Anyone who willingly sacrifices their freedom to enter into an anti-American zone like an airport or theatre should thoroughly understand the full consequences.

              Warning labels are plastered all over foods, drinks, cigarettes, and other substances deemed dangerous. Isn’t it ironic that there are no warning labels at theatres or airports where your Constitutional rights no longer apply?

              New American Motto: “ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!”

            • I was just thinking the same thing. This guy, with no history of any kind (and again in CO) does this while they are debating the UN treaty? Timing is everything.

            • project MKultra anyone????en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MKULTRA

            • I’m certain in my own mind that me might be just that.

        • FALSE-FLAG cia nsa fbi ATF FEDGOV PLANNED EVENT !!!

          this was done siumply to give the new un small guns ban treaty teeth,

          think about it colorado is a very large fedgov state it is amerikas military heart and second white house , the cia fbi dea atf irs etc etc 2nd headquarters is all there in denver co .

          also remember where all the false-flag fedgov caused grass fires are this summer colorado !!!

          plus where are the russians right now ???

          ALL IN COLORADO !!!

          this is all planned out by the fedgov it is intentional and it is there to scare you all into doing as they tell they you .


          they want your guns period and will do whatever they have to get them !!!




          • 14 Dead, 50 Injured In Colorado Midnight Dark Knight Screening Shooting – Cell Phone Video Of Carnage




            I’M THINKIN ITS TIME TIME TO BUY THAT 10 MM , .300 winmag AND 50 CAL. !

            The greatest threat to Americans is their very own zionist cia run globalist freemason banker terrorist controlled fedgov !


        • @ VRF. Those that want to take away gun rights and many other freedoms will jump all over this. The fact to look at here is that there was no one there to STOP the psycho. In my area where people carry guns all over the place, the nut would have been STOPPED in the first few seconds and a lot of people would have been safely going back to their families alive and well.

          In Norway that has strict gun laws it did no good that 76 innocent teenagers died after that psycho went over their border to the Czech Republic to get his weapons. The fact is there was no one to STOP that psycho and look what happened.

          This will yet again be a call to restrict ALL firearms, this will be their rallying cry. Yet IF someone had a firearm and would have STOPPED the crazy nut job, not one of these anti-gun haters would be thankful other than the people that were spared, for the gun rights that SAVED people. As I have said before in Israel many innocent people have been saved because a citizen had a firearm to do so to STOP the terrorist.

          Another sad day for people’s rights because one psycho decided to act on their insane impulses.

          • yup ..exactly

            I get it..I got it way before many others ever woke up to this

        • sorry for the wrong body count..i find that some of the early reports said up to 15..i see more current reports that its 12

        • I think we need to make an amendment to the 2nd Amendment. Everyone has to open carry a firearm. Because an armed society is a polite society. Maybe that will make the crazies think twice. Also I have read (not sure if verified) that the shooter is a democrat not a teapartier that the MSM says he is.

      47. They’re Pulling Together All the Data About Virtually Every U.S. Citizen in the Country.

        So what. What are they going to do with it. Lock everyone up?
        If that happened how would anything get done around this country? Do you think for one minute any government employee works hard for a living? Gimme a break.

        • inmate work is mandatory for a dollar or so per day. 5 days per week…the government has been expanding the kinds of work inmates can do and inmates get rented out to private businesses already. Call it slave labor, that’s what it will be. The military has plans set aside for civilian work camps already…check the regs yourself. Yes they can run this country on slave labor.

      48. Fema was never designed for emergency protection of people, they practice on us and they tell us they are here for us, one this I’ve noticed the red cross does the same thing as FEMA supposedly does yet I’ve never seen the redcross carrying firearms. FEMA does though, they also tend to dress more like company men (Mercs,soldiers of fortune) and they drive around in black SUVs, one could say that is just paranoia. I have worked on the other side of the fence, the mission statement on our wall was “In God We Trust,All others we monitor “and nothin is more truer we even monitor our “friends “

      49. thinking about it, I find it funny how NSA can go from no such agency for years and now is kind of become an area 51 of sorts everyone acknowledges it now. There are others that still aren’t seeing the limelight yet course everyone knows CIA, about DIA, DLI some of these you may have heard of others not so much….

      50. Folks…this finx character is CLEARLY nothing more than a disinformation agent…he or she doesn’t believe the garbage he or she posts.

      51. smokin okie; no offense taken, plus that was some of the best satire i’ve ever read anywhere. your analogy was especially interesting concerning the use of chinese equipment. vrf, kevin, and possee; i believe all these major shooting incidents that have taken place in our country ever since the assassination attempt on reagan have been staged by the gun grabbers; i. e. the anti-self defense gang as i call them. can anyone imagine what would happen if some of those people started getting shot? i for one won’t shed any tears over the loss of sarah brady, diane feinstein, etc. if you want to see the final result of gun control, go to a country like cuba.

        • Thanks braveheart.

      52. Here at our place we have something called “The Waste Of Time Factor”. I’d like to share it with the readers and preppers here.

        It’s actually quite simple to explain: Any effort of labor/energy that is expended has an outcome, be it positive, neutral, or negative. When any effort yields a neutral or negative outcome, it’s not worthy of the labor/energy that was expended. Who wants a negative outcome? Time cannot be retrieved — once it’s spent, it’s gone forever.

        It’s simple to understand “The Waste Of Time Factor” and easy to incorporate into your lifestyle. Once you do this, you’ll find that there is more time to do the important things that need to be attended to.

        So if you are someone who feels that time slips away from you or you feel that you “never have the time” to pursue some things you’d like to do, this is an easy technique to adapt to. It’s basic time management and all that you need to do is identify several things that gobble up your time and give you little to nothing in return.

        Here are a few examples:
        Watching mindless TV
        Attempting to “convert” sheeple into preparing for a dark future
        Trying to debate a Liberal Progressive
        Arguing online with SHTFplan.com trolls

        Try it and see if this little technique works for you. This past week, I pressure-canned dozens of cans of green beans and made peach jam. I also bought extra corn meal and 2 dozen more cans of organic corn to store. I stayed busy and did not become involved with “finx” or the other trolls here who will be gone in short time. For me, that was a time-wasting event so I opted to add more food on my shelves.

        Please consider adding more value to the time you have. These trolls here want to do nothing more than create problems and steal your precious time and energy.

        Time: is one thing that cannot be “stolen” from you unless you permit it.

        Think about it?

      53. VRF just wondering does that include schools? They are gun free, and have proven that they can not protect the kids.

        • Metal detectors at every entrance of our schools.

      54. Guest Post: Where Is The Line For Revolution?

        The subject of revolution is a touchy one. It’s not a word that should be thrown around lightly, and when it is uttered at all, it elicits a chaotic jumble of opinions and debates from know-it-alls the world over. The “R” word has been persona non grata for quite some time in America, and until recently, was met with jeers and knee-jerk belligerence.


      55. Waking up to this news tonight about the shooting in Colorado. First thing that stood out to me was at the bottom of an AP article it said FBI has 100 agents on the scene to assist. Why? How s fast? That sure seemed odd, I’m guessing they have that many agents in Denver and Colorado? Isn’t this cut and dried; they have the shooter in custody, why do the feds even need to be involved?

        God bless the fallen, injured and their families. God bless us all as the media goes forth and:

        Piers Morgan: “Horrendous details from this Colorado cinema shooting. America has got to do something about its gun laws. Now is the time.”

        • And if they make any more gun laws who are they going to affect?..only the law abiding

          criminals do not follow rules or laws..so none of the new laws will change a god dam thing, except for the body count of the innocent

        • MKUltra??? FBI staged and ready??

      56. These data centers do exist. Back in 2006, I was given plans to build one at Fort Gordon, GA modeled on the existing NSA building in Hawaii. My company lost that bid, but I know it got built. I also bid the Utah Data center which is a $1.1 billion data center outside of Salt Lake City. It is mostly electrical equipment used to store large amounts of data. There were interrogation rooms in the Fort Gordon plans. I know this because I personally priced the drawings. I said to my colleagues back in 2006–who do you think they’re spying on? Of course, they’re spying on the American people.

      57. I live on the west side of Denver. When I turned the TV on this morning and saw the coverage of the “mass shooting” in Aurora my first thought was false flag event. It’s not what I wanted to think but it really was what popped into my head.

        “They” need something like this to ban those nasty guns. I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t hear/see more similiar events before the 27th.

        Not saying this was a false flag event but…Denver would be the perfect place to stage one. We are a swing state and there is a pretty equal divide between Dems and Repub. Both side are hard core in their views. It’s the independents that will be the difference.

        It’s 8:45 and you can still hear all the helicopters buzzing around. Pres just came on…bet he says something about the need to ban those evil guns. Wait for it….nope, just “plaque of violence”. Give it a few hours or a day or two…it would be too obvious if they were to start the anti-gun campaign today.

        Although it is beginning to show up across the internet. 2nd amendment right will be the last thing I give up. It won’t be given up. I too had a bad boating accident and lost all those nasty guns in Lake Meade. And yes, that is the canoe in my backyard that was involved in the unfortunate accident.

      58. finx You have captured our attention and I would like to provide you and others a summary of our responses to your posts of July 19, 2012.

        Satori says: me thinks finx doth protest too much

        Daisy says: Oh look, Finx has been studying some more. Great work, buddy! Technique #3 – ‘TOPIC DILUTION’

        kevin says: @daisy- This finx might actually believe what he is typing,

        braveheart says: be informed and daisy, both of you are right on the money about finx and everything in general. finx and all the other nonpreppers will be toast come post-shtf.

        PO’d Patriot says: Sfinxter, I don’t think you’ve had to work hard at becoming quite the dumbass. I feel it is all nat-ture-al

        Julie says: WOW!!! Lay the drugs finx, you are not going to convince anyone here that obamie is good for anything or anybody but himself.

        GatorNavy says: You seem to have a lot of trust in the government there rat finx!

        Anonymous says: Hahaha! Man, at least I had a laugh today. Thank finxster, at least you’re good for that!

        kevin says: You defeated your own words without knowing it. You sir are without information= ignorant.

        $ cocopuff crackhead $ says: what should really p.o. all of you is the fact the “spincture” spinx is a paid fed aipac adl splc zionist joooo troll being paid fedgov $$$ $2000. a month to come here part-time and mess with your heads as he/she goes to law school / college on a federal DHS grant to one day become your next state senator or maybe even puppet prez .

        justincase says: Finx sorry is everyone is picking on you! I mean Our gov. is good! Look at all the wonderful things they have done for the American Indians, they have been compensated very well, I think you should maybe talk to one and I am sure they will attest to how well they have been provided for.

        DPS says: Finx, And by the way I gave you a thumbs down only because Mac doesn’t have a middle finger option.

        Be informed says: @ finx. Do you comprehend why you stir up so much anger? People out there are quite serious about what is happening, they can see the writing on the wall, and they have spent a lot ot time, money, and effort trying to make sure that their families have a future. When someone comes on and says something that is totally contradicts every piece of sound reasoning you get an emotional response to it. SO WHAT? You can say something that upsets a lot of people. Do you believe it?

        hill hermit says: Finx-”I would vote for a camera in everybody’s house if it meant I would be safer.” You are very lucky that the internet allows you to be anonymous.
        Exibit A: finx
        Exactly why and how freedom is dead.

        Y99 says: Finx Do you have car insurance? If you do I’m sure it’s progressive… but really do you have a grasp of history at all, or do you float down the street grounded in nothing? People on this site have a wide variety of views, but the one true commonality is we are survivors who choose not to be victims of anyone / thing. If you ever post again try not adding stupidity to your inequity.

        Iowa says: Finx: why do people care if somebodys watching if you have nothing to hide? Because I own guns and took an oath!

        Be informed says: @ finx. Prepping is crazy? Like those in disaster areas that are living in FEMA tents with nothing should not have prepared?

        Ohcumgache says: finx, The man you idolize, is nothing more than a carpetbagger, a chicago thug, a creepy guy who is a puppet for people like George Soros, Valerie Jarrett (did you know she was a slum lord in Chicago, but now she lives with the anointed one and his piranha mouthed wife.

        DPS says: Finx, You say your not here to attack, but then you attack… You say that obamamma is so gtreat but yet, we still are coming up on 16 trillion in debt… Open your eyes dude our American brothers are homeless and you come here to not attack???????I tell you what there brother go find a site for the obamma fan club and don’t forget to file for your foodstamps.. And if you got a problem with that I live in Amarillo Tx come on down and we can have a nice talk.. I’ll be the man riding the chopped Harley, wearing a vest that says “Try and burn this one Asshole” and that would be my American flag… Now run along fluffy…

        DiscoNugget says: FINX wrote: (In the same paragraph) “I would vote for a camera in everybodys house if it meant I would be safer.” “because you people are thinking everybody is after you.”Dang if that didn’t make me laugh. “Low Plains Perspective”

        Burt the Brit says: Finx Bwhahahahahaha Take care

        Burt the Brit says Finx Okay, stopped laughing now. Did you really think people had not worked out that you are just here for the wind up? That you just post to incite, to see what people say? I feel sorry for you, it must be so difficult maintains wanker status for such long periods of time. Take care

        Gods Creation says: Mac, you should BLOCK the IP from this moron before he and his three “friends”, probably all the same person, ruin your blog. It doesn’t take long to bring down a site once an attack has been launched. I am referring to finx…..

        Y’all Beware! I had to stop for now at July 19, 2012 at 5:37pm – his next post.
        For fun and laughter DPS gets a HS@25 award for being in Amarillo TX, waiting for fluffy!!!! LOL

        • Hey..no jayjay..I learned at a very young age–“Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”

      59. We have limited time. You can’t do anything until you are 18 and you are old by the time you are thirty. The tv is the biggest time waster. The Internet you should use to gather info and only discuss the things they are doing to use with friends and family.

        I mean to educate the ones you don’t know that is the purpose of web sites. If after all this time these people don’t have a clue, then they don’t want to know. They are too busy watching tv.

      60. posted on the Daily Crux

        The Financial Crisis Was Foreseeable … Thousands of Years Ago



        In Texas there is a town called New Braunfels , where there is a large German-speaking population.

        One day, a local rancher driving down a country road noticed a man using his hand to drink water from the rancher’s stock pond.

        The rancher rolled down the window and shouted: “Sehr angenehm! Trink das Wasser nicht. Die kuehe haben darein geschissen.”
        Which means: “Glad to meet you! Don’t drink the water. The cows have shit in it.”

        The man shouted back: “I’m from New York and just down here campaigning for Obama’s health care plan. I can’t understand you. Please speak in English.”

        The rancher replied: “Use both hands

      62. The LOST treaty was dead in the water…but guess what? right on time….we have yet another mass shooting folks…and the midnight batman showing was the target. All the talking heads are calling for gun control now. Lets all say it together ……FALSE FLAG carried out by yet another MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE.

      63. A few months from now……………………………

        The Presidential election 2012 was too close to call. Neither Mitt Romney nor Obama had enough votes to win. There was much talk about ballot recounting, court challenges, etc., but a week-long ice fishing
        competition seemed the sportsmanlike way to settle things.

        The candidate that caught the most fish at the end of the week would win the election.

        After much of back and forth discussion, it was decided that the contest would take place on a remote frozen lake in Maine. There were to be no observers present, and both men were to be sent out separately on this
        isolated lake and return at 5 PM with their catch for counting and verification by a team of neutral parties.

        At the end of the first day, Mitt Romney returned to the starting line and he had 10 fish.

        Soon, Obama returned and had no fish. Well, everyone assumed he was just having a bad day or something and hopefully, he would catch up the next day. At the end of the 2nd day Mitt came in with 20 fish and Obama came
        in again with none. That evening, the democrats got together secretly and said, “We think that Mitt Romney is a low-life, cheatin’ son-of-a-gun. Tomorrow, don’t bother fishing. Just spy on him and see just how he is

        The next night (after Mitt returns with 50 fish), the democrats got together for the report of how the republicans were cheating.

        Obama said, “You are not going to believe this, he’s cutting holes in the ice!”

        Y’all Beware! Laughter is good medicine, so let the government log and track these jokes. It will do them some good – I hope!!

      64. My nephew just moved to Washington D.C. to work for NSA on “cyber” stuff. He was recruited out of college and paid to go back to school and get his masters in the field. He is the mega-genius type and I’m sure TPTB has had their eye on him for quite some time.

        My family is sooooooooo proud of him and I’ve listened to them go on about what great work he will be doing. Needless to say, I had to do a lot of tongue biting. I kept wanting to say “do you know what he really is going to be doing…”. My family are hard core Repubs and you would think they might have a better clue as to what his work at NSA might be.

        I have another mega-genius nephew working on his PHD at an ivy league school. Guess what his area of expertise is…yep, nano-engineering. He’s fascinated with the drone technology but is leaning more toward the chemical/biological aspects.

        Again, family very proud and me sitting there biting my tongue. When my nephews took their SAT’s and their IQ’s started to become known….”people” started coming out of the woodwork to recruit them.

        A part of me wants to say, “sorry world, my family genetics will be contributing to the coming loss of freedom and privacy”. But then they are family so what do you do?

      65. This is why I am as anonymous as possible on the internet. I don’t twitter, I don’t have a facebook or myspace account and I certainly don’t post comments under my real name.

        It’s not that I am trying to hide anything. I am a law abiding citizen that loves my country. I just like my privacy, what shred of it is left.

        • It’s my understanding that even if you post anonymously, they can track you by your IP address.

          There is no anonymous anymore. THEY know who you are.

          In the early stages, they are trying to scare us – to keep us from accessing sites like these or other freedom loving or conservative blogs – even if they are totally innocent. They also are trying to stop us from posting for fear of retribution.

          Stage 2 is the scary part – where they start coming after political adversaries – not to kill or imprison them, but to intimidate them and threaten them that they might.

          Stage 3 is when they get serious, round everyone up & take them off to prison or execute them. I guess whoever gets rounded up is the group who is criticizing the current administration (be it big spender, big government, Patriot Act, Homeland Security, John Roberts Bush, incompetent Barack O-Idiot, Unknown Romney or whoever…..)

        • Hey, what’s twitter and myspace…and a facebook…like the facing to keep the book clean???

          I don’t do any of those but am here more than I should be..but once known, why stop??

      66. God has been tracking my every move for 57 years. Knows my highest and lowest thoughts. NSA= small potatoes.

      67. But really who has that kind of time to keep up with all the information they can gather on all of us?
        I can barely keep up with posts on this SHTF blog alone, never mind keeping track of fellow citizens.

        • think code words, on millions of pages; and that’s just about me??
          I feel so important now.
          Oh, well, guess they’re real curious about my job today–canned tomato juice and pickled hot dogs.

      68. Mr Blutarsky

        First I liked your line in Animal House, “When the Germans bombed Pear Harbor”; it’s a classic and not too out of line with the current knowledge of many.

        If they rounded up everyone that thought like Stage 3 the effort would certainly arouse the remaining that, “Wow, something is big time wrong”.

      69. The only saving grace is they do NOT have enough people to do shit! We out number them 100 to 1.

        • Nam Marine: I believe that is the precise reason they are creating this data. They need a head count. I think they would catagorize people by age, opinion, pysh, military training ect. Then put them in anoter catagory of something like passive, neutral, agressive. Then they can crossreference the agressive people with other data they can aquire. Then they can get an idea of how many people they need to worry about.
          I know people have brought up the point that the gov’t is normally inefficient. Valid point. But I think they will be very good at concentrating on the agressive types and where they will faulter is in accurately predicting the responses of neutral types.
          There are alot of gun owners that will never bring their handgun out of the nightstand except to turn it over to the authorities. Those are the passive sheep.

      70. You don’t have to create a real strong governmental program for gathering national intelligence on “we the people” when you have so many blathering idiots posting E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. they do, see, eat, and feel on facebook! Complete with pictures, no less.

        • @
          You have hit the nail on the head. The majority of the younger generation, say 14 to 40 somethings have already given out all their information over those sites. The new generation of “big brother” is just compiling all that info and looking for “flags” so they can see if they are a threat to “one worldism/gov’t control. The old school folks (most) are to slick for that. I personally, saw the writing on the wall and told all my friends/family that have fallen for the “facebook trap” to not waste their time looking for me on the net unless it’s via e-mail or on a site like this.
          I think they will be looking for anyone that may make a slip up about rolling in cash and those tied directly to “anti-gov” groups. If you keep your Fed. taxes filed and paid, and don’t set off too many flags, They will see you as a “small ant” in the mountains of “big ants” out there. No worries, just aggravations, until everything is set straight in the near future. Keep your heart and mind on the staight and narrow and F*** TPTB.

      71. Revisit V For Vandetta when the chancellor is verbally undressing his cabinet and the Information Officer replies with the latest trends in word usage among the population. Overlap that with the first Dark Knight film when Batman high jacks Lucious’s Sonar software, and develops a global net of observation.

        It is easier to manage the sheeple when you know what they are collectively thinking.

      72. When I hear people say “Come and get me.” And things like it, I think, what if a unit swarms your house at 0300 and takes you before you have a chance to react? If I were in charge of that kind of op, I would start with targeted individuals. Black bag them and haul them away, leaving nieghbors to speculate on what they did wrong, I would do the same thing night after night. I would never go door to door asking for weapons. If I showed manufactured evidence to local LE I could even use them to do it. They would turn them over to me after detained and then I would do with them whatever the situation deemed. I would carry out these raids in maybe 8 different cities every night. It would get out that these raids were taking place. The preppers, survivalists, and keyboard radicals would be flaming, but their words would fall on a populace conditioned to deem them as looney. I would welcome the crazy conspiracy stuff. Within two weeks, the types of people that have been raided will become apparent and this will scare the rest of those types of people into compliance.
        Thats how I would go about doing it. Not saying thats what I want but lets assume that if lists of people and their activities are being collected, and massive ammo purchases are being made, and our economy is in ruins, what do you think is happening? Its not rocket science. I know that people want to feel like they would stand a chance against a professional raid, but really? Ask yourselves what you would really do if you started hearing that people were being raided that fit your demograpic. What is the very first thing you would do? Because if they come you wont have much of a chance and they will keep the temp just below boiling, banking on your apathy to help them. Just some food for thought.
        I say survive, I say never tolerate your fellow countrymen be oppressed to any degree.

        • Thats why every survivalist site on the web STRONGLY recommends that you cache some things away from where you actually live . the brownshirts ask where your guns are , tell them you had to sell them to buy food …..get to know your state and area well !! Some places are better than others . In my state for example , I grew up rural in one of the ” old west ” counties . There are things left over from the 1800s there that are undocumented to this day . How so you ask ………well because thats how folks who didnt want their claims to be jumped or discovered did things in the 1800s , so today a rancher may find a vertical shaft on his property and wouldn’t ever know it was there until one of his cattle falls in . Other things as well . If you know where to go …..you can hide things with as much confidence as you reasonably can , that it wont be found . Just hide things well no matter where you live .

        • @John735 I’ve been telling people that for years! If you don’t believe the Feds can get away with that kind of actions,then think of this. They can come to your house in the wee hours of the morning (when you should be asleep)kick in your door and drag you away,then nobody will ever hear from you again!!If the local law or any of the kin raise hell about it and want to know what happened. All they have to say is “National Security”now GO AWAY! That will be the end of discussion! Don’t stand out or YOU’LL be NEXT!! Sleep Well!

      73. I 100% agree, which is why I don’t post on any “comments” section that requires me to “register” (purpose is?). I wanted to comment on the James Holmes news, but couldn’t find a single website on the topic that didn’t require me to register. It is preventing honesty and alternative opinions, especially if, heaven forbid, you are not an OVERSOCIALIZED feeling-before-thinking-reaction-bot. I do not know what was on James’ mind, but it is easy for me to rationalize at some level. Imagine having 150+ IQ in the USA today, surrounded and dominated by MULTICULTURAL RETARDS & TYRANTS at every level in every direction? It is suffocating. Maddening. Like being in an elevator stuck between floors, and everyone has gas. Life loses value if you are not part of the “happy herd” that savors the mind-control infotainment dribble in our policy-driven market (high-human-supply, low-human-demand). The environment is favoring the endless reproduction low IQs, immigration of greedy narrow IQs,
        while sacrificing broad+high IQs to industry+institutions that remove all opportunity for parents with time+energy for children. The only fundamental problem we have in society is not “evil elite”, but evil-in-ourselves. There will be no hope if we neglect basic personal responsibilities in life: to provide for ourselves, and any/all children we create (which means the ownership of sustainable land). The “system” should be an OPTION in life for those that truly have something to contribute toward the greater good, and we should not be hatching eggs for the sole purpose of dumping them into the “system” to raise, care, and provide for. It’s as simple as that. James shouldn’t have worried if he could not have gotten a job – he should’ve been happy to return to his farm/homestead, and pursue his interests and/or begin a family while keeping an eye out for other opportunities in the future as desired. We are creating our own state of desperation by thinking of “systems of men” as “endless abundance”.

        • He could have also left the country , this isnt the only nation that could benefit from high IQ’s , on the other hand , my attitude is why let the mongrels and trogs force me to leave my own country , its better to kill them or make THEM leave . If his IQ was so high , would it not have been better spent planning and organizing a resistance group of rebels to save the country instead of random shooting and blowing it all ? “nobody ever won a war by dyeing for their country ……wars are won by making some other dumb SOB die for theirs ” same goes for belief systems .Spray and pray out in the open , or careful sniping in order to leave and return to fight again while creating casualties for your enemies . He was short sighted , then again , mental illness turns YOU into the trog .

      74. Its supposed to be this way as it will usher in what the bible calls the tribulation.John 16.

        • This is part of the problem. The persons on the planet with some of the highest degrees of moral character (generalization, I know), are sitting back and allowing evil “to take its coarse” just so they can more quickly see the Messiah. Have you ever stopped to consider just how wrong that seems and just how against the Messiah’s earthly example that is (not to mention the full context of Scrpture). Why would inaction against evil ever be rewarded?

      75. “the NSA now building a massive surveillance facility in Utah capable of monitoring and logging multiple yottabytes (1 Trillion Terabytes of information) of data like emails, cell phone communications, text messages, shopping records and social network interactions”

        Is that how Romney ended up a presidential contender? Anyone know how many Mormons were involved in that? Was that a payoff?

      76. You people mostly need a lot of help.

        • I agree, there are alot of unstable types in this subculture. There are alot of good people too. This subculture is booming because a SHTF scenario represents freedom, or the ability to test ones self. Competitivness if you will. My team against the chaotic masses. Most of these people have no illusions however, they see a SHTF scenario as a horrific event, and it would be.
          Freedom is important to those in this subculture,the assaults on freedom, privacy, regulation, whatever you want to call it is causing this subculture to expand. People who pay attention say to themselves, “Well why would they need to do that, or why would we need drones flying over our cities?” ECT. People who dont care dont see these things as a problem. They are content to live their lives without thinking about these things. Heck, they are probably alot happier.
          Alot of people throughout history have said that “we are immune from that, we are too enlightened, blah, blah, blah.” And they and their societies have met with harsh times.
          Politically the world is in turmoil, economically the world is in turmoil. Admit it or not, our freedom is being chipped away. The people here know that. If that means they “need help” then so be it. Look on the bright side, if the economy pops, you wont have these people to compete with when looting or standing in a bread line next to you. If it doesnt and the world holds together, the only help these people will need is eating all the food they have stored.

        • James , dont let the door hit your ass on the way out .

      77. About 330 million people, PLUS millions more around the planet that they are profiling. No way. They can’t possible keep up with this, so they need to scare everyone. Not saying they aren’t collecting, but just saying they don’t have the resources, YET, to do this. That is why we get to hear the whistleblowers still. When they do have all they need and have the means to do it, then a silence will fall and then, yes, they probably are collecting.

        But there is no way they can know every detail. Does he pick his nose? Does she masterbate? How often does that married couple copulate? Highly doubtful. But they are looking for organization associations, that are not favorable to the Gov.

        Eventually, though, they will be watching everything…while you dress, toilet, sleep, eat, and everywhere you go. Unless its stopped.

      78. SO WHAT ? They do NOT have enough people to do shit!

      79. In the hope that the NSA is monitoring comments on this board.

        Fuck the NSA 🙂

      80. How do they plan on continuing to surveil us once the electrical grid goes down (due to their own nutty global warming policies)?

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