Nowhere to Go: 85% of College Graduates Will Return Home Jobless

by | May 24, 2011 | Headline News | 62 comments

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    Saddled with debts that will take years to pay off, college graduates are finding it almost impossible to acquire any sort of meaningful labor in this much touted jobless recovery.

    After graduating from college, Malik moved to Boston. There, she worked as a nanny, sold books, and waited tables — a series of dead-end jobs that didn’t pay more than the minimum wage, didn’t require a college degree, and weren’t remotely related to what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

    Two months ago, she ran out of money and drove home from Boston to Lansdale, a middle-class suburb north of Philadelphia, her car brimming with the contents of post-college life: canned food, twinkle lights, potted plants. A dozen of her paintings, stacked to the ceiling, kept hitting the back of her head. When a gas station attendant in New Jersey asked why she was moving and where she was headed, Malik didn’t know quite how to respond.

    She’s hardly alone. Malik is part of a generation of 20-somethings that’s experiencing what it’s like to graduate from college, move back in with your parents, and then get stuck there. Though estimates vary, a recent study by Twentysomething Inc., a consulting firm specializing in marketing to young adults, predicted that of the 2 million graduates in the class of 2011, 85 percent will return home because they can’t secure jobs that might give them more choices and more control over their lives.

    To be sure, having a college degree still matters. Nationwide, while the unemployment rate hovers around 9 percent, the jobless rate for college graduates 25 years and older is 4.5 percent. By contrast, 20 to 24-year-olds who only have a high school diploma are contending with an unemployment rate of nearly 20 percent.

    Source: Huffpost

    That’s 1.7 million graduates who are going to have their dreams and delusions crushed in coming weeks and months.

    How long will we continue to pretend that America’s economy is returning to normal? President Obama and mainstream economists can argue all they want about us having avoided a depression, but that’s far from the experience being had by millions on Main Street.

    The real unemployment rate in America is north of 20% – that’s one in five Americans who can’t find work. College graduates, who have been made to believe throughout their lives that a college degree is all they will need to find a ‘good’ job are getting a rude awakening. For any meaningful position that becomes available, there are thousands of applicants. Heck, when McDonald’s held a job fair recently, there were hundreds of thousands of applicants for positions paying minimum wage. This should tell you something.

    The government would have us believe that economic growth as measured by GDP is positive. This is yet another falsehood, as a large portion of those growth numbers are based on price inflation. Without jobs there can be no actual growth, there can be no increase in consumption, and there can be no recovery.

    The most alarming aspect for those who subscribe to the view that things aren’t exactly as they may seem by mainstream accounts is that the negative feedback loop will only accelerate. As more people lose jobs or can’t find jobs, less money is spent on consumption, leading to even more job losses.

    Don’t plan on any positive, meaningful long-term developments. It’s going to be very, very ugly for the next decade, and perhaps longer.

    Also see: College Education: The Largest Scam in US History


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      1. Good thing those new grads don’t count in the unemployment number.

      2. The economy is fine.  We’re having tea & cookies with the Queen mummy right now on our world wide vacation.  That ash cloud keeps folowing me for some reason. 
        Say what?  Kalifornia is releasing tens of thousands of inmates?  Can they vote?  How many of them are gay?

      3. “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”  or here to lie or here to distort or here to spin or here to steal or here to give away your money to the “poor” or here to wreck the economy.

        On a separate note, boy that obama is one travelling fool.  Wouldn’t you think that the US President would take it easy for a while during a depression?  Why is there no outrage over this?  During the depression Mrs. Roosevelt got tons of grief for purchasing new china for the White House.  The community organizer & his darling wife spend that much every hour!!!!

      4. I’m one of those. Graduated with a degree in computer repair technology. I haven’t been able to get a decent job in the field. I now work in cabinet door manufacturing….manual labor. I’m ok with the manual labor part, but what I know about computers would fill a whole set of encyclopedias, and i can’t get a job working on them? Glad i also know how to farm. My family and i can eat when the SHTF!

      5. We are told daily that this is a consumer-based economy. Well kiddies the entire mess outside of the islamic world and subsistence-based tribal environs has been on a consumer debt-based economy. The con was getting people to finance their future. The economy runs on debt service. Longer financing results in greater interest and fees. More revenue changes hands and consequently more tax revenues.

        We have fought to halt all resource extraction industries to save the environment. We gladly exported production to increase profits from lowered labor costs and increase tax revenues. We ran full tilt into a service-based economy. More entrepeneurs taking in one another’s laundry.

        The harsh reality is college debt is a stupid idea. No not stupid, an idiotic move. Stupid is slow learner while idiot is incapable of learning. But it helps the economy. Collectively we lose a little bit on each transaction, but we’ll make up for it in volume. Think about it, vastly more paying into SS and taxes with minimum wages rather than a surplus of liberal arts graduates adding their idiocy to business overhead expenses aka white collar middle-management drones.

        Wealth is a tangible item, a product resulting from the investment of labor. Management and administrators produce nothing. At best they find ways to reduce cost of production.

        Wanna know where to find sympathy in the dictionary? Oh, but I got a partial scholarship for sports? I can’t turn it down. I got good grades; admittedly they were the easy courses. Had to have time for practice. Uh-huh, like I said, “NO sympathy.”
        Well kids, been fun. The problem is debt-service costs based upon inrealistic job expectations derived from idiots aka believers. No evidence contrary to the common belief is to ever be acknowledged let alone analyzed. Isn’t this the definition of idiocy? Can’t learn. Is the mechanism, hindering the ability to learn, integral to the definition of idiot? I contend that any statement of belief is evidence of idiocy. I know, I don’t know or I opine and be willing to trot out the evidence that currently supports/disputes ___________ (fill in the blank.)

        To know is to have knowledge. Knowledge is always testable by application. If it can’t be tested, it is NOT knowledge; perhaps philosophy. The philosopher opines based upon their interpretation of what they percieve. Quantuum chromodynamics is philosophy with a scientific background. Keynesian economic theory is philosophy with an economic background.

        Eh, had to rant. We’re in deep doo-doo because we, collectively, believed at some time. I opine most citizens continue to.

      6. Too bad they didn’t stay home for that 4 years and learn about doing business on the internet.  By now they could have built a business that generates thousands of dollars a month with comparatively little effort.
        I say again, do not expect the government to create a job for you.  It costs almost nothing to start a web site and all the information you need is available for free internet.
        Break free of the corporation.  Create your own job.  Nobody can do it but you.

      7. My advice to the 20-something graduates? Go talk to the 30-something graduates: they are the dudes that partied HARD: debt, walked into high-paying jobs straight out of school, got a mortgage and then bankrupted the country. You are now going to experience what the 40-something, Generation X went through in the early 90s.
        I realise your education does not go that far back, but there was a big crash after the 80s. Generation X graduated into that crash and couldn’t find any jobs apart from service sector ones. They got called ‘Slackers’ and were told it was their fault the economy crashed.
        Generation X then went about innovating and building to create their jobs. And those were the companies and services that became Web 1.0 and Web 2.0. So, 20-somethings: your task is to work your way out of recession and into a job. And nobody is going to cut you any slack; they may even call you a ‘Slacker’. But you are just going to have to own your future and make it happen. And drop the ‘I am owed a middle class, well-paid job with full benefits cause I have degree’ crap.

      8. Well if they fell for hoax and chains then they have nobody to blame but themselves.

      9. Netanyahu

        Somebody tell CAPTnCrunch over in England that there’s a new sheriff in town.  He knows how to walk up & down the stairs to a jet without a teleprompter.

      10. OTE hit the nail on the head. We are coming to grips with the fact that we have been lied to by the education cabal and just having a degree and good grades does not mean you are qualified for anything. I work with many educated fools. The real doers I know would be valuable without any degrees. I know many people who went to college simply because someone else paid the freight (they invariably got BS degrees). 

        I suspect that companies in the USA will reevaluate how many managers they need. We have forgotten that management is overhead. Some overseers are required, but not nearly as many as so many companies have (large corporations are the worst). I also expect a trend away from placing recent college grads in mid and upper management positions based on their degree level.

        I have sometimes seem department directors or assistant vice presidents go on vacation and their absence go largely unnoticed. 

        My opinion on your value as an employee is that what really matters is not what you did in the past in college, but what you can do on demand.

        Full disclosure: I am a college grad.

      11. BJ, thanks for the link. I meant to add this to my “Americans, You’re being monitored” article but it totally slipped my mind…. It begs the question: what, really, is the purpose for all of this tracking technology, Patriot Act, TSA groping and everything else dotgov is doing?? 

        I can only imagine where this all leads 10 or 20 years from now… scary stuff, really….

        but hey, if you’re not doing anything wrong, why should you care if they track what you buy, where you go, who you talk to ?

        Great comments all. Thanks!


      12. When I exited HS in ’73 I had a choice of professions with a future: The military, a factory job,  trade school, college, start a business from home, loser job, prostitution, dealing drugs, professional bum.
        Fortunately, I chose wisely and became a bum. 🙂
        Kids nowadays have a slightly narrowed set of realistic choices: Military, loser job, prostitution, dealing drugs, bum.
        The time honored tactic of marrying well is not included in the above scenarios because it’s such a long-odds crap-shoot. Actually, I’ve tried very hard at that endeavor all my life, but to no avail.
        But there’s still hope……. If there’s any women out there on this forum who desires a middle aged, reasonably attractive man with no felony convictions for the purposes of matrimony, then please respond on this forum.
        Your minimum requirements are: A Very Good to Excellent job *OR* set for life with money (as in Million$); You must be willing to marry a “nice guy” who is a wonderful cook, loves housework, is very good with pets, children, ex-husbands and boyfriends (current or ex).
        My requirements are simple: I don’t care what you look or smell like or how you dress. Your real age is neither needed or desired. I would be charmed and fascinated to hear about every little detail of every guy you dated or married, if you’re the type that likes to talk about them. Nothing would give me more pleasure then to sit beside you and enjoy watching “The View” and/or Barbara Streisand movies. Hours of shopping at Macy’s or Saks looking for the “just right” end table doily or a set matching picture frames would send me into spasms of ecstasy.
        I also do yard work, vehicle maintenance, clean windows, and am proficient in the love-making department.
        I will never contradict you in front of anyone, nor will I ever forget an important date in the future.
        I’m not kidding.

      13. A lot of it depends on what you majored in, and where you live. If you have a degree in Comp. Sci but live in, say, Mississippi, well, good luck finding a job. 

        Also, I’m willing to wager that the majority of the 85% who won’t have jobs? They likely majored in something incredibly non-marketable like Psychology, Sociology, Communications, English, or some similar no-real-skill (read: “Easy A”) area of interest.  

        The engineers (Civil, ME, EE) will have all been interned once or twice by now, and will have had a number of job recruiters knocking on their door.  

        The Comp. Sci. folks will have to brace for impact, and brush up on the basic bits. Why? Because no sane employer wants a guy with no professional experience out there messing around in production code or on production server/router stacks. Your four-year degree in Comp. Sci. means only one thing – you start at the help desk, just like practically everybody else did in this biz. With a couple years (call it three or four) you can start getting into junior admin slots or average programmer wages. Note that this changes as the economy does, occasionally punctuated by an IT-related bubble-burst. The days of getting an instant six-figure salary just because you can write passable HTML or set an IP addy are long, long gone, campers.

        All together, this certainly does not indicate that the jobs are all gone. For instance, I’ve been swamped with calls and interviews for the past two weeks that I’ve been nosing around – the first decisions (and perhaps offers?) will be coming out this week. There are still (literally) dozens of similar positions out there that I haven’t even sent a resume’ for yet…

        But then, like the first sentence says, it all depends on what you know, what you have (experience), and where you live (or are willing to move to).

      14. BJ

        its already being done

        In an Onstar GM vehicle , even though the system is no longer paid for and can be extracted from the black box in the event of an some cases it can be used..against or for you

        I had an employee that drove a company provided GMC product, it got in a very very bad accident that killed one of the can betcha the insurance company had that box information be sure how that vehicle was opperated just before the accident, to prove or disprove liability.

        and with the GM set ups, the car can be shut off..if the police are chasing your vehicle and they want it stopped..onstar shuts it down.

        also..i feel they can listen in on you..and monitor the vehicle at anytime

        theres alot of info on this..Onstar for GM and sync for Ford

        I’ll bet with Government Motors Corp..there will be way more prying into your driving than you will ever think…someday you may exceed the speed limit, and your own dam car will tell on you…ticket in the mail..its coming folks..I aint shitting you

      15. When you get old, it all gets OLD. Having seen the corporate and government sector go through these peeks and troughs many times, they always follow the same dynamic. With all the borrowed cash and the housing boom, government agencies and companies couldn’t hire fast enough. And they wanted perfect ‘oven ready’ graduates with qualifications as long as the dictionary. It got silly but graduates with no real-life experience or any practical proof of delivery walked into six-figure jobs.
        And you can still find floors and floors filled with these guys, now most in their 30s. But what they all seem to share – apart from zillions of on-paper qualifications – is an ability to get as little done as possible. Between web surfing, and work-life balance, their productivity is way below people in their 40s.
        Now, organisations have carried this dead weight purely by funelling stimulus money. But that is starting to seriously run out of road. It is getting harder and harder to carry this tranche of six-figure dead-weight when you are cutting services and boosting taxes. Over the course of this year it will become apparent these guys need to be thrown overboard. You will see leaner organisations: guys who actually do shit (say garbage men) and a honcho (CEO) and then everything else done on short-term contracts and by consultants. It will be the 30-something gotterdamurung.

      16. Now, please take this seriously… there are many good and faithful Catholics who visit this website. They know the one field where there is a severe shortage– the priesthood.  Here’s the perfect time for a new crop of strong, heterosexual men to answer the call.

      17. pretty bad wheen you have to start out a comment with “please take this seriously”…Obviously there’s a problem they need to do something seriously about.

        I wasnt sure if that was supposed to be sarcastic..or not

        abuse is not something to take lightly,, abuse of rights, abuse of personal freedoms, abuse of trust..abuse of ones person..

        theres enough abuse in this world to go around, and lord knows that needs to change..if the Catholic Church cant seem to get any interest in its priesthood, maybe they should look to why that is.

        because im sure most people that would have joined, will no longer , because they dont want to be associated with a problem that hasnt been taken care of

        especially a problem , so anti God like           

      18. “The real unemployment rate in America is north of 20% – that’s one in five Americans who can’t find work.” 

        Does that include the “under employed”, the welders and such who used to have good jobs but are now working at Wal-mart or McDonalds? Typically those don’t factor into the nation’s unemployment figures since they technically have jobs but it’s a far cry from what they are skilled to do.

      19. Although I realize students graduate with a large debt and can not find jobs, because it’s the failed system.  You have to know someone just like the people who are currently in charge of the Western system –  That’s how they got their jobs

        America needs leaders who are intelligent and educated enough to clean the system and know how to create jobs instead of giving excuses.

      20. Many college graduates majored in fields with little to no job prospects even in good times. A close friend of mind put his kid through college and he majored in film editing. That ran the old man about 80K which was a years combined (husband and wife) pay. Well needless to say there was no job forthcoming for his son and the old man flushed 80K down the drain with the son wasting four years out of the workforce. 

        I steered my son into becoming an electrician and while the pay could be better then the $21 / hr with benefits he works steady and get a fair amount of overtime. Trades exclusively the domain of manufacturing are a dead end street. Certified automobile mechanics and others that have “educated hands” that the public needs are are better then traditional college.  

      21. Engineer, science, high tech, softwear engineers, phys. therapists are some  degrees with job prospects.  Everyone I know  with these degrees are working now.  Some have to relocate elsewhere for better pay.  Certain degrees: Physc.,  teaching, communications, religion, are worthless.  Trade school is a good option for some, and many start their own biz.  Odd Q is right, useless degrees are worthless.

      22. Comments…..when the unemployed college grad hits the dusty roads of mississippi and is willing to really work, i have five acres of grass that needs cutting, a bunch of  trees that need to come down and disposed of, a coupla dogs that need bathing….pay ain’t much but it is work and i am a good cook, and i know of a barn or two that the college grad could lay his head. i have no sympathy..sorry folks, but there are jobs and work out here for those who are willing.

        • caryn your full of shit and mow your own damn yard and quit looking for slave labor

      23. McDonalds had a pact with egghead for reduced health expenses, dollar store is doing well, mechanics are doing well (few buying new cars), last minute cruise boats deals are doing well (free food/poor tips with bed bugs), margins are slim on grocery stores, politicians are whores.  What’s new?  Down to the basics….  Real-estate sales are stag.  Got a farm that is paid for & the internet?  What makes Peter peter.  8 days lost @ sea?  Do you love your bank?  My 8th grade female teacher didn’t abuse me.  Damn.
        Re-cut the scar and let it bleed out!

      24. Caryn you need a couple of calves & three dozen chickens!

      25. @ “C”:

        Yup – there’s a huge shortage of priests out there alright. I’d pitch in, but I think my wife would object. 🙂 

        (OTOH, there are a whole lot of deacons coming up, which IMHO is a good thing. Can’t do all the duties of a priest, but they can certainly take the burdens off of one).

      26. You greying widowers out there can become priests, too.  (Sorry about your loss, but your grown kids will love it!)


        People who go to college whose main objectives are to improve their lives and get marketable skills; they do not want to work on a farm which is far from home or sleep in the barn, for a little bit of nothing, GET IT??

        These educated people want to use their degrees, as required by the system to get certain jobs, so they  can be leaders of their own country.                   

         In the past Bill Gates asked Congress to bring in college students from India to take IT jobs (IT adm., software engineer) ……..   Those jobs should be given to our own college graduates, because a lot of them did not have enough experience to get employment in their majors, so they had to work in different fields. 



      28. I wonder how many graduates with degrees in “worthlessness” (quote by Gerald Celente) would be willing to leave the country in search of better opportunities?
        How many would take to learning a foreign language and emigrate? I doubt many would have the guts to swing it.
        Too much comfort zone for  ‘Merican kids yet. Its got to become insufferably bad in U.S. of A before they start jumping sinking ship.

      29.    re: college grads working a farm or sleeping in a barn

           Ya gotta eat!!

      30. Overseas is not an option either:

        – You cannot live on overseas income
        – Besides you have to know the language
        – You have to have experience in the field
        – If you have a family, chances are you can’t survive


      31. A lot of People harp on how, “so and so” degree is worthwhile and the jobs are plentiful in that field, buuut, the numbers don’t seem to add up. A.k.a. lots of B.S.
        If 85% of the graduates are moving back home, it stands to reason the remaining 15% of them aren’t Alllll engineering degree’d individuals.
        There’s some individuals out there with degrees in the so-called coveted areas, and from the info that is out there, they’re Not able to find work in their fields. And of the ones who do, guess what, according to many sources their incomes are dropping while their costs of living are rising. How’s that a recipe for success, especially if the trend continues and intensifies?
        That’s all libel to get worse as things get worse,… and worse,… and worse,… until… eck, hotdogs made out of sawdust? Is there a link for that? I find that one hard to believe. Unless of course there are People who like the taste of sawdust, are there?
        And what’s the Plan for the future?
        Where does the, “Bridge to the 21st Century” that was put forth in the 1990’s lead to?
        Are we standing at the edge of a dead-end plank-like bridge looking down? Hmm, what happens when someone gets to the end of a plank?
        The Only thing you hear from the Obama administration is: more war, less liberty and spend more money we don’t have. As if that solves anything… for regular People, otherwise I’m sure it’s Bonanza time for the Ruling Class and their minions.
        Also, Jane, I’ve heard overseas income is very good and many People already there are saying it is a good place for those with entrepreneurial leanings. I imagine it is as tough to do as it was for those who came to America from the Old World from 1800 – 1970’s? Some of them didn’t even speak the language, yet they did ok. Some of ’em… Like salmon swimming upstream? Only, People can send for the family later.

      32. @ Clark,


      33. @ Clark,

        Overseas company prefers highly skilled people, (especially in technical field),  and they pay and treat foreigners well [ because my father did this. ] 

        Yes, they do hire some Americans, so they can get American contracts or to seek advice. Therefore, those Americans have no need to speak a foreign language. 

        okey dokey

      34. Unemployment north of 20%?

        At LEAST…! 

        You can add to that all those in menial jobs below their education/training levels, all those forced to live with parents or to double up in accomodation, those forced to stay in school, those disabled and truly unable to work and the homeless…

        Then add in everyone in the military or indeed any other government employment.  They generate no wealth, being a drain on the productive sector of society.  Such people consume the wealth generated by others…  This totals many millions of people, being warehoused, paid paper money constantly devalued through inflation or borrowed money.

        Also include all those working, directly or indirectly, for government contractors.  You can add in lawyers and employees of such enterprises as driving schools, which only exist to satisfy some artificially-created government demand.  Many more millions.

        But that’s not all…

        To arrive at a true figure we should add many further millions of people who work in businesses, small or large, that WOULD NOT EXIST were it not for artificially cheap credit courtesy of government counterfeiting via the Federal Reserve.  That institution’s maintenance of low interest rates enables spending beyond the availability of saved capital or the productivity of the nation.  These people include every frilly and unnecessary maker of salad shooters, poodle groomers, car detailers, real estate agents, nail salons, granite coutertop installers and so on…

        While there is room for argument in the last caategory you will agree that if interest rates reflected the TRUE cost of credit, any borrowing would be prohibitively expensive and leverage all but impossible.

        I’d say the true “un/underemployment” figure is north of 50%.

      35. I know quite a few Mr. G.   They go on cruises for “three hour tours” with 5,500  others on one boat, play in the sand box, take long flights because they like to fly to other countries that they will never visit or land, travel under water for months at a time with no windows to look out of & take long stressful hikes in the mountains.  Many do it for little pay and give blood but the bar is set high to be special.  Many know many languages & use them in their jobs.  Tens of thousands do it while you sleep every night.  They go to school after their 12 hr days at work for years at a time.  Gay special rights are forced on them too but that’s just what I hear.

      36. I wish my youngest had stayed home the last 4 yrs and learnt how to do things to survive the next 60,

      37. awesome… ;0) just curious… ummm at what point do the citizens of Fascist Toxic AmeriKa pull their head out of their asses!

        I’d like to mark my calender!

        So I can be ready for the eventual Armed Uprising – cause nothing else is going to stop the Self Destruction of Capitalist NWO Controled America!!!

        Bunch of Simple Simmon Fookers!

        Thanks – Tekro

      38. Comments….. My daughter completed college three years ago with a degree in education. She landed a teaching position in an elementary school and is doing well. I do still fear for her because of current county cutbacks that have begun across the state. My son just finished his two year stint at a community college and currently works with me in my business. There is nothing out there for him at the present time for the field he chose.

      39. Lawyers seem to be busy.  When they get bored they go into politics.  Most of them are dims then they go over to England and talk over crackers with Queen mummy.

      40. My job:

        I am a: cook, housekeeper, medical motor driver, nurse, accountant, office assistant, manager, teacher, therapist, mechanic, computer operator, receptionist, shipping and receiving clerk, purchasing officer, and seamstress. I never went to college. Have just a high school education.

        I do not get paid for my job. I work 18 hour days, seven days a week with no vacations, no sick days and no personal days.

        I am a housewife and stay at home mom. But there is a catch. My daughter is physically and mentally handicapped. I stay home by default cause the school cannot handle her needs.

        My husband and I do all this on his income. We both need new cars, the house needs some repair as well. I would love to have a chance to get a “job”…even min wage….to help with the piling bills.

        You see I have a job. I have a very important job but since that job centers around keeping my daughter out of a nursing home it’s not considered work.

      41. @ Anonymous: I surmise you’re talking about kids in the Navy? Well, sure that is challenging for them, but not strenuous. What you are describing is a controlled environment in which they have instructors for every possible  aspect of their training. Never mind the pay as they do it for ideology or patriotism or tuition assistance. This also means they get support on all levels despite their lengthy deployments. Now, lets set the military aside for a moment, and tell a college graduate that they can’t find any work in the homeland, and so they have no other choice but pack up and go overseas oh their own, WITHOUT ANY SUPPORT, WHETHER IT BE MILITARY OR OTHERWISE. How many will do it? Very few will venture out. I’ve personally done it myself without anyone holding my hand or any money in my pockets.
        This takes genuine guts and determination. Up until recently, College graduates literally expected to land a six figure job, get a mortgage and become vested. Not anymore.
        Its too bad, the government uses these kids as pawns saddling them with ridiculous amounts of debt that has to be repaid, or else…
        That’s why military will have no problem finding cannon fodder as economy deteriorates by the hour and there are no other prospects for them anymore.
        Remember, the Soviet Union had collapsed on its face not through Communistic ideology but through complete financial meltdown of military industrial complex. U.S. is up to bat for that also. Just a matter of time.
        @Jane: Don’t be delusional by thinking you don’t need to speak a foreign language while working in a foreign country. This mode of thinking won’t get you far.

      42. OMG, Odd Questioner! You ARE good. I AM from Mississippi, and before I got my degree in comp. rep. tech., I got one in psychology. Gotta disagree with you on one thing, though. Psychology was no “easy A”. Where i went, it actually was one tough mother! But, then, the prof. had been a professional. No slackers in her class.

      43. College grads come out of school with an attitude. It will take a few years for the chip to get knocked off their shoulder. Once they get out they find a job at Home Depot or something, and they just muddle along. When their car breaks down or something bib happens they go crying to Daddy for help… All the while losing the little knowledge they got it school.

        They do alright  till the roommated they are living with start to fall away BACK HOME. They don’t make enough to live on their own unless they give up the party life they are trying to hang on to.
        Alot of they will screw off till they get 30 yrs old. Gen Y and Gen Me think they deserve a BIG break after college as a reward. Little do they know they are falling way way behind.
        By the time I was 36 I had my house payed off.
        Suck on that college grads.

        Good luck you’ll need it. Reality is going to kick you in the teeth.

      44. SOU needs a welding instructor. But first we need a few carpenters to rebuild the burned-out welding shop. Might even need a fire control and safety instructor if the budget allows. Advanced degree required for all positions. Must be fluent in Okie accents. Citizenship optional.
        We are also considering opening a School of Tatooing and Piercing. I hear that’s a growing field. Anybody know where I can get John Deere Green body ink?

      45. Scar–you are such a lying sack of crap! You make me proud to be of the same gender. I’m almost in tears. Way to go!!

      46. I was unemployed myself for a long time. Even with a college degree and many years of experience I could not land a job that paid more than 12 bucks. So I started looking to get in business for myself. Of course buying into a franchise was out of of the question. BUT… I found a great company that helps me and many others to put food on the table while we assist others in preparing for the difficult times ahead. My team is looking to expand nationwide This can be full time or part time, you set your own schedule.

      47. I never understood why anyone would attend an institution that narrows the mind the farther you go.The 85 percent that move back home should feel lucky, The other 15 percent probably have no place to go. All the years of stuggling.All the years of being a number,being cut for the bottom dollar.Going to work and being told “We love your work,you do a great job but we can’t afford to keep you” yet they keep the incompetant fumbduck next to you who makes 2 dollars less than you. Several years ago I told my wife my day would come. I don’t know if anyone has noticed or not but there is a kind of mini revolution going on.It’s not for eveyone because not just anyone can do it.If you want to join all you have to do is sit down,take a good hard look at what skills you have,get your tools and get to work.This mostly for the blue collar types,it’s kind of hard to go door to door with a degree in business management looking to see if they need any work done whereas if times get really tough I can strap on my tools and find work anywhere.Luckily I have a large network of clients that keep me very busy. I0m trying to post this using a Kindle and it sucks because I have too much to say.

      48. Rachel said
        I would love to have a chance to get a “job”…even min wage….to help with the piling bills.
        You see I have a job. I have a very important job but since that job centers around keeping my daughter out of a nursing home it’s not considered work.
        I admire you Rachel.  Me and my wife decided that we would never put our kids in a daycare, one is “mentally retarded” by school standards.
        Our situation is reversed.  My wife works part time for a local restaurant, and I stay home full time with the kids.  That is possible because of my internet businesses.
        I invite you to my newest website
        I set it up yesterday to help those who want to create their own job and get out of the corporate world.  There is not much there yet, but I will work on it as I have time.  I will also answer any questions left in the comment sections.
        Good luck.  And you are doing the right thing even if it means driving around a less than new car.  If more people were willing to make that sacrifice for their kids, we would not have so many kids in the mental shape they are in now.

      49. Rachel,
        you might not be adding income with a paycheck to your household every week, but what you ARE doing is a job that has rewards in other areas for more important in life. Plus you are leaving a legacy and not a void….your children are lucky and you will be blessed, your job you do do is of thee utmost importance.
        Shellie and I made an agreement before we got married that no matter what, we would not “daycare” our kids, that someone would be home with them and that they would be home schooled. It has been tough, but in reality, daycare would of eaten a large portion of our disposable income up had we both worked out of the home anyway. I tell Shellie all the time the job  she has is thee most important job of her life….and it is, she just has to wait in many ways to see the rewards.

      50. LEAH,
        Not sure where you live, but things must be going exceptionally well there. My wife looked at your site and watched the videos and did some calculations while looking at the prices adn WOW!!! That is some rich eating….extremely high end prices. Unfortunately don’t think that would fly here in Michigan at all….at least not around these parts

      51. On that McDonalds job fair: just under one-million showed up. McDonalds turned away 94 percent of them.  And this for part-time jobs that pay less than $200 a week.

      52. @ mr. G:   Don’t be such an idiot, it seems you can not understand simple English.  reread what I said and here it is:

        Overseas is not an option either:

        – You cannot live on overseas income
        – Besides you have to know the language
        – You have to have experience in the field
        – If you have a family, chances are you can’t survive

        Next time read and understand what is said before you go into an attack mode, okay.

      53. Man, I wish someone would have told me getting an education was a waste of time and money! Well, at least I got through it without any government aid or never ending loans.  But still, now what am I going to do? It’s too late for me to uneducate myself. And I can’t move back in with the family since I have one of my own. I know, I’ll tap my Ruby Slippers together…there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…

      54. The typical American family is living under the comfortable delusion of ‘That 70’s Show’ as far as what America IS, WAS and WILL BE. Not a clue or a concern for the economic holocaust that is about to unfold, with all its social and political consequences that will leave them barely subsisting, if at all, and fearing for their daily lives.

        The initial reality and panic will set in only after broadcasts of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and ‘Desperate Housewives’ are suddenly ‘blue screen’ canceled due to a cessation of advertisement funding from the massive overnight bankruptcies of consumer product corporations.

        Then they, who couldn’t boil water in Hell, will have just under 72 hours to totally deplete the last of the ‘Just-In-Time’ national inventories to obtain all their basic needs for the next decade — sorry, all transactions only in cash!

        If the starvation, exposure and thirst doesn’t kill you, the massive, boundless stench of rotting corpses WILL!

      55. Smells like death. Wyatt Earp: [T]he law is coming! You tell them I’m coming . . . and Hell’s coming with me! You hear?! Hell’s coming with me!

        Bring out your dead…

      56. ‘The gods of death and destruction have arrived. And they have brought the children.’

        Overheard by a captive US soldier as a NVA officer reported to his commander the detected presence of ‘green faces’ (SEAL team) not far off in North Vietnam.

      57. Frank, Are you the Frank Williams of GSI?

      58. May 20, 2011

        Mainstream Media Finally Acknowledging College Bubble

        The National Inflation Association would like to congratulate its members for helping spread the word during the past week about America’s college tuition bubble and how college education is the largest scam in U.S. history. After NIA’s release of ‘College Conspiracy’ on Saturday, May 14th, over 340,000 people have watched the documentary in its first six days of release, with many thousands of Americans tweeting about the movie on Twitter and sharing the movie on Facebook. Because of your help in spreading NIA’s message, the New York Times finally felt compelled to admit the truth and write a cover story Thursday morning discussing some of the facts that NIA exposed in ‘College Conspiracy’. Bloomberg, NBC News, the Washington Post, and many other mainstream media outlets, also came out with their own reports in recent days exposing some of the facts from ‘College Conspiracy’.


        May 16, 2011

        College Education is a Scam Says New Documentary

        NIA today officially released the most comprehensive documentary ever produced about higher education in the U.S. NIA’s hour-long documentary called ‘College Conspiracy’ exposes the facts and truth about America’s college education system. ‘College Conspiracy’ was produced over a six-month period by NIA’s team of expert Austrian economists with the help of thousands of NIA members who contributed their ideas and personal stories for the film. NIA believes the U.S. college education system is a scam that turns vulnerable young Americans into debt slaves for life.


      59. Ohhhhhh, not entirely ‘jobless’!

        What’s the difference between ‘cannon fodder’ and ‘college fodder’? Ahhh, about $25,000 in student loans!!!

        Students to be Forced into the Military to Repay Debts

        We also recently commented on how the US college system draws people into large debts (Debtucation) and how student debt is now larger than credit card debt in the US. It is the US Government itself that has made college education so expensive by offering student loans to anyone who can fog a mirror but again they have shown their intentions by making student loan debt the only debt which can not be forgiven. A 2005 decree from the Bush Administration stated that student loan debt could not be dissolved through bankruptcy proceedings. The only other scenario where this “no-escape” clause exists is debt from criminal acts and debt from fraud. In other words, student loan debt is seen, by the US Government, as being similar to proceeds from crime!

        What will this mean with more young Americans in student loan debt than any other time? It’s anyones guess but it would not be out of the realm of possibility to force students who can not pay off their debt into the military to repay their debt.

        And with the US military with 800 military bases worldwide with US military personnel in 156 countries and US Military bases in 63 countries and currently occupying or attacking Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and with other drone operations in places like Yemen and Pakistan, the US is all but ensuring that it is screwing around in enough places to eventually draw in one of the big boys. Russia, China or Iran.

        The Door is About to Shut for Americans

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