Now We Have A “Hot War” With Russia & We Are Being Warned That “WW3 Can Only Be Nuclear”

by | Mar 4, 2022 | Headline News | 41 comments

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The End of the American Dream under the title: Oh Great – Now We Have A “Hot War” With Russia And We Are Being Warned That “World War Three Can Only Be Nuclear”.


    We are watching a slow-motion horror show unfold right in front of our eyes, and nobody seems to have a way to stop it.  The vast majority of the global population did not want World War III to happen, but it has started anyway.

    For years I have been warning that such a conflict would erupt if we did not change course, and now here we are.  I am very angry at Vladimir Putin for launching a full-blown invasion of Ukraine because he didn’t need to do that.  And I am also very angry at the Biden administration, European leaders, and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for endless provoking the Russians and for refusing to negotiate an agreement that could have settled all of this peacefully.  I blame both sides for the war because in my opinion it could have been avoided so easily.  But now that World War III has begun, there will be no going back.

    On Thursday, the head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service made a statement that should be a major league wake-up call for all of us.

    According to Sergei Naryshkin, Russia is now engaged in a “hot war” with western powers…

    Also on Thursday the head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), Sergei Naryshkin, issued a series of bombshell statements which may reveal Moscow’s broader aims in the war concerning how Russia’s sees its ultimate security aims. Naryshkin said that “for us this is no longer a Cold War with the West but a hot war,” according to Interfax. He said in the rare statement that “Russia now has a real chance to put an end to the war that has been waged in the Post-Soviet space for the past 30 years” – as also quoted in TASS.

    If that is how the Russians really view things, that is extremely sobering.

    Because a “hot war” between two sides armed with nuclear weapons has the potential to spiral out of control very easily.

    In fact, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov just brought up the specter of nuclear war during a rant in which he directly compared the United States to Nazi Germany…

    “It is clear that World War Three can only be nuclear.”

    So does the Biden administration actually want to fight a nuclear war with Russia?

    If it does, I hope that the Biden administration will be honest about this so that millions of us can get out of the way before it happens.

    If it doesn’t, then we should try to find a peaceful way out of this mess.

    Unfortunately, it appears that a peaceful solution isn’t going to happen any time soon.

    After talking with Vladimir Putin for about 90 minutes on Thursday, French President Emmanuel Macron warned that “the worst is yet to come”

    French President Emmanuel Macron thinks “the worst is yet to come” in Ukraine after talking with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday, according to multiple reports.

    A senior French official said Macron’s warning came after the two leaders spoke for 90 minutes, which did not yield any diplomatic progress, The Washington Post reported.

    The official said Putin was determined to carry out the ongoing war in Ukraine until “the end,” the paper reported.

    We are being told that the Ukrainian people are “fighting for democracy”, but that isn’t exactly accurate.

    Yes, the Russians are authoritarians, but so are the Ukrainians.

    Before the war, there were three television stations that were saying things that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his minions didn’t like, and so Zelensky shut them down.

    And Zelensky and his minions also rounded up and arrested the leadership of the main opposition political party in Ukraine.

    Just imagine how we would feel if the Democrats rounded up all of the leaders of the Republican Party and put them in prison.

    The Zelensky regime is an authoritarian regime, and we should never forget that.

    And as I detailed yesterday, Nazis and neo-Nazis are running around all over the place in Ukraine.

    But in that article, I did not intend to suggest that most ordinary Ukrainians are evil.  In fact, in an article that I posted earlier today, I tried to make it very clear that most Ukrainians are just like you and me.

    They just want to be left alone so that they can live their lives in peace and quiet.

    Unfortunately, that is no longer possible.

    Here in the western world, rapidly rising oil prices are going to make life more difficult for all of us.

    On Thursday, U.S. crude actually reached 116 dollars a barrel at one point…

    US oil prices briefly spiked on Thursday to their highest level in nearly 14 years, as concerns about disruptions to Russia’s supplies continue.

    US crude jumped as much as 5.4% to $116.57 a barrel early Thursday — the highest trade since September 22, 2008. A week earlier Lehman Brothers collapsed.

    Needless to say, a higher price for oil is going to mean that all Americans will soon be feeling a lot more pain at the pump.

    According to USA Today, the average price of a gallon of gasoline has now hit five dollars in San Francisco…

    Get ready to pay even more at the pump – perhaps as much as $5 per gallon or more.

    Some consumers are already paying more than that: The average price for a gallon of regular gasoline in San Francisco hit the $5 mark Thursday. That’s the first time a U.S. city has hit an average that high, said Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at fuel-savings app GasBuddy.

    One California resident that was interviewed by a news crew admitted that “it hurts a lot” to fill up his vehicle now.

    But this is just the beginning.
    In fact, JPMorgan is projecting that the price of oil could eventually go as high as 185 dollars a barrel…

    Brent crude could end the year at $185 a barrel if Russian supply continues to be disrupted, JPMorgan Chase & Co. wrote in a note Thursday.

    Can you imagine what our economy will look like when people have to pay seven or eight dollars (or more) for a gallon of gasoline?

    Things are really starting to get crazy out there.

    But of course, we certainly have it much easier than the people of Ukraine.

    As Russian forces encircle the major cities, supplies of food and energy will become increasingly tight.

    Millions of Ukrainians will soon be extremely cold and extremely hungry as they slowly go mad from all of the Russian shelling that is constantly happening all around them.

    For the citizens of Ukraine, World War III has already arrived.

    For those of us in the western world, the conflict on the other side of the globe will cause inconveniences for now, but it is only a matter of time before we experience severe pain too.

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      1. Sorry Mikey, it will have to wait till we sell the house and bugout to the cabin. After I make a fallout shelter out of a nearby large mineshaft then you can proceed. Stand down until I give you the word or else!

        • The only war we need to fight is against the scum US federal government as our Constitution requires us to do when they become this tyrannical and corrupt and are destroying everything our predecessors built or else there will be nothing left for our children.

          • YOU NAILED IT! The BIDEN regime caused ALL of this NOT Putin, yes Putin did not have to invade but that is NOT what caused this, it started long ago with the USA/CIA corruption of the Ukraine by who?? YUP BIDEN, Pelosi, Kerry and many others, Get rid of these scum and watch thigs go back to better!

          • Get the fuck out of my country, traitor. Fuck you.

          • Get the fuck out of my country, traitor. Take your worthless ass to Russia you piece of shit.

        • I can just hear President Trump today, speaking to Putin. Even though this war would have never started under Trump.

          “Puty, Puty, Puty. What am I gonna do with you? This is what I will do. If you use a thermobaric bomb on Ukraine, I will drop a MOAB on each of your 10 most populated cities. If you shut down one power plant, that you have stolen from Ukraine, I will shut down every power generating plant in Russia and in each of its satellite countries and all Russian controlled territories. This would include Belarus, areas of Georgia, Crimea…. If you begin sending warships and material towards Cuba, I will send your fleet to the bottom of the Atlantic. And, if you launch a nuclear weapon of any type into Ukraine or any other European ally, I will destroy your entire country by nuclear hell…… By I, I mean we. The USA. Not NATO. US.”

          Best to Sasha,


          Putin would believe Mr. Trump because he has usually does what he says he’ll do.

          • You are the dumbfuck to end all dumbfucks. I seriously cannot believe anyone would be stupid enough to believe anything about the scenario you just vomited here. Btw, how’s that wall trump was supposed to build looking these days!? And how about those tax cuts, huh? I’m sure you’re rich enough for those to be meaningful ?

            Go fuck yourself with something hard and sandpapery. ???

          • Trump is one side of the US counterfeit coin. Biden is on the other side. If you can’t see it, you’re under the influence of very effective propaganda.

            The Donald is a super-rino — all talk, almost no action. What do you call a traitor who destroys the middle class by shutting down non-essential small business while letting massive corporations earn record profits? What do you call a traitor that gives Fauci a platform for spewing lies and disinfo? What do you call a traitor that funds and recommends experimental injections that are modifying our DNA, killing us and injuring us? What do you call a traitor that refuses to stop social media violations of the first amendment? What do you call a traitor that attacks the 2nd amendment (red flag) and the 4th amendment (random stop and frisk)?

            I could write 3000 words on the POS rino trump and still not touch all the corruption.

            Note: I do not support the communist demonrats in any form, fashion or way. None of them.

            • Yep, it’s easy to write 3000 words when none of them make any sense. Your brain has been crippled by hysterical conspiracy bullshit. There are people who can help you. Please seek therapy…I’m sure your family misses the person you used to be.

              • Funny thing — all those *words* are backed up by credible written documentation. And no, almost none of it comes from the mainstream propaganda outlets. Surprise, surprise.

                Mr Darwin, if you can’t make enough as a paid shill, I hear Craigslist still has ads for crisis actors and the FBI is still looking for paid informants.

                • Put up this “credible written documentation”, or shut the fuck up. My guess is all of this “documentation” is in the pillow guy’s dressing room at some convention hall in Sioux Falls, SD being guarded by the Kraken. Go fuck yourself.

                  • My, my …. what a potty mouth.

                    Let me guess ….. 10th grade education in a deep blue city? Flip burgers at Mickey-D’s?

          • I’m sure Putin would be terrified after watching our military falling apart from clot-shots and catering to the woke crowd.

            That’s not even taking into account Trump’s braggadocio manner and total lack of character.

            • How many military members have died from the vaccine? I’ll wait right here for your proof…oh, and fuck you.

      2. Revelation 6 is here.

      3. Stop the bullshit , your going too far now !!

      4. I wish they could end this war as easy as they ended the Covid restrictions.

        • They can, as soon as it no longer serves their purpose and they have more to gain by something else in its place.

          Just like with Covid.

        • There are midterms coming up….They want you to forget all the mandates and BS over the summer. Then say……..See, we got you back to normal us democrats…you should be thankful and vote democratic

          • Sure, Biden got Putin to invade Ukraine because…mid-term elections ?

            I have no frame of reference; does your stupidity make your head hurt? I can’t imagine being so dumb could feel very good.

      5. War causes global warming.

        that said

        not long ago a neighbor kid was contemplating a career choice and ask me this.

        If I wanted to build bridges what would I have to do?

        answering to the best of my knowledge…
        I said well first you have to have the smarts.
        Then get a civil engineering degree.
        Get licensed and sign on with a bridge building company.
        Draw up a set of plans and get them approved by a senior engineer/project manager and they have to officially sign off on them.

        once construction begins…every pier, beam, girder, cable, nut, bolt, rivet and weld has to be inspected by state and federal inspectors.

        upon completion a bunch of other state, federal and local authorities will have to sign off on your
        completed project.

        he replys
        well why in hell then can software engineers build systems /applications that effect billions of people for clients like Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. and go almost completely unregulated?

        simple …to make ” zero day exploits” possible.


        Lex Fridman podcast #266
        ft. Cybersecurity Journalist Nicole Perlroth

        on Spotify

        ht tps://

      6. Good article. Snyder isn’t jumping on the bandwagon to saintify the Ukrainians and hyper villainize the Russians.

        Mainstream media war coverage is a train wreck covering a train wreck.

        • Agree: what we are mostly seeing is war propaganda and lies. Most of the media knows little about Ukraine and how the country works. Ukraine is not a plucky little fighter for democracy. It is a highly corrupt country run by organised crime. In the gap in political authority neo nazis have continued to gain real power and to build heavily armed militias. We are making the mistake of sending them more and more weapons and cash. How is that going to work out? Probably not very well.

          Come the warmer months and as the war turns into a nasty pan-European guerilla war with many far-right elements, the Muslim and African refugees will continue their long march into the West. And they will now encounter vicious, battle hardened, well armed neo nazis as the welcome committee. Let the fun and games begin!!

      7. There is no where to “get out of the way” of a modern nuclear war. Even if you survive the blasts, the radiation and the fallout, you will not survive the nuclear winter that follows. To many nation with grudges have nuclear bombs. They will fly from the US, Russia, China, Pakistan, India, N. Korea, Israel,France at the minimum. That will be catastrophic for humanity.

      8. Good lets get it over with.
        We have been gearing up these past 3 years.
        So let it go.
        We have had this Plandemic.
        Rigged Elections ????
        LIE after LIE……….
        SEX LIES and VIDEO TAPE…….
        MURDER, DEATH, KILL by our YOUTHS……..
        So what the HELL turn on the 5G or HARRP ….


        I will be sending up Flares.
        I just want to go somewhere where there is Peace and Love………….

        Anyone else want to get on board ???????

        • I’m totally on board with you offing yourself asap. The world doesn’t need idiots with a death wish like you. I only wish he’ll was real so you’d have an appropriate place to spend “eternity”. Fuck you ?

      9. Don’t worry, Biden knows what he is doing.

        • Biden does not know how to clean his own diapers. You forgot the /sarc.

          • What Biden does is intentional, he knows what he is doing.

            Have you failed to notice what has been done over the last year? And do you think anyone else could have done as much?

            • Please list all the ways Biden has wronged you, and/or contributed to governmental corruption, and/or limited your rights. I’ll be here waiting for your extensive and well-reasoned argument. Jackass ?

      10. “I am very angry at Vladimir Putin for launching a full-blown invasion of Ukraine because he didn’t need to do that.”

        Well, what did you expect Putin to do? Continue to sit idly by, with his thumb up his butt and continue the charade of asking the US leadership to sit down like adults and agree to a mutually satisfying security agreement and be continually ignored and blown off by these diabolically evil, warmongering, bloodthirsty, Russia hating neocons like Victoria Nuland and the occupants of every White House administration for the last 8-10 years?

        ” Everyone involved in the conquest of the Ukraine and then the move to get them to join NATO understood exactly what they were doing.”

        The neocons pulled that 2014 coup to take control of Ukraine, install a puppet (Zelensky) who’d do the bidding of the US government, then get Ukraine into NATO so they could establish US military bases on Ukrainian soil – right on the border of Russia – and then place missile delivery systems on those bases which could launch nuclear missiles at Russia. Missiles fired from such close locations would give Russia little or zero time to react and eliminate their ability to exercise their right of self-defense.

        You cannot be so naive as to not realize that the reason these diabolically evil neocon warmongers were refusing to sit down with Putin and agree to a security arrangement that would respect his national security concerns – it was an intentional stalling tactic, designed to keep Putin dangling on a string, falsely hoping that they would eventually listen to him – to give the neocons more time to complete their plans to bring Ukraine into NATO and get our bases established and get those nuke tipped missiles in place?

        The neocons were trying to put him into a position where they could say ‘Checkmate’. He was supposed to allow that to happen?

        • I will gladly pay for your one-way ticket to move to Russia. Get the fuck out of my country.

      11. As bad as things might get there won’t be a nuke war. And while we don’t agree with countries like China, or Russia or N. Korea they aren’t suicidal. Even Pakistan and India which historically detest each other and have real ongoing sovereign disagreements have reasoned judgement and inhibitions about about the use of these weapons. However, there have been a few crackpot maniac US politicians that have said we should be prepared to use them over this Ukraine mess. Total, complete, absolute, unmitigated insanity. Let’s look at that equation – a Ukraine that Russia wants to keep out of NATO, or destruction of most of the world’s civilizations. Believe or not, there are people in responsible positions of power pondering that. Fortunately for us, there are still a few people in gov’t with the sense not to let that happen.
        From the founding of the US all the way up to the crack up of the USSR, America had zero interest in Ukraine. Now, all of the sudden, based on what the gov’t and the MSM (propaganda organ for the State) are telling us, Ukraine has always been an indispensably vital partner of the US. Everything, EVERYTHING we are being told is a g*dd*m lie.
        Meanwhile, the world is awash in oil and natural gas and we’re going to pay 5, 6, 7, dollars a gallon for gasoline. The gov’t reports inflation is 7.5 % on an annual basis. We all know this is wrong, it’s been 7.5 % just since the beginning of this year. If the BLS calculated inflation and the CPI indexes using the same protocols as in 1982 it would be at least 15 % on an annualized basis. Again, everything we are told is a g*dd*m lie.

        • @Tucker:

          Thanks for the ‘Reminder’.
          Research, research and even more research.

          “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
          – George Santayana

          Take it another step further –

          “If won’t remember what was discussed, even yesterday, then you’re an ignorant ass.”

        • Ah, you got your info from Jimmy Dore on rumble. I’m sure you’re a well-informed individual ?

      12. Must…Vote…Harder…next time.

        That’ll fix it. Right Mikey?

      13. As far out as it seems, the truth is neo-cons and globalists don’t see a couple of nukes striking the US as a bad thing. They don’t want a massive exchange, only a few are necessary for their plans. We all know the military has gamed out nuke exchange scenarios for decades, but fewer people know neo-cons have separately gamed out theirs also.
        Only one or two nukes would immediately and completely alter public sentiment for “safety”. The gov’t would interpret the demand for safety as explicit permission from the people for indefinite and total suspension of the Constitution and all rights, indefinite marshal law, indefinite curfew, and indefinite censorship. We would have indefinite rationing of all goods and services including power, water, energy/fuels, and medical care. The use of money would be frozen, and check points everywhere with severe limits to travel. Anything other than total compliance would be punished with arrest and indefinite incarceration. Snitches are rewarded. People discovered to have secured large amounts of goods for private use will be arrested on the spot with all assets confiscated. All males would be subject to the draft, people could be pressed into work gangs without choice, conditions, or renumeration, whether as laborers or those with skills and talents. The federal gov’t would have total and complete control of all resources. The prez would be a dictator and the legislature and judiciary merely a rubber stamp with few if any other duties. All state gov’ts would be essentially federalized. Don’t believe me? Most of this is already placed into the Patriot Act or signed into Executive Orders. Citizens have no other details of other contingencies formulated and authorized for national emergencies, but we know they exist. In other words, a neo-con’s dream for America.
        These psychopaths want power and control so bad they would have it even if they ruled over ashes.

      14. Except that there is no such thing as nuclear weapons.

        • You may be right, I’ve never seen one and don’t know anyone that has.

          A good myth to use to keep the people under control and at each others throats through fear, though.

      15. Your skull is full of shit.

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