Now He’s Sporting A Breathing Tube: Woman Shoots Mall Stalker In The Throat After He Pulls A Knife

by | Mar 8, 2016 | Headline News | 87 comments

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    GanobickWhen seconds count, you’d better have a way to defend yourself because no one else will be there to help.

    According to reports, it came down to a matter of life and death when a Kentucky woman was followed by a man in the mall. When she entered the garage elevator, as shown in the video below, the man followed behind. Neither of them said anything to each other and the woman knew instinctively what was about to happen.

    As soon as the elevator door opened she bolted for her car.

    The stalker, John Ganobick, gave chase.

    Surveillance cameras played in court this week from the Fourth Street Live food court show the chilling moment when Ganobick began to follow the woman.

    She told Louisville Metro Police she sensed instantly that she was being stalked.

    ‘The victim asked the suspect what floor he needed, and the victim described the suspect as being out of it, possibly high or drunk, but when he said the sixth floor, the victim stated she became nervous,’ states the police report read out in court.

    Appearing in court sporting a breathing tube that is a reminder of his injuries after the attempted attack, Ganobick has been charged with attempted murder, robbery and kidnapping.

    She told police when the elevator reached her floor, she started running to her car, but he chased her.

    The woman got in her car and he pushed in behind her and put his hand over her mouth, according to ABC 7.

    Ganobick slammed her head into an unknown object, told her to ‘give me all your money’, and showed her a knife, the arrest report said.

    ‘The victim stated she was afraid that she would be raped or murdered and as she fell across the passenger seat of her vehicle, she was able to reach into her purse and grab her gun and attempt to fire a shot at the suspect,’ the report states.

    During the violent struggle the woman, who was being held at knife-point, reached into her purse and pulled out a gun.

    According to the woman she pulled the trigger, but the gun did not fire. So she kept on pulling the trigger till it did.

    ‘Fearing for her life, the victim kept pulling the trigger of her gun, which finally fired, and struck the suspect in the neck.’ 

    He recoiled, but according to the woman, collected himself despite his injury and started to come towards her again.

    ‘The victim described being afraid that the suspect was turning to come back at her and she kept pulling and struck the suspect in the buttocks,’ states the police report.

    Surveillance footage captured the man coming down the parking garage’s stairs bleeding from the neck.

    Source: Daily Mail

    Video Report:

    Despite the size of the attacker this small tool was the great equalizer in this fight:


    Even this tiny, small caliber weapon was powerful enough to stop a predator from inflicting injury or death on his perceived prey.

    For those who would ban this woman from carrying a firearm to protect herself, we suggest considering what would have transpired had she not had a weapon to defend herself. Perhaps she would merely have been robbed. Or, she could well have been kidnapped, raped and murdered.


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      1. Waaaay to PC…

        • She must have been using Federal brand ammo…

      2. Beretta bearcat, jetfire .22? my recollection is vague. However, good on her. Another POS on his back. Look everybody, I got nothing against ANY type of handgun you carry. They are better than a knife or rock. If you can, that gap above the bridge of the nose and eyes, albeit small, will disrupt any forward progess that the perp will have. If you don’t have the resolve to do this, do yourself a favor and stay at home.

        • You ladies can do this. I was a firearms and firearms instructor trainer for eight years. Those women who had no experience with firearms were easier to properly train in safety, sight picture/sight alignment than those who had quasi backwoods beer bottle shooting episodes. If you have never had it, get yourself some basic handling and training and go from there. The world is your apple.

          • and ladies dont play into the false narrative that you cant handle any large bore pistols ..I have a gal that weighs less than 100 pounds , stands 5’2″ and can shoot a 45 auto and a 357 and a 44 mag, and she never misses ..I pitty the fool that thinks he can mess with her .. because he wont be as lucky as this POS

            Its all in proper training , and the will to learn

            • he should be “sporting” a head stone

              • He will be good advertising.

            • Honestly I don’t see why they couldn’t handle a 44 mag. I mean shit if I can… that and 180 grain 30-06… I mean I’m not exactly large.

              I grant you after shot 12 or 18 or so out of the 44 mag my hands are shaking a bit… but when are you going to have to dump 18 rounds out of a 44 mag?

          • It is harder to un-train bad shooters than it is to train new shooters.

        • Damn son, that’s a nasty hit you’re talking about.

          Always thought throat myself, with a caliber that small. That whole not able to easily breathe thing you know. Surprised he kept coming after that, must have been high as a kite.

          Eyeball? That would… ow.

        • Proof positive that, once again, the best gun to have in a defensive situation is the one that’s available. I have no problem with small caliber weapons since sometimes they are either all the person can afford, all they feel comfortable with or all they can practically carry. No matter what, they still beat a fist when it comes to stopping power.

        • Looks like a Baretta 21A. Never tried it, but it seems to have second strike capability.

      3. He was lucky it was a .22 cal bullet instead of a 9mm or .380 most women carry these days. I have one of these little Bobcats, but only as a backup to my backup.

        • The newer micro .380s are about the same size and weight. If the shooting happened inside her car, it will be difficult to charge her with anything, even if she didn’t have a .gov permission slip.

      4. Despite the size of the attacker this small tool was the great equalizer in this fight:

        God made man, Sam Colt made them equal .. nuff said ?

        • AIn’t no fucking doubt in my mind, EOTS.

          • A bar that a friend of mines wife worked at was robbed (by a darkie) He came in and asked for some water for his car and when the owner turned his back the dark one hit him over the head with a piece of a cinder block. Before the dark one could get another blow in the owner grabbed a .38 special from under the bar and when the dark one lunged at him he shot the darkie 4 times (one shot hit him right in the mouth) only 2 shots out of 6 missed. The dark one took off and the police just followed the blood trail to the darkies apartment and arrested him. Soon after that episode the owner got a .357 and some hollow points.

            • Nice! I can’t believe that dark worthless coon savage animal wasn’t dead after that. They are the absolute ruination of society, no doubt in my mind at all. I have been around them most of my life and I am more than aware of how they are and how they “live”

      5. There’s no way one can train for the circumstances she was in. Deciding to carry was the decision that saved her life. Well done that she hit him at all. Too bad he didn’t die.

        • training is something that makes you aware that this is going down way before your average sheeple would even have a clue

          Being able to read the room ,so to speak. is the best training tool you can ever learn

      6. Go girl!
        I have used a rock… a gun is better. Be prepared to fire it, if you don’t it may be used on you. I can imagine how terrified she was.

        • Oh so can I, having nearly been on the receiving end of a home invasion robbery in a house I was house sitting for. It’s one thing to think about shooting someone. It’s another thing entirely to actually be like “ok, I’m really going to have to do this shit or I’m dead”.

          Particularly since even in self defense you’re likely to get 10 years (for fuck’s sake).

          • Only if you call the cops.

        • And that is why I love the idea of the Taurus Judge or whatever it is. 2 starter rounds of non-lethal. Rock salt followed by bird shot followed by 44 mag hollow point slug for #3. You would hope the guy would get the message with the rock salt. Killing someone is not something I really would look forward to, I would like something where I can not kill him yet get to round #3 very quickly if needed.

          Actually I’d prefer a Saiga 12 gage autoloader short barrel for this but eh. Like how do you explain you are doing this specifically so it will be short, not go whacking into things in a hallway, and chuck a shit ton of rock salt out real real fast before chambering the lethal as a last ditch “I really don’t wanna do this” round?

          You just “look” like the damn Terminator to the jury because the gun is so “scary”.

          Yeah it’s scary. Kind of also the point, they might stop just looking at the damn thing.

          Think that’s what happened in the home invasion, they expected the place to be empty and were just about through the sliding glass door (at 2 AM) when they heard the slide go RACK.

          After that they hid somewhere in the back yard. I could hear em. I told them they had 5 minutes to clear out before I called in the cops, if they were out we’d just forget the whole thing. If they didn’t like this deal and decided to come at me, I’d dump the entire clip into em.

          Yeah they left. Saw the truck go speeding off 3 minutes later.

          • @ Guy, I kind of like that idea of the rock salt and then bird shot. No I’m not real crazy about taking some one’s life, BUT, then again I may not have that choice.

            • AK
              That may be good for you brave old boyz, but if I am scared enough to pull my gun out, I will shoot to kill. Terror does not allow for game playing. Just saying. Here’s hoping I don’t land in that situation, I do not feel excited about killing someone. Men are more aggressive toward women, these types of men are predators.

            • al–The good boy’s lawyer would argue that you intended to shoot even though you knew your life was not in danger. If a gun in introduces into the fight, the time for ‘less than lethal’ weapons has passed.

          • Got a Taurus Magnum Judge loaded with PDX1S by my bedside. Shells are 3 inches long, contain 3 .45 caliber discs and 16 BBs travelling in excess of 1200 fps. Knock, knock…….

      7. This 4,000-year old financial indicator says that a major crisis is looming

        “In nearly every single major recession and panic of the last century, there was a sharp rise in the gold/silver ratio.”

        “So while the gold/silver ratio isn’t any kind of smoking gun, it is an obvious symptom alongside many, many others.

        Now, the ratio may certainly go even higher in the event of a major banking or financial crisis. We may see it touch 100 again.”

        • Well KY Mom, usually when the folks bail to precious metal it is the harbinger that nuthin’ else is workin’. Kinda rough when you can’t draw any water from a squeaky dry pump. But I gets the feelin’ you already know. Do well to take care KY mom.

          • PO’d Patriot,

            I agree. I also see this as a harbinger that turbulent times lie ahead.

            Also from the article…
            Note: Throughout the 20th century the silver/gold in the U.S. has averaged about 50:1.

            “the ratio tends to rise dramatically in times of crisis, panic, and economic slowdown.”

            “We’re seeing another MAJOR INCREASE once again…the gold/silver ratio is 81.7, nearly as high as the peak of the 2008 financial crisis.

            This isn’t normal.

            In modern history, the gold/silver ratio has only been this high THREE OTHER TIMES, all periods of extreme turmoil—the 2008 crisis, Gulf War, and World War II.”

            When I see something that may be of interest to readers here, I share the information.

            Lord knows we all probably have enough stress going on in our lives. I don’t need or want to add extra stress here.

            Take care. Be well.

            KY Mom

        • Kym……do you think for once you could stay on topic????? This article is actually about women and rape, not gold and silver. I would have expected you to have a little more sensitivity about the article since you are in fact a woman.

          I like my .22
          Y’all keep preppin

          • Yo Cookin’Mom where you been? KY moms been posting here since you’ve been shittin’ green. Maybe been wiping your ass. Go easy young’un.

            • Been here since ’10


              I’m older than I look…..

          • KYMom may not always be on subject, but her links are ALWAYS relevant. Be nice.

          • KY mom posts good information, and doesn’t seem to rag on other posters. I don’t mind the diversion at all, and I’m a crabby old guy.

          • The Cookin’ Mom,

            I am thankful EVERY DAY that I live in a state that supports gun laws.

            Take care. Be safe.

            KY Mom

      8. You ask the antigunners to imagine what might have happened to her if she had not used a gun…Point Blank…they don’t give a crap. They just want a gun free environment so people will be unable to defend themselves once we have a full fledged migrant invasion as Europe does now. Do you notice that Europeans are unable to defend themselves. That is exactly where the Libtards want us. Defenseless!

        • yeah they are too stupid to realize they will be defenseless too

          • The hoplophobic libtards don’t care, EOTS! They:
            1) Are on drugs
            2) In gated, well-patrolled communities
            3) Can afford armed bodyguards (like Jay-Z, Beyonce)
            4) Are involved in dangerous or ILLEGAL activities.
            5) Are brainwashed college students
            6) Are sociopaths who want to rape someone’s wife and daughter
            7) Are narcissistic gun owners who consider themselves better than everyone else!
            8) Are sexual deviants
            9) Are immigrants from socialist and Islamic regimes (who really want to rape someone’s wife, daughter, son and family dog)

        • “Not able to” is so relative.

          If you can even get ammo, all it takes is a drill press and a band saw. If not, I mean a mini musket with swappable barrels beats nothing at all…

          Barely, granted, but I’d take that any day over nothing.

          • 12 gauge zip gun from pipe. It’s on YT, you can look, but never build.

        • I totally agree with Taxdn….

      9. Good argument for revolvers, never need to worry about jamming, the snub nose .38 is great for short range situations like hers, she was lucky to survive the attack. If she had a .38 snub nose he would have gone down the first time, or at least been in a better position to take him out with the second shot.

        • Bob, even better with a ‘Crimson Trace” grip set up. Mine is deadly accurate. Wherever the red light lands, is bullet placement.

          • BTW I hope that perp has to intake his food through a straw for the remainder of his days.

            • I hope he tries it again and someone finishes the job , or better yet , he becomes “so depressed” and takes himself out for us

              • I’ve been an AK favorite for a long time but I also realize that “mission drives equipment”. So with that here are some differences between the AR and AK. Just to let you know I have seen at least a hundred different photos taken during the Vietnam conflict on wound cavities, entrances and exits of Ak’s and AR’s. And much to my chagrin the AR’s as far as wounds, prevail. And if you read you’ll notice a lot has to do with the ‘yaw’/tumble of the round. But as it seems that same round failed miserably in Afghanistan in the mountain terrain and new cartridges were developed, ultimately the SOST round. But in house to house urban style I’ll be shouldering an AK.or another .30cal.

                  • PO’d AK is the shit for close (100) yard stuff. I hate AR’s jammomatic finicky pieces of shit. If I had to be shot with one or the other I would be shot with the AR because I know my chances would be a lot less with the AK lol.

                    • I think it also depends on the weapon in question. Both are very capable platforms, but both can fail due to poor manufacturing. Cheap versions of either platform are very hit or miss when it comes to quality (like the old WASR 10/63 AK’s), so I tend to keep an open mind when trying to compare the two as none of the guns I have shot were current military issue. I would take either of them in a fight, so long as they were known reliable weapons in a good state of repair. Then again, I am not really a gun guy and thus do not have the wealth of experience it would take to develop a well rounded opinion on this matter.

                • Stoner intended for the bullet to tumble, but the MIC, in their infinite wisdom, ‘fixed that flaw’ with the M16A2. They also fixed the problem of idiots using the barrel to open crates by switching to a heavy barrel, thus making the rifle weigh about 1/3 more.

          • Pop, sounds like the way to go. What’s all this about the ” crimson trace” set up?

            • Bob, they’re grips you can buy for just about any handgun you own. There is a red laser light that can project onto an object from the grip when adjusted will display on your target (upwards to 50 yards) and will be where your bullet will strike. Very reliable. Just point and squeeze.

      10. Nice shooting, Wedge.

        Hey I used to have one of those. Well not exactly that one… close though.

        Probably old ammo in there.

      11. A gun: the great equalizer.

        • Only if you grasp it in your hands darlin’.

          • I got my first BB gun when I was ten. Grew up shooting and reloading and it wasn’t hard when I went to the range and qualified for the Expert Marksman badge at 17 years old. But whatever. Always some swinging dick that thinks they know it all.

            Oh and I left out skeet shooting when I was 16 and fired 23/25. Was it perfect? No. But out of all the men that day that were on the range I was the best shot.

            Whatever this lady got the job done and that is the thing that counts.

            • Philo, how do you reload for a bb-gun lol. Just messin with ya, my wife is an excellent shot too! For as little experience as she has she is a natural bad ass! I got her a .22 then a .223 with scope and she loves it. She is good with the .357 too. I am saving the brass from her .223 to make some match loads then it will be on! I want to have a match for the peeps in our valley, mens, womens, couples just for fun (cheap entry fee for a small prize) I know she could whoop the shit out of a lot of them lol. I only have 1 serious competitor and I will have to hone up good to beat his ass.

      12. Three words, “More Gun Needed”.

        • Only ____IF mission drives equipment.

          • It’ll make a difference if you got local rabble or more trained resistance soon enough to bring out the best you got. And it might mean you have to leave your house(to live) and hook up with others to fight again. There is always that.

            • There isn’t nothing wrong to give up ground when it dictates. In prior battles, ground was given up several times. During the civil war where my great-great grandfather fought, I think Winchester, Va, changed hands a couple dozen times or more. In front of my desk on the wall hangs a portrait of the “last “meeting” between Lee and Jackson prior to Jackson being mistakenly shot by sentry upon returning to his camp. Lee stated upon Jackson’s death that Jackson may have lost his left arm, but I have lost my right”.

        • If a .22 or .25 is all you have, its all you have. I can’t imagine a situation where it is preferred. A J Frame Smith hammerless is just about the same size. The .22 to the throat had to have entered and exited with surgical precision missing everything immediately life / mobility sustaining with an artery going up, a vein going down and the control cable in conduit in the center. I would say that 60 to 70% of the throat area is a terrific hit that should end the fight then and there. If I was in that situation, frightened to death, the gun would have been rapidly emptied. One bullet would have had a very high probability hitting something very important at 3 ft range.

          I wonder if the hammer was initially blocked preventing the gun from firing as repeated hits on a .22 case in the same area tends not to make it fire as the priming compound just isn’t there as I have experienced.

          • K2, that is a normal thing with federal ammo. I have had it happen a LOT. Any other brand is fine but federal? And not just .22 but .556, and shotgun shells. I had a shitload of fail to fires with federal .556 I mean like 10%! Fuck me, federal is NWO they must be because no other maker lets this kind of failure go by!

      13. All that needs to be done now is for an electric shock collar to be affixed at the throat. This could be activated at 10 minute intervals when the perp doesn’t show up for parole meetings.Oh yeah….make the neck collar out of steel.

      14. Kudos to the young lady.

      15. why the fucking mexican ad before we can see video

      16. She shuld have shot his peckeer off.

      17. Most malls are gun free zones. Stalkers love it.

      18. I love happy endings.

      19. REALLY?!?!? Did she have to bring a gun to a knife fight? That wasn’t being very fair to the attacker, now was it???

      20. Glad the lady in the article lived to fight another day. I hope she trades that popgun off and gets something more reliable. How about a .38 in holster only; no purse?

      21. Good for her! Currently here in Tucson a rapist is roaming around. Poluce are without a clue. Time to go on my evening walk…..

      22. I would have enjoyed that man attacking me, to realized the serious sh…t he was in when I brake his right arm and he begins sit scream in excruciating pain, then goes the femur next, followed by the a neck brake..only pussies pray on women, totally pathetic.



      23. As my mother used to say, “All men are animals but Muslim men – they are filthy animals: sex pests, dirty (wear dirty underwear in swimming pools), pedophiles in a pedophile culture.” As women in Europe are learning, you better be prepared to defend yourself because they are coming to get a piece of you one way or another.

      24. Woman need more training at a gun range & learn GUN CONTROL !
        Not the buttock ?? The head !!

      25. In an ideal world we’d eliminate SNAP, WIC, Welfare, and all the other government freebies at taxpayer expense that do little other than propagate inner city vermin, and instead use part of that taxpayer money to provide training, ammunition, and a firearm for all eligible citizens.

        • Really good point! If you added up all the money that is spent on this low-IQ population of morons, you could easily take it and fund free tuition for university students. We are wasting society’s remaining wealth and psychic energy on keeping a population of sub-intelligent human beings alive and multiplying. The UK has to be one of the worst examples in the West, but the US is tops. I, personally, think we are beyond the point at which it is a ‘luxury’ to even keep this population fed and watered. They contribute nothing – in fact they suck the life out of the West – and they are draining finite resources on a finite planet. Time to sterilize them and breed them down to zero.

          • Frank
            reality check… the bulk of the money is going up, not down, and the 0.01 percent think you are vermin to be eliminated. See Bill Gates and Monsanto pouring toxins on your head, in your food, air, water. They see you as the same vermin that you see others. You are fighting with your fellow vermin for a dime while the Boyz keep. $9.90.

            • Rebecca,

              Can’t say it any better then that. Naturally all the Franks of the world see themselves as vital, productive, necessary to the well being of the world when the truth is they are in the same boat as all the rest of us. The Boyz work has been accomplished, and with the precision of a Swiss watch. Keep them happy with the illusion that ” Of course we will NEVER consider eating you too!” because you’re one of ” us”. You’ve got to hand it to the Boyz, they know how to play the game down to a science, and it looks like they’re going to win without too much trouble ever causing them to lose any sleep at night either. Oh well, what’s the old saying, ” better luck next time”.

              • Bob
                My lack of rose colored glasses came from being a servant to the servants of the elite. I saw them up close. We are not human to them. We are all disposable trash, nothing more. I have no ounce of illusion about them seeing any of us as better than the rest. If I had any doubt… one actually commented that I was a real person not like the others. I nearly threw up. People go on and on like we come in superior categories, but they are kidding themselves. You ever see a Rothschild marry their kid to a substandard?

                • Rebecca,

                  yes, the kind of marriage your talking about are the arranged type, more a corporate merger then anything else. I remember when I was a kid and Jacky Kennedy got married to one the the ugliest, fish eyed looking man that ever walked upright, But Aristotle Onassis was RICH. The funny thing about that marriage was he actually blamed her for being bad juju and causing his son to die. He was the one who filed for divorce, and poor Jacky walked away with a 25 million dollar settlement. Those Greeks are a very superstitious bunch, and their curses are not to be trifled with. Just look what happened to the Chicago Cubs when the owner of the Billy Goat tavern, A Greek, was told by then owner Phil Wrigley he had to leave the park during the world series in 1945 because he brought his goat along into the park to watch the game with him. He was told he could not stay as long as he had the goat with him, so he left the park with goat in tow. Now, legend has it that he told Phil Wrigley man to man on his way out ” You will NEVER win again!”and the rest, as they say, is history. Bad juju from an angry Greek? Maybe, but nothing was able to help Jacky Onassis once Ari got it in his head she was bringing him bad luck. But who else was she going to marry, a mailman?

                  • Bob
                    That was funny about Onassis and Jackie instead of Maria Callas, people were so shocked. I suppose we all have our superstitions but she wanted his protection. I think she had a better time when she started “working” and being a little less of a princess… a lonely and unrewarding career. Of course, that’s my viewpoint because I enjoy my garden and projects so much, reading and learning new things, family, dogs, plus hanging out with friends, and playing cards and board games and other innocuous pastimes.
                    I see princesses as having nothing but attempting to stay as beautiful as possible and that is a hard battle of focusing on your body every day as it ages… I’d be bored. Melania Trump has a spa in her house and spends hours on her appearance every day. Gag a maggot. Plus, it is a no-win. You are never 20 again and after a while you can’t do better
                    than “looking good for your age” and being married to a faithless toad without love.
                    A prince gets a more interesting life running his kingdom.

      26. That’s a Beretta Tomcat 7.65 mm

      27. I love it. Good for this woman to be able to protect herself from a possible abduction, rape or murder. I wonder why this hasn’t been broadcast all over the lamestream media (both written and viewable)? Oh, I already know, because the Government would rather have it so that we all can walk around and be afraid all of the time. Exercise your rights, buy a gun, learn how to use it, and keep it on your person for occasions such as this. That is how the world should work!

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