November Snow In Texas? Experts Warn Decreased Solar Activity Will Shatter All Global Climate Models

by | Nov 16, 2018 | Headline News | 47 comments

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse

    Our sun has been behaving very strangely, and this unusual behavior is really starting to affect our weather patterns.  There have been virtually no sunspots in 2018 as solar activity has dropped to alarmingly low levels. As a result, our atmosphere has been cooling and shrinking, and experts are warning that we are heading for a bitterly, bitterly cold winter. And even though the official start of winter is well over a month away, winter weather is already sweeping the nation. As you will see below, a giant winter storm is about to slam into the east coast, but what is happening in Texas is even more unnerving. On Wednesday morning, the temperature in San Antonio plummeted to just 23 degrees, and that absolutely shattered the old record

    “This shatters the old record low of 28 degrees set back in 1916,” the National Weather Service tweeted of Wednesday’s weather. Tuesday night just before midnight, the city hit 28 degrees, breaking the previous record of 29 set in 1907, records show.

    Typically, November temperatures are significantly warmer. The average high for the month is about 71 degrees and the normal low is 51 degrees. San Antonio’s average low this year has been comparable to other years, but its average high, a cool 66.6 degrees, has been lower than normal.

    Over in Houston, things were even stranger. When Houston residents woke up on Wednesday morning, they were stunned to see snow on the ground

    An incredible sight danced over the cities glistening skyscrapers of Houston this morning and likely caused many to rub their eyes and shake their heads. No, it wasn’t your lying eyes but rather the earliest snowfall ever observed in the city of Houston and surrounding areas.

    It’s official, according to the National Weather Service, that Houston has recorded it’s earliest snowfall ever observed — and not just by a day or two but by 10 days! The previous earliest trace snow was November 23rd, 1979.

    It isn’t supposed to snow in mid-November in Texas.

    Louisiana got snow too. On Twitter, one resident of West Monroe posted a photo of snow blanketing his vehicle on Wednesday morning, and it quickly went viral.

    Something very usual is happening, but the mainstream media doesn’t want to talk about it because it doesn’t fit the narratives that they are pushing.

    And all over the eastern half of the country, approximately 80 million people are about to be slammed by a perfect example of our new climate reality…

    A winter storm that’s already responsible for 2 deaths will bring a messy mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain to portions of the central and eastern U.S. over the next two days. Power outages, travel headaches and school closings are all likely as the storm strengthens.

    Over 80 million people live where some level of a winter storm alert is in effect, all the way from Arkansas to Maine over a distance of about 1,500 miles.

    Yes, everyone knew that we were headed toward a solar minimum eventually, but solar activity was not supposed to drop off this much so soon.

    This extremely unusual decline in solar activity is causing our atmosphere to rapidly cool down and shrink, and this is greatly alarming climate scientists such as Dr. Tony Philipps

    Scientists say Earth’s atmosphere is about to get hit by some record cold – but it’s not because of anything caused by humans. It’s because of a lack of sunspots which means a major decrease in ultraviolet waves coming in our direction.

    Dr. Tony Philipps of says there have been practically no sunspots in 2018, and that’s causing earth’s upper atmosphere to cool down and even shrink.

    Another scientist that is sounding the alarm is Martin Mlynczak of NASA’s Langley Research Center. According to him, NASA’s Thermosphere Climate Index is now showing a reading that is “10 times smaller than we see during more active phases of the solar cycle”

    To help track the latest developments, Martin Mlynczak of NASA’s Langley Research Center and his colleagues recently introduced the “Thermosphere Climate Index.”

    The Thermosphere Climate Index (TCI) tells how much heat nitric oxide (NO) molecules are dumping into space. During Solar Maximum, TCI is high (meaning “Hot”); during Solar Minimum, it is low (meaning “Cold”).

    “Right now, it is very low indeed … 10 times smaller than we see during more active phases of the solar cycle,” says Mlynczak.

    10 times smaller?

    That doesn’t sound good.

    And according to Mlynczak, this decrease in solar activity could result in “a Space Age record for cold”

    “We see a cooling trend,” says Martin Mlynczak of NASA’s Langley Research Center. “High above Earth’s surface, near the edge of space, our atmosphere is losing heat energy. If current trends continue, it could soon set a Space Age record for cold.”

    So I hope that you are ready for a very chilly winter.

    Across the Atlantic, another expert that is sounding the alarm is Piers Corbyn. He believes that the lack of solar activity that we are witnessing could rapidly produce another “mini ice age”

    Solar activity and jet stream forecasts suggest a pattern of cold similar to the historic Mini Ice Age which occurred during the mid-17th century.

    The period otherwise known as the Little Ice Age gripped Europe and North America and saw Britons hold frost fairs on the frozen River Thames.

    “What we are looking at is a pattern of circulation similar to that which was observed during the mini ice-age,” Mr Corbyn said.

    What he is referring to is a period of substantial global cooling that occurred during “the Maunder Minimum”.  If you are not familiar with “the Maunder Minimum”, the following is what Wikipedia has to say about it…

    The Maunder Minimum, also known as the “prolonged sunspot minimum”, is the name used for the period around 1645 to 1715 during which sunspots became exceedingly rare, as was then noted by solar observers.

    During that time, farming became much more difficult and horrific famines erupted all over the globe.

    If our planet is now entering a similar period, we are going to be in very deep trouble very rapidly. Today, we barely produce enough food to feed the entire globe, and so a major worldwide climate shift could potentially produce unprecedented chaos on a global scale.

    So let us hope that solar activity returns to normal soon, because if it doesn’t, the unthinkable is going to begin to happen.


    About the author: Michael Snyder is a nationally syndicated writer, media personality and political activist. He is publisher of The Most Important News and the author of four books including The Beginning Of The End and Living A Life That Really Matters.

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      1. What if this is just the beginning? This solar minimum could last for may years to come. This is a true SHTF event. There will be severe famine caused by crop failures. A lot of crops were just destroyed in the South.

        • Do a search for Adapt 2030; he’s got loads of info on YouTube and updates frequently. Also check and click the Grand Solar Minimum tab for more resources. Ice Age Farmer has much info, too.

          In short, there are a few years to prepare but by the mid 2020s, things will be getting bleak for growing food on most of the planet unless you are growing in a protected environment, e.g., greenhouses, etc. There are maps on the Ice Age Farmer site showing what happened to the world the last go around. Hungry people do crazy things. Plan accordingly.

      2. Weather Wars.The Deep State has declared war on ourselves with fires,hurricanes,cold and snow,and excessive heat.Do some research.

        • I always love it when someone makes a sweeping statement with no supporting evidence, then concludes invariably with “do some research” or “google it”

          lol. Indeed.

          • Sometimes it takes an extreme amount of time and typing to explain everything showing evidence of proof…….so it is better to instruct one to research for themselves. If one is really interested they will “research” or “google” it. I don’t think one should type an extremely long page of proof on this site. The articles posted on this site are here for that purpose. If one can offer proof and sources in a small amount of space then go for it. Sometimes ones opinion or insight is offered as a thought provoking exercise.

      3. And Eisenfaggot will be blaming baby boomers for this in 3,2,1…

      4. “Experts warn” is usually a warning not to take the article seriously.

        Sometimes weather “experts” are right, no doubt about that, but more often than not they aren’t.

      5. All of the climate hysterics are damn fools and liars. One thing and one thing ONLY drives Earths weather…. The sun. Fuck all those hysteric screamers and their money and power scams.

      6. Man made global warming is now man made climate change. It is manifested by any of these three conditions, increased temperature, decreased temperature or no change in temperature.While its “known and proven” that increasing carbon emissions from the US is the major factor Increasing Asian carbon to atmosphere are not.

        They sell the above nonsense to the public.

      7. This was normal weather in central Texas back in the 60s,70s, and 80s.Before they began really screwing with the weather. they had not been spraying heavy for weeks here, now they are spraying very heavy right before this next cold front.

            • They are spaying like HELL here today. Unbeleivable, some doing sharp right and left turns, turned the nice blue sky into a soup of shit! Someone asked why pilots don’t say anything? It’s because these LOWER THAN ANY COMMERCIAL AIRPLANES do not have pilots, they are satellite controlled. In fact all commercial planes now have ability to be taken over remotely. Geoengineering as they now admit to calling it (no longer denied) is right in your FACE! If you don’t believe it then you haven’t looked into it whatsoever and are just a knuckledragger parroting shit. Don’t believe the govt./nato would ever do such a thing? You are really an idiot! Ever wonder where the trillions of missing fed notes go? What is 2+2 ?

      8. Kinda sucks. If our illegals leave it’ll be harder to find a insulator, drywaller, Mason… Good the economy is slowing down. Sarc off..

        Wish it was 28 deg.

        • I wish it was 28 degrees here,,,, that would really be something to see

          • If that happened you could quit construction and switch to plumbing.
            Nobody here has heard of heat tape.

            • Heh, people in Virginia finally figured it out and it’s available. When I wanted heat tape 25 years ago, people thought I’d made it up. Got some in MI when I went to visit family at Christmas.

      9. “…Space Age record for cold.”

        WTF does that mean? When did Space Age records start being kept? Did that start before or after NASA astronauts walked on the moon? Either way, it wasn’t long enough ago to make any kind of trend.

        Dude’s from NASA and Langley at the same time. Where the yarns are twice as big.

      10. “The sun has been behaving very strangely.”

        Well, tell it to stop. [heavy sarcasm]

        “[A]bsolutely shattered the old record.”

        More weather hysteria. I’m shattered. In tatters. [more sarcasm]

        • Take it to a court and have them issue a TRO to the sun to quit cooling the the earth. I’m sure they could find a Liberal judge to dream up some constitutional reason for such an order.

        • shadoobie.

          • “Crime rate’s goin’ up,up, up, up, UP!”


      11. I mentioned this in another post.

        Study the work and modeling done by Professor Valentina Zharkova. Her model seems to fit the data and she has made predictions that match (in the short term) and we will see long term. The Sun – imagine that….:-)

        So far, she is doing better than the GW modelers who have never got it right to date…

        This behavior is not strange if you follow the sun/climate history that I have seen. It appears to be cyclic and the wheel is turning once again in the colder direction.


        • Here’s an interview with Professor Zharkova.
          ht tps://

          Arduino Tronic has done a projection of where winter may come and stay for a few years. ht tps://

      12. In real news, today a federal judge ordered the White House to “temporarily” restore Jim Acosta’s press pass.

        The Fake News and CNN is screaming how this is a victory for rude, unprofessional, narco-narcissistic “journalism” to continue disrespecting a duly-elected president of the United States, and the American People who put him there.

        Jim Acosta is a douchebag who drinks his own douche.

        • This administration should do just like the last and ignore the judge. He has no right to tell the Secret Service who can and cannot have press passes.

          • Put Alex Jones in the seat next to Acosta…. then call on Jones but not Acosta….. watch Acosta lose it, laugh while eating popcorn.

        • Ya, total bullshit, if i were PDJT i would just stop allowing ALL of them into the WH,

          • all he’s gotta DO is stop talking/responding to the sonuvabich….and acosta does give him a way to respond, and put down the fake news…..he’s just another tool in trump’s toolbox to dig at the fakenews media.

        • Do they have assigned seats?
          Reminded of “Walking Tall”….. here is your seat, sir — stall number 2

      13. Remember the emergency shutdown of the solar observatory? Recall the strange pulse that was being detected? Is something more happening?

      14. Ahhh yes time to roll this one out once again ….how long has it been? 3 years??

        ht tps:// ?

        Pre- fact checked but knock yourself out.

      15. I work in the dreaded power industry. You know we cause climate change they say. So they cost us jobs. Complain about there electric bill. Oppose any new building of any type of power producing facility. Whether its gas, coal, nuclear, and yes now solar and wind. They have cost jobs in coal and the railroad. Counties are now passing ordinance’s against further solar farms because of the amount of land a solar farm takes.

        It is all about money and power.

        Maybe we should just shut down all the power plants here while we send coal to China to burn.

      16. The Blizzard of 1977

        It definitely affected Kentucky. Lots of stuck vehicles on highways. Hopelessly buried vehicles on country roads. School canceled for a lengthy period which was a huge issue for working parents. Rivers froze so barge traffic was hung up and totally inadequate salt to deal with it.

        It would snow, then ice, then snow rinse repeat and just pile up. After being in Maine through wintertime, it was very similar.

        • I remember that year quite specifically. My son was born that January and I recall thick ice going up the hospital windows. He was a C-section and in those days, the mother was kept at the hospital for sometime. I stays for 8 days but started getting completely dressed by day three because I was so cold and they’d run out of blankets. Except at feeding time, I’d also walk the hallways to stay warm; that activity may have sped my recovery (now it’s highly encouraged for new C-section moms to become active quickly).

          There was several years after that where I spent most of the winter in the driveway shoveling snow out. Windy and very cold too.

      17. More Blizzard of 1977
        This has a news clip with President Carter trying to allay fears in the face of shortages. Note how high the snowgot in some places with snow up the roof or even the traffic lights. A big concern was all that weight (especially due to ice as well and refreezing as heat rises and causes meltig during the day but with natural gas shortages, it would refreeze. A roof could collapse.

      18. Oregon is abnormally warm this year.

        I am surprised by it and have a winter grow that I started the beginning of September.

        I expected that garden to only make it about halfway before winter cold & rain challenged the plants.

        Instead, we had a warm & dry October and, same for November, so far.

        I’ve asked a few dozen people about it, older folks that have 20+ years to watch Oregon weather.

        They all agree the weather is unusually dry & warm. Many of them tell me about past years when “the snow was 6 feet high”.

        Warm means, a week of temps falling into the mid-20’s, and now it’s about 10 degrees warmer at night. No frost on the truck some mornings.

        Dry means, 1/4 of the usual rain in October and zero rain so far in November.

        It is similar to one aspect of the weather California had during 2018, when a high pressure system parked over the state a few times.

        Something is stubbornly keeping the current weather system in place. It’s wierd to read about normally warmer places getting snow.

        • It’s cold here in Virginia. It snowed on Thursday and about and inch and a half came down followed by cold rain and sleet. Took until Friday early afternoon for all the snow to melt even on my black car parked in the sun.

      19. I know this article concentrates on the USA, but there are other countries. Here in West Wales (UK) for the past two days its been quite warm, temperatures in the double digit (C), which I think would equate to roughly 60 (F). Its mid November and I can walk with a shirt and no jacket covering. Global cooling looks like BS at the moment.

      20. The largest cause of these weather patterns is a shift in the jest stream. Where I live we just had the wettest October in decades. Like I said in my first post, it is the beginning of the grand solar minimum which could last for decades.

        The ancient ones were smart enough to know that the sun was the giver of all life on earth and I guess could be the taker of life as well. Enough jokes aside, this lack of solar activity will shortly affect us all. Geez, why is tomorrow called Sunday?

      21. The author is ignorant of the facts of the 11 year solar cycle. We are in the low phase and the lack of sunspots is to be expected-

      22. if the climate really gets colder and not warmer, all the global warming nut jobs should be sent to concentration camps

      23. Replaced the all-season radials on my car with snow tires. Gave up on my snow shovel and bought a snow blower for the first time in my life. I now own a roof rake for clearing snow off my roof. I’m hoping that life will stay simple and no crisis will arise. Thank God for the holidays to brighten terrible winters!

      24. You, Michael, whoever you are– don’t know the science. I don’t know if its because you don’t have the ability to understand the science or you have stocks in the fossil fuel industry and as Gore said, its simply an UNCONVENIENT TRUTH, which you’d rather just stick you head in the sand about and ignore.

        At any rate if you are actually interested in Truth (which I seriously doubt!) try going to Paul Beckwith website (a climate system analysis) or to Peter Wadhams videos (who has been studying the Arctic for the last 50 years), or to videos with Natalia Shakhova (another scientist studying the Siberian ice shelves). They are all highly credentialed.

        Or to videos with Guy McPherson, James Hansen, etc (reputable scientists who have been studying this all their lives!!)

        Or just listen to radio talk show hosts — like oxycotin drug addict, Rush Limballs or other idiots for your “information”.

      25. Good blog post. I definitely appreciate this site.
        Stick with it!

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