Nothing Less Than Shock And Awe: “This Is A Perfect Storm For A Violent Gold Rally”

by | Oct 23, 2015 | Headline News | 92 comments

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    As stock markets sky rocketed to new highs one particular asset remained off the radar of most investors. For the last several years gold has been all but ignored by both Wall Street and Main Street. It’s been so bad, in fact, that many of the world’s leading gold producers are reducing staff and some have even resorted to entering unrelated business ventures like marijuana and hair care product sales just to stay afloat. From an investment standpoint, gold is laying motionless on the street and bleeding out.

    This veritable blood in the streets scenario suggests that some major trend changes are upon us. With economic conditions around the world worsening and governments running out of options to keep the system stabilized, people are once again starting to take notice of this 6,000 year old relic as a safe haven. Moreover, with China and Russia having dumped over half a billion in U.S. dollar denominated assets in the last year the U.S. Treasury has reported its first trailing 12-month decrease in foreign holdings in fifteen years, and all the while our deficits keep rising.

    Why is this important? According to Future Money Trends, this has happened only twice before. In both cases what followed was nothing less than total shock and awe for the gold market.

    (Watch at Youtube)

    Looking back at the only other periods where the U.S. Treasury had a negative 12-month period for foreign holdings while deficits rose takes us back to 1979 and 1974. Interestingly, what followed those years in the gold price was nothing less than shock and awe with the gold price rallying 92% and 127% in those following years.

    August of 2015 marks only the third time this set of circumstances has happened.

    All this is setting up for the perfect storm for a violent gold rally.

    …It’s still early to call the new bull market for gold, however it appears that there is significant evidence that the Summer of 2015 will mark exactly that… the start of the new bull market with new trends breaking out all around us.

    (Watch the full video report at Youtube)

    There is a major paradigm shift taking place on a global scale. The data suggest that governments in the West, East and in between are losing control.

    Such economic, financial, monetary and political destabilization has almost always resulted in a flight to the safety of physical assets, especially gold.

    This time will likely be no different.

    For more video reports, interviews and commentary like this visit Future Money Trends.

    According to Goldman Sachs the world faces peak gold, but one geologist says he knows where to find America’s hidden gold deposits.


    It Took 22 Years to Get to This Point

    Gold has been the right asset with which to save your funds in this millennium that began 23 years ago.

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      1. Just keep stackin’

        There is absolutely no doubt that the Fed, Obama and the next doofus in the Prez’s chair are going to screw everything up.

        Gold is money. End of story.

        • Screw the gold. That is for folks that have more expendable income than our household does.

          I am patiently waiting on silver to hit that magic number that some have predicted. One econ forecaster said he sees silver going to 7 – 8 bucks an ounce. Nine will get me in real quick like.

          • Amen Passin.
            Wish I had bought more in ’99 @ 4$….

            Be rounded…

            • Yep, you did good eppe.

              A friend tried to get me to buy in at 11 bucks oz, as he started buying about a thousand bucks worth each month.

              I resisted and was really sick when it hit 40, several years later. Then it dropped and we saw the bigger need for the other metals, and sold what we had for about 25.

              We were nervous that maybe we goofed, but soon realized “the other metals” were climbing, and silver was still dropping.

              As an investment, now is not the time; as long term security, anytime is good.

          • Silver and Gold . Should that be our faith. It seems very decadent. But maybe I’m wrong.

          • Don’t hold your breath, it’s not going that low.

            • There may be a point in time that it has a chance to dip that low before it is totally worthless, and is tossed into the streets.

              I doubt anyone will be thinking about wanting more at that point and time in the future. Especially when the reality sinks in that, there is no backside or reset.

            • I agree and disagree a bit with the article ? G&S have been quite solid for years now. Gold has held over 1000 and actually has been quite stable right around 1200 for a very long while now. When you consider all of the manipulation and serious manipulations against G&S it is actually obvious they have proven to be very strong.even if the did pull back from ramped highs. They have shown to be stable for long enough to call it new resistance and support in these zones. Most do not consider that the failing of USD as world trade currency is already in the works and in motion and that is why the metals have stabilized here in the current zones ? It is because China, Ruasia, India and others are buying physical not paper priced like what is traded here in USSA today. We cannot control the markets with paper trade prices, although it did have some affect prior. That has already been built into the current world markets and thus we see prices have stabilized in the current zones for a long while now. This has created a new support and resistance zone. The Chinese have been dumping USTs in vast numbers all 2015 and that is a huge factor. Also IMF and other international banking schemes are openly touting a new world trade currency and giving the Yuan the nod. I would not hold my breath either on prices falling much lower either, for the above reasons. Given all that what most prepper types don’t get is that their health and fitness is their very best insurance and prep !

        • Yea . Until there’s one samwich left on the table. Then golds worthless?

        • This criminality will not end until the criminals that are doing this are rounded up, tried, convicted, and thrown in jail. The market will not “correct”, as Libertarians like to say, until this happens. Don’t hold your breath.

          I stopped buying gold and silver 3 years ago, because I realized this manipulation will continue indefinitely. I always hear bullshit about gold and silver being “real money” and having a “store of wealth”. But how can this be true when you cannot sell it for more than you paid for it and the average dumbass American will not accept it as a medium of exchange, should the dollar collapse? Something only has value if everyone believes it does, not just the few people than own physical.

      2. In the Soviet Union, under Stalin, the NKVD/KGB entered countless homes and sieged any PM’s. In fact I believe that it was a crime to even have a Gold coin or a small bar of Silver. Even a small stash would get you a trip to Siberia.

        As the Bible says, “There is nothing new under the sun”.

        PM’s, Guns/Ammo, food, booze, naked pictures of Angelina Jolie, and are priceless.

        • I get to sleep with a naked woman every night. Guns/Ammo, food, water, all work for me.
          Angelina cut her boobs off.

      3. Gold is good to have.

        Be well rounded and be well…

        • The guy who watches my compound harvested a 8 pt. 190 lb buck.

          Hunting is all about the right time, right place, right shot…

          • Anybody seen my daddy?

            • Bambi…he’s right here….under the gravy.

        • Agree but I do prefer silver for many reasons especially for trading and purchasing down the road in smaller denominations.

          No question the timing is what matters and those that bought when gold was at 650 or less and silver at less than 15 are still looking good ? I am now looking at option trades because I know metals are gonna ramp based on some of the outlier events in place world wide and USD failure of confidence world wide. Can anybody here see the USA or USD getting better in the near future for any reason ? I surely don’t. Even If we get REPs in the new election we stil have all the same problems in place and the massive debt did NOT go away ? Most do not fully grasp the massive destruction BHO and crew have delivered and the depth of it all because it has not played out yet ? So all the dynamics are still in place and will play out.

      4. Yep. Been tough stacking the past few years. Yet in the final analysis – gold and silver is the only real money. Of course, I like 5.56 and .357 too.

      5. The value of gold never changes. It is the value of money that goes up and down.

        • john stiner

          Terrific statement, point well made.

        • PMs do have intrinsic value because of their rarity and the hard labor of extracting them.

          But in a SHTF situation, like Selco during the Balkan Wars trapped in the city, people lived day-to-day, and the tradable value of gold/silver went way down. It was worth more to have lighters, or containers of alcohol, or some MREs.

          If your item did not help your trading partner survive TODAY/TOMORROW, then why should he trade you an item of more immediate, practical value? He may be killed on street tomorrow. It would not be a fair trade.

          Still, Selco did say those who managed to collect gold/silver from others during SHTF emerged very, very wealthy /after it was over/.

          So, the instrinsic value may not change (except for advances in extraction technology), but the practical value can fluxuate wildly.

          • Gold along with lies are satans greatest tools. They will throw their silver and gold in the streets.We are going to learn all about getting back to basics. The hard way.

            • The quote from Ez 7:19 about throwing our gold and silver into the streets is being misused. Gold and silver was the only money in his day. If he had visioned our paper money he wouldn’t had a clue what it was. I believe it’s our money system that will fail. Any way if you believe it’s REAL gold and silver please throw it in my driveway.

          • Very wealthy in this life? What if there is a next? It might be a good idea to cover all your bases. Just in case.

            • honestly, I ended up giving my food preps to mom and dad. Govt is going to confiscate it anyway, and I couldn’t lie to save my life.

              At least, i hope i am wise enough not to do wrong just to save my life. i guess we never know till that moment.

          • The only problem I have with Selco is toilet paper. When you are on a starvation diet you don’t need it at all. Try it sometime . In starvation mode your body uses everything . Ask any distance runner. Your body will burn everything. And release nothing of value.

          • He also said the metals could purchase such things as AKs and ammo in the beginning once it was obvious money was worthless. And food items as well. Argentina and Venezuela were the same for a period.

            • Yes! I forgot about that. He did say they had value at first, and then not so much. Makes sense

              • What will save you is your skills, your physical fitness/health and a clear mind ! all else is quite worthless. I have been to hell and back several times and know these things for a fact.We area all living on borrowed time. But there is no guarantee that anybody will survive what is coming at us. so a good reason to get right with your maker well ahead of time in all things! I have been blessed in many ways and simply try to pass it on.

        • I have to say this every time I see it.
          Money is not wealth, it is a means to
          transfer wealth.

      6. Not many have enough money to afford gold at $1150 an ounce or even the one tenth ounce or per gram cost. Add in the sellers overcharge and a very small minority realistically can hold gold. In today’s world with the overall cost of living, if you can afford gold you don’t have financial problems in my view. End the Fed. Like that will ever happen. When hell freezes over. Forget it.

        • I agree.

          Gold bars/coins/nuggets, are security blankets for folks just as our food stuffs are our security blankets.

          I wish all the gold investors much luck and success. I hope it will someday pay off for them big time.

          Our gallon freezer bags full of dried apples and venison jerky are more of the security blankets we see as highly beneficial.
          They require no refrigeration and keep a very long time, if prepared right. Not to mention that a sandwich bag of each, left on a few old lady’s door knobs at Christmas makes the spirit of Christmas even sweeter.

          I have been time testing a half gallon bag of jerky that we made five years ago. It stays in the pantry. About once every six months i get it out and look it over good for any mold and then pick out a couple pieces to taste test.
          So far, it looks, smells and tastes, just like it did the week after it was cured off and bagged.

          That’s security with a double bonus, actually triple, if you count the fact that is awesomely delicious.

          I have a sweet & sour recipe that i posted here several years ago, and it is one of the best i have ever made.

          My step daughter begs for it for her birthday and Christmas.
          She shares her maryjane with her big city friends, where she lives, without a second thought. But the jerky, she says “they got to be special to get any of this, as she grins and zips the bag shut”. i get a big kick out of her and her jerky bag.

          • Amen Passin.
            Once you have your ducks in a row, what does one do to make money in this enviroment???

          • passin — For those of us who missed it the first time around, would you consider re-printing that sweet-&-sour sauce recipe? Would sure appreciate your jerky recipe and “how to” advice also! Many thanks ~

            • Recipe for venison or beef Jerky Marinade.

              For every two -three lbs. of meat sliced in 1/4 in. strips/slabs

              In large plastic or stainless steel container (I use clean five gallon bucket and make about 10-15 lbs batches)

              1/2 cup canned pineapple juice
              1/2 cup wine vinegar
              1/4 cup soy sauce

              1/2 cup brown sugar
              3 tsp lemon pepper
              1 tsp kosher or sea salt
              1 tsp onion powder
              1 tsp garlic powder

              Mix all ingredients well and add meat in large container.

              it needs a minimum of twelve hours to marinate. i do mine in a five gallon container and put a block of ice that i make by freezing a half gallon juice container ( made with paper ), full of water. tear off carton after frozen solid (about 24 hours prior) and just plop in marinade and cover, and keep in cool place where no vermin can climb in. I usually marinate about 24 hours and stir every six hrs. or so.

              I have wire drying racks that fit inside oven, and place large cookie sheet underneath or large piece of hd tin foil to catch drippings. i set oven to warm, under 120 degrees if possible and slightly prop open oven door. To get jerky to pliable stage, it takes a minimum of six hours, but depends on variables. I then go thru jerky racks and the pieces that still have visible moisture in them, i send over to the wife that places them in her cheap stackable electric dehydrators, where we cure them off.

              A high quality dehydrator probably works as good and easier, but we have always done it this way. Sometimes the thinner slices will become brittle, but it is still great to eat. The main thing for newbies in making jerky, is to make sure it is completely dry before storing in glass jars or plastic bags. If it is not dry enough, IT WILL MOLD!. To make sure, I used to put all my finished jerky in brown paper bags and keep on top of the refrigerator, where it is usually dry and air circulates. i would keep it there for a couple weeks and shake bag around once in a while.

              TIPs… when i want a batch of extra spicy hot, i add about five or six tablespoons of Crushed red pepper to the marinade.

              Sometimes i want a more smokey flavor, so i add five or six teaspoons of liquid smoke to the marinade.

              • If you can’t get your hands on deer meat then go to your locale mexican grocery store and pick up their Carne asada. They normally have it marinated(you can get non marinated, too). Cut the carna into jerky lengthed pieces(it’s already thin enough) and dehydrate in you dehydrator if u have one. It is incredibly delicious. If you want the best carna asada in the world check out Rameys Meats in Brawley Calif. They ship internationally.


          • passin, I like the way you think. I’d like to see what I can pick up from you, and hopefully I can return the favor in some small way. I am on Facebook if you want to connect.

            • Thanks for the nice words. I have to give all the glory to my Saviour and Heavenly Father. i got tired of seeing and reading all the BS about twenty five years ago and started getting serious with finding truth.

              i was blessed at a very young age to see things in a different light and not be afraid to ask questions. It wasn’t until I heard a TV preacher say that all you have to do is ask God for truth and if you are sincere, and it is His will, it will come to you. I made that prayer request finally, about twenty years ago, and bam! there it came in waves and has not stopped.

              When I realized that i was getting what i had asked for, I was mad at myself for not asking at a younger age.

              as a human, I have faults and short-comings, but strive to do better and help others. I am no better than anyone and people that make the assumption that i feel that way are very wrong. i am no second class citizen either and refuse to be pegged as one. I heard a description the other day that sums up my so-called, sometimes, anger in two words…..divine stubbornness.

              Sorry, i can’t make a faceplant connection. I was steered away from those types of social sites. This is about as social as i can get right now. Maybe in the future, if it is God’s will, i will finish my book, and provide a way to discuss things. I don’t know. I just go with the divine flow and look for guidance as to how much interaction i should be doing.

              i was completely leaving the site back in the summer, after nearly six years, (with different monikers), but the spirit moved me back this way for a while. i wanted my cousin to stay involved here and keep me updated occasionally, since Mac provides some good info and discussions, but he couldn’t handle the trolls and scoffing, so he just reads sometimes.

              Time will tell. Take care and if you are new just keep reading and welcome aboard, we are a mixed lot.

              • Good for you passin.

                Keep on fighting the good fight, it’s important.

                See you around some day I hope.

                • Looking forward to it also, A.S.

        • Not true. You can get a one gram gold bar off eBay for around $42-$45 which is a couple of dollars over spot price from a reputable dealer. If you shop around you can find a set of five one gram bars for about $200-$210. It’s kind of similar to junk silver. One gram bars are easier to trade and easier to accumulate with out breaking the bank.

      7. I will give up my “barbarous relic” just as soon as people acting so barbarously.

        That includes Obama buddy Jon “Sorry, I lost your $1.6 billion” Corzine and the vampire squids at Goldmun Suchs – who are Hillary’s top contributor.

        • Yep. I hope that one day carma makes it’s way back around ten fold.

        • …and then there is Rabbi Dov Zakheim who lost $8.5 TRILLION (1) while he was Pentagon Comptroller AND
          •judged that the Torah supports rape of Gentile women prisoners (2)
          •supported development of racially-selective bioweapons (3)
          •and supported a “catastrophic and catalyzing event like a new Pearl Harbor.” (3)

          (1)”9/11Trillions—Follow the Money” video by James Corbett
          (2) Dov S. Zakheim, “Confronting Evil: Terrorists, Torture, The Military and Halakhah,” published by Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School
          (3) Rebuilding America’s Defenses, Project for the New American Century, September 2000

      8. The way things are going right now. I wouldn’t trade a can of beans for a bar of gold. Or in the near future .We will learn what is truly valuable.

      9. Gold Gold Gold . Can’t get enough of that yellow stuff.

      10. I think I’ll be buying the “New Gold”, the lead and copper jacketed type. I have a feeling it will be of much more use, then Gold, in the coming months.

        • Gold and silver Or brass and lead. The way things are looking I would rather have brass and lead.

      11. someday y’all gonna be MIGHTY dissapointed you saw gold at only 1150$ an ounce…and you didn’t take advantage of it…..but then again, there’s a whole lot of OTHER precious stuff out there too…green beans and corn for 33 cents a can. macaroni for 48 cents a pound…rice for 40 cents a pound…22LR 32$ for 500rds….smith and wesson AR15 for 550$….50 amoxicillin for 32$…..BBQ sauce 78cents….pinto beans 3lbs for 99cents….gasoline $2.59/gallon…chicken legs and thighs 39cents a lb…chilli 79cents a can…WATER 3$ a case…cream of mushroom soup 48cents…sugar 4lbs for $1.69…..12ga birdshot $4.78 for 25rds….bullet-proof vest $200… night vision for $1800….4 part military sleep system for $60…peanut butter a $1.69….military cold weather longjohns for $10….1200 feet of 550 cord for $60….need i go on?…get yer ducks in a row….THEN, if you got some EXTRA money, BUY GOOOOOOLD!!

        • You are exactly right in my opinion.

        • where do you get amoxicillin and other antibiotics without doc scrip?

          • vet supply stores….or online…just google it, and you’ll find at least 8 different types of antibiotics…some are double or triple amox, so it’s one i have a bunch of. there’s other things there too, like bandage stuff.

          • You can get a number of antibiotics off of eBay. Most for them will be for fish but it’s the very same as is prescribed for humans. The ones I got had a long time left until the expiration date. So the stuff is fresh.

          • there is a lnk to antibiotics right on this site!

          • Fish antibiotics. They sell it for expensive Koi and things as such. Just google it. Same stuff we take.

        • Where you finding 22 for $32 a brick?

          Best I find around here is around $70 for low end stuff, and it’s rare to find it at all. If or when you actually find some you buy whatever they have in stock with absolutely no choice of brands when they do, you have one choice available – take it or leave it.

          Even online stuff seems to be running 60+ for bottom end stuff with shipping and handling on top of it.

          • walmart sells it(when they have it) for 26$. i bought from turners here in so cal for 32 a few months ago, and last weekend at victorville gunshow turners sold it (no limits) for 34.95$ for 500….those sons o bitches that know when to buy it at 630 AM at walmart for 26, then sell at gunshows for 60$ are about to get a SPANKIN’!…22lr is coming back slowly, but surely. actually, most thursdays turners has it for 35$ for most of the day, and sometimes through the NEXT day…take a couple friends and git bizzy! oh, and 1400rd buckets of…remington, i think, was 99$, which i bought for 79$ a couple months ago at dicks….ASK them, and they’ll probly tell you when the next sale is.

            • Got in on the $58.00 for 1400 the same week as Sandy Hook.

          • I’ve been buying Blaser 22 for $24.00 for 500 rounds. Bought a 1400 round bucket for $79.00 too .

      12. Buttcrackofdoom nails it!!!

        • why, THANK YOU, anon!

      13. SR is off to Texas for a week so I may be off line for a while. As my friend Eppe says, be well all.

      14. We all know what the kind of people who store gold are. We all know what the kind of people who store food are. Pick a side .

        • i don’t see it that way, Lone.

          • Sorry butt. Don’t want to piss you off. I’m just worried about that throw their silver and gold in the streets thing. It seems impossible .But how many things were ounce believed impossible?Maybe it’s best to cover your butt both ways . Their probably will be a time when Gold and Silver will be worth more than brass and lead. But I think I will stick with food as the ultimate commodities .

        • Can’t do it…Some folks have both!

          BEANS, BULLETS, BAND AIDS,BOOZE, BULLION, BROADS…A man has to have priorities!!!

          • After the fall . If you came over a hill and could see four camps . One was playing acid rock one was playing hip hop . One was playing country . An one was playing gospel . Which camp would you take your family too.

            • I’d pick the camp playing acid rock, of course! But I don’t have a family.

        • Shit I must be skitzo

          • yes, the question is, are you skitzo ENOUGH!

      15. my gold stock is down 40%. But I’m staying with it.
        Now would be a good time for a violent rally. Upwards!

      16. Ok, that was a test post, since many of mine vanish.
        I posted that same line last night. Gone.
        (Good way to drive traffic, Mac.)

        Paging anyone who knows..close family member just denied on instant background check for firearm purchase. Has owned 6 firearms, had a concealed carry permit until 3 yrs. ago, no crimes, no felonies, clean record.
        Has anyone else had this issue with a purchase?
        Was told by gun store that it happens on occasion, at times an hour later the sale is ok’d, and that if they don’t hear back from tptb in 5 days they can release the sale?
        Sound legit?

        • Yeah I had it happen to me about 4 months ago in AZ. I was picking up a gun I had ordered from a guy who ran a FFL out of his home. The FFL told me for whatever reason my name had been flagged and he could not let the gun go home with me at that particular time. I asked him why would my name be flagged when I have no criminal history, I own plenty of other firearms that I bought through a FFL, I’ve even worked in law enforcement, he couldn’t give me a legit answer and didn’t speculate as to why. The guy called me about 5 hours later and said I could come pick up the gun. Needless to say it felt a little odd having my name get flagged when I know I can legally purchase a firearm, made me wonder if maybe I’m on a list? Anyone else encounter something similar?

        • My ffl said the same to me.

      17. I can’t say with 100% surety that the flooding in SC was somehow connected as a divine signal of the road ahead for America, but it sure does seem like it when aligning all the facts. Now add in flooding in Texas.????

        I just found out, that the round two of the SC floods which came from the Hurricane Joaquin, is biblical by name.
        The last terrible King of Israel that brought judgment upon Israel/land of Judea was named Jehoiakim (latin joakim), of which Joaquin was derived coincidentally.

        Jehoiakim ruled originally as a vassal of the Egyptians, paying a heavy tribute. To raise the money he “taxed the land and exacted the silver and gold from the people of the land according to their assessments.

        However, after the Egyptians were defeated by the Babylonians at the battle of Carchemish in 605 BCE, Nebuchadnezzar II besieged Jerusalem, and Jehoiakim changed allegiances to avoid the destruction of Jerusalem. He paid tribute from the treasury in Jerusalem, some temple artifacts, and some of the royal family and nobility as hostages

        Rabbinical literature describes Jehoiakim as a godless tyrant who committed atrocious sins and crimes. He is portrayed as living in incestuous relations with his mother, daughter-in-law, and stepmother, and was in the habit of murdering men, whose wives he then violated and whose property he seized. He also had tattooed his body.

        He was eventually killed after 11 years, and his younger brother, Zedekiah would be the very last king of Israel/Judea, even till today.
        God was so wroth with Israel that He said he would scatter them to the four winds and North America and western Europe became the main home of those descendants. Only a small remnant, in comparison, from the House of Judah, is present within those two world areas.

        The remainder of the House of Judah remained in Israel, and later became mixed within tribes of the Moabites, Ammorites, Cannanites,Kenites (sons of Cain/son of Satan) and more importantly the Edomites, after the days of Christ, that, when all combined eventually crossed into what is now Southern Russia. There were remnants that stayed and mixed in with the Arabians/Ishmaelites.
        They assimilated with existing tribes that were already there in the North across the Caucas Mtns., from the early descendants of Esau, which were blood relatives of the Edomites. Esau had begat Edom many years earlier, in fact.

        Anyways, there is a connection of the judgments I do believe.
        There will be pockets of these judgments coming upon America over the next decade or so, until we wake up one day and say…The Shit has truly HTF, now.

        Until that day, there will be periods that “appear” that there is relatively a turn around, of the economy by what the majority see and relate to each day. I call these little “up-ticks”, as false sense of security periods, whereby the Angels that bear the spiritual rope, is dropping more and more of it down to the liberal sheeple and the fake Christians whereby they unknowingly are binding their own nooses with it.

        Think about it; a society such as it were in the time of Jehoiakim, knowingly was taxed to death by an evil King and set of leaders, and that society did nothing to put a stop to the lies and deception and bring those leaders to justice and just kept following their cursed agenda, what happened?

        They came under the harsh punishment of God and were divided.
        America as a whole, as a nation, is allowing people such as hitlery and odrama, to get away with murder. The continued killing of the unborn, (in some cases now we know they were born and then killed for their body parts), the proliferation of the LGBT agenda, and the robbing from the taxpaying citizens to dole out more evil and corruption.

        The parallels are uncanny similar from the time period of back then and now. Just the bizarre tattoos on Jehoiakim and his un-natural sex acts are enough to bring the house down. Then add in the desecration of marriage and the slaughter/human sacrifice to Satan, and it becomes a bit overwhelming to the mind.

        We are in perilous times, and we are, for the majority, acting as if nothing is wrong. As long as we have cheap gas and the stock markets are up, we are OK with everything else going to hell in a hand held. Did you catch that…pun…in a hand held.
        That statement covers social media. Especially the faceplant sites, and all sites like it. People put so much emphasis on/in their devices and social interactions using them, that they have lost contact with reality.

        Here is some reality for all to take notice of, especially faceplant users. This from reliable sources…..

        “More than 600,000 Facebook accounts are compromised every single day. Why? Because social media users trust their friends. People are the weakest link when it comes to cyber security, which is why psychological manipulation of cyber-attack victims is so common.”

        What have we become? I don’t even want to type the words because it is so appalling.

        Speaking of appalling, I have one more addition to this piece that is very relevant. Appalling is defined as “to make pale” or “grow pale”, which further means “to cause dismay or shock”.

        In Revelation we are given a picture of the rider on the “Pale/green horse” as a symbol of “radical islam” for our end of this age judgments.

        Just let these synonyms of “appalling” (to cause dismay and shock) sink in and see the parallels with the pale horse and where all this is going, because of the defiance of America to God.

        “bad, dreadful, awful, terrible, frightful, atrocious, disgraceful, deplorable, hopeless, lamentable; rotten, crummy, pathetic, pitiful, woeful, useless, lousy, abysmal, dire”.

        So, preppers, don’t get complacent when the market is up and all looks good on the tube, because it is all just an illusion of what is really coming.

        • Test the spirits

        • Yeah, another biblical shitstorm coming to America because god is pissed off about everything people do. Yeah, you nuts will be calling the same tune 1000 years from now to and getting the same results, it’s been the same since the beginning of time, some idiot always sees the end of the world around the corner, you’re just the latest.

          • No I’m not the latest, because i have been saying the same things for twenty years.

            And, I haven’t said it is the end of the world. it is soon to be the end of this current world “age”, and when Christ returns soon (how soon? sooner than most people want), the flesh age is done, and the new earth age called the Millennium, will begin.

            The Kingdom that will become the place for the actual Throne of God from Heaven will settle down in Jerusalem, after the cleansing and teaching for the 1000 years.

            All, have the choice to be part of it, or not. Freewill.
            Scoff and mock all you naysayers, but when it starts unfolding with the events that consummate the end of this age, and it turns into SHTF scenarios, you may change your attitude. Or, maybe not, but it won’t change what is coming.

            • You know, there are certain People of God scattered all through the ages of time who have had the balls to speak out in an attempt to guide people away from bad shit and warn of forthcoming SHTF events.
              Seems to me that many of the them get a hard time for their effort, especially the real ones.
              Not all of them spoke Gods words, which sucks but that shouldn’t lead to a total dismissal of all warnings given to us by godly folk.

              Like deerhunter said above, “Test the spirits”

              I’ve come across these type of people a few times, some of them have been total assholes who do nothing more than wreck your head.
              Others, only a couple, have had something special about them and are definitely in touch with another realm, there’s something good about them that isn’t fake.

              I’m guessing that passin is here for a reason and the posts he writes are legit.
              Sure, he takes a lot of shit from certain posters but that’s kinda my point.
              Those who have the balls to speak out for God will always be in for a kickin’

              Thanks for the posts passin.

          • Jeez brother why the anger

      18. gold is over $1100 an oz who can really afford it. You can’t eat gold and it won’t kill people trying to take your food. I wouldn’t waste my $ on it. $ will be more valuable it’s lighter to carry too. The dollar is going nowhere. Forget metals hoard $.

        • You can’t eat gold. They will throw their silver and gold in the streets. Because it’s heavy and worthless.

        • For thousands of years, gold has always been valuable.

          All currencies of the past have failed.

          Gold is a store of wealth beyond what you have spent for supplies. It will allow you to have wealth in the future if things get back to normal.

          If you don’t have any gold, you’ve probably waited too long. It was only $300 the last time I bought some.

          Silver is what you need to get now while you have a chance. A lot of my silver was gotten at face value back when there was a good bit still in circulation.

      19. Relying upon historical data is irrelevant this time, otherwise we would be in revolution by now. We are suffering a storm of greed. “Rudderless in uncharted waters with storms brewing everywhere, whoopee! Grab that oar would ya mate, the gold one there. Look there the banker has been swept overboard. Someone throw him a life ring. Won’t someone throw him a life ring? Whats that you say? He grabbed the golden oar on his way overboard and sank how fast? Never mind look there the sun is coming out the storm seems to have passed. Forge that silver into a rudder and let us be off. A fair wind now blows from Iceland and has cleared the fog. We must make haste lest the fog returns. How do you know this wind will may last up to thirty years? Ah yes, the balling of their jailed bankers. I should throw them the other oar and be done with them but I think we may need it for this storm seems perpetual. But alas, we have seen now how to find fair weather”.

        • Good one, and might i add that the mixed breeding of the -ews w/ the Edomites and Kenites, of which i spoke of in above article, is precisely where the majority of family of Rothschilds (and others) banksters originated. Moneychangers and scribes from the very Temples of Bible days of Jesus’ time.

        • Thanks Gramps.
          You words paint interesting mind pictures.

      20. While I know sooo many who spend a huge amount of time on Facebook and the like. Isn’t it like anything else – moderation is key? I personally enjoy it in moderation because it keeps me posted on family and friends (real friends) that live in other states. I get to see pictures and videos of babies and kiddos I wouldn’t otherwise see.
        So what’s wrong with that? What am I missing here.

      21. The only reason I have PM’s is because I’m not comfortable with extra cash sitting in a bank account. I believe the economic music will stop playing soon. It’s not a get rich scheme for me; just practical. If everything goes to hell in a hand basket overnight then at least the bank never got it in the end when the lights go out. What happens after that who knows and I don’t worry much about it.

      22. Too many people do not really understand the word risk and how to control it. I view prepping and PMs as just another form of insurance for risk. I manage personal risks like auto and health with insurance policies. I manage my assessment of risk of global and government calamity with PM’s. I manage risk of the system collapse with Prepping and barter items. I manage security risks with firearms. I manage risk to investments with bear ETF’s. And the list goes on…

        The point is PM’s are just another form of insurance that may or may not bear fruit if the risk is real. Just like my health insurance may not pay off if a catastrophic illness sucks me dry. I am more concerned that my bases are covered and not that I come out of any scrape a big winner. It is the risk I am try to cover, not profit from.

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