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NOT SO FAST, BIDEN: The Street Doesn’t Buy It

Contributing Author
January 18th, 2021
Future Money Trends
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This article was contributed by Future Money Trends. 

Last week’s storming of the Capitol was a turning point in many regards, but what we want to focus on is what it signifies to the global community.

Since the end of WW2, America has represented democracy. Its power and prestige, in terms of its ability to invade other countries in the name of freedom and democracy, hasn’t been challenged much.

There have always been detractors to the wars in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and others, but no Western World leader or emerging nation has ever publicly and formally come out in defiance of the American strategy of policing the world.

We believe that last week’s Capitol Hill incident will greatly damage any future attempts of U.S. diplomacy to pressure countries to embrace “Americanism” since they’ll strike back, saying that America’s democracy is, in itself, broken.

How can the U.S. lecture other countries when it can’t even bring the message of democracy to its own people? We believe this is the ramification of that event, which differs from the riots, looting, and other issues that we saw transpire in 2020 that did not have the same ripple effect.

This is not a political opinion of ours or our way of justifying the riots, but rather an observation of how America’s allies and enemies can use the Capitol Hill incident to their advantage – like China.


We listened to Joe Biden’s speech and what we heard is this:

  1. Taxes Will Be Higher: You will see a trend of “paying your fair share” becoming more prevalent in the rhetoric, even though most billionaires already pay between 37% and 50% of their earned income to the federal government and their respective states.

Corporate taxes will rise and any tax loopholes will be harder to strategize. We’re pretty sure that in order to rebuild America’s infrastructure in the coming years, the administration will put pressure on high earners to be “responsible” and pay more!

  1. Government-Created Jobs: It’s looking more and more like America is taking a centralized approach to job creation.

Because capitalism and global competitive forces drove corporations to outsource and search for human resources in cheap labor pools in the Far East, China, South America, and Eastern Europe, the American worker has been left in the dust.

They haven’t evolved and adapted to this change, for the most part, so the government will fill that vacuum for millions of people who haven’t been able to figure out how to deliver value in the 21st-century American economy.

Infrastructure jobs will be the norm.

  1. Biden Won’t Sail in Smooth Seas: Not everyone is convinced that the solution to the so-called broken capitalistic system is more government directive. Most who share the opinion that there’s a problem in America believe that the problem is too much government as it is.

It looks like the government doesn’t want to wait for the private sector to figure it out on its own. We expect unemployment levels to shrink, of course, since the government will find jobs for millions of people, but America will look more like China than itself.

Big changes are ahead and we don’t like them, to be honest.

America has turned a page and its new book might be increased centralization.



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    Author: Contributing Author
    Date: January 18th, 2021

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    1. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      I did not finish the entire article because quite frankly, the presidents are obviously nothing more than puppets in hostage. I have seen too many presidents say that they will do things, and never really even attempt to do what they claimed. So, either they were lying during their campaigns, or they were subsumed by the corrupt machine, or a combination of the two. One thing that Trump has proven is that he does not have any solutions. Trump has also proven to be highly unstable regarding Iran in particular, as well as other countries. Trump served Israel. Trump was the greatest American president that Israel ever had. Biden/Harris will do whatever they are told, and that is not a good thing either in many cases, since the machine is corrupt! Trump all too often did whatever he was told, or was ineffectual. Trump was one of the worst presidents that this country has ever had. The scamdemic and lockdowns prove it. I refuse to be a part of this charade while my rights and property have been violated and all reports to law enforcement have been completely ignored. So, if you want to talk about the rule of law, be honest and admit that Trump is not qualified to be president because of the high crimes and treason that he committed, particularly with the scamdemic, the lock down, the deadly  vaccines, and hos many other acts of fraud. Seriously, it is ridiculous to argue  for someone that is guilty of fraud, high crimes, and treason to be president. 

      Andrea Iravani

      • Mr_Yesterday says:

        Well, tit for tat.

        I read the first line of your post where you admitted you did not bother reading the article before you posted, and then I stopped reading!

        Perhaps a good way to build credibility for your own voice, is not to admit to ignoring the voices of others.

        We don’t talk just to be heard, we talk to share and communicate ideas with each other. Dang blowhards.


        If my heart was a cannon, I would have shot it upon the bow.

    2. Bill says:

      The Dem. party and the rest of deep State don’t care what we think and say (except to use our words against us), the recent dirty election proves that. There is no point complaining about gov’t/officialdom, it accomplishes nothing. It is better to publicly ridicule official hypocrisy, corruption, incompetence, and how show how phony they are. To always hold them in a healthy deep suspicion, and to teach your children the State and its officialdom is the real problem.
      This site ought to be mainly used to show how illegitimate the State is, to educate how unnecessary, parasitical, and authoritarian the gov’t/ officialdom really are. To exchange ideas how to thrive and live successfully while absolutely minimizing interactions with gov’t/officialdom. To inform others of any useful information and build unity.
      The very act of interfacing with gov’t forces us to do everything on their terms, which are designed to ensure the State maintains predominance. Don’t play their game, that is, don’t cooperate, don’t willfully obey, don’t render any loyalty to the State and its gov’t.
      Each facet of our lives ought to be about the 5 Fs – our Faith, Family, Friends, Finances, and Future. We should be primarily living for, and putting our time, resources and energy into them, not the State. You will learn as you concentrate on these things your life will improve, you and those around you will be happier, more secure, have more resources, and be more informed.

      • Mr_Yesterday says:

        Words of wisdom Mr Bill, excellent.

        Or in simple terms; The further you stay away from the government the better. Engagement with the government, if voluntary and not required, is typically a mistake.

        The best education for anyone today, is to give them a copy of the constitution, the bill of rights, and declaration of independence.

    3. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      When 9/11 happened, InfraGard was there!

      When WACO happened, InfraGard was there!

      When the Boston Marathon bombings happened, InfraGard was there!

      When the Christmas Memphis bombing hapoened, InfraGard was there! 

      When $21 trillion vanshed from tne Pentagon, InfraGard was there! 

      When the scamdemic happened, InfraGard was there! 

      When the shootings at the Capitol happened, InfraGard was there! 

      What in the world would we do without the InfraGard terrorist cult network? 

      We would obviously be much safer and richer! 

      Anyone can report federal crime to the FBI without being an InfrGard member! 

      What is the lame excuse for being one?! We know that they are not good samaritans!

      I believe that the serial criminal psychos in my neighborhood, and in the health scare sector, and in the media that have been  terrorizing me with constant surveillance, impersonation with mammalian mimicry,  ecolalia, break ins, hacking, vault 7 technology, illegal sadistic unconsented surgery while I was unconscious at St Mary’s Ozaukee, V2K, stealing, vandalizing, theft, stalking, etc., must be InfraGard terrorist cult members, whose only difference to The Order Of Nine Angels is their names! They use the same practices and techniques! The FBI is the common denominator between the two. They a bunch of complete losers that belong in prison!  

      Andrea Iravani

      • Mr_Yesterday says:

        That was a frightening bit of research.

        And here I am still upset bout Redflex cameras on street lights.

        That being said, there are ways to better protect yourself. Like don’t poke rabid dogs through a paper thin mid high fence. Do not live in an illusion, you are either on the inside, or the outside, and there is no in between.

        Vote with your wallet. Vote with your feet.

    4. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      All economic systems are destined to fail with corruption. It is the corruption that is the main problem in America. In many ways, there is far too much socialism which is kept hidden from everyone with the Pentagon, Treasury, Wall Street money laundering circuit all financed and bilked to citizens, and with government employees having exhorbitantly higher and better standards of living compared to the vast majority of Americans. They are the laziest, most corrupt, incompetent, self-serving people in America. They are tyrants. Something’s got to give is right! It is high time that the government employees get off their high horses and realize that they are destroying the country! It is unfeasible! We now have approximately one government employee out of every eleven Americans. The median salary in America is less than $33,000. The average government employee salary is at least two to three times that amount. Out of the Americans financing the government employees, half of them pay no income taxes at all. Then add retired government employees to that. It is unsustainable. Government employees never had it so good in America! If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is! We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us used to be the USSR mantra just before its break up. In America, it is the opposite! They refuse to work, even though they are committing extortion of extreme levels! 

      The corporations have failed business models. Socialism will not help that. They are producing things that nobody wants and trying to force people into using them, and the tech companies pay people to spy on and steal user data. Their business model is stealing from their users and trading stock. That is not a business! It is an organized crime ring! The average Facebook employee makes over $230,000 a year. They are trying to force total surveillance on everyone that nobody wants. 

      We have an economy designed by Inspecter Cluseau, Maxwell Smart, and Inspector Gadget, and that is the problem! 

      An economy of spies, thieves. and terrorists is the most asinine economy ever conceived, now claiming to spy on viruses!

      Socialism will not solve this problem. It is delusional or disingenuous to suggest that it would.

      Andrea Iravani

    5. Darth Skippy says:

      The typical, American lemming will always believe in the path of least resistance.

      Anyone who wants to be successful will have to create a new form of convenience, which especially saves a lazy public the trouble of thinking.

    6. Frank Thomas says:

      There is an error in the opening statement. The U.S. is not now, nor has it ever been, a “democracy”. It is, and always has been, a Representative Republic. Stop using fake news political buzz phrases, and fact check what you are writing. The pledge of allegiance, which precedes all fake news, says ” And under the REPUBLIC for which it stands”.

    7. Anonymous says:

      In order to understand the workings of modern America, you have to take into account MMT since this is what the monetary system is based on since completely decoupling from gold in 1971. The bosses have determined that the debt cannot be paid back without putting the economy into an immediate depression. They have decided that the Fed will backstop the government debt by supplying endless credit created from thin air.

      Realize that all the money supply is loaned into existence (loans which are, in fact, debt itself) and must continually increase in order to pay back the previous loans along with the attached compound usury. Compound interest is an exponential function (rule of 72). The printing must continue and increase. This is why you see each successive administration increase the deficit more than the previous ones. We will soon be talking quadrillions as easily as we talk trillions now and talked billions 20 years ago.

      The whole world does the same thing with their unbacked fiat. It will continue until there are too few physical resources to back the system up. Then it will collapse in a cloud of dust. Gold will not help because when the system collapses there will be no surplus of anything to buy. It will be root hawg or die.

      Better keep the sand rail tuned up and the assless chaps conditioned. Mad Max is just over the horizon…

    8. Mr_Yesterday says:

      Biden is also eliminating the 1031 exchange program, which is a vital commonly relied on relief program for real estate investors and individual home owners.

      Under Biden, you will no longer be able to move property equity from one sale to another purchase, tax free under 1031 terms.

      So in basic terms, selling and buying, just got around 20% more expensive because you will pay capital gains tax.

      And Biden is going to force the realtors, appraisers, and mortgage companies, to disproportionally value minority homes higher. Because when you’re down and out, what you need as an individual citizen, is higher house pricing, funneling a higher portion of your limited income to megalithic lenders.

      You know what they say, if you can’t break into a market segment by merit or demand, just call your government friends and force your way in, wedge out the competition, by use of government force.

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