United Nations Soldier Says They Will Soon Occupy America: “Going Door-to-Door Taking Guns Or Shooting To Kill”

by | Oct 13, 2016 | Headline News | 226 comments

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    We have previously noted that recent allegations of Russian hacking could mean the Department of Homeland Security will be charged with protecting the Presidential election in November. In fact, as Joe Joseph noted in his latest daily news update, the Department of Defense and U.S. military may be joining DHS to ensure a fair electoral process. Coupled with previous reports that “independent” United Nations observers will be overseeing this year’s vote suggests there may be some legitimacy to the shocking claims you are about to read.

    Consider what might happen should a particular candidate be elected to the Presidency, only to have the Department of Homeland Security, DoD or United Nations overturn the vote. And when we say “particular candidate” we are, of course, referring to Donald Trump. With well over 50 million Americans supporting him for the Presidency, if he were to win a decisive victory and then have that victory overturned because of national security issues, one can only imagine the outcry, protests and riots to follow.

    The narrative has already been created at the very highest levels of America’s political hierarchy and it is not so hard to envision a scenario such as this playing out. 

    Should such an event come to pass, would the “transition” be peaceful?

    According to a recent alert posted at SteveQuayle.com, the United Nations may already be preparing for such an outcome:

    This does not come from a high level source. Just an everyday average Joe. But a guy that works in the same industry, that always gave a hard time about the tin hat-stuff, recently returned from a Great Divide Concert at which a gentleman just passing by, stopped to mingle with this group of
    people. They had a couple of drinks, and this guy states, he likes America, he likes the people. He wished he could dance like, the Americans. Laugh.

    He states he had been fighting beside US troops over past 6-7 years. And this is why I feel I need to tell someone over here in the states a lil something. He said he was from Norway. And he would be back in 3-4 months as a part of UN troops. He said there was nothing he could do. But felt compelled that he needed to say something, just to let such good people know what is coming. He said that they were going to be going door to door taking guns, or shooting to kill. They already had the lists of names, and addresses.

    I have no reason to not believe the words from acquaintance. It actually pretty much freaked him out. He is rather overwhelmed from the conversation.

    From his reaction, and as long as we’ve been acquainted, I have no reason not to believe what he was told. I just wanted to pass this on to someone with the means to possibly get the word out.

    Source: Quayle Alerts

    One of our observant readers from Texas submitted a similar comment recently.

    Via HCKS:

    I just heard some really disturbing shit about something going on in Texas down here. I am sorry but I cannot post it. All I can say is that Chinese soldiers have been inching their way closer to all the major cities including Houston, Woodlands, Conroe, and other major cities and our state government knows that we will be under attack between now and the next 3-4 months. A chi-com soldier just threatened someone that I know very well recently and he is not happy about the incident. When chi-coms are telling Americans in my state where they can go from where they can’t go, then we have a BIG PHUCKING PROBLEM. All the military equipment is here in Texas, pre positioned during JADE HELM 15-16 and the soldiers have already been placed in our state and all they have to do is just go out, jump into the UN vehicles and roll out to the major highways, and deploy to neighborhoods. All over 2017 is when the civilians will be getting the worst of it. I know something is up because this link is matching up with what I am hearing.

    The UN and Chinese know already in advance that they will be rolling down Hwy 45, Hwy 290, 1960/Hwy 6 from 45 north to deploy to take out these area of subdivision, and one of the biggest major attacks by the UN, and chi-coms will take place between 1960-hwy6-south down to Sugar land. They plan to do the same thing on the Katy Mason rd area, hwy10 area. Good luck when you get to that area.

    …We have a very, very serious fucking situation on the horizon.

    Now, on its face such claims may sound as if they are coming from the very fringes of the internet. And perhaps they are.

    But before you dismiss these claims outright, keep in mind that it has been confirmed United Nations soldiers are actively involved in military training in the United States of America. Moreover, U.N. tank vehicles have been spotted  moving across U.S. highways. The United Nations has even tried to hide the fact that their soldiers and equipment have been deployed to the U.S. as evidenced by the following images showing how they are covering up the logos on their vehicles:

    While it’s impossible to know exactly what the United Nations is planning in conjunction with sympathetic U.S. political leaders, we know for a fact that U.N troops are actively operating on our soil and their equipment is already here, laying dormant for whatever orders were to come down the pipeline.

    If it turns out that the U.S. Presidential election next month is taken over by the Department of Homeland Security amid claims of a cyber attack on the electoral grid, and is then overturned in favor of Hillary Clinton, then it could well come to pass that United Nations ‘peace keepers’ are activated to quell any disturbance or dissent.


    Homeland Security Could Steal What She Can’t Win: “Election Process Is Critical Infrastructure”

    Texas Ranger Drops Jade Helm Bombshell: “There Are Trains With Shackles On Them”

    UN Tank Vehicles Spotted Moving Across U.S.: “Peace Keepers and Potential for Civil Unrest”

    Exposed: UN Vehicles Caught Trying To Hide Logo From Public View While Traveling Inside The United States

    Where Is the Proof that UN Soldiers are Actively Operating on American Soil? Oh, Right Here…


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      1. Please stop by blue hamlets. I personally am looking forward to meet and greet the ones from IDF.

        • So am I … been a while since I bounced a round off a helmet … even in practice …

          • Green tips shouldn’t bounce off a blue helmet.

            • Neither will a 175g SMK that baby will punch right through

            • Green Tips, 3200 FPS, Steel Penetrators. Makes one hellofa concussion inside a blue helmet. Very Bad headache that is permanent.

              ~WWTI… Thanks for Playing!!

              • One good thing about if the Blue Helmets are Chinese, You don’t have to dig as big of grave for them. Ave height maybe 5 ft tall?


                • Q: “What’s the daily BAG LIMIT” on the blue helmets?

                  Q: “Mind if I use some of my hounds to assist?”

                  We all have great sport treeing bear, running down deer, or finding hog.

                  I gots to obey the laws, no? (sarc)

                  • SC, no bag limit. Shoot everyone of them that you see if possible. The more the better.

          • “Should such an event come to pass, would the “transition” be peaceful?”

            No it won’t! I guarantee it.

        • Over ordered….Blue spaghetti strainers for sell…Hell we’re give’in them away…

        • Sounds like fun Blue Helmet Shooting Gallery to me. More Chum for the Patriot Preppers to Food Fight Frenzy Over. Remember you Dopes from other Countries, There are now 2 Rifles behind every Blade of Grass. And this is out land like we know by the back of our hands. So kiss my Blade. And when I run out of ammo, the bayonet goes on the rifle, and the hand to hand combat continues.

          Remember Guys and Gales, shoot them in the neck or Balls crotch area. Never let them Procreate again.


          • The Premise here is if Hillary is selected, she will adopt the UN Treaty for all Gun Confiscation, and allow UN Troops in to go door to door in the US. Hillary is a SELLOUT Satori,.. Your Guns will be take away if Hillary is selected. At 3AM the UN Troops will knock on your door and drag you to a FEMA Camp, if they find weapons you failed to turn in, as required by the Hildabeast.

            ~WWTI… If Trump is elected he will eject the entire UN out of the USA, and kick the chaos makers and agitators out as well, or face prison if they fail to leave. I soooo want to see Hillary in Jail. Hell yeah!!! And the MSM busted up into a Million Pieces, and hold them Liable for lying their asses off. Sued right out of Business. We need to get back to truth in Reporting, real investigative reporting, and no monopolies of the vast network will no longer be tolerated.

            • I find this very hared to believe.. of course, the Jews said the said thing…

              Check out video (interview of Dmitry Orlov) on his website in which he is talking about “100’s of 1,000’s of heavily armed insurgents” in the US… who are not happy with the takeover of our country.

            • Except, at 2:30am I will be sending most of them to hell in a body bag. Should they show up at 2:00am, my neighbor will be killing them at 1:30am.

              See how this works? and for each blue helmet, we get about 400 rounds of ammo, a real full auto assault rifle, armor, communications equipment, maybe a Humvee with 50cal.

              They will be sending just as many UN Soldiers home to their native countries very shortly after they arrive.

              • Blue targets matter!

                • Blue Targets Splatter.

              • Sounds like a generous bounty, I was offering 2 rolls butt wipe each and expecting some serious numbers of blue pots to show up




              WARTHOG1 SIGNING OUT…

            • W,the un arrives to take over the us and you are sitting in your known address at 3 am with firearms,well,will cut you some slack as a fellow citizen,but damn,you are a dumb citizen!

            • you should know by now that your fing vote is worthless so for you to put forth 2 choices shows your own ignorance, and for the rest of you, if your own military and police have done nothing to stop the taking over of america all of you are fuked, all the big talk is just shit talk, if americans were going to do anything it would have already been done, so what if they kill you and take your guns no one will give a damn after its done. Americans have slept too long, cared too little, everyone who hold any power is nothing more than a traitor, and even americans are traitors themselves, enjoy your last days, i have never even heard one of you on this site name the real enemies.

              • I’ll do it–the Jews.

                • It is most definitely the jews.

            • Are you kidding?
              There are at least 100 million documented gun owners(this does not include those who are criminals(undocumented owners). I dare say, the U.N. is greatly out numbered…

          • Yup… headshots on blue helmets… what more needs to be said , other than keep yur arms up to date on it’s zero !
            My police, etc. I will back to the hilt… foreigners parachuting in w/ blu helmets… may God have mercy on your souls… our crosshairs are many & well trained…

            • No. Aim at their legs. Knock them down, and just keep firing. The carnage and injuries alone will slow them to ineffectiveness. Nothing’d say ‘hello’ as good to these invaders than causing them to be screeching and rolling on the ground like a bunch of blue-headed worms on blacktop. Body armor – not an issue. Hard, Kevlar wrapped helmets – no problem.

              • Hip joints or just above the knees gotta stop the bleeding and can’t run.

              • True! An injured POS will call for help, the screams alone will put fear into their hearts. Look to take down squad commanders, anyone in charge.

                No need to worry about their armored vehicles, eventually they have to come out to eat, sleep and shit.

                I recall reading about buying a paintball gun and emptying out the paint and putting dishwashing soap in it, if you hit the windows it doesn’t wash off that easy. Good luck maneuvering those 5+ ton vehicles with zero visibility.

                No army has every won a war on foreign soil.

            • Red Dawn

          • You are one real cutie pie- Don’t fall out of your recliner in your preparation for “war”! If this is real, “door-to-door” tell the blue helmets you ideas in good crisp English- before that cut you and your family in half. You and your types are truly a sad group. Those that know never say anything- there is nothing to say- just silence and a slipping away.. try the same instead of confirming you stupidity…

            • Can you say this in English? Have no idea what you mean?

            • Like when the U N ran in Africa when a few Africans started swinging machetes and the U N let hundreds of thousands die?

        • Hey guys you don’t have to bother stopping at my house. I sold all my guns…. Promise……

          • We have had so many boating accidents that all the guns that fell out of boats created a new island.

          • Yeah, lost mine in a boat accident….

            • Gee, all I have is a Red Rider BB gun, but if someone comes after it they could get an eye put out!

        • I hope they realize that we will be returning that shot to kill. I’m afraid we are going to have a hell of a blood bath and D.C. couldn’t care less so we will defend or rights.

          • Maybe the blood bath can start at DC

          • Returning?
            More like pre-emptive strike

          • It’s not only all right to protect ourselves from there any it’s our duty as this is a blighting overthrow of the American people’s rights liberty and pursuit of happiness by the one world order Eliets commies! I hope a lot of them plan to die, because that’s what’s going to happen if I think people just gonna sit back and let these assholes come trapped in a cross or subornation and then we need to go after the politicians and then we need to go after the people in the media

        • The last UN helmet I saw had bullet holes in it.
          Is there a bag limit?


          • I’ll drink to that…

          • They do have enough rounds, if they need them. But IMHO, they will not need guns. Instead they will deploy weapons from the “less than lethal” weapons development programs that we have been paying for since at least the late 1970’s. Some of the older weapons included sound cannons and light cannons, which could knock down and disable whole crowds of people with one discharge. The newer “less than lethal” weapons are even worse. Some are EMF type weapons that can be “tuned” to the level of injury that is desired and they can essentially fry whole crowds at once. The point is, against those weapons, our guns will be as pathetic as pitchforks and baseball bats. Our personal weapons will be good for keeping our neighbor from killing us for our food and water, stopping the crazies that are trying to break into our homes, etc. But they will be useless against the weapons the govt, and the UN, have at their disposal.

        • I foresee a lot of “empty blue helmets” going back to their country of origin…along with more than a few family members there…pissed off at the U.N. Although, I suspect that the majority of these U.N. troops will be islamic, so…no great loss.

        • UN vehicles are worthless if they are on there sides. Big fireballs with all that slow burning diesel and new tactical gear to grab after we shoot there balls off. Sounds like good fun making the foreigners feel nice and welcome right here at home. Haha get some!!

      2. They dont need the un. Have we already forgotten what they did during Katrina?

        • During the whole Katrina Debacle, the Democratic Governor, and Democratic Dipsh**Mayor, RayNagin, decided all on their own to subvert the USConstitution, and ordered police officers from out-of-state to start to disarm the locals. The majority of people targeted were those whom those officers KNEW would not fire on them for their illegal, warrantless and unConstituional seizures.
          Any attempt to seize control of legal Constitutionally protected rights, by a despotic government, will I believe result in another civil war here in America. It will be the Constitutionalists against the Marxistdemocrats. Those lowlife scumbags would have to have the ill-prepared non-performing corrupt backing of the hapless UN “forces”, to mount any kind of an operation.
          On the bright side, WHAT successful military operation has the UN EVER conducted without the direct support of the United States military machine? The UN forces are nothing more than a bunch of thugs, that result to criminal acts in every country they’ve ever been deployed in.
          Steal their weapons and materiel, and they are the true Eunuch’s they have always b en and always will be. Screw the UN. Let them come.

        • Right. If there is A US flag sitting on that uniform instead of a blue helmet there is no difference. Any human being who comes to your door to take you arms is violating your natural rights. Therefore surrendering theirs… Any legislation requiring you to surrender your arms is illegitimate

      3. Mac, I can’t believe you actually posted one HCKS’ comments in this article. However I do think he’s at least partially right. The scenario outlined in the article is very plausible considering how things are going these days. I’ve always known UN troops will come in here under some type of scenario so this may very well be it. Let the scum come on in. More than a few of those blue helmets will get ‘ventilated’.

        • That pretty blue helmet makes a nice big target. Will look good on a stake with the head.

        • “very plausible “?

          Hell the US is the UN when it deploys as the member nations, many internally fragile have insufficient numbers of deployable military forces.

          Concern yourself with a war with Russia, financial collapse and a host of other things, not this.

          • Kevin2, I have for many years suspected that Russians and/or Chinese will part of any UN ‘peacekeeping mission’ in the US. This can still happen, in conjunction with other things.

            • Braveheart1776

              Your worry isn’t from thousands of miles away but rather who or maybe better said what controls the government that is supposedly ours, but has been sold to globalists. Those globalists need a US politically stable enough to keep MIC going as in the end its their reliable global enforcer. Don’t look outside the ramparts as the threat is internal.

              China? Russia? They’re not bought line hook and sinker as the system is here.

              • Kevin2, the threat is a combination of internal and external, I have always believed. Will MIC still part of any global enforcement mechanism? That remains to be seen, especially with the manpower cuts and the divisions within the military. I don’t really care WHOSE uniform my enemy is wearing. He’ll get wasted just like anyone else who comes to harm me. Bullets never discriminate.

                • The globalists’ PLAN is to make America the headquarters of their NWO. They PLAN to continue to use the US military for their purposes of destabilizing the world to bring the populace under subjugation.

                  The Kenyan will use occupation forces if he thinks it will further the agenda of the ‘elite’.
                  Obama To Decide Friday On Military Action In Syria

                  Notice to the Kenyan and the rest of the globalist ‘elite’:
                  It will be a very cold day in hell, with satan singing ‘Frosty The Snowman’ before Americans sit and comply with UN police forces on their own soil and give up their guns.

                  • Sarge

                    The reason the US has viability for TPTB is MIC along with a compliant citizenry will fight their wars once its packaged wrapped in “Freedom, Democracy and now Terrorism”. God forbid that the public question the validity of how the Koreans, Vietnamese or anyone else is coming here since the advent of nuclear weapons. Questioning how someone in a cave in Afghanistan can be stopped from a facilitating terrorist act in the US, when our southern border has a million illegal aliens come across annually is sacrilegious.

                    I suspect a financial crash that’ll be keeping all the UNs very busy in their home country’s. Think Greece can spare anyone? Italy will soon be needing to keep every soldier they have. France? Kinda busy too. China? Lay off all those people making $2 / hr and send them back into the rice patty and watch another uprising. Actually the US is better set up to weather the storm than most.

                    • Kevin2, “the US is better set up to weather the storm than most.” – So long as True Americans don’t surrender their millions of guns, it will be bad news for the globalist oppressionists if they even attempt any type of gun grab. The fact that untold numbers of Americans are fed up to the gills by leftists trampling our Constitutional Rights would make for a very unsafe situation for those willing to accept that suicide mission of gun confiscation.

                    • Sarge

                      “leftists trampling our Constitutional Rights ”

                      The Neo-Conservatives did a pretty good job of trampling it too. They worked over the 4th and 6th Amendments damn well that in effect has rendered them moot. The supposed Left is aligned in this Constitutional Castration.

                      I don’t look at Democrat verses Republican or even Liberal verses Conservative (as almost all are neocons) but rather Globalist verses Populist.

                    • Sarge

                      An armed civilian population is just one facet but the possibility of a few States (I think of Texas) saying, “Your not living up to your end and we’re leaving”. Waterfront property, oil, natural gas, food and our own electrical grid makes us self sufficient. The framework is there unlike Europe and the UK.

                  • You people seem to forget when the famine hits they can sit back while the people have a war….just one month will do wonders…

                • just 3 days ago i saw pics and heard a story that there are U.N. trucks in redding,ca with front fenders saying “weapons enforcement”. anyone up there know anything? we been hearing these stories for years, but we can FEEL it’s about to go down…or SOMEthing is, anyway….it’s all about the debt we can’t pay…..DEBT man walkin’!…or, as Lynyrd Skynyrd said it…..”the smell o’ DEBT surrounds you!”…one more thing. there were new ford excursions(that they supposedly don’t MAKE anymore)by the thousands…..watch yer BUTTS!…..they can have my guns, bullets FIRST.

                  • Kevin2

                    Excellent points. Both Dems AND Repubs have members with a globalist, leftist mindset. Leftists are working for complete control over the people, and are in direct opposition to freedom and national sovereignty.

                    Establishment/leftist Dems AND Repubs have exposed themselves as being one and the same party that clearly hates America and American values.

                    Establishment/leftist Dems AND Repubs want their political puppets in power. They have a long history of getting what they want and will go to any length and cost in their attempt to get it.

                    This is not their hour, however. They are wasting their time and resources in this fight.

          • Well said…

          • Agree Kevin, the UN is NOT a military force, more like a serious joke and band of criminals and rapist. When was their last fire fight or operation that anybody got killed ? except for maybe women and children after they sexually molested them. This article is complete bullshit and makes zero sense whatsoever.and beyond that most of the talkers here wouldn’t do diddly squat anyway. Just more prepper type fantasy BS and fear porn when you should be concerned about many more important and real matters. I cannot think of a circumstance that would make the fat and lazy American people rise up ? There is your first clue and dose of reality. There may be one, but I have not seen it or figured it out. Remember when Finicum was murdered by our own government and what happened ? And how many of you are willing to die tomorrow or have ever faced death that directly more than once or even regularly ?

        • Let them come. Do they think for a minute that we are not waiting for them. To kill them without any mercy. Their bodies will either be burned tossed or thrown in a fucking hole

          • Menzo, those blue helmets look like they’re hot to wear. Could use some “ventilation”. LOL!

            • I’m going to engage anyone coming to my home that believes they have some kind of authority over my life or property. Scum foreigners won’t even be given a chance to retreat. Ain’t just guns they need to worry about. There are many ways to kill a man.

              • I always aimed for the groin. The head is to small and bobbing around to get a real shot at it. I was totally amazed that people shot in the chest quite often kept coming at you where as those shot in the groin area could not walk or stand when hit directly or approximately.

                • ha ha ha… how very true … if anything, aim a tad high at first….

                • Just hit a little off center and hit the fermal (sp) artery.

                • US Army soldier manual tells you to shoot at the lower torso if the enemy has body armor. The head is the body part moved the most, and is small, therefore most likely a miss.

                  The lower torso is rich in major arteries and skeletal support structure needed to keep moving.

                  It’s the next best target after center of mass.

                • The groin could be the best place becuz the intestines are there and a horrible infection would come and then death. It is the worst place to get shot in as all the fecal bacteria is there and many won’t survive a wound there!

              • I hope my fellow deplorables will NOT wait until these Blue-helmeted Scum are at your door to fight back. The plan should be to Gas Light them as they mill about in their staging area (Our County Fair Grounds) before they disembark in their White Hummvees or MRAPS for the nights “round up” assignments.

                • Concur

            • Speaking of ventilation, (and sorta off topic), we live pretty much under a military flight-path and yesterday was a relentless bevy of jets and re-fuelers Nor’Eastbound, at an angle for VA. (Looked to be all Naval planes except the re-fuelers that I could see clearly, they were Air Force—-and some may have been cargo with four big old turbo-props hammerin’ away). Pretty much flyin’ ‘on deck’ and wasting no time doing it. Dunno what the rush was.

          • The man or woman with the most blue helmets at the end of the game … wins !!! 🙂

            • I hope I win the decoder ring……

            • lol I’ll start the game ! Good one Durango

        • Anybody here know if Un Helmets are Kevlar or just the old steel ones? Hate to waste good AP

          • Probably level 111A

          • they BETTER be level 5!

            • Hit the helmet with a high velocity one ounce shotgun slug at 14000 FPS (1600 FPS muzzle velocity) at a hundred yards and it would snap their neck, even if the helmet could stop it.

              • PTPO – You got a shotgun and ammo that shoots 14,000 FPS? lol You mean 1400 FPS. right? lol


                • Damn, in the heat of battle here I double-tapped a zero!
                  Should have been “Fourteen hundred feet per second” 1,400 FPS.

                  • While your have the time, AND they are readily available, Remington has come out w/3″ Foster slugs, 7/8 oz., 1870fps/3200Ft/lbs ME. Flat shooting, and out perform 1 oz’ers, 200fps faster……what’s 1/8th of an ounce. Most traditional Foster’s where around 1300fps.

                    • I actually prefer low velocity rifled slugs. In a semiauto 12g they shoot gently and accurately. I can hold a 5 inch group at a hundred yards, and they make the most impressive huge freaking holes in things. I have some high velocity slugs, but my accuracy nosedives to an 8 or 9 inch group.

                      I did see a YouTube of some soldiers in Afghanistan playing with a mil spec metal chest plate that was being scrapped after having stopped an AK47 round in service.
                      They put the plate into a holder and shot everything up to a Winchester 300 at it. Nothing penetrated it, but one of the rounds that did the most damage was surprisingly a high velocity shotgun slug. It dented it in a way that would have produced chest trauma to the wearer.

                    • I do have to add, though I’ve fired some weapons, the only thing I didn’t lose in that boating accident is my Red Ryder BB gun……..

        • The Rogues, (mostly younger guys) already in the US Military will put on new UN uniforms and Blue Helmets and change their look, and they will not abide by the US Constitution. We already have plenty of Traitors everywhere from Hillary right down to the Boots already on the ground here in the US who are wiling to follow any orders that are given to them. When this all starts, be prepared to kill at will. And shoot at the dope first, who is talking and pointing at everything and ordering the other dopes around. He is their squad leader. Once the leader is out, it turns into chaos as they run for the hills. And in War, it is perfectly acceptable to shoot them in the back or ass or where ever you like. Best to play offense, and get them in a cross fire in an ambush, Set up a road block with abandoned cars in remote areas or round road curves. As they stop at the roadblock, One side starts shooting, they will crawl out of their vehicles and get behind cover, that’s when the other force of patriots on their back side, flanks then from behind and finishes them off. Then gather all their tools and strip them clean of fighting materials and uniforms. It would be great to get a .50 Cal for free.

          Those in the Northern climates, I suggest you pre-dig their graves now before the Crust freezes. Ever try to dig a grave in the middle of winter through Icy Dirt and rock? You want to make the criminals disappear as fast as possible, No trace.

          Seriously, When was the last time you actually hand dug a hole say 4 feet long, 2 feet wide and 3 feet deep? Just for kicks go out in your back yard and give it a shot. I just dug a 2 ft wide by 3 Ft Deep the other day. Took a half hour, Its all compacted sand here in FL, for about 2 feet, then some clay 8-10 inches, then black dirt. The Back dirt is pretty compacted and harder to dig through. Know your soil down in your area. It is rocky, do you have a pick axe in your assortment of prepper hand tools to get through the rock?

          You may want to pre-dig some fox holes in random strategic areas o your own property and cover them with Brush for later use as well. Including sand bags around the perimeter of the hole a foot or 2 away from the hole and brush for concealment in front of the sand bags. Watch out for hole collapse. Throw wooden pallets in for flooring and wall reinforcement. Start collecting pallets now, that are laying all over the cities free for the taking. They will come in handy, in many ways.

          Prepare for the known unknowns.


      4. Gee, maybe they could start in Democrat Chicago?

        • Nah, not a chance the UN-it’s, would ever try to take on Chicago, far too many Hillaryists.

      5. This is funny. Big white trucks and blue helmets moving slowly down main roads. Yeah, that won’t be a target rich environment.

        Add to that all the anti-whatever’s that are pissed and own guns, tough days to the UN ‘soldiers’ for sure.

        Time to check zero on my AR scope….

        • Really???, those UN boys ain’t worth 2 cents. Hell, those so-called Peacekeeping Units get their asses handed to them in Africa all the time. And that’s ONLY Africa. Plus they have a reputation for robbing, raping, and killing the very people they were supposedly sent to ‘protect’. The UN boys are going to have it a lot worse than ‘tough’, and I, for one, will make damn sure of that. They’ll pay a much higher price than they think to come in here and harm any of our people. I better recheck the scope on my M1Carbine.

          • You put a scope on an M1 Carbine? I love that little toy gun but a scope? Even with my bad eyes I can out shoot that 110 grain slug. Put your scope on a Garand

          • You forgot to mention that they also engage in human/child sex trafficking. They’re no better than the subhuman wahhabists (ISIS/Saudis).

      6. As far as the HCKS comment:

        Means NOTHING w/o pic’s or video, especially video.

        • Yeah pretty much. I was actually intrigued right up until I saw HCKS being quoted as a source and that was it for me.

      7. Can they legally do that ? NO

        • OH that’s funny…. ‘legally’. Like laws matter here any longer.

      8. I think you meant to say: “…going door to door and meeting Jesus”. Those pretty blue helmets make good flower pots, especially with all the drainage holes. Come into THIS Alabama neighborhood and you’ll never leave! MOLON LABE, M-F.

      9. What I’d be interested in is when one of these UN truck movements is filmed and the transport truck actually followed to it’s destination or some chats it up with the driver.

      10. HCKS? WTF

      11. LMFAO

        yeah buddy? you got the “lists”? eh?

        well what about those of us not on these lists or the guns that arnt on those “lists” huh?

        nice try

        • since you’ve posted here, you’re on The List.

        • When they come to your door, and they say, “You are on their list.” You reply back, “Well isn’t that a coincidence, they are on your list as well.” Then start playing the song Hotel California and start dancing.


      12. You won’t make it to my door boys when I see the blue helmets it’s GO TIME on your a@@es!!

        • John, same here.

      13. I wasn’t too concerned until I saw the part of the article about Chinese troops then I nearly crapped on myself. On Nov 4, 2008 I was dead for 9 minutes due to an accident. I saw things, very horrible terrible things, a war that made the War Between the States look like a Sunday picnic and we were fighting Chinese and Russian troops on US soil. Folks I barely slept for the next 2 years after what I saw. I also saw my final death and how it was to take place. All I can say is that if the things I saw when I was dead come to pass many of us will not be here on this earth much longer. May God bless us all.

        • On Nov 4, 2008 I was dead for 9 minutes due to an accident.

          Oh Really? LMFAO… Hey dumbo, once you are dead you are dead, You were never really dead, just in a coma. The IQ’s on here, are bottom dwellers, who know nothing. Stop embarrassing yourself.

          Sounds like those idiots, who claimed they stops smoking 10 times.


          • Harvard Neurosurgeon Writes Book on Life After Death ..”Proof of Heaven”

            Do something worthwhile and read this book. Please, no stupid comments until AFTER you read it.

      14. everyone knows this fight isnt going to be won on the ground..

        and as far as a shooting war on this country and thats how they plan to take away “all the guns” is laughable at best

        there will definitely have to be something bigger than a foot war
        to come and think its going to disarm this country

        an EMP followed by massive aerial strikes for months or a year before they would put any boots on the ground to go..lol door to door taking guns off a LOL “list”

        some kindergarten kid must have wrote this down for them

      15. I-20 doesn’t run north

      16. United Nations Soldier Says They Will Soon Occupy America: “Going Door-to-Door Taking Guns Or Shooting To Kill”

        If indeed this is true … then I say

        “welcome, don’t get comfortable and cozy … you won’t be alive long enough to enjoy your stay.”

        If this scenario was to be played out – it is a good thing for everybody.

        TPTB world fighting machine will be demolished & dismantled and trying to get replacements for their loss’s just isn’t going to happen.

        – one step in the right direction –

      17. ht tp://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-37646781 im curious to ask what people think about one of the comments they make in this article about no more room to talk with Russia

      18. Well I said My My like a spider to the fly jump right into my web.

      19. …and I’m so looking forward to aiming just below the blue helmet line. There will be a great many family members of those U.N. troops who will never see their loved ones again. They will get me, but not before I give it my best effort to take as many of them with me as I can.

      20. Folks, ain’t gonna happen here. It would be a turkey shoot, and they know it. Defections would be rampant. Americans are armed to the teeth, and really getting pissed off at the system. As a Japanese commander during once said to his superior about a Japanese occupation of the U.S……”there will be an American behind every bush with a hunting rifle….we would not stand a chance”.

      21. How does no one remember the UN Small Arms Treaty signed by Bill Clinton two decades ago?

        • never ratified , just like the one obama signed

          • And at this point who gives a shit what they sign

            • Nailbanger, I don’t give a shit what they sign. Not legitimate and I won’t follow it.

      22. There is only one problem with this article. The United Nations does not have any standing army or any kind of troops.

        If The United Nations Security Council approve any Military action in this world, the Member States provide the armed force. NATO provided the Military Force in all recent UN Military operations, Libya, Afghanistan and Bosnia.

        The US went to the United Nations Security Council asking for legal Authority to invade Iraq and remove Saddam. The UNSC said NO, but the US invaded anyway, contrary to International Law

        Claiming the moral superiority, the US abandoned the Principles of International Law in place since WWII, ushering the Law of the Jungle and Chaos into the Middle East and the World that is so evident Today, leading this world to WWIII-Armageddon.

        • There was a day where the US had to get approval before entering a nation in a military fashion – that no applies!

          2012 – the Patriot Act got a face lift, along with other illegal forms of paper to go … where the enemy is.

          Wherever the US. Gov says their fabricated and fictional enemy is … gives them the reason/excuse to invade a sovereign nation, all on the basis of the “War On Terror”.

          Their illegal activity (war on terror) – gives them the authority to do what they want. Problem is … the gig is up … and every nation knows by now of the problems that the US. Gov has created.

        • Don’t forgot about the Kenyan with his phone and pen. A pen in the hand of the tyrant illegally occupying The People’s WH is far more dangerous to America’s security than guns in the hands of Patriots.

          From freedomfightertimes: Did the US just agree to allow UN Foreign Troops to police the streets of the USA?

      23. Here’s something to fret about. If and when they do come after your guns, they won’t have to ask whether or not you have them. They’ll just walk in and take them.
        ht tp://www.ibtimes.co.uk/nypd-uses-secret-x-ray-vans-ability-see-through-cars-houses-whats-under-your-coat-1524027

        • Redneck101,
          You know that aluminum farm paint for barn roofs ect?, bet that stop some prying eyes.?

      24. does anyone believe the American military would allow UN troops to do such a thing ? anyone ?

        • Who is to say, that we will have a sizable force within th U.S.?

          If the UN was to come in … our Government will make damn sure that most, if not all of our fighting forces are overseas somewhere or another.

        • Mr. Soulson obama fired 250 generals and admirals over the past 8 years, gutting our military, replacing them with Zionist neocon yes men…any more questions?

          • Hey driver,

            Help me please. How does our President who has been manifestly anti-Israel and pro-Muslim during his almost 8 years replace the brass he’s run off with Zionists ? Am I missing something ? Aren’t Zionists Jewish ? Aren’t Israelis Jewish ? <bb

            • bb in Georgia:

              WTF are you smoking. That half J*w-half black just gave Isreal ten years of with of Billion$ of dollars to a rich Country while we toil for our daily bread and sweat over insane compound interest on College debt, the Rothschild’s children of Satanists, have free College for ALL (paid by American Suckers and fools), and every J*w in Isreal receives $30,00.00 each to sit like masters while we Americans plow and work longer hours at lower wages.

              Not a friend of Isreal. Bull. He was put there by Goldman Sachs. The J*ws run it all. Everything else is theater. Obama is a showman. Michelle is also a showman. Two dudes for J*ws.?


            • Yup just like Obama promised high tech aircraft and weapons systems to be sold to Israel, yet, none to date, even after 8 years of promises have been delivered.

              The blame it in Jews is another distraction. Personally I don’t prep for crazy Jews attacking me. They aren’t on my radar.

              Like Trump says why can’t you progressives name your real enemies, the people who are actually shooting at you!

          • Chauffeur:

            Just possibly that could turn out to be the best thing that ever happened. Now, those disgruntled former employees might return to take out some gone postal vengeance on the NeoCon yes men during a recoup. Seems like as good a plan as any. And they would have a voluntary Army of millions not counting the military who would fall in with them, say 98%.


        • It’s not the ground pounders. The senior staff and senior O ranks that support Clinton. Those are the turncoats that will be delt with.

        • I don’t, and I served for a full 21-years. Ain’t no way we’d let America get attacked and not go apeshit on the government as it WAS torn asunder.

      25. Would love to share this post but I don’t find any link to facebook. What’s the deal with that?

        • Because Farcebook is part of the scum government

        • You block and copy the URL, then paste it into a comment in Facebook.

          • Trying to get to Duck tomorrow morning, any suggestions? And I am packing extra supplies.

        • If you don’t already know what’s wrong with FarceBook then I’m not going to tell you. NO FREEDOM FOR YOU!

      26. I call bullshit. it would take all the armies of the world to do it. 25 million veterans and over 100 million gun owners. 400 million guns and at least 12 trillion rounds of ammo. plus lots of other unmentioned equipment. an EMP would give us a definite advantage over their tech.

        My line is drawn. Don’t go down without one hell of a fight.

      27. This article is entirely birdseed.

        • Smokey, I like to refer to these articles as Chum for the fish. But it does get them thinking on how to handle these situations. Its going to take great leadership at your own local level to organize the masses,.. As the old saying goes, “All politics is local”, well “All War is local” as well.

          Make them work like a SOB’s for every inch of territory. What they take during the day, you take back at night. They to all got to sleep sometime. You need a few in your group with night vision.


      28. They better tell their handlers to pay them double…’cause they’re gonna earn it!

      29. TI red of trying to comment here… not giving you my email address. I

        • What are you afraid of?

          You visit here/post here … they already know who you are.

          • Not everyone

        • Try using an anonymous email service like disposable or mailinator or others (which are free).

          And if worried about commo OPSEC, use TOR.

          • I like using their TAILS too. A fun one is actually a boot disk, but it’s a full DVD. You can ‘ride one’ like a virtual drive but the name escapes me…oh, Hiren’s Boot Disk.

        • Make up an address. That’s what I do.

          Anything, like “[email protected]

          Just remember what you use so that you can use the same one each time. That will cause the system to start recognizing you.

          • Archivist, trying to get to duck tomorrow. I understand 64 & 264 are closed. any suggestions. Coming out of Zebulon

      30. I need the practice and blue would help.

      31. We do have indicators that support the data presented, but we have never actually site verified any of these reports.I have emailed several organizations and individual who release this type of information, encouraging them to give specific data in so much as one with prior experience could locate a few of theses threats for positive identification.
        If you have locations of activity that will support the data, send it to us and we will confirm.Most people are never going to take these threats seriously until someone stops talking and provides professional data, instead of a lot of talk. If we are seriously concerned about our present condition, then lets do something about it.
        PO Box 241 Addy WA 99101

        • Steve Quayle is a fear monger and doesn’t have proof of what he puts out there.I’ve listened to him since back in the day with Art Bell and his BS was just as bad as it is today.As I said in my comment,mix a little truth with a load of crap and people will flock to you because they are addicted to fear and
          Christian end times.

          • Christian or not… we will experience an “end of times” of major proportions of some kind if HilLiary gets in office… then all those poor liberal supporter will be in for the shock of their lives. I can hear the whining now…and I’m not laughing.

      32. Have fun trying to disarm these United States. lol

      33. Yes, I didn’t post that because its some fake ass info. Like I said, I heard some this from another source and the additional missing info I that I am not at liberty to disclose is none the less disturbing. But because of the nature of it, It could cause problems. So my lips are sealed for now. Hint, something to the effect of it hitting us close and something about the focus will be on Texas.


        • What timing. Just had my 300 Win Mag out my 7.62X54 91/30 Sniper rifle out, 3 of my 308 Win. long range rifles out the other day. Blue helmets would be easy shots at 300 to 600 yards. Shoot and Scoot.

          Remember Aim Small Miss Small!!!

          Got one in Moderation because I used the “B” word. You can use the “F” word and nothing. WHAT GIVES????????


          • B word Sarge?We talking brill cream/brillo pad/botulism/birdseed/bio/,a little hint would help,many objectionable “B” words!

      34. There’s also the anecdote of the nice Russian family where the mom & kid are visiting friendly neighbors, and they ask “so what does your daddy do?” The child responds without remorse, “he kills Americans.” The visitors were speechless looking to the mom for explanation. She began to cry hysterically, “I’m sorry! It’s true!” As she sobbed the stunned visiting neighbors left and could barely share the story thinking no one would believe them. The invasion force is HERE. They are awaiting the full go signal. Be ready people.

      35. If,(and that’s a very big if) the UN thinks it’s going to send troops to the U.S. to disarm us, they had better send a few million of them. Those pretty blue helmets make great targets. And the proper 5.7 ammo will make Swiss cheese of them.

      36. Really???, I taught your were and agency ass clown troll when I read your comments in the past. I hate to say this but welcome to the board. Your correct, what phucking laws, as if laws matter anymore. When you see a UN Truck with the UN sign taped over, then it means that, and we know that this does not mean the UN vehicles are being built and assembled in America, to be shipped to Syria or other countries. Its means that the equipment is being shipped into, as in inside our country and continent. Now less take a look at that photo of the blue helmet soldiers. Notice that they are all Chinese. Gee what a coincidence. 100% PHUCKING CHI-COM PLA, PERIOD. Really???, you said that without a photo we cant prove shit, then by all means, pull your head out of your ass and look, you will see that they are chi-coms wearing blue helmets.


        Onward to the SHTF event Horizon.

      37. As they say on the Price is Right….Come On Down
        Blue Helmets sprinkle with red on a white snow will be holiday looking.

      38. Allowing foreign troops into our country to take away our arms, to arrest American citizens, to subjugate our people, to ship families off to guarded holding centers, to brutalize our neighbors, friends, and family, to change our way of life, and to nullify the Constitution would be the absolute highest act of treason. It would be forever unpardonable. TPTB would be forced to go to great lengths to exterminate any opposition because after we understood what was happening and regrouped they know there would be sheer hell to pay, they would unleash the unrelenting and lethal wrath of millions and millions that would be impossible to stop.
        Imagine, there are individuals and organizations so warped, so depraved, so utterly degenerate they would invite and facilitate armed people from other countries who will have no hesitation to kill and destroy all Americans that fit the criteria who they want eliminated. These people are worse than sick. You may have heard historians say Hitler exceeded mental illness; rather, he was evil personified, TPTB are the same ilk. Never forget, tyrannical powers have never, ever been concerned about collateral damage, the only real concern was to wipe out opposition regardless of who else suffered-this is a fact. Have you heard the old Russian proverb “you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs”, Lenin and Stalin said it frequently, they lived by it, and untold millions were murdered.
        The public is being heavily propagandized, poorly educated, grossly misinformed by the servile media, and constantly lied to by government and corporate entities. They really don’t want you to be an independent thinker or person, they don’t want you to think at all. They want unquestioned compliance, therefore TPTB have been prepping society for years to accept loss of rights and freedoms, and to become reconciled to a lower standard of living, and inculcated to believe only good about government. Unfortunately, much of society are not even aware of this.
        Many avenues are presently used to help to control what TPTB call “the masses”; poor non-nutritional food, government controlled health care, militarized policing, public education indoctrination, unlimited illegal immigration to change our culture, any many more.
        Nature requires all things eventually come to a head, when it does, the consequences will are far-reaching, unknowable and very bad, regardless of which side one is on. TPTB will act because they are confident of victory, even if it takes a long time, this is supremely foolish. They will act not only because of what they may believe is based on some type of rationality, but also viscerally, because they truly despise us. It may take years, but ultimately they will prove to be just another plague causing suffering, pain, destruction, and death to humanity before being destroyed themselves, the unrepealable laws of nature will see to that.

      39. No way they would be kind enough to give us all that equipment.

      40. We can only hope this does not happen here. If trained/seasoned troops are used, many of us may perish.
        Twin 50 calibers for example could seriously damage most homes in minutes.
        It’s over kill, yes. But it sends a message to those who think they can defy the new laws.
        May God help us all.

        • Jim,why one if invaded by a foreign army one needs to shoot and scoot/4th generation ect.Obviously would be insane to take on a crew with .50 ect. with a hunting rifle.There will be drones/bigger guns ect. if US invaded,that said,one can do a lot of damage and live to fight yet again another day.At best I look at these statements as idle threats to keep citizens scared,but,we could as a country be invaded one day,especially if the govt. that supposedly represents us invites them in,then all bets off/nothing to/lose everything to gain,another chapter in our history.

        • Never going to happen; Gov starts a war with us, we win first day when we don’t go to work and stop paying taxes. The Gov hates us white people, but try to find out what % of the taxes we pay.

      41. What I think the globalists want are peaceful demonstrations following their stealing the election. They infiltrate and turn them into riots. Then they mow down the crowds. So, when some dudes and dudesses decide to have a Nationwide demonstration in every major city, just say no.

        The power comes from their money. If Norweigians come to my door, the LAST thing I want to do is to shoot them in the balls. For God’s sake, how stupid are we. So, if some poor white guy is sent here and he has no say about it, what does that tell you?? It tells me the J*w World Order wants whites in Europe fighting whites in America. They WANT us to shoot to kill or at their reproductive organs.

        If I was forced to shoot a white European, I would be devastated. I would aim for his legs. Stop his advancement. Keep him alive in order to let him carry on his genes. Wake up fellas. We don’t want to get sucked into another situation like we had in Germany, killing our own people. Even if this UN plan is bs, the enemies of the white man could just be putting this out to see if we would be stupid enough to kill Norweigians, for pity sake, WAKE UP. White people unite against the real enemies of mankind, that international statesman, that causes brother to fight brother.


        • you are the most ignorant motherfuckers on here…every problem in the world is not from Israel…doing a contortionist twist to get the “jew” on the blame list does not make you smart , fucktard!!!!!!

          • vocalpatriot is right, not every problem in the world is caused by the J**S,… Just 90% of the problems in the world. Once the chaos makers are gone, like George Soros, so goes the problems. Get your head out of the bagel oven Jewtard.


            • Wow amazing how much smarter the Jews are than the people who outnumber them 100 to 1. Get real. Yes we should stop supporting Israel they hate us and will happily shoot our ships and people any time they can get away with it.

        • Most Americans are part German. Who convinced us to destroy Germany and help the communists? And believe the lamp shade ,soap shinbone pencil boxes lies? Most still believe it. We deserve to be destroyed? We helped the communists?

          • sounds illogical to me to entice germans to attack ther mother land. But They painted hitler as a devil. now they are trying to tell us Putin is evil and Hellery is a saint.

          • Vocal: The Real True Ignorant souls are those who always refuse to do the deep research which proves the claims some folks here write about. And the Fact that mostly jewish fingerprints are always found upon most every evil deed or wrongs done globally and thru time past for tens of centuries. Is not something to be blamed on the truth tellers and the folks trying to awaken other duped souls to reality on it.

            Once wide awake one understands that most times a person gets called out as an antisemite, it simply means he is one the jews hate…It is a trick they use. To stiffle truth or facts about jewrys deeds.

            And a perfect example of double talking jewry in action that way is to read how badly they treated Jesus and all he stated about them etc!

          • To be truthful I couldn’t care less about the Holocaust; bunch of people stupid enough to let themselves be killed I can do without. But it did happen (was 3 million Jews, not 6, Guy who did the counting for the US Army was part of my extended family. Six includes children not born because of it and a lot of Gypsies, Find any tiny memorial to Gypsies in Europe, Jews only cared about themselves, and countries hated the Gypsies)

        • Great post. I have no desire to kill a brother
          unless he insists on it and leaves no other choice.

      42. More Bullshit from the cross eyed fear monger.Mix a little truth with a crock of BS and you’re a sensation.

      43. Notice @ timer 1:52 the camera is tilted down to avoid anyone seeing the green interstate sign which just might have been able to show us exactly WHERE this film was taken.

        why? mmmmm

        • Also notice that when the Semi cab is shown the video is blurred, then sharpens again when it is goes out of frame.

      44. I here that there are also foreign troops training with US troops in Colorado too.

      45. Taste just like chicken!

      46. They will die. If I die in the process, so be it. But, I will endeavor to take as many as possible with me.

      47. Propaganda . If this was gonna happen they would be secretly pre positioning equipment and troops. I’ve never in my life seen a un vehicle or a blue helmet. I’m not ruling out that it isn’t possible. I just don’t see them going door to door looking for guns. Word would get out fast and Patriots would form squads to go and eliminate offenders.

      48. If they come to our homes in the middle of the night, I think it would be polite for us to respond in kind, visit them while they are sleeping, become the “Predator” not the prey.

        No matter what color the helmet, no matter what uniform they wear, if they come for your guns, they are the enemy, they are the Law Beakers.

        Live free or die.

      49. MAKE MY DAY, BITCH!!!

        You will all die and we will KICK your ass all the way back to your Momma’s womb!!!!!

        Just got started on 400 round of 62Gr. AP’s for the 223. Just might ge3t to use them.


        • Sgt. 62 Gr will need a 5.56 Rifling. Unless you like an exploding barrel. I’m sure you know that already. Just saying.


          • While I agree to not shoot a lot of chambered 5.56 in .223 chamber will not blow up unless high powered reloads/defective chamber,most rifles now are either 5.56 which means .223 a litle less accurate but not to a point most would notice.There is also the Wylde chamber that in theory has both work well,not sure if it is just a compromise on both rounds accuracy,but again,not to a point most of us would notice.

        • You guys really don’t know much about the differences between .223 and 5.56mm chamberings, do you?

          1. 223 max pressure: 50,000 but 5.56 max pressure is 55,000

          2. 223 specs .085 lead (rifling starts at .085 ahead of chamber). 5.56 specs .165 lead. The extra space reduces initial pressure, increase velocity.

          3. 223 cases are thinner than 5.56 cases, increasing case capacity. 5.56 cases have less capacity.

          Bottom line is this, 5.56 factory rounds in 223 rifles are a little too hot. Probably not a problems but probably won’t be very accurate. (I’ve tested this.) The biggest problem is if you’re a reloading dumbass (this is what NetRanger calls a “shell stuffer”) and you think you can look at your loading information, drop the max load and move on, well, you might bust something or hurt yourself if you’re using 5.56 cases and don’t check your pressure first.

          Check pressure. Funny, I only know two guys that even know HOW to read pressure on cases. That would be my father and myself. Most of the people I know are only shell stuffers and never really do any research. They never “work up” a load, they just pick one and start stuffing then hope it shoots decent.

          So, if you have some 5.56 ammo, be sure your guns are 5.56 or they are in perfect condition if they’re in .223. Shoot a few and check for pressure.

          I have run into trouble where I was loading mixed 223 cases and a 5.56 case got mixed in. I usually feel it in the sizing stage. They really *ARE* thicker! Fortunately, I find that accuracy is far more than performance so my loads are in the accuracy sweet spot which is 5 to 10 percent below max pressure. Anyway, this one time I shot a group and one went wild and showed excess pressure. When I examined the casing it was much heavier and stamped 5.56 on the head. Opps! I was using a bolt gun so it didn’t matter much.

          I’ve picked out 5.56 casings and loaded them up. They take several grains less powder to do the same job. The casings weigh much more and have significantly less capacity.

          Good ammo, good guns, no problem. Cheap ammo, cheap guns, 5.56 in a 223 can result in something busted. Don’t lose sleep over it, just be sensible.

      50. Bring it on!

      51. What timing. Just had my 300 Win Mag out my 7.62X54 91/30 Sniper rifle out, 3 of my 308 Win. long range rifles out the other day. Blue helmets would be easy shots at 300 to 600 yards. Shoot and Scoot.

        Remember Aim Small Miss Small!!!

        Got one in Moderation because I used the “B” word. You can use the “F” word and nothing. WHAT GIVES????????


      52. So many race traitors. So little time. Go live in the third world if you like them so much?

      53. This article is a bit of a stretch even by SHTF doom porn standards. There aren’t nearly enough UN soldiers (Russians and Chinese? Puhleaze) to pacify America, let alone the Republic of Texas. The lights would have to be turned out and mass starvation to occur first. The Chinese would take the west coast but they only need the west coast. That gives them the Pacific.

        When the lights go out. That’s when you can start pooping your pants.

      54. The US is a very big country and if you count the number of preppers as 3% that is roughly 10,000,000 people who likely have arms with intent to use them for survival. These are local boys with family and life long friends for support. They know the land the forests and mtns from childhood. the country folk who live in the hills are your likely guerillas they will fight the handful of UN folks They are so diverse that they all cannot b5e infiltrtated by govt spies. At best a few token UN^ troops may show up but once the shooting and killing starts the numbers of rebels will grow like rising bread. Tens of millions will rise up to fight including millions of vets with battle experience. the UN simply cannot supply enough troops to take over the US regardless. It is too big they would be lost in a sea of rage. In a week they would be wiped out to a man the people really do hold the trump card in more ways than one. We rule hillary drools breaking down doors is stupid since they can be boody trapped with gasoline bombs as it is easy to get and does the job One spark is all it takes to start a rebellion that will sweep the country like a fire storm

      55. May I point out that
        1.)they are expecting you to fight back.
        2.)they will just burn you out
        3.)fill your house with flash bangs and tear gas
        4.)light you up with a S.A.W or a .50 cal
        Now you just seen it happen to your neighbor wife kids preps all just gone , NO ONE is resisting that. Not likely you’ll even get one shot.
        Your only chance and I mean your only chance is to stand together as a type of block militia and hold em off while others escape you will never take these guys in straight up fight unless everyone bans together sharing supplies weapons food and submitting to a central leadership with a common goal. Never happen. STAND alone you’ll die alone.
        And how many have tried to stand up look at those boys that took over that building in Oregon? They even got up and begged for help no help no men NOTHING everyone ran away and demonized them. Why?
        Because NO ONE gives a shit and the ptb know it. They will surround your house bug out shelters call you crazy child molester gun border what ever and you’ll be publicly Lynched on CNN. Your government has done it countless times and in full public view. No one cares so long as it ain’t tbem.

      56. Naw aint gonna happen. They will simply false flag turn off the Electricity. And the majority will surrender and trade their weapons for a bowl of gruel. And the remainder will kill each other off. starvation and lack of medical care. race war, ethnic cleansing, civil war will do a remarkable job . There aint enough ready willing and able folks for the Powers that be to worry about. The fat obese telly tubbies will not survive without electricity no matter how many guns and how much ammo they own. The number who can survive without electric and the government checks is very small. Take a lesson from history read about the plains Indians of the 1800,s or the Nez Pierce. The same tactics will work on the populace we have today. Nope we will not get to have any fun hunting blue helmets. Aint gonna happen.

      57. Part two,
        That’s not to say a capable insurgency won’t be mounted but man they will roll up and down east/western seaboards rounding up and killing 100,000s before the BH are up against something that slows or stops them. And if they use the slopes well there’s millions of em who cares how many (chi-coms) dies 100s more where they came from and they are willing to do it.
        If that’s a big if the in touches down with foreign faces my suggestion RUN and hide; link up with others cooperate plan and then fight back taking them on in a block war is suicide. For the moment were out manned out planned out gunned out maneuvered no advantage here
        Look if the shit skins can hide in caves rocks and desert, surely to shit it can be done here just gotta pull your shit together. It’s up to you guys to set the standard what happens in the US inevitability comes here always does. You’ll be the bulk of any possible resistance. Of course we Canadians will turn the snow as red as we can. Our boys are pretty good in the frozen pines.

      58. Some of them have green helmets and blue flack vest so be sure to look close.

      59. I read this article, and it was interesting . I see that Steve Qualye wrote this and thought that it is another kooky take on made up news.
        No other person has been so wrong for soooo Long.

      60. The rules of war will NOT apply to UN troops on American soil. Any UN troops that surrender will be KILLED! Any UN troops that are wounded will be KILLED. Shoot their medevac choppers out of the sky. All military or civilians found with a UN ID card will be KILLED.

      61. They build those trucks here… idiot!

      62. Guys,
        I hate the UN as much as anyone and I have no doubt Hillary Clinton would like to do just what this article says. However…….Chi-Com’s “inching” closer to Houston? Are they hiding out in Dumpsters in the day time? Please. If they come I will be there with my M1A but it is more likely I will have to use it on home-grown rioters and looters. Let’s concentrate on getting Trump elected.

      63. Makes me think of the marinas turkey shoot. Those morons will be overwhelmed in a few days. Snipers will be everywhere the show up. It will fun and games for everyone.

      64. We can all talk tough now, but when this actually happens , we will not be able to do a damn thing to stop it! Fight against it now don’t wait till it happens. Stop Clinton

      65. The daily Sheeple? Really?
        give me some credible newsworthy sources….

      66. Between the mix of turd-world, 55 IQ ‘reformed’ cannibals, and European metro-sexuals making up the UN force, they’ll be in for one hell of a shock when this grossly miscalculated strategy results in an absolutely catastrophic obliteration of their troops by white, middle-America males.

        As for the blue helmets… this is only 2nd in rank stupidity to choosing Day-Glo orange!

      67. laughable, just laughable.

        I am extremely late to this story but read about it and then thought about it and it is just laughable.

        anyone thinking that any combination of us military forces, un military and foreign forces is systematically going to go thru the country and take everyones guns and occupy the country is seriously not in reality.

        the us military is less than 2 million and it is one of the larger militaries, the country is over 300 million. that’s barely over 1/2 of a thousandth of a percent enforcing over 300 million and that’s not even including the number of people with guns and the number of privately held guns; just laughable.
        no, posts like these have no validity.

        the only ways to turn get the people of the usa to submit is by limiting their ability to access things that they need to live on like electricity, their bank accounts or food supplies and one or all of those may happen; but systematically taking your weapons by a superior force that’s lurking in the shadows is laughable.

        • Lena is correct. They will simply starve the populace. When his band starved even Gernimno came out and surrendered. No electric ,no money & no food and most will give up and submit. there are so few that are prepped that they will not be a concern to the government.

      68. There have been rumors for a couple years and Jade Helm was just the beginning. obama has already stated he will NOT accept President Trump and will not leave his office. That is not acceptable nor is he legally able to do so. But then he has completely inundated his administration with the muslim brotherhood which is a terrorist group. He has spent the last 8 years building to this. He was not kidding when he said he was going to “TRANSFORM” America. He has been cultivating the UN for his own personal reasons and now we know what they are. obama is a radical muslim who hates everything about America and his only plan was to destroy our country and tear up our Constitution. He know killary will follow his plan but they are all so afraid of Trump because he plans to shake up DC and they all like the corruption and the benefits so even republicans will do anything to stop Trump. But We the People are speaking up and it will not be pretty if obama tries to prevent President Trump from taking office. obama will do ANYTHING to stop him.

      69. Back in 1998, I was coming home from Work in longmont, Co to Greeley, Co with a buddy of mine. When we got to Highway 85, on the Train tracks, were 100’s flatbed train cars of UN Marked Tan painted Military Vehicles, Tanks, APC’s, Trucks, Humvee’s all with UN Insignia. From much research and due to UN Biosphere zones. Found that the Center of Yellowstone, as well as other Government controlled Land. These types of area’s are going to be staging points for UN Troops once the final shoe drops. Reading this article makes me type this to wake others up due to how long the Globalists have been preparing and prepping for this staged activity. The Positives. Most US Military if they are in the Country when this occurs will side with the people, except for the Air Force. US Army about 65 – 85% will side with the People, Marines about 90+ %. US Air Force, will side with Globalists. But they are the ones chem trailing us as well. This info is from currently serving Military at up to Colonel level rank. Have been told that US NAVY will protect the US Nation from outside Foreign troops at that time.. Doesn’t stop those here, but hope the Troops that will align with the People bring the military hardware with them. WE WILL absolutely need THEM and the equipment

      70. Grow a pair lets do this.

      71. Blue helmets would make pretty good shit buckets.

      72. First of all, if anyone thinks that they have a chance against an AK or SK47 with a regular rifle like a 30.06, 308, 270. etc, you are wrong. Those things are lethal at within 50 yards. That is what they are made for close in assault. I’ve seen the end result trying to put a wounded Marine back together after he was almost cut to pieces with several of those 7.62×40 rounds. IN case you didn’t know it, that is what they will be using. NATO Rounds are all 7.62 not 5.56 as M16’s are. Then there are the multitude of Chinese Communist soldiers all 20,000 of them. How many rounds do you have in stock? Then there is the complacency of the American public and the drummed to sleep Southern Baptists, Methodist, Presbyterian, AG, and so forth by their clergy response team pastors who have received their 30 pieces of silver from the US Government Faith Based Initiative bureau in the Dept of Homeland Insecurity bastards.

        So you think that the blue helmets are going to be easy. They won’t be and it will be worse than in Red Dawn where a hand full of boys and girls shoot up well trained combat ready soldiers. Only in your dreams. Unless people organize for such events and get off the couch and put down the beer in one hand and the remote to watch the NFL Sunday shenanigans,most people wont last ten minutes, let alone ten seconds.

      73. Okay… first of all… the US funds the UN and most of the UN troops are American.
        The Chinese, Mexicans and other armies have all been over here getting training… and they’ve all war-gamed this type of scenario… it would not be worth it to them… going against an armed citizenry would be way too dangerous.
        Our own military may have to sign a document saying they will fire on American civilians in order to get a command post, but they won’t do it… they know that another soldier in their own hometown is staring at the same scenario.
        Local law enforcement won’t do it… why on earth would they put their lives on the line because some puke in DC demanded it? Nope.

      74. I have been a good shot with a rifle since I was in the 3rd grade. Troops who wear a bright blue helmet will get picked off in record numbers so fast it will shock the world. During the Revolutionary War, the British troops were fired upon by snipers who did not stand in neat formations. The UN troops will be cut down in such numbers there won’t be enough of them to drive away in retreat in their bright white shiny UN vehicles. The shoot to kill will have a new meaning for the world to witness when all UN troops go home in body bags. Then the UN will need some other place to meet when their headquarters is decimated in New York.

        My suggestion to the Global Elite is to use their UN troops to protect their estates from the rest of us because you will be hunted down like the dogs you are. Be afraid….be very afraid.

      75. According to Dave Hodges, JH15 started March 1, 2015. About that very week I started being harassed by people unknown. After 20 months I can now say these folks are using cloaking technology. You cannot see them. And, there’s absolutely no doubt about this at all. They are also using some type of acoustic technology that I have found can cause rectal bleeding, the power of which is variable. I suspect it can kill people. I’ve tape recorded this devise many, many time. I probably have its sound several hundred times in dozens of daily digital recordings.

        In 2015 it was like the Keystone Kops were on my property. They were most active at night, the time military prefers to operate because that is when folks are the sleepiest. In the last several months they become more more professional and made far fewer mistakes.

        They also use a technology that gives the sensation of ants crawling on your skin. I also had a tooth crack earlier this year. The enamel on the inside of the tooth had been eaten away from the inside. My dentist, with almost 20 years of experience, stated she had never seen anything like it.

        One evening last year I was being harassed outside the window of my residence, as so often happened at that time. So, I stated to the person outside, “It would sure be a shame if this wall filled up with .45 caliber rounds.” The next morning I was outside my residence and heard a helicopter approaching from the South. I live in the southern part of rural East Texas. I turn to watch the helicopter. I was behind a treeline. I stepped to my left and after a couple of moments an AH-64 Apache gunship appeared, flying directly over me and my residence at about 500 feet. I passed me and immediately banked left, made a 180 degree turn and departed in the direction from which it came. Maybe this was a coincidence. I can’t be convinced of that.

        So, you better be ready for technologies you’ve never considered and folks using cloaking technologies few people believe exists. Well, in 20 months I’ve had plenty of time to investigate this technology and there is no doubt whatsoever that it exists. Well folks, its being used domestically.

        • Yes, I believe in all of this. In 1994 a military man and his wife moved next to me and my live has been turned upside down. They break into my home. The are thieves. They steal everything. even flowers and things in my yard and on my deck which is 2 floors up. The rummer was that they wanted my home and they was going to do everything to run me out. I am single lady 70 this December. My grown children do not live close. Yes they do have the technologies and they do use the cloaking. also microwave tech and see thru equipment. People need to wait up to all this. Most do not even know of this.

      76. I wished I lived near those of you who plan to resist. I’ll lay low, but I’m afraid I’ll be largely on my own. This all makes me feel sad for my kids.

      77. Yesterday, saw a large train convoy of “desert storm” rolling stock moving through the Bexar County San Antonio, Texas area near Randolph AFB. Seeing a lot of military trucks moving up and down IH35. Activity is very high.

      78. You can say you’ll shoot them up all you want if they come here. I haven’t seen many comments on band together and train. Share intelligence. Share supplies. Organize an offensive if things go south.

      79. Blue helmet, magic blue costume, whatever…

        I’m sure many of us don’t give a shit either way.

        Molon Labe, asshats, Molon Labe.

      80. I have a message for the metrosexual UN troops that think that invading America will be a cakewalk. We are not like our limp dick no nutt politicians. The American people are tough and we are ready for you. We will fight to the death to protect our country and our families. You will regret ever stepping foot on our soil because we will make it your final resting place. You think Somalia was bad wait till you see what we got prepared for you. You might want to call in sick and wait this one out. At least you will survive because once we start hunting you we will not rest untill we exterminate all of your kind.

      81. We have a government Quite confident that it can walk up to every door and demand our guns without incident. They have prepared for every incident. Or so they thought. If we look at the problems a modern well equipped army has with third world nations with loosely organized rag tag armies poorly armed then why would they assume they could take on one of the best armed nations of the world and expect the people to fold and hand over their arms? I know they have had times when they tried to go door to door during a crisis that nature pushed upon us. The people confused and dazed and expecting rescue and got martial law was a mistake. for we are watching and know your tactics. Dont take the results from a few battered people expecting rescue as proof that we will surrender. If the UN thinks it can take us on let it try. it has been a poor and ineffective force in the world. We have all seen the massive arms shipped for the UN. as in any war you must move men and machines. they must be housed and fed and unless they plan to explode a nuke which would leave much of the land contaminated I ask for what. If America falls so will the rest of the world. If the elite think they save the world then I ask also for who or what do you save the world for? Even the elite cannot support themselves for if we remove the population down to the five hundred million without discrimination then we loose all technology as well. it doesn’t reside only in books or hard drives it is in the hands of mankind. without us the words and ones and zeroes are meaningless. We will see the correction nature provides that will cull the weak and inefficient and leave the strongest. it has happened many times before in our history. We have people who assume they are at the top and should overrule nature. This as always proves to be a big mistake. It will be both interesting and tragic when the forces in power comes for my gun

      82. What a great economic opportunity.

        We could cut wait time on organ transplants. Plenty of those soldiers have been vetted for health reasons. Most will be in good condition. Use hollow points, go the the arms or legs. Need bleed outs. No cranial disintegrations.

        No morality when someone is trying kill you or the ones you love.

        Get it !!!!!!

        Now the military equipment the falls into private hands. Well the UN just failed to disarm you.

        Survival is the ultimate ideology.

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