Norway Offers to Pay Refugees to Leave: “$9,300 Dollars And Free Flights Home”

by | Dec 8, 2015 | Headline News | 45 comments

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    Frustrated with the influx of migrant refugees from Syria, Somalia and other war-torn countries in the region, Norway is leading a new path against the cultural invasion of Europe.

    Rather than make empty promises to its citizens about better policies, the Scandanavian nation frequently rated as having the highest standard of living in the world is paying out money for asylum seekers to avert a lengthy bureaucratic wait and just leave instead:

    As Fox News reports:

    A family with two children is eligible for up to $9,300 dollars – and free flights home, the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration told the media outlet. More than 900 people reportedly have accepted.

    “[Refugees] thought that when they came to Norway they would get protection rather quickly,” the head of The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration’s return unit told local broadcaster NRK, The Local adds.

    Instead, applications for family reunification can often take years, and an increasing number of refugees fleeing conflict in the Middle East and Africa don’t want to wait.

    Norwegian leaders have been actively playing to the idea that refugees will simply not be accepted, and that more should not come.

    As The Local reports:

    [M]any of the people arriving from Syria, Iraq, the Middle East and Africa expect to receive protection quickly and cannot wait the months or even years the process can take. “They thought they would have the opportunity to work or take an education – and maybe even to get their family to Norway…”

    […] “For a long time, Norway has not been able to forcibly return people to Somalia, but now that we can, I think that more Somalis with an obligation to leave will opt for assisted return.

    The UDI’s figures show that more than 900 people have applied to take financial support to leave Norway so far.

    The reason that Norway is willing to pay $10,000 per family?

    The people of Europe are furious about the pressures coming down on them from the most recent wave of immigration, including those from Syria, who seem to bring with them the worst cases of cultural clashes between Western civilization and Islam.

    Norway has even recently taken to putting out advertisements in the countries of origin to dissuade people from trying to come, on fears that they will be turned away:

    Norway has begun publishing adverts in Afghanistan’s newspapers to dissuade Afghans from seeking asylum in the Scandinavian country, the Norwegian government said on Thursday. “The goal is to persuade people to not sell all their belongings and put their lives in the hands of human traffickers, because they risk being sent back to the country from which they came,” Joran Kallmyr, a state secretary at the justice ministry, told AFP.

    The adverts, entitled “Stricter asylum regulations in Norway” and published in English and the Afghan Dari language on the front page of two Afghan newspapers, explained that people coming from areas of Afghanistan designated as safe or who hold a residency permit in another country will be expelled, by force if necessary.

    And there is no doubt that the native population of Europe has been feeling the clash.

    Neighboring Sweden has had so many reported incidents with migrants that it has been dubbed the “rape capital of the west.”

    Meanwhile, in European countries like Austria and Germany, citizens have been feverishly getting their hands on whatever deterrents they can, with pepper spray selling out during the heat of the crisis.

    For Norway, the solution is worth the cost. The incentivized procedure maintains respect for all the individuals involved – certainly compared with other refugee policies – and assists in supporting families who must relocate back home, or somewhere else more inviting.

    The International Organisation for Migration (IOM), which processes the Voluntary Assisted Return Programme requests and offers advice and counselling, described it as “safe and dignified”.

    There’s nothing to say these refugees won’t simply board the next flight to another country in Europe, but if the policy works for Norway, many other countries may follow suit. Americans, too, will learn the wisdom of a careful balance between immigration rules and the integrity society.

    As one of The Local‘s commenters said, it is a “good investment, considering the alternative, paying them and their families from cradle to grave for generations to come.” These socialist European havens “paradises” would disintegrate very quickly if they were overwhelmed with the costs of hundreds of thousands and millions of new refugees who are looking for assistance on every front.

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      1. To HELL with paying them round the F#$k#4 up and put them on the planes.

        This should be done NOW before it is too late. For tomorrow you will have blood in your streets.

        Coming to America soon, very soon!


        • That’s what I was thinking

        • Agree: never understood the idea that they have to get everything for free (what happened to migrants getting a job??) and that you can’t deport people. If you do not have the means to support these people – or they just will not fit in or are a threat – then fly them back out again. It is the prerogative of the state to do this.

          Why not set up holding camps for them hosted by the UN or China? Both claim to be experts on dealing with these things so why don’t they take care of them?

        • Hasn’t it already started?

        • Sarge, Braveheart wholeheartedly agrees. I wouldn’t give the sandniggers a dime.

        • Maybe they should use the Amish method ?? Shoot them all !

        • Amen’ the sooner the better!

          • My comment was directed to Sgt Dale. Just wanted to clarify.

      2. Never let them set foot on American soil. Our Local, State, and Federal Governments are totally out of control. The time is now to give them a reality check is my thinking. We must be prepared to use what ever force that is needed to be used. The longer we wait the least likely we can do anything.

      3. From the movie ‘McClintok!’

        Drago: “Alimony… Is that where you pay a woman not to live with you?”

        G W McClintock: “That’s about the size of it.”

        Drago: “Some women I’ve knowed, it’d be worth it.”

      4. most people in this world play follow the leader. strong leader equals strong people. politicians who play games with every word they speak, equal the same in the population. a strong leader is not a megalomaniac power tripping control freak. where o where have the founding fathers gone, o where of where can they be? not here, not yet.

      5. Sounds like a plan to me!! As long as they adhere strictly to the wording, “A family with two children is eligible for up to $9,300 dollars – and free flights home, the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration told the media outlet.”…. ought to be just fine.

        Doesn’t say the flight will actually land at that ‘home’ – just a ‘free flight home’. “Mid-Eastern ladies and gentlemen, we are approaching ‘X'(Syrian, Lebanese, Jordanian, Iraqi….) airspace, please queue up in the aisle, the flight attendant will hold your baggage while you step out this doorway to disembark to your home (@/from 12,000’)”.

        They get a free ride home, Norway gets the $9300 back (after a suitable time in lost and found), some new pilots get air-miles for their flight school records. What a great win-win plan!!!

        • Actually, it is a pretty good response. US taxpayers spend about $13,000 per capita per year for every Mid-east refugee who has been here five years. Germany pays $14,000. Norway pays $22,000. $9,300 for a family of four plus no more than $1,000/person for air fare costs $13,300 for a family of four. That reduces costs about $75,000/year the first year and $88,000/year thereafter for a family of four.

          One improvement I would suggest for the US doing so: Cheating employers who profited from cheaper foreign labor should pay these costs. Money so raised could go back to local school districts, medical providers, etc. who had to pay for these expenses.

      6. And to think these people used to be Vikings.

      7. The people of Norway just want them out .
        Why dont Norway close its borders and throw out the trash ?

        Oh , socialism almost forgot .
        But i think some folks may be seeing the light !
        Thats encourageing.

        • Norway is such a beautiful country with some of the most beautiful people in the world. Why ruin that to make it accommodating for Islam? It is just crazy… And why are they not being housed in the Middle East in the Gulf States? Those countries are filthy rich and Islamic.

          • I’m thinking you have Norway mixed up with Finland! Norway’s people are A**holes!

            • Euragon, as a native born Norwegian I take exception to your sweeping, derogatory, ill thought out comment. Do you even know where Norway is?

              However, what can one expect from a nation of people who actively seek to destabilise the civilised world with constant, unjust wars?

              From a country that gave the world a president who was frightened to do his military service (G W Bush) to a
              prospective presidential candidate (Trump) who thinks he can emulate the Soviet Union by building a wall, you people are beyond parody!

              All of the world’s present problems can be placed squarely at the door of the barbarian American state. So stop whingeing and blaming other people for the mess you morons have created!

              • Come on Norway dont blame the world’s problems on America.
                Bush wasn’t frightened just wealthy. Many of the wealthy did the same thing, not saying it was the right thing but that is only 1 president out of many. At least bush isn’t afraid of islam and cares more about America than our current muslim president.
                Be dam lucky that America was a major reason Germany didnt take over Europe. Also, seems America stores military equipment in Norway to help deter Russia, yeah thanks for thanking us… are you footing the bill?
                Run the muslims out of your country and shit talk America??
                If you had millions of Mexicans coming into your country taking jobs, getting free ER visits, hitting cars on highways (like my daughters) spreading seldom seen viruses that are common in central America, overcrowding our schools, eyc…… U would be begging for someone to build a dam wall!!

            • The ratio of a**holes in each country is proportional to the number of normal citizens. The larger the country, the more a**holes there are.

          • The Middle Eastern States refuse all “refuges” on the grounds that they will not assimilate to local customs and laws which are almost identical to their own.

            But it is ok to send them to Europe. This is part of a plan to end Western nations strength. They can’t take over the world if the families are strong, the national identity is strong, their economies are strong. So they have been working to bring muslims into Europe for several decades to break apart the nations.

            This is by design. The world leaders and the UN are doing this. The largest voting block in the UN is the allied muslim nations and they want a world wide muslim Caliphate. They want world wide sharia law. The river of military aged men fleeing the middle east and leaving their nations and women behind are cowards sent to colonize and break apart Europe and the USA.

            The difference in laws and customs between Judeo/Christian nations and muslim/sharia nations are not compatable.
            In the Koran it tells them to live peacefully among the others but keep separate and do not make friends wit them. But when the mulsims have equal or higher numbers they should rise up and use violence to assert dominance. It tells them that even if they do not want to be violent against others the must if they are muslim.
            So the idea that they can live peacefully with other faiths and peoples is questionable if they actually follow their holy book as opposed to a moderate version of it. And this makes them the perfect wedge to drive into the Christian nations to break them apart.

      8. $9,300 bucks and a free ticket home.

        Then $500 bucks for a coyote to bring them back again

        Net gain, $8,800 bucks (tax free btw)

        Pull that stunt every quarter, and you have a tidy income equal to a US pre-taxed income of $45,750 bucks.

        I want in on this one… 😉

        • You said it.

      9. I have a better Idea.. Hot brand them on the arms with the “Star of David” and escort them to the border and let them walk back to Syria! Tell them if they cross back into the country they will be killed and fed to pigs!

        • What have yo got against pigs?

      10. Wasen’t Liberia started in similar fashion?

      11. I’m thinking about going to Norway as a refugee….but I’ll agree to stay here for just half the 9 grand….and they’d save airfare too. Win-Win !

        Who do I contact ?

      12. Two more families were just resettled, one in Texas and the other in Indiana. Said they were very happy having been given a furnished apartment with a stocked refrigerator.

        • Makes me feel sick…

      13. If they really insist that we take a large number of them, why can’t we just set up a nice refugee camp at Guantanamo. We already have the cages, I mean infrastructure set up.

      14. Apparently a lot of the refugees just don’t like living in Norway, it’s “not what they expected”. So now Norway has to pay them to leave? All the goodwill and money used to shuffle these people from one place to another, then they find fault with their living conditions and more money is spent to get rid of them.

        Stop butting into the national business of their countries, stop the fighting, and maybe these people will remain in their own countries with their own families, language, culture, and religion. Nobody wants to be a refugee.

      15. As outrageous as it sounds, it will be cheaper in the long run if they can keep them out.

      16. Pay Iraq and Jordan money to set up more camps. Why should we support all these people when we can’t take care of our own? Better to pay to keep them over there than to pay to keep people here that won’t asimmulate or even want to be here.

      17. Excellent! Let’s see… I buy a one way trip to Oslo, for $750, then show up, vacation for a month at every upscale hotel, then take the $9.3k and free flight home. By my calculations, I might have 4 or 5k left in the bank.

        I slept thru jr high math, but even **I* can do that kind of math.

        BTW, go to YouTube and search for “Sweden+no go zones” and see for yourself what a disaster it is. I speak Swedish, have been in Sweden multiple times, and worked later for a Swedish company. It ain’t good there, particularly in the southern cities.

        • Our dumbass president, hillary, all Democrats should be required to watch the video.

      18. Hey, Norway, how much you pay me not to come to your country?

        Huh, Norwegians?

      19. AS Yoda would say:

        “If not assimilate you want, the off you can f*ck”

      20. Here’s a theory presented for what it’s worth. Centuries ago all the “real men” left Scandinavia for places like Scotland, Ireland, and Iceland. We call them Vikings.

        The “girlie boys” who stayed behind fathered the modern nations of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Hence all the pussy-assed, cowardly, and socialist policies of those countries.

        • Yet again an American comes up with an illogical, half baked, semi serious theory.

          Ever hear of Roald Amundsen, Christian Salveson, the Norwegian whale hunters and other pussy modern Norwegians?

          No, thought not. You’re just another loud mouthed, ill educated, xenophobic little American whose cowardly ancestors ran away from a bit of hardship in Europe to breed morons like you!

          Jeez, you lot hate immigrants, but you’re all immigrants initially!

          • Americans dont hate immigrants, we just take in too dam many! over a million a year legally plus illegals and refugees.
            There are many Norwegian immigrants here…
            Dont believe the shit on the news about America. The refugees in Europe are mostly men, not children.
            Our border surge was also mostly young men, many gang members from central America, few children but the media is full of shit and is run by leftist morons who think multiculturalism is the way to go… not working out too well for Sweden is it?

      21. At first I thought it a real harebrained idea but with some simple math they would save millions and remove any future citizens that under their laws would have the rights and would be prime target for islam influence to cause much harm and destruction. I seldom agree with government methods when it involves money but it seems this would be money well spent if they close the borders.

      22. SO, If I understand this correctly, and I think I do, if the USA adopted this policy, this is how you get rid of the imposter and his fake family in the White House.

        “Barry, you, Michelle (or Michael whatever), get your fake kids, and get your sorry asses outta that fancy house and on that black helicopter we have outside waiting for you, you is going back to Kenya”.

        Sounds OK to me…

      23. What Europe needs is a Donald Trump …. instead of more wishy washy DemoCraps like Obammy & Bernie Sanders ….

        This refugee situation hasn’t really become bad yet – wait until the refugee camps around Syria come under fire – millions more will come flooding out of there along with a whole new bunch of war zone refugees …

        The refugees already in Europe are just getting rested and rejuvenated – complacent for now – give it 4-5-6 months of severe winter weather in a camp or overcrowded housing – not so complacent come early spring ….

      24. What is wrong with you all, refugees are human beings, JUST LIKE US!
        And it could easily be us!
        Imagine we were in the same situation and the country you wanted to flee war to were saying all that you are.
        Humanity makes me sick to my stomach, you should be totally ashamed of yourselves!

      25. Paying them about $10,000 will encourage them to come back again or others who are poor from Syria and Iraq will attempt to go to Norway in order to get the $10,000. Why paid them at all?

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