North Korean Expert: ‘Global Catastrophe Looms’ After Latest Missile Launch

by | Nov 29, 2017 | Headline News | 34 comments

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    An expert on North Korea says that a “global catastrophe” is now looming following a powerful missile launch by the rogue regime on Wednesday. Blaine Harden has spent decades reporting on North Korea, and he said doing so has been unlike any other assignment.

    According to ABC News, Harden has not only visited and reported on North Korea’s totalitarian state, he has written three books focused exclusively on nonfiction narratives uncovered through his years of work and research there. His latest book, King of Spies, lays out the largely unknown story of Donald Nichols, an unlikely yet effective American spymaster.

    “North Korea is, you know, the longest-lasting totalitarian state in the history of the planet. Seventy years almost. And there’s nothing like it,” Harden told ABC News.  

    For Harden, examining the barbarism and trauma of the Korean War in which Nichols played such a crucial role held important lessons about the history of U.S.-North Korean relations, particularly after the U.S. began its brutal bombing campaign. -ABC News


    “They destroyed virtually every city, every town in North Korea. General Curtis LeMay who was head of the Strategic Air Command at the time estimated that the Americans killed 20 percent of the civilians in North Korea,” Harden said. “So that bombing was a fact. It’s a historical experience that the grandparents of the current people of North Korea all experienced.”  Harden says that the Kim family has used that loss of life as leverage in an effective propaganda message against the United States.


    And now Harden is nervous about the possibility of yet another war. “I’m more concerned than I was before. But then you know, it’s the Kim family that’s pushing the nukes and the long-range missiles. That’s not the fault of Donald Trump,” Harden added. “They are setting up what could be, you know, a global catastrophe.”

    Harden says that although Kim Jong-Un is unstable and incredibly unpredictable, he’s been consistent over the years.” They are really consistent, and their track record is they’re getting better at what they do,” said Harden. “The threats, the bloodcurdling rhetoric that you could hear from North Korea, it hasn’t really changed for decades. What’s new and what is confusing to the North Koreans is they’re starting to hear echoes –- reverse echoes — of that rhetoric from America’s president.”

    All of that rhetoric though may lead to a third world war and subsequent global catastrophe.


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      1. Well unless the little bastard is completely insane he ain’t gonna lob an armed one at us. It would mean the end of him and his little party over there. He knows that.

        • Meanwhile in other news… men across the country are being punished for doing what men are programmed to do, seek women. Unless one is a fag of course.

          What defines “inappropriate sexual behavior” anyway? When the woman co-worker changes her mind afterwards some time later when she’s on the rag or to get attention?

          Here’s how to solve this sexual behavior problem: DON’T hire women! Many problems solved!

          • Black Moe – Get a grip. Men across the country aren’t being punished. Gross exaggeration.

            The key to defining sexual harassment lies in one simple word — UNWELCOME — UNWELCOME BEHAVIOR and UNWELCOME ADVANCES. You are making something so very simple so very complicated.

            UNWELCOME: If she does not want to be lusted after and pursued, if she doesn’t want you staring at her breasts, crotch or ass, if she doesn’t want to be groped, if she doesn’t want to hear about your sex life or how sex-starved you are, if she doesn’t want to hear your dirty jokes, if your attempt at a shoulder massage that she didn’t request is making her feel uncomfortable, if she doesn’t want to hear from her boss about to engage in a quid pro quo, that unless she puts out she will be out, if she doesn’t want to be treated like an object of desire.

            Learn what is welcome and what is not = unwelcome. Simple. Problem solved.

            • There are at least two facts that negate your recommendation. I’m not advocating rape. But it is true that many human females communicate false signals. It is not hard for the average man to believe that a particular woman is interested in him, when, in fact, she is repulsed by him totally. Especially if she is trying to get something from him, such as a role in a film or play, or a job. In these circumstances a woman’s signals simply cannot reliably be trusted. Also there is the fact that in the case of many women no means yes. They want the affection and sex but they don’t want the feelings of guilt, so if the man makes all the moves they don’t have to feel guilty. Also, there is the reality that 40% of all office workers admit to having had sex with some other person who also worked in the same office with them, and no complaints were forthcoming. That’s just the ones who admit it. Also, in certain times, such as war, rape causes many babies. In terms of biological evolution, that is perfectly legitimate and valid. Moreover, these babies grow up to be people, and if you ask some of them what their attitude to rape is, typically they do not find fault with the event to which they owe their existence. Therefore, instead of trying to solve this problem by resorting to morals, I prefer to get on with my own life to the extent that I can, and leave such things to the individuals involved. But of course that is also socially irresponsible and has many flaws. Thus life stinks in many ways, and my business therefore is mostly just to keep going and do what I can to improve the condition of my own existence. This also is evil, I know. But not to do so is even worse. And yes, it’s true, I’ve never raped a woman and probably couldn’t do so if I tried.

        • He is lost in his own dissolution. Doesn’t mean he won’t try.

          It is important to remember that changeling America is his way to hold onto power in Korea.

          Life is shitty, and it is America’s fault, so says the North Korean narrative.




          • Or you could redirect your sewer pipe toward them and attach a large air compressor and launch some mud-missles at them! 😛

        • I don’t know Menzoberranzan… First off, I do think he’s got some very serious mental issues. Heck, it seems he’s believing his own propaganda that he’s some sort of divine entity for one. Got some real bad ‘daddy’ issues too. But the biggest problem is what I call the little dog scenario. The smallest runt when backed into a corner most always figures, “the ‘H’ with it, I’m going to die; so, might’s well go out biting”. And that is exactly what is happening. The mutt-UN is in the corner and being swatted at constantly. Sooner or later he’s going to dart out and try to snap at an ankle. In this case, it may only be one nuke; but, even one spells one really rotten day for some people who happen to be under it when it goes off.

      2. Not if he is a sane, rational person, not harboring a GOD complex…

        • I’m sure he doesn’t want to lose his pick of the finest women there and all the nice stuff he has. The choice between being layed everyday in the palace or having the palace vaporized on top of him is a no brainier.

      3. another scare tactic

        well planned script being played

      4. Hey!, a war with North Korea will put hair on your nuts!

        • I hope North Korea nukes San Fransisco. I think I will e-mail Kim Jung Un the GPS coordinates just to make sure he gets it right.

          • Send the coordanates for Amazon HQ too!

          • Don’t forget the coordinates for Washington, DC, NY City, Chicago, Baltimore, Philly, LA, Seattle and Boston. Let’s go ahead and clean the slate while we are at it.

      5. Multiple emp = minimal if any response however ussr fell shortly after Star wars enacted by Ronald Regan along with Berlin wall ect so purhaps we are bullet proof against icbm and they just gave up

        • USSR collapsed because they bankrupted themselves trying to keep up with America’s defense spending. When the USSR started printing money, the country collapsed.

          That was the real genius of Star Wars program. I don;t think North Korea can be bankrupted. They are already broke and can’t feed their soldiers.

          I think there will be war before collapse. When they see that North Korea can’t be sustained, they will invade the South.

          Just like the Nazis. When they needed money, they invaded the next county and stole their wealth to keep the scheme going.

          • JS, you may be right. The NK defector that recently made it across the DMZ had parasites removed from his intestines when they were doing the surgery to remove five bullets from him. That’s confirmation that NK troops are starving. Napoloeon was once said that an army marches on its stomach. The NKs are NOT ready for war. Their troops don’t have the stamina to make it through the first day of combat.

            • Brave, I agree. But Kim is too stupid to realize that.

              The fat pig psychopath can’t relate to starvation because he overeats and apparently has never missed a meal, let alone went without food for a few days and felt actual hunger pangs.

              • Anonymous, damn right. Porky and his cronies live high on the hog while the average NK starves to death.

      6. And he diddent get the memmo about star wars who knows russia may have also or international space station is a fail safe star wars so as to keep everyone from total destruction. Joint effort to keep mankind from self destruction

      7. Kim’s not gonna back down, but also not gonna first strike. Nor are we, despite all the chest bumping.

        My thoughts, this is a chess move to get Kim to spend more time and money into military equipment, starve his people to breaking point, his country collapses from within, we win again without ever firing a shot.

        Gonna take a lot $$ on our part, but given this is something of countries and politics fighting vs religion or ideology (such as in the Middle East). I think we can out spend this battle.

        Assuming our own destruction from within doesn’t happen first……..there’s still a real likelihood of that too.

        All the best to y’all, Merry Christmas.

      8. NORTH KOREA AGAIN? Ho hum, back to sleep.

        • Brave:

          The only thing little Porky is going to is burn himself up. If he lights the fuse he burns.

          Got to the gun show last weekend. Picked up a nice 45LC. lever action rifle. Had it 4 hours and when the wife saw it she took it AWAY FROM ME AND ADD IT TO HER COLLECTION.
          She paid me for it so I picked one up on Gun Broker. Got a great deal on some reloading supplies too.


          • Sarge, agreed about Porky. There’s another gun show in my area in Dec. I’ve got enough guns. Been buying primarily ammo and gun cleaning supplies.

            • Get a bump stock! They ROCK!

      9. Anonymous: you are a moron. How does a man know that his advances or hitting on a woman are ‘unwelcome’ until he tries it.? So your saying no man should ever “hit” or “flirt” with a woman, because it might be unwelcome or considered sexual harassment?
        My God…..then forget about procreation of our civilization, and welcome collapse. Then the only way to procreate is to have arranged marriages, as in the Arab world. You are indeed an idiot, and need to get off this site and never be heard from again..!!!!

      10. Found some 44 mag. Rem. 180 at Targetsportsusa 50 rounds 27$ 1600 fps.

        • If irrationality were a virtue, you’d be the most valued person I’ve read in quite a while. With all the threats made throughout the world, with all the death and destruction, tiny Israel, imprisoning terrorists rather than beheading them (as so many countries do to non-terrorists whom they label “infidels”), tiny Israel just trying to work out some kind of life for her citizens after more than a century of Mohammedan attacks against her Jews, she’s the country you highlight as the source of the world’s problems? You should consider psychiatric meds. Probably won’t help, but the pharmaceutical industry could use your money, and you have a powerful need for mental health improvement.

      11. Yes, it IS the fault of Donald Trump – and Obama, and George Bush, and Bill Clinton. Clinton at least got the Agreed Framework which was more or less successful at getting NK to shutter its nuclear weapons program – until Clinton reneged on the deal, followed by Bush, Obama and now Trump.

        Anyone who knows the history of this issue knows this is true.

        The US could solve this problem within a year by proper negotiating. The parameters are well known.

      12. We have NO right to destroy a country based upon what another country may or may not do. This IS against our own law and international law, PERIOD!!!

        Thus far lil fat Kim has only blown hot air out of his mouth!
        The specter of WW3 isn’t worth the risk!

        • Yes, we do have the right.

          Haven’t you ever heard of the term “Might makes right.”

          • No but I have heard that if ya aint white, ya aint right.

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