North Korea Prepares For World War 3 With Mass Evacuation And Blackout Drills Conducted Across The Country

by | Oct 30, 2017 | Headline News | 50 comments

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    The rogue nation of North Korea is bracing itself for World War 3. The country has now undergone mass evacuation and blackout drills designed to ready the public for a war.

    Although the drills were not conducted in the capital city of Pyongyang, the North Korean government had many other cities practice evacuations and “blackout” drills. Blackout drills are designed to disguise the people from enemy aircraft in the event of a war by minimizing the lighting. With tensions sky-high between the United States and North Korea,  the ultra-secretive country reportedly staged the training in towns and cities throughout the nation last week.

    North Korea’s refusal to abide by international sanctions may be part of the reason of their insistence on war preparations, all while US Defense Secretary James Mattis fears threats of a nuclear missile attack by the regime are accelerating. “North Korea has accelerated the threat that it poses to its neighbors and the world through its illegal and unnecessary missile and nuclear weapons programs,” Mattis said on Saturday.

    According to NK News, evacuation drills of this scope and nature are “extremely rare,” and often unheard of in the communist nation that approximately 25 million people call home. “I have never heard of this type of training exercises before in North Korea, but am not surprised,” a retired South Korean army lieutenant general said. “They must realize how serious the situation is.” The “daily air raid drills” were supposedly common and occurred regularly in 1994 when the North and the US were “on the brink of war.”

    But the drills are ominous, begging the question: what exactly does North Korea have planned?

    On Saturday, Mattis accused Kim Jong Un’s regime of illegal and unnecessary missile and nuclear programs, and vowed to defeat any attack by North Korea, which he said engages in “outlaw behavior.” He also said the US will not accept the North as a nuclear power.

    Kim Jong-un is also understood to possess an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the United States. The nation has also branded president Donald Trump, and the US at large, a “hooligan” and a “lunatic” after the US reportedly put its nuclear bombers back on 24-hour alert for the first time since the end of the Cold War.

    It’s been reported North Korean secret police have begun to patrol monuments to Kim Jong-un because of the public’s growing fury about poverty in the leftist country.


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      1. “blackout drills to minimize light targets ” what did kim do? tell everyone to blow out their candles?

        • I thought that too. Black out what? They already are blacked out.

      2. Lol
        “Blackout” might have worked in the 50’s

        with todays tech., bombings , drones,missile hits and aerial munitions and most all of our military tech doesn’t need any lights to pin point a target

        • We own the night

      3. Nov. 4th is when our national solar-based communications blackout drill AND the libturds’ ‘uprising’ begins. Nov.3 is when Trump leaves for Asia on a 5-nation tour and to attend 2 summits. I smell something in the air. Can you say FALSE-FLAG?

        • False flag for what?

          The real false flag will be used to start a war with Korea. That is why Trump has been provoking Kim Jun Ill. He is trying to get North Korea to fire the first shots so he can have his war. (I hope he gets it, F the Koreans).

      4. Shall we understand that any nation that prepares itself to defend against any aggressor automatically becomes a “rogue nation”..I wonder what NK has done to any ordinary people around the globe especially to its accusers…

        • maybe something like steal countless money from world banks through hacking…for starters. wrongfully imprison and torture outsiders. Create a campaign of hate against anyone who doesn’t support their regime. Starve and kill his countrymen. Kill his family members. Yeh…NK leadership is just defending itself against aggressors. WTF?!

          • They are only doing a little bit of murder, so it’s ok.

          • As opposed to unprovoked attack of dozens of countries around the world- nuking Japan, Libya, Iraq (several times over), Syria, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Vietnam, El Salvador… The stupidity and selective memory of idiots like you just never ends.

        • I agree! Korea has done nothing. While we invade everybody.The reason Korea is a “Rogue” Nation is because they don’t bow to the World Bank, Along with Iran.

        • No shit thanks for pointing that out. Another “rogue” nation hatched by the empire of theiving aggression. “Rogue” LMFAO

      5. It begs the question, What does North Korea have planned? Actually, it begs the question, What does the Globalist Empire and the US government have planned? We’re sending bombers and 3 aircraft carriers to the Korean area. Plus many other assets. How many Korean refugees can the US take in? 1 million? 5 million? If you want war, you must prepare for the cost. How many dead? Injured? Isolate the North and go about your lives.

        • Him, those were my points exactly. Don’t forget the 1000 retired military pilots just recently recalled to active duty. The last time that was done was right after 9/11. You don’t recall anyone unless you’re planning something big.

          • Yes, we should wait until after Kim Jun Ill nukes Japan or Guam to do something. Maybe we should try diplomacy, after all, it has worked so well the last 25 years.

            Anybody ever think that Kum Jun Ill is just an evil son of a bitch and needs to be killed off, along with the rest of the North Korean leadership?

            Makes me think of Nevil Chamberlian waving the piece of paper declaring we have “peace in our time” a week before Hitler started WWII

            • This korean “leader” makes me sick. We need to get him first before he hits one of our cities and then radiation for thousands of years and no food would grow there. It would hurt our economy bad. He should be nuked into the stone age!!!

        • “begs the question” doesn’t mean “raises the question” hate to be a grammar nazi…but twice in a row? It’s a credibility thing.

      6. its all a show….. nothing will happen…. no one would risk their entire (small) country. think about it.

        • Anonymous, I think differently. The “Un” was nothing much to risk. As so many point out time and again, NK has not much. Not enough food to feed its own people to begin with. Low on the civilization totem pole in all ways. And winter once again approaches. Desperate times. One thing I’ve learned is how severe weather seems to affect those poorest worst. Ever heat a home solely by wood stove(s)? When you do it due to circumstance, it is not cute, quaint, homey-feeling. It’s a lot of work and worry about if you’ve cut enough or have access to enough fuel. NK is like that. They live poverty. They lose lives to conditions we here in America rarely do – on a massive scale. No, there is little risk. NK is losing anyway. And when there is little or nothing left to lose? “Why not?”, becomes the question then.

        • The only reason Kim shoots his mouth off is he is doing it to keep control of his people. He tells his people they are starving because of America. Their life sucks because of America. Keep me in power and I will build the nukes to fight off America.

      7. “The rogue nation of North Korea is bracing itself for World War 3.”

        This first sentence is inaccurate, and completely follows the MSM narrative. It should be written this way for accuracy.

        “The rogue nation of the United States is bracing itself for World War 3.”

        “Mattis accused Kim Jong Un’s regime of illegal and unnecessary missile and nuclear programs, and vowed to defeat any attack by North Korea, which he said engages in “outlaw behavior.”

        North Korea is NOT going to attack anybody, nor fire the first shot if engaged. “Outlaw behavior”??? What outlaw behavior? Is North Korea invading other countries and or conducting military exercises off the coast of America and abroad? — Answer is clearly NO

        Leave these people alone – actually … America … leave other nations alone and mind your own fk’n business for once!

        • FTW
          “North Korea is NOT going to attack anybody…”. Except for oh a South Korean navy frigate, Japanese fishing boats and mainland citizens, American aircraft in international airspace, a US Army officer on the SOUTH KOREAN side of the DMZ negotiation line at Panmunjom, the infamous Blue House raid in 1968, and another 150 or so attacks.

          Facts, terrible things they are.

          • Gman79 –

            I’m speaking relatively in the NOW, … not the PAST.

            If you would like to compare North Korea & USGov overall crimes against humanity. I’m very certain that you will be disappointed to find out that the US Government is leading the charge in that department, and continue to do so to this day.

        • Well spoke Sir / madam !

          • Sir / Madam

            You never know nowadays.

        • ”North Korea is NOT going to attack anybody, nor fire the first shot if engaged. “Outlaw behavior”??? What outlaw behavior? Is North Korea invading other countries and or conducting military exercises off the coast of America and abroad? — Answer is clearly NO”

          There’s a few books and even a movie about the North Korean attack on the USS Pueblo – you could use a little history lesson …

          • The Illinois or Illiniwek were despised by the other Algonquin speaking tribes that lived near them. They were not known for being formidable warriors. Quite the contrary.

          • The USS Pueblo (spy ship) was not in international waters when it was captured. It was in N.Korea’s waters, and unfortunately this event took place.

        • “The (((rogue nation of the United States))) is bracing itself for World War 3.”

      8. HI FTW ,
        That’s the truth !
        Cheers FSW

      9. FTW, well said. Good post.

      10. FTW: I would agree, but when they launch missiles over the airspace of our allies (Japan), threaten SK and Guam, and threaten a nuclear strike on American soil, then it is outlaw behavior. And can we take the risk of seeing a mushroom cloud over a major US city.? We cannot continue to allow them to advance their missile technology any further. If we cannot negotiate a settlement, then we need to take out their missile complexes (no matter the consequences)….and execute Bill Clinton for Treason.!!!!!

        • US Military has launched such devices as well over other countries, but I’m sure that is different, and ok, and very much acceptable to you.

          The N. Korean threats came after when Trump made threats to their nation. Both parties are wrong for making such childish threats to one another.

          • has not North Korea already said it will destroy the U.S. after it has a missile that will reach the east coast?

          • The US government actually nuked itself on many occasions prior to the 60s above ground ban. So yeh, our supposed leaders are some dumb ass MOFOs ! And it has only gotten far more critical and corrupted since then with greed and power trips by the elites. Uranium one is a good example. People are finally waking up to see our government as the criminal enterprise that it is, as they start to fully grasp the deep state apparatus and crimes committed by the likes of Hillary and many others like the Bushes.

            But we do have several very real dynamics in place with NK, like the missile launches and many threats that have been made. Kim is not a good guy and not necessarily the victim in any of it. So don’t get sucked in too far with that theme as well ? There are some very real threats and potentialities in play here. The last thing I want to see is anybody getting killed off by the millions because of any gov despots, or psychopaths ? And I do not consider Trump a psychopath. Maybe BHO, Holder, Lynch, Hillary and some others. So far Trump has shown good judgment on many matters and he has been seriously tested. There is no question he wants to de-escalate the Russia schisms that have been created by others and that is a good thing ! He is not a neocon by any stretch.

            This proves BHO, Hillary and Kerry all contrived to create and help ISIS and their atrocities in Iraq and Syria !


        • War is a bad thing but the risk assessment on this tells me it can’t be tolerated any longer. Seoul is a modern democracy and represents significant wealth and modernity. To have it threatened with destruction is not acceptable; same goes for Japan.

          The US has advanced weaponary that could take NK down in one night. They should use it and get it done.

      11. No Place to Run and No Place to Hide.

        • Those filthy cat eating chink bastards deserve what we will end up giving their asses – a serious BEATING they will not forget anytime soon.

      12. In the pic above with the fat guy, well he has to have farted.. the crowd reaction was sheer glee. It’s a comedy act.

      13. Would not surprise me if Japan carried out a preemptive strike against fat pad man .

      14. They said, “Oh! Great leader says he has a 2 1/2 inch pecker! HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

      15. Only L’il Kim would think that, by turning the lights out by doing a blackout will protect the NK from modern weaponry.

      16. I think still all of this scripted. Don’t really trust any news outlet.

        Why do I believe that. Well, first NK could only reach maybe Alaska. All of a sudden, the entire West Coast is in Danger, then Chicago, then New York?

        Remember. There are reported 14 anti-missiles missiles allegedly deployed both in ALASKA and CALIFORNIA each?

        Recently one ship that carried the capability of shooting incoming missiles Ballistic has been damaged in a collision at sea.

        In case you did not know, The anti-missile network, if it works, is designed to engage incoming warheads, as they reenter the atmosphere.

        SDI, developed during the Reagan administration, could shoot them down as they are launched from their pads, from space.

        Remember the Maine:

        Interesting reading.

        That is not to say, we still may witness an horrific event.

        Still, not trying to be naive, perhaps a more powerful ally is pushing NK to do this and at the right time will intervene on their behalf with superior fire power catching The U.S.A and its Allies unaware.

      17. North Korea likes to see themselves in the news whatever it takes. The world should have a total blackout of anything about North Korea…A war would effect all countries and they need to work togather to prevent this.

      18. Nuke a gook.

      19. Once again for the retarded…

        1) North Korea does NOT have a missile that can hit the continental US, let alone Chicago. At least, not yet.

        2) There is no evidence that any of their missiles can hit the continental US carrying a WARHEAD, submarine launch or not.

        3) There is NO evidence that North Korea has an EMP capability either via missile, let alone satellite.

        4) North Korea will never launch a unilateral attack on the US, nuclear or otherwise (no “Red Dawn”, version two, scenario, folks.) They also will never launch a unilateral attack on Japan or South Korea. They aren’t stupid enough to risk obliteration by the US nuclear arsenal.

        5) North Korea has explicitly said they would negotiate on their nuclear weapons and missile programs IF – and ONLY IF – the US will stop threatening the regime with war, conducting war games with South Korea on its borders, and negotiate on removing the 37,000 US forces in South Korea. They were willing to to shutter their program back in the ’80’s to the degree that they blew up their reactor cooling towers.

        6) The REAL reason behind the US threatening North Korea is not nukes, but the fact that North Korea has 6-10 TRILLION DOLLARS worth of unexploited resources. It’s all about the MONEY – just like Iraq and Afghanistan.

        7) The parameters of a negotiated settlement are well known and have been for the last thirty years. NK wants direct negotiations with the US with an aim for a nonaggression treaty the US is bound by, and normalized relations. Per the Clinton Agreed Framework negotiated in the ’90’s, NK gets fuel oil and two light water reactors in exchange for shutting down their plutonium nuclear energy program, rejoining the NPT and submitting to IAEA inspections. None of this is impossible to achieve, however difficult. The main obstacle is that it is the US that doesn’t want to negotiate and can’t be trusted to adhere to its treaties, as demonstrated by Trump’s reaction to the Iran Deal (which virtually everyone outside of the US – EVEN ISRAEL – thinks should be retained.)

        8) There is every possibility that a war between the US/SK and NK would result in the US/SK LOSING. Even if China does not intervene, and if NK loses the conventional war, NK could start an insurgency that would make the Iraq insurgency look like a tea party.

        9) If the US/SK attempts regime change in NK, China WILL enter the war on NK’s side. They’ve said so. Neither China, nor the US, nor SK, will risk WWIII over NK.

      20. Relax, the Norks understand that PRC will giving them a painful spanking if they do anything more…They have been warned by Mr Xi Hung Chow Ho…

      21. RSH : I and many others agree with your assessment on 1,2,3,4,5 & 9… But, 6,7 & 8, no way…

      22. So far I found at least ONE soldier in the picture above who was not wildly applauding nor smiling.

        He was probably executed yesterday.

        In America, we find the exact number of people on any given day (including lamestream press) JEERING our President.

        However disrespectful I find their gross behavior, the difference is that OUR Constitution guarantees freedom of thought/speech. But oh, how so many abuse it. The gross sin of disrespect shown the other, even here occasionally at this forum, is hard to take.

        We must send home ALL United Nations troops ALREADY HERE in our country!

        Do you HEAR that Senators and Congresspeople? REPUDIATE the actions/decisions of our last two Presidents!!!


        Americans do NOT need to be “contained”!!! And they will not be CAGED.

        The UN troops are NOT needed HERE! And we must resist beginning or participating in ANY civil war that would “necessitate” their coming out of the woods, their closet, and that includes NOT falling for all the traps the globalists lay.

        Let’s OUTTHINK these destructive globalists. Let’s NOT give them what they WANT!

        Who’s with me?

        So TRICK the globalists to give YOURSELVES a treat. Stay informed. DON’T take their “candy”, their lures. Don’t give them ANY excuses or reasons to go door to door to confiscate your guns (or try to do so). Stay calm, including in early November if their power outage drill goes “live” and becomes REAL. They are just ITCHING for that trigger. If you go off, you WILL be that trigger. See how this works?

        Above all, PRAY. God is much bigger than Kim, than the Globalists, and the U.N. troops.

        In fact, they fear such faith/trust in God the MOST! Prayer gives God permission to unleash forces almost beyond human comprehension to stop evil in its tracks and to effectuate good.

        Some call these actions MIRACLES.

        So, in short, PRAY, PREP, and THINK! Please get right with God, and treat others with respect. We can be disagreeable without sinking to their level.

        God bless you all. And God bless the UNITED States of America!

        – the Lone Ranger

      23. Oct.31, Drudge reports massive collapse at North Korean nuclear test sight. Over 200 dead. So far. Nuclear fume leak also?

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