North Korea Has Resumed Nuke Operations: “The President and the Secretary of Defense Are Taking It Seriously”

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    A couple of weeks ago, on January 27, a corporation that monitors North Korean nuclear activity concluded that the communist state has increased activity within its facilities designed to enrich fissile nuclear material.  This specifically means uranium and plutonium, to make nuclear weapons.  Here is an excerpt from that article by David Brunnstrom of Reuters entitled North Korea appears to have restarted plutonium reactor: think tank, as follows:

    “New commercial satellite imagery indicates North Korea has resumed operation of a reactor at its main nuclear site used to produce plutonium for its nuclear weapons program, a U.S. think tank said on Friday.  Washington’s 38 North, North Korea monitoring project said previous analysis from Jan. 18 showed signs that North Korea was preparing to restart the reactor at Yongbyon, having unloaded spent fuel rods for reprocessing to produce additional plutonium for its nuclear weapons stockpile.

    “Imagery from January 22 shows a water plume (most probably warm) originating from the cooling water outlet of the reactor, an indication that the reactor is very likely operating,” it said in a report.  It said it was impossible to estimate at what power level the reactor was running, “although it may be considerable.”

    This comes on the heels of numerous threats made by North Korea’s Kim Jung-Un both before and after the inauguration of President Trump.  The North Koreans have been quietly building stockpiles of fissionable material.  Last year saw almost a dozen missile tests, as well as several nuclear detonations, and Un is not putting the brakes on making weapons, as reported in the article:

    “News of the apparent reactor restart comes at a time of rising concern about North Korea’s weapons programs, which could present the new administration of U.S. President Donald Trump with its first major crisis. A report by leading U.S.-based nuclear expert Siegfried Hecker published by 38 North last September estimated North Korea had stockpiles of 32 to 54 kg (70 to 119 pounds) of plutonium, enough for 6 to 8 bombs, and had the capacity to produce 6 kg, or approximately one bomb’s worth, per year. 

    North Korea also produces highly enriched uranium for atomic bombs and would have sufficient fissile material for approximately 20 bombs by the end of last year, and the capacity to produce seven more a year, that report said. In a New Year speech, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said his country was close to test launching an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) and state media has said a launch could come at any time.”

    As reported in the article, the Secretary of Defense is scheduled to visit Japan and South Korea next week to address this issue.  The President obviously takes it seriously enough that it is not being “shelved” or ignored the way Obama did for the past 8 years.  Read previous articles regarding the assessments of Dr. Peter V. Pry on North Korean capabilities regarding miniaturization of nuclear warheads and their use to deliver an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) weapon.

    I have not stated that North Korea will launch an EMP attack against the United States.  I have stated that there is a high probability that should an EMP attack occur, or if a world war breaks out that North Korea could be either the initiator or used by another nation as the “fall guy” to commence hostilities.  My statement was (and is) this:

    The next world war will be initiated by an EMP device detonated over the continental United States, followed by a nuclear exchange and then conventional warfare.

    At the moment, we seem to be heading toward a shift in terms of alliances, although it’s yet too early to clearly define.  There are still problems going on in the Baltic states with what Obama left in terms of US troop commitments and deployments within those nations, and Ukraine is far from a dead issue.  Over the weekend, Victoria Nuland (the co-conspirator in the US-sponsored and directed coup d’état in Ukraine in 2014) resigned her position from the State Department.  It also appears that soon Putin and President Trump will be meeting in person.

    This has caused a great deal of angst with the Chinese, who are wary of any potential US-Russian alliance that may tilt against China in the coming months.  The Senkaku Island dispute is also far from over, and the Chinese have been increasingly active in boosting their naval presence both in and around those islands, as well as farther out in the Pacific.  This holds true for surface vessels as well as submarines.  With the rise of President Trump, the Chinese also feel that an “economic reset” may be coming, as well as a potential military alliance with Russia.

    Considering all of this, North Korea may seem a trivial issue, but it is not.  If the new administration has deemed it important enough to send the Secretary of Defense into the area to begin talks concerning North Korea’s nuclear activity, then it isn’t a small matter.  This President is not going to allow North Korea to go unchecked as Obama allowed for two terms; however, make no mistake that it is indeed serious.  Reports have been circulating across the web from different defectors in recent weeks that have stated Kim Jung-Un will launch a missile against the United States if he feels that the US will attack him or try to remove him from power.

    The North Koreans have made many advances in their SLBM (Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile) capabilities in recent years, with several tests having been conducted in 2016, and tested successfully.

    If there is even the possibility that they could launch a missile against one of the cities of California or the West Coast, then it needs to be taken seriously.

    Obviously, the President and the Secretary of Defense are taking it seriously.  It is neither fear-mongering or imprudent to be aware of the possibilities (and the mounting probabilities) that exist if North Korea’s actions run unchecked.  This President will not sit back and allow that to happen, but he must deal with a “deficit” in terms of time: Obama allowed (and indirectly sponsored) Un’s ability to buy time and further develop his capabilities.

    Decent people wish for none of these things to occur.  It is prudent and pragmatic to keep a wary eye on things every day of the year…and preferably to have nothing happen than it is to skeptically discount things for one day and have something occur.  It is better to be derided for matters such as these discussed and presented in an article not “coming to pass” than to wake up one morning and find that it has happened, and that an entire city with millions of lives has been lost.  Anyone who would wish such a thing to happen should take a good long look in the mirror.

    Someone who wishes for such a thing to happen is not thinking of hundreds of thousands of schoolkids or the innocents who would be lost because some totalitarian jerk decided to nuke a city.  

    I believe this President has done just that: he’s looked in the mirror and realized just how important it is to be the President and act decisively on behalf of the country and the American people.  North Korea is one of his first challenges, and let us hope he rises up to it.  I personally think he will, and there is a lot more riding on such actions than one man’s being “right.”  Millions of innocents do not have a choice in the matter.  We finally have a President who understands this and toes the mark.  When the bell began ringing, he came out swinging.  Finally, a champion for the people instead of the chump we had before.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. This is nothing any person here has any control over. So why dwell on it.

        • Its February they are expecting welfare checks from Democrats. Happens every winter.

          I say send Dennis Rodman.

      2. North Korea Has Resumed Nuke Operations: “The President and the Secretary of Defense Are Taking It Seriously”

        Well if the President and the Secretary of Defense are serious – then they will need to speak directly to China for some kind of negotiation and actually come up with a agreement of terms.

      3. I’m going to get together the local Boy Scouts and go over there and KICK HIS ASS!

        Let him build it and let him use it, so we can finally blow him off the face of the earth.

        Or maybe China told him to so that when they go to war with the USA he can play to.


        • Send all the Monkey heren in the usa to north korea before the fun starts !!! …

        • Sarge, there’s a reason we are still @ war with North Korea.On March 13, 2013 N.Korea formally ended the 1953 Armistice. In short, we are now actually engaged once more in a ‘hot’ war with them. Don’t forget also on April 4, 2013 North Korea stated that it had decided (ratified) the use of nuke against S.Korea, Japan, USA – including Guam and Hawaii. In January last year N.Korea walked away from Obama in peace talks deciding it would not give up its nuclear ambitions as we demanded. This article here is no joke. China may very well decide to once more supply and or fully support the use of N.Korea to initiate conflict. Boy Scouts would become S’Mores.

        • Make sure you take that little transgender scout that the BSA just allowed in and leave him in NK for all the starving gooks to munch on.

          • BTW Jung-un has got a head on him like a bastard cat.

          • Funny…

            • Kinda like a Korean Mr. Potatohead lol.

        • Sarge, although China is NK’s primary ally, the Chinese haven’t been too happy with Porky’s behavior the last few years. It would be in their own interest to ‘neutralize’ the Kim family. One less threat to that region and the world in general. If we go in and drop one nuke, it’s all over…..FOR US. Neither China nor Russia would stand for that.

        • I agree Sgt, if they can actually do a viable nuke let them prove it.

          Nuke Hawaii, California, or maybe Alaska or something and prove you can.

          Then we can start serious negotiations with you.

          Till then they’re just all talk with no ability to follow through on it.

      4. “Someone who wishes for such a thing to happen is not thinking of hundreds of thousands of schoolkids or the innocents who would be lost because some totalitarian jerk decided to nuke a city.”

        I do not wish for such a thing. Ironically, most our cities are run by Totalitarian jerks and full of the jerks that elect them over and over again. I can’t say I would miss our freedom killing Democrat cities. That being said, I’m far more worried and threatened by our own governments than I am by foreign governments. I have a far greater chance of being killed by local police than any nuke or terrorist.
        Smart people don’t live in large cities.

        • R
          I really don’t want him to use it, but I’m tired of being threatened every day by this little POS. You know that one day he will use it. Unless maybe he chokes to death on a steak bone. One could only wish!!!


          • Sarge, I agree. I wouldn’t have any problem taking on that POS. He and his cronies live high on the hog while his people starve to death. I’m hearing now that even some of his own military are starving.

          • One of our boomer class subs could take out North Korea, in short order. If this fat little communist gets too froggy….

        • 10-4 We are having domestic issues at large for sure.

      5. Even though Putin has a reputation of being a murderous thug, the USA needs to keep good relations with him as an ally against China and North Korea. China will definitely defend North Korea against the USA. North Korea should be taken seriously, that little fat boy Kim-jong un is crazy and would launch a nuclear warhead against the USA. The USA alone could not defeat North Korea and China. I would ask China to intercede at this time but I don’t think it will make a difference. Putin would be a good ally to have if you truly think he will back you.

        • So maybe the dog is wagging the tail?

        • “Even though Putin has a reputation of being a murderous thug”

          We do no such thing. A Coup do not happen here as the Warren Commission showed beyond a shadow of a doubt. The US does not arm and fund terrorists regardless of the evidence.

          The Wolfowitz Doctrine is pushing the US towards war.

      6. Fear of the Day.
        Always fear. Always “Be afraid”.
        “This will happen.”
        “That could happen.” as per you “experts”.

        How much of it has happened?
        Please “Answer the F–king Question.”

        How about Y2K?
        How about FEMA camps under the idiot Obama?
        How about DHS death squads? (Ok, I will concede that the jury might still be out on that one.)
        “Or how about the rigged election that Trump would never win?”
        “Hillary has already won. Ahead in all polls.”
        Then, “Electoral college is fixed. Trump never allowed into office.”
        Then, “Obama will declare Martial law. Trump won’t hold office.”
        On and on. On it goes. You people never tire of Fear Mongering EVERYTHING.

        I had a wife like that. She was Fearful of everything. Never pleased with just enjoying the day. Now THANKFULLY, she is an ex wife and some other dumb bastards problem. Yes she is Beautiful, Sexy, good in bed. And worthless in EVERY other aspect of life. Reminds me of recent articles on this site. Worthless.

        Yes the world will end one day. All things come to an end. But there is not anything YOU can do about it. The “prepper mentality” is flawed on many many levels. I have seen combat. You gun nuts and arm chair commandos looking for the fight. Will likely be the first casualties. You will furnish the battlefield pickups for the rest of us left. Some of the posts her are well beyond delusional.

        Being in a state of worry is not healthy. I turned off TV years ago. I stopped the Newspaper too. Too much bad news.

        Please: “Print Useful Info and How to do stuff” more on this site.
        Other wise like the pretty Ex wife, local news of death and destruction on TV and News Paper, YOU will be canceled. Please shape up.

        • Fear turns to anger as well. Lots of people are FED UP! I overhear it all the time. Folks are no longer afraid they are angry.

      7. He is the joker in the deck. Deep down even the most insane really do have an aversion to incinerate themselves. This one would relish it if there was even the slighest hint his time was up.

      8. Is Korea really threatening us, or is this really just a Country preparing against aggression. North Korea does not have a (((Rothschild))) Central Bank.

        Koreans are straight forward, unlike Japanese who use intermediaries, and never confront you to your face. Japanese are meticulous. They are very clean. Koreans are more relaxed and more likely to overstep boundaries.


        • Koreans have suffered at the hands of Japanese in the past. A lot of hatred there. I’ll take a Korean [South Korean] any day over a Jap.

      9. This situation with North Korea is going to become HUGH. The only way to stop insanity is to cut the head off the snake. Obama is a coward person that took the easy way out. Go get’em mp President Donald Trump

      10. North Korea for the last decade plus has been shaking down the US for food, oil and money to periodically temporarily suspend their nuclear ambitions. “Saber Rattling”, complements of nuclear weapons and delivery acquisition, is their source of income. Japan made cars, North Korea makes mayhem.

        I think the cash cow has ended. They’ll ratchet it up to a point of almost war.

        • Good comments. Maybe N.K is emulating other relevant Global Leaders. Therefore, he threw his hat into the ring for acknowledgement?

          I still say send Dennis Rodman it could work???

          • Every time the US is busy with some foreign crisis NK gets a headline that frightens the world. Starting back a couple of decades ago, likely under Clinton, they were bought off. Like any extortion racket it was continued as it was the easy way out. Unprincipled but easy; principals have been abandoned in foreign policy many years ago.

            President Trump is a hard nose SOB. NK knows that if a war occurs they are toast, literally. Its very possible that President Trump will use NK as an example for China by not capitulating to NK demands forcing NK to, “put up or shut up” making them the aggressor. China is fearful of a NK humanitarian crisis with millions of NK refugees spilling over into her border. President Trump knows this very well. Both nations are playing high stakes poker with a steel eyed player with aces in his hand and brass balls.

            • Maybe, NK responding to Putin they heard he had invaded?

      11. It seems that the only countries that the US is ‘threatened’ by, or are considered terrorist hotbeds, are countries that either have good dope, are sitting on our oil, or are needed for the cheapest manner to pump our oil through. So in those terms I think that South Dakota is now a threat to the US too.
        The Korea issue is just a smoke screen for the oil in the South China Sea? I would think so. They should call N. Korea old reliable #4 behind the other old reliables.

      12. Ahhhh the old red dawn scare to sell gas masks and iodine tablets

      13. The CIA is gonna use Dennis Rodman to smuggle in Twinkies laced with cyanide.
        No more fat boy.

        • Actually Dennis Rodman and Steven Seagal are prize assets for the US as they have a secure direct communication link to both leaders bypassing politics here and there. Such communication was very useful during the Cuban Missile Crisis as Robert Kennedy and Anatoly F. Dobrynin had a working relationship that bypassed much of the formal diplomacy.

          • If a Krispy Kreme opened in Pyongyang, fat boy would die of heart disease in a year.

      14. Any war in Korea will be more conventional. China will definitely get involved. They prefer to have a ‘buffer zone’ between them and out troops in South Korea. They’ll do whatever they believe it takes to keep that buffer zone. It may even be in their interest to ‘neutralize’ the Kim family. One less threat to that region and the world.

        • Olympus has fallen! I repeat… Olympus has fallen!

        • When GW Bush was in office a NK train, close to the coast, carrying munitions if I remember correctly just happened to blow up. I thought, “Looks like a US Navy SEAL job to me”. NK obviously would never ever admit that they could be caught with their pants down as a matter of pride.

          The US has many tools to use to destabilize such a fragile nation. Who knows what insects dropped in with stealth aircraft can do to the rice harvest. Oh the new “Asian Crop Eating Fungus” is such bad luck. A power failure here and there. Things happen.

      15. When I look at kim jun un, I have to fucking laugh at the little 3 inch dick leader, with the his fat ass face, how pathetic. One punch in his fucking mouth, he is on the ground. These pussified leaders make me laugh. Can you imagine people are afraid of that little prick.


        Totally fucking laughable.

        • His power is far more implied than actual. He can strike across the DMZ but if his people ever see the likes of modern South Korea with all of the automobiles in private hands they will defect in masse and there goes the Kim Jun Un family business of ruling NK. China then loses a buffer nation on its border. South Korea unfortunately inherits a mass wave of poor, uneducated peasants that they cannot morally say no to. So in the end everyone likes the status quo.

      16. After crying wolf so many times folk may stop taking the looney leaders threats seriously. Another time – another threat.
        If the US wanted him “gone” it’s a guess it would get done.

      17. I’ve read that N Korea has the 4 th largest army on the planet.? Low tech? Better hope so?

      18. Kim is unstable, he has nuclear weapons, unlike some articles here this is NOT fear porn. This guy might be a joke but the weapons he controls are not. IMO this situation is much more combustible than Iran. While full of zealots I don’t view Iranian leaders as unstable, the idea that they would try and nuke us is to me at least unlikely. NK on the other hand is a wild card, who really knows what that crazy little troll will decide to do. I do think our weakness toward them over the last 10 years has strengthened his megalomania and made him much more dangerous. What do we do, get on the horn to China and cut a deal. If I was President I would call the Premier of China and ask him what’s the #1 thing on his wish list, then short of letting them invade Japan I would say fine you got it,as long as you sit back and take no action while we punch this little bastards ticket. Not the best of solutions but we are fast approaching the day where we better Bam we’ll stop this turd before he develops the capabilities to seriously damage us.

      19. ACTS 16:31
        Believe that the Lord Jesus Christ died for you!

      20. Kim-Jong un executed his own uncle, and then executed his aunt because she complained about the killing of her husband. He also executed his Defense Minster Hyon Yong-Chol, for falling asleep during a meeting…..he was executed by anti-aircraft gun. Like I said Kim Jong un is a crazy M—— F—–.

      21. The Korean War ended in July of 1953. That was 64 years ago. Why is North Korea still a U.S “enemy” today? Because it’s good for the U.S. war industry. Without “enemies”, how could the war industry and the global bankers keep stealing from the (increasingly poorer) American taxpayers?

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