North Korea Accuses US Of ‘Plotting Invasion’ While Talking With ‘A Smile On Its Face’

by | Aug 27, 2018 | Headline News | 27 comments

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    Peace with North Korea could be in trouble, as the authoritarian regime accuses the United States of plotting to invade their poverty-stricken nation. Not only that, but North Korea thinks the U.S. is plotting an invasion while talking with “a smile on its face.”

    The U.S. military has called the accusation “far-fetched,” according to the Washington Post. But North Korea appears to be taking recent U.S. troop movements seriously or they are using it as fear mongering propaganda.

    Rodong Sinmun, the official mouthpiece of the Workers’ Party of Korea (the authoritarians who have enslaved the public), cited alleged U.S. troop movements in the region, which it called “extremely provocative and dangerous” and said they threatened to derail the dialogue between the United States and North Korea.   citing a lack of progress in getting North Korea to surrender its nuclear weapons. The opinion piece came just two days after President Donald Trump canceled a planned trip to North Korea by Secretary of State Mike Pomeo, although it didn’t mention the canceled trip or even president Trump by name. Rodong Sinmun argued that the acts “prove that the U.S. is hatching a criminal plot to unleash a war against the DPRK” in case Washington fails to achieve denuclearization.

    According to the Washington Post, the timing of the opinion piece may be more than coincidence. The media outlets controlled by the Pyongyang regime have been overly careful not to criticize Trump directly since his June 12 meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. They have, however, been reserving occasional ire for Pompeo and other members of the administration.

    Rodong Sinmun cited a South Korean radio broadcast claiming that U.S. “special units” had recently flown to the Philippines, arguing this was a drill simulating “infiltration into Pyongyang.” It also claimed that the USS Michigan nuclear submarine had transported “Green Berets, Delta Force and other special units” from Okinawa, Japan, to the Jinhae naval base in South Korea in late July or early August. –The Washington Post

    Colonel John Hutcheson, the director of public affairs for U.S. Forces Japan, said he wasn’t sure what drills the piece was referring to. “U.S. aircraft routinely fly from Japan to the Philippines and other nations around the region for a variety of training and operational reasons, so the notion that any single flight is related to North Korea is a bit far-fetched,” he wrote in an email. Commander Clay Doss, public affairs officer at the U.S. Seventh Fleet, said the North Korean report, including the mention of the USS Michigan, is “completely false.”


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      1. Were you negotiating with a moral equal or world policeman.

        Coequals respond with diplomacy, in kind.

        World policeman holds a big stick.

        • Guess they’re recognizing what happened to Qaddafi

      2. Well, it’s good to see things are back to normal with our friends in the DPRK.

        • Yes, and a more pressing issue is Iran is threatening to block the Strait of Hormuz now. I was a sailor that traveled through there a few times in the late 80s. This will be a big mess if the muslim savages get desperate.

          • Menzo, if the Iranian dogs block the Strait Of Hormuz, Trump will order the Strait reopened at any cost. Those muslim scum will get their stupid asses sunk. Blocking the Strait is a red line.

      3. Anything going on in the Philippines is undoubtedly the result of the Philippine conflict with China.

        China is becoming very aggressive in that part of the world,

        We have pretty strong ties to the Philippines and will help defend them if they are attacked by China.

        • Actually with the US overthrowing sovereign governments with abandon (Iraq, Libya and attempting Syria) utterly destroying Libya in the process, foreign leaders are voluntarily increasing ties with China to protect themselves FROM THE US. Yes its a bitter pill to swallow but the US has been hijacked by globalist multi national corporations. Forget “War On Terrorism”, “Freedom and Democracy” as its all nonsense propaganda.

          Here is how its done from John Perkins “Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man”.

          h ttps://

          • I take it you’re one of the enemies of America, one that believes America needs to be destroyed to bring peace to the world.

            But also one that remains here instead of going there because you want all the benefits America provides to its people, eve the millions of immigrants that leave there to come here, even while you decry its existence.

            • watch out your dogma doesn’t get run over by someone’s karma…

              • Seriously you should at a minimum watch the video or better yet read the book, “Confessions Of an Economic Hit Man”. Its just one of so many detailing reality that conflicts with the fantasy that we’re fed by the MSM. To address your, “Love It Or Leave It” demands that stems from absolute ignorance, the Founding Fathers required that future generations apply eternal vigilance not blind obedience from the citizenry for the Republic to be maintained.

                “millions of immigrants that leave there to come here, even while you decry its existence.”

                If you understood what has been done to Central America by the US for the likes of United Fruit (one of many) you’ll see what so many have fled their homelands. Its nothing new either as USMC Major General two time recipient of the Medal Of Honor Smedley Butler stated in his book, “War Is A Racket”.

                The Generals Words:

                I served in all commissioned ranks from a second Lieutenant to a Major General. And during that time, I spent most of my time being a high-class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street, and for the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer for capitalism.

                I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China I helped to see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested.

                I helped make Mexico, especially Tampico, safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in.

              • ^^^^^^

                Anyone have any idea what this means? If so translate it please.

                • It’s a mixture of humor and truth. “Dog”ma and “Car”ma.

                  Karma sometimes pays you back for your dogma. Car runs over dog.

                  The reply was to anonymous.

            • Anonymous, it’s YOU who needs to wake up and smell the coffee. It’s our GOVERNMENT that is evil and needs to be brought to heel, NOT the American people. The ‘war on terror’, war on drugs’, ‘war on poverty’ are all BOGUS. It’s the scum neocons driving our country into unnecessary and unjustifiable wars. If they REALLY had their way, we would’ve ALREADY been nuked out of existence. Everything Kevin2 posted is absolutely true.

            • Anonymous

              Not at all. The “enemies of America” are those powers that hijacked its political control from “We The People. “Facts are however facts. ISIS was created by and armed by the US and its allies. The US overthrows sovereign governments for multi national corporations. Some both legally and democratically elected.

              Sorry if the truth huts but facts are facts. Ignoring them does not negate their accuracy. Here is a formal study showing that the US is an oligarchy.

              h ttps://

        • Duterte’s methods seem Chinese, if you ask me.

          I mean, one phase of Communism is demoralization. Another is brutalism.

      4. The North Koreans are a mess.

        First they imploded their industrial capacity.

        Second, they are innately a spiritual people. I doubt that there are more fervant Christians as a people on the Earth. They are absolutely willing to die rather than renounce Jesus Christ.

        Third, they have horrible agricultural problems and they are facing them again. This means terrible famines and instability and death. Cannibalism has happened there just as it did in the USSR. Look it up and watch smuggled documentary films.

        They have had three generations of insane leadership. Do you realize the dogma and the lunacy is so horrendous that they believe their glorious leader had no bowel movements as a child? I am serious. It’s insanity.

        They make ends meet by selling weapons technology and by manufacturing drugs and slavery.

        Their nuclear experiments resulted in collapsing their site and sending a toxic radioactive cloud to China. They were not amused.

        China does not want to support North Korea. What China desires is reunification. The average young South Korean wants reunification. In order for that to happen, all China has to do is betray the current leadership and install a puppet.

        China wins. They end up controling the rare earth minerals. They gain South Korea into their sphere of influence. They destabilize Japanese relations with the USA. They then threaten all of Asia including ultimately Russia.

        This is the real coming problem.

        Meanwhile things are so unstable in Syria that 17 Russian ships have move in, the Strait of Hormuz is threatened, the Russians are moving tactical nukes into Syria, and our crazy neocons are trying to intentionally start an inevitable massive Cold War resurgence!

        Freakin’ bugger eatin’ morons. Some of us lived through the sixties and seventies and know where this stupidity leads.

        Now IF China doesn’t intervene, Kim is nuttier than a fruitcake and so unstable he might try a massive brute force dog eat dog grindy head on attack against South Korea. He would simultaneously use his long range artillary, flood infiltrator teams across the tunnels of the DMZ, plus activate deep undercover teams within South Korea with germ warfare and improvised munitions and attack soft targets.

        China won’t allow a madman to spoil there careful strategic plan.

        If China wins, the US is screwed as NATO will collapse if PACOM does. Pakkistan, the Philipines, Okinawa, Vietnam, all would effectively become vassal states of China over time.

      5. God just do something with these annoying, vile dinks already…so sick and tired of hearing all the $hit over and over again for how many years now? Just do what truly needs to be done for a change.

      6. China in history was not a very good military empire after 1600. They had a remarkable run prior but the Mongols did a real number on them.

        The Koreans were essentailly vassals to China. Their military in infantry and cavalry were not very effective. They did have some remarkable archers using water buffalo horn technology that were way more effective than standard small bows.

        Those Korean shortfalls were overcome with remarkable early naval technology. This is why the Japanese samurai clans could never establish a foothold. The Japanse wasted enormous resources fighting themselves for supremacy but didn’t have good naval technology.

        Then things collapsed in China where literally all of the Western civilization powers AND Russia AND Japan were trying to carve it up.

        Japan had effectively stymied itself by being incredibly xenophobic post Sekigahara and to cope in later Meiji, then hired LOTS of Germans and Austrians to learn new military technology.

        That is how Japan once again became an empire and leading up to Pacific conquest up through the early part of WW2. It was unsustainable. You can’t be everywhere at once and defend it. And they got crushed.

        The Japanese prior to say 1550 were remarkable disciplined warriors who could muster THREE TIMES what France could field, but now, they are totally cowed. Their SDF are no match for the North Korean ideolgues. To survive in North Korea transates into being a soldier.

        During WW2, the fiercest fighters were Filipinos trying to defend their homeland and they made extraordinary guerilla fighters. How long could they last now?

        The South Koreans are fine soldiers but no match for what they face from the hostile North who have to win. Money and technology has made the South Koreans soft. They lack the numbers and military investment.

        In such a war, you have immense numbers of Chinese soldiers with fierce discipline and high tech weapons supporting the North Koreans. It would make the Korean War look like child’s play. That was a terrible stalemate and only because we wisely left.

        The USA would likely be forced to throw immense numbers of ground troops against them and would then be attacked in the Middle East and Russia would seize the initiative. Our millennial men, such as they are, would be totally chewed up as raw recruits. Our veterans would all have to be deployed, consoldating all our strength, and then worldwid conflicts EVERWHERE.

        We probably would have to use weather weapons and nobody wants to unleash them.

        Russia could watch and then pounce as China And North Korea and the USA and SouthKorea and Japan have a head on collision. Russia mops up the losers.

        Meanwhile Russia activates all their communist infiltrators in America as sleeper agents and all pinkos support this and you have a civil war without even Russian airwarfare.

        • Dang, dude. You should write a stinking novel or something.
          Tom Clancy ain’t got shit on you.

      7. The North Korean government wants to keep the attention of their people focused on something other than the famine and the resulting hunger. The United States is the perfect boogeyman. I doubt the North Koreans really believe that we are going to invade them.

      8. Everything to distract from Trumps corruption and by extension the completely corrupt US system that threatens lives across the Earth. The rule of law as it pertains to US government no longer exists making citizens totally controlled prisoners with shoot to kill the citizens military orders in their own nation. This is total insanity by entrenched criminals who deserve no support and only deserve ridicule as the world cries out for justice that is not in the plans. Perhaps you feel secure enough in your delusions that you are not the primary target for elimination when all evidence points to that eventual reality.

      9. Smiling faces
        The back stabbers

        I like that song.


      10. The best think NK can do is peacefully come together with SK, followed by evicting the U.S. military from the peninsula.

      11. In war, you lie. They would never tell them when the attack will come. We will wake up one day with reports on the news …

        “Good Morning! This is CBS. For those of you just waking, here is what happened last night. Joint allied forces launched an air assault on North Korea beginning at 2am Korea time. This was followed up this morning with a Marine amphibious invasion at three strategic beaches at 0500. We will now go to Washington for more on this breaking story …”

        “That’s right Jim. And what we are hearing from the White House behind me is both serious and hopeful. First the serious part: we need to be prepared for ‘heavy casualties’ – the President’s words – and they run into the thousands. But, as the President has emphasized, the land assault has gone much quicker than they first imagined and North Korean forces have crumpled on most first contacts with the Marines.”

        • In the end the “victory” entails rebuilding a foreign land with US funds and most importantly industrializing them at the expense of indigenous US manufacturing. I have debated the impossibility of “winning” in Vietnam as the guerrilla war against the VC would go on forever making cohesive government in the country impossible. Regardless the far more important question is; “Win what”? and “For who”?

          • The profits from the “Next China” far outweigh the loss of a few thousand US troops. The cost would be worth it if the US could secure another low-cost, high racial ability manufacturing hub in Asia (forget about any country in Africa being this, with their low-IQ, low work ethic morons who can’t run their countries since independence many decades ago). Nope, the North Koreans are the next ‘El Dorado’.

      12. Mac Slavo. I’m sure thats your real name. What kind of fuckery are you selling us now?
        This North Korea hiccup fits in to the Q narrative under distractions. Fake headline.
        KJU and Trump are working in tandem on this one.
        HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its called, ENJOY THE SHOW. Dummies are not looking at the big picture.
        Oh, North Korea is at it again. We really are going to war. Really, dummy?
        NO, DUMMY.
        ITS ALL PART OF……… T-H-E………. S-H-O-W.
        Gawd. They can’t see the forest for the trees.
        Follow the bouncing ball, little boys and girls.
        Yes, this was meant to sound pompous and condescending.
        Put on your thinking caps little boys and girls.
        Ford Motor Company has plans for North Korea. Already in motion. Cheap commie labor.

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