North Carolina’s “Vax Squad” Is Delivering “Vaccines” Door-to-Door

by | Jul 14, 2021 | Headline News | 26 comments

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    A new program, called Doses to Doors,” is designed to target ZIP codes with low vaccination rates. The program is meant to “dispel rumors” about the Covid-19 jab that may be circulating in those communities. Translation: people will now go onto private property and attempt to convince you to take an experimental shot.

    The new program launched officially on Monday at the South Side Homes apartment complex in Charlotte, North Carolina, where volunteers from the nonprofit group Action North Carolina distributed flyers with information about the shot. So what exactly is in this shot that the ruling class is so desperate to get into all of us? Why are the un”vaccinated” the problem if the shot works? There’s becoming too many questions for many to just roll over and roll up their sleeve.

    COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

    “We’re not confrontational, it’s not like you have to get the shot,” member Robert Dawkins told local outlet WBTV. “We get people that will say ‘Yes, I will get the shot,’ but the follow-up has always been the issue,” Dawkins said. “Will they go? How can we get people to go out and go? So now that the health department is out with us, we miss that middle step now.”

    NOT confrontational? Right. Surely they just go away when you say you don’t want their flyer.

    But others seem excited to get the shot if this can even be believed:

    One man reportedly even jumped at the chance” to get the one-off Johnson & Johnson shot right on his porch, according to WBTV. The man said that he was too busy taking care of his grandkids to go to the pharmacy, claiming he would tell his family members he had been vaccinated in the hope of convincing them to follow suit. –RT

    The sad fact is that there are volunteers willing to trespass on other’s private property in order to try to use propaganda to push their cult worship of this shot. We need a medical fraud tyrant “expert” to answer two questions. One, is the shot effective? If the answer is yes, the unvaccinated should not be a problem to the vaccinated. If the answer is no, what’s the point of taking the shot?

    It is becoming more clear by the day that there is something in these jabs that the rulers must get into as many humans as possible.

    Charlotte’s approach falls in line with the Biden administration’s avowed “door-to-door” tactics, which were recently floated by the president himself. Responding to McMaster’s criticism, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki accused South Carolina of “literally killing people” with “the failure to provide accurate public health information,” including on the effectiveness of the Covid-19 shots and their accessibility.-RT

    Soldiers Threaten to Quit Over Mandatory Jabs as Biden Says ‘Door to Door’ Vaccines Coming Soon

    The ruling class is not stopping. They will even bring volunteers into the mix to try to get these shots in more arms. Last Thursday, White House Covid-19 coordinator Jeff Zients accused critics of trying “to mischaracterize this type of trusted-messenger work” and “doing a disservice to the country.”



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      1. I think (its only my opinion)the ruling elite have promised this country with Its infrastructure intact,the towns and cities,with all the commercial buildings,all the farms and farmland,all the houses and apartments, etc etc. To the Chinese. So of course they want you to take the “vaccine”. You need to go by by. The global elite never released a Wuhaun lab bio agent,no,no,no. They would have no control over that,it would kill anyone including them without discrimination. One of the main things they needed was their fake test kits to make any corona virus,a cold or flu virus to show positive,albeit a bunch of gullible sheeple to believe their lie. The “cure” the “vaccine” is the killer. Unfortunately they are going to get more aggressive and nasty to try to make everyone bow down and participate in their satanic cult ritual of being injected. Literally worshiping the Beast. Be bold! Stand for righteousness! Stand for the Lord Jesus Christ! Call on the Lord Jesus,confess your sins and He will give you Life Eternal!

      2. They’re not going to give you any choice, so just make it easy on yourself and do what you are told when you are told to do it.

        • Yes I will make it easy. the hole their bodies will go in is already dug.

          • Right on. As the story is being told to us, there’s something in this vaccine that they are desperate to get into us.

            • @Marcy absolutely right.
              Those ain’t vitamins
              in those shots.

          • Yeah right ! lol

      3. You CANNOT trespass legally with your BS. Post no trespassing signs and call the sheriff if they trespass and have them cited/arrested. It’s simple. Get a picture of them while your at it. See how long this sh%t lasts. Narlo dot org has some great signs!

      4. We live on 5 fenced in acres in way out country. Security lights and cameras. All sides of the property are posted. All gates are locked. Our bull dogs ” love” unannounced visitors. Good luck knocking on our door much less reaching it.

      5. In some rural areas it is legal to shoot tresspassers. People post it.


        Just saw the same illegal aliens with the same vests and same electronic devices, in Inland Empire (CA), about 1hr, ago.

        We stepped inside and allowed dogs to run to the gate.

        • Most everyone should have at least 1 dog. Ours is an alert dog. He alerts us that someone is here (very well). He is afraid of loud sounds (thank God) and will run if gunfire erupts. He is not expendable and extremely loved so he does his job and gets out of the way. Back to the point. We have cameras and no trespass/no soliciting signs posted at the gate. We have a constitutional sheriff. One call, that’s all….

      7. In fact a dog (even a little yappy piece of shit) is good. It all depends on what you like. Our dog is 100lbs. of wanna be your friend but he could knock a full grown man on his ass asap. He is mostly black and hard to see in the dark. Anyone that hurts him has an immediate death sentence on him and his family.

      8. Just be mild mannered, clear spoken, and firm but non confrontational if you do speak to them.

        Wouldn’t hurt to get a body cam and keep it on you just to make sure no one can claim you said or did something you didn’t say or do.

      9. No thanks, now get the F k outta here.

      10. All these comments saying get off my property, sic the dogs on ya, call the sheriff, shoot trespassers, get the F–k out of here, etc etc etc.

        I’m sure y’all aren’t the same ones that said they refused business requirements for mask wearing, and ranted and raved about “muh mendments” are ya? Because a business is private property, the same as yours, and they can tell you how to act, the same as you can.

        Private property is the bedrock of the republic. Respect it.

        • There are far more people that talk than there are that do.

          • Not me. I told them no jab for me no matter what.

            • @Marcy, good on you.
              NEVER take that poisonous
              whatever the hell it is
              because it sure as Bill Gates
              from hell is not a “vaccine”.

          • “There are far more people that talk than they are that do”

            99% of the talk takes place in the “Internet world” where people remain anonymous.
            Step out into the REAL world where anonymity is not readily available and suddenly EVERYTHING takes on a whole new perspective.

        • Oh well, blame it on the anonymity the Internet provides.
          People seem to suddenly grow a pair and “walk the walk” when anonymity is protecting their arse,but we all know what happens when the same people are in the REAL world and anonymity is not available.

        • I checked that out—NOPE— if a business is open to business, it is not private–IT IS PUBLIC…..or the public couldn’t enter..

          Check with your sheriff…but I saw a video of an attorney giving warrants to a health official for giving injections and if they didn’t stop, they would be charged with cruelty to humanity–Nuremberg 101.
          That false narrative of private, etc. BS was discussed…how can you be private if you are open to the public??
          Makes sense.

      11. I completely understand exactly what you are saying about the whole internet anonymity thing.
        Really appreciate it “Rock”.

      12. One could even say they are

      13. Soon proper response will stop these armed home invasions. Sad. But deserved.

      14. Our body has natural fighters–natural antibiotic fighter killer cells for every alien illness or disease that invades our bodies, many given to us at birth from our mothers.

        The covid shot(not really a covid thingy) has your body create spike proteins and these destroy our bodies’ natural antibiotic fighter killer cells. So, when your body is invaded by an illness like the next flu, there will be no fighters; the spike protein developed will take over that job and begin using antibiotic killer cells against that invader, but instead of doing the job, it will attack healthy organs–the lungs, liver, heart, kidneys–as it is programmed to do in a lab.

        Why so many die from so many different reasons–there may be different versions of shots. Another reasoning, having millions drop dead in one week isn’t really deep state/cabal style…cremations and burials would be a problem.

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