North Carolina Woman ARRESTED for Saving 27 Cats & Dogs Without Permission (And How You Can Help)

by | Sep 25, 2018 | Headline News | 24 comments

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    This article was originally published by Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper

    A woman from Wayne County, North Carolina did the right thing during the chaos of Hurricane Florence and she got arrested for it because she didn’t ask the government’s permission.

    When Tammy Hedges saw that her neighbors had left behind 27 cats and dogs when they fled Hurricane Florence, she jumped into action to save their lives.

    Hedges, a resident of Wayne County, North Carolina, was taken into custody Friday after providing care to more than two dozen animals – 17 cats and 10 dogs – for owners who had to evacuate before the storm hit.

    “The owners got to evacuate. They got to save themselves. But who’s going to save those animals? That’s what we did,” Hedges said. “We saved them.”

    The owner of Crazy’s Claws N Paws, a donation-based animal rescue center, was in the process of converting a warehouse space into a proper animal shelter when she decided to use the building to help keep pets dry. However, her facility was not legally registered as a shelter. (source)

    Horrifying. Almost unbelievable.

    Except there’s precedent.

    This is not unique.

    This will sound familiar to those who remember the historic flood in Louisiana back in 2016 (when the Cajun Navy was formed.) Citizens organized to rescue other citizens, they set up shelters in businesses that were unaffected and they took care of each other like communities are supposed to do. They all but rendered “official” rescue unnecessary, so effective were their efforts.

    Of course, the government doesn’t want citizens to realize that they are perfectly capable of rescuing themselves. If people realize that they can perform independently and that it is much better than performing within the strictures of government regulations, they will be a heck of a lot harder to control.

    So, they stepped in and uttered the scariest words ever. “We’re from the government and we’re here to help.

    Like a horde of modern-day carpetbaggers, they began “helping” by forcing people who were struggling to rebuild to purchase permits. That’s right. They forced people to ask for permission for the right to repair their own property

    …But that isn’t the worst of it.

    They also decided to charge fees to the Cajun Navy before they were “allowed” to continue rescuing people.

    I couldn’t make this up…

    …The Libertarian Republic reported:

    No good deed goes unpunished. The Cajun Navy is a group of volunteers that operates at its own expense to rescue people trapped in flooded areas in Louisiana. They use their own boats. They risk their lives. And now that people have noticed that they are far more effective than government rescue efforts, there are plans to require them to pay a fee before they are allowed to do any good. “Don’t worry. It’s just a small fee,” legislators explain. “Maybe only fifty dollars. That would be worth it to put authority behind the Cajun Navy, wouldn’t it?”

    When the Cajun Navy members said, “No thanks” to the government who wanted to train them to do what the government wasn’t even able or willing to do, they were treated like criminals.

    That’s right. The government deployed the police to prevent these good Samaritans that we all wish now were our own neighbors from continuing with their efforts.

    You are not allowed to save your neighbors (or your neighbors’ pets, apparently) without permission. Only with the blessing of the government (and the proper fee, of course) are you allowed to help others survive.

    It’s always a money grab. ALWAYS.

    They “only” wanted to charge the Cajun Navy $50 a pop to save people. Here’s the backstory from Hedges:

    Cray’s Claws N’ Paws is a 501c3 nonprofit, no-kill, volunteer, foster, and donation-based animal shelter. We take in surrendered animals, primarily injured, abused, neglected, and sick. They receive all their medical care to include, but not limited, spay/neuter, rabies, vaccinations, microchip, fecal testing, heartworm test/prevention/treatment(dogs), and FelV/FIV test(cats). After all medical care is done, each animal is placed available for adoption in hopes to find their forever home.

    Myself, along with independent rescuers and volunteers came together during this natural disaster to save animals. We had a plan. We had the calls for help, but we didn’t know where to put the animals. Since we recently remodeled our indoor yard sale, very little had been moved back in. We decided to use this space as our emergency disaster center.

    We were not open as a shelter, although we are remodeling to become approved by the state as a shelter location. We created a Facebook post for donations of food and supplies, while volunteers came and set up.

    On September 12, Frank Sauls with the Wayne County Animal Shelter made a press release stating they would be closed beginning the 13th to owner surrenders. We began rescuing on the 13th. Monday, the 17th, I received a call from Mr. Sauls saying he was at our warehouse. I met him there, along with a volunteer who was there to care for the animals. He stated he had a call saying we were flooded and asked to check on us. He asked to see inside. As we walked in, before we got to the animals, he basically said I could hand the animals over voluntarily or he would get a warrant. At this time, I made the decision to voluntarily hand them over. During the seize, Sauls did tell me I would probably be charged with a few things. As of this post, I have not been charged. We will keep everyone updated on this through our Facebook page.

    Our hopes at the end of all this is for me not to be charged/fined and for some things to change in our county/state for the better (for the animals). We came together as a community during a difficult time to help. We need to continue as a community to make these changes happen.

    So…she immediately turned over the animals but that didn’t stop them from turning the “case” over to the local DA, who apparently doesn’t have enough to do with all the flooding and looting.

    Hedges was summarily questioned and then arrested for her good deed. Two men were sent to arrest the 4’10” women and take her to the county jail.

    The charges were broken down on a Facebook post.

    • 1 count of administering amoxicillin to Big Momma
    • 1 count of administering Tramadol to Big Momma
    • 3 counts of administering amoxicillin to a white Siamese cat
    • 3 counts of administering a topical antibiotic ointment (triple antibiotic from Dollar Tree) to a white Siamese cat
    • 3 counts of administering amoxicillin to a cat known as Sweet Pea
    • 1 count of administering amoxicillin to an unnamed black kitten
    • 1 count of solicitation to commit a crime (asking for donation of Tramadol (that was supposed to be a request for a vet)).

    According to the Facebook page, 18 of the animals were surrendered to Hedges already in very bad shape. No vets were open due to the flood. Was it better to let them suffer or to do what they could to help?

    According to the government, Hedges shouldn’t have just let these animals suffer…she should have let them drown in the floodwaters.


    I’m sick of having to “ask permission” and pay fees to do the right thing, and I think a lot of other people are too.

    Here’s who you can contact to help Tammy Hedges

    If you want to make your voice heard, here’s the contact information for those involved in prosecuted Ms. Hedges for being a good Samaritan. Your best bet is to be courteous when contacting them, but with a big enough outcry, hopefully, they’ll decide these charges are too much of a hassle.

    Craig Honeycutt, County Manager [email protected]

    Larry Pierce, Sheriff 9197311481

    George Wayne Aycock, Commissioner at Large.
    [email protected]

    E.B. Borden Parker, County Attorney, 919-735-7275

    E. Ray Mayo District 1 [email protected]

    Edward Cromartie District 2
    [email protected]

    John M Bell District 3
    [email protected]

    Joe Gurley District 4
    [email protected]

    Bill Pate District 5
    [email protected]

    Joe Daughtery District 6
    [email protected]

    Here’s an online petition you can sign, asking for the charges to be dropped: Do NOT Fine Crazy’s Claws N Paws

    Here’s a fund started for Ms. Hedge’s legal defense: Tammie Hedges Legal Battle

    It costs nothing to stir up a fuss and send some emails. If you’re as bothered by this government overreach as I am, please drop these people a line and let them know.


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      1. Bueller, Bueller? Anyone ready yet to hang some idiots!

      2. I never ask any govt. puke for permission for anything. I just go ahead and do something. I make my own decisions. No one else makes any decisions for me. After a certain number of govt. people have something happen to them then maybe the rest of them will think twice before bothering anyone else.

        • Yes, such as having their heads blown clean off their shoulders.

          • Menzo, BINGO, you win the cupee doll, LOL. Zero tolerance for govt. pukes.

      3. CB, I think there’s more than a few ready to deal with idiots.

        • Fuck the government scum. Ask them for nothing, tell them nothing.

      4. The good Lord knew there would be government officials like that. That is why He put crocodiles into the world. Feed them to the crocodiles!

      5. This site is losing its allure.

        • Your whine is losing it’s allure. Have some cheese with your whine.

      6. People are losing their marbles. Rescuing dogs is commonplace. Any prepper should realize that it’s a sign of folks running out of money and therefore turning their animals loose. It’s a red flag.

        But a heroic person who rescued dogs out to be praised. Instead a sheriff who typically is a deeply committed rural guy shepherding his community, in this case is a legalistic dimwit.

        Irresponsible dog owners think that somehow these dogs will manage just fine being feral. The opposite is true especially for little runty dogs as they have no predator instinct. Dogs in nature eat mice most generally so most abandoned little dogs will end up starving to death and or get injured and then suffer. Look up “Hope for Paws” on youtube. The rescue stories will break your heart. They ought to give medals to dog rescuers.

        Human beings have developed relationships with dogs for almost all of known human history. It’s been around since pottery and raising crops and livestock.

        So when people abandon their pets and companions, you know it’s a sign of brokeness in their lives.

        How coud anyone abandon a dog? It’s unfathomable to me.

        • I’m wondering whether they get separated by a road block or evacuation.

      8. Write them a letter and remind them how this is going to look at election time. Its not just inhumane but its stupid to prosecute this woman with zero to gain (there are no organized pet hating groups and plenty that love animals)) and lots to lose politically; its stupid.

      9. It seems to me, that the biological needs of her animals were covered, by this independent business.

        The too-big-to-fails do not cover for the living needs of their employees.

        Municipalities can’t afford infrastructure and living space for their own residents or the migrants.

        The slideshow on your county website is showing us arable land, a water source, and simple shelters. Also, examples of makework for the state.

        While we’re discussing civics problems, and how needs may be met, is this story technically an example of artificial shortage.

        If you won’t be responsible for that, I am in favor of a private, club-based business model, as by personal reference or whichever kind of merit is deemed necessary, in private.

      10. After this hurricane mess is somewhat under control….RECALL THE DAMN SHERIFF

      11. People don’t understand that still they are evacuating folks due to rising flood waters. Outsiders think since the hurricane is over, that everything is hunky dory. Well it ain’t and more people are being told to leave and some of these people are abandoning their dogs. Well Buddy, would you abandon your grandma too?

        • What comes around goes around. That goes for the idiot pet owners and all those who had any part in this lady’s legal trouble.

      12. …..and if the D.A. is elected, RECALL HIM TOO

      13. Government is not reason, it is not eloquence — it is force. Like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master; never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.

        • So true, all government is backed up wth a barrel of a gun, “Power grows from the barrel of a gun” – Mao. That’s why we must never lose our guns rights.

          The Deep State holds on to this country like the bloodsucking parasites that they are. I’m a huge Trump supporter, but doubt the Bureaucrats can ever be dislodged. Not with over 50% of the people on the dole.

      14. I didn’t make it thru the first paragraph? Why haven’t the pet owners been arrested for abandoning their pets (family members)? Animal cruelty on display and it shows the moral compass of these selfish people. Truth is, if I were near a burning house and heard a dog whining and a baby crying, I would save the dog without hesitation; the kid is on it’s own. Sorry.

        • Leave a baby to die? I WOULDN’T leave either you psychopathic fck.

        • Hey you. This is one mom here you’d be sorry you ever laid eyes on, let alone fight.

      15. How is it that Americans have not yet risen up in revolution??? I could not believe what I just read, and I thought MY (canadian) gov’t was bad!!! You guys all have guns down there (well, the smart ones of you do, I’m guessing 😉 and how does that saying go? Something about a good government fearing the people? (It’s late for me, I’m tired and overworked, lol…)

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