North Carolina Police Lieutenant Warns Of Plans For Martial Law In 2013

by | Jan 3, 2013 | Headline News | 332 comments

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    In this broadcast of the Cybertribe News Network, a North Carolina Police Lieutenant calls in to give his first hand knowledge of preparations being made within his own department to train and prepare for martial law in the United States, possibly in the coming year.  Many similar reports are starting to trickle in from all across the country, through various independent media resources and even organizations like Oath Keepers.  The consensus is that a major economic event is expected, and that it will be used to provide cover for the institution of draconian policies being readied behind the curtain.  The exact timing of this event is not clear, but we do know the planning is being done, and that provisions are being put in place.  The following officer’s admissions are another startling indicator of just how close to the precipice we really are…

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      1. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. I would assume that there is a significant risk of something like this sometime this year. Those who are wise will take these rumors seriously and get their preps, gear, and plans in order. It is also time to get into shape and deal with any outstanding medical issues. Under no circumstances should you ever give up your guns to these genocidal gun grabbers — better to resist than to go to their death camps…

        • Clear sailing ahead Captain, full speed is the call of the day, nothing is going to stop this monster of a ship that is plowing over all the little ships in order to get to the final destination. Should we wait till the dark of night to attack Captain? Nah, these sheeple are so stupid that we can take everything away from them that we want in broad daylight.

          The only thing that may stop her, is a huge tsunami that would overtake and bring her to the bottom depths of the deep. When will the tsunami start to grow? It is in the hearts of free men and when these men speak loud and clear, the force of the wave will be enough to bring them back to where they belong, in the depths of hell. We must all start to speak, yell, insist on being heard. We can fight the opposition in the light of day or the dark of night, we have the advantage if we choose to use it, our will, our dignity, our outrage, our hope, our tenacity, our love of country, our courage, our convictions, our dreams for our children and our faith.

          CAPTAIN, there is a tsunami heading our way, it will surely sink us, yea, I see it and hear it, let’s abandon ship and go home with our tail between our legs to fight another day, when this generation is gone. Unless the freedom fighters reach the next generation and teach them to fight us for their rights. The captain abandons the ship before the crew because he is special, and a coward.

          • Top Russian blogger: “Americans, never give up your guns”

            “For those of us fighting for our traditional rights, the US 2nd Amendment is a rare light in an ever darkening room. Governments will use the excuse of trying to protect the people from maniacs and crime, but are in reality, it is the bureaucrats protecting their power and position.

            In all cases where guns are banned, gun crime continues and often increases. As for maniacs, be it nuts with cars (NYC, Chapel Hill NC), swords (Japan), knives (China) or home made bombs (everywhere), insane people strike. They throw acid (Pakistan, UK), they throw fire bombs (France), they attack.

            What is worse, is, that the best way to stop a maniac is not psychology or jail or “talking to them”, it is a bullet in the head, that is why they are a maniac, because they are incapable of living in reality or stopping themselves…”

            “So, do not fall for the false promises and do not extinguish the light that is left to allow humanity a measure of self respect.”

            Economic Policy Journal

            (also posted at The Daily Crux)

              • K Y Mom,

                You always find the best stuff. I take back all those jokes about them “Kentuckyuns” I used to tell…

                • Mac, have you resorted to ISP blocking?

                  • john, we’ve done no such thing… all comments that were pending moderation have been approved. Sorry for any approval delays; we had a busy day yesterday.

                • NetRanger,

                  Thank you! I have always appreciated good books and well written articles. As a former teacher I still like to share good articles with others.

                  We have been so blessed to grow up and live in this country. I wish so much that everyone could/would see this, appreciate and defend it.

                  Take care!
                  KY Mom

              • Bring it.

                • Molon Labe!!!

            • KY Mom,

              Great stuff! Thank you for sharing it.

              • YH,

                You are welcome!

              • In May 2010 the White House issued a “National Security Strategy” detailing the “The New World Order”

                A goal is the U.S. “leading the global effort of strengthening and enforcing international law.”

                One section is titled, “Promoting a just and sustainable international order.”

                Some focuses are “enforcement of international law” and the “international order we seek to counter insurgency…”.

                National Security Strategy
                (It can be downloaded in in pdf format from website.)

                Direct link below

            • not only russians but english and austrailians are saying the same thing. they take our guns then all our freedom is lost as well. if we all take a stand they cannot possibly take us on. we are getting near 100 million.

          • @Everyone:

            Illinois bill went kaput, yeah….f&%king commies.


            • I was talking to someone about this today. He said he hopes they keep beating their head into this particular brick because they have not a snowball’s chance in hell of achieving it. He called it fighting a war that is already lost (from their perspective). The upside is that they accomplish nothing, or next to nothing, and politically self-immolate in the process. Also, if their attention is on this, it isn’t elsewhere.


              I really, really hope he’s right. That would be nice.

              • I’m glad this did not pass, but by virtue that it even made it to vote was a simple admission that Illinois feels that it can vote out the Constitution of the united states.

              • Illinois is a state divided not unlike the nation was in the civil war. A mason Dixon line so to speak. It really is two separate states joined like Siamese twins not by choice but by force.

                Its always been this way, during the civil war Illinois was the 4th highest contributor of union troops. But was also at the sametime the birth place of the Copperheads and the Sons of liberty, both extremely against the war, Lincoln and big federal government.

                So here we are in 2013 and Illinois is a majorly divided state, and a huge battleground on the 2A.

                Remember A politicians number one goal is always to be reelected and remain in office.

                Every downstate and central, state senator and representative of the Illini state knows, that regardless of his or hers belief on the 2A topic, it is absolute political suicide to support any additional
                restrictive legislature that goes against the desire and voice of their respective constituents.

                The North will never stop its war or sending of its troops, but this time the South has the advantage and is winning the war.

                Whether an Illinois resident or not, it would behoove all 2A supporters to contact state senators and reps. in Illinois and urge them to support concealed carry preferably “Shall issue” concealed carry, thus bringing Illinois into the 20th century with the majority of of the rest of our nation. And at the same time urging them to resist any further efforts to encroach on the 2A.

                It would also not hurt to contact the Federal level senators and Reps of Illinois and urge them to do the same with the federal legislature now coming up, and the other bills that are in the works.

                Win or go home!

                • there are good people who live in chicago who stand with our brothers and sisters downstate.

              • I agree with our friend; even if they win this battle, they will lose the war.

            • It is me again:

              ..just found this story….too cool.
              Ooorah 2nd amendment, can I get an OOORAH !!!!


              • …last time ….promise.

                Oathkeepers, Stewart Rhodes talking to AJ:


                • okay…last one tonite..double dipped chocolate promise:


                • Until I see some actual action from Stuart Rhodes and the Oath Keepers, I’ll keep them on my poo poo list.

                  Don’t cross this line in the sand, or else!
                  Don’t cross this line in the sand, or else!
                  Don’t cross this line in the sand, or else!
                  Don’t cross this line in the sand, or else!

                  How about drawing a line in the rock, and if they cross it…do something!!

                • To BA, don’t get me wrong, I consider myself an Oath keeper, both from service and as a citizen.

                  And I do all I can in that fight. But having been outed from their public forum and knowing others as well that met the same fate for not being PC enough, I just see hot air and no action from them.

                  I hope I am wrong and just being to pessimistic, but till I see otherwise there not impressing me.

                • @RWS:

                  No offense taken, just passin’ on a link.

                  Us at SHTFplan stand as one.

                  I agree about Oathkeepers draggin’ their feet.

                  I hope they prove me wrong.

                  Stay the course…be safe…BA.

                • @sixpack:

                  ..on purpose,don’t like the moderation queue for links…

                  That article deserves an OOOORAH –yeah !


            • A very chilling line in that article, BA:

              “Following the failure today, Democrats pledged to reintroduce legislation outlawing the Second Amendment.”

              How the heck do you OUTLAW an amendment to the Constitution?

              • @Daisy:

                I thot NYC stoopid was the worst…I was wrong.

                Chicago/Illinois stoopid trumps ’em all.

                I dig your new site…fits you PERFECT.

       safe…you can’t fix stoopid….BA..g’nite.

              • New to the site. Half the time when I read what you all are saying my jaw drops. Keeping quiet mainly until my understanding gets up to speed.

                What is your site Daisy? Interested in learning more.

                ut prosim.

                • Welcome ut:

                  Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

                  …fireworks and ice cream for all who venture in, lol.


                • Hi, ut prosim – Welcome to the asylum!

                  In answer to your question, if you click on my name, it’s a link so that you can check things out. 🙂

                  ~ Daisy

              • How the heck do you OUTLAW an amendment to the Constitution? When oath breaking dictators are in control.

              • It isn’t hard when you are ignorant of the Constitution and the process for repealing an amendment. “Very chilling”?? Hardly Daisy. Let’s not sensationalize this.

                • I’m quite amused you think that our senators and congressmen are “ignorant of the Constitution and the process for repealing an amendment.” THEY KNOW WHAT THEY’RE DOING. That’s the chilling part. You give them WAY too much credit. These are evil people.

                • Let’s not be condescending, Jezebel.

              • How do you declare a amendment invalid? Same way you steal an election,falsify a birth certificate or social security number. It’s real easy when losers like Boner and the rest of the stupid party are on the opposition side. In case you have not yet gotten the message we belong to these psychopaths and they consider us their play things.

                • John W: Gotta call bullshit again! Amendments have never been just cancelled, ever. The process is often a long and hard one. The more contentious, the longer it takes. Take the ERA back in the late 70’s to early 80’s. It died a lingering death because it couldn’t pass in enough of the states. Now the 26th Amendment giving 18 year-olds the right to vote passed in no time since we were all eligible for the draft during Viet Nam. According to Article 5 of the Constitution it takes 2/3 of both houses of Congress, or 2/3 of the states, to propose a change. Then it must be ratified by 3/4 of the states or by an open Constitutional Convention. The numbers needed for either action are just not there. Too many Congressmen and Senators love their positions too much to risk it. Just ask former Speaker of the House Tom Foley (D). He was in Congress for 30 years (1964-1994) and was booted out by a Republican partially for supporting the 1994 Crime Bill/Assault Weapons Ban. No Speaker had been voted out since 1862, just before the Civil War; that’s 132 years-go figure.

            • It should be a major concern that they felt confident enough to even propose such a thing.

            • BAD NEWS>>>ALERT>>> illinois is voting again THIS sunday to BAN 80% of our guns…tell all to go to fb page to act…

          • ://

        • My question is this..

          Where the hell are the Oathkeepers?

          They are the real boots on the ground nationwide.

          They were meeting and planning for scenarios like this years ago..why have they not come out from LEO and military to substantiate any of this throughout the land?

          Any answers are appreciated.

          citizen Oathkeeper

          • Im hopeful that they are laying low and not attracting attention to themselfs, and will come out when the right time hits..optimistic? yeah probably

          • I know at least one personally possee…
            They are aware, they are watching, and waiting, the same as you and I. They saw what happened to the Tea party, and how their voices rose, and then, they went home, and were mocked and laughed at. They failed as I told them they would, if they allowed themselves to become subsumed into the Republican party…

            Everybody is starting to see, that the Kabuki dance is in the theater of the damned…
            But nobody sees the way out. There is only one sane way, but nobody wants to take it out of fear… Even I was against it until I saw it didn’t matter anymore. What is the only sane, moral, ethical, and constitutional way out?

            We don’t want it because we could ‘lose’, but, the opposite strategy of ‘losing’ and then fighting is preferable? The L.I.B.s (Let It Burn)s, are saying to let it all burn down, and then rebuild… that makes no sense, because when it does burn down, you have just helped the evil to take complete charge. Then politics is done, and the bullet box comes out. What is that last hope?

            For the Several States to call a Constitutional Convention, outside of the control of the Establishment, and fight them to a standstill, a dead locked convention, which is the only thing that could happen… unless, the Wimps and Rinos of the Right are allowed in. To take charge of the ConCon committee directly and disallow any current public servant ‘in’, hold votes for delegates by ‘come one come all’, tv debates on public airwaves, with secured inet voting. The real leaders would rise, and the wimps would fall, no money necessary.

            You, through a force of numbers, could literally take power from the powerful, and there wouldn’t be a thing they could do except deploy force and ‘out’ themselves.

            But, we won’t, because we are divided and afraid we might ‘lose’, in a land that has already lost, the logic of the damned.

            pipermichael . wordpress . com

            Kabuki dance in the theater of the damned

            • PS: At a deadlocked convention, the Amendment of Dissolution then comes out to give everybody what they want. Play chess, not checkers.

              Centralized government?

              • Piper, I’m a LIBer. Been saying it forever. I don’t think it will be as bad as TPTB shill it to be. They push info out to scare people. Its why I prep. Let It Burn to the ground.

                Go over the cliff…
                Hit the wall…
                Blow its top…
                Let the ship sink…

                There is only one way out: through the bottom. It is the only way that TPTB don’t make money. They will lose. Through the bottom there is not profit potential. Its all physical silver or gold and they can’t print that. (…even though they have tried with gold plated tungsten bars.)

                I was praying for the cliff, but I knew we’d never go over. This government MUST STOP borrowing money. We have an addiction to credit and things are getting REALLY wierd.

                I know people who have maxed themselves out financially. Near the end of their decline, they became schizophrenic, psychopathic and sociopathic. Those three terms can be aptly applied to our federal government at this very time.

                Close your eyes. Hold your breath. Tuck your head. …and let your feet leave the ledge! It is, after all, in the hands of The Creator anyways. Sit back and relax and enjoy the show. I am.

                I’m getting a laugh a minute out of these moron assholes trying to capitalize on Sandy Hook to ban semi-auto rifles (ARs / AK type weapons) when it is established fact that THAT IS NOT WHAT WAS USED!!! The press and the people watching them are so very stupid and to anyone with a brain they are so incredibly contrived.

                The only way out is through the bottom. All the other exits have been nailed shut by the evil ones. GO DOWN! Don’t worry! In the end it will all be OK.

                • You are right! Let it burn down! And like the Phoenix we will rise from the ashes! I want these globalists to fall! Reset! And live by the Bible and our Constitution!

          • I worked closely with military, police. Many still have never heard of Oath Keepers–actually most of them. I’m amazed actually. Of course I give them the information, the website, and tell them to get there asses in gear.

          • I have LE contacts in N.C. This story is not true.

            Here’s my research: The Cybertribe Network is a one man operation on YouTube by a Robert Hauck who refers to himself as ‘Prophetic Seer’ – his previous YouTube channel was ’Political Seer’.

            Robert Hauck is a hoax artist shilling out disinfo with a religious twist behind it. This time to lead us to believe that North Carolina Law enforcement (oath keepers) is gearing up. No they are not.

            Some examples:


            • Owl, I suspected this. I’ve geen listening to this for a few days. Its just another one of those “call ins” and there is no way to verify if it means ANYTHING. It is fear mongering and sensationalism.

              • Yo NR –

                Greed rules our world. This isn’t the only ass-clown out there who is trying to make a fast buck of the fears and trepidation of gullible folks.

                I’ll share something with you that isn’t BS. I stopped by my local ‘WallyWorld’ yesterday and just happened to pass by the large, locked case in which they store the ammunition. The damn thing was almost empty except for some of less commonly used ammo. There was NO .22 lr, 7.62 x 39, .223, 9mm, .40 or .45 cal. ammo WHATSOEVER in the damn case! The employee that I spoke with had absolutely NO idea when they would be receiving any more.

                Local gun stores have some really obvious voids in their display cases and mostly empty walls where rifles previously hung.

                A friend who owns a combination Pawn Shop/gun store has had to hire two new employees, extend his store hours and is having serious problems obtaining replacement inventory. When he receives any new inventory; most is already spoken for and sold. All he has to do is make a few phone calls and people come running with cash in hand.


                God Bless & good luck ……….. I have a feeling that we are going to need all we can get …… all the ammo and good luck that we can muster up.

                • @MadMarkie, I agree, something has people uneasy, and I don’t think it’s just new gun laws that tptb might try to enact. Do you think people are starting to see something in all these events, like Columbine and Sandy Hook? At this point, for me, I’m feeling uneasy about all these shootings. Like there is more to it. Like a false flag or something.

                • “This isn’t the only ass-clown out there who is trying to make a fast buck of the fears and trepidation of gullible folks.”

                  Man, do you have that right, MM !

            • I agree GreyOwl, I am in NC and have heard nothing like this yet and I have several leo’s who are close friends and none of them have alerted me and they would have.

            • Owl

              Had I first known this was the formerly aka Propheticseer ..wouldn’t have wasted a second on this crap..

              Once again I call BULLSHIT on this!

              This character is one of the many snake oil charmers out there feeding the alt media web with total debunked garbage that attracts the kool aid crowd (of supposed free thinkers )who embrace everything as a conspiracy..!

              Much like the prior article about Illinois gun sites stating that “confiscation of guns” was in the bill..they took a committee bill with legitimate concerns and blew it way out of proportion..not that I agree with the bill at all..!!!

              This is why I stopped listening to anything from Infowars years ago..they take a grain of truth and propel it into a massive conspiracy..

              We all know that msm is pure propaganda..constantly.


              are we not all sheep as well to believe everything from the so called truth seekers out there?

              re verify

              nough said


            • Grey Owl: I agree, this sounds like bullshit. I called bullshit on that that phony DHS ‘Insider’ the other day when he said that TSA would be use to augment the local police during certain operations. The TSA folks are not trained in arrest procedures, the don’t carry handcuffs, pepper spray, or batons, and the are not trained in firearms and don’t carry anything more leathal than a pen. What we may have here are agents of disinformation like the PSYOPS folks the military uses. Perhaps they are here to incite some folks into rash actions to further the governments agenda on various crack-downs upon our freedoms. Don’t fall for this crap good people. Do your research like Grey Owl and others and call bullshit loud and clear when necessary.

              • @greg8:

                TSA has already done service with Tennessee’s VIPR roadblocks, hassling bus riders in Houston, baggage inspection at several rail stations, yet they have no training as LEOs and no more arresting powers than the regular Citizen —go figure.

                • BadAmerican: Those were one-time deals and the public outrage put a stop to that. I was just all over both coasts recently by plane, train, and automobile, like the title of the movie, and I only saw TSA at the airports-go figure.

                • yeah I can arrest you I can arrest anyone that is in some type of transport thats why its called the tsa ass monkey

            • I tend to concur GreyOwl,
              My nephew thinks things are getting ‘weird’, in general… but, he would let me know if something specific was afoot…
              We talked again yesterday, and he made it clear that the Sheriff himself would not support any gun confiscations or even a martial law declaration from this ‘usurper’ president…
              My nephew IS an Oathkeeper…

            • Yeah, no police officer McCoy matching the caller’s voice. The one who is retiring with 31 yr’s in Rocky Mount is not a match. Maybe they were thinking about the TV show Law & Order’s Jack McCoy when they came up with this name.

            • Not saying that it ISN’T BS, but this story is not a creation of cybertine or Alex Jones.
              This is originally from the following radio broadcast link:


              • Anybody can call a radio station. Or the station itself can make up the call.

          • Oathkeepers are everywhere, but they cross a line – any line.

        • I find it difficult,at times, to live life as “usual” with multiple scenarios looming “somewhere” in the immediate future….I find myself always coming up with new ideas “for when”, rather than concentrating on the NOW…and, as some of you know, for us old fogies, the NOW is rather important as well….lol! I guess I am just wishing to KNOW what/when/where/how…..


          • lots of us like you out here fob…

            “don’t go down without one helluva fight.”

          • @Feisty OB….

            Predictions come and go. So does fear. We know an economic meltdown is coming, just dont know exactly when. So keep your plan simple and basic.

            You and we all need:
            1. Food
            2. Water
            3. Heat/energy/shelter/clothing
            4. Alternative stuff like candles, solar radios, etc
            5. Protection ie guns and ammo
            6. Assets like silver, gold, cash.

            Think in terms of that. Focus on the stuff you need to store for a future that may not be good. I am not ready. Each month I am focusing on those top 6. Good luck.

            • Ugly, to #5 I would add bow & arrow, slingshot, pepper spray, bear spray, knives, swords, axes, spears, clubs, tactical pens, etc. Your list is a great start.

          • FOB, It’s called going down the rabbit hole, drinking the kool-aid. Sometimes you just need to take a step back and get a new perspective. I pursue adding aspects of the homesteading lifestyle to my life because I enjoy it and it adds a quality to my life, not because I fear the future. I find fulfillment in eating a meal that I grew, hunted, raised, foraged, preserved, prepared and shared with friends and family. I bake my own breads and recently discovered “Jar bread” and have made some Italian bread in pint jars. I opened a jar and then sliced the bread into medallions, rubbed some garlic on it and brushed it with olive oil and toasted it under the broiler. Dipped the medallions into homemade marinara sauce that I made with tomatoes and herbs that I grew in my garden and canned with my pressure canner. It’s a simple pleasure that brings a sense of satisfaction. Creating my own music brings me that fulfillment as does making a wooden spoon or bowl.

            I have concerns for the future, I’m a news junkie and always have been. I try to stay informed so sometimes I find myself getting sucked into a bad mental place (a rabbit hole) when there’s just too many voices preaching doom, then I take a step back and repeat my mantra that everyone is trying to sale me something. 90 percent of it is bull crap and the other 10 percent is hyped up.

            My chickens have started laying again now that they’re through molting.

          • Based on some reading, things are not looking all that rosey for 2013. So here’s my situation…
            Wife & I work, pay our bills on time, etc.
            My in-laws method of money management was this: weekly paycheck was CASHED, depositing enough money in checking account to cover the bills. Everything else was CASH.
            What my wife & I do is leave the money in the bank & use our ATM cards (no credit cards, thank goodness).
            Should I be collecting Federal Reserve Notes on a weekly basis, in case the banks vaporize my money?
            My preps are not where I’d like them to be, so I’m squirreling away a little every week. Ammo is pretty much non-existant at the local Walmart. (I only pay cash for ammo, & I’m too paranoid about going anywhere else for it, or buying online which requires a debitcard trail)
            My wife is NOT on-board with the prep thing, nor does she see the impending shit-storm I feel is barreling toward us. It is, in fact, a source of significant friction between us. This is why the “cash the paycheck” plan will probably not work.
            Sometimes I wish the shit WOULD hit the fan; I’m not sure how we’ll survive, but this constant anxiety is really starting to mess with me.

            • JIC

              Your situation is where learning homesteading skills comes in. My post above about baking bread in jars requires no pressure canner. So you can purchase a case of pint wide mouth canning jars. Bake some bread in them, eat it and do it again. Your wife will start to ignore the full jars of bread in the pantry because they’re not for prepping, you are eating them. We can up qt size jars of vegetables, our canner will hold 7 qts. When canning veggies you first have to cook them a little before putting them into the jars. We make extra, after filling the jars we season up the cook pot with the leftover veggies and add some chicken to it and we make a large pot of soup. Again you’re not prepping you’re making a healthy meal. When we want a quick meal we open up a jar of meat, a jar of vegetables, drain them, mix them together, add some herbs, then into a casserole dish with mash potatoes on top with cheese on top of that, bake it until it’s good and hot, “Shepard’s pie”, again you’re eating what you’re canning, so those home canned veggies are not preps, they’re meals. When you get enough empty jars then you make more. This time of year we make chicken vegetable soup about every 4 weeks. You end up with meals that are healthy, easy to make, a full pantry and a wife that’s onboard with your hobby.

              • Thanks, RiO.
                When I saw your “bread in a jar” post, I immediately looked up a recipe!
                I think I’ll give this a try this weekend…

                Our pantry is pretty “stocked” as it is, but I can definately find a spot for a dozen or so jars.
                Once her friend told her how great a FoodSaver vacuum sealer was, we had 1 the next day; not so much luck when I mentioned it… 🙁

                Little here, little there. Slow & steady is my plan.

                • Stay clear. I prepped for you. Dog food.

            • We made a lot of those meals in jars (soups, cookies, bread mix) as Christmas gifts this year. Got the ingredients from veggies to freeze dried beef from Everyone loved the gifts and we stocked 3 months worth of meals in our panrty at the same time.

        • These are nothing but Psy ops.

          It aint happenin this year or any year.

          None of these “valuable surces” ever have a name.

          Like a LT would let this out and lose his pension.

          On another note, I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn, NY on the cheap.

          Which one of you kooks wants to be the first on his block to own hos own BRIDGE????

          • i have a question,,,in our air space with as much trouble as our air traffic controllers are having keeping air craft apart,,now throw in drones,,people at work in these places sleeping on the job,,and it happens
            how come we are not seeing more planes crashing???all you in here in the know help and old snake out,,like by explaining it to me and i`m sure others,,that dont ask,,i know i sure as hell wouldnt the job of keeping it all apart,,,,


            • @snake eater.

              It is called computers and GPS. The big jets and companies have those. They (computer) know exactly where all the planes are at any given moment. The flights are coded in flight plan and are on auto-pilot.

              You can guide or fly these planes anywhere, including a couple very tall buildings. You dont have to be a good pilot, just need GPS guidance.

              The same is with today’s vehicles. You plug in your destination and if you take the wrong turn, the lady (computer) will let you know you went right when you should have taken a left.

              Same with farming and tractors. Farmers dont drive their tractors today. GPS and computers do. The tractors drive themselves in a very straight line with an error less than an inch. All the operator has to do is just make sure you turn the tractor when at edge of field.

              Drones and military same stuff.

              Just think. When Americans take the embedded chip, they will be in auto-pilot by the government and the New World Order. They will do as they are told.

              • Ugly
                i know all that,,but it still seems likely with all the flying objects some are bound to hit,,,like human error plugging in the destination you talk about,,drunk pilots,,ect ect
                me i`m not to worried about drones,,if a bunch of rag heads can outdo them i think the american people can too.
                if they are so dang good why do we have troops on the ground???I dont use a GPS in any of my vehicles,,i know where i want to go ,,,

                thanks for the reply

                • newer cars have ‘black boxes’
                  your car’s computer has GPS
                  you are being watched

                  just like ‘fast trak’ on the bridges
                  this one you don’t have to sign up for…

                  just buy a car newer than 2006

                  was optional for several years
                  have been some announcements
                  a few articles where the boxes are mentioned as source of info after an accident….

                  with nano technology, even our clothes will speak

              • Hell they already do that without a chip.

            • A drone isn’t even in a ATC’s site–they are so small.
              Am I right??

        • I Live in NC, and I think this has been verified as a hoax. Most of our Sheriffs and Police chiefs take their oaths seriously. When ours heard me complaining about the availability of hi-cap magazines at the breakfast house, he offered “I got anything you need.” I don’t worry about local LEO, I support them fully.

        • The culmination of a 100 year plan…



      2. Not a day goes by that we don’t hear something about some weird goings on somewhere in the country.

        Every day it is something from lawmakers, police, politicians, military, finance. All the hallmarks of a system on the brink.

        • Actually, it is the hallmark that you people are delusional.

          • Just go away not in the mood for your useless crap today.

          • @ JoeInNC. You know your hallmark is making everyone upset with comments meant to infuriate, like some howler monkey continuing to make some horrible sound. This is pathetic, if you want to put over your point on something try to have something to back it up with rather than making a shrill noise that people simply don’t like and respond as such, shut the f up. Here is a novel thought, try, and I mean try to explain yourself and maybe at least people won’t consider you “the lonesome turd wrangler”.

            If you explain yourself they will actually just hate you for your opinion as a liberal nut case. At least people will spend their time counter-argumenting and you might actually learn that the people here have excellent defendable points. Why do you continue to enjoy pestering people? WHY? Can’t you see that there are some pretty cool people here willing to help each other. See other trolls that have tried to communicate with the audience start to gain some respect. Look into your own life and see whom is the one acting radical. The people here consider you the “broken butt crack”, and that is a sad label that you would think NO ONE would want to be thought of or and remembered as.

            • BI..he doesn’t infuriate me…because not once in many moons do I click Click to read it.
              Don’t argue with stupids…those watching(and reading) may get the two confused.
              From a former teacher and a homebased preshool/daycare operator–do you argue with 3 year olds? I didn’t think so.

              ‘Let love be the light that guides us through the darkness’..Amen.

          • JoeinNC,

            de·lu·sion (d-lzhn)
            a. The act or process of deluding.
            b. The state of being deluded.
            2. A false belief or opinion: labored under the delusion that success was at hand.
            3. Psychiatry A false belief strongly held in spite of invalidating evidence, especially as a symptom of mental illness: delusions of persecution.

            This sounds like you are the delusional one Sir, there is so much evidence to support the methodical take over of America’s freedom and the suppression of those who will not be quiet while we are molested and demoralized. You may want to talk to someone who can help you. If there was even one slight chance that you were right then I would listen but unfortunately there is nothing that you can bring to the table, other than more delusional thinking and kool-aid drinking. Good luck with your mind set, you are going to need it.

        • All tha hallmarks of kooks with websites is more like it

          • It’s the kooks from NY that concern me. I guess Sandy didn’t wake you guys up, so don’t bother coming south, there’s nothing here for you.
            It’s pretty well known in my state that the state troopers have been federalised. I also heard recently, they have started a pilot program of smart cards so, I assume it will be easier for their bosses to track them and control that asset. You know, those smart cards that are scanned,that have all you’re vital info in them.
            A couple of years ago, I started seeing city cops selling their houses there in town, and I queried someone close to them, seems, they were all moving to the same general area in the country.
            Hmmm interesting…
            More recently, a couple who lived by me, both of who worked and retired in Jan of 2012 from the c*a, moved to their property into their 5th wheel a month ago. His brother was adamant they do this NOW. Overriding the husbands objections.
            I can only assume those times that try men’s hearts is fast approaching.

      3. I do wish Ron Paul had made it in…sigh.

        by Ron Paul

        As I prepare to retire from Congress I’d like to suggest a few New Year’s resolutions for my colleagues to consider. For the sake of liberty, peace and prosperity I certainly hope more members of Congress consider the strict libertarian-constitutional approach to government in 2013.

        In just a few days, Congress will solemnly swear to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. They should read Article 1 Section 8 and the Bill of Rights before taking such a serious oath. Most legislation violates key provisions of the Constitution in very basic ways, and if members can’t bring themselves to say “no” in the face of pressure from the special interests, they have broken trust with their constituents and violated their oath. Congress does not exist to serve the special interests. It exists to protect the rule of law.

        I also urge my colleagues to end unconstitutional wars overseas. Stop the drone strikes. Stop the covert activities and the meddling in the internal affairs of other nations. Strive to observe good faith and justice towards all nations, as George Washington admonished. We are only making more enemies, wasting lives and bankrupting ourselves with the neoconservative interventionist mindset that endorses preemptive war that now dominates both parties.

        All foreign aid should end, which is blatantly unconstitutional. While it may be a relatively small part of our federal budget, for many countries it is a large part of theirs and it creates perverse incentives for both our friends and enemies. There is no way members of Congress can know or understand the political, economic, legal and social realities in the many nations to which they send taxpayers’ dollars.

        Congress needs to stop accumulating more debt. U.S. debt monetized by the Federal Reserve is the true threat to our national security. Revisiting the parameters of Article 1 Section 8 would be a good start.

        Congress should resolve to respect personal liberty and free markets. Learn more about the free market and how it regulates commerce and produces greater prosperity ever than any legislation or regulation.

        Understand that economic freedom is freedom. Resolve not to get in the way of voluntary contracts between consenting adults. Stop bailing out failed yet politically connected companies and industries. Stop forcing people to engage in commerce when they don’t want to, and stop prohibiting them from buying and selling when they want to. Stop trying to legislate your ideas of fairness. Protect property rights. Protect the individual. That is enough.

        There are many more resolutions I would like to see my colleagues in Congress adopt, but respect for the Constitution and the oath of office should be at the core of every single member’s of Congress due in 2013.

      4. They respect my Constitutional rights, they got no problems. They think they are some God appointed Kings, well as the song said: We did it before and we can do it again.

        • For all of you who slammed DK for mentioning a truth many cannot bear, some elected jerk recently said (paraphrase): “The state ought to have a monopoly on legitmate violence.” I’m sure it’s easily found. Surely the fire at the Waco property was deemed “legitimate”. Picture YOUR neighborhood in that video.

        • America has a long and proud history of spilling royal (elite?) blood.

      5. It’s getting old hearing the same old same old every day.

        Independant and unknown sources say blah blah blah.

        • Evil consolidates its power slowly, and it has been leaking out for some time, what is so hard to understand? There are good guys ‘inside’, and you better pray they remain ‘anonymous sources’, because it is what evil does, and it must come eventually. This administration is the most evil in history, if you do not see that, then I pity you.

          And when it does, you better pray that those same sources are still alive to put up the red flag, even my nephew deputy says things are getting ‘weird’.

          • Matthew 10:16

            “Behold I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be as wise as serpents and as harmless as doves”.

            Luke 22:36

            Then (Jesus) said, ” But now, he who has a money bag, let him take it, and likewise a knapsack; and he who has no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one”.

            • Is an AR-15 the modern version of a sword?

              • SBG,
                As long as it chambers 5.56 as well as .223. There will be lots of 5.56 laying around

                • And lot’s of 5.56 empty brass lying around.

                • .gov is terrified of a major event. An interruption in the river of cash to D.C. would wreck the machine as thugs went unpaid. That is exactly how USSR ended up with “loose nukes”.

                • And dont let anyone tell you the e-coated steel cases cant be reloaded..oh yes they can

              • Yes so is he sks, ak47,1911, and so on.

            • Matthew 26:52

              “Put your sword back in its place,” Jesus said to him, “for all who draw the sword will die by the sword.”

              • “Only the fool dies with a sword yet drawn”
                -Miamoto Musashi

              • “Living by the sword” is in regards to those who put their faith in their swords instead of God. What Christ was saying is that He (God) needs no violent defense.

                This does not exclude self defense, or the defense of others.

                Which is moral; to stand by and watch a rape take place, or to pull a gun and stop it?

              • You CANNOT take ONE verse of scripture and build a theology around it…
                There are other verses that say that God is appalled that there was no hand of justice, there are others about ‘sell your coat and buy a sword’…what does this mean?
                Raylan Givens below is correct, the Lord does want you to rely on the sword, but to keep a sword to defend the innocent and yourself if needed, otherwise, turn the other cheek is part of the code of a warrior of God. Turn the cheek to show your superior strength of character, stand your ground, and then if the evil draws his sword, especially against the innocent, send him to hell.

                Those preachers who propose suicide by Islam or whatever comes, are also proposing giving your children to the enemy… do you think God wants a generation trained against Him? I doubt it, and when you stand to give your heads, you bow before evil.

                You were told to fight “spiritual wickedness in HIGH places”, this is not simply a spiritual admonition, but an Earthly mission.

                A mission, protestants and Catholics have utterly FAILED in, in fact you AID the evil by your cowardice. (Look at Revelation 21:8). What will you do when Christianity is outlawed? You will give your heads willingly, and your children will be taken to reeducation camps, we Heretics will become a Remnant to destroy evil.

                • ‘does NOT” sorry.
                  (I hate not being able to edit …)

                • “Now no blacksmith could be found in all the land of Israel, for the Philistines said, “Otherwise the Hebrews will make swords or spears.”
                  — I. Samuel

                  I hope you would not sit by… we all need to be active and vigilant. Jesus reasoned with the murderers who wanted to stone a woman. “Thou shall not murder.” is the best translation we have into English… self-defense is not convicted as murder.

              • In ‘murder’ possibly, which is waaay different than ‘killing’.

                • In response to this…..Matthew 26:52

                  “Put your sword back in its place,” Jesus said to him, “for all who draw the sword will die by the sword.”

                  In ‘murdering’ possibly, which is waaay different than ‘killing’

      6. We know it is coming. I was just hoping it was the year 2055 when it did.

        Too much technology, too much spying, too much distrust, too much wars, too much greed. The world is small now and all this stuff is coming into a big event.

        • “Sometimes its your turn to get the duty.”
          -Old Sergeant

        • TPTB are very, very, scared, that is a good thing. I feel very sorry for the socialists in this country. What they think, is a big differance than what is real. And they think a little too hard.

          • they (soc/commies) think they have us by the balls…

            makes me smile…I am smiling right now.

            God designed the earth for those who could make a go of it on their own…choose their own path, choose who to do it with.

            Collectivism never works because it preys on the weak until a goal is achieved…then kills them.

            Lots of examples once people give up their liberty.

      7. Something wicked this way comes…

        The only way to stop an evil man with a gun,
        is a good man with a gun.
        What the gov has in firepower,
        we have in numbers.
        Never forget, that without you bowing down,
        they cannot take what is yours, or control you in any way.

        I have heard from my nephew, a deputy sheriff, and his only comment is, “things are getting weird.”
        While he teaches his two young sons how to shoot with every weapon in the house, including cross bows and a bow and arrow.

        Remember there will be good guys behind some of those uniforms. My suggestion to him and everybody, is to adopt a color of recognition, because if ‘it’ starts, then colors will be necessary to know who the good guys are. My recommendation is WHITE, the old color of the good guys. Let the men in black stand out, in the field.

        Mr LEO, Get a rag, a hatband, an armband, and keep it in your pocket until needed. MR LEO, we love you, at least those who understand that their oath was to the Law, and not to men. To the rest? God help you.

        • It will be easy to recognize the good cops from the bad cops. The good cops will be shooting the bad cops in the back.

          • I wonder about that.

        • Isnt the basic reason LEOs are armed is for their personal protection. Hmmmm. Typical. Hope yall have a true 3% up there. A lot of folks go round spouting these catchy phrases, we know the phrases. Well, it will require many, many moving as one to protect their rights, otherwise THEY WILL make examples of individuals which will shortly bring everyone else in line. If there is not a single coordinated response, we may well see hundreds of WACOs and Ruby Ridges. Look around at your family and freinds. 99 1/2 wont do. Are you ready to give everything. The fix is beyond the ballot box. Just remember, those politicians and LEOs have families too. Semper Fi. III

          • Yeah right huh?

            To remain totally self-consistent, the LEO’s (supporting this action) would have to check their guns out with a fingerprint scan databased to the serial number every single day, and every single night, check them back in and leave and go home without them.

            Do they do that already? I was under the impression of… not so much.

            Hey wait better yet if this gun ban actually works, in THEORY we don’t need armed cops, right? *Chuckle*. They can be armed with a whistle a sigh that says “stop… or I’ll say stop again”…

            Still sounds good to y’all? Didn’t think so.

            • your comment helps me understand a dream i once had…

              LE had no guns at home, but had to go to the ‘station’ to pick them up for thier shift.

              consequently, there were only enough weapons for
              ‘one shift’

              this was disastorous in the dream because the local LE was expected to defend the town/the area….

              from the chinese invasion that was about to happen…

              Chinese war ship/ships were waiting off the coast of the pacific northwest….

              there were set to attack on the 7, 8th or 9th of that month(sorry, no month or year)

              they attacked at in the wee small hours of the morning on the 7th…

              LE went to the station to arm themselves, but were lacking in armorment….

              we will all need a wing and a prayer on that day

        • Piper,
          great post. We need to keep the momentum up. Most Patriots (and there are alot of us) are claiming they will refuse to comply. I hope they can keep the faith and stick to it. There may be a few Ruby Ridges, but we have to remain strong. If Illinois passes thier gun ban, we will see what to expect when Men refuse to be disarmed. I was hoping for more time, but it looks as though time is running short.
          Galations 5:1

          • Bulldog,
            If… if… I have to put my boots back on, there won’t be any Ruby Ridges around here… defense is not how to play their game.

            • taking initiative is a good thing…and the only way to handle what is coming.

            • Piper,
              Great site you have! Still going through it.

              Agreed that defense isnt the best way against tevil that has tanks, etc. But, I do believe that there will be some folks that will hunker down and try to defend their weapons and therefore some Ruby Ridges will happen. My hope is that when they do, Patriots dont get scared and deliver their weapons to the PTB. I will definately be putting my boots back on if and when it starts!
              The link below is to a very informative video that all should see about the reality of the proposed gun ban. This guy breaks it down into what it actually will mean if passed. it is 16 minutes long, but I promise after watching it, Patriots will think twice before turning in or registering anything.

              • Thanks Bulldog,
                Good to see there are still people with an open mind left in the world.
                No registration here either buddy…
                just working on ways to ‘cut, slash and run’.
                If this comes, we, The Patriots, need to issue a combined statement of defiance and ultimatum to The Establishment…
                Then if they go through with it… declare war. This is a needed step, why?
                Because he who fires the first shot loses and becomes the criminal. Remember the lessons of history.

              • What a waste of MY time–I DON’T DO FACEBOOK AND WILL NEVER DO FACEBOOK.. Screw that.
                Tell that to the creator of this video–he is missing millions of gun owners that would like to participate.

                • JayJay,
                  Not a waste of time. I have never had a facebook eithr, but the purpose of his video is information. Did you learn anything about the proposed bill? Then it was time well spent.

        • I was talking to my sherrif about this a few days ago. His eyes got big and wide at the mention of a gun ban involving confiscation. He said he wont do it and he cant do it. It is against his oath of office and his promisse to the people. He dosent think his office would exist anymore a week after he would try to seize peoples guns along with him and his deputies.

          • LEO’s I know say they can’t do it as well. Because it’s just not possible. Then again, this is TX. It’s a bit more obvious in places like this.

          • Your Sheriff is a very Smart Man!

          • That all may be true but I guarantee there will be TSA or some other thugs that will be taking their place. I would not be surprised to see the sudden appearance of Obamas thug force.

            • And I wouldn’t be surprised to see the ‘dis’appearance of Ostupid’s thug force…one member at a time..
              Hey Ma, you mean Jamal ain’t home yet??
              Well, Shamika said he left with Jaimini last night and they ain’t called in with their obommy phones yet!

              • Man who understands…
                turn the tables on them.
                My guess is that the TSA will become the new Gestapo. That ‘centralizes control’ over all leo’s…
                LEO’s get political officers…
                hoo boy…that’ll be fun to watch.

                • Good thought, that. Remember when the Dictator said we should have a civilian army “as strong as the military”?

              • What a stupid ass comment. We definately won’t make it if whites and blacks can’t fight together. Hell, white people are getting chem-trailed as well as blacks.

                • In the original Greek, the phrase “nation shall rise against nation”… used the word; ETHNOS. The old fashioned term for a ‘nation’ was a TRIBE, as in the Indian NATIONS.

                  So properly translated the phrase should read;
                  “Ethnic tribe shall rise against ethnic tribe”.

                  Draw your own conclusions.

                • Piper,
                  People do not read the bible and learn what the words actually mean anymore. They take “thou shalt not kill” and do not look at what the actual word Kill means, to commit murder. The same with “Nation” Then again, most Christians believe Adam and Eve actually ate an “Apple”. There is alot more to the word of God than meets the average eye.

          • Just a a question, did your sheriff department take any money or property from the fed gov? If so he may have no choice in the matter as he is on the hook (or better put: he is in bed with the fed gov) and they will be giving the orders and there is no refusing the fed gov ilmao

      8. It’s harder to put it better than Alexander Hamilton did in The Federalst Papers, No. 28:

        “If the representatives of the people betray their constituents, there is then no resource left but in the exertion of that original right of self-defense which is paramount to all positive forms of government, and which against the usurpations of the national rulers, may be exerted with infinitely better prospect of success than against those of the rulers of an individual state. In a single state, if the persons intrusted with supreme power become usurpers, the different parcels, subdivisions, or districts of which it consists, having no distinct government in each, can take no regular measures for defense. The citizens must rush tumultuously to arms, without concert, without system, without resource; except in their courage and despair.”

        • Hey NCClyde…

          Are you in Clyde, NC…

          • Nope, but my city does start with the same letter.

        • How can anyone give a thumbs down to AH and the Federalist Papers?…

          • IF you watch, you’ll see that the trolls come through here regularly. They will thumb down a ‘thank you’ to Mac.
            Unless the number goes into double digits, I ignore them.

            • And the trolls are certainly underfoot right now. Of course, this means that groups like ours are actually accomplishing things and sharing Truth. Their goal is to cause infighting and distract from the main topics by getting our attention with their obnoxious comments.

              They are so obvious!

              Then you have the trolls which are slightly more subtle – the ones who whisper their little messages of doom: “You’re screwed, it’s too late, the government will get you, the government will take your children, you’ll starve.”

              Psy-ops! Never doubt your success when you are in the right.

      9. dont 4 get the pets im bugging out on [a] sailboat see ya in the islands

      10. I suppose Bill Cooper was onto something in Behold A Pale Horse. I bought that book back in 1991 and thought it was quite far-out. After some time, I saw that most of what Bill said made sense.

        Page 225, chapter 12, talks of the governments project on causing schoolyard shootings.

        Bill also spoke of plans for the government to suspend the Constitution and declare martial law.

        We are living in interesting times.

        • scout

          William Cooper R.I.P.

          There was a man who spoke the truth about everything that is unfolding now ,over 20 years ago.

          I’m sure Mac would agree.

          If any of you good folks here have not watched nor read his lectures..please do so.

          A true patriot always!


          • I had the honor of meeting Bill Cooper twice, once in Washington DC for the “Devvy Kidd” march, and once at a survival expo in Denver, both in 1993.

      11. Just be prepared for any and all things, be it man made or natural it’s here any day now!
        Get all the prep’s you can get now, and sit back and watch them feed on themselves.
        Ammo is dried up to the point that who knows when more will be available. It truly is an insane world we live it.

      12. this is scary stuff

      13. Greg Mannarino: Ratings Agencies Will Downgrade the Dollar in 2013, Bursting US Debt Bubble

        In his latest market update, Greg Mannarino states that the market pop in the wake of the 2 month fiscal cliff agreement is merely a relief rally that has no real legs. He points out that the agreement does absolutely nothing to address spending.
        Mannarino states that the Fed’s $85 billion in monthly counterfeitting to monetize the US budget deficit will steal purchasing power from Americans. Mannarino states that the US ratings agencies will face massive pressure to downgrade the US in 2013, which will result in the busting of the US debt bubble will burst in 2013, and force massive amounts of cash into commodities and physical precious metals.
        Cash is going out of style, buy phyzz!

        * see link below …

      14. This police officer mentions cops who have volunteered to be involved with the martial law training and confiscation. Clearly not all LE can be trusted, neither can all military, just like the lead picture of the troops shuffling through NO after Katrina.

        • Let them volunteer for their own execution by billions of rounds. Come by our homes, but say goodbye to your future orphan kids and families forever, TRAITORS gun grabbers. You are D-E-A-D.

      15. New gold for a scary new world\

        Private investors in Switzerland, Austria and Germany are lining up to buy gold bars the size of a credit card that can easily be broken into one gram pieces and used as payment in an emergency.

        GOT PHIZZ ???

        see link below …

      16. White House wins fight to keep drone killings of Americans secret


        A federal judge issued a 75-page ruling on Wednesday that declares that the US Justice Department does not have a legal obligation to explain the rationale behind killing Americans with targeted drone strikes.

        * can we say “NWO UN ZOG COMMIE FREEMASON FASCIST BANKER TYRANNY” boys and girls ???

        * see link below …

        ~N.O. ;0p

      17. Obama Would Call on Military to Disarm Americans During National Emergency

        Army manual provides blueprint for confiscating guns of rioters and dissidents

        ??? Muaah ??? ;0P pssszzt

        The blueprint for how Americans would be disarmed during a declared civil emergency is contained in an Army manual that outlines a plan to confiscate firearms to prevent them falling into the hands of rioters or dissidents.

        Given the imminent introduction of Senator Dianne Feinstein’s draconian gun control legislation, which would instantly criminalize millions of gun owners in the United States if passed, concerns that the Obama administration could launch a massive gun confiscation effort have never been greater.

        * see link below …

        ~ N.O. ;0P

      18. Curious, this comes from NC. The NC House and Senate are controlled by repubs and the uncoming is a repub. All this will happen in NC under the repubs. Maybe the dems are not so bad after all.

        • JoeinNC, you remind me of a billygoat. Got a hard head and a stinkin’ ass.

        • JoeinNC

          If it comes the State Legislature won’t have anything to say about it. The order will come from the CIC and be nation wide.

        • Joe,

          It could also mean that you will only get these warnings from states where the legislature is run predominantly by Republicans. But then, I’m just supposing.

          You have a unique way of going by leaps and bounds in your attempts at logic. Get off the partisan high-horse and get with the program. Unplug from the Matrix.

      19. Got a question thats a bit off topic – I am not very “fiscally inclined” but I keep hearing “get out paper money”. What about 401K’s? I assume that is considered paper money also and I keep hearing rumors that the govt is going to nationalize it. We only have a few thousand in it and the money would be better put towards preps, I feel, but will have a hard time convincing spouse that it’s a good idea to pull it out and take a tax hit. Thanks for any help. My apologies for even asking this, but I’ve had a hard time getting a straight answer on it. If you had 401K’s at one time, what did you decide to do with it???

        • I’ve asked the same questions myself. Most will tell you Gold, guns, food ammo ect. Some say that not all paper is bad, like Swiss Francs. I don’t believe in putting all of my eggs in any one basket, even if it’s one made out of PM’s.

        • It’s all been an engineered scam. All my friends put money into 401k. I always just did the min. to get the match. Instead I did real estate. I now make over $10k a year just by opening the mail box each month.

          They will steal your 401k an IRA.

          This was told to be by an old old gent who knew the ways of man.

          I listened to him and have a safe full of silver for my old age.
          I’ll sell a coin or two as needed.

          My buddy jokes that if they take the guns, he’ll melt his silver down into a nice gun. ha

          It’s life….many has been enslaving man for years.
          My own tenants are my own debt slaves….it’s called RENT.

          Don’t stress about shit…why did you prep up….so you don’t have to stress.
          Shit happens to others who have not prepared.
          We’re the smart ones.
          Relax, watch it unfold…read your bible for peace and be happy you heard the man and you listened.

          I really hope it all crashes. I’ll be fine.
          It wil be good to pay off all those debts with deflated money.
          Just be prepared to switch jobs often and move around possibly.
          OR…stay put.

          Watch the gang bangers…they will team up and invade the burbs.
          Be ready for them as they will send out hunting parties to scavage for food.
          I predict some of them won’t be coming back….
          I used to clean windows in many many burb. homes.
          People are fucking armed more than you know.
          and ready….

          • windows are the weak point..I am coming up with a way to secure windows so nothing can come thru bottle of gas, no bullet

        • Nunjobizness

          If your still employed with the company that offered the 401K plan generally you can transfer some of it into an IRA and access it from there with penalty. The remainder you can’t touch unless you leave employment with them. If you left employment with the 401K employer I suggest at a minimum transferring it into an IRA allowing you more options. It’s a real tough call regarding taking the tax hit. No one can make that but you and your wife.

          Beware if your going to invest in the GLD gold fund. The fund is leveraged so more shares are sold then gold in storage. The US does not regulate that field (no surprise) too well. PHYS is a Canadian gold fund that is regulated and they can only legally sell as many shares as they have gold reserves.

          If you can’t get to your money and you have some freedom on where to put it you might desire to go into the PHYS fund.

        • If your 401k is associated with your current employer then you don’t have many options. You could try taking a loan from your 401k and using that to eliminate some of your secured loans such as mortgage. Depending on your situation, you might be able to remove the lien from your home and instead of paying interest to the bank, you get to pay it to your 401k. You do lose the tax deduction on the interest (but who knows how long that will be around). If things don’t go south, you should still be ahead. If you get laid off you can then decide whether to pay back the loan or do the withdrawal. (Only when you do the withdrawal, will you have to worry about penalties and taxes.)

        • Actually 401kS, bank accounts, deposit checks are now mostly digital bits on a server somewhere. It would be very easy to delete them or transfer in the blink of an eye. Welcome to the digital age. Very little except human stupidity is real anymore.

          • It wouldn’t make a difference if it was paper.

        • Let’s see wife…
          $XXXXX if I pull out of 401 now vs. $000000 later??

          • Thanks- but I AM the WIFE!

            • OOps sorry wife…
              Let’s see husband…
              $XXXXX if I pull out of 401 now vs. $000000 later??


              Let love be the light that guides us through this darkness.

        • Cash it out NOW. Take the tax hit with a big smile on your face. Buy tangibles, silver, gold if you can afford it. Or you will wake up one day (soon) and find you have absolutely nothing.

          • Thank everyone for the advice. The 401K is not attached to any employer anymore as I am self employed. Thank you for your time.

        • Yo Nunjobizness –

          It all depends on the terms and conditions of the 401K plan that your company has; you have to read the fine print. Most companies have a Benefits Administrator who can explain all this to you.

          Most often, you can’t simply close the account and pay the taxes + the 10% IRS ‘penalty’ (under 55 years old) without quitting your job. If this is the case in your particular situation, the good news is that you should be able to make a loan against your 401K account. You have to pay it back over time, usually with minimum interest that you also pay back into your 401K account. Use the proceeds of the loan to better prepare yourself and your family for the coming hard times ahead. There is no tax penalty and since it isn’t “income”, you don’t pay any income tax on the proceeds of the loan.

          Strive to keep a minimum amount in your checking account at all times. At this time of each month, our current bills are paid and there is usually right around $500 left if the checking account; we have no savings account. If your account grows beyond the minimum amount that you have set for yourself; pull the excess and put it into your ‘cash-stash’. ALWAYS keep cash on hand in case of the dreaded ‘bank-holiday’.

          Get the correct info from your company Benefits Administrator and then sit down with your wife and figure out a plan that you can BOTH agree on. Hope this helps.

      20. BELLEVILLE, IL (KTVI) – The Belleville, Illinois Chief of Police has banned his officers from eating at the local Denny’s restaurant while on duty after an incident at the establishment New Year’s Day. A manager at the Denny’s Tuesday told a group of officers they could not eat at the restaurant if they were armed. Belleville Police Captain Don sax said, “It’s absolutely a slap in the face I totally agree it’s completely disrespectful. How can anyone think to tell a police officer you can’t be in here with your gun its absurd to me.”

        AAHHHHhahahahahahahahhahahaahhahaha, someone please come help me off the floor….oh this is too rich.

        • Belleville, Illinois is a bedroom community of St. Louis….the STL cops are pretty good guys while the county cops are a pretty difficult to deal with. I am not sure of the attitude of Belleville police but I just couldn’t help laughing out loud.

        • You reap what you sow.

          GUNS BAD
          GUNS BAD
          GUNS BAD

          After a while it sinks in and it’s not the individual but rather the gun.

      21. Own a 401k? It’s a long complicated string, but you if you follow the trail you will find slow death for all at the end. Paper money will be worth less than toilet paper.

      22. Almost every article I read or picture I see there is talk of house-to-house searches and now this picture of what looks like national guard walking down the street.

        What makes everybody think that we are just going to allow free passage? Remember there is a gun behind every blade of grass, and while they are facing the doors getting ready to kick it down, plenty of cross hairs will be on them from every angle.

      23. Over the last few weeks the masks of these evil bastards in power have come off.

        The “average” gun owner can see the plain truth now. And anyone can be singled out like this , so even if you are not so much pro gun, you still could be next in this race to subvert, they will not stop..your hobby,way of life,heritage. etc..will be what they go for..this is a platform they work off of, all the time.

        “They” mean to take ALL the guns,and then put every every christian, every gun owner, and everyone who refuses to worship Obama as a god or what ever into a world of chaos, without our protection from what they have orchastrated.(sorry if thats spelled wrong, you get my point)

        “They” will not allow us to live in peace. It is long past time to look to “government” for help. Or anything good at all. Now is the time to decide if you make your stand or burn in a smoking hole in the ground, or a Government funded death camp.

      24. I think the govt. is going to crash the dollar..that will wipe our debts clean…default by the printing press. They have concern over some patriot groups that might try something. But their big worry is the masses of people in the city who will not have food.
        If this goes down.. be ready to move your preps fast to an undisclosed location.

        For the most part….stay home and all will be well.

        Be ready for folks who know you prep to rat you out.
        When they come knocking…cheerfully invite them in…offer a cup of coffee and show them your empty basement with a shit eating grin. And say… “WE ATE IT YEARS AGO…IT WAS TASTY.”


        My latest prep is to put together a super sized MRE for a family that can cook…
        Stored in Drywall buckets…easy to move and store.

        Yeah…go google the st. louis federal reserve monetary base.
        It looks like weimar Germany.

        My one hope.. Military take over and all of congress and Obama arrested for being traitors to the united states.

        I think the feds are worried about the oath keepers.

        Now be mindful that if you post on sites like these…they can track you by you IP address easily. So they know who you are and where you live.

        Lately I’ve been researching lard as a prepping item for fat, lube, candle fuel.
        Many uses. Lasts a long time.

        Freedom was all just an illusion. The banksters own both parties and just keep the mindless fighting in the two party sys.

        I hope the economy crashes and the dollar becomes worthless.

        As for gun confiscation….they have to find them to confiscate them.

        I do wonder if the FEMA camps are extermination camps.
        My gut says yes.
        The elite feels there’s too many on the planet. They are right.
        They will do something in time. They have to.

        We’ll that’s it folks.
        I never thought I’d see the US fall so fast.

        Personally I’m not worried.
        If you dropped me in a forested area with nothing…
        If you came back 4 months later you’d find me in a small hut I built, eating rabbit and sewing some deer skin stuff. There would be a nice warm fire, a nice bed I made and I’d be warm and dry. If you are a real prepper…you read enough survival books and already did all the mental exercises. A currency collapse would just be a grand boy scout adventure for me. But for millions….who have no clue…the zombies will crap their pants. So in a way… We the Preppers are really the freest people on the planet.
        WE have skill, resources and bible wisdom.

        The govt. are not really worried about us…they are worried about the city zombies.


      25. Possee, I believe what this NC officer says. I have a few relatives in LE in GA who contacted me with the same kind of info. It fits right in with everything else that is happening right now. This past weekend I was in several gun stores and sporting goods stores looking for some more .22LR ammo. Every place I went to was out of stock; some were even out of stock on .22WMR. Finally found some at Wally World and bought 3 bricks. This is the first time I’ve ever seen anyone out of stock on .22LR in my whole life. Any thoughts on that? Braveheart

        • I spent quite a few hours yesterday looking for ammo. I too was shocked that 22 LR was sold out or bacckordered. Finally found a couple of 325 bricks and 20 guage. It is really getting scarce.

        • Okay–my thought process is always in a conundrum state.
          What if all the reports of police training is to receive the funds(yes, they ARE getting those with all those tanks and gear)as if to play along and then side with the Oath Keepers whenever??
          They are playacting and have to keep it ‘close to the vest’ so to speak to be convincing??

        • Same way up here

        • I was in Gander Mountain yesterday and pickins on ammo was slim and prices high. Picked up some .380 (summertime gun) @24.95 for 50rds/fmj.

        • braveheart

          Though what the “so called officer” stated can not be refuted nor substantiated..would it be possible?

          Yes of course it would..!!!

          My gripe is the site from which it came from..

          This propheticseer now aka cybertribe is a snake oil salesman extraordinaire and I would not trust anything from his site..ever.

          Let this officer interview on a legitimate site with some proof positive,then I’ll give it a thought.even if he remained anonymous..

          I’ll say it again..

          re verify


          • Totally agree, funny you posted this..I was about to do something simular until I read what you typed

            we want proof..undeniable ..proof

        • braveheart

          Ammo is way out of proportion right now..if you can even get physical possession that is..

          My local dealer says not to panic..hold tight..
          Right now 9mm brass 50 rnds is selling for $20 and was $14 just a week ago..

          22lr 525 bricks are at $25..just $20 2 weeks ago..

          223/556 is over $1.00 per round..up .60 from a 40 cent cost 2 weeks ago..and rarer than hens teeth.!!!

          Semi auto carbines that were retailing at 450 are now up for grabs at 1000 plus..some as high as 1400!!

          just saying..

          just imagine what food prices will be shortly, never mind how inflated now..


          • off topic but related..

            Just in…7.8% unemployment rate..all is fine folks


            so we added 155k jobs last month..and weekly average jobs lost for the month were 370k?
            Simple math…370X 4 weeks = 1.48 MIILION JOBS LOST!!!
            Oh yeah..everything is just fine..

            Have a great day


        • Local Wallyworld has been out of stock on 22LR, 9mm & 12ga since the Sandy Hook thing. The .45 & .357 has been lower than ever as well.

          • Justin Case in Glendale? Is that the name I gave you?

      26. A Jewish community strongly supportive of gun control plus Jewish lawmakers eager to enact new gun control laws may bring Jews into a lead role as the nation debates federal measures to rein in mass murders at its malls and schools.

        • Of course the Jews want to ban guns…we are enslaved to their banks. People are now just waking up to this.

      27. @ everyone…..looks like a big flu outbreak in what looks like half the states in the union…..thousands in each state infected….uh oh…..this could be a HUGE game changer folks…they even said on the news it seems to be a new strain….this is the stuff that worries me the most..PANDEMIC ??? lets hope and pray it isn’t.

        • I’m pretty sure that’s (the flu) what has absolutely floored me for the last 10 days. I haven’t had the flu in 30+ years but I definetely picked up something way bad going through DIA (Denver) on the 21st. No signs or symptons until the 25th then out of nowhere I was floored by it.

          Way bad, whatever it was. I’ve never had anything like this before. I only get a cold every 4-5 years and generally have a really good immune system.

          Really bad respiratory part to it. I literally couldn’t catch my breath. Walking from one room to the next would fatigue me horribly and I’d have to sit down and just try to breathe. Weird, weird, weird.

          DIA is the only place I could have caught this.

          Anyone know where Just One Guy went? I am way behind on all my reading.

          • Kindle…I had it too in November…was so bad I couldnt lay down and breathe, had to sleep it a chair for 5 nights… Cough and thick chunky mucousfor over 3 weeks…Bad shit…

            • I too had to sleep in a chair for 5 days, now I’m sleeping on the couch propped up. Still can’t lay down flat.

          • @ Kindle. Elderberry works wonders on the flu with at least 5 people I know. Zinc, not over 100 mg a day is good. Beta carotene works wonders with me. Vitamin C and the B complexes helps a lot ot boost the immune system. The old saying of lots of fluids, especially water helps flush the body of some germs. Glad you are feeling better. Just One Guy seemed to disappear, hope he is okay.

            • Don’t forget your hefty doses of D3!

              • @ Daisy. I have always been a little hesitate with overdoing anything that is not water soluable, unlike Vitamin C and B for example that are, because of the liver. I don’t know much about D3, what are the safe levels that someone can take each day? I take about 1600 IU each day during the winter and about 1200 IU during the summer. I know people should take D3 if they live more than 35 degrees away from the equator. Do you know what is safe each day maximum levels to take with the flu or other sickness? And how much someone should take living at about 45 degrees north? Also do you know of what happens if someone gets too much of D3?

                • It looks like there is a recommended maximum of 4000 IU (100 microgram) per day, and much more than that could cause interaction with calcium in the body. At least according to

                  I’ve been taking 3200 IU (80 microgram) daily, living nearly 60 degrees north. There is not enough UV power in the sunshine this time of year for the body to produce any of it by itself.

                • It is possible to get a blood test to check vit D levels. As a physician I frequently have patients who request testing. People who have a normal Vit D level can usually handle 1000 to 2000 units per day. If a person is low on vitamin D I have sometimes given 5000 to 10,000 units. I have never seen a vit D overdose although it is possible.

                • About a year ago, I had a Vitamin D deficiency. I quickly learned that normal is 34 and mine was 13. Dr. gave me a Rx for 50,000 units (1/week for a month). After 30-days, and a repeat blood test, it was 87. I thought that was good. Apparently, 100 is toxic. So, we tapered back to 2-2,000 units twice a day.

                • BI ~

                  The RDA of Vitamin D3 is quite low, far too low, in fact, to have any effect. It’s 800 IUs. Even the Mayo Clinic agrees that you can safely take 10,000 IUs per day. For general maintenance I take 4000 IUs daily. If I’ve been exposed to sick people I bump it up for a few days – it’s an incredible immune booster. If you check his website, Dr. Mercola recommends 4000-8000 IUs per day for an adult.

                  Make sure you are taking D3 – NOT D2.

                  The best ways to get it, of course, are naturally, instead of just relying on vitamins. This is through sunlight, certain fish, egg yolks and raw milk. You should take more Vitamin D3 in the winter because you receive less sunlight exposure.

                  I’ve never taken doses higher than 10,000. However I have seen recommendations for up to 20,000 and beyond. During an epidemic of extremely pad influenza, like the swine flu and SARS, some recommendations were made for as much as take 2,000 IU per kg of body weight per day for a week. In order to do this, you’d have to acquire the medicinal dosage of 50000 IU pills. (Not recommending this necessarily – everyone must do their own research!)

                  It’s fat soluble, so if you take it with a meal that contains healthy fats, like olive oil or nuts, you will get more bang for your buck.

                  It’s interesting to note that due to Codex Alimentarius, in some countries (like Canada) you are unable to get Vitamin D in pills bigger than 1000 IUs. When I visit family in the US I pick up bottles of 10000 IU pills.

                  I hope this helps!


                • *typo – “pad” should be “bad”

                • I’m about 43* North. This may be excess information.

                  Have a great day!

                • Oh – yes – I’m 46* north

              • Some good sippin whiskey seems to help. At least it mellows out the discomfort, but in moderation. Flu and a hangover. Painful.

            • Oh – and I heard from J1G after Christmas – I think he’s just busy with the family stuff this time of year.

              • Thank you Daisy, that was interesting. I make sure I eat salmon every other day, ONLY the wild caught. That farm raised fish will poison a person. The lower sun angle is why I take an increased D3 in the winter, and because most of the time it is too cold to spend the necessary time in the sun. Someone like in nothern Europe or Alaska would not get any benefits from the Sun as it is only a few degrees above the horizon.

                I think the increased knowledge about D3 came from Scandinavian countries and the higher rate of MS, as they figured out it was because of the lack of sunlight. They also concluded that those that lived by the coastlines, especially in Finland, that consumed more fish had much lower rates of MS and other neurological diseases such as ALS and Parkingson’s disease. There is some logic behind this as our ancestors were pretty much tropical and sub-tropical based. Those that were arctic again consumed a lot of fish and other mammals such as whales and seals.

                It is always better like you to get what you need in food, as it is much easier assimilated. I am just always weary of supplements, not over doing them. I have found also that if you can stomach it, that instead of taking the pill form of anything if you can dissolve it in juice or something this gets faster and better into your system. Always interesting to hear about what you know.

            • LISTEN to B.I.

              Elderberry extract for the flu is the bomb.

              ………………and Wild Turkey 101…………

              …be safe and snot free………BA.

              • Wild Turkey 101? Speaking of booze: I’ve done this a few times. …maybe 5.

                I come home after a day of work (I’m an IT guy). I’m getting the flu. I can feel it coming on. I’m achy, conjested, throat tight and scratchy, just absolutely miserable. Eyes wattering, nose running.

                I start with 1 shot of vodka in a coke and drink it. Then a couple more shots all over about an hour. I drink a glass of water and lay down on the couch. I wake up about 4 hours later feeling like I could out lie The Kenyan and kick Chuck Norris’ butt up between his ears and not break a sweat.

                A few hours later I go to bed and wake up the next morning feeling like a million dollars. (Thats 1 million ounces of silver to you preppers out there…)

                Its like the BAC runs off the bug and I’m free and clear to navigate once again.

                Anyone else have that experience? Its kind of like The Andromeda Strain!

            • Thanks for all the wonderful recommendations. Much appreciated.

              Does anyone know a good salve for shingles? 5 days into the flu I got shingles for the first time. I thought this was an old persons ailment. I’m not old yet.

              The shingles showed up on the inside of my thigh by my knee which makes every step painful. Any suggestions?

              • Kindle ~

                It won’t cure it but I’ve read that coconut oil can help relieve some of the discomfort. It also has anti-fungal and anti-biotic characteristics.

                I really hope you feel better soon – I’ve heard that shingles is excruciating.


                • Daisy,

                  From what I’ve recently learned about shingles…there is no cure. My limited experience with shingles is that it is excruciating. A wave of nerve pain will just hit you.

                  Would that be coconut oil as in solid form or something like a lotion?

                  I enjoyed your article “..lean, mean prepping machine.”
                  So true.

              • To Kindle: Use Manuka honey from New Zealand as a topical treatment, cover with gauze.
                In addition, you can try the homeopathic formula Rux Toxicodendron, it is inexpensive and available at any good health food store.
                The Manuka honey is a bit more expensive, but worth every penny for it’s medicinal uses.

                WebMD and Mercola have info on Manuka honey if you would like to read more.
                Hope it helps.

            • Double up on echinacea too.

          • Hope you get to feeling better ! I’ve often thought the chem spraying was happening to weaken our defense , then they’d spray to spread something wicked. Sounds paranoid I know but they’re spraying to supposedly combat global warming that we know AND they know doesn’t even exist, so why the spraying ? Something wicked this way comes, I’m feeling it , I’ve BEEN feeling it deep within my soul , they’re going to create an event , maybe it’ll be the collapse of the dollar. Maybe it’ll coincide with new gun laws , maye they’ll hit us with something biological , but something’s coming. God Bless , get better.

            • Julie–we think alike..
              This from a 30 minute video I watched this week:
              Crystals from cloud seeding with metals(chemtrails)is being used with electricity surges to elevate growth of the metal fibers found in these crystals.

              Is this some scary crap or what??
              Enter the supersoldier now??

        • Unless your body is seriously compromised, the flu won’t kill you. EVERY YEAR, we hear about a new horrible strain of the flu. Get your flu vaccine! It’s only $25!
          It’s for the children!
          I’ve never gotten a flu shot.
          Do I get the flu?
          I don’t know; I get “sick” maybe once a year or so & I’m feeling like shit for a day or 2. Then back to normal.

          “thousands in each state”. so what?
          50 or 100 thousand people have the flu. How many people in America?

      28. could this be the way they declair martial law?

      29. How many times has this been said. No one has ever been right. I do believe it’s coming soon but to say a specific month (plus or minus 30) I a little odd and has Benny done every year since 2009. Keep prepping though.

      30. @nunjob…….I would get out of that 401k scam as fast as i could…you will lose every penny of that if you don’t… it in and buy food, water, weapons, and silver with it…you will be damn glad you did.

      31. I have heard this audio a few days ago. Sounds convincing. BUT our Federal Overlords are MASTERS at PSY-OP. We know that this administration is just a puppet arm of the N.W.O.
        WE must look at everything from EVERY angle and look it over again. Because MARK my WORDS…….”Whomever fires the first shot loses”…….(o.k. I heard that one from ALEX)….
        But it is worth thinking about!

        • Don’t shoot ’em… do to them what they do to you…

          Disappear ’em.

      32. Frodo: “I wish none of this had happened.”
        Gandalf: “So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”

        One of the best parts of the movie. If it shall happen in our time, I want to face it on my feet, with my Lord for my strength

      33. Can we restart slavery again…this time…enslave the Jews…they have us as debt slaves?

        Think about it.

        I never missed a credit card payment in 20 years and they keep hitting me with these high rates.

        Maybe it’s time we start a global dialog on restarting slavery and the people enslave the slave masters… think CFR, Builderbergers…Al Gore, Clintons.

        I’d love to see Hillary in a Burka…visualize that one for a laugh.


        • She’d look better in chains and orange jumpsuit.

        • …just as long as you make her wear something…anything,just dont make me see her nekkid,arrrghgggghhhhhhg!

      34. Will anyone be upset with me if I said…HITLER WAS RIGHT?

          • Hi-ya Burt. Hope all is well for you.

        • Yup. Yer a blithering idiot.

          So what happens when it’s
          ‘conservatives are evil and should be rounded up’?


          ‘Christians are evil and should be rounded up’?

          oooh, how about

          ‘Preppers are thieves and hoarders and should be rounded up’?

          simpleton idiots like you are dangerous. You shouldnt be rounded up tho. You should be free to spout stupidity so I know who to stay away from.

      35. There were talking about this back in 2008, but this time it feels a lot different, it feels real. You look around you and you can sense it, not so much on a rational logical thought out process so much, but on a deeper level. Something feels like it is coming. Now again the new moon is approaching on the 11th. wich means Israel has the window of Jan.6-16, starting this Sunday, to attack Iran. This is something could start everything to the collapse.

        I myself have seen much increased geophysical events, and I know that the Cascadia fault and the Caribbean fault are still almost ready to break. The USGS is still around the New Madrid fault, and of course the San Andreas. I have always thought that a large enough earthquake right on top of a super volcano can certainly open it up without the building process that many volcanologists feel is necessary before a supervolcano blows. In other words a rapid eruption after the fissure is opened.

        It concerns me about the Sun, and it is the solar maximum this year, and that super X flare 8 years ago proves that IF Earth directed this time, EMP and lights out.

        It is a strange feeling when you look at the masses. In the past couple of hundred years, people have learned a lot and progressed, especially in technology. ONLY computers have advanced, the rest of the world is stuck in a quagmire. People have become stupidier than ever, just look at how desperate these idiots are to get rid of self defense, even non-lethal defense is under attack. The more idiots that are running the countries and fully supporting them, the higher the chance for that long awaited collapse.

        There are so many events that could bring about martial law, and so many excuses and false flags that could bring about martial law. We are living on the true cliff of chaos.

      36. Satori, I just read that article. Chilling and controversial, to say the least. If anyone proposed that for anywhere in the US, you can imagine the outrage and what else could happen. braveheart

      37. There is NO way the good USA will launch Marshall law, unless a serious breakdown of law & order happens ie a riot etc or major natural disaster.

        There is NO WAY the USA is going to launch a Marshall law policy unless a disaster happens when that is the only way to restore law & order.

        The USA is a great country. God bless USA

        • kev

          I look at it from more of a capability point of view. The National Guard of every State would have to be Federalized. Those numbers are insufficient. Throw in the regulars and no one is minding the global store and Wall Street looses it’s chief enforcer just when the likes of China are likely to annex some oil resources in marching distance with a, “this is now now mine”. Armies don’t fight well when their families back home are in interment camps or worse.

          Stuff will have to get mighty bad and the people desire martial law for it to work. If it’s employed and it does not work the system collapses. Globally you look weak and vulnerable which entices the up and comers to rise. Considering the chief up and comer China would be really stuck with a lot of unserviced debt or paid back in a significantly devalued dollar you could almost guarantee some non civil response from them.

          I can see regional problems most likely in the welfare cities.

        • Martial Law is the correct term, not Marshall Law.

          A Marshall is a civilian peace officer, generally Federal, but civilian nonetheless. We have marshall law now.

          Martial Law is when the military, the martial arm, is empowered to act as judge, jury, etc., they become police and courts.

          You’re right, martial law is not going to occur, absent a major event, and even so, it would probably be local, short-term, and not something most of us will be subject to.

          • I thought The Marshall Tucker Band was taking over….

            Or maybe that Brady girl…Marsha, Marsha, Marsha…..

            • Lol!

        • @Kev, I said before that there is NO WAY that obamacare would pass in congress, then I said that there is NO WAY it would be found Constitutional in the Supreme Court. I said before that there is NO WAY obama would get elected the first and second time. I said before that there was NO WAY the house would approve this “fiscal cliff” bill brought up by the senate…..Man, I gotta tell ya, I’m not saying there is NO WAY to anything else ever again when it comes to Americas government. Not gonna do it.

        • True, it will not be marshall law but martial law. Why is that always mispelled/misused?

      38. In 1976 I took this Oath and I am an Oath Keeper.

        “I, Luther, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

        Note to obey orders of the President, those orders must be in-compliance to the Constitution.

      39. Mid 2012 similar posting…caller which worked for police department, said something was going to happen around Oct 2012. He was training with the military. Nothing happened…just like this clown caller. Nothing is going to happen. People..go to work and pay your bills.

      40. These people swore an oath to uphold the constitution when they got into office and these legislations are clear violations of that ….are law enforcement that stupid to not see this ??? A citizens arrest should be made against anyone who is in favor of these laws

        • What charge are you going to make a citizen’s arrest with?

      41. Scots, wha hae wi’ Wallace bled,
        Scots, wham Bruce has aften led,
        Welcome to your gory bed,
        Or to Victorie!

        Now’s the day, and now’s the hour;
        See the front o’ battle lour;
        See approach proud Edward’s power-
        Chains and Slaverie!

        Wha will be a traitor knave?
        Wha can fill a coward’s grave?
        Wha sae base as be a Slave?
        Let him turn and flee!

        Wha, for Scotland’s King and Law,
        Freedom’s sword will strongly draw,
        Free-man stand, or Free-man fa’,
        Let him on wi’ me!

        By Oppression’s woes and pains!
        By your Sons in servile chains!
        We will drain our dearest veins,
        But they shall be free!

        Lay the proud Usurpers low!
        Tyrants fall in every foe!
        Liberty’s in every blow!-
        Let us Do or Die!

        • “…for, as long as but a hundred of us remain alive, never will we on any conditions be brought under English rule. It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom – for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.”

        • Unrecon Southron:

          I love it. To paraphrase WW: It’s All For Nothing If You Aren’t Free.


          To those who would hide your firearms or “lose them in a fishing accident:”
          when it’s time to hide them it’s time to use them. Against whomever.

          I admire those who have said they won’t hunker down but will “go hunting.” I’m not particularly suited to doing that but if you are more power to you.

          One needs to get over the idea that there’s a painless, cost free way to retain our liberty and life will continue as usual. The two choices boil down to: Die on Our Feet, fighting for our liberty. Or live a little while longer, as their slaves.

          And just a question to think about. Do you believe the epidemics they have planned for us, or the withholding medical care (MD care, not FA) or the starvation they will use as a weapon, will spare our love ones? Hello, wake up.

          We’re facing Total War from them. We need to wrap our minds around that if ours won’t be treated as non-combatants neither will theirs be.

          Molon Labe

          • They’re going to make ole Billy Sherman look like Mother Teresa.

            • ….and we’re gonna do to them what we shouldve done to billy the butcher!

      42. AmeriKa’s Financial System is A House Built of Playing Cards on Fire as a Bucket of Gasoline is poured on it by the Traitor Washington DC ZOG Criminal Puppet Political Prostitute Mafia .

        Prepare Preppers .

        Quote from KWN …

        The point I’m stressing to investors time and time again, that the financial system is only standing because of false valuations. The $1.1 trillion worth of derivatives outstanding are to a great extent worthless.

        Therefore, we have two options: We can see the financial system failing, which is a high risk, or we will see unlimited money printing worldwide. This money printing is what I believe is going to happen, and it will accelerate this year because it’s the only way to mask these losses and keep the financial system from imploding.”

        Greyerz also added: “We have seen stock markets get a lift because of the so-called fiscal cliff agreement. We could see global stock markets continue to rise based on optimism and additional QE. But I think this is a final rise. The danger is that investors will be sucked into this. Thereafter, I expect a massive, long-term fall in global stock markets.”

        Greyerz had this to say regarding gold and silver: “Looking at gold, I was expecting a bottom for gold in the last week of December. This has now happened in my view. We’ve seen the bottom, and I now see the rise starting. Interestingly, my friend Alf Field now confirms that the bottom is in. He is still looking for this move to take gold to $4,500 and silver to $150.

        So 2013 should be a spectacular year. Will we reach those targets this year? We might. It’s not impossible. It may take a little longer, but, regardless, investors have to remember they must own physical gold and silver and store it outside of the banking system.”

        GOT PHIZZ ???

        ~ N.O. :0P

      43. Three weeks ago I was in NC for work. I observed a mobile police tower and a semi hauling two LRADs to Charlotte. I also observed a sonic tank as well. I took pics of the LRADs and tower, but I did not get any pics of the tank. I do think there is something to this. I have a police source in GA and will talk to him this weekend.

        I will be back in NC next week and will be doing some recon when I have some free time. Most of the activity I observed occured in Charlotte.

        They’ve been chemtrailing like crazy in the Southeast recently, by the way.

        • Chemtrails. Did you know that Big Foot flies those aircraft? True story.

      44. And You think Your Job Sucks swamp ass ;0P …

        awesome story of the reality of online shopping and where your stuff really comes from .

        I Was a Warehouse Wage Slave …

        The days blend into each other. But it’s near the end of my third day that I get written up. I sent two of some product down the conveyor line when my scanner was only asking for one; the product was boxed in twos, so I should’ve opened the box and separated them, but I didn’t notice because I was in a hurry. With an hour left in the day, I’ve already picked 800 items. Despite moving fast enough to get sloppy, my scanner tells me that means I’m fulfilling only 52 percent of my goal.

      45. just tonight i heard a story that made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. i bought some military stuff from a worker from fort irwin(near barstow, ca). she said she works as an “actor” out there(it’s a national training center where you go to train how to fight in the middle east). she always plays arabic citizen(insurgent)against our army. my understanding is it lasts two weeks(called a rotation). she has worked there for several years. i always ask law enforcement or soldiers “when it comes time to shoot us civilians, will you shoot US, or will you turn your guns on your captors”(our treasonous gubmint). she says “funny you should ask that….the last rotation was FORCE ON FORCE”…..meaning two armies fighting against each other(presumably american “armies”)….she said “they’ve NEVER done that”(i can’t know how long her “never ” is, but i presume it’s several years). i questioned her at length and she thinks it definitely means SOMETHING is up with this whole thing about army training house to house combat with another “american” “army”.BTW….heard RUMORS that irwin is a fema camp….dunno?……..none of this is gonna keep me from PARTYIN’ LIKE IT’S 1929!

        • funny story. buddy of mine who is still in the army offered me a job once being an “arab actor” in these type of exercises up in fort irwin as well. i specifically asked if the script ever changes or is it always the arab actor. i was told IT NEVER CHANGES. that was 5 years ago. funny how things change……

      46. in my previous story if you substitute “against” instead of “with” in the second to last sentence it will make more sense. in other words, one american army fighting against another american army of some sort(presumably rebels…..rioters…or otherwise unruly crowd of AMERICANS…..not U.S. army against U.S. army. hope it’s not too confusing, but one of my friends read it and pointed this out. he’s retired army and this whole idea of americans fighting american army is IMPOSSIBLE for him to comprehend.

      47. Whether this story is true or not is irrelevant. There will be a percentage of all LE groups that will keep true to their christian values along with their “oath” to protect and serve. Until, there is no other choice but to quit and become a survivor with the rest of us citizens, they will do so.

        The ones that turn on citizens and innocent civilians will face the judgement of the Almighty. Nothing to worry about unless you are one of them.

        We watched a blurb on Fox news today about how all the Federal agencys like DHS, held back on their printing of all their thousands of new regulations, to control all aspects of our lives, until the Friday before Christmas. We just looked at each other and said here it comes.

        I decided it was time to have a SHTF meal for supper. Opened a homemade can of chicken breasts we fixed this summer,can of our garden green beans,can of cheap cream of Chicken soup, and about a half pound of rice. Pretty darn good eatin’ for a couple of frugal SHTF preppers.

      48. beanbag, the creek’s rising at my place! You still got that bridge for sale? Can you deliver? Please respond asap!

        It sure is hard to catch up after a few days absence. But, here goes…

        Kim Kardashian is pregnant! Hollywood is wetting it’s collective pants in glee. Finally, there’ll be somebody in town who’s even dumber than George Clooney.

        Then there was the story of those five plain clothes detectives at a Denny’s in Belleville, Illinois (why does that not surprise me?) who were asked to take their guns outside, or leave. They chose to leave. Then the police chief told the entire department to stay out of Denny’s. Wonder if that includes responding to calls? For some reason, this seems like a bad time to be working night shift at the diner. I guess if a robber came in, they could feed him enough bacon to jack his cholesterol up so that he croaks. Or maybe knock him unconscious with a stale hotcake… something.

        One of those famous rap stars (that I’ve never heard of) I think it was Lil Wayne, got a new tattoo. On His Forehead! Haven’t seen a picture, but I’ll bet it says ‘This Side Up’ or something equally silly. You know how those rap stars are. They get a few million bucks in their pocket and before long, they just flat run out of stupid stuff to spend money on! But a tattoo on the forehead? Of a rap singer? The possibilities are endless… “Shake Well before Using” …. “This Space For Lease”… “Apply Taser Here (X)”… “This Is Your Fried Egg On Drugs”…. “If Found, Drop In Any Mailbox, Return Postage Guaranteed”

        • SO:
          Is it Shit Creek that’s rising?
          If so, I have a paddle I can sell you, which may be more useful than a bridge.
          “paddle faster, I hear banjos!”

        • You got a thing for for Kim… You are normal.

          • don’t like porcupines that well. Well, that’s what i see when i think about her body…. if she had as many sticking out of her, as she has had stuck in her; she would resemble a porcupine. Just sayin’.

      49. Soviet Russian Urges Americans: Never Give Up Your Guns!

        * THIS IS A “MUST READ” FOR ALL . ~ N.O. ;0P

        Submitted by Stanislav Mishin

        These days, there are few few things to admire about the socialist, bankrupt and culturally degenerating USA, but at least so far, one thing remains: the right to bare arms and use deadly force to defend one’s self and possessions. This will probably come as a total shock to most of my Western readers, but at one point, Russia was one of the most heavily armed societies on earth. This was, of course, when we were free under the Tsar.

        One of the first things the Soviets did when they took over was to disarm the population. From that point, mass repression, mass arrests, mass deportations, mass murder, mass starvation were all a safe game for the powers that were. The worst they had to fear was a pitchfork in the guts or a knife in the back or the occasional hunting rifle. Not much for soldiers.
        To this day, with the Soviet Union now dead 21 years, with a whole generation born and raised to adulthood without the SU, we are still denied our basic and traditional rights to self defense. Why? We are told that everyone would just start shooting each other and crime would be everywhere…. but criminals are still armed and still murdering and to often, especially in the far regions, those criminals wear the uniforms of the police.

        * see link below …

        ~ N.O. ;0P

        • The moral of the story is that once taken away, no government will EVER give back to the people the means to defend themselves from said government. Even when new constitutions are written, I have not heard of anything resembling the U.S. second amendment EVER being included. Looks like a one-time event. In the end, all governments are the same.

      50. More than 85,000 families were left without state-funded food assistance this week when the state Department of Technology, Management and Budget failed to load Bridge cards that low-income families use to buy groceries

        • VRF

          Just wait until JPMorganChase issued EBT’s will not load..

          due their 70 trillion dollar derivative exposure and its inevitable unraveling and resulting implosion..


          • I hear ya boss, its got to be coming..

        • VRF- Go Away

          • come shut me up!…hahahhaha yeah right like you could

      51. Government…..Not Ignorant..


        let that sink in

        they want you to think they are a bunch of bumbling idiots..why? because they avoid prosecution for being “Stupid”

        they aint stupid , people ..,, they are Complicite in all of this shit thats going down..time to rub your eyes, shake your head and never let them play “Im too dumb to know this is whats going on”

        • Most people don’t even want to entertain the idea that they are dealing with pure evil. “(Insert name here) don’t understand”. They know EXACTLY what they are doing.

          The Grateful Dead were right–IT’S EVEN WORSE THAN IT APPEARS.

      52. when you dont own, or have the means to protect yourself or your family….

        this admin. is trying like hell to take away our ability to protect ourselfs and families

        this is what happenes when you think the cops are the only ones who can have guns or protect..

        Four people were found dead Tuesday in Colorado after a woman called police to report a shooting and was apparently shot to death. Officials say dispatchers heard the woman scream “No, no, no,” and then heard a gunshot. (Dec. 18)

      53. Unreconstructed, thanks for those quotes from WW. I confess that the movie “Braveheart” is one of my favorites and nobody plays the underdog like Mel Gibson. Possee, I first heard this NC cop on Pastor Butch Paugh’s show at Pastor Butch is a good reliable source. My LE cousins in GA told me something similar only 2 days before I heard this NC cop. My cousins are only some of the few people in LE that I trust because they are “old school”, not the new type that have emerged since 9/11. On the ammo deal, I was referring to a possible shortage. I know it will only go up like everything else does. I believe .22LR will be one of the most valuable weapons to have in post_SHTF. Looks like other people are getting the same idea. Braveheart

        • My pleasure, Laddie.

      54. Workers making $30,000 will take a bigger hit on their pay than those earning $500,000 under new fiscal deal

        “Middle-class workers will take a bigger hit to their income proportionately than those earning between $200,000 and $500,000 under the new fiscal cliff deal, according to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center.

        Earners in the latter group will pay an average 1.3 percent more – or an additional $2,711 – in taxes this year, while workers making between $30,000 and $200,000 will see their paychecks shrink by as much as 1.7 percent – or up to $1,784 – the D.C. -based think tank reported.

        Overall, nearly 80 percent of households will pay more money to the federal government as a result of the fiscal cliff deal.”

        (Daily Mail – UK)

        link also posted on Drudge Report

      55. Anthrax scare at New York-based Journal News following gun owner map

        a dna sample off the letter should point to which member of the newspaper sent it to be a false flag exercise.

      56. You have to start talking about something new. You keep rehashing old shit.

        • It all matters in the big picture bud..and the comment i made above yours just came out, so what was your point again?

      57. Nurses Fired for Refusing Flu Shot

        An Indiana hospital has fired eight employees, including at least three veteran nurses, after they refused mandatory flu shots, stirring up controversy over which should come first: employee rights or patient safety. The hospital imposed mandatory vaccines, responding to rising concerns about the spread of influenza.

        “This is my body. I have a right to refuse the flu vaccine,” Hoover, 61, told “For 21 years, I have religiously not taken the flu vaccine, and now you’re telling me that I believe in it.”

        When Hoover first heard about the mandate, she said she didn’t realize officials would take it so seriously. She said she filed two medical exemptions, a religious exemption and two appeals, but they were all denied. The Dec. 15 flu shot deadline came and went. Hoover’s last day of employment was Dec. 21.

        • Of the hospital’s 26,000 employees statewide, 95 percent complied. That means 1,300 employees did not comply, but only eight were fired.

      58. “

        “”What do I think? I think they’re lucky we’re not armed,” yelled Rose Mazz, 68, out of the window of the small storm-damaged home where she’s lived for 24 years.”

        and guess what Rose
        if they have their way
        you never will be
        that’s the point

        quote of the day
        hat tip SurvivalBlog

        “”Because the regime is captive to its own lies, it must falsify everything. It falsifies the past. It falsifies the present, and it falsifies the future. It falsifies statistics … It pretends to fear nothing. It pretends to pretend nothing.” – Vaclav Havel”

        posted in reference to December’s employment or should I say lack of employment figures

      59. Why You Need To Read This Now, The Internet May Be Off Line Soon.

        * This is a good report for those just Awakening to the Truth Reality of what AmeriKa really is … A Deliberate Orchestrated Fascist Zionist Commie Propaganda Lie ! ~N.O. ;0P

        Written by Mitch Santell

        Producer, The Vinny Eastwood Show

        The hardest part of being a Guerilla Media Producer and working with such a fine young man as Vinny Eastwood is that I have recently realized what I have always known. Get ready for it and it is this:

        Most people do not want to know the truth. Most people would much rather keep their head in the sand. Most people are happy as long as they have their big screen digital tv, their beer and foot ball games.

        There are three stories I believe that are the single biggest stories of our lifetime and they are:

        One – The BP (British Petroleum) Oil Spill in the Gulf.

        Two- The Radiation from Fukushima. The BP (British Petroleum) Oil Spill in the Gulf.

        Three- Bill Cooper’s Full Disclosure of 9/11 that later got him killed in front of his house.

        Humanity as you know is being attacked on so many levels that it can be so overwhelming that it can put a huge lump in your throat.

        * see link below

        ~N.O. ;0P

      60. Folks if you have ears to hear you better listen to what I am going to say I just retired from a place and those drones the policeman mentioned will be radioed in when they come to your home and demand your weapons and with all the electronics on the drones and weapons they will fire on your home if you do not do as told you could not imagine what those drones can do it’s done in the Middle East and believe me they will fire on crowds an such never tell anyone your a prepped nor tell anyone your business out of site out of mind remember that old saying get out of the cities and suburbs away from the crowds those drones and pin point a match and blow it to hell and back always have many back up planes remember out of site out of mind!!!!!!

      61. In northeast Illinois all gun stores are out of AR-15’s. The websites that sell AR’s are out, also. Some websites have even shut down, temporarily, because of excessive demand. Panic. There are gunshows coming up this weekend and we expect some heavy gouging on prices. Most, if not all, high capacity mags are gone from the shelves. If you snooze, you loose.

        • All those expensive new guns. The ATF boys are going to really have some nice ones to keep for their private use when they confiscate all of them. Why buy a gun when you know the law is going to change making having them illegal? What a sad situation we are in and what a pathetic nation of wimps we have become.

      62. 7 actions to take immediately following an EMP strike

        The threat of an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) strike on this country is a very well documented one, I have written about the threat in the past and have used information from the EMP Commission report which was published in 2004 in several of my articles. Most recently I read an article published over on the Economic Collapse Blog which sums up nicely what impact an EMP strike would have on our country.

        An electromagnetic pulse can range from a minor inconvenience to a civilization-killing event. It just depends on how powerful it is. But in the worst case scenario, we could be facing a situation where our electrical grids have been fried, there is no heat for our homes, our computers don’t work, the Internet does not work, our cell phones do not work, there are no more banking records, nobody can use credit cards anymore, hospitals are unable to function, nobody can pump gas, and supermarkets cannot operate because there is no power and no refrigeration. Basically, we would witness the complete and total collapse of the economy.

      63. the government’s agenda when it comes to gun control ??

        if you can’t deal with it one way
        deal with another ??

        “In other words, the government can present a “framework of choices” to correct “errors in risk perception.” At the Nantucket Project, a festival of ideas held on Nantucket, Massachusetts, Sunstein delivered a spirited defense of this model for regulation. ”

        oh it’s just an error in risk perception huh ??

        new avenue of attack on the 2nd amendment ??

        “Now let’s apply Sunstein’s idea not only to gun owners but to the culture at large. Here is an idea proposed by Attorney General Eric Holder back in 2005, specifically addressed to the “creative community”:

        Those ad agencies that create these snappy ads and make me buy things that I don’t really need…need to focus on convincing young people that “it’s not acceptable, it’s not hip to carry a gun anymore.”

        I guess if an outright frontal attack isn’t going to be used
        the .GOV will go around to the back door ???

        • The ads are useless if America turns off the tv/cable.
          But that ain’t gonna happen.
          Continue to let them desensitize you.

        • Not sure how well the ad thing is working out. There seems to be more gang bangers carrying guns than ever.

      64. The follow up to this call from Lt. McCoy in NC is found on the Call To Decision radio show archives. Listeners will need to go to this link then click on the link for January 2013, then click January 2, 2013 to listen to his follow up call to Pastor Baugh.

      65. To this day, with the Soviet Union now dead 21 years, with a whole generation born and raised to adulthood without the SU, we are still denied our basic and traditional rights to self defense. Why? We are told that everyone would just start shooting each other and crime would be everywhere….but criminals are still armed and still murdering and to often, especially in the far regions, those criminals wear the uniforms of the police.

      66. @ everyone…..friends…..colloidal silver is the best thing you can do for yourself once you have the flu…it’s natures antibiotic and it what was used before the dawn of the drugged out age we are now in. NEVER USE TAMIFLU..IT COULD KILL YOU DEADER THAN A HAMMER.

      67. Assume: us gov/zionist scum want to roll out martial law in ALL 50 states.

        Assume: 1,000,000 LEO’s in US, of whom at least 100,000 would have sufficient rank to be aware of this “plan.”

        So we have a minister who has a radio show [who LOVE ratings] and he manages to get a SINGLE anonymous LT from a PD somewhere in NC, who “comes clean”.

        But the other 100,000 +++ ranking LEO’s are 100% silent about the biggest act on Treason coming up, in our history?

        I KNOW the zionist scum fake “government” will try martial law, as soon as possible, so that we, the Patriots, including me, can KILL THEM ALL. I know sandy hook/aurora were HOAXES where no one was “killed.” I KNOW mossad did 911 with the scum cia. I know OKC was a false flag us gov attack.

        But this story seems like a bunch or crap. If this was about to explode in 8-12 weeks, there would instantly be over 10,000 + resigning LEO’s who would warn us, since they will be on the winning Constitutional side when SHTF does happen, probably in 2013, which is OUR side.

        Molon Labe: buy ammo, get a 12 month supply of food, get in a militia, get a BOL retreat ready, and get ready to fight with over 100,000,000 ++ infuriated homicidal Patriots like me, to restore the Constitution with astoundingly brutal and bloody force, which is all the jews/neocons will ever understand. Blood and agonizing death = the way they lived and got rich from suffering of scores of MILLIONS, and how they shall die.

        Then we will: publicly kill EVERY traitor to this country, including govs/media/web TROLLS etc, and then for dessert, the new USA military will goddam sure eradicate israel from the face of the earth. Forever.

      68. Attention: Active Military and Law Enforcement

        If ordered by your superiors to confiscate firearms from the american people would you comply with this directive and violate our 2nd ammendment right for a paycheck?

        • You forget this in your question:

          “and be killed in the process of committing treason?”

      69. Well,
        next year or the next or the next
        when your self-absorbed beliefs(hopes)
        do not materialize
        will all of you contemplate the possibility
        that the world and destiny has nothing to do
        with your personal paranoid beliefs?

        I doubt it.

      70. 2 Sundays ago front page in the Star newspaper of Wilmington NC the police just recieved a lovely gift calles SHeila. She is a beautiful robot that is used t aid officers…..article read do we really need this? Too funny that this article was on here.Scary times that we are living in. Wilmington is not even a real city it is more like a sprawling suburb with a quaint old brick road “downtown” I do not see after living outside Chi town how this is a city besides population.But it is much like the burbs of Chi town such as Gurnee Il, lakecounty or Cherry Hill NJ burbs of Phili area. It is not even as big as those areas and there sure is not alot of crime in this area at all. I am not sayin there is not any as it is a college town. More DUI, petty theft kinda stuff is more the prob not daily shootings etc to warrant such a purchase and or need. That is just my observation. I am sure there are some magical stats that support this extravagant purchase but it escapes me.

      71. I thought I’d out live Fidel. Wait until he gets declared dead. Haven’t seen nothing yet… Dry winter Okie, maybe no chains unless in the pass.

        Medicine Man, you are still the man no matter how busy you were yesterday.

        I’m going to walk out of here like a lean mean fighting maching…

      72. Not totally sold on the “out in the boonies” thing. If .gov attacks and your closest neighbor is a mile away, there’s nobody to dispute the official story. Double-edged sword.

        • If the government attacks in masse your story or your neighbors story won’t matter at all. At that point all pretenses of the Rule of Law have been abandoned.

          Read “Surviving Economic Collapse in Argentina”. The neighbor verses no neighbor issue is addressed. Gangs of criminals which quickly became the greatest concern preyed upon those with no neighbors more so than those with neighbors. Cities were a no no but small communities were better.

          If your going to be in the country have your extended family on the mini farm too. Three families on 20 acres with the homes in shouting distance from one another would be about the best there is. A big sign stating, “We are Family. Mess with one, mess with all” on the property would be useful too. The best way to defeat a problem is to avoid it.

      73. I think this guy is a fake.

      74. While I have no reason to believe that our economy or nation will collapse in the very near future, the continuous chatter about disarming us does give me reasons to be concerned. Should such a state law be enacted as proposed in IL or as suggested by Gov. Cuomo, the possibility is very real that someone will act in defiance of such laws. I do not mean someone who will not surrender their weapon when asked, but someone like McVeigh who is convinced our democracy is at the brink of collapse. The damages such an individual could do in the name of patriotism could be by far worse than what that nut in CT did, when he killed all these children. For important however, there is no need for such a tragedy to happen. The proposed total ban on privately owned weapons which look like assault weapons is totally unnecessary and will protect us from nothing as the killer in CT was obviously mentally sick and had stolen the weapons he used. Right now some other nut is already planning the next shooting and there is nothing we can do to stop him or her. They will steal or somehow get access to a weapon and all the laws in the world will not be able to stop him. Instead of realizing and accepting this reality we permitted fear to control us. If this fear disarms us we will have lost more than just our guns. We could however also enact good laws which provide background checks without losing our rights under the 2nd Amendment. People often talk about Europe and how few guns are owned in Europe by private individuals. Well, they rarely talk about Switzerland as next to the USA, Switzerland is another country which loves their guns. In Switzerland which still has a national service (draft) most individuals, upon completion of their national service take their military issued weapon (full auto rifle) home. Yes, they are mandated to keep ammo for these weapons locked up in an armory, but no one checks if you also have any ammo at home. Switzerland has also virtually no handgun laws. If you are Swiss you are free to own a handgun, or two or three. Yes, you do need a concealed carry permit, but they are routinely issued by your local police dept. They also have no felony law in Switzerland. As long as you have not committed a violent crime, you are free to own a weapon. The homicide rate with weapons? Very low. This might be a cultural issue. In general the Swiss have a very low crime rate among their citizens. This might have also something to do with their immigration laws. The Swiss, compared to other European countries, by far have the toughest immigration laws. Neighboring Germany, Austria and other countries which have considerable immigrant communities of mostly Turks and other Muslim immigrants have unfortunately much higher crime and homicide rates. Switzerland which does not permit anyone free access into their country has for these reasons some of the lowest crime statistics in Europe. Recently, when a mentally ill person shot several Swiss citizens a referendum was held to see if the Swiss should enact tough new gun control laws and the Swiss overwhelmingly voted: “no.” Shooting 6 Swiss citizens would be the same as if someone had shot 68 Americans and still the Swiss saw no reason why they should enact gun laws. They correctly determined the mentally ill person had been at fault and not the guns. Similar to our 2nd Amendment, the Swiss gave their citizens the right to own guns during a time when they were concerned about foreigners invading Switzerland and their citizen-army would have to defend Switzerland, hardly a problem today. Still, the Swiss feel strongly that their citizens should have the ability to defend themselves and their families. Most gun related crimes are committed by foreigners who are passing thru Switzerland and who are armed, or by foreigners who have stolen weapons from a Swiss home. For whatever reasons, the Swiss people are very law abiding and crimes by Swiss are rare with violent crimes almost non-existing. The greatest number of crimes committed by the Swiss are DWI’s with operating a bar or restaurant after closing hours the second most common crime. A recently published Swiss newspaper had as its front page a report about a farmer using a pitchfork to chase away an unwanted tourist. Even though no one was injured the Swiss considered the farmers attack as violent and he was arrested for assault with a weapon.

      75. Yo, this is same audio and questioning from alex jones show, but newscaster dubs his audio right over alex, asking the same questions.

        That’s f-ed up. Look it up.

      76. Russia is getting freer , we are getting more totalitarian …………whats wrong with that picture ?

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