“None of the Above”: Senator Wants Message of No Confidence on the Ballot

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    Trapped inside the two-party beast, where saying “no” to one candidate has often meant voting for the “lesser of two evils” can be downright disillusioning, particularly for those who feel the system is broken beyond all repair.

    Sending a firm message of “no confidence” might do more good for the country than continuing to hand power to slick, PR-driven politicians who have continued to betray voter promises and sell out the country to corporate and special interests.

    Well, now one state senator has introduced a bill to do just that:

    A recent proposal by State Senator Branden Petersen (R-MN) would place “None of the Above” as an option in elections. Under Petersen’s plan (which would be binding in all but presidential contests), if such option were to receive the most votes in a November election, a special election would be held with new candidates in February. Any candidates who had been listed on the prior ballot would be excluded.

    Finally. It’s about time.

    Maybe it’s not the solution everyone has been waiting for, but at least it sends the right message.

    The Star Tribune reports:

    GOP Sen. Branden Petersen’s proposal is certainly a longshot, even by his own admission. But he’s hoping the bill he introduced last week at least stirs some serious talk and gives frustrated voters an idea to rally around.

    “This would give people an opportunity to really make a strong statement in rebuke of the present dynamic. It would be an honest check on the two-party system,” said the first-term senator from Andover who at times has clashed openly with his own party. “This gives people a chance to legitimately voice their opinion.”

    Minnesota’s bill would call for new elections and throw out the old candidates:

    It holds the potential for new elections if the “None of the Above” line garners the most votes.

    The listed candidates from the prior race would be excluded, although write-in candidates would remain eligible.

    Nevada does have a similar “None of the Above” option, but whereas the Minnesota bill would trigger a new election, in Nevada, a winning “None of the Above” ballot only puts the next highest voted candidate office – more or less defeating the purpose. This actually happened in Nevada’s Democratic primary for Governor:

    The only state to currently have a similar law is Nevada. In contrast, Nevada allows the top vote-getting candidate to prevail, an occurrence which took place in last year’s Democratic primary for governor, as Robert Goodman finished second to “None of these candidates,” yet still received the gubernatorial nomination. Similar proposals have been introduced in several states, but none have prevailed.

    Not surprisingly, many of Sen. Petersen’s colleagues were skeptical of the bill, perhaps unamused at even the remote prospect that it could exclude them from office under a cloud of embarrassment and shame.

    Chairman of the House Government Operations and Election Policy committee, Tim Sanders, ridiculed the bill by comparing it to the Richard Pryor comedy Brewster’s Millions, where a successful “None of the Above” campaign was used in New York.

    “That’s not something that grabs my interest. I’m certainly willing to hear him out,” Sanders said.

    But Sanders is worried it would be too complex and feed an unachievable hunger for the perfect candidate.

    Another election committee official in Minnesota’s Senate was equally dismissive:

    Senate Elections Subcommittee Chairwoman Katie Sieben, DFL-Newport, said she’s inclined to give the bill a hearing but considers it an “excessive and expensive” answer to concerns of voter discontent. “I’m not convinced,” she said.

    The fact that many elected officials in both the Democrat and Republican parties would feel uncomfortable with “None of the Above” is completely the point!

    Voters have been almost helpless to “throw out the bums” even after realizing how corrupt and unlikeable they are.

    As Melissa Melton wrote, despite an 11% approval of Congress in both parties, more than 96% of Congress is regularly re-elected:

    Politifact even did the checking on this one and deemed it true. The numbers could be fudged a little both ways, with the approval ratings skyrocketing as high as 14% and the re-elected numbers going down as low as 95%, but overall…THIS MEME JUST HAPPENED TO AMERICA.

    “Voters hold Congress in low regard, yet they re-elect almost everyone,” Politifact declared.

    There is an overwhelming sentiment throughout the country that the country is not being honestly represented, yet little is done to change it.

    If this proves to be one small step for mankind – with its own limitations and unlikely prospect of success – then let’s take it as a small step in the right direction.

    As the Libertarian Republic aptly notes:

    This Minnesota proposal is just the latest news substantiating an outcry against how we, as a citizenry, have seen our government perform, particularly over the past several years. As much as politicians talk about their beliefs and platitudes, all of those talking points seem to disappear once they take office. Even those with initially positive intentions all too often seem to be infected by the tone of status quo politicking. While much is promised, little is done. Personal ambitions overtake policy goals, as complacency takes effect.

    No one reform will change how government performs its duties. However, by in small ways bringing attention to corruption, as well as our dissatisfaction with the performance of elected officials, we can empower ourselves to make changes. Maybe “None of the Above” is the candidate we have needed all along.


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      1. How about a new option called: ” TOTAL RESET”?

        • Stolz, THAT is the only real option left! Soap box and ballot box have failed utterly. All that’s left is the bullet box.

        • How about: Option “Hang the Above”

          • Another option is to vote with a 30-round ballet box.


      2. I guess I’m just cynical for believing that anything that comes from the lips of a politician is just more bullshit. Maybe when they swing from the gallows or stand before a firing squad for their treason, deceit, and theft, I’ll smile a little more.

        • POP, I agree! Everything coming from government through media is either a distortion, a complete lie or a half truth.

          Firing Squad

          I do believe a few of those would do much more for our ailing country than a Ballot Box.

          • I believe we’re down to the last Box, prepare my fellow Americans.

            • Sometimes nothing will take the shitstain out
              of underwear short of throwing them in the fire.

              • Just let them burn and replace them.

              • The truth!

            • How is it every one complains about voting for the lesser of two evils or that both parties are the same, and many say they just don’t vote. In almost every election there is third parties, such as the Constitution Party or the Libertarian Party or some other such party that have to go begging for votes just so they can get on the ballot. So get busy and do something to help out an alternative Party, instead of just sit around and griping. Trekker Out. Born Free, Die Free!

              • MT –

                So very true, but everyone knows the game is rigged against them.
                Keep in mind, it’s not who votes for who, but who counts the votes. Electronic voting flipping does not help the cause, and neither does those who stack the voting ballets in piles.

                • As long as computers are used, the person who controls the computer, controls the outcome.

                  America used to have a 5 year waiting period between having a job in the Federal government and that same job in a private corporation. This was to protect against federal “employees” who have more loyalty to the corporation than their government job. That law was removed and look at what we have now. People move from corporation to government and back but always looking to do what is best for the corporation because that is what puts the most money in their own pocket.

                  The only way to take back the government is to put maximum 2 term lifetime limits on all federal offices, reinstate the 5 year waiting period and remove computers from the vote process.
                  Also limit to 3, the number of different federal elected offices that can be held by one person. This would limit their ability to bounce around and keep themselves as lifetime elected officials.

                  There also used to be laws that eliminated the possibility of Congressmen or their family from benefiting financially from inside knowledge. Those must also be reinstated.

            • Which caliber? As we all know…there’s three (3) boxes Americans have at their disposal…
              1. The Soap Box – unfortunately, that box is no longer functional once the FCC “regulates” the Internet.
              2. The Ballot Box – as above, but worse for the wear – it’s no longer becoming a viable option.
              3. The Cartridge Box – varied calibers.

              Do NOT construe the above as an action or a call for sedition or rebellion. It is strictly my own opinion and a question to the OP of the above cited message posting.

              • What I think he meant to say is

                “CONSTRUE THAT as a call to action (I’m just terrified of the federal government).”

                At least have the balls to call it what it is. Self-censorship does nothing.

                So I’ll say it for you and take the risk.
                Federal officials should be put before firing squads.

              • Cat Herder.

                Yep. Like loosing your guns overboard in a canoe.

                Hahaha! We Get cha. ;0)

        • This reminds me of the movie Brewster’s millions. In real life here we are stuck with a limitless supply of no good scumbag politicians that only care about their damn selves. In addition to that, we have wild islamic heathens, scum illegals, the crowd from the various hoods that believe white people caused everything bad, and the mindless sheeple that move around us daily in their trance. Wonderfully fucked up world, aint it?

          • Yep. The NWO plan is working perfectly, in that respect.

        • PO’d Patriot, I’m also cynical about politicians and anyone else in government. God knows they’ve given us all kinds of reasons to be cynical. I’ll also smile when they finally pay for their crimes.

          • I’m disgusted with politicians from both parties. How about only normal people who run businesses and farms and work for a living elected to one term. My confidence would grow.

            • My confidence would grow, if people who were not billionaires had a chance to run for president. Secondly, if people who weren’t “well connected” had a shot at getting in. Just getting the bog money and their cronies out would be a start—those people are already bought before the elections.

              • …getting the BIG money…

                • President is a scapegoat puppet that big donors blow their load into and toss away every 8 years.

                  The trick is not to pay attention to the men behind the curtain. Congress and the senate.

        • They must not have primary elections in his state.

          • Primary elections are worthless, at least where I am. Almost all the offices are down to one candidate for each party by the time I get to vote in a primary. So in 2012 I could vote for Romney or not vote for Romney. Everyone else had dropped out by the time I got to vote. It would help a lot if all the primaries were held the same day across the country.

      3. who is at fault for the mess the country is in?

        the corrupt politicians OR the idiots who keep putting them back into office time and time again ???

        “As Melissa Melton wrote, despite an 11% approval of Congress in both parties, more than 96% of Congress is regularly re-elected:”

        • And that is exsctly why this is a good idea.
          Too many people hold theyre noses and vote for the lesser of the two evils.
          I think many would choose “no confidence” .

          Can you imagine how this could have changed the last POTUS election ?
          Many stayed home that would have otherwise have shown up just to vote “no confidence” , it could be huge !

        • Could that have anything to do with rigged elections? My guess is a resounding YES!

          • Ideas Time, DING DING DING DING DING DING! You just one a cupee doll for anwering the $64,000 question.

            • That should’ve read ‘won’, NOT one.

          • WRONG –
            Its all about the democrats replacing the union thugs with illegals.
            Voting does still work or these asshats would not worry about it.
            Why worry about votes if they dont matter?

            • But it’s okay with you when Republicans replaced logical moderates with batshit crazy, rape isn’t rape, close down the government, end all regulations ’cause pollution and radiation and GMOs are good for you tea hatters?

        • Satori, it’s the SHEEPLE REGISTERED TO VOTE WHO STILL THINK THEY HAVE A CHOICE. THOSE are the idiots. Melisa Melton was spot on with her comment.

        • You are 100% right Satori, it’s We The People whom are responsible this mess. We, the People are the Guardians of this Republic.

      4. Politicians will not pass anything that might cost them thier job or money, never have and never will. Jmo.

        • Couldn’t agree more MommaD, this has as much chance of passing as them voting to repeal there RIGHT to insider trading!
          They think they are all ROYALTY…and above all us peons

          • Agree Anon!

      5. They don’t care.

        So what difference will this make?

        The voters sent a clear message last election. What good has it done.

        I repeat.

        They don’t care.

        • That’s because they both serve the same master.

          But people are too busy taking one side or the other because they think they are different to notice it.

        • that’s right, seems like they can’t line up fast enough, to kiss Obama’s ass!

      6. And the election went on for 150 years, spawning roughly 3000 special elections one right after the other.

        Meanwhile, no one was in office.

        And there was much rejoicing. Yayyy!

      7. This bears posting again..


        “Forget the politicians. The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice. You don’t. You have no choice. You have owners. They own you….”

        • Anon2, I couldn’t agree more. In the article, BY THEIR OWN ADMISSION, POLITICIANS FROM BOTH PARTIES SAID THEY’RE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH THE PROPOSED BILL. THAT STATEMENT ALONE SPEAKS VOLUMES. That’s why I’ve never been a registered voter because there are no real choices in any sham called an election. PEOPLE’S VOTES NEVER REALLY COUNT FOR ANYTHING. I know that’s a harsh thing for anyone to hear, but it’s the truth, and I won’t sugarcoat it for anyone.

      8. …as a side note, the wife and I went to lunch the other day and walked past the State Family Resource Center. My wife asked, “What is that place?” I gave her that look. Her next few words made me laugh so hard I just about fell on the sidewalk.

        “OH! Thats the ‘teet’!!!”

        BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! She and I are always talking about the government teet suckers that we have to support while struggling because we’ll have none of that free stuff government provides.

        • NetRanger –

          Dude, are you serious? So anybody who is getting assistance from the Government is “playing the game”? You and your wife are mocking practically half of the country’s population in one way or another, and that sir – is wrong on you and your wife.

          I understand, I do not care for those that go out of their way deliberately looking for loop holes in the system and making it a lifestyle for themselves year after year. Though, these people that do that – can not be 100% at fault for these loop holes.

          The Welfare System has been flawed from day one with loop holes, and they have not been corrected. I don’t know what kind of Family Resource Center you have in your area, but the one in my area has nothing to do with Welfare. It has everything to do with childcare and their well being.

          • Only 50% of the population? Really? Well, I way UNDERESTIMATED my “mocking” of them.

            …and, yes, I am. Bad on my wife and I to mock freeloaders and lazy spongers? Really? Socialism much?

            Wow! Sorry to offend you but the only thing I EVER got from the government was a couple Pell grants to go to school the total of which was less than $250. Charity is for those who need it and I never needed it and 99% of the people I know that got it never needed it either.

            You sir are making excuses for the lazy. This is not a place for “child and family well being”. This is a place for fat cats to get a chunk of change from the state and feed the lazy. Any way you slice it, its socialism.

            …and don’t you even dare give me that arrogant bit about us mocking half the population. I’d say its more like 80% or 90%. Nearly everybody tries to get a free grab. I don’t like paying it and I don’t like getting it. Its, essentially, the stuff of useless eaters, socialism and eventual tyranny.

            This is not to say that every single one of the people using social security money or welfare is on the dole. Not at all. I know several people that really can’t work. But, most of the people I know are on some form of assistance and all they try to do is get MORE MORE MORE.

            Mocking? Yes. Bad on us? No. We are just informed and we see what this kind of thing has done to this country. Its turned it into a welfare dictatorship where the least productive seem to be more valued that the productive.

            If thats bad on us, then its just simply because your values are upside down.

            I subscribe to the old saying that if a man does not work he does not eat. I guess then, thats bad on God to, yes?

            • NetRanger –

              Evidently you didn’t notice that I do not care for the freeloaders who choose to make Government handouts an occupation…but your whole post, the original put everyone in that group. That is how you generalized it, and that is where I said “that was wrong”.

              Sir, I hope you and your wife do not find yourself in dire straits financially. There’s quite a few people who I know who where very successful in their careers and are struggling to make ends meet. These people are not happy, they do not brag about getting assistance. If anything, these people are embarrassed to be in the position that they are currently in.

              If you have seen any of my previous post(s).
              You will clearly see that I do not support any kind of socialistic style of governing.

              Regards –

              • I have known very few people on welfare who weren’t freeloaders. Charity is not the job of government anyway.

              • NetRanger, I happen to be one of those unfortunates who is “sucking the teat”, even if it is against my will. I didn’t plan to be disabled, just to get a handout. I would gladly trade my severe spinal injuries for a job. Any job. I actually tried to get a job a few times, despite my disability. I’m over 50. The job I was trying for was a phone sales job where I wouldn’t need to walk. I failed to mention my disability this time, so I didn’t get turned down before I got started.

                The little snot-nosed kid behind the desk took one look at me, an old woman walking in with her walker, and told me he was sorry but the job was filled, before I even got a chance to sit down.

                I’m an experienced carpenter of more than 25 years. I’ve worked in many different jobs, from office and legal to nursing homes. About the only thing I never tried was waitressing/cashier.

                If there was no help at all, I’d be freezing to death in a thicket somewhere, or I would’ve already starved to death.

                I didn’t want this. I didn’t ask for it, but I got it anyway, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

                All of you people who think that living like this is “luxurious” are flat out stupid and/or willfully blind.

                I get a measly $733 a month and $600 goes on rent and utilities off the top. I pay another $50 for phone/internet. I have no outstanding debts or credit.

                I’m not eligible for “free” housing because I’m not a mexican mommacita, with 10 kids. I’m a white woman.

                I get $139 a month in food allotment. That’s for the entire month. I eat split pea soup and different beans, pastas and such. I don’t get to eat lobster, crab or filet mignon. I’m lucky if I get any meat besides frozen chicken parts and sausage dogs.

                Get a cheaper place to live, would you say? Sure, if I wanted to put myself right smack dab in the middle of a zombie housing project, where my death would be certain if the shtf…no thanks.

                I’M RIGHT HERE TO TELL YOU, THAT NOT ALL OF US ARE LIVING THE HIGH LIFE ON THE GOVT DIME. I could make better money selling dope, but my freedom is too important to me to risk nonsense like that, or I would, just so I wouldn’t have to take a handout from YOU.

                I AM ALSO PREPPED. I’ve got food/water etc for more than a year. I’ve got just about everything that it is said a prepper should have. I am prepared for shtf…and I did it with about $55 a month.

                I’m not what you paint me as, and frankly, I’m not alone. I suppose all kinds of financial wizards will tell me how to best use my “ill-gotten gains”, or wish me to die rather than spare the few fractions of a penny it cost’s YOU for me to stay alive and prep. Perhaps you self righteous people don’t think I ‘deserve” a $15 internet connection either.

                Go ahead…bash people you don’t know some more, if it makes you feel better, or more superior. But bash those who deserve it.

                I can take it, because I know I’ve done the right thing, the best I know how. That’s all I can do.

                Thanks for allowing me to vent my frustrations.

            • ‘Scuse me but we all PAID for Social Security out of our paychecks.

              You wanna gimme my money back I’ll be perfectly happy with that arrangement.

              As for the rest of them, I’ve known too many welfare recipients. Whom by the way were given about 150 opportunities to educate themselves for free, over and over and over… damn skippy, they’re lazy bastards.

              • I don’t know about the rest of you, but if I had every penny I paid into Social Security, it wouldn’t last a whole year. If every penny of what I paid in had been put in savings 30 years ago, it wouldn’t add up to enough for me to live on. It was a Ponzi scheme 100% from the beginning. Most of what anyone gets from Social Security is coming out of current workers’ paychecks. What you paid in years ago was spent and gone years ago.

      9. I just stick to write ins, for example, here in Illinois I didn’t want to vote for Bruce Rauner for governor because he had supported the Soetoro campaign, so I wrote in former congressman Joe Walsh because he is the only one who makes sense (IMHO)

        Tomato tip #2 “Oops I broke my plant in half”!
        No worries, if you put the broken piece in a clean glass of plain water and set it in a south facing window (sunny all day in northern hemisphere) in a few weeks the broken plant will sprout new roots. Then you can transplant into your garden.

      10. Actually what I would like to see if the no candidates cannot get more than 50% percent of the actual registered voters (not just the ones that actually voted) then no one wins. If they can’t convince voters to get out and vote should they be in office?

        • Very good point.

      11. Last summer when Obama was golfing on Martha’s Vinyard, he was slicing every shot off the Tee. He asked his Scottish caddy if he noticed any obvious reason for it. “Aye, there’s a piece of shit on the end of your driver.” Obama proceeded to clean the club face at which point the caddy says, “No, the other end”.

        • You sir, win the interwebs today.

        • Basstard, that was a damned good one. I’ll remember it.

      12. MSDD

      13. I don’t suppose anyone would consider just voting third party?

        A “Don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos” sort of thing maybe.

        • What good did the last election solve. Obama has ignored it all,gone around congress the courts and the people. We have unelected people in the different departments making policy with no input from people and congress. The police state is here!

        • The only result of voting for a third-party candidate is that the Democrat candidate is then guaranteed to win by a huge margin.

      14. How about a – fuck you all- choice ?

      15. It’s about time.

      16. It’s about time. Not that it’s going to do any good.

        • Confed…Maybe the Confederate States Of America will make a comeback,Suits me to a tee.

          • No one listened to us then, they won’t listen now. Isn’t it amazing how history repeats itself?

      17. So the people in Congress, who this bill is a direct attack against, will be voting on whether or not this bill should become law?

        It becomes more laughable by the day…

        • Its like the foxes voting to fund a security system for the hen house.

          These foxes may be greedy and evil but they’re not stupid.

          …at least not that stupid.

          All they have to do is pass it, garner votes and support by saying, “Hey! Look what we did!” and then never do anything about it.

          …kind of like the Bush Border Fence.

          …kind of like the REAL law, that they seem to forget about, you know, The Constitution for the United States.

      18. I’ve been voting for 40 years. I believe for the last 30 years I’ve had to back into the voting both and vote. Locally there have been some folks that I wanted to vote for.

        I’m tired of voting for the lesser of two evils, in the major elections.

        The vote of No Confidence means what? That they will appoint someone to the post and then have another election.

        We have three boxes to chose from. #1 The Soap Box, #2 The Ballot Box, and #3 the Ammo Box. From what I have seen in the last 20 years is the dust coming off of the AMMO Box and it starting to open. God Forbid!

        I think if the Founding Fathers were here they would be standing First in line at the AMMO box.


        • “I think if the Founding Fathers were here they would be standing First in line at the AMMO box.”

          Sgt. Dale –

          I seriously doubt that they would of given it much thought, and just acted accordingly a long time ago, way before now.

          The way things have transitioned and escalated itself in this country in the last few decades. A revolution should have happened already – though the Politicians did put up a good propaganda effort to keep the mass’s thinking that good things were coming for everyone and abroad.

          Unfortunately, many can’t break free from supporting Republicans or Democrats.

          • Will it really matter who we put into office now? If they can’t bribe or blackmail him/her, they’ll simply assassinate him/her so their second choice puppet will become our leader. Just like what happened to JFK.

            No good man stands a chance in this system.

        • Well bud, they may be reachin for the ammo box but it wont be no M85!

          • Kula:
            I just bought 200 green tip slugs.
            you can’t buy the loaded stuff but you can still reload it yourself.
            that round means nothing. This ammo thing is just the guberment starting to start taking away our Guns and Ammo. These Stupid Bastards are trying to start a Civil War.

            • Don’t worry about the ammo.. Just aim under the chin or between the pecker an knees. Next the golfer will ban weddings between a man and woman then require everyone in the 2nd grade to take a field trip to a bath house on Chicago’s south side. Never mind the Truth, Common Law, and Constitution, Christan’s are Terrorists.

        • Sgt Dale, ever noticed that voting booths remind one of a toilet stall? That’s why backing in feels right, doesn’t it?

          You’re not voting, you’re just dumping another load…

        • The ammo box is empty, and the people holding the guns are too dumb and afraid to use em.

      19. there’s a very simple way to stop the special interests and corrupt politicians.

        1) eliminate all electronic voting and counting
        2) politicians shall write the bills, however, the bills will go back to each state for a vote by the people. Then the politician will have to cast a vote that represents the vote of the people.

      20. it may prove kind of embarrassing when

        “None of the Above” keeps getting elected year after year !

        • “None of the above ” already got in office

      21. How about the loser’s get the firing squad!

        • Java Junkie –

          From what I’ve seen in my last 44 years, the Panel has been nothing but chuck full of losers. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere in the Constitution – that anyone who brings harm to this Nation on purpose, and is found guilty will be put to death.

          Now, that list would include a lot previous and recent politicians and bankers.

          Problem is – I can’t seem to find a job application for this position on the Government website – “I wonder why?”

      22. No matter how you look at it the none of the above option will never see the ballot. Since 1776 the U.S. has waged wars of conquest and pillage in every year but 21 years of it’s existence. This is the curse laid upon our future survival. This nation are the mass murderers of mankind. The American people are next in line.

        • You can volunteer to be the first citizen beheaded on your street, be sure to mouth all those Mea Culpa statements when you step up.

      23. No confidence would be perfect on the ballot that would get my vote every time

      24. I’m votin’ for Ted Kennedy…

        WAKE UP TED.
        I heard one of the probable candidates for the next presidency say that immigrants are harder working, more entrepreneurial, and more fertile than Americans. They should be moved into Detroit to revive the place.

        Now, you would suppose this came from the maw of a Democrat wouldn’t you?

        Nope, that’s Jeb Bush brushing up on his campaign rhetoric. He knows where his voter base is. lol.

        Now, is he a conservative or a liberal? I get confused about these guys…especially when their names are Bush or Clinton.

        If there ever was a reason for “None of the Above” it would be if those two were the nominees.

      25. Watching all the shit from DC today and just taking it easy making a dollar or two and wondering who is going to feed all these fkn communistic free loaders. You know you and I will be dead or in fema camp. The little aholes wishing for all this control and free stuff will finally find out what it is like to grow and cook their own food. PS and wipe their own ass.

      26. What’s missing at the polling places are a group of people with signs yelling at everyone else that voting is a complete waste of time. With signs like “only stupid people vote” and stuff like that. That would be so much more fun than the usual candidates crap. The reason for not voting is to let the people who control who gets on the ballot and who counts the votes that you don’t buy ANY of their propaganda and bullcrap. The problem with this idea, and I’m not entirely against it, is that they would rather put up a ‘none of the above’ choice instead of a real candidate. And if you choose the ‘none of the above’ slot – how much you want to bet that such a vote will be flipped to a vote for one of the usual piece-of-crap candidates.

      27. I haven’t voted in the past two Presidential elections, because I didn’t like ANY of the candidates, and I didn’t want to vote for the “lesser of two evils.” But people don’t care about my reason for not voting. They just see that I was not doing my patriotic duty. Whatever.

        There’s nothing patriotic about voting for anyone just based on them being “the lesser of evils.”

        At this point, I’m giving consideration to DONALD TRUMP, of all people. I don’t particularly like him as a person, but he knows his own mind and isn’t afraid to go against the grain in the name of being successful as a businessman. Maybe *that* kind of mentality would do something to fix the vast economic problems of this country. (On the other hand, he could alienate the rest of the world’s leaders and end up getting us all nuked. Whow knows?)

      28. I haven’t voted in the past two Presidential elections, because I didn’t like ANY of the candidates, and I didn’t want to vote for the “lesser of two evils.” But people don’t care about my reason for not voting. They just see that I was not doing my patriotic duty. Whatever.

        There’s nothing patriotic about voting for anyone just based on them being “the lesser of evils.”

        At this point, I’m giving consideration to DONALD TRUMP, of all people. I don’t particularly like him as a person, but he knows his own mind and isn’t afraid to go against the grain in the name of being successful as a businessman. Maybe *that* kind of mentality would do something to fix the vast economic problems of this country. (On the other hand, he could alienate the rest of the world’s leaders and end up getting us all nuked. Who knows?)

      29. Ugh. Stupid double-post. Sorry about that.

      30. It is a game for power, control of the masses & wealth.
        It is them against us, the people.
        (R) or (D) matters not. Hasn’t for decades
        I haven’t voted since I wanted Ross Perot.
        Bush Clinton again, not worth my time again to vote.
        Same rhetoric, lies, deceptions and delusions, different name.
        I’m busy trying to survive.
        A complete and utter failure of a system. I need no more proof.

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