Non-Participation And Decentralization As Primers For Revolution

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    When writing investigative examinations on the corrupt state of American government and American economy, invariably one is met with the same set of ever cycling broken-record questions and assertions. One of the primary responses I have received and I’m sure most Liberty Movement analysts have received is this:

    “Okay, now we know what the problem is, but when are YOU going to tell US what the solution is…?”

    The question seems “reasonable”, but in reality, everything that is weak minded in our culture today is summed up in its content.

    First, the question insinuates that there is no utility in exploring the nature of a crisis without “fixing” the situation right then and there. Often, the most complex problems of our world require years if not decades of thought and action, trial and error, before a single working solution is generated. When the problem involves a criminal government run by corporatist oligarchs bent on total globalization and centralized control of finance, society, and law, you have to expect that there will be some difficulties in finding a remedy. You will never defeat your enemy without knowing your enemy, and our particular fight requires endless analysis.

    Second, I wish I could convey the palm-to-forehead agony I feel every time I hear someone begging for myself, or anyone for that matter, to overnight mail them a solution on a silver platter wrapped in perfect little pink bow. Why is it that so many Americans today refuse to offer THEIR OWN solutions to the problems they perceive in the world? Is it laziness, or stupidity, or both? They are so busy waiting for a “white knight” to come and save them they have forgotten to learn how to save themselves. Don’t sit idle expecting analysts to make your life better. Become industrious. Take initiative. Think of something we haven’t thought of yet. Stop being followers and start becoming leaders within your own communities.

    Third, the worst of all dilemmas when dealing with the above question is that most of the time, it is being asked by people who already have a preconceived answer they want to hear. Many in our movement today want a silver bullet solution. They want magic and fairy dust. They want to end tyranny with a snap of their fingers, the press of the button, within the span of a day, or perhaps a week. They don’t want to have to work beyond their normal capacity, they don’t want to struggle, they don’t want to sacrifice, and they certainly don’t want to risk their property, livelihood, or life.

    They want a civil rights style MLK/Ghandi march on Washington D.C., which has already been done over and over again leading to nothing but ever more corruption (you don’t ask tyrants to police themselves, nor do you ask for their permission to change government). They want an armed march on Washington D.C. (perhaps the most tactically moronic strategy ever to be suggested year after year), leading to nothing more than a bloodbath which would only make the Liberty Movement appear weak, or insane, all in a failed attempt to unseat a bunch of politicians who are merely puppets and middle men for the financial elites. They want Generals grandstanding as purveyors of constitutionalism to initiate a military coup to remove the “evil Muslim” from his seat of power (is Obama a Muslim, or an atheist Communist? These methodologies tend to negate each other…), while the truth is, Obama is nothing more that a minor obstacle compared to the greater evil of central banking and internationalism, and a Neo-Con Republican (or provocateur General) could easily continue Obama’s work without missing a beat.

    And, most of all, they want something flashy, something new, something technological and glorious to solve all their woes. How many times have you heard the claim, for instance, that digital currencies like Bitcoin would “bring down” the central banks and turn the globalist empire to dust at our feet? Yet, Bitcoin’s very existence relies on the web, a government dominated networking system which they can remove from our hands any time they wish.

    These are not solutions, they are distractions, or worse, con-games. They are designed to fool you into thinking that you can lounge behind your computer, or walk blindly down the street with a sign or a gun, and the nation will attain renaissance without a tear or a drop of blood shed. They are pleasant lies that many people want to have whispered to them.

    I have no interest in making people feel comfortable, or safe, or at ease in the nature of the task before us. I’m only interested in the truth, and the truth is, REAL solutions have already been offered to the Liberty Movement. For years we’ve been talking about them, implementing them, and attempting to convince others to implement them. These solutions are not easy. They are not pleasant or quick. They will require much sacrifice, and unimaginable suffering. There is no way around these tasks if we are to succeed and dismantle centralized totalitarianism in our lifetimes…


    This is a simple concept that for some reason tends to confound people. If you march to the steps of the White House motivated by a desire to educate others on the hidden dangers of our political situation, then this is all well and good. But, if you march to the steps of the White House with the expectation that this gesture will somehow impress or frighten the military industrial complex into forsaking its criminal ways and step down from power, then you have fallen into a delusional paradigm.

    If you are using a government controlled communications medium like the internet to educate others while the system still exists, then this is practical. But, if you really believe that you are going to exploit that same network as an offensive tool to destroy Big Brother, you are living in techno-geek dreamland.

    And, if you still think that the diseased political arena has any merit whatsoever and that the system can be inoculated from the within, or that you can rewrite the rules on a whim (constitutional convention) and have those rules followed, at this point I don’t hold much hope for you.

    Now, I want you to imagine, just for a moment, that the government does not exist. The internet does not exist. Corporate banking chains and department stores and grocery outlets do not exist. State law enforcement organizations do not exist. State run schools do not exist. How would you go about living day to day without the bureaucracy, the welfare, the infrastructure, the safety nets? This is how ALL Liberty Movement activists are going to have to start thinking if they want to change anything.

    The Non-Participation Principle is best summarized like this:

    When facing a corrupt system, provide for yourself and your community those necessities that the system cannot or will not. Become independent from establishment-controlled paradigms. If you and your community do this, the system will have one of two choices:

    1)  Admit that you do not need them anymore and fade into the fog of history, OR…

    2)  Reveal its tyrannical nature in full and attempt to force you back into dependence.

    In either case, you win. You have taken proactive measures to remove yourself as a cog in the machine. The machine can then of course try to demonize you, or attack you, but ultimately, they will attack from a place of social and moral weakness, and you will defend from a position of logistical and moral strength.

    Stop waiting for the system to change, or collapse. Change the way YOU live and survive. Build your own localized systems and walk away.


    Learn a vital trade skill, grow your own food, purchase resource rich raw land, learn self defense methods beyond what law enforcement personnel are trained in (which is not too difficult), take EMT training courses so that you can provide general and emergency medical care for your family, get your children out of the state run common core indoctrination centers and homeschool them, build neighborhood watch groups, emergency response groups, barter markets and alternative economies.

    Decentralization is about dissolving our unbalanced relationship with the state and taking away their power to dictate how we live. If a core necessity is centralized in the hands of a select few, then we start producing it ourselves and remove that option from their deck of cards. You cannot fight a corrupt system if you are dependent on a corrupt system.

    The very essence of globalism is centralized oversight of every aspect of our lives. When we allow ourselves to feed from the government or corporate trough because it’s “easier”, we are essentially volunteering to be herded like animals. It is within the power of every single individual, no matter their age or financial circumstances, to find creative ways in becoming more independent. It is up to you. There are no excuses.


    We should have no illusions that the criminal elements of our government will simply shrug their shoulders and give up. When we decentralize, we show the world how irrelevant they are. Tyrants must remain relevant to the masses, otherwise, they have no means to dominate except pure force. When that force is eventually applied, the ONLY logical response is revolution. Decentralization is not a means to “avoid” such revolution, it is only a means to strengthen our position in preparation for revolution.

    There is no ideal revolutionary model because the unique nature of one’s epoch determines the nature of one’s rebellion. However, I can say that any revolution that does not focus on the foundational culprits behind the offending tyranny is doomed to failure. When I see the overt obsession with Barack Obama as some kind of linchpin in the development of socialism in America, I have to remind people that Obama has merely stood on the legislative efforts of George W. Bush, and so many other globalist presidents before him, in order to bring the U.S. to the current point of catastrophe. And who made these men, these so-called “leaders”? Who financed their campaigns? Who taught them the internationalist methodologies they now implement? Who really controls money, and thus economy, and thus politics in this country?

    Revolution must be directed at the oligarchs, not just their mascots, and if anyone asks you to rally around a revolution that does not name central banking and international banking entities and the men who run them as direct culprits, they are probably controlled opposition. We don’t need a French or Bolshevik Revolution to replace old puppets with new puppets, we need to go to the very heart of the cancer that has stricken our nation and remove it. If this means we have to physically fight back, then so be it, but we must be smart in how we fight.

    In the end, the average citizen is his own defender, his own governor, his own industrialist, his own “king maker”. He may consciously realize this, or he may be oblivious. All of the solutions, all of the tools, are right there, in his hands, waiting to be used. The saddest truth of all is that the only thing holding him back from legitimate freedom is his own fear. Only when we stop avoiding the pain required to procure independence, will we finally have it.

    You can contact Brandon Smith at:  [email protected]

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      1. So the solution is Go Galt?

        I think most of us have already done that or are in the process of doing it now.

        • I know wis, i am still sitting here trying to talk myself into going to Texas and working 6 12’s so I can pay all the different governments near 40,000

          • 02; you called E a sociopathic Narcissist. I’ve been out of school awhile. Is that like an Egotistic A-Hole?

            • Pretty much Paranoid, and if you go across America there are hundreds of millions. Everyone is turning and they are hateful against others and only allow what they believe and if anyone disagrees with their views it is considered an attack on their personality. They are everywhere and that type set are the ones making and enforcing the laws.

              • In my opinion, Brandon hit the nail on the head in his essay, but didn’t focus on the salient point.

                True, free, liberty minded, responsible, family oriented, self starter folks… With half a brain…. Don’t need a fuckin government beurocracy to tell them how to live their lives. If things were “normal”, and government got out of the way, and out of our lives, most problems would take care of themselves. But that wouldn’t be too swell if your in the .gov business. Parasites. Middlemen in every aspect of our lives, taking a skim at every level. I’d rather deal with the mob.
                Everything government does, and I mean everything, screws up the deal. It just depends on which side your on. And people, don’t get too focused on the “elected” clowns. The back rooms and beurocracies in every town,city,state and federal agency is where the real damage comes.

                I have a theory. Or is it a dream? My take after all the reading and analyzing is this; Darwinism always wins. What can’t be, won’t last. We, as a society or a race, will get our shit together, or we will all perish. The good with the not so good.
                For me it is kind of summed up with this; The same Government giving away the farm to get re-elected, puts up signs that say ” don’t feed the animals, they will lose the ability to fend for themselves” .
                Well , duh.

                • Ha! Can Brandon write or can he write? Read the article and after the last sentence I said to myself, “Damn straight!”


                  You said, “I’d rather deal with the mob.”

                  I’d much rather deal with them. You know why? Well, because if they murder you or they steal from you or they rape your life they *MIGHT* actually get into *TROUBLE*. No such possibility shows up when one is a federal mobster or a too-big-to-fail Bankster, a cop or a politician. They can lie cheat and steal while arresting those who lie cheat and still, and then they can murder too. The evil in our government is MONU-FUCKING-MENTAL. MFM if you want to be polite.

                • Agreed on many points, BUT, if one can make any generalization about “preppers,” it is that we tend to be individualists and that brings its own set of problems.

                  NO man, NO family can have or acquire ALL the skill sets necessary for survival.

                  Too, rare is the man or family who can afford ALL the “stuff” that is needed.

                  Notwithstanding the sensible demands of OPSEC, we individualists do need to work together. THAT is sorely lacking. How do we work together and communicate without being infiltrated by spies and agents provocateur?

                  • John Q. Public asked, “How do we work together and communicate without being infiltrated by spies and agents provocateur?”

                    You don’t. But here’s a guide to recognize them:

                    “Rats is the work of ex-cops, lawyers, security experts, experienced activists, outlaws, former outlaws, trained interrogators, and more. In the hour or so it takes you to read their information, you’ll gain a lifetime’s worth of armor against snitches, informers, informants, agents provocateurs, narcs, finks, and similar vermin.”


                  • Just sit on a neighborhood corner in your flavor of BDU’s…see who comes to talk to ya…could be interesting.

                    Hell…gotta start somewhere… 🙂

                  • @ Average Guy

                    I appreciate the resource. Thank you.

                    I think we also need a primer on amateur radio communication, something similar in concept to Brandon’s recent article for newbies on sniping.

                    I’ll write an overview of ham radio, if Mac will publish it.

                    • JQP, please do send this over if you put it together.

                  • I will begin work on it right now.

                  • “Why Ham Radio?” has been submitted.

                • Going Gault (non-participation) doesn’t work if you are continuing to fund the beast thru taxes, fees, surcharges,even simple purchases of goods and services with the overt & covert taxes involved in the transaction.

                  The gov lives on money extracted from the tax cattle. It really doesn’t care much what else you do or don’t do. A citizen who does not fund the beast is an existential threat to the gov that the gov cannot tolerate or allow.

                  “”Let them march all they want, as long as they continue to pay their taxes.” – Alexander Haig


          • Reports that the XL pipeline will not be approved … Too many senators own worthless land unless pipeline is reroutedi to their recent land purchases…
            These criminals need their home addresses posted, so we can come by and thank them…

            • Warren Buffet stopped that pure and simple. He owns his little train set and don’t want to loose a few bux in moving oil by rail

            • I haven’t found the link yet, but I read that Congress was briefed Snowden had addresses, SSN, phone# etc. of ALL elected officials, govt employees, contractors, military, etc.
              Not sure of source credibility, but could be a game changer.

              • I have to admit that when I first heard about Snowden, I thought the guy was a traitor trying to destroy our country. It took about 5 minutes to realize that he is not a traitor, but a HERO! If ANY of our politicians had one tenth the balls and integrity that he has, we might not be anywhere near the precipice which we now find ourselves. If just one senator would stand up and say “No more NSA spying on US citizens, no more IRS/ATF/FBI thugs kicking down our doors in the middle of the night, no more local cops arresting kids for their lemonade stands, etc!”, we might not be on the brink of civil or revolutionary war!

                • Rep Rand Paul is suing the NSA. But its gonna take more than one constitution-loving libertarian in high office to affect the needed changes.

            • BOMBSHELL: Dead JPM bankers “Knew each other and had uncovered something”

              osnetdaily com/2014/02/bombshell-dead-jpm-bankers-knew-each-other-and-had-uncovered-something/

          • You forgot to mention that you will be living in squalor like the rest of the savages…ND, Texas oil/gas is a young mans game. That is if he can stay focused on rat-holing all of his booty and getting the hell out after 5 years or so. If you are over 50, 1 year will age you 5. All of the bad things come in “boom towns”. Alcoholism, drug abuse, crime from A to Z.

            In all cases,the corps and gov will be sucking the life out of you for your labor/toil. There will be no loyalty. God forbid that you get injured…your ass will be cast aside and a replacement found the same day.

            Boomtowns always run their course. Only a few come out ahead and in tact. Just some objective facts as many in my area have bolted to ND for work. Also know some folks that went to Texas for a new start. I can elaborate if you like.

            You are a good man. You will chose the right path and make it work. That is what we do…just…

            “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

            • Please, North Dakota was not even close to logging. I did that for 15 years and loved it, and at the time it was the most dangerous job on the planet. Boom Towns are a trip and there is a lot of opportunity is you have some smarts. The money s good, housing non existent, hours long work hard but aging you 5 years for every one.. Naw I don’t think so. You want to get aged fast, stress out about losing the house, car, wife from poverty. THAT will age you.

              • Jobs are plentiful and there’s money to be made in the Basin!! However, as last man stated, housing is ridiculously, out of control, high, and drug crime is rampant. If you have a camper, I say bring it down, and get it while the gettin’s good. It’s been cold this winter, but not ND cold. 75 today. Its definitely Booming, and word is, it won’t be Busting any time soon. Good Luck!!

            • I see many people over the age of 40 here in the South Texas oilfields, me being one of them.

              • Damn right Any Mouse a lot of grey hair up north as well. I am still considering a stint in the Permian

                • We are on the Eagle Ford/Austin Chalk right now. We have been hearing rumors that everything is moving towards the Permian in the next couple years. I don’t think they’ve done too much with the Pearsall yet.

                • We’ve heard there isn’t much infrastructure over on the Permian once you get away from the Midland/Odessa area. Some of the yards are a 100+ mile round trip from some of the rigs, and its even farther to the disposal facilities.

              • Just ’cause there’s snow on the roof don’t mean there’s not fire in the furnace! Most 30 year olds would rather try to sandpaper a wildcat’s ass in a phone booth than keep up with me and some other older guys I know, and I’m 61.
                When my dad was 86 he could work all day on the farm, do it day after day, and it never fazed him.
                When he retired from farming the farmers that knew him asked,”As good as you are at farming and as good a shape as you are in, why did you quit farming?”
                He replied,” well, Ill tell you, I didn’t mind low prices and i didn’t mind N-words(he used the real term), but I can’t stand them both at the same time! I’m getting out while I still have money, health, and sanity!

          • East Texas!! 55°
            Sunny, bright, clear and calm!!

            • Yes sir, right here in good ‘ole east Texas!

        • Become independent from establishment-controlled paradigms….and this worked so well for the Branch Davidians at Waco, the American Indians, the Rajneeshis, Randy Weaver and the Ruby Ridge folks, the Anarchists……….



              Maybe , but what if a person has never been a part of their control system?
              Unknowingly i have walked through life without participating , other that a license to drive.
              Somehow i doubt non-participation is the answer.
              And yet , i cant offer another solution either.

              • I think the problem with the article is that it suggests that individual non-participation will yield decentralization. Non-participation by individuals only creates a handful of widely separated non-participating individuals.
                Non-participation by entire communities can start the ball rolling on decentralization; but it also nicely consolidates targets as Sixpack suggests above. Given the “awareness” of the majority of the population, I’m not sure that non-participation by entire communities is even possible … except for a few cults, and if it’s going to be cultists, you can count me out anyway.

                The article has a good general theoretical (or philosophical) point, but it’s also as heavy on wishful thinking as communism is to useful idiots. That is,
                “Everybody shares everything. Won’t that be nice.” versus, “Just don’t participate and everything will work out fine and the Uber-state will collapse.”

                The Devil is in the details.

                Sorry, but having less than 1% (my guesstimate) of the population refuse to participate isn’t going to affect anything. I wouldn’t even be noticed, … except by TPTB.

                • Sorry, that should have read

                  It (not I) wouldn’t even be noticed …”

                • “Sorry, but having less than 1% (my guesstimate) of the population refuse to participate isn’t going to affect anything. I wouldn’t even be noticed, … ”

                  Sorta like pissing in dark pants, you get a warm feeling yet nobody notices.

                  • Rick I don’t know about pissing in dark pants, but Cuz always wore brown pants, but the smell always gave him away.

                • That may be correct Yuri, but 3% (III %)did once before…and look what became of it…until now.

                  Apparently, it is nearly time again.

                • I’d rather be in the mob or a cult than be involved with this completely corrupt gov’t!

              • there is only one solution. Jesus.

                • @ Robert,
                  My thought as well. After the American Revolution and French Revolution, France sent a man over here to find out why we were a success and they ended in bloodshed and tyranny. His answer was, “America is great because American is good (Christian)”.

                  Although I agree with most of what Mr. Smith says to a point, I know that the only way out of our troubles is not “Going Galt” but going ” St. Paul” and preach the Gospel endlessly.

                  We are in the trouble that we are in because most of us have lost our moral compass and voted evil men into our Government, and Churches!

                  This attack on our culture, replacing a Christian based one with a socialist one was planned and has succeeded.

                  Yes, only a return to Jesus Christ will reverse it, if that is God’s plan for America?

                  God Bless you my brothers and Sisters!

                  • **I know that the only way out of our troubles is not “Going Galt” but going ” St. Paul” and preach the Gospel endlessly.**

                    Great words, but Luke 21 says even that won’t help us.
                    We are up against the devil and his minions that mainly control EVERY aspect of our lives.
                    ‘The will of God will never take you where the grace of God will not protect you’
                    Think of this only in a spiritual sense.
                    In the series The Moment After, recognize what is coming for we Christians.
                    {{{In the twinkling of an eye, a mass disappearance has occurred. Moments after the turmoil and confusion, the FBI is called in to investigate and locate the missing }}}

                  • for us Christians, oops.

                  • Are we in the shape we’re in because we lost our moral compass? I think we did and are. But, one has to look at *WHY* we lost our moral compass? It has been educated out of us. Like a man is less free when it lets the cops be responsible for his security, we have become less intelligent because most of us have let the government take over the schools and dictate our curriculum with “standards”. Lower standards, I might add.

                    Did anyone every ask themselves why people only needed to go to school to the 6th grade 100 years ago?

                    Hehehe. all you have to do is purchase the McGuffy ready and grab the 6th grade edition.

                    Why did they do this? They needed to have your children for more hours a day and for more years to educate the liberty out of them.

                    I know college grads that probably can’t read a McGuffy 5th grade reader. We have been dumbed down, folks. What do wise people say about that? Well, Thomas Jefferson was one of the smartest. He said, “A people who expect to remain ignorant and free expect what never was and never shall be.”

                    If you want to blame it on something, blame it on the school system. After all, it was modeled after the Nazi system.

                    YOu have to do more than just going Galt. You have to know what your rights are. Just finding that out and how to express what your rights are is far beyond most. Most get to court and they ‘please’ and they demand rights using words that courts treat as jibberish. Legalese, ladies and gentlement, legalese is where it lays. If we’d all learn to speak it, we could turn it around, no bullets need be fired. But, we won’t. …and they don’t want it to happen that way! They make profit off of chaos.

                  • @ NetRanger,
                    “Why did they do this? They needed to have your children for more hours a day and for more years to educate the liberty out of them.”

                    Well said.
                    Love that last part: “to educate the liberty out of them.”

                    Hope you don’t mind if I steal it.

                • That’s like the bumper sticker that I have on my vehicle:

                  Democrats are tyrants
                  Republicans are cowards
                  Jesus Christ is our ONLY hope.

                • I agree but you had better be standing right beside him to help.

                  I am loyal to him. I will not hide behind him.

                • No robert, there is another – belt-fed full autos!!!!

                • “Render unto ceaser…”

                  Ceaser & all his lackys are owed a short rope with a long drop. Jesus isn’t going to com save America. But we can by following his teaching and giving the gmnt what we owe them.

            • Speaking of killing. Another banker bites the dust.

              zerohedge com/news/2014-02-12/another-jpmorgan-banker-dies-37-year-old-executive-director-program-trading

              • Is there any way to SPEED UP that “bankster die-off” process? Maybe, work it up closer to the top of the pile somehow?

              • BOMBSHELL: Dead JPM bankers “Knew each other and had uncovered something”

                osnetdaily com/2014/02/bombshell-dead-jpm-bankers-knew-each-other-and-had-uncovered-something/

              • BOMBSHELL:Dead JPM bankers “Knew each other and had uncovered something”

                osnetdaily com/2014/02/bombshell-dead-jpm-bankers-knew-each-other-and-had-uncovered-something/

            • What good is our missile shield in Poland if Iran pulls a boat up off our east coast. I smell a false flag coming.

              • yup and they’ll blame it on Iran or N Korea

              • You are not looking at the bright side. All they can get is NYC or DC. Now I admit I dream of them moving up The St L Seaway and getting Detroit, but even the Rag heads aren’t that stupid.

                • Right, Detroit is probably more than half muslim now!

          • The key to successful “revolution” or to be become successfully “independent from establishment-controlled paradigms” is to have a “bigger brother” connection.

            *The reason we didn’t bomb the hell out of Syria a few months ago = Russia.
            *The reason we didn’t keep fighting North Korea after the “truce” = China.
            *The reason Vietnam was a failure = China/Russia.
            *The reason Afghanistan is a failure = Iran/Syria.

            All those people/entities you have described above did NOT have a “bigger brother.” Not a single entity in the world with any “oompf”came to the aid of the American Indians during their time of crisis = doomed to fail. That goes for every group you named.

            You have to have an entity that can supply you arms and leadership/people if need be and even a place to run to regroup — otherwise you are doomed to failure. Every single entity you named was outgunned against a bigger force.

            While a smaller force standing up to tyrants makes for good history, it is ALWAYS doomed to failure. (Even a jerk like Custer got his butt kicked by a larger force.)

            And if two opposing forces are equally armed and equally populated, weather and good choices/bad choices make or break you, but when that is not the case, you better have a “bigger brother” and enough distance from the main body that you can mess with their supply lines.

            The powers that be who run America and the European Union are bullies, and the only thing that bullies understand is a “bigger brother” with a bigger “foot,” and in this day and age, that means a bro who is highly weaponized with a nuclear foot.

            Remember that in your endeavors.

            As a side note, the reason we can’t win a war since WWII is the same reason England lost the Revolution = you can’t play by “gentleman’s rules” in war.

            • Most of our failures are due to the people in Washington DC. The US Military could win any war within a few months if Washinton would allow them to win. The people in Washington don’t want the bad pr from war so they try to have people killed in a civilized manner. If we need to fight wars we should fight with everything we have and get it over with instead of staying at war for 10 years plus.

              All of the blame belongs to the fat cats in Washington, D.C. Who wear fancy clothes, eat lobster every day, and have people who do everything for them.

              • Shooter, I know you know the obvious answer to your question. The reason wars are never over in a hot flash, is because the corporations that started them, or instigated govts to start them, wouldn’t make as much profit off of the death and destruction.

                They couldn’t make and sell as many bombs, bullets and camo. There would be no need for as many tanks, planes and all of the other “war crafts” including the medical industry.

          • Sixpack’s solution is more fear. You are like a PR agent for TPTB.

            • USCORP (go figure), I didn’t offer a solution. Only a comment on a history lesson we should all be familiar with.

              But you know what I fear? Ignorance. Complacency. Treachery and deceit. I fear people who can see a house on fire, yet refuse to admit they smell smoke.

              Most of all, I fear that there is no way to regain our freedom without death and destruction.

            • USCORP – so what??? Fear is a great motivator, probably the best one there is!!!!!!!

          • The small groups sixpack mentioned fared just the same as any other mere mundane has which finds themselves under the heel of the boot of empire. It’s an error to point to those instances and say that is the rule and will always be the result for everyone.

            Seems like the Amish are independent from establishment-controlled paradigms… and they’re not being rounded up and burned alive on a regular basis.

            Seems like many thousands of Mormons are getting along fine too while being independent from establishment-controlled paradigms.

            From what I’ve read, a number of native american Indian tribes aren’t doing too bad either, especially in the Midwest, the Northwest and in Canada.

            Even in the middle of Detroit there’s some groups of individuals doing all right while becoming more and more independent from establishment-controlled paradigms.
            In the article, ‘Amid Detroit’s Bankruptcy, A New Vibrancy Emerges’ I see that, “A January 2012 Forbes article aptly noted that Detroit is one of the best cities in the U.S. to be an enterpreneur.”

            Maybe that’s why the only american made wristwatch is made in Detroit? I learned that fact at

            Lots of people doing their own thing there. Successfully.

            • If you look at Mormon history, it included a lot of bloodshed…it’s the reason they ended up in Utah, which was NOT a state nor even a territory at the time. Both Joseph Smith and his brother were murdered by a mob, and the Mormons were chased by bloodshed from state to state until they left the United States and went into the west. The State of Illinois ordered an expulsion of all Mormons. Mormons were also expelled from the State of Missouri by an “extermination” order from the governor in 1938.

              Amish were heavily religiously persecuted before they escaped to America. Thousands were killed.

              It is estimated that roughly 1.85 million Native Americans were killed off between the 15th and 19th centuries.

              Maybe we too can hold out long enough for a “period of enlightenment” for relief from persecution by TPTB, but I’m not holding my breath.

              • That figure for the Natives may be a bit low,but like you said, its only an estimated amount.

                • *sorry, it should be extermination order in 1838…the Mormon religion is almost 200 years old.

                  • You guys overlooked some pertinent details. None of the groups mentioned are independent from establishment-controlled paradigms. None. Consider the following:

                    The Mormons fought valiantly, but in the end, they were forced to submit. There could be no more multiple marriages and the Utah state govt was replaced with federal govt appointees who were appointed by the president. There are other concessions they were forced to make, but you get the point. In the end, they were forced to submit to the state or die—just like Waco.

                    The Amish must also submit to the state. While they can’t be forced to flip on a light switch, they can and have had their farms shut down, their dairy products seized and they must alter their carriages to conform to the state transportation laws that apply to them, to name just a few ways they are forced to comply. Things might have ended more violently for the Amish, had they been a more aggressive people.

                    NONE OF THESE EXAMPLED GROUPS are free of govt interference. None of them are left alone to live how they choose. None. Every single one of them has been forced to comply with establishment requirements.

                    I stand by my earlier statement that you can’t just unplug and call it good.

                  • At the time you are talking, nobody held a gun to their heads.

                    Remember the times: After they left the persecution, they were NOT even in US territory (having traveled outside the official US).

                    The Mormons arrived in Utah in 1847.

                    They established Utah as a territory in 1848.

                    The Morrill Anti-Bigamy Act was passed in 1862.

                    Utah did not even become a state until 1896 (basically because of the practice of polygamy).

                    Polygamy was officially introduced in 1843, openly announced in 1852, and then abandoned in 1890 after the Supreme Court ruled anti-polygamy laws were constitutional (such as the Edmunds-Tucker Act).

                    So I don’t get where you get the “submit or die” theory.

                    What I don’t understand is why they didn’t form a COUNTRY of their own…after having been driven from the United States…why seek to join the same beast that drove you out?

                    Anyone with any thoughts on that?

                  • sixpack, you say none of the groups mentioned are independent from establishment-controlled paradigms. Are you sure? I mean, you write as if their subjugation is total.

                    Are you certain there are no more multiple marriages among Mormons?

                    Not *all* the Amish have had their farms shut down, nor *all* their dairy products seized.

                    They must alter their carriages to conform to the state transportation laws, but they don’t have to have air bags and such, they are a little bit more free than the rest of us.

                    The goal is to be able to be left alone to live how they choose, and in the meantime, to be less controlled.
                    Because it has not been obtained yet as an absolute is no reason to not even bother trying what has been working to greater degrees than all the other forms of living.

                    What is the answer to this question, “why in the world do people consent to their own enslavement?”

                    Does it not seem that by striving towards Non-Participation And Decentralization a person is going away from their own enslavement?

                    Any State, no matter how ruthless and despotic, rests in the long run on the consent of the majority of the public

                    How thoroughly do they enforce the speed limit on your hyways? Is there zero speeding, or is there a bit of civil disobedience? Is there more today than twenty years ago?

                    In the end, the Mormons were not forced to submit to the state or die—just like Waco. Rather, they had to adapt, change, evade, and simply not obey (openly) to survive. And, they did.

                    Every single one of these groups has to one extent or another managed to skirt and avoid the imposition of empire that the rest of us are bludgeoned with. I’d call that a success. I keep thinking about how native american indians in some locations do not have to buy a fishing license to go fishing. And now I’m going to think about JayJay’s example of going tax free. Little by little, the iron fist is fading away. One individual at a time.

                    Of course, at the same time, the other iron fist is tightening. …What to do, what to do?
                    Non-Participation And Decentralization seems like the best approach – with the best success – so far.

                    Anyway, interesting discussion. Thanks for your reply.

                  • IIC, My guess is, they were sold out from within.

                    I imagine they didn’t form their own country because they were under the spell of Nationalism. Maybe that, and, the empire pointed a big cannon at them and said, jump. Then they became slaves of the empire like the rest of the people in the Union.

                    Just a guess.

              • Remember when they got to Utah and there wasn’t enough women and the elders sent some men back East to get more. They said Bringum Young.

                • NGIC, good evening. In case you haven’t heard or noticed, your friend eisen has had all of his comments deleted by Mac. eisen’s insanity finally got out of hand. Mac did what he felt was necessary. so when you come on here, behave yourself. I know you’re not a troll, just an idiot like part of your name says. If you have anything to contribute to any survival-related subject we’ll be glad to hear it. If you have any questions about any survival-related subjects, we’ll be glad to answer them. That’s what we’re really all about.

                  • Cuz what are you, Mac’s lapdog? You keep threatening your kinfolk and we won’t let you come back to Georgia. Ever heard the saying snitches get stiches, well if you turn me into Mac you may be in trouble if you come back to Georgia.

                  • Braveheart…Did you appoint yourself hall monitor?

            • Average guy

              the mormons are far from being free from any one
              that is the least free religion ever manufactured

              they are just like slaves Slaves to there back wards church there foolish bishops and elders and Slaves to the temple

              there greedy elders and bishops tell them how much to give to the church and its usually 40 % BEFORE taxes

              Skittle shittin unicorn

              • You don’t really research much, do you? Your data seems like something you pulled off a public bathroom stall.

                40%? Try 10%. They tithe … tithe means one-tenth….and it’s voluntary.

            • **Seems like the Amish are independent from establishment-controlled paradigms… and they’re not being rounded up and burned alive on a regular basis.**

              Their lives evidently are hard–and I wouldn’t last a month in their living conditions.
              Saying that, our young would fare better, I think.
              So, there is hope.

              However, even the Amish cut corners to get what they want.
              They just interpret man’s law a little differently. 🙂

              • AND, the best thing of all??
                Gene’s pay is TAX FREE!!!

              • Problem is everybody seems to think these groups just popped up and went their merry way:

                FROM anabaptistorg:

                “The Old Order Amish take their name from an early Swiss Anabaptist, Jacob Amman.

                [Amish beliefs and lives] The Amish, called “The Plain People” or Old Order Amish, originated in Switzerland about l525. They come from an impressive list of martyrs. They were put in sacks and thrown into rivers in Europe. There are no Amish left in Europe; The Amish were saved from extinction by William Penn who granted a haven from religious persecution in America.”

                They had to flee for their lives since they were put to death as heretics by Catholics and Protestants.

                The REASON the Amish were pretty much left alone when they came to America is they came over to American so early, along with the other groups who left Europe because of religious persecution.

                It might have been a different story if they showed up in America later.

                • The Amish have lived in North America roughly 500 years… without being rounded up and exterminated. Seems like a good example to go by.
                  Noticed I didn’t say, duplicate.

                  Yes, the Amish were heavily religiously persecuted before they escaped to America and thousands were killed. You could probably say that about every group of people if you go back far enough in time. For this discussion, wouldn’t the last 100 years be a bit more relevant?

                  You might say, “it might have been a different story if the Amish had showed up in America later”. However; things worked out ok for other groups that kind of maintain their own individual ways and communities such as the Sweedish and German’s who were brought over during the railroad booms. Many of them didn’t even learn to speak English. Oh the horror! Then there’s Chinatown, and the Polish sections of big cities, etc…

                  Seems to me the reason the Amish managed to live peacefully in North America for so long was because they didn’t confront the empire directly and they didn’t force their lifestyle on their members.

                  Similarly, the head of the Mormon church isn’t sending out numerous death squads and pointing guns at all the members heads to prevent them from leaving. For the most part, they are all a part of that group voluntarily. It’s their choice, it’s not slavery for that reason.

                  And if you think about it, the roughly 1.85 million Native Americans killed off between the 15th and 19th centuries were victims of war and a wide-scale policy of extermination. We’re not quite there yet.
                  Many native american indians found a way to Not be killed off, some better, some worse. But obviously, their example shows it’s probably not a good idea to fight an empire head-on, and there are examples where living as a non-participant in a decentralized way, can work. YMMV.

                  • I don’t know that they “found a way” since alcoholism is such a force in their lives, even today, that ends up killing them. And look at how many “Native Americans” do NOT look native at all – assimilation.

                    As a rule, people don’t TEND to be totally annihilated by an invading force. There are very few instances in history where every single member of a culture was wiped out or “extincted” by invasion, as the remnants tend to be absorbed into the invading culture UNLESS you count the tribes that were totally annihilated when Europeans first came to the Americas, a lot of times though through disease and slavery. However, there are instances where entire cultures were wiped out by geological events such as volcanoes, droughts, etc., although some of these occurred over centuries, with a sometimes gradual dispersion of the people.

                    (As a side note: I particularly like the ancient South American way of sticking dead people into their enemies’ water sources/wells, etc.(gives new meaning to the word “floaties”.)

                    But you do have a valid point about the confrontation aspect…although you run the risk of them eventually “noticing” you. I have a very hard time believing that THEY will leave the Amish alone down the road because they threaten their “control-the-food” plan.

                    They are already shutting down the Mormon’s food resources…they have forced them to stop their food centers by their “food laws and policies” as the FDA has shut down the reknown Mormon canneries over the last year. From the “fromthetrenchesworldreportcom”:

                    “ALL LDS Canneries east of the Mississippi will no longer be canning any food. The FDA, in their infinite, expert opinions–said with the greatest of sarcasm–has managed to FINALLY create such a set of conditions which are impossible for the LDS Church to comply with. (Given the financial standing of the LDS Church it’s clear that this isn’t a monetary issue and since they have been seriously committed to helping others be self-sufficient at great sacrifice to themselves for decades, it’s clearly not a lack of commitment.)”

                  • *Many of them didn’t even learn to speak English*

                    The sect Gene works with does not even teach English until a certain age–I believe it is 7.
                    Not to get this sect confused with others.
                    There are many and each has their own doctrine.
                    Same with Mennonites here.

                  • Why is it only the LDS Canneries east of the Mississippi?
                    That seems odd.

                  • Average Guy: The thought is that since the canneries in the West are more “robust” and since they are closer to the LDS Church headquarters, there are more available church “personnel” to lend oversight to the burdensome FDA rules since there are 1.9 million members in Utah alone versus 26,000 in Massachusetts, 43,000 in Michigan, 51,000 in Pennsylvania, etc. They don’t have the personnel in the east to baby-sit all the FDA rules because allegedly the FDA keeps coming back and saying, “you now need to do this, you now need to that”, and just keeps dishing out new rules.

                  • That’s very interesting about the LDS Canneries, IIC.
                    Thanks for that.

                    I wonder how many of them have gone underground?

                    They’re the ‘new’ moonshine’ers and part of the ‘new’ underground railroad? It seems they’re right up there with raw milk sellers, the chicken buyers clubs, and the guys with food trucks in many cities such as Detroit who skirt the law and provide what other people want. A.k.a. people doing it anyway, no matter what the bully thugs demand. Heroic stuff.

              • I do believe the old order Amish/Mennonites would be the first initial survivors in most SHIFTs, but would loose out in the end because they would not fight to keep their
                possessions. That is their non-resistant way of life as their study of the Bible teaches. You would want them as close to your side as you could get them/they would allow themselves to be, because they do have the knowledge and infrastructure in place to help those who haven’t a clue where to begin. Because they live that life on a daily basis they would be invaluable to any community.

          • Six:
            Very good point. But don’t think they are already killing us.
            Hells Bells, they are already taking around 45% of everything you make and giving it to the Zombies and Leaches. Just think what you could do with just 25% of that.
            Now we got Obullshit car talk about kill you.

            • Sgt. Dale, every month I write two checks to the government, one to the feds and one to the state. They are payroll taxes and it comes pretty close to 50% of the take home pay. I have a two person machine shop and quite often I pay the government more than I pay myself. Add health insurance into the mix and it’s up to about 65% of my pay is being flushed down a government provide toilet before I have to pay property taxes, gas tax, phone tax, vehicle and boat registration tax…I did eliminate the restaurant and motel tax, we don’t go out to eat any more and we will go camping before we stay in a motel.

              Tax big, live small

              • We live in an “upside-down world”

                You know you live in an Upside-down Land if…

                • A Muslim officer crying “Allah Akbar” while shooting up an army base is considered to have committed “Workplace Violence”, while an American citizen boasting a Tea Party bumper sticker is classified by the Secretary of Homeland Security as a “Domestic Terrorist”.

                • You can get arrested for expired tags on your car, but not for being in the country illegally.

                • Your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more of our money.

                • A seven year old boy can be thrown out of school for calling his teacher “pretty” but hosting a sexual exploration or diversity class in grade school is perfectly acceptable.

                • The Supreme Court of the United States can rule that lower courts cannot display the 10 Commandments in their courtroom, while sitting in front of a display of the 10 Commandments.

                • Children are forcibly removed from parents who appropriately discipline them while children of “underprivileged” drug addicts are left to rot in filth infested cesspools.

                • Working class Americans pay for their own health care (and the health care of everyone else) while unmarried women are free to have child after child on the “State’s” dime while never being held responsible for their own choices.

                • Hard work and success are rewarded with higher taxes and government intrusion, while slothful, lazy behavior is rewarded with EBT cards, WIC checks, Medicaid and subsidized housing.

                • The government’s plan for getting people back to work is to provide 99 weeks of unemployment checks to not work.

                • Being self-sufficient is considered a threat to the government.

                • Politicians think that stripping away the amendments to the U.S. Constitution is really protecting the rights of the people.

                • The rights of the Government come before the rights of the individual.

                • Parents believe the State is responsible for providing for their children.

                • You can write a post like this just by reading the news headlines in the media.

                • You pay your mortgage faithfully, while your neighbor defaults on his mortgage, buys iphones, big screen TVs and new cars, and the government forgives his debt and reduces his mortgage with your tax dollars.

                • Your government can add anything it wants to your kid’s water (fluoride, chlorine, etc.), but you are not supposed to give them whole milk.

                • Being stripped of the ability to defend yourself makes you “safe”.

                • You have to have your parents signature to go on a school field trip, but not to get an abortion.

                • An 80 year old woman can be stripped searched by the TSA, but a Muslim woman in a burka is only subject to having her neck and head searched.

                Unfortunately, this list could go on and on.
                Our world has been turned upside-down.

                Wake up America!

                • I don’t know how this dang thing down voted you Ky Mom.

                • Great. Now I’ve got Diana Ross in my head for the remainder.

                • What you have demonstrated Kentucky mom is that democrat votes have always cost all Americans a better future and now a guaranteed trip down the toilet to third world status. Yes we can, but………

                • Howdy, KY Mom, and everything you say is unfortunately true. whoever red-thumbed you is a damned fool. braveheart

                  • 1000 thumbs up. you know, you just can’t fix stupid braveheart!

                  • Holy crap, there are a shit-ton of red-thumb NSA types here today, aren’t there????

              • R.O
                It is a damn shame. No one should have to pay that much.
                I told my wife once they are taking 49% of my check. I will stop working part time and live on what I get out of my pension. That means no more feeding the PIG this the Gov.

            • Absolutely, Sgt D.

          • I think Six Pack has missed the primary point.

            At no point do I suggest that decentralization will somehow make you safe from government retaliation. In fact, I state that you should COUNT ON government retaliation.

            I also think it is disingenuous to suggest that decentralization requires people to join some kind of compound. Americans can easily become more self sufficient and independent without all living in the same house. Your neighborhood, town, and county is your battleground, then of course the country at large.

            Finally, Sixpack overlooks the main strategy of the article, which is to force the enemy to come after you, thereby weakening him moral position. The founding father used non-participation and economic decentralization in order to force the British to come after them on THEIR ground and on THEIR terms.

            How many millions of people woke up to government tyranny after the events at Waco? I know I did. Decentralization is NOT about going your merry way while the establishment leaves you to your own devices. It is about forcing the establishment to take the mask completely off, thereby galvanizing even more citizens to the cause of liberty.

            • I respectfully disagree, Mr. Smith. While the examples I posted do suggest joining a compound in an attempt to flee govt control, I think it is already common knowledge that any and all separate entities that try to usurp the govt, are quickly smashed beyond recognition for their efforts. The idea that “United we stand, divided we fall” seems to support that notion.

              You can’t avoid control alone—you can’t avoid control standing in numbers, either. That was the point I failed to make. My apologies.

              As for making the establishment “come after you” to maintain the higher ground: I’m not so sure that ending up like Chris Dorner, Edward Snowden, or a host of others who put themselves directly in the wrong sights, is a fair trade-off.

              Let’s look at a couple of others who tried to “opt out”, Shall we?

              Martin Luther King, Jr.
              John F. Kennedy.

              Don’t need to point out the obvious, do I? Mr. King tried to “opt out” of discrimination and oppression. He refused to participate in systemic hate…right to the end.

              President John Kennedy tried to “opt out” of the CIA at the beginning of the growing surveillance/police state…right to the end.

              How about Ron Paul?

              You can’t say that Mr. Paul didn’t try to “opt out” of the corrupt political system in DC. You can’t say (with a straight face) that he didn’t fight it tooth and nail, and that he didn’t refuse to play the game by their rules—he made his own rules and stuck to his guns right to the end.

              What did Dr. Paul’s efforts ever really get him? He never pioneered any meaningful reforms because of obstructionism, yet he had pretty much everyone in the establishment “coming after him”. He even ended his presidential bid, partly because of death threats against his family. Would gaining the moral high ground be worth risking YOUR family’s lives?

              It can be said that each one of these individuals tried to “opt out” of quid pro quo. They tried to unplug from the system of corruption and hate. They each tried to play by their own rules, right to the end.

              What good is having the moral high ground, if you’re not around long enough to make a difference with it, or to at least know that some good WILL come of it?

              • Sixpack, you do make some valid points about trying to “opt out” of the system without being penalized. Fat chance. someone somewhere WILL sit up and take notice and penalize you in some form or fashion, i.e., as long as the system is still in existence and operating. The way the system is going I believe it will eventually stop working [EMP, CME, cyber attack, NBC attack]. when that happens, the points made by you and Brandon will become meaningless. In order to get targeted and penalized, there still has to be a system in existence and operational. “Interesting times” as the Chinese say are indeed coming at some point.

              • @sixpack

                You still don’t seem to get it. Government violence and retaliation are INEVITABLE, whether we sit on our hands and do nothing, or we take action to decouple from the system. I’m not sure why you think that the risks are relevant. I would rather fight for my freedom and die on my feet that live a long life on my knees in slavery. The risks are IRRELEVANT, given that the consequences for doing nothing are the same or worse than doing something. Only a coward trades freedom for temporary comfort.

                Also, you keep cherry picking particular individuals who were killed for their dissent. Yet, all successful revolutions, including the American Revolution, required decentralization from the controlling oligarchy. Not all acts of rebellion fail, yet you appear to be saying that we should not even try because we are doomed to failure.

                I choose not to live under such nihilism. I choose to try. And if they kill me, they kill me, but at least they won’t have my servitude, and perhaps I’ll take a few of them with me. Again, the risks DO NOT MATTER. You’re going to have to get used to that idea very quickly to survive the world we face tomorrow.

                • The old saying, “Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t” comes to mind.

                  Better to be damned because you did, than damned because you did not?

                  It seems to me that MLK, JFK and RP would all understand the good that is had by taking the moral high ground – it Did make a difference – but even If you’re not around long enough to make a difference with it, or to at least know that some good WILL come of it, that’s the very nature of the struggle. Imho. Otherwise, why give a rats ass? Just go ‘belly up’ now.

                  I’m a fan of those races where the runners hand off the baton to the next runner, what’s that called?

                  Anyway, I’m thinking integrity describes this: ” They each tried to play by their own rules, right to the end.”

                  What good is integrity?

                  Does anything matter?

                • “Finally, Sixpack overlooks the main strategy of the article, which is to force the enemy to come after you, thereby weakening him moral position.”

                  I woke up thinking about this statement from Mr. Smith. Sometimes a fresh look at things changes my outlook…but not this time. I’m sure he’ll feel like I’m still missing “the point”, but maybe that’s because forcing TPTB to turn you into a statistic, really is pointless in and of itself.

                  What Mr. Smith is really talking about, is MARTYRDOM.

                  It’s one thing for an individual to sacrifice his/her own life by refusing to stand down and shut up in the face of tyrants, or to save your fellow men/women/family/country, from a terrible fate. THAT is an honorable death indeed.

                  It is quite another thing to intentionally provoke a lethal attack, simply to show everyone that you were right.

                  For one thing, the only people who will give a damn about you or your righteousness, are the people who share your views already, not those who do not. They’ll probably see it as one less opponent to deal with. There may be someone who changes their mind because of the action, but that one turnover is rarely a game-changer—but it really sounds good on paper, as Mr. Smith just proved.

                  I’m sorry, but I didn’t spend all these years buying and storing expensive preps, learning how to defend myself and how to survive disasters of all kinds, just to throw myself under the bus to draw attention to a cause that people should already be aware of. Of course, there is a place for martyrdom, but in a crowd of drugged up, brainwashed sheeple isn’t it.

                  The dictionary web site gives four examples of “Martyr”

                  “1. a person who suffers death rather than renounce his religious beliefs
                  2. a person who suffers greatly or dies for a cause, belief, etc
                  3. a person who suffers from poor health, misfortune, etc…”

                  The first three examples sound quite noble, and I’m certain that all preppers would see their fellow man’s sacrifice as such. But there is a fourth example to consider:

                  “4. facetious, derogatory or a person who feigns suffering to gain sympathy, help, etc”

                  Now, unless I miss my guess, the majority of the sheeple, and all of the gimmedats will probably be inclined to see a prepper martyr as the fourth example…someone just trying to gain sympathy…that is, if they see anything at all.

                  IF A DIRECT ATTACK ONTHEM PERSONALLY DOESN’T GET THEIR ATTENTION, WHAT MAKES ANYONE THINK THEY’LL PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT HAPPENS TO “SOME OTHER GUY”? I think there are more effective ways to make A point to the brain-dead masses who have no moral compass to begin with.

                  I think the only martyr who actually had the presence and footing to accomplish what Mr. Smith seems to advocate, is JESUS CHRIST…but He didn’t give His life for “the cause”, He sacrificed it FOR OUR SALVATION. He wasn’t just trying to make a point.

                  Thumb me down if you like, but this is my honest opinion of Mr. Smith’s game of “chicken” played with TPTB.

        • Brandon loves to tell people they are wrong and stupid. He’s quite insecure

          • I think Mr. Smith eloquently disagreed with me. He then gave me a new opportunity to respond in kind, and others to chime in with some equally interesting information. THAT IS THE TRUE MEANING OF “DISCUSSIONS”.

      2. Headline: Europe Considers Wholesale Savings Confiscation, Enforced Redistribution

        • @ Brandon. You write a good article. It is just my opinion but it is too late now. You look at the mere fact that ONLY 1% of the population is preparing, even after minor to moderate SHTF events keep occurring. Still people just won’t prepare. Not for some total breakdown of society, but for the mere fact that Mother Nature is continuing to whack city and region after region. You would think that more than 1% would prepare for this reason alone.

          It is almost like something so severe must occur to wake people up. This is a the paradox. Something so severe is exactly what will make it too late for all those that have not prepared. Even after the series of tornadoes that continued to destroy city after city people after a few months were no loner stocking up or building safe rooms. even after the weather knocked out power for weeks, after this there was a flood of near new electric generators on ebay and other for sale sites. 99% of the population is stuck in the mud, head first.

          Those that wish control over the population must be salivating at the fact that the sheeple are so easily controlled and corralled into conformity, dependence, and denial. The prepper/survivalist community is the ONLY hope for any type of resistance against tyranny.

          If you and others read what I sent in the article about the solar sun spots 2 articles ago about friends it hits hard. Most people are just plain talk. People like yourself have a hell of a lot of conviction, but those around them that you can depend on not nearly so. Like what James Cullinan writes, just watch how those “friends” will evaporate overnight. You will be stunned. Horrified to find your closet buddy disintegrate at only the barest of sacrifice. People are fickle and finding out right NOW whom will stand side by side with you is paramount because most people will choose the side that best suits them. 99% of the people think it is the government. If this figure were not so high then more people would be out there prepping.

          I think the best course of action is to maintain a kinship of loyalists to freedom and what the Constitution really means and try to be as self sufficient as you mention as possible. Let them fight it out, the nations of power and aim to be the isolated pockets left over. The countries of the world WILL fight it out because like putting a bunch of roosters in a barnyard, only one rooster can remain standing. The elitists cannot share power. They are like mafia bosses ALWAYS wanting to be the top alpha dog.

          As your picture above shows, our best course of action is to remain the black sheep, the maverick. Let the others destroy themselves while remaining yourselves as free as posible. The goal to survive the first, second, third, and so onslaughts. Then attempt to rebuild society better next time around. I think one of the most uplifting movies about this is “The Postman” that brought freedom back to the people against tyranny. I just again cannot stress how important it is to have the right people in your survival group. Trust and honor is one of the most valuable commodities a human being can have and give to another.

          • BI, quick note: I got your emails the last couple days. I sincerely appreciate you getting in touch and am right with you. We’re on it and doing our best to keep the site clean and conducive to an open and informative exchange of ideas.

            As some of you have noticed, we’ve taken steps to eliminate comments that add no value to the conversation other than to berate site contributors. While free speech is a hallmark of this web site, when that speech is designed to distract from the conversation and insult those who have taken the time and effort to share their insights and ideas, then we’re going to take action.

            Thank you all for your feedback and patience. We urge our readers to utilize the Thumb Up/Down feature — this assists our moderators with identifying spam, as well as commentors who have no intention of engaging in constructive dialogue. Likewise, please feel free to contact us via the form at our contact page ( ) if you have any concerns.

            We’re doing our best, and to be frank, there are a lot of other things happening on the back-end of this web site and our extended network. Thus, our ability to deal with childish comments and arguments is pretty limited. As most of you know, we allow 99.9% of comments from real users through without a hitch. But those users who post scores of comments attacking others while providing no legitimate input are going to be deleted. And because we are often dealing with 10, 20 or 50 comments at a time, our new policy is to implement a blanket deletion of all comments from users who refuse to act in a civil manner.

            Argue all you want. That’s what this is all about. But please be cordial and respectful to other members of this community when you do. We all get fired up – and I think everyone here gets that… so sometimes insults will fly… and we’ll let those go… but when all you do is launch attacks, then we’re going to go 1984 on you and nuke all of your comments in the process as if they never existed. (We simply don’t have the time to go line by line)

            Again, thank you all for your regular visits, contributions and feedback.


            • Mac, have been here for years now and you do not need to explain yourself or your practices. Do what you have to do to stop the out right, non contributing trolls that need to be thermo nuclear reduced. Trust me we all appreciate the effort to keep the site positive, with out reducing opinions of others, but if they are not contributing in some form, and only trolling, “zap em”!

              • sal to add to that, I’m new here, but I’ve noticed quickly that no matter what, personal attacks or not, do not reply to them in any way. not only does it extend there stay when they are zapped’, the blog makes no sense

              • SALV:

            • HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!

              Attaboy Mac! Once again this site sets itself apart from many others.

              Stay classy people (written in as good of a Ron Burgandy I can muster.)

              God Bless,

              • Correction Norse. It used to be set apart and bow seems to be flowing over into the column of most all the other survival forum type sites like with all their mods and censoring posts. I don’t want people to act liek they do and say the things they do…..but I am an extreme person (the world needs extreme people and history has proven it) and am all in or out….no in between. Censorship is a slippery slope that always starts off with “good reason.”

            • Best post I have read tonight!

            • Thank you!

            • Mac, many here certainly have enjoyed the positive exchanges your efforts have provided us. Thank you so very much.

              Is there a way for us folks to communicate to each other. I sure would like to shake a hand and offer assistance to folks when needed. I’m on the coast of South Carolina, Hilton Head Island area.

              Y’all Beware! contact info by email is: [email protected]

              • ya’ll beware – we’re working on it… private messaging will come online as soon as the new forum area does… not sure of exactly when but i’d like to get a beta version online in March.

                Thanks and have a good one!

                • Mac. How long ha e we been saying that. You know I am on your side.

                  • LOL — I know. It always seems to get put on the backburner… but “this time is different.” 🙂

                • MAC- add a “donate” button , if you think it will help .

                  • @ Hammer…I second that motion.

            • I fully support this Mac. There truly are SOME things that are not covered under the guise of “free speech.” To allow any repeatedly venemous attack to continue, deals a blow to real free speech.

              • Thanks Sixpack — for those who thumb’d down Sixpack’s comment, consider if you had a restaurant or other business and a patron walked in screaming, yelling and threatening people. And what if that person came in every day… or several times a day for no other reason than to harass people in your establishment?

                What would you do?

                Let that person remain in your establishment because of the first amendment?

                Thanks all!


                • @ Mac. Beautiful analogy. When it affects someone’s pocketbook that wants absolute free speech, the opinion sure often changes doesn’t it?

                • Or talked ‘vulgar’. That is when I say free speech is great, but not at my sensibilities’ expense.

                  vulgar: vulgar: Crudely indecent, deficient in taste, delicacy, or refinement marked by a lack of good breeding.

                  Let’s call a spade a spade.

            • “While free speech is a hallmark of this web site, when that speech is designed to distract from the conversation and insult those who have taken the time and effort to share their insights and ideas, then we’re going to take action. ”

              THAT IS NOT FREE SPEECH.

              If you cannot speak freely you are not free.

              I support free speech 100% and any of the trash talk bullshit you want to talk about. here, any forum, or in the real world.

              the price you pay for YOUR free speech is putting up with trolls and dirt stars.

              moderating or censoring because YOU don’t like what other people are saying or even what a bunch of people don’t like people saying is akin to ________________ ____ ___ _____ ______ _______ like the mother fking tyrants your fore fathers fled to America to get away from.


              • I agree nunurbusiness….

              • Given this argument, should we approve all of the 1,000,000 plus spam comments identified by our system that were never released into the comment areas?

                Those are just people promoting their breast enhancement creams, spyware, scam web design services, etc… Would they be protected under free speech too?

                And how would that serve this community?

                I am not trying to be an ass, but this is a private organization. Where is the limit? Or do we just let people post ANYTHING they want, without limits?

                This is not an easy decision for me to make — but as noted, 99.9% of human comments are approved on this web site. We have, on several occasion, taken the step of banning or removing some users from these comment areas, but it is quite rare (perhaps a dozen in the last 5 years).

                If you were in my shoes, how would you handle this? Ideas are welcomed.



                • Your site Mac…your call.

                  Our businesses…our call. No one else’s.

                  I one doesn’t like it, they can choose another option.

                  Our clients/friends love/support us because we don’t bs them and are always here for them. Whether good or bad.

                  Some will always be on the outside looking in. Keep up the good work.

                  • MAC

                    You’re being prudent and kind.

                    If those same people were in my camp,
                    I would have to rearrange their nose
                    a bit as a disciplinary action toward
                    an attitude adjustment.

                    You have a fine well run site here.
                    Keep on truckin’, my friend.

                • mac, what your doing now is one of the best I’ve seen, hands down. it is proven by the amount of intelligent people I see return, and contribute. it quickly became one of my fav. sites to check. unfortunately I do not see your job as getting easier as time, and popularity goes on. if I do come up with anything, I will send it your way.

                • Mac, did you say “breast enhancement cream”? How much?

                • As you know Ive been here along time and have asked you and others over the years to tolerate the worst of them as long as its possible…as I often say its offensive speech that needs protection not sweet speech…I think youve done a fine job of not censoring much of anything even when youve had the right /grounds to do so and there are rare times when its nessesary to deal a hardline with some persons who continually engage in personal attacks that serve no purpose…I trust you will continue to err on the side of the spirit of free speech and personally I would tell you so if I believed you are crossing the line…I think thats all of ours responsibility to stand up even to you yourself and ask questions if need be but I also understand this site is yours and the final arbitrator in any disagreement is yourself because I believe in private property also and will defend your right to it(if I or others dont like what youre doing and we cant come to any agreement then theres no one stopping us from moving on,no one makes me come here although I do enjoy this site :)…all Id ask is please if possible in any particular situation you come up against you will deliberatly err on the side of the “spirit” of free speech/expression…Ive been the subject of some of the personal attacks and have always tried to respond(if at all) in a sane and reasoned manner…so I can understand that angle and stand on the side of honest free open debate whilst also defending your right to control your property…I know you dont need my 2 cents worth but I think this is one of those times folks have got to speak up and thats what Im doing…thanks for this forum and the freedom you have built into it,my hope is itll stay what it is…a place to teach to learn and to engage in the free exchange of thoughts and ideas, thanks Mac! REB

                • @ Mac..Let the breast enlargement ones filter through if they have pics attached.

                  • Thumbs down to breast pictures???? Jeez….

                • My thought Mac, as far as profanity. It is not needed to express ones thoughts or ideas. So just because a person needs to show they are profane, let them freely express their ideas in some other way but not with profanity. Just because a person can spew out profanity, doesn’t show that they are any tougher than the next, it just shows their stupidity. In the olden days along with being taught about the Constitution and Bill of Rights we were also taught about simple respect. Or was this just a Southern thing? Trekker Out.

                  • I don’t usually believe in profanity either, mountaintreker. However, if someone is say.. making racist comments (which they often do on this site)– which is a very stupid and offenseive way to “communicate”, then they should be cursed out.

                    Actually, making racist remarks is not really “communicating”. Its attacking. Should we ban that too?

                  • MT. Are you saying that you never use profanity?

                  • dub I have used profanity thousands of times, but rarely in front of women and children. But no, I don’t use profanity as a rule in my day to day conversation. As it says in God’s word, cursing and blessings ought not come out of the same mouth. Do I still do it? On ocassion, but it’s nothing to be proud of. Trekker Out. The Flesh Is Weak!

                • I appreciate your stand on this! Some negative responders might not have experienced the day in day out oftentimes successful attempts to hijack and heckle. Since there has been an overwhelming support of you blocking those perpetrators I don’t see how this is censorship. My visits here have been less frequent because of the trash one has to sort through to find the golden nuggets. It’s very refreshing to see you take a stand on this!

                  It’s also been good to see you making replies!

                • The problem is, not all of us are right wingers (like most on this site)and yet feel very strongly about the Constitution and especially the right to bear arms. Also, I’m a prepper. But its sometimes stressful because, as I said, I’m not republican and so don’t exactly fit in.

                  I really think we all (democrats, republicans, and independents) all need to try to come together and stop bickering or else TPTB are going to kick our collective a…s! “divide and conquer” is a military tactic they’ve used quite well to conquer us.

                  • Anonymous @ 7:55 P.M. wrote, “I really think we all (democrats, republicans, and independents) all need to try to come together and stop bickering or else TPTB are going to kick our collective a…s! “

                    You’ve got that right. And as far as I can tell, agreeing to follow the Non Aggression Principle is about the Only earthly way out.

                    The problem is, the ideological basis of most (democrats, republicans, and independents) is to want to force their way onto everyone else.

                    We can only wish that everyone looks into the Non Aggression Principle and adopts that ‘Live and Let Live’ approach. Then maybe we can get by?

                  • Average Guy – Non Aggression Principle, are you a member of Downsize DC? It’s a great site, that is were I first heard that phrase. I love the e-mail alerts they send out that I can forward to my congressjerks.

              • This IS NOT censorship! Mac’s site is his private, for-profit business. It his his right to do with it as he pleases!!! If you don’t like it, you don’t have to come here, your choice. Censorship is when a tyrannical government does not allow free speech, and threatens the speaker with fines, imprisonment, or death – it is their choice, not yours. Learn your terminology before you throw fireballs!!!!

            • With all due respect Mac, censorship plain and simple.

              Like TV channels I don’t like, I click right past them. The reason some of these posters continue to antagonize is that people (you know who you are!) continue to respond angrily to them. If you don’t want bears around, don’t feed them. Sticks and stones people. Just ignore these people and they will eventually go away.

              Of course, it is your site and do what you feel is right of course. But remember the First Amendment was to protect unpopular (political) speech…

              • amen sheepdog.

                And that is what I have been trying to tell people like Be Informed and Braveheart in all their just as childish rants back at Eisenkreutz but they don’t listen and get all personally upset at things that poster says….really silly when you think about it. In fact it starts to make me wonder just who “THOSE” posters are.

                Things that make you go hmmmmm?

              • @ Sheepdog. Its Mac’s site. Its HIS “Free Speech” to delete any comments he doesnt like. Free speech is to protect us from the evil gov. Ridding a person who disrupts the forum is his choice and is welcome. IMO. There are posters who feel the need to respond and “protect” someone. This just inflames and emboldens the ass disrupting the discusion. You are correct to just red thumb and move on Without comment.

                • I am well aware of whose site it is and did acknowledge that.

                  That being said @Gun, perhaps someday you’ll be the one “disrupting the forum” and need to be “gotten rid of” for your view.

                  There is evil everywhere, not just the gubment. I think most folks here are more than able to defend themselves.

                  Those willing to sacrifice Liberty for security deserve neither… I think that applies to speech as well buddy.

                  • If he chooses to get rid of me, thats his choice. If I had a forum, I would run it the way I want, Not what someone else wants.

                  • What sheepdog is trying to say is “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

                  • yupper!

              • Yeah, I really didn’t mind Eisen. He was a pain in the butt at times, but we all could just not look at his comments. Actually, I thought he was kind of funny at times. At least the site wasn’t boring with him and his big mouth! Ha!

                • Anon/.02,

                  I am glad to see somebody gets it guys.

                  If you want opinions stifled because it offends you or hurts your feelings, heil hitler. What’s next, thought police? With rights come responsibilities? What to not hurt somebody’s feeings? Where will it end?

                  Never thought I’d get thumbs down quoting a Founding Father. You’re damn right the road to Hell is paved with “good intentions” .02, I just didn’t think I’d see it here on SHTF.

                  • Very well put Sheepdog!

                  • Thats up to MAC when it will end. Do you want the Government to force Mac to allow people to disrupt HIS site? Would you like another Law? If you had a guest in your house calling you a fucker, you would kick his ass out. This is Mac’s house. He paid for it. we are guests. I do see your point, but it should be directed at government censorship, because We pay for the government, not private ownership. Do you think the Oregon Bakery that refused to bake a wedding cake for a couple of queers should be forced to or sued out of business? Its thier fkg bakery.

                • I agree 100%…..yup you got it! Don’t like it, don’t look at it. Those thrwoing hissy fits about what someone else posts, no matter how stupid or enflaming, make themselves look just as childish and bad IMHO. And yes there were a few times I laughed my butt off at things Eisen posted 🙂

                  • And besides, the biggest reason this is BS is this sitre already has a process that eliminates the comments….the red thumb down hides the post once a post recieves enough of them. So what’s up with this anyway….why is this even wanted in the first place??

            • Mac,

              Thank you!

              I believe with rights, come responsibilities.

              Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but comments should be civil.

              • Ky Mom I agree 100%. With rights do come responsibilities and when people don’t act responsible they lose those rights, that is one of the reason we are so burdened down with laws now. And if you want to see a loss of freedom, just wait until we are required to give our real email address. So keep on using profanity and making personal attacks and rants against other commenters. It will be interesting to see how many comments are made when we can’t use OPSEC. Do you want to use your email address? Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

            • Mac, I, for one, appreciate what you’ve done with eisen’s comments lately and I don’t blame you. I myself had been making a serious mistake becoming obsessed with the troll. Now I am red-thumbing each and every troll all I can instead of responding to them and I hope everyone else will also. This site rocks and I will do my part to help keep it that way. braveheart

              • @ braveheart. I truly myself rather concentrate on finding solutions to the many problems out there and discuss the events of the world. The more we are aware of what is going on, the more ready we will be before it happens. Anyone preparing is better off knowing before a catastrophic event(s) occur, even a few seconds can make a massive difference such in an earthquake.

                • @ BI.. when KY mom’s stalker shows up to annoy her, maybe you could refrain for responding like you and Braveheart did with eisen. Just red thumb. I feel that you were a major part in the disruption of the topic, even though you have good posts.

                  • @ gun. I will admit when I was in error, and yes I do definitely take part of the blame for this mess. This is very difficult for me to see someone like KY Mom attacked. She adds so much to the site, and besides this she is a very nice lady. Actually I am going to take your advice. I might though give KY Mom a nice comment below her comment to show my support for her. You think that would be okay don’t you?

                  • @ BI..Thats because you have good moral character. I have walked away from arguements and even a fight I knew I would clean house on, because it wasnt the right thing to do. I was very difficult and I have often failed.

                  • correction…IT was very difficult. ( I probably was too)

                  • You are spot on Gun

                • BI, good evening, and I’m with you all the way. We need to get back to what the site is really supposed to be about. I have to confess I really got out of hand at times myself not only with eisen but also with Peterson whenever he was attacking KY Mom. I also confess I used to enjoy jumping on trolls when they came on here, regardless of who they were. But no more. I have recognized the error of my ways and I am now religiously red-thumbing the trolls. I’m glad for what Mac has done. it’s like walking outside for a breath of fresh air after being cooped up in the house for days. I think the site will really thrive now. Mac, whatever happened to the ‘Community Discussion” feature on the right-hand column? Any chance of reviving that feature?

            • Thanks Mac,
              YOU’RE THE BEST
              —Miss Dee Dee

          • @ Mac. You have worked too hard to make this site a success to have anyone try to take it down. Too many people out there spend their own free time to have the site, you, and others attacked repeatedly just for someone’s own selfish pleasure. We are all in this together. The more we can work and aim for the betterment of each other, the more chance we all have when it all comes down. I sure do enjoy discussing solutions to problems than trying to fight it out over petty issues that have no value at all. That is what the government wants us to do, be distracted and lack of focus towards the really essential matters at hand like preparing and seeing the truth about what is going on in the world.

            • So this is how liberty dies….with thunderous applause. I guess it is just too much to ask of adults to skip, move on, turn the channel, change the station et. etc..

              But hey, this is par for every site on the internet sooner or later.

              • I suppose it’s too much to ask that people not engage in venomous insults and degradation, and it’s too much to ask that the conversations resemble adult discussions.

                Speech is not free—we all have to fight for it by engaging in it.

                • Six… answer your question…which any smart person with common sense should already know….yes what you are asking is way TOO much. As long as humans have been on planet earth (the garden) and are imperfect and evil exists in the world…then yes it is too much to ask and kind of silly to even think it.

                  Some on here are beginning to remind me of the Bill Orielly type with their new spin on free speech. Free speech is just that…free. Any person is and should be allowed to say whatever they want. Smart and wise people don’t engage with the person that wants to argue and be childish or mean spirited….think Proverbs. The best post was above by someone who said don’t engage with them or you’ll extend their stay. There is NO gray area here….you are either for free speech or you are not and actions you take will show where you stand. This all sounds like progressivism to me. Kind of like the slippery slope of gun control with FFL BS and running background checks on you for wanting to buy a damn shotgun at a gun show. You either support the 2nd amendment or you don’t and your actions and where you purchase your tools will show where your support lies…same thing as this censorship starting here….truly sad, what a shame.

                  • @ BJ. Absolutism doesn’t work with free speech, the same as absolutism didn’t work with the witch trials. People were automatically sentenced without common sense or reason. Free speech defined as absolutism allows someone with a vendetta to cut and paste thousands or tens of thousands of bits of hate on to a web site taking up so much space between real comments that the scrolling process takes hours to get through. Does free speech mean the protection of spam on a web site? Does free speech protect someone using a web site to promote a product of theirs without any due compensation to the web site owner? Does free speech cover someone making threats to a politician that will shut down the web site because the owner allowed it?

                    The real danger of free speech is the danger of those abusing it in the name of absolutism. This is exactly what any tyranny type government wants, those people that say free speech must be absolute to prove to the masses just how many TRUE barriers to it must be put up.

                    There was a Star Trek eposide in which these people were going to execute Wesley for accidentally breaking something. All laws on the planet were absolute and meant anyone breaking ANY law was executed. This was an example of absolutism. The captain saved Wesley by convincing an all powerful energy force with this one quote that also applies to free speech and life:

                    “I say to any creature who may be listening, there can be no justice so long as laws are absolute. Even life itself is an exercise in exceptions”.

                  • Be Informed,
                    Your doing the same thing someone above did with your leaping to try and connect this with outrageous stuff. The other poster tried comparing free speech with nudity in cartoons and now you’re tying it to witch trials…c’mon gimme a break! And as far as web sites, I tell you, I’d rather see ads and people pushing things in their comments than all over the front page of the site like Mac has allowed in the last year or so, more and more ads making the page too busy and on top of that, taking away the latest posts section…WTH? Also going to a “reply” style instead of a “quote” style. The way it was changed to this style a few years ago…..make it damn near impossible to check for certain posts replies this way or at least takes you hours to go through all of them to see if anyone replied once there are hundred posts or more, 500+ comments on articles….forget about it!

                    So I am supporting what a tyranny type govt wants because I support free speech. Yet you want gray area and “exceptions?”

                    Star Trek?………..really?

                    I disagree vehemently, but oh well, this is the way the whole world is going. IO can’t fight the whole world, but I can stay true to what I believe and support. I don’t think I have ever posted a comment on here that would of been deleted, but I just hate to see this slippery slope get started, and mark my words, it has!

                  • @ BJ. I love free speech and is a gift of freedom, but where do you draw the line? What it seems like to me is that you are advocating absolute free speech. This means that someone can harass someone’s to death and violate all sorts of rights to privacy. This is supporting extremism. TV shows can come up with wise words just like anyone can, as they are the writings and thoughts of people. People advertising their products being allowed to becomes a site no longer dedicated to survival. IT becomes a giant billboard.

                    Free speech requires at least a little bit of discreation and common sense or it will become abused and lose its value and strength.

                    Before you go on supporting these types of absolutism, including the ABUSE of the beauty of free speech look at the synonyms of absolutism.

                    Absolutism also means:
                    Garrison State

                  • The 2nd Amendment only applies to the federal government. It does not apply to private individuals. If someone is in my house and starts ranting, I have every right to toss his butt out the door. If our preacher at church starting preaching hate, the deacons would help him out the door. If not, some of the congregation would.

                    So any website has the right to allow or disallow whatever they wish.

                  • BEAUTIFULLY SAID, BJ! If we don’t like what someone says, we can always move along… (or curse them out! Ha,ha!)

              • The death of liberty? More like the birth of civility.

                ‘Yelling fire in a theater’ is an overused cliche of an example, but not everything that comes out of a person’s mouth (or is typed on a forum) is an expression of liberty.

                • OK Orielly

                  spin stops here

                  uh yeah, sure.

                • @ john1028. Your are correct. On Aug.31, 2005 someone yelled BOMB on a crowded bridge in Iraq. The stempede lead to 1000 people dying. This is not free speech to yell bomb that leads to panicking many people and leading to hundreds of people dying. There has to be some sort of common sense to REAL free speech and the abuse of this right.

                  • So yelling “bomb” in Crapistan is the same as posting something on SHTF that offends someones sensibilities? Really?

                    Hey BJ, could you possibly imagine what Samuel Adams would think reading these newspeak defences of censorship? I can’t imagine that “feelings, decorum, civility and REAL free speech” were part of his vocabulary.

                    If your “feelings” or “sensibilities” are offended before SHTF wait until after SHTF!

              • Is it anti-liberty for a society to restrict nudity on children’s cartoons? or to have profanity laws against people dropping the F bomb on TV or while standing in line at the grocery stor or post office? Is it anti-liberty to ask people to silence their phones in church or the movies?

                Of course not–all societies have a code of acceptable conduct, whether it is an unspoken agreement of acceptable behaviour or whether it presents itself as restrictions by law ( like me walking my ugly butt naked down the driveway to fetch my mail from the box).

                When people are incapable or intentionally beligerant against basic cordial behaviour, then men must first admonish and then take action to restrict or eliminate those who would impinge upon others RIGHTS to be FREE of unwarranted disruption, attacks or vitriolic discourse.

                To put it simply, the trolls and despoilers do not have the right to come into this house-website- and steal from the process of insight and intelligent and cordial discourse that we are trying to establish.

                • Wow, what a leap from free speech and the freedom for people to show their ass (pun intended) in what they say to nudity on cartoons.

                  • Not a leap at all–you were the very one who said, “I’m usually all in”…so are you contradicting yourself? Do you agree that there is a need for some establishment of decorum guidelines? Whether it is on TV, the internet or in public, don’t we as humans have a code of decency we try and abide by?

                    It is actually Mac’s website–and his freedom to remove disruptive elements who provide no cognitive or contributory discourse–to claim that it is wrong for him to set standards of conduct on his website is actually an infringement upon his liberties to do as he wishes at his property ( intellectual or physical.)

                  • Heil Javelin!

            • Mac’s right in interpreting free speech rights.
              I had a daycare/preschool and if a child came in every day playing with himself while in the singing/music circle, that is conducive and destructive to my objective in a learning environment.
              (and yes, he was dismissed when the parents said it was ‘normal’, leave him be)

              • I see Mac’s position as bending, NOT breaking.
                If vulgar, disruptive, disgusting, insulting behavior in the posts continues, the site will die and the result will be the few that have gotten use to the addressed topic remaining.
                I’ve seen it happen and visit those sites– to read only–to this day still and discover the same old ideas of years ago–over and over. Boring!!
                Sites only thrive with new incite, new ideas, participants sharing new ideas, new incite.

                • @ JayJay. I like also the famous survivalist term, of adapting.

                • Jay Jay,
                  I had begun to write a comment on this thread about how I felt about the war of words of the past week. My computer skipped a beat and all was lost to cyber space. After regaining internet connectivity I decided not to re type my thoughts because of the length of time and the willingness to allow Mac’s decision to run course. I will admit that I felt that many here believed they were sitting on a property dividing fence with the Hatfields on one side and the McCoy’s property on the other. I was thinking of leaving the forum out of discuss. The overall consensus was that the nonsense had to stop. So here I stay , ready to learn.
                  — Miss Dee Dee

            • Besides, Mac says “this is a private organization” If we were meeting in his home and some of that nonsense went on, I would think he would ask them to leave and if they wouldn’t, well, he might just have to put them out.

          • The first, best thing to do – get out of debt. If it means renting, driving an older model auto, etc, there’s your first sacrifice. This is a debt nation and debt makes you a slave. It’s hard to be free to make a difference when you carry debt around on your back day to day, month to month. It’s wonderful that first month to see utilities only and have more than enough to begin to make a difference. If you can loose the utilities, so much the better. It starts with being debt free. You need the cash resourses to begin the pull back.

            • Renting is not getting out of debt, it is paying someone else’s debt. Having a roof over your head is something that you will always have to pay for, I know there are exceptions but they are on the extreme edges. If I was a renter I couldn’t do to this property the things that I’m doing, such as putting in a hand pump well, putting in solar, tiling up new ground for more garden area, building a blacksmith shop, having put in chicken coops out buildings, goat pens………….

              Getting out of debt is a good thing, if you have to get into debt then it’s best to do all you can to shorten up the payment period by paying a lot of extra on the principal.

              • …or not worry about it.

                Living day to day is so important. One never knows what tomorrow will bring…but that doesn’t mean that one should NOT have a plan if things turn to shit.

                We have a mortgage, 2 bizes and we are moving ahead just as you are.

                IMO, wshtf, debt will be the last thing to worry about.
                We now know the game. We have played by the rules. They change the rules, we adapt. THEY have destroyed the country, the govt, the jobs, the rules.

                They continuous push us into a corner…soon there will be only one place to go.

                All of this seriousness Rick…I can’t hardly wait for the first “fishing story” of the year.

                Hanging tough with the rest of you…lms

                • Springer salmon fishing is about to start, not my favorite fishing to do but it’s a good primer and a good shake down period for the boat before the saltwater season goes into full swing.

                  • Rick, have you had them tested for radiation? i haven’t been salmon fishing since Fuku.

            • Wise post.

          • BI, good morning, and another spot on analysis. I also enjoy Brandon’s articles.

        • 02

          Of course…

          All of the EU AND the US will be Cyprussed at some point..

          It never ever ends..does it?

          And just what recourse do we really have..seriously?

          Any suggestions..?


      3. Revolution must be directed at the oligarchs, not just their mascots, and if anyone asks you to rally around a revolution that does not name central banking and international banking entities and the men who run them as direct culprits, they are probably controlled opposition. We don’t need a French or Bolshevik Revolution to replace old puppets with new puppets, we need to go to the very heart of the cancer that has stricken our nation and remove it. If this means we have to physically fight back, then so be it, but we must be smart in how we fight.

        So is this guy talking assassination?

        • .02 I’d prefer a German style putch! 🙂

      4. 85 bullets are all that is need .02

        • I doubt that, someone else will step in, always seems like that.

          • .02, he says to go after the Globalist bankers, etc. not the pols.

            • Yes Maudy i read the article, and he has the right people targeted, but who is going to step up and actually try to get close enough to these people to “make a difference’?

              • probably someone like Mao , Mussolini , Hitler or Obama.

                These are the kind of people who want to seize power in
                a country with social/economic troubles .

              • .02 Individuals with much better skills and assets than us.

          • .02,
            Then extend the number to the family members, wipe the seed from the earth. Maybe that would be enough shock and awe to make sure no one anytime soon wants to follow in the bankers footsteps.

            • Yes BJ that would probably do it, for awhile. But then the same problem will arise again because we humans always have a “better plan”. Pride brings us down every time. Some say greed others say sloth (being lazy) but all these problems and all other problems of man is and always will be pride first as all the others stem from this. For instance why do people think they can rule others? And don’t even get me started on the folks that think they can control the weather, even tho the Air Force says they will have a lock on it in a few years. Wait until you see what nature is capable of when humans really start poking it with a stick.

              • Eternal Vigilence. It takes a long time.

              • Yes this we can agree on.

                “rule others?”

                Like as in what they are allowed to say?

                Just sayin….

                • yes we agree. You knew my standing on censorship.

                  • There was some damn good debate between alot of good posters above on free speech and it was civil. Thanks 02, sheepdog, sixpack, BJ, JayJay, Javelin and a few others.

                  • And Mac, for making it possible.

      5. I agree, unplug from the system and do not participate but for God’s sake, do not broadcast the fact that you are doing so on you CIA sponsored/monitored Facebook page or other mass communication and surveillance medium. The minute you do, the city or county or state or Feds will be coming to shut you down and force you back into serfdom.

        • Facebook Page

      6. As the saying goes, You may not want to get involved in politic, but politics will get involved with you. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

        • All politics is local.
          You have to know who in your community stands for what and treat them accordingly. Just take a look at bumper stickers, yard signs, etc. these will give you and idea of who is who.
          In my business I have the power to decide who pays what for my services. Believe me, when I see Hope and change, the meter runs at high speed. When I see a union label things get expensive FAST. If these people vote in people or laws that make an economic impact on MY life, I WILL recover the loss from them. Conversely, Those who act with personal responsibility will be treated with respect and are helped during hard times.
          I like to use the term “Starve The Beast” and while I am not sure I am doing that, it is my goal.

          • +1,000,000,000,000…a journey ALWAYS begins from home.

      7. Is anyone against the use of force to gain freedom? If neccessary.

        • Actually it’s about more than freedom. It’s also about survival.

          • It is our Liberty and pursuit of happiness they are robbing us of.

            • Yes because they know better than you do. We should be more like Africa.

        • Maudy Frickett, there will be no choice in the use of force. When multigenerational career welfare moochers cant use dat EBT card, there will be AHEM, social unrest!
          I can only hope and pray that the productive people will not only survive, but aid the new America in returning to what it once was.

      8. You must do whatever is required to complete the task set. Once the decision has been made, either by you or your group, then decisive action must be taken. Always remember, commit to it and stay strong. Novthing else will matter but the end result.

      9. Brandon points out some obvious and not so obvious assertions people make. Nobody has all the answers or even ‘the answer’ to the multitude of questions we all have. Giving the answers to people is not the ‘answer’ rather than giving them ‘awareness’. You can have all the correct answers to all the problems in the world, but they are worthless if they fall on deaf ears. “There are none so blind, as those who will not see” comes to mind.

        That being said, it is important that we ALL try daily in every thing we do and say to set the example. BE the kind of person you would like to see make it through SHTF and DRAW people to you by your actions, not just words. You can have a high powered telescope and warn people that the ‘Sky is falling’ all you want….but unless it hits THEM in the head they probably won’t believe you. I don’t know about you, but I’m thankful that I was shaken violently awake, by someone before it got too late.

        Don’t give up on people who are still asleep…we ALL were at one point. Sadly, some will never waken.

        • My other brother, not the idiot, finally came around after i explained many different situations with all points leading to the same ends and then he went to the opposite extreme and completely unplugged everything. He says it is better not knowing. He wont even watch msm news anymore after I systematically chopped it up and showed him the nasty underbelly. He was here a week ago and asked how the world was holding together and I produced the regular doom and gloom and he wondered if i felt better knowing these things and not being able to do fvkall about it. He says he is happier not dwelling on shit he cant change, and i also have to point out he is an atheist so his views are a bit skewed. But maybe I am hooked on shtf and could it be a mental problem, and now that I am prepped should I just quit looking? Happiness is hard to find and he seems as happy as a guy could be for an atheist I suppose.. Sometimes i wonder as I have been following the slow destruction of civilization since the 70’s. Would ignorance be bliss?

          • .02

            Ignorance is bliss…

            I think if you don’t know about a car heading at you while you stand in the middle of a residential street because you are marveling at the beautiful shapes the clouds are making on the mostly sunny day. Then SPLAT!! But not just any splat, the bone sticking out of the skin in a coma for a month with a lifetime of limping in pain type. Yes, when you had no idea what was coming at you I believe you were happy as a lark.

            You were ignorantly bliss until the moment your life changed forever.

            Or, you could be aware of your surroundings, keeping your head on a swivel, looking both ways before you cross the street. You can give yourself a chance to see an oncoming car and step out of the way because you had a good idea it was coming.

            That’s the best way I can think to describe it. We could all be blissfully happy in ignorance, or we could choose to be mindful of our surroundings and give ourselves a potential chance to see impending danger and prepare for it to avoid it or at least manage it without ending in a SPLAT.

            God Bless,

            • .02
              I agree with NP, and would add, it’s just not in your nature. not only do you look for the oncoming car, you figure at least two ways to kill the driver.

            • I been married 39 years and if it was just me I had to worry about things would be different. As it is I have to make about 40,000 gross to keep the wolf away and the lights on and mortgage paid, etc. But if I was single I would sell everything except my van and just travel from place to place working when i was getting close to broke, make a few bux and travel to the next place. That is what I think would be closest to being free, going Galt and making sure I stayed right at the level to pay minimum taxes if possible. But even tho I could maybe taste a slice of freedom, it still would be nothing compared to the citizens of the Americas 2 century’s ago. As I near 60 I am starting to think I don’t want to trade what is left of my life in exchange of paying taxes and hours for dollars, but I am still beholden as a man to keep the roof over the missus. Hours are starting to get much more valuable while dollars get to be damn near ass wipe. Working 6 days a week 12 months a year with a 2 week vacation is fvking slavery anyway you slice it. Balance is hard to find.

              • .02

                Same here…61 years of age..been married 29 years..3 young adult kids..3 about the same to stave off the same wolves…
                Just found a second part time job after 8 months of searching to stay above the fray..

                Wife and I have discussed all the options..there are none.

                We have resigned ourselves to stay put…work extra hours at second jobs 6 days a week and enjoy what little time we have left with family…fuck it all…we have no 401/savings etc..lost 40% equity in the home over the last 5 years..selling is not an option..what little would be left would not purchase some tract of land for off grid living..whatever..

                Even if one pulled the’v e gotta live somewhere.and still there’s property taxes and land deeds..there is no escape from the system..sure if you were single you could go a bit further..but registration,license,insurance..all mandatory..all part of the grid..good luck on that!

                I’ve resigned myself to life as simple as possible..
                Renewed my local range membership..
                Renewed my fishing license.

                Do some down range time
                Go fishing
                Tend the existing and new organic raised beds
                Party with my family and grandchildren
                Hug my wife
                Have a cocktail or 2
                Comment on shtf

                Go to bed..

                To hell with the rest..

                Enjoy the day..


                • Who, in the fuck would red thumb that comment?

                  Know what possee? who fucking cares.

                  Sounds like to me that have drawn the line and “won’t be going down without one helluva fight”

                  It’s all we got brother…all we got.

                • Youve decided to do what you can with what you have where you are…no sin in that friend…wish more folks could come to that point and make the break…the break doesnt have to be the Alaskan wilderness(although I love it)its a series of steps away from the system any one of which is laudable! 🙂

              • Yeah, I meditate, .02… don’t know how other people stand it without “getting away” now and then. When my kids were younger, that was one thing I always allowed for myself, no matter what. You have to take out time for yourself in order to be happy and a better parent. ( I still do).

          • “ignorance is bliss”

            I absolutely believe that God and this wonderful Earth that he created DO NOT support those 3 words.

          • *and now that I am prepped should I just quit looking?*

            And my answer to that is always..’I wanta see what’s coming, when, and how close it is.

            • Is it not obvious it is upon us?

      10. I agree with you BI, lay low, prepare, find ones you can truly trust. let the roosters start the house on fire, then sweep up the ashes and add water.

      11. It Doesn’t Take Much For People To Start Behaving Like Crazed Lunatics’t_Take_Much_For_People_To_Start_Behaving_Like_Crazed_Lunatics/32850/0/38/38/Y/M.html

        “As the skies turned heavy, Atlantans cleaned stores out of loaves of bread, gallons of milk, bundles of firewood and cans of beans and beer. In some stores, all that was left were the apparently less-popular corn and asparagus.”

        ya just cant fix teh stoopid

        People Are Abandoning Cars On Snow-Covered Roads In North Carolina

      12. I remove my consent to be governed by these idiots,
        I will never again be a piggy bank, an asset, or part of their team!
        These idiots running the government are a waste of oxygen.
        In their expansive arrogance they feel we all need to be good little sheep,
        I say make me!
        I also say you can go to hell, and if you fuck with me ill take you with me.
        I am done playing this game,

      13. the mice got together after years of getting eaten by the cat. they discussed all kinds of ways to deal with the cat. finally they figgered out what seemed like a good solution…..we will hang a BELL on the CAT!..yes, that would SURELY work, then all the mice could hear the cat coming…no more mice getting EATEN by the cat…and they partied for two days…..then came the QUESTION….who’s gonna hang the BELL on the CAT?!!…who, indeed!

        • It’s either gonna be a group effort or a suicide mission…

          • Being patient is damn difficult…the more patient we are, the more of a group effort it will be.

            I have never believed that the Earth will support those who have given up surviving on their own.

            She doesn’t work that way.

      14. I’m more concerned about the greed (and subsequent voting habits) practiced by 50% of my fellow citizens, those that support more and more government largesse, than I am of bankers, globalists, and other bogeymen.

        My enemy is just as likely to reside next door as to reside in Washington or NYC.

        • Sorry Rick, but the bogey man next door doesn’t have any power over you. Whomever controls YOUR WALLET controls YOU…but I’m sure the billionaire bankers are more than happy to let you divert your attention to Joe Nobody next door. They feel much safer now…lol.

          • Six, I love you, but he is correct. The bankers/corps fund all politicians from DC to next door. It is freaking rampant in my community.

            Said this above…every journey begins from home.

            If Joe Nobody next door is a collectivist, he is absolutely your problem and if he is reaping the bennies of our tax dollars, he is jockeying for power and control over our asses.

            You get it…follow every local, state and federal tax dollar in your community. They think they are invisible and that you are way beneath them…a future servant to them.

            We need to focus on what can be reached.

            • I should have mentioned that the local politicians fund the local minions to do their dirty work…which is nothing more than stealing your liberty using your own money.

              Call it whatever you want. It is communism plan and simple.

            • Amen, lastman, as the girl said on the broadcast, I can sit on my porch and smoke weed all day and you’re paying for it, as she laughs her butt off!!

            • I guess it’s a question of prioritizing who can do the most damage to you, and act accordingly. I don’t disagree with Rick, as much as I prioritize the elitists/banksters who control the police who stomp on the throats of the people for them, as my enemies—in that order.

        • All politics is local.
          You have to know who in your community stands for what and treat them accordingly. Just take a look at bumper stickers, yard signs, etc. these will give you and idea of who is who.
          In my business I have the power to decide who pays what for my services. Believe me, when I see Hope and change, the meter runs at high speed. When I see a union label things get expensive FAST. If these people vote in people or laws that make an economic impact on MY life, I WILL recover the loss from them. Conversely, Those who act with personal responsibility will be treated with respect and are helped during hard times.
          I like to use the term “Starve The Beast” and while I am not sure I am doing that, it is my goal.

      15. I’ve been listening to ’emergency’ talk radio today out of Atlanta (ice storm / power outages) just to hear how people would react. it baffles me how people can suffer so quickly. your talking 18 hours without power, in approx. 30 degree weather. this is just insane, we have a country of grown children. the gov’t won’t have to round us up, people will flock to their camps. I hold no breath for survival of this country if there were to be an actual shtf senario

        • Exactly,db427. People will flock to their camps to relative normalcy of food, shelter, heat and water. So don’t hold out for help from those around you. It ain’t coming.

      16. It is a double edged sword of sorts. Knowing is half the battle is it not. The best thing anyone can do for their self is educate yourself. Red pill, Blue pill, No pill is the question. Dependent, Semi-dependent, Self reliant is the other question. I have been all over the world and seen how folks live in countries that are communist, or socialistic in nature. People are people all over the world. It is their thoughts and ideas that are different, also customs and beliefs that determine how they think.

        So when I think of jumping off this merry go round most see as a happy life. Well, I tend to think of going to a place like Alaska. Maybe deep in South America, or anywhere there is less people. With what I know I could build a self reliant place to call home. Yet sooner or later I would have company, and no longer be by one self. Operating then by needs of the collective as people would come the collective would grow.

        My point here is there is no place to hide from what comes. One must change in place, and hope that others join your collective that will work toward a common goal. My goal is to be as free as possible, as self reliant as possible, and to provide that for my loved ones. Who ever, or whatever threatens this shall be met with force.

        • Some of the same stuff has crossed my mind, have thought about moving, but to where? Even the so called Redoubt has government encroachment issues, and the sheep have been roaming, so the make your spot where you are becomes about the only simple solution, its a difficult decision, most of us havent got the money to just move anyway.
          I think it has come down to what will be first
          A true SHTF or government run amok totalitarian type scenario,,,
          I know for sure i an sick and tired of these damn politicians and their appointed bureaucrats regulating everything and pushing us,
          Just leave us the fuck alone!
          They suspend the debt ceiling, obama expands the USDA, more money, more more bigger more,,,
          Eventually these dumb asses need to be held accountable, its really getting ridiculous.

          • Where to relocate is indeed a good question. about I can say is go where their aren’t a lot of people. and go to a higher elevation than 600 feet. the pole shift will make lowlands prone to flooding. I relocated about 100 miles west of where I did live Randolph County Ar. in the Ozark foothills. The the highest point in that county is 725 feet and most places the elevation is 300 feet. I now live in Newton county Ar. Where I now live the elevation is 1800 feet and the river valley is 700 feet. and less than 1/2 of 1% of the population is non white. and the whole county has less than 10,000 folks. If the New Madrid happens Randolph county will be devastated as most of it east of the black river is delta and will liquefy.

            • @ old guy. Ever since i was a little kid, I have heard people tell me that the higher you can get up the better. Just look at the worst floods, they occur in basins.

              • Own the high ground.
                Defense 101

            • Old guy, that’s south of Harrison, ain’t it? My Dad lives in Baxter Co.

          • If I was in Hawaii I think I would go for a good sail boat and stock that bastard to the gills.

            • ever price a sail boat?

              • no, hell I might even get sea sick for all I know.

      17. FINALLY … this is gettin good



        got my 12 GAUGE RIOT GUN easy chair prepped , A CLOSET FULL TO THE BRIM WITH FOOD AND WATER and bucket of butter popcorn at the ready



        IT’S PARTY TIME !!!


        GOT ROPE ???


        • Got plenty of rope–and bungees so we can play with them while they swing!!
          Now that’s a funny picture!

          • ;0) lol i use to operate a bungee jump company .

            i’ve a feeling they wont be attached at the neck long to the cord anchor at the far bottom of the jump arc .

            ;0p splat

      18. if you honestly think you can trust johnny law dawg dhs , the military the fedgov courts system during this revolution your gonna get burned … maybe killed .

        the police dhs and fed law courts will serve their nwo zog masters till they are challenged with raw force

        as they got bills , kids to feed and a wife at home to support .

        the oligarchy lifestyle support network will not be easily destroyed

        trust none wearing a badge or uniform .


        • Trust none wearing a badge or uniform?

          Remember, the military and LEOs are citizens, some are even preppers themselves, who may be asked to take illegal action against their neighbors, friends, and family. I can only speak for myself, but I know many would refuse to follow an “unlawful” or unconstitutional order, even if it meant their jobs.

          • ‘ruby ridge’
            ‘broken knee’
            ‘oklahoma city bombing’
            ‘wtc bombing’
            ‘9/11 twin tower , bldg 7 and pentagon’
            ‘sandy hook’
            ‘aurora co movie theater’
            ‘boston marathon bombing’

            … ring a bell ???


            i got more shall i go on ???

            U R A BIG dummy .


            • Wounded Knee

            • @ N.O.

              Hello, read it again, specifically the “I can only speak for myself” part.

              • you do i hope realize there is a purge at this moment of folks like you from the ranks .

                watch your back .

                keep your politics to yourself .

                or you might be out a law dawg job .


          • PARA:
            Thank you!!!
            For me I will not take or carry out an Unconstitutional, or unlawful order. If I loose my job so be it. I am an AMERICAN 1ST. A LEO 2nd.
            When you start seeing LEO’s leaving their Department in groves you know that the Shit Is Hitting The Fan.
            Make sure you have everything in place because you will only have a short period of time before the bad guys start coming down the streets.

          • “Sure you can Trust the ZOG FEDGOV STATEGOV!”

            (wait for it)

            “Just ASK a American Indian!”

            oh wait what you can’t ???

            why not ???

            oh …

            BECAUSE THE WHITE EUROPEAN AMERICANS AND SPANISH MEXICANS KILLED THEM ALL OFF the VERY DEFENSELESS women children babies and old men BY starvation disease and brutal murdering GENOCIDE !!!

            duh !


            those who forget history are DOOMED TO REPEAT HISTORY .


      19. Did anybody saw film Promised Land (2012) with Matt Damon. It shows how big companies manipulate public opinion to get what they want. People should start thinking for themselves. BTW, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, people are starting protests against corrupt politicians, but I am just afraid they will be manipulated again.

        • dejan, are they protesting because they are thinking for themselves ?
          Or has some CIA controlled NGO moved in to stir the pot ?

        • Dejan you said People should start thinking for themselves.

          Should, could, would. What percent of people in other countries do that? Is it more than the 1% or 2% here in the US?

          Most disruptions, riots, takeovers we learn of in other countries are initiated by the CIA.

          Saw Promised Land only because someone gave me the movie and said it was a must-see show. BFD. Nothing impressed us about the movie. So the corp manipulated public opinion. They manipulate or own the msm, banks, and are cosponsored by the govt. Its all theatrics and corruption. What was once called conspiracy is now reality.

          @Brandon cant disagree w/ any part of this piece. Id point out that the govt is beginning to show increased aggression. Herr Hussein Obama is feeling impotent and unloved so his own aggression will trip him up. We are already at the point where the system is showing an increase of tyranny. We can count a number of acts of treason taking place w/in our govt and many more in acts of treason from other positions of influence and power.
          I think the only way real revolutionary steps will take place is if the govt gets physically more aggressive and/or the middle class is reduced down into the lower working poor class and theyve lost the life earnings and home. Obamacare will do that if and when a medical crisis hits. Just a matter of time for half or more in middle class. Both are planned out by the govt anyway so revolution is the endgame theyve already strategized for.
          What the govt has not planned for is complete withdraw from the system. Refusal to play aint what theyre figuring on. The power groups need slaves to keep the money flow. If the working class had the nads and the integrity, they would quit the whole damn system. Quit the job, quit the cash flow, quit the land holdings, quit the govt tax system, quit the Obamascare mandate. True Galt would work and the overbearing govt would crash and burn. Not a shot would be heard.
          Cicero said it best…..
          “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

          • It’s happening, slowly. And they ain’t a talkin about it. For all these new jobs we are supposed to have, and who knows what the truth is, tax receipts are steady or declining. More efficient cars and less drinking, gas tax receipts going down. And now the push against smokes. Wait until the morons see how much that costs them. ( and for you smart ass’s that think it will save on medical, imagine how much is saved by the croak count) Heck, they keep us alive too long anyhow. Mr.Smith died at 93 from kidney failure. No he didn’t, he died from freaking old age!
            I went astray there. Point was, less working and paying in; more and more not working and collecting. I am truly amazed TPTB have kept it going this long. And this boomer bulge ( I’m one) will surely finish the job.
            Our system is built for, and depends on, constant growth. We are not set up for declining anything, much less a nice stable, even system. It’s one big giant Ponzi scheme. And Ponzi was piker compared to this system. They may have to rename it, when this is concluded.
            I believe we are now like Wile E. Coyote , just ran off the edge, feet still moving and hasn’t looked down yet. Most dreaming the same dream. Some awake. Oh ,we’ll.

            • Auto correct. Driving , not drinking. Plenty of drinking I’m sure .

        • Thanks, Dejan, ordered that one from Netflix.

      20. don’t you just ‘HATE’ GLOBAL WARMING ;0p (sarc)


        Atlanta Battles Major Winter Storm AGAIN !
        A major winter storm will continue to affect Atlanta into Wednesday night with ice and snow.

        Travel will remain dangerous and additional potential power outages are likely.

        Governor Nathan Deal declared a state of emergency for more than 40 Georgia counties on Monday night ahead of the storm. He added another 40-plus counties on Tuesday to the state of emergency.

        As colder air worked in farther south throughout Tuesday night, it allowed for rain to mix with sleet and freezing rain across the Atlanta area.

        Public schools in the area closed on Tuesday and Wednesday in anticipation of harsh conditions.

        * hopefully not to many in georgia will suffer for believing the u.n. nwo zog fedgov global warming lies .



        • I love those global warming people. They say it is getting WARMER because of global warming…then they claim the cold spells are attributed to global warming…they just can’t make up their mind.

          • a snow storm does not disprove climate change… enjoy your drought California.

            • NUN:
              The climates changes all the time. do we have anything to do with maybe just about 1%.
              One volcano screws thing up in one eruption that man can in over 100 years.
              Climate change yes. Man made HELL NO!

              • Absolutely Sgt. NUN fails to recognize that changes in climate does not prove “global warming” either. It simply means the climate is changing.

                It’s just the same as convincing people that aluminum waste products added to our water supply is good for our teeth and that mercury, one of the most toxic substances we know of, is safe to inject…also, radioactive isotopes are no longer a threat if we dilute them by dumping them into the oceans.

            • a snow storm does not disprove climate change…

              How about an ice age? We had 35+ volcanoes blow last year and now you are starting the see the results. If the vol activity matches last years, there is a good possibility there will be enough of a cooling effect to wipe out crops and further starvation, huge price increases causing riots and instability, death and destruction doom and gloom etc. Climate change.. what a joke.. only humans have the vanity to think they are in control of climate and if you throw enough digits from a data base at the problem unicorns will be shitting skittles across the double rainbow into wonderland. WTF is wrong with people that fall for these pol’s bullshit, I will never know. Can we blame Al Gore when the ice starts flowing to the equator and covers most of N America?

              • “Only humans have the vanity to think they are in control of climate”
                Great quote, I gotta use that one. Hope you don’t mind.

                • I have been saying this across the net since the Church of Global Warming formed. Please feel free.

            • @ NUN,
              More Kool-Aid?
              Duh, the Earth does what the Earth does.
              Get over your tiny self.

              • That Al Gore just looks guilty. Don’t he?

          • sixpack, just spoke to a customer(libdem) about the very same thing in the supermarket parking lot yesterday. When he made the statement “that all the cold weather we’ve been receiving here on the east coast is the results of global warming”, and I guess I had that “are you stupid or what” look on my face, he grew quiet. I then forced a smile (cause he is a nice guy) and didn’t reply. Both of us stood there in awkward silence for a moment before he commented, “Well I guess there are two sides to the subject” and we then parted. Sometimes not saying anything like I did is deafening.

            • po’d , your a better man than me .
              I cant keep my mouth shut when people talk about global warming . (as if they even have a clue).

              • hh, LOl I hear ya!

            • I’m afraid I have that look permanently glued to my face lately.

            • Po’d, it’s like the myth that hot water in the ice trays makes ice faster that cold water?
              Physically impossible.
              This is ludicrous.
              Some still believe that myth.

              • jay jay – hot water has less oxygen in it from heating .
                so yes , it freezes much faster that cold water.
                not a myth at all.

                • Will see that now–let you know in 3 hours.
                  Same type trays, same freezer.

                  • Checked and so far, the cold water is harder to thumb through than the hot water.
                    But, I used really hot, now warm, water.

            • LOL

          • I for one welcome this little cold snap… the mountain pine b eetle has pretty much killed off 95% of the trees here in b.c. Canada.

            we need a cold snap of -30 for atleast 2 weeks to kill the little bastards off…

            something that has not happened in like 15 years. and since the cold snap everyone got MISSED us here in b.c. the first time, and it was sunny and warm… and that we only got about 4-5 days of -20 to 30 day to night this very last winter storm, we probably wont have any beetle die off this year either.

            seriously… you people think a snow storm disproves what I can reproduce on a smaller scale in your green house?

            wtv just wtv. go on believing the world is flat because it strokes your lizard brain.

            • What are you going to prove in my greenhouse clown. You puke up a bunch of scientific bullshit. You apparently missed chemistry 101 dipshit. The result of burning hydrocarbons in an oxygen environment is co2-h2o. That’s water and carbon dioxide for nukenfuck and those in Reo Linda. Last I knew all living organisms require water to survive and plants breath carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. Wow look at that, its a fucking cycle, you know like “ashes to ashes”. Wake up and see when your being scammed otherwise bend over and take just don’t look to me for the lubricant latter, I’ll be burning it to run my 8000lb truck.

              • Outstanding! Just Outstanding.
                +1 maddog

              • CH2+O2 ~heat = CO2-H2O

        • That’s why they are now calling it Climate Change.

          • DUB:
            We in the Soviet Socialist Republic of Illinois have 4 climate changes a year. I know I have see 60 of them. 1954 to 2014. So what the hell is the big deal.

        • the hottest planet in our solar system is venus… because of the green house effect… caused by green house gasses, which we have been releasing into our atmo since the beginning of the industrial revolution.

          I don’t trust liars either. especially when there is money involved. but just cause they cooked up a way to get money out of a problem does not mean that the problem does not exist.

          now read my lips. TAX OR MONEY WILL NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM

          the solution no one wants to hear is YOU HAVE TO STOP CONSUMING SO MUCH, YOU HAVE TO STOP LIVING THE WAY YOU ARE.

          think you could? Stop driving? Stop eating from the grocery store? stop buying plastic? Stop using cpus (lots of pollution, materials etc to make one you know).

          or any hobby you may have… the list goes on.

          the science behind the green house effect is RE CREATABLE… in other words you can use scientific method to PROVE IT.

          what the fk do you think your green house does anyway?

          *face to palm* I know my words are wasted because I don’t think there is anyone on this forum who isn’t believing “if I am all right with the lord everythings gonna be ok when I die”.

          if there is a god, and you get to the gates of heaven, I hope he asks you wtf you where thinking, why you didn’t do anything to prevent the suffering of your children and their children, and why if life was so precious and just existed on this one little planet in an infinite cosmos that you would trash something so valuable.

          seriously people… make a couple of hours per week or take an encyclopedia with you into the bathroom the next time you take a shit, because statements like.

          “GLOBAL WARMING IS A LIE” is akin to “THE WORLD IS FLAT”

          catch up and breath through your noses.

          • Your full of it. Enerything on the planet is a natural thing. Granted much of it like a snakes poison is harmful to organic life. Mans puny activities are merely a rearranging of natural things that are always present some where some how sometime in some manner. You cannot make something from nothing. You cannot make something into nothing. For every action there is a equal & opposite reaction. So for everything man does its a Wash. It eventually all comes out Even Steven. There will be an equal number of positive results & negative results from any thing action. So why must you greenies insist all of the end results from mans activities will be worst case gloom & doom . Glowbull Warming is a lie myth scam. Now Climate change caused by the magnetic poles shifting that,s what is really happening!

            • I almost said nun sounds like a new troll, but no, he’s just another idiot. Sounds like maybe a member of al gore’s family.

          • Good effort Nunur! However except for a maybe a handful here (of which I’m not), you’re pissing up a rope trying to sway us. It appears you’re very passionate in your belief of GW. Nothing wrong with debate.

          • Wrong Mercury.

            • Sarge, it could be you know who with a new name and IP.

              • Nomemclature seems a bit different. Not as much direct attack. Maybe a change of tactics however.

          • I knew I should have turned off my SUV when I left venus

          • Oh Lawd,
            Check out the huge noodle on NUN.
            Can’t help but wonder why genius hasn’t saved all our ignorant asses already.
            Blah. Blah. Blah……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

          • Did the veniuns ruin their planet with all of their irresponsible use of their planet that threw them into veniun global warming and extinction.
            Or is Venus NATURALLY full of green house gases.
            Wait, I know, WE are somehow responsible for Venus’ green house gases.

            • Sorry, I said substantially the same thing below, before I read this post. You must agree that NUN nuked his own argument.

            • PB I know, from personal experience, that your gas emissions could not have helped the climate or anything else.

          • @NUN

            It’s a cycle that’s around 30 or 40 years long. Back in the 1970s it was global cooling. The scientists and media were warning of a coming ice age. In the 1930s, they were worried about global warming. In the 1890s, they were worried about an ice age.

            They are always wrong.

            I saw a photo of Algore at his desk at home. He had three monitors, each bigger than my TV. His electric bill is more for one month than I use in a whole year. He flies jets all over the world. If he doesn’t really believe it, why should anyone else?

            • Arch
              Algore is one of the liberal elitist group, along with many others. We all know who they are. The regulations implemented due to global warming doesn’t apply to them.

            • I am unsure if these yaks really believe in the crap they are spewing, or if they just want to make a buck on it.
              I’m leaning toward just trying to make a buck. If these yahoos really believed it, they would live it.
              And if they don’t believe it, they have to be sitting in their mansions grinning ear to ear about the stupid people buying into their nonsense and making them lots of money.

          • NuNurk…. this is a right wing website… they will NEVER get it. They get their info. from drug addict, Rush Limpballs, Michael Chricton (fictional writer) and Senator Inofee (PAID OFF BY THE FOSSIL FUEL INDUSTRY). Its hopeless… believe me, I’ve been trying for years… they just DO NOT GET IT!

          • Mercury is the planet that is closest to the sun. Since it’s so close to the sun, it’s a whopping 870 degrees Fahrenheit, or 465 degrees Celsius there.Venus is not the hottest, but it has an atmosphere, where Mercury doesn’t.


            Venus is a whole lot closer to the sun than we are—of course it’s globe is warm!

          • NUN, you nuked your own argument.

            IF HUMANS CREATE GREENHOUSE GASSES WHICH MAKES GLOBAL WARMING POSSIBLE, HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THE GH GASSES ON UNINHABITED VENUS? There are no coal burners on Venus. No cars, no industrial areas and no people breathing there. No cows farting…nothing.

            Think about that for a minute. You should’ve quit while you thought you were ahead.

      21. Man Vs The State

        “It is unfortunately none too well understood that, just as the State has no money of its own, so it has no power of its own. All the power it has is what society gives it, plus what it confiscates from time to time on one pretext or another; there is no other source from which State power can be drawn. Therefore every assumption of State power, whether by gift or seizure, leaves society with so much less power; there is never, nor can there be, any strengthening of State power without a corresponding and roughly equivalent depletion of social power.” —Albert Jay Nock

      22. “Take initiative.” This sums it up for each of us.

        I took the initiative! ( ) I walked from San Diego to D.C. carrying the American flag with each step across dangerous highways in “Support the U.S. Constitution”.

        Hundreds of Americans stopped and pulled over to provide their support with thousands of cars/trucks honking their horns in support of seeing a silver haired, old Vietnam veteran walking & carrying the American flag. You see, I was 65 years old when I did the walk, but I DID SOMETHING!

        I am willing to do it again if I could find someone to drive my van, but it took me 3 years to find one veteran (a homeless veteran from Florida) to go. No one else wanted to take the initiative and do something.

        Well, I did something! I’m ready to do it again. Care to join me? ( )

        • Shure you did something? But what did you actually accomplish? I suppose you made yourself feel better. But what in the goverment actually changed because of your actions? My guess is absolutely nothing positive changed in the government because of your walking. There is a saying lets do something even if its wrong. And when folks do something that is wrong or in your case futile its simply wasted effort.

          • old guy,
            What did YOU do?

            • It’s disheartening to see an old man, with a sour outlook on life, discourage young people (and others) to not try and change the world into a better place.

              @Old Guy, I am sorry for you. Some people do not age well as they grow older. “At least I tried” words from the movie “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” by Jack Nicholson. “At least I tried”.

      23. SURE YOU CAN TRUST A COP !!! ;0p

        1.) Police chief admits sex acts, pleads guilty to federal charges

        published by Tom Sullivan on Wed, 2014-02-12 20:43

        Sorrento Police Chief Earl Theriot admits he committed sex acts with an unresponsive woman while responding to a 911 call and now faces a federal sentence for lying to the FBI about it.

        Theriot pleaded guilty Monday to making false statements to an FBI agent in connection to a civil rights investigation.

        Theriot, 65, admitted at a hearing in federal court Monday that on Nov. 1, 2013, he committed inappropriate acts when responding to a 911 call about an unresponsive person at a gas station. Instead of transporting her to her residence, he placed her in the front seat of his police vehicle and took her to his office where he “engaged in…sexual contact with her.”

        2.) Former police officer sentenced in child porn case
        published by Tom Sullivan on Wed, 2014-02-12 20:17

        A former Greeneville police officer, who downloaded images of nude, prepubescent girls on his patrol car laptop while on duty, has been sentenced to 39 months in prison for his crimes.

        Herbert Eugene Miller was indicted in U.S. District Court in Greeneville in August on two counts — receipt and possession of child pornography. In November, Miller agreed to plead guilty to the possession charge and appeared before Judge Ronnie Greer on Monday for sentencing.

        Greer sentenced Miller to 39 months in prison (with credit for approximately six months of time served) and to be on supervised release for 10 years afterward. Miller, who was an auxiliary officer with the Greeneville Police Department at the time of the incident, faced a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.



        • OP:
          All Cops are not alike. Please don’t put us all in one basket.
          Thank You

          • yeah we’ll see , wont we dale .


            • NinaO, you need to go back and read Sgt. Dale’s posts from when he first started coming here. He’s one of US, not one of THEM. I would trust him. braveheart



                THE ‘THIN BLUE LINE’ IS VERY REAL .




          • Well, no offence but….
            Power(even perceived power)corrupts……….
            You know the rest…
            Sadly a lot of LEO’s and other “Officials” have forgotten WHO WORKS FOR WHOM….
            Public Service is just that… a Service, that I pay for.
            Let try to keep the Employer/ Employee relationship in proper perspective.
            Again Sgt., no offence intended.

            • It’s those darn energy drinks. The young ones are “wired”.

              • nope … its ‘steroids’ .


                • @ N.O… wrong, there is no steriods in cop bait. (donuts) Im sure for every 10 Jack Boot Cops, there is one good one like sgt Dale, whom I respect.

                  • Gun
                    Thanks for the back up.
                    Please don’t respond in my defence to n.o.
                    Just give him the red thumb.
                    Again Thanks.

            • Mc
              None taken.
              You have the right to you opinion And I respect it.

              • Thanks.
                Respect back at ya.

        • A quick internet search will reveal that you can find immoral and irresponsible cops, soldiers, veterans, preachers, farmers, doctors, dentists, mechanics, lawyers, politicians……I could go on, but you get the point. Very small percentage though.
          This is because they are all people.
          The only type of person you will find that is always immoral and irresponsible are liberals.

          • Ooooooh,

            Well said.

          • Yeah, but most of those jokers don’t have guns and badges.

            Used to work on county sheriff cars, and would have to road test. Very few who are not Leo understand what happens when you drive a cruiser. Surmise it doesn’t take long for assholeitis to set in.

          • Para:
            I could not had said it any better. You are CORRECT.You will still get a FEW and I do mean a FEW so called conservatives in that mix.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

        • “he committed sex acts with an unresponsive woman while responding to a 911 call and now faces a federal sentence for lying to the FBI about it.”

          So… it’s not the sex act that got him in trouble, but lying to the FBI about it? Bigger picture here?

          • Yea, I saw that too.
            Smells funny… not funny ha haa, but…

        Idea for a raised garden, use a kiddie wading pool and fill it with dirt. This might work for those of you in the city with lots of concrete.

        1-1/2 cup pinto or black bean flour
        1-1/2 teaspoon chili powder
        1/8 teaspoon garlic powder (opt)
        1/2 teaspoon cumin
        1-1/2 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon dehydrated minced onions (opt)
        Mix and store in an airtight container. To prepare: Whisk 3/4 cup above mixture into 2 1/2 cup BOILING water. Cook while stirring over medium heat for 1 minute, until mixture thickens. Don’t worry about the lumps – they taste great too! Reduce heat to low, cover pan and cook for 4 minutes. Add 1/2 cup salsa or picante sauce (or to taste) if desired. Mixture thickens as it cools and will stay thick even after heating.

        By cooking and dehydrating beans and rice in advance, you can save time and energy when using them for a meal.
        First you cook the rice or beans fully! Then you spread it on cookie sheets and dry it at about 200 degrees for about 4 or 5 hours. To test you put some dehydrated rice in cold water. Cold because you figure if it would rehydrate in cold it would do great with hot. It rehydrated great. So now, in soups, or just a dish, all you have to do is soak it in cold water, and add it to a dish

        Native Americans used to garden with the 3 sisters – corn, squash and beans. They planted corn and when it sprouted, planted pole beans around each stalk of corn so the beans would go up the corn. They planted squash (pumpkins, winter squash, and vining types) in between the rows. This conserved space and also reduced the amount of weeding required.

        • I like the idea of beans growing up the corn stock like a pole.

        Baby Wipes 1 roll white paper towels, baby oil, baby lotion, baby wash, 2qt round bowl. Cut paper towels in half down the middle. Put ½ in bowl. In a measuring cup, add 2 cups hot water. Squeeze baby oil in water for 2 seconds, lotion for 2 seconds, baby wash for 5 seconds. Mix. Pour evenly over towels. Place lid on bowl. Wait 5 minutes. Pull cardboard out of center. It should bring the first “wipe” up, if not, just find the end sheet and pull. Tear at lines.

        A great way to use that 1 pound canned ham is in Ham, Noodles & Peas!
        1 canned ham cut into cubes
        1 T. dried onions rehydrated ( or more to taste)
        2 C peas ( rehydrated, canned or frozen) adjust to your taste or what you may like.
        1 pound noodles cooked and drained
        1 can cream of mushroom soup+ ½ can milk
        In fry pan add a pat of butter, melt and add ham cubes and onions heat thru then add peas and noodles. Stir till heated thru, add soup & milk heat till sauce is bubbly.

        • Crockpot Chicken Chili
          2-boneless/skinless chicken breasts
          1- can of black beans(drained and rinsed)
          1 can of corn (undrained)
          1- can of Rotel (undrained)
          1-package of Ranch dressing mix
          1-cup of diced onion
          1-8.oz pkg’block of Philly cream cheese
          2- garlic cloves (minced)
          1-tbs. chili powder
          1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper
          1 tsp. cumin
          1/2 tsp. garlic powder
          1/2 tsp. black pepper

          In a skillet pour a tablespoon of olive oil in and sauté the onions for a few minutes, then add the garlic and sauté for another minute.
          In the crockpot put the two whole chicken breast in first, then add the onions and garlic, black beans corn, rotel, ranch mix and seasonings. Stir around to mix the ingredients. Add block of cream cheese on top. Cover and place crockpot on low and cook for 6-8 hours.

          Before serving, shred the chicken breasts with a fork while in the pot or remove and shred them on a plate. Add the meat back into the mixture and serve.

          • PO’d, Old Vet,
            ALL GOOD STUFF

            • +1
              I am going to try the ham one this weekend.

              Semper Fi 8541

              • I like ham cubes and lima beans, white, northerns or navy.

          I just buy the 80 for $1–cheaper. and less mess.
          Been there, done that.

          • @J
            Pretend there are empty stores.
            Pretend to be concerned about what you apply to your skin.
            Pretend that money has ceased to exist.

            There are a lot of good reasons to make absolutely everything we need, from scratch!

        • Good stuff Old Vet—I have an ample stock of canned hams, I love them. The stores near me don’t carry them, so I have to order them from Amazon in 3’s….no problems with them yet.

      26. I lived through the L.A. riots of ’91. Smelled the smoke,saw the fires and looting. Slept with a 38 by my side on the floor to avoid any stray bullets. The cops were No Where to be found. It was then that it dawned on me that when the SHTF you really are on your own.Since then,I’ve built up a little reserve. Still today people go about with blinders on thinking the govt will take care of them.I try to speak to them but they look at me like I’m nuts.OK,when the SHTF and they come looking for me to help them,I’ll be gone.I’ll be with my fellow preppers watching everything from the sidelines.

        • Take a walk on the wild side, huh?

      27. in the beginning of the article it says that people keep asking for a solution to their problems…

        they are right too… having the humility to realize that you do not fully understand the problem and have no solutions too it…that’s Christ like, and I would take 100 of those people over the know it alls and psycopaths who pretend to have solutions but actually just want power and control over the people.

        a lack of understanding of power and control in this article is pretty apparent…

        ill tell you why.

        those people looking for solutions from you? that’s your chance to prevent them from being recruited by a jim jones or any other psychopath offering solutions and thusly forming what every prepper here is 100% positive will form if SHTF. namely gangs.

        im not talking about black people with machettes and guns either…

        some of the worst gangs you could hope to run into are the hardcore crazy religious types… the ones that follow the good book to the letter…

        you know… the ones that are offering answers…

        you want solutions. ill give you one.

        become completely self sufficient. then stop using money… that way your tax dollars wont go to bullets, or boom booms getting dropped on children, or the complete and total destruction of the bio diversity on this planet you need to survive and prosper without suffering…


        there is you r solution.

        • Please explain to me how “Religious Types” are causing violence. I look around and I see Christians feeding the poor, sick, and abused. I see Christian Hospitals, but no Presbyterian, Baptist, or Catholic gangs anywhere.

          Is it the Methodists, or Lutherans who are pumping in the street drugs/poison into our ghettos?

          Who do you think you’ll be safer with when the SHTF, a drug cartel, or a group of Church Ladies?

          • baptist hospitals and outreaches in the south, at least MS and TN.

            • We have both Baptist and Methodist hospitals and outreach in Memphis.

          • ONLY one religious group I know of that is murdering, torturing, and burning down another people’s religions. Muslims all over Africa and the Middle East on their “HOLY WAR” against every infidel, especially Christians and Jewish people. I see most Christians trying to live as close to God as possible.

            • right just forget about all of history, witch burnings, crusades, the whole lot. never mind the anti gay violence.

              way to pick and choose what you believe.

        • Stop using money.. I tried that but I couldn’t get
          that chicken to slip through the card reader for tank of gas.

          • I bet you tried that after you had your “cough syrup”.

            • I’d loved to have been a bird on a near telephone pole during that one. I often wonder why birds sometimes fall off their perch for seemingly no reason—they probably were laughing their tail feathers of at US!

          • Stop using money.. I tried that-
            – For me it is a situational requirement. I wish I could stop stopping.
            Instead of a chicken, you could try and use a weasel. Those critters get through anywhere. I suggest trapping wild ones however, because the ones you find in corporate and government offices pretty much have no value of any kind.

      28. There’s something happening here
        What it is ain’t exactly clear
        There’s a man with a gun over there
        Telling me i got to beware

        I think it’s time we stop, children, what’s that sound
        Everybody look what’s going down

        There’s battle lines being drawn
        Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong
        Young people speaking their minds
        Getting so much resistance from behind

        I think it’s time we stop, hey, what’s that sound
        Everybody look what’s going down

        What a field-day for the heat
        A thousand people in the street
        Singing songs and carrying signs
        Mostly say, hooray for our side

        It’s time we stop, hey, what’s that sound
        Everybody look what’s going down

        Paranoia strikes deep
        Into your life it will creep
        It starts when you’re always afraid
        You step out of line, the man come and take you away

        We better stop, hey, what’s that sound
        Everybody look what’s going down
        Stop, hey, what’s that sound
        Everybody look what’s going down
        Stop, now, what’s that sound
        Everybody look what’s going down
        Stop, children, what’s that sound
        Everybody look what’s going down

        Buffalo Springfield

        • My favorite is by the HOW

          • ?? by the fact you made a typo ?? it is the WHO
            not the how

            and it’s we wont Get fooled again

            • Let me guess….You are a Junior High English teacher??

            • SSU
              YOu are right thanks.
              Hell I’m old can’t remember everything.

              • “WE WON’T BE FOULLED AGAIN!!!”

                But it made perfect sense in RE the chicken in the card reader comment…

                • “WE WON’T BE FOWLED AGAIN!!!”

        • O.V.
          How in the HELL do you get Red Thumbed on a song?

          • SD: I guess I have stepped on some ones toes with other posts.

            • I think someone is thumb’s down on all posts. Don’t know if they read them or not. Would not lose much sleep over it.

          • Indeed, I made a stalker friend over Israel disagreement and there is a red thumb on near every post before any other. Then we have the hateful Eisen types that go down the line and red every post just because they know it is going to piss someone off. Don’t let it.

            • Hmmmm…
              Words have consequences…
              Whoda thunk it?

            • I don’t start out my internet day by rushing to SHTFplan to see how many thumbs I got, but there is more than one way to look at it. A thousand red thumbs also means a thousand people saw my comment. Even though I don’t personally value their opinions, I can be satisfied knowing a thousand people at least HAD an opinion.

              That means a thousand people had to stop and think for a minute.

      29. wtf ???

        U.S. Plunges to #46 in ‘World Press Freedom Index’, Below Romania and Just Above Haiti

        WTF ??? has happened to once free AmeriCa

        oh that’s right … zog aipac zio-jeeews !


      30. wtf ???

        U.S. Plunges to #46 in ‘World Press Freedom Index’, Below Romania and Just Above Haiti

        WTF ??? has happened to once free AmeriCa

        oh that’s right … zog aipac zio-jeeews !

        ;0p pssszzt da’ zio-jeeews

      31. Guys/Gals

        This is off topic, but most blend in some way because face the same major problems. We know what’s coming down the pipeline and are trying to just prepare the best we can to survive the other side of it. I wanted to tells those who may not fully understand this yet, that it won’t matter who you vote in upcoming elections they all have they same owners. The only group that are not owned are very small in numbers and even they are now .being infiltrated.

        Just keep improving on what you do daily because the PTB have no interest in helping us.

        Brain Dead

      32. As stated before, there has been a call by certain retired generals to march on Washington in May of this year to restore America.

        Wrong person to do that if it happens at all.

        Need a dead ass pastor/minister as in the civil rights movement with a sincere righteous call for justice, for honesty, for respect for Life, Honoring God as we have, a return to moral values, no more K. Perry’s Miley Cyrus and other creatures who seem to have talent but seem to be more qualified to wrap themselves around a stripper pole.

        Our system is corrupt….It is dying. it is dying because we are kicking our hertiage to the curve. I believe that this administration wants violence in the streets. This administration is evil. Perhaps we got what we deserved.

        Those of you who have children, teach your children well.

        I am astonished how stupid the public has acted in the south during this weather event. This morning CBS news is interviewing people with no power and no food. Understand, no power. Do not understand no food in a house with children.

        By the way, if you notice many of the cars abandoned are those light ass cars they make now.

        • I dont understand not being able to deal with a power outage due to cold,,,,
          No food??? Really??? WTF???
          Some people are just as dumb as a bag of hammers!
          I live where the coldest in my world is 35, maybe once a year, moved to Colorado for a few years, and we lost power and got snowed and frozen in etc , not once did we ever worry about staying warm or what we were going to eat or anything!
          Not once….
          Whats wrong with these people?

          • not bein a rascist just facts .

            ummmm … being ‘city black’ is a good start . ;0p

            when i was in the military none of the city blacks could swim in the combat pool . one drowned . they were all scared of dogs spiders bats and snakes . most hated the dark of night in the woods .

            they are the end product of the nwo zog and the future of all of zog amerika .



            • Do you really thing that the US Government is ZOG? Occupied by the Zionists? How does that work in an administration that has such a large amount of members of the Muslim Brotherhood in it? Must make for some pretty interesting conversations around the water cooler.

              • the wash dc gay muslims / blacks are political puppet tools

                the blacks in dc are nuthin but uncle toms tammys serving their white masters doing anything and everything told by the white PTB zog

                * the zog is not top dog in wash dc though . they are just puppets of a higher order of wanna be elitists . club 300 . english freemasons , royals , the vatican black pope .


                just as the black freemasons are nuthin but the fetch sheeit boys for the white freemasons


                in the end though WHITEY IS STILL IN CHARGE sitting atop the illuminati pyramid PULLING THE STRINGS … or the blacks are disappeared one way or another .

                just ask assassinated prez jfk , mlk , attempted assassinated prez ronald Reagen and others , assassinated dr. david mcdonald , black marked banished Former Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Georgia’s 4th District – Cynthia McKinney .

                if you don’t kneel to support zog ISRAEHELL you are dead or banished from wash dc .


                • Another question. Do you write so poorly to be a sort of e. e. cumings type, or are you really that illiterate and uneducated?

                  • dude this is a NON PAYIN GIG ;0P pssszzt

          • Whats wrong with these people?

            They are brain dead pure and simple. Look at the single women getting interviewed, they couldn’t think their way out of the bathroom. These are the ones that pick up Mic Dees on the way home every night to feed their illegitimate bastard children because they are too stupid to know how to cook. And there are millions of them. All gov lovers as the gov has replace the bread winning man of the house. Pathetic, but exactly what the gov loves as they are totally dependent.

            • Wow!
              That sums it up pretty well. The root of a lot of our ills, right there.
              +1, .02

            • How you get 4 thumbs down for this is beyond me. Those of you who thumbs down this post have some cahonnies and express yourself. WTF where is .02 wrong? I saw the interview, my opinion the women should be charged with child abuse for not providing for her child. Not one day had past and no food, please what a joke.

              • Maybe they live on Mc Dee’s Mc shitburgers?

            • .02:
              Had a car for sale and had some people come to the door asking if the car was for sale? There were 3 signs on it with the price. Then they asked how much?
              All I could do is tell them.
              They ask if I would hold it until the first of the month. I bet you can figuer out why they wanted me to hold it. Can you say welfair check.
              I have a couple of questions.
              1- There Iphone kept ringing
              2- There were 2 cartons of cigerettes on the dash of there car.
              3- At 3;30 pm they smelled like a brewery.
              4- The man and woman were wearing very nice leather coats.
              5- They both had more bling than some rappers.
              6- They had Tattooes everywhere I could see skin.
              7- And there were Micky Dees wrappers and cups all over the back seat.
              Oh, by the way they made a remark about their $5000 tax return should be coming soon. WTH????
              I worked my butt off for over 44 years and raised two childern, and I pay out about 45% in taxes Fed. State, Local, Sales, Gas. et. ect and have never ever seen a return like that.
              I almost forgot they just drove to my place, right, but they had to ask which way was the best way back to town?
              I told them the same way they came. They came from the north, but they went south. I hope they found there way back.(or do I??)
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • My dear Kula, I can’t understand you not understanding that people are as “dumb as a bag of hammers”! Many people, before starvation and dehydration set in will have as their greatest worry, a 4 hour erection! This is by way of saying that the Talmudvision screen that everyone watches every day and night has neutralized the intellectual abilities of the American mind. If you think that the inability to deal with a storm with a disastrous 2 inches of snow is beyond understanding, consider this; The Americans, in spite of every evidence to the contrary, believes that the Federal Reserve Bank is an entity of the U.S. Government. No matter that in truth it is a Rothchild bank for the benefit of the Tribe and the Tribal agenda only and in no way is to benefit this poor bedeviled Nation. The Tribe controls every aspect of the American system, the Military with the thousands of deaths all sacrificed for the Tribe, all communications TV,newspapers,radio,movies, education, from kindergarten on through college. Any thing you can think of, the Tribe controls and yet,…and yet the American, when he takes the time to open his eyes, can see only the dangers of a 4 hour erection! The state of our collective American mind is unbelievable and an absolute tribute to the intrigues and workings over the last century of the most evil bastards that have ever walked the surface of this Earth, the Eternal Jews!!!

      33. Number one place to start:

        Public Education must die!

        Public Instruction is a Soviet-style Progrom nightmare. But we’re trspped in it, paying high taxes to support it. The collectivists have us by the stones…they know that the taxation we endure keeps us from affording private education, or one parent being able to stay home to homeschool the young’uns.
        My 3rd grade daughter has spent the last two weeks studying the civil rights movement. Knows nothing of Washington, Jefferson, Madison, etc.(other than what I tell her).
        She’s failing the third grade(along with half of her classmates) because the Common Core standards are insane. They’re expected to learn subjects that most of us here did in the 5th or 6th grade.
        As long as the Central Authority has the ability to tax the stuffing out of us, supporting this corrupt education system, we have no chance to turn this nation around.
        Reagan wasn’t perfect, but he did try to end the Dept. of Education!

        • Public education truly died many years ago when the curriculum change forced by every minority known to us began to sue to change it. Now we can’t pray, we can’t teach creationism without teaching evolution. Both have to be watered down as to not detract from the other. In order for our current educational curriculum to be “politically correct” we have had to water down knowledge to the common denominator. And yes, you can divide by 0 in this case. IMHO

          • Just to clarify…minority is anything non-mainstream. Bunch of crackers have donated to this problem also.

      34. VAT TAX 101:

        VAT TAX explanation is ez.

        “Hey YOU once free zog AmeriKan debt slave …

        Wanna buy something?

        F*ck you!

        Pay me 15 percent for the pleasure.”

        with xoxoxo

        ~da’ NWO ZOG IRS


      35. “… when that speech is designed to distract from the conversation and insult those who have taken the time and effort to share their insights and ideas, …”

        That is the responsibility of free speech, right there, to not diminish the position of anyone else for one’s gain. Too many people nowdays are self absorbed, only seeking the advantage, ego freaks, etc….. these couldn’t give two s**ts about open and respectful discussion, let alone Rightful Liberty.

        For those who disagree with me, that’s fine, but remember this is Mac’s site, he can block people if he chooses.


      36. Revolution is impossible without secure communications. There’s no way to find like minded people and plan anything. Sure, you can go hide out somewhere and try to become self-sufficient but that only lasts as long as the government is willing to leave you alone. Even if you had secure communications, this isn’t 1860 anymore. A revolutionary army of 50,000 men with guns would be absolutely obliterated without any casualties on the government side.

        Everyone of us has built up a threat score. People here who openly advocate armed revolution are idiots. The NSA knows who you are. I guess I should be grateful that when the Powers That Be start hauling people away, that so many people here have forced their way to the head of the line and made me safer.

        • “so many people here have forced their way to the head of the line and made me safer”

          When one falls, we all will fall…it’s just a matter of time.

          • When one falls, two more shall take his place!

      37. I quit Producing beyond my own needs. and signed up for the social security Ponzi scheme. I really try to avoid paying taxes. I buy a lot of necessities online because its cheaper and I don’t pay sales tax. I get a homestead property tax exemption on my house. However Im taxed on my shop & barn. This summer Im planning on building a shop & barn attached to the house and tearing down the current buildings. When I grow & process my garden produce and hunt or kill my own animals ct. there are no middle men to collect sales taxes. Ill never buy a new car or for that matter any new item. You can find anything on craigs list or at auction sales and not pay sales tax. Many places the sales tax is above 10%! As long as the government checks ,food stamps, and so called free benefits continue to be distributed to the gimmie parasite sheeple there wont be any revolt. Attack me and I try and defend myself. Ill never join up with any revolution. The fact is we are doomed there isn’t any viable solition. Heck 90% dont even think there is a problem . The working producing making blue collar middle class is bound for extinction. eventually it will just be the wealthy rulers and poor serf,s & Peons. Its likely my grandchildren are going to have a very hard life.

        • OG, what you say even some here apparently can’t fathom it. What a pity.

        • you pay sales tax @ licensing on the vehicle.

        • In NC you’re supposed to list how much you spend online on your state income tax form so they get the sales tax. Or you can get a sales tax amount from a table based on your taxable income. My wife’s pension is not state taxable, so our taxable income is zero. Therefore, whatever we buy online is free of sales tax. Anyone who has taxable income in NC has to pay some sales tax for online purchases.

          • Whether or not they even have a computer or do any online buying?…I never buy online…wow!

      38. I wanted to comment on the “galt” or “separation”. I think many here and elsewhere are doing it with a subconscious and instinctual survival decision which they do not realize. The signs of upheaval and collapse are there; but who knows what to do? had the related conversation this morning: how will the money printing debt bubble end. We don’t know. We don’t know what to do. One thought I’m left with is the difference between Mexico where people are kidnapped and held ransom and the USA is the “town cop” and people like him: the independent spirit and the individual willingness to seek justice.

        • how will the money printing debt bubble end. We don’t know.

          Oh yes we do know. ALL FIAT CURRENCY DIES.. no some- not a few- not almost all… ALL OF THEM. now you know.

        • A total economic collapse is coming. It will follow the collapse of the dollar. It’s not hard to know what to do: Get prepared. You need guns and ammo. Ways to heat your home and cook your food without electricity. Something to use as a toilet. We have 5 gallon buckets with snap-on toilet seats and kitty litter to cover the smell. You need a year’s supply of food and water. Ideally, you’ll have a well with a hand pump or you have a spring on your property. You can prepare for hyperinflation by buying physical gold and silver coins. Gold and silver prices are being artificially suppressed by the government. At some point metals prices will skyrocket. Even if they don’t, the money from selling a few one ounce silver coins will be enough to buy a week’s worth of groceries no matter how expensive food gets. At some point, when the dollar is dying, there will be panic buying of physical silver and gold. Hopefully you other preppers have some for when you need it.

          • **We have 5 gallon buckets with snap-on toilet seats and kitty litter to cover the smell.**
            Short on funds?? Just use the ones in the bathroom.

            DG–kitty litter, $1 a bag.

            ***will be enough to buy a week’s worth of groceries*** if you need extra and have silver, did you have your priorities in order? Hmmmm.

            • I have a year’s supply of food but I still do weekly grocery shopping. At some point that will become difficult due to rising food prices. I don’t want to be forced to start eating our stored food. The main reason to have gold and silver is to be able to buy food and gasoline during hyperinflation.

      39. Typical fucking idiot Brandon thinking he has the solutions when he’s nothing more than a knuckle dragging mouth breathing moron.

        Hey Brandon, how do you purchase “resource rich” land when the state owns all of it and you’re just a Stewart over the land? How do you take your kids out of common core indoctrination centers when some states are looking to limit home school? Of course that solution is easy for you because you don’t have kids. Someone would actually have to mate with you first. I’m sure being a fucking idiot and just a general drain on the gene pool aren’t really attractive qualities for a potential mate for you to father offspring first.

        Hey Brandon, Fuck you, you’re a complete fucking idiot with no real solutions. But keep telling yourself that you do to boost your unearned ego.

        • Damn Jason. why don’t you say how you really feel? PS, I like your passion and agree.

          • .02, Do you recognize the speech pattern? It’s you know who that you were talking to.

            • Yes Maudy and truth is truth no matter how or whom says it. First Brandon says no participation and then next paragraph he says to buy expensive farm land. Now just what the FUCK is that?

              • I’ve debated Brandon before on other subjects. When he can’t counter or come up with a reasonable or logical stance he just deletes the response making himself appear as if he won a debate. He’s a Grade A moron who is simplistic in his approach which does no real good to anyone. How can you purchase “rich farmland” when you owe taxes on the amount land in your possession? Do you really owe it? NO! Stop paying your taxes, the real owner will evict you. You make the situation no better for yourself when you’re constantly under the thumb of oppression.

                How much time is he wanting people to learn farming techniques? Each soil is different, and not all plants will do well depending on soil. I was born and raised on a farm. It takes YEARS to learn how to farm land correctly. Some blogger saying haphazardly just learn to farm for yourself is overly simplistic and moronic. A common Brandon Smith trait. That’s not trolling, that’s the truth. The soil in the midwest is far different than the soil that is out east, or out west. Canning is something that also takes years to learn and master.

                Being self sustainable is a noble idea, in practice and reality not everyone is cut out for it.

              • I noticed that, too.

      40. when the government starts mass killing its people

        its time for a new government

        GOT AMMO ???

        n.o. ;0p

        • What a bunch of brainless propaganda crap. Palestinians are treated better in Israel than by their own people. Their own people are murderous thugs who steal the aid money while their people live in extreme poverty. And of course, areas governed by Muslims are always the poorest, most corrupt, and most brutal places on the planet. But Jew-haters refuse to see the truth about Muslims and Jews. They have the same spiritual blindness that keeps them from being saved: they believe what they want to believe. Facts don’t matter to them. Satan wants the world to hate the Jews and people like you seek to do his will.

          • I don’t really care what they do to each other, I just want OUR people the hell outta there! We need to mind our own business and worry about our own problems—-it’s not like we don’t have any.

            • sixpack, that’s an astute observation.

              If only everyone else wasn’t so blind.

      41. I’m having a hard time with this one.
        I prefer to stand a fight with TPTB.
        If you totally disengage for the world. the world will go on and make rules that if you would have spoke up would have not been put into place.
        At this time in history if you are living in America there is no way to disengage. You have a computer, a phone, a car, a Drives license, If you own a house, a checking account, If you work for any one you a S.S. number. Just to name a few, and or you only have one of the above, TPTB still where you are.
        I believe in the full frontal assault on big brother. What I mean is we need more people to stop being afraid and start speaking up no YELLING at the TPTB.

        I know that it only takes around 5% of the population to fight a revolution, We have done it before. I Pray it is peaceful. If it is not may the full wrath and fury of the LORD be on our side.

        I know that some will say he is bringing God into it. Yes I am. With out him we won’t win!!! ( wonder how many red thumbs I going to get for this. Really don’t care.)


        • If you totally disengage from the world. the world will go on and make rules if you would have spoke up would have not been put in place. Really? what about the Obama Care? lots of folks spoke up against it and it still was put in place. Disengagement works. The Mayan temples in the jungle are a great example. The peons & serfs there just quit and left. Went away and the priest where no longer in control. If we all do like the soviet union folks did. Quit producing beyond our own needs. Quit generating tax revenue we will eventually starve the beast. Quit fighting in the military and the wars would end. As long as you stay engaged you empower the government parasites. if the making producers disengage and don’t pay taxes to the government eniety you work for will no longer afford to pay Sgt. Dale to be their enforcer.

          • Old Guy
            Make a good point about Obullshit care. The Constitution gives the government the right to make and raise a tax. And that is what they did. Now the House could just not fund Obullshit care and it would die. If we keep quiet it will live on but if we yell loud enough in Nov. we could see Obullshit care die.
            I couldn’t agree more with stop feeding the beast. The problem I see is that no matter what you do you feed the beast. What has to be done is to put the beast on a diet. You know damn good and well that if you don’t pay your taxes you will have the IRS coming after you.
            Old Guy do you won your home. If the answer is yes. I call B.S. You just try stop paying your property taxes and see how long you own your house.
            By the way I’m just a lowly patrolman now and I don’t make stops for review collection, The only time I arrest someone is someone signs a complaint.
            Secondly I wish you didn’t have to pay me and the world was nothing but fine wine and roses. It is not there are turds out there that would RAPE, ROB, and PILLAGE in a heart beat if it wasn’t for the cops.
            Thanks for the debate.

            • Of course I own land and pay property taxes. I don’t like it but its unavoidable. However The lions share of local and state government here in Arkansas is funded by sales taxes. Property taxes here are very low because the millage rate is levied by the local quirum court. and those elected officials are landowners . They are not going to raise their own taxes! any road Im advocating making a determined effort to pay as little tax as possible. The sales tax can be largely avoided. I still have to pay it on my electric & phone. however if I make necessary purchases from individuals and on line no parasites are funded by me. If I buy tax exempt feed and raise my own meat ,milk & eggs. no parasite govt . that had ought naught to do with it can robb me. Anything bought for cash Black Market is not taxed. Im down to 6 head of cattle. I will soon just have one milk cow. I sold my hay equipt and bought my hay this year paid cash & no receipt. That moneywasnt taxed. I didn’t pay taxes on tractor fuel, bailer twine, parts or anything else to procure my hay. Im now drawing $1058 each month from the social security Ponzi scheme. I now receive more from the parasite govt than I pay to them. What is happening is over half of the folks think they can be parasites and don’t need to produce. They think someone else will produce for them. Now the making producers are asking themselves Why? Why produce when too much of the fruits of my production are being robbed(taxed) away from me & redistributed to the Parasite takers. So they like me simply quit producing in excess of their own needs. And some just quit completely and become part of the taking parasite burden. Too many parasite takers and too few producing makers is not sustainable.

              • OG
                I agree that it is Ponzi scheme, and like all Ponzi scheme they crash.
                And as far a parasites, I like calling them Zombies and Leaches that are taking way too much form the working class. It will fall down and fall hard!!!

                • Here Is my definition of Parasites and producers. If what you do does not directly or indirectly use the planets natural resources to make ,grow or build some product that adds to the GNP your a parasite. If your money comes from a government coffer your a parasite. You may think what your do is necessary but your a parasite just the same. Any parasite whose money comes from government coffers never really pays taxes. Since the government coffers are funded by money robbed by taxing the productive. Whatever money or stipend ect paid to government employees is merely a recycling of tax dollars robbed from some producer. In the case of borrowed govt money that will be robbed from the futures producer. Shure the government paid folks do pay sales, property & other taxes. But that tax money is the same as getting a dollar for free and paying a 10 cent handling charge. All politicians, firemen, military, police .government employees are indeed parasites. Some are necessary and some are bigger taking parasites than others but they are still a burden on the making producers. And too many takers and too few makers isn’t sustainable. Borrowing to make up the difference isn’t sustainable also. there isnt any viable political or ballot box solution so where does that leave us?

                  • there isn’t any viable political or ballot box solution so where does that leave us?

                    The only thing I can see OG is a coming massive population reduction. The paradox of the unstoppable force(humans) meets the immovable object (resource depletion).

                  • yes eventually the population will be reduced. the way it comes about is unknown to me. I think maybe it will disentegrate into a no holds barred Root Hawg or die survival of the fittest meanest craftiest who are lucky. I think 90% will perish. and those who survive will likely most of the time wish they where dead too.

                  • Didn’t you just say you’re not on the “Social security ponzi scheme”? Forgive me but, what exactly are YOU now producing towards the GDP?

                    What was that definition of “parasite” again?

                  • SCRATCH MY LAST —it should’ve read:

                    Old guy,

                    Didn’t you just say you’re on the “Social security ponzi scheme”? Forgive me but, what exactly are YOU now producing towards the GDP?

                    What was that definition of “parasite” again?

        • The only problem i have with what you say is that you then are still going along with all TPTB crap!
          They are linking everything together so you are either subjugated or you are a total non compliant,,,
          Im leaning toward the latter, its gonna suck but i am just sick and tired of all this crap,
          All the regulations, taxes, raising fees, endless spending and spending increases, people working in government treating us like we are some sort of servants!
          Ive had it,,, really am at the point where i just dont give a crap and am going to see just how obstinate i can be and what ever the fallout is, so be it!
          Its never ending with these government fucks,,,

          • How about we sell everything except the preps and a good van or motor home or something to live in and then go totally FSA? Grab every fvking government hand out you can get, go to the food banks and stock a bol someplace in the hills with gov beans. Stand in line at the welfare office and scream for more free shit. Maybe we just need to become a drain and a huge pain in the ass? I don’t know.. what is the answer? IS there an answer? If you don’t own property they cant threaten you with seizure or liens. Sell everything now when you can still get a few bucks for things, flip it to PM’s,rent a storage unit for the food/ammo/water/fuel and scatter a few across the areas you are going to be in, all the while keeping a good handgun, shotgun, rifle and pms with you? And hangout at the gov offices telling the governors, senators, mayors,sheriffs etc THEY HAVE TO DO SOMETHING. Force a reaction? Trying too use politics to fix politics is doing the same thing over and over and hoping for a different outcome, but what else is there? I can see the train coming but cant get out from between the rails.

            • .02
              Great idea you have. Here is mine.
              What if all the people that have been carrying the 51% just said screw it and went on strike. I mean everybody even LEO’s. Even if we only got 25% of us can’t imagine the problems that would cause.
              Just an idea what do you guy/gals think.

              • I think its an excellent idea,,
                That is more along the lines of what ive been thinking and working towards, being on a strike of sorts,
                Its difficult, we are raised and taught to be responsible and do what your supposed to, then everything seems to be working against us like now!
                So there are more hoops to jump through and more regulation and more documentation,,,
                If TPTB were acting responsible and curtailing spending and paying attention to the residents or constituents then fine, i got no problem doing my part, but the way things are right this moment,,,
                Ill be damned if it doesnt go against every grain of my being to go along with this crap.
                So theres the predicament,, and what is right or wrong?

                Side note,

                To the reloaders,

                Found this interesting read on internal ballistics and some of the physics behind it,,


                • KALU:
                  Thanks for the tip.

                  • Heres another good link sarge and all yall shooters and reloaders out there


                    lots of good tech on this page,, explore the site a bit, am looking at ordering the complete setup from these guys for testing guns,, its funny, local gunsmiths are barely even equipped to do bore sighting with any sort of decent boresight,,
                    So I learn to do myself,,,

              • Sgt. Dale if police,firemen/paramedics and the garbage men all said fvk it and walked off, things would change right now. But they have us by the balls b/c most of the above are afraid of losing pensions, houses, respect, being on the no fly list, the NSA, neighbor saying something to hurt their feelings, the dog might go hungry.

                • grrrrrr huby a firefighter. Had lots of other unkind things to say, but decided … Well, .02-sorry you feel that way. Peace.

                  • Just what do the paid fire dept employees produce? They Produce nothing. They are a parasitic luxury and the making producers can no longer afford the excess luxury. Now believe it or not I am a fireman. I belong to the local volunteer fire dept. I went through the training program at the academy located in College city Ark. Also the wildfire program offered by the Arkansas forestry Dept. We don’t get paid a dime and most of us spend our own money on our gear. I purchased my own turnouts oxygen tank ,mask & helmet. I also do mechanic work on the fire truck for free and have bought parts for it. We don’t charge to put out fires. Why do I do this? because Im not forced to and it is my way of giving back.

              • Oh, hell, Dale, the nation didn’t even stand behind the trucking protest a few months ago to not purchase a single thing for 3 days.
                Puh–leeze. By the way, I did stay home and didn’t need a damned thing, cause….I’m a prepper!!

                • ditto

            • We should all put our resources together buy 1000 acres somewhere in the safest deemed area. Everyone is in charge of there own preps. Set up a council, security, water supply crew etc. Set up a community farm and ranch everyone contributes we all have a duty. A massive homestead. We can as .02 get vans or motor homes if we want build cabins. I can only imagine between all of us the amount of supplies the amount of knowledge and the amount of skills we all have. I think we would be thriving with in a year. I know it sounds a little crazy but if it really hits the fan hard we would have a small army ready to go.

              • A lot of people have tried that and some have been fairly successful. I hear there is a group similar over near Plumber, Idaho right now that is just forming. I also know of a group clear the hell out on top a mountain near the Canadian line in Northeastern Washington near NorthPort. There is also a place called Marble Country south of Northport on highway 25. They have a website. I was living in that area at the time and they were some decent folks running around in camo and was I told by other locals of Northport that this was the location of the next Waco. Hasn’t happened as they have been there for years. Now IF YOU WANT to Really see some survival groups at their worse? Go up Onion Creek which is east of Marble Country as the crow flies. The police wont even go near that place and Charlie Manson says if he ever gets out of prison that is where he is going. I been there..fvkin crazy,, Oh,, don’t go at night.

          • Obstinate that’s Ok I like it. Myself im prone to be unreasonable and will pay extra to avoid giving parasites tax dollars. Im going to be non compliant with the Obama health care. In a few years Ill qualify for Medi Care. I plan to refuse enrollment in that also. If If I was single I wouldn’t own a vehicle and pay registration fees and purchase liability ins ect. I would ride a horse and use my tractor for transportation. I have built a gassifier to power my 1944 M farmall tractor. it uses firewood or dried horse & cow manure. The wife wouldn’t allow me to not have vehicles as it stands today. I know my suggestion isn’t a viable solution and wont really solve anything. But it shure as heck makes me feel better.

            • You give me hope!
              I have no intention of signing up for anything relating to healtcare or firearms,,,
              These idiot government people have said in the past we dont have a choice but to comply, i say “oh yea! Make me!”
              You wouldnt believe the blank stares i get,,,
              Been told thats being unreasonable,
              People will start waking up, then guys like You and I wont be considered so unreasonable will we.

            • Me too!! No ACA and no Medicare–the letters just get thrown in the trash.

              You MUST refuse participation months before or they will automatically take Medicare out of your check (Took one month from Gene and returned it next month).
              So, before age 65, call and get the form, return quickly.

        • I hate to say it Sarge but until they see their own blood pooling around them it will continue.

          • POP:
            You know its a damn shame. YOU ARE RIGHT!!!

        • Why red thumbs,we are all different here,with different beliefs ect.Nature is my god(and proof of god).I will disgree when you say god as a him,you don’t think a guy would screw things up that much do ya’s!A lot of innocent people will go down when it hits the fan,will try and help out as best I can,but if that is gods plan,really don’t want to be a part of plan,just solutions.

        • Sgt.-
          Great point about total disengagement.
          Glad the Founding Fathers didn’t totally disengage.

          • That sounds nice but what do you have in mind? Get 10 people together and announce a revolution? There’s no way to defeat the government without a lot of help from the military.

            • Wish I had the answer, but quite frankly, I don’t.
              I’m not sure anyone does quite yet.

          • Actually the founding fathers did disengage. They said hell no I wont pat tea tax. Dumped the Tea in the harbor. They said hell no I wont allow the parasite redcoat soldiers to quarter in my home. They disengaged and refused to comply with the kings orders.

            • Oh, I love this, I have to echo it:

              “Actually the founding fathers did disengage. They said hell no I wont pat tea tax. Dumped the Tea in the harbor. They said hell no I wont allow the parasite redcoat soldiers to quarter in my home. They disengaged and refused to comply with the kings orders.”

              • I think the biggest problem we’re having is, what is the definition/meaning of “disengage”?

                Does “disengage” mean to crawl into a hidey hole and refuse to be part of anything? Or

                does “disengage” mean to refuse to comply with the unconstitutional govt? Or

                does “disengage” mean to stop participating in TPTB’s plans and make your own plans.

                I just went back over the article itself, and the posts where people define what they believe is the definition of “disengage”, and the definitions are all different. The arguments all fully support their definitions, even though one post seems to disagree with the last.

                I SAY WE’RE ALL CORRECT. That “disengage” means ALL OF THE ABOVE, and NONE OF THE ABOVE. I think you could coherently put all of the comments together and still make sense, given the right definition of “disengage”.

                What I’m trying to say is, to each his own and we all can’t be right if everybody is wrong.

        • God is about to pour out His wrath on a godless country that’s murdered 55 million unborn children. I expect 90% of Americans to die in the year following the collapse. The collapse will lead to the one world government ruled by the antichrist. It’s going to get a lot worse before it gets a lot better. Do you have any unbelievers in your life? Now is the time to share the gospel with them while you still can.

        • Seriously?? All the topics here WILL happen when TSHTF.
          So, it was a good read. It does inform us how it will be.
          Property Taxes? Let’s see the state foreclose on thousands of homeowners that can’t pay those.
          Driver’s license and registration will be a non-issue with no gas.

          • Depending on where those properties are, they might be turned over to China to repay our debt. They could also give them all the farmland in Iowa too.

          • In Arkansas the state actually does foreclose on property when the land owners don’t pay the property taxes. Thousands of parcels are sold at public auction every year. Ive bought a half dozen parcels myself. Go to http://WWW.COSL.ORG/ for more info.

          • No gas and I will drive (more like putt putt) around on my gassifier powered tractor. plenty of horse apples and cow pies and firewood for fuel.

        • Sgt. Dale,
          — You’d be surprised how rapidly and strong the tide is changing in the minds of the uninformed. Several months ago I began listening and rationally evaluating this site , ( the articles, the comments and the characters ) I have learned so much. I have the confidence to choose whom to trust or beware. I have learned how to approach the task of spreading the word without acting as a tin cap conspiracy nutcase. I have to thank many people here at SHTFPlan. Most of all I have my parents to thank for in-stilling in me the thrust for knowledge and truth. Although I must admit I am not preparing to ward off every scenario of catastrophic possibility, I am trying to set my mind straight to the fact that I may be one of the survivors. At my age I wonder if that is a blessing. I do believe that my degrees in the education field and the 30 yrs of medical training might just be reason I have become a PREPPER so late in life. Who knows ?
          — Miss Dee Dee

          • Miss DEE DEE
            I have been surprised form day to day, and I thank the Lord that there are more and more people waking up.
            I’m HONORED that you addressed this to me.
            It sounds like you have some great parents.
            I don’t know if you have hooked up with group of like minded folks yet. If you have they are very lucky to have you with them. People with medical training are going to need very much and more so that soldiers.
            If you haven’t got a group yet I would love to have you in ours. You just have to get to North Central Illinois.

            • I closed it out too soon.

      42. Mac,the truth is though a lot of disagreements on this site of technical/political nature folks pretty reasonable.A lot of good information has been shared by readers here and a few combative trolls cannot ruin that.Hell,we can’t handle a few trolls we are in real trouble if things get tough.What I am saying is 99% of posts here have some value,no need to seat a few trolls.

        • Dammit Warchild!i MEANT TO WRITE SWEAT A FEW TROLLS!

        • Actually war, eisen made me laugh quite a few times. I know he/she is full of shit but like when he told Sgt Dale he wouldn’t even make a good security guard just struck me as funny. Not that it is true and I love Sgt Dale, but for some reason it just cracked me up. Hate to say it, but I am going to miss him.

          • He’s not gone.

            • M.F.
              You are kidding! I hope.

          • .02
            Hell I wouldn’t mind being a security guard. They make more than I do. with less responsibility.
            And yes I laughed also at a lot of his B.S.

            • As far as I am concerned you don’t have a bona fide website if you don’t have trolls.

              • Not trolls, Obama for America minions.

                • In that classic movie “Zorro the Gay Blade”, the evil Mayor wants to shoot a public speaker for what he said. When he is reminded that anyone can say what they want in “Freedom Square”, he responds, “Ok, shoot anyone who listens”!

                  • Maudy Frickett,
                    I don’t recall that line in the movie.
                    I do know that I probably smiled and laughed at it though.
                    — Miss Dee Dee

      43. For the common people of the world nothing is going to get better. Ever. Forget it. The decline will only accelerate, there is no optimism to be had. This planet is controlled by sinister forces. The populations are aware of their plight, but powerless to do anything to reverse the course of the decline. The forces of evil have total dominion of our lives and our future. We are all pawns in their grand plan. Divided and conquered, we are finished, kaput. This is as it was in the past and how it will always be, barring divine intervention from above.

        • Who can stand against the Beast?

          • For a dragon we have a dragon slayer. For the beast, we need a beast master…or at least the last iteration of call of duty.

            • SIXPACK: There IS already a Beast Master…It is the zionist kommie jewish state of Israel, AIPAC-ADL-ACLU-and 300 More jew run orgs in america. Plus tons more similar in european eu nations!

              That Babylon Woman who rides the beast and has her cup filled with the blood of the saints etc…Who has mass murdered and exterminated More christian saints and white folks, other than kommie talmudic judaics?

              Communisim= Zio talmudic judaisim for goyim gentiles.

              BARN CAT: WHY did Jesus in His Own words(red letters) WARN us all that in LUKE 21: vs 11&12 That BEFORE all these things happen(vs 11) Christ in vs 12 warns us all that THEY(who?) will PERSECUTE You(christians and patriots) and TAKE You Captive INTO THEIR(WHOS?) SYNAGOUGES!”

              If judaisim/zios/jews etc etc are so swell and should be so worshipped-supported-defended etc like You promote?

              Why did Christ Himself so WARN us of what JEWS are going to do as in Persecute Us and take Us captive INTO The jewish synagouges?

              Why should any real christian support any ideas or plans by judiacs and talmudic jews to rebuild a 3rd temple so jews can AGAIN return to animals sacrafices as burnt offerings to cleanse worlds sins by that method?

              IF You support That?…Thats anti christian! YOU barn cat cannot state that you believe Christ meant it when he said “IT IS FINISHED” aka His sacrafice is the ONLY true way for sin redemptions and salvation of all folks who accept it, and yet still defend and support Jews animals sacrafice plans?….YOU Cannot support Both at same time.

              Either Yes Christ IS the True “IT is Finished sacrafice death on the cross for sins etc”…OR….Jews animal burnt offerings sacrafices is the method needed to remove sins of the world as Jews believe in…

              You act like Luke warm fools that the Lord shall Puke Out by supporting such wrongs as animal sarafices by jews again….What Bigger sign can jews show the entire world that jews REJECT Christ even today after 2000 yrs of rejection…Than for jews to insist that their animal sacrafices ARE what the worlds so badly is in need of to Rid world of its many sins?

              How can ANY who reject Christ gain eternal salvation Barn cat?…They cannot! acording to true christian beliefs.

              And That “cannot”, includes jews that reject jesus too fool.

              Christ said “Whos NOT For ME…IS Against ME!” only ONE truthfull answer can be determined if the question is “Are Jews FOR Christ?” true answer per jews OWN actions etc is a resounding NO!

              Therefore Barncat, and several Other delusional “jew firsters and israel firsters” here Promote what can ONLY be the WRONG attitude if you are a self professed christian and you Are FOR…Christ!

              There is zero middle ground even when the issue is jews period. Thats NOT My info. I didnt coin that. Christ and the apostle new testement writers DID however.

              Christians are supposed to live and Believe based upon the NEW testement as it Has replaced the older covenant, as so aptly spoken and written of in many, many new testement biblical verses. Also many Old testement prophetic verses like in Jeramiah attest to the fact that soon a NEW covenant to Replace the old one with a better and Permanant never again to be replaced NEW covenant will soon be reality, and that God expectes Israels 12 tribed peoples to ACCEPT it!

              Well they Failed miserably, rejected it totally, caused the Murder of the true saviour Christ, and even today after 2000 years to RETHINK their Vast Mistakes..

              99+% of worldwide jewery, Still Rejects jesus and still as per Their talmudic teachings/beliefs hate christians and jesus with a burning passion Only equaled by their evil father aka SATAN! (John,8:44)

              So Please rethink Your delusional falsehoods as taught you by phony preachermen who also reject all/any facts or truths that pertain to jews in any negative way or light.

              Perhaps More time spent reviewing NEW Testement verses, and Christs OWN words will enlighten those deluded ones eh.

              Its an Oxymornic thought at Best, to say or believe that on one hand Christ wants us to support and defend ALL issues jew no matter how bad or wrong etc…(as Barn cat and indy colt et al promote so often) and on the OTHER Hand we should take Heed and Believe jesus was serious when he warned us in Luke 21:12 that “But Before these things(tribulations etc) happen…YOU will be Persecuted, By THEM(WHO? Jews thats who!) and Taken Captive Into Prisons, and into Their(who’s? who Else calls their churchs a synagouge but jews?) Captive Into Their Synagouges!”

              So Which Is it Barn cat and other delusional jew firsters?

              Heed Christs Luke 21:12 Warnings and NOT trust our jewish Enemys(enemys by their Own choices since jews have Had 2000 yrs to join christians already eh!)

              OR say Christs words are 100% truth, but He is somehow promoting Two exact Oppoistes as true at same time?

              I found zero biblical verses adviseing us to Run for safty into jews synagouges!…Only found Warnings of their talmudic babylonian evils and wrongs! (For Jesus NO Longer walked in jurselem due to FEAR of the Jews! Who were always trying to Kill Jesus because he spoke truth! another new test verse)

              Beware the Levin(yeast) of the Judaic babylonian Pharisee Rabbis!…But why? if jews teachings and actions are so swell or a benifit for us?…Should that not read “Trust and stand BY Pharises Levin?..Yet it don’t state That does it Barn Cat.

              Okay. now go ahead on and make up a few choise ad hominim attacks and name calls against Me for writing Truth You reject(see my Mom was correct, one will become Like whoever they hang out with or place trust in etc)…Mom was right as can be seen here when weekly jewdeo-christian-zios defend and support all issues jewish more and more as weeks pass by.)

              Nobody can be a Christian, And a babylonian Talmudic Judaic zionist at the Same time, period. Oil & Water never Mix and never shall. All it will get you is to be Luke warm and puked Out of Christs mouth as He also warned us of in first few chapters of book of Revelation.

              Its right After Christs own words telling us all that “You Have those AMOUNG You who call themselves Jews…BUT They are NOT! For They ARE Imposters and OF the synagouge of SATAN”…Rev 2:9, Rev 3:9…see also JOHN 8:44 for more of what jesus had to say about pharisee rabbis and Their Talmudic followers aka jews.

              If those verses make jesus and apostle bible writers antisemites, nazis, jew haters, racists etc?…Ok I can live with that. At least I know when I get called vile names like those I Am in Good righteous Company of Christ and the 12 apostles eh!..Delusionaly deluded by Fraud phony preachermen is what I cannot abide by nor with.

      44. How can you not participate, if you need to buy a house for your family? 90% of us have to do that with a loan from a bank. Then you have to insure said house. And to get a loan from a bank, you have to show income. If you have any income, it gets taxed. And that tax money is then used to finance the gov. It’s a Catch 22.

        • Sounds like the ‘Mark of the Beast’ is getting clearer every day. Sounds like governments ARE the beast. Think about it.

          Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name. This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666

          • my interpretation of that is SSN (one example) not that it is tattooed to your head or hand, but it is in your wallet, or your memory if someone asks

          • The Beast is the Banking Cartels and the corps that form around them. They have power over the governments.

          • No one can buy or sell without the mark because the bank wants a cut just like when we use electronic cards. And the banks will force all of us to have an account that they can shut down and leave anyone destitute that is a nonconformist. Governments will rise and fall but the beast of banking will only grow stronger.

          • Socrates,your last line is spoken by Vincent Price on Iron Maidens album,well,of course,The Number Of The Beast!

          • That no one being able to buy or sell unless they have the mark is my guess at why they are going to kill the currencies of all nations and go to a common electronic currency, no where to hide,
            Chaos, the laws of nature will find a way

          • No, the beast will be an individual. Part of a satanic trinity that will each be indwelt by a demon.

            (Rev 16:13 NIV) Then I saw three evil spirits that looked like frogs; they came out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet.

      45. Sgt. Dale: Have you checked out a VZ 58, have one and I really like it over an AK. The only drawback is you must use their mags.

        • OV, Watched some of the Shot Show on cable last night. There is now an American made AK. Same as a forged receiver AK, but entirely made here. Looked pretty good.

        • And the mags are more expensive than the AK. But I do hear they are more accurate.

        • OV
          I have shot one but that is it.
          I do remember I tried to put an AK mag in it and it didn’t fit.
          Looking at it. It looks pretty well made. The one I shot was more accurate than my wives AK. The charging handle and the safety is better than the AK.
          I have two AK’s One is a regular AK(my wives) and my RPK.
          I didn’t take it apart I just got to shoot it.
          I think you picked one of the better AK style weapons.

          • Hey sarge

            What’s your take on the imported sks ?
            Ever shot one or used one of these….

            Some close associates swear by them as accurate,reliable..



            • Poss:
              Have owned several.
              The one that I have found to be the best are the Russian. But the # 26 Arsenal China is a very close #2.
              The Yugo’s aren’t bad but it the luck of the draw. Most have shot out barrels. If I could find something else I would go with it.

              My #26 is scoped (4 power) and I use it in close range pig hunting, ranges around 75 yards. It has a Choate M4 stock, and it takes the duck billed mags. I had to work on the bolt. There is some very good site on Y-Tube on how to get them to take a mag with the bolt closed.

              In short the Russian then #26 Arsenal, The I would go with any of the old Commi. block countries.
              The ones I had shot more accurate than the AK my wife has. Reliable? Second to none.
              If you buy one take it to a gunsmith and have him check the gas piston. Or just get a new one and replace the old piston. A lot of corrosive ammo shot thru them.

              I hope it helped. I know I went on for a long time. SORRY


              • Sgt..

                One of my fellow workers owns a Czech version and swears by it..stated the outperformed the AK any day in all aspects..especially in long range.

                Thanks again..


          • SD: Also 1lb. lighter than a AK with stamped receiver where VZ has a milled one.

      46. I will summarize this article in my mind:
        God’s law, or man’s law; this is what it might boil down to some day soon.

        • J J your correct. No matter what. When SHTF visits anyone and a government is no longer vaild the Ten Commandments And The god given freedoms & rights named by the framers in the counstition will still be vaild.

        • Wrong in the final final final end it will be Nature’s law. Some might see that as God also, but no animal can live outside natural boundaries for long.

        • God is all things and all things are God.

          Off subject here but…

          Philosophical question for you: Ten commandments states “Obey the laws of the land” So several years back, I see the “Supreme Court Justice of Alabama” and some crony raising Hell over being forced to remove a granite ten commandments from the courthouse. So here we have a man who has been trained in intricate detail the hows and whys of the laws. He knows why we have separation of church and state. Even on the rock he was forced to remove, it states “Obey the laws of the land” and yet he still refused to comply. Why?

          • Except where they conflict with the laws of God.

            • How does removing the rock conflict with God’s laws?

          • The Ten Commandments say no such thing in either of the two places they appear.

            • You are correct.

              Romans 13:1-7 ESV / 97 helpful votes

              Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment. For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad. Would you have no fear of the one who is in authority? Then do what is good, and you will receive his approval, for he is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God’s wrath on the wrongdoer. Therefore one must be in subjection, not only to avoid God’s wrath but also for the sake of conscience.

              • We have to remember who the authority is in this land. It is our constitution and we the people. Not those individuals in govt. positions that work for us.

              • Yeah, but those in authority NOW are NOT servants of GOD, and they don’t serve for OUR good. They serve a very different master. So now what?

            • I’m not religious, but I never heard the Commandment “obey the laws of the land”.

              • Not religious either. Obey the laws of the land is ingrained into my psyche however. It’s root is religious.

          • Question…where is that in the 10…just curious.

          • Redneck;
            Its in the New Testament.
            Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s.

            • So our esteemed judge was thinking the courtroom is God’s and maybe using our granite Ten Commandments kind of a territorial marker? I’m a little lost.

              • What i’m driving at is this: Maybe our judge is doing the non-participation type of thing. “I’m not paying attention to your laws ’cause I answer to a higher power”. So now the whole world has seen our esteemed judge dump on the laws of the land. Lead by example for better or for worse. To me this seems prophetically obscene that a people, specifically religious folks, who have benefited so much from stability and religious freedom provided by the rule of law this country has provided, would dump on it so freely. Remember our fine black preacher “God Damn America”. What a horrible thing to say. Unfortunately, what we see in public is usually only the tip of the iceberg. Given what I see, the question that pops up is “Do religious folks have such a problem with the Union that they feel compelled to dump on it in such a public manner?” If the church folks can dump on the gov so can I. Next thing you know the rule of law is diminished to the point of anarchy.

                • REDNECK 101: Rather than attempt to self diagnose the Mind of God based on Your meere human minds ability. You will do far better by actually Reading His words in the bible. By so doing most every of Your questions will get answered.

                  As for Obey govnt etc aka ROMANS chapter 13?…The absolute Best ever expose/explainations of what it REALLY means etc…READ Chuck Baldwin’s several articles that pertain to romans 13 and how and why so many folks today have been Brainwashed into a false belife of its true meanings etc…Baldwins articles are located at website of newswithviews dot com….Listed under His name at left side of main page.

                  The human mind is Unable to out- think or debate Gods mind. Its reason Hes God and we aint. It also helps in dealing with a subject if one has at least a little knowledge of what that subject involves. That can Only be had by Reading His words, and realizeing those bible verses self explain whats true meanings promoted etc.

                  A typical snafu is when some folks ask “If Gods so great or good? Why does he allow good folks to get killed or raped etc?”

                  If they would but Read Gods own words they will see that God gives ALL folks Free will…Now if he halted evils from happening to every good person, every time it happens?….Then that will mean God never did give That particular evil person free will to do what they determine.

                  God dont make mistakes. Thats why he is going to JUDGE the things done by all persons at His own decided upon time frame…He also causes what some calls “karma” to occure to evil doers in This life as well as His plans to punish them in the afterlife of eternity.

                  But if God sent a bolt of lightning to stop every evil done to good folks or innocent folks?…Then the entire idea of free will goes out the window right.

                  Like I said Reading the bible is the only real method to learn of the true meanings etc of it all. Try that perhaps.

            • Doesn’t it also say something like, everything belongs to God, even what Caesar thinks is his?

              • Not to get into a religious arguement but it seems there are a couple of points most folks just cant seem to get their heads around…mainly because thyeve been programed by those who are in power or who think they are be it govt/religion/corporation…when they tried to trick him up,Jesus asked for the coin and then asked (whose) image and writing was on the coin( the term “whose” implies ownership) to which they answered “ceasars”…Jesus then said give to ceasar the things that are ceasars and God the things that are Gods…what things?…the image and the writing…not the coin itself or the metal in it… one of the best ways to prove up a scripture or most anything is to find other support for it…an underlying scriptual principle is that for anything to be proven it must be supported by two or three witnesses(or more)scripture states in several places that the silver and the gold and the earth itself belong to God,notice,not ceasar,therefore it can be said with confidence that ceasar owns nothing except his own vanity …God owns it all and the earth he has given unto the children of men,that would be us…so it all belongs to we the people not to govts or rulers or corporations…trust me govt/corporate/religious people have a cow over that concept but theres more evidence to support it than there is to support the control freak faction that supports ceasar and thinks we are all just serfs/peons who exist at/for their pleasure!… 2cents 🙂

                • …and worth every nickel…

                • So… God is all things and all things are God. The humble servant of God is the caretaker of all God’s things? We’re not doing such a great job I would think.

                  • NO!!! Yes God CREATED All Things…Even what Man makes starts out first as some Other form that God first Made. AKA= Man makes Steel or Iron…Where does man obtain RAW materials to make it?…From the Earth God first created.

                    Are You as a human Man or woman of the “Things” You create or make?..No of course not. God created dirt etc…so you believe Gods IS dirt? Thats absured to think that way.

                    he owns what he created and thats everything in entire universe. He Gave mankind the ability and RIGHTS to Use and control it all as Man is the Highest of Gods creations.

                    God Is “Spirit”…Just due to creating it all does Not mean hes all things…

                    it sounds like maybe You are an atheist and trying to somehow prove God fake or something. READ the bible and most of your questions will get answered.

      47. Precious Metals; I’m look at a ratio of 75% Sliver to 25% gold for my future outlook. Also, putting back copper, lead and brass, for that true security feeling.

        • nevermind about tuning in to radio station in atlanta, they went back to regular programming.

        • I have 564 Ramen noodles(as of July,2013), cost 14¢ to 16¢ each.
          Will go to Atlanta and sell them for $5 each!! LOL..LOL..LOL..LOL…LOL.. 🙂
          Sorry–couldn’ help it.

          You can’t fix stupid.

      48. One solution is to do whatever you can to not pay income taxes to the federal leviathan.

        There were two reasons to pay income taxes. One is the fear that the IRS would come after you if you did not, and the other was the moral obligation to do so.

        If you can enter the world of barter, or use things like bit coin or trade with out the use of anything but currency there are a number of ways to avoid taxes. With some ingenuity taxes can be avoided.

        The other reason to pay income taxes is that there has been a moral component to doing so, give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s et cet. In a democracy we all would and should obey because such laws were made by a consensuses of our elected servants. No longer are the politicians the servants now they are the leaders, and the laws passed no longer represent the will of the people, and even if they do they are not enforced fairly.
        I believe that the moral obligation to pay taxes no longer exists. The US now has a rogue President who decides which laws he will enforce, and he uses the IRS as a political weapon against his opponents.

        No one man is above the law, it must apply to all or none, as it is apparent that the laws does not apply to the President, and that in particular the tax law is being used as a weapon, then it is being unfairly and unequally applied. As such it is morally void and there is no longer any moral obligation to follow it.

        • Love that!

        • I ran afoul of the IRS in the 80’s .. Very unpleasant is an understatement.

      49. Feed the beast as little as possible. Give it a little bit then step aside and let it devour someone else. There used to be a website who’s motto was, “May the cyclops eat you next to last”!

      50. Amen to non-participation! The quickest way to invalidate a governing body is to not participate in it’s elections.

        • I’m sure the gov’t would be so HURT if people didn’t show up to vote.

      51. You still don’t realize what you’re dealing with here. The perfect organism. Its structural perfection is matched only by its hostility…

        I won’t lie to you about your chances… but… you have my sympathies.

        • Considering I can buy (100) .25 cent bulbs with that $25, no!

          And enough with that ‘but CFLs save on your electricity bill–I had them for one year and saw on savings.
          Removed them and they are in my attic.

          • I had more CFL bulbs go bad in our house in the last year and a half than i had incandescents go bad in the 6 years prior to that, and where exactly are we supposed to get rid of them? Says you are not supposed to dispose of them in landfills?
            So i need to make a special trip to the e-cycling place the one day a month they are open?
            Went to newcandescent and bought 100 bulbs,,, that should do me for a few years,, i would bet the powerplants are abandoned before i use up all the bulbs.

            • Dollar General here had 75W incandescents on sale several weeks ago. I bought a whole case (120 bulbs), leaving them with less than a case on the shelf.

              There is a 4W bulb in a firehouse in Livermore, CA that has been burning almost continuously since 1901. It was designed by a competitor to Edison.

            • Ive seen at least four of these squiggly lights catch fire and burn…two were in occupied buildings that had I not been there could have had disastarous results…got lots of incandesants and will get more as can be done…so no I dont thing they save anything and may end up costing you plenty…

        • How much do these ‘experts’ get to write these reviews?
          Really, guys.

          • The people who write them have a liberal agenda.

        • Just to set the record straight, CFL bulbs were NEVER a ‘good deal’. They have extremely short service lives AND they actually degrade the more you use them…they become less and less efficient, true fact. ALL CFL (and regular fluorescent bulbs too) have mercury in them and many people, either too lazy or too stupid toss them in the garbage. Then they go to landfills and leach the mercury, (which is a heavy metal and extremely poisonous)into the ground water. Don’t think TPTB want you dead? Think again, if you still can.

          LED bulbs especially the CREE and Feit electric ones (sold at Home Depot and Costco)are extremely efficient, contain NO mercury and last for YEARS. The rating on mine say 22.8 yrs based on 3 hours a day usage. I replaced all the crappy CFL and incandescent bulbs on my house both indoors and out and my electric use plunged. When you are off grid, you learn what consumes energy and what doesn’t…good luck with all those incandescent and CFL bulbs, you will need it. 😉

          • I got out of my chair yesterday to turn on the lamp and a one inch long arc of white static electrity lit up the bottom half of one of those new light bulbs. Shazzam! Good thing I have a strong heart.

            • I used to repair the old tube-type TV’s, been zapped many times.

      52. SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A divided federal appeals court has struck down California’s concealed weapons rules, saying they violate the Second Amendment right to bear arms.

        The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said Thursday that California is wrong to require applicants to show good cause to receive a permit to carry a concealed weapon. The court ruled that all law-abiding citizens are entitled to carry concealed weapons outside the home for self-defense purposes.

        The divided three-judge panel disagreed with two other federal appeals courts that have upheld permit rules similar to California’s.

        The U.S. Supreme Court often takes cases when federal appeals courts issue conflicting rulings.

        The Supreme Court ruled in 2008 that law-abiding citizens can keep handguns in the home for self-defense purposes, but didn’t address whether that right extends outside the home.

        Time to ignore all BS law to be made against or infringe upon the 2nd amendment or the bill of rights or constitution of this REPUBLIC!

        Fuck -em..pack it.. they got no right to tell you otherwise and the sooner the public take a stand and ignore these BS gun laws the sooner we can regain our Republic

        • You don’t need to show you have a reason for something that you already have a right for. You don’t need to show you have a good reason to go to church. You don’t need to show you have good cause to start a news organization. You don’t need to have good cause to go to a Tea Party or an Occupy Wall Street protest. You have the RIGHT. So says the Second Amendment. And because that right was granted by our Creator- men cannot take that right away.

        • NJ has a supreme court case pending on this exact law, it could if ruled in our favor change everything about concealed carry, meaning you do not have to have a justifiable need to POSSESS OR CARRY a handgun as the state currently requires. The way NJ laws are written even possessing a hand gun in YOUR OWN RESIDENCE without a permit to carry is unlawful as NJ is an as issue state and rarely grants carry permits, even though you obtained a permit to purchase signed off by your chief of police! Fortunately my job requires me to carry a handgun under federal law and the state really did not have a choice in the matter
          Even so,I had to get a superior court judge to sign off on a carry permit for off duty carry of my SERVICE arm only.
          The laws in NJ are confusing and vague.

          Semper Fi 8541

          • is it just a “Coincidence” that in every state or area where a huge portion of the Tribe, especially Marxist leftist members(jews like schumer and boxer and finestien ET AL) Reside, thats where the absolute worst antigun laws are enacted?

            No no no! no coincidence folks..Besides being world class Hypocrites such marxist jews as named all carry concealed guns! ALL support and FUND Private Israeli citizen gun ownership! and with YOUR taxes!

            Whet marxist leftwinger jews like finestine really worry of is that folks are wakeing Up and fast!…They Know whats going down once scales tilted to majortiy american folks are awake to the tribes evils and how all that tribes done has so fucked up america.

            They Fear being Booted or worse!…Thats the main reason they fear us reg avg folks weapons…..

            Kalif-Chicago-New york-New Jersey(or is that jew jesrsy?) are Hotbeds of marxist jewish residence areas. And ALl has worst ever antigun laws…Its no coincidence.

        • I don’t carry concealed. That being said, if I want to carry in a concealed manner I will do so at my leisure. CCW permits and all the “hoops” to jump through to get one is a bunch of crap. CCW essentially is a citizen asking the government permission to defend themselves. I don’t need to ask permission to engage in an activity that is my natural and common law right.

          All you CCW holders out there…they’re coming after you first. In the process you gave them so much damn information about yourselves it won’t be hard to find you.

          • If you Have a driver lic to drive legit? Then all you said is Hypocritical at best. So far every person who has said the same to me about a ccw lic, has a driver lic when I asked them.

            So what they and maybe you too(?) propose is to defy govnt 1/2 way right.

            If you believe what you say why not go 100% and toss out driver lic. cars plates, reg papers etc?

            I agree ccw lic is wrong headed but in todays usa only a fool will try to carry concealed without a ccw lic…Or one who has $20,000 Up front to waste of some laywer and days on End time spent in some court. I sure dont!

            • Last time I checked operating a motor vehicle wasn’t enumerated in the Bill of Rights.

      53. What we need is a good leader to rally the conservatives, to bring out all of those non voting people. Because we have them outnumbered.

        • After so many hopeful things I read on this thread this evening, I end it with C bailey. Yeesh, none are so blind.

          Newsflash: conservatives and progressives are two wings on the same bird of prey.

      54. the financial crash started in 2008
        and it’s NOWHERE near being finished

        Europe Considers Wholesale Savings Confiscation, Enforced Redistribution

        as expected

        “Foreclosure Rebound Pattern”: Foreclosure Starts SUDDENLY Jump 57% in California (And Soar In Much Of The Country“foreclosure-rebound-pattern”-foreclosure-starts-suddenly-jump-57-california-


        This one sentence editorial appeared in the Peoria Journal Star . . . . .
        “A pen in the hand of this president is far more dangerous than a gun in the hands of 200 million law-abiding citizens.”
        Then Clint Eastwood added his words . . . . .
        “We Americans are so tired of being thought of as dumbasses by the rest of the world that we went to the polls this past November (2012) and removed all doubt.”

        • Old Vet:
          A little off subject, but Kalifornia Conceall Carry law was struck down by the 9th Curcuit Court of Appeals.
          The said it violated the 2nd Amendment. New Yorks and may be one other state has the same regulations in them so they will get struck down also. Something about you had to show cause for the permit. That is unconstitutional according to the 9th Curcuit.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

        Mini cellars are for storing produce like apples, turnips, cabbage and carrots. Any produce, that requires a cold moist environment to last very long. Cut off and save the sod from the top of the hole. Dig the hole three feet deep and two feet in diameter. Place a layer of straw at the bottom of the hole about 6 inches deep, or you can line with plastic first and then straw.
        Next, place your produce in the hole, place straw between each piece of produce, don’t let any piece touch another. Then cover the vegetables with more straw. Continue on like this layer after layer till you get to about 6 inches from the top. Cover the top with a layer of straw. Next you need a lid made of wood or other sturdy material.
        Cover the hole with the lid, then the sod. Press and mash the sod into the surrounding soil and water it a little.
        Now about water
        If you will line the hole with plastic and wrap the plastic loosely over the top of the produce after the hole if full, you will have a better time with keeping water out of your veggies.

        • I like the concept, but the ground is frozen solid 4ft deep 4-5 months here. Plus I’m not sure you could find again when needed. We still have 40″+ of snow/ice.

          Should work well in southern locals.
          Old farmer trick?

      57. Hey Mac—That’s my family portrait you’ve got up there! Yep. There I am, front and center.

        • Ditto

      58. How can any sane person think about voting for either of the two existing established political choices of Democrat or Republican? It is insanity to keep doing this repeatedly every four years expecting change and then get more of the same. We have to break the cycle of voting for two opponents who differ little and are basically carbon copies of each other. We are effectively brainwashed into voting against our own interests. Third party candidates get a very small portion of the votes. Not voting is not the answer. The electronic tabulations are unsecure and obviously tampered results. Calls for hand counted paper ballots are ignored by those in power. Breaking this corrupted voting farce that is in place will be the first step in representation realized by the populace.

      59. what, mac? were skipping the 13th?… this is the only issue I have with this website.. you know what, I have no right to complain. but IF I could change anything, id have you put at least 2 new articles up on this website each day. there is a lot going on in this world. lots to talk about.

      60. so

      61. I thought of you all when I read the final lines to this article, …”Americans have lost the rule of law. Unless Congress quickly restores it, the country is lost.”

        The Five Criminals
        In America, the Gestapo Has Replaced the Rule of Law
        By Paul Craig Roberts

        If so, the question then becomes, whatchya gonna do?

        Voting and engauging the bastards doesn’t seem to me to be the answer.
        The title to this SHTFPLAN blog post seems about right.
        Of course, it’s your choice.

        So, which is it: trying to get some mega rich jerk in Congress to respect you, or… try to take care of your own?

        May the odds be in your favor.

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