Nobel Prize Winner: Trump’s Reelection Would Boost The Markets & Postpone Recession

by | Apr 16, 2019 | Headline News | 8 comments

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    According to Nobel Prize winner, Robert Schiller, an election victory for president Donald Trump would not only boost the stock market but postpone the impending and imminent recession. Shiller, who is known for his behavioral finance research, believes Trump’s reelection would “resonate” with the stock market.

    The president’s pro-business policies would resonate with Wall Street for another four years, so believes Schiller. “It also seems likely that when Jerome Powell’s term as Fed chairman expires, he’ll bring someone in that he controls more, and bring someone who can stimulate the economy without worrying,” the Yale University economics professor said Monday on CNBC’s “Trading Nation. ”

    “It’s also that Trump is a model for extravagant living and big spending. All these things are boosting the stock market,” Shiller added. And he’s correct, but consumers have become “tapped out” thanks to their overspending and reliance on debt.  He fails to mention the burden this is placing on everyday people.

    However, Shiller did famously predict two of the biggest bubbles of all time: the dot-com bubble and the housing bubble. Both times, he published an edition of his book Irrational Exuberance, which described and predicted each respective bubble. In early March, Shiller gave a 50 percent chance the economy would tip into a recession within 18 months. “We’re past the days where we felt very secure. We had very low volatility for a while,” Shiller said. “We’re now in a period where we’ve been shaken. We’re pulling ourselves together and we have to see where it goes from here.”

    A weekend report by Goldman Sachs economists said that president Trump already has a “narrow advantage” in the 2020 election. Not only did it find incumbents generally have a built-in “bonus” of 5 to 6 percentage points in the popular vote, but the economy’s relatively strong performance ahead of the election bodes incredibly well for the president. And while the stock market is rallying since Trump’s victory, his reelection will solely depend on how the voters perceive the market’s rise.

    “It’s the question of how people look back at the recent correction,” he said. “There’s another narrative that says these things are precursors to a bigger event.”


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      1. Newsflash for the Nobel Peace Prize Winner. We have been in
        a recession since 2008. Now we have a global slowdown.
        Central bank system on life support. Pull the plug.
        Ready or not, it has to be done.

      2. I agree with everything about this article…period.

        That said, I am giving a community ‘shout-out’ here…anyone who has an answer to this question PLEASE RESPOND. In doing so you may well save the life of a poor innocent tablet which is going to have it’s CPU shot out with a LARGE caliber pistol round rather soon…

        Does anyone here KNOW how to turn OFF the F#@:&€%÷#;/!!! “Auto-Correct” function on an Android tablet…PERMANENTLY. Given my current state of mind I am fully prepared to commit electronicide by midnite this evening if this shitty know-nothing auto-Fxxk-up feature Jack’s with me one more time!!! I intend to commit this crime not later than midnight tonight!


        JOG has spoken…and I am REALLY SERIOUS about this!

      3. The stock market is not the real economy. Take a long look at the retail sector, look at the number businesses closing, layoffs, and bankruptcies. The rich who are in the stock market are doing great, but the regular guy and gal are being left behind. The gap between the haves and have nots is getting wider and wider, eventually you will only have two classes “the rich and everyone else”. The tax breaks and all of the other BS only helped the wealthy and elitist scumbags.

      4. In other words the fix is in. The Democratic party are Republicans in disguise. Their futures depend on it. Profits to the moon!

        • Ummmm, You DO know that dogs are the best friend you can have right? My dog is the best(regardless lol)! He will defend you to the death and stand by you always. Put your wife and your dog in the closet for a few hours and see which one is happy to see you when you open the door! Doggies were sent here to be our companions and protectors. They do a great job for just a lil love and food. I spoil the hell out of my dog but he is still a very good boy. I didn’t think this way for the decades I didn’t have one but having the right one has changed me completely. I see all dogs differently. Much more of a dog lover now. The more people I meet, the more I love my doggie!

          • Howdy G,

            Welcome to the club! The comedic things relative to dogs and people have all been well covered at this point so I won’t add anything to what’s already existent.

            That said, your last comment is absolutely spot-on…oh yes indeed! I’ve watched our dogs (Oh…say…about 25 at this point) under a HUGE variety of situations and I usually find (after the fact!) that their immdiate reactions are about 95% accurate; far better than my own, point in fact.

            We don’t get a lot of visitors here – by design – but a few are given that Grace preferentially. Without fail our four legged friends have unerringly confirmed my preconceptions of those I have met virtually without exception…both the good and the bad. Needless to say those in the latter category don’t receive any further invites.

            Here in BIG bear territory their suite of inbuilt sensors have repeatedly headed off situations in advance that otherwise could easily have resulted in multiple fatalities. Each of our groups who depart our immediate environs consistently (read as, ‘without fail’) are accompanied by a pair of our canine partners, not infrequently more even. Beleive me, traipsing through 10′ high THICK as a brick Alaskan wilderness limits our meager senses oftimes to around 3 feet…whilst – in my critical assesment- the dogs are continuously a aware of virtually everything transpiring around us radially out to at least 200′ under the worst conditions. Under more ordinary conditions their capacity of detect and judge the general situation about us is – seemingly almost unlimited practically speaking. I never cease to be awed by their fidelity or thier obvious desire to partner with their ‘odd, two legged pack mates’.

            IMHO, they are one of the Lord’s Finest creations…and a gift I treasure with all my heart…


            PS: wherever your dealing with local fauna that has the capacity to KILL you you always travel with a pair: they will instinctively spread out and ‘tag team’ a bear or a moose without the slightest fear for themselves hence giving you time to withdraw to a safe distance while covering thier retreat to safety. God, such vast loyalty!! We could hardly love them more were they themselves Human…

      5. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump chose not to run for a second term. When he was first elected, he was riding a wave of support but it has waned. He just hasn’t gotten the support that he is entitled to.

      6. Did you catch the part about restoring our liberties and stopping government theft? No, I didn’t either.

        Liberty will not be restored by any government solution.

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