NOAA Warns of Monster Solar Storm Region Facing Earth for Next Two Weeks; Fully Capable of Producing X-Class Flares

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    Last Thursday the sun produced an X1.9 rated solar flare that narrowly missed Earth. Although it wasn’t aimed directly at us, about 45 minutes after leaving the sun it was still powerful enough to disrupt radio communications.

    Now, that same area  responsible for producing the X-class flare may pose a direct threat to Earth.

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Space Weather Prediction Center says that the region on the sun known as AR11339 and affectionately called the “Benevolent Monster” will set its sights on Earth. It will move into a position that poses the largest risk to our planet around November 9th, 2011 and remain on a direct line of sight with earth for the following two (2) weeks as it rotates:

    Scientists at the federal Space Weather Prediction Center say that area is the most active part of the sun since 2005. It has dozens of sunspots, including one that is the size of 17 Earths.

    “It’s still growing. The size is what blows me away.”

    Thursday’s flare wasn’t aimed at Earth. However, this active region is now slowly turning toward Earth, and scientists say it will be directly facing Earth in about five days.

    That storm region will only affect Earth if it shoots off flares and they hit our planet, which doesn’t always happen with stormy areas, said prediction center space scientist Joe Kunches.

    The region will be facing Earth for about two weeks as it rotates, he said.

    Solar flares send out bursts of electromagnetic energy that can occasionally disrupt communications and electrical systems.

    Sourced Via The Intel Hub

    We’ll be facing the monster starting sometime this evening into tomorrow. Considering that it has just recently ejected an X-class flare towards Earth and another towards Venus, we should consider the region to be active and fully capable of affecting our planet.

    While NOAA’s warnings fall short of any imminent ‘end of the world as we know it’ event, the risk over the next two weeks of a Carrington-like event are higher now than at anytime in the last decade. The 1859 Carrington Event, caused by a solar flare, reportedly knocked out telegraph operations around the world. It is believed that such an event, were it to occur today, could potentially take down the U.S. power grid for months or years and paralyze the entire globe:

    Physicist Michio Kaku:

    It could paralyze the economy of the planet earth. In 1859 we had a gigantic solar storm which knocked out telegraph wires back then, 150 years ago. If that had happened today it would knock out almost all our satellites, knock out power stations, there would be food riots around the country because refrigeration would stop, airplanes would probably crash without radar.

    And again, this is a once in a century, once in two centuries storm…

    We do have them and we have to worry about them.

    We’d be thrown back 100 years.

    Source: Top Physicist Says Solar Flare Would Set Us Back 100 Years

    Patrick Geryl of How to Survive 2012 contacted us recently and contributed a short video describing the potential fall out of such an event. The consequences would be devastating and would include everything from power grid failure and food shortages, to savage riots and, eventually, a meltdown of nuclear reactors across the globe.

    There would be very little warning, if any, with estimates suggesting that once a solar event is detected it could take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of days to impact earth.


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      1. If it happens it happens.

        • Look on the bright side. No more political debates and ads. No more dancing with the stars, no more kardashian reality shows, and the beginning of the longest survivor episode ever!

          • Featuring YOU as the main participant :-)))

        • What the hell is the point of this happy nonsense? This is not the first time we have been warned of an impending solar event in the past few months and yet what happened? Nothing not a friggen thing. I like that Kacu dude and I have trouble with him involving himself with this grade of scare mongering. I thought he was a little above that.
          But; on the brighter side. If this does occur, we aren’t going to have much to worry about like Obama and his bullshit. China and their bullshit, or anybody else’s for that matter other than those in your local area. I am not at all against the possible idea, bring it on baby!!!! It might be time to get the hell off of this rock anyway….

          • The point for me is to add to my prep “stack” more candles, LED lights, re-chargeable batteries and another solar charger, plus a bigger water filter and some purify tablets. Whether a solar knockout occurs or not, it’s a small amount of money well spent: we’ll use it for camping, or maybe occupying.

            • Challenge there is that the LED’s are electronic components – Keep them in foil
              the Solar panels also have electronic circuitry – keep them in foil

              The solar cells will continue to put out but you will have to remember to disconnect them from the batteries at night to stop a discharge.

              Being a sailor and knowng what happens on a boat when struck by lightning, even the unprotected electronics that don’t have batteries in them are toast.

              This even will be of a similar nature, should it occur.

              I really hope it doesn’t.

              The foil MAY act as a faraday cage and send the EMP around the units. It MAY not too..

          • OK, so now your telling me that I have to stock up on SPF 50!

            Off to Walmart now…

        • Holy Crap!!! The sky is falling!!! The sky is falling!!! Oh my god, we’re all gonna die!!!

        • Look at it on the Dark Side, now all white folks can get a tan without paying for it and, White men will actually see their tool. Cool huh ?

        • One question most preppers don’t think about: When the SHTF, how are you going to get it off your ass?

          Priorities of prep:
          TOILET PAPER
          sanitization (bleach)
          and on and on as you see fit

          • Good prep move, but that stack of toilet paper is bulky, limited and needs to be burned or buried-put in an outhouse hole, or something. And what when it runs out? Consider other more primitive means too. I have a stack of hand towels, water, soap, 3″ chlorine tabs, and the means to wash those towels. The whole kit fits inside a couple show boxes and will keep my fanny sanitary for 5.3 years.

        • In psychology they call it extinction – when you repeat a stimuli so much that the animal quits responding. That’s what’s going on here.

          We’ve heard the doom and gloom so much no one responds anymore. Yes, I was a Y2K hound. I was sure it was something. I mean even the presidents council on Y2k said it was likely a big deal. But one thing did come out of it. The computer systems of the world rapidly upgraded, were hardened and readied so as to allow “someone” to better control world finances when they finally chose to do so.

          Lot’s of false flags, that keep our eyes off “something” else. Question is, what is that something? We’ll, like3 everybody else, I don’t know what that something is – but I would bet all that I own that it will take me by total surprise. And I bet it will probably take you too.

          If you deny a conscious force (ie: Satan) then you are defenseless, with no dependable explanation. If on the other hand, you do recognize Satan’s handy-work, then you can know what to do, and where to go to get help. We all need Satan’s antithesis, if we desire to survive.

      2. “It could paralyze the economy of the planet earth”

        Seems like Obama is expanding his influence beyond planet Earth.

      3. WTF is it with November 9? First the EAS drill. Then the Tsunami Drill. Now this?

        • 9/11/11 or military 11/9/11

          Kinda Spooky.

          • Well, if that’s not enough, yesterday I got a call doing a survey for our city. They asked me all kinds of questions about what I thought of the city services, parks, trash pickup, police, emergency response. Then out of the blue they asked if we had emergency preparations. They went into detail asking “yes or no” questions to whether we had food, water, medications, and for how long for how many people. I was very vague with my responses, but I thought it was a real coincidence that they are asking questions about emergency preparedness right around the time of this EAS drill.

            What the heck is going on? Anyone else receive any random “survey” calls from your city?

            Also, as far as this article is concerned, if the nuclear reactors all melt down, game over no matter what your preps are. I live within 20 miles of one so don’t think there would be much chance of survival here.

            • Rubu Doo: when I get survey calls like that, I now just say “call someone else” and hang up. These liar people say “just a few min” and turned into 20 min. so, I learned to hang up..I don’t have time, call someone else. I’d never tell anyone about preps. What small amt. I have won’t matter if we have a real disaster, killing off millions. Some preppers I knew during y2k kept their preps (some tossed them) are now in the cemetery, the stuff tossed by their heirs. This is why I prep light. Besides, most of us have ltd space to store stuff. I live 30 mi from a nuke plant near the Ga. Fla line.

            • Ask/answer on the street those questions; NOT on a phone that ties those answers to that physical address.

            • RubyDoo–The city did this same thing where I live, but they were going door-to-door and then calling those in the target neighborhoods they were not able to get at home. The timing was as early evening–5 to 8pm–in order to allow everyone to get home from work. This in the same state the TSA is taking over the highways. There was no phony-baloney pre-survey, just knock on the door and ask what kind of preps you have. I guess my neighborhood was not on the list as there has been no one knocking. I would not tell them anything anyway–“hi, I’m from the government, I’m here to help”–riiiiggghhhttt!

            • This is where OPSEC comes in:

              Phone: “Hi! We’re doing a survey, blahblahblah…”

              Me: “Oh hello! Certainly! I’d love to! But before you begin, I normally charge $210/hour for my services with a two-hour minimum. So if you agree, we can proceed. Now, I’ll need your name, and your company’s address and the Accounts Payable contact so that I can send the invoice to you as soon as we’re done. I have the recorder going on my end, so I’ll have you give verbal approval to the terms…”

              Phone: *click* (dialtone)


              It’s your time – make them pay for it.

            • Ruby Doo – Got some good news for you. If you get a good supply of potassium iodide tablets, there’s a reasonable chance you and your family will make it through a nuclear disaster just fine. If the bad guys are out to get you, make ’em work for it. Please don’t give up so easily. I’m counting on all subscribers of SHTFPlan to help me rebuild civilization.

        • ANON: 11/9/11 has always been a red letter day for me. My ex wife’s birthday: a give me, take me, buy me, please me kind of gal.

          Think Kim K at 5’4′, and 108 lbs.

          I make it a point to party hearty on this day. Margarita Tuesday!!! Margaritas for everyone!!!

          Just saying 🙂

          • As long as their LIME margaritas, I’m in!!!

          • I’ll print a couple million and show up in my Speedo. Care to dance Daisy??? My back is freshly shaved and I’m feeling groovy!

            • Well, THAT is quite the offer, Ben B – I can’t believe you shaved your back and everything!

          • oh gawd, DK is a genius multi millionaire ex-banker, VP, CEO, war hero married to a Kim Kardashian look alike only better…what color is the sky in your world DK? Shit Brown? Pathetic…

            • ANON: FUCK YOU!!!!!

          • Heh – why celebrate the ex’ birthday? I celebrate V-ex Day, or the date I was officially granted a divorce against my ex. I use the occasion to take my wife out to a fancy dinner. 🙂

            • hahaha….OQ – I used to celebrate my “Anti-Versary” – my former anniversary by noting all of the reasons I was thrilled not to be married anymore!!!

      4. Massive solar storms in time for the Fema/FCC emergency test? Yahoo!

      5. And here I thought the freak blizzard I just survived in Ct with a power outage of 5 days was tough. Jeez, I feel so much better now knowing that was a primer to what’s coming.

        • Enough, It sucks what you guys went through. Enlighten me, was it that the snow was just to heavy and pulled lines or tree limbs on lines down? Was it poor infrastructure? What the heck is going to happen when the real winter hits? Peace

          • Clay, I’m in NJ and the problem we had was that the leaves were still on the trees and it was a very heavy wet snow. The leaves helped hold the snow on the trees, which took down branches, which then fell on power lines. We do not normally have snow while the leaves are still hanging on.

            Not sure if CT had the same problems. It sure was a mess for a couple of days. We were without power for 3 days. Thank goodness the hubby bartered for a generator this summer. I has come in very handy lately.

          • It was all that you mentioned. The snow settled on the leaves that were still on the trees. That created tremendous weight resulting in broken limbs and boughs that landed on power lines, roads, houses, you name it. Power is still out in some areas of Ct. as I type this. Coupled with this is the out-of-date equipment our power company (CL&P) still uses to deliver our power. Even worse yet, CL&P didn’t pay the out-of-state contractors from hurricane Irene, so many refused to return with more help. Can’t say I blame them. As preppers, we were fine but it was sad to see the National Guard arrive with 100,000 MRE’s for those unprepared. Many died from carbon monoxide poisoning when they dragged their BBQ into the house for warmth. Perhaps this will be their wake up call.
            Be well:)

            • I live in Ct. Let’s just say all that “rugged individualism” of New Englanders you hear about is a myth. Maybe it was true 100 years ago, but not now.

            • BB & Enough hang in there. I read about the deaths. I live in western NY we only got a dusting that was gone in 24 hours. A lot of our leaves have been gone for awhile. I too hope this serves as a wake up call, but I am not holding my breath. Peace

            • It was definitely an odd storm. W/in a half hour of it starting the roads were becoming impassible. You could hear tree limbs breaking w/in an hour. Standing outside you could hear one crack and drop about every minute or so. Lost power for 5 days, schools closed for up to a wk and travel was difficult sun/mon. Not the kind of event one wants to manage w/small ones. One thing that struck me was that knowing the storm was coming, there was no prep. Oos elec crews could have been staged closer to jersey, but they didn’t start arriving until tue afternoon. Had gen, space heaters etc, fared better than ave, but learned an incredible amt w/this dry run. Folks if this had happened in jan/feb quite a diff story. As it was cold into the low 30’s at nite and lotta neighbors bugged out leaving neigborhood empty. Was concerned about leaving due to easy pickins opp for ne’erdowells. Really got me thinking about how things might play out for real.

            • “Perhaps this will be their wake up call.”
              No. Sorry to be morbid, but they’re not gonna wake up. They died of carbon monoxide poisoning, remember?

              Ooops. I went right past the deep end. Into the concrete.

            • I hope you grabed some MRE’s. Even if you don’t need them, save them for a rainy day.

          • Just mother nature hitting the reset button the past few yrs, we’ve had the wind storms, the ice storms and now the freak snow storm, we should be safe now for 20 yrs.

            • I think these freak storms will not disappear for 20 years but become more frequent ..! Research H.A.A.R.P in ALaska. Weather Control and or Manipulation…!!

          • Hi Clay,

            I’m in CT also, and was also without power from Sat early afternoon until late Wed evening. I think it was a little of both. We have LOTS of trees here in CT, and it was amazing how many large, healthy trees lost branches. You have to remember, many of our trees still had leaves, green ones at that, on them. Also, alot of our infrastructure is old, and a while back the electric companies reduced staffing for tree trimming. But yes, the snow was very, very heavy….but even then, I just can’t believe I lost power 1 1/2 hours after the snow started! My prayers go out to those who are STILL without power (~20K). But in ways, very heartening. There is one small enclave of houses in a town that was hit particularly hard. There is one generator, but about 6 houses in this little division. They are rotating the generator between the houses – 2 hrs at a time. Enough to get some heat/hot water/etc. I love that spirit!!! Many here bought generators after Irene; I’m sure many more will buy now (amazing what a few cold nights can do to build a fire under your butts to get prepped)!

        • “And here I thought the freak blizzard I just survived in Ct with a power outage of 5 days was tough.”

          If SHTF full-on, electricity isn’t going to exist at all, unless you generate it.

          I guess things like this are great exercises, but keep in mind that the real thing is liable to be 100x uglier, and likely permanent.

      6. Sooooo, why does November 9th stand out? That’s right, the same day as the FCC test their little pet project. That’s odd.

        • Gov’t already setting up a fall guy for their mess and tests.

      7. Thanks for this article and getting the word out on this Mac.

      8. Well crap Mac……we have financial meltdowns worldwide threatening TWAWKI and you have to tell me this might happen……..just kidding…..:)

      9. “airplanes would probably crash without radar.” Ummm no. And the same goes for the nuclear plant issue, “eventually, a meltdown of nuclear reactors across the globe.”

        You know – a little education goes a long way. Try it sometime.

        • So, EMP effects induced by a geomagnetic storm caused by a large solar flare aimed at earth won’t cause such things?

          What kind of edumacation?


        • You’re right Dude! There would only be food riots, regular riots, general killing and the world economy would crash. No big deal. I think I’m going to go buy more of something.

          • “No big deal. I think I’m going to go buy more of something.”

            Your something should probably be in boxes of 20 or 50 or at least 86 proof.

        • Surfer, today’s airplanes no longer use a cable to connect the stick to the rudder, all maneuvering of modern aircraft is done using electrical wire and in newer planes a form of wireless, all controlled by a computer. You are right they can land without radar, but they sure cannot land without being able to steer.

          • Claymation – yes, that’s why planes have hardened systems that can survive lightning strikes, etc. A flare such as these have little effect at all on avionics.

            Again, a little education does go a long way.

            • SD,
              How are ya, I usually just lurk here, but I could not resist. I retired from Boeing in 09. My boss and his colleagues published this paper regarding Critical Infrastructures in the US and its relation to EMP. Here is what is on page 124 of Report of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack

              “In summary, the Boeing engineering approach for protection and qualification against nonhostile electromagnetic environments is well established, and it is demonstrated by experience to be sufficient for the EM environments to which the aircraft are exposed during normal operations. While these procedures may provide significant protection in the event of an EMP attack, this position cannot be confirmed based on the existing qualification test protocols and immunity standards. This conclusion is applicable to all com- mercial aircraft currently in service, including the earlier designs. However, it is particu- larly emphasized for the newer, fly-by-wire designs that, by virtue of more reliance on digital electronics, may be more prone to EMP effects.”

              Meaning that current designs “should” protect against EMP, but I sure wouldn’t want to be in the air if an EMP strikes as it would be classified as non natural. Natural EM being Lightening, the kid in the third row playing his iPod etc.. Hope this helps.

            • Military planes are sufficiently hardened but civilian aircraft are not so hardened. As our electronics grow smaller and more efficient, they also grow much more vulnerable to the effects of a CME or EMP. Anything powered by a modern computer that is not protected by a Faraday cage would fail in the event of a very strong CME or EMP. CMEs and EMPs produce waves that travel exponentially faster than lightning strikes. Thus, the systems that protect the electronics wouldn’t have time to operate. Imagine a home computer connected to a surge protector. In the event of a lightning strike or power surge, the surge protector acts within seconds to power off the computer. A CME or EMP, which again travels much faster than a lightning strike or power surge, would ruin the computer before the surge protector even had a chance to operate.

              Before you say it, I am educated. Maybe you should try it yourself. Google is your friend. 🙂

            • Yes, EMP hardening is usually only found on select military aircraft. However, the topic of the discussion is not EMP thus these references aren’t relavent to the actual topic of solar radiation and its effects on aircraft. Staying on topic isn’t an education issue for you guys, is it?

            • so that’s great for Air Force One….all the other planes in the air aren’t so fortunate…your right about the education thing

            • I concur, some here are comparing apples to oranges.

              Electrical effects induced from a CME are a different animal than EMP. It’s the actual positively charged particles from the CME that would do the most damage to the electronics (think tiny BB’s by the trillions slamming into the circuit board).

              Having been trained in aircraft electronics and electrical systems by Uncle Sam’s military machine way back in ’85, and to this day still “playing” with the flying aluminum cans, I can tell you that the most hardened component on a modern aircraft is the engine electronic control box (called a FADEC on most of the airframes I’ve worked on- stands for Full Authority Digital Engine Control). They (the design engineers) say it can be struck by a bolt of lightning and live to tell about it. In fact, in a full blown electrical shut-down on the aircraft, that baby’s gonna still be ticking (by virtue of it’s own permanent magnet alternator attached to the engine gearbox). AND there’s a backup FADEC for each engine…

              However, I could only guess as to how well the FADEC could handle the “BBs” from the CME…Radar goes, no problem. Avionics all go, still no problem (we actually had an aircraft get home by following major freeways once when the avionics and nav instruments all crapped out). FADEC goes, now you got problems. As stated above, I wouldn’t want to be on the plane at 35,000 feet when/if this happens.

              I’ve attempted to glean all available knowledge off of the internet about CME and EMP affects because of my considerable investment in solar panels on the roof, so while I’m no PhD, I still consider myself “edumicated”.

              Simple, really- for an EMP, you need a grounded “cage”. For a CME, you need MASS (6″ of water, 2′ of dirt, 4″ of concrete, etc…)

            • You’re in dreamland says:
              November 8, 2011 at 1:45 pm

              “Military planes are sufficiently hardened”

              False – No modern aircraft that relies on electronic controls could survive an EMP or significant CME and stay in the air.

              “As our electronics grow smaller and more efficient, they also grow much more vulnerable to the effects of a CME or EMP.”

              Semi-false … Anything beyond 1960’s tube era technology is toast if a CME/EMP hits. That includes anything from late 60s era transistors to todays microchips.

              “Anything powered by a modern computer that is not protected by a Faraday cage would fail in the event of a very strong CME or EMP.”

              False – A faraday cage will not protect against a significant CME or any EMP. If a simple shielding/grounding system like a faraday cage would protect electronics, the entire military would be protected. They have only a few hardened facilities (NORAD/SAC) for the very reason that conventional shielding is worthless at the levels of EM we are talking about.

              “CMEs and EMPs produce waves that travel exponentially faster than lightning strikes.”

              FALSE! – Good God man, all energy travels at the speed of light (186000 miles per second or 300,000,000 meters per second). Any 6th grader who paid attn in science class knows that, it does not take an astrophysicist.

              “Imagine a home computer connected to a surge protector. In the event of a lightning strike or power surge, the surge protector acts within seconds to power off the computer. A CME or EMP, which again travels much faster than a lightning strike or power surge, would ruin the computer before the surge protector even had a chance to operate.”

              False, false and false – No surge protector will protect against lightning strikes, they protect against brownouts and spikes that have a curve. There is no switch in the world that can operate at the speed of light and as already said, all energy travels at the same speed.

              Please skip the BS, there is enough dis-information floating around these days.

        • Please explain to me about the nuclear reactors not melting down. I don’t understand how they can be ok without electricity to pump water long term. Thanks.

          • OK, look, this EMP thing is not what you think. People get all bent out of shape about the EMP.

            To understand it, you must understand many things, current flow and static electron mechanics and things.

            Fortunately, I do and unfortunately, most people don’t have a clue.

            The worst thing an EMP would do is break just about all long-line power transmission systems. Then, after that, certain local power distribution systems within range would “blow” tripping line breakers and blowing some transformers. Also, any communications equipment attached to open air antennas that have no lightning arresting equipment. Mostly lower frequency stuff would be affected since higher frequency stuff have antennas too short to really “catch” much of anything in the way of EMP energy.

            It won’t wreck your car’s computer. The car is wrapped in a steel body, however, the initial “jolt” could stop the computer for a bit. Some closer to the EMPs might blow. If the EMP is from the sun, the range will be greatly expanded to about 1/4 of the planet at full strength. Even on the dark sides there could be some jolt, less serious.

            In some cases, some equipment that is in proximity of tall steel towers or long wires could experience enough EMF (Electo Motive Force, also known as voltage) to arc and maybe kill some IC chips.

            Mostly, though, the low level transient protections on most systems’ power and network jacks will hold. The MOS varisters will clamp anything before it wrecks the devices. In some cases, however, there could be MOSVs that permanently clamp and have to be replace causing the device to look as if its trashed when its really not.

            …but, even though I am down playing the effects of the EMP to practical and true levels, can you imagine the mess it would be when the long line power transmission lines fail? Egads! Yes, it will be SHTF and you’ll need a plan.

            You need God to keep you sane and confident.
            You need guns (at least three. Google: YONTG) to keep what you have.
            You need water or a way to get it.
            You need food and a way to prepare it.

            This will carry you through a multitude of problems. Everything else is academic. Certainly shelter is in there somewhere too but, I’d not trade it for any one of those. I think if you had the four things above, you’d be able to bargain for some shelter.

            Most of the damage that will be done will be power transmission systems with long lines that will “catch” the EMP wave and tap it off on down the line and to ground. This is what will blow the breakers and transformers. Imagine if it blows only 5% of all the transformers and breakers? Thats not that much, percentage wise but it would cut power for weeks. With the country on edge like it is now, that would spell TEOTWAWKI. You need to have a SHTFPlan and know what to do. If you’re new to this site, put it in overdrive. Some of us here believe you don’t have much time.

            I just topped off my fuel reserves. That should tell you something.

            • NetRanger,
              Thanks for all of your insight. This is an area I am unfamiliar with for the most part, I freely admit that. I was wondering though, who in the past has used an emp against another country, how many of our enemies have access to them now and, does the US have a way to stop one from being deployed here? If these questions show my ignorance, so be it, but it would clear up a few things for me if you could enlighten further.

            • Loafer, to my knowledge no EMP device has been used by another country in war. The only real information we have is about one test done 60 years or more ago where antennas at an island installation in the pacific picked up an EMP wave from a nuke test and it caused some problem.

              Of course we have the flare of 1859 and 1989 that cause problems. The EMP waves created by solar flares can damage stuff also. They tend to be less “spikey” and put more stress on long line transmission stuff while not even affecting other systems.

              You mention your lack of knowledge in this area. This is PRECISELY why people knowing less than you have speculated, and essentially, inflated this to some kind of problem that is on par with the “Worst (computer) Virus Ever!” diatribe. Its hyped and nearly ridiculous.

              The fact is that the possible minimum effects will be devastating enough. This is because our infrastructure is so incredibly fragile when it comes to blanketed wide area effects. If you blew 1% of the transformers east of the Mississippi it would be a *HUGE* problem. That doesn’t sound like its much when you read it in the news. If you look at the effect it would have it starts to make you worry. But, remember, 97% of the American public aren’t thinkers. This is the reason for the hype. In order to capture their attention you have to make it sound devastating. And so the fear mongers do.

              The facts are that the kinds of conditions they talk about dissipate much faster than people uneducated about electricity and its effects on outdoor environments realise. I’m fond of saying that “If the EMP wave is strong enough to blow the IC chips in your computer you’ll probably be more worried about the blast than saving your computer.”

              Basically, anything with very long, wires will be at risk. The wires act somewhat like an antenna and “catch the wave” and tap it off to ground, frying equipment on either end. While we don’t have a lot of information we do know how other types of EMPs work. They work this way because it is the way electricity in the environment works. While the magnitude could be increased, the basic behaviour will be the same. Just because the EMP wave is produced by a nuke, water will not suddenly start flowing up hill and politicians won’t suddenly become honest and forthright.

              I tend to battle this kind of thing because I know about and have experience with various types of transients which are essentially EMP waves. In the past I have found it shocking how industries (mainly the insurance companies) know so very little about it even though it costs them money. Instead of putting out bulletins that tell their customers how to avoid the most common types of transient damage they simply say nothing and then try to avoid paying even though they’re obviously liable. Ignorance in our society is epidemic. But, thats not the bad part. Unlike you, who admit their lack of knowledge and seek to understand, most either try to bluff it and say they know or they try to make it unimportant. (…or the other side of the coin is that some hype it for effect to sell airtime…)

              We (at SHTFPlan) know that downplaying situations and playing the normalcy bias game can get you killed. While you don’t have to be an expert, expending huge amounts of your resources on some hyped boogey-man type situation can get you killed or, at the very least, make things more uncomfortable than you have to be.

              Relax, unplug your stuff, hope for the best. One Second After may be a great story but much of it is fantasy. The goal is not usually to inform. The goal is usually to *SELL*BOOKS*.

              Our goal here is to survive. My recommendation: use the money you would spend on supplies to make a faraday cage to buy another shotgun or more silver bullion.

        • hey surfer, I think there is a wave that has your name on it…….see ya bra!

      10. C’mon everybody, chill out. We all know nothing is gonna happen. It’s just to keep us all afraid. Now if you’ll excuse me, my DVRd’ Dancing with the Stars awaits.

        • Don’t forget to set it for X factor

      11. This is a test of the Eating Ass Suckers system… this is only a… TV and radio go blank and power grid shuts off due to solar storm.

        Sigh. Guess that wraps up THAT nonsense.

      12. Good timing Mac,
        I just sold a new design and fabrication will commence for a 60 gallon batch capacity, ethanol to fuel grade distillation unit.
        This makes number three sold in the last several weeks. I’ve started fabrication for several large, 5 gallon and a smaller unit at the same time.

        Why Ethanol? It is easy to produce the feedstock and with a small investment and some wrenches you can convert a gasoline engine to run on fuel grade ethanol.
        I’m converting an small old generator to run on it and will convert a tiller to do the same.

        Hurricane Ike is what spurred me to start looking at alternatives. Because when the grid goes down, the gasoline pumps do not work either.

        Check out

        Who knows if an event is coming, I’ve always prepared, was raised that way, some events never became events, because we were prepared.

        We all have to live in the modern world, but I believe in keeping the older knowledge around, basic simple procedures that has helped man survive for hundreds of years. Had a batch of jerky ready to package this morning


        • The antiseptic production value of the still you fabricated for me is worth the price of admission!

          • Thank you, Mac, I appreciate you being the first customer.


          • what? I want to know about this as I want one (been thinking about making one for awhile for “distilled water” but don’t really have the time). Please email me Mac…..a man can’t live on chocolate alone in a collapse


        • Have you calculated the EROI of a home still? I seriously doubt that you’ll get more energy out than you put in, counting the energy require to plant, cultivate, harvest and transport your feedstock. And having actually RUN and RACED some (very old) motorcycle engines on alcohol, I know that the necessary 15:1 compression ratios required are beyond the mechanical limits of commercial generator or tiller engines. Even if you could get the compression ratios up there, the crankshafts, connecting rods and bearings won’t stand the gaff for long. Been there, done that. I reckon I’ll build a steam engine, if it comes to that. External combustion engines can run on anything that’ll burn, and don’t need high-tech materials, either.

      13. I guess this is proof that we are subject to the forces of nature that are far beyond our control!

      14. What I am bothered by is that when a warning is given on say a blizzard, hurricane, tsunami or what have you, instructions on what you should do follow ie.. get to high ground, have food and water enough for one week, whatever. In these cases no instructions to the public is generally given. I guess it is like well you are on your own if something should happen. I have a small Faraday cage I constructed cheaply, it holds a laptop, 2 hard drives and my shortwave radio. There quick and easy to make, anyone interested should just google it, lots of great designs on the web. Clay

        • And does the Faraday cage also hold a power source because you will need one for those electronic items. Perhaps solar panel rechargers etc. For those without shortwave I would add an small but good am/fm/ER radio. I would also add a couple of dual powered flashlights. There is no way of knowing what might be fried if left outside the cage.

          • Absolutely right c! I’ve got a solar charger for the laptop and a solar battery charger. I have the material for a second cage for them, but don’t have it together yet, I guess tonight is as good as anytime to build it.I think batteries and flashlights should be OK outside of the cage, don’t you? I think my cages added up to about $4.00 bucks apiece to make. The bitch is finding two boxes that fit together just right Peace

        • Clay, rawles says that a metal trash can with a tight fitting lid makes an adequate faraday cage.

          • It sure would, Just make sure you ground it well and make sure whatever you put inside is not touching the outside of the can, packing type styrofoam cut to shape comes to mind. In truth though, I haven’t seen a metal can in awhile.

            • If you knew someone who works for a large factory, many of the chemicals that factories use come in large 55 gal metal drums. I picked up a few from a pet food packageing factory in my area and store a number of things in them. very handy. just make sure you can get the lid with them.

            • Take thin sheets of metal and totally seal a room for storage in your basement. Seal the whole room, floor, ceiling and walls with this sheets of metal…..wouldn’t that act as one big huge faraday cage…then just set your electronics in cardboard boxes

      15. Ya, were still up here. I’ve still got my cheeks pressed against the window. The sun can shine there! Thanks Mac, you’re out of this world.

      16. Someone close to me is an aerospace engineer. After he read “One second after,” he stated that about half of the planes flying today are controlled by hydrolics(sp) the newer, the other half are controlled by electronics. He mentioned that half would fall out of the sky due to no ability to fly level and steering. The older planes in service woul dbe able to maintain their ability to fly, but he then went on to state, they will lose ALL comms, and navigational systems, and most pilots flying now a days, can’t find an airport on a map, much from the cockpit of a plane.

        • The EMP is fantasy. Certainly if a nuke goes pop right over a city there will be some damage beyond the electrical grid, however, all of the electronics on planes are hardened to some degree. There are static discharges and lighting bolts that planes have to deal with. This electronics are shielded by that not to mention they are within the skin of the aircraft itself. Why is is that people think that you can line a room with foil or hardware cloth and shield it from the EMP wave but yet the body of a car or a plane doesn’t do the job? Makes a better story I guess.

          I’m not into stories, I’m into pragmatic, logical thinking.

          First of all, all those electronics ALREADY HAVE A FARADAY CAGE AROUND THEM! Every take a radio of TV apart? Uh, yeah, the electronics, mostly, are covered in a SHEET METAL BOX. Thats right! Why? Well, because those devices tend to EMIT RF energy. RadioFrequency energy is “Elecromagnetic Waves”. Notice something in common? EMP – ELECTRO MAGNETIC PULSE. They’re already shielded. Now the down side is they have antennas and wires sticking out of them, however, they’re not that long and they won’t catch that much of the wave. Relax.

          Don’t worry. Be happy. The EMP is not the killer its made out to be. Precautions are in order but there is already a degree of shielding and hardening of most electronic devices.

          Worry about this: if we have and EMP you won’t have any power to run anything for, maybe weeks, months, *YEARS*… Think about that? Now, this is America and there is still the American spirit. Oh, I know, its dormant and their stupid but it will awaken.

          Frankly, I think The America Spirit will amaze you when it gets here. The CoCo Puffers may lie down and take it but there are at least 20 people within the drop range of a 22lr in my area that won’t. We’ll suck it up and make it work. I’d say you can take that to the bank but you won’t be able to. Thankfully, there won’t be any more banks.

          The cities, well, GET OUT!!! Not much you can do there.

          • normally I agree with you, but you are wrong on this one NR, EMP is dangerous because our society revolves around a properly functioning electrical system. we lose just 20% functionality and we lose 20% of the population. 200 years ago, 0% threat, nowadays, 100% threat

      17. Most of the aircraft in the air that are computer controlled, nearly completely are made by Airbus. I am not aware of any corporate jets that fully employ computer flight controls. The engines are heavily influenced by computers so there very well be quit a few gliders.
        If it ain’t Boeing, I ain’t going. 🙂

      18. Anyone know why the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center is offline?

        • I had the same problem when putting together this article… wasn’t able to pull the actual NOAA/SWPC info… looks like it is back up now.

          • …probably from all the panicked people feverishly looking to see whats up after the news of us staring down the throat of this monster solar storm…

      19. An EMP effecting the Earths’ electrical grid has been common knowledge for years. If you have not prepared for this possble event, you have placed yourself and your loved ones at great danger.

        God bless and keep on prepping.

        • You have this right. If it happens bug out to some place safe asap.

          I’ll ride bikes to the horse farm. Wonder how many ounces of gold that sweet mare is going to cost?

        • God? Check.
          Guns? Check.
          Water? Check.
          Food? Check.
          Spare Fuel? Check.
          No holds barred, I’m going to survive and everyone with me attitude? Check.

          Approach with hands up and/or a white flag and we’ll talk. Try to sneak in and catch some free copper and lead.

          I don’t know how many people I can take in but anyone willing to work will have a place to sleep and food to eat. …and if we’re lucky heat and a hot shower once in a while! (…ok, thats too much to hope for. How about a luke warm shower once in a while?)

      20. I made a large solar reflective dish out of my unused tin foil hats. Nothing can stop me now!

      21. An X-rated flare, huh? I’m too young for anything over a PG-13 flare. But I did see an R class flare once at a buddy’s house. WOW! Naked electrons jumping all over the place. I think I burned out my left retina staring at ’em. Talk about your electromagnetic ‘impulse’! I had to take a cold shower!

        • X-Class is the correct terminology, I believe it is the largest classification with Solar events.

      22. Wasn’t it a solar flare that caused the Canadian grid to go down a few years ago?

        I think it was, the whole SouthEastern section of canada was with out power.

        Enlighten me if I’m wrong.


        • No you are right, but I don’t know how long it was down for? I am told the one in the 1800’s they recorded would have been a real bugger.

        • Terry – some places were down for over two weeks, some just a couple of hours. The worst of it was in Quebec, I think, and it went throughout the Southern half of Ontario. It was in the most blazing part of the summer and mainstream media blamed it on too many people running their ACs at the same time. We had no power for 3 days, personally.

          It was a couple of years before anyone admitted that the outage was caused by a flare.

          • Technically the outage was caused by a flare, however, it was the trigger not the meat of the cause.

            It caused on section of the secondary grid (the long line transmission system) to fail. When it stopped pulling power the rest of the grid that was supplying it “over revved” for lack of a better term and shut down. When it all went kerplunk it damaged a bunch of stuff and they couldn’t get some of the generating stations back online for technical reasons. It was a BFM, technically speaking.

            Think about a flare that hits and does some REAL damage? Yeeowee! Big chunks of metro areas will be dark. Thats some bad stuff. I can do dark.

            All the EMP/Flare stuff is making me realize: I NEED MORE AAA, AA, C and D batteries!

            Just call me the CopperTopRanger!

            • Thank you…I thought I had remembered correct.


            • NR –

              One thing I found strange about that outage was how one street in a neighbourhood might have power but none of the others would. I lived in a city of about a half million at the time and there was no rhyme or reason to the outages that I could figure.

              Can you explain why that happened?

          • Daisy, the deal is that as the power companies distribute electricity, they have circuits. The routing of power to some circuits could take vastly different geographical routes than others. Where I live there are houses within 1000ft of my own that are feed from three different circuits. I live near a separation where one section of the houses feed from power stations coming from the west and another section (and my own) feed from power stations 50 miles from the others. This could explain some of your question. Much like the circuits in your house. If you run the toaster and the microwave at the same time and it pops a breaker, the TV and the lights still work. While it may seem like the power all comes from the same place, in reality it is “teared” on circuits, subcircuits, etc.

            In some cases it may have simply been loading and design differences where a newer (or older) power circuit or subcircuit handled fluctuations better than others.

            …while in normal times they would have managed to get the outages fixed very quickly, because it was so widespread you noticed that there was a discrepancy because it took them days or weeks to get things put back together. Think of this on a WIDE scale.

            One thing I have noticed in the last few years: power companies are reducing staff. Rather than having on-site personnel to handle problems, they reduce staff to minimal maintenance handling levels, then, when a regional problem happens they ship people in from other areas.

            This causes another problem: unfamiliarity. The shipped in personnel don’t know the roads, the people and the systems like the locals do and they are much slower at getting things going.

            Now, if you want to worry about something, worry about this: were a flare or EMP to happen on a wide scale, the damage would be widespread. Even if the density of damage was not high, only the standard crews would handle it. Even if a minor, widespread, damaging event were to occur, we’re talking weeks for sure. Maybe months.

            See what I’m talking about? Everyone is worried about the EMP blowing their TV but in reality the boogey man situation is not an EMP blowing your computers, its the EMP blowing every 21st line transformer and it taking them weeks to fix it. Yikes! Makes me glad I’ve got a generator to run my place.

            • Thank you, NR – that makes it very clear!!!

              No generator here. I’m trying to become far less dependant on electricity, though. We are actively hunting for a place that will allow us to be more self-reliant in a situation that might be disasterous to others.

        • Interestingly, during the Quebec electromagnetic storm, no airplanes fell out of the sky.

          • True – the cars were okay too. The only thing I recall was the power outage, and when I tried to get some stations on the car radio, we only got static.

      23. on the Daily Crux…

        Six steps to take today to protect yourself from out-of-control gov’t

      24. Look at the numbers for the date. 11-9-11. Add the 9 to the 2 in 2011 & the string runs 11-11-11. Either one of two things: a psy-ops freak the people out experiment or something’s going to transpire. Either which way, I’m turning everything off at 2 pm tomorrow. Let the pigeons loose!

        • Aw jeeze Sound Lady. Tell you what….. I’ll hold this football and you run up and kick it. Okay?

          • Good grief!

      25. oh, great. my daughter & I are flying out west tomorrow around 2…please pray for us!

        • Jenn, we should know well ahead of time if a flare is coming our way — that is if they make the info public, which it seems they have done in the recent past. I wouldn’t be too worried about it.

          • yes, go sign up for email alerts at and you will get the closest thing to an advance warning you can hope for

      26. I think the real monster we face is our own out of control government, the governments of Europe and the socialist & marxist crazies.

        • the fascist crazies are worse, herman cain the rapist is one of those

          • Who did he rape? Answer. No one.

            Or are you speaking of Bill Clinton? Or the murderer Ted Kennedy?

          • You do, of course, realize that fascism isn’t a right-wing ideology but, in fact, a left wing view of life?? Kissing cousins of communism……look up the history of fascism and find out why the nazi flag is red??

            • republicans support fascism, they are all for the corporations mixed with the state, that is fascism in case you did not know

            • I would consider it a out of control on steroids center political movement as it borrows from both right and left wings of the spectrun.

            • Bear, excuse me, but only idiots believe in the left/right paradigm anymore. Are you are an idiot? Ugh! The government *IS* a corporation there ain’t no “mixing” going on here. State, local and federal. They’ve all been “Inc’d” up since 1871. Look up the Act of 1871. Get a clue.

              Republicans *DO* love fascism! But Democrats love it even more. Where have we had the most fascist expansion? Oh, wait, I know! When the Democrats had control of both congress, senate and the WH. So, to say “republicans love fascism” is facetious. CBTs (Criminal Bastard Thieves – some people call them politicians) love fascism. It expands their power. Stop being leftyrighty (or a rightylefty). It makes you look like an idiot.

          • Hey bear, takes one to know one.

      27. google Carrington solar flare 1859… was so strong that northern lights were seen in florida… charged telegraph wires with electricity and shocked telegraph operators. If something like that would hit our stressed out out electric grid it would be months before we would have electricity again.

        side note…..the sun’s activity is to peak at the end 2012 and the begining 2013

        • Good point. This scenario is going to play out several more times over the course of the next year or so. Let’s hope the sun has poor aim. 🙂

          An old friend of mine used to work for NASA. He preps because of this exact scenario. What he said pretty much mirrors this article and it scared the crap out of me. I’d never heard of the Carrington event until he brought it to my attention.

          How about economic collapse along with an X9 solar flare? That will put a crimp in our style for awhile.

          Take care… keep prepping,

          • Hey Mal! Got the shields installed on that old Firefly yet?


            • Looks like I might need them!

        • I do know I watched a video of a congressman educating other members about EMP attacks; he stated the transformers used here require 6 months to make; now factor in how many are blown and not being pre-ordered..he said it would be years before this country revived the electrical systems.

          • Off the Grid radio had a couple of programs about solar storms, EMP and the power grid.

            “Interview with John Kappenman, President of Storm Analysis Consultants. Mr. Kappenman’s testimony led the US House of Representatives to vote unanimously to fund his recommendations to protect the national power grid from dangerous solar storms that threaten to completely devastate our grid…and way of life.”

            Imagine the lights going off suddenly…and having no power for as long as – Episode 010

            Is Your Time Machine Ready? – Episode 031

          • I’ve heard that the biggest problem is that none of the transformers are manufactured in the USA anymore and, as you said, right now they take months to get manufactured and delivered from overseas. So you multiply that country-wide and factor in multiple countries also having downed power grids…yep, years to fix.

      28. Well tomorrow could be real exciting!

        Gotta get more TP…

        • I have some Saran Wrap that I will donate to the occupiers in town. I just tell ’em it doesn’t go bad if it gets wet like regular butt wipe….hehehe

      29. So I was just reading on Tom Hyland… anyone else familiar with his story?

        I am horrified that a judge is allowed to trample on his rights like he has. I wonder what would happen if all Sovereigns did what he did.

        I am still learning how deep the corp. scam goes and I am finding the corp. is a hostile and unbelievable force to deal with. Scary shit.

      30. Don’t forget the monster storm that will hit Alaska’s north coast.

        What is up?

      31. Sorry – that would be its west coast.

      32. having eye surgery tomorrow. retina peeling away. hope nothing happens and the surgeon loses power.

        • Good luck Rachel. WE will all say a prayer for you.

        • @rachel_Why would you want the surgeon to lose power?????

          • JBT – I think that was a typo.

            Rachel – best of luck tomorrow – I’ll be thinking of you!

            • lost in cyberspace?huh? bear-help!!!

        • Sayin a prayer & crossing my fingers.

      33. Just blame it on Iran! That’s what will make you happy, just the way our Fascist Overlords would want you to be! Solar Storms? It’s Iran’s fault! Oil shortages? Iran won’t give it up! No WMDs in Iraq? Iran stole them all! Toilet paper sales by the Central Bank? Iran made Uncle Ben do it, and not because he’s a poopy head! It’s the Persian emperor Cyrus the Great who allowed the Hebrews to return to their holy land, then creating their own holy book . . . ?! History is not my strong suit! Just blame Iran! Yet ignorance is bliss!

        Even with TSA checkpoints in TN, I blame it on Iran. If not for them, we would never have all these problems.

        When will the King start the everlasting war that will always never end all wars?

        Don’t you love Bolsheviks and ‘1984’ Forever?

      34. Nothin gonna happen. More fear mongering from the fear mongering money snatchers.

      35. Break out the hot dogs and marshmellows! Also, don’t forget the popcorn!

      36. Is it just me, or does it really feel like this big, nasty zit of a world we live in is getting ready to explode and make a huge mess on the mirror?

        • I very gross but very apt description.

          Anybody got a scalpel?

          Evil Laugh:



      37. IF one of those things erupted in our direction, what is our window of time before it hits us? 8-12 hours? Would they make it public info? Give people a chance to get home or are they afraid of mobs hitting the gas stations and grocery stores like they do for a week before a hurricane hits.

        • X-rays hit the earth at about the speed of light, which is about 8 minutes on average. They can wreak some havoc, but it’s the all the crud in the solar wind that does the ‘real’ damage. The X-rays are kind of a warning.

          The protons from a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) can achieve speeds up to 1/3 the speed of light, that means 24 minutes. However, they can also travel much slower. (Take several days, actually).

          24-8= 16 minutes minimum warning.

          Astronauts on the ISS have had to take shelter from the radiation with less than 15 minutes warning from ground control.


      38. An economic collapse..OK; you can prepare for that. But that scenario above you wouldn’t even want to live through…might as well eat a bullet.

      39. mac, what the devil is going on here, there is no need for this editing… absolutely none.

      40. Hey,guys my son came home from work yesterday and told me his supervisor had a family getogether last weekend.His supervisor’s brother-in-law who is in the military recieved orders to report to washington D.C. before this friday to help support expected riots.The brothernlaw also told the family military personel was being pulled in from around the world and was to be stationed in american cities to support law enforcement of same said expected rioting. Anybody heard anything like this? Something is defintely going down soon.

        • TI: It could be a reallocation of American troops in preparation for next summer.

          The summer of 2012 will be bad and bloody.

          If Israel attacks Iran, or if the US does as its proxy, there could be chaos in the streets before then.

          Greece is a just a fly in the ointment of the GB’s, but Italy is another matter altogether.

          Lots of possibilities, many changes before 2013. Buy gold.

      41. Stocks closed up and metals down. Maybe the day traders have finally got it figured out! Now if I could just get a double Irish whiskey with a shot of Italian cappuccino, a good hand with some Greek porno playing cards, a few blood oranges from Valencia, Spain, and leather shoes from Portugal with some worthless dollars.

        • And your set!

          • Thanx PO’d, waiting to hear from Manos. You catch what I’m saying. I’ve been to (all) of these countries, many times… I enjoyed them all and have contacts there and a “few” other countries. The people are good, the system is BAD. Set, ready, GO!

      42. What is with all the doomer porn lately? There certainly appears to be a conerted effort to keep everyone in a state of fear.


        Could it be, perhaps, that its meant to keep everyone from focusing on becoming a homeless debt slave for the rest of their lives and not out protesting the government that put them there?

      43. Lack of radar will not make aircraft crash.
        Dr. Kaku should stick to physics and leave the aeronautical engineering to others.

        • Nelsone: This idiot talks about everything that he doesn’t know anything about.

          Did you see the video of him saying that the Eurozone was the European response to the North American Union?

          Hell, the NAU was only a glimmer in the eye of the CFR when Europe confederated.

          Or that one world government was a prelude to a Class I civilization under the UN that could explore the stars like Star Trek?

          He is a Dumb Phuck!!! A shill for the NWO and gives people with a college education a bad name.

      44. All I can say is….be prepared for anything, anywhere, anytime.

      45. The more solar activity the more severe the weather is during that week. Even if there isn’t any electrical grid problems the weather will be a factor. Luck all

        • Don’t forget the other blessing: Increased seismic activity.

          There is a direct link. Been studying it for 20 years. Its usually delayed, but, people are talking about all the quakes now, think of what it will be 6 months from now if we get a good whack from a flare.

          Fun times for all!

        • I go to this website on a daily basis. I don’t interpret anything they’ve said in the past few days as a dire warning. The susnspot they are referring to is big and could release some flares, but nothing more than a possibility. I think this is a case of a little information made into a big deal for no reason. The sun has been more active recently than in the past couple years. However, this large sunspot could do nothing or give a glancing blow. Maybe nothing at all.

      46. Some good news for Wisconsin, the FBI is closing 3 of its offices -Kenosha, Wausau & LaCrosse, and distributing those agents to Milwaukee and Green Bay. Less federal agents poking around in the common man’s business sounds good to me.

        • Fed Up: That’s to be expected after the closure of the Playboy Club in Madison. But I am not surprised it took the so long to respond. 🙂

      47. Grid power around the u.s. Melting or just not working? Most of what is in our home’s run’s on power.If I have a solar power kit.Can I use it during this time of this flare? Does any one know?Or should I wait intil a later time.Really need to know.

        • panels contain one diodes which can be surged. most charge controllers are ELECTRONIC. battery maintainers are electronic. the panels would still work after an emp but would need to be unplugged at night to keep from discharging the batteries. double wrap the spares in plastic completely sealed then place in shoe box. place shoe box in tote and completely seal it.the trick is completely sealed. keep on prepping bro!

          • Thank’s.I needed to know.

      48. May we live in interesting times?

      49. Tonight I sip a little John Daniels. Pulled out a few carbines and wiped them down along with some smaller stuff. Went through some provisions and thought about what I need to do tomorrow. Am I worried? Shucks no. Will it add another minute to my life? Not hardly. Lit up a nice cigar that I bought today at the smoke shop in town. Not the best but not the cheapest either. Love a good smoke and am fond of tobacco. Never cared for cigarettes. My pap always said that a man who smoked a pipe ought to have his wages cut in half cause he always fooling with the pipe trying to keep it going. Wise words. Think I’ll call the old folks in the morning ‘for I light out and see whats going on in their little corner of Tennsessee. Good evenin’

        • john daniels? envy the seegar!

          • When you’ve known him as long as I, you get to call him “John”.

      50. Good think RINO Lisa Murkowski, fake Republican from Alaska, was one of the leads preventing us from protecting ourselves from EMP.

        I’m sure she and her Congressional buddies all have a safe place (just like they have their own non-Obumblercare healthcare), while we get smacked from this.

        No more Obama crooks, cronies, czars and corruptocrats, and take any RINOS with you!

      51. I’m too poor to prepare any further for this contingency….once my food stocks run out, my ammo is all bartered away, if there’s no more game left to hunt, the water is all polluted and diseased, the air is toxic with radioactivity and my garden can’t provide enough nourishment

        the only choice I will then have is to consider voting for a democrat….

        • Ah, shit.

      52. take note-house fires are quickest of all-i keep BOB next to me Soo i can sleep. nothing like losing preps in a fire,y’dig. if anyone has experience-Do Tell

      53. Who needs EMP when we have Obama?

      54. Once more comment re.the person equating the right with Nazism. Please, learn some history!

        G.B. Shaw, who was a Fabian socialist:

        “Mussolini practices more positive socialism than many of his adversaries whose names are inscribed in the party role.”

        Italian fascism was collectivist in nature, and the fascists were “well aware of the fact that Communism springs from the same collectivist stem as their own system.”

        Ludwig von Mises on socialism and Nazis (N.B.: von Mises fled from the Nazis to Switz n 1934, and then to the US in 1940). His Ph.D was from U. of Vienna, and he taught as several US universities.

        “… Mussolini, the outstanding man in Italian socialism, chose at first the orthodox Marxian position. Nobody could surpass Mussolini in Marxian zeal… the programme of the Fascist, as drafted in 1919, was vehemently anticapitalistic… fascism was not… an original product of the Italian mind. It began as a split within the ranks of Marxian socialism.” (p. 525f, The Socialist Revolution).

        “The philosophy of the Nazis, the German National Socialist Labour Party, is the purest and most consistent manifestation of the anticapitalistic and socialist spirit of our age.” Von Mises, p. 528f

        From Richard Vetterli and Willam Fort’s book, The Socialist Revolution:

        “The collectivist systems of Communism and Fascism belong not on the opposite extremes … their characteristics demand that they share a position side by side on the left” and that Nazism and Communism, in their totalitarianism and collectivism, share “close proximity.” (p.2 – 3)

        Hiter’s quote:

        “There is more that binds us to Boshevism than separates us from it… I have always made allowances for this circumstance, and given orders that former Communists are to be admitted to the party at once.” (p. 4)

        In fact, “fascism” comes from the word “fasces,” or a group of sticks bound together for strength (think socialism here).

      55. Really appreciate your comments, NetRanger. I am not a scientist, so I appreciate your *factual* commentary.

        Do you think it would be useful to have “expedient” faraday cages to put sensitive electronics in, e.g., shortwave radio, etc? I was told a steel garbage can (I have absolutely ZERO problem finding them at the Menards hardware store in in the People’s Socialist Workers’ Paradise of Illinois, under Gov. Kim Il Quinn. The only question I have is that I seem to hear different things about grounding them – some saying the grounding wire would act as an antennae. For those of us not trained in the electrical field, this is all very confusing, with a lot of opinions being bandied about. My resolution is to just do **expedient** protection with the steel garbage cans, lined with bubble plastic.

        Given the threat of Achmin-e-nutjob and/or solar flares, I think at least rudimentary protection should be in place, and would love to see more detail on this site, Mac, on the subject.

        I’d better hit SEND now, before Mr. Sun blows out my internet connection! 🙂

      56. This is nothing more than imf nwo banker cia fed cointel bullshit!

        The noaa survives on nothing but federal grants and u . n. grants and is run by global warming al gore luvin’ freaks so it’s info is biased and as tainted as the sea water in the gulf of mexico!

        This is nuthin’ more than the CIA FEDS adding more misdirection and mini Info False Flags to everyones plate trying to distract you all from the Global Financial Meltdown happening right now in Europe and right Here on American Soil!

        Don’t Believe the Hype! Keep watchin Wallstreet and The EU Breakup/ Meltdown and Price of Gold! Especially on EBAY … the NOAA is no better and no more reliable then watchin FuxCBSABCCNN News their all Gov Owned and CIA manipulated to distract you all.

        Guard your computers the next 5 days… Disable your Software Updates! Crank up your Firewalls settings to Extreme Threat and unplug all unecessary Computers from wall sockets and networks!

        11-11-11 is just too powerful a number for them the IMF NWO CIA to ignore!

        This is too perfect a Time for them to Have Another 9/11 type IMF CIA NWO Fed False Flag event to further Enslave you all as Goyim Debt Slaves!

      57. Let us hope if it hits, it hits within minutes. Most Politicians will get caught off guard, and die with their clueless followers. The True survivalists will already be in caves and concrete underground bunkers ready to survive. All the Food the Elite have saved will be useless to them, because they won’t have time to make it to the bunker.

        No more Lies from democrats and Republicans and their useful idiot pawns, Bankers will die in the aftermath because they will have NO useful skills, same with Lawliars.
        YEA . Earth will get a equal opportunity cleansing. if it hits quick and unexpectedly.







      59. My reaction to a solar flare is the same as the ones I had for elenin, the asteroid, the alignment, the y2000 bug and the second coming of the flying spaghetti monster.

        Drag an ice chest of beer up on the roof and have a Booz-up while waiting for something exciting to happen.

        Eventually I fall off the roof and my girl drags me inside and dumps me on the bed to sleep it off.

        This one sounds a bit more serious though, I’ll have to double the beer stocks and buy up on some spicy chili sauce. I hate standing in food lines when the food gets scarce, so I’ll just go with a few dozen bottles of good sauce. Im predicting There’s plenty of fat chicks that are going to be way popular around here when the last supermarket shuts down.

      60. I have complete trust and faith in the U.S.Government’s ability to deal with this type of situation……….just kidding!

        I live within 20 miles of a nuke. So, if we are hit by a solar super storm we are f’ed, both literally and figuratively. My kin and I will have a bitchin’ party with all of the food stores we have amassed, have one he’ll of a turkey shoot and then “drink some koolade. What other choice do I have people??

      61. So, he spent all the time on slides and special fades and color, but couldn’t even spell the word “screeching” as in his phrase “it will all come to a screaching halt…”

        Less fear, more attention to the message contents perhaps…

      62. Home Depot & Lowe’s sell the metal trash cans with tight fitting lids to use as a Faraday cage. They sell out really fast so find out what day they get their trucks in to increase your chances of getting one.
        Denver got hit with the same heavy wet snow the NE did. I was without cable, phone & internet for 3 days because Comcast had problems. Good reason not to bundle all your services with one provider. My neighbors who didn’t have comcast still had service.

      63. “It will move into a position that poses the largest risk to our planet around November 9th, 2011 and remain on a direct line of sight with earth for the following two (2) weeks as it rotates:”

        Hey, Mac; You must think we are all too stupid to go to spaceweather and check for ourselves on sunspot 1339. I looked at it just minutes before I started reading this bunch of bullshit. Spaceweather says it’s decaying, and it’s already beginning to rotate into a less dangerous position.

        Yes, folks, the sun rotates, just like earth. Takes about twenty-four days to make one complete rotation. So, Mac, please explain to us how sunspot 1339 could
        “remain on a direct line of sight with earth for the following two (2) weeks as it rotates:”

      64. Well. EAS test worked. No EMP. No mass hysteria. No surprise.

      65. Got it, “we’ll lose electric & have MadMax when this hits in another week”

      66. Fear. The ultimate form of control.

      67. I see trees of brown, and skies of black.
        Chaos and fear, when people attack.
        And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.

      68. 2 o’clock in which time zone?

      69. And no more New World Order control grid!

      70. In spite of all the light-hearted banter about this article, a true Carrington Event IS a genuine possibility and IF it occurred it would devastate this planet. As noted in the article, such an event already happened in 1859 and even the crude analog electrical equipment of that era suffered from its effects. It would be orders of magnitude worse with modern sensitive low voltage digital equipment and systems.

        Such an event would trigger a massive EMP burst in the Earth’s atmosphere. That would short out every unprotected digital device in the world. To grasp the meaning of this, consider that ALL modern modes of transportation require working computers to function… so, no cars, planes, ships, trains, trucks, farm equipment, or any other machine that moves will run. No electricity. No gas pumps. No traffic control… but hey, no traffic so WTF.

        Grocery stores have 3-4 days worth of food and with no trucks or trains to bring more, all city residents will soon face starvation or become roving pack animals looking for food wherever they can find it. No meds. No industrial products of any kind. No computers, TVs, radios, phones, refrigerators, running water, sewage treatment or collection, etc. No government at any level, so it’s law of the jungle time. No economy either and there probably won’t be for several years afterwards.

        Since it is only via modern farming and transportation that the 2% of the population that farms can support the other 98% of the population, we could see a 90% reduction in the Earth’s human population.

        For an inkling of what it would be like to be instantly transported about 150 years into the past, read Dr. William R. Forstchen’s book “One Second After” sometime. It was the most fascinating and terrifying book I have ever read.

        None of this is to terrify anyone unless the truth terrifies you. In this case, it very well may. Those who survive such a cataclysmic event will have to be well prep’d, heavily armed, and well organized. Anyone who is not all of these things will be in the 90% group that doesn’t make it.

        Just my $0.02 worth.

      71. Something is coming, i received a vision were the world was in darkness, this will happend either shortly before the pre trib Rapture event, or after the Rapture event, and during the New world order. Life will never be the same as we know it.
        Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the life: HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN SAVE YOUR SOUL.

      72. Of course this may be the only thing that can save us other than the Lord from Obama and his group of tyrants!

      73. In the end, which is coming soon for us all,I think that some part of us will survive in the end. I mean as a species of course. If something natural gets us or we do our selves in. Either way we’ve got a cumupins coming.Prophesy’s galore telling us of our demise. 2012, or what ever, Although I am not looking forward to the end of existance here. I have to admit I am curious about where or what kind of life will made available. I heard a quote on the idiot box the other day. “I don’t know if
        life will be better after we are gone, but I hope so, I really do.

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