No One Knows Why Epstein’s Secret Bank Account Moved Millions Since His Death

by | Feb 7, 2020 | Headline News | 11 comments

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    This article was originally published by John Vibes at The Mind Unleashed.

    A judge in the Virgin Islands has recently questioned the lawyers of Jeffrey Epstein’s estate after an old bank account registered to Epstein received millions of dollars from the estate in the months since his death. The account was opened by Epstein in the Virgin Islands in 2014 and was reportedly intended to be used for an international banking firm that he planned to develop.

    On his application, Epstein said that he wanted to pursue the “dynamic discipline of international banking.” Meanwhile, on that same application, he glossed over his very serious criminal history and his status as a registered sex offender, saying that he dealt with a previous legal challenge but the case was discontinued.

    The account in the Virgin Islands sat dormant with very little activity for many years, and it is unclear whether or not his international banking firm ever brought on clients. Local authorities suspect it was used as some type of shell company for his criminal enterprise. Despite the lack of activity and Epstein’s criminal record, the bank renewed his license every year since he was first approved.

    The fact that this account exists is not unusual in itself—Epstein had dozens of bank accounts throughout the world that he used for a variety of different purposes, both legal and illegal. What is strange is that tens of millions of dollars have been flowing from Epstein’s estate into this Virgin Islands account since his alleged suicide. To make matters even more suspicious, the account was nearly cleaned out by the beginning of 2020 with no clear explanation of where the money went.

    The New York Times reported on Tuesday that the bank account had $693,157 in assets when Epstein died back in August but received roughly $12.9 million in the months since. The account was cleared out and left with just under a half-million dollars around the first of the year.

    When questioned by Judge Carolyn Hermon-Purcell, the lawyers for Epstein’s estate said that the payments were made “in error,” but the judge was not satisfied with the explanation and demanded that the lawyers provide a full accounting of the payments made from the estate.

    There’s no explanation for it,” the judge said.

    It is not clear when the lawyers for Epstein’s estate will be required to turn over the records, but it is expected to be a priority considering the many lawsuits that have been filed against the estate.

    By John Vibes | Creative Commons |


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      1. This is just one more indication Epstein may not be dead. It’s possible the money in his state-side accounts could be siphoned off to off-shore accounts and then secretly sent to him and his cohorts.
        Maybe this is an account containing funds used for blackmail operations. Though he may not be personally involved in blackmail operations, it could continue unabated.
        The fundamental cultural ethos of his kind is to swindle, extort, manipulate, cheat, and lie. Their nature is such that they would rather accomplish something using betrayal, and immoral or underhanded methods, even it it can be obtained easily, openly and legitimately. They have a pathological avarice for money and power that cannot be satiated, and an innate overarching unprincipled mentality that guides every action.
        It will never be clear publicly where the money is going and for what purposes, though one may safely assume so.

      2. And yet, nothing will ever be done about it. Prince Andrew could easily be brought in if they would just hire a lip reader to translate what him and CHOMOStein were talking about on their walk. Clinton, if waterboarded would talk in a second.

      3. Well, he certainly needs day to day expense money while sunning in his Tel Aviv lounge chair.

      4. As the saying goes, “follow the money” which can be followed IF it’s desired to do so. The, “we don’t know where the money went” is nonsense; if they don’t know they don’t want to find out.

        Corruption isn’t in the system; corruption is the system.

      5. Are we back to focusing on a single individual again?

        Nothing ever changes in the NWO.

      6. Good for the Judge. If the account was cleaned out, the money had to go somewhere. If the bank says that there is no record, that pretty much is an admission of guilt by the bank for theft.

        • Good point AI, millions of dollars simply cannot be transferred without at least an electronic trail. The bank officials were possibly instructed to transfer funds, destroy records, and/or were given legal protection. No matter, whatever happened required complicity from extremely high official and/or corporate banking levels.
          It will all be kept hushed up. This reminds me of the big savings and loan scandals of the late 80’s and early 90’s. Hundreds of billions of dollars disappeared, never to be found again (as if that much money can be hidden without a paper or electronic trail). At lease five senators (the Keating 5) were investigated for using their clout to protect the culprits from investigation. Neil Bush. brother of Pres. Bush 2 was found to be complicit in some way, but was only fined with the fine paid by the Repub. party. Only a few lower-level functionaries with no political connections were actually punished. Yet, an ordinary citizen is required to file a statement if he/she spends or transfers more than 10k cash at one time.
          If a person steals a purse he is going to jail, maybe even for several years, but powerful connected people are immune from justice. There is absolutely a two-tier system of justice in this country, and everyone knows it.
          Who wants to bet no facts will learned about where the money in Epstein’s account came from or where it went. Any facts possibly learned will not be publicly disclosed and nothing will come of it.
          Officialdom and their minions are hopelessly corrupt, who have made their wealth by swindling taxpayers, stealing and confiscating from account holders in large institutions, taking “campaign donations”, and lots of other ways citizens and the working people are not aware of, but you can be sure its underhanded. The size and scope of official corruption and vileness is so vast and extensive that if discovered would cause national social upheaval.

          • Thanks Bill. Agreed that there is a two-teired pay to play system in place, but there are signs of it unravelling, this being a presidential election year, and the entire Epsilon Establishment being “dissed” and laughed at by the entire world, in addidtion to recent actions taken against individuals and countries by both the ICC and the UN has been breaking the chains of loyalty in a typical CYA mode. Things are falling apart for the Epsilons. Everyone else stands to gain by that. The Epsilons believe that they are indispensible. They will learn the hard way that they are not.

      7. Occams razor – the most simple explanation…? Epstein isn’t dead. Even the ME that examined him was the same one that did JFK and MLK,Jr. – both BS to the max. Plus – no “dead man’s switches” anywhere? Mossad, CIA, blackmailer and you have none? This was not a stupid man. Evil to the hilt, yes, but not stupid.

      8. The Caribbean is a famous place to stash money out of the reach of those that will likely sue for damages. I believe more transactions between financial institutions would have taken place if some savvy people had not caught this effort to hide the money.

      9. What happened to civil asset forfeiture? Oh wait, that only happens to the 99%
        This will never be brought to justice. He is alive and well, and so is the Criminal Cabal that he is only a SMALL part of…
        Anyone who was/is not as connected as him would have had all of their assets seized Immediately!!
        This whole thing reaks of cover-up, complicity from persons in High places

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