No One Is Taking The North Korean Nuclear Threat Seriously: “Could Easily Drag A Half Dozen Nations Into The Conflict”

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    As of this writing, North Korea has test-launched another four (4) intermediate-range ballistic missiles that traveled about 600 miles before splashing into the Sea of Japan.  The test has been claimed to be a response to military exercises conducted by the U.S. and South Korea.  That evening, the U.S. landed launching pads (two of them) for the THAAD missile defense system that has been planned on being deployed to the region to help defend Japan and South Korea.  The Secretary of Defense, James “Mad Dog” Mattis just telephoned the Secretary of Defense of South Korea, promising that THAAD would be sent in its entirety “ASAP” for deployment.

    Japan is considering a first-strike against North Korea to prevent further launches and/or the possibility of a North Korean attack.  South Korea is pleased with the deployment; the pads were sent to South Korea and will be followed by the rest of the systems.   Meanwhile Russia and China condemned the actions taken by the U.S. to send THAAD, stating that it will only further provoke the North Koreans and could also destabilize the region’s balance of power.

    The Russian Deputy Defense Minister condemned the deployment by the U.S. last October after the missile defense system was promised to South Korea.  Reuters reported a short blurb of the Russian view of this per Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Kremlin.  In an article entitled Kremlin says seriously worried about North Korea missile drills,” Peskov stated the following on March 6:

    “Definitely, we are seriously worried.  These are the sort of actions that lead to a rise in tension in the region and of course in this situation, traditionally, Moscow calls for restraint from all sides.”

    Japan is considering pursuing a first-strike against North Korea, but does not yet have that capability.  That being mentioned, there are also serious factors that may have to be considered when China’s protests are taken into account.  According to an article entitled As North Korea Missile Threat Grows, Japan Lawmakers Argue for First Strike Options, by Tim Kelly and Nobuhiro Kubo of Reuters, here is the problem to be considered:

    For decades, Japan has been stretching the limits of its post-war, pacifist constitution. Successive governments have said Tokyo has the right to attack enemy bases overseas when the enemy’s intention to attack Japan is evident, the threat is imminent and there are no other defense options.  But while previous administrations shied away from acquiring the hardware to do so, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s LDP has been urging him to consider the step.

    “It is time we acquired the capability,” said Hiroshi Imazu, the chairman of the LDP’s policy council on security. “I don’t know whether that would be with ballistic missiles, cruise missiles or even the F-35 (fighter bomber), but without a deterrence North Korea will see us as weak.”

    Any weapon Japan acquired with the reach to hit North Korea would also put parts of China’s eastern seaboard within range of Japanese munitions for the first time. That would likely anger Beijing, which is strongly protesting the deployment of the advanced U.S. Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) anti-missile system in South Korea.”

    The last paragraph is the kicker, because the unmentioned point is not just relevant to Japan, but to the U.S.  Since Japan does not have the capability to mount that first strike, they would need the equipment mentioned in the cited paragraphs.  That material would need to be obtained from the United States.  The volatility of the situation and a perceived shift in the balance of power could lead any of those nations…China, North Korea, or Japan to start off hostilities that would inevitably escalate.

    One of the other issues involved in all of this relates to U.S. defenses.  In an article by the Washington Post written by Natalie Johnson on March 8, 2017 the North Korean capability to mount an attack against U.S. military bases in Hawaii and the Pacific Region are improving.  The article is entitled North Korea Could Soon Launch an Attack on Hawaii, and here is some excerpted material from that piece:

    North Korea could soon have the capacity to launch an attack on Hawaii that would devastate America’s Pacific military bases, accelerating the need for the United States to upgrade missile defenses in the area.  The United States today relies on ground-based ballistic missile interceptors deployed in California and Alaska to protect Hawaii, but these defenses would do little to guard U.S. territory in the Pacific against a North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), which officials believe is nearing completion.

    All of this is being viewed by all parties involved in a “conventional” light, with the assumption being that North Korea would use conventional HE (high-explosive) warheads on their missiles.  It is not taking the nuclear threat into account.  The United States has continuously “flip-flopped” in its analysis of the North Korean threat, but as recently as the beginning of this year, General Curtis Scapparotti of Pacific Command stated (as released in previous articles) that the North Koreans already have ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) launching capability.

    Also worth considering are the improvements in miniaturization technology and warhead development that North Korea has been making over the past several years.  As has been reported in other pieces with references to experts in the defense industry, North Korea is well on its way to developing an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) weapon, if it has not already accomplished the task.  For further study, refer to the writings of Dr. Peter V. Pry, America’s foremost expert on the subject of an EMP threat against the U.S.

    A war with North Korea could easily drag a half dozen nations into the conflict and would undoubtedly have long-reaching effects.  While taking the precautions to reinforce our allies in the region, we will have to balance such actions with diplomacy and ensure those actions are not perceived as either a “threat” or further imperialism.  Such actions as coup d’états and fostered revolutions (termed “nation-building”) must not be carried over from the Obama administration, the most dismal period of failed foreign policy in American history.  In this instance, North Korea could prove a “powder keg” that we must ensure is not lit either from their direction, or from ours.

    UPDATE: As of Monday, March 13, 2017 tensions in the region continue to heat up. The U.S. Navy is simulating strikes on North Korea, Japan has deployed warships to the South China Sea and the U.S. military has sent drones capable of striking North Korean targets to South Korea.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to

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      1. This site used to be one of my favorites but tonight there are more ads than anything else. I won’t be coming back. When there is an ad in between each article listed then three ads in between that’s just overkill.

        • Patriot – Not sure what you are seeing but we have always made it a point to avoid advertising within the content of articles. It should appear as one fluid article with no ad breaks. If you are seeing ads interrupting the information you are reading in the article then it is possible you have some sort of adware running on your device/computer; either that or you are not reading the article directly at a hosted page.

          Feel free to email with a screen shot if you think it’s a problem on our end and we’ll take a look at it.



          • I agree…sounds like other “issues”.

            Rock on Mac!

        • Patriot,
          I use UBLOCK ad blocker and right now in the corner of my browser the UBLOCK symbol has already blocked over 100 ads on SHTF site. it works very well & best of all it is free!

      2. Shorty Salad Bowl Head wants some respect.

        This might be a job for the “Skunk Works” to test something New and Improved.

        • N Korea is no threat. These missiles they launched were SCUD Missiles. You know like big giant harmless fireworks that cant hit shit. Just like the ones Iraq was launching or lobbing in the Gulf War with no accuracy. This is just more hype from the US Govnt to create a Boogieman. Move along folks nothing here to see from the Fake alt. press author wannabees slinging fear for kicks and clicks. Hurry you dopes click the adds buy buy more needless preps. Lmfao!! Articles like this have zero affect on how I Prep.

          • SCUD’s have been improved since the Gulf War, with guidance and range increased, and moderately close is good enough with a nuke.

          • Like I said they could have easily have stopped NK from advancing several years ago, they have locked onto NK’s rockets before and they did not fire , because Obutthead was and is a wimpy ignorant scumbag! Had they allowed us or Japan to shoot down one of his purported long range rockets NK would have settled down. at least for awhile. they deliberetly did NOT shoot one down to create more CHAOS for the NWO agenda!

      3. Seems only preppers take things seriously? How anyone could have children and not prep in the slightest is hard for me to understand? I guess they just don’t care or are too cheap or lazy? Hell if I had a dog I would make sure I had extra food in case of a power out storm.But I guess separating the wheat from the Tares and burning the Tares must be done? It’s what the tribulations purpose is? Anyone that can look around at the state of our world and think everything will be just fine.Must be a Tare.? And the coming messiah of Rev. 19:15 seems to be way unlike the last one? The last one only whipped the money changers and speculators. The one of Rev. 19:15 is gonna get them and the rest. Even so come soon.

        • Religious folks will be the first to die in SHTF, cause they are so Efin gullible and believe everything they read. They are taught to love thyn enemy. Thats right, give comfort and aid to the enemy.
          Just like those religious organizations like Glen Becks bringing in Syrian Muslim terrorists into the US cause they claimed to be oppressed Christians. Gullible useless idiots destroying America. One imported lying refugee at a time.
          Then claim, if we can save just one soul it is worth it, doing Gods work. Then the trojan horse goes on a shooting rampage. I guess it was Gods will they will then claim.

          • Yep . So many Cristian groups don’t realize that Jesus whipped people. That God burnt alive every man woman and child of soddom and Gomorrah . That Jesus said that the wheat and Tares will be allowed to grow together then separated and the Tares burnt. Who are the Tares ? They are people who will be burnt alive. The coming Mesiah will rule with an iron rod and his robe will be red with blood.Rev. 19:15. Who’s blood? The Tares . The children of Satan Rev. 2:9. These Luke warm Cristian’s are in for a rude awakening. And God said in Rev. 3:9 and John in 8:44. If you actually read the thing you find out how you are being lied to . And that the Luke warm Cristian’s are like the foolish virgins . They are believers . But that ain’t good enough.

      4. They just love to take us to war don’t they? First though they need to collapse us. Stay tuned boys and girls…….

      5. Lucky for the for the Chinese and Russians (and North Koreans and Iranians too) that the US does not support or supply Japan, South Korea or Saudi Arabia Nuclear Weapon technology and packages. Not that those countries don’t have the technology or money.

        Dump the UN…America first…and, common sense applies.


      6. Uh-huh. Looks like Kim drew the short straw.

        Remember. In this war, there are only two sides: Those above ground and those whom go under it.

        Time for a cigar and a little reflection in the land of free range inmates.

      7. One way or the other, The Fat Kid will likely be gone before the end of the year. The slightest provocation by N Korea could trigger a first strike by the USA.

        China can take him out, or TRUMP will. Don’t think this isn’t being discussed now, with the new US Ambassador to China, and will be on the table when the Chinese President visits TRUMP in the coming days.

        The biggest threat is NOT nuclear weapons AT THIS POINT.

        The biggest threat is the 10,000 plus long range artillery pieces that are aimed at Seoul. At only 3 rounds per minute by each battery, Seoul could be reduced to rubble in a matter of minutes, with millions of S Koreans dead.

        This concern is what has caused the stakeholders in the region to try to negotiate a peaceful resolution to the N Korean nuclear. Time is just about up. I expect a Late Spring Offensive.

        All N Korean threats with a minimal loss of life to S Korean civilians could be eliminated this way:

        First, Boeing emp cruise missiles could be fired (in conjunction with a cyber strike) to silence radars and Command and control centers in the North. Before they realize what has happened, B1 Bombers could infiltrate N Korean Airspace and take out the Nuclear Sites.

        With communications cut between the Command & Control Centers at NK HQ, B-52 bombers could SATURATE these 10,000 artillery locations and destroy them completely before anyone with any authority in NK could authorize a response.

        At that point, N Korean Air war planes and military installations are sitting ducks for American Warplanes and cruise missiles. While the N Korean Army is formidable, it is no match for allied forces.

        Either way, time is up for the Fat Kid. 🙂

        • Why dont we just send our secret weapon (Dennis Rodman) over to see the Fat Boy and F him in theArse. They are best buds.

          • Trump is putting on his tights right now to wrestle Kim Jong Un, which will be right after the match of Alex Jones vs. Alec Baldwin. This will be another pay per view event. So expect higher taxes and larger deficits to pay for it. Forever.

        • DK, wasn’t the Neutron Bomb under serious consideration for use to protect Seoul from the Arty threat at one time?

          • Yes. It was.

          • Those B-52’s have been refitted, upgraded, and reconfigured in most cases to carry an array of different weapons depending upon the mission (including nuclear).

            But waves of B-52’s at high altitude using saturation bombing with conventional bombs would not only destroy the artillery, but terrorize those troops and create chaos on the ground, disrupting any military response.

            After massive saturation bombing the S Korean army could invade, and with American air support, sweep north and unify the country.

            North Korea, as a puppet state, is a drag on the Chinese economy. A unified Korea would represent a new market for Chinese capitalists, who do a brisk business NOW with S Korea and would eliminate the “pretext” of the necessity for Japan or S korea to develop nuclear weapons themselves.

            The elimination of The Fat Kid would be a win for everyone, including China. It’s time. His usefulness to China is over with TRUMP in the Oval Office. 🙂

        • I just read, drones being deployed to south Korea.

      8. Just found this! Look who got fired by Sessions.

        Guess who he was prosecuting.
        Guess who owns Uranium One and was selling it to Russians.
        I wonder where Sessions may be going. Look at all the attorneys fired, what they have been up to and who is connected.
        Very interesting indeed. Just can’t make this stuff up!

        I am personally against the use of NUKES! The effort spent on N Korea should be spent cleaning up japans six year long radioactive spill! POUR CONCRETE!

        Trump should just give the Dictator a phone call.

      9. It is my understanding that North Korea has not broken any rules and regulations of the agreed upon missile testing.

        What I want to know is who is coming into this Country. When do we start building the wall with Mexico?? When do we cut off payments to illegals ?? When do we change the anchor babies status ?? When do we stop encouraging political correctness, and teach children the importance of freedom of speech?? When do we make Monsanto stop growing GMOs and spraying Round-up?? When do we stop vaccinating newborns?? When do we stop allowing Big Pharma to own the FDA?? When do we end affirmative action?? When do we end the 1965 immigration act?? When do we admit that black men rape thousands of white woman, and white men don’t hardly ever mess with blacks?? When do we admit that equality is a lie?? When do we admit that there is such a thing as bad Chews?? When do we admit that we should never have brought blacks to America, and most white people wish black people would go back to Africa, or at least back into their own communities away from little white girls and boys?? When do we admit that Chews already control the government, Banks, publishing, academia, medicine, Internet, Media, and business??

        Who cares about Korea, when we’ve lost America, already.


        • Doesn’t shtfplan screen these posts.

        • B. ….It’s all about keeping you looking over there, dying over there, and sending money over there, when the problems are right here exactly as you say. And people are held like a deer in the headlights by political correctness. It was a plan that started long ago and removed all common sense. Though it’s not all being done without violence either. Some people still cringe when they hear the facts that you have, as one person wanted what you said to be “screened”. Once they get over that, everything else will be easy. All we want is our freedoms to be upheld. And one of those freedoms is freedom of association. But at this point in time petitioning a corrupted government is not the answer. It’s a waste of time.

        • I care about Korea. I’d really hate to see my old stomping grounds around YonSei U and YongSan go up in flame. Nice place. Great people. “HanaNimi BouHasa” is a line from their national anthem. Its a request for the protection of God. Remember Korea is about half Christian. Churches literally EVERYWHERE.

      10. At THE NATIONAL REVIEW site today Victor David Hanson has an article along these same lines. Reading it will give you a deep sinking feeling inside.

        In the article he ties together all of the risk we face and paints a pretty discouraging picture for the future.

        • SW,the doom porn sells well these days. Here on the East coast the wind’s a howlin now. Seven O’clock am and still darker than O’bama’s pocket. A lot of ice is hitting here. I had to shut down the Heat pump outside cause it was encased in two inch thick ice and go strictly to the oil fired boiler. Just another Momma Nature treat.

      11. The yanks have no right to say who and who cannot have nukes and they are spread like a cancer all over the world as an occupation force and install puppet govrnments in places like Japan.

        Banker who took control of the USA after 9/11 are the ones that are itching for a fight and are trying to use other nations as cannon fodder to fight there take over wars.

        Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afganistan didn’t have nukes and look what heppened to them so who can blame NK for keeping them

        • “The yanks have no right to say who and who cannot have nukes …”

          How naive !!! It’s not about “rights” when you talk about nukes, it’s about power. And those with the power make the RULES !!!

          That’s the real world, snowflake. 🙂

      12. Yep, October 18, 1994 Remarks on the Nuclear Agreement With North Korea William J. Clinton 1994: Book II Location: District of Columbia Washington

        Good afternoon. I am pleased that the United States and North Korea yesterday reached agreement on the text of a framework document on North Korea’s nuclear program. This agreement will help to achieve a longstanding and vital American objective: an end to the threat of nuclear proliferation on the Korean Peninsula. This agreement is good for the United States, good for our allies, and good for the safety of the entire world. It reduces the danger of the threat of nuclear spreading in the region. It’s a crucial step toward drawing North Korea into the global community.

        • Kim failed to abide by the Agreement. Karma is a BITCH !!! 🙂

      13. Time to send Dennis Rodman back – permanently.

      14. The attack is probably on the way because laying down the groundwork for its was Job 1 for the UN’s former (very corrupt) Korean secretary general.

        How does North Korea respond?

        1) If the US does do a first strike, NK would not lose all its defences in that strike. 90 per cent of what they have is underground and all their defence strategy is designed around the prospect of the US saturation bombing them.

        2) NK’s majority defence assets survive first strike. Within minutes of the end of the first strike, the concrete lids come off on their missiles and artillery placements and they begin firing at SK and US bases in Asia.

        3) US responds with second air strike and US/SK begin ground invasion. China freaks out and begins coming in from the North. US second air strike less effective because NK now hiding all survived assets and people underground. US/SK ground invasion hampered by devastating strikes on bases and rapidly depleting morale from devastating strikes on SK cities.

        4) Quietly thousands of miles away, a ship is drifting into waters off the US east coast. What is on board will be a shocker.

        5) China hooks up with NK forces and it is on.

        6) US now fighting NK and China. Fat man is 20 stories below ground in a bunker and giving orders. China boldly pushes to control South China Sea. US/SK ground invasion gets bogged down in mountain fighting.

      15. I feel bad for the folks of NK but screw the fat little porkrind and his minions.

      16. America is committing the greatest crime of international law, the Crime of Aggression. God hates pride and arrogance. What gives the U.S. the moral authority to determine what weapons other nations can and cannot have for their own defense? Who do we think we are to interfere in the business of sovereign nations?

        How did America become so blood thirsty? What happened to the America that believed in the ‘Golden Rule’? (Matthew 7:12). America now has a generation that knows of nothing but war. And we wonder why America is bleeding out?

      17. North Korea is not a threat to the US. Maybe a threat to South Korea or Japan. But probably not. Defense contractors and manufacturers want conflict, or at least the threat of conflict to sell their products. The US can’t even provoke Russia or China into a conflict, yet. The biggest threat to the US is the Deep State.

      18. my comments never show up on this site & personally I don’t know why?

        • Dave, all appears to be working well…

      19. testing

        • Gotcha Dave — we’re good to go !


      20. Dave . I think they have new software that can block you before you get to Mac. They flag your call sign . Change it.

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