No One Can Explain The Mysterious UFO Sighting By Two Different Pilots

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Headline News | 21 comments

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    Audio recently obtained and released to the public of a UFO encounter is making its rounds on the internet, and no one can explain this one.  The rather bizarre incident occurred in the skies above Arizona last month and provides a first-hand account of evidence the FAA cannot or will not explain.

    In spite of the exchanges, which are thought to have taken place over the span of just 6 minutes, the incident doesn’t appear to have ever been formally written up by aviation authorities, despite the seemingly invisible presence of a UFO detected by two separate aircraft in a highly trafficked airspace.

    The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has no idea what this strange airborne mystery was either. They attempted to explain that the FAA wasn’t aware of any unusual aircraft or weather balloon experiments in the area on the day that could account for what the pilots saw. “We don’t have any comment beyond what you hear,” the FAA said in a statement issued to media outlets only adding the mystery, speculation, and theories out there. 

    “Other than the brief conversation between two aircraft, the controller was unable to verify that any other aircraft was in the area. We have a close working relationship with a number of other agencies and safely handle military aircraft and civilian aircraft of all types in that area every day, including high-altitude weather balloons,” the FAA’s statement read.

    “I couldn’t make it out if it was a balloon or whatnot, but it was just really beaming light or had a big reflection and several thousand feet above us going the opposite direction.” When asked if it was a Google balloon, the Airbus simply responds, “Doubtful.”

    “I don’t know what it was, it wasn’t an airplane but it was… the path was going in the opposite direction.” Moments later, the Airbus pilot confirms that he too has witnessed whatever the strange object is.

    As The Drive points out, the region in which these sightings took place is nestled in the midst of numerous military and air force facilities and is an area “known for being highly active with military aircraft, and even possibly clandestine aircraft that remain under a cloak of [government] secrecy.”

    Of course, that’s only one explanation, and since the FAA already said that there were no other aircraft in the area at the time of the sighting, it makes the possibility of the UFO being a top-secret government flying machine even less likely.  But at this point, who knows.  We are already aware that the government lies to us about almost everything, why would we expect UFOs and secret government planes to be any different?


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      1. Way back when Leonardo DeVinci was painting the Mona Lisa, he drew up the blueprint for a helicopter. On a TV show, following the blueprint, the TV show put together a machine using only things available back some hundreds of years.

        Convince me no one else bothered to do this prior to the TV show.

        The rulers of planet earth keep their science from us. We don’t need to know. No doubt they discovered anti-gravity flying machines in Germany and that discovery made its way to the public. One reason they keep lying about ww2 is to deny how advanced we are technologically. The main reason for the war was to institute globalization. It’s all lies. Just for the hell of it investigate the origins of the swastika and raised arm salute. They are as American as apple pie. The swastika means good luck, used by The Boy Scouts of America, aviators, etc. And the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States was accompanied by a raised arm salute as late as 1912. Our ignorance is their power over us. To be free confront reality. Truth is reality.


        • 1000 up votes!1

      2. Likely an SR71, or the yet to be un-classified Aurora….both are high perf high altitude recon aircraft. On the way to the Korean Peninsula for high-res photography. No story here. Move on.!!!!

      3. This Sunday is Easter Sunday.

        How ironic that it is also April Fool’s Day, as the loony Christians celebrate a fictitious event that has fooled them for over 2000 years.

        Pass the plate, a fool and their money soon part.

        • Seems you are obsessed with Christians, very odd. What pain in your past causes you to lash out?

          • Oh nothing, nothing at all. I’m thinking about building a church so fools can dump their earnings into my coffers while I read them some bullshit story from a cult book once a week. I have no problem at all with that. Enjoy April Fools Day, err, I mean, Easter.

            • This is an excellent topic to discuss this particular weekend.
              Lets discuss what actually happened the first Easter.
              Can we agree on any of the following?
              Rome was a very strong and ruthless empire ruling over many conquered people groups with military occupation forces?
              Rome Ruled over Jerusalem around 33 AD with a military occupation force?
              the Roman appointed Governor was named Pilate?
              Pilate sentenced a jew named Jesus to a Crucifixion?
              This Jesus person had a group of followers?
              The jewish leaders of that time emplored Pilate to post a Roman military guard over the Tomb of Jesus so that his body might no be stolen?
              The punishment for a Roman Soldier to desert his guard post was severe, possibly flogging or death?

              That “Something ” Happened on Easter Sunday?
              His followers “claimed” he was “risen from the dead”?
              There was never a Body of Jesus recovered to prove his followers were liars?
              The Jewish leaders later sought to purge this new religious “cult” and had followers of Jesus put to death and these followers of Jesus would not recant their belief in the “risen from the dead” story
              Even the Roman government tried purge this sect and threw “Christians” into the Colosseum for entertainment to be killed by Lions.

              Do we agree on these items as historically valid?

              If Not please explain why”

              Can we agree the jewish Historian Josephus, who was not a Christian to be a valid source of historical documentation with his texts form around 70AD?

              if Josephesus is a valid historian, and his texts mentions thousands of Jesus folower claimed to have seen him alive after the Crusifiction, and the jews and Romans followed up by executing these “followers of Jesus” then what do we think of Thier death.
              If they would recant Jesus Resurrection as a faslehood they could have spared themselves a painful death by stoning, Crucifixion or being eaten alive.

              Many people have died for a lie, A lie they believed with all their heart, but one they did not know was a lie. Examples include dying for the cause of communism.

              But who of us would allow ourselves a slow painful death of Roman Crucifixion or the horrific death by wild beasts eating not only you, but you wife and children with you, as the roman sent entire family to the Arena; IF you knew Jesus Resurrection was a total falsehood.
              What of the Roman Guard who were posted to guard his tomb? Why didn’t they come forth with the body, or even remnants of it if they defiled it themselves?
              What of the entire history of the Jewish Old Testament?
              Are you aware that Jesus Life and crucifixion and resurrection fulfill over 50 separate prophesies in the old testament by multiple jewish prophets over centuries of documented stories of their lives?

        • Only a fool says there is no GOD but if you want to believe you came from a fish that decided to take a walk one day; well, be my guest but don’t call others loony.

          …and just for the record; the crucifixion of Jesus is fairly well documented.

          • The wounds sustained in the crucifixion were most definitely survivable. The resurrection was staged with the help of Joseph of Arimathea who owned the tomb used for the burial.

          • Well Stuart, for the record, evolution has been thoroughly documented and explained by science far more than all the ficticious jesus crap. Believe what you want, doesn’t matter to me. Please put your money in my plates when they are passed down the pews. Damn I’m going to get rich of this church scam.

            -Minister Jack

      4. When God made the heavens, the earth, the trees, the animals, and man; He looked at it all and said “it’s good”. The Hebrew word “tobe” means well, the best. When the prodigal son returned Abraham went into his herd and chose the “tobe” calf, not the second best. God’s best of everything is here among us.
        “Blue Beam” technology won’t show up on radar; just looks real to the eyes.

      5. I’ve got this very spoiled cat. I think what the pilots saw was when he tossed his bowl off the counter when I tried to feed him Dollar General canned cat food. Best guess I have on this one. …… never did find that darned bowl.

      6. Chinese space station?

      7. Iron Sky, baby.

      8. Or Nibiru has finally come to take Hillary Clinton home.

      9. If it had a “big reflection” it is called a Radiosonde
        aka a weather balloon.

      10. Area 51 wasn’t that far away from the sightings.

      11. OK this is reality. We had first contact in 1946 officially at a meeting of world govts in San Francisco. The greys were granted an under ground base located in Cherry Hill in Novato Calif between Atherton Ave and Plum St. It is a huge facility built under the direction of then Hamilton AFB It has been expanded and the greys have moved out to other bases around the world as they breed and increase in numbers. Who knows where that is going but

      12. Definitely something going on we can’t explain but what. Simply don’t believe the government “knows” what it is. People just don’t keep secrets anymore and if they knew it would leak out. Lots of theories but frankly nobodies is any better than anyone else’s. Modern man has a very difficult time with the concept of the unknowable. Also you needle dick insecure atheists that constantly attack people of faith on here, blow me, I’m tired of reading your drivel

      13. I pray for cracker jack. When Jesus return comes. I hope by then he sees all the proof. 100% reliable. Praise God, praise Jesus. Happy Easter to all

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