No Inflation… Unless You Eat Food, Use Water, Live In a House Or Apartment, Heat Your Home, Get Sick, Travel, Pay Car Insurance, Go To School, Mail Letters Or Do Your Taxes

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    This analysis and commentary was originally published by Jim Quinn at The Burning Platform.


    Government data reports are so funny. The blaring headlines today tells us that prices dropped in December. We are all saving billions from the drop in oil and gas. Hallelujah!!!

    The corporate MSM never digs into the numbers to get the real truth. These reports and their distribution to the sheep are designed to keep you sedated and calm. Facts are not necessary. How this data pertains to your everyday life is not important to the .1% who control the flow of information.

    Here is a link to the detailed inflation numbers by category. We already know they massage these numbers to achieve a happy ending, but even the massaged numbers tell an entirely different story than the one peddled to the masses by the government and corporate media.

    Below are the annual price increases for items that might impact your life on a daily basis:

    Food at home – 3.7%

    Food away from home – 3.0%

    Meat – 12.7%

    Fish and seafood – 5.6%

    Eggs – 10.7%

    Milk – 5.2%

    Fruits & vegetables – 4.1%

    Coffee – 4.2%

    Butter – 22.5%

    Natural gas – 5.8%

    Footwear – 2.8%

    Prescription drugs – 6.4%

    Newspapers & magazines – 4.8%

    College textbooks – 5.0%

    Cigarettes – 3.1%

    Apartment rent – 3.4%

    Owners equivalent rent – 2.6%

    Hotels – 7.3%

    Water & sewer – 5.6%

    Medical care -2.4%

    Hospital care – 4.9%

    College tuition – 3.4%

    Postage – 4.1%

    Tax preparation – 6.1%

    I don’t know about you, but the costs listed above account for a significant amount of my budget. Do those price increases jive with the message being spewed by the government controlled media?

    The credibility of their numbers is highly questionable in that they say health insurance accounts for .75% of a person’s annual budget. They actually have the balls to say health insurance fell by 0.5% over the last year. I’d love to hear from anyone out there whose health insurance premiums fell in the last year. Mine went up by 20%.

    Your government keepers will continue to drown you in propaganda and misinformation. But the average person should know they are being lied to. They see how much money they have left over at the end of every month. If any.


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      1. Tell me something I don’t already know. The media and government would rather climb a tall tree and tell a lie than to stand on the ground and tell the truth

        • Inflation is just a not-so-Hidden tax paid to the money changers.

          The American Republic breathed its last in 1913.

          • A nickel isn’t worth a dime today.

            ‘Yogi’ Berra
            (1925 – ) baseball player, coach & manager

            Same shit, new day.

            • Jive does not mean jibe btw.

            • The gov pisses on our head and tells us it’s raining.

              • And sends us a tax bill for it.

                • And don’t you dare try to collect that rain.

                  • we dont just collect it, we drink the hell out of it because we don’t dare defy our masters.


              • OutWest, don’t the trolls come around and do that to us? Sure seems like it.

                • They try, braveheart.
                  But their pee wee is too short to piss that high.

                  • Did you ever go over to check out that wood? It appears that the neighbor is going to cut and split it for my friends. They don’t want it so if you wait it will be ready to burn.

                    • Thanks wrong, checked it out.
                      Too cold to deal with, will
                      hang fire per your advice.

                  • OutWest, LMAO! Oh, so true, but they never stop trying.

              • I’m still waiting for Reagans 1980’s Trickle down to hit me. I think he meant somebody peeing on my pant leg instead. Next time give all the stimulas to the bottom half and make the top half work to get it to trickle up.

              • and right in our wide open mouths because it’s a lot safer than having to fight for our beliefs.

          • That may be. So we need to work to bring it back. I, for one, am not giving up.

            • Read Atlas Shrugged. Some, like Reardon, refused to give up and just kept working despite all the looters and moochers. Eventually all the producers shrug and escape to Galt’s Gulch in Wyoming.

              I’ll keep at it a while longer, not because I think it can be fixed, but because I’m improving my farm daily. When I achieve close to self sufficiency I’m done.

              The world you’re imagining isn’t coming back ever. The sooner you can accept this fact the sooner you can move forward with your life in a productive manner. The fat, ignorant, lazy, entitled, dependent Americans can’t be saved no matter how hard you try. The best they can hope for is a benevolent dictator.

              • All right Glum. (Gulliver’s Travels)

              • REB-
                My plan is the same , i have no dreams that the country can be fixed in my lifetime .
                So i aint worryin about it.
                Just keep going and plan on doing more with less.

                Hopefully there will be enough kids that wake from the slumber to “fix” it someday .

          • You’d only say I’m old if I said, “I remember it”……

          • Saw “American Sniper” Excellent movie, bad for me brought back some bad nightmares ,
            View with caution if you have seen the elephant , it really realistically shows the toll of conflict on the individual . Some scenes and situations were too realistic, enough to bring up things subconsciously better left in the past.

            Semper Fi

            • Amen to that!

        • a tall tree with long branches that bend for the rest of us on the ground to indulge in its low bearing fruit.

          there’s your truth.

      2. Don’t you just love to be lied to???

        • Eppe:
          If you ask them if they are lieing I bet they would tell you. Its your perception and how you crunch the numbers.
          They would never lie to us on purposes, it was a typo or an honest mistake…BLOODY LIERS!!!!!
          I wonder when they had to pay for anything were the money can out of their pocket, instead of ours????

        • I hate it Eppe

        • Eppe,
          i hate to NOT be kissed after being HAD!!, ooops, maybe that was taken out of context! after second thought i don’t want the scumbags anywhere near me!! i guess at times there needs to be a little humor, sure not much to smile about anymore!

        • Yes, an older one, but still rings true…
          Still makes one think…

          YEAR OF 1902

          This ought to boggle your mind, I know it did mine!

          The year is 1902 , one hundred years ago … what a difference a
          century makes. Here are the U.S. statistics for 1902….

          The average life expectancy in the US was forty-seven (47).

          Only 14 Percent of the homes in the US had a bathtub.

          Only 8 percent of the homes had a telephone.

          A three-minute call from Denver to New York City cost eleven dollars.

          There were only 8,000 cars in the US and only 144 miles of paved roads.

          The maximum speed limit in most cities was 10 mph.

          Alabama, Mississippi, Iowa, and Tennessee were each more heavily
          populated than California. With a mere 1.4 million residents, California
          only the
          21st most populous state in the Union.

          The tallest structure ! in the world was the Eiffel Tower.

          The average wage in the US was 22 cents an hour.

          The average US worker made between $200 and $400 per year.

          A competent accountant could expect to earn $2000 per year, a dentist
          $2,500 per year, a veterinarian between $1,500 and $4,000 per year, and
          mechanical engineer about $5,000 per year.

          More than 95 percent of all births in the US took place at home.

          Ninety percent of all US physicians had no college education.
          Instead, they attended medical schools, many of which were
          condemned in the press and by the government as “substandard.”

          Sugar cost four cents a pound. Eggs were fourteen cents a dozen.

          Coffee cost fifteen cents a pound.

          Most women only washed their hair once a month and used borax or egg
          yolks for shampoo.

          Canada passed a law prohibiting poor people from entering the country
          for any reason.

          The five leading causes of death in the US were:
          1. Pneumonia and influenza
          2. Tuberculosis
          3. Diarrhea
          4. Heart disease
          5. Stroke

          The American flag had 45 stars. Arizona, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Hawaii
          and Alaska hadn’t been admitted to the Union yet.

          The population of Las Vegas, Nevada was 30.

          Crossword puzzles, canned beer, and iced tea hadn’t been invented.

          There were no Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

          One in ten US adults couldn’t read or write. Only 6 percent of all
          Americans had graduated from high school.

          Marijuana, heroin, and morphine were all available over the counter at
          corner drugstores. According to one pharmacist, “Heroin clears the
          gives buoyancy to the mind, regulates the stomach and the bowels, and
          is, in
          fact, a perfect guardian of health.”

          Eighteen percent of households in the US had at least one full-time
          servant or domestic helper.

          There were only about 230 reported murders in the entire US.

          Just think what it will be like in another 100 years. It boggles the

          • Hey there, eppe! How you been?
            Speaking of statistics, here some more for you.

            Detroit, Michigan 2015-

            Average life expectancy,,, about an hour if you’re out after dark.

            A pair of Nikes costs $200, Same price as a half-gram of coke.

            Real estate is still struggling in the city. Average price of a 2 br home… $45,000. Same as buying a vote on the city council.

            The average term in office for a city council member…6 years.
            The average term after leaving the city council…8 years, plus probation.

            Proposed new name for the Tigers baseball team… The Pimpin Nines

            Cost for Canadians to cross the Ambassador bridge from Windsor…$6
            Cost to get back to Canada… priceless!

            • Damn, Smokin, you are on a roll…
              Luv it, this site needs it…
              Mac, great job, keep it running…

            • Detroit – first major city to adopt the socialist “Model Cities Program” under Democrat Mayor Coleman “I’m the M***f***r in Charge Here” Young.

              Also, the only city you can walk 12 blocks and STILL be at the seen of the crime.

          • Eppe, interesting post.

            • good one eppe, how’s life in jawja?

              Looking back 100 years, by the standards set in your piece; it is saddening that we have come so far as a nation, yet “sunk” so low as a society.

              The libs and leftist of the right, have taken us to a point of no return. Too many pc christians, that think christianity means to embrace homos and the muslim religion.

              God says both are an abomination to Him. Christ says you are either for me, or against me.

              I know a very nice elderly christian lady. She is a prepping woman from many years ago and talks spiritually, always. I brought up the subject of queers and queer marriage, and she became very quiet. Finally, she said, “we as christians, are supposed to hate the sin and love the sinner”.

              I wondered why she was coddling the queers, as so many christians do, when the full truth came out that one of her sons, was a flaming faggot.

              Another lady i know, has an only son. She is a steady church going, self-proclaimed christian that has a queer son that married another boy. When they came to visit her, she allowed them to sleep together in her home and perform that abominable act in what had been a blessed abode.

              I was cursed when i gave my disapproval, and told i was not welcome there again. Later on, and to this day, that home became cursed. The woman and her husband have problems and chaos within their home. It seems the blessings and sacred abode has gone the way of the world and worldly, fleshly lust, has caused it all.
              Sodom and Gommorah has been reborn as the modern world of North America.

              That is the state of the nation as a whole. When the supreme court of liberal judges, makes their ruling in April, whereby all states are required to comply with acceptance of gay marriage, and they will; that will be the last nail in the coffin of the USSAG economy.

              We will get hit hard and get hit where it hurts the most, and that is in the pocketbook. Look for it and count on it. it will make the crash of 2008/2009 look like a few rubber checks passed at the corner bank, in comparison.

              God has issued the warnings, and the signs. Americans have allowed the leftist liberals to consume all that we used to stand for as righteous. Now, I see the writing on the wall clearly for this year ahead. It is coming with a vengeance. Prepare as never before my friends.
              Chastisement comes in many forms for christians, and punishments likewise for the heathens.

              Get your house in order. Don’t blame me for making folks take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror.
              If they don’t like what they see, then they can only blame themselves at the end.

              Too many want to look for blame anywhere else, because of the state of their finances. Don’t blame the corrupt politicians because that is a waste of good prepping time. Blame it on living beyond one’s means and needs.
              A double wide would have sufficed for that large brick rancher on the hill that is now costing a niffty two to three hundred each month for taxes and insurance. Can you say……stuck, flucked and plucked.

              Speaking of politicians, i heard Rand Paul, whom is a shining example of a true tea party conservative, (hogwash); say that, “If a man looks like me and jumps out of his truck, he should not be allowed to draw disability social security”.

              Where does any politician get the right to judge a persons health status by making such a comparison? It sounds good for the people that are “looking to blame others for there own troubles”. yea, lets blame it on the EBT card carriers and folks on disability.
              That is just using the disadvantaged persons as a scapegoat. Rand Paul should be ashamed.

              Any person that is fraudulently drawing a check/ebt, is lying and will be dealt with by God at some point, if they are not caught beforehand. Politicians should start cleaning up their own fraudulent messes before condemning other people; just because they can walk on two feet. That person may be dying of cancer inside their body, and need their disability to buy food and meds. Can’t always judge a book by it’s cover.

              Rand Paul is another leftist liar, just posing as a rightwinger, and tickling the ears of ignorants for votes. Shame on you Rand, you ain’t like your daddy, and you will never get my vote.

              • PWTW
                All politicians are liars.

                • I believe you are correct, my friend.

              • Passin, excellent post. Nothing there I can dispute. That’s why I stay away from organized religion. I grew up Southern Baptist, but left them in the 70s when they first started straying away from the truth.

              • Passin, we are to love the people and hate the sin. Homosexuals are no different than heterosexuals living together. Sin is sin.

          • Nice Eppe.


        • Sometimes the lie is more sunnier and warmer than the truth up until the clouds roll back around.

      3. “Socialism (lit. the ‘state’ in French) is that great fiction by which everyone tries to live at the expense of everyone else.”

        – Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850

        And yes, you are indeed correct. Leftists have no idea why this has never worked, CAN never work, and will never work.

        • On the far left is communism, on the far right is fascism. We have both in our government.

          • Fascism is just another version of communism, it is in no way on the “right.” The father of fascism, Mussolini, was as far left as one can get. It is just government control of all private industry, the polar opposite of the “right.”

      4. And, oh yes… one more for your reflection….

        “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

        – Winston Churchill

        • Test, that quote from Churchill fits me to a T and I think it fits some others here also. Never forget that governments lie, steal, and murder. We don’t have any obligations to any govt. officials considering their anti-public mentality.

          • Scots wha hae….!

          • See Dr. RJ Rummel, U. of Hawaii (recently died, BTW) and his work Death by Government, which documents all the killing by the USSR, China, etc. etc. last century. Main link is at then look at tabs across top. I believe his last estimate was 170 million murdered, primarly by leftist governments. Stephane Cortois, et al, in The Black Book of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press, says 100 mm. You say tomato, I say toemahtoe.

            The answer is simple. We need the US Constitution as it was originally designed – exactly what our leaders, our military, etc. have all sworn to uphold. If they don’t like the constitution, then they should not swear to uphold it.

            • Test

              Nearly every damned elected official provides lip service to their oath of office…to ‘ protect'(their assets) and “serve”(themselves) more..

              Just ask ourselves why any pol would spend ten times or more on their election, or re election, than what their public servant salary pays…

              Lifelong pension, benefits,healthcare, and especially the quiet campaign contributions,graft,payoffs and then a lucrative job as a consultant,lobbyist,board of directors, or professor/chancellor at some lofty university upon retirement from the public sector..

              Never contributing a dime nor a days pay..

              Just more laws and regulations passed to extract even more from us dwindling tax payers..

              Fuck em all


              • Couldn’t have said it any better posse, great post!!!

        • “Then out spake brave Horatius,
          The Captain of the Gate:
          To every man upon this earth
          Death cometh soon or late.
          And how can man die better
          Than facing fearful odds,
          For the ashes of his fathers,
          And the temples of his gods”
          ― Thomas Babington Macaulay, Lays of Ancient Rome

          Semper Fi

      5. PO’d:
        I like your metaphor, first time I heard that one.
        Stop for a minute and think about this. Back in the 1900’s a 20 dollar gold piece and a 20 dollar bill bought you a suit, shoes, tie, socks, underwear and a hat.
        Now you are lucky to get a pair of socks and a six pack of underwear.
        The cost of things really have not gone up the value of the dollar has gone down with every new bill they print.

        The deeper in debt the U.S.A. get the less the dollar is worth because they keep printing more dollars, Supply and demand and we have way to much supply(to many printed dollars) and not enough demand. \
        WERE SCREWED……….

        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N. Reb

        • A $20 Dollar GOLD coin will STILL buy you all of that stuff !

          So what has changed?

          The value of the dollar. Or LACK of value !

          • Heck I sure could buy a whole lot more than those items with a $20 gold coin, however pack of underwear and some socks with that $20 bill. The only way to thrive now a days is to shop thrift stores and yard sale. Live happily debt free

          • Good point. I recall around 1970 or so, gas cost about 30cents a gallon – just over a silver quarter.

            Very, very roughly, a silver quarter will STILL buy you a gallon of gas.

            Moral of the story: Everyone should be out buying “junk” (pre-1965 coinage) silver right now while they are still artificially driving the price down. OK, so you aren’t rich – but even if you only have a little, buy what you can -and do NOT buy the ETFs SLV or GLD – when the music stops, there will be one chair left for 100 holders of paper gold and silver. Take possession, use, or buy the Central Fund of Canada which has physical PMs. Sprott also has several good funds that hold physical

            • I buy $10 or $20 face value at a time. Before you know it, you have a nice pile of coins.

        • “…Je Suis Confederate…”

          — I wonder how many…will understand? —

          • Does the $500 pick up truck still exist?
            Bill Gates posed the question, as technology expands faster quicker, why do cars keep getting more expensing unlike computers. Its a valid point. Seriously new cars should only cost about $5K. I don’t want all that technology. Its another scandal.

          • i DoNt goWd dAm gEttiT.

        • the truth is the twenty dollar gold coin has risen in value exponentially since its creation, and its removal from circulation has demised its affect as currency null. due to overwhelmingly popularity of fiat currency which by its self has no intrinsic value what so ever! so there for a twenty dollar bill is ?????? where as a twenty dollar gold piece is $1,300. so with that analysis one should conclude trading in your fiat for gold is a safe bet.

          dump the dollar require your employer to remit in gold and silver reject the tax! ANDD WHATCH HOW FAST THINGS WOULD CHANGE!!!!!!!!!

          • a twenty dollar coin is only 90% gold

      6. Well, By Now we all must Know that this Bohemian Grove government is of the Devil. Right!

      7. The Federal Reserve was formed on Dec 23, 1913. At that time $1 would buy a week’s worth of groceries. Now a dollar will not buy a can of soda from a vending machine. That is inflation…….

        • It takes money to make money because you have to copy the design exactly.

          Steve Connelly

          Same shit, new day.

          GMAFB pleeeze

        • When I was a young lad with a cowlick at the back of my head and curly blond hair, I went to the grocer with my grandmom and we paid with dollar bills and mills.

          Does anyone know what a mill is?

          • No-what is it?

          • A mill is 1/1000 of a dollar. There never was a one mill coin. The smallest denomination was 1/2 cent, equivalent to 5 mills, during the first half of the 1800s.

            Coupons used to have printed on them that their cash value was so many mills. The main use of fractional cents is to make gas prices seem lower. Gas here is $1.999, which is just one mill shy of $2.00.

        • As a kid remember how much candy you could buy for a 5 cent nickle? Now that 5 cents doesn’t even cover the sales tax on a candy bar. That’s why five and dime stores are now called the dollar store. You used to be able to buy $50 pick up truck and now that barely buys a pair of tennis shoes. That’s why I asked does $500 pick up trucks even exist today?

      8. This is 100% bull-shït gov propaganda. I really enjoy coming here and reading the comments. They are as entertaining and as enlightening as the articles.

        To counter the inevitable inflation , I’ve been prepping daily. Even today , shot some target practice with my new .308 , grabbed some more cans , and had the wife pick up some discount med supplies from one of our local chain stores going out of business.

        Deals are everywhere right now for those that will just look

        • those whistles don’t work with the internet

        • Yeah I bought 20lb bags of rice for $8.99, 20 lb bags of black beans for 13.99 (really good sale for here), 25lb bags of sugar for $9.99, and #10 cans of green beans for $4.49. Plus the tomatoes were 0.23 apiece, cilantro was 0.49, avacados 4 for $5, and apples for 0.99 per pound.

          Out here every grocery store has a long term storage section and walmart has a prepping store up front. Food grade 5 gal buckets are 3.99 to 4.79, lids are usually 1.79 for reg or $6 for gamma. Canning supplies are available by the stack of cases, and 100 hour candles run $3.99 if you buy a flat of 12.

          Now if only 22lr was available.

          • @ Rebel in Idaho,

            Incredible! How can anyone doubt the fear level here in America? It really is not so much fear as it is a fact in everyone’s minds that something big is coming. Walmart has a prepping section? WTF? With that thought in mind how can anyone believe that we preppers are only 1% of the country? How can anyone believe that in the most Capitalistic country in the world that the law of supply and demand for 22 ammo has not been met by someone in the last couple of years?

            Once again I say INCREDIBLE! We are truly being fed bullshit.


          • In Puget Sound area we have Restaurant Depot. You must have a business to get a membership, but once you do it is THE best place to buy food and other preps. Also, Craig’s list is the best place to get buckets and kids. Bakeries here sell bucket and lid combo for $2. You can also get food grade 275 gallon totes reasonably.

      9. Reminds me of a verse out of The Book of Revelation, where a day’s wages buys a single meal.

        I trust in Christ. He has taken care of me in some many ways in my 64 years that I can’t start to write about.

        Look to the Lilies of the field, if The Father takes care of them, how much more will He take care of those who are elected to be His children.

        Which father when asked for an egg, gives his children a stone? God is good, full of grace, beauty, and life.

        Turn to Him before the justice of His wrath burns up our nation.

        • Anonymous. Just think how much farther a head you could be today if you got off your ass and made the changes instead of sitting around praying for success. Now that’s ENLIGHTENMENT. Religion is for the weak and lazy. Waiting for somebody else to take care of your problems.

          • Religion may be for the weak and lazy, but faith in God is not…

      10. Food and fuel have been omitted from the Consumer Price Index for some time because its not an important contributor to core inflation: Therefore they don’t matter.

        • Just don’t eat or drive.

      11. I sure am glad that my list of preps include $10,000 in Swiss Francs….just say’n.

        Gold/Silver/Ammo/Guns/56 cases of #10 cans of freeze dried food, canned goods, gas, motor oil, nails, screws,

      12. You are one head up your ass brain dead coward if you believe ANY statistics coming out of this filthy criminal Corporatist Globalist controlled Stasi Fascist government of pure evil.

        • Ron, don’t worry, I never trust govt. on anything. I know they’re full of it.

          • I trust them to steal from me. They have never betrayed my trust in this matter and I believe them when they promise to continue.

      13. The vegans are setting the rates look at meat 12.7 percent and what the hell is owners equivalent rent never heard of that is it new . If your the owner your gonna raise your own rent what kind of shit is that. Shoes are already expensive I don’t see this as being a shock . Health care is expensive for most people I get mine for free through my work and it’s damn good too I’m very fortunate for this. Right on about chain stores closing and there being deals. I stock up on things when it’s cheap to . Was looking for a new tire for my wheelbarrow one that won’t go flat they want like $45 for one that’s crazy to me keeping an eye out for one cheap I figure it’s winter time they will likely be cheaper now nope. A few other things on the look out for.

      14. Thats funny, I thought butter was the one stable item. It has been $2.50 per pound pretty regularly are here.

        • Damn near $4 a pound here for a good brand of butter.

          Don’t ask about ground beef. It went up 50 cents a pound between Christmas and New Years Day.

          • butter can only be made from pure cream no matter what brand it is

      15. If you raise livestock you know the cost of rabbit feed, and chicken feed are up too.

        • Rabbit food is CHEAP.

          I know, as they chew through my garden every chance they get without paying a dime.

          • My stupid rabbits can’t seem to breed like rabbits. Though he seems to be giving it his best effort (funny to watch, I must admit) we have no babies after 9 months. If we don’t have any by feb14 I think were just going to eat them.

            While the chicken feed has gone up, we get more for the eggs so it seems a wash. The cows still eat grass 9 months a year and this year was really good for hay here so I got a 1200lb bale of alfalfa for $140 and a second bale that was 900lbs alfalfa and 300lbs straw (it had gotten wet) for $25 . . . delivered to our barn by a neighbor. That’s my yearly feed cost for a pair of dairy cows, though one is due in Feb so next year might be higher if its a cow.

            • Rebel in ID. Somebody sold you Gay Rabbits. These Nondiscrimination Laws are hitting ever segment of Prepping.

            • Sounds like the buck is sterile or the doe is infertile. It happens. My son had a pair of rabbits he’d show at 4H and the buck he had was sterile. He gave it away. Couldn’t bring himself to eat it. Got a new buck and no problems. If it could be a technique problem, I don’t know what to tell you there, LOL. Maybe show them a movie or something.

            • I’m having the same problem. I mean, how hard can it be to mate rabbits? They’re rabbits!!! And I’m hearing others are too. A year or two ago, it was poor egg production and early molts. I have to wonder if it’s something in the feed.

            • Reb, does could be too fat. Also, many cease breeding late fall to early spring.

            • Try lifting up the rear end of the doe when he goes at it. Maybe the buck is a little short. (seriously)

          • Funny, I caught a cottontail by my garden yesterday morning. He’s safely floating in a pot of salt water in my fridge. I’ll gladly trade a few mowed down green bean plants for some free protein. This past summer, I caught a squirrel eating one of my tomatoes on a log. A shot by my Gamo break barrel pellet gun with some of those red tip hunting pellets from China-Mart done the trick. If you use a Gamo with those pellets, the knock down power is incredible! The tomato literally went flying out of the squirrel’s hand. And the squirrel went head over heels. Kinda cartoonish funny to watch. Anyways, I just looked at it as trading 2 tomatoes for a bit of protein.

      16. Wonder if the price of Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama’s uber-luxe vacations have gone up?

        I hear next month she is renting out the country of Lichtenstein for just her and 800 of her leftist Chicago cronies. Gotta be tough being a Learjet leftist these days!


        IT’S DONE, GET IT?


        No more jokes or funny shit, this IS it. GOT THAT?

        I would love to be funny, but it’s OVER. It’s DONE.

        THESE satanists have come quite far, but to me.

        • Whatever you do, don’t loose your sense of humor and take it all too seriously. No one gets out of here alive.

          Samr shit, new day.


          • People are dyin to get out of here!

            • I will go kicking and screaming the whole way and I have been there before!!! Of course next time I refuse to come back!!! 🙂

              • What if we really are reincarnated?
                What do you think you will come back as? What do you want to come back as?

                • Aide-de-camp to George Washington or Robert E. Lee.

                • Life is good. I would like to come back where I left off. I’m just getting started. It has taken me 50 years to build up a good head of steam.

                  A body in motion tends to stay in motion. 🙂

                  • the durango kidd says:

                    “A body in motion tends to stay in motion.”


                    The Second Law of Thermodynamics states a straightforward law of physics DK.

                    Perpetual motion is impossible!

          • Well, the Crapture Crowd sure think some do get out of here alive.

            Perry Stone is now on the defensive over the crapture preaching he has clung to for decades. His daddy said it is biblical, so it must be true….right?

            The only way one gets out of here alive is if they are alive when Christ returns and sets His feet upon the Mount of Olives. At that twinkling of an eye, at the last trump (seventh), all are changed. Every man woman child and animal, the good the bad and the fuggly, “all” are changed.

            That is the so-called rapture and it ain’t happening before Satan gets to play his little role as antichrist.
            It’s biblical folks, so all you pretrib crapture followers, need to wise up on how to read.

            The “change’ is nothing more or nothing less than the spirit within everyone, the intellect of the soul, leaving a flesh body and entering into a “reserved” spiritual/non-corruptible body. A body that never ages, never gets disease, and never thirsts, nor ever tires out or feels pain, suffering, nor saddness. Well, that is, if you are on the good side.

            It is like the same Heavenly body that all that have died before, are in now. They aren’t out here in a clay tomb as some ignorant preachers teach.

            There are two sides to the Paradise Realm/dimension, with a huge gulf seperating the two. The righteous and saved are on the right side with Abraham, and the lost heathen are on the bad side, awaiting judgement. On the bad side is atheists/idolators, murderers and sodomites, plus liars and many leaders and politicians. They “do” feel saddness and despair because they are awaiting trial and sentencing.

            Political correctness won’t get a person to the right side of Paradise, but it sure as hell can get a person to the hell side.

            We are entering decision time and the first step in being prepped is in everyone’s mind; or at least it should be.

            teaching lesson number three, for the day; send your tithes and love offerings to mac and shtfplan for keeping us all aware and informed.


            • I was let go from a job because I didn’t believe in pre-revelation rapture that had nothing to do with my work performance and it set me back financially.

              There is a divide in Christianity, and it is said during judgment there will be the sheep and the goats. The goats turned away those in need, and the sheep took in those in need. Guess where the goats went.

        • Relax: You might as well laugh at yourself; everyone else does. Besides a hand grenade with a happy face on it works just as well

          • …especially, if you can toss it back to the bastards who…served it to YOU!!!!

        • Don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve been walking around with a fork stuck in my ass for some time now…

          • Squig, welcome to the plan, I’ve that fork in my butt for a while. We all have…

      18. * i’LL let this speak for itself.

        Zionist Senator Diane Feinstein of California shows how to use government power to extract wealth; husband to reap $1 billion in fees from the Zog Amerikan Tax Debt Slaves…

        • Yea, doesnt that just make you want to run right out and get your tax paperwork together,

          • I doNt lIkE THem gOWd dAm TaXes.

          • Wait till you get the bill for Not signing up for Obamacare. 1% of your income. I’m going to tell the IRS that I had NO Income that it was ALL OUT GO!! See if they buy that. Or just wait a year or 2 for the Audit clowns to show up. Thats when you start blasting lead from your Hidey Hole. LoL.

      19. Forgot Homeowner’s and Auto insurance.
        I add to my monthly saved homeowner’s because I know there is always a 10% increase when I get the statement.

      20. Who does the government think they are fooling? these idiots have probably never been in a grocery store or any retail store. No wonder nobody believes what the government has to say on any subject. Unfortunately the press is invested in this administration and won’t question anything either.

      21. Med supplies are something that’s not my expertise I wouldn’t really know what to buy I focus on well being just things like that stayin clean so you don’t have to deal with bacteria infections if I need to be seen I will trade my services for medical care neibor is a nurse and my sons friends mom is just down the street she is a nurse too she and my wife get along well. I have basic first aid stuff and skills but a lot of people in the medical field have better med bags and skills. Wife’s brother is a nurse in the intensive care unit at the hospital and if I need to bug out I will go to his farm and stay and help out. So I haven’t really looked into medical supplies or training that much everybody in my community is in the medical profession. It’s good like that here. The fluoride stuff I don’t think is the problem really it’s the prescription drug abuse and weed and alcohol the people that do these thing are the most fucked up really and when they come down from their high they are assholes and don’t care till they can get their fix then it’s all over again this is the problem. Nobody wants to talk about all the doping that’s why it’s called dope it makes you a stupid dummy. People need to stay sharp so they are not easily duped. This is the real threat to health.

        • fluoride is a nuero toxin and kills look it up no redeeming qualities unless your a govt wanting to kill people

      22. Won’t be much longer when Americans whom believe in our Constitutional Republic, are gonna have to stand, or its over and done with!

        • They did.

          During the Clinton administration.

          They lost.

          The coming new call will be for a Constitutional Convention by the States to just get rid of the whole problem of those pesky suggestions -the current Constitution- that some people still believe in.

      23. Can’t wait till Tuesdays SOTU by our liar in charge where I’ll be told how wonderful and rosy everything is because his kingship declares it to be so.

        Butter,bacon,eggs,bread in our area are near double cost past two years.

        • I understand the president’s greens fees are down, tho!

        • We bargain shop Phoenix.

          We eat a lot of eggs and use them in cooking. Tater salad, deviled eggs and just plain egg/and or tuna, salad for sandwiches.

          Our usual grocer went up on a dozen of jumbos by .40 cents. We got more bang for the buck with jumbos and occasionally got the double yolk surprise where all the good stuff is. But $2.70 a dozen left us feeling raped, without getting smooched first.

          Not too far away is a discount type grocer that puts out everything in cases and pallets, but you can still buy by the can and individual items. No membership fee, but kinda off brand cheaper stuff too. We stopped by just browsing and found a dozen and a “half” (18) of beautiful large eggs for $1.99, normal price. The eggs are the size of the extra large at the other grocer, which sells for $2.39 for a dozen.

          Little things add up if you don’t spend a lot of extra gas to get the savings.

          We make one monthly trip to Sam’s Club in the nearest city, every month, and stock up on the best deals of anywhere, on TP and Paper towels,(large packs), with the extra rolls each month added to our prepping stocks; plus ground chuck 90% lean for $3.58 a lb. for four lbs. which supplies us w/hamburger for the whole month.

          We buy the frozen small pizzas by Red Baron for about .89 cents each,(twelve packs) and the same pizza, at our grocers cost from $1.59 to $1.99 each (two pack). We buy black olives and green peppers plus extra mozzarella and sausage on sale, to spice the little delicious critters up a tad. Danged good meals for less than two dollars each, and the crust is awesome.
          Sure beats the twenty bucks we were spending once a month for one extra large at our favorite pizzeria, and supplies us for the whole month instead of one meal and few cold pieces the next day.

          Smart shopping can and will stretch those dollars if people plan ahead and don’t buy, out of habit.

          Just sAYIN’

      24. I’m still eating canned corn I bought couple of years ago at 25 cents per can. I bought it at Rose’s. Now they are shutting down the grocery section and selling it out. I’ll be going there tomorrow to see what I can get cheap.

        • Been eating canned goods from preps with 2012 best by dates for a while now. Fine stuff, no loss in quality. Quite a bit more expensive to replace tho’.

          Now, one of our posters who fell on hard times and was living on his stored foods remarked (paraphrase) “you don’t know how quickly your preps disappear till you start eating them”. I’ll ditto that remark. I thought I had a lot more cans than I did. Inventory? We don’t need no stink… nevermind.

          Oh for $.47 canned pre Fukoshima tuna, and under $2 Alaskan pink salmon.

      25. They raise the sewer bill it’s gonna be a shitty day just won’t mail payments in I will tell em postage is too much $ for me since the sewer bill went up oh and since prescriptions went up I’ve stopped taking my meds that’s why I’m acting crazy

      26. The propaganda will continue until the masses comply… Oh, wait. They already have!

        • Smokin’-oh…..

          Ditto: …and then some:

          ..and the floggings will continue….until “obedience” improves!!!

          …damnit boy, …a hard head, makes for a sore ass…sho-‘nough!!!

          –(think about it, some)–


          Its coming “RFS”***…boys-n-girls!!! …prepare much..


          “RFS” =… “real-f*&king soon”

          • amen Hunter and Smokin’.

        • The mindless masses… aka the “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanting sheep

      27. I feel the need to vent. There is an individual from Argentina popular on some websites, that compares a breakdown that he experienced in his second world country to what will happen in this country and the world. I cannot believe that the amount of misinformation he is willing to disseminate is not accurate, that things will be bad, but not that bad as things will return to “normal”. It is as he so narrowly focused on what happened to him (nothing really as he posts from his apartment) that he is ignoring the reality of the world. I am worried that those who follow his advice will not adequately prepare, and I think we will have enough to contend with other then those that follow his insipid advice on how things will be when the largest economy (2nd) collapses. I apologize, but I believe things will be much worse. Maybe I am wrong.

      28. They have already cooked us – we’re on simmer now.

      29. I’m wondering who comes up with the new names for cars. We used to have actual WORDS that we stuck on to specific car models. Mustang, Cougar, Galaxy, Impala, Malibu, Dart and so on.
        Lately, it seems a bunch of pointy heads in marketing have simply strung together some consonants, tossed in the odd vowel or two, and- Presto! New car names!
        What the hell is an ‘Elantra’ anyway? A Korean soup dish or something?
        What’s a ‘Camry’? Japanese photographer with a lisp?
        How about ‘Integra’? Is that something you cure with Neosporin?
        I’m not knocking the cars themselves. And if you own one, I ain’t saying you got a bad car. You just got one with a silly name. Why can’t we go back to naming our automobiles after animals? Or place names? Or at least an actual noun!
        In the interest of restoring sanity to the auto industry, Okie Motors, Inc is rolling out a few new models.

        Test drive the new Okie Motors ‘Moving Violation’ It comes with a double overhead cam, fuel injected, 5 cylinder diesel engine- mounted diagonally to drive the right front wheel. Headlights and brakes are optional. It ain’t safe but at least it’s aptly named.
        Or the stylish new Okie ‘Claims Adjuster’ A half ton pickup truck that comes with a windshield mounted video camera pre-loaded with doctored film footage to show you didn’t cause the crash. Standard equipment includes the names of three false witnesses. (Spanish language available as an option)
        And if luxury is what you’re after, try the new ‘Carbon Footprint Super Edition’ It a ten passenger, 24k gold plated SUV with a 9.9 liter gas guzzling engine. It’s fast, smooth and luxurious. Best of all it gets an EPA estimated 2 1/2 mpg. (your mileage may very) Stick your nose in the air as you speed past the Volts and Priuses. You make no pretense of saving the planet. By God, you’re rich and you like to show it! (bullet-proof windows optional in California, standard in Detroit).
        At Okie Motors our motto is “The cars may be crappy, and way overpriced, but at least they’re honestly named”

        • Smokin, you are on the ball (as usaual), hope your grandson is doing well. Site has changed. Not the same at all…

          • Eppe, the site has changed, but I’m not giving up on it. If we could get certain people away from it that I’ll leave nameless, that would be a big help.

            • Guys thanks for your feedback – I want you to know that , although you have not seen it because the comments don’t appear, we have been aggressively working at keeping this site civil. With so many comments and automated approvals it is difficult to catch everything. One of the toughest issues is approaching the moderation of this site fairly . While opinions may differ in many cases, I want to ensure that we don’t ‘censor’ something just because we don’t agree with it. At the sametime, there are those here who find it necessary to repeatedly and relentlessly attack people, often with extreme language and/or threats and that has no place on this web site.

              Unfortunately, pure anarchy doesn’t work because some folks are just too immature to self govern themselves. They abuse others as well as the open forum offered here.

              If you are one of those people then expect your comments/posts to continue to be deleted en masse. Call me a fascist or commie or dictator all you want, but enough is enough. I am not at all interested in focusing on the negativity you bring here. Plenty of other web sites out there will let you spew the hate and project your anger, but if you’re doing it here we will make every effort to shut you down.

              Please keep the discussions lively and the debates passionate – but please do so with courtesy and respect for your fellow man.


              • Some things just have no place in civilized conversation,,
                I think your doin a great job Mac, life is all about those fine lines we occasionally need to cross.

                • Well said.

                • Thx kula!

              • Great job. Love you long time.

                • LOL

              • The baby shakes his rattle and his momma comes running. Same sheep different day.

              • Mac Slavo says:

                “They abuse others as well as the open forum offered here… Plenty of other web sites out there will let you spew the hate and project your anger, but if you’re doing it here we will make every effort to shut you down.”

                Does that include those who say they’d “put a bullet in your head” if they found themselves “sharing a bunker with a libertarian?”

                Would that meet your criteria of “extreme language and/or threats?”

                Apparently not.

                BTW: “Statism is a pathology of human thought and behavior that causes people to passively and obediently lie on the ground while the rulers and their obedient servants walk all over the people, and enslave their labor and torture them with impunity.”

                • Mac Slavo says:

                  “Unfortunately, pure anarchy doesn’t work because some folks are just too immature to self govern themselves.”

                  And Statism has worked???

                  In case you haven’t noticed, a hand full of “immature”/evil people “govern” the rest of us.

                  This country, and the West in general, will never be murdered by an external force.

                  We are too busy committing suicide!

                  USA… USA… USA.

              • Mac
                Thanks for everything you do. This is your site you handle it the way you see fit. You see you don’t have to grant a person the right of free speech only the government does. People might not like this but it is true.
                I promise to stay as civil as I can, and if you delete it, it is your right. It is your site.
                Again Thanks for the site.

                • Sgt.Dale: This is gonna be way off topic, but here goes. Take the time to watch a video of the Muhammad Ali, Sonny Liston re-match in Lewiston, Maine (1965). It’s an old film; wish I could do the link. You can find it on the internet under the heading of Ali’s fight videos.
                  I heard about the rematch when I was in elementary school and remember the controversy over the “Phantom Punch” that Ali supposedly hit Liston with.
                  Watch Liston go down on the canvas and tell me that fight wasn’t thrown. Liston was known for the ability to take a punch; Ali’s right barely flicked at Liston. And Liston goes down like he was hit with a sledgehammer.
                  After numerous denials to the press about throwing the fight, Liston supposedly told a sportswriter that he was afraid of Ali.
                  Liston wasn’t intimidated by Ali’s boxing ability, but the crowd (Black Muslims) that Ali hung out with. And he did say that Ali was crazy.
                  How’s that for motive?
                  And yes, Liston did have some ties to the mob. Money problems could have been part of it.
                  I know, off topic, but the video is worth watching. Saw it again last night and was amazed.

                  Closer to topic. Didn’t the “sandwich” coins start circulation in 1965? Quarters with the copper inside?

              • Mac, as I see it; Your site, your rules. Just like in the real world, all it takes is for one idiot to ruin things for every one else.
                My gratitude to every one from whom I have learned some thing due to your postings. Ladies and gentlemen, Thank-you.

              • You truly are a fascist boot licking COWARD Max. It is sad that you contribute to the Stasi Fascism by your censoring actions…Goebbels and the Nazi’s would be proud of you Max for your COWARDICE in the face of GENOCIDE and a Stasi Fascist takeover of our society. Keep eating and feeding your children the poisonous toxic GMO/SUGAR/HFCS/CHEMICAL filled shit Max and ignore the GENOCIDE happening right in front of you and the other COWARDS contributing to this Stasi Fascist site.

                • You, Ron, are a perfect example of what I am talking about. You have no informed opinion on the literal thousands of comments that are posted to this web site on a weekly basis or the effort involved in trying to eliminate spam and keep the conversation beneficial to the community. Moreover, your comments have brought absolutely nothing to this forum other than to berate others. I could care less if you insult me, however this attack you are launching at me is one you have launched at other readers here — yet you have no information whatsoever about their daily diets.

                  I would happily allow your comments and informed opinion on the matter of poisonous chemicals, GMO foods and other dietary pollutants. Unfortunately, you are unable to carry on a conversation without resorting to personal attacks and outright ridiculous accusations.

                  Please project your anger elsewhere – all future comments from you will be deleted until you start behaving like a civil human being. Thanks for visiting.

                  • Mac. This site is the first one I check out before going on to other alternative news sites. The articles and comments are informative (and entertaining for the most part). I have a tendency to hog our only laptop that works; drives my spouse nuts.
                    Unleaded gas is $1.59 a gallon at a Sinclair station where I live. $1.72 at some of the gas stations closer to I-40.
                    One of my neighbors is a machinist and night shift supervisor at a local General Electric plant; he says lots of employees are facing layoffs due to the drop off in job orders caused by the low oil prices. The neighbor said he is looking at either demotion or a possible layoff himself. He also mentioned that Halliburton laid off around 9,000 employees in Texas and Oklahoma. Holy sh*t…..9,000 people out of work. We talked about the ripple effect through the economy. Strange thing though, constructions jobs seem to picking up in my area. Some retail stores and fast food places under construction; go figure.
                    Recently, this guy was looking to buy an ATV for hunting trips. The deal is on hold due to the uncertainty of his employment prospects at GE.
                    Does that scenario sound familiar? Like in plummeting holiday/retail sales? Stores going out of business?
                    Anyway, keep up the good work, Mac.

                    • Thanks meathead! I am going to try and increase the amount of info we’re putting out daily because so much is happening, but may need to reorganize the site a bit before that happens. Very much appreciate your regular visits !

                    • Tell him he doesn’t need an ATV to hunt. Big waste of his money, and the game stays away.

                      If he insists, tell him a rental is a lot less money per day of use.

              • We are in the middle of a Stasi Fascist takeover of our society and we are under CHEMICAL ATTACK and COWARD PUSSY BOOT LICKERS like Max Slavo are worried about language and people offending other people. You know what offends me Max, COWARD PUSSIES scared shitless of the TRUTH like you and the others worried about language while their fellow citizens and their CHILDREN are being poisoned to death…Why the fuck do you even have this site you boot licking Stasi Fascist COWARD????

                • RH
                  I have to respectfully disagree with you!
                  I don’t have to defend Mac, But I am!
                  You like some others on this site think because Obullshit said you didn’t build that! You think this is your site. Trolls like you are not wanted on a site that was set up to help people.
                  We are under chemical attack? I think that you need to adjust your meds. That is the only chemical attack I can see.
                  Trolls that can only bring people on this site are the cowards. If you wan t disagree with someone that is OK just do it with respect.
                  I don’t agree with everyone here but when I do disagree with them. I start all of my comments by saying I respectfully disagree. Talking trash isn’t the way to get things done.

                • Ron, why don’t you just go suck an egg and move on? Mac, I know I promised earlier to try to stop “feeding the trolls”, but his personal attack on you just set me off. Old habits are hard to break, but I will continue the effort.

                  • Relax, as soon as someone starts insulting folks personally, you know he’s lost the debate and is lashing out like a two-year old.

                • Who is Max Slavo???? Can’t you even read?

              • Mac, I’ve already noticed that and you just confirmed what I already suspected. I, for one, have decided that I will no longer “feed the trolls”. Eppe is right about the site going downhill and that needs to be stopped. So I will do my part and no longer respond to any trolls’ posts. Plus, I will make extra effort to be polite to everyone even if we disagree on something. We need to get the site back to what it used to be and keep it that way.

                • Thanks guys — I mean, really, it just boils down to courtesy. I am not going to just walk down the street and start screaming obscenities at someone who I overhear talking about something I may not agree with it. Nor will I go to a get together and just go off on people because I think they are stupid. If folks can just behave like they would in any social setting then I think we’d be good to go.

                  Again, I totally understand the impassioned debates and arguments. And I totally respect one’s right to use colorful language to get a point across. But if your only reason is to slam other people so that your ego can be stroked and you can feel more intelligent than everyone else, I am sure there are plenty of places on the internet (4.3 BILLION indexed web pages at last count) where you can go hang out with other people who like to yell at each other for no reason.


              • Thank you.

            • Aw cmon man, i thought we were buds!

          • Thanks for remembering. He’s doing well.
            And, yes, things have changed.
            Nothing in life ever stays static though, does it? Mrs okie and I were talking about that very thing last night. What I wouldn’t give to back up 20 years and do some things over. Like tell my brother more often that I loved him. Or spend more time with the kids when they were little, and a lot less time trying to make a buck. And open my eyes to the TRUTH a whole lot sooner. And lots of other stuff.
            Still, here we are. Still chipping away at indifference, ignorance, cynicism… (in ourselves as well as others)

            To everyone here- Keep up the good fight! Don’t give in to despair. The tyrants can only win if we give up.
            And don’t forget to laugh… and run in the rain 🙂

            Hope you have a great evening.

          • @eppe

            How has the site changed?

            Have the topics changed? Have the demographics changed? I realize the preparedness topics have all but disappeared but what else?

            • Cellar it changed when people can’t stay focused on the topic and cut n paste or I should say space waste with meaningless drivil. That neither informs, educates, has no relevance, or just fishes for thumb votes to amuse small minds. Like a peanut gallery for children. There are plenty of other sites for cartoons and coloring books. And its day after day with no relevance which I term as space waste. People come here to catch up on prepping or discussing world topics that affect our lives and survival. Taking away from that focus for sef indulging stupidity just ruins the purpise here or the title of the site. I find that disrespectful to the site host. Its kind of an identity crisis. Is this discussion on important topics? Or is this a saterical joke site? And something advertisers consider when spending add dollars where they get the biggest bang for their buck. Decide if your target audience is preppers or hucksters? There are other sites to post immature drivil.

        • … as opposed to the Chevy Volt, which, while also crappy and overpriced, is dishonestly named. It should have been renamed that YOTPAS – as in “You, The Taxpaying Public, Are Subsidizing this Piece of Junk”

        • Smokin, glad to see you haven’t lost your touch. keep them coming.

        • Awesome Oak,

          Keep it up, the humus side of things that is, lol.

          Laughter in place of despair can ward off depression.

          An old truckers joke:

          Old trucker picks up hitch hiking young girl and begins conversation. Old trucker says they call me “Snow”, what about you?

          Young girl says they call me “June”.

          Old trucker begins laughing uncontrollably, spills coffee and it squirts out nose.

          Young girl says “What’s so dang funny old man”

          trucker says, “i was just thinking how funny it would be to see six inches of Snow in June”.

          Yea, i know, just what we need, more tasteless jokes.

          • Passin, that was a good one. Been hanging around Eppe?

            • It was either him or okie, i can’t recall.

      30. I had to put a new roof on my house last year. Cost me $9,000. My home owners insurance went from $6,500 per year to $3,800. A few months later my flood insurance went from $400 a year to $1,800. Had no choice as my mortgage company insisted I increase my coverage. If any of you wonder at this try living in the new Florida. The insurance companies now run the state. Its not the sleepy quiet place we moved to 42 years ago.

        • Cee. My current property is just 8 ft above MSL Means Sea Level. Just sold it and moving on. Close on that within a month. If you own your property you can be self insured. I have spent as much as $5K a year on hazard and flood Ins over 13 years. Yeah add that up. And I’ve never filed a single claim ever. I keep asking my insurance agent what he did with my unspent, banked premiums over the last decade? Which probably half went to make his boat payments. My next house I will build a stilt house with a view lookout tower for sunsets and off the grid as much as possible. Working on it.

        • Flood insurance is one of the biggest scams ever. Just like our so called “rain tax”.

        • Try Missouri every time their is a tornado someplace in the state up goes the Homeowners, even though the tornado wasn’t anywhere near where you live. When it hit Joplin insurance really went up the flag pole. Yes Cee mortgage companies are funny that way just keep pushing the bottom line up and up wonder if there is a pill or shot for that.

      31. ok

      32. You think this is fun?

        Get out Excel, do a simple line item list of everything you generally spend (keep it vague), total it.

        Then take that total and multiply by 1.03 (3%), low ball number.

        Then take that result you just got and multiply by 1.03.

        Do this 40 times.

        Then get ready to shit your drawers.

        If deflation doesn’t happen here at some point, something else is gonna happen and it ain’t gonna be pretty. It involves pitch forks and torches.

        • Just use the Rule of 72.

          Take the rate of inflation, or interest, and divide into 72. The answer is the number of years it will take for the cost to double, or the interest paid to equal the principal borrowed.

          So, 3% inflation means 23 years to double a cost.
          5% means 14 years.

          We’re running about 5% on the important stuff like food and energy. The pain we feel now is nothing like what we’re going to feel around 2025, presuming the rate just hovers around where it is today, which it won’t.

          Even if you can guarantee your income is going to double, which is going to be a real trick, it’s not going to get you ahead.

          • I did not know that.

            That’s an interesting little shortcut you got there, I like that.

            Shrug what do you suggest to do? You can go all solar all you want, and you can garden, and that cuts down a ton of costs right there (plus if you’re working, pray they come out with an electric vehicle that actually has a range of more than 30 miles)… charge that off your array…

            Beyond that? What are you gonna do? You still need water and meat and property tax and insurance (thanks for that Obama).

            Your money’s gotta “grow” somehow to keep up with this shit, and gold doesn’t “grow” (normally) it merely “paces”. Pacing is better than nothing but you need profits.

            • Nothing you can really do. Just remember: All you have to do is outlast the average guy. That’s not all that hard, Something will break befor you get hit.

            • I’m a fairly frugal person, buy my work shirts at thrift stores, spent 10 years buying furniture at estate sales, buy used cars for cash, work on them myself, put in triple-pane windows and insulated the house, don’t have cable, plan my errands to save gas, reload my ammo, cook at home, cold water laundry most of the time, etc., etc. Right now, that’s getting me more disposable funds each month, but eventually inflation outpaces conservation.

              You still have to have the money for the taxes, insurance, food, all that stuff, like you say.

              You can ‘grow’ your money by gardening, avoiding debt, getting out of debt, selling unwanted belongings, pile up some silver or gold, but it’s not going to be easy when prices or taxes go up 40% in five years, or one year, whatever is going to happen. I think the biggest thing anyone can do is save their money and avoid recurring debt payments.

      33. Ralph SpoilsportSat, 01/17/2015 – 21:55 | 5675443Ralph Spoilsport
        Ralph Spoilsport’s picture
        Mac Slavo and his SHTF site are worse than Free Republic or Alex Jones. Lots of government shills, mouthbreathers and people quoting scripture who are too hungover to actually attend church Sunday morning.

        Just a fyi

        we are truly loved over at zero hedge ……..not

        • DaYooper. Thats what I’m talking about. Religious crap, jokes shills, and I call them all out for posting that babble and Then I get criticized for trying to keep posters more focused. Otherwise it just turns into a cesspool of stupidity. Those who post that ctap you know who you are. Right Renegade Brave we don’t have to name names do we?? Most any failed business you can usually blame the management for lack of focus. Is this website a business focused on prepping and add clicks, or a buddy buddy huckster circle jerk?

          • You are the one that has the problem, wwti.

            You want to dictate what is said on this site and the majority have no problem with the “religious crap”, as you call it, nor the occasional joke.

            That makes you the odd man out.

            So stfu about it or just maybe we take a vote and see who goes……’you’, or the occasional christian talk and jokes.

            Your mockery of Jesus Christ will not go unchecked.

            mac has the final say, and that is a good thing. he has tolerated your hate speech and physical threats against me and eppe. You want me to re-post some?
            I have an archive, there buddy-ro.

      34. I am a federal employee who has to travel the world for extended periods of time. Effective 1 Jan, we got a 1% pay raise! Yahoo!!!! Oh, wait, we were just informed the cost for our household goods in storage now become taxable income. Oh, wait, I lost about $15K of income to be here. But the good news is that I will have a reduced health insurance premium, my bad, I misread: it went up by 15%. I am so thankful to be able to have enough money so it can be redistributed to the entitlement generation… (sic)

      35. Soon the dollar will turn to sand that’ll slip through your fingers, hit the ground and the only good it’ll do is soak up the tears that fall next.

      36. Sad to see what is reality vs. what the govt. says it is.

      37. This should read. If you pay for or buy your own food, use water, live in a house or apartment, heat your home, get sick, travel, pay car insurance, go to school, mail a letter, or do your tax. There is inflation. If you are a Zombie or Leach you don’t worry about inflation, because the government pays for it all for you.
        If you are the middle class you/we are screwed!
        They the Feds took all of this out of the inflation scale, because if they didn’t the middle class would have all ready started the Revolution. The cost of living has gone up over 30% under Obullshit. Your income has stayed the same. o% increase. Under Obullshit.

      38. whOOs tHe gOwD DAm GiaNt HolDiNG ThE DOLLaR BiLL aT The ToP oF ThE gOwD DaM PaGe?

      39. This site has posted all my comments . My rants all of it it good to have a place to vent and read others comments. Anyway the middle class folks are the new working poor and the lazy people are riding the gravy train . Me I’m in the working poor seems like I get a raise and my take home pay goes down I don’t care if that’s how they wanna do it I hoard $ I’ve been in my house all weekend didn’t spend a dime I’m working on not buying a coffee every morning during the week before work that means I don’t spend anything during the week either it’s like a game to me to keep as much of my $ as I can. I go without even though I don’t have to people say I’m cheap but not really I work hard and get to keep less of my $. I don’t spend it is like agony for me to spend $ on useless junk . I have what I need so that’s it . You really dont need that much $ to survive . Save your $ I’m not here just to consume for the economies sake. I don’t like cheap consumer goods from big box stores I rather pay more for top shelf stuff that doesn’t break when I get it home. cheap crap from walmart is a scam stay away from it save up for better quality stuff. I go to walmart just of things like food toilet paper. I needed a car battery I got it from dealer and my truck is 10 years old it’s not that much more $ to use the service dept. well the battery went bad on me 5 months later I brought it back got another new battery no questions asked. Now I paid $150 for the battery I could’ve got off cheaper by doing it myself but for me it’s easier to drop the truck off at dealer and jump in the wife’s van and go to lunch then pickup my truck late in the day. Or I can fumble with wrenches in the driveway outside in the 10 degree air. To save a few bucks no thanks. I don’t really go to harbor freight tools most of the things in there are junk I bought a saws all there once and the transmission on it started to slip on me I used it once junk no good ended up throwing it away. It was inexpensive but I should have bought Milwaukee instead or dewalt . It doesn’t pay to be cheap. I ended up not being able to get the job done that day. What if that was survival gear my life was relying on I’d be screwed.

        • AH; just to make sure you know, Things like these: ,,,,…..::: and Paragraphs are free in cyberspace. They make things much easier to read.

      40. …things are so bad, even my girlfriend is inflated…

        — just sayin’ —

        …rock stedy….BA.

        • No prob if you like em that way, warm in the winter and shady in the summer!

      41. On the subject of inflation, I must admit that my attitude has changed. For years my wife and I have saved and the money does not go as far as it did before. Both of us older, I tell my wife to get off the money and buy the items you want. Really she does not spend money on bullshit materials and such. You see, you have to have fun every once a awhile or you go stagnant.
        The FIAT is only good when you exchange it for something else. If you had a savings account with some substantial cash you may want to have cash outside the bank for emergencies. Two problems are, will the prices of the item you wanted, rapidly inflate. Will the seller want the FIAT in exchange. Throw in a Bank Holiday and they confiscate your money and give you 10 cents on the dollar. Again depending what you want will determine how big the STUFF pile is. 900 cases of MRE’s or 20 ounces of gold. Storage and protection problems arise.

        I am at a crossroad in my life where I have a event that has turned me SOUR. Someone mentioned the word “Done” and that is the way I feel. To the point the talking is over and I would rather punch you in the face. It has set forth a determination on my part that I will not be the same till it is finished completely. Let’s say I need to feel the burn. EMOTIONAL DRY RUN.
        Actually it would be better if we had a financial collapse or EMP, for the problem would just go away.
        Life sucks sometimes.

      42. Inflation means more dollars for the same economic real production. Deflation means fewer dollars for the same economic real production.

        If you have a great deal of existing debt inflation is good since there is more money available to pay it off making the amount you owe effectively smaller.

        i.e., you will be earning more money and your debts will be smaller in relation to it.

        If you have a great deal of existing debt deflation is bad since you have less money to make payments but the same amount of debt.

        i.e., you will be earning fewer dollars but still own the same amount so your debts will become much larger in relation to your income.

        This is why the Fed and the Gov fear any deflation and will do everything they can to avoid it.

      43. The more inflation hits me and my budget, the more I do things outside the box that most people don’t normally do. I will be doing more so it becomes everyday life because inflation certainly won’t reverse itself in real terms, never has.

        • Woogie.

          Doing things outside the box. Good practice. Another good practice is doing things without the help of others. To be completely independent. The more people. The more assholes. Then it comes with more shit to put up with. I mean to tell you lots of people are stupid and is compounded by their arrogant superiority complex.
          The more I read here I find there is very little room for compassion. Compassion will get you killed.
          The argument for peppers to join together can be said with equal assessment as to not band together. I lean strongly to doing it alone for you will have only one set of rules and they are YOUR RULES. The more people the more the possibility of dissention within the group.
          That being said, it is to you advantage to take all the information you obtain and use that information to the best of YOUR advantage.
          Thrust only yourself!

          • Trust
            Not thrust.

            So Pissed off.

      44. WW3 will probably happen. The West is bankrupt. They need to take somebodies stuff to survive. Russia has huge natural resources. Russia has a small population. Maybe only 140 million people. It appears that the war has actually started. Cyber war, propaganda war, surrogate war (Ukraine, Syria, etc.), currency war, sanctions. There is a major currency event in progress. The Swiss decoupled their currency from the Euro. Others will follow very soon. The Euro will die. Then maybe the US dollar. This will speed up the time table for war. Good luck. Be ready.

        • I think you are right: there are two things we can get from moving across the East and taking Russia: their natural resources and their genetic heritage. These are some of the last places on earth rich in natural resources and also where the genetic pool has not been damaged as it has been in the US. Just look at how beautiful the women are and superior to the ones you see in the US. Same goes for most of Eastern Europe apart from Romania. Russian women have beauty and brains.

          In many ways, the West is not just on a harvesting mission to stay alive and build the New Society. This new bifurcated society will have no use for the middle classes and thus they are being squeezed out of existence. Society will, instead, be re-jigged to accommodate the vast populations of the third world, who will do the grunt work as part of a multi-billion-strong lower class. There will be a handful of ‘brights’ – former middle class and race ‘pures’ such as the Russians, Japanese etc. – who will do the thinking and creating for this New Society, and a very, very tiny elite who will run the show (they will have some from the African tribe elites to run the show there but most will be the usual suspects: high-level Jews, old-school WASPS, some Chinese, some Japanese etc.). In many ways, the past 8 years have been a dry run for this new society. They have been able to see how many people can be kept on digital hand-outs, while using race-control pysch warfare to eat away at the middle classes. And the beta test has passed with flying colors.

          I expect, now the dry run has worked so well, they will go for the full programme after some engineered mega-crisis. It would not take much – say two weeks or so – to bring down the financial system and then re-boot with total iron-lock, digital control on the majority of the world’s population. And then harvesting can proceed in earnest. The last of the resources will be placed under direct elite control. Human resources will be sifted for the best and those people and their DNA will be vaulted for the future. Next stop will be serious colonization of space using this treasure trove of the best. For the majority of the remaining population, it will be a supervised existence under robot and computer control until such point these people will no longer be needed. A bioweapon, as has been recently beta tested, can then be used to take them out.

          What will earth be like after these events? Think of the lush campuses of elite universities. The remaining human population will live in such places. Similar facilities will be built off-world. Life in these places will be excellent: delicious, organic foods, amazing sex and play, great discourse with the finest minds. As for what happened to all those other people, they will be the subject of endless TV documentaries: “Tonight on the Discovery Channel! The Guatemalans: who were they? Next week: the Albanians: who were they?”

      45. I’m like a go it alone person just my wife I can really count on she is the best she’s not into the guns and stuff her sister was murdered back in 1980 on a train by a gunman. But she understands the reason for having a gun at home I’m very lucky to have her be this understanding. We’ve been on our own through a 100 year flood and a hurricane a few other disasters. The flood was the most difficult I think. She stepped up and ran out to get a pump when not one was to be found. She finally located one at a Home Depot 20 miles away and she had to wade through water to get it. I would take her over any so called buddies. She is like me and will do what it takes when the chips are down. She lost some of her family photos and stuff in the basement ther was like 5 inches of water down there. I pumped it all out with her . Some people waited for the fire dept to come and pump it out. The water would have been down there a week. We lost power for a week once this really sucked no hot water. This is the hardest thing for me to live without but we managed. I would rather be without heat than hot water. I have electric hot water it sux but seems to work ok. So I boiled water in a turkey fryer and dumped it into the bath tub then blended in cold water and we took baths. Not ideal but it worked for us. She kept calling national grid and they ended up restoring power earlier than they said. I don’t view the power going out the end of the world just an inconvenience. I tell you though when I fired up the generator the lady next door come running over saying I didn’t know you had a generator I said well you gotta be prepared for this stuff she agreed and said she was concerned her food was gonna go bad there was no ice anywhere. She said it was only a little bit of food oh well. But when you fire up a generator people nearby definetly notice the noise and light on in the house. I took a walk down to the main strip and all the businesses were dark. Never seen that before anyone could have went on a robbery spree. But to tell you I haven’t had much success with people who are supposed to be with me doing their part for the good of the team. I always end up doing more and this will not happen during shtf nobody is gonna be living off the fruits of my labor . My door will be closed to all but my wife and kids. I don’t mind doing it like this I don’t need to have people depend on me to feel important . I’m secure in the thing I’ve done to cushion my family . I’m not a catholic and my heart does not bleed for the less fortunate. I’m a beleiver in you don’t work you don’t eat. There is an awful lot of useless eaters these days not my fault it’s this way. This reasoning is not wrong it’s in god word condemn him for it if you don’t like it.

      46. Butter is up 22.5 percent. Damnit! This just got real. Lock n’load, fellas….time to swipe the neighbors’ butter.

      47. It is simple we have these forms of gov when the gov is failing they resort to socialism to steal from the working folks and spread out the wealth of the middle class so we are all the same there is no middle ground anymore just the haves and the have nots these fuckin wealthy bastards never go without ever. They sure love to keep working people down. Need to clear the board and start over again with new leaders that are not rich people. But people with morals and people who realize the seriousness of the responsibility. God says to whom much is given much is expected. So the rich folks should be doing everything they can to keep folks working even if it means they gotta sell the Cadillac. But if you talk to them they would say shaving pennies won’t solve the problem. Then stop nickel diming working people to death. They are the ones keeping the economy down . People say you gotta save $ how the hell you gonna do that when you live week to week. Can’t make a dollar out of a nickel dummy’s . Every labor contract has taken concessions somewhere because they are being threatened with a company closing and the dummy’s beleive it I call bullshit on all of that. When it finally hits the fan I’m taking back what is owed to me I don’t care I’m a trouble maker whatever. I try to rally the troops but people have grown gutless it’s really sad because I’m ready to throw stones and drag people out of cars and throw them a beatin for keeping me down. That’s the only way they hear you if you get ugly that’s fine by me we can all laugh about it later. I hate corporate people they are fucking dirty scoundrels that smile and say good morning and are gone in a few hours. I say it for the other guys that think the same way as me they just lost their sac to say it. Any body comes to my place and tries to take what I got will get dealt with I don’t care if it’s the gov.

      48. American’s will continue to be good little peons supporting our overlords and predatory capitalism. Heck, even the antiwar crowd has been infiltrated and is barely on life support. Without a strong vocal opposition to warfare this country is never going to recover.

      49. Ten years ago, one Celebrex capsule cost me $3. I couldn’t afford it, so I sent my prescription to Canada, where the pill cost $1.25. Congress tried to prevent Americans from doing that, so the Canadian pharmacy would get around it by sending me the pills from some island in the south Pacific. Congress then passed a law pretty much stopping us from getting cheaper drugs from Canada altogether.

        When I started getting Medicare six years ago, the Celebrex was finally affordable, until this month, when I was faced with a giant deductible and a medicare insurance company that wouldn’t pay anything. The local pharmacy bill for 3 months worth was $810. The pharmacist said the pill cost him $7 and he charged $9 retail.

        So in 10 years the cost of the pill went up 200%. (Anybody out there who had their income go up by 200%? I bet not.) And Congress still hasn’t passed a bill allowing Medicare to negotiate cheaper drug prices–and they never will. Not as long as pharmaceutical companies continue to bribe them.

        • I live near the Canadian border. There are chartered busloads of seniors going across the border, getting prescriptions filled, having a lunch, then returning home. Some of the senior living homes have their own small buses, and take the residents from other homes up on a scheduled basis.

          There is an entire block of pharmacies in White Rock, B.C., catering to the trade, maybe 300 yards north of the border crossing.

      50. MY BUG OUT PLAN.

        Simple, I have a mistress in the country.

        I think we need to pass a law that if your wife turns into a fat slob who won’t help keep the house clean, cook or have sex with you…

        It is your God given right to have a mistress.

        Since I have obtained a mistress via a social media site….life has been grand.

        It took me a year of electronically romancing her.

        The best Mitress are MILFS.

        There is no man around and they need male advice and emotional support.

        Am I just using this woman for sex.

        I am thinking of leaving my wife for this woman.

        OK Bible thumpers… hit me over the head with your values.

        I love having a “Bug out location with a hot woman whom loves my bones.”

        The best mistresses are above the age of 40.

        It will require many hours of email time.
        Then you need to factor in the costs… typically chocolates, flowers and wine.

        The best thing is to get into the daily habit of sharing your day and asking how her day was.

        Finally, after much time, you need to let her know that you two are in love and you both need to just surrender to this.

        So there you go.

        Have fun with your new mistress in her bug out place.
        It just cost you some trinkets and you get great SHTF HOT sex with a nice place to rack if you need t.

        OH… I look forward to the comments.
        BTW…. People love to beat up on the “cheating husband.”
        But never do they mention the fat, whale of a wife he is seeking to leave.

        The way I see it… it’s better to cheat than divorce.
        Divorce just fucks up the kids.

        OK…let the thumbs down fly.

        I personally feel that man is NOT meant to have one lover for life.
        Who thought this crap up?

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