No French Revolution in America

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    This article was originally published by Kurt Nimmo at Another Day in the Empire

    More than 80% of the people of France—ordinary working people, not the professional bureaucrate class—support the “gilets jaunes,” the yellow vests in the street protesting against the globalist policies of Emmanuel Macron, defender of the mega-wealthy and upholder of EU progressivism. 

    The establishment media in the US and Europe are focusing on the violence of the protests—including vandalism of the Arc de Triomphe (which is a monument to war and French colonialism)—and underplaying the political and economic complaints central to the demonstrations. 

    It is a decentralized movement sans leaders (who can be picked off or compromised) in direct opposition to the agenda of the global elite: carbon taxes in response to “climate change” (as if additional parasitical fleecing of the public can modify weather), preferential treatment of financial class interests, unchecked and irrational immigration practices threatening the long-standing cultural customs of western civilization, an eroding economy, growing poverty and unemployment. 

    No doubt much of the violence is the work of agent provocateurs in addition to dim-witted “anarchists,” who are nothing of the sort. Lobbing billiard balls and cobblestones at police, torching an art museum, vandalizing national monuments, and destroying private property provide a suitable pretext to impose yet another “state of emergency”—France is renowned for its pouvoirs exceptionnels, that is to say its “exceptional powers,” in other words the state using its monopoly of violence to address serious political and social issues. 

    Article 16 of the French Constitution is a hangover from France’s colonialist past, specifically its disastrous war in Algeria. It allows the government to declare a state of emergency during an état de siège, never mind the siege is the result of policies imposed by the state and the ruling class. 

    After attending the globalist G20 soirée in Buenos Aires, Macron paraded along the Champs-Élysée to witness first-hand the vandalism. Following this public display of pomp and photo-op, Macron declared yet another state of emergency will be declared in response to public support for the yellow vests, the vast majority nonviolent. 

    Spokesman Benjamin Griveaux said the president is willing to talk to the yellow vests. He stressed, however, there will be no backing down from his “green agenda,” that is to say further taxing the French people (soon to rival Belgium and Germany in the art of  confiscation) and ensuring more unemployment, poverty, and social stress—exacerbated by unchecked third world immigration—that will ultimately tear France apart. 

    As soon as Trump is out of the way, Democrats and globalist friendly Republicans will impose similar green taxation and regulation on the American people. However, there is a distinct difference between grumpy French and indolent Americans. The former will go into the street and make their demands known, while the latter are too busy binge watching Netflix to be bothered. 

    In America, protest and outrage are now stage managed by the state and promoted by a corporate media. The economy and endless war do not figure into these protests orchestrated by faux leftists. Instead, these foundation lubricated activists are moved to outrage and occasional violence by the color of skin, the preference of gender (real, manufactured, and imagined), and a litany of exaggerated and invented victimization. 

    I say faux leftists because today’s SJW dimwits have little in common with old school Marxists and socialists. They were primarily focused on “historical materialism,” the means of production, the plight of the proletariat, and class consciousness. 

    Now? Marxism has become “cultural,” that is to say based on what’s between your legs, the color of your skin (this used to be rightfully called racism), and the “human right” to force one group of people to pay for the care and lifestyle of others (including sexual mutilation and abortion). This has led to calls for authoritarianism and violence against the “privileged”—not the banksters and the ruling elite, mind you, but white men in general. This absurdity is megaphoned 24/7 by the corporate media. 

    No, there will not be a French Revolution in America. The people here are well-indoctrinated, dumbed-down by “public education,” fed lies and fantasies (the Russians are coming, Trump is the New Hitler), and other distractions, including a decadent in-your-face “entertainment” industry feeding on perversity, violence (while calling for disarmament), promotion of homosexuality, and the normalization of vulgarity. 

    Certainly, when the Everything Bubble bursts and misery is rampant, Americans may go into the street, but it will be too late. Meanwhile, many shake their heads at those crazy French, outraged over the economic strip-mining of their country and the globalist mandates of the European Union. 

    This will be wiped away, however, by the next episode of Game of Thrones or the Walking Dead.


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      1. The French would accomplish more by concentrating on stopping immigration and then shipping out the migrants to their own Countries.

        Same thing here.

        Immigration is genocide.

        White males are Europe. Without white males there would be no Europe to invade.

        Women should stay home and take care of their own children and their husbands.


        • The immigrants aren’t voting to place more taxes on the Citizens of France, moron.

          • But it is the additional taxes that are needed to care for invading hoards.

            • hordes

          • M:

            Does calling other people derogatory names make you feel smart?

            I am aware that the migrants don’t make the rules, but they use services which must be paid by increasing taxes on the indigenous population.


            • “B”
              You are 100% correct.
              The problem is we are some what just like them. We all want something from the Guberment. But we pay taxes for this CRAP we want. Paying taxes to the Guberment is the easy way out for us. What I mean it is like having a flat tire on your car. We pay someone to do it for us instead of saving the money and doing it our self. If we all stopped wanting CRAP from the Guberment just maybe taxes wouldn’t be so damn high.


            • Migrants don’t make the rules?….Deerborne Michigan.

              • They don’t make the rules but rules are made for them personally by our Government…they take from the America an taxpayer and we pay for those “rules.” In Michigan you can get welfare for up to three Muslim wives and all the kids….If you are Mormon you can get welfare for up to 15 wives and all the kids…paid for by the tax payer. I would like to send my kids to college but my tax money goes to that???? You are correct Migrants do not make the rules do they your Government does and they are giving them lively hood off the backs of the tax payer.

            • to be fair to M, the taxes would have been passed regardless of the level of immigration in the country.

              Carbon taxes are about keeping you in your place, not about “helping immigrants”.

          • You seem to be the only MORON here, taxpayers pay for the immigrants.

        • That just makes too much sense!


        • *vive?

          • Mr McGill is writing in Spanish(except for the missing accent on the second OH) so he ‘es correcta’ 🙂


            • That was suppose to be
              VIVE LA REVOLUTION…french
              The fact it came out en Espanol might have been a involuntary subconcious reaction

      3. Leftist-NWO Collectivist-Elite Bankers-Tech Mafia:
        * They want your guns. The leftist/NWO wants to remove your ability to fight back against their verion of NWO collectivist communism.
        * They have already shut you up. FaceBook-Twitter-Google have already deplatformed people they don’t agree with. * They have shut down your voice. NO independent thought allowed.

        You do nothing about it.
        It is about to get MUCH worse.
        * There is a war on Cash. Once cashless you will be submissive or unable to get a job or engage in commerce.
        * Then comes the Beast System Chipping of humans.
        * 5G kill/surviel system is already here.

        AI-Robots-Every Tech device to snoop and snitch on you.
        This is not future. It is TODAY.

      4. My feeling is there is (not) going to be a REVOLUTION in the U.S.

        The American public is better than that even though we have brain dead ZOMBIES, LIBERALS, and these ILLEGALS, ETC. out here.

        I will say this if anything does break loose I feel it’s going to be ignited by groups like ANTIFA which the American public will give LAW ENFORCEMENT every chance to squash there violence.

        However if Law Enforcement does not squash these Radical Groups no doubt, NO DOUBT !!!! you will see THE BUBBA EFFECT…….

        Because of public trust has disappeared, and left with no choice.

        I hope this does NOT happen………..


        I hope my Brother, and Sister Americans feel the same way.

        All my Relations.


        • AF

          However if Law Enforcement does not squash these Radical Groups no doubt, NO DOUBT !!!! you will see THE BUBBA EFFECT…….
          They won’t let LAW ENFORCEMENT do anything. You look side ways at these clowns and you are finished.

          So let the BUBBA EFFECT begin. It is the only way the True Patriot can stop it.

          I have nothing against people coming to the USA, but to it legally. DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          • Well spoken SGT.

            If the Americans do begin to Lock, and Loan I wonder how long it would take to get things back to normal again ????

            How long did it take to bounce back after our Civil War ?

            I think it would be much longer this time…….

          • most immigration is legal

            White immigration is what is needed

        • Angry Frog, you say NO revolution? I wouldn’t be too quick to say that, considering what we’ve already seen from Black Criminal Lives Matter, Antifa, Women’s March, etc. Left and right are the 2 toughest kids on the block. Sooner or later they’re going to fight.

        • I’d wager that if there is a “revolution”, it will be a leftist one. Not all of them are retarded snowflakes. There is a huge criminal element that will provide a lot of their muscle. Most of those nice “immigrants”, who you want to just “come legally”, just happen to be military aged males, who probably don’t like Gringos, or muh Constitution.

          No, your mortal enemies are not 10 feet tall, but you are mistaken to underestimate them…

        • I’m with you.

      5. The slow erosion of Western Civilization we have seen in France is a tragedy. Poorly managed immigration, rejection of historical norms for family interactions, spending into oblivion, and other ignorant decisions have led to the destruction of a once great culture. This stupidity is headed our way if Americans don’t do their homework.

        We need to remind ourselves (Americans) that the once great and powerful French nation was instrumental in helping the colonies in our quest for independence from Britain. Review the battle of Yorktown and think about Lafayette.

        • France had no desire to promote the self rule of a republic but rather to limit Englands power. France demographic is the result of taking the easy route and a significant contributor was immigration from its colonies. A route to French citizenship was 25 years in the Foreign Legion which was in essence their global business army. The French citizenry, weary from two world wars largely cared not to be part of it. Peoples from cultures alien to France gained entry which facilitated the sponsorship of even more. Cheap cannon fodder like slavery’s cheap labor here in the US has lasting effects. “Pay me now or pay me later”.

        • During the U.S. Civil War, the english and the French, were getting ready to carve up the remains, once the U.S. bled itself out.

          The british had a large army stationed in Canada, for the event. The French had permission from Mexico, to launch from there.

          They would be happy to do the same, if they could, today…

      6. My personal belief is that the globalist envision will never be realized but will leave a wake of destruction in its path . Leaving the planet as a huge smoldering hell hole. Quite the opposite of lush, green grassy fields and wonderful weather. They can push whatever they want, people will end up revolting, no one will get anything done. Everything will go to hell because those in power will never give up until they’re dead.

      7. France has very well organized and active far left unions. I suspect that the rioters in the streets are not every day Frenchmen, but rather they are the commies. They are taking advantage of a situation that the French right should have jumped on. Marine Le Pen, where are you?

      8. Humans have always obtained new territories by migrating, sometimes in large numbers, sometimes individually. Because this is a mode of life and survival practiced by animals generally, this has been going on for a very long time. With regard to what is happening now, I see two significant causes that appear to be ignored. One is that many people in positions of power have fallen for the idea that race is not a valid concept. In fact it is very much a valid concept. Many scientists who are not afraid to form their own opinions understand this, but they are not usually in positions where they are free to express such ideas openly. True facts about race are currently unfashionable because such knowledge and awareness are thought to be unpleasant and they tend to provide basis for motives whose fulfillment seem to require high-risk actions. Secondly, the belief that everyone should always be forgiven is an extremely bad mistake, partly because it enables the wishes of would-be invaders and prohibits any defense that might rightly be taken against them, and also for other reasons. In my view, and I’m sure also in many others, because the Christian religion encourages universal forgiveness, the Christian religion is itself playing a role in the ongoing migratory invasions we are seeing. Sorry to be so unpopular in this comment, but we need someone to point out these truths. It is a question of whether our distinct genetic group will survive or go extinct. I think we should do what will make it possible for us to survive. No one else is going to do this for us.

        • Yes, christians are doing their part to ensure White Genocide.

      9. Were cultural conservatives (as opposed to cultural Marxists) realistically able to effect change from within the system?

        Even assuming that civility is always the first and best recourse, what was the only recourse available — polite or rude.

      10. For all the men in black suits and sunglasses that are monitoring internet sites: I believe there will be no revolt in America and the NWO will exercise full control here. The “Bubba” effect is not real or a future possibility.

      11. I m a Frenchman. And of course I support the “gilet jaune” or the yellow vest.

        On the champs Élysée lst saturday peoples have spotted Sniper on the top of buildings around the arc de triomphe. The authorities are saying it s to protect demonstrators if someone want to shoot at them with, say a rifle.
        In the country side 100Km from where I live protestors have burnt state building.
        In the south of France a gendarmerie ( police-military station) have burnt as well.

        A lot of people are F… angry, more taxes to the poor and less for the well of.

        • Yep, Frenchmen want their short work week and social “benefits” but don’t want to pay for them. These new taxes are being put in place under the guise of being “green” but the fact is they are just another revenue source to pay for European socialism. The French deserve the pain they have inflicted on themselves. No pity from me.

        • Thank you for the first-hand report! I was able to visit France in the late 1990s, including Paris and Giverny. To see the riots was sad. I watched them livestreamed on RT on YouTube.

          I understand the anger. It is growing here in the US and the US is in the middle of a cold civil war, right now. Few people see it or recognize what is happening. The divide is between urban and rural areas, similar to France and between the takers versus the makers.

          In the US 70% of migrants are on welfare. While many pensions are underfunded, including SS benefits. Inflation eats away at those benefits and the government changes the COLA (cost of living adjustment) to make sure the government wins and the old person loses. As many older people in the US are finding out, the hard way, inflation is the cruelest tax of all.

          Merci and God bless you! Please, keep us updated, too!

          • COLAs for SS over the last 12 years- a whopping 1%- compounded annually

      12. There is already a war against the White Race. France is a small place. The USA covers vast distances. And there is only a three day supply on the store shelves. So A revolution could be a viable threat . It could be effective with a very small number of Vandals. All they would need to do is attack the infrastructure. Mainly the electric grid. Take down the grid & keep it down. Disrupt the food supply and folks without food, electricity & that Cell Phone will most certainly revolt.

      13. My brother in law says he will quit working when he has to pay a 50% tax rate. I look at him and laugh. He pays 38% Federal and go’s out to eat three times a week. There is a 8% tax on the food and he gives the waitress 15 to 20% not counting state, local, SS1 and SS2, purchase tax etc. I love common core math don’t you?

        • The smokers were going to quit when cigarettes went to $1 a pack. The “I’ll do it in the future” translated is, “I’m not doing it now or then”.

      14. Bloviating-blowhard Americans are – in the main – ignorant fools, feckless cowards and pussies.

        They deserve whats coming to ’em – GOOD & HARD!

        • Sadly, for the most part, I have to agree. Most inhabitants of the U.S. simply no longer deserve the Freedoms they have, and have long taken for granted. The sad thing is the very young will never know Freedom, if they even survive. Now, let’s thank the WWII generation for handing Western Civilization to those who want us dead.

          • I disagree. Young people are growing up watching all of this idiocy and I think they will be immune to it. They will laugh at their ultra-liberal parents and their friends. I think they will see through all of this cultural Marxist BS and they will reject it.

            Same for the freak show their parents have been living in front of these kids. From the tattoos to piercings to blue hair and man buns, I think the upcoming generation will be conservative. They won’t get tattoos. They won’t do the purple / blue hair. They will laugh at washing out tin cans (to save the polar bears) and the lie of anthropogenic climate change.

            More and more people are homeschooling and more people are waking up to the lie that says everyone needs to go to college. Families are realizing this is not true.

            The times they are a-changing. Good!

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