NFL Team Requires Players and Staff to Wear Electronic Tags That Record Who They Meet and Alert Social Distancing Violations

by | Sep 17, 2020 | Headline News | 6 comments

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    This article was originally published by B.N Frank at Activist Post. 

    New technology is being used to protect professional athletes from COVID-19. This includes at least one NFL team requiring players and staff to wear electronic “SafeZone” tags as seen in the video below.

    From NBC News:

    Inside look at an NFL team’s new reality amid pandemic (Part 2)

    The Cleveland Browns are relying on cutting-edge technology to help keep players safe amid the coronavirus pandemic: ultraviolet lights and helmets fitted with plastic shields.


    The problem with testing athletes (and everybody else) seems to be that tests aren’t always accurate.

    In regard to the electronic “SafeZone” tags, they emit electromagnetic radiation (aka “Electrosmog”) and exposure can cause symptoms and illnesses some of which can be as serious if not more serious than COVID-19. Too bad that’s not being considered as well.

    Activist Post reports regularly about invasive and unsafe technology.


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      1. News From United Shitehole of America

        Assange who faces 175 years in prison if extradited to United Shithole of America is being forcefully subjected to radiation poisoning every day by being X-Rayed everyday, and transported in something similar to a vertical coffin. They are clearly murdering Assange in slow motion!

        The psychopaths that are doing this are sick and sadistic monsters! What is their goal? To make Hitler, Goebels, and Mengela look like kittens?!

        “Morris, who is the mother of Assange’s two children, who were conceived while the WikiLeaks founder was living in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, said that every day her partner has been “woken at 5 am, handcuffed, put in holding cells, stripped naked and x-rayed.”
        “He’s transported 1.5 h each way in what feels like a vertical coffin in a claustrophobic van. He’s in a glass box at the back of court, from where he can’t consult his lawyers properly, ” the lawyer wrote on Twitter, as she advertised a crowdjustice campaign “to  free Julian Assange and stop US extradition”.–x-rayed-transported-in-vertical-coffin-daily/

        Andrea Iravani

      2. Macgregor is correct as far as ending United Shithole of America troops in Germany. The Germans are full of shit! They demand that the United States protects them from Russia and China, yet also wants energy from Russia and 5-G and increased trade with China. Obviously they do not feel threatened by Russia or China. They are likely more threatened from other E.U. countries! What else is new?! The Germans are extremely sneaky people that speak out of both sides of their mouth, like the British and the French. All three of these countries are extremely manipulative and are extremely dangerous countries, much more so than many other countries, barring China, who they have now lobbied to replace the United Shithole of America as their bully. Let the Chinese do it. So sick of this! 

        As far as Macregor supporting moving U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, Macgregor is dead wrong, and his lack of understanding in international law regarding that is extremely concerning! 

        Andrea Iravani

      3. ALL black people need these tags so we can reduce the plague of black violence occurring during the pandemic. Public health has to come before arguments over the liberty to attack people.

        “Police hunt vicious thug who launched bus attack on NHS Test and Trace worker, 63, after he ‘took offence at him trying to keep his social-distance'”

        • I wouldn’t mind a version of the police state, which actually worked to my benefit, rather than giving these primates room to destroy.

          • Exactly! And it is coming one way or another with AI, mass surveillance, DNA tracking etc. Enjoy your rioting because it won’t survive the next step up in technology advancement.

            Primates are not just going back to the zoo; they are going somewhere else.

      4. Line of Scrimmage needs to be 6 feet wide. I suggest using 6 foot Flags. Two on each player. Some call it “Flag Football”

        NFL goes Full Retard.


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