Next Up: Enemy Expatriation Act; Would Strip Americans of Citizenship For “Hostilities Against the United States”

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    For months leading up to the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) opponents of the legislation vehemently argued that it usurped, among other fundamental laws of the land, 5th Amendment provisions of due process of law, essentially allowing for the detainment of American citizens without charge or public trial. To remedy the political fallout, President Obama included a signing statement when he approved the bill over the New Year’s weekend to the effect that he would only use his newly appointed powers to detain foreign nationals – not Americans.

    As the controversy played out, however, unbeknownst to most of us, legislation that would completely bypass that signing statement was already in the works. In October of last year Representative Charles Dent (R-PA), Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT) and faux-Tea Party darling Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) conspired to introduce a scant but very powerful amendment to the Immigration and Nationality Act that outlines a “list of acts for which U.S. nationals would lose their nationality.”

    Dubbed the Enemy Expatriation Act (HR 3166), the amendment would essentially grant the United States government, perhaps through anonymous military tribunal or by secretive Congressional super panel, the power to brand Americans as hostiles for “engaging in, or purposefully and materially supporting, hostilities against the United States,” where “the term ‘hostilities’ means any conflict subject to the laws of war.”

    As is typically the case, the language is vague and allows for broad interpretation of what is or is not considered a “hostile” act.

    In prepared teleprompter delivered comments, bill sponsor Rep. Charles Dent defends his support of the proposed bill (video below):

    The bipartisan legislation I introduced this week calls for a pragmatic recognition that a person who is purposefully and materially supporting acts of terror against the United States is demonstrating they have no intent of acting as a U.S. citizen. If they want to engage in hostilities against the American people then they clearly no longer wish to be a citizen of our great nation.

    Currently, an individual who engages in hostilities against the United States on behalf of an armed force of a foreign state has committed an expatriating act. Our legislation clarifies that engaging in hostilities by supporting terrorism will also constitute an expatriating act.

    I believe being an American citizen is more than a right. It is a responsibility.

    It is now clear why President Obama added a signing statement to the recently passed NDAA. The Enemy Expatriation Act may be short and simple, but it is a highly effective work-around. Under NDAA, according to the President and its many Congressional supporters, American citizens who commit hostilities against the United States cannot be detained in the manner of, say, a Guantanamo inmate who has no right to trial by jury or even discovery of evidence because most of it is classified as a national security issue.

    With the addition of this new legislation, however, an American can first be detained for engaging in or materially supporting ambiguously defined terrorist activity under the Patriot Act, determined to be hostile by a secret panel, stripped of their citizenship, and then, conveniently, detained indefinitely without trial under the National Defense Authorization Act.

    As we’ve outlined previously, over the last ten years the definitions for “terrorism” and “extremism” have changed drastically. Just recently, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano announced that the terrorist threat has “shifted” to “lone wolf attackers” not abroad, but here at home. Combined with previous alerts and bulletins from the Department of Homeland Security, seemingly innocent activities such as purchasing habits or political leanings can classify Americans as persons-of-interest and domestic extremists.

    The recent trial of Bernard von NotHaus, who coined his own “Liberty Dollars” manufactured of pure gold and silver, was accused of terrorism by the Department of Justice for a crime that, for two hundred years, was known simply as “counterfeiting”:

    Attempts to undermine the legitimate currency of this country are simply a unique form of domestic terrorism, U.S. Attorney Tompkins said in announcing the verdict. While these forms of anti-government activities do not involve violence, they are every bit as insidious and represent a clear and present danger to the economic stability of this country, she added. We are determined to meet these threats through infiltration, disruption, and dismantling of organizations which seek to challenge the legitimacy of our democratic form of government.

    From teenagers engaging in typical adolescent behavior and protesters fighting for their right to be heard, to a guy buying survival food or joining in a heated debate on the internet, a semantic change for words like terrorism, terrorist, hostilities, and domestic extremist  is taking place in the social and political spheres.

    Soon, any activity deemed contrary to the ideas, purposes and principles of the ruling class and the plutocratic elites will be grounds for detainment, imprisonment and expulsion.

    References: Infowars, RT,  Charlie McGrath, Gov Track


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      1. Disobedience to Tyrants is Obedience to God.

        • hey hey
          ho ho
          GOODBYE NDAA
          GOODBYE SOPA

          • Dude, I do not think that BO has that much influence over Dent, Liberman and Brown. The rabbit hole goes way deeper. BO is just the most visible villain.

          • Also, these threats will not stop with Romney, Gingrich or Santorum in the WH. I even have my doubt about RP and he is clearly the best of the options.

        • There are a ton of Thomas Jefferson quotes and all are worth reading and pondering upon. However, given what’s going on in our country today, I believe the following Thomas Jefferson quotes are relevant to our current problems in Washington. This man was not only a visionary and extremely intelligent but was God inspired.

          1) When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.

          2) What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?

          3) I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.

          4) The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.

          5) Most bad government has grown out of too much government.

          6) The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.

          Does anyone recognize the correlation between what Thomas Jefferson said and what is happening in Washington?

          • It’s a nice tidy little box they are building, isn’t it?

            • Hammerun,

              you got it !!!

            • i would love to understand this, what does it mean?

            • isthisreallybad,

              The nice tidy little box is the box that all of us will soon be placed in. The box is a metaphor representing invisible boundaries that will be placed around every American so that the “powers-to-be” have full and complete control of every one of us.

              Look at it as a prison for the “free” Americans. The only difference between a criminal’s prison and ours will be that our backyard is bigger.

              Always remember this: the best slave is one who believes he (or she) is free!

          • I find it hard to believe Jefferson used the word “democracy” in any of his writings in a positive way. I have to look that one up.

            • I Think the only Box Worth Mentioning is going to be the Bullet BOX!

          • Here is what Lincoln had to say;
            “The unsettled political condition of other countries, less fortunate than our own, sometimes induces their citizens to come to the United States for the sole purpose of becoming naturalized. Having secured this, they return to their native country and reside there, without disclosing their change of allegiance. They accept official positions of trust or honor, which can only be held by citizens of their native land; they journey under passports describing them as such citizens; and it is only when civil discord, after perhaps years of quiet, threatens their persons or their property, or when their native state drafts them into its military service, that the fact of their change of allegiance is made known. They reside permanently away from the United States, they contribute nothing to its revenues, they avoid the duties of its citizenship, and they only make themselves known by a claim of protection. I have directed the diplomatic and consular officers of the United States to scrutinize carefully all such claims for protection. The citizen of the United States, whether native or adopted, who discharges his duty to his country, is entitled to its complete protection. While I have a voice in the direction of affairs I shall not consent to imperil this sacred right by conferring it upon fictitious or fraudulent claimants.”

            • Yes sir, we certainly lack the leaders that our country once had. In my opinion, the last decent president was Ronald Regan. Since then we’ve gotten the “dregs” of political rejects who say one thing to get elected and do another thing when elected.

              These “so called” leaders align themselves with big businesses, big labor unions, and foreign entities at the expense of the American people and our country.

              Small businesses represent about 70% of America’s work force. So what is Washington doing? They are drowning the small businesses with additional regulations and taxes.

              Obama said, when pushing his national health care, that it would only work if everyone participated. After it passed, he exempted around 1.5 million individuals who mostly were part of the major labor unions. I have one word for Obama – hypocrite!

              Oh well, we can only be pushed so far!

            • Ah yes, good ol’ “honest Abe”, who turned the guns of the US military on the citizenry of the USA, as he defined it. Good ol’ “Emancipator” who only signed the Emancipation Proclamation as a political expedient, and who preferred to ignore the slavery issue while forcing sovereign States which no longer wished to belong to the Union to bow to the desires of POTUS + armies. Why do people look up to this person? He’s a traitor to his oath and country, and a war criminal to top it off.

          • Nice post.

            I used to worry about putting my opinion online because of this alphabet soup of restrictions. Now I think it is time to speak out and stand up for the freedom and liberty that has been so blatantly usurped. I’m beginning to feel I would risk my life rather than live in a totalitarian state.

            Jefferson must have been God inspired as you say and I’ve had the same thought about our modern day Jefferson, Ron Paul.

          • The great thing is that we already have a roadmap (Constitution) and a military that is sworn to uphold it. Interesting that Ron Paul receives so much support from the active and retired military. Wonder why?

        • That zionist slag heap who used his jew newspaper oped to actively advocate that Mossad assassinate the POTUS? someone like him should be the FIRST to receive the lash of this law, but we all know he’ll get off scotfree by playing the victim card or phoning AIPAC.

          Look THERE folks, for the cabal who is at the heart of these tyrannical laws and the death of our democracy. they call the shots.

      2. Yeah sure, you can’t just legislate away the Constitution. No matter what these morons think, say or do, you better not ever forget that! It is up to us to enforce the Constitution, not some slimeball, twister of the law, esquire has been, now political puppet.

        • JoeRepublic,

          Just for clarification, surely you understand that, although you state “we can’t just legislate away the Constitution,” Congress has been, in fact, passing legislation that violates our Constitution.

          For example, outsourcing the printing of our currency and our monetary policy to the Federal Reserve. Another example is taking our currency off the gold standard.

          How about the Constitutional misuse by Congress (and the President) of the “Interstate Commerce” clause to create social programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, HUD, Freddy Mac, Fanny Mae, FHA, and ObamaCare; most of which are Ponzi schemes?

          What is happening to our Constitution is a “death of a thousand cuts” by our elected Congress, who are greedy and many are pure evil beings.

          JoeRepublic, you are right that its up to us but I believe that used to be the case. In the times are are living in now, I believe, “us” is no longer in charge nor are “we” running this country – it’s no longer “of the people, by the people, and for the people”!

          Just my two-cents bit. And, JoeRepublic, don’t take my comments as criticism to what you have said – I value your comments – I’m merely stating my humble opinion.

          • @Richard,

            Oh no, not at all do I take your comments as a hostile or negative criticism. To expand on my point, everything dating back to the incorporation of the federal government is Unconstitutional. However, it is ultimately up to us as Americans to undo this mess. None of this can be undone overnight, but we must start somewhere. Elections won’t fix this that’s for sure, and any acts against this illegitimate, out of control, rogue federal corporation will only be met with swift subjugation. The only way to defeat this is for a vast majority of people to stop participating in this scam.

            Yes, I realize it is extremely difficult to picture an off grid lifestyle. I am not suggesting anyone attempt a cold-turkey grid disconnect. What I am suggesting is that people start now by removing one small thing from their lives that is connected to this control grid each and everyday.

            Here are some of the things I have done:

            a) Build a greenhouse to grow as much of your own vegetation as possible for consumption.

            b) Make it a policy to only deal in cash as much as you possibly can. I’m not saying run out tomorrow and cut up all your cards, close your bank account and tell your boss you want a white envelope filled with cash every week as payment. This is a process, little by little.

            c) Deal with local farmers and ranchers for the food you cannot provide for yourself.

            d) Learn how to hunt, it can really be a lot of fun too.

            e) Learn how to build things, ANYTHING!

            f) Build your own solar panels for about 1/6th the price of a commercial system and do a grid-tie to your home. You’ll cut your electric bill in half, at least. This can be a daunting project if you have no experience, so proceed with caution on this one unless you know what you’re doing. For me, it is a 6Kw grid-tie for about 5k in FRNs.

            g) Disconnect the cable, satellite or whatever. If you’re one of those people that needs to have some TV around, then get a good digital antenna. The cost is a one-time $150.00 for 20 to 60 free channels for as long as the broadcasts are still happening.

            h) Start a small side business out of your home. Again, deal only with cash and keep your profile low.

            i) Learn something new everyday, no matter what it is.

            j) Join a barter network or start one if you have to.

            These are just a handful of things I’ve been doing most of my adult life anyway. It’s just now I’ve become more mindful of the value and realize the only solution is to starve the beast. If 10% of the population dropped off the grid, it could really catch on as a trend. If 50% of the population dropped off, the beast would be starved to the point of death.

            My solution is a simple, slow, low profile approach at completely undermining the control mechanisms that govern our daily lives. I know more and more people in my area that are doing many of the same things. Some more than others, but every bit helps.

            So, if you want to be free and independent, you have to start living and acting like you are. Free and independent people don’t mooch off the government, have a slave job and rely on someone else to provide for their needs. Nope, that’s what slaves do. If this describes some of your lifestyle, don’t feel bad, I was there once too. We can probably never be 100% free of this mess, but now is as good time as any to take that first step away from this utter fucking horse shit.

            If the day ever comes where these power monger pricks want you locked up or make you dead, you’ll have a choice to make on that day whether you’re starving the beast as I suggest, or still playing the slave paradigm. That’s why I have full out said, “fuck it, I’m hosed either way.”, and that is that. I may as well continue removing myself from the grid, because I’ve probably already made it onto several lists anyway. When the stormtroopers of full on tyranny are rolled out, I don’t think it will make a shit of difference either way. At least I can feel as if I’m doing my part to resist the tyrants. I’ll let God be my judge.

            • JoeRepublic,

              I see nothing that you have done to help our country get back on the right tracks. All you have listed above is to ASSURE YOUR OWN SURVIVAL !!!

              So, I ask you, what have you done or are you doing to help our country get back on the right track? Do you vote, have you contacted your Congressional Members to voice your concerns, have you joined any national committees that are against what is happening in our country, etc.?

              One more thing. As far as your comment that you take my previous comments as a hostile or negative criticism – GET OVER IT — GROW UP — GET A THICKER SKIN !!!

            • JoeRepublic,

              I see you have gone down through all the comments and marked my comments with a “thumbs down.” Very immature of you. As I said before, grow up!

            • JoeRepublic,

              Thank you for that. God Bless.

            • Ouch – all those “thumbs down” – but, I deserve them! And, the sharks must be smelling blood.

              JoeRepublic is the “man of the hour”!

            • DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA v. THOMPSON CO., 346 U.S. 100 (1953)
              346 U.S. 100

              Argued April 30, May 1, 1953.
              Decided June 8, 1953.

              1. Under Art. I, 8, cl. 17 of the Federal Constitution, Congress had power to delegate its lawmaking authority to the Legislative Assembly of the municipal corporation created by the Organic Act of 1871 for the government of the District of Columbia. Pp. 104-110.

              a) The power of Congress under Art. I, 8, cl. 17 of the Constitution to grant self-government to the District of Columbia is as great as its authority to do so in the case of territories. Pp. 106-107.

              (b) The power of Congress over the District of Columbia relates not only to “national power” but to all the powers of legislation which may be exercised by a state in dealing with its affairs. P. 108.

              (c) The Constitution does not preclude delegation by Congress to the District of Columbia of full legislative power, subject to constitutional limitations to which all lawmaking is subservient and to the power of Congress at any time to revise, alter, or revoke the authority granted. Pp. 108-109.

            • All this is impressive; however, one can make more headway convincing millions to NOT give their monies to the feds…don’t file in April and see how fast the feds listen…JMO.

            • RID: I don’t think you deserved all of those “thumbs down”. You and Joe are arguing apples and oranges.

              Joe is for doing practical things that benefit he and his family, while cutting off the flow of money to the “corp” …..

              Believing that if enough people pursued this strategy ( 10 million? 50 million? 100 million?) it would “starve the beast” and he would be living free and independent.

              That’s an illusion.

              That strategy would have absolutely no effect upon the PTB. First the Sheeple have already shown that they will not participate in any “boycott”.

              Second, the GB’s have already implemented a mechanism so that they do not need “full economic participation” by the masses to make a buck through the FED.

              Additionally, WE cannot hide even if WE wanted to too. A lower profile is possible, but who wants to live as a coward, in fear, looking over their shoulder while more and more laws are enacted that erode OUR liberties?

              The “program” that Joe exposes is EXACTLY the tactics that the PTB want US to adopt. They want US to “copout” give up, roll over and play dead while they implement their plan for US.

              They do not want US to participate in the political process.

              They do not want Patriots too demand their rights.

              They want to be left alone, undisturbed to do as they please for their benefit.

              Like you I believe that these strategies will not change the direction of America. Political participation by patriots is a must if WE are to change OUR direction and renew OUR rights.

              The power of collective action under OUR Constitution is OUR only hope. If 90 million gun owners want to keep their guns AND be able to use them, they had better do something about it now, not later.


            • Greetings,

              Joe is correct. My family has already taken most of those steps and have removed ourselves from the grid. It isn’t that we cower in fear but, instead, we’ve made ourselves free.

              A slave isn’t in much of a position to help anyone and the fact that we do not depend on others for what we have means that we can act in a manner that is best for our nation without someone threatening to move our job to China or devalue our savings into nothing.

              It is possible that at some point in time that those that did not prepare are going to need a helping hand from those of us that did prepare. That is where I believe my time should be spent and not on trying to convince some politician to listen to me instead of their overlords. That, my friend, is a futile waste of time.

            • You are a strong person and I admire you.
              I like you am sick of it all. it is not the America I came to years ago. It is a wonder how the meanings of simple words has changed and how ‘honor’ is now ‘dishonor’ but it does not matter if you are dishonorable you do not resign for scandalous behaviour. As is happening and has happened in Congress today. Otherwise people like Rangel and Frank and Geithner would never be in Government.
              By the way, what is this digital antenna you mention and where does one find one? And does it work in an apartment?
              Thank you for your comments.

          • Uh, did you even read what I wrote? I don’t think so.

            • I read your a through j – everything is about “you” – nothing about the rest of us.

            • No problem Richard, I’ve made plenty of mistakes myself. I can tell that you are a man of honor. Take care.

          • You obviously have no idea then.

            “One more thing. As far as your comment that you take my previous comments as a hostile or negative criticism – GET OVER IT — GROW UP — GET A THICKER SKIN !!!”

            Where I wrote, “Oh no, not at all do I take your comments as a hostile or negative criticism. To expand on my point, everything dating back to the incorporation of the federal government is Unconstitutional.”

            Do you see the “NOT AT ALL” part there?

            Secondly, click my name. I run that site. I’ve been doing my part for a long time. As for my suggestions, they are about removing control from the money changers which require as many people as possible to participate. Yes, you will also benefit from it, which is the point.

            Thirdly, as for voting, contacting Congressional whores and so on. Yeah right, tell that to the 93 senators that voted for the NDAA sections 1031 and 1032. There is no salvaging this mess. You want to live by the Constitution, then YOU have to live by it. Expecting the corporate whores in DC to do anything has become a joke and the joke is on all of us.

            Fourth, as for your unwarranted paranoia about the negative votes, we all get them. I even get them on one liners that are fairly neutral. I can also assure you, it wasn’t me that did it. I never neg anyone and only click the up rating if I like a comment. Really man, you’re not dealing with a child here.

            Get a grip man.

            • JoeRepublic,

              You are right – I missed the “not at all” I am sorry and apologize to you. I totally misunderstood and “flew of the coop.” I don’t know what more to say….

              Please accept my apologies.

            • JoeRepublic,

              And you are totally right (I agree with you), we can not salvage this mess and we need to “dig in.” I believe we share the same opinions (baring my mistake on one of your earlier comments, again – my apologies).

            • JoeRepublic,

              I went to your website. Impressive (and this is not “butt-kissing” because of my previous tirade with one of your comments)!!! I have to admit that, you, through your website, are doing more than most of us regarding the present condition of our country.

            • Richard, way to man up dude. I applaud your apology to Joe. I read his and your comments and thought WTF is wrong here. Nice to see someone accept responsabilty!

            • No problem Richard, I’ve made plenty of mistakes myself. I can tell that you are a man of honor. Take care.

            • Way to work it out, guys. 🙂

            • Gentlemen….this is why I participate at Mac’s site.

              We are all Brothers and Sisters of the same cloth. We may not always agree on issues or solutions, but we all see the future as members of the same team.

              Like it or not, we are Family…now…my turn with the remote.

              …be safe…stay the course…B

            • Wow, what kind of mess did I start?

              First, Richard, I’m not trying to be the man of any hour, and I’m glad we were able to clear up any misunderstandings. Also, the site I have built and run for the Republic of Florida is not my site, it belongs to the people of Florida. I’m just the guy that runs it. There are a lot of other people involved in what we’re doing, I’m just the part that handles the web site for Florida.

              Second, to address Durango Kidd’s remarks, I agree with engaging, just the method by which to do it is what greatly differs. Engaging the useless whores in DC has become futile. Protesting is futile as well and gets nothing done. Most voting is counted in secret and all sorts of rigging has been proven to go on there. Just look at the latest shenanigans in Iowa and New Hampshire. Essentially, you deal with the corporation known as the Government of the United States, Inc., you’re wasting your time, aside from say, Ron Paul and a few others.

              For anyone that does not understand that the united States Federal Government is in fact a conglomerate of corporations, I defer to the Dun & Bradstreet listings that prove this:


              So, what I was getting at in my earlier post is only the beginning of something much different than what you may think because of the way I painted it. Getting your own house and life in order and being removed from the grid is a great start. Starving the beast can be massive in effect, but where do you go from there? Basically, there is a lot more and there is a huge learning curve that comes with it. I failed to mention any of this earlier because I’m not here to advertise, I’m just discussing thoughts, but this probably should’ve been included.

              The Republic of Florida is only one of 50 republic sites. There are 49 other guys like me in every other state. In each state there are elected pro-tem representatives and each state is independent from every other state. The de jure federal leadership is the Republic for the united States of America. If you want to know more about this, you can visit:

              The ultimate solutions I am involved in can be discovered there. The outline I have provided above in my earlier post is step one. The rest involves reforming the original organic de jure government, not a corporate de facto government. Understanding all of this can take a lot of time, but I can guarantee you there are people in your state you can contact and find out more about it. It is real, we are doing this, there are more and more people joining everyday.

              It can seem like you may be sticking your neck out on something like this and it is not for everyone, I understand. Essentially, it is something you need to do your own homework on and decide for yourself about. I have been involved with it since May 2010. It is each person’s choice on what they need to do, you’ll get no criticisms from me on your choices. Know this though, dealing with the corporation will get you nowhere in hurry.

              If you really want to know this country’s history, its Constitution and the law in a way no public indoctrination center will teach you, then here is a good place to start:


              This will be the only time I mention anymore of this here. If you want to discuss this or have questions, you can contact me on the Republic of Florida web site. I never meant for the things I said to be so misunderstood. I’m only human.

            • Joe..Thanks for that link. It has been discussed here before but I didn’t understand what I personally could do about this situation. Now I know much more.The UCC Connection by Howard Freeman was especially helpful.Keep up the good work!! I intend to read more on your site.

          REPEAL NDAA
          CEASE NOW.

        • To the death of the Constitution, I say GOOD! The signing of that abominable document created a central behemoth just as designed. In fact, it was a coup d’etat by the Moneyed Elite to assure that they (and their posterity) would remain the Moneyed Elite and it has worked beautifully.

          For those open-minded enough to want to know the truth instead of flag-waving, jingoism, here’s a start-

          A snipet-

          So far, it’s not too hard to detect the beginnings of all the most loathsome attributes of any government: tax, distortion, discord and warfare. This is to what our well-meaning “Constitutionalist” friends want to get us back.

          Also must reading is Lysander Spooner’s ‘No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority.’

      3. Exactly where will one be “expelled” to? Will we be deported? To what country? How exactly does that work? If I lose my nationality, I guess I no longer have to pay certain taxes? Hell, I can just take advantage of the “Amnesty” program and get free money, housing, cellphones, etc…?

        • Pretty arogant of Barry Soetoro the Kenyan born fraud to want to strip TRUE AMERICAN CITIZENS of their citizenship! Look at the big picture my fellow Patriots, has anything gotten better in the last 50 years? They keep tightening the noose while all the dumbshits that are shopping obsessed just keep ignoring the downfall of our country. They keep on spraying us, poisoning our food, eliminating our rights systematically, attacking our 2A rights and we keep sitting on our thumbs. If the Founding Fathers were here today, they would bitch-slap all of us.

          • BARACK OBAMA
            YOU need to get rid of the unlawful bills and all of the other crimes being commited and resign….

          • BlackRifleWarrior,
            Outstanding post.

        • Chuck,

          No, you wouldn’t get off that easy. I bet they would confiscate all your possessions (home, car, furniture, money, etc.) and place you in a detention center, to be no longer heard of.

          • Yeah – my questions were pretty much rhetorical. But I agree with your assessment.

            • Chuck,

              I must be having a very bad hair day. I misunderstood and thought you were serious – sorry about that. Thanks for the clarification!

          RESIGN NOW!

          • You might not have read “Man Without A Country”? It was suppose to be based on facts.

        • No—here’s how I see it—if you lose your citizenship, and you just happen to be 65, you have no right to your Social Security–that may garner the system more money than not paying to the dead with no dependents!!!

        • Most likely folks will simply be disappeared. You figure it out. Clue-Just like in Argentina.

      4. Looks like the 1st amendment is swirling around the commode on the way-out to the socialist treatment plant…
        All for your safety of course….

        • And that brown thing swirling around the rim is Obama going along for the ride


      5. Oh no, here we go. Sounds jusy like pre-WW2 germany.
        So any activitythat someone decides is anti-government or terroristic is now a “Crime” but worse than a crime, we can be detained and stripped of citizenship?

        Sounds to me like they are laying the groundwork to pre-empt any antigovernment action by the people.

        Pretty much a marxist state.

        Oh well, I’ll vote as best I can for what I consider as right.

        iowa says:
        January 17, 2012 at 11:57 am, Disobedience to Tyrants is Obedience to God.

        You are right.

        I’ll voice my opinion as I always have.

        I’ll keep preppin as it is a way of life. My Grandparents were preppers too.

        Sit and wait…


      6. Why is this still an issue? War has been declared upon Americans by an enemy occupier force and we’re still doing just that…talking. The time is now to prepare your families and friends for hostilities, begin conducting your lives knowing that war against our freedom has started. The Nazis who occupy DC seek to enslave us all. Nothing you say will change that, prepare yourselves.

        one last note…my IP has been relayed through the Tor network 🙂

        • Excellent post JC! Get to know your Sheriffs and find out where they stand on obeying and enforcing fed martial law. Sheriffs have oodles of power to stand up against the fed, mine has our backs, if yours doesn’t…time to leave for wrmer climates.

      7. sounds like this guy has committed acts of hostilities against the united states and so has everyone politician that participated in this heinous act…they should have THEIR citizenship stripped.

        • mary,

          Good point – “they” (fed gov’t) are the traitors and should be arrested. In fact, some should probably be executed for treason!

          • i say lock em up.. i made an offer… and they are, as of today , provocating the people… enoughs enough
            WE ALL HATE YOU … GO AWAY.. NOW!

            • Richard, I believe they will be put on trial either publicly or by a mob and punished someday.

              eeder: today in yahoo news the headline read congressional approval hits all time low. I didn’t even bother to read it, because it really isn’t news to anyone. Congress just doesn’t care.

      8. Well well, seems that all on this site fall under this new bill, by being preppers we all are now threats to the goverment. And Chuck I won’t worry to much about where they send us, Id be worried if we actually made it out.


        • Wherever TPTB are taking us I know I will be going by way of wooden box, but not without filling a few wooden boxes myself.

        • THEY CAN GO TO HELL IF THEY DONT LIKE US PREPPING… PISS OF BArry, harper, cameron and merkozy

      9. I have no complaints. I will comply. Er, I mean I am complying. Er, I was complying. Oh hell, come and get me!


        • I hear you. With these last few months I’m not sure if I am a citizen anymore Ive dehydrated some beef and made pickles for storage so at best I’m a domestic terrorist threat. I also bought ammo with cash, I know I’m screwed but my dog was in the truck to so is he guilty by association? And I still want to know if I get Internet access in my nice FEMA camp dwelling.

      10. If they strip me of my citizenship and kick me out of the US it might not be the worst thing that ever happened.

        Given that the Police State is on the march, maybe they’ll actually be doing liberty-loving Americans a favor of sorts…

          • Mike, thanks for the hotlink – it worked and I read the article – it’s worth reading! Thanks, again.

          • Mike,

            Thanks for posting that link, its a very good article.


          • EXC link, Mike – thanks for sharing!! =)

          • Thx Mike …. good post…B

      11. This man is so earnest, so sure he is right and the rest of us are evil terrorists to doubt the intentions of our betters. “We are borg. How dare you question assimilation!” Everything will be better as soon as we stop fighting their intellectual excellence with our odd commonsense. We must keep every government employee. Especially those who download porn for their daily work. They keep the porn industry hiring young girls. What would lovely young girls do if they couldn’t sell sight of their loveliness to taxpayer supported sleaseballs.
        The EPA and IRS must hire thousands of sour-souled busybodies to insure that “the people” never open a store or manufacture things that might make “the people’s” life easier.
        Without government overseers ordinary people might rely upon their own skills and abilities. They might even, I hesitate to say it. They might even choose the wrong lightbulb!

      12. Can we start with Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi? Then add all the people that approved NDAA. All people responsible for BHO occupying the White House too. That should get us started. The American people will take it from here. Can’t trust the lawyers and judges to handle this important job.

        • How about Obama bowing to foriegn gov’t heads? How about starting with Soros and removing his citizenship. This Rep. Dent must think we’re all idiots. So basically, he is saying ‘we are no longer a gov’t of the people and by the people’. We are the gov’t of who is in charge (we already knew that).
          God help this nation of elected leeches and forgive this nation of its disdain to honor Him.


            • Kenya won’t take him back, they already replaced him with a new village joker.

        • exactly..they better be careful for what they wish for..or push into law as the case may be.

          sounds to me that more of them fit this profile then any of us

      13. Does this mean I need to go out and buy a Guy Fawkes mask with a dark brimmed hat?

        • You mean you don’t own one yet? For shame! 😉

          • Well, I WAS going to get one until the OWlS adopted it as their symbol. Lord knows I do not want to be associated with those filthy prog-soc hippies, I merely wanted to show my appreciation for the symbolism in that movie “V For Vendetta”.

            • Oops I mean OWLS.

              Still waiting on that edit button Mac 🙂

      14. It seems they are drawing the line in the sand of how they will define the enemy within the US. I am curious how they would define a foreign state and their definition of an armed force.
        What worries me is: would they define an armed force as say everyone in the NRA? Or an armed force as any person that doesn’t turn their firearms into the gov’t during a short amnesty period.
        What it seems to me as that they are segragating society into the sheep and the wolves.


      15. Greetings Everyone!
        So now TPTB want to “remove” anyone they feel is a threat to their lascivious,planet wreaking,supremely selfish and utterly amoral lifestyle….Personally I feel that they’re trying to remove anyone who warns of the consequences of such a lifestyle.I doubt most of those whom are “deported” will actually have left the country.Why would UBER-RICH and their evil minions allow a viable opposition to form elsewhere?Those FEMA camps are being readied for something other than natural disasters…
        Won’t change a thing though,THE CHANGE will arrive,on time and on target.The FEMA camps,as bad as they will be(think Nazi ghettos/”reeducation centers”),might prove safer than the horrors on the outside.This is just my own speculating…
        We’re all gonna find out fairly soon!
        Best to All,
        Hope you have food and shelter today

      16. Nope, I ain’t going. This is my land, my home. My ancestors are buried here and I will die here. I will not leave here saying yes sir, whatever you say sir. I will go down in a blaze of glory if thats how they want to play it out, but I will not just oblidge them. It would just be to dang hard to start over somewhere else, besides, I’m too old for that.

        “Give me liberty or give me death”.

        • I agree with you Highspeed and will be in the same trenches as you when that time comes.

          I am worried about us collectively speaking. To most people “Give me liberty or give me death” is just something someone once said. We have inherited freedom, safety, and security without fighting for it. Our forefathers did that for us. And once again speaking in broad terms we gave it up. Allowed the gov’t to take it from us. If we want it back we will have to take it, it wont simply be given to us. I don’t know if even 40% of the population would be willing to give anything up to win back freedom.
          Most of our country has never seen an environment where citizens just dissappear never to be seen again. We have never before looked at our gov’t with almost a quivering fear of the power they wield over it’s citizens it is supposed to be protecting.
          This legislation is like any game where the teams are divided up. The gov’t is going to use this to size up the opposing team. Then they will use the media outlets to criminalize the opposition and sway the public to think that the resistance is the enemy and needs to be crushed for everyone’s safety.

          I am terrible at timelines, but it seems as though things are speeding up and spiralling out of control at a faster pace. I honestly hope we have years or decades, but I fear this is happening faster than any one of us realizes.

          • Yep, its definately speeding up. I am not a great chess player, I’m not really great at any of the games people play, and I’m not gonna play any games with the government man. I live a simple life and for the most part just want to be left alone to do my thing. They really need to stop messing with people like me and I suspect you, cause while it may not end well for us, I am sure it will not end well for them either.

            • Nothing they do or laws they pass will change my current path or behavior. If they outlaw guns, I become an outlaw. If they tell me I have to report to a fema camp, I become the enemy. I don’t know how many twists and turns we will see in the next year, but I don’t see my path changing course. I have made peace with myself and with God and I am okay with that.

      17. Three Words. Out of Control.

        Three More Words. Heaven Help Us.

        Three More Words. It’s Almost Over.

        • Ready, aim, fire… couldn’t help myself…

          • Three words:

            Yesterday – gold & sliver
            Today – brass & lead

            I couldn’t help myself either

        • ~Mr. Blutarsky~

          Two words, sir!…..”FIGHT BACK”…..!!!

          One more word, sir!…..”COURAGE”…..!!!

          • ~Addendum to 1st post~

            Ok, here’s three words:……De Oppresso Liber!!!

            and three more:…………..Ex Gladio Libertas!!!

      18. DPS

        Got a spare room and a good supply of food for any of you bad boys that require a new home.

        Seriously this is madness.

        We do have detain without trial laws over here but they are usually reserved for foreign nationals but are constantly overturned by the European Commission for Human Rights….even when they are proven rapists, murderers or terrorists…the usual line is that they will face some abuse n their own country and therefore have the right to stay and blow up mine, dump em all in Strasbourg I say, if they want to protect convicted felons they can have them as far as I am concerned.

        Of the none convicted ones we have to let them go within three months or we are in violation of international law…apparently, oh and we can’t deport them to their home nations if they MAY face any form of abuse at all.

        It seems you have one end of the scale and we are at the other. The way its going Americans will be afraid to fart in public in case it violates another persons right to clean air. We on the other allow people, not even own own countrymen to do as they please in case we upset someone. We cannot walk past certain mosques without running a gauntlet of extremely explicit racial hatred, not abuse, hatred, sexual taunts and threats of what will happen to us kafirs when sharia law is imposed. I will go miles out of my way to avoid these areas. Eastern Europeans have been sent to prison for wholesale kidnap and rape of very young girls, the deportation order was quashed, when they get out they will walk the streets of my city until they chose not to.

        Your politicians sold be more worried about foreigners doing harm than persecuting their own people.

        My politicians should stop bowing to external pressure and remove these offenders to their own country.

        Believe me when I say I am no xenophope,I have no issues with anyone of any race. I have issues about anyone who is abusive,violent and harmful to others no matter if they are homegrown or not.

        Yes homegrown terrorists are a problem, we have had far too many in the last few years but such a threat should not in my opinion mean that you or I lose our right to freedom of speech, or freedom of thought. We should be allowed to protest about the erosion of our rights without fear of arrest and detention. These laws will exacerbate the issues, forcing the non-sheeple to become more insular, trusting only those they “know” from various networks.

        If the definition of terrorism is those that instilled terror and fear into others holds fast, well then both our governments fit the bill in one way or another.

        Okay, that’s it, rant over, thanks for listening.

        Take care

        • Burt,
          Thanks for the offer but I chose to stick it out to the very end, And for this newest attack on Americans well we all fit this decription.

          Hmmm let me see according to the Dept. of Homeland insecurity you are a terrorist threat if you.

          1. Have weather proof ammo case or weather proof match containers.
          2. Have MRE meals ready to eat.
          3. Have Night vision goggles, flashlights or a gas mask.
          4. Have high capacity magazines. Rifle or Pistol.
          5. Bi Poles or Tri Poles for a Rifle.
          6. Have missing fingers, chemical burns or body odor
          7. Insists on paying with cash
          8. Make anti government comments, radical theology that suggest violence.
          9. Make racist or extreme religious statements coupled with comments that are violent and appear to condone violence.
          10. My Favorite- Posses little knowledge of the intended purchase items.

          Well Damn that pretty much takes care of the entire gun owners of America, So who would be here left to vote or for that matter work.


          • Well if they find out about me they will never let me visit Disneyland lol

            I hate the governments…all of them
            I lost the tip of a finger in a childhood accident
            I have waterproof matches
            I have a small amount of mre’s
            I have no debt and pay cash
            I have a lot of knowledge about lots of things

            And if I could get a gun I would. Obviously not the kind of tourist that is required lol

            Ah well looks like we will have to stay blog friends unless of course we end up exiled to the same place.

            Take care

            • Burt the Brit,

              Yep, you’re on “THE LIST” – as we all are!

            • @ Richard in Denver: I would hate to think I wasn’t on the list. That fact would demoralize me. That fact would indicate to me that I still haven’t figured all this bullsh*t out yet.

              Proud member of “the list”.

          • DPS, you bring up a good point (who would be left to vote). Remember, maybe in the past 2 years, Obama was going after the companies that were supporting the Republicans? Many of the bs coming out of DC appears only to affect the conservatives, constitutionalists, and christians. If we’re all arrested for some dumb down offense then the only ones voting are those on the gov’t handout programs. Then Obama could possibly get an amendment allowing himself to remain in office after two terms. Possible? Something to think about.

      19. Thought Police

        I am a fairly well read person and I can safely say many classic authors are in fact prophets. We are seeing ALL the visions from such works of art such as “minority report”, “1984”, “Brave New World”, “Animal Farm”, “hunger Games”, etc, etc coming true. Lets hope some of the Science Fiction Writers are not as prophetic as Skynet is even scarier than flesh and blood tyranny.

        • Stand on Zanzibar was also quite prophetic.

        • Ayn Rand..Atlas Shrugged….nice one that relates to us in a big way.

      20. Today’s Yobama:

        The price of true freedom is never too great,

        When compared to a future freedomless state.

        Yet, when asked to act when some freedom is there,

        It may seem we are asked to do more than our share.

        Or, we haven’t the time from our busy day,

        To act to preserve that freedom, we take for granted will stay.

        Thus freedom erodes slowly, while we’re looking on,

        Giving lip service to its preservation until it is gone.

        And when it is gone … oh, how we’ll lament,

        Ruing the evil, we’ll blame Heaven for having sent.

        But let us awake now, before it’s too late,

        Taking action today, let’s not leave it to fate!

        Let us not withhold our service or coin!

        Into the ranks of freedom fighters, let us now join!

        Then lending our might to that righteous cause,

        Let us preserve full freedom again, before we pause!

        And if we should die before we are through,

        Let it be noted, “To the end we were true!”

        —Merlin J. Weekes

      21. Fine, strip me of my citizenship,kick me out of the country. I’ll come back like all of the illegal aliens and get all kinds of freebies courtesy of the US taxpayers:-) It’ll be great, and free. sarc

        • They won’t kick you out, they’ll drag out out and dump you in a “detention center” like Gitmo, but less visible. You won’t be heard from again. Good luck

      22. Alabama and Georgia are putting up serious legal challenges to keep our own UNDOCUMENTED WORKER President off their ballots. I wish them all the luck in the world. The South was right.

        Romney is all for NDAA and this Expatriation Turd.

        I started prepping on a tight budget last week… initial items included rice, tuna, condensed milk, coffee, coconut oil, and ammo. Committed to adding more items every week from here on out. Stabilized fuel and herbs/supplements/medicine are among my top priorities.

        • Kick your prepping into high gear. You have precious little time. Glad you joined the club.

          Also, Crisco stores about as long as coconut oil and might be more useful.

        • Tomany, don’t forget water, water, water….and ways to purify more water!
          Best of luck in your preps!

          • Several months back I started searching for the cheapest gallon size glass jars on the net (actually for storing flour) and ran across gallon plastic jugs. Amazingly enough, in bulk with new tops and shipping, plastic gallon jugs are nearly $0.90 apiece. I have started washing my used jugs and 2 liter soda bottles and I’m saving them up to store water in…5 or 6 drops of bleach and I have plenty of water stored on the cheap. (That way I can save the filtration systems until later.)

            • Skip the Chlorine and let the bottles sit in direct sun for two days. The UV rays kill everything the chlorine would.

        • RONPAUL2012

        • Those on tight budgets can store a lot of ramen noodles–I’m eating noodles right now I’ve had for 3 years.

          Just saying..17 cents or 6/$1 ain’t bad.

      23. Nail head. Meet hammer. Spot on Mac!

      24. Do you think customs in the uk check every package coming in?

        Oh how I need a gun and some ammunition….I am so jealous of you people.

        Take care

        • Burt the Brit,

          Every package is scanned with “x-ray” and “sniffer” equipment. And, in Europe, they are adding “sniffers” to sniff out currency.

          Is it Italy that just passed a law where banks cannot allow a customer to withdraw Euros of 10,000 or more?

          I believe there used to be a requirement for banks to report any withdrawals of $10,000 Euros but now the banks have been ordered to refuse giving $10,000 or more to a customer.

          Burt, sounds like your best defense may be to find a good hunting knife and duck-tape it to a very sturdy pole to make an effective spear to use, not a throwing weapon, but to use it for “jabbing” your attackers!!! Kind of sounds like the dark ages, doesn’t it?

          • Hi Richard

            We will all be in the dark mate when the power goes off. I am pretty good with kitchen chemistry so I am not totally without defence, it really is amazing what you can do with household products.
            And toys, a kids super soaker water gun is a great dispenser mechanism.

            More over they do not expect a fight from a little older female (burt is my disguise but it’s a secret so don’t tell anyone lol )

            Health and safety laws prevent buying real chemistry sets that were around when I was a kid so innovation is the key. Pharmacies are a treasure trove for the gun deprived, all manner of goodies for little cost.

            I don’t know who it was who said necessity is the mother of invention but they were spot on.

            Back to the drawing board,

            Take care

            • ~Burt~

              Good w/ kitchen chemistry, huh? GREAT!!!

              Then get ye hence to a good garden supply house!

              Buy a bunch of “stump remover”…over here its a powder in a plastic bottle sold in most hardware stores. But its really just highly concentrated “POTASSIUM NITRATE”…

              The formula for “black powder” = 7 parts potassium nitrate + 2 parts charcoal (as in non-lighter fluid treated charcoal briquettes) + 1 part sulfur….
              …in your neck of the woods, its likely termed “FLOWERS of SULFUR”…irregardless its available/used by gardeners.

              —Mix components well in non-metal container & keep dry—

              To home mfgr a working fuse….braid thin cotton string to desired length, coat w/ cheapest glue available (i.e. glass bottle glue w/ beveled rubber applicator-head works fine)…
              …once string-braid is tacky, coat liberally w/ black powder & place in center of a strip of simple masking tape (on the sticky side) & fold tape over string….there’s your fuse!!! From this point on, use your imagination.

              If you cannot get potassium nitrate in the land of the BARD…ask me on this thread! I’ll post the modern method AND the Medieval Method to make your own, if Mac allows!

              ——Safe journeys, Burt & GOD bless——

            • I don’t know if you can import them but for those who are able to get them, there are still places to get good old fashioned chemistry sets. My favorite is


              I have no financial ties to them- I just love their products.

      25. All they can do is take away the status of US citizen, or citizenship in the corp. As a former citizen, they can as they wish.

        They can not strip one of the status of a free sovereign Man inhabiting the lands of a state. The corp has declared war on us, but then again it did that already in 1933.

        My citizenship did not come from the government, not can it be taken away through any lawful means.

        • Gods Creation

          How can you get a thumbs down for saying that? There are some odd folks about

          Take care

          • See?

            • LOL

            • Burt the Brit,

              You’re not along with the “thumbs-down” friend! It seems most on this site who say something useful and/or meaningful windup with at least one “thumbs-down”. I do believe we have a few trollers on this site and possibility, a few liberal/progressive types. Mentioning Obama in a negative tone will get you a “thumbs-down” for sure.

        • GC: Then they will strip it away illegally, show you the door, and there is nothing you can do about it.

          If the Corp decides it doesn’t want you here, you are history.

          If you are Irish or Jewish you have automatic dual citizenship. Me?

          Monaco is nice this time of year.

          • And, OBTW, the age of consent in Monaco is 16 years old. Laws are a wonderful thing, sometimes. 🙂

          • DK: There is something you can do about it. You can fight like a cornered barn cat.

            • Mike: GC is a lover not a fighter. He will leave passively.

      26. I can see the ovens! Can you? 1939 Germany revisited… in the US! Who woulda thunk it? I’ve been harping on this for 20 years now, and everyone looked at me like I had leprosy.

        • LRD
          perfect…. we can put the congress senate and potus in the ovens.. and harper, merkel, cameron, sarkozy

      27. Does this mean I will qualify for the preferential treatment other illegal aliens recieve? Seriously, we need to fight this by calling our representatives, then file suit to get it proclaimed unconstitutional, and as always lay low and don’t make the big mistake.

        • Ever wonder why our representatives seem to ignore what we want? Most of them are lawyers and are “officers of the court”. The court being UCC law under which the DC corp legislates. For more info on this go to Joe Republic’s links above. It will open your eyes!

      28. The Republic, Constitution,and the Bill of Rights are dead. There is ONE major document that has yet to be tested: The Declaration of Independence. That is when We-the-People say, enough is enough, but not with words. We do it with force of arms and rope. TPTB and NWO crowd know it’s coming. That’s why they are prepping to staff the FEMA Camps and militarizing the police. This is America! There is no room for Tyranny within our shores!

        Got Ammo?

      29. for every finger they point at us

        they have 3 pointing back at them

        • i am pointing it at them… its their fault .. they can go to hell if they have a problem with the truth about their illegal acts…. GOOD BYE BARRY, GOOD BYE BARRY! good BYE baaarrrry … for the time has come to sing goodbye


      30. Escape from new york ! Run from Chicago! Leave LA – large populations will always be the target area!!!!

        • geo; breeding grounds for the gov’t controled army of zombies. Which the gov’t hopes to keep us, non conformist, busy defending ourselves against.

      31. It’s amazing what you can get a thumbs down for on here, I had built quite a thumbs down following in my past persona, Daisy said I should be proud lol, looks like the burt or Brit following is building.

        • The thumbs down are being given by obama and his freedom hating minions. Don’t worry about it. They troll this site looking for people to put on the watch list.

          • Thank you, see that’s why I am in disguise, they can put burt on as many lists as they like. Though I assume they will not ind hide my ip software too much of an issue to get through if they decided they wanted to.

            Take care

          • They can put me on the watch list for canning beef broth.
            Neighbor said all those stew bones were taking up too much room in her freezer. NOT ANY MORE !!!!!

            KEEP PREPPIN’

            • Happy,
              I hear that, today my house has a fantastic smell to it, fresh bread and more venison jerky. And my tobacco plants are coming along nice as well. Keep prepping.


            • DPS…I’ve been wanting to try tobacco. I live in a zone 5 growing area so I can’t start mine now. Where do you get these seeds?

          • Hey dps……have you tried making any wine yet?
            That’s my next experiment in the kitchen. I ordered some special yeast online and it should be in soon. Can’t wait to get it started……mom

            • Happy
              No not yet, I’m more of the beer and whiskey man. I did get a copy of the “Alaskin Bootleggers Bible” great read btw.
              I still would like to get one of Terry’s stills.

      32. Stand-by for bloody war!

        • It does seem to be getting closer.

      33. Something I found out a long time ago. A guilty dog barks first.
        A thief is always claiming somebody is stealing from him.
        And last but far from the least, If a person says the spouse is cheating on them, 99% of the time they are the ones cheating.
        If you listen to this man on the video he will tell you his bad intentions!!

        Keep prepping


      34. Here I’ll be the one to say it.. The thumbs up or down SUCKS. It was the worse thing that could happen to this great site, it has stirred up so much BS it makes me sick.
        There is it..


        • DPS I am a relative newbie, the thumbs have been here for longer than me so I know no different

          Take care

          • DPS

            What I do know is that I have learnt so much fom you all that whatever happens I am far better able to deal with it than I was before.and if nothing happens, well I an in a better place somewhat hedged against constantly rising prices.

            A big thank you to all of ou

            Take care

            • Burt,

              Thats very cool, one thing about Mac’s site is there are some very sharp people here, I know I have learned alot.But I also hit 4 or 5 sites every morning all though this is the only site I post on for now. Keep prepping, and btw hit mother earth news site I just finished making up some of the 5 min a day artisan bread and damn its good.


        • i say Mac should out the thumbs down people, especially if they arnt one of “Us” and more so if they are thumbs downing something that we all know should ever be thumbs downed

          and if they are a gov stooge even more so

          he he he lets see how many thumbs down they give this!

          • VRF,

            Didn’t want you to feel left out so I thumbs downed you..LOL We all have 1 thing in common” we all agree to disagree” and thats good it keeps us sharp. A mind is like a parachute if its closed it ain’t worth a shyt..


            • Hhahah right on ya bud

            • DPS, hahaha – very funny! And, I just negated your “thumbs-down” by giving VRF a “thumbs-up” (I also gave you a “thumbs-up” by the way).

              I agree with VRF. It would be nice to see this site have only a “thumbs up” mechanism; thus, letting the “thumb down” bunnies not have a say by voicing their disdain (and maybe even bitterness) for someone’s opinion that is different from theirs.

              I sure wish I could have some of your home-made bread and the jerky sounds good as well. Keep prepping, DPS.

          • Ok own up who green thumbed VRF? Lol

        • DPS, don’t get upset, it is comical in a sense. The thumbs down people are always around, why not here? And I’ll bet they have learned a lot for survival. And anything that disagrees with them is still food for thought for them. The bad ones are just plain evil.
          Even liberals have been buying weapons recently.

      35. Immigrants!! not citizens born legally in the country. This is what they used to do to the Mafia Dons from Italy who immigrated here to become criminals. A better solution would have been to never allowed these questionable people to immigrate here in the first place.

      36. I have a quick question for anyone who would care to reply.

        For the last couple of weeks any time I try to view videos on YouTube that are posted on this site, similar “prepper sites”, Oath Keepers, or even some financial blogs like Zero Hedge, (or for that matter ANY video where Ron Paul is the topic) I get an endless spinning wheel and a video that won’t play no matter how long I allow for it to load.

        Yet, if I try to watch the rest of what’s on YouTube (Cats, Babies, Skateboard accidents) they all load instantly no matter what size/length the video is.

        What’s going on?!

        Anyone else having the same issue?

        I’m only allowed to watch Dancing with the Stars and nothing else?

        • I get error message 401 sometimes when following links from this site though I can view the comments with no trouble. Maybe co-incidence maybe not

          Take care

        • I’ve never had any problems.

      37. Yep this all makes sense now. To try and keep us quiet and not fight back they know someting or SHTF is comming and if we dare fight back or and get in their way they can scare us to obey what they want us to do. That is the only reason that I can think of because they know something is going to happen here and around the world really soon. This just wants you to prep even more. If you fight back with yours guns you will be put to death and all that crap. This is just nuts. Keep the course people and keep prepping and be prepared for anytime.

      38. None of you have mentioned the Japanese “Internment” of 1942, so I will.

        All the people of Japanese descent, about 50,000 strong and about half of them US citizens born in NA and never went to Japan before, were sent to camps in the Nevada and California deserts.

        Most of them stayed there until the end of the war, some of them joining the military on US side (and had to suffer the humiliation being led by a Korean-American colonel, which at that time was tantamount to whites led by a black colonel).

        If the Japanese were not defeated at Midway and actually threatened the West Coast, what would have happened them is something no one really want to discuss about.

        A guy named Korematsu managed to avoid the camps for a few months, starting a suit which went to the Supreme Court. Korematsu lost on 1943, and that decision has never been overturned.

        That means, it is legal to strip someone’s citizenship, no matter what reason. Deportation? I think they would have asked the Japanese-Americans to swim across the pacific all the way to Japan.

        • And at that time there were no computers to speak of.

          Interestingly, not one of the Japanese-Americans resisted. All of them quietly went to the camp like little flock of sheep.

          • Comenius,

            Thanks for the reminder. It also happened to American-German people; although, not as severe as what happened to the Japanese. The American-German people were given curfews – they had to be in their homes at night-time and couldn’t travel outside of their city without first obtaining the permission of the local authority.

            This falls in line what I have always believed – although we live in “America, the land of the free,” we are only as free as Washington allows us to be! And, we are witnessing the erosion of our freedoms almost daily, of course it’s always presented in a manner that “it’s for our own protection and safety.” Bull Crap!!!

            • Free to do as told or not, that is freedom…

        • It’s hard to say if Roosevelt did the right thing or not. The problem was that imbedded in the population of Japanese immigrants were activce spies committed to aiding Japan in the war. Efforts to find the spies failed so Roosevelt choose the only option left to him. Don’t forget that at this time it was not obvious that we would win WW II. The fear level was high and the crisis was real. It is only in the current safety that our soldiers bought for us with their lives that we can afford to look down our nose at Roosevelts decision.

          • I’ll gladly look down on Roosevelt, he was a lousy president
            1)As was pointed out already he interned American Citizens, completely violating their constitutional rights…First FEMA camps

            2)He placed sanctions on Japan, that was crippling their economy, he new this would lead to war, but needed them to be the aggressor to look good to the American people.

            3)By moving our naval fleet from San Diego tho Pearl Harbor, Japan took that as a threat, wonder why

            4)Whether or not the speculation that they new Pearl Harbor was gonna be attacked or not ahead of Dec. 7th…his administration did know japan would attack somewhere.
            How many died at pearl harbor, for the excuse to go to war to make big bucks for the corps. Then how many more died to make big bucks for the corps.

            5)The New Deal, Huge expansion of federal government…sure some good came out of it, but it should have been called the Bad Deal for America.

            a. National deficit increased from millions to billions.

            b.Joint resolution to abandon the gold standard—Roosevelt nationalized gold owned by private citizens and abrogated contracts in which payment was specified in gold.

            c.When the Supreme court began nullifying parts of his New Deal, he attempted to expand the court so he could appoint judges that would vote in favor of his legislature. Fortunately he failed on that one, still shows he was a scum bag though for trying.

            d.Agricultural Adjustment Act , established the Agricultural Adjustment Administration to decrease crop surpluses by subsidizing farmers who voluntarily cut back on production; Hey you don’t want to much food, you might end up with to many worthless eaters.

            e.Social security Hey your to stupid to plan for your retirement, we’ll do it for ya, and steal from the system as we go for sneaky things. Don’t worry were the government.

            f. Dozens of new and mostly not needed federal agencies

            And oh so much more….Sorry as far as I am concerned FDR is up there as one of the worst presidents we have ever had.

            • I never said Roosevelt was a great president. But in his terms he dealt with serious issues and made many tough decisions some of which saved many, many lives. His decision to inter the Japanese on the West Coast prevented sabotage, no doubt about it.
              As far as the sanctions on Japan you need to read about the rape of Nanking. Japan was committing terrible atrocities in Asia and sanctions seem a weak response and certainly not excessive. And Japan made the decision to attack us no the president. Your evaluation of what happened is terribly naive.

            • The problem was, Roosevelt did put at least of 25,000 ‘natural-born’ American citizens to ‘FEMA’ camps, many of them not knowing a word of Japanese, simply because of their ancestry.

              That set a precedent of abrogating natural-born citizen’s citizenship, something which will prove to be very dangerous in the near future.

          • Of course, it looked like a ‘great idea’ to Roosevelt, etc, like probing the elderly by the TSA goons is a ‘great idea’ to the sellers of the probing machine.

            • Comenius,

              Your comment, “That set a precedent of abrogating natural-born citizen’s citizenship, something which will prove to be very dangerous in the near future.” is indeed very prophetic!

      39. Most of the problems we have are caused by the fact that we have been brainwashed into believing that we are “citizens” of the United States of America. …and the presumption is that we are. The fact is, we are citizens of our respective states. The United States of America that you see here making and passing these written words as “acts” is actually a foreign government. The real united States federal government is attempting to reconstitute itself. That is another story.

        But, its better to just forget about the defacto, 140 year old, fraudulent government. Is there an advantage to claiming that you are a US citizen of it? I’d rather just be a citizen of Missouri and forget about the federal government.

        Besides, they are talking about “persons”. Get it? *PERSONS*. A person is a corporation or a trust. They’re not talking about you guys. They’re talking about your straw(wo)men. Let them pass their color of laws (they’re actually “acts” which deal with the administrative side of your strawman and are, in a phrase, “color of law” and are not really laws, as such.)

        So, you all can go stressing about this all you want. The musings of these government people is simply to keep them busy so they look like they’re valuable when they’re worthless and aren’t needed.

        The government job die off is coming. The Greeks are about to default. Its the first domino. They’ll try to brace the others so they won’t fall, but, they will. Then, the US Government will default, we’ll disband it and start over.

        Its all been a fraud for 140 years anyway. Let it die. Trying to keep a fraudulent government from passing stacks of words under the color of law is pointless.

        The biggest scam in history is that they got all of you to believe that you are “persons” by modeling their treatment of you as your birth certificate and getting you to accept it.

        • NetRanger & Gods Creation,

          Did you men sign that 18 page Doc. ?

        • @NetRanger -I agree I’d rather be a citizen of my respective state. I think understanding the difference between the strawman and being a flesh and blood wo/man is not a problem for most folks. The problem is understanding and knowing how to navigate so as to keep yourself as a wo/man and still be able to live and deal with the corp. and its goons trying to impose constantly. There are volumes of information (and misinformation) to learn and I think it can be overwhelming for most people, myself included.

        • Dam good point

      40. quote: “The recent trial of Bernard von NotHaus, who coined his own “Liberty Dollars” manufactured of pure gold and silver, was accused of terrorism by the Department of Justice for a crime that, for two hundred years, was known simply as “counterfeiting”” unquote

        counterfeiting is something the USG engages in on a daily basis and has for a long time (and Ron Paul will say the same thing). i’m not hip to being subjected to USG’s hypocrisy. your money isn’t real money; it’s counterfeit. dollars are counterfeit money. doesn’t matter what denomination, it’s all fake. so are the coins (that are in circulation)…..dollars, halves, quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies…all junk.

        they want to be able to commit these crimes themselves, but lock up others who commit them. LOL, just like how the israelis stomp around like Nazis, but you can’t say anything about it or face jail. hypocrites……..actually, hypocrite psychopaths is probably more accurate……

        i’m not interested in ‘occupying’ anything other than what i’m occupying right now. when i occupy, i do it quietly, covertly, stealthily. i have zero interest in “fixing” anything or “voting” for anyone for any reason. solutions simply will not come as a result of voting or fixing (or fixing the vote). the system isn’t worth saving. let it collapse and spiral down into the sewer where it belongs.

        disengage from the sinking ship else it’ll take you down with it.

      41. hey hey
        ho ho

      42. RON PAUL 2012

      43. Not only is this dude reading from a telepromt, he also has a blue screen behind him. His words are as fake as the speech and background he uses.

        • Read the article twice. Once with it’s current writing and the second with America inserted where Greece was. It may as well been written as a form letter with “Insert Country Here”. The Euro will crumble, then all eyes will be on us. We have the same financial problems with the same politicians here.

      44. “Section 349(a)(3) of the Immigration and Nationality Act [8 U.S.C. 1481(a)(3)] provides for loss of U.S. nationality if an American voluntarily and with the intention of relinquishing U.S. citizenship enters or serves in foreign armed forces engaged in hostilities against the United States or serves in the armed forces of any foreign country as a commissioned or non-commissioned officer. ”

        This is already federal law and has been for quite a while.

        • If you refuse to be a Citizen of the DC corp,how can they strip you of it?

      45. you are either government or you are not….. Apparently we need to build a huge wall here… mainly because the government ruling, is not ours.

      46. Mac,
        Please accept my apologies for the way this was done.
        There is a purpose.

        An excerpt from

        The Fundamental Transformation of America
        When Obama wrote a book and said he was mentored as a youth by Frank, (Frank Marshall Davis) an avowed Communist,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When it was discovered that his grandparents, were strong socialists, sent Obama’s mother to a socialist school, introduced Frank Marshall Davis to young Obama,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When people found out that he was enrolled as a Muslim child in school and his father and step father were both Muslims,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When he wrote in another book he authored he will stand with them (Muslims) should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When he admittedly, in his book, he chose Marxist friends and professors in college.
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When he traveled to Pakistan , after college on an unknown national passport.
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When he sought the endorsement of the Marxist party in 1996 as he ran for the Illinois Senate.
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When he sat in a Chicago Church for twenty years and listened to a preacher spew hatred for America and preach black liberation theology,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When an independent Washington organization, that tracks senate voting records, gave him the distinctive title as the “most liberal senator”
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When the Palestinians in Gaza , set up a fund raising telethon to raise money for Obama’s 2008 election campaign,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When his voting record supported gun control,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When he refused to disclose who donated money to his election campaign, as other candidates had done,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When he received endorsements from people like Louis Farrakhan, Mummar Kadaffi and Hugo Chavez,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When it was pointed out that he was a total, newcomer and had absolutely no experience at anything except community organizing,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When he chose friends and acquaintances such as Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn who were revolutionary radicals,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When his voting record in the Illinois senate and in the U.S. Senate came into question,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When he refused to wear a flag, lapel pin and did so only after a public outcry,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When people started treating him as a Messiah and children in schools were taught to sing his praises,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When he stood with his hands over his groin area for the playing of the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When he surrounded himself in the White house with advisors who were pro gun control, pro abortion, pro homosexual marriage and wanting to curtail freedom of speech to silence the opposition
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When he aired his views on abortion, homosexuality and a host of other issues,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When he said he favors sex education in Kindergarten, including homosexual indoctrination,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When his background was either scrubbed or hidden and nothing could be found about him,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When he had an association in Chicago with Tony Rezco, a man of questionable character, who is now in prison and had helped Obama to a sweet deal on the purchase of his home,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When it became known that George Soros, a multi-billionaire Marxist, spent a ton of money to get him elected,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When he started appointing czars that were radicals, revolutionaries, and even avowed Marxist/Communist’s,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When he stood before the nation and told us that his intentions were to “fundamentally transform this nation” into something else,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When it became known that he had trained ACORN workers in Chicago and served as an attorney for ACORN,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When he appointed cabinet members and several advisors who were tax cheats and socialist’s,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When he appointed a science czar, John Holdren, who believes in forced abortions, mass sterilizations and seizing babies from teen mothers,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When he appointed Cass Sunstein as regulatory czar and he believes in “Explicit Consent”, harvesting human organs without family consent, and to allow animals to be represented in court, while banning all hunting,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When he appointed Kevin Jennings, a homosexual, and organizer of a group called gay, lesbian, straight, Education network, as safe school czar and it became known that he had a history of bad advice to teenagers,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When he appointed Mark Lloyd as diversity czar and he believed in curtailing free speech, taking from one and giving to another to spread the wealth and admires Hugo Chavez,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When Valerie Jarrett was selected as Obama’s senior White House advisor and she is an avowed Socialist,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When Anita Dunn, White House Communications director said Mao Tse Tung was her favorite philosopher and the person she turned to most for inspiration,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When he appointed Carol Browner as global warming czar, and she is a well known socialist working on Cap and trade as the nations largest tax,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When he appointed Van Jones, an ex-con and avowed Communist as green energy czar, who since had to resign when this was made known,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When he recess appointed Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board, whose prolific writings, suggest a radical view of labor law that flies in the face of established precedent and case law
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When he recess appointed Donald Berwick as head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) who has repeatedly made claims and statements that raise numerous questions about his suitability for this critical position,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When as president of the United States, he bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When he traveled around the world criticizing America and never once talking of her greatness,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When his actions concerning the middle-east seemed to support the Palestinians over Israel, our long time friend,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When he upset the Europeans by removing plans for a missile defense system against the Russians,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When he started spending us into a debt that was so big we could not pay it off,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When he took a huge spending bill under the guise of stimulus and used it to pay off organizations, unions and individuals that got him elected,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When he signed into law ObamaCare, which took over 1/6 of the nation’s economy,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When he took away student loans from the banks and put it through the government by adding it into the 2700 page ObamaCare bill,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        When he set into motion a plan to take over the control of all energy in the United States through Cap and Trade,
        Many people said it didn’t matter

        When he finally completed his transformation of America into a Socialist State,
        Many people said it didn’t matter.

        That’s 49 easy ones. Distribute these to the Democratic people you know and ask them how many of these they are happy with.
        If they can tell what they are happy with ask ‘em why.
        If they give you an answer – just give them a condom and walk away.

        Y’all Beware!

      47. “Pragmatic.” Not “constitutional” or “ethical” or even “just.” Exactly the point.

        Look, I hope al Qaeda is crushed as much as the next guy. But this is NOT the way to do it.

      48. Bill HR4646
        This new bill Requires that all SS checks made by the goverment be direct deposit. The Banks are then required to add a 1% tax to all SS and Tax refund checks. This is proposed to start some time after the election. Basicaly if you deposit a $5000.00 ck you will be taxed 1% or $50.00 due to the direct deposit required by law.

      49. Advice on love, prepping, mouse hunting and other pertinent topics…

        Seems like everybody is giving advice these days. And, I admit, I’ve learned plenty from listening to folks wiser than myself. But what about the rest of it? The part that always gets left out of the ‘good advice?’

        When I was 10 yrs old I got a new pellet pistol and my mother repeatedly said “Be careful. Don’t put your eye out.” Sound advice to be sure. I heeded it and never lost an eye. And besides, only pirates and Rooster Cogburn look good in a patch. But Mom left out a more important part. What she should have said, and didn’t, was “Son, when you get older and you’ve been married a few months and your wife sees a mouse in the bathroom, don’t try to shoot it with a pellet gun because the pellet will ricochet off the toilet seat, hit the bathroom mirror, and bust it into a thousand pieces.” Now THERE is some advice I could have used!
        When I was 16, Dad warned me, “Sonny boy, always wear your seat belt and don’t exceed the speed limit.” Again, good advice. Some of which I heeded. (I ignored the part about speed limits, preferrring to see them more as helpful suggestions rather than actual laws). But Dad didn’t tell me the more useful part of his advice. He should have added “Sonny, on a night when it’s been raining, don’t come peeling out of the local drive-in to try and impress your buddies because the car will fishtail, go out of control, and smack up against a telephone pole, putting a neat little crease in your left rear fender.” Dad never told me that, and it’s some advice that sure would have come in handy if he had.
        A couple years later, I was just out of high school and began dating the local prom queen. She was certainly a beauty, but she also had a family that was made up entirely of schizophrenic psychopaths (including herself). I didn’t care. She was pretty and that’s as far as I carried a thought back in those days. My older brother took me aside one time and advised me, “Baby brother, whatever you do, DO NOT ask that girl to marry you.” Again, he left out the most important part. He forgot to add “because she’ll say yes, and in a few weeks you will realize you are engaged to marry into the Addams Family, and when you break it off with her, your sweet little prom queen will become Freddy Kreugers sister on steroids.” I wish he’d told me that. I sure could have used that kind of advice.
        Another instance of incomplete advice was from a few years back when my boss at the time (a world class jerk) said “Okie, I’d advise you not to come to work a half hour late anymore.” That’s all he said. I ignored him as usual. A couple days later, I realized that he should have said “Okie, if you come in late again, I’m gonna fire you and when you threaten to whip my ass I’ll call the cops and have you forcibly removed from the premesis under threat of arrest.” See? If only he’d told me that, it would have saved us both a lot of trouble. If only people would offer full advice and not leave off the important parts.
        With that in mind, I offer just a few brief tidbits for you.
        1- Never divulge your preps or intentions to anyone you would not trust with your life. When the s truly htf, you will not be able to feed, house and protect an unlimited number of friends, family etc. And anyone who knows you have stuff will come asking for help when it hits the fan. It’s best to keep quiet about it now and not have to face that problem later.
        2- Never,EVER get a tattoo at a flea market or from someone who does not speak the same language you do. Otherwise your chest full of “I Love Frida Forever” may end up as “I Love Freddy Fender”. While I admire Mr. Fenders success and I even like his songs, I really didn’t want to be a lifetime walking advertisement for him. Also, you or the tattoo artist should have a dictionary on hand at all times during the process.
        3-One last thing. Most of what you see on the internet is hogwash. We all know that. So my advice to you, is to forget all this and quit reading now so you won’t waste any more of your precious ti-

        • S.O.:Time is the most precious of the PM we all have.And to top it off we ALL run out of it(the UBER-RICH too!).Bet that’s the real reason for all this medical science advancement to “replace” our(read their) time ravaged bodies one piece at a time.The guy from Apple,Inc. who was moved ahead of many others in Memphis,tn. to get a new liver(Godless bastard died anyway)is a prime example of UBER-RICH money at work.Now about that global climate change/failing global economic system…..
          Ah,to be twenty again and in love!

      50. The Compact of Union is no longer valid, it has been violated and voided by numerous federal abuses and usurpation of power, it no longer functions to the benefit and on behalf of the Citizens of the Several States, nor to the States themselves who deputized our respective Senators and Representatives to adhere by oath the Constitutional Compact, made solely between the States to create this federal government to operate within a very narrow and limited scope. If the States, on behalf of their respective Citizens, cannot, through reasonable interposition or nullification, stand between this rogue and now criminal federal regime, then the only remedy left to the States and the Citizens of those Free, Sovereign and Independent States is to dissolve the Compact of Union. For “when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

        • we all should support this mans suit, and become a part of it..BO should have the 95% that arent happy with the way things are going all supporting suing his ass, than go after him civily and bring another suit against him and never let up until he is broke and homeless

      51. Does this new bill being proposed cover thoughtcrime? It seems that our own individual thoughts are the only things left that TPTB aren’t trying to facilitate a legal precipice to arrest and incarcerate us for….

        the crux of it all is that when everybody in the country has been strung along just so far that the powder keg can ignite with any incident….

        the center will not hold and all hell will break loose whether they try to control us with these existing statutes or they mow us down in the street like third-world peasants.

        Preppers and patriots shouldn’t as themselves if they’re ready to face the apocalypse…no…we should as ourselves if the apocalypse is ready to face us !!

      52. I think the very first people to lose thier citizenship are the very traitors that somehow got “elected” to serve us.

        1, Build FEMA camps. check.
        2. Stock FEMA camps with MREs and other stuff. check.
        3. Staff FEMA camps. check
        4. Declare martial law by letting “King Obama” lock up anyone forever with no trial. check
        5. Legalize US soil as a “Battle Field”. check
        6. Permit preditor drones fly over American soil. check
        Me…got the real ID…I’m chipped now…so I can flee to CANADA. FUCK ME. FUCK US ALL!

        • there is a particularly nasty, zionist, war mongering, religious shitbag in c harge in canada right now trying to pass a bill similar to SOPA and passing a huge omnibus crime bill that is not acceptable

      54. May God forgive CONgress for their Treason on the American People.

        I never will!

        • Safe bet he wont either….dont think theyd ask!

      55. Shame that all of the politicans weren’t on the Costa Concordia Cruise.

      56. Was talking to my mom last night. She is a tough old battle axe. I was telling her that this is one of the most exciting times to live in history. This is the time when all the puzzle pieces start to form a visible picture. Their motives and moves are becoming harder and harder to disguise.
        People that used to think I was crazy start to take notice.
        We will see empires fall, and be replaced with what? We can have a say and a part in it. Throughout history most people were only spectators, we will be players if we choose to be.
        I wouldn’t pick any different time to be alive. Even taking in consideration all the hardships of the future. I think it will get bad like on a biblical scale. Only wish I was 10yrs younger and with better knees.

        • mike,

          you have bigger gonads than i have – i’d rather be back in the 60s listening to British rock and surfing at Surfside.

      57. Let me show y’all how easy it is to pull the wool over a potential voter’s eyes.

        Some might get a good chuckle. Others will ask “how did he do that?”
        Same is true in politics – bait n switch. All we do is change the numbers and the text to reflect what we want you to believe.

        So here is your lesson for today from the Great and Magical Y’all Beware!
        See how this turns out for you! Don’t cheat and look ahead.

        This is amazing how it picked my favorite movie from a list of 17 movies. Be honest and don’t look at the movie list below till you have done all of the math! Try this test and find out what movie is your favorite. This amazing math quiz can predict which of 17 movies you would enjoy the most.
        It really works for MOST of us anyway!

        Movie Test:

        1. Pick a number from 1-9.
        2. Multiply by 3.
        3. Add 3.
        4. Multiply by 3 again.
        5. Now add the two digits of your answer together to find your predicted favorite movie in the list of 17 movies below

        got the number? … now continue …

        Movie List:

        1. Gone With The Wind
        2. E.T.
        3. Blazing Saddles
        4. Star Wars
        5. Forrest Gump
        6. The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
        7. Jaws
        8. Grease
        9. The Obama Farewell Speech of 2012
        10. Casablanca
        11. Jurassic Park
        12. Shrek
        13. Pirates of the Caribbean
        14. Titanic
        15. Raiders Of The Lost Ark
        16. Home Alone
        17. Mrs. Doubtfire

        Got your vote huh, and see how easy it was. Just lead ‘em down the path, have them vote for BO and over the cliff they go.

        Y’all Beware!
        God Bless – Take Care.

        • That was good. Picked my favorite movie too!

        • hahaha – i love it – now, lets turn this “movie” into reality!!!

        • wrong !!!! wrong!!! wrong!!! survey said ……. jaws….That was ,Incorrect, its number 6. no,no,no, its number 15 …wait, wait, wait, don’t tell me it’s !!!Long Pause…….. its number 5. HOW COME? (V for Vendetta) IS NOT ON THE LIST.and what about JOSEY?.

        • Didn’t work for me, my favorite movie is The Natural, a baseball movie. Well, I never was any good at math. Go figure!

          • I went back and read your post and now I feel stupid. I overlooked #9 probably because Obama’s name was there and I generally pass over mention of him anymore. Somebody go ahead and give me several thumbs down, I deserve it.

      58. I cant be robbed of that which I never had…USA INC never owned me..I am a son of liberty,a American by birth…a freeman by choice!
        My Seneca and Cherokee side and my Scotch Irish (hines57)side have been at war with tyrants along time…my Irish side was stripped of their “citizenship”by the king of england centuries ago for stealing his horses…my native side was stripped of their lands and they never got asked to be citizens…all for the better Id say…

        They fought the redcoats and they fought the bluecoats and for the latter they were driven out of their lands for good….just try removing this son from this soil…I may be buried in it but Ill never be removed from it…

        I am their son…Ive asked nothing except to be left alone…but they keep pushing and taking…I will dig up the tomahawk…I will return to the warpath…I will avenge all their blood! Chew on that DC!

      59. LOL…I like movie #9

      60. The 2 Bushes started some nasty stuff, Obama carrys it right along with a brief interlude for Clinton’s affairs. Im not seeing democracy in a population one medical emergency from destitution (US rellies) cos of the fine print on their insurance policies.

        The UK is no better – Camerloon is so obviously ignoring the people’s opinions (btw we didn’t even vote him or the last labour loon into office!)& criminalsing decency it’s scary.

        In the US you have Ron Paul – all others on the right or left of the official political divide seem to be different shades of the same cloth of corruption. Here in the UK we don’t even have that much.

        We are walking into totalitarianism openly – these people are doing it in full view & without shame. They are shouting at us that they intend to destroy us and yet still the average joe insists on retaining his normalcy bias and denying that anything is changing.

        Prep for yourself and prep for your children. If you have a life skill you can teach a youngster from cooking to hunting – pass it on. Knowledge of how to live freely is important. Our Grandkids will thank you.

      61. The only way people would visibly see to any degree some truth as to what it really happening right now would be if the tyrants were burning another Reichstag. The methods and tactics of our leaders “Masters as they see themselves” are shady at best, passing legislation and bills at odd hours while most sleep, conspiring against the American People, etc. Some people seem to think that they need to wait until a shot has been fired by the FEDS/Zionist, whatever until time to act. I say we are already at war here at home. Anytime is a great time to fire.

      62. Obama is nothing more than a pawn in the game. There are much more powerful, MUCH MORE, people that are calling the shots. Their primary objective is to establish the NWO and to do that they must destroy the sovereignty of the United States. There can be NO sovereign nation for the NWO to function with total people control. It also appears that most of Congress has sold out (either scared or bought) to these very powerful people. The United States is in the middle of a coup and most of the citizenry has no clue at all as to what is really happening. Can you say Gestapo?

      63. 2 Words
        Ron Paul
        2 more words
        We Hope

      64. The United state Government “is not” The United States of America, Do not let them lead you to believe otherwise.

      65. CPM[ARING CRISCO TO COCONUT OIL, IS LIKE GOLD…TO LEAD, Sorry just had to add that……I am surprised, no one has made the connection yet…THROUGH THE SCANNER DARKLY..NNDA..”””WE BOUGHT A ZOO, FOR CHRISTMAS””FATHER MOVES HIS FAMILY, TO THE COUNTRY TO RENOVATE…AND OPEN A ZOO. now if we can just get those gift wrapped zebras, to change their stripes…., when does the “””zoo””” open, why 7/7 2012, 6 days of creation after Independence day…Peace.. Love Always…

      66. Obama’s “signing statement” that he would not use this abominable law, is pure BS, without force of law. He crossed his fingers while signing and the Great Waffler can reverse his decision any time.

        I guess they’re getting those FEMA camps ready for those of us who actually might want to complain about corruption in Congress and the Oval Office.

      67. If undermining the currency of the United States is terrorism, why isn’t Goldman-Sachs in jail?

      68. “””to change ones belief system…it is done, through the ABSURD”””Carlos Casteneda

      69. Now let,s see, when was the last time “”belief”, was attempted a change., through the ABSURD..that would be Roswell,,…7/7/47

      70. This is funny: after being falsely convicted, tortured in a US prison for 2 long long long years, and released after winning my appeal… I pretty much did not want my citizenship back. It and the US government can go fuck itself.

        I’m pretty much what I always was… a citizen of planet / mother earth.

        p.s. don’t quote the Constitution in prison, or the guards will beat the shit out of you. I didn’t do it, but I watched it happen to many others. They called the tiger team, the tiger team guards came, took you ostensibly to the hold… but on the way out of site around a corner they smashed your head into a concrete brick wall.

      71. A person who actively engages in the destruction of the US economic structure, by undermining, or aiding in the undermining of its currency, could likely fit within the purview of this legislation.

        Seems to me that President Obama could fit within this definition.

        If it gets passed, this could be a good first test case.

      72. How do we stop this onslaught on our Liberties?
        The Patriot Act not strong enough to selectively hold someone without trail indefinitely! Am I paranoid or does anyone else see the similarities between the Nazis and our current administration to slowly strip away our liberties? TSA started with luggage inspections now pat downs and xrays. SOPA to restrict the internet. Assassination of a US citizen accused of being a terorist (what happened to his right to a trial?).

      73. Nice theory, but you err in that the NDAA absolutely authorizes indefinite detention, without trial, charge or lawyer, US Citizens. The signing statement was meaningless political horseshit. Frankly, I’m not sure what insidiousness they are trying to achieve with this piece of used toilet paper.

      74. I never was an “american citizen”. The entire notion is absurd. As much as I might admire much of the contents of the “declaration of independence” and “constitution of these united states”, I did not sign them, and I did not agree to be subject to them. Nobody has a choice where they will be born, so anyone who claims that everyone who is born in a certain geographical region is a “citizen” AKA “slave” of some pack of predators who claim “jurisdiction” over everyone and everything within that geographical region is completely INSANE and radically DELUSIONAL.

        The problem is the reverse of what this article implies. The problem is the existence of predators-that-be and predator-class who UNILATERALLY CLAIM we are subject to their arbitrary whim (whether supposedly “limited” or not).

        Human beings had better WAKE UP… and very soon. They need to understand what is controlling a vast majority of the actions in the world today, namely:

        predators DBA government
        predators DBA corporations
        predators DBA central banks

        Yes, DBA (doing business as). There IS no “government”. There IS no “corporation”. There IS no “central bank”. Those are 100%, pure FICTION. Even fundamental law correctly identifies all organizations as fictions, as it identifies them as “fictitious entities”.

        This understanding is what led to the notion that individual human beings must “consent to be governed”… because otherwise there is NO POSSIBLE justification for any individual to have any authority over another individual. This is obvious. They both came to exist in the exact identical manner (they were born). That is pure symmetry, and no valid or rational mental contortions can end up showing how either one of them has any more right to impose their demands than the other.

        The real problem that human beings MUST come to understand is — THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN REALITY AND FICTION. Humans need to understand that not one single government, corporation or organization exists. Period. This is why, when “John and Fred” open “SugarHighBakery”, that “SugarHighBakery” is simply “John and Fred” DOING BUSINESS AS “SugarHighBakery”. All that exists is “John and Fred”, the property they purchase, and the actions they take. Period. Ditto for every so-called “organization”.

        Americans used to understand this… 100 to 200 years ago. In fact, there were no corporations (as we mean them today) when the USA was founded, only short-term, limited-purpose partnerships that were “chartered”, but were still simply names to identify and organize a single, very specific purpose.

        As a result, almost ALL modern humans are COMPLETELY and TOTALLY INSANE. They literally cannot distinguish what is REAL from what is FICTION. They literally do not realize that “the federal government” is no different than “SantaClaus”. Both names mean and refer-to… NOTHING. SantaClaus does not exist. No fat man lives in a toy-factory at the north pole. No real entity exists that automatically has ANY (much less unlimited) authority over ANYONE, much less EVERYONE.

        These predators who wander around abusing everyone need to be dealt with like all predators must be dealt with. They must be exterminated or caged (called “jailed” for human predators). That is the only possibility because, by their nature, predators only modus-operandi is “get away with whatever they can”. They are completely uncontrained by law or ethics or benevolence or anything except their judgement of what they can get away with.

        WAKE UP. GET REAL. Otherwise humans are finished.

      75. Man…gang bangers are terrorists! Take MS13 and 13th street gangs or the ghetto boys etc. They’re TERRORISTS and they do acts of terrorism against the UNITED STATES and its citizens! What does that tell ya?

      76. As A first time viewer. I like this. Everyone can express their ideas without fear. But I wonder if all the discontented would be more effective getting rid of political representatives by running for the offices themselves and changing the way things are done. It seems as an elected official you could reverse this trend to destruction. But I maybe that doesn’t sound exciting enough.

      77. So, would an enemy of the Constitution be regarded as a subversive? If so the list would include obama and all his minions.

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