Next-Generation Flash Mobs: The Breakdown of Law & Order

by | Nov 7, 2013 | Headline News | 350 comments

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    As local police departments cut personnel due to excessive spending and budgetary restrictions, cities all across America are rapidly degenerating into gang infested war zones.

    In the city of Chicago, which has been one of the hardest hit during the opening stages of a greater depression sweeping the country, law enforcement officials compared the situation on the ground to the kind of tribal warfare one might see in places like Iraq. With law and order breaking down, residents of the city have been caught in the middle. The crime wave has gotten so bad, in fact, that earlier this year the Chicago PD announced a new response plan, or rather, a NON-response plan, wherein police will not even show up at crime scenes unless someone has been critically injured or the perpetrator is still on the scene.

    This, of course, has been a boon for criminals looking to take advantage of the situation. And earlier this week they did just that.

    Unbelievable surveillance video captured flash mobs dashing into store after store and running out with armloads and sometimes entire racks of sporting goods.

    It’s like a next-generation flash mob. Originally, flash mob referred to a group of people doing a performance to draw attention to something in a positive way. The term gave way to a more sinister motive.

    “They used to just be fun. They used to just be positive and now, I don’t know, it seems to have turned into something negative,” said one shopper.

    No one was hurt in the three incidents, though it’s clear the mob stops for no one.

    Some city officials in Chicago have even appealed to the state and federal government for help, recently calling for martial law to be declared and for the military to intervene.

    This is the state of affairs in the U.S., and the organized crime waves are spreading.

    Residents in suburbs of Oakland and Houston have been forced to hire private security teams to help maintain law and order in their neighborhoods, while millions of Americans across the country are arming up in those jurisdictions that allow firearms ownership.

    Chicago, it seems, is an example of what happens when law and order breaks down and residents have no way of protecting themselves because of restrictive gun laws.

    A look at the surveillance footage above shows how indiscriminately a large mob of individuals behaves. As Tess Pennington notes in her preparedness series on Flash Mobs, if you ever encounter a flash mob threat, remember who you are dealing with:

    For the most part the participants of these mobs are urban delinquents whose only goal is to steal and cause violence.

    The recent events in Chicago involve teens and young adults looking to steal apparel.

    What happens when these groups finally realize they can get a lot more than that?

    It’s only a matter of time before the contagion spreads to more serious criminal elements that will target individuals directly in the form of flash mob robberies in places like subway cars, banks, or jewelry stores. And as their efforts go unchecked by police, they will likely increase in scope and violence.

    In 2011, a large flash mob targeted patrons of the Wisconsin State Fair. Witnesses report that the racially motivated mob involving hundreds of individuals was, “attacking everybody for no reason whatsoever.” Most of the victims were white.

    We’ve already seen how quickly these mobs works and how violent they can be. Once it starts it can’t be stopped.

    Now imagine what it will look like when these people can no longer afford to purchase basic essentials like food.



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      1. Just bored, urban, feral yutes. What’s the problem??? Probably coming to a mall near you! However, in my neighborhood, everyone carries. This is why blacks are against stan your ground laws???

        • Best thing for a flash mob?

          A flash bang.

          • Or a flash suppressor.

            • Beat me.

              • This article actually provides the motive TPTB are allowing these things to happen. City officals(elected of course) are calling for “martial law” which is music to TPTB/gov’t progressives. Same will happen with the borders.

                • During and after TRUE SHTF there will be a lull before the masses have figured out what has happpened. This is the time for preppers/survivalists to ACT, before the tsunami of people flood the stores. Unless you have an enormous amount of supplies, you can ALWAYS use a little more before the hell begins. I have suggested before perishables to purchase because you can use these FIRST, and then wait to dip into your other long term survival supplies. Also additional fuel and ammunition is essentail. You can keep empty five gallon plastic gas containers if you don’t want to store a lot of gas before this happens. Probably the gas stations will still be open during the first minutes or hours while everyone else is digesting the shcok of a mega SHTF. That is as long as an EMP hasn’t take out everything electrical. The empty gas containers can be used for other purposes if you can’t fill them with fuel.

                  The one reason each month I try to warn people about an Israeli strike on Iran within the 10 day window of a new moon is exactly for the reason of no one being caught off guard and waiting to get extra survival supplies before the masses have loss their panic and be stunned. When you hear of a mega or even a moderate SHTF event, ACT. Every minute wasted in awe is another minute that you could have obtained an extra something that you will need. In the case it is too dangerous to go outside, then that extra time before the masses start the stampede can be used to secure what you have and hit you and your family into high gear. You may even have to bug out suddenly to somewhere safer. People for example can get to safety before a super volcano goes off IF they act before the roads have become too crowded to move. Volcanoes have warning peridos before they blow. There are countless other time is crucial to getting out diasters.

                  The worst thing anyone could possibly do WHEN a TRUE SHTF hits to be like a deer with the oncoming headlights. Some events can knock you back in disbelief and you say to yourself HOLY F’EN SH$%, but that period of shock should last only so long before the motor is put into drive and you go before everyone else. This is the advantage of a prepper/survivalist :), and an excellent advantage at that :), to be ready to act at a moment’s notice anytime 24 hours.

                  • And this why we carry 24 7. My child even had to take my faithful little back up from me in the hospital stay I had. I was drugged so no fight from me.

                    Point is always carry. If not tell me your system of knowing that nothing is going to happen that day or time when you are not carrying.

                    I may have to go in front of a federal maderrate to get my drone back. And my drucken stowaway flight to japan may be coming back to haunt me. Might be a fun next couple of days.

                    Added know all the repair guys I talk about that were still in Jordan rotated out for a rest. I don’t know the new guys as well but I still wish them luck.
                    Found out many are watching SHIF. Even on there satilite mobile something what ever they are called. Make what I use when I was a repairman looklike a can with string. They cant post traceable I’m told but there no review of what they read.

                  • I understand your thinking but as for me and my own , as soon as the flag goes up I say it’s to late to make one last run…those last runs may just have you finding yourself in the middle of a gun battle or road blocks and fema one way bus trips or even if you are only sent back the way you came if you can not get back home was it really worth a few more cans of spaghetti-o’s? I will be happier if we all can get home and watch it happen on the tv than be in the middle of it, even if it would be tempting to go get a few last stocks.

                  • Prepping note:-

                    Teach your kids to recognise that “calm before the storm” to slip out of class and home/to a trusted adult BEFORE their peers are put on a bus to ……….

                    My own kid has ASD, so I had to face the painful recognition that although he’s an escapologist of the highest order, he might not spot the signs of an unfolding disaster in time. It was a key factor behind my choice to homeschool, as I just wasn’t prepared to risk him.

                    ALWAYS have a get home bag in your desk/car at work, ladies a pair of flatties could save your life. Again I know I can be a bit slow on the uptake and worried that I’d waste valuable time trying to convince co-workers I like to get out of dodge. Hence my choice to derive my income other than via an office job.

                    I do understand this is not an option for everyone due to the economy. This is NOT the time to be deriving your monthly salary via a 2 hour each way commute if you can possibly help it.

                    If you have the choice work locally, or within walking distance of home – even if it means a drop in income. we are at the point where the loss of salary may be substituted by the extra time tending your food garden.

                    This is especially important if like me, you are a lone parent with few if any adults you could rely on to save your child in the event of a true crisis. (hint even your own sibling will preserve their OWN child’s life ahead of yours in a true emergency – to think otherwise is plain stupid).

                    If that is the case for you then for heavens sake – PLAN for traffic jams/public transport shut downs. A bicycle is a humble appliance that can go through alleys/over rough terrain that that fancy SUV can’t. I got home on 7/7 via river transport as London public transport was totally shut down on roads and rail.

                    When SHTF hits your neighbourhood, Murphy’s law guarantees it won’t be on a weekend, but is more likely to happen in the middle of a rush hour etc.

                    Getting your precious loved ones home and safe should be your top priority, only then should you worry about acquiring “stuff”. Second should be ensuring you’ve filled the bath tub, all those empty pop bottles with fresh drinking water, third make your home secure. Only after those three should you consider venturing out to get additional last minute prepping items (though intelligent adults may pick up the odd item or two on the way home lol!).

                    The BEST warning system I’ve seen for natural disasters (& a few manmade ones) is to learn to watch the animal and bird life. If EVERY four legged critter in your vicinity suddenly makes for high ground and the birds fly in the same direction – take the hint.

                  • BI, once again, you’re on target. My prepping is continuing all the way until SHTF hits and possibly beyond that point as long as I can get what’s most important before the hordes hit the stores. I’m still somewhat apprehensive about Grid Ex next week on the 13th and 14th. I’m doing a LOT of prep of shopping this weekend. If Grid Ex passes without anything happening, so much the better. After stores have been cleaned out, I expect mobs will go into residential areas to see what they can take by force. When they come into my neighborhood, that’s when I expect one of my worst nightmares to happen; that I’ll have to use deadly force to protect me and mine. I DON’T want it to happen at all! But I know that it CAN and most likely WILL. I’m prepared for that. Whenever TSHTF, I just hope I can keep a cool head and put my survival plan into action.

                  • Good post Be Informed

                    I’m guessing you’ll be doing the same as I (saving time by panicking early!!) Whats the worst that can happen, some extra perishable food and fuel to use up over the coming days/weeks if it all settles down. Sound slike a no brainer to me!


                  • And lonelonemum – you have your head in the right place. You’ll be OK!


                  • Sounds good BI. I’ve divided up my “actions on” plan in the event of something happening, into 2 categories taking into consideration, my geographical location at the time.
                    Natural disaster – actions on … Wait in place till event is over and physically safe to move before moving to my pre planned position, assuming I didn’t get there before hand.
                    Martial Law – actions on ….. Drop everything and move straight to high ground with what I have on me. Watch and observe. Avoid all roads and move to my bug out location. This also applies to my bug out location. If I’m there already, I’ll move to my pre-planned position on high ground to watch and observe my bug out location for a few days to ensure that my position hasn’t been compromised during my prepping phase.

                    I know, sounds a little anal, but I don’t care what anyone thinks, because I’ve planned.
                    In my opinion, once the SHTF it’s too late. Any ‘lull’ before it sinks into the general populations brains and they realise somethings happened, should be used for those who are prepped to get to safety. Not do any last minute shopping. The lull is your safe window of opportunity to get to safety, so forget getting the extra couple gallons.

                    I’d also suggest that anyone who is prepped, to use the first several weeks to stay low. No noise and avoid movement. Forget using your generators for anything. Sound travels, so if the grid goes down people are going to hear you and realise that you’ve probably got everything they want, which compromises your position and puts you in danger. Same with lights. If your on solar, fine, but ensure no one can see your lights at night. Anyone travelling around at night in a black out situation and see’s your place lit up like a Christmas tree is going to be attracted like a bug to a light. And when people get desperate, they get smart. People will learn very quickly how to overrun your position to get your preps.
                    Forget being all Gung Ho and say that it won’t happen to you, because you don’t know how quickly deseperate people can organize themselves into an effective fighting force. Remember that even the unprepared have a will to survive.

                    My personal frontline protection is a knife and hunting bow. I have a side arm and 308 too, but my best protection is to avoid contact, avoid noise, stay up on the high ground and dominate my AO (area of operation) by conducting low profile patrols.

                    Oh and last but not least. When it hits the fan, my phones going over a cliff somewhere as far away from me as I can. No traceables like phones and computers in my loc.

                  • Drive thru the parking lot and dump a bunch of roofing nails. Go back later and cherry pick the good stuff out of abandoned FSA vehicles )

                  • If you don’t have a lot of money, get as many beans and rice as you can. It isn’t sexy, but there are enough nutrients to keep you healthy with the exception of one. Vitamin C. Get plenty of it.

                    lonelonemom: Get your child off those meds! Google this article:
                    Father of ADHD Admitted in Final Interview That Disease Was “Fictitious” 05/25/13 I’m now 62 and when I went to school the classes were 30 -40 kids. There was NO ADHD. This is a modern disorder probably caused by several factors. I believe that the major factor is the breakdown of the family with no family unit. The children grow up different without both parents and with them divorced. Plus, TV, junk food and rock music and all the nonsense being taught to the kids add to the problem.
                    The modern American culture breeds ADHD in kids. We home schooled our four children, and they all grew up fine without any learning disabilities. These disabilities did not exist just 50 years ago.
                    “ADHD is a prime example of a fictitious disease.” These were the words of Leon Eisenberg, the “scientific father of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder),” in his last interview before his death.”
                    Do what I did with my son. Just slowly reduce the dosage until you have him off of it for good. Don’t continue to stunt his natural ability to act and think on his feet, and/or stump his emotional growth.

                  • For that matter, living a life of preparedness is the best thing anyway; don’t allow yourself to be caught off guard. With a family, that’s always been my way of thinking.

                  • I say this for the GOOD of ANY/ALL that will hear!!!

                    The Gov’t has been steadily Prepping themselves (FEMA/Homeland Security Bullet Purchase Orders etc) for THE SHTF event (Solar Flare, Yellowstone Eruption, EMP/Major Terrorist Attack, Economic Collapse, Etc) that they KNOW is on the Horizon. Many think the “ATTACK” itself (or what’s coming) is Pre-Planned/By design. I am SURE this is NOT the case -BUT that WHAT is coming is a G-D event. If right (that America is Babylon), then it behooves ONE to know/understand the Prophecies concerning HER destruction!!! It would appear (from scripture) that she (Babylon) finds herself in an extreme state of distress (ie – by one or more events listed above) – which turns the country on its head with Extreme Civil Dischord, Infighting, Riots, Marshal Law and the like… at some Point after the Dischord Begins, Her Enemies will Sneak Up and BLOW HER OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH with a Ballistic Missile/Nuclear Attack straight out of Hell!!!

                    Cont’d (See: G-d Event 2)

                  • (G-D EVENT 2)

                    In my personal studies, supported/verified to myself by the Revelations of a Man who Wrote what he’d felt G-d had Shone to him over 40 years of intense researh, study and prayer – he wrote his Conclusions/Revelations in a letter to his Son on his death bed….

                    One of the afore mentioned events will bring Civil Dischord and Martial Law. It seems that there will be a Clear Reference Point (Such as the Declaration of Martial Law) thats begins a Prophetic Clock Countdown (Of 2 Years – give or take a week) to the G-D wrought ATTACK (Prob. by Russia, China, Iran Coalition). The “TWO YEAR” period; from the “Declaration of Martial Law to Attack” is an Understanding from the Words of Jeremiah 51:45-48

                    Cont’d (See: G-d Event 3)

                  • (G-d Event 3)

                    Jeremiah 51:45-48
                    “Come out of her, my people! Run for your lives! Run from the fierce anger of the Lord. Do not lose heart or be afraid when rumors are heard in the land; one rumor comes this year, another the next, rumors of violence in the land and of ruler against ruler. For the time will surely come when I will punish the idols of Babylon;
                    her whole land will be disgraced and her slain will all lie fallen within her. Then heaven and earth and all that is in them will shout for joy over Babylon, for out of the north destroyers will attack her,”
                    declares the Lord.

                    The “2 YEARS” deduced from (Verse 46) – “One Rumor COMES THIS YEAR (1 Year), ANOTHER THE NEXT (2nd Year), Rumors of VIOLENCE (Civil Dischord) in the land and of RULER AGAINST RULER. (Repubs against Dems, Gov. against Gov., State against State, Riots Etc.).

                    Cont’d (See: G-d Event 4)  

                  • (G-D Event 4)

                    It is my personal belief, again from Exhaustive Research, that America IS the End Time Babylon and that HER FALL/DESTRUCTION begins the time of Tribulation. It behooves ONE TO UNDERSTAND/KNOW the Prophesies Concerning Her destruction because, if correct – when the SHTF – YOU’ll have a 2 year window to GET THE H3LL out of Dodge!!! That’s when you leave!!! One also needs to know/understand that HER Destuction is the Work/Will of G-d!!! There WILL be NO Surviving or Saving the Place… only a small window to LEAVE!!!
                    Any/All who remain after the Window will be DESTROYED, PERIOD!!!

                    Many/Most Will not Ever Accept that this could be the case, that “America the Beautiful – Land of the free, home of the brave” could at all be Babylon, That Great City of Power (Rev 18:10) —- and is it any wonder for ….

                    Rev 18:7 “In her heart she boasts, ‘I sit enthroned as queen, I am not a widow; I will never mourn.’”

                    Next a list of links that I highly suggest ALL watch/read as food-4-thought!!!
                    (See: Part 5)

                  • (G-d Event 5)

                    Whether ONE agrees or not that America could be the End Time Babylon whose Total Destruction comes in “One Hour” by Nuclear Holocaust – please VIEW the following for your Awareness!!!

                    P.S. – Are you PROUD to be an AMERICAN?!!! (GOD HATES PRIDE [And Vanity])…

                    1. A. C. Valdez 1929 Vision of America’s Destruction


                    2. A. A. Allens 1954 Vision of America’s Destruction



                    3. Henry Gruver’s 1986 Vision of America’s Destruction



                • Believe you’re right DRD. It’s being “allowed”. In my 60s and living in a burb 30 miles east of Oakland, I’m resigned to my fate. I’ll go down defending my wife and while not looking forward to it, I’m okay with it. Just want the satisfaction of seeing the suprise on his face when he goes down with me.

                  • Live in The Bronx, NYC…same,same…except change the “he” to they!

                  • “””Witnesses report that the racially motivated mob involving hundreds of individuals was, “attacking everybody for no reason whatsoever.” Most of the victims were white.”””

                    You can’t be racially motivated UNLESS you are a racist. But blacks can’t be racist, can they? At least that’s what the MSM keeps saying.

                    In the end all it will take to stop a “flash mob” is a few flashes from the barrel of a few guns. The MO proves they are gutless and will run at the first sign of a personal threat to their safety.

                  • I live on a mountain top at the end of a 1/2 mile gravel driveway next to a national forest in East Tennessee. When my driveway alarm goes off, I grab one or two guns as very few visits in that area are by accident. Neighbors here look out for each other…. and all are armed.

                  • @Old Gringo:

                    I am on the south end of Monterrey Bay. Hey Neighbor !!

                  • @ Old Gringo. I retired from EBMUD. Then moved out of state. I understand your situation.

                • DRD5508, let them declare martial law. That won’t change my plan for surviving any post-SHTF scenario. Anyone who targets me, and I don’t care about race, gender, what they’re wearing; expect resistance from me, period! MOLON LABE braveheart

                • Maybe this is what gov wants, the people begging for them to come in and declare martial law.

              • Or a flash fire.

                • Fire & flooding are my two greatest worries. As a young child my playmates were ANC refugees, as an adult one of my closet friends a Somali widow. I do NOT want to experience “life on the road” as it is an extremely harsh way of life, and many do not survive it.

                  I’d really appreciate an article on how to protect your home from fire and floods. It’s important to remember, especially in the case of fire that it only takes one idiot down the lane to knock over a Kerosene lamp, or fail to stub out a cigarette to create hell on earth. Likewise if anyone thinks these flash mob animals will burn what they cannot steal, then they haven’t researched what happened to the farmers of Vienna after the war, or remembered the lessons of WACO & the Zimbabwean & Argentine farmers.

                  • I read a story about an old retired Marine (Army?) guy who lived on top of a hill in Kalifornia. He had a swimming pool on his property he kept full all year round. The old guy bought gasoline powered water pumps and once a month connected the pump to his pool and pumped water to a hose system that ran to the roof of his house. On his roof he had mounted several heavy duty water sprinklers. Once a month his neighbors got to watch him fire up the pumps and turn on the sprinklers which thoroughly coated his house with water. His neighbors laughed at him & called him names. They stopped laughing at him when his house was the only house to survive a forest fire with no damage at all. That old guy was what we would today call a prepper.

                  • llm,
                    In the western US and some parts of Canada, roof sprinkler systems are popular. That’s mainly due to the threat of wild-fires, but Rawles has suggested that preppers get them if they can afford them, against the day that the “animals” begin fire-bombing houses.
                    For the shell of the house, I know of nothing that can be applied to the outside. Nothing that a suburban HOA would allow, anyway. But you can spray the structure in the attic with fireproof coatings.

                  • LLM: We have both worries. We have conversed amongst ourselves quite a bit regarding exactly that….forests and more forests with LOTS of dead growth. Quite a worry for us, like there isn’t enough to worry about already, although the deer that visit our oak trees are “food” for thought.

                    AND although we are elevated, we are very thankful that our area is not very earthquake prone as that large natural lake 2 blocks from us would make quite a slosh on the upstroke.

                  • I’m concerned about those electrical generator-thingy’s on the polls. In Blackout America, that was one of the scenario’s; them bursting into flames and setting things on fire around them – and no water to put them out because of Gridx.
                    We’ve got to come to the terms with the reality that when this hits, life for us will never be the same.
                    May God show mercy in judgment.

          • Looks like I’d have to carry two Brownings. No problem, I have 4 spares. Oh wait, only criminals are supposed to have guns in Chi town. Rot you scum sucking XXXXXX all you are getting is what you deserve.

            • Naha just put some TSA (tactical shoplifting assistance) officers ( are they officers?) on the doors. Unionize them, pay them $45 an hour and all of the Obamacare they can suck up and theyll feel them up on the way in and watch them bolt on the way out.

            • I always travel in threes—Me, Smith & Wesson…

          • How about a folding ak with 75rd drum stashed in a backpack? plenty of ‘party poppers’ to go around ^_^

            • AMD-65 with a Picatinney rail, green laser and red dot optics. Cheap ammo, easy to acquire and necessary for flash mob suppression. Aim low at first, because it does have a barrel creep !

              • @Justice and Oathkeeper

                Men after my own heart. My izhmash saiga ak shoots staight looks a lot more intimidating than my AR15. (of course it’s a lot heavier) Steelcore 7.62×39 will brighten their day. Aiming low is the name of the game with an AK

                • Damn,you have steel core,I want some!

                  • I got a couple 1320 rd cases of Norinco steel core on stripper clips back in 1991 for……..$49.00 a case.

            • Oathkeeper an excellent way to terminate the problem yoofs involved! Lets say someone doing as you suggest got 30 yoofs. Now if we multiply 30 yoofs by 4 head of bastard ghetto children sired = 120 x $637.00 per month per child SSI check = $76,440.00 per month just in SSI for bastard ghetto children, saved! $917,280.00 per year the hard working taxpayer doesnt have to pay for.
              (This estimate doesnt include, EBT,WELFARE, SECTION 8 HOUSING, MEDICADE,HEAD START PROGRAMS……..).
              Why such an action as you described could save tax payers
              a billion dollars over 20 or 30 years.

            • not in chi-town

            • My favorite carry gun for SHTF is a Keltec PLR-16. It’s lightweight and very easy to carry in a vehicle. Since it uses AR magazines reloads are quick.

            • Having formidable dogs is another great defense. Just remember them in your prepping. Only a fool would try to get past them.

          • “The Frag grenade….. for when saying “f*** you” is just not enough!”
            Quote stolen from John Ringo’s book “To sail a darkling sea”

            • Martial Arts are great but a sucking chest wound takes the fight out of anyone.

          • I have to disagree on the point of whether “once it starts, it can’t be stopped”. Usually, it takes suprisingly little resistance to take the steam out of these groups.

            • Mop bucket full of bleach and ammonia then lock the doors and watch the show. Form outside of course when slip out the back jack.

              oops my bad )

            • Billy Idol, I believe you are right. Notice it is “mobs” who do these things, rarely individuals. They draw “courage” from each other – or drugs or a bottle. A half dozen dirtbags charging your house would run like rabbits (at least those that are left would) after you take down the first 2 or 3 with your “streetsweeper” full of OO buck.

              Personally I would be far more concerned with a single, or at most a pair, of guys sneaking quietly around my home, using cover and being silent and committed. So glad I have a very good thermal imager and night vision optics ……


              • Good evening, aussie. Let such scum come to my humble abode with evil intentions and they will be greeted by “Bertha”, loaded with 00 buckshot. I don’t care how much courage they think they have. If they think I’m not up to the task of self-defense, “Bertha” can and will make believers out of them in short order.

                • And you don’t even need to kill them to take the wind out of them with a shotgun loaded with buckshot, even #4 Buck or turkey shot if that’s what you have on hand. Aim at the ground at a nice flat angle in front of them, skip the pellets right into their legs. Odds are you will also hit more than one of them with each shot, too.

                  Canadian Armed Forces have a similar use for the frangible rounds for the 25mm canons mounted on our armoured vehicles.

                • Always remember! The people you guys are talking about, that may attack your homes are for the most part going to be “entitlement minded,narcisstic,miscreants”. And you all will probably do very well in repelling such thugs,….BUT, after you have proven to them how hard you are willing to fight to protect your preps, I’m afraid many of these types of people will simply launch a few molotov’s at your very fortified, well protected,”safe places” Just my opinion! But these are not going to be the type of people that will take losing very well! Good luck all:-)

              • Aussie,

                I never feared a man that has many guns. Its the man that owns 1 that worries me chaces are he’s damn good with it..


              • What sort of thermal imager?

                As for the sneakers, that’s why my dog is never tied up, is jet black and taught to bite anyone I do not introduce him to.

                • I have a FLIR PS32. I love it! Can detect human sized objects at around 500 metres and is even better when they are moving. Doesnt need infrared so is totally undetectable when in use. For most uses the PS24 would do fine, but I do like the extra detail and 2x magnification of the PS32.


                  • I figure once TSHTF, you’ll have about a 24 to 48 hour window of opportunity to get to you’re bug-out locations. If you’re lucky enough to have one, which I don’t.
                    But I’ll rage, rage to the dying of the light, with bullets.

              • the pack mentality.

            • Billy What has happened is that with the reelection of the Obama negroe, feral negroes now feel that they care kill, rape, loot……with impunity as dey be da onses in power. One can only hope that they will be shown the error in that illogical thinking with lead.

            • Yes, remember how the gallows seemed to deter such crimes. When feral negroes realize their actions will be met swiftly with harsh consequences, their low IQ brains will tell them to do something else.

          • Pissed off middle aged white guys with baseball bats could clean up this entire country if allowed to.

          • It’s that animal pack mentality that never changes.

            Daniel 12:10 …. but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.

          • vey funny but true.

        • When people lose everything and have nothing else to lose they lose !

          – Gerald Celente

          But hey, don’t forget to Vote ! 🙂

          – Gerald Celente

          • We have a party two gang running this country, the Gambino’s and the Bananos

            – Gerald Celente

            • Gerald Celente, ain’t he the guy that has predicted a crash and depression every year since 1992??

              • Yeah that guy. It’s been pushed back to 2014. 😆

          • …it.

        • {{{Now imagine what it will look like when these people can no longer afford to purchase basic essentials like food.}}}????

          Oh, no. Imagine what it will look like when people can no longer carry arms and defend themselves??
          Will that ever happen?? We may just find out in the next year or two.

          • Tonight Billy Graham (age 95) to give ‘final, most important’ message.

            To be broadcast online and on TV.

            Online link and TV Listings

            • YAYYY–his last bout of BS!!

              • Contract syphilis and drop dead. moron.

            • That come on before or after Fastfood Preppers?

              • …fastfood preppers….lmao….

                …why the negativity……..

                ….supersize it…..BA.

                • Because KFC is full of useless ripped off news stories that doesn’t do anyone a shit bit of good…..

                  • Peterson,

                    Preppers share information.

                    The only thing you are full of is negativity.

            • thank you KYmom

            • Personally not interested,for those that are,enjoy.

            • Billy Graham is a disinformation agent for Lucifer. He preaches Paulinian Christianity which has been a very effective tool for the creation of sheeple who bend over for kings in spite of Jesus teaching us not to call any man, Master, not even the Messiah. He’s been a good friend of a lot of traitors who believe Khazars are the Chosen.

          • Ms. JayJay, imagine what will happen to any scum who target me for any reason. Even if martial law is declared, I still live by the Bill of Rights and I won’t give up any of those. those rights come from God, NOT any manmade government. MOLON LABE braveheart

          • Just imagine the 100 million+ gun owners tell the PTBs “F*** you” and greet the would-be confiscators with a barrage of buckshot? Now, that would be real self-defense.

            Gun owners 1, Stasi 0

        • These animals need to be put down…

          • No “rehabilitation” possible here. That’s been tried since their grandparents were “roots”.

          • Scott and Peterson? yes.

        • Blacks aren’t against stand your ground laws. Just criminals are. Im black and I carry and will help anyone else who has problems with this scum. Don’t believe the BS you see on the news. Most black people are honest church going folk. Not all of course but the problems is that the bad ones get caught, go to prison, are released early with better training and more hate and just go back to doing what they did before they got caught. Just better criminals and more violent. You white people are just shocked because you are just now getting what we have been getting for a century. Our evil dooers become criminals because they want to toke a little weed. Your evildoers become cops and get paid for their evil deeds.

          • Nate McMillan

          • Nate, welcome aboard and I know everything you say is true. I work with a lot of good black people. Every group has its “bad apples in the barrel”. hope to hear more from you. braveheart

          • Nate,agree,trash comes in all colors.As I have said before,trash threatens me/friends/family/pets ect. will deal with it without regard to religion/ethnicity/financial means or lack there of,simply tag and bag.

            • Shoot. Shovel. Shut up.

          • Right on, Nate. The vast majority of crimes in the cities are black – on – black crimes. It’s the thugs vs. working and middle class blacks. They resent blacks who have succeeded in life; so, they form roving gangs and rob them; and, in many cases, kill as well. The biggest cases in point: A high school or college student wearing expensive sneakers or jacket will be targeted by the very thugs you mention; is not only robbed of those items, but killed, to boot.

          • I agree, Nate.
            Daniel 12:10 Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.

            May God show mercy in judgment.

        • Luckily in my state, the law provides that you can shoot someone to protect life AND PROPERTY. I’d kill every last one of ’em.

          • Not so Much, once the balloon goes up, all the rules we live by for now will go out the window. No more law and order, no more courts, etc. IT WILL BE ANYTHING GOES AND NO HOLDS BARRED! Do what you have to in order to protect yourself and your family. braveheart

        • Quick !! Look Ma !! It’s those savages I saw on National Geographic last week you told me about !!

        • The smartphone is the key enabling technology for flash mobs. Shut them off, or jam them – – – no flash mobs.

          • Old Coach, they use the social sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc. to get their “missions” organized.

          • they won’t work if the grid goes down.

        • I think it’s funny that the State where Obama has taken all the private citizens Guns away this is where you have Crime Explode…. Nice Going Obama… rofl

          • A suggestion to the American people for when the Obamas leave the WH. Count the cutlery, do an inventory of the priceless art works, carpets, furniture…

            However, being a white man, and naturally fair minded, I have to admit, the Mulrooneys, when Brian left the PMs office, also tried taking off with furniture which Mila had fallen in love with. I think the Clintons have been accused of a similar attempt at theft of public property. In the case of those supposed ‘white’ folks, you must understand, Hilary is Jewish, Bill is a pervert, Brian is a pervert, and guess what Mila is. Judging from both his and her close ties to the Kanadian Jewish infestation, they are no different than those Clinton creatures. It is not white people who are causing all of the problems, including the stirring up of black people who the Khazars have manipulated into believing that they are entitled to other peoples’ property because their ancestors were slaves, doncha know. Note that whenever SHTF, blacks feel compelled to loot. Other people don’t feel so compelled.

            No, it is not white people who are the enemy; it is the Khazars; who look like white people but are in fact an alien infestation hell bent on the demise of everyone but them; including black folks; good or bad.

        • Actually it is spelled Yutes….

        • Naturally feral negroes are against stand your ground laws, look what happened when the Trayvone negroe attacked a human. Mr. Zimmerman sent a message that if a negroe yoof attacks a human it can be legally dispatched.
          The negroe yoofs feel dis be wrong as Zimmerman was sposta take dat ass whippin. Youne feral negroes must understand that attacking humans can result in termination. As a bonus to the taxpayers of our great nation Trayvon will not be able to sire 4 to 6 head of bastard ghetto children for taxpayers to support with
          EBT,Welfare, WIC checks, TANF, AFDC, SSI, Section 8 housing……from cradle to school to prison to the grave.

          • Looking forward to the look on your face when your descendants are a different colour to you. That is about the only chance to cure your tar black heart.

            • You need to quit watching and beleiving everything you see on TV. People do not loveses you and wantses to be yo friend. People dont wantses to hang out wif you.
              Most people do not thinks you is pretty. AS a matter of fact look at how humans arte leaving large cities to get away from you. As for my decendants that isnt gonna happen in my family.

        • These are going to be the losers that will be invading the rural country once they’ve stripped the cities of all that they can get. That is, if they survive the chaos. These are going to be the people who think they can run into the country and flash mob their way into people’s preps, homes, what have you. This really worries me. I have seen people online say they are not going to prep, but just come for what you have and I believe them.

          We are planning to bug IN, but whose to say these zombies won’t try burning you out of your house? There’s a lot I am thinking about.

        • Code phrase.. “No Sneakers”

        • The ripened fruit from LBJ’s (not so) Great Society tree.

        • You know troops of monkey’s in Africa commonly raid street vendors and market places in the exact same manner as a flash mob.

          • Kurt Lazarus You know troops of monkey’s in Africa commonly raid street vendors and market places in the exact same manner as a flash mob.

            The genetics controlling behavior are similar, there is little difference.

      2. Time to take out the trash

      3. Welcome to Chiraq, a prime example of gun control. Fence it off and let it burn.

      4. Opportunists. Nothing has changed for these leeches on society, they are just looking for an excuse to dominate and steal from others.

        Their welfare, food stamps, cell phones, housing rent, utilities, healthcare and everything are still being paid for. It just doesn’t cover brand name sports apparel and Nike shoes.

        • That was an organized theft. This is a mob, all right, it just isn’t Italian. Those old Mob guys, back in the day, highjacked the trucks carrying merchandise. This bunch just empties the store.

          That merchandise is probably all sold by now. Everyone who purchased it told their friends it “fell off the back of a truck.”

          • You are far too kind. They probably told their friends they stole it and got a better price because of it. It is celebrated, not scorned.

      5. Are these the future candidates to form the new Domestic Elite Police force? If yes let the game begin.

      6. First Detroit now Chicago…. No wait… First Chicago then Detroit… ? whatever…

        Cities suck.

        • No doubt!

          Detroit recently had 3 killed ( last number I heard) in a barber shop / Gambling joint .. they just came in shooting up the place, im sure more than three were shot, so far only 3 of those who got shot have died

          stay the heck out of any city

          • The barber musta screwed up a bro’s “do”

            • A little trim below the chin is the next IN thing…

        • OUR cities USED to be great. But they’ve been overrun by the Welfare Chimps and their Progressive Overlords. With each passing day, they resemble more and more the 3rd world cities I’ve seen in Africa. And just wait until the SNAP program runs dry and/or the hyperinflation hits. We ain’t seen nuttin’ yet…


          • they’re just one generation from being back on all fours and two generations from being up in the trees.

            But they vote….unbelievable.

            No paycheck….no ballot…that’s what I say!

            • “No paycheck….no ballot…that’s what I say!”

              So you’re good and decent stay at home moms cant vote? No thanks.

              • see my post below…sorry I fired that first post off without clarification. My mistake.

              • If they’re “good and decent” they shouldn’t have enough time away from the kitchen or bedroom to worry about voting.

            • What about people who worked for 40 years and got injured???? We don’t get to vote???

            • Rifleman how about if you have never worked a day in your life, but collected welfare for life, you cant vote.
              Career welfare moochers have no skin in the game.

              • Lets make this easy, Only English speaking, White male citizens should be allowed to vote… Oh that’s the way it used to be, before this great country got all f***ed up.

            • sorry about throwing up on y’all. I meant to state that for those able-bodied people on the government titty etc. without the ability to claim retirement, disability, veteran’s disability status, taxpaying status etc….those kinds of folks should have to suspend their ability to vote until they are once again (or in many cases….for the first time) self-sustaining and tax-base contributing members of the workforce.

              Why should the parasites be allowed to vote themselves a bigger portion of the host?

              • Much better.

          • Kanada is a land of ice and snow this time of the year. It certainly is the case outside my window. Over the last few decades the GOVERNMENT OF CANADA Corp. has been importing blacks by the boat load and in many cases giving them all kinds of assistance which white folks don’t see much of, even if they are reduced to living in their cars. In winter, these very black folks look even more out of place and totally bewildered having just come from a stone aged existence in Africa; where it is warm and the UN sends you stuff. Now they are in a truly white place, however, many of the white people living here are not really alive anymore; as in beings who can think for themselves, are not afraid to braid a noose, and are willing to stand up to the sophistry of multi culturalism creating a Tower of Babel in Kanada. So, very few people question this recreation of Africa in the frozen north. And, when I have raised concerns, based on Edgar Steele’s excellent book, Defensive Racism, white folks have come out in strong defense of blacks and are in fact outraged there is even a suggestion most of that race are mentally challenged and consistently score far below whites on IQ exams, whether the exam is made up by blacks or whites, yellows, or reds, it matters not. In NORAM, the black scores, on average in the 85% ile range. In Africa the difference is greater. On average blacks score in the 75th% ile range. If you score 75 % on an IQ exam; the mean being 100, you are actually ‘learning deficient’ something we used to call, ‘mentally retarded.’

            The great Albert Sweitzer, who ministered to black people in Africa for most of his medical career admitted that the worst thing white people can do with regard to the black is to give the black the idea he is equal to the white man, which just is not so and has been proven to be not so over millennia. That is not to say black people should be treated poorly. Why would you treat your prize race horse badly? Remember, the nonsense about black slavery in the 18 and 19th centuries in the JewSSSS A, is mostly nonsense. A healthy, strong male slave cost 1500 or more dollars; in equivalent value that would be in the tens of thousands. One calculation put the number at over two million dollars today. And, besides, slavery was counter productive to white people; it put whites out of work, and work was performed much slower. According to research I have come across, more black farmers owned black slaves than white farmers in the JewSSSA in the 19th century, when a war was waged ostensibly over slavery; which btw was not introduced into the equation until the north was losing the war in 1865. The war between the states was not about slavery; it was another banker’s war. Just another great holocaust of Gentiles at the behest of Jews.

        • Yep! The worst place to be when the SHTF is the big cities or near them. One must become a Mountain Man like, Jeremiah Johnson did, in order to survive the coming Apocalypse! Cause when the law and order stops, then you yourself will have to take over! And it aint gonna be no pretty sight.

          • “You know how to skin grizz?”

        • Detroit just got its first white mayor in more than 40 years…hmmm…guess they got tired of the looting taking place INSIDE the mansion.

      7. we don’t see or hear so much about this stuff in Texas. There are frequent coordinated smash and grabs and holdups here in the Houston area… (always black males doing it too BTW) but I’ve never heard of an actual mob forming-up and taking their violence into a non-ghetto shopping district or neighborhood.


        Because the legally-armed here in Texas would gun them down like zombies…that’s why.

        • Amen, Rifleman. In fact, I’m in Houston today and I feel perfectly safe. Ain’t saying whether I have the 2nd Amendment with me or not, since the corporate global government thinks that’s illegal in commercial vehicles. I’d bet, however, there’s enough fire power in the average truck stop to handle a good sized mob of zombies.

          In Texas, and other armed states, they have a different term than Flash Mob. They call it a Target Rich Environment.

          • Good one SmokinOkie – Target Rich Environment.

            One day a group of Concealed Carries will go shopping together (for safety sake)and they will come upon such a mob. Wonder what the outcome would be?

            Y’all Beware! Get you a real good attorney!

            • With you Y’all. Still laughing- Target Rich Environment!
              Y’all, with our CHLs you’ll hear “save some for me”.

              • I’ll back you up if I’m needed.

                Y’all Beware! I like a 45 over 9mm.

          • Muzzle Flash Mobs.

          • You don’t ever want to mess with a trucker. Ever. I did a stint trucking and it was a real education. It’s not that they’re bigger or stronger than anybody else, although some of them are. It’s not that they’re meaner than junkyard dogs, though there are some of them too. It’s not that they’re better armed, though a lot of them are.

            It’s that they don’t hesitate do what WORKS. That’s how they survive. And, of course, part of what works best in a lot of general situations is to be bigger, stronger, meaner and better-armed than others. Especially when you’re trying to get a night’s sleep in places like Cleveland or Detroit or Waco or Kansas City.

            • Or compton Ca, Stockton Ca,

          • It is Not illegal in a commercial truck. But you must abide by the state laws.

          • @SmokinOkie, does also include, open season and no bag limit? Just wondering, want to be a good sportsman, ya know.

            • In any post-SHTF scenario, open season and no bag limit.

          • Custer said something like that, too.

            “Boys, we’ve caught them napping. Target Rich Environment!”

            • Smokey, if a mob comes to my home, “Bertha” will have her own target rich environment in which to operate.

        • thats why i always say “God loves Texas”

          • Rabbt,

            Yes sir I was born here and will die here! I know a few that are from Tx here, who else is from TX?


            • Im a Texas Okie not from Muscogee! Country all the way down to my boots, or steel toed tennys!

              • ACME sends me “thank you” letters…

            • @DPS – I still call Texas home and visit family in Houston every 3-4 months! I’d like to buy 3-5 acres and consider moving back home!

            • Austin here!

              • Austin is nice but still a city and very liberal at that.

                • My mom and her family is from Fort Worth Texas, that makes me half Texas right? Of course the other half is from the hell hole of Memphis TN…. Sorry BH but it’s one of the only places I’ve been where they have bars on the windows and don’t come out of the house at night.

                  I thought my state was safe until I get a survey asking me about gay rights in Indiana. They said Ely Lilly and Cummings diesel, are complaining they can’t bring workers to our state because we don’t have gay marriage laws. WTF

                  • I currently live in cali, but San Antone will always be home.

                    Visited with kin back in September.

                    Texas Proud.


                  • Indy Colts, that’s OK and I’ll go further and say Memphis is a SHITHOLE with a capital S. No, I don’t love where I live but it is where my home and livelihood are until TSHTF. My home has bars on the windows and I have security doors front and back. Plus, I have my “ventilation team”. braveheart

                • Well to all my fellow Texans I say Howdy, please to know your a Texan. To the rest of the shtf family I say your all a Texan in your hearts. By proud to have ya’ll sit around my camp fire anytime. Pull up a chair open some shine and let the fishing and hunting stories begin.

                  CATIYMF-NOMI Shall I move,

              • Williamson county here

            • Me

            • Been outside Houston for 16 years. When we moved here in 1997 it was “out in the country”.
              Now the urban flight has caused all the “cityfied” people to move out to he country…& they want to cut down all the trees & build shopping malls & housing plans. We moved out here to get away from all that . I’m fine with the fact the the closest Wally World is 15 miles away. We will be bugging in on our 10 acres….& will do our best to hold ’em off. Would like to find other preppers in the area. Being 50 miles from Houston is probably not far enough….but it is what it is. We are still in the 5th wheel trailer we purchased after the house fire last year. Trying to get started on building a new home on the property…& fighting the insurance battle. They don’t believe me when I list cases of can food & such that we had stored up over a couple of years. Also a lot of questions on all the ammo, guns, reloading equipment..etc. I don’t know that we will ever get back to where we were before the fire….but we try to do a little every week. Drive around Houston every day for work….put on about 1000 miles a week. The traffic seems worse every day, & crime is is increasing. We had the 10th armored car robery this year…just a week or so back. Keep your carry piece close Okie ! The Beatles were right…..Happiness is a warm Gun !
              Montgomery County Texas

        • Rifleman,

          We went through a rash of home invasions here in my town last yr. They got into 3 house before the 4th man unloaded on them. Funny thing we have not had another single one. And Okie be safe in Houstson today. They may want to flash mob you for some shine. So just open fire. LOL


        • 2nd that.

          i dont really like Houston’s heat, humidity, boring landscape and the rednecks; but i sure like here while the country heads for a depression or outright collapse.

          there’s enough rednecks around that those moochers(hat tip neal boortz) really want to leave texas alone.

          i dont want to believe the usa is going where its going; but it is, only question now is how bumpy the ride is and how long it goes before rock bottom.

          • I would take a redneck any day of the week over a gang banger.

            • Rednecks never do the things gangbangers do. They are still better people than gangbangers.

        • Texas really regrets the Katrina refugees now!

        • Never heard of a flash mob in Wyoming either.

          It amazes me that they have shut down whole cities because someone saw “a man with a gun.” If they did that here, every Wyo town would be shut down 24/7. My next door neighbor always carried a 1911 Colt 45 on his hip. He is retired army and was almost always home and paying attention to what was going on in our neighborhood. He moved last Saturday. I feel our neighborhood is considerable LESS safe now.

        • Yeah,but you let illegals pour across the border!

          • Not exactly, unfortunately people from California are not considered illegals; yet.

      8. That’s why I moved from a big city to a small rural county 2 hours away from any big city, and nearly 6 hours from my previous mega-city. Like Shifty says, “put up the fences and let them burn”.

      9. Yeah lets declare martial law and squash those have nots and never will haves. Beware if you are not a card and fiat cash carrying capitalist.

        • @aljamo:

          …and how many of these so called “have nots” are you helping out and have living with you…..

          …are you giving them ALL of your time and money, and a job so they can become a “have” like you……..if not….hypocrite.

          Freedom is about choice………right or wrong…….they made theirs, for them and their kin.

          ….don’t choose poorly…….BA.

        • Of course, how silly of us, we had no idea those young citizens were taking from the evil capitalist rich store owners and giving all their goods to the poor downtrodden children in their neighborhoods.

          I can just picture the gleaming faces of those little tykes now, when they unwrap their a brand new pair of $300 sneakers on Kwanzaa.

          • I’m white and the dress shoes I had to buy cost me $25 at WalMart; a place I had to shop because I needed shoes and they have them for only 25 dollars. At that time I was living in my car. I never thought to just out right steal a pair; but then, that’s not in my nature. I wouldn’t know how to begin and not be caught. I suppose the answer is to organize a flash mob. Trouble is, I only know one black guy and the white people here would never go along with that.

      10. A flash mob like that needs to be “Dealt with, severely!”

        • qazycat
          Perhaps that is what the Fema Camps are really for. The elite realize too many people are against abortion, so they have to come up with some idea to control the over extended amount of people we have that are no longer needed to further the economic survival of our country. If you were one of the elite, what would you do with them? By “them” I mean those unable to be educated employed, or civilized?

          • I thought the same thing. The elite even they themselves are Parasites. Those folks know that we not only have a population problem. We also have a too few making producer and too many taking parasite problem. I don’t think they will go after the self reliant well armed productive prepper types who have know how. the working producing folks are a needed asset. Nope they will round up the Parasitic looting rioting welfare drawing lowlifes first. declare marshal law in a small area round up the no goods and move to the next hot spot. Who needs immoral lawbreaking parasites who cannot even feed themselves yet reproduce like rabbits? The government did this before. They starved the plains Indians and killed the main trouble makers and reveservationed the rest. Not much difference between a FEMA camp & a Reseveration? There will be a culling. All of mans laws will be suspended. However the ten commandments will still be valid. The law of karma will still apply. those who believe that the so called abandoned property of others is fair game would do well to remember this. If you didn’t buy and pay for it leave it alone its not yours. Even the wild game if its on private property it belongs to whoever has or had a legal claim on that real estate.

        • qazycat A flash mob like that needs to be “Dealt with, severely, brutally, painfully and callously!”

      11. Some good ones….

        >>>>>>Once again The Washington Post has published the winning submissions to its annual neologism contest, in which readers are asked to supply alternative meanings for common words.
        >>>>>>The winners are:
        >>>>>>1. Coffee (n.), the person upon whom one coughs.
        >>>>>>2. Flabbergasted (adj.), appalled over how much weight you have gained.
        >>>>>>3. Abdicate (v.), to give up all hope of ever having a flat stomach.
        >>>>>>4. Esplanade (v.), to attempt an explanation while drunk.
        >>>>>>5. Willy-nilly (adj.), impotent.
        >>>>>>6. Negligent (adj.), describes a condition in which you absentmindedly answer the door in your nightgown.
        >>>>>>7. Lymph (v.), to walk with a lisp.
        >>>>>>8. Gargoyle (n), olive-flavored mouthwash.
        >>>>>>9. Flatulence (n.), emergency vehicle that picks you up after you are run over by a steamroller.
        >>>>>>10. Balderdash (n.), a rapidly receding hairline.
        >>>>>>11. Testicle (n.), a humorous question on an exam.
        >>>>>>12. Rectitude (n.), the formal, dignified bearing adopted by proctologists.
        >>>>>>13. Pokemon (n), a Rastafarian proctologist.
        >>>>>>14. Oyster (n.), a person who sprinkles his conversation with Yiddishisms.
        >>>>>>15. Frisbeetarianism (n.), (back by popular demand): The belief that, when you die, your soul flies up onto the roof and gets stuck there.
        >>>>>>16. Circumvent (n.), an opening in the front of boxer shorts worn by Jewish men.
        >>>>>>The Washington Post’s Style Invitational also asked readers to take any word from the dictionary, alter it by adding, subtracting, or changing one letter, and supply a new definition.
        >>>>>>The winners are:
        >>>>>>1. Bozone (n.): The substance surrounding stupid people that stops bright ideas from penetrating. The bozone layer, unfortunately, shows little sign of breaking down in the near future.
        >>>>>>2. Foreploy (v): Any misrepresentation about yourself for the purpose of getting laid.
        >>>>>>3. Cashtration (n.): The act of buying a house, which renders the subject financially impotent for an indefinite period.
        >>>>>>4. Giraffiti (n): Vandalism spray-painted very, very high.
        >>>>>>5. Sarchasm (n): The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the person who doesn’t get it.
        >>>>>>6. Inoculatte (v): To take coffee intravenously when you are running late.
        >>>>>>7. Hipatitis (n): Terminal coolness.
        >>>>>>8. Osteopornosis (n): A degenerate disease. (This one got extra credit.)
        >>>>>>9. Karmageddon (n): It’s like, when everybody is sending off all these really bad vibes, right? And then, like, the Earth explodes and it’s like, a serious bummer.
        >>>>>>10. Decafalon (n.): The grueling event of getting through the day consuming only things that are good for you.
        >>>>>>11. Glibido (v): All talk and no action.
        >>>>>>12. Dopeler effect (n): The tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly.
        >>>>>>13. Arachnoleptic fit (n.): The frantic dance performed just after you’ve accidentally walked through a spider web.
        >>>>>>14. Beelzebug (n.): Satan in the form of a mosquito that gets into your bedroom at three in the morning and cannot be cast out.
        >>>>>>15. Caterpallor (n.): The color you turn after finding half a grub in the fruit you’re eating.
        >>>>>>And the pick of the literature:
        >>>>>>16. Ignoranus (n): A person who’s both stupid and an asshole.

        • Love it! Ignoranus (n) A person who’s both stupid and an asshole. obama pelosi etc. etc……………

        • “Esplanade (v.), to attempt an explanation while drunk.”

          My favorite! It also occurs when a horny 14 year old boy is confronted by his intended target and tries to protest his innocence. Never heard such lies in all my life… until Bill Clinton.

        • Eppe, you devil. those are some all-time classics you came up with. keep it up.

      12. And Its no great surprise at what color the dirt bags are!

        • Eh,don’t care about the color,will not get divided by things like that,trash comes in every color!

          • War child that may be true. However those jungle bunnies are only 14% of the population. and you gotta admit they commit more than their 14% share of wrong behavior. they do wrong to their own race almost as much as they do whitey.

            • OG,to start with didn’t thumb you down,rather engage folks in conversation,or even a argument then hide behind a rating system(will thumb up good stuff!).When you say their own race,yes,those that are cretins are a disgrace to us,the human race.I am of mostly Nordic blood stock with a little Maori thrown in(not enuff for face tattoos!),I refuse to be drawn into a war due to ethnicity though the puppet masters would love it,as I say,trash comes in all colors.I refuse to get into it with phrases like jungle bunnies ect.I will if threatened treat all trash the same,regardless of ethnicity/religion ect.,in that aspect am very liberal and open!

              • I’m an equal opportunity lead dispensary . Don’t care what color , race, religion, or sexual orientation they are. You are either part of the problem….or part of the solution. I will make my
                Decision accordingly. I would like to believe the mainstream media reports that all is well…& everything will get better going forward……but I think we all know that’s not happening . While I really don’t want to have to shoot anyone…..I am mentally prepared to do what ever needs done
                to try & survive SHTF….& make it through to help in the rebuilding. God help us all. There is a storm coming….
                Montgomery County Texas

              • I am 100% with you, WC. We see the blacks rolling out the racks of clothes…we don’t see the white bankers rolling trillions out the back door of the Fed. Crime is crime.

                One more thing: If and when the SHTF, we may, just MAY, have the opportunity to create a society based on hard work, justice and real equality between humans. Let’s get out of the habit NOW of thinking in a way that would make that new way of living possible.

                I’m not saying be a pacifist, I’m saying defend yourself from all comers if needed. This world could be a whole lot better if ALL OF US decide that is what must be.

            • Old guy, African-Americans are only 14% of the population and do commit crimes all out of proportion to their share of the population. Most of their victims are other black people. you’d be surprised how little black-on-white crime there is overall in the US, although it has been increasing since 2008. Google FBI Uniform Crime Report going back to 2008 and also a report put out by USDOJ’s Bureau of Justice Statistics. Very interesting reading and they are both OFFICIAL US GOVERNMENT STUDIES.

              • “most of their victims are other black people” Two points (1) that’s because other races tend to avoid them. Even the most liberal negro loving white isn’t moving the family to the ghetto. (2) So their criminal acts are okay because they victimize their own?… “surprised how little black-on-white crime their is..” First off if your talking violent crime the msm goes out of its way to conceal the perps id.And I wouldn’t put any faith in any DOJ report post 2008, you know whose running the show right?

          • Yes that’s true; there are a lot of colours in a trash heap. In this discussion we are talking about a trash heap represented by a flash mob, where a variety of colours appear: Indigo, dark brown, brown, light brown, and pale brown. And, in places where the light was dim; it was hard to tell what colour they were because you can’t see them in the dark, but, given the propensity of brown and dark brown colours in this heap, I would suspect that those in the shadows are of similar colours.

      13. Why imagine what it will be like when we all have seen food riots around the world and small scale stuff with ebt meltdown(which I was thankful for,really woke up a family member).I would not be surprised if started by feds to get cities to ask and then receive martial law

      14. I can’t speak for all of Canada, but throughout Ontario swarm-type attacks used to be extremely rare but now, there are several reported every week in Ottawa alone. Hell, even if I could legally carry there are place I wouldn’t want to be alone on foot after dark. And those are well-traveled, decently lit areas too.

        At least we live in a rural area and while we have some teenage wannabe thugs in our little town, their numbers are small and easily manageable. Although as being fairly recent additions to our neck of the woods, the cops have already shown a marked bias in favour of the “locals” over us “new people” when we’ve filed complaints.

        • Sometimes the best way to win , is to not engage in useless battles .

          • Always chose your battle. Do not let the battle come and surprise you. Be Prepared. That is what Baden Powell told us to be. In my day, we boy scouts were well prepared. We had to know our stuff to earn our badges. I have not forgotten those lessons all these years later. I can tie a bowline with one hand.

            • Actually, Emmanuel, you have to read a book written by an ancient Chinese warrior-philosopher who lived around the late 200’s BC by the name of Sun Tsu entitled THE ART OF WAR to find that very same quote. Another quote he made was “Know your enemy”. That book has since been translated into several languages, including English.

              As far as choosing one’s battles, the great Carthaginian general, Hannibal, was a master at that strategy. When he was winning, he was very patient; and, he chose both the time and place in which to engage the Roman Legions in battle. Yes, Emmanuel, choosing your battle(s) is the best strategy; but, that requires patience.

              • The man or woman who masters patience masters all things. 🙂

      15. I await the time they try to pull some Dude with an AR out of his car. No doubt he will be charged and they will be cast as school valedictorians just out standing on the sidewalk at 2:00 AM, innocently shot

        • Remember for your wish to be true. At no. A old man newyork reload carrying a pair of block 21. With 4 mags on his belt. And a special all style block 19 Hester under the steering wheel of his mer. Now that a dream I like. Remember if lime me legal at don’t work well until you are out of the car. Now a p90. Or a short barrel legal SG. Oh I having a warm feeling. Dam hole I didn’t just spring a leak again. Dam it.

          • FBP, flee the scene if at all possible. Bear in mind how “the authorities” tried to crucify Zimmerman. If there was a shred of evidence that he’d even had an unpaid parking ticket, he’d be in prison. The talking heads kept calling him a “self-appointed” neighborhood watch captian, but what I kept hearing was that he was the only one willing to do anything about the rash of burglaries.

            Never heard anything about any burglaries after the “Treyvon” event.

            • Billy Idol Never heard anything about any burglaries after the “Treyvon” event.
              Of course you didnt hear anything more, da burglar yoof wuz shotses!

          • FP, Whatever you are currently drinking, I’d like to try a gallon or so.

      16. That’s funny eppe. thanks.
        And here’s one more- ‘Paints’ Trousers a woman must have put on with a brush. (like the girl in the pink shirt on the right)
        Tell Mrs okie I tried not to look, honest I did, Where’s my sunglasses?

        • And here I thought that was the usual okie pronunciation of “pants.”

      17. Just like the shopping season, people trample others just to get 5 bucks off a TV…..People like that are Animals!

        • …but animals who can fill out a layaway card…

      18. Tis to bad as all I ever used to hear about flash mobs was people doing goofy and at times funny things as a group,just enjoying life without hurting folks and perhaps even a few grins on peoples faces,dammit,need to find some more good news to counter this negativity!

      19. Give these folks a break…If this happened on November 1st, maybe they are just pissed to see their moms and unknown dads are getting less for their EBT cards. They are just trying to feed their families with stolen Nike’s.

        • I hope they choke on the shoestrings.

          • LOOOOL.

      20. No worries. It’s just Obama’s sons and daughters getting their fair share from your white privileged butt. You would be racist to complain.

        • Gone With The Wind, if you’re going to start calling white people racist for speaking the truth, then take your trick ass away from here.

          • It’s sarcasm….

        • …did you forget to put the /sarcasm/ tag in that comment?

      21. The solution is simple…state legislatures enact “shoot to kill” laws, that allow merchants to protect their stores and merchandise. A couple of employees armed with 12 gauge riot guns that blow the heads off the first perps thru the door will stop this shit in a real hurry. Interestingly, how this type of open and brazen lawlessness has occurred and escalated under the current presidential administration.

        • HD,this nonsense is the result of over 40 years of 2 parties controlled by puppet masters and apathetic voters,hell,this path was started in 1913 with the creation of the fed reserve,has just snowballed ever since.

        • HD74Man…..the only issue with your suggestion is any employees who opens fires to protect their assets, have to answer to their uncle named Eric Holder.

          • @Warchild…having grown up in the late 50’s and 60’s, I never recall this form of looting and robbery, to have made the Walter Kronkite evening news. To me a lot of this has to do with no fathers in households these days. It’s like illegitimacy pregnancies are the norm now. Call it social and moral disintegration. And there ain’t no woman whose gonna control some 18- something male wannabe thug. My father was a WW II vet, 12th Armored Division in Patton’s 3rd Army, who fought the 2nd SS Panzer Division at Noville, Belgium as a sniper and bazooka man. Growin’ up the worst thing in the world my brothers and I wanted to hear from my mother, was “You wait until your father gets home”. You just knew there going to be some very serious ass-kicking to be had.

            • @Tactical-Interesting how in Texas,no form of robbery or thievery is tolerated. I remember reading a story about a auto repo guy coming to a home after dark and grabbing the homeowners car. As he was pullin’ out of the driveway, the owner came storming out with his hunting rifle banging off a number of shots as the repo guy tore off down the road, killing him. In court, the guy was exonerated as it is against Texas law to take or steal property in the night-time. It’s why the US military fired a rocket (documented on Steve Quayle website) into that fertilizer plant fire. No uppity Texans are gonna upset the martial law applecart of the current administration.

              • HD74Man, I admire Texans and love Texas. Indeed you folks are one few states with enough courage to stand up for what is right. BTW, You just need to get the libs out of Austin…lately they are becoming a drag on your state. God Bless.

                • @Tactical…Actually I’m from Maine. However, I have a best friend from college who lives in the town of Koppell, which is about 10 miles north of Dallas. Over the course of time, I’ve visited about a dozen times. Can’t say enough good about Texans. Friendliest, nicest folks I’ve ever met, and that’s after a couple x-country motorcycle trips meeting people from coast to coast. No doubt they will be a forefront of the fight for liberty and freedom which is coming soon.

                  • HD,a new hampster guy myself but still do a lot of work in hometown of Boston,tis getting cold in these hills!

                  • Welcome fellow Mainer, there are a few of us here.

                • Tactical,

                  Well one thing about Texans we sure gave obummer a nice welcome to Dallas. Believe some those boy’s offered to drive him down town as well. I don’t think he raised much money though. You come to Texas don’t start by starting shyt with Our new Man Ted Cruz.

                  PS HD74man I ride a hog as well you ever get to the top of Tx drop me a line and I’ll buy you a cold one.

                  • @DPS-’82 Shovelhead FLHS set up like a 50’s Duo-Glide, here. Appreciate the invite. It’s what I cal true Texas hospitality, lol! May be heading down in December. Will let you know if so. Sincere regards. Ride safe!

              • HD74, the only statement in this post I dispute is that Texans won’t challenge martial law. I know for a fact that they will. i’ll be challenging it also and I’m not even a Texan.

                • @Braveheart…Feds sent that rocket as a warning, that “we’re bigger and got heavier weaponry than you. Wasn’t saying Texans are gonna knuckle under. In fact I believe they will in the forefront of any action to restore this country to it’s former self. Most of the people there are true patriots. As the saying goes, “Remember the Alamo”!

                  • HD74, I’m sorry for my misunderstanding. True the feds have heavier weaponry but still don’t have anywhere near the numbers needed to take on the entire country. Geographically, it’s impossible for them, even of all the troops were brought back from overseas and with “UN peacekeepers”. I suspect it will be primarily DHS with some other alphabet soup agencies and foreign troops. A large percentage of the military won’t play ball with Obama and most of the military is overseas anyway, by design. BTW, I had an ancestor at the Alamo. Yeah, I’ll remember the Alamo AND everything else! braveheart

              • HD, I raised a family in Texas. Left as soon as the last one graduated high school.

                The Texas you describe still exists in the rural areas. The cities, though, are crime ridden. I worked in LE my first career there, and know of what I speak.

                The major cities are, or are becoming, Democrat, and you better hablo espanol if you get south of about San Antonio.

                Great to live in a 2nd amendment supporting state, but better to live where you don’t feel the need to carry. The 30.06 signs (notifying a person it is illegal to carry on premises) were thick in the area of Texas where I lived.

                I like Texas, and miss it, especially in the winter. We go back occasionally, but feel on guard there. Texas isn’t all sunshine a lollipops.

        • This escalated since Eric Holder said that he won’t prosecute “my people.” Notice how many colors of people have gotten away with crimes, particularly within the administration. It’s not a skin color- his people are the children of lawlessness no matter what they look like on the outside. Those who wish to see the law upheld yet run afoul of it? Those are the ones at whom the book is thrown, no matter the color of skin. If you want proof of the later, look up how many black people have lost their jobs because they have said the wrong thing to someone about SSM. I rest my case. Evil has a foothold in government and lesser evils are encouraged by it.

          • If/when I ever have to use deadly force to protect myself, I will do it, period! If anyone tries to target me over a legitimate act of self-defense, expect resistance, period! I refuse to be punished for legitimate self-defense, period! braveheart

          • We’ve got a similar problem in Ontario and New Brunswick with the Natives. Since a Mohawk named Dudley George got his due at the hands of a police sharpshooter, the policy has become to “not antagonize the Natives”.

            That means that in the Caledonia area, Indians are free to block roads, vandalize white peoples’ properties, enforce illegal tolls, open fire on police officers’ homes and beat White people within an inch of their lives with no repercussions. However, when White folks band up and stage their own peaceful counter-protest, they are ordered to disband and the ringleaders are arrested.

            When they started arming CBSA agents at our border crossings, the Natives blockaded bridges and railroads and threatened a great deal of violence if their terms weren’t met. Eventually they got bored but instead of the heavy response the government deployed in Oka in the early 90’s, NOTHING was done. Honestly, I would have loved to see them try to face down Afghanistan veterans instead of troops whose idea of a deployment was a UN tour in Bosnia.

        • Fuck that , throw down caltrops and then open fire , with a flame thrower )

        • @HD74Man, I think it would’ve been much funnier if they had an instant electronic door lock—imagine that whole gang rushing face first into immovable tempered glass…priceless “funniest home videos” footage.

      22. I see dead people.

      23. Hold on! Was that? Did i see? Was that Satan standing in the corner cheering these EVIL DOERS on. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers,against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spirtual wickedness in high places. EPH.6/12. In these END TIMES rebellion and WICKEDNESS will and have increased. We all can see it happen. Every day we read about something uderly vile taking place. Its the Evil one and his minions. We live on a Demon infested rock, that by the grace of God will renew itself with the return of Jesus Christ.

        • Time for a little Motley Crue then,Shout At The Devil cranked way up!

        • either that or we’ll bury all the meat suits…

      24. Run, Forest, Run!

        We all need practice shooting moving targets, right? 🙂

        • I wouldn’t be shooting at Forrest Gumps…

      25. Anyone out there see Hurricane Haiyan that is going to hit the Philippines? This sucker has sustained winds of 195 MPH. Using the measure of Hurricanes, the Saffir-Simpson scale, with 131-155 mph winds for a Category 4, and using the same scale for Category 5 would be 156-180 mph, and then 181-205 mph for a category 6, this monster is a category 6 hurricane. They just say anything above 155 is a category 5, but using the same scale you can see what a super hurricane this is. I wish they had a pressure reading, it must be around 26 inches of mercury or about 875-880 mb. This is a killer and thankfully it is going through less populated areas, but still anyone in the path of this better be underground because this thing is like a EF-4 to EF-5 tornado that just keeps going in a much larger area.

        • Its a bummer for PI
          Homes are lightly built for the most part, population is mostly poor.
          Prayers going out to the good folks in PI.

          • Indeed Kula. I wish I had a magical power to change its direction toward the HQ of Goldman Sachs and Chase and then to DC.

            • AMEN, with a detour to Pennsylvania Ave to pick up a few stragglers.

        • You can track it on: 28

        • I saw 862 mb in the comments to one of the weather blogs, top wind of 195 mph, and reported gusts past 270 mph.

          I could only find one weather site with any pressure readings, and they had 999 down the whole column of readings, meaning they had nothing.

          • 270 mph! I cannot fathom what that must be like.

            • It’s a lot like riding on the outside of an airplane.

          • @ Archivist. If that 862 mb is correct that is approaching a world record for the low pressure ever recorded. I think that lowest is around 858 or 859 mb. If this is the case the sustained winds would more likely be in 220 to 225 mph range. That would be an ultimate nightmare for anything like this to hit any populated area. That would be a category 7 hurricane. I am still think it is in the mid to high 870 range. Just think if and when something like that hits the Gulf Coast. Hurricane Wilma at one point was in this range years ago.

        • @e Informed…makes ya wonder what the effect is gonna be on the Fukushima nuke plant, which is now acknowledged as the greatest disaster to hit mankind. According to various YouTube vids it’s contaminating 300 tons of Pacific ocean water daily; there’s radioactive steam belching from the reactor after breaching the containment vessel and getting into the water table; and there’s fuel rods to be moved which contain the explosive power of 14,000 Hiroshima and Nagasaki A-bombs. All of this is being virtually ignored by the US mainstream media. A friend of mine who is a doctor and has been following this on the Steve Quayle blog, has advised getting a hold on a store of potassium iodine to combat potential radiation poisoning even here on the east coast.

          • I’ve already got a 3 month supply for myself and up to 3 other adults…and my cat.

        • That’s what I was talking about,people doing fun& or goofy things!

      26. White flash mobs entertain. Black flash mobs are criminal. Segregate the cultures. They demand equality; we demand safety.

        • Eh,will say it again,trash comes in all colors.

          • Warchild, yes, trash DOES come in all colors. I spent the years 1975-1982 in Miami with numerous ethnic groups from the Carribean and Latin America. The one group I, my Cuban-born wife, and the rest of the Cuban exile community ALWAYS had trouble with are the Haitians. say what you will, Haitians are useless as people. sad to say, I never found ONE good person among Haitians. when they first get here, they get straight onto the programs. You can’t get them to do anything. they’re so lazy and shiftless. IT WAS ALSO A STINKING HAITIAN, DRUNK BEHIND THE WHEEL OF AN OLD CADILLAC, WHO RAN OVER MY WIFE AND KILLED HER CROSSING THE STREET FROM THE HOSPITAL TO THE EMPLOYEE PARKING LOT. Six months after I buried her, the Haitian bastard got his due. he was struck dead on by another drunk driver, another Haitian no less. Poetic justice, you might say. No, I’ve never had any use for Haitians and never will. red thumb me, call me racist, I don’t care. that’s my perspective on Haitians and I’m NOT apologizing to anyone for it.

            • That’s perfectly understandable as far as I’m concerned. It’s not like you don’t have any rational reason.

        • Some black flash mobs entertain, and not all criminal flash mobs have been devoid of whites. Don’t get stuck on the outside. There are lawful flash mobs and lawless flash mobs- segregate the lawless by sending them to jail!

          • Send the bad guys to jail… so the good guys can pay for it.

            How about…
            1) No social services to new immigrants;
            2) Bring back public exicution;
            3) Stop bringing any 3rd world people into our countries at our expence; send the current ones back for a refund;
            4) Manditory combat/fitness training for grades 3+; concealed carry for post highschool;
            5) Put God back into school; (Im not even christian and I can see that being a good idea)

            When the bad guys realise they are going to actually PAY for their own crimes they might decide to immigrate somewhere more suited to their style of freedom and lifestyle.

            Bullies learn to leave black belt martial artists alone.

            • megajoel If I might add execute any and all illegal aliens found in America post haste.

      27. Its getting to the point you need to carry at all times.

        • Getting you should of been carry 247 . You just had some luck up til now. So what are you going to do.

          • Continue to not carry,am a bit quick tempered,rather till really breaks down not risk doing something stupid.I do not engage in activities that would get me robbed and try to have a decent amount of situational awareness.I will not do gigs in tougher areas and when in northern part of New England really have no worries that I need a firearm at all in regards to being in public.

      28. When i read this type of article,
        I am real glad i dont live in the continental US.
        We will have problems but nowhere near the crap the population of the continuous 48 will.
        Im more worried about natural dizasters or radiation from Fukushima,
        Maui does have some benefits,
        Besides the obvious, today, high of 75 low of 60 sunny, trades 10-15, morning windward showers, afternoon leeward cloudy with chance of showers, itll be like that till forever pretty much!

      29. That’s why I like arizona! Everyone can carry even if you don’t have a CCW!

        • The second admendment along with all the other counstitional rights are god given &inalienable. The framers didn’t give them to the citizens thay just named them. I don’t need any stinking permit to carry. I believe its my patriotic duty to disobey any uncounstitional laws.

          • Agree

      30. Any advice on how to protect a child going off to college in a more “blue” area several hours away from the folks?

        • Heifer,

          Do what I did for my daughter. Give her a gun and lots of ammo and teach her how to use it. Then pay for her self defense classes. And when your done with that But her a hand held tazer. Last time her step brother was picking on her she tazed his ass. Of course he’s a badass 82nd Airborne.


        • Yeah; pick a different school. One in a state that allows Concealed Carry. Teach your kid how to use a gun. Then get your license. Remember, better to be Judged by 12 than carried by 6. Dead victims have no rights. Don’t be a victim! Questions?

        • One of the first episodes of doomsday preppers was about a finance exec in Atlanta. That guy had his stuff together for his college age son. Bug out bags, evacuation plans etc if the lid needed to get home.

        • Send them to another college closer to home?

          Practically speaking, pack a G.O.O.D. bag for them to keep handy with a prefilled gas card in it. Self- defense course before going away as stated above. Make sure they know who they are, what they believe and if they don’t call you once a week, call them. Aside from those things I’d say pray and trust that God loves them even more than you do. What else can a parent do that is not smothering?

          • I’d say multiple gas cards for different chains of gas stations so you won’t be stuck with, say, a Canadian Tire gas card when all you can find is an Esso or an Ultramar.

            Or whatever chains of gas stations are in your neck of the woods.

        • Kiss ’em goodbye and give them one last hug… They will have a perverted blue haze around them for the next couple of years.

      31. We really shouldn’t worry too much about this. The government aren’t encouraging this sort of thing all over the US, because they’ve not been preparing for martial law and aren’t looking for the excuse. We’re all aware that Homeland Security upgraded their weapons and armoured vehicles for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

      32. Got the Generac guy coming out tomorrow to hook me up a small lp powered 7kw. With a 500 gal tank and only run an hour or two a day should last a long while.

        • Glace,though realize area affects price am looking at doing that for my mum,what was the rough estimate for tank/transfer switch ect?I will do any necc. ahead prep work/trenching.

          • 10kw Generac $2000, new electrical panel $1400, running cable and natural gas line to generator site, $250.

            Don’t know what a propane tank costs, but if SHTF, you want a berm around your big 500 lb. bomb.

            You can certainly trench it out yourself, I rented a Dingo and put a ditchwitch blade on it, dug 130′ of trench in 20 minutes.

            Put a spare conduit line in the trench for later, if you think you will ever need to run something to your shop or garage.

            • Thanks for general ideas smokey,as I am a carpenter was hoping sparkies I knew had experience,the good electrician I knew said get a sparky that does this on a regular basis,cut himself out but was honest and knew I wanted a good setup for me mum,he as not experienced was not too familiar with pricing but said would thru his company if needed get me a unit at best cost possible.

              • Yes, they can get you a discount on the generator, take advantage of it.

                I pulled the cable through the conduit myself, other than the ditch, I let the electrician hook it all up. For the money, it’s worth hiring it out and getting it done right. I can do basic wiring, add a circuit, that kind of stuff, but the generator hookup is not something I am going to try. If not done right, you energize the power lines and hurt repairmen.

        • Glacialhills

          A gallon of propane will give you about 40 amps @ 110V for one hour.

          Here is the ballpark way to work it out.

          Propane has 91,000 BTUs / Gallon
          Engine/generator is 15% thermally efficient
          1 KW = 1000 watts = 3413 BTUs

          91,000 BTUs x .15 = 13650 BTUs in electrical output

          13650 divided by 3413 = 4 KW = roughly 40 amps @ 110v

          You will need to change the oil in the engine every 50-75 hours so plan accordingly.

          Hope this is useful

      33. Just saw a SHTF movie called “Captain Phillips”.

        Merchant marines battle pirates armed with AKs with water hoses, flares, and kitchen knives.

        Merchant marine vessels arent allowed to be armed. Someone might get shot. The companies dont want the liability, you know.

        • Some owners are arming them now, putting trained teams on board. The liability of having arms aboard is not nearly what the alarmists believe it to be, and is less than the liability of not having arms.

          • When in international waters the armed security poses no problem. Recently India locked up private security guards on a merchant ship.

      34. Our forefathers believed in segregation and guns. Segregation, of those regardless of color, who act like animals may be necessary to protect society. Guns correct varmint problems too. Our forefathers also hung horse thieves and tarred and feathered crooked politicians, and ran them out of town. Society will get as bad as decent folks are willing to put up with.

      35. They need civilian sniper teams in Chicago. That’ll fix rm. going to trade my p245 for a limber ultra compact 1911. Handgrip on my p245 jut a tad to big for my hands, and I’d rather carry my .380 lcp. With the kimber I can carry both.

        • Haha freaking autocorrect. Limber. Did ya figure that one out mr NSA?

          • Kimber makes a very fine handgun in 45acp.

            • Gone,

              Kimber makes some fine gun but they are very picky about the ammo they will run. So run 50 or so through them to makes sure they work right. My self I lean towards my FS92’s they eat about anything I put in them.


              • I have some kimbers. I have ran thousands of rounds through them. They will eat anything and I reload.

                • In my experience, most feed problems are mag related.

                  • Gone under,

                    We had some problems with a new 9mm Kimber this last weekend. The little gun shot nice and had a great feel to it but would not shoot the 147 gr no matter what brand it was. Thanks for the tip and I’ll let my buddy know that the mag could be the problem.


      36. Just carry a Concealed Weapon and enjoy yourself. That’s what I do! As soon as these Flash Mob Punks get their Brains Blown Out, I sense this will all end quickly. Questions? Here endith the lesson.

      37. Not long before it’s gonna look like cities in Mexico I have seen, (not the ones where tourists go), with everything barred and buzz-in/buzz-out on all the doors. Heck, I know of places like that in New Jersey today. The “open-mall” business model is over, ducky!

        • I had a business trip about ten years ago in Camden, N.J. Little did I know of what I was getting into. I saw burned out and stripped cars on the streets in downtown Camden with blacks all hanging out in large groups on the streets. I had to get gas the second day in the city and the gas station I pulled into had a ten foot high fence with barb wire on top around the entire station. I had to wait for the attendant to open the gate (electric, controlled from inside the building). I drove in, the gate closed behind me and I was the only one in the lot. The attendant was inside the “store” which was bullet proof and no one could enter the store. If you wanted something you had to ask for it and pay for it first through a rotating glass bulletproof carousel. I fueled the car and left. I learned quickly that at the time I was there Camden N.J. was the number one city in the U.S. for crime. If I had known that in advance I would never have gone there.

          • Prior to New York Shipyard, RCA and Campbell Soup closing Camden was a good place to live. We went shopping there on Broadway in the early to mid 1960s.

            Camden got so bad two decades ago that Camden police didn’t go to Camden. NJ State Troops had to take over their duties.

      38. Was Trayvon Martin in that crowed? If not Thanks George Zimmerman.

      39. This is the reason I have an addiction to buying bullets. NO!! I really do, I love the shine of new brass. Each one is like a little “friend” of mine. I can’t tell you how much I’ve spent in the last 1-2 years. I have an awsome wife that understands I need a lot of “friends”

        • Eh,can understand the desire for more items but as for friends(people),well I have friends,not real keen on the ones I got,not looking to make new friends!

          • @Warchild

            When I was younger I had a lot of friends. Now I just have “guys” I work with. A few neighbors I talk to but no one I could really call to depend on. If you want to find out who’s a friend, ask them to help you move. When we bought our house and had to move out of state; only one guy helped me load up and my wife,brother,Dad, Mom helped me unpack.

            I was kind of a bad kid and into a lot of stuff I’m not proud of. When I got my stuff together and became a man; none of them wanted to have anything to do with me…. Not that it’s a bad thing. “if you can’t change the people around you; change the people around you”

            I’m afraid it will be me, the wife, and our 135lb attack dog when SHTF. GOD is all I need because people tend to fail at the time when you need them most. I wouldn’t be suprised to hear stories of preppers being sold out by people on their so called “teams” Its human nature.

            Cheers to my SHTF friends

            • If its you your wife and God…then its a team…the dog is a nice extra…hard to beat that group…youll make it 🙂

            • Indy,friends help friends move,real friends help friends move bodies!

            • Indy,I hope you and forum realize I was joking,have a small group of friends have know for decades,we have all been thru the good and bad together.I hope you get to know your neighbors better and that they are folks worth knowing,while my neighbors and I not always in agreement we help each other out/keep an eye out on each others property ect.

        • Can’t help but agree. Nothing like coming back from the range with a bagful of dirty brass, running it through the tumbler to make it shine again. Heck, I even bring home brass for guns I don’t own!

          • “I even bring home brass for guns I don’t own!”

            That won’t last long… As soon as you have a midwayusa box full of this sorted brass you will feel compelled to find something that will eat the stuff.

            Always thought I would fire up a small foundry for this “foreign” brass and try make some bronze sculptures. That never happened and now I have started collecting .22lr so that I can turn them into .224

          • Old Coach,

            Thats funny I do the same thing I have it sorted in old coffee cans. Don’t know if I’ll ever use it but I might be able to trade to somebody. The really fun thing about reloading is for Christmas all the kids want ammo.


          • @oldcoach

            I pick up all brass at the range. Last week I got some 270 and 300 win. I give it to my uncle cause he reloads. I picked up 2 bags of 223/9m/40 I also keep calibers I have because at some point I might start reloading. Just don’t have the $$$ yet.

            • I saved brass for 15 years before getting a reloading press. Certainly is an easy way to stock up on brass.

              Definitely sink the money into a good press, they aren’t getting any cheaper. If you shoot a lot, you’ll be able to afford to shoot more.

              Get a progressive press if you are going to load more than a hundred rounds a month. You’ll be glad you did and won’t spend the money twice.

          • Friend of mine just told me, even if folks don’t reload their own brass, they should save it, and put away one or two thousand primers to fit, a big box of bullets, and two pounds of the right powder. Even for just one caliber, they’ll be able to restock their ammo.

            Can’t say I disagree with that one bit, should be lots of reloaders around.

        • I bet you’re the one who originated the phrase “Say hello to my little friend”.

      40. Carry a AR or AK or a MAC style pistol concealed. 😉 30+rds of kick ass.

      41. I keep a glock 19 with 15 shots for punks that flash mob. If they want to see what a 147+p grain HST hollow point can do. I’m sure I’m a better shot than thugs holding guns sideways.

        Of course I wouldn’t be in a city like chicago and I don’t really know any places like that around my neck of the woods in Indiana.

      42. The disarmed and defenseless citizens of Chicago better practice saying, “Please don’t hurt me, sir” in several languages. Bear spray. Aluminum baseball bats. Ka-bars. Drywall hammers.

        This is in OUR future if we let it be. Infiltrate and sabotage progressive or grabber organizations. Read Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. That is how they play the game. Learn it and turn it back upon them. You don’t need a formal org of your own. Three or four determined folk can raise all kinds of hell with the progressive scum.

        Be honorable with your friends and family but take the gloves off with the scum whose endgame is us disarmed and dead. Ask no quarter and give none.

        • Cross bows/compound bows/axes/bear spray,hell,the list of alternatives is endless!

        • JA: You got that right. Patriots must INFILTRATE organized groups and influence their activities or leak them to alt media. Use their money and organization to promote Constitutional ideas.

          Most of these fools are just uneducated without a clue. Push American ideas. 🙂

      43. I’ve installed some security cams professionally for a bit. And the prices are coming down to boot. A few more cams that get close up face shots are an easy deterent.

        Still. In an economc decline. The deterents are going to become less effective. At some point the businesses are going to shut their doors as the losses mount. Martial law isn’t going to help the situation.

        Sadly, the vermin will drift on to new homes/locations and targets.

      44. In 10 years when my kids are 18 , I plan to move from long island to the rockys if possible as I am married to a woman who thinks NOTHING is wrong with this country and everything is A o.k. !!!!
        Personally I think I may make the 9 1/2 years before the shit hits ……hell back in 2008 I never thought we would still be sitting in this current evironmnt , I figured by now there would be dozens upon dozens of dead looters near my home and I would finally be free of the chains of slavery called capitalism !!!

        • This made me laugh. 10 years? You have to be kidding us.

          We’re lucky if we have 2 years. 17 Trillion in debt and over 80% of the jobs being created are part time. About $1 Trillion a year in over spending.

          We’re at the point where the Federal Reserve is about the only one buying our Treasuries. Coming soon, hyperinflation.

        • Take your family to the rockies now.A great area,still a decent economy and gets em the hell out of the cities!

      45. The news media keep calling them flash mobs so that they don’t have to call them what they really are, black street gangs. I wish everyone would refer to them as such. Even when there is rioting and looting after a major sporting event, the MSM says “sport fans” rioting. Wrong. It was black street criminals again. I am somewhat amused when the MSM refers to them as “urban youths”. “If only they had something else to do they wouldn’t engage in looting and killing”. Wrong. If only they would rob and kill news people. Someday soon, perhaps.

      46. I just pooped myself

      47. You know, I have been checking out this site for a while. Learned some things and enjoyed it; really helpful in getting me to the next levels of prepping. Then recently I have noticed the racist posts. Thought that this was a prepper website, not a recruitment forum for hate groups. I am really going to have to ramp it up if I am going to survive post reset with this racist bunch. Thanks for the memories SHTF.

        • If we acknowledge who the offenders are, we are racists in your narrow view of the world? What would you be prepping to defend against? Oh, thee, of no inner city life experiences.

          • No, MF. The point is the color was pointed out (as if we couldn’t figure it out) as well as the fact they are thugs. Just say they are trash. And as for my “lack” of inner city life experience, believe me brother, I have seen and see it all the time living here is Los Angeles. Been through the riots. And yes it was people of color mostly taking and burning in their part of town (stupidly). However, first and foremost, they were opportunistic parasites. Color has nothing to do with it. I came to this site to learn to prep in case of disaster and to protect my family against any and all who would try to injure mine. I thought I would be welcomed into this community because we shared the same thoughts on prepping. By the looks of the thumbs down, I will have to watch my six because if I run into you or your ilk, you may perceive my as one of “those” by my looks. Yeah, I do think race cards being thrown around too loosly and Affirmative Action is a stupid idea; lowering bars to correcting past wrongs. I do think it wrong that the Chris Rocks of the world can make fun of “whitey” but say a black joke you’re a racist. But, my dear friend, that should be for another forum. This, I thought, was for prepping, so my apologies to you and the other clowns that red thumbed me.

      48. Soon every citizen will be carrying a concealed handgun whether the law approves of it or not. The “authorities” will be so overwhelmed they won’t even try to enforce these laws against concealed weapons. It will just be a given that everybody is armed and when the thugs start getting shot on a regular basis, things will get back to normal. Before the 1840’s in Britain, people were likely to be attacked by stagecoach robbers if they chose this mode of travel. The only thing that put an end to the highwaymen wasn’t the police but every traveler carrying a gun.

      49. “In 2011, a large flash mob targeted patrons of the Wisconsin State Fair. Witnesses report that the racially motivated mob involving hundreds of individuals was, “attacking everybody for no reason whatsoever.” Most of the victims were white.”

        Has Alex gone politically correct on us?

        The fair this guy is writing about involved black on white attacks, and they were screaming it was “beat whitey” night.

        Covering up the racial aspect of the incident just encourages these people to do more of the same.

        Also, saying the crowd they are reporting on above was “racially diverse” is plain hogwash. All they need to do is see or hear of some whigger within the mob to call it “racially diverse.”

        Also, their bias is plain for all to see. They have installed two black teleprompter readers in news positions in an area that has a low population of blacks, making it obvious that they’re so politically correct white people are being discriminated against for jobs at that station, because their desire is over black representation.

        I’m really sick of this black on white hate and the spineless white weenies who report on it.

      50. All of the DHS ammo & other preps are for these inner city chimps, not us.

      51. Didn’t some A hole say “YOU DIDN’T BUILD THAT” meaning it didn’t belong to you it belonged everyone. These flash mob turds are just doing what Obullshit said.

        The footage that I saw was only of one race. I’m not a racist but I call it as I see it. I believe that they are taking a “Q” from the Obullshit to start some kind of a race war so he can bring in Martial Law. The other footage from Wisc. is old. If I remember right it was white youths and black youth fighting with each other.

        These are the Leaches and Zombies I keep preaching about. They are only taking clothing now. Tomorrow they will be taking food. Remember that the SNAP cards just got cut.

        Obullshit keeps printing money and money has no value so they are stealing everything that they can. Today the stores tomorrow you home!!!

        You folks in the City you had better prepare for this because its coming and the only way to stop it is to ARM yourself and know how and WHEN to use it. Some might think that food and clothing is not worth fighting over, Well it will be when you are staving and freezing.

        For us folks in the country. If a mob shows up at my house I know that they are up to NO GOOD, They will feel the RATH of the Old Sgt. and All Might God, and I believe some will meet JESUS.

        If you can carry in your state you better do so because this is just the tip of the ICE BERG. You think its going to stop at the store they just robbed if you are standing outside of the store they will hurt you too, because they don’t want any witness, and they will rob you,and hurt you family to.

        When these turds steel all this stuff they a pushing prices higher and will cause companies to go out of business, because they can’t afford the insurance and to cost to replace the items.

        There I said it. and explained in my humble opinion WHY.
        ITS OBULLSHITS FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Civil war is at hand, because the first time a WHITE store owner kills a BLACK youth the fight will be on. Just look back to last summer in the Martin case. Weather you believe the verdict was right or wrong it doesn’t matter he was found not guilty. If it would have been a black on black or a white on white crime there wouldn’t have been a trail with this much publicity!



        • Not flash mobs. Black street criminals. You’re not racist. I have considerable first hand contact, over decades, with these characters. Believe me, they are the racists.

      52. A bullet per and a bag of lime per–no one needs to know.

      53. The problem with our legal system is that these thugs can’t be stopped by lethal force basically handcuffing the store owners. There are alternatives for self defense. Law enforcement in Chicago will hang a store owner that tries any type of lethal force on these crooks.

        We have a new product that is perfect for these thugs. Picture pepper spray coming at you at 405 MPH! Every store owner should have one. These flashmobs will spread because the “real” economy is starting to show it’s face. The phony wallstreet economy is failing more and more every day. The more they get away with it without anyone stopping them, the more it will happen.

        Check it out:

      54. Good morning, Sarge, and you’re right on target. When the balloon finally goes up, things like race, gender, religion, etc. won’t mean a damn thing. Survival is the only thing that counts. If/when any mob shows up at my place, I know it won’t be “Avon calling”. Bertha and the rest of my “ventilation team” will be loaded and ready. BTW, I watched that same video of the black flash mob and you’re right; one “ethnic origin’ was all I saw also and I don’t care if I’m red-thumbed. I call it like I see it also. Sarge, I’m sure you’re familiar with the FBI’s Uniform Crime report and another report published by the USDOJ’s Bureau of Justice Statistics every year. The gist of those 2 studies are that black males are more likely than other group of people in the US to commit serious and violent crimes. THAT COMES STRAIGHT FROM 2 OFFICAL US GOVERNMENT STUDIES, NOT ME. Regardless, anyone who comes to my place with evil intentions, regardless of race, gender, religion, or what they’re wearing, I’ll give them ONE CHANCE AND ONE CHANCE ONLY to turn around and go away alive. If they make one wrong move, then it’s game on. MOLON LABE braveheart

        • Breaveheart:
          That FBI form is a joke. If they don’t like what you are sending them, they change the rules. I don’t have the time right now to tell you how many times this thing has changed in the last 20 years.
          Take care of yourself my Friend!!!

      55. Anyone watch Doomsday Preppers? Season 4 has turned out to be very good so far. I just watched episode one and two and the reasons these preppers are giving for why they are prepping are mostly based on the corrupt/criminal federal government. I sure hope these guys on the Doomsday Preppers show aren’t taken out by the government criminals when the SHTF.
        Stay Frosty!

      56. “As local police departments cut personnel due to excessive spending and budgetary restrictions, cities all across America are rapidly degenerating into gang infested war zones.”

        I love the opening. Someone they belive police do somethign to stop theft and gangs? They do nothing about it. All they do is paperwork after it happens. Sometimes they dont even do this.

        • YoYo
          You are so right. we have to do the paer work after it happens. I wish it was different but its not.

      57. First order of business: Move away from big cities with large minority populations. Move away from states with restrictive gun laws. Buy ammo. Lots of it. Buy guns. Protect yourself.

      58. there has been no arrests anywhere across the United Stated with black flash mobs. Obama and Eric the scumbag contempt of Congress Holder related to these people it was there right to steal and hurt people solely because they are black. black on white crime is just fine with this administration and in many cases murder is justified in favor of these animal savages.
        Holder is the one that needs to stand trial for all these thefts and murders of whites by the savage blacks. be careful black folks , you’re going to pick on some tough white dudes sooner or later, who will sever your head from your ugly body sooner, and it wont make a difference how many is in your mob, you will all go down. Just a warning, white american wont put up this for to much longer and the hurting and maiming of whites becasue you are all racist pieces of garbage. Obama and holder have done more harm to your black folks then you can ever imagine and they are using all of you knowing very well they cant stand you.

      59. All of these heinous crimes involving feral yutes is on DailyStormer website.

        I recommend it.

      60. And that’s why if your unlucky enough to go to any zombie goat gathering places you’d better be packing!

      61. This is a false flag if you look at the article, they state there are those calling for martial law to be declared because of this incident. I can think of all kinds of ways this could work to further the liberal agenda, I’m sure that the readers here can too. Number one a test to see if the local authorities will declare martial law over this type of incident. Number two a reason to bring the TSA to local stores. And so on add nauseum.

      62. Got Ni*|*|ers?

        No amount of money can change primal genetic predisposition.

        Didn’t see this social behavior among White Americans during the Great Depression when there was REAL massive deprivation and social support systems were nonexistent.

        Hundreds of billions of dollars in social, economic and educational subsidies over numerous decades, nearing an entire century, existing up to today, and this is what the result is.

        You can spray paint the stripe of a skunk and lay before it a million dollars… IT WON’T BE CAT!

        Where is the promised mass ‘Huxtable’ conversion??? Perhaps it is only ANOTHER few hundred billion dollars and a few more decades away.

      63. The only thing needed is to vote for people who will distribute that unused state land of a nation and redistribute that extreme sequestered wealth – leave the richest 20 million at most, and that would whittle down those affected by redistribution to less than 0.1%. As soon as the next election if people vote for candidates who think in the above manner, or run for candidacy with the above as a truly citizenship uplifting agenda, everyone need never work again.

        Distribute unused state land and abolish taxes. Legalise psychedelic gropwing for own use. End of problem.

        • yes and then any man with hands not idle will prosper and flourish .

      64. “Racially diverse.” Notice how the media EMPHASIZES this point. Of the hundreds–even thousands–of such incidents in which the perpetrators are of one race, there is a concerted MSM effort to suppress the racially based nature of the attacks.


      65. Time to shoot all the Trayvon’s !

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