“Next Dam To Break: Corey Feldman Can’t Name Names Over Fears For His Safety, Still Working On Plan To Expose Widespread Hollywood Pedophilia

by | Oct 21, 2017 | Headline News | 51 comments

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    Since the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke wide open, many have wondered if Hollywood’s other “worst kept secret” would soon be exposed – the fact that an unknown number of pedophiles have high-level jobs within the entertainment industry and have used their position to sexually assault and rape children.

    For his part, former child star actor Corey Feldman has long spoken out against pedophiles in Hollywood, even going as far as to painfully describe what has happened to not only him but also one of his co-stars, Corey Haim, who was 38 when he died of a drug overdose after reportedly being rape as a child actor in Hollywood.

    Before the Weinstein scandal broke, Feldman had been viciously attacked by the mainstream media, including in an infamous appearance on The View where the hosts were more worried about his allegations hurting Hollywood then about the children who were attacked.

    Considering all this, one would assume that if the Hollywood pedophilia network was going to be exposed, Feldman would definitely have a hand in doing so. Due to him publicly speaking out about the abuse in the past, radio host Alex Jones had been hoping Feldman may be willing to actually name names now, with many on social media reaching out to Feldman to ask him to do so.

    Feldman has responded, and although he says he cannot name names at this very moment, he is working on a plan that will allow him to do so.

    Feldman noted that he isn’t worried about being sued but is absolutely worried that if he names names he could put not only himself but his family in danger. One can imagine that hardcore pedophiles would being willing to do anything and everything to keep their names from getting out.

    Interesting, Feldman says he is over this after having his career ruined for speaking out before then revealing that he is actually working on a plan to expose those in Hollywood who prey on children.

    He also urged others in Hollywood who have been abused to speak up.

    In 2016, Feldman was involved in a shocking interview with the Hollywood Reporter where he directly discussed what had happened to both him and his friend Corey Haim when they were child actors under the control of Hollywood executives.

    “Haim had more direct abuse than I did,” Feldman said. “With me, there were some molestations and it did come from several hands, so to speak, but with Corey, his was direct rape, whereas mine was not actual rape. And his also occurred when he was 11. My son is 11 now and I can’t even begin to fathom the idea of something like that happening to him. It would destroy his whole being.”

    On the subject of being able to name names Feldman revealed his reasoning behind not doing so: (take note he has now admitted its more about his family being hurt than simply being sued)

    “People are frustrated, people are angry, they want to know how is this happening and they want answers and they turn to me and they say, “Why don’t you be a man and stand up and name names and stop hiding and being a coward?” I have to deal with that, which is not pleasant, especially given the fact that I would love to name names.”

    “I’d love to be the first to do it. But unfortunately California conveniently enough has a statute of limitations that prevents that from happening. Because if I were to go and mention anybody’s name I would be the one that would be in legal problems and I’m the one that would be sued.”

    Interestingly, West World actress Evan Rachel Wood recently tweeted an article about pedophilia in Hollywood with a caption that, if true, correlates with other reporting indicating that the pedophilia network in Hollywood is about to crumble.

    For more information on this horrifying topic, be sure to check out the new groundbreaking documentary, “An Open Secret” which is seemingly the beginning of the end for Hollywood.


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      1. A day of reckoning is coming hopefully in this life for these vermin. If not, then the next. I would dearly love to hear them beg and scream.

        • Learjet leftist Hollywierd disgusts me. Interestingly, this sickness goes deeper. Google the number of women high school teachers arrested for statuatory rape of high school boys. The numbers are absolutely staggering.

          When we lose our rightful fear and respect of God, we become prey to all kinds of vices. Even when we do believe in God, and respect his “user’s manual” (i.e., the Bible) – there are still struggles. But when you take the lock off the door, it is a million times worse. All sin is falling short of the target before God; however, sex has an added component in that it can create children. Go look at what is happening in the South Side of Chicago, or read the famed article by Dr. Ruth Dafoe Whitehead entitled “Dan Quayle Was Right,” at https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1993/04/dan-quayle-was-right/307015/ if you want to see what the idiot 1960s sexual revolution has wrought.

      2. If we ever get the names of the children of Satan . We all know what ((( group ))) they are in. Have you checked out the price of 308 ammo lately. It might be the only thing that saves them?

        • T.H.,Check out Palmetto State Armory (SC.) and The Armory (VA.)Their prices are usually the lowest.

      3. I’ll name em for ya. Pretty much everyone with a Gew last name in hollywood. There, that wasn’t so hard. Maybe some live cremation is in order eh. Marylin Monroe made a statement complaining about having to always sleep with a bunch of gews…

        • I read that Marilyn Monroe had an IQ of 167? I wonder if people could subconsciously see that?

      4. I’ll name em for ya. Pretty much everyone with a Goo last name in hollywood. There, that wasn’t so hard. Maybe some live cremation is in order eh. Marylin Monroe made a statement complaining about having to always sleep with a bunch of goos…

        • Genius, I’d like to see what some #4 birdshot can do to those vermin.

      5. Nobody cares if pedophiles run Hollywood, they only care if white men grope an innocent female or minority.

        • Germany is done. Europe is done. We are done. Listen to this interview it is more horrible than anything the nazis ever did and it’s happening RIGHT NOW!


          • GD moderation!

            Germany is done. Europe is done. We are done. Listen to this interview it is more horrible than anything the nazis ever did and it’s happening RIGHT NOW!

            ht tps://www.youtube.com/user/JRense

            Take out the space as usual….

            • Interview with Leonard Coldwell…

      6. I own quite a few books.
        I own a few bibles, four or so.
        One in particular
        the Oxford Revised Standard Version
        is in the middle of one of my book cases,
        On the one side next to it
        is “the art of war” and on the other
        side next to it is “the prince”.
        If Mr Feldman were to read all of them he
        might be able to handle his problem.
        These three books are all you need to
        deal with humanity.

        • How utterly double-minded of you to flank the Word of God with paganism on one side and situation ethics on the other.

          “Woe to them that are of a double heart and to wicked lips, and to the hands that do evil, and to the sinner that goeth on the earth two ways.” Ecclesiasticus 2:14

          “No man can serve two masters. For either he will hate the one, and love the other: or he will sustain the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.” Matthew 6:24

          “That with one mind, and with one mouth, you may glorify God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Romans 15:6

          “The double-minded man is inconstant in all his ways.” James 1:8

          • Revalation, 2:9,3:9 John 8:44. Read them.

            • fuk revelation, what kind of fukn god would make the mess that this world is in, your religious gods never was

              • God did not create the mess humanity is in, men (and women)created the horrors of this world.
                God doesn’t cause pedophilia/pederasty, child porn, famine, war, hatred, rape, murder, etc., men and women through their unbridled greed, desire for power and riches, lust, and
                hatred are quite capable, all by themselves, of turning this beautiful world into a hell on earth.

              • As if rebellious mankind is not responsible for the “mess”???

                Go figure.

                • Historian,
                  The spiritually blind cannot see. It’s as simple as that.

              • Charlie,
                Ever heard of the god of this world. Ask that entity why everything is so fucked up. I can tell you from experience that blaming God Almighty for anything is a futile, foolish pursuit.

              • God tells us that Satan rules this world. I guess he is either not all powerful. Or has a plan to separate the wheat from the Tares. How would you work against an equal power? Let them have enough rope to hang themselves ? Free will for some reason we don’t understand? Why dosent he just soddom and Gomorrah them again? We might just not know everything? Its complicated?

            • and Deuteronomy 31:16, Deuteronomy 31:16, Deuteronomy 31:16 & 20, Judges 2:20, 1 Kings 8:7, 1 Kings 8:8, Josue (Joshua) 23:16, 1 Kings 13:13, 3 Kings 18:18, 2 Paralipomenon 36:16, 2 Esdras 9:26, Isaias 65:11, Jeremias 2:13, Jeremias 11:10, Ezekiel 20:23, Ezekiel 36:16ff, Jeremias 8:7ff, Jeremias 8:10, Jeremias 31:31-32, Jeremias 44:23, Baruch 2:10, Daniel 9:25ff, Osee 4:1-2, Amos 5:20-24, Amos 5:26, Amos 9:1, Malachias 2:8-12, Matthew 3:10, Romans 11:17-20, Matthew 3:10; 7:19; Luke 3:9, Mark 16:16, Matthew 3:10, Matthew 15:9; Mark 7:7, Matthew 23:33, Matthew 21:44, Matthew 21:43, Matthew 23:13, 14, 15, 16, 23, 25, 27; Luke 11:42, 43, 44, 46, 47, 52, Matthew 3:7; Luke 3:7; 21:23; John 3:36; Romans 2:5; I Thessalonians 2:16, Matthew 23:38, Matthew 23:13, John 5:45-47, I Thessalonians 2:14, John 8:44, Matthew 23:26, Matthew 23:16, 17, 19, 24, Matthew 23:15, Matthew 23:34, Matthew 16:6-12; Mark 8:15; Luke 12:1, Matthew 15:6; Mark 7:9, 13; John 5:45, 46, 47, I Thessalonians 2:14-15, Matthew 7:6; Apocalypse 22:16, Romans 11:28, Matthew 23:17, Matthew 23:27, John 15:24,25, Matthew 6:2, 5; 15:7; 22:18; 23:13, 14, 15, 23, 25, 27, 28, 29; Mark 7:6; Luke 13:15, Apocalypse 22:16, Matthew 23:28, Matthew 23:35, Matthew 23:37; Luke 11:47, I Thessalonians 2:14-15, John 8:44, 55; Apocalypse 3:9, 22:16, Matthew 23:31; Apocalypse 22:15, Luke 3:7, Titus 1:13-14, Acts 13:46, Matthew 23:33, Apocalypse 22:16, Matthew 7:6, Apocalypse 2:9, 3:9, Matthew 15:3, Apocalypse 22:16, Matthew 23:25, Matthew 3:7; 12:34; 23:33, Mark 7:8-13, Matthew 15:6, and Matthew 23:27

              • Spot on Historian. Thanks.

      7. i know how Corey feels. I have seen many injustices in the intertainment field.
        Sexual predtors are everywhere… not just Harveywood.

        Being a woman in the workforce, I fell prey to many predators,
        and after 40 years, I didn’t care to look into the eyes of any man.
        Sometimes walking away means losing a job.
        Do it! Then sue them if need be. This has to stop!
        Where is common decency?
        This is stain on humanity.
        Women and children are not property or objects for
        the pleasure of low life power trippers.

      8. Not just Hollywood, the British and American governments and a certain church are neck deep in this practice. Not naming individual names is the safest course because retribution could be serious. The church has tons of cash to pay off anybody and it’s old news drawing at most a sigh.

      9. Don’t think for a second Trump doesn’t know all about this and also doesn’t know names. Same for the Clinton’s. Trump is very connected to Hollywood. And, his best buddy (his words) is Tier 3 registered sex offender/pedophile Jeff Epstein; “Love the guy. He hosts the best parties ever and he knows I like ’em young”, meaning 13-16 yr old girls.

        Trump won’t do anything about this or direct his staff to look into it, investigate and get it exposed and stopped because he doesn’t want to be exposed. Meanwhile, innocent children are traumatized. Innocent children suffer.

        • Seems like Trump must be going after them . Or we wouldn’t be seeing this?

          • Not likely. Trump has his own Achilles heel:
            judaism DOT is/trump.html

            • Hope you are wrong . But it seems you might be right.

          • WRONG! TH – Many of the kids are old enough now, late teens to early adulthood, to reveal the truth and bring this out in the open. Trump doesn’t want it discussed and brought to light because he has his own sordid past to hide.

            Trump has done nothing to stop this abuse and protect innocent children when he could have, and going forward he will do nothing. DO NOT give him credit when he is part of the problem, just like the Clinton’s are too.

            The Clinton’s and Trump could have put a stop to this long ago and have done nothing so that their crimes aren’t exposed. They are all scum.

            Trump is a hebephile with a sexual fetish for 12-16 yr old girls. We know what the Clinton’s are all about with their pedophilia sex crimes. Trump even admitted he likes young girls on Howard Stern’s radio show in the 90’s, not that we NYers were surprised and shocked to hear it. They are all scum. All of them.

      10. I wonder how many of these Hollywood scum, when they are in DC, eat at Comet Pizza?

        BTW, I believe reddit users are ready to digest the JFK papers as soon as they are posted next and see what they can piece together, using their “weaponized autism.”

      11. I was told many years ago that in Greek culture, the older men will take a
        very young boy and teach him to be a man sexually, while they abuse them.
        This could not be more disgusting.
        My next question is, is this acceptable to most foreign cultures?
        Muslims like young girls about 6-12 to marry.
        That is criminal….legal rape….and sadistic. Women become conditioned
        to be sexual servants almost from birth. Like boiling frogs!
        Sick…sick …sick societies!

        • Interestingly, Kay, Christianity teaches that men should treat women with respect, and not be engaged in adultery, fornication, pedophilia or homosexuality. It teaches that God created sex, and is a good thing when “used according the “Manufacturers instructions.” When we refuse to do this, we end up reaping the whirlwind, exactly as we are seeing now. Islam has horrible things to say about women. I know, as I have read the Qu’ran TWICE. Hinduism? If it wasn’t for missionary William Carey, who influenced Mohan Roy, there would probably STILL be suttee today. Gee.. what is suttee you ask? I’ll tell you: it is the burning of LIVING widows after the husband dies. This was ended by the influence of Christians in India.

          Ah, you say, what about the bad stuff the Brits did in India? Interestingly, I would not call those Brits “Christians,” as they, e.g., severely restricted missionaries even going into India. I.e. these types were no more Christian than anyone else who only darkens the door of a church at weddings an occasionally a Christmas service. Their god was money, not the real God. Truth is, Christianity alone elevates woman and sexuality; sex the flower of the union of a man and woman committed for life, not just the pairing of genitalia to two goats in heat.

        • I read that Spartan boys entered the military at age 8 and didn’t get to leave but weekends Untill they were 20? Imagine taking an 8 year old and training him hard till he was 20. But Spartan slaves called heliots were where the word hell came from? But who knows what to believe?

      12. Corey Feldman was just arrested in Monroe/ mangham Louisiana on an “unspecified “ drug charge. Coinkydink? I doubt it. Google KNOE for the short blurb.

      13. A lot of americas problems can be solved as long as there are enough old shacks out in the woods let me explain take all the sob’s out to old shacks out in the woods nail their private parts to the floor with a 16 penny nail set an old rusty jagged edge butter knife within arms reach set shack on fire and leave this can solve a lot of problems

      14. Corey turned to drugs as his way of dealing with the pain of the trauma of sexual abuse. The aftermath of the abuse is worse than the actual abuse. That is why I think he self-medicated. And that is very common among sexual abused children once they enter their teens and adulthood; they self-medicate to kill the pain. Then they get judged for that, for being a “drug addict” while the disgusting perpetrator walks free.

      15. Most of us will say how horrible these rapists and pedophiles are, but will any of us hit these evil men and women where it hurts, IN THE POCKETBOOK?
        We PAY these evil people, endorse and FUND their perversions and make them rich every time we go to the movies, watch cable TV, or subscribe to Hulu, Amazon, Apple TV, and Netflix.
        STOP paying these people by refusing to pay for the garbage that they produce.

      16. The worst part is that child molestation is probably happening close to the place where you live. Remember Kathy Anderson from Father Knows Best? In her autobiography she told about her mother being an alcoholic and her father molesting her. To be a part of the perfect television family only to go home to that! The image and status of men and fathers has never been so low!

      17. Don’t tell me these women who are married to these pervs didn’t know. They are smart enough to bag a rich guy but had no clue? Here’s a clue. Sexual perverts have a wide range of sexual dysfunction. I guarantee plenty of these moguls have a difficult time getting it up. Hahahahahahaha.

      18. We can only hope he is not found Clintonized, having slipped on a banana peel in the shower after accidentally having imbibed 56 martinis combined with 5 bottles of barbituates.

        Extra credit: NRA woman forced to move after death threats:
        Guess these folks skipped their class on Irony 101 when doing their degree in 18th C. Belgian Lesbian Musicology. Presumably these brownshirts were going to use a wet noodle to do her in? Remember, H8TE, violence and bullying is bad… unless the fascist left does it. The it is “understandable,” “acceptable,” and even “good.”


      19. The radical gay-uber-alles Nazis will not be pleased with Feldman. Remember: hate, violence and bullying always wrong… unless the fascist left does it. Then it is “justified,” “understandable” and even “good.”

        And you are correct: These gay fascists missed the Irony 101 class while taking their Belgian Lesbian Musicology course at Pisgy Switch State Univ. We can only assume book burnings start next from them.

      20. As CS Lewis said about ethics, “we castrate, then bid the geldings be fruitful.” No, this is not a sexual reference, but one addressing ethics. Truth is, Dostoyevski wrote years ago, “If there is no God… everything is permissible.” (And yes, he did actually write that.) Truth is, as Francis Schaeffer wrote, if there is no God, only bald evolution, “whatever is, is right.” In fact, Jean-Paul Sartre himself – certainly no Christian! – noted “A finite point without an infinite reference point has no meaning.”

        And re. sexual ethics – and if you extrapolate this out further to all ethics you will understand what I am saying – it may be that men argue about how many wives a man might have; but no culture, anywhere, has ever maintained that a man can take any female any time he wants. Why is that?

        Welcome to the world of post-Christian America.

      21. MAC – Please take the comments out of moderation and post them BEFORE starting new threads.

      22. Talk about bravery. Cory is braver then most of us. He will probably have family members die misteriously..

      23. Child actors dropped off at the studio gate as the parent speeds off. A parent dressing up a young girl in make up and gowns for beauty contests. Wherever children are there are perps. That’s just a fact. The parents need to be held accountable.

      24. They are a danger to society and need to be imprisoned. locked up for life.

        Fining them and making them pay up for their crimes has no impact and doesn’t stop them. Releasing them after they serve time doesn’t change them. A child molester is always a child molester. They never stop. WE have to stop THEM.

        The only way is to lock them up and let them rape each other. But none of them, not even one, should be free to live and work among us, where they can gain access to children. They should be put away for life. No exceptions.

        There is no other way to stop them and to stop these traumatic assaults against innocent children of all ages.

      25. Everyone who rents/watches/downloads movies/TV, subscribes to Netflix/Amazon Prime, etc. finances these Hollywood perverts. Amazon and its website IMDB promote homosexuality and transgender nonsense. Hollywood pumps this sewage into our homes and expects us to pan for gold in it.

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