New Zealeand Is “One Step Short” of Another Lockdown With NO COVID Cases In the Past 100+ Days

by | Jun 24, 2021 | Headline News | 8 comments

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    Just because a country has no cases of COVID-19 in the past 100 or more days doesn’t mean the masses get to move about freely. New Zealand is now reportedly “one step short” of another lockdown to stop the “delta variant” that no one has from spreading.

    Are the slaves not tired of this obvious bullshit yet? A higher Covid-19 alert level, just one step short of lockdown, has been implemented in Wellington, as authorities fear the more dangerous Delta strain of the deadly virus was brought to the island country. According to a report by RT, the country with its population of nearly 5 million people has been enjoying a relatively quiet life during the global outbreak, with no new Covid cases reported in over 100 days. A quarantine-free travel bubble had been arranged with neighboring Australia but has now been halted.

    There are concerns the man might have spread the Delta strain of the deadly virus. “This is a more infectious variant. The risk is higher than usual,” public health official Ashley Bloomfield said, as quoted by local media. He also said “everything’s on the table,” meaning the government cannot rule out a lockdown. RT

    Also important to note, is that they are admitting that their savior, the “vaccine,” doesn’t work:

    The infected Australian had been previously vaccinated with one dose of the AstraZeneca jab, New Zealand’s minister for Covid-19 response Chris Hipkins revealed. In New Zealand, over a million doses of the Pfizer vaccine have been administered, according to health officials. RT

    They have admitted time and time again that this experimental gene therapy does not prevent the transmission of or an infection from COVID-19.  So what’s the point? The agenda. It is a piece of the agenda.

    Australia has also followed suit clamping down on people as they continue to fearmonger the public with this hoax. Measures have also been tightened over “exposure concerns” to the new variant. Gatherings and movement have been restricted in Sydney, and several neighboring states closed their borders. “We have gone from near and present danger to a very real and present danger,” local health minister Brad Hazzard told the media.

    They are going to potentially lock down the slaves again for one case of the supposed “delta variant.” We live in dystopian times. What is it going to take for human beings to get off their knees and stop being slaves?


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      1. The Delta Death Variant is coming, oh the terror! The corona cold for most pholks, you really just gotta brush it off like water off a ducks back.
        This is hysteria clown world, but the narrative is quickly falling by the wayside! Wake up and live your life! Don’t let anyone tell you differently, the government should fear its people, and people should not fear its government, then and only then will there be true liberty! I will not comply!

      2. The people there have no choice but to obey those they have put in positions of power to rule over them.

        Not much different here really, just not as far down the path here as there.

        Is there still time to make any difference and change it?

        I doubt it, remember that it is now Biden who we decided to put in power here.

        Decisions have consequences.

        Sometimes irreversible ones.

      3. Like you said, the nearly 5 million people living in New Zealand were enjoying a relatively quiet life and as we all know by now – tptb can’t allow that to continue. If you have any peace, good times or enjoy yourself in any way shape or form, the evil ones will do everything they can to put an end to any of that.
        It’s like these evil creatures live to make all our lives a living hell and to destroy happiness wherever they spot it.

      4. Yet another country filled with limp wristed. no brain, sheep from hell….

      5. “What is it going to take for human beings to get off their knees and stop being slaves?” Have the teeth of the state stand down. A politician without teeth is just a suit in an office.

      6. “What is it going to take for human beings to get off their knees and stop being slaves?” Have the teeth of the state stand down. A politician without teeth is just a suit in an office.

      7. No NZ lockdown this time but they are looking for any excuse

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