New York Drops “RACIST” Literacy Test For Teachurs: “An Outsized Percentage Of Black And Hispanic Candidates Were Failing The Test”

by | Mar 14, 2017 | Headline News | 50 comments

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    When we reported earlier this week that it is now blatant racism to wear red, white and blue attire at sporting events if the other team is made up of culturally and racially diverse members, we thought things in America couldn’t get any more ridiculous.

    But we were wrong.

    According to a report from Fox News, it is now also racist for school districts to ensure their teachers are capable of reading and interpreting basic English.

    At a time when the United States has plummeted in the global rankings of education standards, one of the country’s largest states is poised to scrap a test designed to measure the reading and writing skills of people trying to become teachers.

    Citing the fact that an outsized percentage of black and Hispanic candidates were failing the test, members of the New York state Board of Regents plans to adopt a task force’s recommendation to eliminate the literacy exam, known as the Academic Literacy Skills Test, given to prospective teachers.

    The literacy test was among four assessments introduced in the 2013-2014 school year as part of an effort to raise the level of elementary and secondary school teaching in the state.

    The tests, however, came under intense scrutiny for their alleged racial bias, after just 46 percent of Hispanic test-takers and 41 percent of black test-takers passed it on the first try, compared with 64 percent of white candidates.

    Plus, critics said, the test’s $131 price tag is too steep.

    Indeed, $131 is way too much money to spend on vetting a teacher’s ability to read.

    Of course, one would assume that after having borrowed tens of thousands of dollars in student loans to go to college to learn how to be a teacher, graduates would have at least some level of literacy.

    The Academic Literacy Skills Test itself is basically like the reading and literacy portion of the SAT. A sample of the ALST shows that a portion of the test is multiple choice and asks prospective teachers to read short stories, book excerpts or pie charts, and to then make determinations based on what they read.

    America no longer leads or even makes the Honorable Mentions list for math, science or reading when compared to other countries, and the fact that our teachers will no longer be required to pass a basic reading test to get a job tells us things are only going to get worse for an education system that is nothing short of a complete disaster.

    And when we say disaster, we mean it. But don’t take our word for it. Watch how the best and brightest respond to even the most basic questions:

    A new video from Lunch Scholars catches US high school students off-guard and out of the classroom.

    Watch how they respond to a series of common questions covering topics such as American history, geography, and politics.

    • In which war did our country win its independence?
    • Who is the Vice President?
    • Which countries border the U.S.?
    • How many stars on the flag of the United States?
    • Can you name a country starting with the letter “U” ?

    Warning: This could be painful to watch:

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      1. New York Drops “RACIST” Literacy Test For Teachurs: “An Outsized Percentage Of Black And Hispanic Candidates Were Failing The Test”

        Say it isn’t so?

        Common Core – has done such wonders for students to achieve a higher degree of learning over other countries.

        Parents should be proud, and reward their dumb downed children for achieving such an academic honor.

        • The dumbing down of America, keep lowering the bar so even the blacks and browns can pass. I’ll expect the Japs to stop sending their kids to American colleges and universities very soon.

          • BlackMoe,
            Ignorant, dumb people are easy to manage, does anyone out there have ANYMORE doubt as to what is happening? NWO has designed this? IF you do doubt it, then you must already be in that catgorey!

            Tough times are coming faster and faster!

            • no offense but it appears you might not pass the test either- *category*. seriously folks? the proper sentence format should be “*the* NWO has designed this.” or “has the NWO designed this?” also, you need a period after “manage” not a comma.
              criticizing an article about the degradation of our educational system by using poor grammar and sentence structure. way to go amerika.
              any other article and i’d be using poor sentence structure too, but i think this is an article where we should rise above that and prove we aren’t all stupid ourselves.
              oops, look who i’m talking to- a bunch of ignorant trump suppporters.
              christian anarchist
              yes i know, i didn’t use any capitalization. bite me 😛

              • Your “sentence” starting with “criticizing” is not a complete sentence. I see at least several additional sentence fragments. I recommend proofing your work. I remain “proud to be a Trump supporter.”

              • kaleb h: I don’t know what article you read, but I could not find your snide examples of grammatical or punctuational errors in the above article.

                I also do not know what is wrong with “category,” seriously kaleb h, I don’t.

                But talk about stupidity and ignorance, have you ever criticized a professional athlete even though you’re not a professional athlete? Have you ever criticized a movie story even though you’re not a professional screenwriter? Have you ever criticized President Trump even though you are not a professional politician? According to your rationale, you were too stupid and ignorant to have made such criticisms.

                In order to teach something, a teacher must have greater skill than the pupils in that something. Pointing out the lack of a teaching skill does not require possession of that teaching skill.

          • Its a plan by design, “The race to the bottom.” We are only as strong as our weakest link. Lots of weak links in Govn’t.

            • 25 years ago having a government job paid much less than the private sector. Now it is the opposite.

          • The schools do not teach how, when or where because they don’t want them to ask why.

            • And then we have the Nazi Pelosi and the rest of the demoncraps, backed by George Soros, who are all for “lowering the voting age to high school age, whether it’s 16 or 17 or…, because when kids are in school they’re so interested, they’re so engaged, and we would like them to be ready at least to register before they leave.”

              She doesn’t mention that the kids are still under the influence of the dumbed down teachers and their libturd unions, which amounts to nothing but a ploy to pad the vote for the communist party.

              Unfortunately, most high school kids in our public institutions of indoctrination today are just as ignorant as their teachers. The only thing they understand about the political process is the hashtags they play with their friends and whatever the Kenyan is doing with their Hellywierd idols.

          • The US Universities are at the top in Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics. Once in the liberal arts and humanities knowledge and deductive reasoning reverses. College was a ticket to the good life. Unfortunately like food some is nutritious, others while tasty serve no purpose but to have one gain weight.

          • Name a predominately non-white neighborhood, city, or country people are flocking TO.

        • FTW, once again, it’s been proven that ‘minorities’ can’t stand on their own 2 feet so they need the govt. to step in and give them special treatment with quotas and set-asides.

          • As with every time these people have control of their own countries, whether if ‘given back’ to them as in S. Africa, or just as how these countries are run by their own people when they are demographically the majority, what makes them look for white countries to escape to? What’s up with that? Yeah, you can say they are escaping political persecution, but that’s not it. It’s just as the supposed ‘escaper’ ends up in a suburb and brings his b.s. with him, so do these people.
            Though there were some countries as Iraq and Libya, now Syria, who were doing too well that had to be destroyed. Ask yourself why, and for whose benefit? I’ll answer that. Why, to later weaponize them themselves. For whose benefit, the people who want to destroy all white countries.
            The one question that I have here is why does affirmative action, another subversive ploy, need to promote Mexicans above American whites? What is the rationale there? And from that irrationality others have been foisted upon the American public, as they too have been used against the people of Europe. And all the while they have gotten white Americans to go along with this insanity. You do know the Mexicans can’t understand it either, but they’re loving it.
            All I have to say is that brainwashing works. And the people that this b.s. is foisted upon better shake it off soon, or else.

        • It started long before common core. I was forced into a Comp 100 class because they lost my preregistration. It was the only ‘equivalent’ to the Comp 101 course that was no longer open. Just as this girl with the blond hair and reddish top at the beginning of the video doesn’t want to jump up and answer the questions, neither did I in my class. Now this is a supposed to be a college level course. So when the teacher put up a sentence on the board and asked the class to pick out the noun, no hands went up. I just looked around. No hands were moving. So I raised my hand, and I got it right. Then the teacher asked the class to pick out the verb. And again, no hands went up. I waited and then raised my hand again, only to help the teacher move along. Anyway, I was the only white person in the class. I guess it was my white privilege that allowed me to answer those questions. And it’s a good thing that I wasn’t around these students before. Or I wouldn’t be raising my hand either. But surely my college would have been paid for.

      2. When I word in DC in the 60’s, the typing test was 80 per minute, shorthand was 120 a minute. The feds dropped the typing to 40 and dropped shorthand completely, the blacks could not pass the tests with the higher numbers.

      3. How long have we known of this problem? Nothing New. Why have any standards at all. A passing grade of 25% out of 100% should be sufficient, right? Even if you have standards who enforces them to insure the professionalism and safety is still intact.

        • Anon, it really burns me to see standards sacrificed on the altar of affirmative action and political correctness. so it’s RACIST to be professional and practice safety? GMAFB!

          • DBH


      4. Mac, this article takes the cake and the bakery along with it. Nothing new here. I remember back in the 60s and 70s when companies had aptitude tests for new employees and black employees were failing the test in HUGE numbers. They went crying to the NAACP and they took a number of companies to federal court with that old ‘discrimination’ scam. The companies had to drop the tests altogether. Isn’t affirmative action wonderful? [SARCASM] Now parents in New York State have to accept ‘dumbed down’ teachers to teach their ‘dumbed down’ kids. Once again, leave it to affirmative action to ruin something.

      5. Black lives matter is the new KKK while the Democrat Party is still the party of racism. They’ve just switched sides.

        • Except majority of black lives matter supporters are you white hipster college kids

        • SW, I call them Black CRIMINAL Lives Matter. No good people in that group at all.

      6. My 9 and 11 year olds easily answered all these questions………These idiots will be my children’s employees in fifteen years.

        • A dose of reality

          Your children would be foolish to hire them.

        • Assuming we have 15 years.

      7. They never plan on working and if they do they can just change the rules to match their ability, just like their teachers have. The race to debasement doesn’t apply only to coin, it has become part of the fabric of life that actually threatens that life. I remember when we collectively sought to achieve higher goals, but that was a long time ago, back when people could read instructions.

      8. You can ignore reality but you cannot ignore the effects of ignoring reality.

        • Blam

          Good one. I’m putting that in my verbal mental library

          • I guess you never heard of Ayn Rand?

        • Or, formulated another way, “You can ignore reality but reality can’t ignore you.”

          • I would say reality WONT ignore you.

      9. glad i’ll be checkin’ out soon….my poor kids.

      10. One more reason why you should be keeping your kids home.

      11. For parents of dumbed down children and anyone who suspects that they may be are not all that literate, here are some suggestions.

        Buy a hard copy real paper dictionary. Barnes and Noble and carry them. If you attempt to read a dictionary like a romance novel, you will get overwhelmed. Pick out a word and read the entire definition. Are there any words in the definition that you don’t understand? Write them down in a list. Look them up. You will find more words so repeat the process. Cut up little pieces of paper. Write the word you are looking up on it and leave it in place until you are done for the day. When you get done, throw the strips into a bowl. A fish bowl is good for this. For fun, take out a strip and see if you remember what it means. Look it up to make sure if you aren’t certain. Then construct three sentences using the word. Keep this in a three ring notebook. At the end of the year show your work to your English teacher and ask for a higher grade based on the extra work you did. If the teacher refuses to give you higher marks because it was not assigned, don’t be surprised. That is just how it goes. The important thing is that you learn. If you don’t know the words, you can’t sing the tune. Most people in America barely speak the English language. Students coming from Asia, some who don’t speak English, can read English much better than Americans. It is time to catch up, or be left behind.

        Hope this helps somebody somewhere.


        • B from CA

          I read encyclopedias when I was a kid. One TV, three networks, and it was Moms. We got it on Saturday morning for cartoons. Squeezed in some Combat and Star Trek on occasion. I stuttered, wasn’t athletic and not interested in sports at all so I read, and read and read. It was my window to the world.

      12. Dumbing down even more,just fucking great!

        Oh,and B from Cali.thanks for the words in the fish bowl literacy training,now me fucking goldfish are dead!

      13. Nov 28, 2016 How America’s public schools keep kids in poverty with Kandice Sumner

        Why should a good education be exclusive to rich kids? Schools in low-income neighborhoods across the US, specifically in communities of color, lack resources that are standard at wealthier schools — things like musical instruments, new books, healthy school lunches and soccer fields — and this has a real impact on the potential of students. Kandice Sumner sees the disparity every day in her classroom in Boston. In this inspiring talk, she asks us to face facts — and change them.

      14. C.A.T.S.H.I.T. Compartmentalized Alteration of Thinking Skills for Highly Idiotic Transformation.

        In short, they’re full of S.H.I.T.

      15. I was afford the rewarding experience to graduate from a HS that was 40% black. On top of learning what stairwells to avoid to keep my lunch money or get a black eye I did learn how to conjugate BE

        * I be
        * You be
        * He be
        * She be

        Math was never a strong suit with most of the students but universally they all knew that their were 28 grams to an ounce.

        Who said education was a waste of time?

        • Present tense conjugation of the verb “to jive:”

          I be jivin’ We be jivin’
          You be jivin’ You be jivin’
          He/she/it be jivin’ They be jivin’, too

          Learned that back in the late 1960s. Not much has changed, it seems 🙂

      16. We’re spending at historic levels now, with the poorest return, ever!

      17. New York Drops “RACIST” Literacy Test For Teachurs:

        Hope this Header is a joke and the SHTFplan writers are not as dumb as the subjects in the article!

        • 🙂

      18. Oh yeah, I went to a high school that was 45% black and 45% Mexican and I learned that you wouldn’t be doing the mocking of them as you be sayin’. And I got stuck up with a gun twice, though after lunch. I think all that they got in total was about seventy-five cent. They weren’t all bad. But if they were gang related they just be that way.

      19. Most of them can’t read English, but they can read Ebonics. The didn’t get any fetching up in skol. The just went of Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, and how to play bassetball and socker.


      20. (Writing more-or-less informally, here, and I know it.)

        Have you ever read, independently, just because something interested you.

        Have you ever been put under one of these (magical success-story) teachers, and wondered how they beat the odds.

      21. What was the movie? “Idiocracy?” Life imitates art again.

      22. How can you teach from a book when you can’t read it?????

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