New York City Mayor Confirms What We Already Knew: “There’s Not $3 Billion In Money…”

by | Feb 18, 2019 | Headline News | 79 comments

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    Last week Democrat representative and media darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez applauded the fact that Amazon pulled out of their deal to locate a major headquarters in New York. The deal would have created 25,000 jobs and brought billions in much needed tax revenue to the State.

    According to Ocasio-Cortez, who graduated with a degree in economics, the $3 billion in tax incentives promised to Amazon was better spent on teachers, firefighters and social programs.

    What Ocasio-Cortez apparently did not understand about the deal is that New York didn’t actually have $3 billion to spend, because the money in question was a tax incentive that was to be “given” to Amazon AFTER it had relocated, create the jobs and begun operating in the area.

    Here’s the video of AOC explaining her thinking – if we can call it that.

    We CAUTION OUR READERS: You may lose 20 – 30 IQ points immediately after viewing the following video:

    And while the media and AOC supporters attacked anyone who dared point out that the $3 billion doesn’t actually exist in the coffers of New York’s Treasury, even fellow Democrats are trying to distance themselves from the mental train wreck known as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:

    During an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” de Blasio agreed when host Chuck Todd said that the tax breaks offered to Amazon weren’t “money you had over here. And it was going over there.”

    “Correct,” de Blasio said.

    He added: “And that $3 billion that would go back in tax incentives was only after we were getting the jobs and getting the revenue.”

    To further drive home the point, Todd said, “There’s not $3 billion in money —”

    “There’s no money — right,” de Blasio said.

    The exchange came after Todd suggested there was a “factual divide” that kept Ocasio-Cortez (D-Bronx) from understanding “how this deal worked.”

    Keep in mind that we’re being told that Ocasio-Cortez is a potential candidate for Vice President of the United States in the next election.


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      1. Did someone here say that woman is hot?

        She looks like a black Hispanic on rock cocaine, and a little bit like Charles Manson. One tell-tale sign of psychosis is when the tops of the eyes are white.

        It’s not white skin that makes a person evil, but a black heart.

        It’s not race that makes us who we are, but race and genetics do play into the equation.


        • You can say, “Cholo”

          It’s OK. We already know it.

        • Well, I dunno about hot … maybe kind of cute in a wild-eyed, pulled back hair, naive young communist does “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” sort of way. To think she’s only 29 too! We could conceivably be watching her in stunned disbelief for another fifty years. I think I’ll start a popcorn business.

          • New York deserves that batshit crazybitch.

            • Menzo, one good look at her eyes tells me there’s definitely something wrong with that bitch. Yeah, NYC definitely deserves her, LOL. You reap what you sow.

            • The personality disordered often display a very toothy grin and show their gums when they smile. They do this to grab even more attention for themselves. Alex has a grin that would make the Cheshire cat envious.

            • You got that right!

            • But she has that perfect BJ mouth. She will go far.

              • Yes, she will suck her way to the top.

          • ” maybe kind of cute in …..”

            yeah no you lost me there, chief.

            Theres plenty of better looking women across the country that dont come packaged with enough crazy-ass baggage and ignorance they requite a C-130 to move it all.

        • Honeypot, that girl is not hot, I can promise you that. She’s not only one of the most loony libturds I’ve ever seen but she’s not even cute. She’s a Puerto Rican and those people are nothing but losers who make false complaints all the time. My wife was from Cuba and was definitely more attractive and much more intelligent than AOC. She allegedly has a degree in economics but she can’t tell anyone how an economy is supposed to work. I’d say her IQ is no higher than her age. All of the old-time libturds in congress are avoiding her all they can and that really says something. She’s given them enough reason to avoid her since she first announced she would work to unseat all the old-time Dems and get them replaced with more radical Dems. She may end up being just a one-term congresswoman since local Dems in NYC are already regretting putting her in office and will now work to get her out in 2020. She’s already proven she’ll be nothing but trouble, along with those 2 muslim bitches from MI and MN.

        • The GND is not new as attested to by this song from Merle Haggard from 1981.

          [Verse 1]
          There’s a big brown cloud in the city
          And the countryside’s a sin
          And the price of life is to high to give up
          Got to come down again
          When the world wide war is over and done
          And the dream of peace comes true
          We’ll all be drinking that free bubble up
          And eating that rainbow stew
          When they find out how to burn water
          And the gasoline car is gone
          When an airplane flies without any fuel
          And sunlight heats our home
          One of these days when the air clears up
          And the sun come shining through

          We’ll all be drinking that free bubble up
          And eating that rainbow stew

          Eating rainbow stew with a silver spoon
          Underneath that sky of blue
          We’ll all be drinking that free bubble up
          And eating that rainbow stew

          [Verse 2]
          You don’t have to get high to be happy
          Just think about what’s in store
          When people start doing what they oughta to be doing
          They won’t be booing no more
          When a president goes through the white house doors
          And does what he says he’ll do


          [Chorus 2x]

        • The perfect definition of Socialism:

          ” We can ask for more because we deserve more.” AOC 🙂

        • Se essentially she is saying amazon would “own part of nyc” because it got $3b in tax incentives and created the 25,000 jobs. She says she wants the city to create those jobs so in turn the city owns those jobs and people. There it is in a nutshell. Haha. Nutshell. She wants ultimate control over people. She is so stupid it would be like those 25,000 people that would have taken the jobs shoud claim a tax write off since in essence they lost the opportunity and therefore should claim a loss on their taxes. She is dumber than a bag of rocks and doesnt even understand the revenue of 12b a year from amazon would get amazon the $3b tax writeoff. They must get revenue first then receive a write off so the state gets $9b net. Thats called incentive.there never was 3b jackass. But like a good socialist she claims there is now magically $3b avail and she wants to spend it. These idiots we elected to be in charge of our money. We are screwed.

      2. ” she is a potential candidate for vice-president in the next election” ???? Who’s bleeping bird brain idea is this?

        • yeah, seriously. They are putting it out there and seeing if it sticks.

        • Unfortunately. Half the US population thinks she is ‘ way smart’ …Unfortunately.

          • Compared to about 30% of the population under the 90 IQ threshold, she probably is “way smart.’

            • She is a fucking lunatic and New York richly deserves her.

        • She’s 29 and would have to wait until 2024 to run. A president must be 35 years old. Her idiot quotient is too much even for most dems. She’s a liability and will fade into the past.

          • Lost Karma, I think you’re right. The Dems in NYC are supposedly already working to try to get her out. When one particular libturd is too much for a bunch of other libturds that is really saying something. And she has attacked her “comrades” much more than she’s attacked people like us. Guess what she did for a living before running for office? A BARTENDER IN A MEXICAN RESTAURANT! And she thinks she can be a govt. official? Like Kevin2 would say, GTFOOH!

      3. bSbP3hIP90I
        Ocasio-Cortez was ruthlessly mocked when she first was running. For example, this satirical interview is about a year old.

        • cS5JdRVwBw4
          Mark Dice was even less restrained. He labeled her the dumbest person to ever hold elected office.

          • Mary Antha – now, according to your logic, Mark Dice should be sued for, let’s see, libel? Or should that be slander?

            • No you stooge for the leftists! He provided evidence and logic but you didn’t bother to watch the video!


          • Mara,
            Sorry, that goes to Senator Murray of WA state.

            • I live in Washington state, and you are absolutely right. Murray, she is a westside of Washington darling, here in Eastern Washington state, she is looked upon as a socialist, money grabbing, egotistical, far left danger. And, sadly has been for far too long. But, look at the socialist governor we are stuck with as well, when will if ever, Western Washington state ever, realize, their problems with homeless, drugs, free this and free that are ruining the quality of life, and all that goes with it? Sadly, they never will, and that is no thanks to Murray, an the rest of the ilk in Western Washington state.

              • Irish,
                I lived in Western WA state for almost 21 years. I did everything I could to stop Murray. You just can’t fix stupid. Seattle has no plan for a Nuke attack, I always figured it was because Seattle is more dangerous to America than any outside attack and would never be attacked, by any thinking enemy.

      4. It’s my understanding that she holds a degree in economics?

        I want that picture of her to be used as a dart board.

      5. Any idiot knows it’s a trade-off; the city owns the land, assigns it to the company, jobs are created, hence, revenue for the city.
        Jobs/taxes/construction…geeze how stupid can this alex be???

      6. “Some people you just.. can’t… reach”…..

        • so you get what we had here last week…

      7. Just had a thought, what if AOC is actually Barry in drag? They are both “Crazy Commies” aren’t they?

        • Alex.

      8. AOC is the future of America.
        As we “Balkanize”, people like AOC
        will become more common in positions
        of power and influence.
        America was destroyed with the 16th and 17th
        amendments to the constitution. My solution
        is to live out my life as comfortably as possible
        far away from the nutcases. I can’t legally kill them,
        I can’t force them to leave my country,
        but I can do everything possible, passively aggressively
        to disrupt their systems.
        Another thing, who is upset that 25,000 NY liberals won’t get jobs, Not me.

        • “…who is upset that 25,000 NY liberals won’t get jobs”

          Exactly. Yorkers are Idiots with a capital E. They deserve everything they’re not getting.
          I certainly hope the Dims run this moron as veep candidate with Pocahonky. Trump will have the entire country rolling on the floor laughing their asses off with his field day of Tweets.

          I have to admit though, I think AOC would be a lot of fun on a date… wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

      9. Which is dumber? Cortez or de Blazio? Typical moronic Left Wing know nothing politicians. Both of them Can’t Understand Normal Thinking Snotweasels.

      10. There was actually “zero” obligations to create or be accountable for any jobs. Amazon never committed to a specific number. It was political hype.

      11. Our dear AOC, who has an actual degree in economics from a big time university.. should heed this advice.. get a lawyer and sue the university for a refund of all tuition paid… cause darlin’ … they ripped you off for every penny.

      12. Our dear AOC, who has an actual degree in economics from a big time university.. should heed this advice.. get a lawyer and sue the university for a refund of all tuition paid… cause darlin’ … they ripped you off for every penny.

      13. It’s called demand side economics, it’s hypothecated out of thin air, and you will work for it.

        This is considered credible, when in favor of the conservative version of a police state or Republican energy concern or trad nepotism.

        • As usual, nothing you said makes sense. Are you really AOC’s press agent?

          • Do you have a specific question.

          • Chris Christie beach chair memes —

            This glutton was a Republican appointee, to deal with the drug crisis.

            Food, beach access, narcotics, and food, might be seen as a valuable resource, subject to rationing.

            You get upset at the prospect of being rationed by D’s. Perfectly okay ok, when R’s do it. Are these flag football color teams, or something?

        • Can you just try and write using real words that are contextual and actually formulate a cogent sentence please?

          • Is a public works project profitable, or is it just fake busywork.

            In context, where does money come from.

            Does this really change, based on the political party.

        • It was clear enough to me.

          • yes, but YOU step out of the shower to take a p iss…..

      14. This is what happens when you allow third worlders to make decisions in a first world country. Over time they turn it into what they know…a third world country!

        • These communist should be taken and given 1940’s style convulsive electro shock therapy, until they renounce their communist ideas. A hundred strokes of the Cain on their bare buttocks,would also be therapeutic.

          • They’re Communist methods, but noone sees the irony.

            • Communist must be dealt with harshly,scum cannot be coddled. Hand me that whip and those electrodes.

              • This sounds like an argument between Trotsky and Stalin.

      15. Where did she get that face? Wal-Mart?

      16. And people laughed when I said she was she was the next Obama. Looks to me like they’re going to ram agenda21 down our throats thru fake popularity, lots of tv time, fake votes etc. Why is a brand new Congress person getting so much attention? She showed up with UN’s wishlist stuffed in her back pocket and knows how to run her mouth. All you need, even if you are an idiot.

      17. I adore everything she says: She is upfront and honest with her intentions as bazaar as they are. Beware a Bill Clinton who tells the UAW workers “No NAFTA” and then signs it into law. This woman has the backbone to stand on principal: “From those according to their means to those according to their needs”.

      18. I thought Idiocracy was a movie. Apparently I was wrong.

        • it was a documentary….

      19. This woman should run for president. She is exactly what the party needs.

      20. Ah, buy AOC has three billion in deficit spending to get re-elected.

      21. The sad part is that she’ll probably be president in 8 years.

        • No by any legal means. She pissed off her own party as much as the opposition.

      22. Fuck Amazon she did the right thing imo. The real sad thing is Amazon got as big as it has exploiting workers. I think she’s an idiot but why does everyone think runnng scamazon out of ny was a bad move. Amazon would put all the mom and pops out of business in ny. She did the right thing. Amazon pays zero taxes. Fuck them. Let them move to a community near you and you will see what happens. People need to stop being such consumer puppets and enriching dirt bag tax evaders like bezos. The people of ny didn’t lose anything cus they never had these low paying jobs.

        • In Brandon I believe.

          These so called created jobs are actually jobs moved from one local to another, very little is any net gain to MAGA

        • I live in a small, (15K) city, mostly left wing. Everyone in this town hates Wallmarts guts, for the usual reasons, but they are the first to order from Amazon. We’re down to one bookstore, it’s circling the toilet, a small office supply heading down too, but hey, Amazon delivers in 2 days. Remember that, & think why there is so much parking in town, now.

        • That’s ridiculous. The jobs Amazon would hve created in NY would not have put New Yorkers out of business any more than they would have put Californians or Texans out of business. Apparently, your argument is that Amazon itself should be wiped out because they put small businesses all over the country out of business. And why not carry it a little further – if you don’t like companies like Amazon to exist, you probably also don’t like the internet which gave Amazon the ability to run an online store and sell more efficiently than brick and mortar stores. Think monkey think!!!!

      23. The article is in error. Cortez earned a degree in International Relations with a minor in Economics. Still doesn’t excuse her stupidity.

      24. Is she really a potential VP candidate? Wow….we live in unbelievable times. She is not qualified to work at a fast food joint.

      25. Theatrical entertainment and nothing more.

      26. Say what you will about her whacked ideas. Some worth pondering, many not…
        She has something sorely lacking in todays politics.

        Passion, inspiration and vision toward a better future.
        This old conservative , whom is solidly in the center of political thinking. Knows without a doubt , that dreaming about MAGA , by thinking of the past. Will not bring it about !
        Preaching hatred only inspires war, not solutions.

      27. Maybe we could trade her to the Russians for a used Space Monkey .

      28. It’s wise political strategy to sow discord within the ranks of the Democrats to ensure a Republican victory.

      29. You are fuckt !!!

      30. Every large city is just like the city of Babel. Human beings were never meant to live in colossal cities. We are tribal people who start to have problems when the tribe exceeds 20,000 people. There actually are anthropology principles demonstrating the limit of how many relationships a human being can maintain before it’s no longer possible.

        Every urban city causes crime, prostitution, extortion,rape, violence,graft, disease, fire, starvation, polluted water, etc. It cannot work. It breeds corruption and malevolence.

        Every urban center cannot exist due to the limits of carrying capacity, thus the second that transportation is limited, then all of the above problems are exposed to all instead of staying out of sight and out of mind.

      31. The total economic loss from losing Amazon is estimated to be 12 billion dollars. Sheesh. How insane is Ocasio-Cortez? Heck cut a better deal not throw the baby out with that bathwater!

        Yeah! Please pick her to run against Trump.

      32. If these people say that your house is (legally) unfit for habitation, so kick you out to make upgrades, you’re not getting your houses back.

        Almost as soon as they said no more air travel, funding fell through, for their alternative — the highspeed rail. What was the alternative to that. Does it hold firm.

        A breadline becomes the Holodomor (intentional famine, by design).

        They should be called the party of Munchhausen by proxy.

      33. I felt, there was nothing inherently wrong, with so many inconic institutions, business practices, and cultural mainstays, except the people were iconoclasts. This too shall pass.

      34. brown is the new blonde?

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