New York City Is “Dead FOREVER” Says Proud New Yorker

by | Aug 17, 2020 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    According to James Altucher, a best-selling author and former hedge-fund manager, New York City is “dead forever.” The city cannot possibly come back from its government-induced coma as its residents come to grips with the reality of heavy hand of government when it came to the coronavirus scamdemic.

    “I love NYC. When I first moved to NYC, it was a dream come true. Every corner was like a theater production happening right in front of me. So much personality, so many stories,” Altucher wrote in a blog post explaining why his temporary relocation might become more permanent.

    The New York Times back in June asked the “agonizing” question: “Is New York City worth it anymore?” amid a mass exodus of an estimated 420,000 residents between March and May when the coronavirus rhetoric that turned into tyranny was really blowing up. In July, there were a record 13,117 vacant apartments across Manhattan, according to a report by Douglas Elliman and Miller Samuel Real Estate Appraisers & Consultants. A year ago, that number was a 5,912. Also, new lease signings fell by about 23%, resulting in a drop in rental prices.

    Sadly, New York probably isn’t the only city that will be in a permanent coma because of the Federal Reserves’ insistence upon taking over the world and cramming the New World Order down our throats. San Francisco is struggling as well. The mass exodus from places that took tyrannical overreach to a whole new level can be seen in the chart below:

    As it turns out, people may not like being told how to live and what to do by politicians. Even Altucher says that New York won’t bounce back this time. The damage has been done and it’s irreparable.  Will it remain the center of the financial universe? “Not this time.” New York has experienced worse? “Not it hasn’t.”

    Keep in mind, it wasn’t a virus that caused the destruction of these cities and the economy. It was the order followers that bowed to government commands to stay fearful and shut down the economy over what’s turned out to be a mild flu.

    It Wasn’t The “Virus” That Crashed The Economy, It Was The People Who Obeyed

    It finally seems like Americans are waking up to the reality of what’s been done to them.  It took losing it all, but now they are beginning to see that the government puppets, who do the bidding of the Federal Reserve bankers are trying to take over the world and enslave them. We need to come together more than ever right now and reject the last form of slavery: slavery of the mind.

    Time To Get Off Your Knees: MSM Warns The U.S. Is Looking At A Second Lockdown

    This is a psychological battle for your mind and ultimate control.  Those who can see that already know the solution. Stop acquiescing, and stop believing anyone has the right to own you or lead you.  It’s time to lead ourselves and stop allowing guns to be put tot he heads of the innocent who are just trying to feed their families.

    David Icke To LEOs & Military: “Look Your Children In The Eye” & Tell Them YOU Enforced Tyranny


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      1. Democrat Liberals are a cancer that kills everything.

        Shameful and very very sad

        But morons continue to vote them in?
        Like American hating Obama, they still want to bring America down

        • Morons continue to vote for demons. They’re morons. That and Election Fraud. It’s worse than you know.

        • Democrats are extincting themselves. The time will come soon, where the billionaire liberal democrats will disown the progressive/markys/joblesshoard.. This will splinter the dems to a point where they will become un-electable as their voters will be split.

        • Thanks. Good post!

        • That is true. New York had its problems, but was a very different place when I was growing up. The ’60s were the beginning of the end for just about everything. Though still whoopie for some, the seeds were sown by the new politicians coming in. For New York City, it was John Lindsey, a leftist dork if ever there was one. Governor of the state? Nelson Rockefeller, the prototype RINO.

          Look into the seeds of everything, it’s that decade. To your point, who put them there? Electorate, look in the mirror!

        • These progressives metastasize, as they flee the s***holes that they created in NYC and SF and LA. They settle in a conservative area and proceed to elect and fund Communists and Muslim demagogues. Soros is funding the elections in rural counties across the US, especially DA and assembly races. Look at San Antonio, Vegas, Flagstaff, ad nauseum. What a concept: flee the 13% State tax of Kali and then vote for higher taxes and red flag confiscation laws. All for the children, right?

      2. The once-great-city had a chance during & after the governance by Mayor Giuliani (R) & that great NYC Police Force. But the subversives led by Mayor DeBlasio (D) ran the city into the ground while tying-the-hands of the NYPD.

        Vote for Demonrats & you too can live in a Mad Max hellhole.

      3. No mention of Cuomo and DeBlasio that caused this mostly to try and hurt Trump in this election year. Author is correct in the assessment but does not at blame those responsible – so we New Yorkers will keep voting for the Dems to our detriment. They will blame everything on Covid and Trump. The greatest city on earth, destroyed by Prince Andrew Cuomo and Comrade DeBlasio!

      4. The ideal American society is coming to all good American people. It will occur within the next presidential term. 70% of the American working taxpayers are fed up with the 30% bottom dwellers. The ultimate solution in America is to fill all of the FEMA camps with all homeless, the drug dopers people, those that bare too stupid to get a job, those that refuse to get a job, those that receive their livelihood from the taxpayer. These camps will be under strict discipline, and food will be rationed out to the bare minimum as the USA can not afford to borrow money to feed the freeloaders. Most large American cities will need 1/5 of their population to be removed to these camps. I say this can’t happen soon enough!!!!!!!

        • Great comment – only problem is that the 1/5 that get sent to fema camps will be those who work hard, think for themselves and resist the bullcrap


      6. “The New York Times back in June asked the “agonizing” question: “Is New York City worth it anymore?” Not sure, but sure as heck the NY Slimes isn’t, and never was, dating back to Walter “I don’t see no stinking, starving Kulaks in Stalin’s Ukraine Duranty and his fake news Pulitzer.

      7. This is what happens when your city gets n#gged. Blacks have NEVER brought prosperity and civilisation to anywhere. And as we can see in US cities (, when they are allowed power and to run wild, it is just a crime spree.

        The evidence is overwhelming that this is a cultural reality; blacks can leach off white wealth but they cannot replace or improve upon white wealth.

        The reality is US cities will go down the crapper and become cheap like the 1970s, and then BIG Asian money will come in, buy it ALL up for pennies on the devalued dollar, and use hi-tech surveillance technology to sweep ALL the blacks out of those cities and replace them with people who behave and work. Asia is filled with hundreds of millions of hard-working people who would replace the black leaches in a New York minute.

      8. Great comment – only problem is that the 1/5 that get sent to fema camps will be those who work hard, think for themselves and resist the bullcrap

        • Thank you! We are just at the beginning phase. Wait two years and none of those blacks will be living in major cities because digital technology will advance so much they will be swept out and replaced with hardworking Asians.

          They may get the police defunded but any investor with money will just hire those police again and use new digital security solutions to remove them from urban areas.

      9. Mild flu? Why’d they need all them ventilators then?

        Speaking of ventilators, I see where Trump has gotten NASA to design a state-of-the-art ventilator to sell to other countries and to stockpile. It is said to use some of the same technology developed for the Apollo mission…gold foil and curtain rods. It looks good but doesn’t actually do anything. A space has been reserved beside the lunar lander in the “AIR” and Space Museum to display it.

        Nyuck Nyuck Nyuck

        • Alternatively, a low tech version of a mechanical billows could have been devised, at such pressure that it does not burst the patients’ lungs.

      10. I think that shelter-in-place exercises and brownwashing occur, only after some too-big-to-fail has failed, as when an arsonist collects fire insurance.

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