New Study Shows More People Under 65 Died from Alcohol-Related Causes in 2020 Than of COVID

by | Mar 29, 2022 | Headline News | 3 comments

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    This article was originally published by Matt Agorist at The Free Thought Project. 

    “The Science,” we have been told since March 2020, is the rigorous set of guidelines that must be “followed” with unquestioning obedience in order to reduce the spread, flatten the curve, return to normal, get our freedom back, end the lockdowns, or any other arbitrary carrot placed on the stick (yes they literally said this) that is wielded by the tyrant class.

    If you don’t follow  “The Science” you are a science-denying buffoon who wants grandma to die, doesn’t care about the children, are an alt-right Trump humper, a white supremacist, extremist, and most likely a domestic terrorist.

    “Don’t wear a mask!” “Wear a mask!” “Wear two masks!” Wear three masks!” “Cloth masks don’t work!” “Only N95s will protect you!”

    “If you’re vaccinated you can’t get covid.” “Vaccines are 100% effective at stopping covid.” “Vaccines are 96% effective.”

    “Vaccines are 70% effective.” “Vaccines no longer effective after six months.” “Boosters are our only way out of covid.” “It is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.” “You now need a fourth booster!”

    “The Science,” as our readers know has been a shifting goal post since day one and has had almost nothing to do with actual science at all. When the pro-mandate psychopaths changed an arbitrary dictate, we are told that the virus has changed, not “The Science.”

    One thing about science and data, however, is that it is very difficult to hide the truth because unlike politicians and corrupt “experts,” the numbers do not lie. Recent findings, according to research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, show that more people under the age of 65 died from alcohol-related causes than of covid.

    All thanks to “The Science(TM).”

    Approximately 74,408 Americans ages 16 to 64 died of alcohol-related causes, compared to 74,075 individuals under 65 who died of COVID, according to the data. What’s more, the second number continues to decrease as the CDC and others actually examine “with and from covid” deaths and adjust the final count.

    As the NY Times reports, during the pandemic, binge drinking increased, as did emergency room visits for alcohol withdrawal. But the new report found that the number of alcohol-related deaths, including from liver disease and accidents, soared, rising to 99,017 in 2020, up from 78,927 the previous year — an increase of 25 percent in the number of deaths in one year.

    “The assumption is that there were lots of people who were in recovery and had reduced access to support that spring and relapsed,” said Aaron White, the report’s first author, and a senior scientific adviser at the alcohol abuse institute.

    “Stress is the primary factor in relapse, and there is no question there was a big increase in self-reported stress, and big increases in anxiety and depression, and planet-wide uncertainty about what was coming next,” he said. “That’s a lot of pressure on people who are trying to maintain recovery.”

    While stress from the pandemic was certainly demanding, the government and media’s amplification of it was far greater. Couple the 24/7 constant fear-mongering from the media with the unscientific lockdowns by the state which put millions of people out of work and the establishment created the perfect storm.

    As the media and government attempt to claim this is some new phenomenon, the record will show that there was an entire body of science pointing these things out as they were unfolding in real time. Sadly, however, those doctors and scientists were banned from social media, had their licenses revoked, and were silenced into oblivion as the problem they tried to stop, got worse.

    The Free Thought Project was reporting on this since the beginning in regard to overdoses which soared to historically deadly rates. In 2020, as California was shutting down outdoor parks and outlawed outdoor kissing, residents turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with their new tyrannical world. By December 2020, 360 percent more people had died from overdose than died from covid.

    It wasn’t just California either. a year later, we would find that the number one killer of all Americans aged 18-45 was not covid-19 but overdose.

    Perhaps the worst part about this was that it was mostly preventable — had the authoritarians not seized control of the narrative and shut down all discussion other than their own.

    It’s not just alcohol and overdoses either. Have we forgotten that politicians, all claiming to “follow the science,” locked us down, destroyed the economy, decimated the middle class through inflation, forcibly medicated us, and muzzled our children over the last two years?

    Where is the accountability for the folks who advocated these things? Are we to forget about the two weeks to flatten the curve that turned into rampant police brutality for non-compliance, tens of thousands of closed businesses, vaccine passports, and record child suicides?

    As the lockdown tyrants slowly shift their narrative in an overt attempt to move from the wrong side of history to the right side, we must remind them that it is too late. They are no longer relevant and their censorship, quack science, and tyranny will never be forgotten.


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      1. Hmmm, years ago, well, maybe not that long ago. I picked a case of beer ( good name brand ) for my son to have when he was doing some work for me, ( it is now out of date or whatever you call it ). I’ve since picked up another case of another well known brand, just in case he gets thirsty again and that one has gotten out of date too. both brands are bottled in metal cans. Hmm, just thinking I should put them in the recycling bin ( after using them for target practice ). I can’t drink or shouldn’t drink beer or other type of drinks because of Meds. Darn, just can’t have any fun anymore, but then I’m not 18 anymore and trying to drink the world dry.

      2. Scamdemic hell for two years, after the third death in my circle I found beer again! Helps manage the stress, the ones that departed this unholy world are the lucky ones!

      3. WTF? Alcohol keeps me alive. I don’t take meds just suppliments. I would have died of boredom years ago without alcohol lol. I come up with my best ideas when I’m drinking too. They died because they were ghey and had aids lol….

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