New Senate Bill “Ramrods U.S. Citizens and Hands Over Their Lands”

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    “…give it away, give it away, give it away, now…”

    Red Hot Chili Peppers

    As it would appear, the Red Hot Chili Peppers gained a new member in their band by the name of Senator Steve Daines (R), Montana.  Daines cannot resist giving away what is not his to give away, the norm these days rather than the exception for elected officials.  The other “norm” is to keep submitting legislation until they sneak, pass, force, or redact it into law.  Daines is a kind of quiet, unassuming man who is conservative at first appearance and first words.  He was opposed to the CKST (Consolidated Kootenai & Salish Tribes) Water Compact that has been ratified into state law and is now merely awaiting Federal approval (and funding, naturally).

    This little piece is different.  That damnable demon of the USC has been raised, cited, and utilized to “justify” under the color of law a new Senate Bill’s introduction that will affect the whole country if it is passed, flat out.  The existing legislation can be found under 25USC3115 and 25USC3104.  The new bill proposes this:

    Turning over huge tracts of Federal Forest lands – any federally managed forest area that is within a 200-mile radius of an Indian Reservation – and hand over management of that land to the Indian Tribes.

    That’s right, and a portion of what comes up in the screenshot of the introduced bill reads “the Secretary concerned may treat Federal forest land as Indian forest land for purposes of planning and conducting forest land management activities.”  It doesn’t beat around the bush, does it?  Now the CKST water compact, if you have read my past articles regarding it is Montana State law, and the state has committed to $11 million toward instituting control of all surface and subsurface water in Northwestern Montana.

    It is an Agenda 21 measure to take over the outlying areas.  Montana only raised $3 million, and that doesn’t even scratch the surface of the grand total of $57 million estimated that is needed to put meters on all private wells, turn over the “management” to the Indian tribes, and the enforcement over to DHS.  This water, incidentally, is all off-reservation water…not even water on Tribal lands.

    Subsequently to that monstrosity being signed into law and “removing” the rights of citizens to their water came Weyerhaeuser.  They bought out Plum Creek, the only self-sustaining plywood mill in Northwestern Montana located in Columbia Falls.  Now comes the news that they’re shutting down the whole plant, firing 200+ employees, and using their interests in the area to buy more timber while transferring ownership of a large percentage of their lands to the Federal Government…specifically the USFS and the BLM.

    Now enter Daines and his hokey “management” bill that essentially ramrods the United States citizens and hands over their lands to the Tribes, who have declared themselves to be sovereign nation.  Representative Ryan Zinke (R), MT, is backing Daines measure and pursuing legislation in a similar vein.

    All of this is proof positive of Alex Jones’ “Illusion of Choice” platform regarding political parties and elections as being illusory and only to mollify a public whose freedoms and rights have already been stolen from them.

    Montana alone has 7 Indian reservations, so judging by the radius suggested in the Daines proposed legislation, does that mean after it’s signed into law the entire state will be “managed” by the Indian tribes?  How will this affect other areas of the country with vast tracts of Federal Forest lands?

    The big question: How much did one of the oligarchs behind the scenes either slip or promise Daines to obtain his service toward the Agenda 21 objectives?

    There are no Republicans or Democrats…just “soft” Marxists and Marxists.  There is no representation for the American people, just “paper people” who jump up and down on a platform until they’re elected…and then either do a complete one-eighty or subtly hack away at our rights akin to termites for money or additional political power.  Mind you, they’re worse than “phonies” because they know exactly what they’re doing, and they don’t care…as long as their interests and families are taken care of.  That is how they justify giving away what is not theirs…and even taking a piece of it for themselves.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. I would just as soon that the Indians have it as the feds. Hillary sold the uranium to the russians

        • First you have to take it from us while we are shooting you and burning your asses to death.

          • Menzo, if they come into the area where my BOL and family are located, they will ‘disappear’.

          • Wake up:
            You are all Sheep to be sheared. Slaughtered once you no longer serve purpose.
            You are cattle to be slaughtered.
            There is No Constitution. You have No Rights.

            There are Only Goons in black Ninja outfits with guns to push you around, steal your money and property, and to kill you. They are called the Police.

            There is no Rule of law:
            -If there was rule of law Obama would be IMPEACHED and on trial for TREASON.
            -If there was rule of law then Police would be held accountable for murdering unarmed human beings.
            -If there was rule of law the Hillary would be on trial for Treason, Breach of National Security, Bengahzi.

            ATTENTION——— Because YOU will be NEXT———-
            Now Read this: URBAN FARMERS TARGETED BY CITY
            The only Rights you have are the ones you are willing to Stand up for. Fight for.
            If Hillary is allowed in office there will be 1776.
            If not. Then she will start a NUCLEAR war. We all die.

            If criminal NWO Politicians-Bankers, assassinate Trump. There will be 1776.
            Those scum bags butchered JFK. JFK gives speech against the cabal’s. Then the trash kills him. Then they seal the records. Hiding their crime.

            The Clinton Mafia MURDERS people. Go read list of the Clinton dead.
            Obama has had hits out on those that stood against him. That is how COMMUNIST LEFTIST NWO puppets operate.

            Read this: L.A. Times Suggests Military Coup Against President Trump
            Blood in American streets. Chaos. That is what Obama-Hillary-the NWO is after.
            The Poser Pretend President has done Everything possible to divide the American people and nation. Obama continues to provoke race war. He wants a race war.
            Divide and conquer.

        • I will say it AGAIN and as many times as needed until i am dead OR enough people wake up and see that we have to remove ALL the politicians and get some NEW blood in the DC arena or we are DOOMED!!

          • BOTH parties have been hijacked by the NWO ‘elite’. The puppet masters and their little minions don’t care if a Republican OR Democrat is elected as long as it’s one of ‘them’. The establishment globalists want their obedient sell-outs in power.
            They have NO regard for American Sovereignty because they’re all complicit with the NWO Agenda 21. They have a long history of getting what they want and will go to any length and cost to achieve it.
            Get out and vote against them ALL. With a landslide, no amount of manipulating the ballot count will be able to succeed!

          • Apache54::::::> I’ve already been down that road until I too was blue in the face from screaming, but it is completely useless. Everyone understands the need but none will fill the deed …yet. But it will come, so be patient and use this time to further prepare yourself or yourselves.
            When the time arrives for a complete ‘makeover’ it will pretty much be done rather cleanly and quickly …if my gut instincts are still ‘true’ to me. We’ll see.

            Until something happens, don’t worry about what they are doing, just take care of your business and ‘get’er-done’ ya know what I mean?

            • Equorial,
              Thanks for the reply, YUP i realize that it is pretty much a no-win game, and YES I have GOT-ER-DONE, and will continue to do so. stay safe, times are coming quick!

            • Stolz
              Thanks for the link

            • Stolz, I just finished that article. while I normally respect John whitehead and the Rutherford Institute, I have to disagree when he says there WON’T be a 2nd revolution and that resistance is futile. There WILL be a 2nd revolution and resistance will be ESSENTIAL. I know the sheeple don’t care and that’s THEIR problem. They’ll pay dearly for their position. But patriots like us will stand and fight. Surrender is NOT an option.

          • Apache, I’ve said it many times before, the people have four boxes to use while working with their government. The first box is the soap box, to let the powers that be know what we as a people want. Next is the ballot box, we use this one to elect leaders who are supposed to do what we the people tell them to do. Third is the cartage box, we may need to use this one to remove those who do not follow the orders of people. The last one is the pine box, the people will use this one to dispose of all those we used the third box on. I feel that we have used up boxes one, and two, already. The conditions in our country are fast approaching a point (19.5 trillion dollars in debt) that the use of box number three may be forced upon us.

        • Fight fire with fire.

          As a ‘transracial’, I’m actually an apache medicine man born in the body of a white man.

          I plan on suing the feds to get back 50 acres of my tribal heritage.

      2. “When politics are used to allocate resources, the resources are allocated to politics.”
        -P.J. O’Rourke

      3. Water is the source of all life. My land belongs to me until it doesn’t…

      4. Wait for Trump’s kosher son in law to fix it all for all Americans.

      5. Words from my childhood and my children’s childhoods rattle around in my head constantly now, “Are we there yet?”

      6. Looks like these People need to be hung. This USA land is NOT to be sold to foreign people and then leave us with nothing. They will died soon, it is written in the Bible

        All these evil will be strike with God’s wrath soon . That will give most of us joy and happiest, when their asses are hauled into court..

        It will happen, wait and see.

        • hauled into court, they control the fing courts where is your mind

          • Not THEIR courts. Most of them deserve a 10 minute trial and the Nikoli Chauchescau (sp?) treatment. If their wives make the same demand as his wife did, go ahead and grant it.

          • Charlie2: And they control the bar assoc, Am. med.assoc., congress, senate, s. court, FDA, banks, major corp.,education, media, 501c3 churches,, etc. America is without hope. Ref to: for daily articles cutting edge and fast reading, radio show on Sat. eve. Bookmark the site and stay informed ! Voting is crap, useless no states rights, courts struck down gay marriage ban states voted against!! Voting is a rigged circus. See current article @ the Rutherford inst.

      7. Old sayings are never more true than today. For instance the only good muslim is a dead muslim. Now the only good politician is a dead politician. They go to DC and sell their souls for money and perceived power. They are all sell outs to the one world order crowd of thieves and murderers. Perhaps the Romans had it right, take them out and skewer them on poles and line the highways with their rancid bodies leading to DC as an example to others as to what will happen after you sell out to the un or soros type groups.

        • I’d like to see their heads on pikes lining the highway.

        • On the Appian Way it was a dark and dangerous road to travel at night. The Romans fixed that by staking all their enemies on pikes and solved the problem by lighting them all up…
          Quite a solution for us when the grid goes down .

          Quiet thoughts by Jack Handy

      8. The Truth About The Native American Genocide
        Stefan Molyneux

        Not to put words in his mouth, but some were originally thought to be Australoids. Now washed-out, they are usually Aztlan-types, with the rare, feckless ikago.

        Traditional culture changed, generationally, but used Datura and Mescal beans, before complaining of alcohol and sweets.

        So, you would do better to name highways after someone who invented an oil rig, reflector, or striping machine.

      9. You miss the point gang as some as we fight then it’s the the big M and we will be trapped in the city’s. All our BOL’s will be raided supply’s taken and the military will be hunting us with tribal scouts. The Comme’s will be running the pocket’s around the city’s and mopping up after the bloody fighting to take over what is left to set up they estates. We will be forced to work our own land like slaves. Something that all white and western Hater’s have wanted. Now the good news we win in the end because the human soul is free and when we lose freedom we fight all the more to get it back humane history is full of fighting and gaining freedom.

        • Let us not give up quite so fast old iron. Surrendering and accepting a fate that is not written in stone is not how we roll. My soul is free as well as my physical body.

          • I am not giving up and thanks for your thoughts. I have been working on the possibilities and like I am trying ,if spell checker will let me,we win in the end not a white or any other color but we the collective win because the spirit or soul longs to be free. Writing this early seams to allow a more logical and analytical result must be the tea.

        • You’ve got to remember there are 50 million ‘able’ veterans out there and around 40% or so are combat veterans, and many are hot off the field and still pumped. Even if Obama could muster up his own military we not only have a ton of veterans that know what to do, but 100’s of millions of armed citizens that aren’t about to go down for anyone. This Nation is our land and we are keeping it. They are leaving and just do not realize it yet. They think they can win because they are psychotic and demented, nothing new. No worries my’ladies as I’m sure you now shoot as well as most of the gentlemen. Times HAVE changed, and I like it. (Girls with Guns ain’t half bad). 😉

      10. If be you’re going to do things like pass laws to hand land (which they did not earn and do not deserve) over to the tribes, or put laws on the books that declare them “sovereign”, then there should be provisions within such laws that require them to pay back all the welfare (food cards, medical cards, school vouchers, housing vouchers) they’ve collected, along with repaying their war reparations. In the case of compacts that tribes have signed with states in lieu of taxes, those welfare and war reparations should be deducted from gross revenues, before any revenue share provisions kick in. Sovereignty is not free.

      11. Menzo, BRAVO! Surrender is not even part of my vocabulary or even on anyone’s table. I’m also free in body and soul. If need be, my family and I will go down fighting for our homes. I wasn’t made to be anyone’s slave, prisoner, etc. MOLON LABE

        • Don’t forget your clown shoes.

          • To the anonymous who says clown shoes go take a flying leap. To the other anonymous who agrees with me, thank you.

            • I did say for the BAD anonymous to go take a flying leap, didn’t I? OK, just checking.

        • Yes BH. I’d rather die than work my own field for someone else. Ain’t gonna happen. I’ll burn it all fucking up too when I go.

        • No doubt my friend. I’ll die before working my own field for my ‘masser.’I will burn it all and make it useless to them as well.

      12. Due to the clean water act EPA now has joint jurisdiction along with the army Corp of Engineers over all navigable waterways and tributaries in the US. If I want to clear a ditch … should get a permit from EPA. Emphasis being on should. They haven’t been breaking anybody’s ?⚾️’s about it and thats a good thing because If the government says jump the farmer better say how high if he wants to keep his subsidies . Oh BTW I would like to thank all you taxpayers for the government funded irrigation systems in the area that were installed to offset global warming and haven’t been turned on once this year.
        If any of you caught my comment about the corn being flat on the ground from the storms … no worries it stood back up. Monsanto makes a mean product that stuff will grow in concrete.

        • Hoosierally, my BOL sits on 30 acres and one side borders on a year-round creek. We take water from that creek often. EPA can go f#$% themselves.

      13. This proposed bill is going nowhere. Not going to happen.

      14. Just a Thought Everyone Keeps Saying America has ISIS IN Every State in America.maybe When They Kill A Bunch of Us AMERICANS DO the Human Garbage that Invited Those Animals here Do You REALLY Think You Are Safe. I Wouldn’t Bet my Life on it….Just a Thought.

      15. I’m going to take your land and your woman you tresspassers

        • Ok tonto.

        • And im going to put paraquat in your wells and kill all your livestock then burn everything around you…. Tit for tat

        • Mokastk, all you’ll get from me is 00 buck.

      16. Typical divide and conquer strategy. After the culling, the ruling class will steal the land back from the Indians as usual.

        For all we know, the land has been promised to China as collateral for our debt.

      17. We’re going to need more rope.

      18. You guys go to DC and decapitate the traitors.

        But first eliminate the Trillionaires Rothschilds, Warburgs, Schiffs, etc.

        Take over the media. Take over the Bank.

        We can make a deal with the Native Americans, the Latins, and the Blacks.

        He who has the gold and the guns makes the RULES.

        But do it before the Russians strike.

        If all else fails, send in Old Guy.

      19. I take this with a grain of salt (not knowing all of the facts).

        I know of a long-fought case in Wyoming over water rights. Farmers and ranchers took the water and diverted it from the Indian reservation for their uses. By US treaty that PRE DATES the state of Wyoming’s formation, the tribe has first and superior water rights to EVERYONE ELSE.

        In the end, the Wyoming supreme court bent over backwards to maintain the status quo…ignoring the rule of law…out of fear of what might happen if they ruled in favor of the tribe.

        These messes usually occur when bad acts go uncorrected for generations, but to say your land is being “stolen” to give to someone else when indeed they have the superior title, your issue isn’t with the government, it’s with the party(ies) who promoted that the land would be yours when you bought it.

      20. “OUR” Employees have gone mad if they think they can continue the madness of destroying “OUR REPUBLIC”. They either fight for “WE THE PEOPLE” or WE THE PEOPLE elect non-politicians ourselves and correct the problem of corruption and infringement on OUR RIGHTS.
        Problem is; where are the non-politicians and how do we insure that they can not be corrupted and work for We The People?
        Things must change or OUR Republic; One Nation Under God with Liberty and Justice for All will cease to exist as that shinning city on the hill.
        I pray and prepare for the worst. I also hope to be around to rebuild.


      21. Marxism is a system of economic analysis not an economic system.

      22. “land within a 200 mile radius to reservations will be turned over to the tribes…” Yikes! There goes the State of New Mexico!! And Arizona!! Look at any state map,you all will see

      23. …and what’s with this moderation??!! Mac, I’ve been posting here since Moses left Chicago!!

      24. What do we say?

        What to our Founding Fathers do we say
        knowing we just slept our freedoms away
        would those in Gettysburg roll in disgust
        knowing the price they paid for us

        Or the million plus that in uniform died
        Seeing WE THE PEOPLE just run and hide
        Like Americans landing a beach or in a reservoir frozen
        and those in the jungles when their number was chosen

        To WE volunteers all in Baghdad Street fights
        or fighting in mountains all day into night
        What do we say to those whom have borne the brunt
        The Airmen, sailors, soldiers and grunts

        What do we say while they’re standing far off and alone
        While those that sent them from a House and a Dome
        Ignore the OATH troops stand for even through fear
        And WE THE PEOPLE allow it like we just don’t care

        What do we say to our own daughters and sons
        There willing to fight, as they say; “To the very last one”
        or friends in GOD’s heaven that paid the ultimate price
        While those in the House and Dome care but for party and their dollar price

        Do we SUPPORT AND DEFEND and fire those in the House and the Dome
        or listen to marketing schemes and just sit at home
        sitting idly by while those that do get enraged
        Like an ARMY RANGER we let them put in a cage

        What do we say to those that divide us by party, color and creed
        to feed their never ending hunger for power and greed
        will we stand UNITED for hard fought liberty won
        relieving ourselves of those that have un-become

        AMERICANS draw a line in this nation full of Hallowed ground
        In your Patriots heart I pray you again hear the sound
        Battle Hymn of the REPUBLIC sounding our plight

        “Listen up” House and Dome because “We THE PEOPLE” can fight

      25. Six weeks of integrity

        Six weeks before election you come around
        Shaking hands, Hey! I won’t let you down.
        We believe the conviction it could never be hype
        Servant’s of the Public, Yes they’ll do what is right

        We believe you’re for “THE REPUBLIC” when all else is lost
        Support and defend no matter the political cost.
        In the steps of our fore fathers, our direct representative
        Then six weeks and a day your loyalty’s tentative

        Lobbyists, the Party, political pacs
        You sell your HONOR cheap as if from a rack,
        What about the CONSTITUTION, what about the republic?
        You just sit upon high and look down at us as subjects.

        You allow our own borders to be over run
        While to other countries wars you send our daughters and sons
        Transparency, hope, and change we believe from Mr. “Yes we can”
        Then to hide unsanctioned gun deals allows the murder of 4 Americans

        You say, we know what’s important “THE PARTY” “AND POWER”
        We’re not Servants of the Public but your owners in towers
        We’re not quelled by your pleas we must do what we’re told
        Special interests have the power because they have the gold.

        Your oath ended with GOD and you’ll answer for disloyalty
        For buying votes you segregate us by, skin color, religion and need
        Like that past President whose patriot act cut our liberty to a shell
        I doubt either party will be the majority in hell

        Unlike all of you in the Whitehouse and dome
        We wish you no ill will just demand that you go home
        And enjoy this land where Patriot’s do what is right
        Knowing we stand for all American’s freedom
        Even if we must fight

        So by our sweat and our blood you sit until you retire
        Because six weeks of integrity is all that’s required.

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