New Rockefeller COVID-19 Action Plan & The UN’s Official NWO Website As The CDC Goes Door to Door

by | May 26, 2020 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    This article was originally published by Spiro Skouras at Activist Post. 

    Recently Spiro was joined by Helen Buyniski a journalist for RT, to break down the Rockefeller Foundation’s 2010 document titled ‘Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development.’

    The 2010 Rockefeller document, particularly the ‘Lock-Step’ portion, laid out a scenario involving a global health pandemic. The document ultimately came to the conclusion that the only way to mitigate a global pandemic was by implementing China’s hardcore authoritarian police state lockdown as the model worldwide.

    And here we are today, as we find ourselves in this exact scenario, just a coincidence? Just about a month ago, on April 21st the Rockefeller Foundation released another document titled ‘National Covid-19 Testing Action Plan Pragmatic steps to reopen our workplaces and our communities.’

    In this report Spiro is joined by Helen Buyniski to break down what the social engineers have in store for us in this Rockefeller blueprint document.

    Spiro and Helen also discuss the United Nations New World Order website (yes it is real) in addition to recent reports of the CDC going door to door in Atlanta, Georgia taking people’s blood for antibody tests related to the Coronavirus and much more.


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      1. They are forbidden to enter my home and I refuse to answer the door for them. My home is my castle and I will stand my ground.

        Previously, on this website, I criticized a Grafton MD. who advised corona positive patients to self isolate at home and wear a mask, because it really does not require a study to realize that masks both reduce oxygen levels as well as recycle germs, but, someone has now done a study for the stupid proving that placing physical barriers in front of air way passages has the mysterious effect of obstructing breathing, limiting oxygen, increasing CO2, and recyclying germs. How could we have made fun of people when all manufacturing plastic bags had to come with a warning that the plastic bag is not a toy, and that it could result in suffocation? Maybe we should do a scientific study to find out what happens if 200 litres of water is poured into a 100 litre container.

        • Face masks are also comparable to plastic bags, in becoming the most common source of litter (not to mention poop and syringes.)

          Pre-plandemic, my state actually made the bags illegal.

          Now, disposables are supposed to prevent the spread of germs, if they just make it to the waste basket.

          When these do-gooders come to my door, who are too concerned with eugenics and sanitation, I would tell them to pick up so many kinds of medical waste.

      2. The lockdown and social distancing that was forced upon everyone was based on a computer science project of a 15 year old high school student, Laura Glass. Her father was involved in DoD work and she was contacted by the Defense Department and met with George W. Bush. She had no scientific knowledge of viruses or immunity. It is not fair to blame her. It is fair to blame her father and the government! Not sure what she thinks of all of this 15 years later.

        • So, the highest offices of govt, for which money is no object, set policy by the cheesy stuff we wrote for public highschool.

          • Yes. Just another sign that we are slaves when they are ripping off school projects and research also college and at home! They want it all! Knowing that, the only sane thing to do is to research how corrupt they are!

            • We’re generating free intellectual property, right here and now, too.

              She should have patented it, got royalties, and taxed the bejeezus out of the globalist misanthropes. The NWO process is easier than pro-bono lawyers, easier than the US nationalist system, and has jurisdiction in China.

      3. Why does Phillip Ferrango think that World War 2 was an exception to the wars that America has been involved in? I guess that he must hate the Japanese and advocates the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in addition to Winston Churchill’s disvions of Asia and Africa that have led to forever wars.

      4. Why does Phillip Ferrango think that World War 2 was an exception to the wars that America has been involved in? I guess that he must hate the Japanese and advocates the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in addition to Winston Churchill’s disvions of Europe, Asia and Africa that have led to forever wars.

      5. S.O.S.

        Who knows how this election will turn out. We do know with 100% certainty that we are DOOMED with both Trump and Biden, as well as congress and both parties! They are all corrupt as hell! The military is also corrupt and has aided, abetted, and provided comfort to the terrorists that destroyed America, and many nations in this world. The Corporations are corrupt, the bankers are corrupt, and globalist institutions and foreign governments are corrupt. State and local governments are even more rapacious and corrupt in most instances than the federal government. The deep state “intelligence” agencies are even more corrupt. The Judicial branch is totally corrupt. I guess that TINS there is no solution is to just kick the can further down the road nd watch it all fall apart while being totally helpless to stop it since nobody in any position of power is willing to do anything to stop it, but actually enjoy it. Since I have been brain raped by evil sadistic satanic nazi psychopaths and have been systematically terrorized and tortured by them, and turned into a spy without my knowledge or consent while unconscious at Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s Ozaukee on 3/27/14, I am among the least able to stop it. It is not safe for me to leave my home because the people that have been brain raping me with DEWs, and breaking in to my home, stealing, vandalizing, spying and hacking are at large and pose a direct threat to my life, existence, well being, health, economic security, and property.

      6. If you’re under 50 years of age, your chances of dying from Covid-19 are .0005. Those are the most recent numbers from the CDC. For all intents and purposes, that’s close to zero chances of dying. And the politicians shut down the economy for nothing. I demand an apology. I’m not holding my breathe. The Founding Fathers would be shooting by now!

      7. we need to know if they are going to peoples houses that are volunteering to participate or if they are in fact going door to door. everyone goes to the er at sometime in their life. no one these days goes without an elective surgery or medical emergency. if they want your blood they will get it. should we be afraid of the medical system and not go for help. the consequences could mean death. this goes against the survivalist goal to survive. people now a days run to the doctor for the sniffles. id say use your judgement. you know your body and if you need to get seen do it. things that dont matter deal with yourself. knowing a doctor or nurse can help if you reach out to them before you go to a hospital er. they might be able to advise you based on symptoms. your primary care doctor will know what you should do. maintain your health and you should not find yourself emergency free.

      8. My personal view is we are seeing less a conspiracy playing out (there have always been New World Order advocates) and more the consequences of two phenomena: 1) safety culture and the ‘ninny state’; 2) financialisation and the total greed culture.

        The Ninny State: This is the state and policies that wrap everyone in cotton wool, including rapists, murderers etc, and means, in order to save the endless list of ‘vulnerable people’ – the diabetic, the obese, blacks, Muslims, sick old people etc. – we must lock everyone else down and micro manage them.

        Greed culture: This is where every man and woman can only look at things through the lens of money making opportunities. That’s why you have the Chinese using the ‘rona to sell the West masks, vaccines etc.

        As long as we live in a culture that continues to expand the concepts of vulnerability, and continues to expand the realm of market dynamics to include every atom on this planet and beyond, we will not see better behaviour.

        • If and when I am taking part in the total greed culture, I will be perfectly frank with anyone rare enough to see it for what is.

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