New Report: U.S. Military Is In ‘Crisis’ And Could Lose A War With China Or Russia

by | Nov 15, 2018 | Headline News | 72 comments

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    A new report is saying that the United States military has reached crisis mode.  The country could “struggle to win” or just as easily lose a war to either Russia or China.

    The U.S. “could suffer unacceptably high casualties and loss of major capital assets in its next conflict,” the National Defense Strategy Commission says, according to NBC News. The historic military supremacy of the U.S. has eroded drastically, leaving the country likely unable to fight more than a single war at a time, according to a congressionally chartered report released Wednesday.

    “U.S. military superiority is no longer assured and the implications for American interests and American security are severe,” said the report, which was issued by the National Defense Strategy Commission, an independent agency whose board is appointed by the House and Senate Armed Services committees. The report concludes that the Defense Department isn’t financially (brace yourselves for the solution: higher taxes) or strategically set up to wage two wars at once and could even lose a war against China or Russia individually.

    Johnny Michael, a spokesman for the Defense Department, said the agency welcomed the report, calling it “a stark reminder of the gravity of these issues, and a call to action.”

    “The department will carefully consider each of the recommendations put forward by the commission as part of continuing efforts to strengthen our nation’s defense, and looks forward to working with the commission and the Congress to do so,” he said. –NBC News

    “China and Russia, seeking regional hegemony and global power projection, are pursuing military buildups aimed at neutralizing U.S. strengths,” wrote former Undersecretary of Defense Eric Edelman, the commission’s co-chairman. At the exact same time, “the United States has significantly weakened its own defense due to political dysfunction and decisions made by both Republicans as well as Democrats,” he wrote, citing defense budget cuts “with pronounced detrimental effects on the size, modernization, and readiness of the military.”

    “U.S. forces will need additional resources to train to high levels of proficiency across a broader and more technologically challenging range of potential missions than in the recent past, particularly those missions focusing on advanced military threats from China and Russia,” the commission wrote, according to the report by NBC News.

    The report concluded with a fear-mongering warning:

    “The costs of failing to meet America’s crisis of national defense and national security will not be measured in abstract concepts like ‘international stability’ and ‘global order.’ They will be measured in American lives, American treasure, and American security and prosperity lost. It will be a tragedy — of unforeseeable but perhaps tremendous magnitude — if the United States allows its national interests and national security to be compromised through an unwillingness or inability to make hard choices and necessary investments. That tragedy will be all the more regrettable because it is within our power to avoid it,” the panel said.


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      1. And God forbid we ever had to reinstate the draft. Actually it would be fun to sit back and watch the snowflakes spontaneously combust.

        • The U.S. military has been in a crisis ever since they were forced to allow gays in. How can they win a war with rainbow flag carrying faggots on the front line more worried about their hair and manicures. Thank Obama for destroying us.

        • so is everyone of draft age a snowflake?
          and why shouldn’t they combust?
          should they just meekly become cannon fodder for uncle samuel?

        • No. They would just developed bone spurs.

        • The way forced participation typically works, is to make you subservient to someone of inferior morals or abilities.

          The irony of this (the worm turning) is intentionally used to break down your psychological resistance.

      2. Perhaps.. Seems we are being destroyed by the design of our own leaders. China or Russia may need to do nothing. Except wait.

      3. Oh, well. Hell. Let’s give the Military Industrial Complex another $6-trillion dollars. [sarcasm]

        The US government (not my government) spends more on the military (I was going to say “defense” but that is just too laughable), than the next five to seven countries combined.

        And what do Americans get? Endless war and endless war-mongering.

        For crying out loud.

        • I don’t think the angle is to get more money. I think it’s just more fear porn.

        • Well, they did string some barb wire on the border…
          Oh, wait! That’s so mean and wwwaaasssiiisss!!!

          • I sincerely hope we don’t fight China or Russia because no matter who is losing they will release nuclear weapons in desperation and we all know what that means.

      4. Hey Mac, if I’m banned please let me know. Thanks. [email protected].

      5. With all the technology they stole, I’m not surprised.

      6. thanks Obama..





        • Maybe they can make another tank movie, and lead the proles to victory…

        • Russian & Chinese forces are limited on mobility; they’re both regional powers. They have neither the shipping capability or forward bases to support a large action away from home: Long supply lines need defending from air attack which is a speciality of the US. It is suicide to attack either on their doorstep as they can muster massive forces close by. This also puts the US in a very precarious situation. Losing is bad, winning is worse as it requires invasion / bombing them on their home front. It’s highly unlikely that this scenario WOULDN”T rapidly escalate into a nuclear exchange. China is looking at the South China Sea the same way the US looks at the Caribbean, it’s their lake. The US effectively codified it with the Monroe Doctrine and both China and Russia similarly desire for themselves a buffer zone adjacent to their nation. The US took control of the soft areas of the world for resources and geography however China is eyeing Africa for economic expansion which unavoidably requires a military presence. Neither China nor Russia are worth fighting WWIII over. The US needs to learn to play well with the other kids as they’re not little anymore.

      8. Russia and China do not attack USA not because of weapons they know USA has. But because of weapons they DON”T know USA has. Things are seldom as they appear.

        The next war may very well be over within one hour.
        There will be No winners. Shame of humanity.
        Only death and destruction as this world has never seen. Not since dinosaurs were rendered extinct.

        As a kid I would allow a bully to hit me two or three times, face shots to me. I did that to sucker him in close. Once close and tight in there, I could deliver a devastating right hook, upper cut, combo. Then kick them as they went down on the ground. I hurt them bad.
        I never cared if they hit me. I was willing to take first strikes. I always won. Damaged some. But no real harm.
        Bullies learned to leave me be, or pay the price of humiliation.

        Story is to allow you to see next war. Yes USA nose will be bloodied, eyes blacked. But the enemy that first strikes will have ENDED their civilization. They have no idea what devastation they are facing. There are the conventional weapons you know about and are familiar with. Then there are the Unknown Weapons, right hook, upper cut combo, and head kicks that await the enemy that first strikes. They will be in stone age. These USA weapons are horrific.

        Pray that the world NEVER sees these weapons in actual use. God help us all. Billions dead. Countries gone. Total devastation.

        • 9/11/2001 directed energy

        • Russia and China do not want to attack the USA. Their leaders are pretty sensible and see no reason for a war.

      9. Blame-e, I have to agree on that one. The US military is no more than a shell of its former self. It hasn’t won a war since WW2. They couldn’t defeat the Vietcong. They couldn’t even control any town or city in Iraq INCLUDING the capital city of Baghdad. They can’t even defeat the damn Taliban after 17 wasted years in Afghanistan. 80-90% of all the military are overseas. If we were invaded right now the enemy could just come right in without any major opposition. But there’s 80,000,000 gun owners with plenty of guns and ammo that can make it way too costly for anyone to occupy this land. It’ll be up to us to save this country. If the US is taken down, all the troops overseas will be cut off from all support and will be on their own.

        • Mr Renegade, I strongly disagree with your words.
          Best men I have known are US and UK Brit military.
          You need to find some real history books. Some of what you wrote about I was there. We did our job as allowed by rules of engagement.

          US can win most conflicts if civilian politicians get out of the way. US military is very adept at breaking things and destroying enemies. Politicians and Media are the problem.
          Get out of the way. Take off the leash. Remove the muzzle. Let the beast loose upon the enemy. This would destroy the enemy and SAVE US soldiers lives.

          • Anonymous, let me clarify something for you. I never said there’s no good people in the US armed forces. I know there are. I’ve got veterans in my family. I know what our military used to be capable of. I was referring to the same things you mentioned, politicians and the media. I’ll go beyond that and also mention that affirmative action, political correctness, and allowing LGBT freaks to serve has done a lot of harm to our military. Not to mention the defense cuts Obama imposed on them and greatly reduced the size of the army. You are right about taking off the leash and the muzzle. With those removed they are very capable but still have limits. We don’t have the numbers we need to win a ONE-FRONT war, never mind 2 or even 3 fronts. I still stand by my statement of most of the troops being overseas in places we DON’T need to be in. All the troops should be brought home to face the threats we have right here. Send our forces into the RIGHT kind of cause and I’ll support that. But NO WAY I can support them being used as cannon fodder for illegitimate conflicts like Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. As far as history books go, I have a library you would find very interesting. It WILL still be up to us to save this country. I’m just wide awake to the reality of the situation. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

        • TDR, for once I must disagree with you on a very important point. The US military, yes, has not won definitive war since WW2. Too, it is not what it used to be in terms of true patriotism and fighting for a just cause. But, I disagree that we couldn’t defeat the VC, the hajis or any of the other combatants. We could have. If we would allow our boys and girls to fight a war that is. WW2, we sent bombers over enemy cities and flattened them. Man, woman, child, young or old. Our nation against theirs’. And we won. We have been fighting people since that still fight a war in the same manner; yet, we don’t. Our enemies fight to survive and will do whatever it takes to do so. We fight news blurbs to shove in between commercials and sports matches, celebrities circle-jerks and a ton of other crap. I say it’s time we did fight wars. And win. Fight to eradicate, to devastate, to win. We need to recall what war is. For it is not what we’ve been doing. But our boys and girls could fight and win … if only we’d let them.

          • Heartless

            The US had the capability to kill everyone in Vietnam and that’s just what would have to have been done to obtain “victory”. Unfortunately this means you kill those on your side and those not on your side; why? Because you cannot determine who is and who isn’t. The Pentagon figured this out by 1967.

            “War is not an independent phenomenon, but the continuation of politics by different means.”
            Carl von Clausewitz

            The objective was to ideally establish a government over the entire Vietnamese territory that effectively governed , was capitalist and was friendly to the US. A concession is to obtain half of Vietnam, South Vietnam, and obtain the same. The South Vietnamese government was largely corrupt and did not have broad based support of the indigenous population. Likely the most knowledgeable persons in theatre were John Paul Vann. David Ellsberg. Their writings are paramount to understanding the nature of the war. All the VC needed to do was stop the government from effectively governing the countryside. The more firepower employed (Westmorland) the more the population is alienated; its counterproductive.

            It was impossible to obtain the objective of “victory” (a functioning friendly government over SVN) through military means;. The war was therefore unwindable. This conclusion was reached by 1967.

            • Kevin, the State Department sent us to Viet Nam allegedly to kill commies. But, at the same time, the State Department was supporting communist insurgents all over Africa. Hmmm. I wonder. Could it be? Were we had?

              • ‘Were we had?”

                Past tense?

                • still “being had” every way, every day by the elected traitors and their globalists owners.

          • WW2 put the final nails in Western Civilization’s coffin. In the end, we “won” NOTHING. Bombing civilians to claim “victory” over them is nothing but a war-crime.

            Every war the U.S. has been involved in over the last century, has done nothing but bleed this country dry. And, that is exactly what those wars were meant to do.

            • WW I was not really a war where ideology was big. Mostly European monarchy type nations (in reality controlled by untouched elitists and super-wealthy families) fighting each other, even Russia was a monarchy. The US and France, and a few small areas were the exceptions. It was an incredibly destructive war where Europeans were killing each other on a never seen before scale, severely damaging their gene pools and their their cultures.
              WW II was of course even worse. It was in reality a continuation of WW I. The social, cultural, political, and economic havoc brought on by WW I led to conditions causing the next world war. Many Europeans believed after WW I to let bygones be bygones, to let the war be a learning experience to not have these wars of neighbors killing each other, and to rebuild in a peaceful and cooperative way. But European PTB and elitists were not satisfied; they had a different plan, demanding crippling reparations, and imposing imposing harsh conditions on losing nations, all the while knowing they were not sustainable. This only created conditions contributing to and setting the stage for the next war.
              The European gene pool after WW II was further damaged. The warrior class and most of the intellectual classes of the European nations were effectively wiped out. At the end of WW II the Russians permanently destroyed the German Prussian warrior nobility class root and branch.
              After WW II the Europeans were intensely inculcated in socialism, and the populations of Europe being indoctrinated in self-hate of their identity, their heritage and their culture. We now see the fruit, most nations of Europe are dying; their native birth rates are far below replacement, and they don’t even have the wherewith-all to stop the vast foreign hordes over-running their countries. There are videos of groups of native European men just standing and passively watching immigrants beating and raping European women, not doing anything to stop it. (It is curious to note almost all of the Western European countries are led by women or people with no children, check it out.)
              Europe is now exhausted as a civilization, the end is likely being played out over the next 2 or 3 generations, The Europe of the year 2100 may not be recognized today. Muslims, who keep saying over and over again they are not there to assimilate, but to radically change Europe. They could not defeat Europe on the battlefield, but will defeat them with the womb. The stated Muslim goals are to wipe out their religion, art, architecture, culture, languages, and most importantly, the European gene pool. Videos showing this can be found on-line. All the while, non-assimilating immigrants are being subsidized by European taxpayers to do so. Actually, all over the world, nations whose populations are predominantly of European stock are in numerical decline.
              Eastern Europe is holding fast and showing resistance to all this. Fortunately, they are inspiring pockets of resistance in Western Europe to being over ran. The US must assist Eastern Europe in material and morale to stand fast, but even their birth rates are plummeting.
              There will be no more massive wars, they are simply too destructive, besides, they are no longer necessary for TPTB in bringing about their desired changes. When I was in the Navy in the late 70’s and early 80’s I heard a lecture by a professor saying that the USSR would collapse and break apart, and that China would eventually go towards mercantilism. He said they would see business was more profitable than geopolitics, but the US could regress, becoming more like them as they were. At the time we simply didn’t believe the professor.
              Even China and Asia don’t want to see the West diminish. We must then all ask ourselves who is guiding and financing the destruction of Western wealth, power and culture. Who is working for the diminishment of European populations. Who benefits from it? Hopefully, Pres. DT is the real thing, and that his efforts will be far-reaching and long-term. No one man can do it alone however, we must reassert ourselves in every way possible. Stop being politically correct, become more self-sufficient to starve the establishment beast. Don’t ask for anything, don’t take anything. Stop believing the MSM, “civil-rights” organizations, gov’t, and most public institutions, they are not there to help you, they are there to reduce you, to disempower you, to nullify you.

              • Bill

                “I heard a lecture by a professor saying that the USSR would collapse and break apart, and that China would eventually go towards mercantilism. He said they would see business was more profitable than geopolitics, but the US could regress, becoming more like them as they were. ”

                My close friend attended Drexel University at that time. He had professor who gave a similar lecture. This professor was a member of, “The Council Of Foreign Relations”, the dreaded CFR. We didn’t know about them back then.

              • Good assessment, but yes, the people destroying Western Civilization are well known. They are running the Kalergi Plan, etc.

                DT is boxed-in, at best.

                Say goodbye to the America you knew.
                It will never return…

                Kevin2, yes the cfr was known back in the day, but no one would listen…

          • Heartless, let me clarify that point. We couldn’t defeat the Vietcong in a CONVENTIONAL manner. Had we used chem/bio or nuclear weapons we would’ve won HANDS DOWN. But we didn’t use those weapons because of the ramifications. Those are weapons of ONLY VERY LAST RESORT. No one in their right mind once to use nukes or chem/bio if it can be avoided. But I’ll grant you that the possibility of that happening has really grown over time. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

        • DEPLORABLE

          I agree but you have to remember or enemies I am sure have a lot of agents here.

          Do not forget about suitcase nukes which have a limited coverage

          We have them too.

          As long as the nat hair balance is not upset everything is o.k.

        • After we get grid-nuked, there’s maybe 1,000 gun owners out in the sticks.
          And yes, Diego Garcia will look like Gilligan’s Island minus Ginger and MaryAnn.

        • DR, Our troops in most modern conflicts were handcuffed by b.s. rules of engagement.

      10. The Deplorable Renegade

        “The US military is no more than a shell of its former self.” “They couldn’t defeat the Vietcong.”

        I completely disagree. The US would mop the floor with its WWII self, even conventionally. The insurgency wars are largely unwindable by military means. The US can far sooner defeat a major power than stop guerrillas who just don’t want to quit. As my WWII father 8th AF, 94th BG said about Desert Storm, “If we had those weapons WWII would have lasted a weekend”. The US is the only military power that can export its conventional power, land, sea and air anywhere in the world. China and Russia are conventionally regional powers. The reality of that is they both pretty much own the area that they can march too. Keep out of their specific back yards and you have no problem, they can’t get to ours. Once nuclear weapons are taken into consideration all of the preceding is moot as for all practical purpose their all relative equals as even 100 metropolitan centers are absolutely unacceptable damage.

        “If we were invaded right now the enemy could just come right in without any major opposition.”

        Invasions take ships, supplies, logistics. It cannot be done without a neon sign over top of it saying “INVASION FORCES HERE”. Staging bases need to be built. Whoever “they” are “they” can’t get here. Conversely the US has this capability scattered around the world with 800 military bases.

        • MIC needs an ever growing threat. Wait until the “Space Force” gets going and watch the $$$ spend to defend us from potential alien invasion. The good news is we get technology from the ancillary expenditure like microwave ovens.

          • See the work of Hertel and Blanc on microwaves and cancer, then decide if microwaves are good news.

        • Staging bases need to be built

          They are as long as you keep buying those slurpies.?

          ht tps://

          • What does that video show? The location looks bogus.

            • In 2003, Goldman Sachs predicted that India’s GDP in current prices would overtake France and Italy by 2020, Germany, UK and Russia by 2025 and Japan by 2035, making it the third-largest economy of the world, behind the US and China. 

              In FY 2015 and 2018 India’s economy became the world’s fastest growing major economy, surpassing China.

              As of 2012, India is the world’s largest arms importer; between 2007 and 2011, it accounted for 10% of funds spent on international arms purchases.

              India has historically funded its current account deficit through borrowings by companies in the overseas markets or remittances by NON RESIDENT INDIANS.

               October 2018, India signed a USD 5.43 billion agreement with Russia to procure four S-400 Triumf surface-to-air missile defence systems, Russia’s most advanced long-range missile defence system.

        • USA corroded by corruption . While stolen military budgets of the USA ,Russia and China moved to the next technological level of defense .The same picture was in Russia when the USSR collapsed. Started with the fact that completely eliminated the army and then created the arms and under him the military. To increase the budget as they do in the USA is endless ,to drive the country into debt ,but the army will never be efficient.

        • Kevin2, sorry for having another disagreement with you but there are some things that everyone here is overlooking. Look at the restrictions placed on the military today. Take off the restrictions and they can do like they used to do, UP TO A POINT. Remember the budget cuts Obama made just to the army? All the officers, NCOs, and enlisted personnel that were given the boot? Our forces are spread out way too thin in places we don’t need to be in. I’d rather see all those forces brought home but we know that’s not going to happen. As for the invasion forces, I’ve read reports going back to the 90s about forces already hidden here and being increased in the years since. I’ve never seen anything to back up those reports. Kevin2, once again you make some valid points. Once again I apologize for any misunderstandings.

          • The Deplorable Renegade

            Certainly no apologies needed.

            War is politics by other means. The goal of all wars isn’t capturing the oppositions flag its to obtain some political settlement that is unobtainable otherwise. Vietnam involved two different fights. The US focused on the one that it was best designed to handle fighting conventional units of the NVA. The core of the war however was in the villages with, “The National Liberation Front” known as the Viet Cong / VC. In essence its King George fighting the Colonial Army and winning almost everywhere while the local Militia nickel and dime his forces and tar and feather his tax collectors. “A Bright Shining Lie” about John Paul Vann who understood that victory was contingent on the South Vietnamese population willingly accepting a government of our choosing. All the VC had to do was to resist enough to prevent the South Vietnamese government from functioning. Its somewhat similar to the Irish Republican Army and Sinn Fein. Doubling down, tripling down military forces accomplishes nothing; its actually counterproductive. The use of firepower alienates the fence sitters converting them to the insurgency. Many arm chair experts scoff at the thought of the mighty US unable to apply military force sufficiently and then simultaneously zealously claim the ability of the armed US citizenry. I theorize that if Emperor Hirohito ordered his subjects to fight until the last person and died a martyr himself Japan would still be waging a destabilizing guerrilla conflict even today. The solution, if possible at all, would have been economic / political not military. The military is not the right tool for everything. It has its limits; It’s use can be counterproductive.

          • The Deplorable Renegade

            “As for the invasion forces, I’ve read reports going back to the 90s about forces already hidden here and being increased in the years since.”

            If such a thing existed it needs the popular support of the civilian population to be effective. The proverbial, “The guerrilla is the fish in the sea”. Anything less than that are mere bandits or terrorists that are weeded out as they cannot effectively hide within the civilian population. That is largely a law enforcement matter regardless of their supposed size. It’s not an invasion force.

        • And don’t forget all of those Americans that are hunters and gun owners!

      11. This is straight propaganda. Stop it.

      12. hay I have a good idea lets let gays,transsexuals,transvestites in that will boost moral

        • If anyone, man, woman, or anything in between is willing to fight and die for America…That is supreme patriotism!

      13. Who can doubt that the Perfumed Princes of The Pentagon and its LGBTQ Military would have Russia & China quaking in their boots – and running for the nearest exits?

      14. Paul Craig Roberts said it best. “After 16 years the US “superpower” has been unable to defeat a few thousand lightly armed Taliban, who have no air force, no Panzer divisions, no worldwide intelligence service, and the crazed US government in Washington is courting war with Russia and China and North Korea and Iran.”

        • It is no longer the goal to win wars. The nation must be kept in perpetual conflict to keep the money flowing. That is the purpose of this “audit”.

          I would note that, prior to WWII, the US didn’t maintain a large standing army and military establishment but won wars as necessary. Today we see just the opposite and are held hostage by the MIC. Ergo, we should do just the opposite of what this “audit” recommends. We won’t.

      15. The United States is the most evil nation in the world, maybe the most evil one that has ever existed.

        I learned that here.

        So its people would be better off if it was conquered and ruled by either China or Russia, maybe divided between them.

        Fuck the military, cut their budget to zero and disband them.

        • Anon, How dare you. Are you really that uneducated. Or just under 30 years of age? Red diaper doper baby? Can you read? Can you open a book or 6? Can you do an internet search? Look at history.

          Mass Murderers. Genocide:
          Hitler Germany
          Lenin Russia, Ukraine
          Stalin Russia, Ukraine
          Pol Pot Cambodia
          Mao China
          Che Guevera

          Several conflicts in Africa. By nations that seemingly change names every few years. Whose leaders names I can’t spell. Do an internet search if interested. Data is there. Historicaly, both Genocide and slavery, have always been tools of Africans. Slavery still exists there today.

          ALL THE ABOVE: Genocide. Mass killing of unarmed civillians/Non combatants. Mass starvation of civillians. Mass imprisonment.

          By comparison USA is a BoyScout. (Read a damn book.)
          Perfect? No. But US NOT in same class as above.
          Even with Wounded knee, Trail of Tears, other US atrocities. Not Perfect. Shameful, yes. (Abortion is still going on in USA. This is genocide. if black lives mattered then black mothers would stop murdering their unborn children. This is horrific.)

          USA has been in a state of continuous warfare since it’s inception. Most thoughtful men find that problematic. Peace is only sane option with the advent of modern weapons.

          I would urge each of you to canvas-contact your representatives for Peace. Politicians-Media-Bankers ALL want war.
          Next World War will end civillisation. Don’t let that happen.
          Humanity will learn to live together or most of us will be wiped out. No winners.

        • Anonymous

          The US has its faults but even with them, and I’ll admit they’re increasing, I like it here. I pretty much do what I want. I was fortunate to catch the industrial caboose job train as the last cars were pulling out of the station decades ago. Being governed by China or Russia preferable? Thats either blatant ignorance or madness. Regardless it has no factual basis.

        • Anonymous: You never fail to give the most absurd responses, the one here is so buffoonish and patently stupid one can only laugh. Don’t you know by now you don’t provoke anyone because you are not taken seriously? You only elicit ridicule, and most do not want to take the time to post their real thoughts after seeing your post. I’m doing you a favor here, for your own sake stop posting such clownish tripe. Tell us true, which one are are you really; 1-someone who has been successfully propagandized so that you cannot think rationally, 2-you are really dumb, or 3-you are just a provocateur. Which one are you?

      16. Uhhh, I don’t think so.

        Lose a war with Russia or China ?

        Yeah, right. Give me a break.

        The simple fact that all parties have nuclear weapons means that everybody loses….. DUH !

        The ultimate plan of the Marxists/Communists, ie: Europe’s Social-Democrats, America’s Democrats, Russia and China, is to destroy the U.S. economy and ultimately, when the timing is right, execute nuclear destruction of the U.S. by nuclear attack from Russia, China, North Korea and Israel.

        Others may be ‘required’ to participate, such as Pakistan and India.

        So yes, the plan is for the U.S. to “lose” a war with Russia/China, but not in some hypothetical ‘war-in-a-vacuum’.

      17. Considering the US outspends Russia 10 to one …everyone should be mad at the MIC. The gluttony over tax dollars to enrich those who profit from war…has gotten so egregious that it threatens the security of the US. Its like they are holding us hostage for more more more more more

        • tracy

          President Eisenhower warned us about the Military Industrial Complex on Jan, 17th 1961 days before leaving office. Why the last minute? “People, here is a huge problem, Jack, good luck, see ya”. I can see it, you can see it, think world leaders can’t see it? Its existence casts a certain illegitimacy over the US government. Lies compound lies to maintain it. People see the deception, the media increasingly become discredited and their lack of objectivity for PRAVDA like behavior becomes all too obvious. The citizenry split into the believers and the more knowledgable doubters. Eventually if not addressed it fragmentation as the government loses the consent of the governed. Those in power have a long used solution when faced with this, major war.

        • the MIC is milking the taxpayer from every angle via our elected traitors and their globalists owners. they do not want peace and will agitate anyone/everyone to keep the friction going. they want individual “gun control” but sell billions worth of arms to our “enemies”.

      18. Or we could be isolationists and leave every one the hell alone and not constantly be in a state of war over half the globe?

      19. Hehe America can’t win against third world countries! They wouldn’t have a chance against Russia or China.

      20. don is sending “troops” to the border to “assist” the border patrol. BFD, more paper pushers. every agent carries a firearm, and if they used them to defend our border when trespassers crossed the line, the issue would be resolved. political correctness has destroyed this society, war is death and destruction and we can’t defeat cave dwellers, because we don’t want to. solve the problem, and you are no longer needed.

      21. People forget the lingering effects of the Great Depression. There was such widespread malnutrition that after Pearl Harbor when the first volunteers were in basic training, there were terribly weak and malnourished. Yet with training and nutrition, they ended up fighting not only in Normandy but in crazy levels of intense battles like in the Pacific Theater against banzai attacks.

        The military can turn things around most of the time but also realize how mentally weak the millennials are. The biggest factor in victory is morale. The millennials are demoralized. It’s true that 80% cannot be infantry due to education, physical endurance, backbone, past criminal activity, etc. But some of that can be overcome by attitude adjustment.

        Historically Russian was legendary in WW2 even volunteering to clear minefields. During the Korean War, the Chinese infantry were fanatical.

        The Chinese have the most to lose from both the robotics revolution and a massive trade war. They also greatly outnumber us but luckily have a puny near ineffective navy thus difficulty transporting them.

        What would cripple the USA is three EMP devices over the continental states. It decapitate the power structure and transportation and meanwhile the bulk of our forces in our worldwide strategic bases would have no support. It’s the least expensive method and the Chinese can always blame North Korea or incite them to act. Then the Russians and the Chinese pick up the pieces. The Northeast and California, Washington, and Oregon would rapidly fall due to subversives.

        Insurgents from Central America would overwhelm Texas and Arizona and surrounding states.

        Mass migration would happen flooding places like Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Kentucky and Tennessee could hold off for awhile due to less population density and being away from the coasts. Florida would tear itself apart as would Mississippi and Georgia.

      22. FYI, I read that China’s military has more soldiers that the entire population of the USA

      23. When we talk about demilitarization and denuclearization, does America actually retain enough materiel, to ruin everything, everywhere.

        Also, aren’t we technically under the globalist protection racket, while making some symbolic sacrifices of equipment in gross excess.

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      25. But we do a good job at bombing sheep herders from 25K feet.

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