New Report: Artificial Intelligence Will Handle 52% Of Current Work Tasks By 2025

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A new World Economic Forum study has concluded that robots and artificial intelligence will handle about 52% of current work tasks by the year 2025.  That’s almost twice as many as they already currently handle.

Although AI is expected to generate about 58 million jobs, it will also decimate the middle class, according to the Internet of Business. The WEF report, The Future of Jobs 2018, predicts that 75 million jobs will be displaced by AI, robotics, and automation, but suggests that 133 million new jobs may be created as organizations attempt to shift the balance between human workers and machines: a net gain of 58 million jobs.  But they also predict that this shift will be a bloodbath for the already hard-hit middle class.

While many people believe that routine, low-skilled jobs will fall to the machines first, the WEF paints a bleak future for many roles that were once considered safe, middle-class careers. Financial analysts, accountants, auditors, lawyers, bank tellers, statistical, finance, and insurance clerks, general managers, and administrators are all listed under “redundant roles” over the next five years. –Internet of Business

Drivers will also be hit hard, and that industry’s pummeling will be felt across the nation, as many states report van, car, and motorcycle drivers are the most common of jobs. In place of these jobs will be machines that won’t have to be paid, but also come with data analysts, AI and machine learning specialists, innovation and digital transformation experts, robotics professionals, experience designers, and what the WEF calls “people and culture specialists” – all roles that machines would find hard to replicate.

The WEF report further states:

By 2022, 38 percent of businesses surveyed expect to extend their workforce to new productivity-enhancing roles, and more than a quarter expect automation to lead to the creation of new roles in their enterprise.

In addition, businesses are set to expand their use of contractors doing task-specialized work, with many respondents highlighting their intention to engage workers in a more flexible manner, utilizing remote staffing beyond physical offices and decentralization of operations.

Respondents expect increased job creation in such project-based, temporary and freelancing roles, pointing to structural labor market transformations in terms of contractual arrangements and employment relations, as well as occupational profiles. -WEF report on artificial intelligence

So while the middle class is set to take a beating, the wealth inequality gap will continue to widen, separating harshly the wealthy and the poor. And the timeline is not that far off.

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    1. rellik

      Face it most people are a pain to deal with.
      1/4 of our country are Democrat or lean that way.
      A most obnoxious, self centered, and
      un-productive group of people.
      They gravitate to service industries because
      they don’t have the intellect to produce useful
      I won’t miss them as they are replaced by robots
      and AI.
      Our problem as a society is what to do with
      this detritus.

      • TharSheBlows

        This is the move they want, to force people onto Universal Income, aka: Forced Slavery. Seems like most of the people where I live, are broke. Time to tap into the Game Plot.

      • Maranatha

        They already are trying to get robot pickers to replace migrant workers. But at what cost in terms of equipment, fuel, and maintenance? Then how does it impact the harvest of fragile things like strawberries?

        See, it sounds great as it cut down on illegal aliens BUT ultimately it affects every job.

        One of the issues now is China brought down hordes of rural Chinese making slave wages in the urban centers, but they falsely told the workers they would end up potentially owning property. It didn’t happen and it drained rural resources for farm labor.

        There have been numerous scandals in China where workers invested money in future housing and it went belly up.

        And then the very same Chinese industry are all massively investing in automation and robotics to eliminate these rural workers.

        I would expect a new Chinese revolution ultimately. They have been lied to even when ghost cities exist.

    2. Sally Snyder

      Here is an interesting look at the link between the Federal Reserve’s interest rate policies and the rate of job creation:

      Unfortunately, central bankers don’t pay the price for an economy that is creating fewer jobs thanks to their mismanagement of monetary policies since their employment is pretty much guaranteed.

    3. Anonymous

      The rapidly growing presence of AI’s and Robots in our society should be presenting some interesting civil rights issues over the next decade or two.

      • John

        “The 3% at the top of the economic scale No Longer Needs you worthless eaters-polluters-breeders.” That is their outlook.
        – Why did Obama preposition massive ammo stores at NOAA-Post Offices-Social Security Admin buildings etc?
        – Why are NASCAR and NFL stadiums empty?
        **** Has anyone considered that the NFL knee down protest might be a cover story? Concocted to cover up MISSING working class, gun owning, patriots.

        FACT– Holman Square in Chicago are dissappearing people. Black op style Police detaining area.
        FACT– Harvey County correctional facility, located in the state of Kansas, city of Newton, Kansas. ARE MURDERING Americans for thier assets, harvesting human organs of the prisoners, and giving out the Americans ID documents to unknown Foriegn nationals. AND NO ONE will stop it. THIS web site will not investigate.

        — Dallas Texas, DPD officer enters man’s home and murders him. Claimed she was in “wrong apartment”.
        — Ft Worth Texas, Police murder elderly man in his own garage while he has cleaning his gun at home.
        — Police murder unarmed people on weekly basis in US

        Just today read story about a criminal US Border Patrol nutjob that murdered many women. This “officer” worked for ten years at his job. How many more innocents dead?
        — Is the economy really improviing that much? Or are Law Enforcement assets being used to round up Blue Collar, patriotic Americans?

        Is there a “Quite War” on to kill us before these robots take over the manual task jobs. Are the Leftist NWO controlled by the “Deep State Elite” killing Patriots?

        **** Will this post be seen or just shadow banned?
        **** Is Trump really the last US president elected by the people. Or is Preident Trump just a cooler to distract?
        **** Is all the data collection on the net done to eventually TARGET US Patriots?

        What do you think about the above? Or do you dare think?

    4. The Deplorable Renegade

      I still say the whole scheme with robots and AI is doomed to failure. There’s a way to destroy them. I have REAL intelligence, NOT artificial, LOL.

      • Heartless

        Aw, nothing worth worrying about. I already deal with autopilots. Sell, install, service, program and repair. Until they build a robot that can fix itself….. I’ve no problem whatsoever with them. A general rule of thumb tech-wise – the more advanced the system, the greater the chance for a break-down and need for repair.

    5. Jim in Va.

      At least robots are dependable and don’t require vacations and breaks or pensions. What could go wrong?

    6. aljamo

      More profit for corporations yay! After all isn’t life about always increasing profits? So these are the good old days before the kill off.

    7. Kevin2

      If machines made and transported all of the goods who purchases them? At present we have an intentionally out of sync system where the people largely making goods (3rd world labor) cannot afford to purchase the goods they make. The great purchaser (US) use trickery, slight of hand (oil peg / reserve currency) to maintain purchasing power thus deceivingly completing the cycle. This system appears inherently unsustainable. In its wake what completes the ago old supply/demand that needs some equilibrium?

    8. Zork

      Hahaha! Foolish puny Earthlings! There is no intelligent life on Earth, natural or artificial.

      • Zarg

        Garbage in, garbage out Zork.

    9. B from CA

      All this automation creates new opportunities.

      So, I went to dinner. The food came to the patron on a belt. Dishes go down a shoot. Your bill is figured out by the type and number of dishes. It was OK, but not great. The food was fair.

      The store chain monopolies are fading away. They put the mom and pop stores out of business. Now, shipping is replacing them.

      I foresee a return of mom and pop stores; and restaurants that have highly trained, better looking, more charming and intelligent waiters/waitresses who entertain customers with conversation, prompt service, and excellent.

      This tech fad is getting boring. People are at the end, not the beginning.


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