New Proposal Will Force Gun Owners to Store Assault Weapons At Government Authorized Storage Depots

by | Jan 18, 2013 | Headline News | 539 comments

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    Because you can never have too many laws, regulations and mandates, Massachusetts State Representative David Linsky has filed a new bill that would, among other things, force gun owners to undergo mental health background checks, acquire liability insurance, pay an additional 25% tax on all forms of ammunition, and require firearms categorized as “assault weapons” to be stored outside of their homes and only at government approved storage depots.

    “This bill is a comprehensive effort to reduce all types of gun violence – murders, intentional shootings, accidental shootings and suicides.  There is not one solution to reducing gun violence – we can’t eliminate it – but there are a lot of common-sense steps that we can take to significantly reduce the everyday tragedy of gun violence and deaths,” said Linsky.

    “I have spoken with hundreds of people over the past few weeks in developing this legislation – victims, police officers, criminologists, physicians, and yes – gun owners and sportsmen,” stated Linsky. “There are a lot of good ideas out there. We should all have one goal – reducing gun violence and trying to keep more tragedies from happening.”

    Provisions in the bill include:

    • Having one standard of the issuance of all gun licenses, giving local police chiefs the ability to evaluate all aspects of an application for a gun license.
    • Requires proof of liability insurance for possession of a firearm, rifle or shotgun.
    • Requires that all large capacity weapons and grandfathered assault weapons must be stored at gun clubs or target ranges.
    • Requires live shooting as part of the curriculum for a basic firearms safety course; this is not a current requirement.
    • Requires all applicants for gun licenses and FID cards to sign a waiver of mental health records for review to be destroyed after decision.
    • Imposes 25% sales tax on ammunition, firearms, shotguns, and rifles; dedicates funds towards firearms licensing, police training, mental health services, and victim’s services.
    •  Brings Massachusetts into compliance with the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).
    • Limits gun buyers to one firearm purchase per month.

    Source: Natick Patch

    Bills such as this one are being filed by irrationally driven anti-gunners all over the country.

    They are targeting every aspect of firearms in an effort to first reduce ownership, and then to ultimately ban it altogether.

    They’ll expand the definitions for mental health to include basic forms of stress and normal human mood fluctuations and designate these as mental health conditions that would disqualify you from owning a gun.

    They’ll tax gun purchases and ammunition like they’ve done with cigarettes (tripling the cost over a decade) and require huge insurance premiums, making ownership unaffordable for most Americans.

    They’ll track the sale and transfer of all firearms through registration, with unjust punishments for anyone engaging in black-market trading.

    And, eventually, another crisis – likely one that purports to threaten the very security and stability of the government of the United States – will be used in an attempt institute a complete roundup of the majority of modern firearms.

    A full out assault on the Second Amendment is underway.


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      1. Its MA….Are we really surprised?

          • I don’t think it will pass, but miracles happen. Does anyone notice they keep using the words “common-sense”, as thier only argument? I’m sorry to anyone in MA, but you better get out before they make it illegal to leave.

              • Whoever thumbed this down can eat shit. How could you not like that lamp?

                • I like that lamp…

                  Will it burn anything other than lamp oil?

                  • Probably but only clean burning parafin oil is recommended.

                • @eisen:

                  ..nice lamp…

                  more off topic: Danny Glover sayin’ 2nd amend. to protect against slavery:


                  …with guns and ammo flying off the shelves, how much longer till its food and gas?
                  ….keep stacking peeps….

                  ..i tot i taw a putty tat….woof…BA.

                  • In America, many think that only the government should have guns.

                    Since the government in America is the People, then only the People should have guns.

                    People with guns watch, people with no guns dig.

                    What usually happens when a group of people with no guns, take on a group of people with guns?

                    The first rule in a gunfight: –have a gun–.
                    The first rule of Gun Club: –never surrender your guns__.


                    …be safe…stay the course…BA.

                  • Hey B.A…

                    If I had the ‘Lethal-Weapon wannabes e-mail….I would remind him, that he should be thankful that his ancestors were most fortunate to be sold into slavery…in the(at the time)…New World!!!

                    …’cuz had they remained on the “Dark Continent”….there’s a 50/50 chance his fore-bearers would have ended up on a primitive rotisserie…over a healthy bed of coals…as a “LONG PIG” feast, for some other indigenous tribe of conquerors.

                    …’Tis truth!


                    …had his ancestors survived…and sans WHITE EUROPEAN COLONIZATION &/or CONTACT…

                    Theirs/his descendants would still be running around barefoot, today…dressed in animal skins….chucking spears…and eating one another!!!!!!!!

                  • Danny Glover white hating commie that he is said no such thing. He said the 2nd amendment was instituted to keep blacks as slaves. Funny my understanding was that gun control was aimed at blacks so that the Klan had no worries about being shot when burning and lynching. Glover may be a good actor but like so many prominent blacks he is just a racist.

                  • @Gunsmith:

                    Good Day Sir.

                    Happy Gun Appreciation Day !!!!!

                    I am embracing the 2nd amendment to help deter my own enslavement.

                    Citizens have guns —slaves do not.

                    God created all men, Samuel Colt made them equal.

                    Buy something from your local gun store and let them know they are a valuable service. I took donuts and coffee over, then picked up ammo and speed loaders for my gp-100. I wanted to shoot at their gun range, but the wait was an hour(30 minutes after they opened, what does that tell you).

                    Be safe Sir, powder dry.

                    …stay the course….BA.

                • What’s up with the thumbs down folks? It’s a really nice lamp.

                  Maybe I’m missing some important detail? Does anyone care to explain it to me?

                • Senator Chuck “Shomer Yisrael” must be Replaced by a Senator who will “Shomer” the U.S.

                  “My name as you know comes from a Hebrew word. It comes from the word shomer, which means guardian … and I believe Hashem, actually, gave me the name as one of my roles that is very important in the United States Senate, to be a shomer for Israel, and I will continue to be that with every bone in my body.” (US Senator Charles Schumer interviewed by Nachum Segal, Apr 22, 2010)

                  This is a running theme of Chuck Schumer. He made the same statement in a Florida synagogue during the 2008 presidential campaign among many others that should concern American citizens:

                  Last year we briefly touched on the meaning of the kabbalistic concept of “Shomer Yisrael” which is one of the names of the strange god of Judaism, Metatron, who the rabbis teach is the “Guardian of Israel,” who protects “Israel” from “Esau” (non-“Jews,” Christians) whose guardian is Satan or “Samael” according to the rabbis (cf. Eisenmenger, The Traditions of the Jews).

                  Chuck Schumer’s “Shomer” lore should greatly concern the non-Judaic majority that a U.S. senator is obligated to represent. This man is seriously compromised by extreme tribal ideology, mysticism and attachments to a foreign nation hostile to our own.


              • Thanks for the link.. neat item. I just bought one too.

                • @BadAmerican

                  The first rule of gun club is
                  You do not talk about gun club

                  The second rule of gun club is
                  You do NOT talk about gun club

                  The third rule is never admit you have them to any ObamaNazi puke piece of shit that’s trying to take them away

                  The fourth rule is to never “register” them, or store them in anyplace that’s not YOUR property. If you don’t hold them you don’t own them

                  The fifth rule is to never pay an additional tax or do a second background check on a gun you ALREADY legally own… that’s like interviewing for the job you already have

                  The sixth rule is you do not give your fingerprints or your mugshot for something that is already rightfully yours… you are a citizen and a free person, not a criminal or a slave

                  The seventh rule is that you never surrender your guns. That surrender is just the front door leading to the camps and the gas chambers

                  • @Sos:

                    Good Day to you Sir.

                    The first rule of Gun Club:
                    “Never surrender your guns”, because without guns, there is no Gun Club.

                    The rules you have added are worthy in their own right.

                    I applaud our Brotherhood, Oooorah, Sir.

                    …’bout time to get jiggy wit it….BA.

                  • Nice post(thumbs-up too)!!!

                    Rule #8.) …aim small, miss small! Make every round count!

                    Rule #9.) …you are, what you do…when it counts!!!

                  • Dead on Sam, beware the gaze of the eye of Mordor. We have been out manouvered. For now.

              • Nice little lamp, I just got a few old style oil lamps from wallyworld, they were 16$ real dusty, looked like people dont even know what they are for,,, no cords

            • @ Everybody. I have been doing a lot of thinking about what is going on right now, and I feel that we (that support freedom) and those idiots that don’t support feeedom are being played like pawns by the government and those way up, the elitists.

              I started to think how personally I have been upset over this future gun grab, and how crazy those already crazy anti-gun nuts are acting, and I said to myself could this be a big fat DISTRACTION to something a lot larger. It seems like everyone is fixated on this, and it just seems like this is exactly what THEY want.

              I have personally NOT spent the time that I should on earthquake forecasting, ticked off for one thing at that total jerking piers morgan and these other starry eyed glue sniffing toad licking anti-self defense parasites. It just hit me, what are THEY trying to divert our attention away from? Let’s face it, history has proven too many times when everybody’s attention is focused on one issue that is very important, those in power SLIP something by everyone easily, or something catastrophic happens.

              The government of course wants to get the people’s self defense, what government that wants power doesn’t. It seems a lot more sinister than this though. I feel it even goes way beyond the financial collapse and the U.S. Dollar or anything that has to do with this.

              Here’s the ‘think tank’ of the very observate and intelligent people out there to ferret out. Okay, let’s say this is a distraction to something a lot worse. What could it be? This requires some real thinking outside the box here and careful analyzing of what could be really going on behind the scenes by those in the NWO, the U.S. government, the secret organizations, etc.


              • Anything to keep you all from looking at the economy.

                They have to keep the intellectual left’s hair on fire about guns, abortion and gay rights to keep the supposedly fiscally conservative right too preoccupied with things other than the economy.

                They’re drumming up money for the weapons industry so they can get a nice chunk of the profits before the rights are really taken away and their only customer becomes the US Federal Government.

                They know it is going to get bad real soon and they want to make sure we are as accepting of this new reality as possible.


                • On target!

              • One idea that ive kicked around is most patriot type gun owners are also homeowners, have jobs, some even money and investments, you know hard assets, the government is in the hole, they also like to seize assets, if TSHTF and everybodys kung fu fighting well all be labled as extremist and whatever we or our family owns seised and liquidated or added to the pot, there is also the fact that when, not if, but when the house of cards comes crashing down, your savings and investments your assets will be seized under that law they passed that was like something out of Auan Rand’s book, and if people are armed to the teeth like most of us are it may be an inconvenience for them to deal with us so better to slow us all down. If the feds follow suit with NY and a bunch of the states follow along as well most of us could have to forfeit our guns because we are deemed questionable, now you need to remember the law ny passed doesnt only deal with assault weapons but ALL firearms, i feel like many have said its about being able to controll and coerse us into following along, figure most people will be too scared to stand up, gotta remember most of these politicians are so arrogant or oblivious and out of touch with your and my reslity that they are not even in the same book let alone on the same page, sorta like that picture of that cowboy actor sayin yer some kinda stupid arent ya, they are really some kinda slick talking stupid who think they are gods gift to the people, anyway sorry for rambling, this whole pile of shit when combined with the obamacare thing and all the additionsl state and local crap is just a little unsettling, puts a whole new spin on the thinking for prepping

                • I think, perhaps, we have ALL been missing the big picture…We have been thinking of OUR RIGHTS within OUR Nation and not thinking of global government….and exactly WHO we are against……

                  May God Help US…..


                  • I agree, Feisty Old Broad, we have to watch out for all those globalist Muslim banksters and Muslim financiers like the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Schiffs, Soros, Strong, Blum (Feinstein’s husband), Bernanke, Geithner, Jacob Lew, … darn those Muslims!

                  • O ok…I. saw what you did there… You called them
                    ..Muslims … the bankers… when really

                  • Yeah he called them Muslims when really they are anti-Christ Edomite jews. The bible even says the disciples spoke in a whisper for fear of the jews who are, by the way, descended from Esau Edom, not Jacob Israel.

                • Dr. Quack is obviously being enlisted in the effort. How hard will it be to persuade the younger generation of doctors to “get with the program” when you can dangle the carrot of student loan forgiveness?

                • As Gerald Celente says…”when people lose everything and have nothing else to lose they lose it”. That’s what this is all about. TPTB knows what’s coming when the system collapses. They want as few as possible without guns. All hell will break loose when the system fails. 😉

                • Kulafarmer,

                  >>”If the feds follow suit with NY and a bunch of the states follow along as well most of us could have to forfeit our guns because we are deemed questionable…”<<

                  That's what off-site weapon cache's are meant to address. It worked well for the Minute Men.

                  The fact that we must now think along those lines is a huge red flag to me that something truly sinister is in the offing.

                  I used to say, "hopefully cooler heads will prevail and this matter will just blow over…", but we are well beyond the point of cooler heads. Progressive fanaticism & fascism are just getting warmed up.

                  Just wait until the Supreme Court is stacked with radical & fully committed progressive pawns. The only thing that will be left of our Founding documents are what I and others have framed on display in our homes across the nation. Cheers.

                • WOW,,,
                  if this is true we need bigger and more guns and we need to get our butts more organized,

                • @ WonderinWhy. You know I have been saying this for a long time, China is trying to disarm the U.S. It is would be a lot more profitable to conquer the U.S. without too many nukes going off. I really feel that there would be a lot more support for gun rights to those on the fence about the issue, if people more stressed the national security issue from foreign invasion for protecting the 2nd. Amendment.

                  That stupidier than manure piers morgan had an idiotic comeback to the danger of foreign invasion. The U.S. has 5000 nuclear weapons and that is the only deterrent that is needed. The mongoloid doesn’t even know how many nukes the U.S. has, and the U.S. is not going to nuke its own country with foreign invaders in it. The job of saving the U.S. will fall on the back of the patriots that must remain armed enough to be able to fight back an invasion.

                  To the economic point of view, they started selling out the country when they opened up free trade with poor countries and like Ross Perot said, you will hear a giant sucking sound of good job right out of the country. It was peanut man Carter that really started this. Then Bubba really kicked it into high gear. Bush jr. and BO finished it off. This country is in such serious trouble, and the masses are all going to watch the coronation on Monday with glee.

              • Sorry for the fat finger, its called on older iphone and an operator who drinks too much coffee

                • JQPublic: Per the names you posted(with too many more to list!) in order to avert unnessary Collaratal Dammages, perhaps a New fed nationwide Law needs be enacted.

                  A Fed Law to Force ALL antigun libs etc to Wear visible on ALL forms of Outer clothing, in easily visible locations, such as over their Heart left side areas.

                  In Honor of the Most Obvious “group” who are the Leaders(as JQP noted) all antigun liberals MUST begin to Wear a Bright Yellow SIX Pointed Star.

                  That will assure zero unconcerned-Progun-And those who truly know Not of this evil disarmanemt plan, do Not get whacked by mistake as colatoral dammages.

                  Leave guns alone. Issue six point stars to lib antis. Then take their best actions and….Show Time!

                  PS: Fed Gov Shall allow every State gov that desires it to begin Rounding up and Warehouseing Liberal antigun persons. The best location’s to consider are Sinagogs, since they have many and Thats the Main group spearheading this disarmament agenda.

                  • Since you hinted regarding the hexagram, Angelo, it is worth mentioning that there is NO biblical reference to a “Star of David,” but there are references to the Star of Rempham (Acts 7:43) and Amos 5:26 notes:

                    “But you carried a tabernacle for your Moloch, and the image of your idols, the star of your god, which you made to yourselves.”

                    “And you took unto you the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Rempham, figures which you made to adore them. And I will carry you away beyond Babylon.” Acts 7:43

                    Moloch, of course, is the demon to whom the Israelites sacrificed their children. Now, sad to say, their sacrifice of children has become sport for them…

                  • In truth John, they are sacrificing our children in Wars instigated by them…for our progeny to fight…at their insistence.

                    And the daily slaughter continues here(stateside), behind the doors of their franchised baby chop-shops!

                    Truly, they are most deserving of DAMNATION!

              • They (the rich corporatists who comprise the top 1% of the wealthy, like the Koch brothers and their ilk, who really pull the strings in your government) are setting up another civil war, but on a much grander scale than last time. They need a die-off of the population here in North America (as well as the rest of the world, but let that take care of itself) to make their way of life sustainable (not having to share natural resources, topsoil, water or crops with the rest of us; just more “elbow room” in general) and more manageable — they don’t want to be forced into gated communities or have to hire private armies. So a civil war of heavily armed “Red States” against the rest of the country should trim the population nicely, and the survivors will be suitable for employment as the wealthy who control what is left decide. Also it cleans up the nightmare that many big cities have become, and it’s great for weapons/ammo sales! Sort of a fresh start, with many millions fewer mouths to feed… Think Syria as it is today, maybe multiplied by a few thousand.

                • antipathy,

                  The Koch brothers? Don’t you mean George Soros? Are you kidding me? I guess you are in the same camp as the anointed one, he hates and fears the Koch brothers.

                  • All the rich corporatists, both “left” and “right,” are on the same side — and it isn’t the same side as anybody else. “The anointed one” is there for them too.

                  • red or blue, they are all gangsters. down with all of them.

                  • other than the first couple of sentence in his post, he is right on the mark.

                • While one could only wait with bated breath for a strengthening of the integrity of the gene pool, it would only serve to cause deflation, which would not be in the financial interests of the 1%, so I don’t see that (civil war) as being much of a motivating issue for them. They already have plenty of loot and plenty to eat and don’t care about whether others will or not, not that I do either….kind of an existential issue actually, not one of moral right vs wrong. It would certainly clean up the cities though…course, who is going to go there to do that? Not me!!!

              • They are going to have to sieze our retirement accounts sich vie Argentina at some point, and they know everyone will be pissed. They want our guns.

              • @BI…..I must say I have had some similar thoughts, especially in the past 3 or 4 months….there always seems to be a red herring tossed out there to distract….the slight o’ hand, so to speak…, look at it as a giant connect-the-dots puzzle….financial, political, health, science,and human response? The gun issue is HUGE….so, find the common denominator within all the prevailing points……just a few thoughts here….no “rocket scientist” here, but some things just don’t make sense…

                • FOB: Not to worry. It all adds up. The NWO under the Trilateral Commission and Council of Foreign Relations has created HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of “non profit” NGO’s with specific responsibility for particular areas of human activity; which are funded by taxpayer grants and tax deductions from their corporations.

                  These innocuous sounding NGO’s employee tens of thousands of people at OUR expense (either through a gov’t grant or tax deduction) to pursue the PTB Agenda of domination and their call for transformation.

                  This strategy is also repeated in other countries generating an army of individuals and groups around the world pushing a socialist, even totalitarian plan for global governance, centered politically, around the United Nations.

                  The more layers of government, the further those making the rules are from the people; and the further the people are away from the levers of power, the less influence any individual has in making an impact. Thus the lemmings follow the herd off the cliff to One World Government.

                  The US Constitution and the American Patriot are the flies in the ointment. WE stand between a Free World and One World Government.

                  The gun grab, like free trade, illegal immigration, gay rights, raw milk, GMO corn crony capitalism,and financial collapse, are strategies intended to strip US of OUR wealth, OUR Rights, and with OUR Rights, OUR power.

                  Engage these MF’s or be enslaved by them. “Vote”. 🙂

                  • Many of these ngo’s in our area…funding is nearing the end.

                  • voting is another scam, waste of time.

                  • DK yep! an as an FYI: the word “Council” as in City Council, is the Word: “SOVIET” in Russian.

                    Once overtaken by kommies in Russia after 5 yrs since the revolt began in 1918, the “soviets” aka USSR were Oficially recognized by all other nations as the “New” ruling govnt of Russia.

                    Their main method to govern the “peons”(the 1/2 they did not kill off). Was known as a system of “Soviets” or councils in english.

                    Each soviet was like a layer, kinda like a wedding cake with many layers, and the closer to the Top of cake, the Smaller in size and members(ruling eliets) they contained.

                    At the Very top level…Aprox 503 individuals were the top eliet ruling group. With Vlad Lennin as “prez”.

                    Of That top 503 persons ALL but “13” persons were Non-gentiles aka jewsih persons.(490=jewsih)

                    Most all changed their names prior, to hide who they were.

                    EXAMPLE: Leon Trotsky(david axelrod’s great graddaddy!).

                    Leons BIRTH name, was “Lev Bronstien”…A complete listing of all with their True brith names and tons of proof who or what they were and including pictures of “most” is available Online.

                    1918=Russians turn for pure evils.

                    2013=Americas turn for same BY same.

                    I didn’t post a link to said proof website as it takes too long to go thru mods. I do have it if needeed.

                    An Article complete with Most of their Photos(in black and white back then) and REAL brith names + Names after changed….AND a Mini-bio of what part played in kommie party eliets “soviet” and of course the numbers of how many they Murdered and had others assist in murders.

                    Waky Waky! awaken to truths!

                • Instead of all this “Guessings” why not simply READ BOTH Their Main plan agendas?

                  IE: READ the Protocals of elders of Zion

                  IE: READ The Kommie manifesto to take america IE 47 Goals.

                  Both vastly available FREE on Many online websites!

                  PS do NOT eat food prior to reading the Protocals as you may indeed become sick to stomach while reading their pure evil intents.

                  Then after reading, ask yourself a question…Has Any of these agendas happened as yet in america?…How many has?

                  Who are behind it all?…Why are they?

                  Those and more answers Are contained within BOTH documents.

                  Or keep naysaying and defending the now UNdefenseable!

                  • While the Communist Manifesto is indeed a real document “The protocols of the Elders of Zion” was a CREATED writing meant to make the Jews look bad. In other words it is, for lack of a better term, a “false flag document” written by the Russian secret police for the purpose of stirring up anti-Semitic sympathies with the public. It is a VERY WELL documented hoax, and has been for years, since before WWII. It serves no purpose to perpetuate what is KNOWN to be untrue and ONLY serves to color the motivation and integrity of the purveyor of the hoax. As much as human beings want to categorize things into groups (it is in our DNA to want to), people being one of the things they want to categorize, it is a predisposition to be avoided at all costs as it clouds rational judgement. I dislike ALL people equally. I evaluate everyone on their performance ONLY and how it affects ME. I don’t care if they are Jewish, Baptist, black, white, red, Catholic, agnostic, Masons, Amish, Mormon etc. If they are productive and upstanding citizens, and understand the responsibility of THAT, then I consider them on my team. I would rather be associated with a Zoroastrian, Iraqi, midget of good attitude and repute, than to be associated with someone (or group) that has a categorical hatred and purposeful misrepresentation of a “category” of other people. Every black is not a criminal, every white is not law abiding, every Jew is not involved in a nebulous conspiracy to “take over the world”, everyone on food stamps didn’t ask to be there. I am white, over sixty, conservative, retired military, born-again Christian, and I hate liberals…but that is the only category of human beings I hate, simply because they are stupid and silly. Now that doesn’t mean I’m stupid about it, I am wary of people that may not have my best interests at heart (that’s why I carry a pistol). It serves no purpose to hate or spread hatred about a category of people. $0.02

                  • The ADL claims the Protocols are a “forgery.”

                    What is a forgery?

                    ANSWER: a copy of an original

                    Besides, who cares who penned it?—Whether it is a tribal insider blueprint or a tribal outsider report, the Protocols track perfectly with the tribal modus operandi in history and in current events.

              • @BI….To answer this great question, you must first know about the NWO, Agenda21, Central Banks, Federal Reserve, Bilderbergers, and other stuff.

                What is happening is an economic collapse. A full fiscal meltdown. A financial collapse that will cause panic like no other.

                Now look at Central Banks and the Federal Reserve. Do you own your money, or is it a ‘borrowed’ gift from them? Doesnt the dollar say, ‘Federal Reserve Note’? So who is this Note to? It is to all of us!!!!

                In other words, ‘We The People’ owe this Note and the so-called debt behind it. We must pay the piper. We payed to play, now it is time to pay.

                ‘We The People’ owe well over $50T to those (NWO) that gave us this Note (loan) as a free gift, as long as we paid it back. We are not going to pay it back and also cannot do so; thus, there will be Hell to pay. Thus, we are on the verge of a full-scale confiscation of everything.

                How do we pay our friends back? How can we get over $50T to the nice Peace-Maker and friends of the NWO. Very easy. The USA has over $50T in only five ways–social security funds, pensions and IRAs, homes and land, farmground, and energy resources. The ‘piper’ will start taking.

                Food is a resource. Cause hyperinflation and skim the top. The Bible says in paraphrase, ‘A quart of wheat for a days wage, but save the wine.’ This means that most will work for food only and barely enough to survive on. But the rich and elite will do just fine.

                So what if there is civil unrest. If Americans through civil unrest wipeout about 100 million, well less mouths to feed and less to worry about future social security payments, etc.

                The Chess challenge started in the 1930s, but the game began at 911. They have the main pieces, and we are left to defend our King with just pawns. You can see this at every angle.

                There is not one bit of good news that shows any improvement of anything. Just get ready day-by-day. Do what you can. 1984 is here. So are Daniel and Revelation.

                • @ugly…I agree with you completely….but I think there is something MORE that we are just missing……?

                  • FOOD.

                    Magazines, ammo, yeah… that would be nice. Rice and beans are still cheap and plentiful, like magazines and ammo were not that many days ago. You think the lines around the gun shows were long. GOT FOOD?

                  • @FOB….look at this gun issue two ways–

                    1. They want to take away guns so we cannot defend ourselves in the coming of days….or,

                    2. They want us to have them guns so we can thin ourselves out during civil unrest. We fight each other over food, thus they sit back and watch on ‘drone’ tv.

                    Maybe they want us to fight each other?

                    I would say the attack on 2nd admend is just a chisel of many chisels. The Christians have been fighting ACLU over many admends of times past. Now it is the second, soon others.

                    This will all start will an economic breakdown and dollar meltdown first. Then the ‘haves’ will be pitted against the ‘have-nots’. Civil unrest.

                    When civil unrest happens and spoiled Americans are without food and resources, that is when they step in.

                  • I can add an Idea or two to this laundry list of things 1) being this could also be a ploy to cover up his ineligebility issue.2)He is pissed off at those of us who are pressuring him for his Real Birth Certi. So now the issue that most of us who are putting the pressure on him care most about. Our 2nd amendment rights. Of course I realize that these jackoffs have been pushing this for quite some time now more so since Bush allowed their beloved Braidy bill to expire. Now the dictator has cized a perfect oppertunity to cowardly hide behind a child and use that basis to launch his revenge against us true patriots using the emotions of his flock of idiotic sheep/Obots.Or he is just using this as a fucked up way to stimulate the econ. If you want to stock up on ammo or buy that gun you have been wanting for quite some time. Now would probally be the time to do so.They are not only tring to tax the hell out of G n A in Mass. But all across the board.

                    Y’all take it easy and get ready for what’s comming down the pipe.

                  • Simon, you are sooooo on target!

                    The shockingly empty gun store shelves are coming to a grocery near you!

                  • Agreed. This is all birth pangs of economic collapse. Whether a euro crisis, petro dollar crisis, debt crisis or a black swan the USD is finished. The world is moving away from the USD. And our government is going against the USD as well. To do this the individual must be made powerless through nullifying our 2nd amendment god given rights.

                    Literally the entire world wants us disarmed. Once the 100 million patriotic Americans are disarmed then the system can collapse and they’re new global Marxist utopia can begin. Were just a speed bump to NWO.

                • You have hit the nail on the head. The government is purchasing millions of rounds of ammo, security checkpoints, etc….WHY? Because they know the spending trajectory we’re on will lead to one thing: collapse. When it does, the welfare bums and parasites will riot. They can’t allow the citizens to have guns to defend themselves now can they?

                • False debt created out of thin air by people who had no right or authority to make debt in our name…hence we no pay! Its NOT my debt or yours…its theirs and as such they will not be taking anything that belongs to us,unless we rollover!
                  Folks have got to stop accepting their debt as ours and their wannabee rules as legal and binding…they wanna try stealing mine to finance theirs then I plan on treating them as I would any other thief!

              • Of course the govt is trying to take the public’s eye off the ball…i.e., the real issues of deficit spending, and the undermining of the whole financial foundation of the world economies. The issue of gun control sets off more heated debate than any other issue it seems, so the govt will keep pushing this button to draw public attention from other issues.

                It seems to me that the govt is most likely to increase sales tax on ammo and guns, as that approach is right in line with their need for more money, and as the old saying goes, “The power to tax is the power to destroy.”

                Finally, I am surprised that so many gun rights advocates have failed to seize on the 2nd Amendment word “infringe”. Infringe means to encroach upon, to bug, to harass, or to try to incrementally take over or control. Once a citizen, presumably a member of the “citizenry” in good standing has acquired a gun, his right to “keep” it must not be infringed upon, or disturbed, meaning all these ATF checks on Class 3 weapons holders are blatant infringements. So are requirements to store weapons in authorized storage areas. So is a tax that approaches the “sin tax” level of alcohol and tobacco. I suppose technically it could be argued that guns and ammo are already taxed at the prevailing sales tax rate as food, clothes, services etc and thus one could not make as strong an argument as this constituting “infringement” but when the tax rates exceed those of the prevailing tax rates for usual goods and services, then that excess tax constitutes “infringement.”

                Finally, trying to separate ammo from “arms” and thus argue that ammo is exempt from the 2nd amendment’s granting ” sacred cow” status to guns would be nonsensical. Clearly the Founding Fathers meant the right to bear firearms also includes ammo and powder, and all the accessories for a member of a militia to be an effective deterrent to all enemies of a free state.

                • Flying trunk Monkey
                  here is something i have noticed and wonder if any one else has too.
                  at our county run shooting park they have changed there Brass buying procedure three times lately.
                  before you could buy all you wanted no limit 2 cents For hand gun and 3 Cents for rifle Brass.
                  then about a month ago they placed a limit of 200 pieces per trip.
                  now they are only selling brass one week a month 200 rounds limit first come first served and if you want more then 200 you have to buy 250 lbs at $2.50 per lb there claim is that they have a buyer who is Recycling it. now i understand that Brass is selling for a good amount lately
                  BUT this all started in December about the time of the CT school shooting.
                  Maybe this is nothing but i see a bit of a conspiracy to keep this out of the public’s hands by trashing it for the recycle value.The last time i tried to get any brass there were 6 men waiting in line to grab all they could.

                  also people that are in some case buying there first AR or semi auto are also Buying full reloading kits. one guy said he figured get it while he could in case Obummer made ammo so expensive.
                  powder. primers and Most popular Bullets are sold out at most if not all major chain gun stores ( walmart bass pro etc Big 5 ) and if they do have it its got limits on how much you can buy sportsmans warehouse limits there single sales at
                  2 boxes of Ammo (200 rounds )
                  or 2 1lb can of powder ( or one 4 lb keg)
                  1 case of primers (1000)
                  200 rounds of any reloading bullets or Bags of Brass
                  there claim is so that they can Level the playing Field and give every one a fair chance at getting stuff and i have no problem given the current state of things.
                  BUT i see this as becoming the new Normal.
                  and some how i doubt its about leveling the playing field I think the major chain stores saw that Obummer was about to come down hard and they figure better not get caught with too much stock.
                  and if any one has noticed that Most online outfits are sold out of

                  Any one else noticed this too ??

                  Flying Trunk Monkey

                  • Flying Trunk Monkey,

                    Four years ago a case of primers contained 5,000 primers or 5 boxes. How times have changed.

                  • YH

                    my bad !!

                    Flying trunk monkey

                • taxation is theft and the bankster government are the thieves

                • ha; You’re on to the truth there. I think the liberal elites will be surprised though when they try the “ammo and arms tax” scheme. Even THIS SCotUS has to agree that the 2A is an individual right, at least as far as jurisprudence is concerned. As such, rights can’t be taxed. The “Poll Taxes” in the south were found to be unconstitutional based on the “equal protection” clause of the 14th Amendment. As such the taxes on firearms are the low hanging fruit to be dumped first. While the ammo isn’t part of the “firearm”, it is inherent to the function of the firearm, therefore it is inherent to the right itself. This is similar to the “literacy tests” for voting in the south. While it isn’t a tax it interferes with the inherent ability “to vote” covered yet again by the “equal protection” clause of the said 14th A. Basically, if the liberal members of the SCotUS are intellectually honest, and at some “really obvious” point they have to be, or be categorized as fools by their peers, they will have to rule that the taxes are purely punitive in nature and only serve to circumvent other “normal methods” of inhibiting behavior, which in this case is not only “legal” but an individual right. I would also agree with you about the class 3 firearms, however having spent the better part of 40 yrs in the military, a select fire platform is not something I want in most (if not all) firefights. Sustained, aimed fire (semi auto) is the most devastating fire that can be brought to bear in a firefight. Full auto mostly wastes ammo. Yeah if you’re being overrun by a few thousand Chi-coms at your foxhole, then it might be appropriate. I spent most of my time making sure my weapon WASN’T on “auto” so I didn’t waste my combat load. While I agree with your “infringe” argument I think a stronger argument, which I have yet to hear brought up, is the fact that the 2A is dependent on the 1A. Why are the 1 and 2 amendments, 1 and 2? Our forefathers did things with thought and purpose. Does anyone think that it is an accident that the 1stA is first and that the 2ndA is second? The 2ndA is for the express purpose of protecting the 1stA, therefore it is vested completely in the First Amendment. A gutted 2ndA will result in a gutted 1stA. They are basically parts A and B of the same “amendment” that epitomizes what freedom is!

                  • Well said Tripod. I appreciate your input!

              • Be Informed,

                With Germany announcing they are repatriating a very large percentage of their physical sovereign gold bullion holdings back to Germany.

                The U.S. mint has literally run out of Silver Eagle coins and has halted sales.

                2012 and 2013 U.S. GDP data being revised lower.

                Government spending accounting for 25% of the GDP at a time when it must cut spending but cannot due to bloated social programs and unfunded liabilities.

                Lastly, politicians seeming to make a desperate last ditch mad dash effort to seize more power and disarm Americans. Yes I would say something major is definitely in the offing.

                As Mark Twain said, history doesn’t repeat itself but it does rhyme.

                As for me, I don’t worry about when something bad is going to happen. I’m satisfied being able to see and understand that something major IS going to happen on my watch and prepare for it. It is a given that something bad is occurring even though I may not fully understand the scope of it, but it will reveal itself soon enough.

                As an instructor once said to me, “No plan is perfect. But as long as you have a plan, you’ll do better than most.”

              • I believe they are preparing to collapse the economy , I believe it’s around the corner , coming sooner that one would guess , perhaps March or April . The chaos has been accelerating , I think they are using gun rights attacks for multiple purposes. To distract us , to cause more anger and distrust and I believe it’s all being manufactured to all coincide at one time . Prepare ! Continue to wake as many as possible ,especially family members.Make sure you have at least four to five months of stored food, disposable eating utensils, water , camping stove , propane bottles , ammo , LOTS of ammo , cigarettes, fill your cars , have some spare gas and buy plenty of liquor. Because if the dollar totally collapses , we will see mayhem never seen in our history. Checks will stop coming , the Obamabots will be in a blind panic when their cash and foodie cards stop working.Obamabots will be screaming their Obamaphones won’t work. We could lose energy , running water and all commerce will stop. Stores will be empty in days. DONT forget bandaids, antibiotic ointment and BATTERIES !

                • @Julie:

                  I said something very similar on another thread. My guess was late spring to early summer, which is very close to what you’re indicating.

                  Maybe the something that everyone feels is some type of space-weather occurance? Asteroid?

                  It’s pretty obvious that TPTB don’t give didley-squat about fixing any of this mess. Yet, they have been on an all-out, bunker building marathon for a few years now, stocking them with water, food, medicines, and now on top of that, billions of rounds of hollow-point ammunition.

                  Anyway, that’s my guess. Whatever it is, ain’t gonna be pretty. Still prepping here.

                  • KySSG
                    ask youreslf why woud they need all that shit,,what is coming in my beliefe is going to be man made,,i think it will be an EMP,,or man made earthquakes,,both fit,,i think with quakes we would still have most communications intact,,BI could maybe tell us about that,


              • Strange idea.
                Is their any reason the government would WANT the USA to have a lot of guns and ammo on hand at the people level. Just thinking. :

                • You took the words right out of my mouth; that would be interesting, wouldn’t it? Get us all fired up, we buy a bunch of shit, creates a false temporary economy, then everyone is seriously armed to the teeth like never before, all mere minutes on the doomsday clock before all out global war starts. Great way to arm the people right in front of the world’s eyes without being obvious. Thoughts?

                  • It would be nice if that was the intent, i dont really think our washingtoncrats are that bright though.

                  • The Lord works in mysterious ways.

              • The elites are provoking another major war here in the U.S., a Revolution.
                What’s their motto? “Order out of chaos” the fuel is out of control, we may continue to see a bigger explosion of all kinds of provocative doings by this tyrannical govt. to get their NWO that will be destroyed, The Bible tells me so, you know the Word of God?
                God Bless and may God give this country a second chance to heal, if its not already too late.
                Jesus/Yahshua Christ/Ha’Mashiach is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, He is salvation! Praise and Glory to our Heavenly Father in His Holy name Amen!

                • Order out of Chaos is one.

                  The Other is “Thru Deception…We Shall Cause WARS!”

                  That is the inscription in Cement over the Entrance to Mosad HQ in Isreal. Many say it is also their offical “state” moto of Isreal.

                  So far it seems that is correct.

                  • Hhhmn? I think their OLD motto was Proverbs 24:6 which, depending on the version of the Bible you read, is rendered generally as “for by wise guidance you can/will wage your war” which in the context of Mossad (versus Mosad {sic})being the equivalent of the CIA is a rather appropos motto, unless of course you just have a boner for the Jews, for no particular reason. This is significantly different than “Thru Deception…We Shall Cause WARS!” cause(?)really, which apparently is not of any popular version of the Bible that I could find. I have the KJV, NKJV, NASB, RSV and the NRSV along with the Living Bible and yet THAT particular rendition is not found! AM, what is the real issue here? What is the deal with the Jews, my friend? The hateful attitude is a hindrance to rational thinking, which in a survival situation is imperative for, well, survival! Just asking?

                  • If you are uncertain, TripodXL,

                    By their fruits you shall know them. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Matthew 7:16

                    Communist genocide, Zionist genocide, two world wars, their third world war in the making, and global economic crimes against humanity are their poisonous fruits.

                    Prosecute the guilty; leave the innocent alone.

                  • In defense of Angelo, he correctly identifies 97% of modern jewry as belonging to the Synagogue of Satan.
                    They are of Mongol and Caucasian admixture and lack the DNA of Abraham’s seed-line. They are NOT Semites!

                    Hence, they are Khazars and thus, the wicked imposters identified by Christ in the New Testament. Their priesthood caste derives from the Canaanites and Edomites(see the lineage of the pharisees, for details).

                    Their holy book(see Talmud) is merely an extension of the worship of Baal(Satan) and his hateful supremacy based, Christ blaspheming ideology. Thus they are the sworn enemies of GOD and by extension, real Christians!

                    Before you judge Angelo’s truths, you should seek to prove him wrong and refute him, based on pure academic and biblical facts, without cherry-picking scripture and then misapplying it out of context.

                    Take your time and actually do the research, you may just acquire an eye opening education and a healthy dose of suppressed TRUTH.

                  • While there is definitely a “Jewish” flavor to the NWO and they are one of the competing groups for dominance within it; all Jews, whether Khazars or persons of direct lineage, are not evil and no one should paint everyone within a specific racial group with the same, wide brush.

                    This fact is simple, obvious, and irrefutable:

                    God has returned the Jew to the land that He gave them, and whether they are Khazars or not; He has established them in the Promised Land as his Chosen People, as promised, and they will not be removed from the land as long as they follow the Law of Moses.

                    The Lord will sort them out. I have better and more profitable things to do than question the acts or reasons of the Lord.

                    Pray for America. The war for America will be won by The Lord as He moves US to do His will.

                  • @ DK

                    You have trouble understanding this, so I will offer it again.

                    The Mosaic Covenant was CONDITIONAL. (for starters, read Deuteronomy chapter 28 and Leviticus chapter 26)

                    God said that the Israelites VOIDED the Mosaic Covenant, so He would make a NEW Covenant with the Gentiles and that THE GENTILES would become His NEW Chosen People. (for starters, see Jeremias 31-31-32)

                    Talmudic Judaism does NOT follow Mosaic Law. In fact the “Oral Torah” of the Talmud ridicules Moses as a dunce in Rabbi Akiva’s class. (for starters, read Menochot 22b in the Talmud). Only a tiny Karaite sect of Judaism (about 20,000 worldwide) follows Mosaic Law and the AshkeNazi and Sephardic “Jews” force the Karaites to CONVERT to Talmudic Judaism before immigrating to “Israel,” otherwise the Karaites are treated as goyim, non-Jews, non-humans.

                    Apocalypse 3:9 (Revelations 3:9 to you Protestants) could not be more clear about the identity of the genocidal pretenders occupying the Holy Land: “…the synagogue of Satan, those who SAY they are Jews, and are NOT, but do LIE.” GOD’s Word.

                    As for hate—think clearly now—who really is the hater? The one that teaches and practices genocide? Or the one who notices the genocide?

                    Prosecute the guilty. Leave the innocent alone.

              • I agree. Not only are they pushing a gun ban, but for people who don’t care about that. All you hear about is this so-called flu epidemic! They want everyone scared, and looking else where. Classic misdirection. They don’t want your mind on the shitty economy, cause they know it’s all going to come crashing down!!! Keep prepping and God Bless

              • It’s pretty simple really. Those in power know political power comes from the barrel of a gun and Is used to extinguish individual liberties. Reverse it and individual liberties come from the barrel of a gun. Those in real power view personal liberties and the individual as the scourge of the planet. It had been fostered by free market capitalism and the individual had become more powerful than the whole. Collectivist, statists, liberals, marxists or progressives, whichever you prefer to call them seek to diminsh the power of the individual to better serve the whole and they’re own close knit circle of elites. This is being done globally.

                To accomplish that, they need to destroy America. And to do that all you need to do is take away the individuals primary right to insure all their others. THE RIGHT TO SELF DEFENSE.

                The natural state of man is tyranny, oppression and misery. You could say the relative two hundred years of freedom is a bubble and a correction could be taking place bringing us back our natural state of mankind.

                • Dear Sir, I hope you are wrong, about the outcome. You are correct though, freedom comes DIRECTLY from the barrel of a gun.

                  • If you READ my post I NEVER said mosad ‘copied” ANY bible verses. I did say their slogan is Thru deception(LIES) we shall cause War….Thats not from the bible it IS their OWN created slogan….Same as Their own talmude satanic cultic religion of jew=master race and ALL gentiles=Animals OR Incects.(Doctrine of Men per Christ)

                    Seems they make up quite alot of falsehoods and use Their MSM entities to spread falehoods. Like lable all who out them as antisemites when They are worlds worst antisemites as they bash True semitics aka Arabs.

                    Khazers=Mixture of caucasion+ Turk(edomite=ESAU! Not Jacob/isreal!)+ HUNS+Mongrels=95+% Todays jews.

                    You can find proof of “Khazers” etc in 4-5 seperate Jewsih Encyclopedias which lsit historys of jews etc.

                    Many pages are devoted to explain how such huge masses of Todays jews are NOT Isrealites and NEVER were!

                    Check back articles Here as I posted much such proof etc in prior articles. Its not about hate of any race etc…It IS about Despising All who want Us dead…Yes not all jes are that way…Not certain how Tiny that number is?…But yes a “Few” good likly do exist.

                    After 25 yrs of near daily working around so many in their homes and buisness’s etc funny I aint found any yet.

                    Oh yeah many many act nice…But MOST of them if they must choose sides?…Wont choose america or white christians side. I Hope they ALL repent and awaken. Aint holding my breath though.

              • BI
                brother,,, its all PSY-OPS,,one way is an gov. done EMP
                to isolate us from knowing what is going on for a few days ,,,by then foriegn troops in control,,with only small pockets of resistance easly taken out,,,that could be done without a shot being fired too,,,surround your asses keep ya there untill your food ran out,,walk in police up the remains,,,but i dont think the chinese have the patients for that,,so small gas pockets eliminates the problem,,,
                wonderingwhy,,,, has a good post lower down and it fits


            • Trust me, this is one of the MANY reasons I fled that goddamned bluestate gulag

            • I am a citizen of The People’s Republic of Massachusetts, I mean The Commonwealth of Massachuesetts. This proposed bill will in no way make it intact into law.

              The pure logistics of forcing law abiding gun owners to store and lock up their shotguns and rifles at a governement facility is impossible. No policitican even the whackos on beacon hill would be able to accomplish that. It would cost millions to implement a sign in and out system plus the facilities that would house it. Nevermind finding people to work at these facilities. They would become instant pariahs and targets for frustrated gun owners and there are hundreds of thousands if not a million in Massachusetts.

              I won’t even get into the blatent UNconstitutional aspects of forcing citizens to store private property at government facilities, it’s akin to confiscation. It won’t happen, atleast not with out years of legal maneuvering and lawsuits.

              And if it did become law a mass migration 20 minutes north of Boston to New Hampshire would happen. That would have dire economic consequences for Massachusetts. Business is already fleeing the state as is. In response to hemmoraghing capital Gov. Patrick is mulling a miles levied tax of 2.4 cents a mile driven enforced through mandatory GPS installed in every car! It truly is crazy here.

              Now it’s safe to say liability insurance and magazine restrictions will pass. As abhorrent as those are i just wanted to focus my post on the government facility aspect of the proposed legislation.

              Now I live north of boston just outside the 95 belt and our towns paper last week on the front page story had a list of gun permit applications for the last 4 years.

              Just in my town of 20,000 people. 5,000 applications had been put in. Thats 25% of the population! Just say the majority of households are a married couple with two kids then every single house has a firearm. Thats astonishing when you think about Massachusetts.

              The paper also listed the neighboring towns and their applications were even higher.

              It’s safe to say that even in a heavily liberal state, people can see something “wicked” comes this way even if they won’t admit that in public or vote to alleviate themselves from it. But the people do know, although most can’t put a finger on what it will be.

              • You better hope mandatory insurance for guns doesnt pass. It will eventually be raised so high that none but the rich will be able to afford it.

                • Just a thought: Perhaps the real reason that DHS in the last few yrs since inception of it, has handed over an avg of 97% of total $200 Million +, cash(Per year!) for “homeland interior security” to beef up NON gov facilities etc.

                  Can it be those “Facilities” are where they plan to “House” firearms?

                  Is it just another “Coincidence” that that 97% Every year so far has gone to Sinagogs and various “other” jewsih intrest facilities or locations?

                  Along with that Other “coincidence” that it seems from Many recent articles and reports online and MSM, that it is the Same “group”(jewsih libs and antiguners) Spearheading all current(and Past) Antigun agendas?

                  • AM, do you really think 97% of a budget line item from Congress can go to synagogues without being noticed(as opposed to “Sinagogs’ {sic})? Can you not use spell check? You know when the red squiggly line is under a word, it means you have MISSPELLED IT. Look it the F**k up. Are you just a spell-tard MFer? What is it with the Jew-hating? NAME these facilities….NAME THEM! What, no, you can’t…………..gee, wonder why that is? Not real!!!! I will hound your ass for every Jew-hating post you make. FY. I will hound you for EVERY post you make where you hate a category of human beings without ANY factual justification. You don’t understand survival. When you hate someone it clouds your vision, you can’t think rationally and THAT affects your survival. Just sayin’. You are a SURVIVAL-TARD! You will die….hopefully early on, so I can EAT your canned goods. Enjoy!

              • Good post,

                “It’s safe to say that even in a heavily liberal state, people can see something “wicked” comes this way even if they won’t admit that in public or vote to alleviate themselves from it.”

                This is something to take note of,,, lots of people try to have faith that the candidate they have voted for will do what it right and best, I myself am guilty of having voted for candidates who turned out to be total and complete failures or more of a liability than the guy we were trying to get out!
                Bottom line is that the machine in Washington and across the nation in many of our state and local governments is broken, anyone or anything that comes in contact with or becomes a part of the dysfunction quite quickly becomes complicit in the whole thing and is lost, some do not but they usually get voted out, not sure but I would almost put money on rigging of votes.
                interesting post though, Thank you

                • Tripod is a Very angry Loon! Or simply a jew or hasbara agent who cant hanfle truth!…Piss off.

                  Do some Homework research and you too can find these facts as some of us here does. I aint going to Repost sources every time some new idiot come here and is Too lazy to do research.

                  Besids can You recall every website or wherever you find stuf?…No! you canot nobody can remember it all with so much info today.

                  Besides your angry post makes it clear if I or others supplies links to you, you either will #1 Refuse to read it…OR #2- You will read it and like libs do will Reject it if its not Projew. You are a Fool.

                  • Well, Angelo Mutherfuquero, apparently you weren’t able to understand the premise of critical thinking skills and logical debate I was promoting. I realize that strains your capabilities, however, what I said in essence was that “97% of a $200 million budget line item can’t be handed over to synagogues (that is spelled correctly by the way) without someone in the gubment or news or BOTH noticing it you moron!!! I ACTUALLY AGREE WITH YOU that a lot of the “libs” ARE JEWISH. Go figure, the largest enclave of Jewish-Americans is in NYeffingCITY AND LA, you moron. It stands to reason that the 5% of the population that is Jewish is MOSTLY liberal, since 90% of them live in NYC and LA…WTF do you not understand? Are you just effing stupid???? I didn’t ask you to RE-POST anything, I simply asked you to post SOMETHING. I have followed your rantings for some time now on this site. You are a hateful, slandering, asshole, period. And YES, I can RECALL every website that I quote..BECAUSE MY INTEGRITY IS AT STAKE WHEN I DO THAT. Apparently your integrity isn’t as important to you, as mine is to me! Just sayin. I went to your “IMPLIED” LINKS” and they are all BS. They are all conspiracy BS links as well as links that come up on FireFox as “suspect links” with negative ratings. AND STILL YOU PROVIDE NO PROOF OF THE ASSERTIONS OF THE OP THAT STARTED THIS SNOT-STRING OF POSTS WITH. I ALWAYS READ THE LINKS THAT PEOPLE SUPPLY…IT IS THE ONLY WAY OF CALLING YOU SHIT-SACKS DOWN…I READ EVERY ONE AND RESEARCH THEM..EXTENSIVELY. I’m not angry…post something that can be verified and we can have a cogent (that means sensible and understandable) discussion! Oh, please, conjugate your verbs correctly, so I understand the tense of your argument and what it is you are trying to say. Oh, BTW I am not of the Jewish persuasion and the word “hasbara” simply means “public relations”, apparently you didn’t read the other posts here about my ORIGINS…..biatch. Projew…is that a real word? I am not a fool. Come and see. You are an absolute cock-bite. Learn how to debate and have give and take…………

            • They are full of bean dip… I know.

            • Linsky should have to get a permit for that Full Auto Mouth he’s shootin off.

            • States like MA will allow people to leave, but pass laws to keep them from taking their money with them. I think South Africa did something like this as they handed the natopn ofer to Mandela & co.

              • that’s why you get REAL money, not Bernanke bucks

              • Most whites in south africa aint able to get visas fron other white countries so as to leave. Meanwhile Black savages and their leaders/kings etc threaten to finish exterminating all remaining whites there the day mandela dies(very soon likly).

                They can thank Klinton for mandela, and his wifey who is reported to use a method of Burning against Her enemies. Includeing blacks she hates.(probobly christian blacks).

                Winnie mandelas favorite method is soak truck tires in gasoline, place several tires over the person being whacked. Then light gas tires into human torches.

                Despicable Kommies, mandelas and klintons both.

                • @Angelo Mutherfuquero; would you even care? They are, after all, black, christian or not????

            • Darn that Muslim Linsky!

              • @ John Q…

                …Aahhhh! Subtle sarcasm…at its finest!

                Kudos bro.

                • Gotta have a little fun in life, right?


                • JQPublic: whats his First name?…Something like…Achmed?

                  How could our grandpas and parents since 1913 allow such Evil “mooooslims” to “Sneek” into All forms of Gov-Banks-Univ-schools-unions-msm tv-hollywood-newspapers-magazines-Churches!-State gov’s-local govs- without noticeing it?

                  And to think even today, since boatloads arrived here from Russia back in 1880’s era, and a full 1/2 of the worlds “moooslims” here in the usa, they still compromise but a TINY, 1.4 % of total population nationwide!

                  IMHO: Our parents and grandpappys got royally Fooled by the Fact that this Insidious evil clan/tribe/group/Religion/Race(take you pick since they change it to suit Their goals or agendas as Fits).

                  Has used the “Talmude” to Disguise who they truly are!

                  Only Today do we become aware it was “Moooslims” disguised as…jews!

                  When will Finestien switch Back to Her real Birth name of “Hussian”?…or Schumer switch Back to real name of Awkmed alawakas asshawakas the 4th?

                  Anybody know the Real Birth names of Bloomberg? or Nadler?

                  Damn them “moooooslims”! NEXT UP!

                  2014 ad amerika Run by Talmudeic Sponcered “Sharia Law”!!!

                  OY VEY!…Oh at least thats far better than “Noahide Laws” eh…Boy was we fooled!

                  • Wow! Are you just a caricature of a hateful dumb-fuck? It’s the “Talmud” you dumb-shit! And Finestein is Fienstein fuck-tard! I personally don’t care about any of them, however you provoke all kinds of shit through your COMPLETE IGNORANCE. If it ain’t “white baptist” you don’t like it…………..what a dip-shit!!! Oy vey! Learn how to spell fuck-tard! You small minded little ass-licker. Wow, you are a piece of work (shit, actually)! Best Regards.

            • Move to red states if you can to add strength to them by voting against anyone who is anti second amendment !!

            • I live in western MA they can kiss my ass I will never comply to these fucking commie bastards.I am a free born man protected under the Constition of the United States of America.Come and get them.

          • Only problem KY mom is he will have to get some of the dumbass’s across the aisle to also vote in the favor of Rand and hopefully their will be some of them that will say enough is enough -Great post

          • A typical morning at the white house,
            The president wakes up and puts on his golfing clothes, he admires his swing in the mirror and goes to the oval office, lights a cigarette and sits back. Valerie Jarrett starts her morning briefing to the president. She starts with the Lance Armstrong interview with their very bestest friend Oprah. The pres. says, make sure this gets round the clock coverage, Oprah is like family so get her plenty of air time.
            Next Ms. Jarred informs him about some sport athlete who had an imaginary girlfriend, the pres. says, fly with that one too, keep the sheeple entertained.
            Next she informs him that Chris Cristie has just become a democrat, something that they expected. The pres. says, cool, let the fat man sing, or is it the fat lady, no matter.
            Next, Ms. Jarred informs the pres. that the not so secret service guys protecting his girls at school, are asking for hand grenades just in case some psycho american gun nut goes ballistic. The pres. says sure, anything for my babies.
            Next, Ms. Jarred informs him that Mrs. pres. is eating french-fries and big macs without sharing, the pres. is infuriated and says he will execute an executive order that will keep her from ever doing that again.
            Next, Ms. Jarred informs the pres. that the unemployment numbers aren’t that great, the pres. smiles broadly and proclaims, victory is within our reach!
            Well sir, I guess that’s about it for today.
            On her way out, she stops at the door and say’s, oh I almost forgot, Negotiations are continuing with the al-Qaida-linked group that kidnapped hundreds at an Algerian gas plant. Some of which are americans. The president say’s, what a bummer, tell the press to not talk about it too much. We can hide the fact that they are terrorists, after all, the sheeple think the big bad terrorists are all gone. Ha Ha, sorry to laugh but it is kind of funny how stupid most people are.

            Take a memo, tell the PTB that we are just about ready to take away the 2nd amendment, we need one more incident that we can use to our advantage. By the time were are through, the registered gun owners will be disarmed permanently, gosh I love my job.
            The pres. calls out to Ms. Jarred on her way out, one more thing Val, next time remember the cigarettes I told you to bring me and bow before you enter. Good meeting; now for that nine holes. Ahhh, life is good when you are king of the world.

            Jarrett turns around and glaringly says to the anointed one, hold on a minute little puppet boy, if anyone is going to bow, it’s you, don’t forget who your boss is, does the name Soros ring a bell? Oh yea, ha, just kidding Val, please don’t tell George!

            • Fried Chicken and Watermelon.

              Golly, I sho’ loves president’in.

              • Taint no Thang! Budda Chickin Wang!

                Watermelon=Symbol of the GREEN party worldwide…Green on Outside….ALL RED inside!(red=kommies).

                • Tripod=Stalker troll or Paid hasbara Shill!

          • …..will not be infringed.

        • Even if we set aside the disarmament agenda for the sake of argument, the problem is…they all know that they can’t control those who do not obey the laws, with more laws, so they are targeting the only ones they can control with laws. The honest citizens.

          They need to admit that they are on the wrong road and open up a true discussion about finding solutions to the problem. They need to stop trying to find the easy way out. THERE IS NO EASY WAY OUT OF THIS, but creating more victims is definitely NOT an option.

          • Fine but then we should be able to sue the Feds for death pain and suffering of the victim and his family if they get shot by an illegal gun because they were denied effective self-defense afforded by an formerly legal gun.

          • Sen. Harry Reid: No immigration reform bill without citizenship
            Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is drawing a line in the sand on any congressional immigration reform proposals: No citizenship, no bill.

            “There will be nothing done in my Senate [on immigration reform] without a pathway to citizenship,” the Democrat told the Las Vegas Sun on Thursday. Since when is it HIS Senate ?? i thought it belonged to all of the citizens !! this kind of twisted thinking is what has us messed up MY SENATE!!! bullshit you work for us you senile old F$%# time to retire to Search light NV where you belong
            with all the other snakes and slimy critters

            This could be a problem in the Republican-controlled House, where members have expressed reservations about letting any of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants who could benefit from an immigration reform bill become citizens.

            The Obama administration wants immigrants who overstayed their visas or crossed the border illegally to prove they’ve resided in the country for several years, have not committed any crimes and will pay any owed back taxes. In exchange, they’ll receive temporary legal status that could lead to citizenship in about 15 years.

            Republican House Judiciary Chairman Robert W. Goodlatte of Virginia said on Wednesday that he would most likely not sign on to a citizenship-inclusive reform bill, but would consider giving noncitizen legal status to illegal immigrants.

            But it’s possible that Marco Rubio, a Republican senator from Florida who won office with support from the tea party, may be able to attract more conservatives to an immigration plan that includes citizenship. In an interview with conservative commentator Laura Ingraham on Wednesday, Rubio brushed off her theory that Democrats support immigration reform because they want a “vast path to voting rights” for immigrants in order to lock in more political support.if Marco Rubio is that much of a traitor then he must be removed from office and NOW!!

            “Here’s the bottom line: This country needs a legal citizenship system that works,” Rubio said. He added that any path to citizenship would be gradual. Conservative Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, meanwhile, called Rubio’s plan “fair” when the senator came on his show this week. O Reilly you F*&%ing Coward!! how dare you call your self a conservative

            Funny how this comes out along with trying to take our guns first we disarm america then we take on 11 million new VOTERS most with serious criminal records
            could these be OBUMMERS New troops? maybe those 9mm rounds he has stored in warehouses and the new guns he will be getting from us will be put to use

            make you wonder what Rock Harry ding bat Reid lives under
            or if the rumor is true that the Temple in Salt Lake City Utah anoints his balls with Sacred oil
            Harry Liar Shit Weasel Reid Must be impeached and now
            he is rumored to have asked for 600K in Bribes

            Remove this snakes Head now let not just sit here and do nothing lets get rid of these snakes now

            458 Socom

          • Sixpack,

            I know what you mean. I’m an honest law abiding U.S. citizen but I don’t follow every law created by despot, wanna-be dictator politicians that conflicts with and is offensive to the U.S. Constitution. That probably make me public enemy number one to someone like Feinstien Cheers.

            • I think that many honest Americans will look at some of these laws/edicts and decide they are not constitutional. Then they will, on an individual basis, nullify them and just not obey them.

              • EXACTLY!

              • Thats the choice we all gotta make…just ignore them and work to defeat them…lots of stuff like this that I already ignore…hunting/fishing permits…dog/animal permits?…gun permits?…building/sewage permits…zoning permits and so on…pick your fights and then just do it!

            • 458 Socom: good post. All I think you missed is that They keep quoting that 11 million illeagles number. They have done this ever since at Least 2000, and its Facts that aprox 1.5(low) to as many as 2.5(likly accurate) MILLION More illeagles arives each year!

              ADD to that many(most?) with legit visas Remain after visa expires and they too become “illeagles”.

              An FYI:…A month ago or so on LIVE tv(cspan?) Rubio was on and I seen him asnwer the same basic question IE: whats His opinion/plans for illeagles?

              Rubio answered, and this answer was just 30 sec long.

              1st rubio states:..”Yes we need move on and make it eaiser to pass new laws to allow Citizenship for the “11 Million(Only 11?).

              Rubio then goes on:..”Because as we all know there are ANOTHER 50 Million HISPANICS who await to enter usa for citizenship BUT they do Play by the Rules lawfully!

              THEN without skiping a beat, Rubio goes on more with.’As I said it is not fair to the other…100 Million(100 More now?!) who play fair and just want a better life etc!!!

              ME: So, what? RUIN ALL Our lives to accomplish Rubios “Hispanics” agendas?

              I told every Teap party idiot I spoke to that Rubio AND Scott Brown both were False repubs/conservations and simply NeoCONS as moderate as most dem libs are leftist.

              Too bad bulk majority of tea party folks get so swayed by any politition who states Undying full support for “isreal” and jews…

              BOTH Rubio and Brown was exactly as I said they be.

              SELL OUT Traitors!

              Tea party= glen beck and pastor john hagge brainwashed worshipers. While beck keeps saying Never use ANY form of violence instead get arrested!

              Because with becks $50 million per yr salary/book deals he wont be able to enjoy it if any “issues” errupt when Patroits reject all forms kommies.

              Glen Beck=COWARD! Cannot grasp that “Good” violence Is the only thing what works when dealing with kommies or criminals etc. Yeah get self arrested while Beck and Hagge escape to pastor hagges 8000+ acre! Hunt ranch in TX…..Thats EIGHT Thousand acres! it is pastor haggees 401 Retirement pakg along with over $400,000 per yr in cash to same 401 plan.

              PS: IRS has a Knickname for such Rare 401 plans…IRS calls it a “RABBI Plan”! since but a small FEW billionaire rabbi’s can afford so huge a 401 plan.

              Ok all remember to attend Becks certain to come Tea party Rally at Lincolns memorial in DC.

              This time to AGAIN worship MLK/Negroes and of course Jewsih intrests/isreal. Swindler extrodinaire=Beck + hagge.

              Wake up Tea partys!

              • AM: A note on illegals. In 2010 the US govt said there were 20 million illegals in the country, while private sources estimated between 40 and 60 million.

                Conveniently, in 2011 the “respectable Pew Org” (another of those NGO’s) said there were only 11 million illegals in the country and then MSM began reporting that “about 9 million” illegals were in the county.

                SHTF Illegal Immigration estimates 30 million.

              • WOW! You are absolutely stupid or an ABSOLUTE liar. Which is it? OBTW “illeagals” is spelled ‘illegals’. God damned learn spell check…………please, really. Wow, you just hate everyone, don’t you. If they aren’t LILY white they aren’t shit are they? You are a piece of shit, aren’t you?

                • Tripod: No I don’t hate everyone. If I lived in Mexico I would be the first to run for the border. I don’t blame them.

                  Illegal Immigration is a strategy by the PTB to eviscerate the Middle Class by suppressing OUR wages and giving OUR jobs to them, while instigating Free Trade and shipping the American means of production off shore to magnify their profits by exploiting cheap labor and manipulated currencies.

                  The result is the loss of more than 60 million American jobs.

                  The PTB want to marginalize Americans and make illegals “instant citizens” by amnesty, to change the demographics, allow them to vote, then merge the US into the NAU into the NAU with Mexico by REFERENDUM, in the same way that Europe was coagulated.

                  The intent is to dissolve the US Constitution including the liberties you fought for, and replace the Bill of Rights with a charter from the UN.

                  Get a clue as to what is happening. Under Free Trade $300 billion a year of American wealth is transferred to China. $100 billion is transferred to Mexico.

                  Since 2001 illegals (primarily Mexican nationals)in American jobs have received almost $900 billion in wages and salaries that should be going to American citizens.

                  More than 7 million illegals still hold jobs, ILLEGALLY, in the USA. Those jobs belong to Americans, 7.8 percent unemployment or not.

                  In 2011 ICE raided Pro Ranch Markets in Phoenix and discovered 300 illegals working for that firm. They were fired and 300 American citizens were hired. These American citizens hired were virtually ALL Hispanic American citizens.

                  Between 1999 and 2006 illegals committed more than 1 million sex crimes in the USA. 35% of those sex crimes were rape. 25% of those crimes were against children (primarily Hispanic American children).

                  US Sovereignty is being undermined by Illegal Immigration. American citizens are being disenfranchised by Illegals. And American children are at risk from rape and sodomy by these animals. In 2010 an Illegal working as a landscape laborer raped and killed an 80 yr old woman in Sun City Arizona.

                  She must have been very sexy, don’t cha think?

                  • Tripod: The adverse effects of Illegal Immigration fall hardest on Hispanic Americans.

                    Hispanic Americans are primarily part of the the working class in America. The average American makes less than $27,500 a year and pay 25-30% of their gross income in taxes.

                    Illegals are subsidized in America at more than 250 billion dollars a year; and that does not include FREE medical treatment, or the extra cost for police and other city services for which, they do not pay.

                    Illegals are not taking my job. Illegals are not raping and sodomizing my kids or kids in my white neighborhood.

                    Illegals are not doing drive by shootings in my neighborhood; or breaking into houses in my neighborhood, nor are they stealing my cars or damaging my property.

                    Their property crimes. like car thefts, impact the Hispanic American community. Not mine. But I am aware of the intent of the liberal PTB to use Illegals as a point of contention and wedge between the different segments of American society, and if possible use them as citizens to dissolve the US Constitution and merge US into the NAU.

                    I recommend you educate yourself at SHTF Illegal Immigration. Google that and get the facts. Its not about hate. Its not about race. Its about economics. Its about American sovereignty! 🙂

                  • DK: If Tripod Removed his BLINDERS being probobly well travled worldwide due to extensive military bragging etc Tripod would have Noticed Long ago it is ONLY White nations of the world where Libs promote and Do multicultic imigration to such high degrees.

                    It is a pre-Planned method to Dilute and then destroy all white nations….Check protocals for more info. Every item in the protocals Has happened as wrote. And been done By the same tribe/group of evil.

                  • DK – I think Tripod was replying to Angelo, not your post.

          • The problem with that is that when they back me into a corner, if its a criminal they are calling me its going to be a criminal theyll get, you can only push people so far, and most of us are smart enough to cause some real problems for these assholes, honestly would be a pain in the butt but a lot more interesting than the ole grind ya know.

            • Actually I dont think they have a clue how bad its going to be if they try to ban assault weapons or confiscate guns. The more they push the more resistance they’ll run into. They’ve been fighting people with towels on their heads for over 10 years now, hows that working out? Just imagine what its going to be like when the very people they’ve trained start messin with THEIR shit.

              The american gun owner is the largest army in the world, including the US military, remember that. The amount of ar’s that have been sold just this last month should scare the bejesus out of them, and ammo, what ammo? Its all in the hands of the american gun owners.

              I also heard today that the gangs in america are the 6th largest army in the world. What happens when they take the guns from the first guys and cant take the guns away from the 6th? Can you say maybe Mexico? 20 kindergarners are going to look like nothing compared to the future massacres were looking at down the road.

              We need to keep and hopefully we wont, but probably will, have to bear arms in the not too distant future.

        • Visiting blog sites such as this one will be regarded as a mental health disqualifyer!

          • Only of you can’t spell.

            • Yeah, OK, so I fat-fingered the “if”. Sue me.

        • That proposal is an INFRINGEMENT upon OUR right to keep and bear arms. It is TREASON. John Adams is rolling over in his grave. What would John Adams say?

          “Death to tyrants! Death to traitors! ”

          This is task for Seal team America in Massachusetts. Nationally, there are only several hundred vocal, treasonous, conspirators across America calling for gun control and demolishment of the 2nd Amendment.

          These are globalists who want to dissolve the US Constitution and merge US into the NAU with Canada and Mexico under UN auspices. They will do anything to achieve that goal; even kill innocent children.

          Silence the voices of these traitors and make an example of them. They do not have a right to undermine OUR Constitution. Terminate treason with prejudice. They would. Two gun manufacturers have already been murdered. where is the outcry?

          Engage. Vote.

          • engage without the vote…voting has gotten us to this point…the founders taught a lesson to the english and their minions and it was not with a vote…it was with a musket and cannon….the only thing evil understands….

            • Dan: You may vote by ballot or bullet but you must vote.

              Engage. Vote.

              • You said it DK. All the way in or get the f88k out of the way.

              • All, remember to pick up “ballots” as often as possible.

                • just did so!

            • dan: got to agree. Our forefathers would be spinning and spitin’ in their graves if they knew what was happening now. The National Assoc. for gun (Dudley Brown) is on top of the issues. These Marxist/fascist politicians need to be deported to N. Korea or any dictatorship that will welcome them.

              • Sorry Miss Laura, they MUST be EXECUTED!
                Such is the penalty for treason against the Constitution.

        • Would these new laws apply to the disease ridden criminal Mexican filth that are pouring across our borders daily or only to God fearing taxpaying American citizens?

          • Everything the government does serves only the purpose of destroying the middle class.

            I’ll consent to a background check when the Oreo shows us his real Kenyan birth certificate.

            Go easy on Mexican women. Theyre nice people.

            • and generaly speaking.. smoking hot.. just sayin..

              • Untill they get to Weigh 400lbs! which seems to be alot of em does.

                • “Until”, one ell, see no red line underneath…or do you just ignore that? Alot is actually TWO words as it “a lot”. Then there would be the “grammar issue” but you can only do so much with chicken Sh*t!

                • Angelo,

                  Seems you have garnered yourself a ‘kosher-fetish’ stalker! Congrats to you, sir.
                  Seems the pernicious tribe is taking notice.

                  Hope you pick up on his M.O., as its a standard tactic taught in all yeshivas! That being:

                  “…if you cannot defeat the TRUTH, attack the messenger!”

                  • Anton: yep! Oh I am well aware of how they are Trained and operate…perhaps what we need here is for Mac to set up what Incogman site has…Whenever such hasbara as Tripod trys this crap at his site he places em into whats called “SpamBlinka”! Kinda like a Treblinka camp for Trolls and Yeshivas types!!!

                    Incog only releases them from spamblinka After they Promice to get Jewwise and Repent!!!

        • Ever seen that MA state quarter the US mint puts out ? Proudly displays a minuteman with his assault rifle. Guy is no doubt rolling over in his grave.

          • TnAndy: Not rolling over, the guy is spinning and spittin’ in his grave.

        • This just enforces the term MASSholes!!

        • I live in Massachusetts..sorry to state that fact.

          Anyways,these morons are salivating at every turn but even the Governor,,mini-me deval patrick aka (tax it all deval) has his own party questioning much of his proposals..

          We all have these knee jerk morons(albeit all of them here)attempting to legislate away the 2nd amendment..

          Should any of this proposal have legs..believe me I will sell my home and relocate..

          most likely New Hampshire or Beaufort County NC..

          Today, Beaufort County, North Carolina became the first in the country to do so. The board of commissioners passed a nullification resolution in support of the 2nd Amendment. The vote was unanimous. The resolution reads, in part:

          The Beaufort County Board of Commissioners calls upon the Governor and General Assembly of the State of North Carolina to immediately pass an act to nullify the implementation within the State of North Carolina of any Federal law, executive order or regulations restricting the right to keep and bear arms

          It continues, and makes clear that the County will play no supporting role to the federal government in attacks on the 2nd Amendment:

          BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the County Manager be directed to see that no county paid staff participate in nor allow any county resources be used in the implementation of any Federal law, executive order or executive directive that infringe on the right to keep and bear arms..

          If so..NC here I come!


          • Possee

            When the tar on yer heels becomes permanent… me here!

            • Gunsmith
              I would be honored sir..

              and have been honored from like minded folks in Wyoming and Montana as well..

              I am a 3% here in the once great state of massachusetts
              Home of the first shot heard round the world

              Now home of treachery, traitors, and Constitutional trespassers and usurpers of America..

              Before I pass. I will once again live in a state or territory where free men and women who love freedom abound and be surrounded by the beauty of nature and God’s laws only..

              and not by the tyranny of a central government.

              Thank you all here for your encouragement..

              We will prevail..or at least die on our feet fighting the good fight.


            • @ possee…..Yea, come on down,the weather is not that bad and the states of SC & NC doesn’t care for Washington anyway!! (never mind Linsey Gramm ,he’s it for HIMSELF!!!)

          • Welcome anytime Possee. We will leave the light on.

            • Hey Highspeed…

              What’cha say we all get together & trade JoeinNC to Massachusetts…in exchange for Possee?

              …really its a win/win situation!!!!

              Massachusetts gets another deranged liberal faggot…..

              …and we get a GENUINE PATRIOT who can fight/shoot!!!

              HOT DAMN…I like brokering deals like that!!!

              • Gun and highspeed
                I`ll second that,,,,motion passed


              • …its a deal if they let Posse bring all his hardware and make JoeinNC take his tofu and pinko slippers!

              • Absolutely Gun, I’ll even buy the gas to move NCJoe otta here.

          • Just look at who you guys elect over and over again. You make ca. look sane. The whole fucking state of Ma. is populated by morons and dirtbags.

          • Just for your information, the county seat of Beaufort County, NC is Washington. It was the first place in the US to be named after George Washington. People in eastern NC call it “Little Washington” to mean this town instead of Washington, DC. But the people in Washington prefer “the original Washington.”

            Eastern NC still has lots of rural areas far from large cities. And the good ole boys still outnumber the Yankees.

          • posse – you better make it NC. NH just elected a completely dimmocrat female congressional delegation, and a femal diimocrat governor. NH is now officially an annex of MA.

        • I kinda figured they were already doing all that stuff in Mess-a-chusetts.

          • I’ve always called it Massive-Chew-Shits, you know, like you get if you accidentally swallow a whole can of Skoal!!!

        • i had heard in the news that conneticut was proposing a bill to limit guns to one round ,if they pass it ,i have come up with a name for it ,it can be called the Barney Fife bill

        • Pro gun rallies at state capital buildings. Sat 19th. Denver Capital Building Sat 19th @ High Noon. Exercise your 1st amendment rights while you still can.

        • They want to force people to store “assault weapons” at the police station in San Jose, CA. This shouldn’t surprise anyone.

          I’m sure the police will be happy to return your weapon upon issuing a “legitimate reason” to use it. In other words they’re just going to take it.

        • There are many inconsistencies with the Sandy Hook Event, such as Facebook Pages for shooting victims set up the day before. I believe this was a false flag to confiscate firearms before the coming economic collapse. The US is on a collision course with economic collapse which will begin with the collapse of the dollar. If you look at everything being proposed, nothing …NOTHING would have prevented ANY of the recent mass shootings. This is simply taking advantage of a situation to forward the liberal agenda and Americans need to realize that they should NEVER, EVER surrender a right because once surrendered, they will never be regained!

        • they can propose or even pass whatever unconstitutional freedom stomping non laws they want.

          an unconstitutional law is not law.

          I will not comply a with anything like this

          and I am not anywhere near alone in this

        • Whats Interesting: 5-6& of americans owned slaves, but…33% of former slaves owned slaves.

          So Whose Yo Momma!

        • Ha ha yeah, like that will happen, these people are definately smoking crack.

        • Here is more proof of a conspiracy between the left and Now the Vatican so we have the Pope getting involved

          Vatican Welcomes Obama Gun Control Proposal
          he Vatican praised President Barack Obama’s proposals for curbing gun violence, saying they are a “step in a right direction.”

          The Vatican’s chief spokesman the Rev. Federico Lombardi, said Saturday that 47 religious leaders have appealed to members of the U.S. Congress “to limit firearms that are making society pay an unacceptable price in terms of massacres and senseless deaths.”

          “I am with them,” Lombardi said, in an editorial carried on Vatican Radio, lining up the Vatican’s moral support in favor of firearm limits.

          `’The initiatives announced by the American administration for limiting and controlling the spread and use of weapons are certainly a step in the right direction,” Lombardi said.

          Obama is trying to rally support for reinstating a ban on assault weapons and requiring background checks on all gun sales. He faces stiff opposition in the U.S. Congress and from powerful gun lobbies.

          unlike the equally powerful Solar energy Lobbies and the millions that O bummer has given to them Millions of OUR TAX dollars. all this so we can go Trillions more into debt

          Considering that Americans possess `’about 300 million firearms,” Lombardi said, `’people cannot fool themselves that it is enough to limit the number and use (of guns) to impede in the future horrendous massacres like that of Newtown that shook the conscience of America and world, as well as that of children and adults. `’

          He was referring to the Newtown, Connecticut, elementary school where 20 children and six adults were killed by a sole attacker last month.

          `’But it would be worse to be satisfied with words” of condemnation alone, Lombardi said. And while massacres are `’carried out by unbalanced or hate-driven persons, there is no doubt that they are carried out with firearms,” the Vatican spokesman said.

          Lombardi renewed Vatican appeals for disarmament and encouragement for measures to fight “the production, commerce and contraband of all types of arms,” an industry fueled by `’enormous economic and power interests.”

          so we have a NAZI in the Vatican telling America that its time to disarm and just tell the crooks and gangsters to go easy on us poor dumb unarmed folks
          tell me your holiness how did that work out for the 6 million jews ?? and exactly how many did you send to the gas chambers?? how about the systematic rapping of little boys by your sick twisted priests.
          since when is it any of the Vatican’s business what we as a nation do?
          and on the flip side we have A California Republican legislator, who is a vocal opponent of President Barack Obama’s gun control proposal, believes that guns are “essential to living the way God intended.”

          Assemblyman Tim Donnelly called in to the AM740 KBRITE Christian radio show, “The Bottom Line,” to discuss gun control on Wednesday, when he revealed that he believes firearms are part of God’s plan.

          “Guns are used an average of 3 million times a year according to the Clinton Justice Department,” Donnelly said via RawStory. “That’s like 6,900 times a day. That’s the high end of the statistics. Other people say it’s only 200 times a day. Whatever that number is, they are used to defend human life. They are used to defend our property and our families and our faith and our freedom, and they are absolutely essential to living the way God intended for us to live.”

          Annie-Rose Strasser of ThinkProgress notes that Donnelly’s “God and guns” argument can be disputed by Bible verses pointing to the notion that “life should focus on family, not firearms.”

          Isaiah 2:4, for example, reads thus: “He shall judge between the nations, and shall decide disputes for many peoples; and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.”

          Many religious people have mobilized against guns recently. On Jan. 15, a group of 45 clergy and heads of religious organizations headed to Capitol Hill to petition lawmakers to reinstitute a ban on assault weapons, require background checks and make illegal weapons trafficking a federal crime.

          Just two days after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, the dean of the Washington National Cathedral, Rev. Gary Hall, alluded to scripture to promote his pro-gun control stance. He preached a passage from the Gospel of Luke in which John the Baptist addresses a crowd that comes to him out of desperation.

          “What does he say to them?” asked Hall at the Dec. 16 service. “‘Bear fruits worthy of repentance.’ [3: 10-14] What he means is: stop doing the crazy thing you’re doing and do a new thing, a new thing that will bear fruit, that will bring about the change you seek.”

          As for Donnelly, he does not only advocate for guns, but he has also been know to carry them. Illegally.

          Last January, he was detained by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for trying to bring a loaded Colt .45 handgun with four rounds onto a flight, the Associated Press reported. The gun was discovered in the Christian legislator’s carry-on bag as he went through screening at Ontario International Airport. A magazine with five additional rounds was also found.

          Donnelly didn’t have a permit to carry a concealed weapon, permission he should have obtained from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, according to the AP. He claimed he had the gun with him because of death threats he had previously received.

          Flying Trunk Monkey

          • News Item: Bishop Angelo says that antigun priest and all his vatican clowns should instead work to Castrate Priests to avoid further Priests Ass Fucking Small 5yr old alter boys!

            God alone knows what them priests did to small Girls in confessional booths eh!

            aprox 2200 US bishop org and at least 1/2 are Libs antigun and God knows how many are Faggots eh!

            Think flooding usa with tens of millions of cathoilc mexicans aint an agenda by vatican?

        • To the timid, fearful little lambs who would actually go along with this plan, do us all a favor & give your weapons to someone who won’t.

      2. massachusetts is a lost cause. when the shtf those morons are on their own. it would be funny though to watch them plead for help.

        • I left 40 years ago after Dukaka sponsored a bill that passed the legislature mandating that if you wear home at the time, you had to flee from a breakin to your own home. THAT PISSED ME OFF.

          I have not regretted moving once during those 40 years. In fact, every time I read about some Mass state official being indicted on bribery or other charges and about all the rest of the antics that go on in that state with laws and taxes and the elite, I do nothing but smile.

          Of coarse, now, in my adopted home state we’re getting so many liberal transplants that, what was, up until the early 00’s, formerly a solid red state is now an undeniably blue one. May be time to move again.

          • @ Navy Vet

            I finally got out of there a few years back. Shit weather, shit economy shit for brains politicians

            • Dittos. Left for good in 1980. Won’t even drive thru it when I go to Maine. How long I’ll be going to Maine is a question, too. Seen what’s happened to Portland?

              • I live about 45 min from Portland, it USED to be a nice place to visit. Now the carpet baggers have ruined the entire state.

          • You must have moved to New Hampshire….

      3. So glad I live in Texas, that will never fly here. Also any gun owning conservatives in these areas should feel free to come on down. The economy is doing good and property values are reasonable. Also we need to offset the idiot liberals that are flocking here in their flight from California.

        Nec Pluribus Impar

        • I concur, there have been approximately 75 new areas of development near my land here in Texas. Only personnel with positive 2nd admin goals are even thinking about this due to at leasst 20 guns per house. Anti 2nd admin would have a really bad hair day here. Besides, we have plenty of land and targets out the back door…..

          • If you know anyone looking for a good ranch/farm hand ??
            I need to relocate, 10 years in construction and all my life in or around agriculture,
            Im looking, just need a roof over my head and enough cash to get by and im good

            • Hey Kulafarmer – whats up with up country? Thought Hawaii was pretty good BOL idea. Former Punafarmer here many TZ’s away now. Beautiful no can dispute… Unhappy anniversary of the takeover by US business interests and overthrow of the Kingdom 120 years I think. Today is also the ONE year anniversary since Obummer’s ( = Miss Leader of the Free World ) Counsel on Job Creation even met. More gainful employment would sure help reduce gun violence IMHO. Oh well Mr. “Focusing on Job Creation” has his position secure – thats one job added. When the Time Comes the people will lead – my version of HOPE

              • Up country is great, but if the dummies in our legislature follow NY and the feds start poking their noses where they are not welcome guys like me will be faced with vote with my feet, vote with my bushmaster or that 700 long range rifle i just finished or give in to the crap, personally i have no intention of getting analyzed by anyone, am at peace with my maker but would really like to 4wheel the rockies, so not ready to get gunned down bu DHS or other thugs, so its looking like feet do yo stuff time, its a shame, we have a nice place here, grow kale and some other stuff on 8 acres of family land, but you know, sometimes you gotta say WTF and just go.
                I wish the Hawaiians were better organized and better lawyered up, we could have a nice place here if people were left alone and the government didnt shove the long time residents to the side in favor of tourism every freakin time.

            • Here in the W TX area, we are booming from the oil business. You can see license tags from just about every state in the union here – have even seen Alaska and Hawaii!! Jobs are plentiful – heck, they are paying $14 – $16/hr for Walmart and Burger King!! There are more houses, apartments and hotels under construction than I can shake a stick at! But…the restaurants and retail stores are having a hard time hiring, because the oil field pays so well. And housing is a nightmare! But I’ll ask around and see if anyone is looking for a good hand. Maybe would have some kind of housing to go with the job!

              Am very glad to live in TX! Sure going to keep an eye on our elected officials to make sure they maintain our gun rights…would think they’d be somewhat afraid not to! There is no ammo to be had around here, as far as I can tell. And very few guns of any kind still available.

              Guess I ought to take my back 2 acres and put in septic. Already have water and electric. I hear that spaces for camping trailers are going for about $400-500/month, right now. If we have folks from NY, NJ, MA and others start to make their way to the area, I could make a lot of money with a trailer park!!

              • TXGranny,

                You brought up some stange plains doing a fly by, what area of Tx are you in? We have had a lot off air traffic here in the panhandle, but most is due to the ongoing D.O.D projects close by..



                • Sounds like Midland.

                • Yep, in Midland. And even though we have lots of air traffic, have never seen the kind of craft like what we saw yesterday. And today, we had several military ‘copter groups go over, east to west. 5 together at a time. That’s not too unusual, but am just paying more attention!

                  Will ck on any available jobs, Kula, but go online to the Reporter-Telegram web site, and check out the job listings. Also, the Odessa American site.

              • What about the Trans-Texas Corridor–is or isn’t it??

              • Thank you TX Granny
                Im figuring its a long shot to find something before taking the leap, need somewhere to ship my tools and stuff to though so want to make sure and have a place to land!

                • If you find something and decide to head this way, let me know. Might be able to work something out on where to ship your stuff til you get here.

              • Is this you? Ill send a note, thnx

        • I live in CO and we are getting the flocking of CA people here too. Glad I live close to WY, I’ll just head north and join their legal and lawful state regiment.
          Long live the Constitution, and Freedom for all!

          • Im east of you in Nebraska and we dont look kindly to anti gunners. So far no one has brought up any restrictive B.S. pertaining to guns. Were very conservative here, and hopefully it stays that way.

            I kid my buddy in Iowa that he’s lives in a communist state, and if the shit hits the fan, Nebraskans will be blowing the bridges between the two. He does’nt find it near as funny as it used to be.

          • Problem is that many of these refugees bring blue-state ideology with them.

            • your point is one reason why I am wondering about relocation,,, in my neighborhood there are a whole slew of anti gun, anti anything fun or dangerous, liberal feel good types, who all look at me like some sort of wacko plague carrying zomby when I talk about guns or self defense. So when something happens that clears out the stores ( we only grow about 16% of the food utilized here and none of the other products that people use in their every day lives) there will be lots of people coming around wondering if they can borrow a cup of ground up wheat berries or a gallon or 5 of gasoline, or how about some of that yummy kale you have growing down there,,,,
              its a problem, I can provide for me, my girlfriend, my mom who lives next door and maybe one or two of my close neighbors who could be beneficial, but everyone else??? why should I take care of making sure they dont starve??? yea, the unprepared, masses who think protection or rescue are just a 911 call away will be sadly mistaken, and that bushmaster with the 30 round mags bungied together on it will be all the 911 I need to protect the homestead, so why would I ever in a million years let someone take that away from me???

        • I agree with you totally PB and I hell I’m getting ready to move to TX their about the only state beside’s IA that has the balls to stand up to the Feds -all this crap is just unreal

          • Well, with all due respect I am from CA, and moved to Texas in 2012 after 60+ years of living on the LEFT coast. I wish we would of moved here 50 years ago! It feels like a real state where everyone (except Austin area) makes you feel RIGHT at home because you do have a CHCL! As for a great location I would look to Hill country, lots of room, great prices on homes, simple life, great hunting pretty good weather, wonderful people who think that Church & God really do exist! We looked for 20 years to find the best place to retire and Texas was the highest on our list and it has shown us that we were RIGHT.
            Enjoy…..PS, Not A LIBERAL either.

        • Perhaps we should station DPS officers at the borders and turn back any vehicles with Obama bumper stickers.

        • Joking:

          Well don’t expect me to move to Texas. I’m not going to walk around in period clothing, cow shit on my boots all the time, spitten for no reason other than to rinse that same cow shit off your or some one elses boots.

          But I will say that you got some pretty women down there.


          • I’ve lived in Texas and visited there many times. Last time I was in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, I had a rental car and was scanning across the AM-FM dial looking for a Country Western music station, and all I got was non-stop Spanish jabbering almost completely across the dial.

            I felt like I fallen asleep and woke up in one of those old Rod Serling, Twilight Zone episodes. In my youth, turning on a radio with your eyes closed and punching a preset button on your car radio would automatically let you hear the best Country Music in the country.

            Heck, if my memory serves me correctly, back in the 1960s, 1970s and early 1980s, Texas cops would pull you over and give you a ticket if they drove past you and didn’t hear some kind of C&W music playing on your car stereo and a second offense could get your vehicle impounded.

            2013 Texas ain’t the same Republic of Texas that we all once loved and respected, folks.

        • Nothing personal against any of you that are missfourtanant enough to live there but I wouldn’t send my dog down to that shit hole of a state called texas if it were the last free state in the country. I would rather die fighting than tuck tail and run down to that fucked up state.

          Reasons You ask?

          First off texas is as about as dictoral as mass. You look at someone wrong,step in the wrong place,cross the street in a certain way,look or act different,white,black or mexican you WILL BE IMPRISONED!!! I know I had never seen the inside of a jail cell until my first trip to texas to buy our RV. But because I don’t look like your typical nut hugging tight jeans,toe pointing boot wearing redneck I was stuck with 2 bogus charges and wound up in Hopkins Co. Jail courtesy of DPS officer Joe Houge and his croneys.

          Yea sure most of the people I met seemed nice,kinda liked the land there and that’s it.

      4. “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

        My understanding is this applies to the Federal Government. Does it also regulate State laws? Can my HOA also make up its own laws? Who’s wins? Federal, State, County, City, HOA, private property’s law?

        • Its illegal. Constitution is “Supreme Law of the Land” so no State can make a law against it. Now Cities, Counties, Sherriff’s, HOA’s, Park Commissions, Clubs? Not sure.
          BTW, on the flip side, State’s CAN outlaw much if not most of what Federal government legislates. The only “Supreme Law of the Land” is the Constitution. All laws not listed there, have the States as supreme to the Federal Government. That’s what my research shows. I heard one Sherriff say the Sherriffs are the final laws of the land. Maybe that IS correct. Of course, don’t tell that to an HOA board member!

          • If you want to send your HOA board into cardiac arrest, put up a TV antenna. When they threaten you over it, cite the Teleommunications Act of 1996. The section known as the OTARD (Over The Air Reception Devices) rule prohibits regulations on TV antennas up to 12 feet above the roofline (except in historical districts, etc).

            HOAs–Amazing how drunk people can get from so little power.

        • A friend of mine won a Small Claims case against his apartment for banning ammunition as a “hazardous material”. The courts recognize something called an “Incorporation Doctrine” for the 14th Amendment which says that the Bill of Rights applies to the states and local governments as well. (The “Incorporation Doctrine” also has negative consequences I won’t discuss here.) I don’t think the Bill of Rights applies to private parties, but since most state law recognizes the right to have weapons in your dwelling, that could help you.

          • James: The Bill of Rights apply to ALL persons and parties, private and/or public. As a specific part of the US Constitution it is the Supreme Law of the Land.

        • It goes like this:
          1. God
          2. Man
          3. State
          4. Federal or Central Government

          • No it goes like this

            Gods Law
            Mans Law (State Constitution)
            States Law (federal constitution)
            Corporate government codes and regulations for their creations and ALL other “laws” are government rules for running the government and controlling their employees and officers. They are without force and effect against a Man on the land, without consent.

            Problem is they presume you consent, and few tell them otherwise.

            We ARE above the corp govs “laws”, because they are not Laws. In fact, we are several layers insulated from the corps that pose as governments.

            Just nobody shields themselves with the right layers.

            • GC, every time you post, all I can do is smile. Its good to know I’m not the only one that knows this stuff.


              • Net Ranger…

                Just for posterity’s sake, would you mind refreshing my/our memory…w/ your excellent saying?

                Promise, I’ll hand copy it…this time!

                Thanks pal…stout heart & watch your six.

                • Gunsmith,

                  wanna know more about what they are talking about.



                  • @ DPS

                    Thanks bro’, I owe you one!!!

          • For many Southrons,
            Football Team

            • Dixie next to last? C’mon now! What would ol’ “Marse Robert” think? Dixie should be number two. “Old times there are not forgotten”……….

              • Freedom
                Free Will
                Free Beer
                Cold Beer
                My Beer
                Abandoned Beer
                Beer Goggles
                $40 for the cab
                Cheap Sunglasses
                And a dry spot to pee


            • I thought it was

          • God (our Creator and Savior), Blood (family), Sweat (our work), and Soil (our communities)

            The State and the Central Government are mere tools to allow free people to order their liberty and property.

        • Home owners associations should be banned. It’s nothing more than a way to get people to police each other. The only “vote” I’d enter is by jacking a shell ito my shotgun, as they leave my property…

          • We had a cabin by a lake on virgin land. 40 years later its a little resort area and there are lots of cabins and a HOA for everyone around us. They tried to force us to join the HOA and pay for utilities we did not want or use. We told them to go fuck sand on a beach. Eventually the legal costs of fighting the HOA became too much and we had to sell the cabin. I really liked that cabin.

            • Damn. So much for private property. Under recent Supreme Court decision, you would have lost to a developer (i.e., anyone, HOA included, who would be able to create more tax revenue from the land for the State). Evil. Pure frickin’ evil Eisenkreutz. THIS is also exactly why the State (Central Government and State governments) will continue to erode the 2nd A. They ever get far enough along, and there will be NO MEANS to stop them from this sort of evil act.

              • We desparately need a reset.

            • All over northern Maine, most of the camps were on land that was owned by paper companies and leased to the camp owner. Many have been in the same family for generations, with 99 year leases. Now that most of the paper production has been shipped overseas, the paper companies are closing up shop and selling the land off at ridiculous prices. Also selling it off to rich out of staters. This witch Roxanne Quimby from CT (married the owner of Burt’s Bees products) bought an entire township bordering Baxter State Park that had miles of trails, many ponds & lakes with camps that now had denied access. Most camp owners just burned them to the ground rather than let Quimby have them. My wife’s family is going through the same thing now. Her grandfather built their camp (glorified shack really) in the ’50’s for next to nothing. 3 years ago the paper company made them buy the camp for almost $40,000 (still on leased land), now they want another $100k+ for the land. What a joke. I am sure some masshole will buy it though.

      5. Go for it Massachusetts…….ridiculous.

        • There are some Patriots in MA, and we are NOT happy about these liberal a-holes on Beacon Hill trying to take our guns and tax our ammo. It’s bad enough now. If this passes, I am SO out of this state.

          • Question: How many people here bitching about new taxes on ammo, happily supported new taxes on tobacco products? How many thought it sounded good, making smokers pay for the damage their vice causes? How about auto accidents? Shouldn’t drivers be responsible for the damage done with their cars?

            I’ve said this before—NOT SO FUNNY WHEN IT IS YOUR TURN, IS IT? Now, shooting has joined smoking as a ‘vice’ that other people don’t like. Welcome to the reality of the control grid…where what you did to someone else has now been done to you.

            Did you think YOUR preference was somehow special and exempt? Did you really think they wouldn’t try to tax shooting guns out of reach too? The point I’m trying to make, is that when we take it upon ourselves, to tell another person what we think the ought not do, we leave ourselves wide open for the same shit. Sometime, somewhere somebody isn’t going to like what we like to do, and try and stop us from doing it.

            This is why we should NEVER hand someone a loaded gun—they just might shoot US with it later!

            The bible SHOULD say — “as ye regulate others, so shall ye be regulated”.

            • Yes my vice is special and exempt……..right out of the bill of rights

              • southern yankee—

                Do we not all have the common, Gog=given right to choose for ourselves what we put in our own bodies? Do we not all have the CONSTITUTIONAL right to life, LIBERTY and the pursuit of happiness, even if it is the freedom of smoking a cigarette or a joint that makes us happy?

                or the special but inherent right to refuse toxic poisons from being injected into our bodies and added to our food?

                How can you separate one right from another?

                The right to bear arms is the only way we can enforce our other God-given natural rights, but if we allow anyone to countermand ANY one of our rights, we stand to lose them all.

                Either we ALL have our rights or we ALL have NO rights. Period. We don’t get to dictate anything to others when it comes to what we do in private and/or with our own bodies.

                Your “special” right is no longer “exempt” if we allow them to redefine the word “RIGHT” to suit any particular agenda.

                • Sorry, I meant “God-given right”.

            • @sixpack

              I have NEVER smoked, not even once
              I NEVER supported the bullshit social engineering tax on cigs either

              Honestly, I’m at the point where I want to farm some tobacco and use a 3D printer to crank out some firearms.

              • Ditto!…and I am growing tabbacy just cause they dont like it! 🙂

            • I dont support anything the government does, especially taxes and regulations.

          • I don’t doubt it Jay, I have friends there. I have spent alot of time in the Springfield-Granby-Hadley-Quabbin area… going there, but glad I don’t live there

          • Kentucky ain’t bad..we open carry.
            Oh, not me–Hell, I’d shoot myself!!

          • The best way to vote is with your money and your feet. That state votes Liberal most of the time anyways. Go to a conservative state and help take the votes away from the libtard states. Iowa for instants, lost one of their congressman in the last census. Do you really want to be behind enemy lines when this system blows up. If patriots and conservatives were to say move to Texas, Nebraska, Montana, Wyoming, etc etc. I think you get the idea, and leave the liberal states, pretty soon they’ll be redrawing congressional maps all over the country. Give a new congressman to one take away from another. Its what Liberals been doing for decades now to spread their B.S.. You’ll find your going to be happier also with like minded people. Again VOTE with your feet, time is running out.

      6. And when the SHTF you won’t be able to access your weapons to defend yourself. Either the government will grab them before the crisis hits or a band of looters will make the storage facility their first target. What a great idea…

        • Ask any good military man what the locals do when the SHTF — they take what they need from whomever in the area through raids — just look at Afghanistan. Selco, who writes the Bosnian blog, would tell you that exact same thing, I bet.

          • Selco did say it in the blog.

        • It’s pretty simple. If you don’t have it in your possession, you don’t own it.

          • …and if you can’t protect it, you won’t own if for long.

            This is why any natural person that prepares for disaster put defense in h(er)(is) plans is making a big mistake.

            Just a cheap single barrel shotgun gives you a +100 over nothing.


            Shotgun (12 Ga)
            Pistol (38 or bigger)
            Rifle (22lr)
            Rifle (223/308/30-06/others – something big)

            Get at least 500 rounds of ammo for each.

            Covers most situations. You can economize by using crossovers.

            If you are trying to economize, stay away from “tactical” or “defense” labeled arms. Adds a lot of money but not a lot a functionality.

            • Sorry I don’t quite understand; Is that list what you recommend we carry at one time? The shotgun and 500 rounds is going to be a bit heavy. Or is that what we should have in each room?

            • M1A 308 Cal..NWO Goon”s JBT
              SKS 762X39 Back up M-14 Copy
              Enfield 303 Back up SKS
              Savage 22 Semi-Auto Snall Game
              Savage .17HMR Small Game
              1911 45 Auto two Legged Animals
              38Cal Revolver..Better Halfs Gun

              Ammo for all……

        • Right now in Argentina the government is running TV ads saying “if you have a gun in the house, youre not responsible”. One prepper living there said only the most brain dead moron wouldnt want a gun right now down there.

        • I agree MN1… keeping your guns in a government vault is like keeping your gold in a bank vault.

          If you don’t hold it you don’t own it

      7. As Mr. Yeager would say, Fuck That.

        • well, he said that before they took his CCW license away from him and he deleted half his video.

      8. This is a civil rights violation. The poor will be disenfranchised from the right of self defense. If they can’t afford the license then they wont be able to vote, I mean own a gun. This law makes it so only rich middle aged white men can own property, I mean guns.

        • i know everyone keeps talking “rich old white men” like its a swear word, but I tell you what, there’s plenty of money in Jay-Z and Puff Daddy’s bank accounts — not to mention all the black athletes who I can pretty much bet own property AND weapons. Whose money do you think is backing Obama? For all the moaning and bitching, there’s plenty of black wealth too. It’s just that the communists (democrats) befriended the blacks back in Johnson’s time (you know, the guy who had Kennedy assassinated and made the statement that they would have the blacks voting democrat for the next 200 years).

          • You are right. Black athletes are where the money is. Ever wonder why white women have no problem marrying them? If they worked a UPS I don’t think you see it as much. And before some of you get your panties all twisted in a bunch, I don’t blame the women. I blame the men who seem to turn their back’s once they’ve made it. ” Search your feelings Luke…you know this to be true “

            • etg83: You are right — currently live in rural area and I can’t tell you how many white grandmothers I have seen out and about with their black grandchildren. Sadder to say is I don’t hardly ever see the white women with their black children either — it’s just the grandmothers, whether white or black, taking care of everybody. This is such an irresponsible generation, again whether white or black.

              I will tell you that the black grandmothers I have met are the most lovely women on this planet…not so much their daughters (there have been exceptions) and even less so their granddaughters (not going there). You got to wonder what is going on.

              Another sad, sad fact is that Obama could have been the most outstanding president this country has ever seen — but he totally blew it. He was bought and paid for by the same “old white men” that everybody is scared of.

              Another really strange fact is while we all know that China is making its run, the several Chinese and Asian youth that I have met in the last couple years are the most respectful, helpful, pleasant kids to be around – and I am talking teenagers and young adults.

              We are seriously FUBAR’d.

        • When I was a kid (50 now), I remember the hub-bub about “Saturday Nite Specials”. Little cheap revolvers anyone could afford. Had to ban them, they said. To many on the streets, they said.
          How did that work out,eh?? Now everything is mostly semi-autos, hi-cap, high quality. Oh, now they’re too lethal. Too many rounds. Send too much firepower downrange too easy. Make up your f*ing minds, why don’t you.
          Perfect example of unintended consequenses. Here’s a clue for you gun grabbing peices of shit. Leave the people alone. Whatever you think will be accomplished will result in unintended consequenses you would rather not face.
          I’ll say again, for the unp-teenth time. The 2nd Ammendment is NOT about hunting.
          The people see what you are up to. We will not give an inch without a fight. Nothing. Fuck you. We know how you operate. Little here. Little there. That’s why we won’t negotiate. You are suicidal, moronic nitwits. You would have to have a belief to be a traitor. I would say you’ll thank us later. But I’d rather your DNA be eliminated from humanity. You are dangerous. If you were only a danger to youselves, I wouldn’t care. But I refuse to be sucked in and down by your stupidity.


          • These people are very dangerous. I`ve had them flat out tell me I should be put on a government list for my “extreme” views. I just tell them that if you think I`m extreme what do you think of the founding fathers? They are authoritarian socialists/fascists running around trying to tell everyone how to live. They have no problem using the full force and violence of government to enforce their views. I`m running around standing up for everyones individual rights …and I`m an extremest.

      9. glad i live in ky. not gonna happen here.

        • Agreed. People in Kentucky, like myself, are not that stupid.

          Contining with the preps here.

          • Yep….country folk and other mainline Americans are too smart to fall for this kind of stuff. It generally requires east or west coast liberals with advanced college degrees to come up with such foolishness and actually believe that it would work.

            • Up here in northern Michigan there are several towns around that have been taken over by the queers. Other than that it’s all country folk.

            • ‘Only a moron or a college professor would ever believe in socialism’ – Winston Churchill

            • …told a few politicians and staff members the same…they had to go to school to get that stupid…you sure wernt born that dumb cause God wouldnt have allowed you to be born…he’d of issued a recall!

      10. That idiot has removed all the comments on his Facebook page. Guess that’s one way to stifle dissent. That guy needs a pysche evaluation.

      11. i already keep extra guns, ammo, cash and silver at a “storage depot” and pay a monthly fee just in case someone takes or steels what i have in the house, so i’m good.

        if the govt is going to come after me that much to track down where i store stuff, they were going to get me anyways.

      12. Ropes & Gallows coming soon for the mAssHoles & NYS!

      13. Can you imagine calling State Farm and requesting information on liability coverage? They would likely refuse to insure anyone – way too risky.

        • Way too risky in terms of their profit margin that is, not in terms of the person who owns the gun.

        • It will be some bullshit state or federal program that cost thousands per year,
          Make no mistake these fuckers are snakes

        • That’s the plan!

      14. Patriots in this traitorous politician’s state should consider instituting charges of treason against him.

        Protect and defend indeed.

      15. So glad I moved from Mass to NH 20 years ago. Too bad all the Mass libtards are coming to NH…. their own laws are driving themselves out. Now they’re libbing up NH. At least we have a strong state constitution to slow them down.

        • Good luck with that, constitutions dont seem to mean much these days

          • “to slow them down.”

      16. Ignore unconstitutional laws and regulations. Keep your arms and ammo well concealed. If you comply you are then an unarmed fool without his weapon and will soon be slaughtered by our loving, scumbag ridden government.

      17. I think the point in all this is another cog in the government’s plan. They have the federal cog that we’ve seen lately but Biden and governors behind the scenes have also been working at crafting this state-by-state legislation that will be filed. This way they attack it from as many angles as possible……by going the state route, they can say to state’s rights advocates that the states are doing this independent of the feds and the feds can then use that as justification that there is a ground-swell of support for their upcoming legislation……it is fiendishly devious and so far beyond what most people can fathom or see coming. Yes, there is an all-out war on the guns and the second amendment, but that is just a part of the grand plan.

      18. And regarding the statement:

        “Bills such as this one are being filed by irrationally driven anti-gunners all over the country.”

        These anti-gunners are not in the slightest bit irrational.

        They know EXACTLY what they are doing and have a very definite and clear end result in mind.

        • Is it legal? Can a state make a law which is illegal under the Constitution? Are states bound by the Constitution? Are they bound by Executive Orders?

          • Mac, Id like an answer to that question, i live in NY, and and more than concerned.
            Do you know, ive been trying to find out, but i really cant really discern whether states, that have ratified the US constitution, can make laws to restrict said rights, that their own states constitution, has ratified, as well as swearing to uphold those individual rights. Please help?!?

            • See Glenn Beck or Wall Builders. He was talking about this a few days ago. Be Martin Luther King. Be peaceful and let them arrest you. Said there are PLENTY of lawyers out there that’ll defend you for free.

              • Arrest you for being a law abiding citizen gun owner without ever committing a crime? Glen back can tell that to that POS Pierce Morgan. What a joke? BTW, MLK was killed…that wasn’t peaceful GLENN BECK?

              • FUCK Glenn Beck. Im not going to be arrested for a right that my grandfather bled in a foreign war to give me. Glenn Beck is a fucking cowardly piece of shit.

                Never has a government been so thoroughly warned to back off.

                We need to exercise our constitutional right to assemble a militia for self-defense.

                • Eisenkreutz , well said. This Glenn Beck travels with the wind direction. Full of BS and turn his back on pro constitution crowd in a heart beat. Enough said.

                • Amen!

              • I like Glenn Beck, but that’s the dumbest thing I think he’s ever said.

                Can you imagine what would have happened had the Minutemen laid down their arms and allowed themselves to be arrested at Lexington/Concord?

                And just exactly how much good did the lawyers accomplish for the Jews in Germany when the Nazis started loading them on the trains for the death camps?

                That advice is beyond stupid.

                Do a Google search for what Alexander Solzhenitsyn said about how they regretted not resisting when Stalin’s thugs came in the night to arrest them.

                We already have a government that has abandoned the rule of law. How foolish to think that some lawyer is going to win against a lawless government.

                No lawyer or group of lawyers secured the liberty of this nation without the willingness of patriots to resist tyranny at the risk of their own lives.

                What an unadulterated line of bovine scat to suggest peaceful resistance when they try to disarm the people of this country.

                • Youve hit it exactly.

              • If only 1,000 Patriots resisted unto death (taking as many gun grabbers as possible with them), the hue and cry would be so loud that a Rogue Administration would have to reconsider it actions.

                “Any government that turns its guns on its people is not fit to lead them”. – OBummer.

            • Go to the archived Statutes at Large and find your state’s enabling act. Good chance you’ll see it written that, as a condition for joining the union, the state will pass no law that is repugnant to the Constitution.

          • Look up and study “incorporated rights”. Some of the 10 basic rights are Incorporated Rights under the 14th Amendment. The First Amendment is an incorporated right meaning that the states signed on to it….as in the states cannot infringe on speech, just like the feds can’t.
            The Second Amendment prevents the FEDERAL GOVT from infringing on your 2A rights, not the states. Justice Thomas wrote that the 2nd is incorporated under the 14th.
            I am confused as to weather the 2nd is incorporated or not. If 2A were incorporated, Ill, Mass, NY, Calif, etc would not be able to infringe.
            Any lawyers in the house?

            • No lawyer here but I didn’t know about “incorporated rights” until you mentioned it. This really muddies the waters of how the Bill of Rights is applied for me. Thanks for bringing this up. There are more rulings by the SCOTUS on Constitutional rights than one person can keep up with. So it seems the BOR only applied to the Federal gov before the 1890s. The 14th made it apply to states. Yes, the 2nd was incorporated in 2010 so it applies to states now. Can’t see how these NY and Mass “laws” will stand up in court under “shall not be infringed” but I think CCW permits and background checks are an infringement too so what do I know.

            • Once the government claimed to be the sole interpreter of it`s own laws through the Supreme Court the outcome was 100% predictable. Eventually every law they pass will be constitutional….

        • Here’s what the Left doesn’t get about the passion behind people who defend the Second Amendment and why they will NEVER willingly give up their guns, no matter what kind of gun it is:

          The gun control agenda in three easy to follow steps: Registration, Confiscation, Extermination.

          If you don’t think that statement is true, ask the 6+ million Jews and other ethnic groups that died in Nazi Germany because they did not have the means to defend themselves. Ask 20+ million Russians who died at the hands on “Uncle” Joe Stalin. Ask the 30-40 million Chinese that died during Mao’s rule. Ask the millions of Armenians who died under Turkish rule. Ask the 1.3 million Cambodians who died under Pol Pot. Ask the millions killed in Africa in to 70’s, 80’s, 90’s under various despotic regimes.

          The one common factor in all of these estimated 100 MILLION+ deaths, just in the last century, which are more people killed in ALL OF THE WARS both declared and undeclared in the last century combined, is that THE VICTIMS WERE DEPRIVED OF THE MEANS TO DEFEND THEMSELVES WITH GUNS by their own governments BEFORE THEIR OWN GOVERNMENTS KILLED THEM.

          • If I had the jingle, I would have Navy-Vet’s post put on billboards from one end of the country to the other.

            And for those who think the ad companies would refuse, Bullshit. They’re whores. They have a number.

            • I have been posting this comment on MSM website stories that are anti Second Amendment or anti-gun for about two weeks now. Funny thing is once the moderators see how many THUMBS UP it gets from other readers, they take the article or story down completely.

              I guess they really can’t stand reading the TRUTH about the anti-gun agenda.

              • Feel free to copy and post it widely. At worst, it will PISS OFF the MSM and make them keep taking down their anti-gun horse manure and at best it will “wake some people up” to the real anti-gun/anti Second Amendment agenda.

          • @Navy Vet:

            14 year Army Vet here. Saw combat in Desert Storm, 90 and 91.

            You, sir, hit it squarely on the head. Once registered, then comes confiscation, and lastly, extermination.

          • Just one problem with your numbers, Navy Vet. The Nazis killed 12 million in the camps, not just 6 million Jews. The Soviets probably killed 30 million, and Mao, well, he killed 100 million of his own people.

            You’re absolutely right, if those tens of millions had the means to resist, and killed or grieviously wounded at a 1:10 ratio, then the despots would have lost 10 million of their loyal lickspittles. Wonder how that would have changed the historical dialectic the left likes to rant on about.


        “The German nation has no feeling of hatred towards England, America, or France; all it
        wants is peace and quiet. But these nations are continually being stirred up to hatred of
        Germany and the German people by Jewish and non-Jewish agitators. And so, should
        the warmongers achieve what they are aiming at, our own people would be landed in a
        situation for which they would be psychologically quite unprepared and which they
        would thus fail to grasp. I therefore consider it necessary that from now on our
        propaganda and our Press should always make a point of answering these attacks, and
        above all bring them to the notice of the German people. The German nation must
        know who the men are who want to bring about a war by hook or by crook. It is my
        conviction that these people are mistaken in their calculations, for when National
        Socialist propaganda is devoted to the answering of the attacks we shall succeed just as
        we succeeded inside Germany herself in overcoming, through the convincing power of
        our propaganda, the Jewish world-enemy.

      20. I have no sympathy. This is the natural progression of state control. Massachusetts residents consigned themselves to insanity like this the minute they gave the stage government the power to issue licenses for firearms ownership.

        • This is what happens when you get to comfy. We’ve gotten lazy,fat and pussyfied. Metro-sexual?? Yeah, he’ll cover your rear.

        • MA is no different than a lot of other states, there are a lot of really good people there, it’s just that most of the evil ones have the power, they control the corrupt cities & unions – the MONEY!!!! Western Mass is a really nice place with many good patriots. Inside the 495 loop, Boston Metro, is a shithole.

      21. The title of this ad is misleading and alarmist. By now it should be clear a [new] national assault weapons ban is DOA… not happening. However, state level bans are another story. My state is gun friendly and has carry permit reciprocity with a bunch of other gun friendly states. MA, CT, CA, NY, NJ can all fall into the ocean as far as I’m concerned. Don’t forget to pack openly tomorrow if your state allows… it’s gun appreciation day!

        • I have a friend wanting to move from back east. They are thinking WY, SD, ND, Montana. I think they’re favoring SD because “‘ND is too cold and WY and Montana are being taken over by people fron CA”.
          Anyone have any insights that I can pass along?

          • ND has a better economy and the winters are about the same from the border of ND Canada clear to WY. Cold snow and wind. Hot and sticky in the summers.

          • Eastern SD tends to be a little liberal. We have one lib Democrat senator. Nice area though, lots of green and great bird hunting. Western SD is very conservative politically. The prairies are constantly driven by winds. Land is cheap on the prairies, but for good reason. East is farms, west is ranches.

            Tell your friend to check out the southern Black Hills. Reasonable land prices, awesome hunting (elk, deer), in the conservative west, trout, beautiful area, and the weather isn’t bad at all. People still pan for gold. The hills protect you from the worst weather. The Black Hills are the nation’s second highest mountain range after the Rockies.

            No state income tax, low property taxes, reasonable sales tax. A concealed carry permit costs $20 and the receipt for the payment serves as your temporary permit. No test, no class, no crap. Open carry won’t get you a second look in the rural areas. We are allowed to hunt on state parks after October 1st of each year.

            Might also want to look at eastern WY in the Crook County area. Very rural, but a reasonable drive from civilization.

        • Rethink your lack of support for legal gun owners in Massachusetts who believe in the Constitution. ‘Divide and Conqer’ is the oldest strategy in the book. It is being emplyed right now amongst those who read this blog and in picking off the states one at a time. This is not a time to be divided on this assault of our liberties and Constitutional rights

          • Thats right, its time to get real good with your mil dot out to about 600 yds

      22. it’s as if these assholes are speaking to you in serious tones while giving you the middle finger and pretending it isn’t there.

      23. Mr Linsky is just doing what they want to do, George Soros has funded anti-gun organizations in the US for at least two decades now. The ADL has been working, according to their press release last month, for over 40 years to get draconian gun laws passed. And the burgeoning Asian, Latino and Black demographics are all on board for gun confiscation, according to polls. So We may hang on for a little while but the future looks BLEAK.

        • ~~~And the burgeoning Asian, Latino and Black demographics are all on board for gun confiscation~~~

        • It figures that this insane but insidious garbage being floated in Massachusetts is being sponsored by a “David Linsky.”

          Here’s a Soviet-style paper published by a West Point think tank that formulates strategic and policy guidelines for tomorrow’s crop of robot uniformed door-kickers. It fingers “backward looking” rightists as the number one “threat” to the progressive agenda in Amerika, and of course, its author is one “Arie Perliger:”

          Here is a further article in the Jewish Daily Forward that attempts to show (futilely, IMO) that there are Jews on “both” sides of the gun debate. What they wind up doing is proving that the influence of Jews for the “preservation” of firearms ownership is of no consequence whatsoever, compared to that of Jews for the ending of firearms ownership (at least by conservative White Americans):

          Will the guns in Massachusetts that will have to be locked away in a central vault (if “Linsky” has his way) include the weaponry that DHS has provided to synagogues and Jewish Community Centers in the name of protecting them from “terrorism?”

          • Thanks for the links, Ahab!

      24. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!



        OH, SORRY — WOW! WOOHOO!!!!!!

        I CAN’T CATCH MY BREATH!!!!!!!

        WHEW! OK, I’m OK now. Yeah, this will happen! Sure! Good Lord have mercy! They really DO want a fight, don’t they?

        OK then, MOLON LABE! Marxist morons, MOLON LABE!!!

        • Where is the justice for the 10 million souls who were deliberately starved to death by the Bolsheviks? Does anyone care? What about the Armenians? HOw could anyone not hate the socialists?

          • They don’t hate them (socialists) because they don’t know history…Heck they don’t know current events either. All they know is sports, reality TV and what they`re spoon fed daily from the national media. What we have is a nation of brainwashed morons screaming for the destruction of their own rights….And the government is more than happy to give them what they want.

      25. All Mass. is doing is driving out small businesses from their already overtaxed and over regulated state. That means even fewer taxes being collected so they’ll have to increase others to make up for the loss. If the fools in that poor excuse for a state keep these politicians in office, then they should be taxed until they bleed, who cares. In the mean time, the surrounding states can make a killing by selling stuff to the folks who cross the state lines to get what they can’t back home. There are always ways around any stupid law. None of this crap like Mass and NY will ever happen here in sunny gunny Florida. Happy shooting y’all.

      26. This is going to become common, as Statists whose constituents are 80% Statists bring these ludicrous proposals off the shelf for two reasons:

        (1) just to prove their Statist credentials; and, worse,
        (2) to change the context of the gun control conversation (these Anti-Constitutionalists will be touted in the MSM as moderates, which will then paint anyone who opposes them as extremists in an attempt to shape public opinion, just as they did at the national level with the economy, regulations, and Obama’s radicalism.

        None will pass. They will share with Statists in other States in the U.S., so their counterparts can bring them to the floor of their respective legislative bodies.

        Any sweeping change at the national or State level ultimately will fail. It is intended to fail. What is much more problematic are the incremental victories in the message and in legislation. Every time the MSM paints the Constitutionalist as a radical or extremist or “right wing nut job,” someone in America buys into it. That is an incremental victory in the public opinion. The Statists, because they control the MSM, own the message and control what America hears and sees. Every time the Anti-Constitutionalists pass legislation that requires another level of background check, or a small (.0001%) increase in tax on ammo, or imposing another level of regulation (as minor as, say, requiring AR-15s to have warning labels describing the potential for death or serious bodily harm if fired in the direction of human beings), they win. These incremental victories, over 20 or 30 years, will add up to total victory.

        The incremental victory strategy has been used by the Statist Left since it became aggressive in its activism in the early 1960s. They have won small victory after small victory, and have won the war for the message. They won the culture, they won academia, they won the arts, they won the media, and they won education below the college level. So, they own the message, which is why they are so successful even though everything they stand for is contrary to the best human and American instincts among our population. They have won what matters most–“the truth.” They will use their high ground and continue to assault the remnants of America until they establish their own, blackened, charred utopia.

        • We’re all about one executive order away from being declared “domestic terrorists”.

          Here’s a question… Was George Washington a Patriot or a Terrorist???

          • He was the First and one of the few Presidents that was a true soldier, that fought for this country to be free from tyranny. He did not have to go get his BALLS out of his wife’s purse, to do ANYTHING, like alot of men do today. George Washington was an AMERICAN. Just like ALL of us Americans willing to fight to keep this country free, of this corrupt infestation.

      27. Aliens turned around before they even got to our stratisphere..reason,, no intelligent life in Massachusetts government

        • And to think, I like that Bee Gees tune ‘Massachussets’….going to grind it from CD now.

      28. In regaurds to these lawbreakers, Opps Law makers..

        F–K You, Come on Take It Fluffy..


      29. Am i the only only one who finds it dangerously ironic that MA is where the Revolution started SPECIFICALLY for a reason such as this?????

      30. There’s a reason they are called Massholes.

      31. I tell you what…… you get ALL the criminals and deviants to comply and verify complete and total disarmament, then come see me…… until then piss off.

        • Including the elected criminals, I presume

      32. No one is going to comply with any of this gun grab garbage. The citizens have learned from the DC Politicians and Wall Street Bankers laws mean jack-shit.

        • I’m glad there is an oral, verbal, hand raised vote so all can be seen and recorded and no voting machine manipulation(aka cheating) goes on.

        • I will never be left defenseless… thats no better than a death sentence on the installment plan

          • Hey Sam, I bet your the “belle of the ball” in the teachers’ lounge!

      33. Following the first, the second “shot heard round the world” might just take place in Mass.

        Stand Tall, Stand Firm, Stand Free MA Patriots, I’ll join you for some chowder should the need arise.

        Make those liberal fascists put their boots on out in the streets, and start walkin’ east,lol.

        …be safe…. stay the course…BA.

      34. Most of the things coming out, including any talk of an all out gun ban are just diversions and “Overton Windows”.

        If time continues on as we know it, the future will hold that anyone who has ever had a breakdown, lost control and was uncontrollably pissed off (think bad divorce) ever been on anti-depressants…….will not be allowed to own a gun. They are chizeling away little by little, like with everything else in Americca, they know they can boil the frog slowly, but no way in hell will they ever get the frog straight into the fire. It is going to be ALL ABOUT HEALTH CARE…..MENTAL HEALTH

      35. OK, I have to get on a roll again. Wolf, I’m with you. I’ve already been ignoring certain restrictions on self-defense for 3 decades. I don’t even care what the feds come up with; I’m not following them, period. Communist Massachusetts is simply one of the East Coast versions of Communist California. “Government-Approved Storage Depot” for so-called ‘assault weapons”? Yeah, right! Then your AR15, AK47, whatever, can be withheld from you. They could deny you access to your own weapons anytime they choose. See a shrink? NO F#$%& WAY! Buy liability insurance for your guns? I’ll bet a dollar to a doughnut that not one insurance company would write a policy for that. I have a natural, God-given right to self-defense and I don’t surrender that or any other rights to tyrannical government or anyone else. If anyone breaks into my home for anything, they’ll get a dose of .30 from my M1Carbine, and yes, the ammo is in a high-capacity magazine. Braveheart

        • doughnuts now cost about a buck

      36. Hmmmm. Doesn’t the oath of office the Politicians take make them promiss to follow the Constitution? So, if they are anti-Constitution, they/he is a terrorist. Drone his a** like the innocent children in Afghanistan!

        • Yes article VI of the Constitution, also they must sign an affidavit with in 60 days stating they understand their oath and that there is a penalty for not honoring it.

          I’ll find the info backing this up, I have the codes just have to dig them up. It’s in the U.S.Employee rule book.

          It also states that it is treasonous to “FUNDAMENTALLY” change our system.

          No one know this and our officials won’t voluntarily give you this info

      37. WTF is the matter with these people. Is there any way to get them evaluated. With such hatred for other people they should be required to under go evaluations to see if they are fit to hold office. These people are sick.

      38. Glad I live in Oklahoma!!!!

      39. What an A-hole !!!! I live in Mass. In the central/ western part of the state it isn’t as bad but these morons east of Worcester do some tremendous work on our behalf to protect us from ourselves. Plus you can’t be elected unless you’re a liberal ,lesbian,socialist,vegitarian….like BARNEY FRANK.

        • Barney Frank!!! A Real TEA-BAGGER!!

          Running a male prostitution ring out of his apartment. In what up-side-down, twisted alternative twilight zone of a universe, is a piece of sick, twisted shit like this elected??

          Nothing coming out of that place should surprise. Hey…maybe that’s the gameplan.

          • Look at who the president was hanging with on the trail,
            Bill I did not have sexual relations with that woman Clinton,
            Real classy guy there,

          • But note the unending condemnation of Lance Armstrong.

            • Yup, just another distraction. Plus, I am sure most of the “men” in our congress have to use a performance enhancing drug just to have sexual relations…..

      40. you people just make this shit up from your oulty, shit-for-brains head. When was the last time any of your paranoid delusions actually came to pass? You morons are just addicted to drama and you firearms which you stroke while you masterbate. Fuckheads.

        • Wow you have as good a command of the English language as any 8 year old moron I have ever met. Well keep current on your Meds and maybe someday they will let you play with the other boys

          • His collectivist world is getting ready to collapse and he can’t take it any more.

            He knows he’ll actually have survive on his own soon and he’s scared JoeInNC-less.

            • His ebt card didnt have enough dough on it to hit the strip club again

              • Kula,

                Sorry bud but thats just funny, a EBT at the strip joint. Whats a table dance run these days 4 cans of of veggies and a LB of hamburger? LMAO And do I really want her sitting on my lap..

                Sorry bud thats just funny,


                • The new EBT cards will work in ATMs to dispense cash benefits that some of these people are awarded, many are awarded a combination of food voucher and cash benefit, so they can go to an ATM, enter a pin and get cash, its supposed to be used for housing, or whatevr, usually utility assistance or such, depends on state,, but interestingly enough many of these EBT cards have been found to have accessed cash benefits at such places as liquor stores, strip clubs, casinos, Yea, really makes me want to work harder so I can pay more taxes so some dumbass can get a free ride while I bust my nuts trying to keep it all together.

          • LOSER

        • The last time any of our paranoid delusions actually came to pass was:

          Mao Ze-Dong (China, 1958-61 and 1966-69, Tibet 1949-50) 49-78,000,000
          Adolf Hitler (Germany, 1939-1945) 12,000,000 (concentration camps and civilians deliberately killed in WWII plus 3 million Russian POWs left to die)
          Leopold II of Belgium (Congo, 1886-1908) 8,000,000
          Jozef Stalin (USSR, 1932-39) 6,000,000 (the gulags plus the purges plus Ukraine’s famine)
          Hideki Tojo (Japan, 1941-44) 5,000,000 (civilians in WWII)
          Ismail Enver (Turkey, 1915-20) 1,200,000 Armenians (1915) + 350,000 Greek Pontians and 480,000 Anatolian Greeks (1916-22) + 500,000 Assyrians (1915-20)
          Pol Pot (Cambodia, 1975-79) 1,700,000
          Kim Il Sung (North Korea, 1948-94) 1.6 million (purges and concentration camps)
          Menghistu (Ethiopia, 1975-78) 1,500,000
          Yakubu Gowon (Biafra, 1967-1970) 1,000,000
          Leonid Brezhnev (Afghanistan, 1979-1982) 900,000
          Jean Kambanda (Rwanda, 1994) 800,000
          Saddam Hussein (Iran 1980-1990 and Kurdistan 1987-88) 600,000
          Tito (Yugoslavia, 1945-1987) 570,000
          Suharto (Communists 1965-66) 500,000
          Fumimaro Konoe (Japan, 1937-39) 500,000? (Chinese civilians)
          Jonas Savimbi (Angola, 1975-2002) 400,000
          Mullah Omar – Taliban (Afghanistan, 1986-2001) 400,000
          Idi Amin (Uganda, 1969-1979) 300,000
          Yahya Khan (Pakistan, 1970-71) 300,000 (Bangladesh)
          Ante Pavelic (Croatia, 1941-45) 359,000 (30,000 Jews, 29,000 Gipsies, 300,000 Serbs)
          Benito Mussolini (Ethiopia, 1936; Libya, 1934-45; Yugoslavia, WWII) 300,000
          Mobutu Sese Seko (Zaire, 1965-97) ?
          Charles Taylor (Liberia, 1989-1996) 220,000
          Foday Sankoh (Sierra Leone, 1991-2000) 200,000
          Suharto (Aceh, East Timor, New Guinea, 1975-98) 200,000
          Ho Chi Min (Vietnam, 1953-56) 200,000
          Michel Micombero (Burundi, 1972) 150,000
          Slobodan Milosevic (Yugoslavia, 1992-99) 100,000
          Hassan Turabi (Sudan, 1989-1999) 100,000
          Jean-Bedel Bokassa (Centrafrica, 1966-79) ?
          Richard Nixon (Vietnam, 1969-1974) 70,000 (Vietnamese and Cambodian civilians)
          Efrain Rios Montt (Guatemala, 1982-83) 70,000
          Papa Doc Duvalier (Haiti, 1957-71) 60,000
          Rafael Trujillo (Dominican Republic, 1930-61) 50,000
          Hissene Habre (Chad, 1982-1990) 40,000
          Chiang Kai-shek (Taiwan, 1947) 30,000 (popular uprising)
          Vladimir Ilich Lenin (USSR, 1917-20) 30,000 (dissidents executed)
          Francisco Franco (Spain) 30,000 (dissidents executed after the civil war)
          Fidel Castro (Cuba, 1959-1999) 30,000
          Lyndon Johnson (Vietnam, 1963-1968) 30,000
          Maximiliano Hernandez Martinez (El Salvador, 1932) 30,000
          Hafez Al-Assad (Syria, 1980-2000) 25,000
          Khomeini (Iran, 1979-89) 20,000
          Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe, 1982-87, Ndebele minority) 20,000
          Bashir Assad (Syria, 2012) 14,000
          Rafael Videla (Argentina, 1976-83) 13,000
          Guy Mollet (France, 1956-1957) 10,000 (war in Algeria)
          Harold McMillans (Britain, 1952-56, Kenya’s Mau-Mau rebellion) 10,000
          Paul Koroma (Sierra Leone, 1997) 6,000
          Osama Bin Laden (worldwide, 1993-2001) 3,500
          Augusto Pinochet (Chile, 1973) 3,000
          Al Zarqawi (Iraq, 2004-06) 2,000

          What did all these dead people have in common? THEY HAD NO GUNS.

          The number of brainless people in our society makes me want to vomit. GO CRACK A BOOK SOMETIME YOU FELCHING FUCKASS NUMBSKULL.

          • Is there any way to add more thumbs up?

          • Recommended “Great Book” from the late 20th C: DEATH BY GOVERNMENT:


            I think the Stalin number missed a 0. Rummel has number in 60M, not 6M, range. See also:


            Lew Rockwell cites 20M:


            I don’t know what 30K beside LBJ’s name means. And who, in that case, did not have guns? Are we talking civilians who died in the South during LBJ’s Presidency? Are we talking Americans (58K) who died there during the war? Are we talking people in the North who died during LBJ’s Presidency? I would say, in terms of Vietnam, one should take the aggregate casualty figure for all nation involved, and split it three ways between Ho Chi Minh, LBJ, and the various leaders of the South.

            I would add to your list Lincoln and at least 300,000 dead to his name. Many of these were not unarmed, and actually served on the field of battle during Lincoln’s War, but had Lincoln not determined that the State was all-powerful and entitled to slaughter its citizens simply because they exercised their natural rights, none would have died. So, in that case, it is Lincoln’s responsibility that they died. The number could be much, much higher, of course, if you count casualties of both sides.

            In any case, thanks for reminding us of the grim truth.

          • And never forget that more than 50,000,000–YES, you read that correctly–babies have been killed sine Roe v. Wade. While the government did not kill them, the government created and enforced laws that permitted the killing and, worse, FORCED EVEN CHRISTIANS OPPOSED TO ABORTION TO FUND THE KILLING. I am not sure that even the Nazis were worse in this regard.

        • Joe, why do you even bother to come to this site? Obviously it is not for the same reason that I do….to learn from others who have valuable information to share and to listen to like-minded, intelligent individuals’ opinions


          • FOB…Ive noticed him at the Daily Sheeple too…does the same inane/retarded blathering there too…certainly has alot of time to spend being a moron!

        • TO:joeinNC
          you see joe, if i could ban you for your paranoid delusions,and your foul mouth, Because i thought it was in the best intrest of the site.
          I’m sure i could get the votes needed to pass.

        • 20 reasons why JoeinNC is so pissed off and feels like he has to use such idiotic language with everybody.

          1. Joe is uglier than a fat guy’s ass crack.
          2. Joe’s long time partner left him, went back to haunt the graveyards.
          3. Joe has deep weird obsessions with rotten odors.
          4. Joe doesn’t like intelligent conversations.
          5. Joe hates freedom.
          6. Joe is not really his name, it is Mildred Ophelia Peterhead.
          7. Joe is fighting the urge to become a she male.
          8. Joe’s head is in the shape of genitals.
          9. Joe’s voice sounds like a cat with its paw stuck in the car door.
          10. Joe has no friends, not even a Democrat.
          11. Joe has tried to kill himself before but can’t figure out how to load his gun.
          12. Joe smells like a pile of dirty diapers.
          13. Joe has buck teeth and an overbite like a chipmunk.
          14. Joe has only one ass cheek.
          15. Joe is even repulsive to rats, flies, bed bugs, fleas, everything.
          16. Joe had a curse put on him to walk the planet forever the stupidest dumbass alive.
          17. Joe can only walk sideways like some lobster.
          18. Joe has a problem, every fourth word he says is DUH.
          19. Joe has the world’s thickest coke bottle glasses.
          20. Joe uses his half incher to type out these disgusting comments.

        • @JoeinNC…

          Hey Joe….FOAD

          • ..if joenc was any dumber, he’d have to be watered twice a week

            • So true!

              …betcha a bunch-o-beers….his nutritional uptake is derived from……SHIT!!!!!

              • LMAO..his root is so short, he has to pee sitting down…



          Please, Joe, read this book. And while you do, open your mind to the possibilities. And then, during all of this, THINK (by which I mean that you should reflect critically upon what you think you know and what you confront in these pages, analyze it rationally, discard emotion and the positions in which you are vested, and draw reasonable conclusions). Sorry you missed out on the opportunity to learn and exercise this process in the past. Now is your chance to do it and possibly see reality rather than the “bread and circuses” TPTB want you to see.

        • @jokerinNC….

          There you go again….projecting your own mental delusions, perversions and stupidity onto other people again.

          Your mommy should really get you to come out of her basement and find you some help.

      41. common sense proposal….from a traitor politician….here’s one from a defender of the constitution and the bill of rights………spend .23 cents protecting the constitution….one traitor at a time

      42. Here s one for ya… any one that has a duel citizenship
        Such as that with Israel cannot make laws in regard
        to weapon restrictions. The Israei jews are permitted to
        tote REAL automatic weapons everywhere. FUCKIN JEW
        hypocrites. When will we smartin up?

        • Not true, only people in settlements can have the automatic weapons.

        • Hey Anon…

          Kudos to you!

          Looks like the “yeshiva net-patrol types”….are targeting you!!!!

          …wear yer red thumbs…as a badge of honor!

          Much respect to you, bro!

          Never surrender!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      43. Thank you Rep. Linsky,

        Your proposals will save SOOO many lives.

        1) [contradictory]

        2) I mean think about how much an Active Shooters gun insurance will go up when they kill someone! That will deter them!

        3)And storing weapons at clubs, that are 90% of the time uninhabited, that will definitely make the weapons safer than leaving them under the close supervision of their owners. I mean its not like we are worried about people stealing guns from vulnerable targets.

        4) Making sure that legal shooters are decent shots will definitely stop an active shooter!

        5) Waiving your right to privacy to exercise a right is also a GREAT idea, I think we should do that for the first amendment too, because we wouldn’t want crazy people using the first amendment to incite people to violence.

        6) A 25% tax on ammo, now that won’t guarantee that folks buy ammo and guns utside the state, and kill off every gun shop and every job in those shops.

        7) [Don’t understand this one]

        8)And this is my favorite, because realistically a deranged gunman who is a decent shot can’t murder people with just one gun, they need more than one weapon… I mean don’t we give each soldier 10 guns or 12guns to carry into battle, because 10 guns shot more bullets than one!

      44. Force MY guns to be stored at the gun range?

        Um, I’m sorry, but that’s confiscation.

        • And Infringement

          Right to own and bear arms..

          not own and store elsewhere..

      45. First time posting but long time reader.

        The attack on my (Mass Resident) 2nd Amendment right with ridiculous rules, policy and regulations is very real. I can assure that it’s just not going to be “just a Northeast” event. We have anti gun politicians everywhere and once they get a foothold, they will come for you, no matter where you live. I read all the same articles about a sheriff, senator or congressman who states they will not comply but they will. They always do…

        We need your help and support – not just to save us but to save yourself. This virus of anti gun sentiment is spreading far and wide.

        • Anonymous,

          We all feel your pain, and we will have your back when it goes down, In the mean time it might help to get the word out to more people.

          Yes I know its facebook folks, but damn do you know how many people use it?? take a look at the evnts planned for tomorrow.

          And for the record Tx Rep Mr Toth will be at the rally tomorrow in Austin.


        • There is lots of talk on blogs about “standing up to the bastards” but nary a whimper or backlash from gun owners in NY or else where. Must be one of those “They came for New Yawkers guns, but I wasn’t a New Yawker so I did nothing.” You know the rest. People will just comply because there is no organized revolt and no one wants to be the “first one”.

          • JRS,

            You know we have talked for the last yr. So much talk and very little action on the people in these states that are how do I say this nice, GETING F__KED, and yes your right, we can not make them stand up and fight. But for me being off work right now I fight with the keyboard during the day and load by the night.. Either way it sure is fun.

            So little time and so much brass,


          • We cant even get the majority to understand what is happening. A revolt has no chance.

        • I guess thats why the saying is live free or die

      46. When the criminals, inner city filth, and the disease ridden Mexican, Hispanic filth that pour across our borders are dealt with by our Government, then I’ll feel that our Government can be trusted.

      47. Ogg-Topic, @ BI,

        BI, there has been some fairly large deviations in the magnetics today – satellite and terrestrial both – watch closely for the nexr 48 hours…that would be about the appropriate impulse-to-relaxation period here. Some of the deflections are above 100 nT (space, GOES platforms).

        • @ JustOneGuy. It has been almost a day without a 5.0+ in the world somewhere, and even the smaller earthquakes has dropped to nothing in the past few hours. Watch out for this, the planet is gearing up and this would correlate with what you are saying about the large deviations in the magnetic field. I sure hope that the people out there in these danger zones will be safe WHEN this happens. I could not believe all the polar and even tropical based quakes on the plate boundaries since that 7.5 in Alaska 13 days ago. Just that swarm in the Carlsburg Ridge was shocking.

          It appears to be in the final stages before something horrible. I know that the magnetic field plays a big part in forecasting Earth movements and this SUDDEN decrease in quake activity conforms something bad is brewing, like a cauldron or a pressure cooker. Watch the USGS map. If the activity of moderate quakes picks back up, then the big earthquake should be a little while away. If it remains almost silent like now, then very soon the planet should be hit. May even be a 8+.

          • @BI and Emily,

            On Stan’s site, he has a huge warning on the coast of Oregan. From Redding, CA to Portand, OR. I’ve been watching his site for a few months and never seen him post a threat like this….

      48. Sooo, liability insurance huh? Are you in good hands?

        • Yeah, like it’s not going to cost a thousand or two each year. I kind of thought some states had legislated that a citizen using a firearm legally could not be sued by the miscreant, what’s going to happen to that?

        • Naw…but my gun is… 🙂

      49. I’ve just about had enough of this shit.

        Never has a government been so thoroughly warned to back off.

        Never has a government been so thoroughly warned to back off.

        Never has a government been so thoroughly warned to back off.

      50. Does Linsky honestly believe that people will allow this bill to pass? For every stupid bill created, the U.S. population rushes out to buy exactly what they want to restrict. Do you think they will just turn around and hand it over? Linsky wants political gain…plain and simple.

      51. A tax on guns or ammunition is just as illegal as a tax on speech or a church. But who cares? Certainly not The Peoples Republic of Taxachusetts.

      52. Anonymous in Mass., welcome aboard, and I agree it will be nationwide. let the antigun turds come to my home; i have some “precious metal” for them. Braveheart

      53. MOLON LABE’ , NWO UN Zionist ZOG Fascist FREEMASON Commie GLOBALIST BANKER Bwiatches !

        COME AND try to TAKE IT !

        ;0p pssszzt

        ~N.O. ;0p



        • Only “flawless” because they use audio “morphing” software to fix all her mistakes. Take that away and she’s just an also-ran. You didn’t know that?

          • audio “morphing” software ???

            really ???

            can they do that live or is it pre-recorded blended enhanced and just played over her lip synching it all ???

            i’m truly curious , cause she sounds great as usual to my ear .

            i love whitney .

            R.I.P. WHITNEY HOUSTON

        • Sup Nino,

          Thought you might like to know, I had a run with the girl at the conv store tonight, After she ask me what I needed she told me I was drunk. So You know me I told her she was ugly and come tomorrow I would wake up sober and she would still be ugly.. LOL Thank God for cabs.

          take care of my gun buddy…LOL


          • Dude Not Cool ! Funny as Hell ;0) … but not cool . Your a Glutton for Punishment ;0P … Tread lightly next you go for a beer run … cause she might cut ya’ or try to bean ya’ with a bottle of Jack Daniels next time you step foot inside her establishment ;0) .

            Women in Montana … will key your truck , slash your tires , poison your dog , castrate you for less than that Dude and serve em’ as Rocky Mtn Oysters to you afterward with a Sexy Smile the whole time on their lips !!!

            ~N.O. ;0P

            “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.”
            ~William Congreve

          • @DPS ;0p … I can Definitely Picture that scene and Appreciate it ;0) … though I will warn you Prepper Brother … “A Woman Scorned” is truly a Dangerous Creature to be near .

            The “testy” Mtn Women here in Montana are known to run in She-Wolf Hunt Packs an will “Cut” or “Castrate” you for Less or leave your truck and dog looking somewhat abused used and Unserviceable after such a defaming remark from a man here !

            Watch your six brother … I hear women in Texas are just as Dangerous if not more so from the High Heat Wind and Dust .


            ~N.O. ;0p

      54. Charlotte Iserbyt: The Deliberate Dumbing Down of the World

        Feb 21, 2011

        Charlotte Iserbyt served as Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), U.S. Department of Education, during the first Reagan Administration.

        Ever since, she’s been exposing how educational systems throughout the world have been, gradually and by design, homogenized under UNESCO coordination. The purpose has always been to create a dumbed down, easily manageable, global population. That population would easily be transitioned into being mere human resources, under a new form of regime: a world governance system, run on an authoritarian type system — a global slave plantation –, for the benefit of the dominant global hierarchy of international oligarchs.

        Her book, “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” is a brilliantly documented exposé on this subject, comprising hundreds of original documents and official statements right from the horse’s mouth: the records of big banking foundations, governments and UNESCO departments — the institutions that created the blueprint for the worldwide education system that is now set in place, all across the world.

        Download Mrs. Iserbyt’s book, as well as other materials, on her websites:

        Also read the books by the first Director-General of UNESCO, eugenicist and Nazi-sympathized Julian Huxley. He is quite clear in explaining you the purpose of our current global educational system.

        • I used to immediately dismiss stuff like this as “tinfoil hat” time

          but there is just too much evidence to back it up

          • Introduction to Psychological Warfare

            “[US Army] Introduction to Psychological Warfare – GF33-27 (1955)”

            The U.S. Department of Defense defines psychological warfare (PSYWAR) as: “The planned use of propaganda and other psychological actions having the primary purpose of influencing the opinions, emotions, attitudes, and behavior of hostile foreign groups in such a way as to support the achievement of national objectives.”[1]

            During World War II the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff defined psychological warfare more broadly stating “Psychological warfare employs any weapon to influence the mind of the enemy. The weapons are psychological only in the effect they produce and not because of the weapons themselves.”[2]


        • Thanks for those links Nina.

          Good ones.

          • @GunSmith ;0) … Respect !

            “No Problemo’!” This is gonna sound “Sick” or “Demented” to some , but ;0P … I Sincerely actually enjoy it for the shear Knowledge – Brain Food – “Moral Shock Level” – I learn gleam everyday from reading and watching it all prior to posting the really good ones for you All !

            We Live in a Truly Depraved Degenerate Savage Greed Driven World .

            An Global Tax Debt Prison Asylum run by the In-Mates and Narcissistic Psychopaths with Very Brief Fragile moments of True innocent pure Beauty , Grace , Kindness and Love !

            We All with the Strength , Will to Fight must take Responsibility try to Protect those who provide us such Beauty in Life from those who would Destroy Violate them for Simple Selfish Individual Greed and Deviant Pleasures !

            To Ensure we Ourselves don’t lose Sight of What is Moral Civilized and Just on Earth !

            Each of Us who “Can and Do hear the Call to Arms for the Love of their chosen Religious Faith/ God or Self Righteous heart felt Love of Freedom” , Must become the New FreeMan FreeWoman Patriot Guardians of our World , being turned into a living Hell by those who would have us Once Free Men and Women be their Serf’s an Slave’s of the NWO UN ZOG FREEMASON Traitors of Free Humanity .

            ~N.O. ;0p

            • Copy that Nina…

              We’re both ex-Airedales, yes?

              Ever pull any (old-school)FAC duty?


              Keep postin’…(smart)filtered stuff by you….is appreciated here!

              Never doubt!

              • @GunSmith ;0)

                * yes to both of your questions . we’ve both chewed the same dirt just different times , someone we mutually know has been chatting with you on the shtfplan prepper grape vine ;0) .

                be safe brother .

                ~N.O. ;0p

      55. 9 Year Old with AMAZING VOICE Sings National Anthem at NBA Game

        ” Holy Crap this Kid can Sing !”


        ” She Put’s All of the ZOG HollyJooWood MK-Ultra Brain Washed Prostituted Show Puppets to Shame !”

        ~N.O. ;0p

      56. Hi guys! I have not commented in a while but thought I would just toss in my 2 cents. Please keep in mind that this is all about “Divide and conquer”. That is their agenda. It’s not about guns or who gets free food. It’s about dividing the people! Don’t let it happen.

      57. Like so many people has posted, THE GUN GRABBERS SMELL BLOOD IN THE WATER so they will do everything they can now. False Flags will be going up all across this nation very soon, more will die to quench their thirst for disarmament, no doubt about it.
        We have spoken with our pockets and they do not like what they have seen. More and more of the Politicians also see an uphill battle for them to keep their seats of power. If for one moment we slack off with our determination in this fight, look out.
        The fight has just begun, but I fear stronger measure is to come from what is going to happen in the future. Let us stand shoulder to shoulder and tell them HELL NO!
        Long Live Liberty!


          Since we know that the ‘grabbers’ are controlled/organized & financed by the SELF-CHOSEN TRIBE….

          …I reckon its more a case, where the olfactory receptors in their overly deformed proboscises…actually smell that $$$$ is to be made (see…increased taxes/legal penalties/jew-lawyer fees/asset seizures/court trials etc)….and purchasing for pennies on the dollar, the firearms companies forced into bankruptcy, once their product is declared illegal, then selling said company’s assets at a handsome profit.

          I foresee the elites’ drooling reflex…being stimulated at the prospect of vastly increasing their political/social and economic POWER…via removing the last remaining impediment to their GLOBAL GOVERNMENT CONTROL AGENDA!
          That being the well armed AMERICAN PATRIOT and his weaponry of choice!

          …meanwhile the SADISTS / SATANISTS within their ranks are plotting an industrial-scale version of genocide…call it…..KATYN of the WEST!

          NEVER SURRENDER!!!!

      58. @Unreconstructed Southron

        You have that right! The Grabberment is always looking for more of everything–That’s what addicts do.

      59. To JRS….You make a very good point, however, have you ever heard “a dogs bark is worse than it’s bite.” With gov watching everything posted on the internet, maybe now is not the time to be barking?

        • I will not give up my right to free speech. I was born an American and Ill die an American.


      60. Ok, submit this! ALL Burglars must register, carry libility Insurance and register with their local Police Dept. All loot shall be stored away from their residence and a log kept and submitted each time an item is disposed of, along with the monetary value, so that Internal revenue may tax un-earned gain. Sound rediculous, just as much as the jerk who submitted the Mass. bill.

      61. I bet Paul Revere is abit upset about warnings of the red coats to those in Massachussetts.

        The Commies are Coming! The Commies are Coming!

      62. next time some gun control activist spouts off,reach back and get a sixpack of west texas whoopass and beat the crap out of him.when you’re too tired to continue lean over and tell them”Glad you believe in not owning guns. I’ll be back to do this again tomorrow.”

      63. Perhaps the good Representative has forgotten that it was precisely the fact that it was colonial MA’s central storage of munitions at Concord that the British were after in the first place. Maybe central storage is not a good idea – do ya think. They were called ‘minute men’ because they stored their weapons at home and were immediately available when the need arose. If this MA Representative was around then with his ideas, they would have been called the ‘1/2 hr to an hour men.’ Sorry, it just doesn’t have the same ring to it.
        Those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it.

        • @BraveHeart ;0) Thank You .

          Obummer Failed in his illegal unconstitutional push to Dis-Arm us for his Globalist ZOG Marxist Commie Handlers .

          Next Up …

          The U.N. is going to be the Global Dis-Armament Legal Enforcer under Global International Law Enforcement , Obummer will now try to use the U.N. International Small Arms Treaty and UN / NATO “Anglo” Troops to DisArm AmeriKa .

          * Addressing the 1992 Evian, France Bilderberg meeting, Kissinger has been attributed with saying:

          “Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order: tomorrow they will be grateful!

          This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence.

          It is then that all peoples of the world will pledge with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown.

          When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.”

          *** Continue Preparing , Stock Up , Arm-Up Preppers and Patriots , the NWO Globalist CIA MK-Ultra Propaganda FALSE-FAG War to DisArm Freedom loving Americans is not over and only gets more brutal from here for all .

          ~N.O. ;0P

          • The Bilderberg Bullies

            By C. J. Williams

            “Control energy and you control the nations, control food and you control the people”

            … is a quote credited to former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger. On the lam for several years now, avoiding foreign authorities wanting to question him about war crimes, conspiring to assassinate, and crimes against humanity, it appears Kissinger may be joined at the hip with a cartel of conniving control freaks and their cronies.


        • ;0) thank you … kinda missed you guys and gals .

          ( except for @fbp ;0P pssszzt )

          ~N.O. ;0p

      64. Will you sonsofbitches keep yer goddamn hands off my guns?

        the wineing is getting old. Lately from “their” side all I hear is Bla bla bl abla bla bla..completely of thier rails, if anyone is crazy and needs to be committed its this administration, all of them

        and you aint gettin em afer im dead either, ..Its a Family thing.

        • That is exactly what I was saying. Go fuck yourself david from Ma. We don’t need you and we can handle things much better than you idiots in office. Stay the hell out of our lives. I agree. From the midwest and have been in New york all week and talked to a lot of New york republicans and some liberal gun supporters and they are pissed beyond pissed.

          YOu can pass all the laws your want but the day you start stealing the first gun out of someones house with a swat team it will be all over for them. People will defend and wont back down you people. So dont even try it. The bullets will start flying and you will blame the people and aggressive!!

          Clearly it was the swat and feds that were the aggressive people that tried to disarm someone who was on a list of current gun purchases and you try and disarm them at their home. then its all over the MSNBC news saying people are out of control or make some story up the people were unstalbe and that was your reason for invading their home to steal their guns.

          This all happened by a DR visit for a cold and the DR asked if he has a gun and plays stupid with the patient, and the patient says he thinks the feds can go fuck themselves. Next the DR contacts the police and they arrest and try and disarm the person. That is how I think it will happen and then it will be everywhere as a test run…… sorry about my grammer, I try and read everyones and more and it takes a long time. Good quality answers and people on here that care.

      65. The modern Paul Revere:

        “One, to the head, two, to the chest.”

        …stay frosty….stay mean….woof..BA.

        • I can use 7 in NYS..I’ll use them all.

        • BadAmerican,

          One to the head and 2 to the chest reminds me of something great.

          late christmas present, but 1 to the head 2 to the chest $6.86 checking your finger nails after the shot priceless. Visa cut the card the hell up.


          • @DPS:

            Love that video, Sir.

            My girlfriend said that the only thing she did wrong was not takin’ a trophy. My girlfriend is sooo SPOT ON.

            ..when I walk thru Tiger Valley, I will cap all evil…just sayin’..BA.

        • stay pissed my friends

          • You angry old white men need and angry young white man like me prodding you to piss you off even more.

            • Go ahead Eisenkrutz, we can take it.

      66. The essence of this story is the reasoning ability and the problem solving skill of an elected official.
        You know, one of those in charge of THE FUTURE OF THIS NATION. The ones making the DECISIONS.

        Imagine that you are in bed, asleep, with your wife and children. At 3 a.m. someone kicks your door down, and armed home invaders step into the hallway, ready to rob the place.

        That’s when you will have to ask them nicely to wait a few minutes, you have to drive over to the gun club, to retrieve the AR-15.

        Isn’t this politician a problem solving genius?
        These are the individuals deciding the future of YOUR CHILDREN!

        And, tomorrow morning he will be back in his office, collecting the paycheck from the taxpayer, working hard to come up with more meaningful legislation to help us along, into the new 21st century reality …

        Ever wonder why we are where we are?


        Just look at these black trying to rewrite history.
        This is why we need to stay armed.
        One day they will teach in the school that all whites are evil and the black congress will try and exterminate us.

        To me…the second amendment was to protect us from the unknown direction of the future govt.

        Stay armed folks.

        Ignore any laws they pass.

        • At the same link is an article that states that 60% of HS and college students plan to own firearms. There IS hope for the next generation. Sadly, they’ll be pissed at how their parents and grandparents have messed up the world. The person who did this survey seemed to be in a panic over the results, and thinks that an executive order is needed. “OMG. Why hasn’t our indoctrination worked?” The statist crowd is obviously in a panic that a good portion of the next generation may be awake.

          Heard that NG people will be providing security at Obummer’s next coronation, and have been given “temporary” arrest powers. Has this happened before? I don’t remember it, but I admit that I usually don’t pay a lot of attention to these dog and pony shows.

        • At the turn of the 20th century Blacks had a choice: Marcus Garvey’s road to independence or W.E.B. DuBois’s socialist road to dependence on the same “Jewish” financiers who after the War Against the States continued to ply the slave trade with their New England-based ships until the 1890‘s.

          Foolishly US Blacks did not take Garvey’s road to freedom, but shackled their future and their childrens’ childrens’ futures to “Jews.” Black puppets like DuBois sold out their people and you see the results of that modern slave dependency today.

          While pretending to champion the civil rights of Blacks, the “Jews” and especially “Jewish” slumlords and race-baiting politicians are laughing up their sleeves. Here is what Maimonides, “the Great Rambam,” the most revered of all rabbis, teaches about Blacks:

          “Some of the Turks and the nomads in the North, and the Blacks and the nomads in the South, and those who resemble them in our climates. And their nature is like the nature of mute animals, and according to my opinion they are not on the level of human beings, and their level among existing things is below that of a man and above that of a monkey, because they have the image and the resemblance of a man more than a monkey does.” Maimonides explaining who is not fit “to participate in the world to come,” Guide for the Perplexed, Book III, chapter 51 cited in Israel Shahak, Hebrew University Professor, Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years. London: Pluto Press, 1997. p. 25.

          Notice in the link how contemporary translations have concealed this Judaic Master Race teaching simply by failing to translate “Kushites” which should be properly rendered as “Blacks.”

          • John Q

            Some of us delve deeper, in order to acquire knowledge & wisdom…so as to understand!

            Keep up the good fight, brother!

            Your efforts, are not in vain.

            • You are too kind, my brother.

      68. David how about this and sorry for my language here, David how about you go “Fuck OFF and go have a cookie and leave us alone and go get the real criminals and crazies off the street! YOu could learn some common sense from the sound of your tone.

        So once they are at these areas you will regulate and tax and tax and regulate and take away. So go fuck yourself, Learn the 2nd!!!And receive some money from dealing your buddies under the table for illegal transactions and drug dealing. Go check your tax stub from the caymen islands and see how much you earned illegally you son of a bitch. LEAVE US ALONE!

      69. How about everyone in Washington D.C. just go to hell? Like F*ck you Federals. Kiss our ass. Suck it. We don’t listen to traitors.

      70. WTF? Where can a brother buy some primers? Anyone seen how virtually all bullets, primers, powder, semiautos, decent revolvers are “out of stock” or “backordered”. Hell, even reloading videos, calipers, and scales are selling out. What is going on? Are the feds applying pressure at the root level? Meaning the places that make the brass that make the cases that make the rounds. I find it hard to believe this is simply demand only. Somebody is at work behind the scenes as well.

        • There are only two factories in the US that manufacture smokeless powder:

          One is the General Dynamics plant in St. Marks, Florida, which produces for Hodgden, Winchester and others, and the Alliant plant in Connecticut which produces for the Alliant family of companies and for the Lake City Arsenal (currently under Alliant management).

          Loss of Smokeless Powder The Greatest Threat to the Right to Keep and Bear Arms in the United States Today
          by Gary Marbut, president
          Montana Shooting Sports Association

        • No, it really is demand and supply. Someone proposed a bunch of rediculous laws, 28 hours a day, 8 days a week for over a month now, and the population is putting their money where their beliefs are. It’s going to take a while to restock.

      71. Mac,
        You must not like all my pro white and self preservation posts.
        You always delete me.

        It’s not racists to be for protecting your race and family from all the scum of the world.

        Ammo up folks…when the blacks take over congress….the fema camps are for you…
        You will need your guns.

        • @Mac Salvo keeps deleting me ;0P

          check yourself …

          The problem is NOT a color ethnicity sex sex orientation religious social group problem …

          It’s a INDIVIDUAL or wanna be dominant social class ELITIST GROUP GREED problem .

          Try to not make is just about color , most of those who are truly suffering dying from war genocide man-made weaponized disease starvation in our world are victimized simply for that – their skin color of brown yellow or red .

          HATING EXCLUDING A PERSON FOR JUST THEIR COLOR shows just plain ignorance on your part .

          THOSE WHO CHOOSE TO STAND BY MY SIDE TO FIGHT the nwo un zog freemason globalists FOR THEIR OWN individual right to FREEDOM OUR MY ACCEPTED LOVED BROTHERS AND SISTERS no matter their color .

          Learn to see this yourself and you will be that much Stronger , closer to succeeding in your fight for Personal FREEDOM in your Life !

          ~N.O. ;0p

          • crap ;0P … apologies folks , didn’t proof read it .

            “ARE” not “our” ;0P

            • @NinaO;
              I stand with you Sir !!!!!

          • Blacks and other non-whites are a horrible burden to the White population of any country. Blacks should never have been brought to North America.

            More than half of the violent crime in America is committed by blacks and tens of thousands of rapes of White women by black men occur every year according to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report.

            Non-white immigration and a growing non-white population in the USA, legal or illegal, pose a very real threat to Whites now and into the future and that’s the most important thing to be concerned with now.

            The reason that Whites are and have been losing the political, social, and cultural wars is because they have been thinking of themselves as INDIVIDUALS instead of thinking of themselves as a GROUP like the non-whites do.

            Whites DO NOT, and SHOULD NOT care about the welfare of the non-white population of this country or any other country. Whites should be concerned only with separating themselves from the non-white population as fast as possible. The well-being of the non-white population is of no concern to the White population. They cannot produce White children.

            Our Second Amendment rights are going to be very important in bringing about that separation and the eventual forming of ethnostates in North America.

            • You’re right Steve.
              All other groups are encouraged to form “pride” in their race, except for whites.
              Whenever Whites try to have an advocacy group, it’s instantly labeled a “white supremacist group”.
              This is primarily done by Jews in TV & print media whose efforts are to divide this nation along racial lines, undermining the institution of marriage, our borders (ACLU) “press 1 for English” & now we have the SPLC headed by Michael Cohen & the creepy Mark Potok who are teamed up with the DHS!
              They are now helping DHS to identify “homegrown terrorists”, but the irony is that these fuckers are the only terrorists.
              In time, it’s inevitable that we’ll face strife along racial lines, then there will be new borders drawn containing similar groups.
              It’s not hate, it’s just the way nature works.

            • Your post reminds me of a friend’s t-shirt. “If we’d have known there’d be this much trouble, we’d have picked our own damn cotton!”.

          • Whites are the dominant social class and they would much rather be separate from the non-whites, the queers, and others but are prevented from doing so by the anti-discrimination laws in America. Let’s abolish all anti-discrimination laws and let people separate into various ethnic enclaves and you’ll see ethnic hostility and violence subside quickly.


      72. Define “force” for me Okie.

        • Hi Ted! Glad to hear you got the Oldsmobile running again. That must be a heck of a car! As for the definition of ‘force’ I’ll give it a shot-

          Force (verb)
          1. To attempt to make something occur.
          Example- *The tyrants tried to force me to give up my guns.
          2. To induce a response or reaction.
          Example- *I forced the lever on the 30.06.

          Force (noun)
          1. The action taken to cause a desired result.
          Example- *High taxes was the force that dried up the ammo supply.
          2. Collective name of a group.
          Example- *A force of jackboots and bureaucrats came to my house to get my guns.

          Force (patriot language)
          1. That which preserves the 2nd Amendment.
          Examples- *A bureaucrats skull is no match for the force of a 30.06.
          *We took out that whole damned force of bureaucrats.
          *The smell of their rotting corpses has forced me to close the window.
          *It’ll take a large force of patriots to bury them all.
          *Better yet, if I force the bodies through the chipper/shredder I can turn them into hog feed.
          *If they don’t send more bureaucrats soon, I’ll be forced to go to the co-op and buy hog feed.

          And finally,
          Force (okie speak)
          1. The trans-universal power that energizes the Jedi.
          Example- *May the force be with y’all!

          • The new Olds was a gift from Tiger’s better half during a better era. Four cup holders up front. You ought to see the jacuzzi/bar in the back.

            That’s no moon, it’s the FLOTUS picking out sneakers in HI.

      73. BI, Ugly, FOB, and YH, I have the same feeling. I have long suspected that false flag events like these mass shootings and constant antigun rhetoric from MSM and government agencies are part of the strategy for trying to disarm us. As long as we’re armed, TPTB can’t go full speed ahead with their NWO agenda. check out the links to some articles I posted in comment #1043700, especially the article about DHS labeling gun owners as terrorists. I smell some more false flag shooting events coming. Be sure to check the article on Un gun grab. They meet in march to finalize the Small Arms Treaty. that may be when the party begins. The economy may collapse about the same time and that may be when they’ll make their move. I only wish i could give something more definite; it’s possible they may do it in a different way. Just my 2 cents. Regardless of how they do it, I’m still getting everything i need for survival; hope everyone else is too. Braveheart

        • Yep, March is when the global control freaks meet again to try their gun grabs.
          It really doesn’t matter to me or about 50 million other Americans; I shall never disarm to any man, cop or king.

      74. @ Be Informed -Good thoughts you presented.
        #1043621 comment. Default on the debt?
        A state becoming pulverized by an earthquake?
        Stock market crash? Strange, unheard of disease
        causing havoic on the masses? Masses rioting and
        making runs on banks and grocery stores for any
        of the above. Gas shortage? Food/Water shortage?
        UFO’s attacking? Martial law to control the masses.
        Giant sinkhole sucking up a state? Rock from the
        sun hitting the earth? Sun solar flare ups hitting
        the earth. All illegal aliens becoming U.S. citizens carte blanch? More fish, whales dying due to
        underground lava? Birds dying and falling from the
        sky? The dissolution of the Constitution/Bill of Rights.
        Masses going toe toe over those who will take your guns
        vs. those who want to keep their guns.
        China or N.Korea lobbing a missile to the U.S.
        The Presidency ended and a Monarchist rule established.
        I would like to know the why of hollow tipped bullets,
        the fema camps, and the many coffins fema has stored.
        Who knows, only the minority cares, the mundane masses
        do not. Illuminati makes blunt power grab.
        I will probably have the men in black show up at my door, as the movie, “3 Days of the Condor.”
        At the end of Doomsday Preppers, the statistics are always
        0.0000000001% of any of the above happening.
        So, Hey, It’s All Good People. (sarcasm sign flashing)
        I will put my zombie blinders on and eat some more zombie
        food and watch Dancing with the Stars. (gag, I have never watched that show)
        *** I wrote and snail mailed and also emailed Cumo re: my concerns of the gun laws he put into place. I also contacted other representatives. Fat Chance it will do any good. I cannot move now, a few elderly family members I need to be there for.

        • @Emily
          “Fat Chance it will do any good. I cannot move now, a few elderly family members I need to be there for.”
          this is where Im at,, its all fine and dandy to think I can just vote with my feet, Id like to think I could, reality is my 80 year old mom lives next door, wont desert her, and my girlfriend of 15 years who we have lived together for at least 13 of it, anyway, there are people I need to be there for, it is a shame though, because when the politicians turn me into a criminal for not going along with their shit, Im not going to be any good to my loved ones anyway, this is a discussion I am trying to have with them to let them know what is up, GF doesnt want to talk about it, and mom, well she sort of knows Im right to want to beat feet, but its hard cause my sister and family just left, and then if I go thats it, n family left. A conundrum to be sure….

      75. I really don’t give a shit what kind of unconstitutional “laws” these assholes pass.

      76. Why was my post in moderation deleted?????
        I was resonding to Be Informed.

        • @ Emily. I don’t know what you were trying to ask me, but I just noticed something that is very bizarre. There has not been an earthquake of 2.5 or more in the southern hempishere in almost 2 days. Everything south of 8 degrees south is completely quiet. This is something I have NEVER seen for this long, 2 days not even a 2.5+ from 8 degrees south to the south pole. This is getting interesting.

          • hmmm…. VERY interesting. Had a 4.4 in Chile about 8 hours ago, but super quiet! They’ve had a lot of activity down there the last couple of weeks besides the last 2 days. Eerie, to say the least…

        • May be a duplicate……..

          Hi Emily, BI,

          Firstly, you’re not the only one having posting problems….I’m only getting about a 40% success rate, dunno the cause…

          BI, FWIW, there was a C-5.8 a couple of days ago, was lower than is commonly worrisome, BUT, this apparently did emit a strong, fast outbound wave, near at 1700 km/sec. Again, normally we don’t see this kind of effect from a C-class event. The magetics (both planetary and satellite, both) responding strongly to this. The M-1.7 several days ago did not produce an IP shock wave at all, this one did at approx. 17:33 UTC. Specifically, a ‘sudden impulse’ as posted at SWPC measuring 21 nT.

          Obviously, eyes open (again) guys and girls, this one is ‘flexing’ the magnetosphere pretty well…seismics are likely to follow…

      77. So how much was spent on the war on terror, how many wars fought, how many rights destroyed, how many people killed?

        Yet, still islamo terrorist are popping up everywhere. One is squashed and two more pop up. Look at the situation with Libya spawning into Mali and Algeria. terrorists killing Americans because of France’s actions with promises of more to come.

        What is preventing them from crossing our boarder with a bunch of fully automatic AK-47’s they picked up in south / central America for 200 bucks apiece or a bag of their opium and going into one of these gun free zones?

        None of these anti-liberty law’s, executive orders, taxes, scams, would do a thing to prevent that.

      78. Why is it that mass murderers who shoot up crowds of unarmed citizens are never found out to be NRA members ?

        Ft Hood shooter – Registered Democrat – Muslim

        Columbine shooters – Too young to vote; but both families were registered Democrats and progressive liberals

        Virginia Tech shooter – Wrote hate mail to President Bush and to his staff – Registered Democrat

        Colorado Theater shooter – Registered Democrat; staff worker on the Obama campaign; Occupy Wall Street participant; progressive liberal

        Connecticut School Shooter – Registered Democrat; hated Christians

        Congresswoman Gabby Giffords’ shooter – leftist, registered democrat

        Why then does the Main Scream Media tell us over and over that conservative NRA-type gun-owners are the real danger to society?

        Two followup thoughts:

        1.) In addition to felons and dangerous mental patients, we obviously should add being a Democrat to the list of disqualifications for gun possession.

        2.) All this screaming for gun confiscation from Democrats is a heartrending cry for help: “Stop me before I kill again!”.

        • Slight correction O.C….as you forgot to mention such…

          Gabby Gifford’s shooter…was of the self-chosen tribe.

          …his real target…was a patriotic ‘Gentile Constitutional judge’….unfortunately, he was successful in his endeavors.

          ….fellow-tribe member “Gabby” was merely an unfortunate example of collateral damage!!!!

          Had the shooter been a gentile…Abe Foxman & company would have screamed…:

          Oy Vey! …a pogrom is afoot in amerika!!!!

          FYI, the Columbine duo…were kosher too…at least one was (Eric Harris, I think) confirmed as such.

          Otherwise…good post!

          • ~~his real target…was a patriotic ‘Gentile Constitutional judge’~~

            who just voted ‘no’, ostupid and company, you do not get a license to steal America’s pensions.

            As was written and I don’t have the link.

        • The presence of “evil assault rifles” causes crime and murder. I must be missing the news reports of the unbridled carnage at gun shows.

        • OC – Answer to your question, is that it doesn’t fit their agenda, simple as that.

      79. Emily,
        if you posted a link that it goes right to moderation now, it sucks but still guess everything goes through moderation now days.


      80. I hate to say that this kind of B.S. was expected, but this has truly been long in the waiting of the Power Elites and their lackies in D.C. I hope that the remaining Constitutionalists left in our government will put the brakes on this ASAP; the alternative will result in a lot of blood shed in this country when the Power Elites are confident enough to come for our weapons.

      81. Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

        Oh boy! I just got my new sign for the yard! It was included with my membership in the Citizens For Sensible Violence. They seem like such a nice group of people, I couldn’t help but join. The membership packet includes a cute little card with an eagle (or maybe a buzzard, the ink is blurry), a pocket Constitution, 2 bumper stickers, a lense cleaning cloth for my scope, and the yard sign.
        I’m so proud! Now everyone in the neighborhood knows where I stand on sensible violence. It feels great to express my inner feelings with a 3 by 5 ft sign that says….

        “Happiness Is A Warm 2nd Amendment”

        • Okie, I gotta new sign too. It reads:

          “Hey Dumbass, while you were reading my new sign, I was stealing your truck.

          • …oh, forgot the lol


      82. That dog still won’t hunt, boys.

        You think it isn’t painfully obvious that all those external storage facilities won’t just magically disappear?




        If you’re doing this becaues Greece / Spain… coming soon to a neighborhood near you… all I can say is, y’all best pay attention to all that thorium reactor research China is doing (with your help) right now.

        It’s not OUR only chance. It’s yours.

        Better get serious.

        Because last time I checked a bunch of half assed goat herders armed with shit they yanked out of their ass in their garage were giving you a run for your money. I grant you would not be quite so gentle. However. It would still be rather costly.

      83. When I read this article and what this pinhead wants to do the first thing that came to my mind was,

        **** THIS GUY! Sorry, but it really is true.

        • What does this administration think it’s doing, alienating one third of the nation, denigrating patriotic law-abiding citizens, many of them with military experience, who are also armed to the teeth? What is their end game? How will they call it a success? It’s just not making any sense at all.

          • Easy, they don’t give an eff about us….

      84. How long will it be before the brave and patriotic military leaders get fed up and stage a coup to defend the rights of Americans

      85. Isn’t it the height of irony that the birthplace of the revolution – Concord/Lexington – is now home to cowards who surrender their freedom?

        Sort of like allowing a mosque to be built at the site of Islam’s greatest victory in North America.

        Some people are too stupid to remain free and so they won’t.

      86. What if the federal government threw a ‘gun control’ party, and nobody came?

        The answer to the above question may soon be apparent. Starting even before the Obama/Biden “plan” to reduce “gun violence,” was announced Wednesday, several states have been scrambling to protect their people from the proposed oppressive new gun laws, and even imprison federal law enforcement officers who try to enforce those oppressions

        The Tenth Amendment Center is tracking the progress of these “Second Amendment Preservation Act” bills, currently listing eight states, just within the last couple weeks, that have introduced them. So far, the states are North Dakota, Wyoming, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, South Carolina, and here in Missouri. (much to the shrieking dismay of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorial staff). Mississippi is poised to join those states, as well.

        Get your state involved..push them to understand its either this, or the least for these times, try to get them to understand if they dont back bills like these, they will be viewed as Traitors to this country, when the S hits the F

      87. gives a whole new meaning to “storage wars”…..yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!

      88. my state has a Republican Governor

        and a Senate and House controlled by a solid majority of Republicans

        and you know what ???

        nary a peep on protecting the 2nd Amendment

        • It isn’t the lack of peeps about protecting the 2A that matter as much as the active proposals about gun grabs coming from democrats.
          I’m a Libertarian & see both parties as lousy, but the republicans get a B for gun rights while the dems earn F’s…

      89. “Because you can never have too many laws, regulations and mandates, Massachusetts State Representative David Linsky has filed a new bill that would, among other things, force gun owners to undergo mental health background checks, acquire liability insurance, pay an additional 25% tax on all forms of ammunition, and require firearms categorized as “assault weapons” to be stored outside of their homes and only at government approved storage depots.
        “This bill is a comprehensive effort to reduce all types of gun violence – murders, intentional shootings, accidental shootings and suicides. There is not one solution to reducing gun violence – we can’t eliminate it – but there are a lot of common-sense steps that we can take to significantly reduce the everyday tragedy of gun violence and deaths,” said Linsky.

        “I have spoken with hundreds of people over the past few weeks in developing this legislation – victims, police officers, criminologists, physicians, and yes – gun owners and sportsmen,” stated Linsky. “There are a lot of good ideas out there. We should all have one goal – reducing gun violence and trying to keep more tragedies from happening.”

        Provisions in the bill include:
        Having one standard of the issuance of all gun licenses, giving local police chiefs the ability to evaluate all aspects of an application for a gun license.
        Requires proof of liability insurance for possession of a firearm, rifle or shotgun.
        Requires that all large capacity weapons and grandfathered assault weapons must be stored at gun clubs or target ranges.
        Requires live shooting as part of the curriculum for a basic firearms safety course; this is not a current requirement.
        Requires all applicants for gun licenses and FID cards to sign a waiver of mental health records for review to be destroyed after decision.
        Imposes 25% sales tax on ammunition, firearms, shotguns, and rifles; dedicates funds towards firearms licensing, police training, mental health services, and victim’s services.

        Brings Massachusetts into compliance with the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).
        Limits gun buyers to one firearm purchase per month.”


        FYI Current Law & info: MA already does full fingerprinting, NCIC, background checks, requires letters for ‘reasons’, references, 10 round mag limits, costs $125.00 for 6 years, takes 40 days to process if your lucky (last few months GOAL has found out they where not following the 40 day time period leaving previous LTC holders liable for daily fines! none have been known to be found at this time), the State will Not work with GOAL (the States NRA) or let them into law sessions or to comment and does have a hidden ‘gun registry’ (from a PO friend)…….

        ● PLease Help Out & Call MA Rep David Linsky even if your not from Massachusetts and get angry:

        ➪ Please call the Massachusetts State Representative David Linsky even if your not from Massachusetts and get angry: 617-722-2575 Web

        ➪ PLease Help Out & Call, Ladies and gentlemen, its time to call the Massachusetts State Representative David Linsky even if your not from Massachusetts and get angry: 617-722-2575

        This is start to effect almost every State, we must all stand together!

      90. So I have a question. Do you think getting a CHL (Concealed Handgun License) is a bad move now since it gives the Government the heads up that you are gun owner?

        • I’ve been pondering this for awhile now and have decided NO to the CHL. Someone else said it best on here–my pistol IS my permit.

          • Free men do NOT need permission to own a gun!

        • No because the majority of people own them and even if you do have one, you dont have to store your weapons in the same location. I have half of mine at parents, have at mine, another chunk at my grandmas any my uncle.

          • Distribution of your firearms is cool, however the Gov knows you are CHL holder and thus you could “possibly” be a first line target to manipulate to turn them in.

            This is not about will you or will you not turn them in if they contact you via phone, mail, in person, etc.

            The question is, do we even want them to know you have them.

            CHL is pretty much gun registration anyway.

            I just think that CHL holders can be the first to be contacted to take psychological evals that they will fix for you to fail to cancel your CHL and confiscate your guns etc.

            I’m asking this because I took the CHL course and was going to file for the official CHL right as this assault on gun owners happened.

            Just think, if they really, really want to go for the guns, they have the CHL database which to me seems like a “live hit list” of gun owners who “they” could say are more dangerous because they are actually walking around the streets arm (even though concealed).

            At this stage, I don’t think anyone should know you have guns.

            To this point I would think non CHL holders have an advantage of hiding in plain site.

            Seems like anyone filing for a CHL going forward is just red flagging themselves for the Gov and putting a target on their back.

            And when the SHTF, not even a drivers license will matter (not like it really does not) and the streets will be like the wild wild west and homes and bugout spots like armed fortresses.

            Lastly, with the executive order allowing the Gov to arrest and contain US Citizens without cause and as long as they want I wouldn’t be surprised if the massive database of CHL holders are not first up for pursuit.

            And who knows, this entire CHL could of been a long range gun owner bate for today’s climax.

            All the tax credits, free meals, free tickets, etc are simple tricks to shake the trees for willing gun owners to turn them in.

            When no more gun owners drop from the trees, there is no better list than the CHL database, then credit card transactions at gun deals (which is why I suggest buying guns and ammo for cash leaving no paper trail).

            Anyone have any thoughts to add to this?

        • A CHL gives the Gov’t notice that you are licensed to carry a concealed pistol or revolver, nothing more. Some states require the weapon carried to be stated on the license or in the files, but most don’t. It certainly isn’t probable cause that you own other firearms.

          Get the permit, be legal, and get active politically.

      91. ;0) * this is very funny … dangerous … but funny .

        “GET US THE Flock OUT OF HERE MOM!!!!!” ;0P

        son screams to his mother driving the family car as whole family screams in ghastly horror , after they chased a fire truck to a 1000 gallon gas tank fire …

        worth watching ;0)

      92. The AmeriKan CIA’s and ZOG FREEMASON Puppet Prez Barry the Limp Wristed One – Obama’s “CHILDREN ARMY of TERROR DEATH” in AmeriKan CIA controlled Libya !

        WTF AmeriKan CIA ?!

        GOOD JOB BARRY SOETORO/ OBAMA ! dumbass ;0p

        ~N.O. ;0p

        * see link below …

      93. ● Please Help Out & Call: MA Rep David Paul Linsky even if your not from Massachusetts and get angry:

        ➪ Please call the Massachusetts State Representative David Paul Linsky even if your not from Massachusetts and get angry: 617-722-2575 Web

        ➪ Please Help Out & Call: Ladies and gentlemen, its time to call the Massachusetts State Representative David Paul Linsky even if your not from Massachusetts and get angry: 617-722-2575

        ➪ MA State Representative David Paul Linsky
        P.O. Box 2133
        Natick, MA 01760
        Telephone: 508-647-5600
        E-Mail: [email protected]

        ➪ MA State Representative David Paul Linsky State House
        Room 146
        Boston, MA 02133
        Phone: 617-722-2575
        Fax: 617-722-2238
        Email:[email protected]

        ➪ Twitter:

        ➪ MA Rep David Paul Linsky Introduces a ‘BILL SOFTENS BESTIALITY STATUTE’

        ‘Massachusetts pols (Linsky & 2 others) push measure lessening punishment for animal sex’!

        ‘“They’re all strongly endorsed by the state’s three major powerful homosexual lobbying groups. … They’re all Democrats. They’re all vocal supporters of homosexual ‘marriage’ and whatever else the homosexual lobby bids them to do.’

        His office hours will be held on Monday, Feb. 4. Samantha Washburn-Baronie, his legislative aide, will be accompanying him.

        Venues and times are as follows:

        Natick: 9:30 a.m.. at the Natick Senior Center, 117 E. Central St.
        Millis: 11 a.m. at the Millis Senior Center, 900 Main St.
        Sherborn: 1 p.m. at the Sherborn Town Hall, 19 Washington St.

        All office hours are open to any residents of Natick, Sherborn, or Millis who

        Please Help Out & Call!

      94. “a New Proposal Will Force Gun Owners to Store Assault Weapons At Government Authorized Storage Depots”

        …this just in, the Gov. proposed trust fund for social security where citizens forced payroll deductions were to be held is empty. No one knows where the funds went.

        • ~~~this just in, the Gov. proposed trust fund for social security where citizens forced payroll deductions were to be held is empty. No one knows where the funds went.~~~

          Is it a surprise they want serious guns in s storage facility??

        • They’re in Algore’s lockbox. Nothing to worry about.


        President Barack Obama was in the Oval
        Office when his telephone rang.”Hello,
        President Obama” a heavily accented
        southern voice said. “This is Jimmy Boy,
        down here at Bump’s Catfish Shack, in
        Vicksburg , and I am callin’ to tell ya’ll
        that we are officially declaring war on

        “Well Jimmy Boy,” Barack replied, “This
        is indeed important news! How big is
        your army?”

        “Right now,” said Jimmy Boy, after a
        moments calculation “there is myself,
        my cousin Tom, my next-door-neighbor
        and brother Gerald, and the whole dart
        team from JD’s Bait Shop. That makes
        eight or maybe nine depending if Bump
        can close the store.

        Barack paused. “I must tell you Jimmy
        Boy that I have one million men in my
        army waiting to move on my command.”

        “Wow,” said Jimmy Boy. “I’ll have to call
        ya back!”

        Sure enough, the next day, Jimmy Boy c
        alled again.

        “Mr. Obama, the war is still on! We have
        managed to acquire some infantry

        “And what equipment would that be
        Jimmy Boy?” Barack asked.

        “Well sir, we have two combines, a
        bulldozer, and my brother Mike’s farm

        President Obama sighed. “I must tell you
        Jimmy Boy, that I have 16,000 tanks and
        14,000 armored personnel carriers. Also
        I’ve increased my army to one and a half
        million since we last spoke.”

        “Lord above”, said Jimmy Boy, “I’ll be
        getting back to ya.”

        Sure enough, Jimmy Boy called again the
        next day. “President Obama! I am sorry
        to have to tell you that we have had to
        call off this here war.”

        “I’m sorry to hear that” said Barack.
        “Why the sudden change of heart?”

        Well, sir,” said Jimmy Boy, “we’ve all sat
        ourselves down and had a long chat over
        sweet tea, catfish, greens and pie and
        come to realize that there’s just no way
        we can feed that many prisoners.”

      96. Attorney General Holder says, “WE HAVE NO RIGHT TO POSSESS GUNS.”


        Guess they were not happy with the poll results the first time, so USA Today is running another one…Vote Now.

        Attorney General Eric Holder, has already said this is one of his major issues. He does not believe the 2nd Amendment gives individuals the right to bear arms. This takes literally 2 clicks to complete. Please vote on this gun issue question with USA Today. Then pass the link on to all the folks you know. Hopefully the results will be published later this month.

        Here’s what you need to do:

        First – vote.

        Second- Send it to other folks,

        then we will see if the results get published.

        Click to vote:

      97. Time to to load both barrels America, you know that.

      98. 2nd ammend rally at concord nh…approx 600 people were there…maybe 150 fighters in the group…was what i expected but wanted to see it with my own eyes.
        just prior to this rally was a group for the “right to life”…perhaps as many as 1,000 in that group.

      99. Perhaps it’s time we take back our country by force. Perhaps it’s time we called on the US military to help the PEOPLE of the United States, instead of being impotent pawns of a corrupt government. Corrupt, mind you, whoever is in. I can’t see the lines any longer between right and left, conservative and liberal. You see, they are ALL crooks! They are a separate entity entirely, separate from the very people they ‘promised’ to represent. Perhaps it’s time to thin the herd by force. Go ahead and take away my ARs. My deer rifle is much more accurate anyway, and I could make that headshot from across Pennsylvania Avenue easily. What about you?

        • It wont work. The majority doesnt support you. They dont even know whats going on. First you have to get everyone to understand what the source of the anger is.

      100. That bill fits the definition of infringement and is therefore unconstitutional and illegal, even for a State government. The constitutionality trumps ever attempt unless the 2nd ammendment is changed or taken away. . .there is a process in our Republic to such a thing.

      101. I like thaqt part about requiring gun owners to have insurance. Maybe we can pass that along to smokers. Yeah, … “if you don’t purchase insurance (on your own) then you can’t smoke!” oh-oh-oh … and drinkers too … alcohol insurance.

      102. They should try to force the public to store bats since they kill more people than rifles…
        Seriously, nobody should do this, everyone should disobey these creepy encroachments on our right to self defense.
        Massive disobedience will stop this BS.

        • fuck you and your’e jew comments–and the horse you rode in on
          jews for

          • Jew: If you follow my comments here on the site you know that I do not blame all Jews for the problems We face from government, but there is a Jewish flavor to the NWO, and they are Jews who are the biggest voices now against the 2nd Amendment.

            The man has a point and just because WE are primarily Christian, and therefore sympathetic to the Jewish cause, it doesn’t mean that WE should dismiss a valid criticism of any group; black, white, yellow, red, brown, or indifferent.

            If the shoe fits, wear it. If the glove don’t fit, WE must acquit!

      103. The last character in the 2nd amendment is a period. Not a colon, comma, semi-colon. ….shall not be infringed. Period!

      104. John W. says: Comment ID: 1046345 January 19, 2013 at 12:42 pm

        Danny Glover white hating commie that he is said no such thing. He said the 2nd amendment was instituted to keep blacks as slaves. Funny my understanding was that gun control was aimed at blacks so that the Klan had no worries about being shot when burning and lynching. Glover may be a good actor but like so many prominent blacks he is just a racist.

        the Klan – The Ku Klux Klan- originally the political action arm of the Democratic Party in the early post-Civil War South.
        The Democratic Party was predominately the Southern slaveholder and white supremacy Party while the Republicans were the Party that initiated an illegal war against American citizens to demonstrate that the central government was the supreme law of the land (never-mind that pesky constitution)
        I know political Parties change with the times but has there ever been one worth spit?

        • Make sure you have arms for your grand kids. They will be the ones needing them. Teach the generations well.

      105. Pure totalitarian hogwash, facist policestat dogma, socialist rhetoric. the bully cops are the only ones they want to have guns Cops don’t want Military to have guns off base Government doesnt want military to have guns in military housing. . Ir is not nad Has never been about the guns its about control(the control by the “government Law enforces” (read interperators, read storm troopers, read SS , read National Police, read terror squads)) not the law of the land(read U.S. Constitution).
        David Linsky is a power crazed politician living of the taxpayers to feed his ego more than his family.
        He proba;y shortened hs nam from Alinsky as in sol Alinsky. so the dummies that elected him would quit asking the question What’s an Al in sky Hmmm

      106. PURE BOVINE EXCREMENT ! NEVER going to happen!
        Not one inch Obama!

      107. The only thing going on now by these actions is citizens arming themselves to the hilt.

        There must be a reason.




        How do you guys know that Michelle Obama isn’t going after our guns. ha.

        Don’t worry fella…just keep on buying… buy American….guns and ammo.

        All other things….boycott the American economy….then folks will see…socialism does not work. I won’t support it.


        I love the folks in the background laughing.

        But we need to be careful here…
        Once in power, people like this can vote your rights out of existence.

        So…while we laugh at this lady…we need to make sure we take these people very

        I always knew the dems were about socialism which will lead to communism.

        On the day they say turn in your guns..
        Don’t do it.
        They’s have to go house to house of over 100 million armed Americans…
        Then…they’s have to find them.

        Good luck…
        The US citizens will NOT comply with any thing that messes with the 2nd.

      111. I cannot help but notice how deafeningly silent you are about the “accidental” shootings at three different gun shows on the same weekend. I thought more guns in the hands of good guys made us safer. I guess good guys are not always so good or responsible. Morons.

      112. they are all screaming about assault weapons. imagine the carnage if Lanza took in the shotgun. And they would be trying to outlaw those too.

        • Or if he just drove his car through the playground during recess…

      113. To the timid, fearful little lambs who would actually go along with this plan, do us all a favor & give your weapons to someone who won’t.

      114. Ain’t gonna happen, they can store all of the braindead zombies from Washington in those facilities if they have enough space.

      115. Force gun owners to undergo mental health background checks.
        That’s crazy talk.

        Just have a Tick box when you buy one…
        Are You Crazy (yes/no) ?

        The problem is, when you buy it you could be Normal, but a year Later turn in to the Joker, but that’s Ok ’cause I got a License see.


      117. Yeah, 25% tax to draw more out of the pocket of all americans. Damn leeches above to feed the parasites as Neil says. This has to stop. Put the brakes on and lets just put the dukes up now and finish it.

      118. And you need a machine gun, why? I read so much crazy talk on this website it only convinces me that a mental health exam SHOULD be required for all of you. All up “in arms” about what? Nobody is taking your guns away. You can still have your huntin rifle and even a hand gun. But why should the kid up the street have access to a machine gun. Whose idea is it to ARM EVERYBODY. I feel like I need a gun now just to protect myself from the rabid right wingnuts. I have a rifle. and before I got a hand gun I learned how to shoot it, at MIT in fact. they had a course in pistol shooting. I was shocked then (in the 70’s)as I am now that it was not required to learn anything. THAT is a crime in itself. The NRA is spewing crap and fueling fears that are totally unfounded. Sad sad day in America.

        • Mental health examination would probably be a good thing overall; how many of us have violent tendencies that could manifest into armed aggravated assault? The “polite society” argument is bollocks. People get mad, have psychological episodes and act under the influence, to name a few. If we assume that arming everyone will end crime and violence, then we assume that other deterrents like the death penalty and life in prison actually work. News flash: they don’t.

          There’s nothing wrong with having access to firearms, the problem arises when we assume that EVERYONE should have it.

      119. Black Mountain: I don’t NEED a machine gun. But as an American consumer whose right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, I want one. Preferably a Thompson 50 caliber with drum. They are sooooo cool.

        I guess my .22 Gatling guns will have to suffice! Molon Labe!!!!

        I am Seal Team America!!!

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