New Poll Shows Almost All Americans Are Deeply Concerned About Inflation As Prices Explode All Over The Country

by | Nov 23, 2021 | Headline News | 12 comments

This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The End of the American Dream. 

How do you know when a problem officially becomes a crisis?  Is it when just about everyone agrees that a crisis has arrived?  If that is the case, then it appears that an “inflation crisis” is now upon us.  Country Financial just conducted a survey that asked Americans about a variety of financial issues, and they found that a whopping 88 percent of the population is highly concerned about inflation at this point…

Many Americans are suffering from sticker shock after seeing prices rise in recent months.

A new survey from Country Financial finds that 88% of Americans are highly concerned about inflation.

That is a huge number.

These days, you can’t get almost all Americans to agree on just about anything.

In fact, I think that if you took a survey asking Americans if the sun would come up in the morning it would be hard to get up to 88 percent.

Of course, I am being a bit facetious, but without a doubt, we are a nation that is deeply divided along ideological lines, and very few surveys ever show an overwhelming consensus about something.

But there does seem to be an overwhelming consensus that inflation is a major problem.

According to that same survey, vast numbers of Americans plan to combat inflation by cutting back spending in a number of different ways

Of the 1,031 adults ages 18 and up surveyed, 48% said they plan to reduce their spending on restaurant meals and takeout.

Moreover, 30% said they plan to skip upgrading their personal technology devices, 29% said they will purchase less clothing, 20% are delaying or canceling travel plans and 13% plan to drive less.

Over the weekend, I came across some more examples of how crazy inflation is becoming.  For example, in Massachusetts snowplow drivers are now being paid up to 310 dollars an hour

It was tough to find snowplow drivers last winter, and this year is no different. Towns around Massachusetts are offering high hourly rates for drivers with a commercial license.

Watertown is paying up to $200 for plow drivers with a commercial license, and the rates increase to $310 for those with specialized equipment. Worcester and Lowell are paying up to $155 an hour, and Sandwich is offering up to $135. Chelmsford is paying up to $110, and even MassDOT is looking for drivers, though offering a lower rate of $31.25, NBC10 Boston reported.

If you have a truck and a plow, you may want to head up there for at least a while this winter.

A couple of thousand dollars a day is nothing to sneeze at.

As winter approaches, the cost of firewood is also going through the roof

Talk to firewood vendors in state after state, though, and they’ll all tell you the same thing: Sales are booming on the eve of winter, and prices are soaring.

At Firewood by Jerry in New River, Arizona, a cord of seasoned firewood — roughly 700 pieces or so — goes for $200 today. That’s up 33% from a year ago. At Zia Firewood in Albuquerque, the price is up 11% since the summer to $250. And at Standing Rock Farms in Stone Ridge, a bucolic, little town in the Hudson Valley that’s become popular with the Manhattan set, the best hardwoods now fetch $475 a cord, up 19% from last year.

Thanks to the new global energy crisis, more Americans are planning to heat their homes by burning wood this winter.

In addition to driving up firewood prices, this is also causing a huge run on wood-burning stoves

Besides the price jump in firewood, wood stove dealers are reporting overwhelming demand. “You can’t get a stove until at least April,” Lakin Frederick, an employee at Central Arkansas Fireplaces in Conway, a suburb of Little Rock.

Customers have told Frederick that the spike in energy prices, such as heating oil, natural gas, and propane, is the reason why they’re resorting to woodburning this year. He added wood has become scarce in his area because “there are not enough people who are cutting and supplying wood right now.”

This is going to be a crazy winter.

I hope that you are prepared for it.

Meanwhile, used car prices just continue to surge even higher

Anyone shopping for a used car since the virus pandemic began has been hit with extraordinarily high prices as snarled supply chains and chip shortages crimp new car output, pushing consumers onto secondary markets.

The Manheim Index, the most recognized wholesale used-vehicle price index by financial and economic analysts, shows that used car prices rose 4.9% in the first 15 days of November compared to October. The overall index has jumped 44.9% from November 2020.

What we are witnessing is absolutely nuts.

We have never seen used car prices go up this fast.

One of the big reasons why they are going up so quickly is because new vehicles are in short supply these days thanks to the global computer chip shortage.  When new vehicles do arrive on their lots, many dealers are now selling them for way over sticker price

Instead of advertising discounts, dealers are advertising these addendums. For example, a Bay Area Ford dealer advertises the 2022 Maverick SuperCrew with an MSRP of $23,775 and an addendum of $3,245, for a total advertised price of $27,020. This is 13.6% over MSRP. And it’s on order, not on the lot.

The same dealer has a 2022 Ford F-150 SuperCrew Cab V-6 on order, with an MSRP of $57,500. The dealer slapped an addendum of $10,595 on this truck, bringing the advertised price of $67,995, or 18% over MSRP. It’s not on the lot yet, and there is not even an image of the truck yet on the dealer’s website.

I have been consistently warning that very painful inflation was coming, and what we have experienced so far is just the beginning.

I am trying to do my best to try to wake people up, but it isn’t easy.  These days, people are absolutely addicted to entertainment, and that is especially true when it comes to the Internet.  At this point, Americans are so glued to their phones and mobile devices that it is hard to get them to focus on anything else

Regardless of how others judge them afterwards, 60 percent of Americans admit to using their phone during a religious service. Half have even pulled out their phone during someone’s wedding and another three in 10 have started scrolling at a funeral or wake!

As for why people are so invested in their mobile devices, a stunning 86 percent confess they take out their phone to avoid talking to other people. More than six in 10 use this tactic to get out of talking with relatives at holiday parties. Even when Americans know they’re going to an event where they’ll be face-to-face with others, 91 percent say the conversations bore them.

For some people, even a few hours away from social media can seem like an eternity.  Much of the population has become willing slaves to “the matrix”, and it has been getting worse with each passing year.

Meanwhile, our economy and virtually all of our other important systems are in the process of collapsing all around us.

Things are only going to get crazier from this point forward, and our society is completely and utterly unprepared for what is about to happen.

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    1. Apache54

      MOST ALL politicians in this country are worthless and have been for many years. IF you really want to clean this country up and get it back to a healthy country we have to start there and clean out the worthless people in government. It really doesn’t matter anymore BOTH major parties have shown their true colors and both need to go as they are currently worthless to fixing this country either they are spineless or have radical ideas.
      Anyway you cut it things won’t change unless NEW blood with non-corrupt back grounds is installed. New checks and acountabilities to prove their MONTHLY worth to the citizens also has be created and adhered to.

      • Christian Soldier

        Unless what used to be a once God fearing nation turns back to the Lord God and cleanses the empire of sodomites, sin and debauchery….the days of yesteryear are long gone…

        Psalm 9:17 and Job 12:20-24

      • Brockland A.T.

        Clean up who gets to run for office in the first place.

        The Republicans have been particularly bad at letting Democratic overflow into their ranks as party officials and candidates.

    2. Janie

      could it be that vehicles are in short supply because of all the people coming over the southern border? they’re all walking. some of them must have money to get a car when they get here. or families pooling their money for a car.

      • Brockland A.T.

        Possibly, but with supply chain shortages affecting car repairs, some may find it easier to park or dispose of a broken vehicle and buy a used one.

        Or, buy a spare clunker either as a spare or to drive instead of always taking the gas-guzzling SUV.

    3. Anonymous

      Loans become easier to pay off because you’re paying them off with dollars that are worth less than the ones you borrowed.

      As inflation causes your income to increase dramatically, the dollar amount and payments on your loan remain the same.

      Unless, of course, you were stupid enough to do something like buy a house with an ARM while interest rates were low or charge up your credit card which can raise the interest amount you pay accordingly.

      Learn what can work for you and what works against you then pursue the former while avoiding the latter.

    4. JRS

      I’m also worried about the cost of everything.

      I asked my wife what she wanted for Christmas.
      “A divorce” she said.
      “Can’t you think of something cheaper?” I said.
      Of course people are not going to restaurants much any more. They can’t get enough help. All the waitresses and check out girls went to work on OnlyFans. More money…easier work.

    5. KC

      Oh well,this is usually what happens when people vote with their emotions instead of their wallets.
      Keep voting with your emotions instead of your wallet and see how far it takes you over the next 10 years.

    6. JRS

      Biden should go to Saudi Arabia and do the sword dance with the clown prince like Trump did. That way maybe he can get them to pump more oil.

      • Anonymous

        A shame there is no one else to ask to pump more.

    7. AJ

      Ahhhh. Well everyone is upset over inflation and climbing prices eh? Hmmmm. Cry me a river. Anyone who didn’t see this coming with out of control Socialist spending and out of control money printing is a plain IDIOT. Additionally, anyone whom says: “…what is happening…?” should probably go back to their head in the sand plan, and prepare for the bitter end.

      For those whom prep, and stay ready, we say bring it on, have no fear, and we will prevail in the end.

    8. Jocko

      There are ways to deal with inflation, The real problem will come when there is no food to buy. Starvation is a much bigger problem.

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