New Obama Executive Order Hints At Devastating Space Event: “Could Disable Large Portions Of The Electrical Power Grid… Cause Cascading Failures”

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    Once considered a fringe conspiracy theory, it appears that the Obama administration is now actively preparing for a massive solar event that could wipe out life as we have come to know it. Space weather events such as solar flares, solar energetic particles, and geomagnetic disturbances have long been believed to pose a significant threat to our technologically advanced society with the ability to not only affect global positioning satellites, but on-earth electronics that include the entire domestic (and global) power grid.

    In the latest Executive Order signed by Barack Obama, the President calls for coordination between various government agencies including the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland security should a major “space weather event” come to pass.

    Via WhiteHouse.Gov

    Executive Order — Coordinating Efforts to Prepare the Nation for Space Weather Events

    By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and to prepare the Nation for space weather events, it is hereby ordered as follows:

    Section 1. Policy. Space weather events, in the form of solar flares, solar energetic particles, and geomagnetic disturbances, occur regularly, some with measurable effects on critical infrastructure systems and technologies, such as the Global Positioning System (GPS), satellite operations and communication, aviation, and the electrical power grid. Extreme space weather events — those that could significantly degrade critical infrastructure — could disable large portions of the electrical power grid, resulting in cascading failures that would affect key services such as water supply, healthcare, and transportation. Space weather has the potential to simultaneously affect and disrupt health and safety across entire continents. Successfully preparing for space weather events is an all-of-nation endeavor that requires partnerships across governments, emergency managers, academia, the media, the insurance industry, non-profits, and the private sector.

    Though often dismissed as nothing more than fear mongering, the threat of space weather events is not only possible, it is quite probable, as evidenced  by a massive solar flare which narrowly missed earth in 2012.

    “The speed of this event was as fast or faster than anything that has been seen in the modern space age,” said Baker.

    Had it hit Earth, the July 2012 event likely would have created a technological disaster by short-circuiting satellites, power grids, ground communication equipment and even threatening the health of astronauts and aircraft crews.

    We have proposed that the 2012 event be adopted as the best estimate of the worst case space weather scenario…

    Is it possible that the Obama administration has scientific evidence supporting the fact that a space weather event is imminent? One Congresswoman thinks so, having claimed that there is a 100% chance of a crippling event.

    The Executive Order signed by Obama on October 13, 2016 certainly suggests this may be the case:

    It is the policy of the United States to prepare for space weather events to minimize the extent of economic loss and human hardship. The Federal Government must have (1) the capability to predict and detect a space weather event, (2) the plans and programs necessary to alert the public and private sectors to enable mitigating actions for an impending space weather event, (3) the protection and mitigation plans, protocols, and standards required to reduce risks to critical infrastructure prior to and during a credible threat, and (4) the ability to respond to and recover from the effects of space weather. Executive departments and agencies (agencies) must coordinate their efforts to prepare for the effects of space weather events.

    Coupled with a previous Executive Doomsday Order signed by the President in March of 2012, the federal government now has the ability to take full control of all critical national infrastructure elements including food resources, energy resources, farms, health facilities, water resources and even the nation’s workforce.

    While millions of people have been preparing for the possibility of a catastrophic event by relocating to rural homesteads or farms, as well as stockpiling food, water, personal defense armaments and other essential supplies with the intention of utilizing these preparations if the worst happens, the latest executive order signed by President Obama on March 16, 2012 makes clear that in the event of a nationally deemed emergency all of these resources will fall under the authority of the United States government. 

    Full report: Executive Doomsday Order: Obama Authorizes Gov to Seize Farms, Food, Processing Plants, Energy Resources, Transportation, Skilled Laborers During National Emergency

    Recent projections from a secret Homeland Security report suggest that as many as 100 million Americans could be left without power should a powerful enough solar storm strike earth. Another report paints an even more terrifying picture, indicating that without access to power via our grid, America would literally come to a standstill. Critical supplies including medicine, gas, and food would be undeliverable and within one year as many as 90% of Americans would be dead if the grid were not restored.

    The problem, according to The Prepper’s Blueprint author Tess Pennington is that over 90% of Americans are not only lacking any preparation for such a catastrophic scenario, but even if advance warning was sent to the population 12 hours ahead of time, it would simply be too late:

    Unfortunately, that “12 hours” number doesn’t tell the whole story. It’s probably true that during a worst case scenario, it would take 12 hours for a solar storm to reach Earth. The only question is, can our scientific instruments detect a solar storm in that time frame?

    Currently, our planet’s early warning system consists of a satellite called DSCOVR, which launched in February of this year, and reached its destination between the Earth and the Sun last June. The satellite it replaced could give us a 15 minute warning, but the DSCOVR satellite isn’t much of an improvement. It only gives us a 30-45 minute warning.

    Pennington warns that a breakdown could happen very quickly and catch most people by surprise:

    This is the point in this cycle where herds of people go to the grocery stores frantically grabbing supplies. Most grocery stores will not be able to meet the demand of the people’s need for supplies, and many could go home empty handed.

    Bracing for the disaster, the prepared and unprepared will be hoping for the best outcome. What many do not realize is the hardest part of this event is soon to be upon them. Within days, the descent into the breakdown will begin.

    Source: The Anatomy of a Breakdown

    And it is this very descent into breakdown that will require an unprecedented government response and Obama’s Doomsday Executive Order has given them the pretext to do so.

    Do government officials know that a life-threatening solar event is becoming increasingly more probable?

    Or is the Obama administration simply taking proactive steps to prepare?

    Whatever the case, it is important to note that Americans are not prepared to deal with the aftermath of such a scenario.

    Millions will die. This is a fact.

    Perhaps the actions being implemented on the federal level should be a wake up call to all Americans to prepare for disaster now



    Prepare For Any Disaster – A Step By Step Guide

    Scientists Warn of Worst Case Scenario: “Solar Flares… Will Short Circuit Satellites, Power Grids, Ground Communication Equipment”

    Congresswoman: “100% Chance of a Severe Geo-Magnetic Event Capable of Crippling Our Electric Grid”

    ‘Within One Year 9 Out of 10 Americans Would Be Dead’

    Executive Doomsday Order: Obama Authorizes Gov to Seize Farms, Food, Processing Plants, Energy Resources, Transportation, Skilled Laborers During National Emergency


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      1. I can only remember a woman of the senate (perhaps) stating her vision included a natural, devastating event.

        Talk about the beginning of Sorrows.

        • I think that was the nutcase from MI., talking about faux global warming.

          • Who has spent so much time ignoring North Korea and Pakistan and assisting Iran? Obama needs to look no farther.

          • Global Warming has turned into global cooling with the 206 year solar cycle starting with a Solar Minimum that has started and will last for 30 years. It will get its coldest in about 15 years but there is a lag time. During this minimum, the solar flares will be reduced so we don’t have to worry about them. We do have to be prepared for crop failures, more earthquakes and volcano eruptions. It is the food shortages that are going to cause civil unrest and starvation. Our government is so intent on global warming they are not preparing for the real disaster that is heading our way. If you can grow food inside, you better start making plans. You can plant cabbage that can grow in colder weather outside and is very good for you.

            • You are right. Solar flares are associated with sunspots. The fewer sunspots the fewer flares. It is called a solar minimum.
              When we have them we have big or little ice ages here on earth.
              So maybe martial law through a false flag Russian phony hack of the grid will now be put off on a natural event that didn’t really happen.

          • OR, 0’Bugger’s planning a false-flag EMP attack 0n US !

        • I think that such an event is statistically a certainty over time, so Obola is only recognizing the obvious. And time is the protocol by which God catalogs eternity.

          One should be in the world but not of the world. You can’t take anything with you if the SHTF, (but don’t leave anything for the Gangster Banksters either). My unsecured creditors (read BANKS and CREDIT CARD COMPANIES will take it in the shorts.

          He who laughs last, laughs best. 🙂

          • He is not recognizing anything. He is setting up to create a scenario for greater control. Can these control freaks make anything up and get away with it ? And how would we know what was real if our gov said we were hit by a sun burst ? This is just a ruse and another setup to be used as a control mechanism.

            But I will be sure to listen to Tess Pennington for my guidance in the future ? HA HA HA HA she has zero experience in any real life events of emergency or war or survival. Any that actually matters anyway. But That is no different than most prepper type sites or supposed experts ? What a joke it all is. To be fair she does put out some good homesteading info and that is about it. So what makes her or many others experts ? Or are they really just internet marketers making claims and putting out some what worthless books and tabloids to greater fools ?

            If an event powerful enough to take out the grid and most electronics does happen it will be far worse than most realize or you have commented on. And how would we know if it were a natural event or created by our own gov or an attack by others ? Once the damage was done it would not matter anyway, now would it ? And are any of these scenarios possible ? yes they are or maybe even likely whether natural or not ! Beyond all that this has been discussed ad infinitum for years now so nothing new at all.

            • Guess you didn’t like this article?

            • If the grid goes down how are they gonna get our food and other supplies? Don’t they need gasoline for their trucks? Aren’t most if not all gas stations even in the military run by electricity? How to pump gas without electricity? Ok so they got generators, but sooner or later they will run out of gasoline. Is it possible the military will be stranded too? They are powerless without electricity.

        • Obama nicknamed this Executive Order as: Here “Pull My Finger” Order. Which President Trump will Void Out Day 1 in Office with sll the rest of the shoe shine boys feckless orders.


          • 2 is one,… When not in use keep your sensitive electronics in a “Faraday Cage” A small galvanized metal trash can with a tight seal. Line it with cardboard so no electronics touches the metal sides of the can. I keep radios, batteries, all sorts of items in mine. I even placed tinfoil over the top of the lid handle and used duct tape to seal the handle where there are some small holes when they attached the handle to the lid. Pay attention to details.

            ~WWTI… 1 is None, 2 is One; Git Busy & Git-er’ Done!!

            • WWTI

              I closed the holes up on the lid with solder.

              • Good Job anon, that’s a good idea. Thx for the tip. because the tape will eventually peal off or the aluminum pierce. Maybe I’ll solder it on the bottom of the lid for now. I have a solder gun and rolls of wire solder.


              • Somebody has fire bombed a Republican HQ in NC according to drudge.

                Is this a terrorist act if it was done by a so called Patriot.

                A Presidential pardon in the mix by Obama?

                • Could just as easily have been done by Trump’s side trying to find an excuse to say ‘see – those Clinton people are dangerous’
                  He certainly loves diversionary tactics & anything is possible in this political scene !

            • Also, beneficial might be to ground the metal trashcan to a ground rod, but do make sure that none of the electronics touches the metal of the can.

            • I read that you seal the lid with steel wool. Fold it over the lip and set lid over.

            • If anything happens you can bet it will be Obama’s doing…it will be Haarp related…and it will be to stop the election so he (Obama)can have his 3rd term.

              • Most likely true , you win the cupie doll for thinking fore your self unlike most of the sheep !

                But it is possible a corona mass ejection will hit the earth ? We simply have no idea when or whether it will be strong enough to create havoc. Much more likely our own or a rogue gov will do us in this way. It is too easy and too obvious so most will not pay attention and simply get fatter and dumber. Our gov could also say we were attacked by a cyber attack that affected the grid and we would never know they did it, now would we ?

                Why would anybody trust these control freak maniacs not to do such a thing if they thought they could get way with and benefit and gain more control ?

                • We already have satellites that watch the sun and can provide hours to days notice that a coronal mass ejection (CME) has occurred. I’m a bit confused that Obama’s Ex Ord demands we build what already exists?

                  There already is a federal space weather prediction center at NASA. The new one Obama’s Order demands be built, it seems needs a DHS connection? Wow!

                  Be that as it may if there is a huge Carington level CME event predicted with an hours warning do the following.

                  Unplug every device in the house, disconnect all wiring like removeable cords, speaker wire etc.

                  Place small electronics into metal cases, with a layer of cardboard so they can’t touch the metal case, I really like “Fat 50” ammo cans for this.

                  Place larger electronics into a cardboard box, wrap it in foil.

                  Appliances too big to box, wind up cords and wrap in foil, cover openings in the appliance with foil, Turn off every breaker in the house.

                  Automobiles, disconnect battery, short the cars battery connections together, just leave the battery connected to nothing. Remove all fuses from all fuse boxes, yes it’ll be easier to reinsert them in the correct slot if you have a printed photo made ahead of time. The print in the manual can be a bit small. Close the hood and doors. If you could identify the direct the CME would come from park the car so it’s back points toward the CME source.

                  If time is short prioritize appliances by survival value in a disaster, save those first, then by cost to replace.

                  If you have time, make or buy ice to preserve food in freezers or refrigerators.

                  Do you have your last trip to the store list while they are still open. Assume four to six hours notice, you have one trip to the big box store and gas station. What you gonna buy?

                  • But what if they hush it all up and don’t warn us? I wouldn’t put it past them.

            • I read to use “foil tape”(in an article) to seal the lid to the container, and to seal all gaps. Get it at Home D for ~$8 per plenty-long-enough roll; it’s like duct tape but has aluminum in it. What do you think?

              • I did that. First i put the radios in the metal trash can, then put a cell phone in there, put the lid on, called the phone from my landline phone…and the cell rang! So took phone out and taped around the edge of the lid with metal tape. Did a good job, but i can’t test it now so i don’t know if it works! I didn’t have cardboard so i put radios in pillow cases wrapped.

            • We use an old microwave as a faraday cage. Oh, and have never replaced it either.

        • If anything happens, it will be caused by the traitors in DC.

        • It sounds to me like they are more worried about an EMP.

          • Hey Doug,

            An EMP created 200 to 400 miles above the earth is just a instantaneous “Space Weather Event”. vs a 30 to 45 minute warning. Wonder if we will get the warning just so that the Gov can protect the continuity of government.
            Hope 4 the best but prepare for the worst.

        • I believe it’s a load of crap I’ve already read reports about about large scale EMPs the government has. They are going to blow the grid themselves. They have to do something to stop the election and take control.

        • Since they have put up all of this solar stuff, which does attract the sun, and have probably realized will cause more solar flares he is trying to cover himself. There are thousands of solar plants covering the planet. Now what?

      2. If this should be a false flag event, they haven’t the right to commit murder, and we don’t have right to allow them. Now what…?

        • Massive solar event, my ass.

          More like a false flag EMP event as a prelude to an outright invasion of the USA.

          Anything to perpetuate his Muslim occupation of the White House.

          • I see in an EMP STRIKE happening and it’s covered as a solar flare

            • I bet they just flip the switch at the Power Plant to Off and mess with people minds as if there was an EMP and watch the populations scatter and create looting to start the great culling. Which they will then call for martial law and set curfews, and start their Gun Grabbing BS.

              Its a false flag, and they will tell the population that they will turn the electricity back on only if they turn in all their guns. Watch the population Rat on each other, and house to house raids for the guns. That’s a Hillary Presidency. Will not happen under Trump. Trump may cut off the 1%’s neighborhoods and watch their castles grind to a halt.

              How would you like to live in a 100 story apartment and the electric be shut off and you are stuck with a hundred stories of stairs to climb up with water for your survival? Your Multi million dollar Penthouse apartment just became pretty worthless eh?


          • EMP
            Space weather solar flare. EMP strike. Same difference.
            Lights out. Logistics/Transportation disruption.
            65% reduction in population within 1 year.
            In 1860 people were mostly self sufficient and lived on farms or had family on farms.
            People had skills and know how.

            If you take modern man back to 1860 technology without electricity.
            The Domesticated “modern” man is useless and Literally Lost without electronic toys.
            Modern men have few skills of real useful value. Women are even less useful.
            Many people can not even use a map. The youngsters use iphone-google-gps.

            I dated a woman that was upset when she found out I Hunted and Fished.
            In ancient times men with these skills were sought after by women.
            Now men who can provide anything other than paper currency or credit are disdained.

            American media brain washed women and society. Domesticated castrated steers-queers-geldings. no thank you. I shall keep mine. That same woman ordered an expensive surf n turf shrimp, lobster-beef steak dinner. Yet she didn’t like hunters or fisherman. The over educated trendy said it was cruel. I agree. Death is a sacrifice to be respected, avoided when possible.
            But I like to eat. My game is dispatched cleanly. My game had a much better life and death than the factory farmed beef from a livestock yard she was eating at my considerable expense. But that is modern people. No common sense. Domesticated sheeple.

            EMP event will be a massive cull of civilized technology dependent people.

            But I wouldn’t be concerned, Obama is trying to start Nuclear WW III
            as his parting gift to the America he HATES and has actively been DESTROYING.
            If Hillary gets in. WW III is a DEFINITE. Obama and Hillary are both war mongering Demons.

            • Jimmyjohn, I totally agree. I grew up on/using the barter system. Old paper bags were used to cover our school books.

            • “Obama is trying to start Nuclear WW III”

              Actually considering McCain and Romney as choices for the CIC position we have the least likely of the three for WWIII as Obama refused to commit US Regular troops and Air Power directly against Assad in Syria. No I don’t vote for him or otherwise support him but regarding Syria I’m glad he had the job as opposed to the other two.

              • More like a distraction for all of Hillary’s scandals and criminal acts. Putin knows BHO is a pussy and will do nothing at all if push comes to shove.

            • Jimmy John. You are hilarious. You said. “That same woman ordered an expensive surf n turf shrimp, lobster-beef steak dinner. Yet she didn’t like hunters or fisherman.”

              You must be single. Been on loads of dates and see how women order food and drink liquor.. that’s how they run their lives. Hey ladies when was the last time you actually cooked a dinner for a guy in barter or a date? Any good lady cooks out there?

              Lots of women out there just fishing for dinner too. Then they brag to their other GF’s how many times they went out for dinner that week and never had to buy groceries. Most women don’t cook. At least the ones I meet. Like WTF? You don’t get fed at home you go out to eat, right guys?

              ~WWTI… I love cooking, doing dishes sucks.

              • Paper plates, plastic cups and silverware.
                Put them in the burn barrel. :0)

              • I went back with my ex. Left him 15 yrs ago. He’s OCD and a clean freak, but i realized that it’s better than a man who beats a woman or is a drug addict…ok , so he makes me wash my hands 3x…i can deal with that. He’s sweet and never gets mad. Anyway, this wkend i am making an Indian dish called Upma…get a box of Farina cerial at store, cut up some green cabbage, green peppers, peas, fry/steam, add some tumeric, and cumin, oh, melt a half stick of butter in pan before you add the veggies, when done, add one cup Farina, stir good to brown, then add a couple cups of very hot water, boil the water ahead of time so it’s ready, stir good. When done cooking squeeze some lemon in it. Yummy. The lemon and the butter make the dish. The Farina will swell up like rice. Very tasty.

              • Carrot-date-coconut salad… grate carrots, chop up dates, throw in some coconut, add some salad dressing, mix good. Very tasty, you won’t be able to stop eating it. Easy and fast. This is a receipe my aunt gave me in 1970.

            • At that point, you should’ve told her you all were going dutch!!!

          • Werner Von Braun said in the 70s to expect our government to tell us 4 things to perpetuate wars and increase the pentagon budgets: Soviet Union, terrorists from third world countries; asteroids; and extraterrestrials. All these “events” lead to weaponized space equipment with the ultimate goal of controlling the entire planet. We are definitely experiencing the first two and they always threaten the third, and now as read in wiki leaks, some are wondering if the public is ready for the truth on aliens. In the end, it seems to always be about government leader money and control of the world population.

          • Cal Resident; If there was ever a ‘sure thing’, then it is that there is no way that Obama is going to be putting forth ANYTHING that would give The USA ANY SEMBLANCE of a “heads up” regarding a disaster headed our way …so we can safely eliminate that The EO has anything to do with that. Leaving us with what?

            It leaves us with exactly what we are holding in our ‘bag’ right now.
            For one, we have a nation being run by a government that isn’t comprised of any, or many, Americans. Despite all of the proof that our nation is completely under siege (even the world realizes it is NOT OUR GOVERNMENT doing these insane things, which is why they don’t care what the aftermath is (as long as they get their way “hell or highwater”).

            This is America. You don’t get it YOUR way. You get it OUR way or YOU DO NOT GET THE SON OF A BITCH! The LAST fucking thing you are taking is America or The Constitution, but you obviously think differently – so bring it on and give it your best shot mofos. We The People are ultimately tasked with returning “her” to normalcy, despite the mouths of those who would have us think it can’t be done (and want you dead). It can be done, we’ve already done it once and besides, this time we’ve got far better ‘toys’ to employ or deploy as we may see fit.

            At this point, what could go wrong? 🙂 If the people DO NOT clearly see the danger (before it is unloosed upon them), then they will suffer the harshest ‘times and sorrows’. (After all, we know for a fact there are millions out there who do not have THREE DAYS OF WATER (3 gallons?) It isn’t difficult to see where they are going to end up.

            It isn’t difficult to surmise that the democrats are in such a tizzy over Trump taking the election, that they have crafted all manner of “dirty lies and deceiving stories regarding Trump” (that all pale in comparison to anything The Clinton’s have ever done …even if they did so legally). I do not believe there’s a damn thing they could do to justify putting Hillary in office, except to (let’s pretend; Trump wins but The Federal Government stands up and declares it to be invalid, and places Hillary in Command – Game Over). <—that there is a very likely scenario because it would bring "tons of destruction" to a nation that IS NOT WAR TORN YET – (but is going to be if we allow them to continue this madness).

            Say there WhoWTFKnows/aka/WWTI: What's your take on all these "pending horrors" that could explode in our face at any moment given the number of days NOT left before Election Time. (Even if one is held, it will NOT be "adhered" to …it is just that something far bigger looms in the background, but damned if I can figure out what isn't being spoken of …not yet anyway). Roger 'that' Driver?

            • Equorial – Well it all depends on how the election turns out. If Trump wins how will that Transfer of power play out, and how everybody freaks as they loose their jobs in DC. And the Free Shit Army goes on a looting rampage. Will they make it absolutely hell going into a Trump Presidency with massive false flags. Maybe Trump will roll out the Military and round up all the chaos makers who hate America. That would be a good thing. And Trump can deputize all concealed permit holders in the country as Deputy’s to cull the disrupters and violent criminals on the spot.

              I say the worst of the worst in prisons, say the worst 10% put to death annually. If they can never assimilate or lifers, why keep housing these bastards @ $75K a year or much more costing Taxpayers? Make room for the Bankers and Wall street thieves.

              Just stay low for the next few week and top off all your preps, getting more gas tomorrow and propane. Stay locked and cocked going into the Election and see how it all plays out. Trump is the only Guy left that will try to save America. All other options we will be royally screwed for another Generation. Remember the Courts. Do you Really want Hillary the Criminals appointing Judges and justices? WTF? We are finished if that happens and we slide into a slavery period again in America.


            • Agree on most points EQ. I am convinced BHO and crew are looking at two possibilities. If Hillary can get elected by the lies then no reason to install martial law quite yet. If it looks like she fails, or does fail, then ML is plan B by some outlier event as a false flag.

              Makes total sense, given these inane criminals running hte country or something very close to this thesis.

          • For anyone who knows even a little about EMP, a false flag “EMP” event or attack would be obvious. Just shutting down the national power grid would have no effect on radio’s, Television, cars, and a thousand other electronic devices.
            So, if the power goes off and you can jump in your car and go to the store, then it probably was not an EMP. (“Probably” because some cars will still work after an EMP)

            • wrong, without electricity most of those would simply not work ?

          • I wonder if this executive order is somehow related to Obama’s recently announced plan to prepare for cyber war with Russia.

            We know a powerful solar event or a cyberwar could both take down the grid.

            Obama tells CIA to prepare for cyber war with Russia

            “The sources did not elaborate on the exact measures the CIA was considering, but said the agency had already begun opening cyber doors, selecting targets and making other preparations for an operation.”

            ht tp://

          • I suspect some kind of electromagentic impulse ‘storm’ is in the plans.

            This is the UN Year of the Pulse.

            They say it’s all about beans and peas but last year was the UN Year of Divine Electricity.

          • This country has experienced an EMP from a solar storm in the past. According to records, back in the 1860’s (I think) there was a solar storm that caused telegraph lines to arc and started fires. Just think how much worse a solar storm EMP would be now with all of our sensitive electronics. To me, it pays just to be on the safe side. Then, there is also the rogue nations who are trying to manufacture nuke weapons to launch into orbit and be detonated over the USA, which would fry our electronics.

        • Question for Religious folks. I thought your God was in charge of the Weather? Who put a half negro in charge of the weather Joystick?

          Hows all those decades of praying working out for ya now?? No worries the church will save you. lol…NOT!!


          • Believe I’ll save me and mine,never hurts to have a little help!
            Be well!
            Maniac –out

          • James 1:27King James Version (KJV)

            27 Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.
            There is such a thing as freewill but the mindless drones always have a hard time understanding this. They talk about things they don’t know about too. ” No worries the church will save you. lol…NOT!!” The church was never meant to save us anyway. ONLY JESUS SAVES. UFO/alien have a religion nowadays as well. Greek gods, Buddha, Egyptian gods, Aztec, Myan, ect of this kind are Fallen angel worship. Aliens are fallen angels. Jewish religion was infiltrated long ago by Satanist/fallen angel worshippers. Islam was given to mohammed by satan himself in a cave by his account of the angel(fallen angel). After Christ established Christianity, and almost right after, it had began to be infiltrated by the same mystery Babylon people who infiltrated Judaism and were the fallen angels of ancient paganism. Many sects of Christianity have grown out of that first infiltration of Christianity via Roman Catholic church. The roman catholic church is now the whore in revelation and Judaism is mystery Babylon. Neither are Christian, only in name. They don’t actually follow the Torah or The Bible. They follow traditions passed down from the infiltrators. Talmud/NIV(types)/book of Mormon/jahovah witness, you know not the actual bible or torah but their version of it passed down from elders or “new prophets” who saw “angels” like mohammed did and then taught something in place of Christianity but kept the name Christian even though they are not and do not actually follow Jesus alone but their twisted satanic infiltrated version.

          • …it will be far far worse than ww3 when it really kicks off. it
            doesnt really get good until seals, trumpets are actually going off in full
            force. you will know for sure when the seals and trumpets are in full effect
            when a mountain is cast into the sea causing a
            huge amount of destruction(see seals 1-2 and trumpets 1-2)…it will wreck a
            good chunk of the world, its ships, ect and then you will see THE antichrist,
            not just another antichrist, appear and come in peacefully(during the 5th/6th
            seal/trumpet) saying he is trying to help the world from all this chaos even
            though he will be waging war world-wide he will say it is for the greater good
            of uniting the world and removing the people who would stop this new utopia.
            generally people will buy it like they buy the lies of politicians even now
            knowing our system is wholly corrupted.. he will appear to die and be risen
            copying Christ he will then go into the temple of God and declare himself to be
            God and make all worship him or his image and take the mark or be put to death.
            do not take the mark…then comes the vials just after Jesus removes the last of
            the remnant from the world as he did with enoch as he did with eli, just as the
            two witnesses are called up in front of the world too. once this happens and
            they who took the mark see Jesus coming they will hide themselves in the dens
            and caves to no avail. Jesus is the only

            • Robert, “freewill” is not something the Reformers entertained. Luther’s “On the Bondage of the Will” being a case in point. In more recent times, Arthur Pink wrote very well on it.

          • Men make their own choices, if you choose to let another man control the weather, that is your problem, not Gods. You control your own destiny, no one else, if people choose to live where the weathers bad, not Gods fault, it’s a persons own bad choice.

          • Get your controller and inverter in a faraday cage and stfu

            • Don’t forget your tin foil hat!

          • Heavenly Father, we come before You today to ask Your forgiveness and seek Your direction and guidance. We know Your Word says, “Woe to those who call evil good,” but that’s exactly what we’ve done. We have lost our spiritual equilibrium and inverted our values.

            We confess that we have ridiculed the absolute truth of Your Word and called it “moral pluralism.” We have worshiped other gods and called it “multi–culturalism.”

            We have endorsed perversion and called it “an alternative lifestyle.”

            We have exploited the poor and called it “the lottery.”

            We have neglected the needy and called it “self– preservation.”

            We have rewarded laziness and called it “welfare.”

            We have killed our unborn and called it “freedom of choice.”

            We have shot abortionists and called it “justifiable.”

            We have neglected to discipline our children and called it “building esteem.”

            We have abused power and called it “political savvy.”

            We have coveted our neighbors’ possessions and called it “ambition.”

            We have polluted the air with profanity and pornography and called it “freedom of expression.”

            We have ridiculed the time–honored values of our forefathers and called it “enlightenment.”

            Search us, O God, and know our hearts today; try us and see if there be some wicked way in us; cleanse us from every sin and set us free.

            Guide and bless these men and women who have been sent here by the people of Kansas and who have been ordained by You to govern this great state. Grant them Your wisdom to rule, and may their decisions direct us to the center of Your will.

            I ask this in the name of Your Son, the living Savior, Jesus Christ.


            Can you imagine political leaders publicly condemning such a prayer? And that was over 20 years ago! Since that time, our nation’s moral deterioration has greatly accelerated.

            I believe we have reached the point where evil has become so entwined in the fabric of our nation that “our wound has become incurable.” I see no hope for us because we have turned our back on our only Hope — the Lord Jesus Christ.

            The “city on a hill” is no longer sending forth any light. This point was emphasized by Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn of New Jersey in the sermon he delivered at the Presidential Inauguration Breakfast in 2013 (which President Obama skipped). Here’s what he had to say: The “city on a hill” has grown dark. Its lamp has grown dim. Its glory is fading. For God is not mocked. No nation can war against the very source of its blessings and expect those blessings to remain. And as it was with ancient Israel, the city on the hill now stands under the shadow of judgment.

            If we end up in the next election having to choose between a dishonest, power–hungry Jezebel and an ego–maniacal, guttermouth Clown, it will be because God has given us the kind of leaders we deserve.

            In the meantime, let’s pray earnestly for the Rapture.

          • WWTI…….The liberals putting chemicals in the air to manipulate the weather, is the problem. Not the lord my God!!

        • Boy I nailed this one. Right after the first Debate, I said Trump needs to challenge Hillary to do a drug test. Blood test to see what drugs she is on legally or illegally. Well here you go Trump must have been listening to me.

          Trump Calls For Drug Tests Before Third Debate

          10-15-2016 • ht tp://, by Tyler Durden
          “I think she’s actually getting pumped up, you want to know the truth. She’s getting pumped up you understand. In fact, we’re gonna be talking about that in a few minutes. She’s getting pumped up for Wednesday night.”

          “We’re like athletes right. Athletes, they make them take a drug test, right. I think we should take a drug test prior to the debate. Why don’t we do that? We should take a drug test, prior, because I don’t know what’s going on with her, but at the beginning of her last debate, she was all pumped up at the beginning, and at the end it was like, ‘Oh, take me down,’ ” Trump said, imitating Clinton.

          “She could barely reach her car, so I think we should take a drug test'”

          Trump said he was willing to take drug test. The GOP nominee often raises questions about whether Clinton has the stamina and strength to serve as president.

          ~WWTI… I nailed it !!!

          • WWTI, even if she were to take a drug test, it would be rigged in her favor just like everything else about her. And Trump’s results would be falsified against him as well.

            This is the most corrupt “election” of all time.

            • You are correct in your words, “this is the most corrupt election of all time.” We have the most corrupt government, the most corrupt politicians and the most
              corrupt President.
              I wonder how many more women the corrupt Soros/Clinton partnership will try and pay off to make false statements about Donald Trump? They are becoming as good at lying as Prevaricator Hillary is, however, it is catching up with her little by little. Let’s MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN and vote for TRUMP-PENCE.

          • Wiki-leaks Podesta- Hillary Email Document Dump. Wanna read 3 of Hillary’s Speeches to Goldman Sachs.

            Go here then scroll down and click the links to each speech. ht tp://


      3. I’m on a disaster diet so I only have two catastrophes on my plate at one time. Today its Syria and an economic collapse. I may switch menus tomorrow and swap out economic collapse for solar flare.

        • Smart man. Saves your sanity.

          Prep the basics, covers everything.

        • Lol that’s awesome lol

        • Kevin2, I’m on the same diet myself. Been taking a break from the computer lately to get an unfinished project off my plate. all this doom and gloom gets old a lot faster than it used to.

          • Unfinished project..? And how many times did you tell everybody here. Hey every body, I’m going to my BOL in N GA first week in October, Yep October I’m going to my BOL. Like a Broken Record Parrot for 9 months here. You said that 10 times in one article that I counted. lol

            Now the SHTF is about to happen, you are still in Tennessee and all your Preps are in N GA in the shack behind your Cuz’s house in the back yard. Oh My!!! Are you afraid to quit your door handle shaker job? No income.. What ya gonna do?

            Meanwhile tonight in N GA, the mice are having a big party in the shack eating all braves food preps and fish crackers. I hear the mice in N GA are so tough, they can open tin cans with their teeth. Oh the humanity of it all!! lol


            • And there you are, typing one handed again.

          • Far better to be proactive for yourself and family in ways that will actually matter rather than simply getting fatter and dumber with fear porn and laziness.

        • Just say NO to doom porn

      4. Nowhere to run
        Nowhere to hide
        The Aliens are coming
        And we’re gonna die.

        • Just as people are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment, (Hebrews 9:27)

          Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell. (Matthew 10:28)

          Please repent & receive the Salvation purchased by Jesus’ blood on the cross – your eternity depends on your choice TODAY/before breathing your last.

          1 John 5:12-13 NIV – Whoever has the Son [Jesus Christ] has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life. I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life.

          • Ming, Yeah and Hurricane Matthew swept by with a wimper.

            Hey Ming, Hate to break the bad news to ya, all that religious BS, its all a big lie. I don’t have any son of a God in my life, and I am still here, living breathing proof it is false, as I still have life, been here for 50+ years guy.

            And that other big BuyBull Lie, John 3:16 Ever lasting life scam? Show me one person any person, several hundred years old, who believed and was granted ever lasting life. There must be some person some where with living proof right over thousands of years who believed right? A Pope, or a Church Cardinal maybe, they believed right, why are they not still alive and living forever. NOT, It’s all a fable, big lie to dupe stooped sheep into donating their wealth to the church masters. Religion plays on your fears, and why it is called superstition. What is the common theme more people fear? Dying right? So they invented this BS line, Grant them everlasting life if they keep believing this babble BS. Just think of the billions of stooped sheep that believed that crapola and never got everlasting life? Go ask your Paster for living proof of at least one person who got everlasting life because they believed, and see what he says.. You will get 1000 excuse answers, depending on who you ask. Report back to us with what he says.

            Naïve Sheep get fleeced, How long would you keep playing the Lotto if there were never any winners in thousands of years? None, ZIP, Nadda. And Proof ever, No Winner photos of at least ONE person ever, with the big “Ever Lasting Life” Winning check and photos. But the masses keep playing that Church Lotto scam every week religiously…

            Wake up and smell reality, trust me, its way safer on this side of the truth, than that religious fabricated Lie Book. Stop being a slave to religion for starters. Take the religious chains of bondage off and be a free man, free thinking, question authority. Take charge of your life for yourself. Can you think for yourself? So many can’t, and its really sad.. And why so many will die, still believing..


            • WWTFW,

              It’s not ever lasting physical life that God talks about, it is eternal life in heaven after this body passes.

              You have a lot of anger. Probably for many reasons.

              You don’t have to belong to any organized church or pay anyone a cent in order to be saved. It’s free and so you are you once you’re saved.

            • Oh well, I’d rather believe in Christ than the state religion of evolution.

            • and yet you capitalize the word god. Just an observation. Is it Jesus that you don’t believe in? would appear so.

            • Thank You!

            • I’ve been reading this board for the past ten or so years. I’ve seen a few idiots during that time. I’ve often thought, reading your posts, that you were an idiot.

              You just confirmed my diagnosis.

              Can I spot ’em or what?

          • Why would god have to come back as a flesh and blood human to save humanity by getting himself killed? Not to mention before he sacrificed himself all the animals he required to be slaughtered by man to prove his loyalty to himself.

            All that blood and death required by a loving and merciful god. Makes one go hmmmmmm. Unless you are a christian and then you go hell yeah! Jesus/go rocks.

            Not to mention the fact the free will exists in heaven – just ask the devil and his friends how and why.

            So if free will exists in heaven then my guess is that with all them there christians inhabiting the place that sin and all the human behaviors we have here on earth would be running rampant there also.

            • RJ ! This “…all the animals he required to be slaughtered by man…” has already been discussed here.

              You just failed your Friday test.

              Pay attention.

              “…if free will exists in heaven…the devil and his friends…”
              I will address this new question–test on Friday!

              The devil and his angels were created. We, mankind, were also created:
              Ps 8:4 What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?
              5 For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour.
              6 Thou madest him to have dominion over the works of thy hands; thou hast put all things under his feet…

              Angels and mankind were made by the Creator for different tasks.
              Note that.

              …the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.
              Angels are not composed of physical matter but are spirit beings.
              Mankind is allowed redemption.
              Angels are not.

              1Peter 1:12 …by them that have preached the gospel unto you with the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven; which things the ANGELS DESIRE to look into.
              The angels are absolutely amazed by the salvation that God has provided for humans.

              “…So if free will exists in heaven…sin…would be running rampant there also.”

              WHY do you think the devil and his angels were booted out of Heaven????

              Luke 10:18 And He (Jesus) said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.
              Isa 14:12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!
              Eze 28:17 Thine (Lucifer’s) heart was lifted up because of thy beauty, thou hast corrupted thy wisdom by reason of thy brightness: I will cast thee to the ground, I will lay thee before kings, that they may behold thee.

              NO SIN IN HEAVEN !
              Re 21:8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

              1Corinth 6:9 ¶ Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,
              10 Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

              ~Peace RJ

              • “Angels are not composed of physical matter but are spirit beings. Mankind is allowed redemption.
                Angels are not.”

                Really is that why god gave satan the entire earth as his playground (sounds like a reward not a punishment) and he is also allowed to come and go to heaven as he pleases? Think god’s conversation with satan about job. Why talk to a sinful angel and make a wager with it?

                I know I am just beating my head against a brick wall with the brainwashed, but if I can reach just one person, it will be worth it.

                • RJ “…but if I can reach just one person, it will be worth it.”

                  I feel the same about you.

                  If you read Job, all of Job… you will notice that God ALWAYS remains in charge. satan NEVER gets to go beyond what God allows or what God wants his servant Job to learn. satan is held on a very short leash.

                  and in the end God returns to Job what He took away.

                  Job 42:10 ¶ And the LORD turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends: also the LORD gave Job twice as much as he had before.

                  God is good-All the time. ~peace

          • Exactly, Ming. The naysayers here and elsewhere are in for quite a shock! They will not run their mouths anymore.

        • Anon,
          Now you are just being silly, it was your commie pinko fascist president that wrote the executive order we are discussing, not a bunch of preppers eating popcorn and drinking beer while the world melts down.

          Point of the article is, congress and previous presidents have talked of this for decades. Little publicly has been done. Obama does something, but it’s not for the American people it’s only about continuity of a corrupt government and protecting the elite.

          Anon, I don’t think you grasp that Obama doesn’t give even a teeny tiny pink rats ass about you, and Obama’s buddies in the new world order see you as just another eater among the plague of humans infesting their planet.

          • PTPO

            You have me all wrong.

            Are you ready?

            • I took you for a liberal troll.

              Sarcasm rarely comes across clearly in writing.

              This move of Obama is not to be ignored, it’s just another power grab.

      5. It seems as though my mind is in some kind of heightened kind of awareness and yet I see little to provoke what seem like constant and endless “brain nags” (none of which anyone by themselves has a bit of control over, unless we muster up an army of 1 million overnight …and hey, we could do that.

        • I, too, have had an unexplained nagging this week.
          I’ll stand with you, Brother.

          • ChuckInBama

            Wait till next week. It will be the Mother of All Nagging.

            • At least we have something to look forward to for now !!!!!!! 😉

              • Buncha NAGGER’S!

                • Try taking 1 Asprin a day, that will get rid of most headaches and improve blood circulation to avoid heart attacks.

                  ~WWTI… Maybe that naggin is your wife? You left all that prepper stuff in the middle of the floor.

                  • Too much Aspirin can give you stomach ulcers, long term usage and that can vary by person. Includes 80mg tablets.

        • Philippians 4:6 Be anxious for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

          4:7 And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

          ~know Jesus
          ~know peace

          • good advise

          • Amem Grandee…
            May GOD bless you and the blessed posters here…

            • Words are a strange thing, they have multiple meanings.
              Think on that…

              • Sixpac, you still around?

                • Eppe, I’m still around and I also miss Sixpack. She’s always been one of my favorites here along with you. I just finished reading the last thread and noticed a certain prick is just not letting up. He reminds me of certain bullies I had to fight back in school and BTW, I WON. I’ll still stand with you, brother.

                  • Yep, Like 2 Dopes on a Rope, like Ding and Dong. Hey eppe, Brave needs a backup bol plan in N GA, can he squat in your backyard for a while, if his Cuz changes her mind? Lets see how tight you 2 are together.. lol Ever wonder why eppe keeps dissing ya barf1776, not wanting to meet up with ya?


                    • It will be a great day when your psyco neighbor pops a .22 in your souless body.
                      They figured you out months ago, and you will be the first to be terminated…

                      Stop making up lies…

                    • In the verbage below, add garlic and castor bean plant extract to your hollow points, wax cover.
                      Even a non lethal hit will make them expire quickly.

                      Why mess around when your life is at stake???

                    • I see suicide for you as your only option, since you fail at everything else clock puncher.

                      Why do you still work for that ZZionist Cable Company? Traitor.

                      ~WWTI… Selling Lie TV to the Free Shit Army is not the smartest career path. No wonder you never have any facts or contribute anything of worth or value. Just your cyber drool, zit face.

                    • WhoWTFKnows

                      You’re crossin’ a line here.


                      Never ever try to push a person to suicide.

                  • What? an enigma of all seasons?

          • Thanks for the reminder, Grandee

      6. If those EBT cards stop working we will have a million well armed experienced Muslem street fighters on our soil. Not to mention the other illegal alien street fighters. And all the gang bangers. All fighting to the death for food. Absolutely desperate and fearless. Like starving animals. With clubs ,knives machetes. Thats when I think we will learn the importance of knock down power. And wish we had more buckshot. Like Selco said . There’s no such thing as one shot stops, EXCEPT with a shotgun. And Elmer Kieth said. Carry the most powerful hand gun you can get even if it’s single action. And imagine yourself getting shot . You would use every last bit of your strength to return fire so he can’t shoot you again. And the average combat distance in South Africa was 40 yards. And with no street lights at night. Using a flashlight makes you an easy target. A shotgun at night . And hollow points in rifle by day.? But you can’t go out in day because of snipers. SO ? Hollow points or buckshot? Many say FMJs tumble . So why don’t they work on deer or hogs? Does anyone recommend FMJs for hogs or deer? Can you cut the tips off FMJ and drill a hollow point . Or is just cutting them off good enough for decent expansion. Somebody do a video.

        • Lone wolverine, I shot a 215 lb.. hog at about 60 yards away with a federal 62 GR green tip and it went through the vital all the way. No tumbling since it had a exit wound.

          My personal shotgun load is 00buck, Slug, 00buck , slug all the way to the eight round.

          My pistol (Sig 229 .40), HP, FMJ , HP FMJ all the way to the 12 round.

          As far as AR, 29 round all FMJ. If the SOB doesn’t go down with that many round then I try the cross since it must be the devil.

        • You can drill a hole in the tip of a FMJ handgun round, creating a hollow point tip. Just drill really slow and lightly though, so you don’t compact the round too deep into the cartridge or make the round spin in the cartridge.

          Another great shotgun round is a “Cut Shell Round”. Check it out on Youtube. Turns a shotgun round into a slug.

          ~WWTI… beware: You can only shoot one round at a time and cut shells will not cycle or eject very well, and check your chamber for debris, before firing another round. Don’t hurt yourself.

        • Lone wolverine, cutting the tip off an FMJ will make it less accurate because the balance will be off.

          Bullets rotate fast ( about 200K rpm in a 5.56 1/7 at about 3000 FPS and it doesn’t take much to destabilize it if you modify it.

          Plus if you take too much weight off the projectile by cutting the tip and drilling out lead to make a hollow point, the powder charge might be too much and could cause other problems.

          • Bob, Lightening the projectile does not make the powder charge too much… It is the other way around.

            • Not if you also reduce case volume by decreasing COAL as mentioned by “compacting” the bullet in due to drilling force. Duh.

              I’d suggest that you read all the responses.

              In any case, if you are not a qualified reloader, don’t mess with ammo.

              • Talk about unqualified…. The projectile is CRIMPED in the neck of the case fyi. If you were stupid enough to force it down further then yes it would be a problem. Otherwise is is exactly as I stated. Duh….

                • Haha! Anyone who calls themself a “genius” is in reality an idiot! And you so PROVE it!

                  Some are crimped and some pressed into a flared neck. DUH retard.

                  Have you actually EVER loaded even a SINGLE round of ammo? Have you ever even fired a weapon?

                  I think NOT. Period. You are a little precocious jerk living with your parents.

                • You are so intellectually unarmed that I will not engage you further from this point. Have a great week!

            • That all depends upon the Powder and projectile used… DUH. RETARD. Of Course you would not know since you have NEVER loaded EVEN a SINGLE round in your LIFE.

              • Bob, I thought you weren’t going to post anymore on this? You have just showed the world that YOU are an idiot. Good job knuckledragger! Anyone who reloads knows exactly what I said, it is a fact. Crimped or pressed doesn’t matter, shoving the projectile further in the case does. WTF are you even talking about you stupid fool? I have loaded over 50K rounds WITHOUT ANY ISSUE. In fact I load match ammo that rivals anyone I know. Better get back to the asylum now, they will miss you…

          • Seconded. An HP uses a tad less powder, or TYPE of powder, than any FMJ (from the same company the FMJ will use a ‘hotter’ powder but not change the grains). *They don’t tell you this because they hate reloaders.

            As soon as you drill into a bullet you just threw it off balance meaning it WILL tumble. Same goes if you ‘nip’ off or grind off the tip (for a half-assed FN (Flat Nose) …which would also tumble.

            To begin with, there’s little to no need at all to “frig” with the bullets (imho), but if you must, EXTRACT THEM FIRST (dump the powder, etc). If you are not an experienced reloader, don’t EVEN be screwing with the bullets until you at least FULLY KNOW how to safely MAKE a bullet (otherwise you are setting yourself up for a self-inflicted wound or injury …by accident of course).

            In a nutshell, the more “force or forces” that a bullet/projectile is subjected to once she’s cleared the barrel, the higher are the chances of “bad-ballistical-behaviors’. (Such as a good and stout, blustery side-wind that keeps you adjusting Windage so much the clics sound like a tap-dancer going apeshit).

            Many, hopefully the majority of folks out there are well-versed with their chosen weapons and ammo. The most common error with ammo is that “green-horns” just getting into it get a great rifle, scope and a 1/2-ton of ammo. A year later they realize some of that .308WIN ammo isn’t the same “weight” as the others, in fact, you’ve got 150’s, 168’s and 230grain, and all of them are non-matching brass (Federal, Winchester, Hornady or ???). I personally HATE shooting varying grain-weights, but mixed brass isn’t (usually) so much a bother (but I don’t do that either)! Even the brass is weighed and kept together (always!).

            There are 1,000’s of rifles out there that were zero’ed using say, a .308WIN Nosler 150gr Partition (MATCH) yet the new owner purchased all 180grain Federal Loads …and hits 12.5 inches low at 800 despite adjusting for elevation/fog/?? (but not weight you see)? So, they rezero it only to discover it’s off again due to a change in ammo weight that gets overlooked again. (Some shooters never get a chance to learn this little tidbit, but most, eventually, run into it and end up using what is most accurate for their weapon).

            This just brings it back around to The Mil-Dot System – – which is rather unbeatable (and can be used even if they have a ‘laser sniffer’ to detect your laser). It’s easy…
            ht tp:// Being that more and more high-end scopes are putting in the Mil-Dot Reticles (plus a diopter to tweak/remove/lock-down “the parallax-effect”) – why not master it and shoot the gonads off a gnat @ 1000+yds?

            • Equorial, great post. It is amazing how many people do exactly what you said. I love the mildot scopes. I found one that has a great system at swfa dot com. Go to the site and look up the SS scopes. I have 2 of them and they are tough as hell and rezero perfectly. They have excellent ratings! 1/10 milrad adjustment for long range (a must). CONSISTENCY IS KING! It’s funny how people come over to shoot with me and can never hit shit lol. One guy said “but it’s factory ammo lol” If you sight your weapon with a certain ammo ONLY USE THAT SAME EXACT AMMO! It ain’t rocket science…

              • You are such a retard dork and LOSER that I actually feel comfortable near you. You are a PIECE OF SHIT TRAITOR TO MY COUNTRY AND YOU WILL HANG BY YOUR NECK UNTIL DEAD.

                Got that?

                • bob bob bob, off your meds again? I sense some jealousy in you. Typical imbicile that doesn’t refute me but just resorts to 3rd grade name calling. Is your diaper full or what? I guess senility is a bummer huh. Now run along and go Bob for brown apples in the toilet lol.

              • Hey Genius, ~”If you sight your weapon with a certain ammo ONLY USE THAT SAME EXACT AMMO! It ain’t rocket science…”

                Exactly 100%… That’s how you want a rifle sighted in, so you have consistency in the field using the same ammo and specs.

                I asked the outdoor 1000 Yard range if it was ok to use green tips 3200 FPS? Hell yeah they said. However, Indoor 50 yard range, they said NO. They did not want the bullet to be blowing up cars in the back parking lot as it goes through the steel wall. lol I want to do the Green Tip windshield test. It will penetrate an engine block and make it toast. They also make a 5.56 45 Grain round soft tip for small game I used that for the AR Pistol indoors when I got it. 45 gr is for like. Coyotes, or low penetration. etc.


                • WWTI, don’t do it. You are stupid beyond compare…

            • It’s funny how a lot of people get set on certain brands. I’m no exception. I use Hornady 124 grain XTP with No. 7 powder and CCI primers and Hornady 75 grain BTHP for my AR with 2460 powder and CCI 5.56 primers. Sometimes I load some pulled bulk M856 tracers for fun after a good rain.

              I like to keep it simple.

              • 124 Hornady is for my 9mm – forgot to mention…

                • Yep, 9mm ~124gr Hollow Point +P for Carry, and 115gr FMJ for target practice. For Pistols it does not make that much difference with what ammo or grain you practice with since the distance is so short, 25 or 30 ft. 5-10 ft in threatening situations. Just point and pull. It is just cheaper shooting FMJ 115 gr for target practice vs pricier hollow points, unless of course you are the DHS and only buy Hollow Points, 2.1 Billion of them. You can buy 1000 Rounds Box of 115gr FMJ for like $199.


                  • No, I load my own. Fuck DHS, etc.

        • “If those EBT cards stop working we will have a million well armed experienced Muslem street fighters on our soil.”

          No you won’t. The Muslim population is .9% or roughly 3 million which includes men, women and children. Only a very small fraction of them are terrorist inclined. Take away EBT cards and hence food from people in general and the minority underclass in particular and you have a problem. Civil society is only 8 missed meals from chaos. EBT card blacks, of any or no denomination, religion, or none, due to their historic propensity for rioting / looting will start virtually immediately. Within a few weeks or less, of no groceries, you won’t tell the difference in by race, ethnicity or former social position as anarchy will rein.

          • K2, Chaos will reign NOT anarchy. Why does everyone confuse anarchy with chaos? Anarchy is real freedom, Chaos is mayhem.

            • It’s like getting your skin burned versus an amputation. DUH!

            • You. Are. Such. A. Retard. That I SEEM COMPELLED TO visit this SITE AND OTHERS, SIMPLY TO TRACK YOU. You MORON…

            • Hey Genius, So then the Phrase, “9 meals away from Anarchy” what does that mean then? 9 meals away from Freedom? Yeah, Freedom from food. lol

              Maybe they should have said “9 meals away from Chaos”


              • Only for real PIGS!

                • The word anarchy means the lack of rulers or masters, hence real freedom. People misuse it a lot. I see there is a new tard on the block (Bob). Another one that posts nothing of value just rants in jealous rage against those much smarter than himself lol.

          • Kevin2, don’t forget the huge number of sandpeople that are being brought in under the radar and placed in small towns.

            • The Chauffeur

              They’re relatively small in number in comparison to the indigenous underclass.


              Yes thanks for the correction in my use of language; I tend to use those words interchangeably and therefore improperly.

              Regardless the order of the groups that initially riot and loot for food and other necessities, very quickly, if provisions don’t appear in adequate supply, you won’t tell black from white or brown from yellow or red, as the driving force of survival will blend them all in; they will all be considered dangerous.

              • Never apologize to the DEMON Genius. He’s a dumbed down moron.

              • Bring it – and I WILL END IT…

                • Did you come up with that all by yourself Bob? Maybe thinking just ain’t your game. I know… let’s have an IQ contest lol 😛

            • Seems to me that has an ‘air of dischord’ to it, because it would be far easier to hide a sandpile of sandpeople in a city than within small towns, because everyone knows everyone else in small towns. The closest town to us would know of a new arrival within an hour of a U-Haul showing up.

              SO! IF any such sandpeople are being “smuggled in under radar” – the only place that they wouldn’t stand out would be in the lesser-used areas of large cities, and at this time in our country there certainly are lots of vacant buildings and such, yet could “they” have been hiding that many people for so very long without ONE PERSON “becoming wise” to it and reporting the same? (There would have to be areas ‘cordoned off’ from any kind of traffic, save military or black-windowed buses).

              Besides, what chance of survival would the ‘already resident’ Muslims have if suddenly THOUSANDS of them came out of the woodwork screaming Allah ‘something’ in a generally destructive and murderous frame of mind? We’d kill them and burn every Mosque and not stop until all was done. So, it doesn’t look very likely that we’ll ever be inundated by Muslim extremists on our soil.

              In fact, there’s a “FAT CHANCE” that anything that anyone has postulated as a possible, or even “absolutely positively going to happen”, to include Agenda 21, Jade Helm (etc) …those were all bullshit events meant to add mystery and absolutely ZERO information to onlookers. What I am saying is that those who are hell-bent on bring harm upon us sure as hell are NOT going to remotely ‘hint’ at the way or ways they would inflict such things. All of ‘it’ would remain TOP TOP SECRET well past the implementation of “it” (IF “it” ever happens).

              Remember, the M.O. of our non-government is to first disarm us. That’s all but impossible and man has it put a grin on all gun-makers out there, but give them just five more years with our children in THEIR damned schools and our children will only know THEIR “ways and priorities” – – and YOU will be “an infidel.” Then, your natural death followed shortly by your arms & ammo will be handed over by people who have also never heard of The Constitution, but only Sharia law. You get the picture, and it would take a lot less bloodshed …yet that isn’t what they want is it? Do TPTB really wish to force Russia into the corner that I remember Putin commenting, “Sure, but I hope it doesn’t lead to nukes.” (He knew at that time what we didn’t …that our country was seeking to put the big screws to Russia, and take out Assad (sp?), yet somehow retain ISIS/ISIL (as a nation)? I’m not sure what it is they want anymore. Do they?

              Putin, in one way, doesn’t want to incite a nuclear war or exchange, yet our non-leaders (posing as the leaders of the world’s most powerful nation), have NO AUTHORITY to be conducting the business that they are …and we have a Constitution that tells us how we should go about this.

              Just how bad do we let them tear apart the world, before being hand-cuffed? If we are talking nukes, then we are definitely talking “The Leveling Of The Federal Government” by We The People …their worst nightmare as it would pretty much decide (and destroy) the Elections with one ‘thump’. I like life, so I am into not letting them fly, but rather, hanging out politicians to fight for air then die.

              Rant off/thank you…

        • If those EBT cards stop working we will have a million well armed experienced Muslem street fighters…”

          Not in my area, very few Muslimes around here. Very few EBT blacks either, thank goodness. All the EBT scums here are all mostly meth-head white trash and mexicans with their little shitstain anchor baby kids.

          I hope the EBT scam comes to an end. And sooner the better. I’m tired of being forced at gunpoint to fund societal trash.

          • +1000 bro!

            • I just read that Ernesto (Che) Guevara leach . Part Irish. Loved shotguns. And would empty the shot and fire a wooden dowel attached to a Molotov up to one hundred yards. Even making a tripod for it. He was a doctor.history is written buy the victors and controllers. I wonder how many illegals have been smuggled in How can we trust the government numbers. How can anyone quote some government statistic as fact?

      7. Did anyone think that They may use an EMP for 3 possible outcomes:

        1- Cancel the election and He can make himself king, start the depopulation agenda.
        2- Shut down the financial system since they can’t sustain it.
        3- Cover the upcoming massacre in the Middle East, because when the sheeple can’t hear or watch, it would make it easier for them to do what they want.

        • Watchdog, that’s why everybody needs to get themselves a portable handheld Ham Radio, and find all your local Ham affiliate channels now, to lock into when SHTF. Got your paper list of Local Ham channels for scanning?? I would also think regular CB radios will take on new life, since cell phones will not be working in an EMP.

          I would just keep all electronics turned off for a day after an EMP or multiple EMP’s. If nothing else works, 2 tin cans and some string. lol


          • Yes, get a good shortwave radio with the 10 meter and 6 meter and 40 meter bands. SSB is also a good feature. Most stock antennas are crappy so get a spool of bare copper wire and attach an alligator clip to the end and clip it to the stock antenna. Roll it out to the length required according to the band you are listening to. This will greatly improve your reception. Many modern scanners will pick up not just the authorities but 2 meter ham and 70cm ham radio (vhf/uhf).


              YOU. “GENIUS” are a moron.

              • INHO, “Genius” what would a “good” shortwave radio be? Please give me the technical answers I asked for. You can be “dumb” sounding if you want, but TELL US THE TECHNICAL features BEHIND THIS… C’mon

                • It is probably so far over your head it might as well be in space you douche bag. Look up wavelengths 1/4… 1/2… fullwave antenna theory asswipe. My shortwave has 6 meter, 10 meter, 40 meter bands that are used by long range hams. You don’t need ground for reception dumbass. Move along and continue to ask me for answers as you evidently have NONE for yourself lol.

      8. Likely just prepping the populace for when they false flag turnoff the power this winter.

      9. Thank goodness for allowing me to grow up in a world before computer madness.



      10. opinion time:

        If an EMP occurs and knocks out the electrical grid, kills computers, other electronics like televisions, would a regular generator be able to function?

        • Not if you have a computer chip in it.

        • Too many variables to say for sure. If you’re unlucky enough to be close and line of sight to the burst nothing with a circuit board or fine wiring will work. Odds are an older model with brushes will more likely work vs. an electronic ignition brushless model. Doesn’t pay to lose sleep over it. When the time comes, we’ll work through it..

          • No grid no gas. Better have a lot stored

            • If Potus had been taking care of his business,we would have a well protected brand new GRID , but as usual he didn’t watch FOX news so he never got the MEMO!
              The white house will soon get a new white paint job,asap

        • why do you NEED a generator, after all THAT happened?…it MIGHT work, but gas only lasts so long. the sound and smells WILL attract predators. google faraday cage, and study up. there’s a lot to know. get ready to do without electricity….uh, and read the book “one second after”. that should get you started….down the rabbit hole.

          • you’ll be fine, as long as you got all this shit.
            get ready for ANYTHING, and you’ll be ready for EVERYTHING!
            rescue tape or silicone tape
            JB Weld
            a list of phone numbers, in case your cel is lost or quits on you
            board games & card games.
            Fire extinguishers.
            Books on foraging and how to use herbs and essential oils.
            Bug out Bag
            Camp Axe
            Camping pots/pans
            Camping utensils
            Duct tape
            Emergency Radio
            Energy bars
            Fire extinguisher
            First aid kit
            Gas mask
            Hunting supplies
            LED Headlamp
            Multi Vitamin
            Mylar blanket
            Portable Generator
            Rain Barrel
            Rain Suit
            Sleeping bag
            Survival Knife
            Water bottle
            Water Filtration
            Water Tablets
            1 pair of baofeng 2 way radios with spare batteries, fuse, alcohol stove and spare wicks (no smoke or odor)
            plumbers goop or shoe goo, shoelaces(or just use paracord), rechargeable batteries and charger, multi voltage multi tip 12 volt power adapter, battery powered motion sensor alarms, flir night vision scope, clothes pins (can also be used as triggers for tripwires), rat traps, coyote traps, battery powered motion sensor lights, spare spark plugs and tune up items, pri-g and pri-d fuel stabilizer, chainsaw files, spare chains, tire chains, come-a-long, spare tires, motor oil, flare gun, guillie suit, high powered binocs, medicinal herb seeds, crutches, ace bandages, Lee basic reloaders, bow and arrows (silent), reading glasses, hatchet, folding shovel with pick.

            A tire repair kit. A kit that can fix multiple punctures could be a God send!
            Work gloves
            Solar battery charger. I have a great AA/AAA Ni MH Battery charger, and a 15 watt solar panel. It still needed a voltage regulator between the two, so I don’t damage the battery charger. People can google 12 volt regulator circuit. They are easy to build from Radio Shack partsI have built several for a couple for different voltages. 12 volt exactly for 12 volt devices, and 13.8 for slow charging lead acid batteries. 14.5 volt for fast charging lead acid batteries
            duct tape
            Ant-acid and stool softener. In a SHTF situation people will be exposed to new pathogens and foods, lots of Pepto folks, it could save your life.
            Plain aspirin, lots of exertion means heart stress. Plain Aspirin could save lives
            I listed IV for emergency fluid replacement. The needles and solution need to be absolutely sterile, and are prescription only in many states. Grandma just used an enema bulb, still available in drug stores, it saved babies and children from dying due to dehydration. Plain clean water or better a 30% pedi-a-lite solution is best. Yup, Gatorade works in a pinch. Add 30% wine to it and they’ll feel no pain while you do stitches.
            “Gerber multitool……….“lock pick” set, but be aware of state laws on this item. Bolt cutters will open gates
            solar panel
            jogging stroller
            cast iron dutch oven
            CASH. GAS!!!!!!!!!!!
            water….sugar….flour….powdered milk……….t/p………………top ramen….pancake mix….candy, rock…..DOG FOOD…VEG OIL…rice…..beans…………macaroni…………bleach…………benadryl…..wipies….garbage bags…….plastic cups,forks,spoon,knives .
            IV for rehydration
            photo albums, identification (birth certificates, social security cards, financial documents, wills/deeds, and medical insurance information), proof of address, as well as items for a 72 hour bag.
            brillo pad makes a good fire starter with jumper cables)or a 9 volt battery
            extreme cooler (use it to carry water, if needed)
            antibiotics from the vet supply store ampicillin, amoxacillin, penicilin, and others
            a hat for sleeping in
            Storable Food
            An Axe
            Lighters Or Matches
            Hiking Boots Or Comfortable Shoes
            A Flashlight And/Or Lantern
            A Radio/Communication Equipment
            A Swiss Army Knife
            Personal Hygiene Items
            A First Aid Kit And Other Medical Supplies
            Extra Gasoline (But Be Very Careful How You Store It)
            A Sewing Kit
            Self-Defense Equipment
            A Compass
            Hiking Backpacks
            A Community
            A Backup Plan
            Extra Batteries
            A Camp Stove
            Heirloom Seeds
            An LED Headlamp
            Calcium Hypochlorite
            Maps Of Your Area
            rifle For Hunting
            Extra Socks
            Gold And Silver Coins For Bartering
            citizens band radio
            battery chargers and phone chargers
            kool aid
            bike tubes
            4×6, or 6×8’s for crossing obstacles(3 feet long)
            wasp spray
            hunting knife
            water and purification stuff
            dutch oven
            coffee/water filters
            Gun Cleaning Kit & Supplies
            Wire and Wire Cutters
            Fire Extinguisher
            hacksaw………GOOD pair of wire cutters….butt connector pliers and wire connectors ….11-1 screwdrivers-not some cheap-o
            6 foot Pry bars-lift heavy items, pop open doors, break locks, move hot objects. harbor freight
            sandpaper/crocus cloth…………….. file for sharpening tools……….. hammer
            bailing wire
            box of bolts/nuts/hose clamps
            3/32” E-6010 welding rods. These can be used with three 12 volt car batteries and some jumper cables to make an emergency field repair.
            peanut butter and crackers makes a great shtf meal
            vise grips
            fix a flat/air compressor
            Tarp (2) and 550 para-cord (shelter) You want two tarps, one for shelter above the head and one for the ground under your head
            Ponchos to protect from rain
            A folding saw and shovel.
            A handheld chainsaw (they are about the size of a mans wallet)
            Lightweight hatchet
            army survival manualor others
            2 pairs of socks. One pair of our socks is a thermal type(wool is best) that will keep your feet warm in up to zero degree weather. It all depends on where you live and where you will be traveling. Cotton socks tend to hold moisture so you might not want cotton.
            good pair of warm gloves/work gloves. Mine are a combination of both.
            A pair of good boots or hiking shoes
            A pair of long pants. I prefer not to have jeans. They are heaver and if they get wet, they stay wet for a long time.
            One pair thermal underwear/pants and shirt, at LEAST for everyone in family.
            dogs and dog food …small dogs hear EVERYTHING, and eat less!
            deck of cards
            food…pepperoni granola bars…..
            first aid book… where there is no doctor book
            paper plates
            ziplock bags
            aluminum foil
            butane stove or some other way to cook
            eye drops
            chap stick
            plastic wrap
            powdered milk will be HUUUUGGGGEEEEEE ..have a LOT of it!
            Bug Out Bag Contents
            The Pack – I have a LC-1 “Alice” pack but any quality pack with enough capacity will do. Stick with camouflage, dark green or other atural colors that blend with the terrain.
            Water – A canteen with cup and cover for your belt, water bottle and a good filter.
            Fire – Waterproof matches, a magnesium fire starter and tinder.
            Food – Pack enough to last 5-7 days. Rice, oat meal, beef jerky, energy bars etc. Another option is MRE’s and the freeze-dried foods. choose foods that are light weight and a suitable shelf life.
            Stove – A small stove is essential it you want to stay hidden. Smoke and noise from the cutting and burning of wood would be undesirable if you are in hostile territory or being pursued. I have a Peak-One backpackers stove, there are others but this is what I have and can recommend.
            military 4 part sleep system…protects to minus 30 degrees if you know what to do with it…and at LEAST have the bivy bag part of it in your car in case you get stranded….if you are dressed for the climate you’re in, it might only take that bivy to save yer life. randy
            Shelter – Rain poncho and tarp or compact tent, stick with natural colors that blend with the surrounding area.
            Cooking – I have a Stainless Steel 5-Piece Mess Kit, that I ordered from but any lightweight kit will do.
            First Aid – It’s best to assemble your own kit, tailored to your needs, or if you are lazy you can buy a ready-made kit. Don’t forget to add personal medications.
            Light – I have a 2-AA Cell Mini LED Flashlight Mini LED Flashlight and a 9-Hour Candle.
            Tools – A folding saw, Swiss Army pocket knife, and fixed blade knife. A light weight shovel and Machete are nice, but add extra weight.
            Clothing – At least one extra pair of socks and underwear add other items if you feel the need and have the space.
            Fishing – Line, hooks and sinkers and a few small lures. I also have a small gill net for catching fish.
            Snare wire – I make my own from copper wire. Don’t forget to include at least 50 ft of parachute cord.
            Plastic bags – Two or three large lawn bags and several zip-lock sandwich bags, can be used for a number of tasks and to keep things dry.
            Binoculars – See game and enemy before they see you.
            Sewing kit – Needle and thread don’t forget to include a few extra buttons.
            This n’ that – Head net, electrical tape, face paint, gloves, sharpening stone etc.
            Firearms – This is where feathers get ruffled and wounds opened. Everyone has their own idea of what the “perfect” survival firearm is or should be.
            I am not going to get into all the choices here, which would be an article in and of itself.
            Coffee, sugar, and chocolate.And salt. Buy these items in bulk. Store in baggies for trade.
            coffee filts for straining water and bleach
            digging bar
            tow straps/shackles/chain with pipe for towing
            loadbearing vest
            pain reliever
            Children’s pain reliever
            First aid book
            Prescription medications (keep copies for records)
            Cold/flu medicines
            blood clotting
            Sterile gauze
            Dressing bandages
            Dressing rolls
            Medical tape
            Bandages of all sizes
            Alcohol wipes
            Hydrogen peroxide
            Eye flushing solution
            Anesthetic solution
            Hypodermic needles (for the antiseptic solution)
            Electrolyte tablets
            Cold Packs
            Antibiotic ointment
            Skin irritation creams
            Suture needles/string
            List of medical contact phone numbers
            Medical history file (if needed)
            medicine cabinet…take the whole damn thing
            giant channel-lock pliers and crescent wrench
            vitamin c…scurvy
            appologies for the stuff that’s on here two….or MORE times, but i aint cleaned it up in a while….someday when i’m not doin’ nuthin’…

            • Excellent work. What this site if for. Thanks! Well done.

              • well thank you test, you made my day with that comment!…and thanks to YOU for your VAST contributions to the site.

                • BCOD looks like every prepper better buy one of those shipping containers to store all of those supplies. Trekker Out

                  • MY plan is to stay put. i got my “get home list”, my “gone for overnight or over 200 miles from home list”, and i got my “i aint never going back home list”…all this stuff will give you a YUUUGE edge when the shtf. not everybody NEEDS everything on here, and not everything’s ON HERE that i WILL need…but like a hundred politicians chained to eachother at the bottom of the ocean….it’s a place to start.

              • guess i better add some more advice. print this list and copy and paste the hell out of it to make your OWN personal list. then get your highliters and do some coloring of things you want FIRST, second…..remember, this list is like a thousand politicians chained together at the bottom of the ocean….a place to START.
                i have several lists…one for 5 MINUTES to leave, one for an hour to get out, and one for never coming home again, take all the time i need to get out. never forget there’s MANY reasons to leave home in a hurry….allll this planning is good, until you git hit in the face!…that’s when you start ADAPTING your plan(S).

                • Buttcrack, Have you been snooping around my place? Inventory of my stuff lol…

                  • You have no “stuff”! Hahaha

                    • Bob, when will you stop making a fool of yourself? It’s actually kinda funny, your so stupid you can’t even see what a moron you make yourself look like. Keep up the entertainment, those who actually know things here see right through you lol.

                  • LOL, genius!

            • Forgot Guns and ammo plus web gear.

              Paying attention I see for you mentioned welding with a battery.

              Make sure it has a good water level or you can blow it up. Occupational hazard. I would shield it and use long cables. Acid burns.

              • firearms is on the list…thank you for the tip on welding!…if y’all see sumthin’, SAY sumthin’ about the list….AFTER the shtf, it will be… SEE sumthin’, SHOOT sumthin’!

                • BCOD

                  Alright, guns were there. I must of sped read over it as it was in the paragraph part. ;0)

                  Tip of the day.
                  Might not be many tips left.

                  Time and Readiness.

                  I have spent more time in the process of decreasing the time to be fully prep for a firefight. I am talking about when seconds count and for those older preppers, we don’t move as fast as we have before. So getting it together in one place, or a suitable arrangement can help us should we need to engage an enemy.

                  What I have found is that you need to first decide which is your primary weapon. That is not as easy as you think because that can change on the circumstance. Example. What would be your weapon in a home invasion?

                  Shotgun, Pistol, Rifle, Club, Mace, Taser.

                  That changes if you have outside intruders which can be at a distance or right at your doorstep.

                  If you have a few weapons again it changes. Different ammo and the web gear to carry the ammo. Different size magazines need different carry pouches. How about stripper clips for that SKS? Different holster. Even the desired sling. Standard, one point or two point.

                  Now it comes to the point if you can “Grab and Go”.
                  The right vest for the right weapon. Interchangeability, should a weapon break, (Broken extractor or firing pin) and become a club. I know there are variables here. You might even run out of ammo for the weapon you using and have to switch to another caliber, like .223 to 7.62.

                  One more capability is that you can arm your neighbors. That is hard for me to say.
                  All this is more equipment to store and it also cost money. I wanted to put it out there as an option.

                  • Anon,
                    Re firearms.
                    Make sure you have several ultra powerful flashlights that can blind an enemy. You can’t defend against what you can’t see. Rechargeable are best, have a 12v solar panel charger, with large deep cycle battery to power a recharging station for smaller batteries, phones and radios.

                    Have a means of attaching flashlights to long guns, it frees up your hands.

                    Holsters, holsters and holsters, for every handgun is a must. Many with CC permits have holsters for smaller easy to conceal carry guns. You also need holsters for the full size weapons you normally wouldn’t carry. Have several options, a shoulder holster, inside the wasteband, and ankle and thigh holsters.

                    Have a collapsible baton it doesn’t run out of bullets.

                    Pepper spray is great, people will send their children to rob your house and garden, because they know you won’t shoot children. Just pepper spray the crap out of them, and send them on their way. Soak them head to foot they’ll contaminate everything they touch at home.

                    • PTPO

                      Wife and I both have a collapsible baton and Wildfire 18% Pepper spray with 3 million Scoville Units. Four ounce cans. Stray dogs may be a problem too.

                    • I have 3 expandable batons. One in my vehicle, one in my Bug out Bag and one on my Bicycle. I have done a lot of bike riding and have been chased by pit bulls while going through a neighborhood. I out ran them, but I have it strapped to the upright seat mount with tie straps. And could easily pull it out expand it and slap them in the face with it if needed. Bapp!!!!


                    • appreciate the children idea, plan….i got a couple of liberal neighbors, if i see they GOT stuff, i can send ’em over….

            • BCOD, that’s one of the best prepping lists I’ve ever seen anywhere. Most of those items I already have. BTW, I read “One Second After” 3 years ago this month. the hardest part was when the guy’s diabetic daughter died after he spent all that time reading her favorite bedtime story to her. I had to lay down the book for awhile when I reached that part. I broke down myself. I had to wait until the next day to finish the book. yeah, I broke down not only over that but everything that I know of is coming to this land. I feel more tense and threatened nowadays. Things are really picking up speed out there. it’s all coming down to the wire. yeah, I still break down on occasion but it’s not stopping my prepping. I’m still doing what I know I’ve got to do in order to survive what’s coming.

              • thanks braveheart! i been adding to it for years….y’all BETTER have it when i come on here asking for it someday when my computer crashes again!…MY favorite part of the book is when the dog dies….and a BIG thanks to mac for providing a PLACE to share all this info.

            • Buttcrackofdoom:

              Great list.

              Here’s some suggestions of my own.

              Condoms (to hold water)
              Harmonica or flute
              Drum sticks
              Guitar (if not bugging out)
              Iodine/Iodide supplement (radiation)
              I ?Alpaca: socks, hat, gloves, vest, sweater
              Baby formula
              Masking tape, black marking pen (cheap labels)
              …for organization
              Stamps, post cards, envelopes
              Notebook with tear out paper
              Non perfumed pads, gauze, tape and Bandaids
              Sterile needle and thread for gashes
              Sweat band for control of hair
              Rubber bands in air tight bag and cloth covered type
              Travel shaving set (
              Bike or Horse (not kidding)
              Knives with hon and sharpener
              Can opener (made in America)
              garden tools (made in America)
              Muslin cloth (filter, cheese making, bee keeping, medical) (high grade)
              Canvas tarp (catch rain water, block sun)
              Aloe Vera for sunburn
              Sun hats or fisherman style
              Canning equipment
              Sugar, salt, herbs, spices
              One professional cookbook (by: Culinary Institute of America [CIA])

              Here are some recommendations for starting a Home Library
              Library of cooking and nutritional books
              Library of Do It Yourself (DIY) books
              Mechanics, plumbing, electrical books
              Science, Astronomical/Navigation/Maritime (Law)
              Law books general
              Latin Dictionary
              BioChemistry Introduction
              Doctors Reference (diseases)
              Humor, (George Carlin, Mark Twain)
              Philosophy, Religious Texts (Bible)
              Literary Classics and Historical Books
              Geography Books, Maps, Globe
              …(without access to computers, schools closed… What are you going to do with your time when you are done working out in the field, growing your food? Read a book. Give your kids something challenging or they will turn criminal.

              Something else
              Make homemade health bars. You can monitor the quality and ingredients. If you have to leave, take healthy food that is compact. Buy hemp protein, and dehydrated bone broth, add ancient grains, dried fruit and maybe nuts. You can buy canned fruit and canned nuts.

              Also, learn to make hard candy from sugar. Take it with you, if you bug out. Buy some peppermint and lemon drops, there will be plenty around this time of year. The sugar preserves them for a long time. But I still keep some in the refrigerator. Most of my refrigerated stuff is not parishable. But it keeps longer in the fridge. Could just as well keep in food grade buckets.


              • that’s a great list to add to MINE, B, consider it DONE! tanks!(that’s how i SAY thanks now, because they are COMING, and it makes people THINK, i hope)

                • Buttcrackofdoom:

                  Tanks to U 2.

                  I forgot to put in a Book of English Grammar.

                  Here ARE some more suggestions.

                  English dictionaries. From children’s first dictionary thru children’s, college, and the Hugh type found in Public Libraries. Dictionaries for specific studies such as law and medicine, and trades like carpentry and welding.

                  A set or two of encyclopedias. Old as well as new reference books are important.

                  Flash cards of topics from Chemical bonds to The Periodical Table of the Elements, multiplication, ect.

                  A full collection of Mathmatical Books from Children’s to Calculus and Beyond (whether or not you yourself understand every single word of every subject, just start collecting top rate books.

                  You will find that your children and grandchildren will be smarter if they aren’t intimidated for having never seen or read such “hard” books.

                  Not bragging (yes I am), my kids were five grades ahead of their classmates at times.
                  I read to them every day when they were in their twos and threes, often from the same book.

                  I had my grandchildren read adult books with big words. Sometimes this caused anxiety since the child gets overwhelmed. Then the crying starts ? but do I let them desert?, no way. I assure them that it’s OK not to understand what they’re reading. “Just sound the words out”. This gives them the opportunity of returning the favor by giving you the pleasure of being read to. And when the kid actually understands something, here and there, they light up like a Christmas tree. It’s a great way to get past the fear of tackling something “really hard”. I also define some words for them as they read to me.

                  Try tackling a “really hard” subject. It won’t kill you. I promise. ?

                  One more thing. Muslin cloth takes paint very well. It is used by artists to make fine art. Nail together some wood, put muslin cloth on with staples, and get your Art for pennies. No one will know. Unless you tell them. ???


            • And a deuce-and-a-half to carry it all around in.

              • ADD: sugar, yeast, stainless pot, copper tubing, mason jars, you know… the essentials 🙂

                • You can make a wind generator out of a car alternator too.

                  • That may work, as long as you have a battery to excite the winding, and a high-ratio gear or pulley system to allow the wind blades to spin the alternator at high enough RPM (over 10,000 RPM) to work. Putting a fan blade directly on an alternator just isn’t going to work.

                    • Yes you need a battery and you can make blades out of different things. Just put a large pulley on the blades and attach the belt to the alt. Be sure to balance the blades though.

                    • Not 10,000 rpm, more like 2,500 in real life. My genny runs at 1800 rpm.

                  • No, you can generate electricity from wind, DUH…

                    I’ve never seen ANY tests of wind energy begotten from an alternator in a car.

                    • The DC motor found in most treadmills or golf carts would make a better generator than a car alternator. Much more efficient.

                      In the turn of the century there were water powered gristmills in every town and village in the US that had a flowing river. In a collapsed society, small water power is 24/7 unlike solar or wind.

                      I once stopped at the original historical DuPont gun power mill in Delaware. Great historical site. Several 100 to 200 year old water powered powder grinders still operate just fine. The original waterworks are still in place and functional.

                      An 1800’s gristmill was a money maker for anyone who could build one. They’d get a percent of all the flour they ground from wheat. Often they had a baker connected with their business.

                      There are three parts to any collapse. The down side sucks, just survive it. The bottom where survivors learn to just get along and start trading to fill needs, the upside where people start to rebuild.

                    • I’m about tired of seeing your stupid ass posts talking crap about others are you a child or what? Everyone is entitled to there opinion if you do not agree keep your childish mouth shut.

                  • Talk about balance. PLEASE DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS MORON.

                    He knows ZERO
                    He is probably a computer program
                    He is REALLY WRONG on EVERYTHING that a HUMAN Needs.

                    • Oh Bob, calm down or you are going to have a heart attack.

                • Si’.

                • Like you’d know? You are a WEASEL and you need to be dealt with as such…

              • SOME people always are left wondering if they’ve really made a difference in this world….BeInformed didn’t have that problem. …here’s a reprint from a year or 2 ago….i sure do miss him!
                Be informed says:
                Comment ID: 2922077
                January 27, 2014 at 12:52 pm
                HERE IS SOMETHING POSITIVE TO JUST CONSIDER WITH PREPARATION FOR ANY SHTF EVENT When true chaos slams the fan, will you be ready?

                Everyone hears of talk of war, new geophysical events and threats, deadly viruses, collapse of the economy, terrorism, nuclear contamination and much more. So what is the difference now between 10, 20, 50, years ago? This can still happen at a moment’s notice. We are in no way safer now than any previous perilous time in history. There are of course a whole list of other catastrophes that can end the society that we have become much too dependent on. Whatever mega disastrous event(s) eventually hits, which it will given time, how a person and group of people can be better equipped to survive it is what is all important.

                There is much advice on preparedness that focuses usually on one set of people being ready for a specific widescale calamity. One may be the urban setting of surviving in the city. Another making it in rural areas. Still another living through a complex wilderness setting. This however does not change what a person and group of people usually needs to live and be prepared for regardless of the disaster.

                With most prepper/survivalist you will hear the most important to survival is water, food, ammo, and shelter. Not to harp on what is necessary to and most important to everyone. There are still some other crucial considerations and an expansion of these customary needs to think over and understand that go into productive preparedness and are survival musts no matter the circumstances of what has happened and is happening.

                Look at following 10 generalized priorites to survival that should be included in all survival plans:

                1. Number one is staying hydrated. Being out of water will kill people very quickly and the last stages of severe dehydration are ugly to die from. People can store large amounts of water in cisterns. Others have workable wells and some have springs and streams. People stuck in urban settings must rely on storage of water within their homes or apartments, perhaps using cases of bottled water depending on size restrictions. Water filters and means of purfiying water are essential. Catchment areas using tarps for rainfall and learning dew collection is very important. A reliable source of drinkable safe water needs to be planned out before something terrible occurs.

                Staying hydrated also means remaining as MOIST as possible. People lose tremendous amounts of water when it is hot and dry. Staying immobile as possible during extremely warm or hot days will help retain body fluids. Eating high protein foods during hot periods uses up more water. Loosely fitting clothes to light colored clothes all helps in minimizing water loss and staying out of direct sunlight. Many people in desert regions also breathe through a lightweight type of clothe to avoid the loss of moisture through the mouth and nose. Misting of skin with spray bottles not only keeps the skin from drying out too much, but helps cool someone through evaporative cooling as long as the relative humidity if not at the saturated level. Don’t get thirsty by trying to ration water, this will become a detriment in the long run to your body, have enough safe clean water by making this a top priority no matter what.

                2. Avoiding hunger. No matter where your refuge is people have to eat to stay alive. What many people that prepare for emergencies don’t do is stock up with good quality food. We all need a certain calorie intake to maintain our weight and strength. This doesn’t mean high calorie food that has no nutriental value to it, especially high levels of sodium in it that requires a lot of water to balance it out in the body. People should when storing food to make sure that is quality food that they would eat during the pre disasterous times. Chemical additives in food simply mean that the food is cheap and the manufacturer is trying to hide the poor quality of it. Good wholesome food doesn’t require much, other than natural ingredients to make it taste good. If you can afford it, buy better quality food to store. During stressful times it is always nicer to have food that taste good. Something is better than nothing, but the better the food is you eat, the better off your body will be for it and the better your body will feel for it.

                Every person should scout out their area before something happens to determine what they can look around for to eat because their food supply is likely to run out sooner than later. Urban setting are the most difficult because of lack of natural vegetation and game, but not impossible. Each place that a person lives has some form of food available to them outside their home refuge. The best time to go searching is beforehand, and to map out what possible hazards they will face in a post SHTF environment around their home.

                3. Special needs. This is what few people would regard as third most important, but it can be life threatening without that special need. Many people need a certain something stay alive. It could be blood sugar levels, a certain type of medication or vitamin or mineral, or some other need to keep the body alive and functioning. Don’t assume that you can do without something that you need. Each person is different as well as others in any survival group, stocking up and finding alternatives to conventional treatment is paramount in survival. Address your personal needs now and the personal needs of others in your survival group that may depend on something to live or remain well and stock well for these needs.

                Another special need is something that few people give much thought to after a catastrophe, this being something to bribe your way out of a bad situation or on occasion trade for something that you need. This should be considered in any survival stockpile, items to be used by desperate people to save yourself and others. Trading with an alcoholic is not such a good idea, but having alcohol (booze) available to bargin your way out of something is not a bad idea. Cigarettes are of course another item highly prized, as many prisoners have saved themselves with a cigarette or two. Another really needed item will be rock salt. People like animals become quite in need of salt to live, and this essential nutrient will become in short supply quickly. Rock salt in 50 lbs bags is cheap. Certain items you might not have use for should be considered to add to a stockpile that others may desperately have desire for them.

                4. Protecting yourself from others. This is an absolute must. Even someone totally isolated needs good protection. While some people are opposed to firearms, it must be understood that the further you are away from an attacker, the less of a chance you have or being injuried or killed. This means having something that will project an object at enough force to stop the attacker(s). There is a whole school of thought of what someone needs from rifles to handguns to ever size of caliber. The main focus needs to be on the individual needs of a person and/or group. Any prepper/survivalist should also not limit themselves to ONLY firearms. Many other weapons offer protection and practicality such as stealthness and ease of use, especially hunting game. Bear spray is a lot more effective on a large attacking animal than a lower caliber firearm for example. Booby traps and other means of slowing down, impending, or stopping something is something to consider also.

                One of the worst misconceptions of self defense is not understanding the stopping power that is necessary. Many people still rely on a baseball bat or other weapon that can be easily taken away from someone, especially by more than one attacker. People have to think about what life will be like after a severe disaster, it is not business as usual. There is likely no help from law enforcement or nieghbors, most people will be on their own. What do you need to stop someone, packs of hungry vicous animals, or many people from taking what you have? Realistic thinking of this needs to be contemplated before something occurs and acted upon. The willingness to do whatever is necessary to protect you and your family is something that all must be ready for. Someone is not being a Rambo type by being simply well prepared to defend themselves and their families with extreme force from harm and death.

                5. Safety from the elements. We are all use to turning on the air conditioner when it is hot and the heater when it is cold. This luxary is something likely to be part of the past after a major disaster. Your home can become like an ice box or like an oven. This takes its tool on people and uses up more valuable supplies to stay warmer or cool enough. People should consider some sort of insulation scheme with their survival area before anything happens to maintain temperatures like the way a thermos does. Safety from elements also includes the wind, rain snow, and from the aftermaths of a SHTF event. This can include sheltering from radiation from a nuclear war, nuclear disaster, or terrorist incident. Protecting everyone from anything from the outside that makes life more difficult and trying, on the inside.

                Another hazard from outside that needs to be kept outside is vermin. Many people will have blown out windows after certain disasters that let in the air and the pests. Rodents carry every type of disease imaginable, control of these animals must be a top priority. Proper waste disposal is one way of keeping these parasites at bay. Insect control is another consideration, as fleas, ticks, and flies have been the source of death throughout the ages. Many natural and man-made repellents work well with them. You are trying to keep your place as sterile and clean as possible.

                6. Personal upkeep. There cannot be said enough of keeping the body as near to healthy and free of physical stress as possible. Personal hygiene is essential. This means some method of bathing, keeping your mouth as germ free as possible through daily dental care, and not allowing your body to have to highly regulate and repair itself. This goes with the safety from the elements and maintaining as near to what your body is most comfortable with. Too many people try to rough out a situation, and this macho attitude has its definite pronounced liabilities. The more your body has to cool or warm itself, the more fuel is needed, eating into your survival stash. The more physical stress someone has, the more vulnerable they are to succumbing to disease and sickness, and the overall shutdown of the body itself.

                Many nutritional deficiencies of the past are seldom seen anymore such as scurvy, but will pop their ugly head as soon as the regular diets of people are no more. On top of a stockpile of vitamins and minerals, each person needs to understand all the basic needs a body requires. Books on mineral and vitamin counts of individual foods is the best source of information on this as people will eventually need to obtain their food through other means than the accustomed store brought supplies.

                7. Germs are my enemy. Sanitation is something that everyone must practice. It is not just to keep the insects and other vermin away, it is to stop bacteria and other pathogens from getting into your body and into your environment around you. It should be known that anti-bacteria soaps and other disinfections have a limited shelf life. Bleach for example loses its ability to kill germs quickly, months to a couple of years depending on the brand and concentrations. This should be planned for by any prepper and these items should be rotated frequently. Fuel to boil water, sturdy containers to hold water, as well as to sterilize items necessary for cleaniness.

                Too many people lose the hands awareness motto. Very few germs actually infect people through the air. Even the flu is mostly contacted because of touch, which is more concentrated usually than in the air. Throughly washing hands can save much grief from sickness. Proper cooking of food is something some people fail at to kill pathogens in the food. Use of cutting boards, knives, and other cooking instruments for items not cooked are another source of contamination. The nearly invisible germ is what will kill more people after a disaster than anything else. Something else to remember, when one becomes ill, many often soon follow.

                8. Remaining civilized. This is something that many don’t think is that necessary for survival. This is a board scope of what it means to be civilized. People without light during the night are in a dangerous situation, it is depressing and mostly leaves people vulnerable and crashing over each other and anything left around. Just like maintaining temperature control, it is necessary for the well being of people to have some means of being able to properly cook their food, being able to go to the bathroom and use toilet paper, anything that helps someone to maintain what they and their bodies are use to. Change is difficult to deal with, drastic change can be life threatening. While the credo of any prepper/survivalist is adaptation is key to survival, people still want to have something they are use to and ease into a new world as well as possible. Remaining above the level of a savage or an animal must be maintained as much as possible.

                Another thing to consider is that being civilized has its benefits in that people think with a clearer head when they can still remain logical and reason through problems. One of the worst aspects of someone that is no longer civilized is that they begin to act and think like a savage. This might work in some circumstances, but in most situations the one best defense a person has is their ability to use their brains and out think any opponent or threat. Losing being civilized and someone loses part of that superior thought process to outwit most problems and predators.

                9. I can still fix it. After a cataclysm the regular world is going to be gone, and with it most of the most conveniences that people have come to expect. A person’s ability to repair what is left to make their world at least function is a skill that will take anyone far. Jerry rigging devices, being inventive and creating workable parts and machines, and regular repair will become a norm for the new harsher world. One just has to see someone without a proper tool just how much total misery they go through in the present day world. A tool that works makes all the difference to a task that is impossible without it. Everyone wants to obtain the hand, eye, and mental coordination to work with tools and fix items on their own and with others.

                People can train themselves before a disaster happens by using hand tools to repair an item instead of modern electric tools. They can attempt to repair an item using only what is around the house. People can make useable items out of “good” junk or spare parts. It is training of the mind to think, create, and make repairs that someday will become more than routine, but a necessity to help them to survive. Also make such a person high in demand for any type of post end of civilization as we know it work force.

                10. Mental stability. This is something that will play a huge part in many lives. People see the world they are use to come crashing down, and see a new world that is extremely frightening and even more threatening. Some people will opt out to suicide either through immediate means or slower and dragged out than face such an impossible world. This is why all of the above 9 priorites are so important. A person must have hope and that hope is so deeply drained away when times become so awful for them that they feel the only way out is death. Retaining some form of normalcy is a basic requirement for many to survive after everything is taken away.

                One of the best means of retaining some mental stability is diversion and any sense of accomplisment and progress. The more someone’s mind can be taken off how miserable they are and how much despair a situation is, the better chance they have of not falling into deep depression or coming out of such despondency. While entertainment such as boardgames, cards, puzzles, etc. may seem like space taken up for no good purpose, much of this become a life saver to many. Books are something that have saved people from going insane in confined spaces such as jail. Boredom on top of despair are a really bad combination. Anything that can offer some happiness or distraction from the shear horror of what is going on is quite valuable. Positive feedback to others for chores and tasks and showing appreciate can go a long ways. Remember just because you are all right doesn’t mean someone in your family or group is.

                There is another problem that many people fall into that prepare for emergencies from minor to the end of the world as we know it. This is not a clear focus on their personal immediate and long term needs. Each person has different and unique needs and no survival plan fits all in regards to what exactly a person needs to put away. Some people lose sight of what and how much they actual will need have, ending up with not nearly enough to survive even a couple of weeks. A false sense of security. While others go to the other extreme of putting away everything, including junk and useless items that take up space and send their survival organization into total disarray. This is what is defined as a “Pack Rat Prepper”.

                Someone should always aim to become a ‘Practical Stockpile Prepper’ that utilizes their volume of space, their limited resources, and their supplies into a well organized and cost effective life saving cache of supplies. This means to balance what you need and not stock what you don’t need and you or no one else can realistical ever use. It often means quality over quantity. Someone needs to know, so it is not lost in confusion. Items that need to be rotated are done so. A person can get to exactly what they need rapidly, being time efficient. Material is clearly labeled and organized. Even items that require a lot of them, the more the better like toilet paper, are keep clean, dry and stacked orderly. The opposite of this can be very self destructive to everyone.

                Like the common pack rat that see something and grab it and hide it, many people see items as someday valuable and pack them away for later. There are big problems with this as most pack rats are clueless what they actual have. There is no concentration of true need. Pack rats put all their eggs into one basket and that basket is consistant of utter clutter. Pack rat preppers will keep items that have become useful to no one. This might include food that not even a cockroach could eat, piece of broken plastic, broken tools, even broken glass. They see junk and litter as something someday someone can use. Screws, nails, and other spare parts have much value, but trash just takes up space and prevents any type of organization of real needs. They totally lose track of everything and only see the stacks of what they have as volumes of value. This is extreme, but is a downfall that many people that store up for tomorrow fall into in varying degrees of severity.

                This is where a true skill comes in before, during, and after a calamity hits, being what is called an ‘Expert Scrounger’. Being able to forage around for useful items is a true art. Anyone can collect useless debris in a big pile that serves no purpose. It takes someone with an imagative and creative mind to see an item being put together that will work and be helpful to them and others. Many talk about after some monster cataclysm that we all will be reduced to an 18th century level of primitiveness. They don’t see all the potential of so much finished products out there laying around that anyone from the 18th. century would have relished having for the taking. People will also have to learn how to be the gatherer of food, herbs, and other medicinal plants out there in nature for the picking.

                Another expertise that almost all people will need to learn and hone is living by their wits. Having what is called savvy will be necessary. A hunter needs this to be able to outthink what they need for dinner. A trader needs this to out master whom they are bartering with. A traveller must have this to not get caught up in a manmade or natural trap, and how to get loose if they do. A survivalist needs this know-how to be able to adapt constantly to the multiple changing world around them after the stability of the human civilization might not be around.

                One other trait that most people don’t like is fixability. Sometime you may have to bug out to another location or do something that you might not have ever considered to survive. The old adage here is that sometimes beggers can’t be choosers. Even the catchphrase of grin and bear it might apply. The ultimate goal is to live and live as well and as long as possible. Common sense must take precedence here, whatever is best going to suit that goal of survival even if that means shallowing one’s pride to do what is necessary for everyone’s benefit.What anyone is aiming for is the ability of themselves and the people around them to be able to survive and make what they have left around them work to keep them alive and well. The more serious any situation is, the more someone and a group will have to pull from what they have stored up physically and from within themselves. A strong and well balanced level of storage of these needs that can be efficiently used and will be the difference between a likelihood of survival and a miserable difficult possibly fruitless effort at it.

                • BCOD

                  As true today as it was written then.

                  Excellent repost. Thanks.

                  • yer welcome!

              • Pissed off Patriot:

                Think you need a dictionary. You misspelled that word. I don’t have yeast, try Genius, he’s always stocked with yeast. And then pull on my little red wagon. ?


                • speakin’ of yeast, i think our fearful leader, oBEYme has a middle-yeast infection, as we write….wonder what he’s going to TAKE for it? shootout at the OY VEY corral, in 4…3..2..

            • BC, great list,have alot missing alot too.
              Don’t forget.
              Oil motor and 2 cycle
              Axe and pick handles
              6ft. cross cut saw(have 2 ,wood for long haul)
              Distilled water for batteries
              Family and bible!
              Maniac –out
              Almost forgot,be well!

              • good stuff there, Lamaniac…added.

          • Generator? For short term issues. I was in Toronto when that East Coast blackout occurred. We were down, if I recall, a full day or two. Just used mine the other day after a lighting strike. I’ll bet the recent hurricane “recipients” in NC wish they had one. Or if the New Madrid or Cascadia faults go. Of course, in an EMP it will be useless after a week, and just an attractant for all the unprepared nanny state leftist fascists, but that is apples, and short term use is oranges. Mine is just for short term use, not a TEOWTWAKI event.

            • It was 13/3/1989 that Quebec experienced an EMP.
              The blackout only lasted less than one day.

              • Most natural EMP’s occur in the more northern hemisphere like in Canada. Just like the story above in Quebec.

                I highly doubt a natural EMP would be hitting Florida, too far south.


          • If your fortunate enough to heat with propane that is a terrific generator fuel as a 330 gallon tank with 250 gallons at 3/4 gallon per hour, maybe a half gallon, will last a long time. Buying too big of a generator decreases efficiency as it’s desirable for it to be running at 80% load if possible. This is very difficult due to motor starting amps load being 2.5 x running.

            Figure on 20% efficiency for the propane system. Assuming 30 amps when running, its 3KW or roughly 11,000 BTUs. Propane has 91,000 BTUs gallon or 16,000 BTUs output at 20% efficiency. A KW is equivalent to 3413 BTUs so 3 KW is slightly more than a 1/2 gallon fuel use per hour. Eight hours per day of electricity should be adequate. You’ll have two months to figure out how to get a refill.


          This 20 kW generator will work for you, it’s a 70 year old design, & it runs at 1,200 RPM’s. 100% EMP proof.. Hope this helps you out..


          This generator does not have any electronics involved, all manual.. Runs at 1,200 RPM’s, can be put on a trailer, & has 200 Volt power. there are a few good videos on this to make up your mind, for a good product..

          • I meant 220 Volt..

        • It depends on the source of the EMP.
          Just like there are long and short wave radio frequencies there are long and short wave EMP sources.
          A nuclear EMP is very low frequency. It is absorbed by very long runs of wire like the electrical grid. It induces a huge electrical pulse in long runs of wire. The grid will be fried as will anything connected to it, likely including a generator connected on standby.

          The standalone generator sitting in the garage not connected to anything could likely survive. If it is a brushless generator consider having a spare set of diodes for it. (They are a bitch to install). Small standalone electronic will likely survive just fine as will many cars.

          A solar EMP would do similar damage as a nuclear EMP.

          Military EMP weapons are higher frequency, they will only do very local damage to the grid, but will also destroy modern computer controlled cars and small electronics better.

          There are two classes of military EMP weapons. Old designs use an explosive to essentially collapse a super powerful electromagnet in on itself and sent the pulse out a broadband antenna. The US used these in Iraq in the early days of gulf war one. It fried the grid in a several block radius and destroyed microelectronics in slightly a wider circle.

          The newest EMP weapons use ultra powerful microwave transmitters to do the same thing. These are high frequency and really kill microelectronics very well. The grid not so much. If you have a modern electronic Asian made refrigerator, this will absolutely kill it. And old fashion electric motor and mechanical thermostat design might survive. Not quite as powerful as explosive driven EMP weapons, but they can be flown in a plane, aimed at specific targets like the bridge of a ship. Or just flown back and forth over target in a grid pattern doing lots of damage over a broad area over time. The Russians are really good at this one.

          • thanks, plan….makes a lot of sense to ME….thanks for being a great contributor to shtfplan.

        • I would think most any electronic device, that does not have a stored electric current going through it, at the time of the EMP, will work just fine post EMP. Anything with capacitors holding a charge would fry. Your Vehicle could be saved if you disconnect the battery and let the entire electrical component system drain down to zero, may be saved.

          Some speculate, if you ground your Vehicle, meaning you connect a set of battery charger cables from your car frame to a good solid ground, like a house grounding rod, it ay help save the electronics. And an EMP may come in electronic waves and the damage will be variable depending on location, how far away from impact, is there a lot of mass like a mountain blocking the shock waves, etc. Its all unknown exactly what an EMP affects will do. Manmade EMP’s from over-flight aircraft can be directed at a target and disable all the electronics in certain buildings.

          ~WWTI… Don’t depend on electronics, and you will be fine. That’s why you prep with lots of Hand tools and saws etc. A manual hand water pump as a backup to your electric water pump. Get these items now, they will be sparce post SHTF. Buy a few picture hand pumps for wells.

          All about Picture Pumps – ht tps://

          • Correct spelling Pitcher Pump $45 at Tractor Supply
            ht tp:// Good for 25 Ft Wells. You can get a complete 25 Ft well system and piping for less than $125. Got water?

            Be EMP prepared. Also pick up a small wood stove $299 at Tractor Supply heats up to 900 Sq Ft. ht tp://

            Lots of great items you need in a collapse. I fired up a small outdoor wood stove I bought and heated up a tea kettle full of water yesterday to test out. You need to have all of these items in place for all grid down situations. I am living off the Grid now, and am testing a lot of these products out, to see what works and what doesn’t work. Make all the mistakes in Practice, No room for error in real Grid down or EMP attacks. Have several LP Tank connector hoses and adapters, etc. And get multiple, at least, 2x LP gas 2 burner stoves. I have gone through several in less than 20 months. $25 each. They clog up or break. Trust me on that. Have at least 5 ways to cook food minimum. Multiple gas grills etc. The wood stove listed above you can also cook on and heat a tea kettle of water as well as heat up a garage while you are skinning your deer. A must have.

            Even if you live in the city, you can install a hand dug 25 to 30 Ft well and pump in your back yard, and install a hand pitcher pump. Just keep your big trap shut to your neighbors of what you are doing. They will rat on you, to local city inspectors.

            Here where I am in FL, at I will install a couple of these shallow pumps just for backups on the property. I most likely will hit water 8 to 10 Ft down. Have this water backup to at least provide water to livestock if needed, or filter then boil the water for human drinking. Got to have water. That’s a back up to rain barrel water collection for gardening and toilet flushing. 1 is none and 2 in one. “Git-er’ done!!”

            Get ready Folks its coming. Less than a few weeks left.


            • Have stocked up a lot of manual tools, Hand drill, hand saws, hand grinders, solar dehydrator, garden tools, pulleys, hand winch, nails/hardware, could build a house but it would be a bitch lol.

              • We never did find any ‘Sky Hooks’ …few and far between.

              • Stocked, but STUPID…

            • Wwti, keep reading that 25ft. I have a pitcher pump on a well 46ft. Works fine! If you can go deeper for better quality water,and don’t forget extra leathers for the pump also!
              Be well
              Maniac –out

      11. Most dangerous time would be days 3 to 30. After that the population will be thinned. If it is not a global event then help should start to arrive. If it is a global event then help will never arrive and you will need enough preps to get you to harvest time. And if cannot catch it or grow it, you won’t be eating.

        • Norseman, And save all those skinny clothes you have in your closets, when SHTF and food gets scarce, lots of people will loose a lot of weight. The one guy in the video from Venezuela said he had notched up a belt, 8 buckle holes for the pants he wears now to keep them up. So save all your skinny Jeans and pants. Maybe get a good pair of clip on suspenders to hold your pants up. Women, you have 4 lifetimes of clothes in those closets you have not worn, or never worn and still had the tags on the clothes.

          Old worn out clothes can also be cut up into strips and used as toilet paper if you run out. One time use of course. Think out of the box. Git’ Busy!! Git-er’ done!!


          • This is Obama’s plan to stop the election…if anything happens it will be Haarp related. Obama want’s his 3rd term.

      12. Nibiru / Planet 7X, It’s already here. TPTB are conditioning you for the time of it’s arrival around Passover March 15-16 2017.

        • Ah yes… good ol Nibiru. Back for yet another reprise…. year after year after year after year after year….

        • Robbie, and when March 16, 2017 passes with nothing hitting us, when will the next date for Nibiru supposedly be?

          Nibiru and Jesus have one thing in common; they don’t exist.

      13. sounds like another false flag to me; somebody’ll take the grid down on purpose and the govt will blame a solar flare.

      14. Quick update in Alberta , winter has arrived in force got 2feet nice well we all know it’s skiddoo season yay baby figure I should get a few weeks if sledding and make it to my next Buffalo hunt. I leave for that one in the 20th supposed to be an even bigger event then last spring. And if last spring was any indication I’m in for one hell of a ride. I’m healed up quite nicely since. My nose even went back to normal the stripes I took scared up into an X type shape. Gonna be a real show eh ?

        • Where are you in AB., Beav? I used to like in Edmonchuck, near U of A (I taught there, as well as Alberta Vocational) but also Vancouver and Nanaimo… then Ottawa. How is the fascist NDP gov doing? Are housing prices tanking, or still holding up?

          • Facisiam would be preferable to these commie socialist pig fookers. Least a guy like me has a chance. If you was in Edmonton I’m NW. Edmonton sucks. I’m out in the boonies where I can drive my ATV or skidoo which is really popular in my neck if the woods. Enough clues there any Canuck will figure out exactly where I am lol

            • Whitecourt, eh!

              • Not quite

      15. Anyone with a functioning anything better not let anyone see or hear it. Until after the die off maybe? Then the canibals. Watch the movie . The colony . With Kevin Zegers. If they see your solar panels ther coming. Smell you cooking. They will watch the water holes and follow you. They will throw molotovs and burn you out if they have too. You must keep them out of Molotov throwing range at night. Fences dogs ? They’ll kill and eat the dogs. Maybe making your house look like it’s already been looted. Like in , After Armagedon. The TV movie No wonder they say 90 % will die.

        • Lone wolverine – agree 100%. Too many preppers will be surprised by the intensity and ruthlessness of the starving zombie hoards – once they know you have food or supplies. They will come at night, from all directions. How many “Bug-In” preppers are ready for weeks of not sleeping, constant sniper threats, and rocks or bullets taking out every window? And think about the logistics and tactics needed for putting out fires on the outside of your house – at night – while the fire lights you up as a target and destroys your own night vision?

      16. Not to touch the earth not to see the sun nothing left to do but Run run run let run. All right.

      17. I did not read the entire article but based on what I’ve read, as far back as the Bush administration, they were warned about matters such as this and it was reported that the Government had ordered a large quantity of freeze dried food in #10 cans because people blogged that there was a shortage of them. Also, large military type tents,cots and of course caskets/casket liners.

        I think the book written by John Casey “Cold Sun” was published in the 90’s and recently had a followup book concerning the possibility of this and a change in the temperature. A drop, a mini ice age. Interesting reading.

        Lately, at least on alternate news sources, much concern over a alleged possible nuclear exchange between U.S. and Russia concerning Syria. Dave Hodges seems to be worried to death and Steve Quayle.

        But in the last 12 months, Governments,especially in Eastern Europe have been warning their people to stock food for 60-90 days.

        On the lists nations that has conducted civil defense drills as of recent.
        Russia reported an event involving 40 million people?

        Not too long ago Obama recommended that people store food. Did he not?

        This country has no civil defense shelters to speak of as supposedly Russia and China has.

        This type of event would be a natural EMP event. As we are concerned about a country using a EMP Bomb on us, the sun could do it for them.

        People have their own opinion about matters like this, but this is more believable because it has happen before.

        • If it happens (an EMP) it will a man-made event carefully carried out to be precisely like that of a “Sun-Strike” pulse, and of course The USA would take the brunt of it.

          Otherwise, THAT isn’t going down either. (Then again, perhaps that failed N. Korean launch was meant for us)?

      18. The timing is for 60,90 and 120 days…just enough to cover Hillary taking over. Sounds like a planned false flag event to be blamed on whom ever is convenient at the time(Russians,Trump,N Koreans,Iranians,etc.) to be followed by martial law, cancelled elections,war…take your pick. You,I and most others will be excluded from any benefits allowed….you’re on your own.

      19. Question:

        How will they enforce that executive order – at least effectively enforce it – if there is an EMP? Of course, no one really knows how it would play out, but just a question.

        How will those who went for Bitcoin vs. gold fare? (Yeah, yeah, yeah, we get it. You can’t eat gold. Heard that cliche a thousand times. And in a severe or long term crisis, that is true. But in a middling scenario, it would be important as a store of value. Point here is diversification.)

        Finally, how will the singularity nuts, like Kurzweil, work out? Guess your brain wired up to a computer will be a having a few issues, eh!

      20. If truth is the first casualty in war, as Aeschylus wrote, then be prepared for a FAKE space event which will be passed off to us as real.


        You would not believe my speculation if I told you and that is not AS important as encouraging you to question EVERY single directive as well as the ALLEGED “space weather event”.

        Keep not only your head on a swivel, but your critical questioning faculties as well.

        Including Prayer as a Prep every day, and every night.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • Truth is also the first casualty anytime anyone named Clinton is near.

          That is, of course, depending on what the meaning of “is” is.

          • I believe it is project bluebeam that is the setup for holographic ufo invasion and god appearing in the sky.

            • If you saw “God” in the sky, you would be looking in the mirror and thinking it was you – SHAME on YOU. To the Abyss with YOU!

              • Please explain project bluebeam to us Bob…..

      21. Science at this point in time CANNOT PREDICT any significant solar event including large CME events.
        Our satellites MIGHT give us a few hours warning that
        such an event has happened and that earth is in the
        ‘line of fire’ but NOBODY not even his holiness the
        black jeebus knows when such an event is going to happen.
        ALL preparations for such an event are based on contingency….the fact that it can and eventually will happen but that WE DON’T KNOW WHEN.

      22. I remember when the threat of an EMP was considered conspiracy theory .
        They must have found a way to make a buck off of it.

      23. Hello everyone 🙂
        I hope all is well.
        Check out suspicious0bservers dot org
        Please note that the “oh” in observers is a zero.
        I have been listening to the daily updates for a few years. Amazing information is given each day on solar activity and how it actually is responsible for earth quakes and volcanic activity. Ben has also made a disaster prediction app that will be out in the next few months. Pretty amazing stuff. He also also great informative videos on earth’s magnetic pole shift that’s going to happen sooner than we think.
        It’s worth checking out for sure.
        Take care

        Beans, bandaids, bullets, bullion, the bible and brotherhood!

        Solar Guy out….

        • I did. Good site
          Solid information.
          No crazy stuff

        • Solar Guy, I hit that site everyday.
          Some say that Ben Davidson is our Be Informed.
          Makes sense, I asked if he was when I bought his book. No response.
          But the 5 minute video everyday is eye opening.
          One day we may wake up and nothing works…

          Be well most posters…

      24. Hello Dan

        The solar wind -CME or simple flare doesn’t usually travel at the speed of light so it takes much longer than the 8.5 minutes to reach earth. Usually the flares take at least a few days to reach us after they occur. Their speed and density do vary but we do get a bit of a heads up at least.
        It’s more like a hurricane than a tornado.

        Best regards

        Solar Guy

      25. Let us see.
        Bank Collapse
        Muslime cutting our throats
        Open borders
        UN take over.
        Hitlery taking away our guns
        Revolution/Civil War
        Boys using girls bathrooms
        Girls using boys bathroom.
        Black person can say they are White.
        White person can say the are Black
        A person can say they are a Blue with red dots horse and we have to let it run in the field. But they aren’t nuts. We are.
        NOW WE HAVE THE SUN ABOUT TO PUKE ON US. Oh hell its just another day in the park. Nothing to worry about.

        And they call us CRAZY for prepping.

        • The sun puking on earth will ultimately happen, but scripture teaches that that will only occur only at the end of all things on this planet. To everything a season. It is more likely men will simulate the sun puking on the earth.

          We have a very long time before that happens, in the meantime we have minor issues like the revelation of who the antichrist is, his False Prophet and sharia law are, plus lots of other fireworks.

          Oops,did I give something away?

          • “P”
            Oops,did I give something away?

            Only if you read between the lines.

          • The Sun puke is TRUMPET No 1.

            • I wish them angels would learn to play the sax. Especially if we’re going to hear the blues.

      26. This will give us up to date info on any CME’s or sunspots. Check it out friends. Interesting news today on there…….

      27. Looks like a setup/false flag to me..
        Oh look the sun cme caused the blackout not the EMP caused by TPTB.
        Wasnt there a book series by A. AMERICAN wrote about this.. the “Going Home” books or something like that..

      28. In a prolonged power outage, generating heat without using fuel or firewood is vital in the winter months. Composting is a possible source of such heat. It is a biochemical process using multiple microbes and small lifeforms to convert biomass materials to compost. In the bacterial stages it produces considerable heat for prolonged periods of time. Gaelan Brown’ book titled The Compost-Powered Water Heater provides a good read on the use of compost.

      29. The time table for the executive order is 120 days. Just about how many days between now and when a new president is sworn in. I bet this is prep for an emp from Russia and Obama will stay in office

      30. meh, more fear porn.

        BUT to this… “all of these resources will fall under the authority of the United States government. ”

        I say Molon Labe!!!

      31. I’m not buying an EMP event, a strategic one anyway. There’s 99 operating nuclear power generating plants in the USA that ALL DEPEND ON AN OPERATING GRID TO CONTINUE OPERATION! Without a grid, the reactors must still be cooled. The NRC only requires 7 days of diesel to run backup pumps to cool these plant. Some plants have as much as 30 days supply. An EMP would likely make it impossible to keep all of these reactors cooled for any extended period of time. So, what happens if one, ten or all 99 reactors run out of fuel to run their backup cooling pumps? We’ll have Fukushima in North America.

        And if that happens is will likely kill most life on plant Earth. The Russians don’t want that. The Chinese don’t want that. Why would Obama do it and commit personal suicide?

        I’m not buying an intentional EMP event other than some tactical uses that would not threaten the grid. The best defense we have against nuclear attack is our fragile electrical grids and there’s only two major grids in the USA.

        This is a bunch of rhetoric to scare folks, make them more compliant.

        I do believe they make shut down the grid selectively to make citizens think there’s been an EMP event.

      32. Without getting to technical:
        EMP destructive power comes from INDUCING a voltage in a conductor. (“Typical” value thrown around is 50KV)
        Simply put EMP “wave” hits wire. 50,000 volts of electricity is GENERATED in wire, Voltage travels into device and destroys things which cannot handle it.

        The longer the wires(antennas, power lines) the more charge is induced and built up.
        There are several types of EMP waves (typically E1,E2,E3).

        TO PROTECT YOUR DEVICES: Use a faraday cage. A faraday cage works by canceling out the various voltages on the SURFACE of the cage preventing the voltages from penetrating into the interior.
        The faraday cage needs to stop the FREQENCIES used for the particular EMP.(which are unknown) Safest bet is solid conducter wall. This includes the seams/openings. Copper and aluminum work well.

        GROUNDING is NOT needed/wanted/good DURING an EMP. Faraday cages should be ISOLATED from ground WHILE protecting from an EMP.
        Grounding is used to remove a charge AFTER an EMP that may build up (think static shock at 50KV) and be held by the cage. Bigger the Faraday cage , more likely/stronger charge can be built up.
        Nobody knows the freqencies, voltages or charge created by any given EMP, but “we” have an idea/theroys. Use a faraday cage FULLY around what you want to protect and ground JUST BEFORE you touch it for saftey.

        Distance also plays a part. EMP ground zero may be 50KV further away may be only 20-30KV. Some “super weapons” have been “reported” to be closer to 100KV. These would need better faraday cages. Faraday cages are not equal (just like shack/house/bunker) But use what you can to do what you can.

        This simplistic information could be bulls#!t from the internetty- do your own research and protect your own a$$.

        • I wonder how many miles of electrical-ground wire exists that would suddenly become “hot” (just a bit), then back to being just a ground?

      33. Second prep tip of the day.

        Why? Because I have a bad feeling and besides what harm can it do.

        To remind us all again on edged weapons and tools. Knives, axes, hatchet, Mall splitters, wedges, swords, chisels and drill bits both wood and metal. Brace and a Hurdy Gurdy. File are a must in the tool kit. A good tape measure.

        Propane torches and some MAP gas to heat rusted items. Make sure you change the tips for the higher temp.
        Easy outs and a tap and die set for repairs. Concrete drills along with lag bolt inserts.

        • I bought a worksharp ken onion edition sharpener and DAMN that thing works awesome! 125 bux and worth every cent! Everyone is amazed how sharp my knives are. Can get a tool grinding attachment too. Look into it if you want seriously sharp knives etc…

          • Those are real nice little grinders,,,been looking at getting one maybe its time

          • I got one for FREE! And it functions well. A DIME a DOZEN…

          • One of the best sharpeners I’ve seen was a DIY on YouTube. Guy took two layers of MDF sandwiched with glue. Cuts them into discs with a centered hole. Installs on a threaded shaft driven by belt with a low speed motor, a 1/4 horse works fine. Once it’s together and working apply a sanding block to true up the discs. Apply rouge polishing compound to the disc and hone your already sharp knives, they will be like a razor.

            • Thats a cool idea, thanks.

              • Knowing the ‘minutes of angle’ of the best knives allows you to set a machine and rip out perfect (identical) sharpness …no arguments.

                But give me a rough/smooth honestone, and let me use oil (once you start with oil or water, you must stick to it ONLY)! I can always ‘copy’ the angle “by feel” and with a bit of pressure into the ‘push'(away), of the edge, by varying pressures to ‘very light’ you can get edges-from-hell every time, any knive (except aluminum). I like Mobil 1 – 10-30W for honing, yet the lighter the oil the finer the edge (or so them old-timers say, and they should know with those leather-straps being used to sharpen straight-razors (try that to see how sharp your knife is NOT)! lol..

                • Equorial,
                  Funny story, I’d just sharpened my little Buck exec pocket knife. My daughters soccer coach was having a luncheon for the kids that day and had ordered a 6 foot sub that came wrapped in cardboard. The tape conveniently hidden underneath.

                  Coach looks at it and ponders out loud how to open it. I said no problem and before he can blink my knife is slicing six feet of cardboard open like I was pulling a zipper. And the knife is back in my pocket in a flash. He’s the only one that saw the flick of the blade. Mouth agape he mutters, no one should be allowed to own a knife that sharp. I smile and offer him the first slice of the sandwich. He looked so creeped out.

                  I’ve carried a pocket knife since I was a kid.

                  I hated New Zealand, they are Nazi’s when it comes to weapons. A whole country of outdoors loving people, and you can’t legally have a pocket knife of any size. The only thing acceptable is a multi tool inaccessible in the bottom of a knapsack. I always had my knapsack. Australia was better when I was there, I could have a small 2 1/2 inch or less pocket knife, but no lighter or matches. Bring a magnifying glass in your bag. I understand Australia has gotten worse.

                  We visited old Ironsides in Boston. It is officially a navel military vessel/base. At the security check my son, daughter and myself all reveal our knives. They were all 2.5 inches or less and sharp as razors, the limit on US military bases, and legal all over the EU if traveling (check the latest laws). The young woman at the checkpoint freaked out. But, but, but they all have knives? The officer in charge laughed and told her to hand them back and passed us through.

                  Traveled in Europe, the only place that cared about my pocket knife was the Vatican who apologized profusely, took them and gave use claim checks. Too many idiots have destroyed artwork there. They were returned when we exited.

                  Apparently since I visited, some EU states have started banning pocket knives with certain characteristics like a locking blade, or one handed operating features. Travelers beware of local laws.

                  If they are this paranoid, I won’t travel there anymore.

      34. Texas I have been told has a back up grid and the current grid has been EMP hardened to protect itself from EMP Attack not only that they have it protected from other types of attacks as in jihadist and other soldiers who might try to ge took close to it.. so this is a good far a Nibiru is concerned, what were are being told about solar system wind etc is real..we will be having some uproar, that may cause grid collapse, but not a certainly. The biggest threat is a false flag by and EMP to stop the elections. This is currently the biggest theat at the moment and we all know that the next debate on Wednesday will certainly finish off Clinton and if the canal things that causing Trump of assault and other laughable BS that they are trying to coming up with, will not change the minds of the American people, so the cabal can try all they want, and they have already ran out of time. If they allow Trump to win, that leave less than 3 months for them to stop the inaguration in February.. a lot of bad stuff can and I feel will happen before February 2016.. like I said before I have to see Trump literally get sworn in the believe it..becaue I believe that we have no chance in hell of making it that far before they pull some bullshit. Solar system change is the least of my worries, it’s the current political climate is what’s bothersome..Just saying..i just checked my hug out bags yesterday and sealed up the rest of the items in strong leak proof bags to make sure it “hostile environmentally ready ” for hostile environments”. it would be laughable like I told my girlfriend that if we think we are going to be holding hands and going into a fancy restaurant very Saturday night, we can think again. And that why we don’t venture far home. HCKS I am getting scared, she says. Something bad is going to happen.. yes baby, we are getting ready to plunge into SHTF..


        When your a star they let you do it.

        Donald Trump.

      35. HCKS

        Texas doesn’t have a back up grid but it does have its own grid. Ax for hardening I don’t know.

        Texas is the most likely State to break away and to stand alone as an independent nation. It would be an exporter of energy, food and it has a very strong indigenous petroleum refining / chemical manufacturing industrial base along with its associated support elements. Geographically it has a great location with Gulf / Ocean access. In the end its citizens have a patriotic spirit as I have witnessed meeting many through my work. Walk up and ask a USA citizen traveling in Europe what they are and their reply is, “I’m an American”. If they’re from Texas they don’t state nation first and say, “I’m from TEXAS” with their chest pushed out proudly.

      36. As not Ax…..oops

      37. The most reliable prep is Know How and Self Reliance. Try and be the person if you where stark naked you could cloth feed and shelter with nothing but your bare hands. The Carrington event EMP in the 1800,s fried everything caught telegraph poles on fire ect. And none of it was computer or complex devices. Prepare for a stone age lifestyle.

        • You mean ill have to get stoned in my old age?? Guess we will all do what we gotta do when the time comes

          • Godsoldier

            I got stoned and I missed it
            I got stoned and I missed it
            I got stoned and it rolled right by
            I got stoned and I missed it
            I got stoned and I missed it
            I got stoned, Oh me oh my.

            Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show.

          • You have to be stoned to ensure the meds really work. 🙂

      38. All I know is that people are flocking back here to the woods. Three properties were clear cut last week. That’s a big deal for a realty area that was stagnate for 2 decades.

      39. Hang em up to dry, or squeeze them for the water?
        I don’t have enough room to bury them.
        trade them one pound of bacon for the city CD music they carry,so they will move on?
        Slave them for a while, group hugs?
        Folding tables for the flee market, bullet holes 1/2 off?
        Big fireworks launch into mraps.
        korans pages on a hook and alarm?
        Slings for rocks, sling shot marbles, wasp spray 12 foot
        Cattle prods, large tie wraps, ceramic knife blades.
        wound super glue. fish mox, tobacco, xmit ham radio.
        Car body epoxy and powder. magnesium powder in bullet tip
        IR night sight, hidden door in fence line.
        Long pike spear, handy flame thrower.
        outdoor camera. Talk to your stomach first.
        Water filter, How to cook forty humans cook book. /s

        • I have read that some MRAP vehicles and others are equipped with automatic return fire devices that pinpoint where a shot comes from and targets it and returns fire. IMO you could defeat this by using bottle rockets with time delay fuse (several rocketfuses tied together and fool this device while taking other measures. Many other things you can do with fireworks. Use your imagination….

          • Yup, BS! Get real “genius” if you can that is… Tell us something that is actually USEFUL…

            • Actually Genius is very close.

              This is a touchy subject.

          • If – “if” you were indeed a genius, then SAVE US. If not, then be gone you crusty thing.

          • Yeah, go ahead and try it… Let us know how you fared!

            • I see the logic in this completely escapes your microscopic mind Bob, if you can’t even understand the theory behind it maybe you are a bit outgunned on this forum lol.

      40. Wow, and so close to the election, too. What a coincidence.
        [loud klaxon sound inserted here]


      41. At the Vatican they have given us the truth in plain sight as shown in this video:
        It is our 2nd sun that hits our sun….It’s is not Nibiru Nibiru has its own mini solar system that’s in tow. Nonetheless, this is what is about to take place and they know it! 3 days of darkness will ensue.

        Learn more here: and here …go back and review his past videos ….you decide.

        • Im skeptical about NIBIRU. However I have researched it. And it in my opinion would be preferable to what the NWO Agenda 21 UN folks have planned. I would like to witness such a event. If the New Madrid let go. There would be a big swamp from the Ar. Mo. Ozark Rock to the Tennesse rock on the east. The entire Arkansas delta would be open water & inland sea or swamp. It would be quite a exciting adventure. I dunno the NIBIRU theory might be plausible? Maybe more likely than The invisible guy in the sky LOL.

      42. The Faraday Cage does protect electronics against the EMP. I’ve improvised some from rubber insulation and metal trash cans. It is fine for small objects but larger items are almost impossible to protect. These Executive Orders would allow the Feds to steal so much. In the event of Government confiscation of needed items, the only way to prevent the theft might be to set fire to our own homes.

        • And I would burn it all rather than let some one who had ought naught to do with me having it benefit from my preps. I will leave poisoned canned goods for them to find.

          • One of the best in a SHTF is a 3/4 bottle of Jack on the kitchen table with the juice of two dozen nightshade berries added.

            Take my castle? Help yourself! I’ll be the last prepper you plunder.

        • another form of protection is a camper or metal sided building well grounded. Also wire (copper best) mesh, well grounded, around your stuff.

          I urge all Wisconsin voters to vote Paul Ryan out of office.

      43. Knowing how much obama hates America, I imagine he has something sinister in this executive order that he will bring out just before he leaves office (if he leaves) and he will blame it on meteors or some such outer space object.

      44. barry is just trying to get the sheeple prepared when HE launches an EMP attack, he can blame it on the sun

      45. Off topic. I seen a video where they claim that a video of Bill Klinton raping a 13 year old girl is going to be released? Probably wouldn’t change anyones opinion. The Klintons seen to be Teflon Coated?

        • No one knows the day or the hour . But you will see the signs.Rumors of war. The weapon of indignation will be used. The elements will burn like the sun. Ther eyes will melt in ther sockets and there tounges will melt in there mouthes before there bodies hit the ground. And the new Babylon who sits on many waters will be destroyed in one hour. How could you make this stuff up 2000 years ago? The greatest power on earth will be destroyed in one hour .The elements uranium burning like the sun. We conquered Babylon.So are we the new Babylon? What other country sits on many waters. The Atlantic and pacific? The king in the north will allie with Persia (Iran) and the King of the east China.? And demascus ( Syria)will become a heap of ruin. How could anyone say this is just a coincidence? The people that don’t believe are not prepping . And there lamps will be empty . And they will be culled as Tares and burned. And the wise virgins will inherit the new And renewed world. With Gods help.

      46. The only disaster we will have whether an EMP attack , false flag terrorist enuke , dirty bomb , power grid collapse etc ……. will be gift wrapped and delivered by the Kenyan sodomite in chief . Our political system is broken far beyond repair . It has less validity than professional wrestling .If the gay muzzie does leave the house whether dead or alive Killary has already been appointed by the powers that shouldn’t be . I for one will not go silently in the night . Food , water , weapons , ammunition ( LOTS ) all ready and waiting . Most Importantly above all else the will and determination to survive . Best wishes to all of you and GOD BE WITH YOU !!!!!!!

      47. I can only think that this is some ploy to give him more control over us – the threat that the Sun may cause climate change as a cause for Martial Law! After ignoring The Sun as a cause of climate change for so long, now he wants to embrace it as though he could control it! Go, Obama – fly to the Sun on Icarus’ wings …. I’ll hold your coat.

      48. Sanderson 1611 has got my vote . I think he’s right weather we like it or not? He’s definatly not Luke warm?

      49. It’s more likely the Obama regime knows about will allow an EMP over America from Iran and/or North Korea, and is setting up a space weather event excuse for people who survive.

      50. Because congress is full of doing nothing climate exceptics by Executive Order Obama a wants to stop solar activity.He also should order Allah to help him. Ha Ha Ha. No he is preparing us emotionally for the nuclear EMP bomb, for which Russia is prepared long ago. Few of them exploded 25 miles over US and we will have everything running electronically destroyed. FRIED!

      51. more like man made crap will bring it down blame it on solar flares.

      52. more like man made crap will bring it down blame it on solar flares.

      53. Going to hit right before the election.

      54. Why we need new leadership.
        It is a leader’s enemies that clarifies my solidarity for support or disdain. I am angered and dislike the “fundamental changes” of this administration and I refuse to allow America’s continued ruin by Hillary’s (Democrat’s, elitists’ and RINOs’) dream of a “dictatorial Alinsky Socialistic” society … all because a candidate is “Not Perfect”.
        I’ll accept not hearing everything the way I wish and with unencumbered ‘politically correctness’ but I need a vision and motives better align with mine than any RINO, Democrat or political spokesman.
        The fact that Obama, Clinton’s, Bernie, Soros, Koch Brothers, Bushes … RINOs, Democrats, elitists’ and the Media (each benefiting from their corrupt cabal) and the Pope, UN, EU, China, Cuba, Planned Parenthood, illegal aliens, Islam, Satanist, Atheists, hateful racists, Black Lives Matter, Move On, and violent liberals are all against a candidate will confirm that right choice.
        When many of these world elitists, political insiders, left wing pundits and Alinsky socialist are so scared that they unite to speak out, simultaneously and in unison supporting unfounded innuendos and blatant lies also will verify the best qualified candidate.
        I demand a president with the Supreme Court Justice Appointees who will support our Constitution, Bill of Rights and their derived laws to survive as the only legal system equally applied for all residents and Sharia law having no place in the USA or near it’s judicial system.
        I demand a budgets that will become balanced with increased efficiency, and GDP growth from returned and reinvested capital (from off shore tax havens) through lowered corporate taxes from the world’s highest to near lowest rates and revised (simplified) regulation. Employment and productivity must be enhanced with more trade in an improved environment. This increased revenue must rebuild our industries, entrepreneurship, research, innovations and technologies … but more importantly, with a proven expertise for taking an “inner city” (ruined by decades of corrupt Democrat control) to rebuild and provide new improved schools (free choice vouchers to the best competitive education), housing and infrastructure created and built with higher paying, respectful jobs for and by resident of those areas. All modes of transportation will be modernized for safety, economy, efficiency and improved environments while clean energy production expands (more exports) and cost decreases as free market technology develops renewable resources with seamless integration into existing, but more secure, power grids.
        This new administration must eliminate Alinsky style political corruptions (“pay for Play”) starting in the DOJ, FBI, DHS and through the IRS, EPA, and continuing until we have one set of laws equally applied to all people.
        This effort will also eliminate the Department of Education and agencies’ existing ‘Alinsky’ adopted plans for increased hatred, encouraged disobedience and riotous division among citizens that (I fear) presently are geared to eventually force Government control via Marshall Law, Federalization of all police and National Guard units and then placing USA under their One World control with UN Troops and gun confiscation.
        I want a candidate whose family’s values exemplify how we can become a melting pot of “United Americans” as one nation, with one flag, one national language, restored religious freedoms with family values and rights and a renewed sanctity for life.
        Our lives must become more peaceful and safe with secured borders, elimination of international and interstate drugs and human trafficking, closing sanctuary zones and cities and eliminated covertly paid import of potential anti-American Jihadists who enter our country without adequate identification or documentation.
        Now find such a person, who has also repented of his past and is now certain of his eternal destiny with the endorsement, support and prayers from the largest cadre of renown religious leaders. Then in an honest election, “We the People” will win if our candidate also is not a lifetime politician or lawyer bought by a criminally infested “Pay for Play” shadow government elitists and especially if our candidate is a patriotic Natural Born American Citizen, and from such a family, who was sent to a Military Academy to be best prepare for a Military career if he were to serve.

      55. Kevin2, your correct. We have our own grid. I checked on this. The current one is fortified to protect from EMP. But according to my source they are not sure how it will perform in the real event..A free energy grid is being built to back up the current that can power the entire city of Houston. The main infrastructure to then extend further our to the outside cities, woodlands. Conroe etc.. we are. It’s too screwed in Texas..


        • HCKS, at least you will fair better than 90% of the population. Didn’t russia offer to help Texas if they wanted to succeed from the union? Wouldn’t that be something to see. Prep on!

      56. Note how “prevent economic losses” has a more important rating than “saving human lives”.

        • Like in the movie Battlefield Earth . With j travolta. Corporations are taking over government . Then the corporations will go to war against each other. Will halburtons mercinaries beat exons?

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