New Homeland Security Fence to Prevent Illegal Crossings… On Canadian Border

by | Sep 29, 2011 | Headline News | 156 comments

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    Amid the recent cancellation of a virtual fence on the southern Arizona-Mexico border that cost taxpayers an estimated $1 billion dollars and would have curbed the migration of some of the 400,000 to 1 million southern migrants yearly, the government is confident that, while they can’t stop the illegal inflows from Mexico, they are prepared to effectively tackle the Canadian dilemma head on.

    With all of the violence, drug smuggling, free health care, education vouchers, and black market jobs stemming from illegal crossings along the Canadian border, it only makes sense that the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency is preparing to invest billions of dollars to secure the 4000 mile long demarcation point that separates Canada from the United States.

    The United States is looking at building fences along the border with Canada to help keep out terrorists and other criminals.

    The U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency has proposed the use of “fencing and other barriers” on the 49th parallel to manage “trouble spots where passage of cross-border violators is difficult to control.”

    The border service is also pondering options including a beefed-up technological presence through increased use of radar, sensors, cameras, drones and vehicle scanners.

    U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano noted last month the challenges of monitoring the vast, sparsely populated northern border region. She stressed manpower, but also a greater reliance on technology.

    Relatively speaking, Washington has focused more energy and resources on tightening security along the border with Mexico than at the sprawling one with Canada.

    But that may be changing.

    A U.S. Government Accountability Office report recently warned that only a small portion of the border with Canada is properly secure. It said U.S. border officers control just 50 kilometres of the 6,400-kilometre boundary.

    …the agency would use fencing and other barriers such as trenches to control movement and sometimes delay people trying to sneak across the border, increasing the likelihood they could be caught, says the report.

    It doesn’t provide details about what the fences might look like, but suggests they would be designed to blend into the environment and “complement the natural landscape.”

    Source: The Canadian Press

    Predator drones, camouflage fencing, and Janet Napolitano. It’s on now.

    Sorry Canada, we’ve had enough, and we’re not going to take it any more.


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      1. Boy, this government is kicking the Americans in the balls, “You want a border fence, we’ll put one up, just not where you want it!!!!!!

        • just when you think the gov. can’t get any dumber….

          • Next they’ll start construction on a whole string of nuclear reactors on top of the New Madrid fault…

          • Dumb? NO

            Evil? yes.

        • The fence is to keep us in.

          • +1. Canada is a place Americans might escape to.

        • I agree it’s to keep us in, when we are living under Osamabama’s wonderful marxist eutopia, they don’t want anyone seeking an escape from something so wonderful.

        • Yes, we should be asking who in Congress votes to support this thing. Then publish their names so their constituents may contact them and make it clear to each of them that the priority is the southern border. Until that is SECURE they should not spend a dime on the northern border.
          Good grief!! Canada our peaceful neighbor to the north or Mexico with its’ drug cartells and rogue military crossing into the US and having deadly shoot-outs with our citizens. Hummmm this is such a hard decision.

        • If you think this is to keep people out your sorely mistaken. This is a final push to prevent anyone from getting out.

        • Appear to me it will be installed to keep us dumb down cattle.

      2. It’s aboot time we made a fence to keep those hosers out. I’ll die before I embrace hockey, eh?

        • I can’t help myself.. I have to post these video clips:

          • LMAO…

            You beat me to it, Mac.

            I need to watch it again, but I love the “propaganda” – there’s one bit that’s something about Canada amassing 90% of its population within 50 miles of the border…in preparation of an invasion…

            …which I think MAY describe the way their population distribution has always been…

            • What’s up Rick! Long time no see old friend! (For those new to SHTFplan, Rick is one of the originals here – having contributed many a thought and several articles for the preparedness minded – One of his most famous articles available here: An Introduction to SHTF Home Defense, Guns, and Safety )

            • I loved this movie! John Candy was the best!! At the time, I thought it was the ultimate in satire … now? Well … I’m not so sure anymore. Still love the movie though. Thanks for reminding me of it!

          • That’s hilarious!

            In Quebec they refuse to have the English signs, even though it’s federal law. The last time I was there, I set off all sorts of alarms when I attempted to leave a shop via the fire exit. The lady at the store hollered at me in French so fast I couldn’t understand anything, although I got the very distinct feeling she was swearing at me.

            • ha ha tres droles cest Umericains

          • WTF is your problem laughing about us??? what in the hell canadian has ever done to you? this kin of attitude make me puke and sick beyond belief! i’m even not a fan of hockey.. soo really your mocking attitude is stupid when the shit hit the fan my friend alot of americans gonna try to flee over here. i will welcome any civilized one of you if i could! coz i have big heart! damn this shitty attitude make me sick.. peace anyway i still love america thank you a stupid canadian.. Martin

            • Seriously…it was a joke…like that stupid border fence

            • Whoa, there … chill out a bit, Martalien. I, too, am Canadian and all I read here is people just like you and I who see the absolute lunacy of this whole thing. Frankly, I haven’t read anything here that I could possibly take offense to. And if you think that Canada is that much purer, you haven’t been following your politics and hidden agendas very well. At least in America, people have the means to find out what their government is up to. You have to do some serious digging to find out any info in this ‘great land’ of Harperville. By the time we know what was planned or discussed, it already too late. We’re all on the same side here …

              • +1 Thanks for your comment FisherPal

            • Martin – I live in Canada too – no offense was meant – just think – we get to make American jokes here on our side 😀

            • In all honesty, Martalien, I can’t tell if you were being serious…

              If you haven’t seen the movie “Canadian Bacon,” IF I recall correctly, it’s about a trumped-up “conflict” between the U.S. and Canada, which invented by U.S. politicians in order to help their approval ratings.

              Like Mac’s post here, the entire point of the movie is how ridiculous it is to remotely consider Canada a threat to the U.S…

              This is particularly true in the real world, at least on a relative basis, because the last time I checked (like 20 seconds ago) the U.S. has a “slight” problem with illegal immigration, violence, etc. along its southern border…

              The truth is that most U.S. citizens consider Canada to be one of our strongest and most important allies…

              …right behind Great Britain, Israel, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Germany, France, every other NATO country, The Holy See (aka the Vatican), and of course, The Maldives.

              Note – the last past is not intended to be taken literally/seriously.

            • yea you are so right Martilien those yanks are darn lucky to have us as neighbours were the only country in the world that has not stabbed them in the back

            • Ich bin ein Canadian! (Well, at least I really like them.)

        • I propose a twenty foot high wall with guard tower every twenty five feet and a four thousand mile long moat filled with crocodiles so we canuck cant sneak across and whack you yanks behind the ears So you can wake up kick your leaders in the ass for being so darn stupid

          • I like Erly Cuyler’s plan with trained Gorillas to chuck sharks and alligators at the invading Mexicans. It looked real good but they A. forgot to leave a door pout the back and B. Forgot that the whole back of the fenced property was open and unfenced. if you ain’t seen it check it out. It’s funnier than Nancy Pelosi at a Plastic Surgeons convention….or maybe Sherry Shriner addressing Congress.

        • Or Moosehead or maple Syrup.

      3. Just wondering which way the barbwire faces??? Hmmm

        • Hmmm— now THAT’s a thought worth pondering….

        • thinking same myself. if i were a betting man id bet on fences keeping americans IN. US taxpayers pay for this and it most likely going to help canada a lot more in the long run.

          • We have jobs in Canada, and Americans are coming across to rape once again another nation.

            The fence SHOULD have the barb wire facing in.

            The world no longer requires “Sheople” who allow THEIR elected government to ‘Empire’ build.

            Canadians probably know more about a thing called the “Constitution” than most “so called” Americans do.

            Please, build that fence! Go into even more ‘Police State’ debt.


            • Let me see Canadian Gun Control, anal retentive neatness, maple syrup dripping on everything…..oh yeah is maggie Trudeau still doing everybody who can get horizontal? You already have 2 languages so look who’s talking. Grow any Canola lately? Canada… I need anything to keep me out of their. (PS we just gave that to y’all cause it was too cold for regular human beings to live on. hint sold it to General Montcalm right before we shot him.)

        • Serious! Is it to keep them out? or us in?
          I can’t speak spanish, but I can speak Canadian.
          “I bought a cool tuque at the hockey game while drinking a molson, eh!”

        • Yep.

          They are not really concerned about keeping people out.

          They want to keep the inmates in.

          Tried getting a passport lately?

          • No but I should have because mine expired lat year. Is it difficult to renew?

      4. We are governed by idiots.

        • Tuco: “Id… Id…”
          Clint: “Idiot. It’s for you.”

        • Mr. B, you’re dropping words again! You left out “criminal” “bastard” and “thief” between “by” and “idiots”.

          …just sayin’…

          No. They’re not idiots. They know EXACTLY what they are doing. You think its incompetence? No. Its not. They are not incompetent. They make it look like it when in reality the incompetence is a ruse, a trick to get you to not be so upset an thinking, “Well, at least they’re trying!”

          THEY ARE NOT TRYING! THEY ARE SCREWING US. …and we just keep taking it.

          • They are very trying!

            But turnabout is fair play. Soon it will be time for us to be trying them.

      5. WTF, eh?

        Seriously folks, read between the lines. That new fence ain’t designed to keep the Canucks out. It is to keep us poor bastards IN!

        • Excellent point.

        • And that’s the answer to JAFO’s question about which way the barbwire faces….

          • No matter how high they build that wall no scum bag politicians will ever be able to divide our peopole
            Long live America

        • Plain Old American,

          So, from the one side they throw thousands of illegals to the U.S., and from the other they are preventing you from seeking a better life?
          I don’t get it.
          Why don’t your government gives motivation to U.S. families, to relocate southern? There are so many thousands unemployed, homeless, and hungry.
          Provide them with their own land, money for the new beginning, some animals maybe? An obligation would be the surveilance of the fence or the border.
          Something like pioneers, to watch the butt of the country.
          Of course license to shoot on sight would be mandatory, and it would be necessary for people to form communities in order to support each other against the crooks.
          It’s just an opinion or a thought.
          But how long can the U.S. society absorb all those illegals?

          Be safe.

          • Sadly, manos,
            It’s because of what Mr. Blutarsky said above…

            • Cyber Samurai and Mr Blutarsky,

              Allow me to disagree on your comment about government of idiots.
              My opinion is that they know very well what they are doing.
              Maybe it’s not our prime minister or your president who actually rule and lead.
              But the guys behind the scenes, who do the job and take decisions, are not idiots.
              These are the enemies of the state and not the president or the prime minister, or the pope, or the czar.
              Just a thought.

              The sun will rise again.

          • Until Fox is elected Pressydent of the United States of MS-13. No longer than that.

        • most definitely! now, line up in orderly fashion, get your tatoo on the forehead and get back to your camp! What’s that you’re saying? Cons-ti-too-shion??? What do you eat it with?

          • Baracky Road ice cream…

        • Agree. I am Canadien and I was sonderont when our gouvernent Will do that to protect us. Tanks to US gouv, it Will cost us nothing.

      6. The presidents partner in immigration reform, LaRaza must be happy

      7. As a young man, and a not to bright one at that. A buddy and I crossed a frozen lake Erie from Buffalo, Ny to Canada, using nothing but a compass. Granted it was the 80’s and the borders were wide open then, but it is still possible, although dangerous. There are always ways around any fence this long and hard to maintain. Ask the Chinese how that great wall worked for them?

        Maybe this is more about keeping us in, then keeping the Canadians out, just a thought!

        • Probably can’t do that anymore claymation. Al Gore says that global warming/climate change has melted everything. You could probably swim though! In fact, the water would probably be downright tropical in January.

        • I think it would be a great “jobs” project to build the great wall of America from Texas to CA. We could put a few check points in place….I’m thinking brick \ mortar about 80 feet tall and 30 feet wide with turents on top facing south!

          • Jim: Great idea Jim, and a marine sniper and spotter with a Barret- M82 every mile to enforce illegal ,crossings would be the perfect touch!

        • Walls work and shutting down the rail system. Ask the Russians. I was “born in East L.A.”

          Immigration officer: Where were you born?
          Rudy: What?
          Immigration officer: Read my lips, El Paco. Where were you born?
          Rudy: I was born in East L.A., man.
          Immigration officer: Sure, sure. If you were born in East L.A., then who’s the president of the United States?
          Rudy: I-I don’t know, that guy, that guy who was on T.V., the guy in the cowboy hat… he used to be on “Death Valley Days”… uh, John Wayne!
          Immigration officer: Get him out of here.

          • Daves not here!

      8. NO big shock. Nappy is useless as tits on a boar hog when she was gov of AZ – now she’s even more useless.

        Does most of America have the slightest CLUE of the carnage going on in that shithole known as mexico? (no, I will NOT capitalize the “M” in mexico!)

        The cartels are brutal – they are now skinning people ALIVE and would think nothing of blowing the head off a baby.

        Here is a warning from 2 members of a cartel about to have their heads cut off – one by a chainsaw and one by a knife. WARNING: the blood spills about 3 minutes into the video-not for the faint of heart!

        This, from the M3 Report:

        Video: behead two members of the Sinaloa Cartel. This video is spreading around the internet. It graphically shows two men being beheaded, one with a chain saw and the other a knife. One man gives advice (in Spanish) to young people to not get involved in trafficking. He says once they do, there’s no turning back, and that ‘with these people, they do not play’ and that ‘Chapo’s people are not like they say they are’. WARNING: Extremely graphic. Link for Blog del Narco:

        …One wonders how these men remained so calm and what thoughts must have been going thru their heads in the last moments of their lives! The latest issue of the M3 Report also has a 16 year boy with his head and hands cut off, another man (possibly a police officer) who’se face was flayed off, along with another victim who had acid poured on his head so all that was left was a skull. If this does not turn your stomach – I don’t know what will! I’m sick and tired of the endless bullshit coming from this “administration” and homeland “security”! It’s obvious they HATE us! Phucking bastards.

        • This is insane. Let’s all go to war in a country (or six) far, far away, but let’s ignore the war already raging below our southern border which is often spilling over to our side!

          As you said, “phucking bastards”.

          • Invade mexico to “stabilize” OUR border and wipe out the Cartels. WE have drones and cruise missilles. WE could eliminate the Cartels in six months.

            • Durango…excellent thought. However, don’t you think that the Cartels would be replaced by the US and Mexican Armies? There’s way too much money to be left to chance. You better believe that Emperor Obama would order our Army to “manage” the border.

            • this… fucking animals! fuckit, gov isnt doing shit about it. we need a few good men with ARs and 308s to take as many of the fuckers out as we can. will the government do anything when a US citizen gets executed by the cartels???> damit!

            • DEE JAY: The CIA would never cut the pie with anyone. That is how they fund their black ops.

      9. Stupidity at work.

        • And to think we let Alex Trebek have free reign on a quiz show for the past 25 years…frightening…

      10. Awesome John Candy/Dan Aykroyd vid Mac! classic!

        I used to enjoy going to ‘The States’ for a weekend getaway/shopping, or even for lunch if I was going to be in a border town for work. Didn’t need a stupid passport then.

        I miss that

        • Plaster Rock NB! I love going up to see my relatives for Tobique Homecoming.

      11. The metric system. For the love of God!

      12. Building a fence around the capital & putting a no fly zone over it would be cheaper.

      13. Finally! I am sick and tired of those Canadians crossing our border and paying cash for American health care because of their socialized medicine.

        • I know! The nerve of some people. They need to just go ahead and militarize the northern border and put an end to all this madness.

          • Better be careful, though. I hear those RCMP horses can pack quite a wallop when provoked…

      14. Wow. The soldiers here don’t even carry. By all means, spend millions of dollars to keep out people who don’t even really want to go to the US except to go shopping. (Clothes are WAY cheaper in the US than Canada.)

        This will wreak havoc on my shoe collection.

      15. Everyone!!! Hear Ye Hear Ye!!! Trouble coming from La Palma
        It might be possible for BBC scare scenario to come true!!! massive earthquakes and flying rocks from volcano on Cannary islands! it is possible that SHTF scenario of MegaTsunami coming to East Coast USA, Canada, Portugal and others comes true!!!

        Follow the news! Be safe! Stay ALERT!!!!

        • In my opinion, this is one of the most serious natural disasters we face. That volcano is already “cracked in half.” One big earthquake that causes a landslide into the Atlantic and in 6 – 8 hours the East coast would be inundated with a massive tidal wave/Tsunami.

          • Exactly!, that is why I’m saying – all those living on the East coast, stay alert, and follow news VERY closely in the coming days!
            have a radio nearby and BOB at hand, take close look to your evac map and rethink your evac routes!

            • High rise concrete parking building facing N & S.

          • Its all good. Thursday is bath day.

            • LMFAO.

        • Have been hearing of the Canary Islands threat for some years. How many miles inland can a tsunami actually travel?

      16. This from the woman that once said, “We protect the citizens of the United States 24 hours a day 7 days a week 364 days a year.” Is it any wonder why this is ass backwards?

        • Nappy hasn’t been nipping at the Kool Aid, she has been GUZZLING it!

          • Well…I guess she figures everyone needs a day off… :/

        • Exactly what I was thinking, POA!!!! Do they REALLY think we are THAT stupid!!!??

      17. I have gone into canada a number of times in mym life. going into canada is a piece of cake. coming back has always been a pain. just now it’s getting worse. perhaps the true intent is to now destory what little tourist industry we have left.

        between the TSA, border patrol and the enhanced id systems it’s just getting a wee bit over the top.

        • I hear a joke in Europe is that TSA means Tourists Stay Away.

        • Once recently while driving in northern MN, my husband and I decided to drive on the Canadian side of the border for a few hours. Getting into Canada was no problem and the Canadian border patrol were pleasant. Returning to the US was a nightmare – our entire car was searched. The US border patrol couldn’t believe we simply wanted to drive in Canada for a few hours…and they made sure we would never do it again. Assholes!

          • Tell them your name is Juan Garcia. They will kiss your ass and give you gift certificates to the GM SUV factory.Yiou’ll cross right over bam!

      18. Do you have any idea just how many privately owned pleasure craft there are out there on any one of the Great
        Lakes on any given ‘nice’ summer day? On Lake Ontario we used to cross from a private marina on the Canadian side to a private marina on the US side; forget Customs & Immigration; we never saw them.

      19. My kids have rafted across the Niagara River with their father – straight to the shores of Niagara Falls New York. They’d tie up the boat, walk up the hill, eat dinner and paddle home.

        • This is just in a neighbourhood of riverfront properties on both sides. It’s pretty easy-peasy to cross like that.

          • We upper midwesterners are basically Canadians with guns, anyway.

      20. so, when does the gun running for Eric Holder start to the Canadians?..oh yeah thats right they cant own guns.

        yes I believe this is to keep us in

        Im a pilot, and if i fly to the Canadian air space, i have to ask to be able to return to MY country, from MY government..yes people I need to get permission from MY government to come back into MY countries fucked up is that?

        going into Canadian airspace..Not an issue..kinda easy, hell they already have me on record and ask if my wife and kid are on board with me..But coming back here its like the 3rd degree and like they dont even recognise one of thier own tax payers..What a freakin joke these commies are that are running this show..its a joke, they are a joke, and everything they do is a joke.

        laughing stock of the worlds governments..thats what they are

        • Laughing stock? Uh, no.

          More like, “Damn! Why didn’t we think of acting stupid while screwing the populace to the wall???!!!”

          “Creative Stupidity” and “Covert Incompetence” are terms used the the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporation to keep the sheep from realizing they are no longer ruled by their constitutional government but instead are ruled by a corporation owned by elite bankers and power brokers.

          Welcome to the 21st century! …a place where bad is good, war is peace, bondage is freedom and the “police” protect the innocent by beating the living crap out of them.

          Yep. Don’t you just love America!

          Exiting the corp soon. I’m done with paying for crap and having to eat it too.

      21. I must have had a meal that didn’t agree with me and this is all a bad dream, none of this could possibly be real.
        It is time for “Seven Days in May.”

      22. This is not to keep them out, it is to keep us in…how else can the gov. euthanize 250 million people?

      23. You have to look out for those damn Canadians. Oh their polite but it’s all a cover.There’s something sinister and sneaky about them. It’s about the drugs coming in from Canada. The drugs you get from their Physicians at far less cost then what we pay for them in the US. Those damn Canadian drugs. Damn antibiotics. This must be stopped at all cost to maintain “The American Way”.

        • K2: psst! Ya know, I always thought that Daisy was a spy, now WE know the real danger is from 25 million Hockey Heads and a few Americans who have wandered across the border ….

          • 😀

            You got me figured out!

      24. Well you know they have more Muslims in Canada then in Mexico. It should also help curb all those Canadian tourist that spends their money in the United States.

        Another prime example that the idiots in Washington have no clue what they are doing. Why can’t you all see that we need to spend more money and put the Mexican’s back to work in the northern wilderness.

        O needs these votes so shut up, quit bitchen and get with the program.

      25. As normal, the administration of our current Glorious Leader does precisely the wrong thing, at precisely the wrong time and for precisely the wrong reasons. And since he is not an idiot; it is all precisely ON PURPOSE.

        The real issue with the open borders is not the “normal” people crossing looking for work; whether from the North or South. If that is all that it is, most will return to “wherever” when they don’t find the employment desired. The real issue is the very serious narcos and the very real terrorists who also make it across. Mexico has made many dozens of arrests of middle eastern type people trying to get over the border with bogus papers issued by Venezuela. Luckily for us, Mexico has no problem with racial profiling in their own country. I’ve personally seen it many, many times. Consequently, they catch a whole butt load of them before they get to cross the border. But they have undoubtedly missed some.

      26. Thank You US !

        For keeping your “Terrorist and undesirables” in the US!

      27. I can’t deicde whether our feds are doing this to tick off Canada, or to keep us in!

      28. Mac – I think you may have missed the greater point of this “fence.” It’s probably not to keep those sneaky Canadians from coming into the US. More likely, the real purpose of this is to prevent U.S. citizens from escaping the police state/prison that is being created here in the U.S. Think of the barbed wire and fences that surround a prison.

        • It was actually the first thing that popped into mind when i read the story…. This is the same thing the nazis and commies did, but they did it overnight, whereas with us it’s a slooooow drawn out progression…this way the sheep don’t notice until it’s too late…

          • Best they realize, (TPTB)that they’ll be inside the fence with us when the shooting starts. Ain’t gonna be easy for them to get out either.

            • More likely, they’ll be underground. A hundred feet of steel and cement on top of their manhole cover would be hilarious.

          • Don’t get all worked up, guys, Americans are not about to let a fence stop us.

      29. @ Sam not sam : You are spot on. O is not an idiot. All of this is by design. There is no possible way anyone could do so many totally wrong things in succession…and then double down on them again. The law of averages just does not work !!! He would have to do at least one thing right….just one thing that was actually benificial to this country by accident.
        So I agree 110% that the whole corrupt system is being set up to come down on our heads. It will be Biblical .
        Montgomery County Texas

      30. Did any of Y’all ever see 3 Days of the Condor ? It came out in the 70’s & stared Robert Redford. The end was interesting….where he said that he gave the whole story to the New York Times…..& the Government “Spook” said ” What makes you think that they will print it ?” At the time it seemed to be a stretch that a huge news paper like the NYT would not run with a story of corruption. Today….it would seem like the real thing…as we have seen how the lame stream
        media just trumpets what the Socialist’s tell them. No investigation. Just remember that we don’t have to be so concerned with the hand that they let us see…..but we need always be on guard with what else is going on during the distraction. What are we missing ???
        Montgomery County Texas

        • Sherlock Holmes: “And then, there is the curious incident of the dog in the night.”
          Man: “But the dog did not bark in the night.”
          Sherlock Holmes: “THAT is the curious incident.”

      31. Well, as a Canuck, I have to comment! Thanks for the ‘Canadian Bacon’ clips, Mac!! More seriously though, this is just right on schedule for Big Sister Janet. My reagrds to all my friends here from the south side of the line. We truly appreciate all of the awake citizens on both sides and elsewhere in the world. We are all in this $hit-show together and it’ll be us that come through it. Plain Old American, above, said it best…it’s not designed to keep terror threats from getting through from our side…it’s to keep US citizens from leaving. But, as Princess Leia stated, “The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.” The day is coming when the whole operation implodes and it’s us who will be ready! For liberty!

        • .” The day is coming when the whole operation implodes and it’s us who will be ready! For liberty!”

          How rough the ride, how steep the mountain, how many trials and disappointments await us, no one knows. All we can do is prepare the best we can, trust in God and seek out new, like minded friends.

          We will battle in the literal sense, we will battle cold and hunger, we will battle desperation and depression. We will battle ignorance and the insanity of racism and islam. We will battle greed and insecurity.

          We will prevail.

          I see small, regional economies where we embrace the best of capitalism but temper the greed with a love for our fellow lover of Liberty. We will keep the fires of freedom burning in our hearts and minds. We shall overcome the physical burdens and rejoice in the labor to provide life’s necessities.

          It is evening in America. We know that we face a long, stormy night. But tomorrow, the sun shall rise and with the smile of a beautiful woman that warms our hearts we will face the future with alacrity. Instead of looking at a bank statement we will see the sprouts in our gardens, we will watch our livestock fatten and for the first time in too many years we will know, respect and trust our neighbors.

          Rejoice! It WILL be morning again. We just don’t know when.

      32. Is it not 365 days a year? That “woman” was an elected official, elected by “citizens of the United States of America”!

        Question: What is the reason all your ‘politicians’ only refer to a “United States” most of the time instead of “The United States of America”?


      33. I just observed this as well during my first trip to Canada in 20 years. I noticed that the Canadian 5, 10 and 25 cent pieces are very similar to US coinage and, when spending the last of my pocket change at the Duty-free shop, the USD and CAD were exactly the same! (In 2002, it was 1.00 USD = 1.65 CAD.) Is there a conspiracy to merge the two? The USD is so bad now that every day, for the 5 days I was there, I found US coinage in my pocket change! Driving back took almost an hour. What do the yellow boxes do? Scanners? There were signs not to stop your vehicle in between them. Either my car or face was photographed by cameras that flashed just prior to the CBP booth. Facial recognition or license plate reading? One of my coworkers said that she must check in with Customs even when snowmobiling in the back woods and many trails have been blocked off! A 69 year old was arrested when bring home a pizza across the line

        • US and CDN pocket change has been circulating on both sides of the border for decades. No conspiracy there, just commerce. The yellow boxes at the border are detection equipment, sniffing and puffing for bad stuff. The front of your car is photographed on entry and linked to the questions you answer to the Canada Customs. Lots of informal trails have been blocked off up here, too, since 9/11/01. There is a lot of human and drug smuggling here.

      34. Protect our southern border? EASY……I figure a bunch of 18 to 25 yr old kids could effectively take care of a couple mile stretch each. All that it would cost the taxpayer would be to supply each of them with an ATV, fuel to run it, and alot of dogfood to feed the pack of dogs that each kid could rescue from euthanazia. These dogs could easily be found waiting on death row at any local dog pound, or some of these other agencies that are setup to RESCUE these poor animals. You could pay these kids minimum wage, or they might even do it for free, then give them a quick course in teaching dogs to attack. Problem solved

      35. This is all the American government’s idea to construct a fence. Canada does not have the desire for a fence. Do you think your government has the extra dollars to spend on that? I don’t get it. We live with these people in our country and we are not having to fight off terrorist attacks. If someone very dangerous wants to do harm to your country that fence is not going to stop an attack. It is going to take a lot of dollars your government does not have and risk stirring up unfriendly feelings. I always loved Americans but if I start to receive unfrienldy responses at the border I will be disappointed in you.

      36. what is that old cowboy song about “dont fence me in”……..well, if we can make it to november elections maybe big sister janet will take a pill with obama and get out of our way. but “the people” had better get this next one right or we will all be not just survivors but doomed as well.

      37. I seriously think this, like everything else, is just bluster and talk..where in the sam hill will they get the funds??


        • Just call up Uncle Ben and have him wind up the printing press!

          There’s all the money you want for anything you want. They’ve been doing it for years. After all, a dollar in 1930 would by 50 times what one does now.

          …again, the US Government screws its citizens to the wall and we just keep on taking it.

          When will you refuse, America? When?

      38. Wasn’t the Berlin Wall built by the communists to keep the East Berliners in? The Nazification of the USSA!

      39. Who hired that pig?

      40. Skipper was a Golden Retriever. Well, actually, his owner couldn’t afford gold, he was more of a Silver Retriever with just a hint of gold plating. But he was a fine dog. He was well behaved, faithful as any dog ever was, and an excellent hunting companion in the field. He went everywhere with his owner and was always obedient.
        Over the years, his owner paid less and less attention to him and, needing an outlet for his energy, Skipper began to hang out with the neighborhood mongrels. He’d get into fights, steal food and, it was rumored, even fathered several out of wedlock mongrel pups.
        One day Skipper told his owner he wanted a fenced yard. “It’ll be mostly to protect me from the unsavory dogs around here” he said. The owner dutifully began to build a fence.
        As he worked Skipper would say things like “Let’s just make it a small pen around my house and not fence in the whole yard. Well leave that area open for you to enjoy” and “Make the fence a bit higher, just for safety for me, ok?’ or “Can you put some of that sharp razor wire on top, just to help protect me?” and “Can’t you turn those spikes inward toward my house, just for safety’s sake? You know, to protect me from those mean dogs?”
        The owner complied with his every request.
        Finally the day came when all was finished. Skipper looked at his pen. It had chain link with barbed wire on top and razor wire above that. There was even razor wire along the bottom to keep him from digging under. The posts were set in concrete and the fence was 12 feet high. The door to the pen was hardened steel bars with a changable keypad combination lock. It was a true fortress.
        As his owner was leading him into the pen, feeling sorry for him, Skipper leaped around and bit the owner in the butt. He jumped through the gate and Skipper slammed it shut, quickly using his paws to change the lock combination.
        “Now,” said Skipper, “the tables have turned. All the bills, including property taxes, utilities and food deliveries have been set up on an automatic deduction from your retirement account. I’m moving into the big house, along with some of my family, and you will stay out here. The dog house is just big enough to keep you out of the rain. But be warned, if you make any noise, or try to escape, there’ll be NO food or water for you. You got that? Now I’m gonna go in and have a beer and watch the game. As for you…were you really stupid enough to think I had this prison built for ME?”

      41. My family is originally from Canada, I wish I knew why they came to America but I’m glad they did, we just got to take back our country.

      42. That’s it ! I’ve heard it all, but a fence?
        Time to break out that old bear suit.
        I Love Canada and critters don’t need no stinking passport.

      43. Just a random thought: Does Sasquatch have a passport?

        (or maybe a real birth certificate?)

      44. Ask Michelle or is she big foot?

      45. One of the FEW things that the feds excell in are swallowing camels and choking on nats.

      46. @ PLAIN Old American : Great Post ! I may just have to print that & hang it on my wall , to help me remember that it is always darkest just before dawn. Thx for the inspiration !
        Montgomery County Texas

        • 🙂

      47. that’ll teach those canucks we’re not to be trifled with !!! on a more serious note: with any luck at all, obamination will screw up getting re-elected just like he has every other issue in this country – fortunately for us, his FINAL screw-up…

        • AND his most glorious! Only 14 months away, folks! Oh happy day!

      48. We need a border fence with Canada to keep out the illegal Mexicans 😉

        • Ah…so THAT’S how they’re getting into Montana!

      49. People listen this is not a fence to keep any1 out it’s a fence to keep YOU IN!

      50. Once there were brook trout in the streams in the
        mountains. You could see them standing in the amber
        current where the white edges of their fins wimpled
        softly in the flow. They smelled of moss in you hand.
        Polished and muscular torsional. On their backs
        vermiculate patterns that were maps of the world in it’s
        becoming. Maps and mazes. Of a thing wich could not be
        put back. Not be made right again. In the deep glens
        where they lived all things were older than man and
        they hummed of mystery.

        The Road

      51. yep, that’s exactly right – the fence is to keep us IN.

      52. I hear the government plans to put fences along all beachs to keep those pesky whales from beaching themselves, lmfaooooo!

        • What will they give the beach patrol to arm themselves with – super soakers? Oh, wait, I know – they’ll yell “Marco!” and if a whale yells “Polo!” – ZAP! – right in the kisser.

      53. I’m canadian and strongly suggest to as many Americans as who have eyes to see and ears to hear … to get out of there … You live in The end times Babylon .. The fence is to keep you in to go into the Fema concentration camps and Die

      54. Back when, a buddy and I crossed over at Penticton, B.C., at about 3 AM with a VW literally full of booze….the border was a painted line across the road, a sign, and a telephone shed so you could call the Border Patrol or Canada Customs and let them know you were crossing.

        Kinda miss those days.

        • That’s sweet. Talk about trust. I bet the duty free was a vending machine…LOL

        • We all miss those days. The days of liberty. Now we live in a high tech suveillance based police state.

          This message posted via TOR…by necessity in this panopticon based prison society.

      55. Why would illegals enter via Canada when they can enter without problem via Mexico. Obammie the nation destroying commie doesn’t care. He welcomes them as new members for his job destroying unionist thug extortionists. This is a president that ignores potential terrorists and other people breaking immigration laws every day. Obama doesn’t care if terrorists or drug traffickers infiltrate from Mexico…Worst president we ever had right there in the white house.

      56. Politicians are scoundrels and charlatans for allowing 10 million illegals to stay in this country. 40% of jobs created in Texas went to illegals…Real unemployment in this country is 22% if you use the same statistical measures used during the Depression.

        • Hell. It was 11 million July 2002 when Michele Malkin wrote her famous book about the pout-of-control kennedy inspired immigration. It is well over 30 million today. I would laugh at 11 million but ti so sad that they keep piling in here and yet the number doesn’t change. it’s like some of us think we are still in Mayberry. They are legion. We may have to shoot them one day when the true thug charcter of so many jumps out at us. If Mexico was not a shit hole then they could not bring that shithole up here. if it was such a subtropical paradise then they shouls stay in Puerta Vallarta and smopke de ganja themselves. I don’ theen I believe you Lucy!

      57. I think we should build a border fence around Washington DC to keep the politicians in so they can’t bother the rest of us. No communications with the outside world and they’d have to live on store-brand mac & cheese with hot dogs. Nah, skip the hot dogs. They can make all the speeches they want to the only ones that really listen – each other.

      58. This is too stupid to even respond to!

      59. This announcement is part of the pressure on Canada to join a North American Union.

        Canada’s Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, is going to use this piece of news to get Canadians to agree to his scheme of integrating Canada with the USA.

        He’ll say something along the lines of, “If the USA tightens our border, trade will become too inefficient. Therefore, Canada should let American authorities manage a combined North American border.”

      60. I want out of the usa b4 its closed. Either we revolt now, take it back or run.

      61. Bush and his family, the Illumati still run this country…despite Obama shown on TV, its a front. Make us think Obama is in charge, but no, the Bush family still runs the US. If U think they’d let a black run it, your mistaken, just hand it over to him? Right!
        Bush and his minions run it.

      62. Why would a Canadian want to cross into America? Why would a terrorist bother… America has already destroyed herself… Just saying… Seems like a waste of time to me.

      63. What a dumb idea- Mexico not Canada is the problem.

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