New Federal Law Targets Retirement Benefit Cuts: “We Thought Our Pension Was Secure”

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    The $1.01 trillion spending bill being moving through Congress right now includes some new provisions that may come as a shock to millions of American pension holders. In a bipartisan deal that also included leaders of unions and retirement fund management companies, pension recipients who depend on the money promised to them during their working years may see significant cuts to their monthly disbursements.

    There have been Senate hearings, exploratory committees and rumors over the years, but nothing had ever really been legislated so most Americans simply ignored it as another one of those “conspiracy theories.”

    Unit now.

    The measure, attached to a massive $1.01 trillion spending bill, would alter 40 years of federal law and could affect millions of workers, many of them part of a shrinking corps of middle-income employees in businesses such as trucking, construction and supermarkets.

    “We have to do something to allow these plans to make the corrections and adjustments they need to keep these plans viable,” said Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.), who along with Rep. John Kline (R-Minn.) led efforts to hammer out a deal.

    The idea is reluctantly supported by some unions and retirement fund managers who see it as the only way to salvage pensions in plans that are in imminent danger of running out of money.

    But it also has stirred strong opposition from retirees who could face deep pension cuts and from advocates eager to keep retiree pensions sacrosanct, even in cases when funds are in a deep financial hole. The advocates argue that allowing cuts to plans would open the door to trims for other retirees later.

    We thought our pension was secure,” said Whitlow Wyatt, a retired trucker who lives in Washington Court House, a small city in central Ohio. “That was always the word. Now they are changing that.”

    Source: MSN Money

    Millions of others think their pensions and 401K’s are secure too. But they’re not.

    As we noted back when these types of drastic measures were just a twinkle in the eye of government planners, there is a coming destruction of U.S. pensions as cities, states and even the Federal government scramble to figure out how to balance budgets that have been over bloated by billions of dollars.

    During the boom times of entitlement spending and government largess leading up to the financial crisis, local governments that include cities and counties spent their share of forward earnings as well. And now those uncontrolled fiscal policies are coming home to roost.

    For those Americans who have worked for decades with the hopes that their pensions, health care and other benefits would be there when they retire, we offer a glimpse into what the future may hold.


    “We knew that debt and unfunded pension obligations were serious problems at the state and federal level and assumed that a similar pattern would follow at the local level. But, quite frankly, I was stunned by the depth of the crisis for local governments,” said Pappas.

    “This goes well beyond big cities, where you expect financial challenges. These fiscal problems permeate townships, villages, school districts, park districts, fire protection districts and more, and the taxpayers are on the hook.” (Source: Cook County Treasurer)

    But it’s not just pension funds that will be targeted. Though the latest spending legislation doesn’t specifically target 401(k) plans and traditional IRA’s, the groundwork for  a retirement stopgap has already been laid by Congress. Should we experience another financial event there is a real possibility that pension funds will see their portfolios collapse. In such a scenario the government will likely move very quickly to ensure that pensioners continue to receive their benefits.

    But where will the money for that come from?

    Why, from private retirement accounts, of course.

    The hearing, held in the Labor Department’s main auditorium, was monitored by NSC staff and featured a line up of left-wing activists including one representative of the AFL-CIO who advocated for more government regulation over private retirement accounts and even the establishment of government-sponsored annuities that would take the place of 401k plans.


    Such “reforms” would effectively end private retirement accounts in America, Crone warns.

    “These people want the government to require that ultimately all Americans buy these government annuities instead of saving or investing on their own. The Government could then take these trillions of dollars and redistribute it through this new national retirement system.

    Source: Government Sets Its Sights on Private Retirement Accounts: “Giant Effort to Redistribute the Wealth of America’s Older Citizens”

    But the government can’t legally take over an entire multi-billion dollar industry, right?

    Well, up until recently that may have been true. But what Obamacare has proven is that not only can they take over, they can compel you by force to purchase these services. And this is exactly what they are planning with private retirement accounts.

    No longer will you be allowed to choose how your money is invested. Rather, you will be mandated to purchase a government annuity or government run plan, which will then redistribute wealth from each according to their ability to each according to their needs.

    Equality for everyone, just like health care.

    But don’t worry, this is for your benefit. You need saving and the government is happy to oblige:

    They will take our retirement accounts. They will take our 401(k)’s. They will say you have all been having such hard times earning money, so what we’re going to do is we’re going to save you. We’re going to give you government bonds… which are guaranteed… 30 year government bonds… and you will get 3% and you give us your retirement assets.

    Watch: Buyer Beware: Do You Really Think Your Retirement Money Will Be There When You Need It?

    (Video via Future Money Trends)

    The push to seize and centralize retirement accounts has begun. This is happening. It’s happening right now. Soon, we’ll all be on the same “bronze” or “silver” government mandated plan. And, if their management of Social Security benefits are any guide, then America is in for a rough ride.


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      1. But didn’t we selected REPUBLICANS? How such things is possible?

        • I said pensions were next here, years ago. Its in the archives. Saw it coming after the 1987 S&L Debacle. Like most government “help” it takes a long time to arrive, if ever.

          Cash out your 401K and buy gold. 🙂

          • “The seeds for the mass confiscation of pension funds by the Gangster Banksters and Government were sown then. Many pensions were destroyed by the S&L Debacle; many were underfunded, and many more were insured with the US Government.

            So WHO picked up the tab then, for the pensions and mortgages? The US taxpayer. And who benefited? That’s right the Gangster Banksters. Folks that was just a trial run for the present confiscation of American wealth, and a minor prelude to what they have planned for US.”

            Durango Kidd – June 2011 – (Link)

            ——- AND ——

            “WE had the collapse, but this report if accurate, would suggest a preliminary step toward governmental conversion of 401′s and pensions into a new public/private pension system. meaning a SS type of scenario without the demographic blunder.”

            Durango Kidd – June 2013 – (link)


            This is definitely happening DK. It’s only a matter of time. The next “crisis,” should it in any way cause pension funds to hit a brick wall, will get the ball rolling. Congress will have to act… To save America!

            • As long as we earn, accept, deposit, spend, and use FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES, we will always be at the mercy of vile and corrupt vipers. I believe it is these types of central bankers that Christ threw from the temple.

              We have to come up with a way to quit using the root of all evil in this day and age. They control everything and everyone by their ability to issue the thing that represent OUR wealth, labor, retirements, inheritance, etc.

              • I gotta say, the one word that describes
                Americans best: SUCKAHS!!!!

                • It doesn’t affect me at all because being self employed for the last 20 years I have sheltered myself thru an s-corp. So I’ve very little into the system. And that’s the key, take yourself out of the system as much as you can.

                  • “The existence of a separate government-controlled warrior class has caused crisis and catastrophe all throughout human history. Invariably, this warrior class ends up exalting itself as superior to the functions and values of the citizenry, rather than maintaining a sense of duty to the citizenry.”

                    “The claim that the average American is not capable of proper self-security or community security is perhaps the most successful lie of the past century.”

                    “In the early days of America, the common citizenry through the formation of the militia WAS the warrior class. Every last able-bodied person was a sentinel and defender of the peace. The sheriff, the only elected and constitutional form of law enforcement, often had a posse, which was, again, made up of regular citizens. There was no exalted Praetorian Guard — only friends, family and neighbors. There was no need for a government dominated law enforcement structure back then, nor is there a need for one now.”

                    “Police misconduct has a cumulative effect on a culture. We do not forget all of the oversteps of the past; we merely file them away until we finally reach a breaking point. It is important for LEOs to understand that while they may have a relative immunity to legal reparations, they are not immune to the rage of the populace and will likely find their fragile warrior personas rather inadequate when that day arrives. For the true constitutional police out there, it is time to take sides, either with good American people or with the corrupt establishment. It is impossible to serve both.”


                    If your here….thank you Brandon…..yet another awesome article.

                    • So if we get rid of the Black Population, we get rid of 75% of the crime, thus there will be no need for the Militarized police. Back up the Ship bound for Africa. Am I racist??, NO,….Just relying on Factual Crime Statistics from the FBI Annual Data Base of who is committing and convicted of the crimes. Russia Has No Black Population Problem. Their Plack Population total is only about 70,000 Black or just less that 1/10th of 1% of their entire Population.

                    • Well, it seems Mac has gone out of his way to give kudos to the durango kidd for being an economic oracle (as if one couldn’t see the pension issue writing on the wall years ago).

                      I have a nagging suspicion here!

                      I’m wondering… could the “durango kidd” be an alter ego of Mac Slavo?

                      After you finish laughing, pause, and think about it.

                      Note: The durango kidd claims to live in North Scottsdale, and Mac says he lives near DC Ranch (North Scottsdale). See: “The Recession in Pictures – Scottsdale, Arizona” ~ SHTFplan, November 20th, 2009.

                      Coincidence? Maybe.

                      But curiously, in Mac’s 2009 piece, there is not one comment made by the durango kidd. Not one (he claims to be part of the community going back that far)! This is curious because we all know the durango kidd has opinions, especially when it comes to economic issues. Compound that with the fact that Mac is talking about DK’s backyard; and still no comment from the durango kidd???

                      I know I’ll take some crap for this, but just remember. I am regularly accused of being 2 other individuals when I post: Helot and CLARK being the others.

                      Is the “durango kidd” just a pen name for Mac Slavo?

                      I wonder.

                    • OK, since you did it, I will too. I seen that and had all sorts of thoughts running through my brain…….not to mention I threw up in my mouth.

                      I used to wonder if d kiddie pretender was a mod for Mac? I seen that “throw up in my mouth” post by Mac and started wondering at the very least if they ain’t buddies. Now your post makes me wonder even more???

                  • If you think you are not going to be affected you are very wrong. That is precisely what is wrong with Mericans – “this isn’t going to affect ME”!

                  • Rodster,

                    I’ve been self employed for the past 29 years. It will affect you when no one can purchase your services or products.

                  • Help??? We are totally new at this. What do you do with IRA’s etc. ? What do you get into ?? What steps do you take to protect your money in the banks?

                • Speak for yourself.

                • 12 Noon Friday – Stock Market Crashing.

                  Oil drops to $57 /Barrel
                  Dow Down -233 Pts
                  Gold dropping to $1224 / Oz
                  Silver at $17.10

                  Going Down Sucka’s
                  Prep prep Prep!!!! Food Guns Ammo—>

                  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAiiiiiiii!

              • This is not unexpected, but the arrival of a new financial plague on America is never the less terrifying.

                Hidden food, hidden finances, hidden defenses!

                When I was young and foolish and into the power of steel, I had an incredibly fast car. Yes it was my Mad Max Mobile! It got me out of trouble several times! I was smart enough to make it a sleeper, by which I mean it looked like most any other car on the road. But it’s power was epic. It didn’t attract police or thieves, it’s strength was hidden, except for a few details that only a pro would spot.

                I suggest anyone reading this, your home needs to be secure, but a sleeper. Your food preps, must be secure (think sleeper). Some financial preparations, think sleeper. From the outside you must appear like every other sucker, being mauled by an out of control crazed government, but your family and faith must be secure and preserved! Become the sleeper!

                • RE: “When I was young and foolish and into the power of steel”

                  I suspect that many People can relate to That.

                  However; I also suspect that it don’t matter What your house looks like from the outside.

                  The locusts, they eat.

                  • helot:
                    I read your post from here down.
                    ALL THE SARCASM, BUT NO ANSWERES.
                    Your a smart person what would you do?

                    I have a plan.
                    Leave very one alone that was born before 1980. leave them alone, let them have what they have paid into the S.S., pensions, or take it out and start their own retirement fund. From 1980 let them have their own retirement plan. No more union dues, no more FDIC, no more taxes to take care of all the Zombies and Leaches on state aid if they were born after 1980. Let the US voter vote on all new taxes. Stop funding the U.N. The World Bank. and things like that. TERM LIMITS ON THE HOUSE AND SENATE, and there pension only 1/3 of what they get when in office. Anyone that can spend a million dollars to become a Senator doesn’t need to get a pension for the rest of their lives for working only 6 years.
                    The above are just some ideas that I have. I know that there are far smarter people out there with far better ideas that would work.

                    • I could go for that….its called Less Government, and Be responsible for one’s self. As far as the Senate goes, the elections have Proved without a doubt that they are TRAITORS to the Constitution as they did NOT vote/represent the will of the people, but themselves. I would pierce thier nose with a gold ring, then parashute drop them ALL into Mogudishu Somolia.

                    • why would we leave THEM alone?….they are the ones that got U.S. into this mess, by demanding ever greater pension plans from unions/government?….NObody gets out of this one unscathed!…i like you sarge, but that stuff YOU propose woudn’t even DENT the nat. debt

              • This will be settled in the streets.

            • Yea, i cant wait for them to enact the federal property tax, where you are taxed on your material assets,
              Ive got lots of matches and gasoline, wonder what ashes are worth?

              • Pardon, but it sounds like you want to play; “I’m king of the burnt rubble”. Isn’t that what they are playing in Ferguson, or Syria, or Beirut? How’s that working out?

                • ht tp://

                  Yet another one!!

                  Excuse me, but, in the current climate you would have to be a pretty stupid excuse for a cop to shoot someone. …especially if he was black. …especially if he didn’t threaten you. (borrowed)

                  I haven’t seen anything about a weapon on the victim. Rest assured that if in FACT there is a weapon, the pigs will put that out immediately. It’s when you hear nothing that you know they are building their “story.”
                  IOW, concoting the lie!

                  • 😉

                  • 🙂

            • I am a self-employed small business owner since 1999. I have 4 employees and pay about 40% income taxes. My wife also works in my business. She and I have managed to put up 400k in our IRAs. This is all we have to show for 15 years of hard work. I drive a 2003 vehicle and my wife drives a 2002. Our 1800 square foot house is a tight fit for a family of five. If the imperial elite in Washington try to steal my nest egg, I will make sure they get their just deserts. Valhalla doesn’t open it’s gates for scoundrels or cowards.

              • You should try living in the house I grew up in. It was a little over 400 square feet. There was one bedroom, a tiny bathroom with just a shower, and a combination living room/kitchen. There were four of us. The bedroom was 12×12, the living room/kitchen was about 12×18, and the bathroom was about 8×8. Later my father added two rooms to the front of the house, increasing it to almost 800 square feet. Then my parents added another sibling.

                I would love to live in an 1800 square foot house. I’ve never lived in one that large. The last house that my wife and I owned was less than 800 square feet.

                I would say you’re pretty well off, with so much money put away, owning a large house, and owning two cars.

                My father, after 40 years of work, had a tiny house, one car, and nothing in the bank.

                After 30 years of work, I have a little larger house, one car (2001), and nothing in the bank. (My pickup doesn’t count, since it currently doesn’t run.)

                Of course, I do have an awful lot of stuff that I’ve collected over the years.

                Be thankful for what you have. Most people don’t have as much.

              • How can you stop them from taking it. You people talk as if they have to do surgery to steal it. It’s all a matter of a click on a computer and it’s gone…and there is not one damn thing you or I can do about it.

                • @ Pants….Thats right… Most people here dont want to see the reality of your statement. It gets worse too. They will evict you from your house. And who do you think will enforce the eviction….the men in blue. Just like congress, they will say noooo we wont, but when the choice is between thier paycheck/retirement and your house…you lose.

              • Edward Smith says: “If the imperial elite in Washington try to steal my nest egg, I will make sure they get their just deserts.”

                Rock of ages. They are ready for you.

                You were a sucker the moment you first put into that fund.

                Inflation eats it up, even now. ..And yet you continue to put into it, as do so many others.

                It’s like the game Pack Man.
                You’re fooked.

                • WAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!

            • I do what I can Mac. 😉

            • RE: “Congress will have to act… To save America!”



              Those two bit sell out M.F.’s, no good fer nothin’…

              Ain’t no way, no how, those bastards are doing anything good for the Average Guy. No matter How you vote.

            • RE: “Congress will have to act… To save America!”

              You guys are TOTALLY delusional if you think those guys are coming to the rescue.

              I’m shocked you even think that.

              You might as well think the high school homecoming King and Queen think of you when they exit. … It’s like thaT.

              Going forward, my best guess is to ignore the advise of bankers, especially former mortgage bankers, and the like who steered many into ruin. … Maybe check out the Austrian’s who called this sheet ahead of time(?) unlike the mortgage bankers who were silent while it all went down.

              It’s People like mortgage bankers who make me sick, especially former ones who don’t come clean and still cling to the mechanisms of the Central Bank. … Coming in second place is those who lend a hand to those same bastards and try to make them look good…

              • Helot,

                Thou misseth the sarcasm.


            • The Government surely keeps their Own well funded, like the Post Office Employees Pensions for 50+ years into the future. And why? The Government needs this last line of delivery service to serve their Tax Payer Debt Slaves, to keep on sending in their Tax payments. So who paid for this Expense? Tax payers!!

              Postal Delivery, is a just a Glorified Paper Boy position instead of throwing the paper in the driveway, they put it in a box mounted on a post. A Big difference, that includes $75K a year in salary, full health benefits and a Lifetime Pension. And their worker pool is inefficient ex-military personnel who can’t cut it in the private sector. It is the last ditch dumping ground for the inept. (My Opinion) Bravo!!Got to hand it to the Gubberment.

              Post Office Losses Myth-Facts

              Roughly 80% of the Postal Service’s losses over the past six years stem from burdensome pre-funding requirements to the Future Retiree Health Benefits Fund, a requirement placed on no other government or private institution. While we can all agree that the Postal Service should provide for its retirees, we should also agree that paying for 75 years of benefits over 10 years in simply unreasonable. Allowing the Postal Service more flexibility to make these payments would bring it back from the brink of destruction and allow it to thrive in the 21st century. (Emphasis in original)

              Instead, it quite explicitly states the requirement is a not insubstantial but much more reasonable 50 year period. Here is the language under section 8909a of the law, titled: “Postal Service Retiree Health Benefit Fund”:

              Not later than June 30, 2017, the Office shall compute, and by June 30 of each succeeding year shall recompute, a schedule including a series of annual installments which provide for the liquidation of any liability or surplus by September 30, 2056, or within 15 years, whichever is later, of the net present value determined under subparagraph (A), including interest at the rate used in that computation. (Emphasis added)

              Spokesmen for both the Postal Service and the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee (which has jurisdiction over the Service) told me last month I was reading the law correctly: It was 50 years, not 75. A Government Accountability Office report also said the 75 year claim was false.


              • THIS SUMS IT UP PRETTY MUCH..

                “In this New World Order the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.” — Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx, ‘La Revue de Paris’, p.574, June 1, 1928”

                Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.” — Menachem Begin – Israeli Prime Minister 1977–1983”


              • OHHHHHNOOOOOO!

            • if you REALLY want to know, go to pension tsunamidot calm. he’s been blogging on the bankruptcy of ALL corporations and govt pensions for YEARS! link to follow

          • I won’t shed any tears over the union pensioners, especially the UAW. They’ve been living fat for 50+ years, and it’s their huge pensions and their 100% free medical care that have nearly driven GM out of business. (I still think they are very shaky.) I’ve seen how those guys live, having been in the industry for 15 years. The guys I feel for were/are the salaried GM employees. They’ve already been screwed once. One guy I know quite well had to go back to work at age 73 just to make ends meet. That was 2009. He’s still working, now 78.

            As for myself, while I do have a tiny pension from my last employer, I fully expect it to be cut someday, despite the best efforts of the fund managers. And of course my SS pension will erode, too. Can’t do anything about it, but prep. No long term debt, very low-cost lifestyle, rural BOL with adequate water & other essentials.

            Pension fund “bail-in” may be the true SHTF moment for a lot of people, though.

            • @Old Coach
              Aint just the union pensions its local govt pensions too. Aint just blue collar high paid jobs but teachers and medical folks who are in strong unions. We think this will piss off the sheep and cause hard reactions but look how Obamacare turned out. The g-man dont give a damn about the working class. Theyre in it for themselves like Mooch and her kids getting gourmet lunch at school and commoners get 600 calorie crap.
              We are done for. The GOP sold us lies and voted for the latest spending bill, lying about amnesty. Aint no more voting. Aint no more ENGAGE or writing to leaders. Thats a waste and only puts us on one of there lists as dissenters or terrorists.

              So its falling apart while the sheep keep grazing. Cities are going broke, some in bankruptcy. Just read this morning that Cleveland is going the way of Detroit. We got city managers handling money they aint trained to handle and everyone in those cities puts faith in them. They pad the pockets of the bretheren who give kickbacks. Theyre in politics for themselves not the people. We are screwed.
              In the end the losses go on the books and its all redistributed to all of us in the USSA to absorb their losses. Aint right. Thats how this is turning out and aint shit we can do about it but tighten our own belts and have what little we all have as safe as it can be.
              Got cash? Spend it or convert it.
              Got a 2 income family? Drop to 1 income. Take the losses now. Got a home underwater? Walk away and give it up. Have a cabin or old RV and live low. Get off the rat train and out of the cities into the country and grow your food. Get as cheap as you can get. Barter. Buy from others face to face. Avoid sales taxes. Buy nothing new. Get away from gadgets. Play dumb, lay low, look poor (aint too hard for most of us). Like PlanTwice said, keep it hidden.
              Were thinking of cutting our internet connection and if so well have to go to the library. Its our one splurge every month and how we get the news. But we put money into the system to stay connected. A dilemma for us. If I aint around much, its cause we pulled the last plug connected.

              • Can’t argue with a single word you wrote Calgagus !

            • OLD Coach – You don’t have to buy their Overpriced UAW vehicles if you choose. Then it does not affect you in any way.
              I would be more focused on Government inefficiencies like the Federal Employees Unions/ That have so many protections for the dead wood, you would almost have to commit Murder in the work place to get them fired. I would predict about 45% of Federal Employees are Dead wood showing up day after day collecting a paycheck and doing about absolutely nothing.

              • Well, I don’t buy new ones, that’s for sure. Even at the peak of my career I couldn’t afford one.

                Focus on Government unions is well placed. Seen all that you described close up and personal in my career. Rule #1 for a bureaucrat is to do nothing that makes you conspicuous, or that you might get blamed for. The best way to accomplish that, of course, is to do nothing at all.

                IMHO the very existence of anything like AFSCME should be made illegal. And all the provisions of the Hatch Act preventing their doing any political advocacy revived.

                My focus on the UAW is because they have used their political power to get bailed out of a downside position in what was a private sector contract, in which the Government should never have any financial role at all. None, zero. Other than to oversee the bankruptcy according to Black Letter Law, which principle Obama violated most egregiously.

                Doesn’t matter now. The Weeper of the House has done the Devil’s work for him. Millions of new oxygen thieves will be added to Social Security and Welfare, jobs for Americans are already a fading memory, and the gangster banks have been given free insurance for their gambling with junk derivatives. Even my own usually-reliable-conservative Congressmonkey voted with the Weeper on this one. His excuse for it was just pitiful.

            • Don’t shed any tears, asshole. We’ve paid into those pensions with OUR money for 35+ years. It was just stolen from us. Your next, dumbass. GM was bailed out with our money & they used it to build a new factory in China. That doesn’t matter to you, though. Wait until they rob you. Then I’ll laugh.

              • If you are a UAW member, your beef is with GM management and your fat, lazy union bosses. Greed overcame common sense among both groups. Tough shit. (BTW I have never seen a greedier bunch than rank and file unionists. Greed and stupidity in equal measure. The difference between them and Wall Street is that they are evil and stupid, while Wall Street players are evil and smart.)

            • The Old Coach

              Not a word about the crooked bankers but lots to say about blue collar Union workers? Your jealous pure and simple. They got a far exchange for their labor that the likes of Walter Reuther damn near paid for with his life when dozens of UAW people striking for recognition as mandated by the Wagner Act were beaten to death by goons hired by Henry Ford in 1937.

              Every US factory worker should have had the same deal and possibly could have if it wasn’t for fascist collusion / Free Trade Agreements. A prosperous middle class threatens the power elite. They want Chinese drones now as the Japanese make too much money too. South Korea better watch their ass also.

              • +1 K2

          • DK, I respectfully disagree about buying PMs. If Roosevelt could successfully confiscate gold, and he did, why can’t that happen again? All they’d have to do is make it illegal to use gold in any public transaction, except to turn it in to the Government, (at some silly low price), and your gold is worthless, except on the black market. Are you figuring that the black market will provide all your needs? What about rents, utility bills, mortgage payments, anything at all that makes contact with the banking system? Will banks break the law to launder gold, they way they launder drug cash now? Serious questions, which I’d like to know your views.

            • FDR did not successfully confiscate gold. He successfully got a lot of uninformed people to voluntarily turn in their gold for paper, which was later devalued. Smart people hid their gold and didn’t tell anyone about it.

              Gold is mostly for a store of wealth to be used after a collapse occurs, time goes by, and things get back to some kind of order where you can trade gold.

              If I’m short on money, I don’t expect to be paying rent, utility bills, mortgage payments, etc. I own my property and can do without the utilities. I would only have to come up with a little cash to pay property taxes. Everything else I would need is in the domain of traditional black market trading and barter with neighbors.

              • Archivist says: “FDR did not successfully confiscate gold.”

                That is true.

                Which makes me wonder, why would The Old Coach say what he did?

                Is he that ignorant, or?

                I see that same take on a lot of threads.

                Pardon me, but, …Is everybody stupid?

                • Took a tour of Beaufort, SC. During the Civil War Beaufort surrendered without resistance; so the old homes are still there. Still, the aggressors seized all property. After that time, they held an auction to sell off the houses. Something like 7 families were able to purchase their homes back through proxies, as none of the rightful owners were allowed to bid. One used a proxy from England. Turned out he/she had buried his/her wealth in the yard!

                  • Same USA INC federal govt in power today falsely calling themselves America,still stealing folks lives/liberty/property…they did it before as history records and theyve have 150 years to improve on their methods…but this time things aint gonna turn out the way they planned it…REB

                • Successful at printing some crap on paper is not the same as successful confiscation.

                  • Whoever managed to conceal their gold still could not use it. As a store of wealth, it might as well have been lead. So whether the Government actually took physical possession or not, they confiscated the value of the gold. I’m sure a few people with offshore connections were able to smuggle it out and recapture the value, but how would you do that today, with computer networks watching everything?

                    • Wrong, they could still use and most likely did…..just damn careful about where they did

                    • Oh, they used it! Few people had much gold but those that had it kept it. The few people dumb enough to turn it in wished they hadnt.

                      …of course as soon as they got all the gold they could, they instantly upped the price 75%!!!

                      How do you spell crooked? I spell it UNITED STATES FEDERAL CORPORATION.

                • I have a reproduction of that poster of FDR’s “order”. There are lots of laws and orders and rules, but not everybody obeys or even cares.

                  There were a lot of people back then who ignored hell out of that poster, if they even got into town to see one.

                  • If’d been alive back then, I would have used it for #2 TP and mailed it to the White house.

              • Yeah those gold sandwiches are sure gonna come in handy when you are starving….

            • You will be surprised at the size and scope of the ‘black’ market. It will (does?) dwarf the above-board economy, just like in most of the world. The gubberment will be constantly playing whack-a-mole, even more so than now.

              • Only if you’ve lived your whole life in the ghetto with blinders on would you think that the black market in the USA is bigger than the legal market. Black markets don’t build factories, roads, buildings, medical supplies, machine tools, pipelines, power stations, or make payroll at Boeing, Microsoft, Caterpillar, Amazon, und-und-und.

                That’s just for starters.

                Sheesh !

                • Maybe that’s why he calls himself shithead?

            • Only about 25% of the Gold was Confiscated back in the 30’s, as the Gold Confiscation Act of 1933, FDR’s EO-6102, was not that successful and the other 75% Hid and buried their Gold. It was not a full surrender as those who turned in their Gold were reimbursed $20.67 per Troy OZ. Then coincidentally a year later in 1934 they raised the value to $35 per Troy Oz. Failure to turn in your Gold back then could resulted in a $10,000 fine or ($167K in today’s Dollar Value) plus 10 years in Prison under the Trading with the Enemy Act. Source:

              **What you want to do today is get yourself a Metal Detector and go to some wealthy old houses or farm yards, built before 1933 and poke around the yards or walls or dirt floors, insearch of their Booty that they buried, but died before they could pass it on to the family. Never know what you will find. Go check out some abandoned farms houses and yards, take a shovel and pick axe and head lamp flashlight. lol Maybe go rent an old farm house pre 1930’s for a few months and go to work. lol Also check the attics and under any insulation up there or in the walls with your metal detector.

              • All you are likely to find buried there is there “booty” bones.

            • Coach: In Arizona, Utah, and a few other states, it is legal to pay your bills to the State in metals; and of course anyone else who would accept it as payment in lieu of dollars.

              While FDR attempted to confiscate gold and did a pretty good job of gathering most of it, I suspect that this time around the lawsuits would be flying fast and hard, as we have the word of the Chief GB that “gold is not money”.

              And then there is the prospect of “nullification”.

              I urge people to invest in gold as a store of real wealth to protect themselves through the Changes that are coming. Paper assets, like stocks and bonds and with the exception of dollars, will be worthless.

              In particular, I recommend Canadian coins as these could never be considered property of the US Government and subject to recall, like American Eagles. That designation of “U.S Government property” could not apply to bullion if it were stamped by a different mint, or by Johnson Matthey.

              With an account at Johnson Matthey, they can and will “transfer” your gold to any designated office in the world, like Switzerland for you to pick up; or store for you if you have a corporate account.

              An offshore Panama corporation is recommended for holding such assets offshore and out of reach of grabby hands. All US tax laws apply, and US citizens with a significant interest in an offshore corporation or trust is required to report that interest to the US Government.

              The assets held by a subsidiary of that offshore (say Panama) corporation (particularly if the subsidiary is located in an additional domicile) are not subject to those rules. 🙂

              • I think you have some points for the investor who can play those offshore games, but what about the less than affluent prepper who thinks his few thousand buried in a #10 can in the garden will save him? I know you have said that you were in banking, and I think your normalcy bias is influencing your opinion. Just as mine would be on a point of manufacturing engineering or machine tools.

                As long as ROL exists, (and is controlled by our current masters, more’s the pity), I still think PMs are a poor choice for the average prepper. After TEOTWAWKI? I’m still betting on useful materials, knowledge and skills. The latter two being the most portable and un-stealable forms of wealth known to man.

                • I tried to eat a peanut butter and gold sandwich and it just didn’t cut it. It took two weeks to get the lead out of my ass.

            • The Old Coach

              “DK, I respectfully disagree about buying PMs. If Roosevelt could successfully confiscate gold, and he did, why can’t that happen again? ”

              Applying that logic to firearms why own guns? You know damn right well before this is all over they will be declaring them illegal.

              • They can ‘declare’ any damn thing they want to. It’s what they can ENFORCE that matters.

          • Whenever I see words like, “Its in the archives” all I can think is how that guy LOVES the power of a Central Bank. It’s, “in the archives” how much he LOVES the power of a Central Bank.

            Bring on The Fourth Turning, faster pussy cat, faster! Sell. Sell. Sell.

            The day that the attitude of those like the Kid become meaningless will be all that much richer.

            Crack-Up-Boom! M.F.ers. Bite me!

            • You can either have a central bank, or you can have the economy of medieval Romania.

              Your choice. Sadly, I already know what it’ll be.

              If you’d just TRY to wrap your mind around Econ for Dummies for a few minutes…….please?

              • Ummm… as you know, there was no Fed in the US until the early 1900s, and last I checked, the US was doing quite well without one, thank you.

              • We didn’t have a central bank for many years. We don’t need one now.

                As far as economics, what they currently teach in college is wrong and doesn’t even work. I failed it in college because I couldn’t bring myself to give answers I knew were wrong in reality. Get a copy of Paul Samuelson’s college economics text and read it. It starts out pretty good but soon starts to veer off into Keynesian fantasy.

                • A sophisticated economy needs the MECHANISMS of a central bank in this modern era and those mechanisms could be provided under the US Treasury. The Federal Reserve is not required to manage those mechanisms and it is a parasite upon the American People and their Republic, which should be eliminated.

                  Kill the FED. Death to the New World Order. Its totally Constitutional!!! 🙂

                  • DK, would a political animal like the Treasury Dept. really do a proper job of regulating the money supply?

                    It seems to me that the mess we’re in now can be traced back to the revolving door between the Fed and Treasury, which has politicized the Fed to the maximum extent possible.

                • Samuelson! Old Paul began my long road to becoming an engineer. Every new chapter made less sense than the one before, so I quit my econ major and took to engineering. Still read a lot, but only for personal edification.

                  We didn’t have a government sponsored central bank, but in the latter part of the 19th century, and into the 20th, we had J.P.Morgan. Many people reviled him, it seems to me it was because he judged that someone other than they should get capital for their schemes, or that they had a beef with the entrepreneurs he funded. But he also repeatedly re-stabilized the American financial industry during panics, the last one being 1909, basically by acting as a central banker.

                  There is a good argument to be made (and it was made at the time) that the creation of the Fed was stimulated by the fact that there was no other banker in the USA to take his place. Did he make a lot of money? Sure he did, because when he allocated capital, he allocated it to winners. That’s what smart capitalists do, for God’s sake! Unlike our current Government which hands billions out to losers like Solyndra and the welfare establishment. (Solyndra reminds me of one of Morgan’s bad bets, which was the Tesla scheme of transmitting electrical power wirelessly. Tesla had some great ideas, but that wasn’t one of them. Morgan pulled the plug, unlike today’s government managers of corporate welfare.)

            • We need some modern day Andrew Jackson’s as far as banking goes

          • dk

            You nailed it..and this is but a tip of the iceberg in the grand scheme of things coming…

            “Unfunded pension liabilities are the dark cloud on the horizon of state budgets; a cloud totaling $4.1 TRILLION DOLLARS!! for state-administered public pension plans, as SBS reported this year.”

            “A recent group of studies by the GAO and Fed show how dire the situation really is.”

            source:http://www dot statebudgetsolutions dot org/

            Of course they’re going after private pension plans.. to prop up the public unions at our expense..

            The damned stimulus plans did the same with the banksters receiving the largest share..

            It’s all kabuki theatere

            We’re all on the always..

            Of course your defense of voting out the bastards did not turn out so well did it?..the damned traitorous republicans have now colluded, as always, with dear leader and the banks,public unions, once again!!!

            Enjoy the day


            • Possee: “You nailed it..and this is but a tip of the iceberg in the grand scheme of things coming…”

              I agree, but the new Congress hasn’t been seated yet, so we will have to wait and see. The alternative would be complete disaster. Patriots must infiltrate the Retards; and while they have control of Congress, Patriots must become very vocal.

              Until Patriots take to the streets, we will have what we have. Engage 🙁

              • “the new Congress hasn’t been seated yet”

                So, all the people railing on about how the republicans we just voted in have failed us by voting to fund obamacare in this appropriations bill, is all wrong? They haven’t even got in there yet?

                Talk about jumping the gun…

                • ht tps://

                  Just for you Six……………

          • I am with you on that one. My wife lost her job in 2012. I made her sell her 401k back then. We didn’t buy gold with it, but we uaed it to get a start on prepping. I tried selling mine through my employer, and I can’t touch it while I am still employed there. Mad that I will lose those federal reserve IOU notes.

            • Don’t worry, Obooma will get you signed up for a big new shiny EBT card and you can skate from then on.

          • DK I don’t comment on your stuff a lot as financials are over my head, though I do my best. But you are right. I’ve felt this coming for a while. I wish I could stick my head in the sand and ignore it, but I can’t.

            • NPPH: No we can’t stick our head in the sand. We must face it head on because it won’t go away by doing nothing or dropping out in an attempt to justify their cowardice.

              After the Congress had passed the laws in effect RETROACTIVELY that destroyed the S&L industry I was STUNNED. Viable businesses were destroyed, tens of thousands of jobs were lost, and thousands of families disrupted.

              I was meditating upon this debacle one day trying to get my head around it, and asking myself why Congress would do such a thing and do it RETROACTIVELY. It was when I asked myself WHO would benefit from such action that I had an “eureka moment”. The light in my head went off and I thought,

              “Oh my God, the Commercial Banks”.

              It was then that I realized how utterly ruthless and soulless these people at the top in the financial world and the political arena are. This was in 1987/88.

              The I asked my self: “Whats next?” The answer was crystal clear. It was a silent, one word answer to my question that filled my head like the music from a good set of head phones: “Pensions!”

              This has all been master-planned by the PTB/Bilderberg/NWO Globalists who want to rule the world, control all of the people, and own all of its wealth: fascist to the core.

              Death to the North American Union. Death to the New World Order. 🙂

              • Long live Obooba and the EBT card and The Snap fund.

              • Death to the North American Union. Death to the Central Banks. Death to the New World Order. 🙂

          • And end up broke as a joke 10 years from now when the US is still using dollars and the stock market has tripled.

        • I have been telling people this shit for YEARS! Only 1 person took my advice and cashed out and bought gold and silver. Fooking idiots think they are untouchable. THE GOVT./BANKERS WILL STEAL EVERYTHING YOU OWN. If you don’y hold it, you don’t own it. Everytime some idiot says we need to contribute more to our pension fund I rip into them so bad they are speechless. Point out the truth to them and they just stfu and run away. A lot of people are going to eat shit and I will just say ” I told you so”. Whatever retirement I can get at the earliest time I can get it I’m taking. Good thing I know how to do a lot of under the table things, it will come in handy! 🙂

          • Good thing I wasnt stupid enough to buy metals lol 😉

            • Gold will likely be confiscated again? Not that there’s much in the wild, but the Gov. Goons need to look useful.

              Silver will likely be the common mans currency, but don’t overlook platinum and palladium. Diversification is key to survival!

              • I don’t know about platinum or palladium. I’ve never seen any, and I don’t know anyone who would be able to identify it. I do know the ring of a silver coin.

                • Silver has a superior anti-counterfeiting advantage. Because it is the worlds best natural conductor of electricity it has unusual properties in the presence of magnetic fields. It is non magnetic, but if a coin is slid down a ramp with a series of strong magnets imbedded in the ramp, the silver coin will be strongly slowed on the ramp by induced eddy currents. Similar to the effect super conductors have in the presence of strong magnetic fields. There. Are YouTube videos on this and an anti counterfeiting detector is easy to build.

                  Silver is probably the top metal to be the survivalists currency. If there is ever a real economic recovery, silver will be top dog because of its industrial uses. And fortunes will be made by the patient.

          • I have been trying to tell my mom this for 3 or 4 years now. She won’t listen still. She says the hospital she works at won’t let her cash out her 401K ???

            • I had to “retire” from my job to get my profit-sharing money.

            • That’s true BJ…

              The company actually owns the 401k. They generally “allow” you to invest it in different funds within the investment company THEY pick. However, at least in this household’s 401k plan, they can take the monies they contributed and put it in whatever fund they like without your approval.

              You cannot cash out unless you terminate employment. I found this out when the company was sold to a private equity and tried to cash out. The previous company rolled the 401k plan over to the new owners and they took over. The employee does not own his 401k.

              Read the fine print in your mother’s plan book.

              • Yup, same here. My company went to a 401k plan about three years before I retired, for all new hires. For some reason they enrolled me in it too, although I insisted on zero contribution from my paycheck. At retirement the company contribution had grown it to something like $4000, but I could not touch it until I was actually out.

                Still very glad that I was eligible to keep my defined benefit plan. Hadda have twelve years in, and I had just over that, by about three months. The anxiety of trying to maintain even a viable 401k investment portfolio in my old age would kill me. Even with a private banker in the family. (He’s gone gray already – 43 years old.)

            • Roll the 401K into an IRA. I would be speaking to an Atty on that one, blah blah…won’t let you cash out. You can also borrow against your 401K. Borrow as much money as you can and Buy Silver with the proceeds. Unless you are holding the “Physical Value” in your hand, anything on paper is trash, worthy of burning coming up.


            That needed saying more than once.

          • Ann Barnhardt is right. If you can’t stand over it with a rifle, you don’t own it.

            It will be interesting to hear Dave Ramsey’s take on such a development. He is a one trick pony—“A good growth stock mutual fund with at least a 10 year track record”.

          • Well, it has to be good, republicans got it through.

            So it must be better than if the democrats did it….

            I mean right??

            • No.

          • Saw this somewhere else. I’m FUMING. Can’t even put into words how ticked I am. Probably best I don’t do it here!

        • Good little slaves will soon be eating their GMO rations provided by fema scum.

          • Not THIS good little slave…

        • Thesis, antithesis, then synthesis always a little farther to the left is your answer.

          But for you to equate Joe Miller, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Michelle Bachmann,Jim Demint with RINOs is absurd. And no, I did not say they were perfect. But even the founders goofed up on occasion.

          My goal in voting in to at least make it possible to at lest be able to recover. Your approach will give us 100 years of a full, true USSR, not just the USSR-lite we have now.

          I’m not a nihilist or obscurantist like you are. And if you are so upset, become a precinct committeeman like I did. In fact, EVERYONE on this site should become one. People whine about politics, then ignore this one critical thing they can do and that has definite impact (many people say Obungler got in due to his organization of precinct committeemen in the Dems. They are desperate for precinct committeemen, and these are the very people that vote in the mid-level politicians that in turn give us the RINOs you rightfully despise.

          • Don’t you miss Canada….I think she misses you.

            Only a blind fool would still think anyone even wanting to be a politician would have one iota of a true blue bone in their body….much less after they succeed and get there. It’s people like you, the right/left wing voter (which is equal to or no greater than the sheeple gimme dats) who truly deserve what they get. Unfortunately, we all end up with the same thing.

            We probably won’t see any more voting….but if we do!
            For the love of God, stop doing it…just say no to the drug of voting in a corrupt and fraudulent system.

        • Hopefully, we can blame it on the fact they don’t have control until the beginning of 2015. They have till then. Hopefully, they can wise up quickly!

          Our private IRA’s and 401 K’s has been driving the government crazy for years. They are chomping at the bit to legally confiscate American worker’s money.

      2. What about us the armed forces?

        • Moon, the public employees and federal (armed sevices included) will be the first victims. Hope you had a plan B.

        • I hope you meant the 50 million plus gun owning members of the citizens militia. I am not a fan of the French Revolution but I like the idea of a basket full of politician and banker heads.

          • Don’t cha know, bankers don’t hang- they jump! And rarely they use power tools such as nail guns!

        • Armed forces?

          Haven’t you all been screwed in every which way already?

          Base pay cuts,increased insurance rates..and how’s the VA treating you folks/veterans…??for starters…

          Need I say more..



        • I doubt the Armed Forces will see actual cuts. What the Members will realize is “death by a thousand cuts.” As someone has stated, Increase Insurance costs, Fees for depedents utilizing Medical Services while on Active Duty, Pay “Freezes”, Et. al. For retirees it will be much the same. The Gubmit will “push” but not so far as to watch two and a half million trained Service Members to take their weapons and ammo and go home vis a vis the Iraqi Army.

          For the Guard and Reserve it will be the same.

          Two and a half million Armed men and women plus one hundred million armed Citizen Militia, Title 10, Section 311 of the US Code, would not bode well for the elite.

          My two cents.

      3. They will not stop until they have it all.

        • And apparently it starts NOW!!!

        • And true patriots will not stop until they are all swinging from the branch of the nearest oak tree.

          • So I guess ISIS are alot like the true patriots, in the Middle East?

            • It’s not how you fight, but what you fight for. ISIS, other than being CIA backed and all that good stuff, has the goal of a state governed by a small group and religion.

              If you think yourself above killing and fighting then you will simply die at the hands of those that do not.

              • ” If you think yourself above killing and fighting then you will simply die at the hands of those that do not.”

                Simply Profound

                Live Free or Die….choose

            • Ah yes, the daily moral equivalency horse manure.

              No, ISIS is not akin to Sam Adams and Paul Revere. For one thing, they didn’t behead 4 year old girls.

              Get a clue. You might find one on eBay.

              • Don’t try to reason with these sad folks. They are set in their ways and will soon be sitting around with a pile of gold coins that won’t even fit in an old gumball machine wishing they had something to eat besides a silver quarter.

      4. When the general public arrives at some clarity of understanding that their retirement savings will be confiscated no matter where they have it parked, I suspect we’ll finally see the run on gold and silver bullion that I’ve been expecting for close to 10 years now. Not the paper crap, but the real stuff.

        Also small businesses, that generate income while not qualifying as “savings”. Whole industries will be born to facilitate getting around government requirements. As always.

        • The general public is oblivious!
          Most dont care beyond what NFL team is playing or what the sister wives are whining about.

          • The general public will remain oblivious of the imminent collapse until the internet shuts down, the Emergency Broadcast Alert symbol is plastered to all of the cable/dish channels, and the ICBMs are showering their targets with multiple independent warheads.

            Then they’ll look around in bewilderment and confusion as they wonder why they weren’t given any advance warning.

            • And then all of their stuff along with your prepped junk will be vaporized and what good did it do to collect it?

            • yep.

        • If they confiscate our life savings then we have nothing left to loose. I imagine quite a few patriots will make the Zionist bankers and their politician harlots pay a heavy price for their thievery.

        • Just see today’s Argentina. Or check out Ferfals “Surviving Argentina” website

      5. Pension? I don’t need no stinkin pension. Prep, prep, prep n prep some more!

        • “Pension? I don’t need no stinkin pension. Prep, prep, prep n prep some more!”

          And then thank God you’re still better off than most people in other parts of the world.

          P.S. Still doesn’t make what’s been done and being done right or good, but just trying to find something to be thankful for.

      6. UNTIL NOW?

      7. Folks in the very near future Social Security benefits will come to an end. Those not prepared for that will die a slow death. The end will come when and only when TPTB want it to happen. Only two events could upset this; Natural Disaster or a Rogue Idiot with some sort of a WMD or the use of EMP.

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

        • I draw a monthly check from the Social security Ponzi scheme. And I be fine if it comes to an end. Provided all the other government benefits pensions freebees & stipends all fail at the same time.

        • I’m guessing they will offset SS with retirement income. That makes sense. If you have retirement checks then you don’t need SS. Later they can make it needs based, like other welfare programs. If you commit fraud then you get lots of welfare (current system).

        • “… die a slow death.”

          Preferably, per Zeke Emanuel, another vile author of ObunglerUnCare, , at 75 and no later

        • Copperhead;
          That’s three.

      8. not so bad, the retirees have to live like those younger among us that missed Baby Boomer GRAVY TRAIN..

        How can some people expect more money in retirement than people working today get, they had a(UNMATCHED in history) gravy train from the 50’s thru 90’s.

        imagine how the geezers had steady well paying jobs that were growing in trees for decades. were able to buy houses, cars, groceries MUCH cheaper back when they were making more than people today, and they expect a retirement amount equal to their lifestyle.

        TOO F’n BAD>. the music has stopped. there are no open seats.

        • I hear ya. But anybody steals my money that I put in my IRA, then they better make sure their priest (or more likely Rabbi) gives them and their family the last rights.

        • …I’m at the tail end of the official Baby-boom….and I have no idea what you are talking about? I worked hard every day of my life…from the time I was ten years old, working as a Golf Caddie…through to my first real job at McDonalds…on through a 25 year career with US DoD…with whom I have a legal agreement regarding my I was a Federally Protected Whistle-Blower for over two decades. We baby-boomers have put together one of the bets economies in the history of mankind…which could have continued without greed, NAFT, CAFTA and the corrupt NWO Agenda of breaking the US financially….so…I guess my central point is … “who you talkin about Willis?”…Ha!
          RJ O’Guillory
          Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

          • You ‘legal binding agreement’ with the dod was not sanctioned by the taxpayers who are the ones that pay you your lavish retirement while we starve on social security. What a parasite you are!

            • I call BS on you. Are you aware that many enlisted military families qualified (and probably still do) for food stamps? And they work more than 8 hrs per day. Continual deployments are now an ongoing event for these families. Yes, they chose that career, but each has earned their retirement. That was the trade off – Lower pay and horrible hours away from family for retirement benefits. These people were working – not sucking off the government teat! And if you didn’t want to “starve” on social security, you should have put some money aside or made yourself less dependent on the food store. Quit blaming others and get proactive in your life with everything you DO have control over!

          • I can’t count how many boomers think they worked so hard for their lifestyle. You lived in the richest time in US history at jobs that required few prerequisites. You INHERITED the best economy in the world and blew it. At least you got to work 9-5 for good pay and benefits. Few get that today.

            When you lose your pension don’t be surprised. You’re no different than the Free Shit Army today except for the fact you got to taste your slice of the pie.

            • RIGHT ,, the boomers inherited a BOOMING economy brought about in the 1940’s and 1950s. by their Parents after WW2, they were handed IT ALL.

              AND they think, they are the only ones who “worked hard”.

              DOD 25 year career and now PENSION,, PFFT, that IS the GRAVY TRAIN!..

              The boomers were the boys who became donkeys in the story of Pinocchio, the boomers were CALLED the –> ME <– generation by their PARENTS.. the people who ACTUALLY played a part in the super wealth opportunity of America past.

              ALL the work that MY great grand parents FOUGHT for in the labor movement, WW1, and the Great Depression is what gave the BaBy BoOmErS the silver spoon at birth.

            • Again, people who work hard all their life ARE different from the “free shit” people! Most of the Boomers I know did not and do not work 9 to 5. They all work and worked nine to ten hours per day and so did I. I will agree that the prerequisites were not there for all positions such as having a degree, so perhaps more options were available for people such as myself (no degree). If you had half a brain and a work ethic, you were golden! I don’t feel I lived in the richest time in history, but if you say it is so – it must be. I remember interest rates of 15 percent on homes and gas and grocery prices constantly rising. But we tried to keep debt to a minimal and not live beyond our means….. and so did many of our friends. It is difficult for me to reconcile your whiny attitude with that of a prepper or homesteader.

          • And you ACTUALLY THINK the gubermint will be bound to that ‘legally binding agreement’, which, BTW, will be adjucated in gubbermint courts. Baby Boomers are indeed parasites, although not so much as ‘the greatest generation’, who took out waaaaay more than they ever paid into the system. Sorry, you’ve been had.

        • It actuall was the pre boomers that had the gravy train. those born between 1935 and 1945 cane of age in the peak production years before inflation. the actual boomers who came into the work force later when the great numbers of boomers that where competing for the fewer jobs didn’t fare as well. Example a boomer born in 1954 was 20 years oil when the fake gas shortage and jimmy carters price & wage freeze to combat inflation where implemented. that’s when the USA began to decline. The car industry began to falter and every thing else followed. Its the pre boomers and the parents of boomers who got where able to benefit great rewards.

        • You are nuts. We baby boomers played by the rules in place, and paid what they made us pay. Stop blaming us for the screwed up world we live in today. It wasn’t a gravy train it was hard work. obooba only got elected because of stoopid young folks who thought he would save the world.

      9. It sounds like they want us to work until we die!
        I was just hoping to get my S.S. in about 375 days.
        I more than likely won’t see it, and if I do, it won’t be what they are telling me I’m to get at age 62.
        If they cut our retirement just may be we should go after their benefits after they serve in the House and Senate. Thieving Bastards!!!
        They are going after our guns on Dec24th and now our pensions.
        If they think they will get away with this they are sadly mistaken!!!

        • Ive got something for em if they come for the guns, dont plan on living a long life to some ripe smelling old age anyway, would rather die from a bunch of bullet holes than pissing myself and drooling my dinner.

          • Thomas Jefferson would approve.

          • Very well said Kula.
            Better to die for something, than live for nothing.

        • Sarge, I’ve always expected to have to work until I drop. I’ll probably never see any SS either. However, my Dad is a retired federal employee who gets a pension and SS. If he loses any of that there will be hell to pay. If they come after the guns, I’m ready. It won’t end well for them. BTW, I left a post for you 2 articles back complimenting you on the way you handled yourself to those asswipes who were attacking you. Nothing wrong with letting off steam when you have to. braveheart will be in your corner regardless.

          • Why should your dad get federal retirement and ss. We paid in to his federal retirement, do you think he would mind sharing it, please? Get his double dipping ass off of ss.

            • Look at all these pensioners up in arms about losing their free ride. They’re just mad because they’ve lost their seat at the easy table. They were stupid enough to buy into such a scheme. If they were smart they would have set their lives up and saved, bought land, built a strong family, and made sure their last days were at least comfortable. Instead they went on vacation cruises, as if they were entitled to it. No sympathy for the old generations who abandoned their young, sold their nation away, and expect them to slave away.

              • VERY well said,

                the boomers RUINED this nation with GREED, choosing to hippy it up with sex/drugs/rock n roll and “free love” instead of doing ANYTHING about the coup d’etat murder of JFK.

                they left their parents in retirement homes, sent their kids away to daycare, took trips/vacations every year (or twice), and squandered more wealth than any generation in history, and after DECADES of spending to infinity, they expect those younger to SUPPORT THEM by giving them the wealth we will never see.
                1.) live in poverty while working –(something boomers didnt do)
                2.) work in poverty to give boomers more of our money than we get working?

                • Shut up you big baby and get on with your life.

          • RBH
            Thanks! I read it THANKS!!!
            I just wish they had to do the job for about 2 or 3 years then they would understand. They watch too much TV with people taking about police work that has never done the job.

            Pants Up Don’t Loot
            I like your handle.
            Why should anyone get a federal/state/city pension and SS? Good question and a very simple answer.
            We paid the Piper now we get to dance. Just that simple.

            • dance on your own dime then. those ponzi schemes are taking the young peoples meager money, and funneling it to you while you live better than we younger do, and you geezers had much more opportunity to build wealth, had higher pay, better jobs handed on a silver platter, could buy a house for a FRACTION of today.

              Why should the under 40 crowd give you more than you boomers deserve.
              I say lets have MORE inflation so the pensioners gravy train is reduced, and give high wages to the working youth instead.

              • SF
                You are so blind! It is my own dime “DAMN IT”! We/I paid into it with them thinking we would only live for about 1 to 5 years after we retire. The problem is people like me that has taken very good care to make sure I live a long time. If the Good Lord is will I’ll live into my 90’s. That is what my family has done. That is the ones that took care of them self. Almost 61 now I take no meds for anything.
                In the 47 years I’ve been working I have paid almost 1/4 million into SS with interest . Give me all of that and I won’t take SS. Very simple.

              • The sarge does not care about young people, especially minors.

              • Simmer Fartis: Who do you think you are to declare what we “deserve”. We earned what we have and you are nuts for expecting us to have known how things would be in the world today. Are you a prophet who can predict what will happen 50 years from now. No, so grow up and stop whining about what someone else worked for. Your entire rant is baseless crap.

                • –” expecting us to have known how things would be in the world today”–

                  Thats my point, you people squandered more wealth adn opportunity than any generation in history.

                  you are not entitled to a single nickel..

                  that money you think is owed.. POOF!!

                  Now, suck it up, you boomers had a good run (best in history, btw).

                  Stop being a DRAIN on the youth, we dont have NEAR th opportunity available in the 50s-90s.

                  Dont take what little we have, after you lived high in the hog for close to 4 decades.

                  Let the youth have what little there is, the BIG FAT HOGS (boomers) at the front of the trough have had enough.

            • Are you a mute or just deaf?

            • dale, you NEVER reply to the point made by myself and others that you CHOSE the job to be a cop, NOBODY forced you to. Then you go psycho and cry about it?! The FACT is you REFUSE to debate the points that are put forth to you, you simply ignore them and run away, proving for all who can see you’re a chickenshit of the first order and a whiny bitch to boot.

            • Correct me if I’m wrong, but does not the Federal Employee Pension replace SS? I have the idea that no-one gets both. And that the FEP program is a lot better than SS.

          • Yes braveheart, I left a post for you also. It says, ” braveheart, now wrap your lips around dale’s badge and suck!”

        • Of course they want us to work until we die.

          The retirement age was set at 65 because most working men didn’t live much past that anyway, in the 1930s. I’d love to know the exact percentage that didn’t even make it that far. Too tired and disgusted to follow that up, though.

          • The problem is we are living longer but not all that much better. I turn 65 in a few months. no way I can do the job I could do at 40-50. How many 70 year old slow cart retrievers do we need?

            • Para don’t worry about! Yellowstone is gonna git you before you make it to 70. Didn’t you read the last article? I’m movin to New York City. Trekker Out.

              • I have a degree in Geology; don’t fret about Yellowstone. I’m well known for Recognizing: “The last wave of the conductors hand on the Last train out of town” and I’m still in Casper. On that, I’ll let you know when I go.

        • they will probably get away with it ,, they just passed a bill in Illinois that you cant film a cop..3 year felony

          serious shit.. if that state stands for that than they deserve what ever comes their way because of it/..

          I cant believe the shooting hasent started already

          • ht tp://

            An amendment to a Senate bill in Illinois has been overwhelmingly passed to ensure that recording police officers and government officials is now a felony.
            The Amendment to Senate Bill 1342 was stealthily introduced on the back of an unrelated piece of legislation last week. It essentially reestablishes a completely unconstitutional eavesdropping law that was previously overturned by The Supreme Court in March for being too draconian.

            • stealthily introduced on the back of an unrelated piece of legislation last week

              stealthily introduced on the back of an unrelated piece of legislation last week

              stealthily introduced on the back of an unrelated piece of legislation last week

              stealthily introduced on the back of an unrelated piece of legislation last week

              get it?

              do you fucking get it yet people?


            • So, if I’ve got a surveillance camera in my 7-11 store, do I have to turn if off when a cop walks in?

              Were I in Sillynoise, I’d sure hope there’s a judge somewhere that will slap an injunction on this before Christmas.

              • The official term, OC, is “The People’s Socialist Thugocracy of Illinois”

                Just so you know

              • But the cops (like sarge) love it, they don’t like what they do to be revealed….kind of like strip searches.

                ht tps://

                • @ BJ… could be worse… they could strip search 8th grade boys and look at thier junk while tapping on thier gun.

                  • In the old days, degenerates like that would be taken out and never seen again. I know some people personally today that still feel that way.

                    • C’mon guys, you]re being way too hard on the poor ole’ sargy dale. He NEEDS laws like that in Illinois so he can do his impossibly tough,thankless job more EFFECTIVELY. BJ, you pointed out recently that a cockroach scurries away when light is shined on it, well, that’s basically what filming a cop is, shining a light on a stinking, vile little insect. In this case, the insect has 2 legs and a badge, and whines about how nobody understands what is job is like, but runs away from countering direct points made that he REFUSES to answer, much like a 7 year old girl runs away from a bee. Then he’s on to the next article making more stupid comments about how the world will end without an army of donut eaters writing speeding tickets to gather that much needed revenue. The thing dale needs most is a class in remedial spelling, Christ, the idiot writes like English is his second language.

                    • Yeah, they fit neatly under the “He Heeded Killin'” clause in the Redneck Constitution.

        • SD – I live in IL, too. Recall that, according to credit default swaps, IL. is the EIGHTH most likely state, province or country in the whole world to default – right behind Portugal. Even the People’s Socialist Dystopia of Kalifornia was “only” around 20 or so.

          You are a good man. Be careful. My next door neighbor just retired from the IL. state police – good man, strong conservative, etc. – and he is monitoring this carefully.

          One comment tho: I sure wish my neighbor – and you – would remain in the police and not retire early. The world is *desperate* for decent, honest police to be around. As Scripture, as well as science, tells us, even a little salt goes a long way in preserving things.

      10. Sgt.: Soon my friend soon. Get all you can of what you feel you need now or as soon as possible. I feel everything is going to look very different by the start of the 3rd Quarter/July., just may have till then, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

        • Copperhead, I’m with you and have the same feeling. I believe something will happen during the 1st quarter, but I could be mistaken. Something is definitely coming, I can feel it.

      11. Its just more of the same crap from DC with them trying to bankrupt the people and make them dependent on the gov.
        They can all go fuck themselves!
        I feel for all the folks who are depending on a meager pension in addition to SS, and some savings. It will ALL disappear as designed.
        Perhaps my strategy will end up being vindicated after all!
        Live it now, worry about later when its later, we may not live that long anyway.

      12. To be fair, the section in the spending bill that has to do with pensions is referring to the PBGC…the private pension insurance funded by private pension funds and run by the

        It is underfunded and will not be there if a lot of pension plans fail. They are only saying that they can not backstop failing private pension funds.

        It has nothing to do with “coming to take your pension” and it only applies to private pension plans…not public.

        Companies are dropping out of pension funds in droves and these plans are becoming way underfunded…especially with low interest rates. PBGC will not be able to cover them should they fail.

        My family has been affected by an employer dropping out of the pension fund and switching to 401k, so I have followed this somewhat.

        This doesn’t affect .gov pensions and you the taxpayer will be bled dry and in the street before they take a hit.

        • Yes, private pension plans. That was clear. An awful lot of oldsters are still living because of them.

          See my earlier post about UAW hourly worker pensions. Those SHOULD get the axe, but they won’t because they’re a big Democrap voting bloc. All the insurance fund money will go there first. Meanwhile Granny whose husband worked for some less political industry will get it in the pantyhose again. As if the S&L mess that DK detailed, and the zero interest rates that QE forced, didn’t do enough.

          401k accounts? They’ll take those, too. Been proposed in Congress every year for almost a decade now.

          An old university maths professor acquaintance has postulated a new Law of the Universe: “The Increasing Awfulness of Everything”. I claim it’s just a restatement of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, but he disagrees.

          • Why should the UAW pensions get the axe? They worked, they signed a legal contract. Its deferred wages.

            My wives family worked the line.

            Blame the bankers. Take Corzine’s money. Leave working people alone.

            OBTW when Chrysler went belly up the successor Fiat is not responsible for the existing workmen’s compensation claims. The State of Delaware does not back it up because they were “Too Big To Fail” self insured. Broken back spinal fracture? No longer paying. Medical Bills from it; no longer paying.

            We’ve walked backwards into the pre organized labor era. Got to compete with foreign slave wage labor.

            • Well, your first error is in suggesting that they worked. My 15 year sentence as a Tier One supplier to GM/Ford drove that idea right out of my head in the first six months. They could make a two month project out of a task my own non-union techs could do in a week.

              You know what UAW actually stands for? United Against Work.

              But I suppose you gotta blame management too. They were the idiots that signed the contract. A private sector contract, which the Government should have no role in guaranteeing whatsoever.

              • My Mother In Law came home with cut hands working in a building that was 100 deg in the summer. My wife literally broke her back for them.

                The bankers are the problem not the blue collar worker. You know why jobs went overseas? Its because even $10-$12 / hr that the textile industry paid is far too much when 50 cent / hr virtual slave labor is available.

                “Government should have no role in guaranteeing whatsoever.”

                Really? So the court system is archaic? No enforcement of contract law? Its just that a contract. Let my company breech contract with yours and I’m in court. Contract is a contract. Period. They took the workmen’s comp money out of my wives check. Government mandated. It therefore by extension should be government insured. Ever heard of ERISA?

                Me thinks you want to go back to the, “Good old days” of say 1900.

                • Old Coach;
                  Help me understand something here. From what you have said:

                  Its ok for the guys who worked the manufacturing line have their pension fund stolen.

                  Its ok for a construction worker to have his pension stolen.

                  But its not ok for granny to lose her husbands pension.

                  As far as I can tell, all three of those people should NOT have their pension stolen.
                  With that being said I do not think the taxpayers should be on the hook if these pension fail.

                  I guess my point is, as far as I am concerned any money someone puts aside regardless of their affiliation should be untouchable. Subject to the risks, etc of the market or wherever their money is at.

                  You constantly harp on the GM workers, so what about the guys working the Honda line in Alabama. Should they lose their pension or 401K? Is that ok too?

                  You seemed happy to take your 401k money when you left your last job.


                  • @ ghost rider. thumbs up.

                  • It is not OK for a politically influential union to suck up all the money in the Pension Insurance Fund, leaving nothing for anybody else.

                    Guys on the line in Alabama, or for that matter at any Honda plant I know of, are not UAW. UAW would love to break in, but the employees always vote no.

                    Pension funds are supposed to be managed like annuities. The money paid in is supposed to be invested in safe instruments, so that it will be there to be paid out. Not what happened with the UAW. The union raided the fund to build a fancy golf resort (union officers only, no hoi polloi allowed), and made a lot of risky, politically driven investments with it.

                    As I remember it, (and I’m that old), the whole push for the Pension Insurance Program came about because so many pension funds were being raided that way, either by unions or by management, that many union employees were at risk of losing theirs. Rather than bring the pension managers up on charges for breach of fiduciary responsibility, Congress bailed them out with taxpayer dollars.

                    • By the time the UAW pension fund was handed to the UAW it was underfunded and broke.

                    • OC;
                      But you didn’t really answer my question. Take away the whole pension insurance fund for a second.

                      Is it ok for the .gov to take away a portion or all of anyone’s 401k or pension?

                      This isn’t a union/non-union thing. I said earlier that the gov should not be responsible for pension defaults, but IMHO the money set aside should be the workers.


              • Old,
                Who did you work for? I worked for B.T.R. in the 90’s

                Good old days would be before 1871. But the more you read history….there has always been problems and trouble in america to some degree……but not like today.

                Me thinks, things starting going astray with in 20 years of the revolutionary war.

                • BJ

                  During the cold war TPTB needed us to contain the Soviets and get us to fight for territory and control of the governments to export our industrial base to in the on going quest for cheaper and cheaper labor. They played WWII movies over and over to ostensibly reason to the cannon fodder that your fighting for your freedom. Yea, Ho Chi Minh was going to attack Boston as soon as he unify’s his country.

                  Regardless a vibrant US consuming class was paramount to the supply / demand equation but cracks in that working strategy manifested with cheap foreign labor displacing employment here. The Berlin Wall then came tumbling down. Now virtually another half of the world was open to ship industry to without the fear of nationalization with Free Trade agreements being the catalyst for it. Weapon technology advanced requiring a far smaller industrial base and manpower to enforce their rule.

                  Simply put we’re no longer a necessity in our present numbers. MIC needs just enough industry to keep the US on top of military technology. They need to maintain “reasonable” political stability which I think over time will be accomplished with carrot and stick with an increasing use of stick.

                  I could be wrong and would entertain another thesis but this is how the dots connect for me.

                • I was being comical when I said 1900. Labor was a dog then and were headed back in that direction.

                  Yep 1871 when the corporation was re-defined. Sad day with a huge power shift from, “We The People”. A tad over 40 years later they got control of the money supply. The rest is history.

              • Old Coach

                “A private sector contract, which the Government should have no role in guaranteeing whatsoever.”

                And vested means what? No rules? No laws governing its funding? No teeth in said laws if they exist? Well with that logic in mind why don’t we abolish the Pure Food And Drug Act and allow cans marked TUNA to actually be BACTERIA?


                • Enforcement of fiduciary responsibility is a government function. Guaranteeing results is not. That’s what I said, and that’s what I meant.

            • you assembly line workers in the 80’s were mostly coked up, getting paid $20+/hr THEN, products had LOWER quality than japanese cars, a country we just bombed and defeated.

              IMAGINE making $20+/hr today but everything was at 1983 prices.!!

              Oh, wait, I recall, since I lived in the midwest growing up, that in Detroit in the mid 90’s it was VERY COMMON to make over $30+/hr.

              • Is there something the matter with Americans making $30/hr?

                The system worked before 2.2 billion Asians crashed the party.

                • Not if they do $30 worth of work. The UAW didn’t. Eight weeks to do a job my own guys could do in ONE, but weren’t allowed to. I had guys roughed up, spit on, tools stolen, materials stolen, cars vandalized, just because my guys were non union.

              • SF;
                those $30+/hr jobs are out there if you have the training, etc. In my area a decent non-union carpenter makes that much.


                • There is that much carpenter work? May I ask where. Better not answer because if people find out they will flood the area, lower the wages and then they’re SOL.

                  • Nah, no one here is going to come to jersey voluntarily. All the carpenters I know are working a steady 40 hours. But the competition for jobs is tough. Owners aren’t keeping dead weight on their crews.


                    • Oyster Creek is out there and I have already told the main office (after 7 months in PA last year) don’t ever ask me to go to mid atlantic states again. Not Three Mile Island, not Peach Bottom, not Limerick and Definitely not Oyster Creek in Jersey.

                    • BJ;
                      I put a bid in for some work at Oyster Creek. Didn’t get it, but just being there was an eye opener.

                      I remember the first time I drove by Limerick many years ago, and just having that uneasy feeling about being so close to it.


                    • BJ

                      Power guy myself retired. $30 /hr in NJ is like $20 elsewhere.

                    • Kevin2;
                      You are probably correct that $30 here is $20 elsewhere.

                      Into power are you? I did a decent amount of work for Exelon Corp….


                    • @Ghost Rider,
                      You should see what it’s like at Three Mile Island. After a while you get used to being in and around the nukes and then it is no big deal.

                      But TMI is a different story. When you walk out to the old unit where the CP’s and LB’s store the scaffolding material….it is eeeeeeeerrrrryyyyyy!
                      You can just feel that something major took place there. It is hard to explain, it is just a sense that comes over you. It is dark and quiet and just eery! Then to go up in the old control room and it is still manned….what a boring job. One guy sits there all day with nothing to do. In there are pictures of Jimmy Carter and his wife on one of the control panels from their visit during the incident.

                    • Retired as an operations supervisor Gold Seal in a 60MW power plant.

      13. I spent most of my retirement funds, after I withdrew them. Went back to college, graduated, couldn’t find a job, finally bought a place before it all ran out. Used to feel badly about it but maybe I made the correct decision. I’d rather spend all of MY money that give one red cent to those leaches. I advocate cash now, with metals and junk silver mixed in. And don’t think that the 1% or the political elite will be living by these rules! After all, Elizabeth Indian Princess Warren has her money guy all lined out.
        For some good news: the scaffolding is already up at the Capitol building. Saves a lot of time.

        • A lot of time hanging the ropes! Good deal, time for a newfangled static line necktie party!

          • Should be Ok, kind of like Bungee jumping but with the rope around their neck

            • Just a swangin’…..

          • Sittin here in limbo
            Waitin for the dice to roll
            Tho I’m putting up resistance
            I know it’s my faith that carries on

            What ever happened to the good ole ‘tar and feathering’?
            So much more satisfying than lynching.

      14. Bill funding the govt for another year just passed.
        We’re fucked!

      15. The bill just passed the house funding the govt,as-is for another year. We’re screwed!

        • Not if the next Congress reverses it. They can, you know. But it’ll take cojones the size of bowling balls to put enough pressure on Obama to make him sign it. Impeachmnent, maybe? At this point I think the union-owned Democrats in the Senate might vote to convict.

          In any case, I HOPE that this will be the straw that breaks Boehner’s back. Or maybe some union thug will rid us of this troublesome Weeper.

          • Not going to happen, they (R’s & D’s)are all part of the same corrupt group.


      16. ‘eye for an eye’ i say.

        i plan on spending my retirement cracking synagog safes.

        woo be unto thee who i deem worthy of my attention.


      17. Brandon Smith has a article on zerohedge. “the thin blue line”. He has hit a home run with this. read it.

        • Yes, yes, yes, yes.

          Little historical footnote: The phrase “hue and cry” came from the medieval legal requirement that anyone who witnesses a public crime shout out to alert everyone, and that anyone close enough and able enough had to join in the pursuit of the miscreant until he was captured. Community policing in its’ most basic form. A person who did not join in the “hue and cry” could be taken up as an accessory to the crime.

          While I’m at it – y’know what the original purpose of a jury was? Not to decide guilt or innocence, but rather the magistrates would assign twelve men of the community to monitor and control the party found guilty of a minor crime for the term of his sentence. No jails then. It was that or the executioner. Not only community policing, but community reform school.

          • “hue and cry”

            HAHAHA , Reminds me of Gomer yelling ” citizens arrest” at Barney Fife .
            Too funny……..

        • Mac, that article deserves a thread of its’ own here….!

      18. Can someone give me advice please? I can;t cash out my pension until I am no longer employed with my job for 90 days so I am kind of stuck. I prep what I can with my spare money but I’m worried I will lose all my retirement.

        • I “retired” (went Galt) from my job 10 years ago and got my profit-sharing. I had to pay a government penalty for early withdrawal and income tax, but at least I got most of my money.

          I don’t have as much income now, but I manage by doing side jobs on my computer, and my wife makes things for sale. We use word of mouth and don’t advertise.

          Everyone’s situation is different. You will have to calculate for yourself how you can get out of your job and still survive. If there aren’t any jobs in your field, you might consider making a job or studying at a community college for another career.

      19. The teamster complaining about his pension would be interested in where his money went.

        During Hoffa’s reign gangsters were given money to build Vegas.

        Once the fund was turned over Morgan Stanley and then to Goldman Sachs to invest things really went south.

        One investment was $77M to a Russian bank that closed its doors.

        Interesting article about a teamster that researched what had happened to his pension fund. Look up the NY Times article on it.

        • so the j’s as always stole it in the end.

          it’s interesting how most amerikans, even college educated, just can’t seem to see the big fat hairy kosher elephant in the room with them, constantly sticking it’s trunk in their wallets, purses, bank accounts and pensions.


          • What we often refer to as “education” has been nothing but indoctrination. The brainwashed masses will sooner turn on each other, just as they have been trained to do, rather than attack the hands that pull the strings.

            Only thing to do is to go quiet and hope to survive the madness.

      20. Now they have back the American into a corner. We are going to war…there is no doubt about this now. I would not be the least bit surprised if the revolution starts next week. ELECTIONS DO NOT MATTER…BECAUSE IF VOTING COULD CHANGE THE SYSTEM IT WOULD BE ILLEGAL…except if your voting with the NWO.

        Live Free or Die…gonna be bloody

        • Ahhh! The ‘VOTE!’.
          Question, what is the vote and what does it really mean?
          Most if not all people think that when they register to vote they are choosing a party toback and when they cast a vote they are expressing their choice as to whom they wish to represent them in whatever position of government is currently up for grabs.
          It is said “That no government can rule without the ‘consent’ of the people.” When you register to vote you are registering your consent to be governed and when you cast a vote you validate that consent.
          This is why the PTB’s do not give enough crap to make a skid mark about ‘who’ you vote for (they got that covered front and back) so long as you vote. If they received less than 33% of voter turn out they would be invalidated in the world as a ruling legitimacy.
          Unfortunately, this would not make them go away. It would, however, apply legitimacy to the peoples revolt and give standing to whatever government that rise’s up to replace what is overthrown.
          So, don’t vote, don’t register. Lets see what results come of it.

      21. has any one else noticed how the j’s and their goyim wanna-be’s kosher j followers seem to have taken over alternative news and prepper websites?

        85% of the websites are j owned or controlled.


        • Some are paid shills, but don’t be surprised at the number of people that truly believe in it. Decades of propaganda is hard to overcome for most. COINTEL is not unheard of in the prepper community either. Don’t fret though, it’s a mentality of self destruction. Break free and focus on surviving it while the psychopaths destroy themselves. Hopefully they don’t nuke the planet in the process.

      22. Problem: Nobody is insane enough to buy their bonds, because a) interest rates are a under a fifth of what they should reasonably be, and b) everybody knows that inflation and taxes will claw back those illusory gains plus more – you’re guaranteed to lose real value.

        Solution: Force people to buy their worthless paper by law.

        Ingenious. Next, they’ll make dying illegal, with a significant financial penalty imposed if you do.

      23. “Pray for those who despitefully use you.” Just keep what you pray for them to yourself. Big brother and his president have big ears.

        • OK Juan…I pray that they all jump off a high rise head first…how’s that?

      24. The bottom line is the government employees granted themselves salaries, benefits, and retirements at taxpayer’s expense. Now the taxpayers are broke, and can no longer fund the lavish lifestyle of government parasites. So, the solution is to attack what the taxpayers have saved up for themselves instead of bringing the government parasites to heel and make them live on plan b as we the taxpayers have always done. Just so many ticks and fleas can live off of one dog, after that the dog dies, what then parasites?

      25. You know, over 50 million potential taxpayers have been killed since 1973. I’m beginning to wonder if passing Roe v.Wade was a pawn In The chessgame of political underhandedness…

        • Noticed how the feministas wanted abortions but they never thought that they would be getting rid of future feministas?

      26. Is anyone making lists of the banksters? And any other corrupt official that needs a rope necktie?

        • Dave…I know its hard to stomach..but just watch CNBC…the bitches are on there all the time.

      27. When the big one hits I’ll have a very large ax to grind, till then I’m going to live it up.

      28. No way!
        You mean that there’s no such thing as “something for nothing”?
        My only hope is that the majority of those who WILL lose pensions are federal employees!

        • I lived for years and years on Ottawa, ON. I don’t wish ill on anyone, but after watching these fat, lazy, uncaring gov’t workers (I’m sure DC is just as bad) leave work at 3:30, retire in their mid 50s or earlier, get paid 1/3 more for 1/3 less work, get all kinds of holidays off that private sector never got, I have to be honest: If their free lunches are taken, I am not going to send flowers.

      29. “The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them.”

         Karl Marx

        Know your enemy.

      30. “Democracy is the road to socialism.”

        Karl Marx Co-author of the Communist Manifesto

        “The goal of socialism is communism.”
         Valadir Lenin Founder of the Russian Communist Party

        “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.” 
John Adams 2nd President of the United States

        “The Republican is the only form of government which is not eternally at open or secret war with the rights of mankind.”
        Thomas Jefferson 3rd President of the United States

        Know what doesn’t work and what does work. Know what road you are on.

      31. “We are not to expect to be translated from despotism to liberty in a feather bed”
         Thomas Jefferson

      32. “The tree of liberty must be watered periodically with the blood of tyrants and patriots alike. It is its natural manure.”
         Thomas Jefferson

        “When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”
        Thomas Jefferson

      33. ‘If your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions
        of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more — you might live in a
        nation founded by geniuses but run by idiots.’

        Jeff Foxworthy

      34. I wonder when people will realize that we simply can not afford it any more. Somehow adjustments have to be made or the system will collapse. I fear it will be sooner than later.

        • Why fear???…is living under this current of lies, deceit, fleecing something you would want to continue..? Embrace this….because it needs to happen …do not fear it or by fear you will voluntarily allow it.

          We who have grown up in a democracy take for granted a government of the people based on reason and the people’s choice. But before our nation was founded, modern governments were based on authoritarian domination. The people in general were considered little more than cattle, to be governed and controlled by those possessing wealth, education and power, and kept under subjection lest they undermine the stability of the government. The Founding Fathers introduced the revolutionary idea that government could rest on the reasoned choice of the people themselves, which was thought absurd in other lands at that time.

          Thomas Jefferson on Governed by Reason

          Live Free or Die…for something or nothing…but don’t fear it Patriot

      35. “If Americans ever allow banks to control the issue of their currency (Federal Reserve, central bank, IMF) , first by inflation and then by deflation (Economic bubbles), the banks will deprive the people of ALL property until their children wake up homeless in the streets.”
         Thomas Jefferson

        I thought I would give you the answer before you ask the question……………….
        ‘Why am I homeless?’

      36. END ALL CONGRESSIONAL pensions.

      37. Just another hoax..yeah like your pension..any union pension

        yep you cops too

        This was too good not to copy and paste:
        “Welcome to Newtown, I mean the Sandy Donation Taxpayer Ripoff Gun Control Mental Illness Obamacare Agenda Supporting Lying News Anchors Hoaxathon town! We have horrible actors and lots of greedy people who dont have jobs, they just siphon $$ from the sheeples who donate. Oh its OK though we also get Federal Tax money sent to us by our good friend in the WH, to the tune of $70 million. Would you like a cup of coffee while your here? That’ll be $9 please.”

        • Precise and Brilliant EOTS

      38. This is just step 1…​

        President Obama’s REAL retirement target???

        Your IRA, 401(k) etc.

        Congressional committees have already considered “exchanging” private IRAs for Government annuities….

        A word to the wise–be sure you have PHYSICAL control over at least some of your IRA assets. You decide what those assets are, I am not an expert.

        A desperate, broke Government is a dangerous thing……

      39. No way the government will ever seize the 401Ks and Roth IRAs. It is the only mechanism by which Wall Street gets their drug of choice….OTHER PEOPLES MONEY.

        If a seizure ever was to take place, people would no longer contribute to these retirement vehicles and thus Wall Street would have nothing to leverage against and capture. The markets would seize in an instant because the wealthy would simply be trading with themselves. There would be no gains. They need other people’s money for their racket to work.

        Pensions are a different beast altogether. They are company funded and companies haven’t been funding them for years. Wall Street has no interest in pension money because it cannot be counted upon. Thus, they just let the government take care of it (75% of guaranteed pension). With pensions, the only solution is for all those pension recipients to take a massive buzz cut…or go without.

        • Lots of good posts today!!

          BTW, This post was completed from my $1,000 “free” Obamaphone. Sign up at yourself at EVERYONE qualifies (even your dog)!

          “PhreePhonesPhorEveryone” is a division of the U.S. Dept. of ObamaPhones and the U.S. Dept. of Sphelling, and is a paid for by “everyone else.”

        • “If a seizure ever was to take place, people would no longer contribute to these retirement vehicles and thus Wall Street would have nothing to leverage against and capture. ”

          The government can have a very simple solution for that; mandate contributions to a fund ostensibly insured by your very own Uncle Sam. The funds get QE to the banks that in the absence of Glass-Steagall buy equities and by extension Wall Street gets its cut. It would be nothing more than an extension of the pay as you go Social Security.

          There are a few truisms:

          1. No ones Life, Liberty or Property is safe while the Legislature is in session.
          2. No not believe for a second that, “They can’t do that”. The reality is and history has proven that they can do anything they want.

      40. This just proves that ALL elections mean NOTHING…whoever wins the citizens get the ‘shaft’…and ALL politicians are LIARS…even the good ones ..because THEY know what is going on ..and will NOT tell the truth to the citizens…ALL go along to get along and stay in POWER…….and if this last election and the last ‘government funding bill’ does not open up your eyes and challenge your senses..then…NOTHING will….imho

      41. Next at bat: Obungler’s MyRA scam. If you don’t know what it is, better learn now. Basically, your hard earned savings will be stolen… er… taken and moved over into bonds. Big mover behind this scam is Teresa Ghilarducci – google the name or a couple articles at or

        Short story? Can anyone spell G-O-L-D (or silver?). Take physical possession NOT an ETF, as when the music stops and you want your ounce of gold, it won’t be there (not allocated)

      42. “Socialism (lit. “gouvernement” in French) is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.” – Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850

        And yes, dear reader you ARE correct: Leftists and the “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters STILL have no idea why this has NEVER worked, CAN never work, and WILL never work. BUT…. I’m sure when Hilary and her flying monkeys take power, they will do it right that time… the 8,959th time it’s tried. At least that’s what the fascist (and I use that term *literally* BTW) left think

      43. I notice a lot of comments dissing union employees and their pensions. I might point out that it was those union workers and their wages that raised the standards of living in America to the highest for any peasantry in history. The private businessman who became a millionaire did so because there were highly paid union workers to support his business. Now union jobs have been outsourced, and that high income base is gone. I know a businessman who has laid off half his employees since 2008 (except for the illegals he pays slave wages). He once bragged to me that his personal expenses were $1 mil per year, but most were tax-deductible (corporate jet, corporate yacht, condo in Cabo, business conventions in Vegas, golf tours to Scotland). He has not turned a profit since 2008, and is considering selling out to a globalist conglomerate.

        • Yep. Its interesting that people who worked and made a good living (which we at one time considered the birth right of an American) are held in distain out of jealousy. The Wolf’s Of Wall Street along with their globalist industrialists / bankers created, fostered and profited from decline of the middle class.

          Misery loves company.

          • please don’t confuse us with facts


            • GR

              I heard the exact words, “Don’t confuse me with facts” from a State Senator in NJ in 1990.

              Those five words words spoke volumes as I experienced first hand the futility of logic getting a foothold in politics.

          • Ya…Ive noticed that too…the govt wants us all at each others throats,envious,jealous of each other,what color we are or arnt,what generation we were born into,how much gravy(real or imagined) one group got than the other…anything,just so long as we are divided and fussing with each other…then we arent fighting and fussing with TPTB…sad but it seems alot of the folks who profess to hate the status quo are the first ones to bite/mock/snipe at others who think differently than they do and its not always based on real honest differences in facts or truths but more often on vague opinions…sad,especially when we can do so much better on the same side.

      44. In 2010, Boston University economist Laurence Kotlikoff says U.S. government debt was 60 per cent of current gross domestic product, as global investors and American taxpayers think, but
        rather 14-fold higher: $200-trillion – 840 per cent of current GDP. “Let’s get real,” Prof. Kotlikoff says. “The U.S. is bankrupt.”

        Hey, that free lunch thing worked out reeeeeally well, didn’t it! Kinda like it did with the first major city to adopt the socialist Model Cities Program, Detroit

      45. The Baby Boomers don’t deserve the blame for the current downfall. At least many opposed the system in the streets. You call them hippies and potheads, rabblerousers and degenerates. They were actually patriotic Americans that rejected the lies of a corporate war based economy interested only in personal enrichment and power to control the masses. What came after those voices is an embarrassment to civic duty. You all bought the governments propaganda and remain firmly in their support.

        • Absolutely correct.

          What is most interesting is the very same players in the Vietnam Anti War Movement are now for all practical purposes Neo-Cons regardless of political party.

          The Greatest Generation and depression era babies looked at Nov 22nd 1963 and many thought, “Something is wrong here”. They however had good jobs with comfortable pensions to look forward to and they just went along. Silver coins were removed from circulation and many thought once again, “Something is wrong here”, but I make good money and the pension is getting closer. Many looked at Vietnam and thought (some saying), “What the hell are we doing there”, however that good job and pension to come pacified them so much they sent their sons into that carnage. It wasn’t until that damn good job and pension was threatened that any showed real concern for the direction of the country. In the end art imitated life as the classic scene from the movie Animal House where Otter says to Flounder, “Face it, you fucked up, you trusted us”.

      46. I see while we are all arguing over who has earned thier pensions… Boner has pulled the FOIA out of the bill they just passed. Now we cannot see the back room deals and wasteful spending. They can withhold any info they want.

      47. Cash out all of your retirement accounts and invest in KY jelly. You should be able to make a mint!

        Martha…Grease up the cat…

      48. hope it causes a massive die off leaving lots of free shit for me and mine

      49. I’m 56 years old. I paid off my ($140K) house in 5 years. It took everything I had…but I am not paying the bankers 250K in interest over 30 years for it. Now I have almost 300K in savings. I never put money into the 401Ks. You are being enticed by 4% matching + tax benefit to give up control of your life savings.

        I have maybe 8 years left to bank money and invest in my private accounts. At age 65, when I retire, I will close every account I have and the government will see me with zero financial assets. After retiring, and getting every benefit available to a poor person, I will slowly move that cash back into the financial markets.

        Our Government has used the tax code to direct your behavior. You have come to accept it. Health Care Savings Account? After you have paid your share of the Government, why should it have the right to tell you where to put your savings?

        This Government is immoral and evil. It was taken over by the Jews when Hitler ran them out of Europe.

        75% of the Democrats on the Supreme Court are extremist Jews. The Federal Reserve has not been out of the hands of Jewish Control for decades. (Yellin, Bernake, Greenspan….). Jews are 1% of the Country – they are 25% of the Democrat Senators. 33% of Harvard is Jewish. All the Ivy league Schools are run by Jews.

        Hitler passed a law in 1933. Limit the number of Jews in Media, Limit the Number of Jews in Government, Limit the Number of Jews in Education. That was before TV…where the electric Jew now sits in your home and tells you how to think about society and culture.

        The White Man needs to rise up and be proud of his non-Jewish White culture.

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