New Executive Order: “Obama Has Just Given Himself the Authority to Seize Your Assets”

by | Mar 19, 2014 | Headline News | 306 comments

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    On Monday the U.S. government took steps to seize the US-based assets of Russian lawmakers and anyone else that the US government deemed complicit in supporting the Crimean secession movement.

    We’ve seen the U.S. government do this in countless cases surrounding drug and financial crimes, and sometimes even against foreign leaders like Saddam Hussein and Manuel Noriega.

    What makes this particular instance so unprecedented and terrifying is that President Obama went so far as to issue a new Executive Order to give himself the authorization to do so, because the laws of the United States are such that our government is not allowed to simply take someone’s bank assets, home or business without due process.

    Here’s the kicker.

    The new Executive Order doesn’t just apply to just Russians or foreigners. It gets blanket coverage, so even American citizens could now face asset forfeiture if their actions are deemed to be “contributing to the situation in the Ukraine.”

    Be careful what you say. Be careful what you write. President Obama has just given himself the authority to seize your assets.

    According to the president’s recent Executive Order, “Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Situation in Ukraine” (first reported by WND’s Aaron Klein), the provisions for seizure of property extend to “any United States person.” That means “any United States citizen, permanent resident alien, entity organized under the laws of the United States or any jurisdiction within the United States (including foreign branches), or any person in the United States.”

    Via: The Ron Paul Institute

    Like most Executive Orders and government legalese, the definitions for why an individual would have their assets seized under this directive are extremely broad and they could, for all intents and purposes, be used against anyone who supports Russian interests, or simply argues against those of the United States.

    You can read the full Executive Order at the White House web site. The key points are noted below:

    All property and interests in property that are in the United States, that hereafter come within the United States, or that are or hereafter come within the possession or control of any United States person (including any foreign branch) of the following persons are blocked and may not be transferred, paid, exported, withdrawn, or otherwise dealt in: any person determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State:

    (i) to be responsible for or complicit in, or to have engaged in, directly or indirectly, any of the following:

    (A) actions or policies that undermine democratic processes or institutions in Ukraine;

    (B) actions or policies that threaten the peace, security, stability, sovereignty, or territorial integrity of Ukraine; or

    (C) misappropriation of state assets of Ukraine or of an economically significant entity in Ukraine

    This new Executive Order has crossed a very dangerous line. It’s one that turns the notions of property rights and due process upside down by effectively bypassing the U.S. Constitution.

    While we’re sure the President and his staff would argue that such a law would never be used against Americans who are protected by free speech, the fact is that the Executive Branch now believes it has the self-manifested authority to target any individual who engages in activities that undermine US interests abroad or at home.

    If a President of the United States believes he has the authority to make it illegal for you to provide support to Russia by way of political commentary, charitable donations or other methods, could he also use similar directives to push forward other agendas?

    President Obama has already re-authorized an E.O. giving him the ability to seize farms, food, processing plants, energy resources, transportation, and skilled laborers during national emergency.

    The next Executive Order could come in the form of restrictions on firearms advocacy or target those who speak out against policies like government mandated health care. All it would take is the declaration of a national emergency and they can essentially do as they please.

    Is it prudent to give a single person the ability to force such actions down the throats of the American people without Congressional oversight or Judicial review?


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      1. Must mean all the lead too…….

        • He hasn’t given himself or anyone else any such authority what so ever. He only gives himself authority over those who allow it and give him that authority.

          We should start stating things as such and stop putting things into words like we do. Words have meaning and there is also the psychological aspect……say things enough and even though you know it is BS, others will accept it.

          We need to stop saying these things and make it normal again to deny these criminals any such thought. They think they have the authority because for generations people were afraid and accepted the badge and gun as meaning something….it DOES NOT if it is a crime against humanity, against my natural God given rights, against common natural law.

          • Look what has happened this year with BO. The U.S. is doing exactly what an economically desperate nation or empire does, they try to start a military conflict. First it was a total failed effort at Syria. Before this it was Iran. Now “we” just have to defend Ukraine from the big bad Russians. Just like wag the dog when Bubba Clinton got caught with that fat Monica giving him head, he launched air strikes against hussein. Just like when Jr. bush had the opportunity to hit Iraq because of the problems with the petro dollar. Now there is two “enemies”. China with the islands dispute with Japan, and Russia with Ukraine.

            I call all this so convenient. Martial law will be convenient also. BO has been waiting and his puppet masters just have to pull the strings. I know of some people that actually buried food like they do precious metals. The issue is how many people will stand up and not allow the government to take their necessities. What is so pathetic is that ONLY 1% of the people store up food and supplies. That means that ONLY 1% of the people have what is really worth taking. Joe and Jane Saturday have a bunch of Chinese junk that amounts to nothing to the government.

            I want to know how many of those gun owners that ARE NOT part of that 1% of those that store up for emergencies will simply give up their firearms for a sack of groceries. Remember that number, 1%. Not the 100 million gun owners, but the 3 million of so preppers/survivalists that can wait out a long siege. I sure hope when this happens you don’t have the 97 million of gun owners in long lines waiting to trade in their guns for some Saltine Crackers, government cheese, protein bars, water, toilet paper and other needs because they did not think it was necessary to store up for tomorrow.

            • BI-

              Slightly off topic, but connected just the same:
              (from ZeroHedge site)
              The Chinese Yuan Is Collapsing

              The Yuan has weakened over 250 pips in early China trading. Trading at almost 6.22, we are now deeply into the significant-loss-realizing region of the world’s carry-traders and Chinese over-hedgers. Morgan Stanley estimates a minimum $4.8bn loss for each 100 pip move. However, the bigger picture is considerably worse as the vicious circle of desperate liquidity needs are starting to gang up on Hong Kong real estate and commodity prices. For those who see the silver lining in this and construe all this as a reason to buy more developed world stocks on the premise that the money flooding out of China (et al.) will be parked in the S&P are overlooking the fact that the purchase price of these now-unwanted positions was most likely borrowed, meaning that their liquidation will also extinguish the associated credit, not re-allocate it.

              The Music Just Ended: “Wealthy” Chinese Are Liquidating Offshore Luxury Homes In Scramble For Cash

              One of the primary drivers of the real estate bubble in the past several years, particularly in the ultra-luxury segment, were megawealthy Chinese buyers, seeking to park their cash into the safety of offshore real estate where it was deemed inaccessible to mainland regulators and overseers, tracking just where the Chinese record credit bubble would end up. Some, such as us, called it “hot money laundering”, and together with foreclosure stuffing and institutional flipping (of rental units and otherwise), we said this was the third leg of the recent US housing bubble. However, while the impact of Chinese buying in the US has been tangible, it has paled in comparison with the epic Chinese buying frenzy in other offshore metropolitan centers like London and Hong Kong. This is understandable: after all as Chuck Prince famously said in 2007, just before the first US mega-bubble burst, “as long as the music is playing, you’ve got to get up and dance.” In China, the music just ended.

              • Is there really a doubt in anyone’s mind now
                that we are under the rule of a dictatorship?

                • Not in my mind. I am not under his rule. Last I looked his name isn’t God or is it Jesus who died on the cross a couple thousand years ago. He can come get what he thinks is his with his pen and paper. In my neighborhood we have Rocks and Scissors.

                  • Last time I looked, he didn’t have a real birth certificate. All his laws are null & void.

                  • There is no telling all the stuff he will do (accomplish) while we have a missing jetliner. Never let a good crisis go to waste!!!!

                  • Remember – Executive Orders are NOT laws, and only apply to D.C.

                • Nope, no doubt in my mind.

                • Yeah, moron. There would be no Congress or Senate. There’d be no voting if this was a dictatorship. Bunch of idiots here!

              • @ Socrates. All over the internet there are danger signs of what is coming. Still even to the narrow minded skeptic of all of this, that person can never deny the lack of what you need WHEN something happens that closes stores or makes travel near imposssible.

                This is something I just don’t understand. Every single point on this planet, every part of the United States can have an emergency that shuts down what a common person is accustomed to and literlly needs. Whether it is a mass prolonged blackout, a weather disaster, wildfire, terrorism, a ntural disaster from another region overspilling into their area, whatever. People need to have back up at their home. Even a personal disaster such aa a family flu outbreak. It is so nice to not have to run to the store when you are having a major bout of the runs, a fever in the 101-102 F range, or you feel like a truck just run over you.

                It is amazing to bear witness to probably every single person in this country and beyond that has had a time in their life when they wished they had what they needed stored up in the house. It is incredible to know that almost 1/3 of all people don’t even have ANYTHING in the house. No back ups period. At least if a family has a few days of supplies they are not going to immediately go into the dire straits. You wonder where most of these people have had their heads screwed on from. People with more than enough money that have cupboards that are more barren than Old Mother Hubbard. How can people have their heads so throughly cemented into the ground shows just how much trouble the human race is in. Thank goodness there are still those 1% of people that try to plan ahead.

                • The biggest one for these idiots who dont prepare more than food (which is number 1 h20 too) gasoline. They will wait hours and will be sent where? They run out of gas and they are going to turn on a dime into a pack of lunes one there car runs out of gas on the side of the road with their 5 kids. I feel sorry whats going to happen to these people that have nothing. You know who this group is, so make sure you have your car hidden if possible in a city anyway you can. I know some its impossible. Gas will be king. Just a thought

                • @ everyone
                  there is something missing, that cog that needs a craftsman to replace, not only for our country, but for our dignity.
                  those of us that think’ we are prepared, are not.
                  those of us that wish for the end, don’t know better.
                  those of us that love their family, have a hard time showing it.
                  those that have time, waste it.
                  those that are educated, have no idea. (not of their own conception)
                  those that are dependent upon others will be left behind.
                  those with new ideas and thoughts, will be laughed at.
                  those that cling to ‘the old ways’ will be forgotten.
                  I have a unending thought of some type of change. it may be linked to fossil fuels, which originally brought about this dramatic change in society as a whole, that is now becoming less available. it may be the possible collapse of individuals actually talking with one another, and keeping God as part of our lives, I don’t know. It could be the fed taking us off the gold standard back in 1913, or accepting abortion back in 1972. it could be a culmination of it all. but here is the shitter,
                  we have to deal with it, love it or leave it, fight or flight… this is the deal that we have actually dealt to ourselves.
                  could our parents possibly have seen this coming, the possibility of that check not clearing. weather it be your 401k, SS, or welfare, or disability, ebt card who gives a shit, sometime soon, it’s over.
                  I don’t see nearly enough blue collared shirts around anymore to supply this Ponzi scheme. this is shtfplan for a reason, and the reasoning is your own.
                  get your loved ones close, for I’m not the only one that has a bad ‘feeling’

                • “You wonder where most of these people have their heads screwed on”– No, I don’t wonder. They have their heads screwed on like they do because of the television set. If they had no TV, they would be more in touch with reality and think straight!! They think the world is a bowl of cherries, theirs for the picking because that’s what they are brainwashed into believing… the non-existent “American Dream”.

              • I think we will see an epic pullback on the Chinese cash flows. The Canadian finance minister abruptly resigned the other day. He was ‘Captain Bubbles’ who inflated the real estate market in Canada using mostly Chinese wealth and also drove Canadians into being the most indebted in the country’s history (all while lecturing people about the benefits of hard work and saving).

                He then did the Canadian douche thing and fled just in time not to take the heat when all the Chinese speculative and safe harbor cash pulls out of Canada.

                • FRANK , A pullback probably is coming.
                  ZH has a story this morning about cash strapped chinese selling realestate assets in hong kong.
                  It seems their bubble has burst.

                  • The dominoes begin to fall in China…

                    Largest Steel Maker In China’s Shanxi Province Defaults On CNY 3 Billion In Debt

                    “Overnight, Hong Kong’s The Standard reported that in addition to the solar, coal and real-estate developer companies that are on everyone’s radar as potential future bankruptcy candidates, one can also add steel makers to the list, with its report that Highsee Group, the largest private steel makers in Shanxi province has defaulted on CNY3 billion of debt, unable to repay its bonds on time.”


            • Good evening, BI. What’s in the article is already covered in the NDAA. It doesn’t change how I’m going to respond to anyone who comes to my place to take anything. I’m not giving up squat to anyone for anything. MOLON LABE braveheart

            • Then we demand to have George Soros to be arrested and all his billions of dollors or millions to be taken away by the US. DO you know that in Irag we built T walls on both sides that would basically run around the whole country, One section of those walls runs about 1000 dollars for a few feet 15 feet high. That is 800 billion dollars that was charged to us It’s fucking nuts whats going on. Watch what you say? MY ass assholes. Until you start pushing people they are going to have enough when they have nothing left to lose. Your pushing people that close assholes.

              • @ Clint –

                As long as the government remains relatively tolerable, most folks will continue to tolerate the assholes. It isn’t as if anyone that I know still has a hell of a lot left to loose.

                The hired goons & thugs wearing the mirrored sunglasses and any number of different uniforms are only in it for the profit motive. As soon as the gooberment is unable to compensate them sufficiently, relative to the level of danger that they face; the assholes quickly and quietly start to fade away.

                All of our lives could become super interesting in the time it would take to watch one episode of American Idol! Who woulda thunk??

                • Reporters rehearse questions with White House press secretary

                  Reporter: WH Press Secretary Gets Questions from Reporters BEFORE Press Briefing

                  “A CBS reporter from Arizona reveals that President Obama’s press secretary, Jay Carney, receives questions from the press in advance of his daily press briefing. In fact, she says, the reporters often receive the answers in advance of the briefing, too.”

                  The Weekly Standard

                  • Mom

                    That’s as long as he can stand to be away from his mirror.

          • @ BJ,
            Well said.

          • Mr BJ has said a mouthful so pay attention, this is the key to all of our futures. Ask yourself a simple question and you will understand this for what it is.

            If a person has the power to grant themselves the right to do anything by writing an EO. Didn’t that person already have that right?

            The president of the United States does not have this authority. Writing an EO does not grant him authority he never had in the first place.

            • It does as long as a cowardly congress let’s him get away with it. Since most of the Stupid party are compromised by one thing or another expect no pushback from them. Some embarrassing photos make become public.

              • Cowardly Congress — ALL OF THEM— allowed an ineligible candidate to become President TWICE. The usurper is not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, and Congress was supposed to reject the ineligible candidate well before the election. Both parents of the candidate must be US citizens at the time of the candidate’s birth in order to be a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN. Santorum, Rubio, Jindal, and Cruz ALSO are not eligible. Dishonor the Constitution and see what you get. (This sorry mess.) We have already started our descent down the crapper, our disregard for Article 2 Section 1 of the US Constitution, the Presidential eligibility clause, was the start. Wake up people! Vote them all out. We need to take our country back from these crooks and criminals in Washington.

                • He is eligible, you idiot! Should it surprise me that most who oppose Obama aren’t smarter than a 5th grader in any 3 subjects? Maybe it shouldn’t but it does. This Kenyan crap, when will it stop? A birth certificate was demanded of how many other Presidents? & I’m sure that it bothers no1 here that Conservative groups tried to rewrite the Constitution to make Schwarzenegger legally able to run for Gov.? Ann Coulter did an interview where she said that Republicans are only joking when they call Obama a Kenyan!!?? Then, I come to sites like this & TheBlaze & it’s sad. Sad that Republican lies have caught so many of you hook, line & sinker & U know what they say, it is easier to fool a man than to convince a man that he’s been fooled.

          • YUP, he can have all my assets and he will get the lead ones first!!

        • Will they accept delivery of it at 2800fps?

          • Crockety Croc, in many cases, they’ll have no choice, unless they back off totally.

        • I’m sure it’s for our own good.

          • Here’s a new version of the 23rd psalms I found on yahoo, I said I was going to share it.

            Obozo is my Shepherd; I shall not work.
            He maketh me to lie down and watch Oprah:
            He leadeth me beside the still factories.
            He restoreth my bling bling:
            He leadeth me in the paths of idleness for Husseins name sake.
            Yea, though I walk through the valley of the sharing of the wealth,
            I will fear no workfare: For thou art funding me;
            Thy gat and thy blade, they comfort me.
            Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of people who actually produce;
            Thou annointest my teeth with gold;Our crack pipes runneth over.
            Surely rebates and Earned Income Credits shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the House of the Obozo forever…

            • Sixpack, I fell out of my chair reading your post. “Our crack pipes runneth over.” Now THAT fits them to a T.

              • Let me be clear, I let the writer know I was sharing this, but I got it from a yahoo comment. I didn’t write it, but I love it.

            • SIXPACK:
              That my friend as much as I hate to say it is so true.
              Its not the 23rd psalms.
              Its the 23rd. Obamalms for the book of Barack

              • thats from the book oops
                S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

              • Did you know Barak in Hebrew means Lightning??

              • Too bad none of them can read it.

            • In a 2014, we took a little trip….
              Along with Real American’s, to take the country back,
              We took a little anger and lots-a-flu-stra-tion,
              And we caught the bloody communists beating on their drums.
              We fired our guns and the Marxist kept a’comin.
              There wasn’t quite as many as there was a while ago.
              We fired once more and they began to runnin’ on
              the d.c. highway to the Gates of in-fer-no.
              We looked down the river and we see’d Obama come.
              And there must have been a hundred Muslims beatin’ on the drums.
              They lied so much and they took the U.S. down,
              most people stood by, and didn’t make a sound.
              We fired our guns and U.N kept a’comin.
              There won’t be quite as many as there was a while ago.
              We fired all together and a- became-united.
              takin back our country, sayin never-again!
              Old men said ,we could take ‘em by surprise
              If we didn’t fire our AR’s ’til we looked ‘em in the eye
              We held our fire ’til we see’d their faces well.
              Then we opened up with all our guns and really gave ‘em … hell!
              We fired our guns and we took our country back.
              singin pledge of allegiance, and never lookin back!
              We fired once more, protecting… con-sta-tution,
              singin’ you’ll have-to-take-it….. from my cold dead hand!
              Yeah, they ran through the congress and ran through the senate,
              And they ran through the courts where Obama told them so.
              They ran so fast that the public never caught it,
              but three-percenters are here to make them go!!
              We fired our voices ’til Obama shut us down,
              So we grabbed all our weapons and fought another round.
              We filled the people with respect, and not to buy the change.
              All the people with closed eye’s , are really quite insane.
              we fired our guns and Obama kept running.
              he wasn’t quite as scary as he was a while ago.
              We fired once more and then became a new day,
              with all our freedom’s, and the prayers of the day.
              Yeah, they ran through the congress and ran through the senate,
              And they ran through the courts where Obama told them so.
              They ran so fast that the public never caught it,
              but three-percenters are here to make them go!!**

            • sixpack that was just awesome.

        • Hey Obumer … come try to take it… your going to love that class action law suit… and if that fails…. well then there is the other way of saying hell no…..

        • Well, crap! Look what they did to the American Indians– they made up and passed anything they wanted– made it all up as they went along, in order to do whatever they wanted. It never has been about justice. The Federal government is a means for the people at the top of the income bracket to do whatever they want to whomever they want…of course, it has gotten a lot worse the last few years, but its always been corrupt as hell!!

          • Unlike the indians we aint giving up the guns for blankets….

        • I watched that movie last night which Mac mentioned, called “Black Out”. He’s right! It was really good– was on the edge of my seat! If that doesn’t convince people to stock up, I don’t know what would! Really good! I plan to re-watch it occassionally, just to keep me on my toes and make sure I’m stocked up like I should be… only thing is, if you’re stocked up and those around you are not… it seems inevitable that you will become a victim… they’re bound to figure out that you got stuff… dangerous!

        • How really convenient– this new executive order. All he has to do is substitute another word for Ukraine, and he can have whatever he wants from out assets.. and right on the heels of everything collapsing… perhaps this is the real reason for the crap in Ukraine- just an excuse to steal more from the American people… plus, it really doesn’t look like the Ukraine crisis is over either– sure they are only doing small “tit for tats”, but they are escalating… how far will they go with this game? No one knows but both have over blown egos…

          • Crimea voted yes and Russia formally took Crimea into the fold. All that’s left is the petty bitching and pissing from the globalists.

            Putin did not comply with the globalists demands. He didn’t give an inch to the NWO.

            NEITHER SHOULD WE.

        • At SHTFblog: “Gun Rights Battle in Connecticut”… great article!

        • Oceanfront CONFISCATION – UNPRECEDENTED GENERALIZED of private property is imminent in the IV REICH

          The so called “western democracies” or “free world”, are now totally controlled by the illuminati.
          Yet until 2013 they didn’t dare demolish the principle that private property is untouchable, with the exception that owners can be forced to sell in case of public interest, like building a road.

          April 2013, CYPRUS: unprecedented confiscation of private assets in the “free world”: 40% of ALL deposits above 100,000.
          Accordingly to the illuminati religion’s principle of “openly tell it to the human cattle”, days later the European Union gov announces that similar measures might be passed in the future in other states.

          April 2013, PORTUGAL: unprecedented confiscation of private assets in the “free world”: ALL land within 50 meters from the Atlantic Ocean and 30 meters from a river or lake
          Portugal has more than 2,000 km atlantic coast, including the archipels of Madeira and Azores, that make the portuguese maritime waters the largest in Europe, more than 1 million square kms.
          Some of the mildest oceanfront in the world are the south coasts (Algarve, Arrábida, Madeira and some of the Azores) as well as the peninsula of Troia.
          Prices for the sq meter between Lagos and the spanish border or at Troia range from 700€ to 3000€ per square meter, or up to 50 times more than if the plot is 1 km from the ocean.

          Unprecedented Confiscation in the “free world” packaged as illuminati joke
          The core of the joke is not to package the confiscation as a request to owners to prove the impossible (1).
          It core of the joke is to package the first generalized confiscation of property as a demand to prove ownership.
          In other words: from now on at any moment the illuminati can declare void ANY property title.
          Reduced: the foundation of the free world, the principle that private property is sacred, is rewritten from one day to the other as “ANYONE can be stripped at ANY moment from ANY property title”.

          Next step: GREECE
          Greece has 32,000 km coast, more coast with mediterranean climate than ALL other EU states and the US combined (2).
          This said, it’s not difficult to guess what the next move will be.

      2. He must go and he will go.

        • Yes, he will… But can we survive the scorch and burn he’ll leave behind when his term is over?

          • and unless a third party candidate can achieve the Presidency

            NOTHING will change

            • That is right. Nothing will change until something happens to make it change… from inside or out…and it won’t be pretty. Someday I hope people will look back on this and see once and for all too much government will destroy anything that is intrinsically good.
              A once great nation has rotted away from within, instigated by power hungry dictator wanna be’s under the mantle of all the so called “social betterment ” programs.
              Happy “Hope and change America”…you wanted got it.

          • Don’t count on it ending just because his term ends. I heard today Moochele will replace him as prez.

            • would be the first transgender president….

              • Hahaha, would be like the most transparent prez ever? I get it, now that’s funny.

          • Mac, I got your email the other day and thanks for the gift. braveheart

          • Mac, I took Alphonse to the woodshed over his remarks about you and our community. Since he was civil, I was civil in return, but that was hard for me. Everyone here knows how I could’ve been toward him. Mac, you and everyone else here are my adopted family. Nobody tries to hurt my adopted family and gets away with it. Now, if that had been ncjoe or even eisen…..

            • A simple difference of opinion is part of public discourse. If Mac can’t handle different views, then he has the wrong type of web site going on. That’s not to suggest I advocate vicious, slanderous name-calling and personal attacks, I don’t.

              But I do advocate the right to disagree and present an argument to support one’s opinion. That comes with the territory.

          • Doesn’t matter, we will get more of the same when he is gone, just like we always have for a very very long time now. It is just more in your face now and a different flavor……but at the root it is still a corrupt system and people in fictional roles drunk with delusion and hatred towards mankind

            • Less than five years is what this country has left. The entire govt. has been infiltrated and in hostile hands for years. Reagan messed them up and set their plan back a few years but they are nothing if not persistent. The average American has the attention span of a goldfish. they have sat back and allowed their country to be stolen from them by mass immigration without a whimper. Anyone can see the end game here no matter who gets elected.

              • Newsflash JW,
                Your Rainbow Ronnie false god idol was a corrupt POS just like all the others in the last 100 years.

                Iran contra and FEMA / REX84 are a few that come to mind

            • that’s because it’s not a right vs. left problem, not a D vs. R problem, the problem is elitism

              chuck baldwin live ; elitism not liberalism is the problem

          • Yep…we CAN and we WILL…..right over might.
            Have Faith

      3. Barry the faggot sucks Moochele’s cock.

        • Are you sure Moochel is a female? Look very very close at this creatures physical characteristics before you decide what sex it is.

          • Cowdoc, I’m still trying to figure out
            what human group she(?) belongs to.

            I’m thinking Moochele, Hillary, Feinstein,
            and Pelosi all belong to the Cro-Magnon
            genus, ‘Americanas Cuntus’.

            • That’s a human? WTF

            • she is no doubt cro-magnan women.

        • The boys call her “Chewbacca.

        • Barry the faggot? Please Nobama, our dear President may from time to time go down on an occasional Thingy but that’s certainly no reason to put a label on the guy!

      4. Its only a matter of time…

      5. He just digs himself deeper and deeper.

        • Correction… He digs US deeper and deeper.

          • Correction…He makes others dig us deeper and deeper.

            He hasn’t done a real day’s work in his life.

      6. Be sure you make your house payment and pay your taxes on time. They will snatch what you have in a heartbeat after the collapse.

        • Then why pay? Better to spend on needed supplies.

          • Where you gonna put yo stuff?

            • I keep an eye on some local bank owned propertys. If the collape is an end of society reboot. I am trading up. No one can prove ownership as the legal entities called “Banks” have ceased to exist.

              As an addendum. I have no desire to be settling in when the real owners of some property show up. That would be awkward. Hence, formerly bank owned only.

              • Confiscat a Synagouge since they will never look there for patriots hiding out.

                • Good to see the low IQ Jew hater Them Jerkoffs is here. Just what have you ever done that was patriotic, eh putz?

            • You won’t have to worry about that it’s going to be gun and run till the festivities are over.
              Study light infantry tactics and bushcraft. Like there is no tomorrow . get your field gear in order ,
              This spring and summer is going to be LIFE ALTERING.
              And Practice , practice , practice ,

              Expect the regime to act in its own collectivist interests .
              It’s coming and fast , ,there going to be a fight.

              The only way to eliminate a freeman is to kill him.

              TRAIN, STUDY , FORM TEAMS,


              RESIST III%

              Semper Fi 8541

              • Improvise is my favorite,

        • A pile of ashes isn’t worth as much. Things happen.

          • Toast, all of it.

          • I do believe those bankers think the same.
            A book of write-off accidental burnings won’t bring much at auction.

            • Chain saws for those beautiful trees you planted, too.

      7. I’m going to try to hang on to what little I have for as long as I am able….but in the end, if it is to be taken all away (like Job), God’s will be done.

        But Obama and the rest can never, ever touch my soul.

        • The story of Job always bothered me. God did not have to allow Satan to destroy Job’s life and family. Reminds me of the Movie “Trading Places” when the rich guys toyed with peoples lives for fun.

          • We have free will to choose our actions….sadly, not all believe in the Lord and stray….repeatedly.

          • GOD allowed satan to touch Job’s family to prove he still had one servant that wouldn’t turn on GOD. Even his wife told him to curse GOD and die. Job never cursed GOD…he may have cursed everything else but not GOD. In the end it says Job recieved everything back 10 fold.

            I think it’s awsome he survived everything the enemy threw at him and still won in the end.

            • Yes he was rewarded ten fold but God Allowed Satan to kill Job’s family to prove a point. he didn’t have to do that. Do you think Job thought it was ok ?

              • Job may not have like that his family died but GOD controls past,present, and future. He knew Job was a good man and that’s why he chose him for this task.

                I think your looking for something negitive in this story to satisfy your own anger towards GOD for something you may have lost.

                I’ve been married for almost 3 years and have been a Christian most of my life. Me and my wife go to church and pay tithes weekly. In the past 2 years we have had 3 miscarriages and 1 DNC. That will test any mans faith. But the meaning of faith is believing in something you do not see. I know those children are in heaven and one day I will see them. I don’t know why GOD hasn’t allowed us to have a child but I do know I need him and shouldn’t question his will.

                The way I look at this story is, no matter what is going on in your life, satan still has to ask GOD permission to battle you. And I believe every battle makes us stronger so we can help someone else who maybe going through something.

            • Was it OK for his family to be destroyed. Does the end justify the means? If this story is true, God is EVIL. And petty

              • The Creator of heaven and earth is the master of all created things. He can do with them as He wishes.

                What Jesus said to Saint Peter could be said to you….”thou art a scandal unto me, because thou savorest not the things of God, but the things that are of men.”

                And this is a fatal mistake that most people make….trying to out-think God, rather than to think like He does.

                • If he cannot be trusted not to ruin peoples lives just to make a point with the Satin, he’s no better. Would you respect me if I did it? I’m supposed to bow to him just because he’s powerful? That’s exactly how BO thinks.

                • to try with a human mind and thoughts to create a God thats pleasing to you or to try and create a mental picture of a God you approve of is the same as an Idol. It is an mental Mind Idol immage but its as much an Idol false God as if you whittled a statue God from an old dead tree branch.

                  God Knows the mind and thoughts of Humans as he created them and their brains or minds…but NO man can ever comprehend the Mind or Thoughts of God…Other than what he has already shown or provided to us to know of in His written Words.

          • But it was necessary, because it was a test of Job’s love of God as to whether his love was real and true….deeds are necessary at times to prove one’s beliefs. Abraham was ready to kill his son to prove his love and obedience. The devil believed he could swing Job’s love and faith from God by the loss of his goods….and he was proven wrong.

            Rather than focus on the loss of Job’s property and loved ones, the focus should be on Job’s unwavering love of God regardless of prosperity or poverty. It was truly heroic.

            • What about his wife an kjds? did he make it up to them? Evil is evil, and that story is just evil.

              • At least nobdoys ever going to confuse Paranoid, with a Deep Thinker such as, Jack Handy eh.

                • Yes, and I could buy a litter of puppies and to them I am all knowing and all powerful. And the thought of maiming and killing them to impress my neighbor, and prove one of them could still not curse me, makes me sick. Look into how the SS proved their loyalty to Hitler. If Job is true, you can have your God.

      8. Wow!!! Buckwheat has left me speechless…

        Folks, just keep prepping!!! The European Union is in a tough spot. Without Russia energy, many will freeze to death.
        With Russia, countries not buying 40% of Russia energy, it could collapse their economy AGAIN..

        While all this is happening, it creates a great cover for our own gov. to come up with more bullshit like this.

        Stay tuned, potential for an planned event has increase.

        • Johnnyblaze, I agree. The Europeans, except for Switzerland, have never had any good sense on anything. They’ll screw around and get that Russian gas cut off. they still have 6-8 weeks of winter left over there.

          • Naw, they’d rather fold than be cold.

          • The Swiss are the wisest of the Europeans. They live in peace and freedom but prepare for war. They have the most alert population and the most advanced preparations to protect their country. The Swiss worked out a long time ago that you need to walk softly but carry a big stick in your rucksack if you need it.

            • Perhaps wisdom has little to do with it. The Swiss mountains are the vaults, holding the stolen gold of the world. The Chosen make their war profits elsewhere, never Switzerland!

          • “””except for Switzerland”””

            Switzerland is the banksters “safe haven”. That’s why they have armed the citizens there to teeth, while working so hard to take them away from us.

            The banksters believe the Swiss people are their final line of defense against the rest of the world. If we attack the banksters there they will tell the citizens THEY are being attacked.

            I don’t think the banksters plans will work out. Too many delusions to overcome.

      9. Stop and think for a moment about the latest airplane heist. If that plane has been flown to unknown location and is loaded with a nuke that is to large to fit on a rocket, and then flown below radar across the pacific and get close enough to the US main land and then intentionally is detected. Would obumer and company give it jet escort right into the US main land given the threat that all 237 passangers are on board. Think about the perfect crime know one would know for where went from where it came

        • I agree with everything except “below the radar”. They will come in at altitude to cause an EMP. They would get much more damage taking out the electrical grid and allowing the American sheeple to destroy themselves rapping, murdering and robbing. Our wonderful culture is just ripe enough for this and to tell the truth most of the sheeple will deserve all they get and more.

          • 45k sounds about right,
            Didnt they take it up to that altitude before it disappeared?

            • They’ll stay below radar as they cross the ocean and then rapidly ascend to EMP range.

              • They can’t get a passenger jet high enough to cause an effective EMP. It will still cause a major problem wherever it goes off but it wouldn’t take down half the US like a properly detonated nuke at altitude.

      10. “This new Executive Order has crossed a very dangerous line. It’s one that turns the notions of property rights and due process upside down by effectively bypassing the U.S. Constitution.”

        The whole US and rule of law has been turned upside down and no longer exists with the MSM is supporting this fucked up bullshit 100%. Without an honest media he WILL NOT be stopped without extreme violence. I for one am all for the reset that brings about extreme violence to correct the course of my beloved country. Better start standing up and speaking out, take a look around you this kind of shit is now coming down on you on a daily basis. What do you think the outcome will? Nothing good I can guarantee that.

      11. Much of this was already covered in the NDAA of 2012. This is just the mighty ‘Pen Pusher’ doing what he does best. That is, writing illegal, unconstitutional executive ‘orders’ that the people will revolt against and fight back on soon.

        Putin pushes people, armies and military gear to get what he wants. The Community dis-organizer pushes his pen…in between golfing and vacations.

        • Socrates, I agree. Anyone who wants to come and take anything I have, if you have a death wish. then bring it on. I’m not going along with any shit like that, period! MOLON LABE braveheart

        • Also, the corporate US has been under a continual “State of Emergency” since 1934 when it was bankrupted and it’s assets turned over to the banks. (New Deal).

          Every president since has renewed the state of emergency every two years. Obama signed the last one on June 25, 2012. EO 13617.

          America is being occupied by a foreign banking entity.

          • You would be amazed at the number of people that have no idea about the 1934 bankruptcy.

      12. Dear Leader Comrade Obamanov is a socialist and as such doesn’t believe anyone has private property.

        In fact he believes the people are government property too.

      13. You ever notice how laws/amendments that give rights to the people are very precisely written, so as to avoid confusion, but the laws that take away our rights are totally ambiguous and conveniently open for interpretation?

      14. Sorry, I needed a notepad for my order and I don’t know how to use the one on my phone. So I had to write it on shtfplan for the second time so it can save it. If any of you are interested in my last order, you can look at my last post 3 articles down.

        1 crunchwrap beans
        2 smothered beans
        1 cheesy potato fiesta
        2 caesadea beans
        1 bean burrito

        • Geez,
          Carbo load much? Ya know, the Brain needs real protein to function properly……just sayin

        • Skip the bean burrito, it will only give you gas.

          • JustMe, if he’s going to Taco Bell, he’ll get gas from anything on their menu.

            • It is my second amendment right to have beans as a means of self defense.

              • My farts will keep the looters away.

      15. OMG! Hang onto your tinfoil hats!

        • We do.

          • Facebook

            I just ordered a new tinfoil hat from LL Bean. It’s got the full face shield and LED light for night. Comes in 3 shades of tin. I can hardly wait for delivery. 🙂


      16. Don’t panic! This is a test and only a test to see what a frog will do in a pot of water set to boil

      17. The articulated focus of the Executive Order is narrowly defined and contained within the four corners of the document. Legally, my guess is that the Order would withstand judicial scrutiny. Politically, the Order reflects the prevailing climate expressed by numerous American citizens further bolstered by public polls. You, Mr. Slavo, have the consistent ability to twist context from the rational to the nonsensical and hysterical. You are a purveyor of nothing but doomsday porn and hyperbole which, I suppose, panders to some of your readers and sponsors. I was made aware of this site by a friend who said it was a good source of wry amusement and entertainment. It is just silly and fraudulent. And those two components don’t clear the wry amusement hurdle which precludes entertainment. What comes close to entertainment are the reviews of your blog which correctly point out that you are never right.

        • so Alphonse
          tell us
          how did ya manage to give yerself a green thumb ???

          • Satori, whoever gave Alphonse a green thumb is a dickhead. The idiot got my 2 cents worth but not the worst I could’ve given him.

            • ” the order reflects the prevailing climate expressed by numerous American citizens further bolstered by public polls”

              Your fukin’ joking, right?

              • Numerous ASS kissing government troll amerikan citizenz

                Not any sort of broad and diverse cross section of American people.

                Big difference

          • Alphonse = government troll

        • OK, this is all bullsh*t,

          “The articulated focus of the Executive Order is narrowly defined and contained within the four corners of the document. Legally, my guess is that the Order would withstand judicial scrutiny. Politically, the Order reflects the prevailing climate expressed by numerous American citizens further bolstered by public polls. ”
          And this is all pretty, flowery bullsh*t,

          “You, Mr. Slavo, have the consistent ability to twist context from the rational to the nonsensical and hysterical. You are a purveyor of nothing but doomsday porn and hyperbole which, I suppose, panders to some of your readers and sponsors. I was made aware of this site by a friend who said it was a good source of wry amusement and entertainment. It is just silly and fraudulent. And those two components don’t clear the wry amusement hurdle which precludes entertainment. What comes close to entertainment are the reviews of your blog which correctly point out that you are never right.”


          • McDave, I agree about Alphonse’s post and I’ve already taken him to task over his statements. Since he was civil, I was civil in return, but no, I’m not happy with him attacking Mac or any of us like that. Everyone here knows what I could’ve been like toward him.

            • Cuz, Grandma Bertha always did say you were a bully! And she said she was sick and tired of you naming that old bent barreled shot gun after HER. And she said you werent man enough to shoot anything bigger than a .22. Now that Eisenkrez and Peterson are gone you want to start on Alphonse. So if your going to be a bully, quit sucking Mac’s ass.

              • NGIC, you dildo, if you had bothered to read my response to Alphonse, you would have noticed that I went easy on him. He did NOT receive the worst I have to offer. I was in no mood to tolerate his attacks on Mac and the rest of the people here. And just who the f#$% are you calling a bully? I never go around bullying anyone and I damned sure don’t go around sucking on anyone’s ass either, you moron, so go f#$% yourself!

          • I have noticed that this site, of late, in regards to in-house articles, is not immune from implementing some subtle forms of mind control/manipulation that MSM is infamous for.
            Something has happened here, something has changed, in the articles. I sometimes wonder if the owner of this site is under some form of duress. Maybe being pressured by outside influences? Finances? Stress in general? World events? Personal threats? Blackmail?

            I hope whatever it is, heals quickly.

            • EA, we do get some questionable articles on occasion, but I also know that Mac has no control over the content of the articles. You can go and find other websites that are totally questionable to say the least.,,; those are a few that come to mind and I can confirm are not reliable. It’s possible that Mac Slavo is overworked and underpaid, but hell, that can describe everyone here to my knowledge. EA, have no fear; this site will never become like any MSM site, not as long as Mac and people like us are still around.

              • BH. you are now free to retract your tongue from Mac’s ass!

                • Southwest Flight Atnd, go f#$% yourself!

            • Daily, when I go out amongst the world, I am astounded and dumbfounded by the stupidity of the average American.
              First, are the ones that couldn’t make change if the register didn’t figure it for them.
              Then there are a whole class of dipshits that think Slappyfoot is the second coming. Nuf said.
              Add in seemingly intelligent folks, who have no clue as to how the system is rigged against them, and , get this…… Don’t want to know!!!! I have had some literally put their hands over their ears!

              For me, I come to this site, to mingle with like minded folks. I take the articles with a grain of salt. I like it. Prepper Porn is okay for me. Don’t like it , move on. Thanks, Mac

            • Eh
              Its entertainment!
              Everything with a grain of salt

          • I agree that some article posted here is to create fear.. but to me, it’s therapeutic. I am a prepper and will try my hardest to protect my family’s life and my. So when I come to this site to see what the latest shtf article, I tend to read the article fast and spent more time on comments. You see, I believe that knowledge is power. So with all due respect, if this site miss you off or you don’t like the content, then make that your last comment and take a Damm hike away

        • Alphonse, I will try to be civil with you. Your friend misled you about this site. The owner, Mac Slavo, does not put out propaganda. On occasion, he might pick up some BS articles by mistake, but he cannot be held responsible for the content of said article. We are a community of preppers who exchange valuable information on survival-related topics with each other and try to help each other to survive what is coming to this nation. We do have a couple of people who provide some humor to us on many occasions; “comic relief” is something we all could use considering everything we’re facing out here and it helps us to keep our sanity. Silly and fraudulent, you say? On occasion, we do receive visits from certain trolls who are definitely silly and fraudulent. There are some other sites in alternative media that are silly and fraudulent. There are sites in MSM that go beyond silly ad fraudulent. You say we are wrong? I challenge you to go anywhere else on the internet you like and find better information. I personally have been coming here for almost 2 years and have never been disappointed, especially never censored. I challenge you to go to any MSM site, post some politically incorrect comments, and see how fast you get censored AND banned from that site. I was personally banned from every liberal site out there, especially they will ban you faster than most others. Say what you will, but I stand by the integrity of this website and is people.

          • There is nothing wrong with posting a controversial view of a controversial issue, then watching the debate flare up. I have posted negative comments many times, to articles that I vehemently disagreed with on this site, but it gave me and others, the opportunity to present opinions and information for people to think about.

            The passion that flowed in the comments on some issues was epic…and refreshing.

            Sparking debate and encouraging people to think for themselves should be the whole point of this site, not just posting articles that Mac knows most people will agree with. There’s no fun in that.

            I seriously hope nobody has personalized my criticisms on this site. They are never meant that way, even though I can come across rather intensely at times.

            I enjoy debate, but not name-calling pissing matches.

            That’s all I’ve got.

            • Sixpack, I agree wholeheartedly and I believe that’s still the purpose of this site. Plus, I always enjoy reading your comments. As you and everyone else here knows, articles like this one always get my dander up. But I’ll still stand up for the integrity of our community. Like that idiot alphonse earlier. he got my 2 cents worth for his attack on Mac and us and I didn’t give him the worst that I could have. Sixpack, you’re top-notch in my book.

              • Who cares about mac. What about Naruto?

            • I recall you called someone here a dumb ass.
              Not impressive.

              • Anonymous 300, who are you talking to?

              • I NEVER SAID I WAS PERFECT.

                • Sixpack, i’m not perfect, either, but I’d still like to know who this Anonymous 300 is talking to. IF he’s another troll, I know exactly what to do.

                  • apparently, he was talking to “@Braveheart”, see below, Comment ID: 2971674

          • @ Braveheart – Please go back 3 topics to the
            “Acts of War” post. Please read what candle in the wind,
            John Fornaro and I wrote.

            I posted there:
            “Someone has a different thought and expresses it,
            and they get jumped on. Or, name called.

            I am starting to see a lack of courtesy and respect here.

            Also, the same people here, post over and over and over again. Anyone new is not welcomed and chased off.
            (Except for Braveheart, he welcomes the newbies and oldies)
            There have been quite a few that have left this site.

            I periodically come here for current events.
            There have been some great insights to what is going on in the U.S. Some report breaking news.

            I also come here for information on prepping, various types of gun information, earthquake news, there have been discussions of engineering, and other topics.

            It used to be an interesting and informative site.

            It is one thing to be critical, I have no problem with that, however, it is quite another to be bitter and full of vitriol.”

            • Okay, that’s twice now,you calling people on their previous “comment etiquette”. Who the hell are you, the new “Public Correctness” police? If you can’t take some heat, well, you know where to go…

              • Sixpack, thank you, although I still don’t know what the guy was talking about, but I’ll just let it pass.

            • I agree with Anonomous 300

              • Whyte flyte, that’s your problem, not mine.

      18. Time is Not on my side….

      19. Wow…I stumbled onto this thread full of haters and nuts. I’m out of here.

        • Rosa Jones, welcome aboard, please don’t leave. Sounds like you’re passing judgment a little too fast.

        • Rosa:
          You are not looking deep enough.
          The thing the people on this site hates is some one trying to take away their Rights and Liberties.
          We also hate those who tell us we have to pay for the Leaches and Zombies on all the aid the government gives them. We don’t mind the ones that have it coming but the lazy Scum like the scum bag in the article the other day is getting is another thing!

          • Good evening, Sarge. I hope Rosa comes back and does a little more research here, but who knows? Sarge, have no fear. You’ll NEVER find any PC crap in braveheart’s home. MOLON LABE braveheart

        • Don’t let the door hit you in the butt!!

          • Ol Fred Sanford,

            ” don’t let the door hit ya, where The Lord split ya!”

        • ROSA:
          Stick around and you just might find that we will try to help you or anyone else out when it comes to prepping.

          We do not like our rights trampled on by ANYONE, PERIOD!!
          This is one way we can vent and because we have the right, granted to us in the 1st. amendment.

          Most of us dont care who is in the White House, as long as they don’t try to go above the laws of the land and they do what the constitution tells them they are alowed to do. Not make up new laws to fit there agenda and cut into our freedoms.

          So hang around and if you have any questions about prepping of any type someone here would be happy to help.

          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

        • @Rosa Jones….

          Don’t let the door bang you on the backside on the way out.

          • Is it me or does every one seem to be on edge ?
            Remember who and what the enemy is , Ovomit and the regime, there’ will be plenty of time soon for fighting .
            Step back take a deep breath and save the energy for something constructive , the trolls are definently increasing on all the blogs lately. I think the regime is rapidly turning up the heat.
            Anyone heard about the comment on ” THE SPEW ” yesterday from Ovomit about if he wins the bracket 1 billion contest he would use it to eliminate the second admendment ? Not a peep?
            Real soon this is going to get real , face in the mud real , HARDEN YOURSELVES and get a grip , most here get it , it’s going to be a real wake up call to all who have never experienced conflict ,
            I don’t know when the festivities may start but I have no doubt we will not make it to fall before iall hell breaks loose.

            One day Ovomit is going to wake up and drop the hammer , it’s coming , be ready , be like the minuet men of the past .

            BE SWIFT ! BE SILENT !



            Semper Fi 8541

        • @rosa…thanks for stoppin’!…nuthin’ for YOU to see here(eyes must be open to SEE), so thanks fer movin’ on!

      20. Just one more step closer to hope and change!!! (S0CIALISM). NOT on my watch. He can have my stuff after one hell of a fight and I don’t mean in the courts, I WILL NOT WIN BUT HE WILL KNOW I WAS THERE.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

      21. This CAN NOT STAND!

      22. Come and try YOU S.O.B.
        Bring some body bags you are going to need them.
        I’m sick and tired of the B.S. I’m drawing a line in the sand/red line. You cross it you will pay dearly!!!!
        I’m not blowing smoke up any ones a#$.
        If you want to start the war you can start it with me. I’m ready for the fight.

        • I’m sorry for the rant! This P.O.S. just pisses me off!!!!

          • Sgt: I’m with you all the way! Perhaps tomorrow is a good day to water the LIBERTY TREE.
            Again standing by in Southern Illinois, sorry to say, home of that Communist S.O.B.

            NOMI should we give! (A lot more are with me)

          • Sarge, I’m with you all the way. If someone has a death wish, let them go try some stupid shit like that at my place. “Bertha” loaded with 00 buckshot says, NO! MOLON LABE braveheart

          • I read this site daily and rarely comment, but this mindless idiot in charge can lick my ass! I am not bound by executive orders. And I will use any and all force including lethal, to defend my family against anyone who would attempt to harm us. I pray if this ass clown flips the switch he gets nuked first. I hope he chokes on a chicken bone. F him!

            • Armed citizen, welcome aboard and you’re in the right place. I’m with you all the way.

              • Two Most Often heard phrases in current admin whitehouse.

                #1…Aint No Thang! Butta Chickin Wang!

                #2…..Wished I hadz me a watermelon! A Biiiiggggg! Watermelon!

            • Amen and welcome….

          • Sgt dale. Not a problem. I’ve mentioned to you before I’m retired / disabled in line of duty from police, northern subs of shitcowgo. Really wish you’d consider moving to houston. I’d like to have you in leadership role on our team. Stay warm up there. We are 80 degrees and sunny today. I just had rotator cuff surgery the other day. Although it’s side lined me from prepping, it’s given me a chance to take inventory and draw up and research defensive perimeters and read up of starting a garden. So as far as my shoulder goes I’m taking advantage of the surgery as being given lemons and making lemonade. Use my time off work wisely. You stay safe.

            Best regards,
            Steve ( son of liberty)

        • You must be a Cuz too, there for a minute I thought you was Cus Bravefart using your name. That body bag thing, kinda threw me there for a minute.

      23. Fidel Castro must feel so proud right now . . . In Cuba they do this sort of thing Monthly. Just for SPEAKING out against the Gov Now Obama can take your home. unreal

        • CubanExile, welcome aboard. What part of Cuba? My wife was from Matanzas province.

          • Viva La Batista! Right Cus? Matanzas is that close to San Jaun?

            • Idiot, dry up and blow away.

        • Theyre twins…welcome!

      24. Our govt would never abuse their power. Just ask anyone at the IRS.

        • Or the people at Ruby Ridge, or Waco – Oh, I forgot, no one left after Waco …….


      25. you know all things considered
        this Executive Order is pretty mild by comparison

        at this point in our history
        the President can declare a United States citizen
        an enemy combatant


        have him assassinated

        no charges
        no court trial
        no nothing

        welcome to AmERIkA

        • Yeah, nothing says “WELCOME” like getting dragged out of your car and shot in the head…

      26. What the hell is going on? Flare ups all over. Does anyone really think Putin will only take Crimea? Putin has read Obummer like a kindergarten book. Israel attacking Syria (in retaliation). Israel finalizing plans to attack Iran. China now warning the US and siding with Russia. N. Korea firing off rockets. Obummer has a choice, either try to put out some of these fires before they get bigger or run from them. It’s obvious he ain’t no Fireman.
        At home it’s no better with huge debt in multiple areas and failing economy, corruption and lying at will, death of the middle class, choking regulations, ignoring the constitution they swore to uphold.
        Am I wrong, and all this is just business as usual and nothing to worry about. Could we continue with technology advances, improvements in everything from medicines to entertainment, and more choices in luxury items for the next 50+ years?
        If I’m still here Friday after work is done I’ve decided to go on the back porch, turn on my music, unscrew the top on a longneck, and hope the S doesn’t H T F this weekend.

        • CANDLE , that sounds like a great idea !
          Theres so much goin on all around the world it makes my head spin tryin to keep up.
          The winds of change are blowin , thats a fact.

          • Remember, lat time there was enough shit going on to make our heads spin, we ended up with…

            THE PATRIOT ACT.

            THE NDAA.


            No matter how fast the merry-go-round goes, WATCH THE OTHER HAND!

      27. Wow,the Government TROLLS are really coming out of the wood work now. I think they just might be running a little scared, seems more people are waking up. Trolls have a nice day, but eat sh-t and die.

        NOMI should we give.

      28. Here! Seize THIS: ..
        . .
        . . . . . . . . . . ….. ….
        . .
        . .
        . .

      29. Hilarious!

        You know he can say anything in an EO right? I don’t mean to laugh at you people but the simple fact of the matter is an EO is not law, has never been law, and never will be law.

        Don’t waste your energy getting upset that this bully just got his nose mashed. Mr. Soetoro is a sore loser.

        Will they use this bullshit to take us to war? Real war? Maybe. While I don’t like Putin, he is a real man. We’ve got an imature community organizer and some villages idiot in the presidency because a bunch of people in the states want free healthcare and obozo phones.

        The dufus duo will have to nearly wreck this country before their grip will be loosened enough to get us back on the road. Before then, we’ll have to cross the ditch, run down a fence, a few cows, sideswipe a tree and cross the ditch again. We’re just about accross the ditch and headed for the fence. The ride gets rougher from here.

        • I’ve got my funderwear on—how ’bout y’all?

          • EOs are not inert or meaningless. Local govt regulations, ordinances and administrative rules are not technically “laws” passed by congress either, yet they are enforced as if they are. The fines and other penalties that we are all subjected to, pursuant to a regulation, ordinance or administrative rule are REAL.

            The arrests and confiscations are just as real.

            So I’d hold off an the last laugh, NetRanger. IF they start actually enforcing other EOs, the ramifications on the people will be just as real. Just as costly and just as wrong.

        • Bout time you showed up Net 🙂

        • Hilary will be the next president. Elected to office by an overwhelming majority of women votes.

          • yeah vaginas are easily led

            • Ouch!
              Dude, the girls wont like that comment,,,
              You like to live dangerously!

            • I think you’ve got that a little skewed, Dave. It’s not vaginas that stand at attention in certain company and swell in anticipation. Vaginas don’t play follow the leader, they are the “home port”.

              • ???

              • ROflmfao

        • Net Ranger–most haven’t figured it out.
          He is a little turd; he only makes statements like the above( I only read the headline) to p**s off the patriots and hard-working taxpayers.
          If the public would stop giving him acknowledgement by printing any of his crap, his ego would be deflated real soon.
          I ignore all articles discussing the fraud and his ghetto whore mate.
          I come here to read and learn. I always learn something from the posters here.

      30. B.O. is just another Bankers Bitch!

        • B.O. is mooshells bitch..

      31. What is a frog in the pot that is ready to boil going to do?

        Either hop out of the pot if it isn’t to late or just croak if it is!

        • I feel no pity for the “mega-wealthy”. They are all going to find out pretty soon that a few hundred million is nothing to the NWO elites. The “mega-wealthy” are soon going to find out that in the NWO, they will be almost as poor as the rest of us.

          There will be no middle class in the NWO…just us and them.

          Welcome to our club, Richie Rich.

      32. @ Sgt. Dale, no need to apologize! These past several months have really illustrated just what a scum bag communist Obama and his followers are!

        Was that “lazy scum bag” you were talking about have to do with that parasite 29 year old in California? He fits right in with the general agenda of the Obama administration!

        • RickE., welcome back. The past 5 years have shown us what POS Obama and his followers are. Putin was right when he said that Obama is a monkey with a hand grenade.

        • R.E
          POS should starve.

      33. SIXPACK:
        Were did you get your Funderwear at my supplier run out.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S. N.REB

      34. Lord of all decency, forgive my pottymnouth in advance:

        FUCK OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Fuck obama so hard, his descendants won’t want to sit down…

      35. Totally off topic…

        Someone here posted something about a certain type of canning jar lid that is better than most, or reusable, or something to that effect…I forgot to write it down and make a note of it…would someone mind posting that information again?

        I am going to try my hand at canning this year…wish me luck.


        • I think they were talking about Tattler canning lids

        • Southern Gal:

          Home canning is one of the best ways to store up food.
          Cheaper, better, more rewarding. You put good stuff in, get good stuff out. 🙂

          That being said, there are a few things you will be needing, not all of it is cheap, but it pays in the long run and hopefully you are in it to win it.

          1. Water bath canner. Ball makes a nice Stainless Steel one, very tough and not as prone to chipping or rust as the cheaper, porcelain coated ones. The porcelain coated ones can be had 20-30 bucks at Bed Bath & way Beyond and will do in a pinch or low budget.

          2. Ball or Presto canning kit. Includes jar lifters, lid lifters, jar spatula, jar funnel, etc… all needed and useful. again 20 or so dollars depending on where you shop.
          3. Presto or Ball Large Pressure canner. Think 23 quart and above if you can. These are made of aluminum and lower cost, if you can afford it, get the stainless version as it will last literally your lifetime and can be handed down to family children later. You NEED a Pressure canner if you want to reliably can meats, poultry and such. Don’t try shortcuts; botulism/ food poisoning is simply not worth it.

          4. Jars and bands with lids. When you buy jars do NOT buy the cheaper ones from Wally world, again not worth it. Stick with name brand Ball or Kerr jars for the win.

          5. Ball Blue book of canning book. Great book with the basics and advanced stuff, lots and lots of tested recipes and procedures as well. Very valuable.

          6. Tattler re-useable canning lids. These are the best you can buy. Been around since 1978 and proven reliable. These are made of BPA free heavy plastic (not metal) so they will not rust, ever and acidic foods like tomatoes and sauces do not affect them. Well worth it in my book and pantry. 🙂 Web site here:
          h ttp://
          Hope this helps you get started! Let us all know if you ever need more info.

          • Thank you, Socrates!

            I just ordered a bunch from that site.



          • The All American pressure canner is the Cadillac of pressure canners. It’s more expensive, but worth it in the long run. You’ll never have to buy another one. It’s made of cast aluminum and doesn’t use rubber gaskets. The top of the canner and the bottom of the lid are machined to fit tight. Just spread a thin coat of vegetable oil around the rim and put the lid on. I have All American, and it is nice.

            allamericancanner dot com

            They also carry other canning supplies.

            As far as jars go, always check the tops for chipping every time you can with them. Cheaper jars and old mayonnaise jars are only good for pickles and preserves. My mother always used them that way and always had good results. She used her grandmother’s Ball Blue Book. She also had one from Kerr, but now Ball and Kerr are part of one company in Canada.

            Canning is work, but the results are worth it.

            • Most of the food I/family eat is canned right here on the farm where it was raised…thank God for canning jars eh?

            • But be careful when you buy one cause someone is watching. Those things can be used by terrorists from what I hear.

              Ya know?

              For marathons and such..

              • @Wrong,
                Didn’t see your comment until I typed mine.

              • Mine is a pre-bombing canner.

            • Just don’t go out in public with it, or especially near any marathons. The jack boot thugs in blue will own your ass.

        • Dear Southern Gal,
          You are asking about the Tattler lids, they are reusable.
          You must remember to purchase extra rubber rings to go with them. Like anything heat and oxygen causes them to deteriorate. My wife and I use only name brand lids ourselves. Ball, Kerr, Bernardin. The cheaper ones the enamel scratches easily or is not even on the inside or present. This causes the lids to fail. The cheaper jars also seem to be more fragile. Do not go cheap with your water bath pot. If you have a thin bottom, ( which you can kinda get around with a spacer tray in the bottom), the thin bottom will transfer too much heat straight to the jars. This can burn the product and worse cause the jars to break. Our water bath pot has a 3/4″ brass base.
          But we prefer to do everything in our All American Pressure canner.
          You can use it as a water bath too. It comes with a great instruction book. Have done every kind of Jelly, jam, soups, vegetables, meats, whatever you can buy in a can you can do it yourself.
          Our freezer cr#%%&d out this last weekend and thawed out all of our meat. Instead of crying and cursing we just got out the canner, lids, jars, and made soups, meatballs, and normal meat base for stew.
          Last year we found a place Golda’s Kitchen, a very nice place online where we found bulk lids semi factory direct.
          If you plan on making jam please do not cheap out buy certo brand otherwise the cheap stuff does not set properly. Their instructions that come with the packages are very good.
          Good luck, God Bless.

          • Excellent advice SCTV…

            Waiting on the pressure canner to cool as I bang the keys. 53 lbs of beef to jar left from the half beef. Even the tough cuts melt in your mouth when pressure canned. I have started using Tattlers as I’m not sure the metal ones will be available in the future and they are really getting salty to buy.

        • Southern Gal-Best of luck with your canning. I only began about 4 yrs ago. I love it. I’ve found about the only thing you can not can is milk based food and pasta.
          The best little book to read is the book that comes with your pressure canner. With that basic info you can go on line and get some great recipies to fill the pantry.

        • Don’t start dehydrating. It’s so easy you will get hooked.
          There are classes now called ‘Dehydraters Anonymous’.

          • My name is Tom and i am a dehydrator,
            I have 30 days
            Had a rub with some fruit leather and almost had a relapse!

          • My wife buys bananas and then “forgets” to eat most of them, so she has to get out the dehydrator and make banana chips.

            • Or, my favorite… Banana, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip Bread! OMG!!!!!!!!!!

        • Tattler lids are reuseable I have used them, work well. you have to be careful not to damage the little rubber rings. They also don’t do well as well on greasy meat but I like them. As they are expensive, use them on stuff you use first as you can use them 2-3 times a year, then they pay off very quickly. Advertise on survival blog a lot.

      36. @Basstard
        I agree, Job is a difficult book. No one would like to suffer what Job did. Here’s one man’s view. God is not just a king, He’s an Emperor. Americans are used to kings like Prince Charles; entertaining to watch, not someone you want to follow into battle. But God not only rules over everything, he owns everything! We can only be good servants or evil servants. Especially God’s followers are available at any time to serve out God’s purposes in the Earth. Most of the time we do not know what God’s reasons for His actions are, just like Job didn’t know. What we do is this: He is our God, He is our Dad, He is always Good, He always has our best interests at heart even if that means an early and awful death. I also know that He will go so far as to allow Himself to be murdered in a horrible manner just give each person the chance to live in His throne room as His own prince or princess, forever. If I can trust Him enough to pray for the good things of life, I think I can trust His judgment when life gets tough.
        May He bring you Peace and Wisdom in your meditations of Job and suffering.

      37. Freedom of religion? Only if your Muslim. Right to keep and bear arms? Only if your the Ombamoids.Freedom of speech ? Only if you agree with the supreme leader. Security of personal property in time of war. Sorry that’s personal poverty.
        Anyone hear about the grounds of impeachment?

        • Got an Email that said there was a Liberal Utopia in America. Free food, free clothing, free utilities, free medical care, free lodging, all the sex you want, and only the government has Guns. That would be Prison!

          • ….all the sex you don’t want…. bend over barry

          • All the DEVIANT sex you want!

        • I wonder if Alphonse considers the Forbes article to be “doomsday porn”?

      38. Molon Labe

      39. Congressional Recourse
        If Congress does not like what the executive branch is doing, it has two main options. First, it may rewrite or amend a previous law, or spell it out in greater detail how the Executive Branch must act. Of course, the President has the right to veto the bill if he disagrees with it, so, in practice, a 2/3 majority if often required to override an Executive Order.
        Congress is less likely to challenge EOs that deal with foreign policy, national defense, or the implementation and negotiation of treaties, as these are powers granted largely to the President by the Constitution. As the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, the President is also considered the nation’s “Chief Diplomat.” In fact, given national security concerns, some defense or security related EOs (often called National Security Directives or Presidential Decision Directives) are not made public.
        In addition to congressional recourse, Executive Orders can be challenged in court, usually on the grounds that the Order deviates from “congressional intent” or exceeds the President’s constitutional powers. In one such notable instance, President Harry Truman, was rebuked by the Supreme Court for overstepping the bounds of presidential authority. After World War II, Truman seized control of steel mills across the nation in an effort to settle labor disputes. In response to a challenge of this action, the Supreme Court ruled that the seizure was unconstitutional and exceeded presidential powers because neither the Constitution or any statute authorized the President to seize private businesses to settle labor disputes. For the most part, however, the Court has been fairly tolerant of wide range of executive actions.

        • Too bad congress is such a bunch of self serving ineffective assholes!

      40. I hope they send the Obama youth corps to collect…..I hope they’re armed too so I can acquire their gear after they’ve bled out….

        yes we can!!

      41. this kind of shit is going to continue until we collectively say NO or , impeach him, I like the refusal way better

        its all illegitimate , from the day he set foot in the W.H.

      42. Doesn’t matter what the SOB in the White Pigeon Coupe says, for it pisses me off, whatever he says. His derogatory remarks to those who oppose him and his bidding. His speech tone and mannerisms describe him as one step away from a street thug.
        Our Nation is in serious trouble. We have elected the superficial over content and all of us will have to pay the piper.
        To those that call us fear mongers and nuts, is our nation or the world any better off or safe in the last 20 years?

        If you can not see the homeless tent cities, boarded up homes, decay of major cities, inflation of the money supply and the moral degradation of this nation, then why waist your time here.

      43. Come on mid-term elections. Something MUST be done to stop the inmates from running the institution.

        • @CharleH….

          If you think the Republicans taking the Senate is going to slow this guy down, you are sadly mistaken.

          The Republicans don’t do what they can NOW. What makes you think they’ll behave any differently, even if they DO take the Senate.

          The Republicans don’t know how to lead. They are too busy worrying about whether or not they are going to offend somebody. And meanwhile they extend their middle finger to anyone who even has the appearance of having Tea Party inclinations.

          Will Rogers had it right….”There’s not a dimes worth of difference between the Republicans and the Democrats.”

          • Best message to send would be vote out ALL incumbents,
            That might get their attention

      44. Does the purchase of Stolichnaya qualify for aiding and abetting the enemy?

        There are more draconian laws and e.o.s on the books than any of us can ever fathom..most likely nearly everything we do is illegal(to the authorities) at some point..

        Problem is that nearly everything congress,scotus, and potus do IS illegal,immoral, and unconstitutional yet they still prevail unopposed…..

        As George Carlin said,,”it’s a big club and you ain’t in it!”

        Screw em all..I’m not complying just as they don’t!


      45. It is waste, not waist.

        Coffee please.

      46. And again I will say it, ” If you won’t fight, don’t bitch.”

        Slowly they are taking everything without even a shot….

        • Thanks, VRF!

      47. Oh look the emperor is buck naked and still nothing is done.Americans are a bunch of limp wristed girly boys.I hope he starts rounding you up soon for your own sakes because this is getting embarrassing.


        • And so Dave, what is it that you are doing about this?

          care to fill us all in on how you are so much better then we are and what your doing (provable) as an American to stop whats coming down the pike..

          please Dave, tell us all in your infinite wisdom.

          • Apparently Dave is living in a country even more Pussey than he calls us.

            • @Paranoid

              No I`m not Swedish or French.

          • Lol what made you think I`m an American?If I were an American I`d move to a civilized country (by comparison) like Zimbabwe and learn to speak with a Canadian accent so my neighbors wouldn`t hate me.As for what I`m doing about this,I`m loling my ass off.You arrogant bastards are finally getting what`s coming to you,basically what you`ve been doing to everyone else for decades.I hope you like fighting with brown people for scraps.

            • Dave, why the anger at the common folk. You should aim it the politicians who have sold us and all others out for the sake of power and money. We will all be in the same boat very soon. Molon Labe

              • The ‘common folk’ have been negligent in their duty,and should have dusted off that second amendment 50 years ago.This is on the citizenry as are the millions of unnecessary deaths that could have been prevented if they weren`t so bloody lazy and stupid.The ‘common folk’ own all that and more.Americans,being citizens of a constitutional republic,are inherently responsible for the actions of their government.That`s why the anger.

      48. Oh dear they moderate comments here so no one will hurt the poor American`s feelings by pointing out what hypocrites and imbeciles they are.Did I mention cowards?Moderate that.

      49. This Kenyan Marxist is such a nice chap no-one can deny he has certainly put America back on its feet. Lovely, lovely chap see.

        • They got exactly the president they deserve,no more no less.If you could find a thousand of them with matching balls maybe that would change but it`s highly unlikely.

      50. Another executive order. I thought our elected officials were supposed to represent the will of the majority.

        • You wanted ‘change’ didn`t you?Things have certainly changed.Maybe next time you should define what sort of change you actually want.

      51. He is going to do the same thing towards other countries.

        He is heavily involved behind the scenes with the peace process in Israel.

        Expect another type of order from him.

        He is out of control…..

      52. Survival Knife:
        A survival knife is primarily knife used for making
        shelter, tools, preparing game, and at last resort a weapon.
        No knife does everything. Your knife is best used to make the tools
        you need for survival. If you need to hunt, make a bow or spear. You
        need to dig use a stick. Only use your cutting edge when you need to,
        NEVER use you knife to chop or as a pry bar unless your last resort! The
        hollow handle variety are usually junk and not worth the risk of breaking or the money. They should be no less than 5 inches and no more than eight. It should be 3/16 or thicker at the spine and a handle that conforms comfortably to your hand.

        Diamond sharpeners are the best. They don’t require oil
        or water, don`t clog and work faster than any other type of sharpening medium. They seem to last forever and ever, and don’t cost much more than the other varieties.

        NOMI should we give!

        • I picked up a real nice strider about 14 years ago, bomb proof and holds its edge,
          Was well worth the $. Has a cord wraped handle, actually had to use the cord when out hunting one time, pig i got was too big for the pack deboned so lashed some of it to the pack with the cord from the handle,,, of course was stupid to not have extra cord anyway but….

      53. Retaliatory strikes (i.e. purges) is looking… better and better!

      54. Wow!!! The government paid trolls/shills are out in force on this awesome site for this article. Mac you apparently have gotten the attention of the tptb. They are trying to discredit you and make the readers on this site fight amoung themselves and even question what they know to be true. Keep up the good work!! As Al, the bar owner on the show Deadwod would say. Fuckem all, we are not going to let the government trolls destroy this great site and family. Sorry lord for cursing.

        • +1 OakieRebel!
          Spot on

        • Okie rebel, you could pass for my little brother with your comments. I agree. Alphonse received my 2 cents worth earlier and that wasn’t the worst I could’ve given him.

          • If no one turns out to vote for a few elections, like 2014 and 2016–would they get the point??

        • Nah,I do this for free cause I fucking hate Americans.


          -Mr. Woo

      55. Why do we even have a congress any more? Who needs them?
        Obummer is now emperor and his word is law.
        Does it matter if his laws are not on paper his word IS law and shall suffice.

      56. Quote of the Day

        “”You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple: to force the public to turn to the state to ask for greater security.” – Gladio agent Vincenzo Vinciguerra, March 2001

        do a little research on Operation Gladio
        if you want to see just how evil government can be

      57. Hey, Psychobama–I just sent a care package to Ukraine.
        Does that count?? 🙂

      58. Thanks Kulafarmer!!! (: this is the only site on Internet, that I feel like I am at home. You folks are like my brothers and sisters. I hope to meet all of you someday, more than likely on the other side after our father in heaven gathers us up.

        • We’ll keep the light on for ya.

      59. The Main problem is not that he’s Actually doing these things. The real problem is NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON ON THE PLANET IS STOPING HIM from doing whatever it is he wants and gives the American people the Finger. The House the Senate pfft child please they are all afraid of him. Left side right side? come on now, not a single person has said a peep. which is why you can tell they are complicit in what ever he says or does PERIOD

      60. I been gone from the site for a time.Nothing really new here. Im going outside to work & play in my garden.

      61. A scripture from Romans 3 came to mind when reading this. And it applies, not just to Obama, but almost all other politicians. And especially the NSA.

        13Their throat is an open sepulchre; with their tongues they have used deceit; the poison of asps is under their lips:

        14Whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness:

        15Their feet are swift to shed blood:

        16Destruction and misery are in their ways:

        17And the way of peace have they not known:

        18There is no fear of God before their eyes.

      62. A scripture from The Al Jilwah comes to mind

        ‘To me truth and falsehood are known. When temptation comes, I give my covenant to him that trusts in me. Moreover, I give council to the skilled directors, for I have appointed them for periods that are known to me. I remember necessary affairs and execute them in due time. I teach and guide those who follow my instruction. If anyone obey me and conform to my commandments, he shall have joy, delight, and comfort.’


      63. He can stick his executive orders. This whole presidency is illegal. I will not comply to any of his dictates.

      64. Does anyone know if the phrase, “I hereby declare a national emergency” has a specific legal meaning in reference to the Constitution. I have read many Executive Orders, and have never seen that phrase. Does this “national emergency” bring with it any powers not normally given the President? Does it allow the President to suspend any rights of the People?


      66. No, that’ll be AFTER the fight!

      67. Wow, how totally delusional. Nice work.

      68. Thud!

        There it is. I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop. He can’t get President Putin to flinch, so he takes it out on us when foreign policy positions blow up in his face.

      69. Kind of sounds like the actions of old King George in 1774 doesn’t it?

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