New Ebola Outbreak Kills 410, Disease Is Expected To Spread For Months

by | Jan 22, 2019 | Headline News | 28 comments

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    The Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy reports that 410 people have died in the most recent and ongoing Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Over 700 have been sickened in what is the second worst Ebola outbreak in recorded world history.

    Making matters worse, the outbreak, which began back in August, is expected to worsen, spread, and continue to infect people for about six more months.  It is spreading in part due to “community resistance [to treatment], population movement, violence against health workers, and political instability,” the Center reported according to Fox News affiliate KTVU.

    The World Health Organization has about 450 people working in the DRC to fight Ebola, but they caution that the experimental vaccine might be in short supply, and have warned about potential “shortages.” There is currently enough vaccine for the area, according to the report by KTVU, but if the viral infection spreads, experts say that any vaccine shortages would be “critical.”

    In an interview with CIDRAP News, Peter Salama, MD, the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) deputy director-general for emergency preparedness and response, said: “This is the most complicated setting we’ve ever experienced in order to stop an Ebola outbreak,” said Salama. “At a minimum, it will take six further months to stop.”

    So far, there have been some positive developments.  There was a decrease of cases in Beni, the hotspot for Ebola activity. “If we can control the outbreak in Beni, we can do it anywhere,” Salama said. Now, the focus is on Butembo and Katwa, areas with nearly 1 million people. Other hot spots include Komanda and Oicha, but Salama said caseloads are lighter there. “I feel we will be able to get on top of those with access, which will leave Butembo and Katwa as the main priority,” said Salama.

    “Though this is the 10th outbreak in the DRC, this is a community and region that has never seen Ebola. There was no baseline knowledge among healthcare workers of in the community about the disease,” said Salama.

    This outbreak began in North Kivu and Ituri provinces. Political instability and population movement as well as violence against health care workers, has limited the response efforts at times and has allowed the disease to continue to take hold of communities.


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      1. but they caution that the experimental vaccine might be in short supply….

        The WHO has already vaccinated 66,000 people in the immediate area. Does not sound like short supply to me.

        • Don’t eat anything after dinner. It makes a big difference.

          • 410? Needs to be more like 410 million.

        • So what!Vaccines do not work.

      2. This article forgot the most important issue in this Ebola outbreak.

        This area of the DRC is a war zone. What happens in war zones? People flee. And when the people flee they will take Ebola with them.

      3. By the way,

        Add powder chlorine to your stock piles. It costs about $4.00 at Home Depot. Find it in the pool supply isle.

        A couple of spoonfuls of the powder chlorine added to water makes regular chlorine bleach you would buy for your laundry. This makes a great disinfectant for hosing off the front porch or exterior of the house. May need to hose off the car with it if you drive through a contaminated hot spot.

        • Yea but the shelf life is poor and left on a shelf that stuff will degrade the box it is in and eat a metal shelf through over time. Ask me how I know. Best to put it in a plastic 5 gal bucket and use a tight lid on it and don’t allow it to contact any metal.

          • Well shit, I better take my plastic container of it out of my truck toolbox!

      4. It’s well known that the Ebola virus is terrified of US military troops, so let’s not panic, as they’re already on their way to combat this scourge.Thank goodness.

        • Neoconned again

      5. IS this the SAME Ebola Virus that was supposed to bring the world to its knees back in the 1990s? tia

      6. Sooner or later it will move north to Europe and it will come here with illegals and then the real party begins Its only a question of time

      7. I think that white disciplinarianism, intervention, and interbreeding has prolonged the misery of races, discovered in an advanced stage of extinction — as when a sickly plant or animal is kept alive, in spite of terminal illness.

      8. My question is, if Ebola is a virus, does anybody know if a natural remedy or blocker may be effective against it?

        Elderberry, moringa, or a whole host of other natural remedies have been touted on prepper sites, but no one has mentioned if they are effective at lessening the chance of an Ebola infection.

        Just curious. I am hoping I never have to be in an environment where I may be exposed.. but alas, you never can tell.

        • There are different, natural approaches, that might be taken from the Black Plague, in which some herbs strengthen the arteries against rupturing, cleanse the air from foul miasmas, or the liver or glallbladder from stagnant humors.

          In Africa —
          Bitter cola nut, balloon flower, and obscene doses of Vitamin C. Akuama and Entada are probably helpful in disrupting a cytokine cascade.

          Do-gooders are reporting that at least 3/4 of the cases were exacerbated by extreme malnutrition, in which case, any obscure germ, from any particular surface, could become a contagion. Chicken soup and garlic.

          Do they not grow there?

          • Garlic and colloidial silver.

            • People are reportedly going to Africa and trying different remedies, which they believe in.

              They are accused of “selling” false hope, without actually selling anything.

              Regarding what is ethical or effective, someone has to be the first to try it.

      9. Racism is considered a bad thing. It is considered so bad that it prevents people thinking logically.

        Separation between whites and blacks because whites feared being contaminated with disease has long been portrayed as a racist phobia but it has its origins in sound logic.


        • I sincerely believe that most everyone, most of the time, has everything they need, except agency.

          That’s called Cornucopianism. This word is used as an insult.

          But, it’s a giant continent, jam packed with untold resources.

          • Which I understand China is moving in on.

            • Some hemorrhagic fever, akin to Ebola or Marburg, now found in China. Maybe, we colonize them, instead.

      10. Honestly, the best preventative measure to reduce the spread of contagion is cordon santiere. This is one the oldest ways humanity developed. You cordon off the region and let the contagion burn out. It is only marginally more humane than what people did during the Black Death. There they forced people to stay in their homes until they died.
        ht tps://

        The cost is enormous for something like Ebola…and the country can not pay for it. If you interceded, then you create a policy where you must always intercede. That accomplishes nothing unless somehow the reservoir of the contagion is found and eliminated and vaccination stops any future infecetions.

        We have limited success with this as polio and smallpox have been largely eliminated while almost every other contagion has not.

        • Those haven’t been eliminated, they are stored for later use by the federalies.

      11. The DRC has an estimated population of 81.34 MILLION so 66,000 is rather insignificant. It’s not like there is any “herd immunity” for Ebola. I would bet that is largely the healthcare workers who might be exposed only…and possibly no soldiers have been immunized who be responsible for cordons.

      12. GpiyDw87OBo
        The Belgians made a series called “Cordon” which was picked up by the BBC and was exceptionally honest about what would happen in western civilization in such an event like Ebola contagion.

        Naturally Hollyweird got a hold of it and it was a stupid SJW show that got canceled. Meanwhile that ruined the chances for a second season of the Belgian version.

        Highly recommended and serious and relevant enough to make you think.

      13. Ebola is a scam. As a disease of poor hygiene and malnutrition, it does not spread in advanced societies. The last time, Ebola only reached America because Obama brought it to America.

        As has been revealed, Ebola funds have been stolen and diverted into other aid rackets. The WHO is thoroughly corrupt and is in meltdown.

        The best Ebola strategy is quarantine. If it gets totally out of hand then we have napalm. The Chinese have special flame throwers deployed in Africa just for these situations. In fact, burn out the diseased population and instead hand over resource management to the Chinese and let them get on with it. Africans have lost the right to be custodians for that rich continent.

      14. CIDRAP reported that in 13 out of 18 health zones, Ebola transmission has been found. It’s only a matter of time before an infected person crosses a border. There are a higer number of women who are infected and 15% of the cases are in children. The political situation is unstable so it’s hard to get good intel.

        Ebola is complex as exposure means “contact tracing”. This means when someone is suspected of having Ebola, an epidemiologist then has to make lists of everyone they potentially were in contact with, and who those people were in contact with. Then these folks have to be checked and monitored. As you can imagine, doing that in a politically unstable country where people are fleeing out of a variety of reasons is quite daunting. This monitoring is in the tens of thousands of cases.

      15. ht tp://
        Bats as a zoonotic vector

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