New Ebola Outbreak Declared In Democratic Republic Of The Congo

by | Aug 2, 2018 | Headline News | 37 comments

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    A brand new Ebola outbreak has been declared in the African country of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Just one week after the most recent Ebola outbreak in the DRC was declared over, the country has confirmed it has found more cases of the infectious disease.

    The new cases are in a province at the opposite end of the country from the earlier outbreak, according to Scientific American. The location of the outbreak is making it unclear if this is a new epidemic or a continuation of the previous one. A statement from the ministry of health on Wednesday said that since the distance between the two outbreaks was more than 1,500 miles, the cases are not likely linked to the previous outbreak in Bikoro.

    “It’s unlikely to be connected to the previous outbreak,” Jessica Ilunga, a spokeswoman for Health Minister Oly Ilunga, told Scientific American.  The new cases have occurred in North Kivu province, which is located in northeastern DRC, along the border with Uganda and Rwanda. Last weekend, the country’s health ministry reported that there had been 26 people sick with fever and “hemorrhagic signs” at a place called Mangina. Of those, 20 had died.

    It is also still unclear which particular species of the Ebola virus is responsible for this newest outbreak. Four people have tested positive for the virus, of which there are six separate species that could be responsible. Most outbreaks in DRC have been caused by the Ebola Zaire virus. Testing is underway to determine the national laboratory in Kinshasa to determine the species causing the outbreak, said Ilunga.

    A team of 12 experts from Kinshasa will arrive in the outbreak area on Thursday to set up the needed components of the response, the health ministry’s statement said. The team will include laboratory technicians, epidemiologists, clinical psychologists, and doctors, and will be equipped with a mobile laboratory and personal protective equipment.

    The previous outbreak in Bikoro was of concern simply because of the proximity to the Congo river and the virus’ ability to travel far. That outbreak also saw health officials employing the use of an experimental vaccine.

    Ebola hemorrhagic fever, seen mostly only in Africa, is one of the world’s most feared diseases. It begins with flu-like symptoms, followed by bloody diarrhea and vomiting. Days later, some victims begin bleeding through the nose, mouth, and eyes. Depending on the strain/species of the Ebola virus, it can kill up to 90% of victims. There is no cure for Ebola. The virus is spread through direct contact with the blood or secretions of an infected person.



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      1. The last time there was a ebola scare I stated then it wasn’t a threat in the USA. Im not worried about some African black folks disease. Its their unsanitary lifestyle that’s causing their problems.

        • Let er’ rip tater chip!

          • Will Obama be flying the infected over here using his own money or will he somehow use taxpayer dollars to do it again?

        • You need to be very careful.

          Oh, EBOLA is just an EXTREMELY ACUTE case of Scurvy. The virus completely erases any Vit C in the body at such a massive rate, and so effectively, that you bleed out, just like Scurvy.

          BUT, rather than this process taking 2-3 months, in happens in 12 hours.

          Read the book CURING THE INCURABLE and you will be shocked, as I was. My first impression (and 10+ years of College – Medical Education), I thought it was total BS.

          EBOLA is coming and it will kill MILLIONS.

        • OG said, “Its their unsanitary lifestyle that’s causing their problems.”

          You forget that Communism spreads the malaise around, equally.

          Dallas area hospital was filmed, hosing the barf, into an open sewer, years ago. That person flew here, in recirculated air.

          The antigen is grown in GM tobacco, in the public domain, by “Christian” “charities”. Though it is impolite, to say that the vaccinated are asymptomatic carriers, the savages have caught on, so burn the aid(s) workers.

          Sewage of the third world, both figurative and literal, is pumped over the American boundary, sometimes, into your veins.

      2. Can we send the libturds over there?

        • Hillary bleeding out her eyes, nose, mouth and other places is a pleasant thought.

          • Menzo, we can always hope, right?

      3. Slow News Day? This has nothing to do with us here in the US. Just more fear porn filler for chumps.

        • Hurry, click ads, buy shit. You need body suits, gas masks, iosat pills…

          • This is nothing, Jimmy O’Keef in Ireland has a tooth ache, and come to find out a dozen more cases of tooth aches have occured which may lead to all humankind’s teeth falling out. Its an obvious world wide epidemic. Quick click the dental kit supply add before its too late.

            • Lemme Guess; Bill Gates has a magic vaccine that will prevent this, but you take it right away within 48 hours of hearing out about this outbreak. Its a 95% chance that break outs ocure by just hearing about it. Fur sure we’re doomed. Click the add for a coupon for a FREE Vaccine.

      4. The latest great white hope.

      5. I find it interesting that really nasty influenza generally comes from China, mainly due to proximity of pigs, fowl and people.
        Africa give us nasty plagues like AIDS , Ebola, and what not because they have this thing for Monkeys sex or food.
        It is interesting that a really filthy country like India or SE Asia in general don’t really contribute a lot of new diseases to the world, but they have a lot of old ones to share with us.
        Sanitation is surely the best way to go, but here in America we are breeding “Super” bugs by being too clean?
        So what is the solution?
        As a prepper I keep Hydrogen Peroxide, Betadine, Ivory soap, bleach, and vinegar around. I don’t worry about shopping carts or fuel pump handles. I take care to avoid bodily fluids from strangers as in first aid work. I have gloves and all the stuff you should have.
        I think that is about the best you can do. The rest is life, no one gets out of here alive.

        • The western world has all the conveniences of modern sanitation and plumbing and yet they are still the nastiest bug carriers around because for having all the running water soap and sanitizer, the nasty MF’ers still do not wash their hands and are pushing the poorest populations in the concrete jungles, to sh*t in the street (San Fran and others), in the desert (Burning Man) and other places because of their drug side effects and lifestyle (LGBTQXYZPDQABC. Yeah the most backward peoples are nasty sanitation and practice wise too, but for all the West has, it has the laziest nastiest people in our midst who absolutely hate hygiene and afflict others with it with their nasty habits.

      6. “The virus is spread through direct contact with blood and secretions…”

        So, you have to have sex or share needles with an infected person, like with AIDS. And like with AIDS, unless you’re a dope addict or promiscuous, there’s nothing to fear but fear itself, and rape.

        Btw: Do you remember the story about the white man who dragged a black man to his death, tied to the back of his truck. Horrible. Well, it turns out the white guy had been gang raped by blacks in prison. Whether the murdered man was one of the rapists, I don’t know.

        Perhaps it’s time to have totally separate institutions for whites, blacks, and Hispanics in order to prevent this type of event. I am ok with the death penalty for convicted perverts, pedophiles, rapists. Zero tolerance.

        Which reminds me, migration from Somalia is not a good idea, nor from the Congo, unless you’re intent is genocide. Just saying.

        _ just saying


        • Segregation, or Horrific Violence where each Race exterminates the other?

          Your Choice.

          YOU WILL have to make this decision soon.

          AND, you skin will be your uniform.

      7. Ebola is unusual as it is a horrific death where people bleed out from everywhere in a hemorhagic death, but it was thought to be so lethal that an infected person wouldn’t have time for air travel.

        Now we know that isn’t the case as infected people have traveled by air. And when in the confines of an airplane, everyone is horribly exposed. An airplane is a filthy place, just few acknowledge the reality.

        On top of which, researchers found that seemingly cured folks still had Ebola in their sexual bodily secretions and could therefore pass on the contagion.

        Watch the old film Outbreak. What they call the disease is Mutaba, but it is based upon Ebola.

        It could quite easily become a pandemic and since it is so difficult to treat through personal protective gear and isolation and special medicines and contaminates medical equipment, it would be economically ruinous should it happen in America.

        The only way that America can exist with 81% in urban zones is tremendous daily transportation of goods and services. This facilitates contagion and future pandemics.

        • Kudos for your most aware and logical comments on this topic. Nice to know someone actually pays attention, especially with regard to the “cured” people infecting others months and years later. I just saw an article about that that one of the “cured” nurses has infected some men recently.

        • If we are lucky, EBOLA, in America, will solve our Urban crime problem.

      8. I feel for those folks, but until they change their life style it is going to just get worse.


        • Sgt Dope feels for these black folks, but Venezuela girls being gang raped, well they deserve it according to Sgt ? piglet. Go back a few articles to read this pig cop’s filty disgusting comment.

          And ladies, if you ever get raped, prepare to hear a Cop like Sgt Dope tell you, you deserved what you get. According to Sgt pig.

          • All because Sgt Pig is the bigboy on the block and he makes the rules. Nutting like a dirty stinking pig hiding behind his costume, tin badge and gun.

            Like I said if you were in reach, you donut slob pig, I’d spit in your face.

            • I notice you respond to yourself a lot. Perhaps it is because no one else listens?

              • LOL

            • Troll Alert!!!!

              Stuart and Menz. Thanks.

              They hit it on the head. Make all the comment you want about me. I can handle them. You can leave all the good people here alone.

              Unless I agree with you about something I will not response to your ignorance. So say what you will because you have a right to, but no one is listening.


              • Welcome Sgt.

        • Mother Nature has away for dealing with populations that do not ADAPT to survive their environments. Darwin was not wrong. When people know about histories of outbreaks and they stay there and continue to ignore them or abide certain backwards rituals that enable infections…..well, Mother Nature has a cure for that. She removes the defective population.

          • DNJ
            I agree with you 100%. But we still should try to help. I believe you feel the same.

      9. Let this infection proceed, naturally, as nature intended.


        Also, it will end the migration invasion and destruction of MY homeland, and MY community….Europe.

      10. These are diseases of poor habits and zero hygiene and sanitation. People crap in plastic bags and then just throw it into the street; they don’t wash their hands when preparing food; they have lots of unprotected sex. It would be surprising if they didn’t get sick from that.

        There is no positive advantage to allowing these people to travel to the US and so it should be stopped. There should be a hygiene threshold: you get to travel and trade in accordance with how clean you are. Filthy Indians who stand on toilet sits and crap on the floor should be band from flights. Maybe there should be a test where these people show they know how to use a toilet, wash their hands, stay clean? Maybe some detector can be developed that sniffs these people for feces and urine smells and then blocks travel?

      11. There is more evidence info comming out that Gulf War Vets took vaccines that had a fuel additive in the Vaccine.

        Wonder who’s bright idea that was?

      12. Every summer it’s a new Ebola outbreak.

        • The Beach Boys, bikinis, BBQs and – Ebola!! The controllors at least have a sense of humour!

          • FT

      13. Ebola is just another flimsy “virus” that gets beat down by ozone.

      14. Search:Dr Rowen ebola for cure of this an other viruses.

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