New COVID Variant BN.1 Being Tracked by CDC

by | Nov 15, 2022 | Headline News

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    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that they are tracking a new COVID-19 variant called BN.1. When anyone in the ruling class says they are “tracking” anything, we know it’s the people they are tracking and not any variant of any virus.

    According to the CDC’s new figures published by the agency this month, BN.1 is now marking the latest new Omicron descendant now spreading around the country this fall.

    According to CBS News, some 4.3% of new COVID-19 cases nationwide are now linked to the BN.1 variant, according to “Nowcast” estimates released on Friday by the CDC.  The prevalence of the new strain is largest in the West, in the region that spans Arizona, California, Hawaii, and Nevada. 6.2% of new cases in that area, HHS Region 9, are from BN.1.

    This new variant is an offshoot of the Omicron mutation. This is not going to become the new Pi variant that the mainstream media has been warning about recently. The media and masters are not going to give up on the fear-mongering, however. Right now, the focus has been on the “tripledemic” of COVID, the flu, and RSV. 

    A CDC official said Saturday at a webinar hosted by the Infectious Disease Society of America that BN.1 is estimated to be doubling in proportion roughly every two weeks across the country, though they cautioned that early estimates remain muddy. “The uncertainty in that doubling time is a little higher because the absolute number of sequences is low because the proportions are low, so has much larger confidence intervals,” the CDC’s Natalie Thornburg said.

    Some BN.1 strains carry mutations that could result in “high immune escape,” according to predictions from a tool designed by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center’s Bloom Lab.

    All BN.1 strains carry a change dubbed the R346T substitution, which Thornburg said: “we see in a lot of the circulating viruses right now.” That mutation to the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 could thwart a key medication used to protect people with weakened immune systems. –CBS News

    BN.1 joins a crowded field of emerging Omicron variant descendants that have swelled in recent months, overtaking the BA.5 variant that had dominated cases over the summer.

    The fear will continue as long as the ruling class and their propagandists can get away with it.




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