New California Bill Would Force Healthcare Workers To Use “Correct” Pronouns Or Face Jail Time

by | Aug 28, 2017 | Headline News | 69 comments

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    One could argue that the bedrock of Western civilization is built on the individual right to free speech. It’s hard to imagine how we would have ever become the most peaceful and technologically advanced civilization on the planet, if people weren’t allowed to hash out ideas, speak their minds, and stand up for what they think is true.

    Which is why we should be so alarmed by the fact that so many leftists hold the first amendment in low regard. And we should be frightened that polls show a large percentage of the population doesn’t respect free speech. We should be up in arms over the fact that so many European countries punish citizens who merely criticize Islam.

    In the West the biggest threat to free speech, seems to be the notion that hate speech is never acceptable, and saying hateful things should be punishable with fines or jail time. It’s so dangerous, because what is considered hateful is subjective, and once you let the government punish someone for saying one thing, it sets terrible precedent. If you can be punished for saying something controversial, then you can be punished for saying anything at some point in the future.

    We’re already seeing the early stages of this trend play out when it comes to gender pronouns. In New York City, businesses and landlords can be fined up to $250,000 if they repeatedly refuse to call someone by their preferred pronoun. In Canada, you can be fined or even thrown in jail for deliberately using the wrong pronouns (in both cases, these laws are enforced by “human rights commissions”). And now in California, there’s a piece of legislation that would threaten to do the same thing for certain healthcare workers.

    The bill, which passed the California state senate in May, has moved into the California state assembly as part of a slew of gender-based “anti-discrimination” laws designed to protect California residents who don’t believe they fall into the gender binary.

    Titled the “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Long-Term Care Facility Residents Bill of Rights,” the new law would allow transgender individuals living in care facilities like nursing homes to use bathrooms in line with their preferred gender (not necessarily their biological gender), and would punish any caregiver who “knowingly” uses the wrong gender pronoun to refer to one of their patients.

    Use “he” instead of “she” and you could face a $1,000 fine and up to a year in jail for gender-based discrimination and harassment. The law, which says “knowingly,” does not seem to identify a specific standard, leaving interpretation of motive up to authorities.

    It also doesn’t even specify how many times someone can use the wrong pronoun before being hauled to court. It’s vague laws like this that will be the death of free speech in America. They don’t even need to threaten all forms of speech to spoil public discourse. These laws just need to make us nervous about saying the wrong thing in front of the wrong person, accidentally or deliberately, before people start to police their own thoughts and words.

    This is just the beginning. If we don’t stand up to this trend of governments compelling their citizens to avoid saying offensive things, it won’t be long before we aren’t allowed (or are too afraid) to say anything of substance at all.


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      1. Repost: Thank you Ruth. Everything that God has done is trying to be undone. One example is God made Man and Woman, TPTB are trying to create a society where there is no sexual identity.

        Another example is marriage is a covenant with God and is a sacred contract between a man and a woman.

        Ruth, we ARE facing EVIL. Literally the opposite of God!

        • I prefer to use the names, carpet munching Dykes Bathroom and dick sucking faggots bathroom. To fully illustrate sexual preferences. And again there can be the mens room or the ladies room. This is the commie race, sexual orientation circle jerk that you get when you invite the hooknose 3ew parasites on your frigging back to suck you dry of any morality. Holywood CommieFornia gets what they deserve. Watch me get put into moderation with this comment.

          • CrackSummSkulls, I can’t see why? LOL

            Crack I like a lot of what you say, but you be angry! LOL

            Don’t let the bast*rds get too you. Remember, that God’s Justice is coming. And that is the truth behind my screen name. Justice is coming!

            • Nice rally in the PM’s Silver up to as much as $17.75 and Gold $1324.00 today. This maybe the rally we been looking for in the last few years. Silver should be sitting at about $27-$28 right now well within its trading range of Silver to Gold Price ratio of 47 to 1. But its still at about 75 to 1, so Silver is still way undervalued and a good buy.

              • Off topic,.. I have 2 spotted fawns and a doe living on my few acres of thick wooded property. The fawns come out in the daytime to play and run around. Yesterday was hilarious watching them play like a “hide and seek” game. Bopping around all over the place in and out of the woods. Then the Doe comes out looking for them.. Its been a real treat this year getting to see this. They were born sometime in early July and are already grown a few feet tall the shoulders. I have thick woods like a jungle and I have cut a bunch of trails and passage ways through it. They love this place. 6 Turkeys were here also today feeding. I put out cracked corn for them and whole corn at about dusk for the deer. If I put the whole corn out too early the squirrels eat that. Then the cardinals and doves come on to eat the scraps..

                If you have not moved out of the cities yet, there is a fun lifestyle out here in the Country boonies amongst some great nature. I have a canal and a lake on 3 sides of my property BOL and this is a pretty safe place for nature to drop their babies with few predators. Birds sitting on the porch railing and the humming birds come in flying around. I look out my cottage doors and windows and its solid green forest and jungle.. That’s where I find my peace and solitude. Natures the best.

                • Skulls, not much of anything more beautiful than nature right up front and personal. Awesome when you get to see such right in your immediate environment and be part of it more or less. I do the same and get to see a bunch of wildlife regularly. Makes people look bad, hey !

                • CrackSummSkulls, sounds like heaven on earth to me.

                • Your place sounds like heaven but please stop telling everyone about how great country living is!!! That’s how it gets crowded out here and we have to move again!!! LOL

            • Fed up goy: Khazars are luciferians and the globalist leaders also.

              • George Soros is right up there at the top!!!

          • yes, and the NRA will want to push legislation to take gun rights away for offending mentally ill cross dressers.

        • And thank you, Justice. Nice post. The gay-uber-alles fascists back at their usual.

          Check out Family Research Council at or Dr. Paul Cameron’s Family Research Inst. at (I try to send Dr. Cameron a few dollars as often as I can – he does great work)

          Truth is, the radical homosexuals are the thin edge of the wedge to completely divorce America from its original mores and philosophical underpinnings.

      2. The left is trying hard to make people believe that there is no free speech protection for “hate speech”.

        Is the left trying to destroy every Constitutional protection? NO!

        They are COLLECTIVISTS and believe that there are not any personal rights but only GROUP RIGHTS. Black Rights, Women’s Rights, Gay Rights, and on and on.

        Death to the Collective, long live the US Constitution!

        • It rains on us all. For one man, it ruins his party, while another, it waters his crops. The first man curses the rain and wants to do something about it. While the other is grateful that his prayers have been answered.

          But the rains come regardless because that is the way this world works. Without rain, we’d all die.

          Their efforts are as useless as cursing the rain.

        • Our rifles are going to speak for us eventually, I have no doubt.

          • Yep, Going to clean and lube up my Freedom Tools today, for the big show.

          • Menzo, agreed. Target me over my speech and you have a fight on your hands.

        • How I first woke up the the fascist homosexuals:

          The year was 1991. The place was Ottawa, Ontario. The venue was a PRIVATE rented hall at Univ. of Otttaw, of concerned parents and educators that did not choose, of their own free will, to have a group called the “Pink Triangle Svcs” come up from Toronto and push their agenda on the school system in Ottawa. Speaker was a woman named Sue Careless. I recorded the whole thing, and STILL have the audiotape. That is, I can prove *everything* printed here.

          How it went down. Sue began speaking in a calm, dispassionate manner, as was her wont, simply citing facts and reasons to the group. Recall, this was a PRIVATE meeting, with a hall rented with PRIVATE money. Of course, the fascist gays crashed the place en mass. Shortly after Sue started talking, they started cursing, screaming, crashed the stage, ripped the mike out of her hands to scream and more. I am a big guy, but I was sure I was going to be assaulted, along with my wife. It really was that bad.

          From the other side, one man ONE time shouted “shut up and sit down” after one of the brownshirt gays stormed the stage. That was IT – NOTHING more. By this time the police had been called. Of course, the lying gays claimed that they “felt threatened.” The whole think was Kafka-esque, but that is the left and the gays, most of whom are – and I don’t mean then meanly – are mentally unstable. Out of the hour meeting, I would estimate 40 minutes was taken up by the vile, violent, hate-filled, screaming, cursing gays.

          During the Q/A period about a dozen gays went to the mike. Maybe two or three asked questions in a reasonable tone of voice – the rest were doing their usual H8TE filled rants.

          Now comes the interesting part, and which woke me up to the whole leftist/gay/feminazi fascist scam: The next day, the meeting was THE lead story on CTV, one of Canada’s two national TV stations at the time. They started the story with clip of Sue talking. They then did a clip of one of the gay speakers at the VERY end, during the Q/A period, who spoke in a reasonable tone of voice. Remember, they had 40 MINUTES during the talk and maybe 10 more minutes during Q/A of the most hateful, violent, threatening speech you can think of. They chose the tiny perhaps 30 – 60 second question. The TV station then pasted after this “reasonable” gay the guy who had yelled “shut up and sit down” (quite reasoably – they were not invited, and had just stormed the stage and ripped the mike out of the speaker’s hands!) THAT HAD OCCURRED HALFWAY THROUGH THE TALK, ABOUT 30 MINUTES EARLIER.

          In other words, what they put on TV was outright, blatant propaganda, and an outright lie. Yet, the unknowing viewer probably thought they saw what actually happened. They did not.

          I called CTV the next day and politely told them what they put on TV was not what happened. I was not nasty, nor in fact do I hate gays (I disagree with what they do, and I reject their fascist arrogance and hate, but I don’t hate gays, and in fact have worked with, and helped, many of them). Basically, they told me to shut up and hung up on me.

          That very day I learned what propaganda was, what the left was up to, the LIES that characterize everything they do, their arrogance, their hatred towards truth, and more.

          When I was doing my grad work, they forced us to read Saul Alinky’s vile Rules for Radicals. They thought they were making little radicals. In fact they did. Only not the kind they thought they were. Rather, they made an educated, committed, articulate (if typo prone!) enemy of all their lies. In fact, you might say, “I’m here, I’m not queer, and I am never, EVER going away, you fascist leftists and gays. Get used to it.”

        • Justice, All about creating more control mechanisms. Is there actually such a thing as a hate crime ? or was it just another false narrative created like undocumented workers, so the term illegal alien would not be used ? And how many Americans have fallen for this absurdity as if it is real ?

          We all live in many illusions created for us, that should be well past obvious and PRAVDA/MSM can create any narrative or false paradigm they desire, like magic !

      3. (((TPTB))) are 3ews.

        3ews receive billions of dollars from Germany.

        In Germany anyone who questions any aspect of the events between 3ews and Germans can be sent to prison for seven years for the crime of being a “denier”.

        This is even when the facts are “undeniably” TRUE !

        It is the intention of 3ews to make such laws in the USA.

        If 3ews like this keep pushing to end free speech, they will be dealt with. There are plans to disempower the 3ews by a bloody purge. We are dangerously close to another world war between the 3ews who currently are in power worldwide and a disempowered but determined counter to 3ew power.

        We live in interesting times.


        • There are also many talented creative and brilliant people working on non-violent solutions.


        • what are 3ews?

          • “3ews?” That you cannot or will not say it means that you are controlled and a coward. No offense. Just saying.

            And don’t give me that “Well, everybody knows what he means by that.” A real man or a real woman steps up. Be plain spoken.

            Otherwise it means that the Bernie Madoffs, the Huma Abedins, the Anthony Weiners, the Debbie Wasserman-Schulz’, the Bill and Hillary Clintons, the Democrats, and their kind have won.

          • He uses a 3 instead of a J. Then spell the rest out. Just try using the proper word and get put into word prison for even mentioning their parasitic name.

            Thanks B from CA. Never let up, they are trying as hard as then can to destroy America from within. The True Enemy of America, foreign and domestic 3ews. They want to disarm us and cut off free speech and exploit our freedoms to pollute their cesspool of filth onto our populace via MSM and Hollywood. Pedophilia to transgender bathrooms, to Antifa, to NAACP and Black Lives Matter, to Women Lib, to Boston Marathon Bombing, 911, USS Liberty attack, Dominate the courts, hijack the US foreign policy and destroy our culture, history and import terrorists and rule our money monetary system. And we have to give them $38 Billion in Commie Welfare to undermine us.

            Gee what could possible go wrong? Want to know who the enemy is, There you go. And if you criticize them them, they want to fine you $250K and 20 years in prison. Like WTF? How did we get to this point in America? Land of the Fee and Home of the Slave.

            • The word is jews. I do not capitalize the j, as they are already over-capitalized.

      4. I can see the nurse’s notes in the patient’s chart now, “No discharge noted from her penis, her scrotum has symmetry etc.” Monthly head to toe skin evaluations are done on patients in nursing homes, and I can’t help but wonder the confusion talking about “her” male parts. Are doctors going to wonder if the nurse is confused or charted someone else’s notes in the wrong chart. Not all transgenders have the surgery to convert genitalia. Leave the body as the person was born , the chromosomes cannot be changed. The DNA will still be what the person was born with. This is all just a huge lie, and governments are trying to force people to go along with the lie. Think about it, how mentally confused does all this sound? I’d say the person has a psychological disorder.

        • Nurse, it is all quite insane. And that is what the left is now hell bent on proving, that their insanity is the norm and you had better fear them and cower down to it, because the government says so !

          They are in fact failing because it is not possible to force their insanity. Only they believe it and that is their achilles heel. Most people see it and realize they are insane, even many democrats. They will of course push it all too far and be destroyed by their own hand !

          So hang tough, get strong and healthy and be totally prepared for all events with a smile ! I am.

      5. To all sane people living on the west coast, leave. Allow these states to eat themselves.

      6. I will always use the correct pronoun, (as long as I actually know it)..
        born with dick=he, him, his.
        born with vagina=her, hers.
        bring it on!

      7. “Use “he” instead of “she” and you could face a $1,000 fine and up to a year in jail for gender-based discrimination and harassment.”
        This quote is the reason that violence will soon commence.
        I am not advocating violence, but I fucking damn well would engage in it for an attempt to incarcerate me because I id a man as a man.
        It is time to purge this earth of this evil. Hang on to your hats kiddos, we may be hearing from God very soon.

      8. The people that expect this will be the first ones taken out in the purge. They have got people chasing their tails.


        • I liked Harvey when he was a six foot tall invisible rabbit. This incarnation as a hurricane is no good.

      10. Any fool idiot knows that men and women have different medical needs from each other. Except for California, the Democrats, the libtards.

        I see lots of deaths, caused by mal-politics inflicted upon human beings by mal-practice. Unfortunately, the dead will have no recourse (meaning: not being able to sue the pants or skirts off of these idiots).

        Imagine. No more respect. No more “Mr.” No more “Mrs.” And no more “Ms.” too. This is just another attempt by the Cultural Marxists to reduce the value of men and women to “IT.” To them, human beings will have no meaning and no value — other than what these Cultural Marxists choose to give them.

        I see a very bloody civil war ahead.

        • I am a Mrs.

          I like being a Mrs.

          I will always say I am a Mrs.

          I will mark all qualifiers as Mrs. or write Mrs. on the “others” option.

          If they don’t like it, then don’t talk to Mrs. J.E.Green.

          If you’re a Mrs.–stand up–stand firm– for Mrs.-ness

      11. If gender is unknown is “it” acceptable?

      12. I would say “it” is acceptable. Then again “it” might be offended. So..I am offended cause they are offended.

        • I’m offended because your offended because they’re offended. Last offended wins.

      13. This is so stupid beyond ridiculous. Where and when did this foolishness even begin, like full on retarded. I can’t even believe that people are concerned with such trivial nonsense as to be calling or being called as a he a she or a she a he. Must be too many gmos in the cheerios.

        • (((Where and when did this foolishness even begin)))

        • Over 30 years ago J Krishnamurta said “It is no good measure of ones health and well being to be well adjusted to a sick society” He was referring to USA and was spot on over 3 decades ago and even more so today.

          So yes, Americans have been very slow to see thru the illusions created for them to control them. In fact our complete over reaction to materialism has destroyed us and allowed all the insanity that we see today to become our reality or at least a major stumbling block or perhaps our demise.

      14. Wait till this is expanded to include all people, and made a hate crime to violate it.

        It will happen, barring the total fall of America and a probable Islamic takeover first.

      15. “Thanks” to Illinois Republican governor, Illinois is now a sanctuary state.
        Yes. You read this correctly. It was signed into law.
        Who needs Democrats in Illinois when Republicans do this.

        • Most Republicans in Illinois are not republicans they are progressives.

        • Illinois has enough funds to adsorb these illegals? Illinois State pensions are broke. They rank last in funding in the entire US.

        • Two parties, one head!

      16. Biology is proven fact. These science deniers are pushing their mental illness on the rest of the population.

        • “science denier”

          Like that!

          gonna use that when ever I get the chance

          • What we need is a new television: “The Science Denier Guy.” Where’s Bill Nye when you need him?

      17. Arrest people for using the wrong pronoun? How about past participles?

        • Time for some hanging dipthongs?

          • Or dangling prepositions?

      18. I will always say what I want, when I want, where I want…..if anybody tries to stop me, I will punish them. Come to my property with an arrest warrant for me saying “nigger, fag, perv, cunt, sand nigger, midget, etc.” and I will blow your fucking head off.!!!!!
        We all MUST stand up and say offensive things over and over again,…especially to the assholes that want to take our 1st amendment right. Right now, all of us should have bumper stickers with confederate flags, Robert E Lee, Christopher Columbus, NRA, etc….I have a bumper that says “White Nationalist on board”. We MUST stand up now…if we don’t, the end result will be an Orwellian totalitarian nightmare. Much like Orwell’s 1984.
        Wake up and stand up NOW……!!!!!

      19. This country is completely fucked. I am convinced. If you have on makeup, wear a fucking dress, then you are man. We saw Michael Obama step out of Harvard and grabbed his dick, and who would dare call him a man. This is bullshit, you cannot treat a patient who is a woman as a man, the way treatment is applied in medicine. That is not the way things work. If you are identifying yourself as a woman and your a man, you have a mental disorder. Transgender is mental disorder. If you are gay, and is gay, and are attracted to men, it is real, and it is still a mental disorder. NOT NORMAL. This is bad enough. But if you are gay, and are wearing a dress, and demand that people call you a woman in a hospital, then this will not work. The doctor must know if his patient is man or woman and must ask the question for liability reasons. This is common sense. So now, you are able to by law to lease and apartment, lie on the application of loan banking agreement, that you are woman when in fact your a man? this is bullshit business. Now the investor who owns the complex must pay 250,000 fine. Females what live in that complex have a right to know what kind of freaks are living next door to them. And men need to know if the man wearing a dress next door to him is really a man. What about us tenants? wtf.

        Landlords have a right to know if the tenant is a man or woman living in that suite. Until we rid this government of these type of people this will continue to happen. It must be stopped at all cost.


        • HCKS, I have a vehicle parked on Hardy Road up near Pep Mueller Park. Was wondering how deep the water is there? Do you have any idea?

      20. A jury of MY peers .. will NOT be a Jury of their Peers
        so screw your conviction

        • Michigan Wolverine, I had a mental picture of a jury of peers for a LBGTIQ (can’t recall all the letters) as they present themselves in a parade with all the wild colors, feathers, sparkles and whatnot decorating their person.

      21. At check-in everyone will be assigned a number. The number will be on a wristband. You will be called by number. During treatment you will be addressed by your number.

        Other than substituting wristbands for tattoos, where have I seen this before?

      22. Coprophilliacs will start demanding forks and plates be provided in bathrooms and that they be referrered to as gourmet divergent.

      23. Fuck CA and all of the god damned fruitcakes and he-she’s and all of the other disgusting deviants out there! Too bad they don’t have the TX flood.

      24. I think what we’re seeing is what should be best described as a mental disorder (sexual misidentification) being promoted as a tool to achieve social disintegration. Like most fads, this too shall pass.

      25. I have a few well used pronouns that would describe the sexual prowess of many politicians. what next can we expect? government will now dictate for the wedding night. with who has the right to do what , and to whom?

      26. I think the American South had it right all along, they just refer to everyone as “Yoh Ahll”!

        If the left tries to label Southern hospitality as racist, we know they’ve totally lost it!

      27. Aren’t we past due for the entire west coast to fall into the ocean?

      28. I have made the acquaintance of some honorable, hospital workers, whose parents were state employees, or otherwise institutionalized, through no fault of the children. You have my deserved respect, on the grounds of personal character.

        Otherwise, no ‘normie’ has any reasonable expectation of working in this nationalized industry.

        Some developed countries, which we have possibly ruined, educated people to the best of their abilities, and employed them in the job, for which they are trained.

        Secular, social utilitarians (some of whom, we might call leftists) don’t allow nihilism in the public sphere, on the grounds that it is impractical. You cannot have basic fixtures, run by moral relativists, licking doorknobs, queering HR, etc, to be subversive.

      29. I prefer the gender neutral sign language of a punch to the nose.

      30. This is typical. They got rid of so much of the second amendment they can now go after the first. Who’s going to oppose them when only the elite have the weapons?

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