New Bill to Strip the Unvaccinated of Health Insurance if They Get Sick, Force Them to Pay Out of Pocket

by | Dec 10, 2021 | Headline News | 65 comments

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    This article was originally published by Matt Agorist at The Free Thought Project. 

    To those who are paying attention, the demonization and discrimination against the unvaccinated is eerily similar to extremely dark times throughout human history. These historical events are riddled with the suffering and death of millions of innocent people all because the media and government dehumanized a group of people and convinced the majority that they need to rid themselves of the “unclean.”

    Unscientific vaccine mandates are laying waste to human rights across the planet. Lacking all logic and reason, even if you’ve had covid-19 and have superior immunity over someone who only took the jab, you are denied entry into public places and treated like a second-class citizen.

    In Australia and Austria, the unvaccinated are fined and even arrested if they attempt to go out in public. Mainstream news outlets across the world continue to shame the unvaccinated, stoking fear and hatred against them over their personal medical choices.

    President Biden even took to demonizing the unvaccinated, blaming them for the economic downturn, supply chain debacle, and claimed — without merit — that they are “costing jobs.”

    Now, the state of Illinois is taking the segregation and discrimination against the unvaccinated one step further by attempting to strip them of their health insurance if they get sick from covid-19 — forcing them to pay for their medical treatment out of pocket.

    “I think it’s time that we say: ‘You choose not to get vaccinated, then you’re also going to assume the risk that if you do catch COVID, and you get sick, the responsibility is on you,’” State Representative Jonathan Carroll told the Chicago Sun-Times this week.

    The tyrant representative then went on to claim that many have frustrations between those who have “been following the science and … trying to do the right thing” and those who are “choosing not to get vaccinated, who are able to, for whatever they choose.”

    Apparently, Carroll hasn’t been reading the latest headlines which show hospitalizations are spiking — among the fully vaccinated. In fact, the states with the highest vaccination rates are currently seeing the highest hospitalization rates.

    In Vermont, which has the highest vaccination rate of any state in the country, new daily cases spiked sharply, far higher than southern states with lower jab rates. More than 72 percent of Vermonters have been fully vaccinated, compared with 59 percent nationally.

    In neighboring New Hampshire, new daily cases shot up 84 percent in November (compared with a 7 percent jump over the same period nationwide), despite 63 percent of its population being fully inoculated.

    In New Mexico, new daily cases are up 46 percent in the same period, even though 63 percent of its residents are fully vaccinated.

    New York, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and California are all seeing similar spikes despite over 60 percent of their populations being vaccinated.

    But to tyrants like Carroll, these numbers don’t matter. Carroll and other tyrants who lust for the power to force you to undergo a medical procedure against your will, see the world through blinders and ignore actual science while claiming to “follow the science.”

    Nevertheless, the bill seeks to strip citizens of their health insurance coverage if they are unvaccinated and contract covid and force them to pay out of pocket if they are hospitalized.

    “We’ve tried everything we can do to educate the public on the vaccine,” Carroll said. “Again, the vaccine is working, and people are, for whatever reason, choosing not to get it. Now it’s to a point where … it shouldn’t be the responsibility of those of us that are.”

    TFTP emailed Carroll to ask him how he felt about over-eaters, smokers, heavy drinkers, and sedentary folks putting a strain on the health care system and if he feels their life choices — which account for most deaths in the United States every year — should force them to pay out of pocket too.

    Obviously, we don’t think anyone should be denied coverage, but by Carroll’s logic, he should. But that’s probably why we haven’t heard back from him.


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      1. And here I was with the Democrats convincing me healthcare was a Constitutional and human right, one that can’t be denied and has to be paid for by the government if you can’t afford it yourself.

        Maybe I shouldn’t listen to the Democrats the next time they decide to debate it?

        • Spot on!

      2. mmm ? What about those who already had Covid and survived and now have Natural Amenity ?????

        • Natural amenity!? Wow, I had no idea Covid made you more attractive. Interesting. I wonder if all of the roughly 5 million people who’ve died from Covid worldwide were better looking on funeral day. I’m perfectly happy with the way I look…and the fact that I’m vaccinated and still alive. ?

          • You’re a dum-dum.
            Definition of “amenable”:
            “…a desirable or useful feature or facility of a building or place.”
            It has nothing to do with a person’s attractiveness.

          • Hey sheep, READ THE VAERS report you dummy! Perhaps you are too ignorant to realize that the vast majority of those exaggerated deaths were induced by Remdesivir and witholding proven treatments like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. Now the vast majority of hospitalized patients have been fully jabbed! Perhaps ADE or VAIDS! Lets see if you are still alive in five years fool!

          • Don’t worry about us bud. Your the one living on borrowed time. I have natural immunity and been around plenty of people with covid. Perfectly fine. But you……just wait till the common cold kills you. Gonna feel real dumb on your way out.

      3. Good! It’s about damn time. The vaccine has been available for almost a year now. You dipsh!ts in the Too-Stupid-to-Live club have had ample time to listen to the (real) doctors and the (real) scientists, and to do your own valid research. If you still think the vaccine is meant to harm rather than help, then you should get exactly what you deserve. If you’re still unvaccinated and you get Covid, you should be denied hospital services until you pay for them up front out of pocket. If you don’t want to pay, you can just die a slow, excrutiating death on the sidewalk in front of the hospital. Get the jab, or die of Covid. I don’t care which one you choose, just hurry the f*ck up. I’m tired of wearing this mask. Dumba$$e$.

        • We will see who is a “Darwin-Award” winner for self-removal from the gene pool. The jury is still out. There were good reasons for slow approval of “vaccines” in the past. My argument is that decisions about MY health care are NOT up to you. Now who’s the dumb*ss?

          • Right on Cranerigger. Who the hell does that poop dispenser, Mr.Darwin think he is telling others what to do?

            • Aren’t you and a few others here trying to do the same thing by TELLING people that it’s all BS?
              Just because the guy has a different opinion doesn’t mean he’s wrong or that you are wrong.

              • My original reply was a reaction to his name-calling those of us that have a different opinion, that we are “Dumba$$e$”. Your jump-to-confusion that I “tell people that it’s all BS” is wrong. Can you find a single example of that?

        • Members of the Covid-Cult have replaced rational-thought, good-observational-skills, logic, & many other disciplines, to use mental gymnastics for tyranny. Sorry, you are discounted as irrational buffoons that are NOT taken seriously.

          On a side note. My wife is a highly accomplished scientist that disputes the Covid-Cult claims. As do many of her colleagues. Jump to whatever confusions you will, but you will NOT impose your idiocy on me.

          Semper Fidelis

        • Take a doodie & fall back in it.

          • Fall on your sword .

        • Hey you ignorant fucker, people are still dying from covid, even when they are vaxed. So piss off you waste of skin. Are you a Nazi?

          • Awww, bless your heart. Sweet kid.

            • Aw Bless you troll. You are a real man (Ya Right) who thinks he is a woman so does that mean you don’t have a penis and balls anymore? However you are purely spewing Marxism from your anus that is attached to your shoulders. Feel sad for you that you have such vile and deceitful CaCa come out of your orifice. But you have a very scary Christmas and a deadly new year and by the way…. IT’S NOT A VACCINE YOUI PHUCKEN MORON!!!!!! IT IS AN mRNA GENE THERAPY DEATH CLOT SHOT. IT PROVIDES NO IMMUNITY BUT PROVIDE A RISE IN YOUR SPIKE PROTEIN AND PRION DISEASE AND HEART INFLAMATION AND MORE. ENJOY YOUR DEATH TROLL DARWIN … AND DARWINS THEORY THAT WEW CRALWED OUT OF POND SCUM IS NOT EVEN A THEORY BUT PURE STUPIDITY LIKE YOU HAVE DISPLAYED. It must be sad to be you …

        • @Mr. Darwin. Aren’t you the TOOL. I say strip your health insurance away if you get lung cancer from smoking or any other irresponsible behavior. How about no HIV drugs for you? You can’t keep it in your pants? That is your fault. Risky lifestyle. No health insurance for liver damage caused by drinking or an accident you may have because of it.

          You get the point. I hope. If not you are too stupid to talk to.

        • Hey Darwin , come on down south & get you some ! Unlikely you’d talk so bold face to face . More than likely though , you’re a paid Soros troll that gets paid to visit sites to rile up conservatives.

        • But if you get the jab why would you care if I get get the jab? You’re protected because that’s what a vaccine does, it protects you from people that aren’t vaccinated.
          Weird thing about the jab: the rona virus is HIGHER among those that have the jab than the unwashed heathens without the jab. If you get the rona virus and survive, because the survival rate is 98% based on your age and health, your natural immunity is better than the jab.

        • If I was a dictator I would want a country full of people just like Mr. Darwin. They believe everything they are told, easy to manipulate and control, and will defend without reasoning anything the State wants to do, no matter how irrational, harmful, or pointless.

          • A country full of suburban soccer dads being controlled by their wife will produce similar results.

        • A poem for you douchebag…

          Mainstream Darwin thought he was cool
          Got vaxxed like the others he was such a tool
          With TV doctors he had to agree
          When covid death comes it will never be me
          His mind was so small it was hard to think
          Something about this has a big stink
          He never questioned anyone’s lies
          Critical thinking he never tries
          Just do what they tell you he always said
          All will be well with nothing to dread
          A short while later he felt really ill
          He went to the doctor to give him a pill
          While he was laying in his hospital bed
          The doctor came in and pronounced him DEAD
          A big heart attack took out the stupid slob
          And so goes the story of mainstream Darwin…

        • you can keep wearing that mask just like a dog. now shut up and bend over your booster is coming.

        • you really are a dumbass. keep wearing that mask you fkn dog. nobody wants to see your ugly mug anyway. now shut up, bend over, you booster is here and were gonna shove it right up your ass. get used to it fool.

        • Sure hope you get a visit from Satan tonight. Him coming to take you where you belong would be a blessing to all of those around you you arrogant snot ! Must be nice to think you know it all and don;t keep with some of the Doctors and Nurses with different facts. There are plenty of people having heart attacks and such from this JAB.

        • Thank you Joseph Mingala LOL

          • *mengele

            Try grammarly. Its free!!

        • That is a great idea. Just think, the obese know the risk of being overweight so we can also deny them coverage for any weight related issues. And, anyone who drinks more that one alcholic beverage per day should be denied coverage especially for alcoholism… Oh, and whet about the idiots that drive over the speed limit… shouldn’t they have to pay out of their own pocket if the have a wreck and are injured. Where would you end this silly idea?

          Oh, btw. If everybody is vaccinated, you still have wear the mask dumba**.. Don’t you know vaccinated people can still not on get COVID 19 but also spread it.

        • or just forget the death jab and take Ivermectin ( you can get int in mexico with no RX) and you won’t need these bought off doctors

        • So you probably think you one of the good guys don’t you ?

      4. Do as vee say or suffer the consequences says the Tyrant that fails to live within the same Draconian rules for you.

        Thank you to the jurors & judges that have stood-up to the mob-influenced Tyrants that have perverted our concept of “EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW”.

        • “Vy are you in such a hurry to leave the DDR?”

      5. Hmm, Just wondering, “I’ve had my covid shots ( 3 ), at the urging of my son and daughter in law ( both work in the health care industry ),, but if I still get sick of covid, who is to blame ? Me, for doing what I was ordered to do by the government ( so to speak ) or me for listening to the BS and just trying to stay healthy ? Anyone out there have a good answer?

        • I don’t know if anyone is to blame. You did what you thought right and got the jabs. You have to continue to do the other things recommended too, but there never was a guarantee that anyone would NOT get it, no matter what.

          Unless you totally isolate yourself away from anyone, there is always a risk of getting Covid.

      6. Another thought comes to mind, reading about Bill Gates complaining about third world countries aren’t being vacated enough, or is this a program to weed out or thin the population, to get rid of the undesirables ( spelling ? ) ??

      7. For the past 40 years I have listened to the feminists chanting “ My body, my choice !” Well that is the stand I am taking. If you want shots, by all means get 10 of them if that makes you happy.
        Since the shots work so well, you should be well protected from the virus. It should not matter that those of us who do not & may get sick. Then the killer virus will take us out & you can dance around in glee…. I had the Covid back in January 2021. Have the natural immunity, so I do not need any emergency use chemical cocktail to protect me. I was camping for 8 weekends in TX @ a renaissance fair that over 400,000 people attended in Oct & Nov 2021. There was singing & dancing , hugging old friends & new friends.
        Should have been a super spreader event …right ?? Well of the group of over 100 folks that we camped with, no one has come down with Covid. Eat healthy, take your supplements, get your rest & you will be fine. There is no way we will ever take the shot. Will not accept any shot passport. Sorry but some of us still believe this is the land of the free.

        • Spoken like a true patriot that believes in “individual rights”.

        • When the mandate came out for feds to get the shot or go to jail…… Sounds like an 80’s boot camp song…. Anyway, I said see ya later. Everyone was quite surprised, and even talked about an accommodation for me to stay. My response came at quite a surprise, I didn’t need an accommodation when I went to Iraq and was blown up and loaded all my guys in Medavacs???
          Then I went on this thing about how Uncle Sugar waving a dollar isn’t worth my values.
          I will eat dog shit with a dirty Q-Tip first….

      8. Carroll has already retracted this legislation after the fallout.

      9. If I was to get covid again I would do as before and stay home. To go to the hospital and get put on a ventilator and “treated” with Remdesivir is in many cases a death sentence. Then this crackpot Illinois senator wants to bill me or in the case of being murdered by the hospital, my estate, no thanks. How about treating the covid infected with something that works and is inexpensive like Ivermectin?

      10. These vaccine injected zombies just can’t think. They don’t realize that if all non-vaxxed were removed from insurance coverage, the insurance premiums for those remaining (vaccinated) would double to make up for lost revenue of insurance companies.

        • I don’t think this would apply to insurance coverage as a whole, just to coverage paying for the hospitalization costs of Covid for the unvaccinated.

          It shouldn’t raise rates since it would mean lower payouts with the same number of enrollees paying in for coverage.

          In any event, it is currently dead in the water and the point is now moot. Maybe next time.

      11. I used to say, do not take me to the doctor, unless I am losing consciousness.

        Then, I experienced complications with an OTC medicine, was prescribed a generic version of the same.

        • I haven’t been to a doctor in over 20 years. I smoke and drink and take suppliments. Worked in an unhealthy place for 25 years. If I had gone to yearly doctor visits I would probably be dead from prescriptions lol.

          • Our local emergency room has a reputation for killing people, with non-life-threatening injuries. I would like to have an clear and unspoken faith that you get mechanical sorts of problems solved, but no.

          • “And then suddenly, just like that, I will simply drop dead because the cantelope sized tumor they find rotting in my ass finally burst; the festering tumor that ‘showed up unannounced’ but has been there for over 30 years.”

        • The rule-of-thmb is to NOT call anyone associated with police, EMS, or the Govt., unless you are, of course, dead.

      12. I wonder if Mr. Darwin has taken the time to look up the vaccine ingredients? Many of the ingredients are for research purposes only, and not for human or veterinary use. If these ingredients require a full hazmat suit to handle, it seems reasonable that you would not want to inject them into your arm. Of course huffing paint sounds like a silly idea too, but people do.


      13. Clearly you would have sided with the Nazis. That’s not a good look.

      14. Yeah, and let all the un-vaccinated who arent smart enough to trust the government, which clearly loves them, arent smart enough to think for themselves critically, who cant believe anything they they hear on TV, yeah let those dumbasses be cancelled! Because Cancel Culture needs to ne extended to killing. On the other hand why? Why are people so gullible and so stupid?

        • And all of you facist vaxxtards can keep getting the semiannual clot shots. And the mask mandates will continue, as will the lockdowns. Double jabbed sheep are now considered unvaccinated in various western countries.

          I am waiting for the triple jabbed asswipes to be designated as unvaccinated by the quad and quint jabbers.

          Why are YOU so gullible and stupid? Cultish behavior!

      15. so smokers with cancer should pay their own way . We fat people with diabetes that don’t diet should pay own way . Don’t use condoms get STD pay your own way . Drunk in accident pay your own way . This is some crazt bullshit . They have an agenda I just not sure what it is .

      16. Had covid, have the real antibodies.

        Not getting the jab.

        You have my address commies.

        Your move.

      17. people that die of Covid almost always die in either a hospital or nursing home.

        So al long as you stay our of a hospital or nursing home and you’re safe.


        • Soooooo, really, dont hold back.

          Tell us how you REALLY feel?

      19. Hello from a commieRado, I’m just putting it out their Governor P! If you try this commie Shyte in Commierado I’ll be moving to Wyoming so fast it will make your head spin! Who is ready for Nuremberg Rottenchild 2.0? LampPosts for Davos is the way!

      20. So when are they going to stop treating obese people?

      21. The NWO is real and it is Here… Wake up.. there turning you against one another…

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